High School DxD:Volume 10

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Novel Illustrations

I will keep on standing.

For that person—.

For my dream—.


“Zoom zoom iyaaan!”

[Zoom zoom iyaaan!]

The children reacted by showing an extremely happy face to my calls. Having the school festival coming up soon, I was at the huge concert hall located at the old capital city of the Underworld, Lucifaad, doing a show at the centre of the stage. Of course it was the hero show, “Chichiryutei Oppai Dragon”. Usually, the actors wear the costumes and do the show. But because of Sirzechs-sama’s offer, today the “real” me happened to perform in the show. I just couldn’t decline Maou-sama’s offer. He also said “Feel free to decline if it is inconvenient for you”…….

“Here I go! Dragon-kick!”


I acted as if I was kicking and having a “fight” with the enemy Kaijin[1] and the children reacted to it.

…….Man, that was……. Embarrassing! But when I saw how the children reacted, the feeling of excitement went through my body. The hall was full of children with their mums. Apparently they gathered from all over the Underworld. The stage had really showy devices set, and every time I “fought” an explosion occurred.

……The devils were seriously researching a lot about the human’s tokusatsu[2] shows! Besides me, Buchou, the Switch-Princess, and Kiba who was acting as the bad guy, Darkness-Knight Fang, were on the stage. When Buchou, who was wearing the dress of Switch-Princess, waved her hand, the group of guys that were her fans started cheering with the children.


On the other hand, Kiba had many female fans which also included the mums.

……Shit! I’m envious of that bastard Kiba! But…….


There was something inside the cheers of the children who were seeking me that I just couldn’t explain.

Life.1 The Preparations for the School Festival!

Part 1


I finished most of my role for the show, and I’m currently taking a break behind the stage.

Hmm, after this, I have to resume preparing for the school festival in the human world. We are going to prepare quite a lot of things and we lack manpower, so both Kiba and I were doing our best for preparation everyday.

[………Now it’s time for the Oppai-Dragon Question corner.]

“ “ “ “Uooooooooo!! Hellcat-chaaaaaaaaan!! ” ” ” ”

Sounds like Koneko-chan’s “Big friends” are cheering for her who is the presenter of the Question-corner. Koneko-chan is ridiculously popular amongst loli-loving men. I hear that there are those who came here just to see her……

Somehow we are getting famous in a different way. It’s something I should be happy about, but I never expected “Chichiryuutei Oppai-Dragon” to get this popular……. Goes to show how scarce the entertainment in the Underworld is, and how shows like this are brand-new to them.

Sirzechs-sama did the set-up in order to stir up the future of the Underworld for the devils, it could be said to have become a huge success.

In the Underworld media, they have broadcast about Loki’s attack and the incident in Kyoto on the news, and they have made a great announcement of the Gremory-group who were involved in those incidents.

Possibly because of that, when we arrived to the Underworld for events we get surrounded by the media, and started taking pictures.

For the world of devils, which didn’t have any exceptional matches, our incidents tends to be a unique experience for them, since they get to be exposed to things like the existence of terrorist and alliance between various faction which are foreign to them.

[Oppai-dragon! Another achievement!]

That’s how they broadcast it to the children in the Underworld, the [Oppai-dragon] inside the television and the actual me are interchanging with what we do. In other words, inside the children’s mind their hero from the television is the one who is being active against Loki and the guys from Khaos-Brigade.

I made a sigh, and then held my head down.

…….I’m happy, but I'm also having mixed feelings about it! Of course! In the world of devils where battles are supposed to be rare, why are we the only ones caught up in fierce battles!? Our opponents were legendary beings like a old-Maou, and a God you know!? Finally, we even ended up battling against descendants of heroes! With such a low encounter rate, how many more insane-level battles are we going to be involved in!?

Peace! Peace is the best! You know, I just want to live peacefully with Buchou, Asia, and Akeno-san! Ecchi things do happen at times, but I prefer having a more ecchi and naughty lifestyle! Love-comedy! I have a normal dream of having a love-comedy daily life!

But how did I get myself in this spiral full with violenceeeeeee!

……W-well, the cheering I get from the kids does make me happy, and the event today was super fun as well.

But I do get tired from all the fierce battles. I, myself, don’t want to die, and I don’t want my comrades to be dragged into it as well. If someone in our group were to die, I seriously would become depressed……

But because we were dragged into such battles, we became who we are today. It’s really complicated. We opened up to each other thanks to that. We became a more coordinated team, and we're probably capable of breaking through the worst situations together….

Like I thought, this is due to the dragon’s trait….No, the Heavenl Dragon’s trait which comes for those with power. It certainly makes me worried about it….. Maybe these incidents happened because of me? My feeling about that increases day by day.

Azazel-sensei also said that too many irregular things happen…..


I should stop thinking about it. The more I worry about this, the more it will get to me. I should accept things which have already happened, and work hard for better things. That’s the only option.


I should go and wash my face in the washroom then. I need to refresh myself.

When I went to the corridor and walked for few minutes…..I started to hear noisy voices.


It seemed like a child was crying very loudly. When I looked from behind the wall, I saw a mother with a child talking to one of the staff.

“I want to meet Oppai-dragon!”

The child was stamping his feet, and it seemed like his mother also didn’t know what to do.

“I’m sorry. The handshaking and autograph event has already finished…..”

The staff person says that while apologising. Ah, so they didn’t have enough tickets to hand out for the handshake and autograph session. It seems like they were handing it out before the show started. The Underworld adapted this by copying the events styled in the Human World, but for devils who have different lifestyles and culture to humans, they must feel that handing out tickets for the handshake and autograph is something new.

“Is that so…… He said it’s already finished.”

When the mother said that to her child, the child had more tears flowing out and then shouted. In his hand, he was holding a toy of me when I am in my armour form. He’s holding it very dearly. I couldn’t help myself after seeing that.



I started my countdown, even though I deactivated my armour just before.

I can’t help it. After seeing a child put on such a face, there’s no way I can endure it.

While releasing a red-light, I got into a Balance-Breaker state once again. And then, I went out towards the rear exit. I just had my mask-part open.

“Did something happen?”

The mother, the child, and the staff member turned around at my voice.

“It’s Oppai-dragon!”

The child showed a happy face immediately. The staff member then explains it to me.

“Ah Hyoudou-san. Well, this mother and child couldn’t make it when the tickets for the handshake and autograph were distributed….”

After checking out the situation about this, I asked the child while I got on my knees.

“What's your name?”


“Lirenkus, thanks for coming to see me. Umm, do you have anything to write with?”

When I asked the staff member….

“Y-Yes I do…”

He took out a marker pen.

“This cap. Can I sign on this cap which has a design of me?”

I pointed at the cap of the child, Lirenkus, and he nodded his head down three times.

My badly written devil-letters. The more signatures I do, the more I think that “I should get better at writing”. That’s because there are so many kids like him who look at me with bright eyes.

I started to feel that I wanted to get good at both fighting and writing.

I signed the cap, and I put it on Lirenkus’s head while putting on a bright face, Lirenkus takes off the cap, and then puts it on many times repeatedly.

“Thank you very much!”

His mother says her thanks. I put my hand on Lirenkus’s head, and then told him.

“Lirenkus, men shouldn’t cry. You have to become strong so that you can protect a girl no matter how many times you fall, and keep on standing up.”

After saying that, I stood up, and left the scene with the staff member.

The staff member says to me while putting on a confused face.

“Hyoudou-san. Please refrain from doing things like this. It's impossible to deal with everyone….So if you make an exception it will be a bit…..”

……He’s right. I also think I did something thoughtless. The staff are also doing their best, and they try to fulfill everyone’s dream but they had to hand out the tickets knowing that it won’t turn out like that.

If I make an exception, then I would be betraying the feelings of all staff.

That is…..something I knew from the start. Even so, I couldn’t just leave a child crying in front of me….

No, this is my fault.

“I’m sorry. I will be careful from now.”

I apologised to the staff member and I really am feeling bad about what I did. The staff member understood, and left the scene without saying anything.

I’m very sorry. But, I---

“You looked amazing, to be expected from my Ise.”

Buchou’s voice. When I looked, Buchou was standing there.

She walks up to me and then started to pat my cheek.

“You were a bit careless, but you still were able to protect that child’s dream.”


Buchou! Buchou understands me more than anyone! That alone was enough to make me happy. Yeah, this person really is the best woman out there.

I was being emotional to Buchou who always looks at me with warm eyes, and then a familiar woman shows up from the far side of the corridor.

“Ara? How are you Rias, and Issei-san. What are you doing here?”

A woman with chestnut-coloured hair who looks identical to Buchou!

“O-Okaa-sama! And Millicas! You two came?”

Maybe Buchou didn’t expect this person to come, so she made a flustered voice and was shocked.

Yes, this person who is identical to Buchou, is none other than Buchou’s mother!

“Rias-neesama, Ise-niisama, I really enjoyed the show!”

Next to her is a boy with crimson-hair, Millicas-sama. He looks energetic and intelligent like always, and he called me Nii-sama…..I am very honoured!

Buchou’s mother says it while smiling.

“Yes, I wanted to take a look at an event organised by our Gremory group just once up-close, Millicas also said he wanted to have a look as well. Ise-san, it was really flashy wasn’t it? I think it was a good show.”

Oh, so they watched the show huh! Even though I’m embarrassed, I also feel happy. The House of Gremory are the ones managing the Oppai-dragon franchise.

“Th-Thank you very much!”

I said my thanks. I try not to be rude to Buchou’s mother, but more than that it feels like I can’t oppose her, even though she looks like a bishoujo[3] .

Buchou’s mother walks towards us while making noise with her heels.

“The tokusatsu show that is based on Ise-san will become an important business that will support the finances of Gremory, and it also has become something valuable to the children of the Underworld. Even now as a member of the Gremory, it will be reassuring if you become diligent for all of the Underworld, our Household, and my daughter.”

“Of course, Buchou’s Okaa-sama! I will work hard while having a spirit of ‘Funkotsusaishin[4]’.”

“[Funkotsusaishin]. That’s a Japanese phrase if I’m correct. A very good reply. To be expected from a man belonging to our house of Gremory. But-”

Buchou’s mother strokes my chin with her finger while putting on gentle eyes. That alone makes my heart beat fast because it makes me feel the seductiveness of an adult woman!

“Calling me “Buchou’s Okaa-sama” is unacceptable. Do not call me “Buchou’s Okaa-sama”, you have to call me either “Okaa-sama” or “Hahaue”.”

That again huh. What are Buchou’s family asking me to do?

“Bu…but it seems a bit rude…….”

“You know there is nothing rude about it? Instead, it will be an embarrassment to the whole house of Gremory if you still call me that after you two go to the high society parties.”

Buchou’s mother expression takes a complete change, and now she has a strict expression.

“Rias, aren’t you lacking in your teaching?”

Buchou’s mother glares at her, and Buchou then says it.

“My apologies Okaa-sama. But-”

“For you to say “but” there….. You will be taking in the man who will accompany you into our house. So why aren’t you doing it more properly? Also, have you decided on the ‘sequential order’? At least Asia-san and Akeno-san are in it, correct?”

Asia? Akeno-san? What’s going on?

“If the man is wishing for that, then it’s your role as the heir to manage it. If it’s going to increase even more, you will have to do it properly from now on. It was I, who took control of it in the case with your father. It’s an usual thing in the World for a woman to be attracted by men who are both charming and strong. Sirzechs only has Grayfia because he is a Maou, but “he” isn’t aiming to become Maou correct? Then there isn’t any problem……Or you still haven't made a decision on it yet? Oh my. I thought you inherited the pushy attitude from me, but for you to become weak at the last and crucial moment….. Once you form a relationship, you can also gain the authority of other women around him. Rias, can you even make any progress in your relationship with him without Grayfia and I getting involved? ”

It seems Buchou is embarrassed at her mother’s words. Aaah, just like Grayfia-san, Buchou’s mother also started to talk like a machine gun because she feels unsatisfied. It seems like both of them have quite a lot of dissatisfaction towards Buchou.

It sounds like they are talking about their whole family….. I…I’m also included in their topic……..right?

H-Hmm….. I don’t get it.

“Ise-san, you are also at fault. First of all you need to know how to address the people of the house of Gremory. Forget about me for now, but what’s important is about Rias. For you to continue calling her “Buchou”…… That’s the most important and crucial part.”

Buchou’s mother said it while pointing her finger at my nose.

“Do you like Rias?”

“Y-yes! Of course! I admire her and she’s also someone important to me! Even with the cost of my life, I will protect her until the end of my life!”

I told her my feelings honestly. It’s an obvious thing to do!

Next to me, Buchou puts on a red face. Eeeh, I said something so obvious and she turned like that?

Buchou’s mother nods her head, and then continues.

“Very well. I certainly have witnessed your beautiful master-servant relationship. Then you should take another step forward. Please rethink what is Rias to you, during private times.

To me, what is Buchou, huh.

Well, that’s obvious. The woman I fell for, the person I love.

That’s why, I-- want to protect her. No, more than that….

I want to get along with her, even more…

-But, for me right now, that is something which is a very terrifying thing to do…

--- Would you die for me?

That woman whom appears inside my head. I shook my head to get rid of that thought.

Buchou’s mother leaves from here, Millicas-sama waves his hand at me, and I wave my hand back at him.

Buchou who's next to me, makes a red face and coughed.

“….N-Now, once we get back we have to resume preparing for the school festival, okay?”


Anyway, I need to finish things which are in front of my eyes. The school festival is coming up very soon!

-Oh, there was another important thing I need to take care of.

Part 2

Next day, I was standing in front of the school’s first-year classroom. It’s Koneko-chan’s and Gasper’s classroom.

Today, the Ojou-sama of the house of Phoenix, --Ravel, transferred here. Ravel is more of an Ojou-sama than Buchou. It will be her first time attending a school for ordinary people.

Will she be able to cope with the lifestyle within this school? I was worried about that, so I came here during break, but…..

“…….Isn't that, the beast-senpai from the second year….?”

“…….Oh no, I heard a rumour that you will get hypnotised just by being looked at by him, and he does whatever he likes with you…..”

“And he used that on all of the school idols in our school to make them into his toys….. I’m scared……”

…….The gaze the first year girls are giving me is horrible….. No, this isn’t anything new! I shouldn’t worry about it! These things pouring from my eyes aren’t my tears! These are just sweat from my heart!

“Ara, Ise also came to see how she’s doing?”

Buchou’s voice. When I turned around, Buchou was also there.

“B-Buchou too?”

“Yes, I was a bit worried.”

When I checked inside the classroom with Buchou, Koneko-chan and Gasper(who was standing in a place where he doesn’t stand out) were talking in the corner of the room, and Ravel is…… Oh, I found a drill-type rolled hair! There she is. Heh, the school uniform suits her.

“Phoenix-san, do you have the textbooks?”

“Phoenix sure is a rare surname. It sounds cool!”

“I’m glad that this class was the one to have another foreign transfer student after Gya-kun!”

Just like that, she was surrounded by the girls! I see, since she just transferred, it can’t be helped if she is approached by her classmates. If a bishoujo from a foreign country transferred, then she would treated as an idol for the day.

[O-ho-ho-ho-ho! Ask me any question you want! I will answer them for all of you!]

Since its Ravel who has a high-handed attitude, I thought she would talk with an oppressive manner. But-

She seems to be troubled responding, is having a hard time.

She seems to be so troubled that she can only say “U-Umm….”, and “Aaah….” , as for her replies! Her gaze wanders around looking aimlessly.

Then her gaze catches me and Buchou. Because Buchou has come, first year girls who are Buchou’s fans started to make a racket, she became curious.

She then immediately got up from her seat by saying “Excuse me”, and approaches us.

Ravel takes Buchou's and my hand, and tries to lead us somewhere. She let go of our hands after we took a turn in the corridor…..

“W-What’s wrong, Ravel?”

When I ask her with apprehension, she makes her face red as if she is embarrassed.

“……I-It's my first time transferring to a school, so…… I d-don’t know how to interact with everyone….. I..I’m a devil, so I can’t find a topic to discuss with everyone who are humans…..”

I see. She is a devil. On top of that she is a High-class devil Ojou-sama, and since she transferred to a school in the human world, which is attended by ordinary people, then it must be hard for her to find a topic she can talk about. If I think about it, this would be natural.

But, unlike her high-handed attitude, her reaction is cute.

“It’s not like you don’t want to talk to them right?”

Buchou asks her.

“……O-Of course. E-Even I am maturing! I feel that getting to know people who aren’t nobles and learning from the commoners' lifestyle is also important!”

Oh, she’s splendid. She’s different from her brother Raiser.

The so-called Raiser got depressed after losing against me, but after that, we somehow regained his confidence again after Ravel came to consult with us. Thanks to that, his dragon-phobia was cured and he was able to return to his ordinary lifestyle. I also heard that his comeback to the Rating Game will be soon.

That guy isn’t a heinous person. Just like me, he is a sukebe person.

Oh, I need to get back about Ravel. Hmm, so the thing is that she doesn’t know how to talk and how to interact with them, but I think that once she talks to them even once she would be able to understand how…..

I pondered for a while, and then pounded my fist onto my other hand’s palm. Yeah, there's only one way.

“Hold on a sec, Koneko-chan can-”

It happened when I was about to go back to Koneko-chan's and Ravel’s classroom.

“…….Did you call me?”

Koneko-chan was standing near me! Oh, and Gasper as well. So they followed us.

I then ask Koneko-chan.

“Koneko-chan, I have a favour.”

“……What is it?”

“Ravel’s talking pal…….. Actually more like I want you to support her for her school lifestyle. You two are in the same year and also in the same class right? Please.”

Koneko-chan is one of the school idols, and I hear that she is getting along with her classmates. If she was to start a discussion using Koneko-chan, then I think it will be easier for Ravel to open up to her classmates!

But, Koneko-chan seems a bit displeased. She twitched her eyebrows, and her mouth has a shape of a triangle. She looks cute, but she’s acting weird. Did I say something wrong?

After thinking for a bit.

“…………… …………..If Senpai says that, then I don’t mind………”

She answers me like that! To be expected from Koneko-chan!

“So it’s like that, Ravel. Koneko-chan will be-”

“……..Hetare Yakitori-hime[5].”

Talking over me, Koneko-chan says that.


A moment of silence. Veins appears on Ravel’s forehead. Then she says it with a trembling voice!

“R-Right now, what did you just call me……?”


Koneko-chan answers without any pause! W-What is going on!?

Both of them started arguing while leaving me, who still hasn’t got a hold of this situation, behind!

“Y-Y-You! To talk to the daughter from the house of Phoenix in such a manner……!”

“……Since you talk in such manners, don’t you become a hetare at crucial times? I thought you came to the human world with a strong resolve……. For you to trouble Ise-senpai…… Clueless Yakitori-hime.”


I heard something snap from Ravel! Ravel who is emitting a creepy aura! Her rolled-hair is starting to tweak!

Koneko-chan also doesn’t back down and is glaring back with a cute face!

“Mmmmmmmm! I…..I didn’t do such a thing to trouble Ise-sama…….! T-This Nekomata…..!”

High school dxd v10 027.jpg


I..It seems like a cat and a fire bird are glaring fiercely behind both of them!

“Auuuuuuuu…….I….I’m scared~!”

Gasper became frightened by these two girls, so he hid behind my back! I’m also scared!

“He-hey both of you! Why are you two suddenly glaring at each other!? Get along! You two are in the same class after all!”

I stood between both of them, and tried to stop them….. But I was frightened because of the battle between a cat and a bird!

But I have to stop them. Both of them are my precious juniors.

“Now now, calm down Koneko-chan, Ravel. I’m not being troubled. So you two can talk to me as much as you want.”

“ “Whose side are you on!?” ”

They asked me unanimously. E-Even if you say that….

“……..You sure are kind, Ise.”

Buchou slips that from her mouth next to me…..


Then one of the first-year girls comes and passes us, and dropped a load of sheets on the ground! Ah, you dropped them because you were looking elsewhere.

I tried to pick it up, but Ravel helped her quicker than me and started picking up the sheets.

“Are you okay? If I remember, you're from the same class as me? Your name is….. I still haven’t asked you yet.”

“T-thank you very much…… so you recognise me, Phoenix-san. My name is Murota.”

“Ravel is fine. Murota-san.”

Oh, you're being kind, Ravel! When she naturally helped her out is the proof that she's a kindhearted girl. More than that, remembering the face of your classmate as soon as you transferred made you gain extra points, Ravel! Even the other girl is emotionally moved!

Then Koneko-chan and Gasper helped her out.

Koneko-chan and Ravel’s eyes met while picking up the sheets.

“ “Hmph!” ”

My two juniors look away from each other…..

………………….Hahaha, this is totally unheard of.

This is something I heard afterwards, but it seems like Ravel opened up to her classmates because she helped out in picking up the sheets. I also heard that Koneko-chan is looking after her.

I feel that Ravel’s school life started with a good start.

Part 3

“Now then, we will start the preparations.”


After school. Buchou orders us, and we reply back to her energetically.

We, the occult research club, began preparing for the school festival after Ravel’s introduction of joining the club.

The ‘thing’ that the occult research club will be presenting is…… “Occult Mansion”!

It was decided that we will be using the whole old-school building, and present lots of entertainment. There will be an Obake-yashiki[7], a fortune-telling room, a café, and report revelation on occult research. So like that it was decided to use all the ideas our club members suggested.

The occult research club was given charge of the whole old-school building, so it was decided that we won’t hold back and use it to the fullest. There are rooms which aren’t used and rooms which were turned into storage rooms. Using them we can do a ghost-house, fortune-telling, and a café.

Just like that we are in the middle of customising the old-school building for the school festival. We can do the changes quickly if we use demonic-powers, but Buchou said she wants to make it with our hands as much as possible. All of us agreed with her opinion so we got ready to do the work.

This is the base of the Gremory group, but it is also a part of the school, and we are students. If we have to use it for school circumstances we want to do this as normal students.

The girls are mainly making costumes and changing the interiors of rooms. They are making costumes for the café and the ghost-house, while others customise unused classrooms for personal use. For Ravel ,who just joined the club, this is her first time participating so this will be new to her. She is quite shocked although she is working very hard to help out.

Kiba and I are doing building procedures as we are the only man-power. We cut and put together wood and such by using a hammer and a saw.

Well, the girls are also devils so they will have more strength than humans and would be able to do these tasks as well. But since we are doing this as students, we try to follow these procedures as much as we can. So we, the guys, are sweating a lot while hammering and cutting the wood.

“Ise-kun, hold over there.”


Just like that, Kiba and I are working with wood.

Azazel-sensei and Rossweisse-san are at the teachers meeting which takes place after school. It seems the minor parts of the school festival haven’t been decided yet. Though I think they are mostly discussing about important points for the student guardians.

My parents will also be attending the festival. Well, they are coming to see Asia though.

It was like that for the sports festival, so I wonder if Buchou’s parents will be coming as well? We won’t be able to cope with Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama at the same time.…. Looks like we need to leave them to the student council.

While we are cutting the wood with the saw, Kiba speaks.

“By the way Ise-kun. Do you know Diehauser Belial?”

He brings up a name of someone.

That name certainly sounds familiar. There were times when Buchou and Akeno-san were talking about that person, and Buchou has been researching about him by watching videos of him.

“Just his name. He’s the champion right? Of the Rating Game that is.”

Kiba nods at my answer.

“Yeah, he’s ranked first in the official Rating Game. The current champion. The Diehauser Belial. He is the head of house of Belial, and the first monster since the house of Belial was formed. He is the real King of the game who has been standing at the top for a very long time. –The person who is called Emperor Belial.”

-Emperor, Belial.

Emperor huh. That’s an amazing title for someone who isn’t a Maou. Kiba speaks while continuing his work.

“Rankings 20 and below are said to have a power on a totally different level, and if you are in Top-10, you would even be called a Hero. Among them, ranks 5 and above are said to be unmovable. They have been standing in the top positions where they haven't moved their ranks for a long time. Especially the 3rd ranked Bedeze Abaddon, the 2nd ranked Roygun Belphegor, and the 1st ranked Diehauser Belial, they are Ultimate-class devils among Ultimate-class devils who have the power equal to the current Maou. Though, all three of them are said to not take any actions unless a large scale War were to happen. They have been researched due to the game’s traits, and they are spoken well of by others. They are called the ‘results’ born due to many matches.”

The results made from the Game itself-. So it means they are insanely strong devils-. Wait! They have the power equal to the current-Maou!? Are guys like them allowed to participate in the Game!?

Well, actually, it won’t be weird. Old-man Tannin is also an Ultimate-class devil, and I heard that he participated in the Game before, and that he has been within the Top-10. He hasn’t retired, but I heard that right now he wants to focus on training young dragons instead of the Rating Game.

“Abaddon and Belphegor are household names I've never heard before.”

I said my doubt. I don’t have memories of the names of the 2nd or 3rd ranker. They are not names of the 72-pillars that I have memorised. Kiba answers me.

“That is true. They are Extra-Demon after all. Their households don’t want to get involved with the current government, but among the households they are special cases. It seems like they basically cut ties with their household and are participating in the game.”

Hmm, so there are devils that participate in the game while having such complex problems. They want to participate in a game so much that they would even leave their house. That means The Rating Game has that much attraction to it.

It’s said that you can fulfill any desire that you have such as; gaining authority, fortune, women, status or battling by participating in a game and winning it. I feel great attraction to it as well.

-This is the dream that the current government gave to the devils. Ambition.

“But you know, if Sirzechs-sama and other Maou could participate in the game, then the rankings would be different.”

“That can’t be helped. Due to the game rules, Maou can’t participate. If it’s Maou’s servants then they would be able to participate, but the thing is that they aren’t interested. It seems like the dream of Yondai-Maou’s servants are to continue living as the servants of their Maou. The game can be similar to but also different from actual battle. It’s a game created to make up for the lack of actual battles for devils, but the game itself has many special rules. So I think the tactics and strategies used are different between the two. That’s why I feel that it wouldn’t be rare for those who are strong in actual battles to not have their rating in the Game improve.”

It’s quite rare for Kiba to share his thoughts like this. Is it proof that he is opening up to me?

But if it is just like what Kiba said, then in the game the possibility for the current champion’s team to be stronger than the Maou’s team is high.

“It is also a game which is like a simulation, because there is no war right now, but it means that we should approach the game differently than how we take part in real battles right?”

Kiba nods his head at my words. Yeah, we might have plenty of real battle experience, but we haven’t got used to the special rules of the game at all. The Sitri-match obviously proved that point. If we participate in a game we could encounter those rules. That means it is necessary for us to have a different mindset than when we approach real battles.

Kiba continues to say it while hitting the nail with the hammer.

“Either way, if both you and Buchou are aiming to become champion of the game in the future, Diehauser Belial is a big wall whom you can’t avoid facing. If you are planning to rise up in the world of devils, then it might be good for you to think of the current rankers as existences that you will have to defeat. Well I, Buchou’s [Knight], will have to get involved in the world of the Rating Game as well.”

Buchou’s participation in the official game will be after she graduates from University which means that it will be after four or five more years. It seems like it’s very distant but also seems like it’s very soon.

At that time, how much can we raise above? Will we be able to fight the Emperor…..?

-Oh, I need to focus on what is in front of me first. I shook my head, and then lifted up the saw high.

“For now, it’s the match against Sairaorg-san.”

Kiba also nodded hard. Kiba and I are training for that day. The other members are training as well, so we can’t fall behind Bael's-group!

“To some extent our information is known to them. They would have recognised our abilities through the youth-devil’s match video. The information which they probably don’t know is Ise-kun’s new technique and Xenovia’s Ex-Durandal.”

The recorded video should be open to the public, so it would be natural for our opponents to know our abilities.

So my and Kiba’s Balance-Breaker should be thoroughly researched.

“They should also be trying to get the best new information that they can, right?”

“Of course they would. If they say “Bring it on. Anything you want!” without researching before the game will make the level of their [King] and “groups” doubtful. For that reason, we are also investigating their information as well…….”

We also used the video of the Yankee-devil, the match with Glasya-Labolas as reference, and are researching the Bael group.

Except now, they won’t be at the same level as back then. Just like us, they are ones who do training which is rare among devils.

We should at least think that the enemy will come at us with powers which far surpass the time they fought Yankee.

“But, Ise-kun’s power up should be within their field of vision. It also seemed like he sensed something from you in the sparring the other day. So they are being cautious about you. The problem is when you will use that technique. Due to the characteristics of the technique, it will be the most effective to attack with it while they still haven’t seen it before.”

That’s right, it seemed like Sairaorg-san understood something from a sparring match against me which took place at the Gremory-house before I went on the school trip.

It might be obvious for him to assume that I awoke the new power during the school trip.

And also the inside details of my new ability as well…..

“Yeah, each of the forms has a strong trait, so it doesn’t seem like I can use them against Sairaorg-san more than twice.”

[Illegal Move Triaina](Which I shortened and called Triaina) has both its strong points and weak points due to being a special version of each chess piece.

[Welsh Sonicboost Knight] gains god-speed, but because it purges the armour, the defence goes down drastically. I can cover its weak defence by form changing into [Welsh Draconic Rook], but that will increase my stamina consumption. Repeating it will be hard.

[Welsh Blaster Bishop] can shoot out an enormous amount of demonic-powers, but it takes quite some time to charge, and to begin with, there will be no point if the attack doesn’t hit.

[Welsh Dragonic Rook] increases the offence and defence drastically, but possibly because the armour gets thicker, it loses speed.

So, like that, each of them is powerful but the weakness of each form is obvious. The more the strong point is strengthened; the more the weak point will become even more obvious. I could cover my weaknesses with my combo, but as a result, my stamina consumption will increase.

“If you do the combo you can cover the weakness of each promotion form, but Ise-kun’s stamina will be used quite a lot. But you won’t be able to survive if you don’t use the combo when you have to, so it would be better for you to use it, but…… Fighting for a long duration will have high risks.”

“Yeah, the technique itself is more for short-duration battles. So I should save it as much as I can.”

That’s why a one-shot contest would be preferable. The reason why I was able to have an advantage in the battle against Cao Cao back in Kyoto was because the enemy had never seen that technique before.

If I was to show even a single promotion, then the chance for the opponent to predict a new ability for other chess pieces are high.

[Ah, if that’s a specialised form of Knight, then are there specialised forms of other forms too?]. They would predict it like that. Well, if I take them down with a combo at once, then I would be able to give huge damage to that opponent.

But the biggest problem will be the charge-time for the Triaina version of [Bishop].

Eitherway, I need to save this technique somehow. Well, if I was put in a situation where I have to use it, then it can’t be helped……

“Like I thought, I would have to take them down with a combo…… But I would have to adjust the timing when I will use the promotion, and simulate them repeatedly…..”

The sequential order is also important for the combo. I was able to do it in Kyoto, but using the Triaina-type Bishop first will be bad. It’s full of openings since I would have to charge it. Maybe I should blast it from a distance, and then narrow my distance with the opponent using Triaina-type [Knight], and then take down the opponent using Triaina-type [Rook] when I’m in front of them?

Hmm…… That would be the same as back in Kyoto. I sure have no variety in techniques…….

“I will also tag along with each of your training sessions like always. Just like Ise-kun, I also want to try out the idea of a new technique I have as well.”

Oh? You sure said something which makes me anxious.

“New technique? Seriously? It sure makes me anxious. Do you have any idea on it?”

“Yeah, pretty much. By the way, is Ddraig alright? Lately, I haven’t seen him talking to you much.”

Having Kiba say that, I made the gauntlet appear immediately, and talked to Ddraig who has been silent for a long time.

“……Ddraig, you still don’t feel good?”

To answer me who questioned him, Ddraig speaks so even Kiba can hear. His voice was that of an unenergetic person.

[……Yeah, lately, there are things I think a lot about……. Haaa…….]

The Sekiryuutei-dono made a deep sigh…..

It seems like Ddraig feels down ever since we got back from Kyoto. Apparently he started to think a lot about my continuously horrible way of powering up.

…….He has been crying the whole time after all. Lots of people around me say that it’s quite a serious thing for a Heavenly-dragon to cry. I’m sorry for being a sukebe[8], partner…..

“Oh, secret talks between guys. Sekiryuutei sure doesn’t question the gender of his prey.”

The one who appeared saying such joke was Azazel-sensei.

“Sensei, please give me a break. Wait, did the staff meeting for the school festival finish?”

“I got out by using the excuse that I don’t feel well. Man, maybe it’s because there are foreign students, but there sure are many precautionary rules. They are saying “this” and “that”. Well, I left it to Rossweisse and fled.”

Cruel! Like always, this teacher sure is rough and has a lack of sincerity at these kinds of things! Though Rossweisse-san seems like a person who blends in with meetings and as such no matter what she says so it might be alright…….

Sensei then talks to my gauntlet.

“Oh yeah, Ddraig, like you asked I found a reliable counsellor.”

[I see, I’m sorry about this…..]

I made a really shocked voice hearing this conversation!

“Wa-wa-wait a sec! What do you mean a counsellor!?”

A counsellor! Is something I’m not aware of happening!?

Sensei says it while scratching his cheek.

“Well, Ddraig sent a message privately to me through Fafnir’s jewel. Apparently he is crying without realising it quite often lately. It seems like the number of times he sighs has increased, and that he feels his heart is being ripped apart every time he hears the word “oppai”, “tits”, and “breasts”.”

When I heard that, I became speechless. ……..What on earth……..!?

I ask Ddraig once again.

“Wha…….! Seriously…….?”

Ddraig says it after making a deep sigh.

[Yeah, I’m sorry, partner. I really can’t get motivated….. But there won’t be a problem with pulling up your power…….. Haa……]

……Something which is beyond what I imagined is happening to Ddraig! Mainly his mentality that is!

“S..So it isn’t because I went deep within the Sacred Gear or because I thought of a new technique……?”

I then brought up possible reasons for his bad condition, but Sensei shook his head and rejected my reasons.

“No, what I think is that because you have brought miracles using ‘oppai’, that made him get shocked and he started to have stress. Even if he is a being whose soul is residing in a Sacred Gear, you do know that he is one of the only two Heavenly-dragons right? If an embodiment of power and pride powers up using tits, then it won’t be weird for his heart to fall into sickness.”

---! Because of the shock, I dropped down on my knees.

H-How can this be……! Because of my power-up using oppai, it wounded Ddraig’s heart more than necessary! If I think about it, this is true. Ddraig always cried every time I act due to breast related things.

I…I never thought he would have this much stress inside him…..

“Well, I will tell you the contact number of the counsellor afterwards. I sure went through a lot to find a dragon-specific counsellor. Anyway, I will be going to the old-school building then.”

Waving his hand, Sensei leaves.

I then stroke the gauntlet while being in shock at my partner’s condition.

……..I’m sorry, Ddraig. For you who always helped me to get into such state because of me….And the reason for this is because of my sukebe-power…..

I was finding a power different to Juggernaut-Drive which won’t make me over do it, but the result I got was for Ddraig to become even more pitiful……

[No, your power-up isn’t that bad partner….. It’s a good power-up….it’s just that, my spirit was weaker than I thought…..I’m sorry…..]

Don’t say that! You were only just more fragile than we thought…..! The mental-care for my dragon is also something that should have been within my ‘must-do’ range….!

“Don’t apologise! I’m the one at fault here! I only thought about myself, and I didn’t even think a bit about you! I only asked for your help when I needed to, and I can’t do anything for you at times like this so I’m a failure as your partner!”


It seems like Ddraig is emotionally touched and he had a teary voice.

I then said it while embracing my left arm.

“I will definitely take care of you! Even though from now it might still be tits, but I will take even more care of you from now!”

[Yeah, my heart will get torn even more from now, so I leave it to your care until my last moment…..]

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ddraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig! I’m sorry!

While having such an emotional scene, Kiba made a bitter smile because he didn’t know what to do.


“Ise, so you were still working.”

Buchou appears.

“What’s wrong? It seems like this procedure will take a bit more time…… More like we were wasting time talking so I’m sorry.”

I apologise sincerely to her, but Buchou waves her hand saying “That’s not it”. So she didn’t come here to check on us?

I was in doubt and Buchou says to me.

“Well Sairaorg’s butler is saying that there is a personal favour he wants to ask me and you Ise.”

That was something I didn’t anticipate.

Part 4

The next day.

Buchou and I came within the Sitri’s territory in the Underworld with only the two of us. A gorgeous limousine is passing through a forest path which is rich with nature. Buchou and I are sitting in the back seat of the limousine. I’m holding onto a flower. It’s something Buchou brought and she handed it over to me.

“The case this time is from Okaa-sama’s side.”

Buchou said that inside the car.

Apparently there is a serious discussion Sairaorg’s butler would want to talk to us about, and he sent this message to the house of Gremory where Buchou’s mother accepted.

Buchou’s mother is from the house of Bael after all. Possibly because of those ties, she must have accepted the Butler-san’s wish.

“Putting aside the reason why he called us over, this is my first time entering Sitri’s territory but it sure is rich with nature.”

“Yes, out of few territories belonging to High-class devils, Sitri’s territory has the most nature reserves among them. There are many places with beautiful scenery here. Next time, let’s come here with everyone.”

Hmm, so this territory is blessed with great nature. Certainly the mountains we have passed by are surrounded with trees of different colours and I can only say the word ‘amazing’.

I look outside through the car window and Buchou continues.

“And also, it is one of the territories which has advanced medical facilities as well.”

“Medical huh.”

“Yes, the place we are heading to now is one of the famous hospitals in the Underworld.”

“Ho…hospital you say…. So we are heading to a hospital?”

I never expected to hear that. Hospital…..? Sairaorg-san’s…..-Does it have something to do with Buchou’s relative? S…Someone is in the hospital then…..? There is no way that Sairaorg-san is hospitalised right? Since it’s before the game, then it must be something in the line of him injuring his body due to hard training or something….?

I became speechless because we entered a conversation which I can’t pursue to ask further, the limousine comes out to an open place.

A spacious site which had people working on it. There are many buildings lined up, and I saw a huge building on the other side. So that’s the hospital?

Progressing ahead for about 10 minutes in the limousine. Then the limousine stops at the entrance of the huge building’s drop-off zone, and we got out of the car.

“I have been waiting for you.”

The one who welcomes us is a middle-aged man who is wearing butler clothing. He gave us a very formal bow. He has an atmosphere where it seems like he can manage any task perfectly.

“Yes, lead the way.”

Buchou just says that, and the middle-aged man starts to lead us after saying “Please, this way”. Me and Buchou follow after him.

We advance through the spacious hospital, and then entered the elevator. There, Buchou speaks quietly.

“Ise, you know that my mother is from the house of Bael right?”

“Y-Yes. That’s why that makes you and Sairaorg-san cousin’s right?”

“Yes, that’s right. My mother is the older sister of Sairaorg’s Otou-sama[9] who is the head of the house of Bael. But they are born from different mothers. Sairaorg’s Otou-sama is the son of the main-wife, and my mother is the daughter of the second-mistress.”

Older sister from a different mother huh. I see, so the current head of house of Bael and Buchou’s mother are siblings. But it seems complicated since one of them is the son of the main wife and the other one is the daughter of the second mistress…..

“And Oba-sama[10]….Saiarorg’s Okaa-sama is from the former 72-pillars and is from one of the High-class devils clan, the house of Vapula. It’s a great noble household which governs the lions.”

“Vapula you say…… Lion……”

Lion huh. It certainly seems like Sairaorg-san’s lineage.

While we were having that conversation, the elevator stops. When we passed through a door, we entered a floor with rooms. And we advance ahead for a few minutes. Having the Butler-san lead us, we arrived in front of a certain room.

“This is the room, Rias-sama.”

Buchou and Butler enter. I also follow after them and there was a beautiful woman sleeping on the bed.

“……How do you do, Oba-sama?”

Buchou gazes at the sleeping woman with eyes filled with sorrow.

Wait, Oba-sama? Judging from how the conversation went, is this person perhaps…..

The Butler then says it while receiving the flower from me.

“…….This person here is Misura Bael-sama. She is Sairaorg-sama’s mother.”

-! Just like I thought, she is Sairaorg-san’s mother.

She’s sleeping while having the help of something that seems like a medical ventilator…… The machine which is next to the bed is something I've never seen before, but is it like a device which maintains her life? This one has a shape a bit different from the ones in the human world, so I don’t know the details of it.

If she is in a hospital, that means there is something wrong with her.

The Butler-san while carrying the flower…….was shedding tears from his eyes.

“……Today, the reason why I called both of you here is none other than this. Rias-sama, Sekiryuutei-dono, can you please…….Help us to awaken this person, Misura-sama, from her sleep?”

Having the Butler-san cry all of a sudden, I became confused. Buchou then starts to tell me the story.

“I will tell you a bit, so even you can understand, Ise.”

What she was about to tell me is a shocking fate of a particular mother and son.

Sairaorg-san was born of his father who is the head of the house of Bael and his mother who came from the noble house of Vapula.

It seems like people around them became overjoyed because the next heir was born.

But Sairaorg-san was faced with a shocking truth immediately.

-He has barely any demonic-powers, and he didn’t carry the special trait of Bael, the power of destruction.

Each generation of the head was blessed with demonic-powers, and it was absolute for them to have the power of destruction. But Sairaorg-san was born without it.

Sairaorg-san’s father who was in despair directed his anger to his wife.

[Where did you leave our clan’s power of destruction, and how did you give birth to such a defect!?]


Just because he was born without demonic-power and the power of destruction, Sairaorg-san was abandoned by his father. His mother who gave birth to him also was despised as well.

-She was called a shame of the house of Bael who gave birth to a defect.

“……It was a very horrible incident. Except for me and those from the house of Vapula, most of the people from the house of Bael discriminated against and scorned Sairaorg-sama and Misura-sama.”

Buchou also says it while having slight tears in her eyes.

“The house of Gremory back then also heard that rumour so my mother tried to take in Oba-sama and Sairaorg into the Gremory territory, but the Bael were strongly against it.”

-They said ‘You are not even in the lineage of the main-branch and you were sent to get married elsewhere so don’t get involved into the problems of the main-branch house of Bael’.

The Gremory had Sirzechs-sama who strongly carried the power of destruction who became active in the Underworld, so it seemed like the house of Bael didn't find that amusing.

That’s natural. The special trait wasn't carried by the son of the main-branch, and instead had been passed to the child of the one who was sent away. For the house of Bael there isn’t any worse irony than this.

“House of Bael which is the Great-King, would reign in the top in terms of household rank if you don’t include the current-Maou who does not belong to the heritage. So it will be quite hard for a different household to make an argument against them. And also, they have stronger pride than anyone else, such that they get cautious of how people around them would look at their clan. To them, Oba-sama and Sairaorg were just a burden.”

After that, the house of Vapula sought for the return of Sairaorg-san and his mother, but the reply the house of Bael gave them was a cruel one.

“Only Sairaorg-sama cannot be handed over. That’s what the current head said. That he can’t allow the shame of his clan to be revealed to the world. So Misura-sama wouldn’t be able to agree to such a deal. That’s because the young Sairaorg-sama would have been imprisoned and destined to live alone while being discriminated without having Misura-sama’s protection.”

The Butler-san continues.

“Misura-sama declined the help from her home, and she decided to live in the remote region of Bael territory with Sairaorg-sama and a group of her followers including myself.”

If it’s in the remote region of Bael’s territory, then they would be under the house of Bael’s surveillance, and more than that they wouldn’t have to expose Sairaorg-san to the outside world.

The house of Bael allowed the mother and son to live in the outskirt area of Bael’s territory.

While having basically no support from the house, Sairaorg-san started to live in the countryside with his mother.

“For Misura-sama who lived a lifestyle of a high-class person, living in the countryside without support should have been difficult for her. Even so, she was able to raise Sairaorg-sama into a splendid person. She raised Sairaorg-sama very strictly, and at times, very kindly.”

For a devil who barely has any demonic-power, they wouldn’t get treated well by others no matter where they go.

Even when he moved to the countryside, Sairaorg-san became the target of discrimination. Because he has less demonic-power than the low-class and medium-class devils his age, he was bullied by those devils.

“Even so, Misura-sama told Sairaorg-sama very strongly.”

-Even if you don’t have demonic-power, you still have your fine body. If you think you are lacking something, cover the thing you are lacking with something else! It can be brute strength, it can be intelligence, it can be speed, so make up for it! No matter what other people say, you are the son of the house of Bael. Even if you don’t have demonic-power, even if you don’t have the power of destruction—

“—you will definitely win one day if you don’t give up. That’s a phrase I heard from Sairaorg before. He said that it’s an important phrase that his mother taught him.”

Buchou says that.

……You will definitely win one day if you don’t give up, huh.

Even for me, this phrase stimulates my heart very deeply.

The Butler-san then says it.

“Behind him, she was always apologising. She was saying sorry that she gave birth to him without bestowing him the power of destruction. Misura-sama cried and apologised again and again next to Sairaorg-sama who was sleeping….. Sairaorg-sama might have realised that as well. Then one day he suddenly stopped crying. Then he started to stand up to any matter head on.”

Sairaorg-san stood up against those who made a fool out of him, he faced forward at what he lacks in, and he stood up every time he was beaten down.

Then Sairaorg-san started to set forward his dream.

---He said: I want to create an Underworld where any devils can make their dream come true if they have the potential no matter what their backgrounds are.

The Devils' world depends on the strength they hold, but the truth is that there is a difference between those who are from nobility background and those who aren’t. Even if someone has the power but their background is from a low-class, then there aren’t many among them who can have a fulfilled life.

Sona-kaichou also had a similar ambition in that regard.

I am……one of those who are blessed. My rank is a low-class devil, but I’m a Gremory’s servant, and Buchou who is my master is kind.

Even so, for a High-class devil who has an old-tradition of their house, their discrimination towards Low-class devils and Mid-class devils still remains.

For the house of Bael who reigns at the top of every household, the discrimination Sairaorg-san received would be crueler than I can imagine.

At the age where Sairaorg-san started to be able to take on Mid-class devils, Sairaorg-san’s mother had an unusual phenomenon occur in her body.

“……It is one of the diseases which devils develop. The number of cases that happen are low, but when you develop that disease you fall into a deep sleep and won’t be able to wake up. Then your body gradually starts to become weak, and you will meet death. That’s why you have to maintain their life artificially like this in the hospital.”

Buchou says it with sad and narrow eyes.

……..So Sairaorg-san’s mother fell into that disease huh.

They searched for many ways to cure it, but they didn’t find any. Even so, Sairaorg-san still walked ahead.

“After that, Sairaorg-sama who trained his body returned to the house of Bael in perfect condition, and he took down his brother who is the child born between his father and his new wife with his power, and attained the seat to become the next heir.”

……..His younger brother must have had the power of destruction. He defeated his younger brother, and attained the current position. I can’t even imagine how complicated that must have been…..

Ah, but I have a question if that’s the case.

“Sairaorg-san defeated his younger brother and returned to house of Bael right? Then why is Sairaorg-san’s mother here? Does it mean that the medical facility here is better than the one in Bael’s territory?”

I ask such question.

“That is also the case….. But it’s also because there would be those after Oba-sama’s life if she’s in the Bael territory.”

Buchou gives me an answer like that…… Targeted!? W-Why so violent!?

“Not just Sairaorg’s brother who had his seat to become the next heir stolen from him, there are many of those who shun Sairaorg because he became the next heir without having the power of destruction. And Oba-sama who is ill will become an easy target for them. That’s why Sairaorg relied on Sona’s ties and moved Oba-sama to the Sitri’s territory.”

I see….. So the quarrel of the position of the one to become the next heir is still ongoing huh. The house of the Great-King sure is scary…… Is it that the house of Gremory is too peaceful? Buchou’s house is very easy to settle in, so I feel terrified at the dark side of the world of the devils.

Butler-san says it while wiping his tears with a handkerchief.

“I asked for both of you to come for none other than one reason. Will you please help me in curing Misura-sama from her disease? I hear that the Sekiryuutei-dono has a technique where he can listen to the voice deep inside the woman’s ‘heart’. I heard that the Nyuu-power[11] which is different from demonic-power can bring miracles. So please, I would like you to try to see if you can hear the voice of Misura-sama who is in a deep sleep. I already have an affirmation from the doctor in charge. He said it would be okay if it’s a demonic-power which doesn’t cause any harm…..”

A Nyuu-power!? So the name Azazel-sensei made up by himself is going around now!?

But, having him say that…….

S..So he’s telling me to use pailingual here!? And to use it on Sairaorg-san’s mother!? She’s a sick person you know!? Is it really okay!? My technique was originally an ero-technique you know!

C-Certainly, my pailingual is a technique which expands a mysterious space inside me and the woman’s oppai speaks about what they are thinking more than I ask them.

In a sense, you can say it is harmful…… But it’s certain that it isn’t a technique which affects the life of the target. But the Butler-san sure does ask a daring favour.

W..Well, in Kyoto, I was able speak through my opponents heart with the help of First-generation Sun Wukong. So he’s asking me to do it on Sairaorg-san’s mother who is continuing to sleep because of her illness.

…….Will my technique work on sick people……?

We were having a serious discussion and now it turned into the opposite immediately! More like, lately it’s been in my mind that everyone is thinking too seriously about my technique! Now finally, I have been asked to cure an illness!

Buchou says it while having a red cheek.

“…….I d..don’t know whether it will work, but if we have the permission from the doctor in charge then we should try it. Ise’s technique has brought miracles many times, so there might be a chance. Please use the technique on Oba-sama, Ise.”

Having Buchou say that much, there’s no reason to decline.

The Butler-san also is begging while bowing down very low and saying “Please, I beg you!”…….

Y..Yeah! Okay then! Then let’s try this!

“I understand. I don’t know how much I can do, but lets try it.”

I made the gauntlet appear immediately, and charged my power until I can activate pailingual.


I stopped the ability of multiplying of my Boosted Gear after charging for quite a lot of power, and then moved onto activating my ability!


Having me in the centre, a mysterious space expands! The same time I activated my technique, I spoke towards Sairaorg-san’s mother.

“Sairaorg-san’s mother, please answer me so only I can hear it! A..Are you doing well!?”

I asked her such a random thing, but….


Sairaorg-san’s mother’s oppai didn’t tell me anything.

……Like I thought, it didn’t work? Or it just failed? H-Hmmm!

No, if it turned out like this, then I will try until the last minute!

“This time, I will ask her while in my armour form!”

I put on my armour with the Balance-Breaker which had got an even more shorter countdown time due to the incident in Kyoto. I’m very sorry for going into Balance-Breaker form inside the hospital! Please forgive me since this is all for Sairaorg-san’s mother!

While having Buchou and Butler-san look at me, I send my power of Sekiryuutei to my brain, and increase my demonic-power!


“This time! Sairaorg-san’s mother’s oppai! Please speak to me!”

Sairaorg-san’s mother gets enveloped by the red-aura of Sekiryuutei.

I increased the power output, and ask her again. But…..


Like I expected, Sairaorg-san’s mother’s breasts didn’t speak at all. The technique should have been put on her completely though. Maybe the breasts won’t speak to me if they are unconscious due to illness……

“…….What are you doing, all of you?”

A sudden new voice.

When me and Buchou turned around, there was a man with short-black hair with purple-eyes and a good body build….-Wait, it’s Sairaorg-san!

“I see, I’m sorry about that.”

Sairaorg-san who understood what was going on right now made a small smile and thanked me and Buchou.

It would be weird to talk in the patient’s room, so we moved to the resting area. I also returned to my usual state. I can’t be wearing armour inside the hospital after all.

But for me to be thanked by a person for using a tits-technique……. I sure can’t describe how I’m feeling right now!

“I’m sorry, I told Ise about you. Even though it’s right before a game…… And also we couldn’t be of any use today.”

Buchou apologises. She probably thinks she put unnecessary feelings inside me.

She probably thinks that it will be hard for me to fight in the game after learning Sairaorg-san’s past.

“I don’t mind. It’s good enough that you two came. My mother would also be happy. So it isn’t uncommon for these sort of things to happen among the 72-pillars, the power to take hold of the next heir that is. It just happened to occur in the house of Great-King this time.”

Sairaorg-san says it as if his past isn’t something that is shocking.

…..I thought his past was very shocking, but I started to think this person is even more amazing because he overcame it.

Even an idiot like me can understand that what he went through can’t be described merely like that.

“I have received great kindness from house of Sitri and house of Gremory. I can’t express how much gratitude I have towards you all.”

“It’s okay; we can at least do that.”

Just a normal conversation between cousins.

Maybe the reason why they can have a normal conversation like that is because Sairaorg-san attained his seat to become the heir. That’s what I thought.

Sairaorg-san’s expression then changed immediately, and he put on a serious face.

“But the game is different. The one to win in the next Rating Game would be my team. So discard any unnecessary feelings you have. What I want isn’t sympathy or holding back, but the serious Gremory group.”

He sure says that very directly…….!

Sairaorg-san then looks down at his fist.

“I only had ‘this(own body)’. That’s why I will lose everything if I lose. All the things I piled up until now will collapse. For me who didn’t inherit the power of destruction of our clan, the only path I had was to continue winning. That’s why I have to win with ‘this(fist)’.”

Then he gazes at me and Buchou filled with fighting spirit.

“That’s why I can only win with my fist. It might look uncool, but this is my awkward way of fighting you guys.”

I swallow my saliva, and then said it to Sairaorg-san directly.

“I won’t hold back. No matter what kind of things you experienced in the past, it doesn’t have anything to do with the game. And I never thought that I could win against you by being sympathetic towards you or holding back in the first place. That’s why I will fight you with my full power!”

The things that Sairaorg-san went through have nothing to do with the game.

Among the members of Gremory group who will be fighting, there are those who had painful pasts. And even among his group there should be those who have different reasons to be fighting, so what is important for my future is my aim, my target, and to walk forward for my dreams.

“My dream is to become a High-class devil! I want to become the ultimate [Pawn]! For that, I think I have to defeat you. No, that must be it. That’s why I will fight you, Sairaorg-san, for my own ambitions!”

Hearing my words, Sairaorg-san smiles with satisfaction.

“That’s it. Yeah, that’s enough. Like I thought, it seems like you gained something in Kyoto? I can see strength and confidence from your eyes.”

……Crap. When I stand in front of this person, my tension naturally gets higher by itself, and it feels like unnecessary things are coming out of my body…… It will be bad if he senses my power before the game.

He is one of the few men who acknowledges me, so my aura increases by itself to live up to his expectations.

“Rias. Hyoudou Issei. I will fight in the game for my dreams and my ambitions.”

“Yes. I won’t lose.”

Buchou also answered boldly towards Sairaorg-san.

After that, we bid our farewell to Sairaorg-san’s butler, and me and Buchou went on our way to go home. I felt very bad that I couldn’t be of any use when they called us over….. W-Well, if my tits-techniques would work on her, then there will be no point in having a doctor.

Inside the limousine while heading home, I was deep in thought while looking at the forest from the window.

……..I can’t lose. That’s because I……haven’t survived till the end in any of the games.

In the match against Phoenix I lost miserably, and in the match against Sitri I lost against Saji. I have won in normal battles many times…… Even so I…….feel disappointed.

My dream is to become the ultimate [Pawn] and become a high-class devil. And I will definitely bring victory for Buchou! That’s what I must do.

I will definitely defeat Sairaorg-san-

“…….You started to make a face of a man. That’s why…….I…….. No, even I………”

Buchou says something next to me.

“Eh…….? What is it?”

I asked her, but Buchou made a little smile.

Is it me, or does she look a bit sad?

Life.2 A Maiden's Heart is Complicated

Part 1

“Hmm, like I thought, the biggest problem for the Triaina-combo would be the [Bishop] huh.”

During our break, I said that to Kiba while munching on onigiri[12].

We, the Gremory group, are training hard in the training area which is located in the spacious field under the Gremory territory.

Kiba and I were doing a practice battle, done in a style of an actual battle, and were taking a break.

Elsewhere, Rossweisse-san is tagging along with Xenovia’s training while Gasper and Koneko-chan are supporting them. Buchou and Akeno-san were watching them while giving them advice on how to improve. Also, Asia is discussing about holy-equations with Irina.

The game is coming up, so everyone is working on their respective training. And after the individual trainings, we will be reconfirming the team formation. We basically do the following things everyday: Preparation of school festival → Devil’s job → Training.

“Yeah, the problem for the Triaina-type [Bishop] is its charging time. I think you will be able to give a great amount of damage to the opponent with [Knight] and [Rook] if you don’t make a mistake with the timing. You can also make the opponent let their guard down if you can bend your blast after it is released.”

Kiba says this while wiping off his sweat.

It’s exactly like what this guy said. Each of the Triaina has a weakness which could be spotted easily, but I started to see a way to use [Knight] and [Rook] in tandem with the mock battle I had with Kiba, Xenovia, and Rossweisse-san.

Overwhelming speed, attack, and defence can become the ultimate weapon if I use it at the right time. It’s also my strong point that I can change into a specialised form of Triaina repeatedly without Buchou’s approval.

The problem is the [Bishop]…. I have to charge the cannon after revealing the cannon.

If the opponent sees the cannon and the cannon charging, then they won't wait for it! If I need to charge the cannon in such an obvious manner, then there will only be limited occasions where I can use it.

The idea to bend the demonic power I shoot that I came up with towards the end of the battle in Kyoto is actually very hard even in the form of Triaina-type [Bishop]... Looks like this will also depend on my training huh.

“Team battling and cooperation with your comrades will be necessary as well. I and Xenovia will become the vanguard and instead, Ise-kun will fall back to the rear guard to charge. Once you are done charging, the fight will be ours. There will only be limited number of devils in the Bael group who can even take a hit from that ridiculously powerful cannon.”

So cooperation is a must huh. I would certainly prefer that scenario rather than blasting it by myself as I will feel safer if my comrades buy me some time.

“So how is the consumption condition?”

Kiba asks me. He’s asking me about the consumption condition of my stamina by using Triaina.

“Hmm, compared to the first time I activated this ability, it became more endurable than before, but my stamina consumption is insane.”

Especially the combo. The consumption rate goes up every time I use it repeatedly. It would be good if I can use it properly two or three times. If I have to use it, then it would be against Sairaorg-san. We have Asia’s healing ability, but even if we can get our wounds healed, we won’t be able to heal our stamina. If my stamina runs out during the match and I can’t maintain my armoured state, then…….

“If it’s a team battle, I will support you with everyone else if a situation like that arises. I've also attained a new technique after all.”

Yeah, this guy also attained a new technique! It’s still a secret right now, but hes thought of something amazing! Thanks to that, this training has been useful for me as well!

To be expected from my friend! Using the loss in Kyoto as his strength!

“U-Umm, I just thought of something….”

Ravel, who came to observe us, seemed like she was listening to our conversation. She then raised her hand.

“It’s about the special-form [Bishop] from earlier, but is it possible to shoot a “Power of transfer” instead of a blast from the cannon? If you do that, it feels like you can expand your range to support.”

Kiba and I who heard such a suggestion…..


We were for speechless for a moment. But.

“ “That sounds good!” ”

We nodded our heads at the same time!

I see! So there is also a way to use it like that! [Bishop] originally has a support-like role! And I can use the gauntlet’s ability to transfer the multiplied power in terms of energy!

“If that’s possible, then we can expand the variety of tactics. Even when we show it for the first time, instead of charging, if we can use it to transfer the power to a comrade not only can we catch the opponent off guard, but it seems like we can rush towards them.”

“Do you think we can make the opponent freeze by making them think, “Is it a blast? Or is it a power transfer?”?”

“Yeah, I think we can make them shake quite a bit. If it’s possible to transfer the power from long distance, then there isn’t any other ability more useful when you use it together while cooperating with your comrades. If it's the same as the usual transfer where you can transfer the power to two people at the same time, you can increase the power of two vanguards since there are two cannons. In terms of making a plan, it will be necessary to have more information on the topic first, but it certainly seems like an interesting test.”

“Oo! Oooooooo! Amazing! It seems like I can become super useful in a team battle! More like I would become super useful in real battles!”

She sure thinks of interesting things huh, this Ravel that is! Perhaps she’s like a tactician-type? I want a strategist in my group in the future, so I look up to those kind of people! I think i'll need a resourceful servant to back me up when I am the [King].

I was getting more tensed up, and…

“The problem would be the game field, I think. It will be good if it’s a place where a team battle is possible……”

The match between Xenovia and Rossweisse-san finished, so Buchou who is the adviser came over and began talking to us.

Ah, Xenovia and Rossweisse-san are on the ground over there. It seems like it was a fierce battle... intense sounds of their fight were going on for the entirety of the match. They must be down because they used up too much of their energy.

Buchou continues on.

“Sairaorg told the higher-ups that he will take on everything we have, and the higher-ups allowed that. So there isn’t a restraint on us like the match against Sitri. However, it seems like the higher-ups added a special rule while allowing that.”

“Sp...Special rule……?”

Buchou nods at my word.

“This time the stadium will be in a flying-city located in the Archduke Agares’s territory. It seems like there will be a lot of viewers, so they aren’t looking for a long-duration battle to begin with.”

Flying-city. Was there land floating in the Underworld? In the Underworld such locations do exist, so it truly seems like a fantasy.

And on top of that, we have to participate in the game while a lot of people are watching us. Since there are viewers, it means we won’t have a game which lasts for a day or several days huh.

………..Blitz[13]? If we have to make the viewers happy, then it seems like things will get heated up with a blitz.

Buchou makes a bitter smile at me who was deep in thought.

“A Rating Game is also a form of entertainment, so it can’t be helped if there are parts where it’s focused on the fans preference.”

“In the Underworld, Rias-sama’s Gremory group and Sairaorg-sama’s Bael-group have popularity which doesn’t lose to that of a professional despite being a youth group who has yet to go professional. This match has already gained a lot of attention. It’s even been brought up on the television every day.”

Ravel adds that.

Hearing her say that, it certainly seems like it will turn into a battlefield which will get good responses from the viewers…..

Hmm, since I have to continue being a devil, it won’t be good if I don’t start to think about those aspects of the game. It really is different from a real battle. Entertainment. I’m the Oppai-dragon, so maybe I have to heat it up with that perhaps……? Because it seems like many children will come after all…..

Anyways, right now I have to work hard on training while believing in our victory.

“Thank you, Ravel. It was good advice.”

When I gave her my gratitude…

“I..It’s obvious for me to help you at least with this! If the person that is taking care of me was to lose in this precious match, then even I would be embarrassed!”

Ravel’s face turned red, and she replied back in her tsun-tsun mode.

Yes, like Ravel just said, she started to live in the Hyoudou residence since yesterday. But because she is a genuine Ojou-sama, it seems like there are many things she doesn’t know while living in a place without her servants. So, she has to learn everything from scratch like using chopsticks to the way to use a washing machine. I'll also tag along with her and teach her things.

But Ravel gets told off by Koneko-chan every time that happens and they start a fight. It really seems like Koneko-chan and Ravel are unable to cooperate.

Every time they see each other, they look away after saying “Hmph!”.

…….Do cat and bird have bad compatibility?

More like it’s my first time seeing Koneko-chan like that. Though it doesn’t seem like both of them hate each other from the bottom of their hearts…. Is it okay to think of them as fighting buddies…….?

Yeah, I think I'll leave it at that for now then.

I got up, and said to Kiba.

“Okay, let’s try to see if that way to transfer my power works or not!”

I tried to resume my training after rising my spirit, but-

“This will be all for today.”

Buchou stopped us. She then continues.

“We have a press conference tomorrow. If we continue to train, we will be in bad shape tomorrow in front of the reporters.”

………Pr…Press conference….?

I opened my eyes wide upon hearing that. ……. A press conference you say……

I made a dumb face while Buchou adds additional information.

“Ara. Didn’t I tell you? It was decided that our group and Sairaorg’s group will have the press-conference together. It will be broadcast on television so don’t put on a weird face, okay?”


I became shocked at this information as it was the first time I had heard of it.

Part 2

So just like that, on the evening of the next day, the place where we went to after finishing all the activities (including school festival) is a high-class restaurant located in the Gremory territory.

Currently, we are on standby in the changing room located on the top floor. It was just a spacious room. There is expensive looking furniture, and on top of the table there are fruits and cakes I had never seen before all lined up.

Super expensive building! Even the way it is constructed looks expensive! Tonight in the hall of this hotel located on the second floor, there will be a joint press conference of both the Gremory group and Bael group.

It’s simple. It will be a heated interview before the game.

It will be an interview focusing mainly on Buchou and Sairaorg-san. I….I will also be interviewed as well! Because I’m the Oppai-dragon!

W-What am I supposed to say!? I don’t know the topic they will ask me in the interview as well!

[Please send a message to all the beauties in the Underworld.]

Maybe a reporter might ask me that!? ……..Like hell they would. The ones who will be asked that will be Sairaorg-san and Kiba. Shit! Good-looking guys sure are lucky! At times like this, they can send messages to all the devil women in the Underworld!

I was sitting on the sofa while thinking those kind of things! Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap is calm, and she’s digging into the cakes!

Koneko-chan sure has guts even in these kinds of situation!

Asia and Rossweisse-san are staying in front of the mirror saying things like “Will this be okay?” or “Does it look good, or it doesn’t?” and are desperate with their make up.

Xenovia on the other hand is calm, and she just applied light make-up.

Buchou and Akeno-san are fully set.

It’s been decided that we will be wearing our usual uniform for the press conference and maybe it’s because they have already put on their make up, but Buchou and Akeno-san look elegant even with their uniform.

They truly are beautiful, the Two-Great Onee-sama that is…..

Wait, now’s not the time to be fascinated by them! Doing this won’t be able to lessen my nervousness!

“Gasper-kun, are you alright with wearing your usual girl uniform?”

“Y-Yes. It feels weird to wear a boy’s uniform for now…… More than that, I don’t want to goooo~! It will be out of place for a hikikomori like me to go to the press conference!”

It seems like Kiba and Gasper are ready. Also, don’t go running into the box now, Gasper.

Speaking about Kiba…. Yeah, that’s right, it’s regarding my Triaina-version to transfer the power via cannon…… This morning, I really wanted to try it, so I had Kiba tag along with me but it was really hard!

Maybe it’s because the ability appeared as a purpose for attacking, so it might be insanely hard to change the power I blast into the power of transfer. To begin with, it’s a crazy idea to shoot out something besides the demonic-power from the cannon.

But, it doesn’t mean there is no possibility. No, I think it will be possible in the future. But, I realised that it’s not something I can master today or tomorrow. So I won’t be able to make it for the game…… If it becomes possible, then I would be able to become useful as a support to my comrades……

Right now, I can’t transfer my power unless I approach them. I do think Ravel’s idea is good though. The truth is, it would be faster for me to transform into Triaina-version [Knight] to get close to my allies and then transfer my power.

……Does it mean it would suit me if it’s an ero-type or attacking-type?

[Your main ability is attacking after all. Though there were those which specialised in transferring their power among the past hosts……]

Is that true, Ddraig? How can you fight by transferring the power?

[They transferred their power to many things, and also increased the speed of many effects. For example there was one who was a summoning and seirei magic user, so by transferring the power to the seirei and creatures, that person created a way to fight with a variety of battling styles.]

Hmm, so there was a senpai like that. That person is an opposite wielder to me since I have no talent in demonic-powers. A wizard-type Sekiryuutei! So there was an era like that huh.

Wait, this isn’t the time for that! It’s right before the press conference! The clock is ticking!

I probably should check myself for the last time in the mirror then……

That’s what I was thinking, but Koneko-chan isn’t going to move from my lap. Today, she has been walking while pulling my uniform sleeves, and it seems she has been attached to me more than usual…….

Koneko-chan then makes her cheeks red probably because she realised I was suspicious of her.

“……Today the Yakitori isn’t here so I want to be on Senpai’s lap.”

Akeno-san then smiled hearing that.

“Ara ara. Looks likes Koneko-chan thinks Ravel-chan will take Ise-kun away from her.”

Hearing Akeno-san say that, Koneko-chan gets embarrassed.

“I-Is that true…..?”

I asked her timidly, and she answers me while putting on an unpleasant face.

“………………..Senpai is too kind, so I get troubled many times because of it.”

I’m not really sure but it seems like she was frustrated that I was with Ravel the whole time. She thought she would have me, her senior, taken away by Ravel?

Oh my! So I’m being depended on from a junior who is a girl!

“I also think Koneko-chan is adorable as well, so don’t be worried.”

I said that, but Koneko-chan still kept an unpleasant face. Ah, but her tail is swirling so is she feeling a bit better now?

When Koneko-chan and I were having such a conversation, Buchou who was looking…..

“Yes….. Ise is too kind to anyone. I………. No. It’s nothing.”

…..says that with a low tone.

………………? I became suspicious of Buchou who seems a bit down. Her eyes seem a bit sad as well……..

H-Hmmm, Buchou has been acting weird lately. Did something happen?

Then the door of this changing room opened. It’s a member of staff.

“Everyone, it’s almost time.”

Looks like the press-conference is about to start! I’m getting nervous!

It happened while we were on our way to the interview. We encountered someone who we are familiar with.

“Ah. Rias-senpai. Hyoudou. And the rest of the occult research club members.”

It’s Saji! Why is he here?

“Saji! What are you doing here?”

When I said that, he shrugged his shoulder. W-What’s with that reaction?

“You sure say a harsh thing……. Well, it can’t be helped. Our match was decided while it didn’t get that much attention.”

“We are also going to have a match against Agares. We are having the press conference today.”



W-What did you just say!? It’s my first time hearing about this!

I got surprised, and Buchou then tells me after tilting her head.

“Didn’t I tell you? Sona will also be having a match at the same time as us against Seegvaira Agares. They will also fight in the Agares’s territory, and I think their stadium is going to be above the islands floating on the lakes.”

I didn’t hear it! Just like the press conference, aren’t you lacking in notifying me about things before hand, Buchou!? Maybe it can’t be helped because we have been busy with the school festival and the preparation for the game!

Saji made a bitter smile.

“It’s like I said right? That we aren’t receiving any attention. After all, your match will be between the infamous Gremory group with the Oppai dragon and Rias-senpai against the number one youth, Sairaorg Bael’s group.”

Sob, I’m sorry, Saji. If I knew about this before, we could have encouraged each other. He’s also in the student council, so they must be having a hard time with the preparations for the school festival.

“Gen-chan, lets get going. It will be bad if we go late. Rias-senpai, we will be going then.”

The [Bishop] Hanakai-san from the Sitri-group says that to Saji.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right. Then we will be off then.”

“Yes, goodbye. Say hi to Sona for me.”

Buchou replied back. Bowing his head down, Saji leaves this place.

I see, the Sitri also will be having a game huh. The opponent will be the Arch-Duke Agares. So that cool and scary-looking beauty will be their opponent huh.

I heard that she is a tactician who is comparable to Kaichou…… It seems like the match will be about them trying to read each other’s movements and will turn into a mud fight. It seems like it will be a match experts would like.

After meeting with Saji, we continued to progress through the corridor and we showed up in the hall which will become the place for the press conference.

[It seems like they have arrived. The Gremory-group has arrived.]

Inside the applause, we go into the spacious hall.

The moment I entered, the feeling of nervousness hits me. It feels like this place is filled with fighting spirit.

Uwaa…. But there sure are so many people. They must be reporters and other media personnel. They are all looking at us! They are even taking pictures of us!

Above the seats for the press conference hall, there is a curtain which is written “Sairaorg Bael VS Rias Gremory” in devil letters. And the Bael group is already there.

After a moment, we sat on the seats for the Gremory group. Buchou is sitting in the centre, Akeno-san is sitting to her right, and I’m sitting to her left. The seats are arranged to gather attention.

On the Bael-side, especially from Sairaorg-san, I can feel intense spirit emitting from his body. So the thing I felt when I first entered was Sairaorg-san’s fighting spirit huh.

His expression is also quite serious. He is totally different from the time I met him back at the hospital. …..Maybe the fight between us has already begun with this press conference.

On the second row behind us, Gasper’s eyes were opening and closing, and it seems like he is enduring the embarrassment. Do your best, hikikomori! This is the critical moment for you!

[Since everyone from both sides has gathered, I would like to start the press conference.]

The person who will be the host said that, and the press conference began.

Basic information about the game’s outline, the date and such was explained to us by the host, and after that, he asked the opinions of both [King]’s - Buchou and Sairaorg-san.

Both of them acted grandly, and the dignity they held was amazing.

I sat down quietly when my master and comrades were talking. I can’t put on any weird faces. The reporters might write a weird article with even a single movement.

Stay calm, stay calm…….

While my hands are getting sweaty, the conference progresses accordingly, and finally the time to question the members from both groups who have gathered much attention has come.

The girls of our Gremory group who hold vast amounts of popularity from the men answered back to the questions, and Kiba who is also popular amongst women also answers without any trouble.

Then finally, the question was directed at me!

[I will ask Hyoudou Issei-san aka Oppai-dragon who is very popular in the Underworld a question now.]


W-What kind of question will I be asked? Maybe something like my type of women? Or my opinion towards the game?

While my head was dazzling with things like that, the question I received was…..

[Will you also be poking Princess Rias’s breast this time as well? If you were to poke, then in what kind of situation would you poke them?]


My brain became blank because of the question I totally didn’t anticipate.


While putting on a weird face, I could only say that, but the reporter continues.

[Just like the tokusatsu programme, we received the information that you power up by poking Princess Rias’s breasts. We also heard that you overcame many crises because of it?]

…….That sure is a horrible question! I see! So the information that I power up by poking breasts is known all throughout the Underworld huh! The impression of me is out of control! It’s even worse because that is the truth!

But, it will be bad if I don’t answer back.

“You see, Bu-Bu-Bucho, no that isn’t it…”

I became too nervous that I was about to say ‘Buchou’. It will be bad for me to call her that in front of many people. I need to call her master and such! That’s what I thought, but it was bad that I didn’t speak properly.

[Buchuu!? Were you just about to say buchu!? So that means you will be sucking it like ‘buchuu’, as in her breast!?]

Suddenly I received many flashes from the camera, and even the reporters started to make noises!

W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What kind of misunderstanding did you geeeeeeeeet!? These idiotic reporteeeeeers!

I didn’t say buchu! I was trying to say ‘Buchou’! Idiots! Are you dumb!? The outrageous misunderstanding was heading towards the outrageous direction!

[Does that mean you will be sucking Princess Rias’s breast!?]

No! There’s no way I will be proposing that “I’m going to suck breast” in front of all these people!

[If you power up by poking breasts, what will happen if you suck it!? Is it possible for the Underworld to collapse!?]

Like hell I would know that dumbass! Are you mistaking me for a Breast-Maou who can destroy the world by sucking breasts or something!?

[Princess Rias! Please give us your comment regarding this!]

The question was finally directed towards Buchou! Buchou has her face very red who seems very embarrassed and is covering her face with both her hands.

“……I…I don’t know!”

That’s right! Akeno-san who is next to Buchou couldn’t control herself and has blurted out with laughter. Aaah, laugh all you want then!

[Contender Sairaorg, what do you think?]

You dumb reporter! Don’t ask himmm!

Sairaorg-san answers with a serious expression.

“Hmm, it will seem like the Sekiryuutei will become insanely strong when he sucks Rias’s breast.”


The groups of reporters started to make a noise after hearing that! Sairaorg-saaaaaan! Why are you also saying those kinds of thinnnnngs!?

Just like that, the tensed atmosphere of the press conference disappeared, and it finished in a situation filled with laughter.


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After the press conference, the Gremory group and the Bael group. And Sairaorg-san was laughing very lively.

“No, sorry. But when I get involved with you guys, amusing things happen all the time. Since it’s before the match, I came into the hall while raising my fighting spirit, but I sure had it taken away from me. No no, instead I was able to relax.”

“Mou! Don’t you also say something weird Sairaorg!”

Buchou who has a red face and even tears on her eyes was mad at Sairaorg-san. She must have been really embarrassed.

I..I’m sorry, Buchou…… I embarrassed her again because of me…….

“Let it be. As a result, we didn’t have a messy press conference but one with lots of things people can talk about. I’m looking forward to the morning newspaper tomorrow.”

I don’t! If an article which says “Oppai-dragon, this time he will suck!” comes out, I won’t be able to face the people from house of Gremory!

Sairaorg-san then takes a breath while putting on a smile.

“I see. So this is what it feels like to fight the Sekiryuutei, the Oppai-dragon. I never thought we would have to compete even in the comments for the press conference.”

“I..I’m sorry, for acting like that……I wasn’t trying to make a fool out of everyone……”

I apologised, but Sairaorg-san shook his head to the side.

“That isn’t true. I didn’t mind. It’s the opposite. I feel some mysterious power from you guys who can start a thing like that in a place where everyone has their attentions on us.”

Sairaorg-san is usually a strict person, but he showed his playful side at the press conference.

So we have to fight with someone like him who treats us very friendly.

-By having our dreams on the line.

Sairaorg-san turns around, and leaves while waving his hands at us.

“It was fun tonight. So the next time we will meet is at the final battle. –Let's meet above the sky then.”

The next place we will meet is at the place for our battle.

Yes, the press conference has finished and the date for our match is approaching us.

……I definitely don’t want to lose!

Part 3

“Ah~, I’m so scared to see the Underworld’s morning newspaper tomorrow!”

I was complaining while going inside the big-bath located at the basement of the Hyoudou residence.

After the press conference, we returned home. And so returned back to our usual daily life……

I’m so embarrassed that I would die after remembering what happened at the press conference, so I decided to take a bath to change my mood.

The spacious big-bath of the Hyoudou residence! It was added when the house got a huge renovation, and it seems like there will still be enough space even with twenty people inside. Just in case, there is a regular bath on the first floor.

It seems like all the girls living here take a bath while washing each other…..

Its made so even my family can also use this place, but mum ordered to dad “Please take a bath on the first floor!”, so only dad is using the bath on the first floor.

This is a consideration made because there are girls living here. Dad also doesn’t want to start an international problem, so he agreed to it and is using the bath on the first floor. Now it has become a dad-only bath. It seems like it isn’t bad to monopolise a bathtub. Well, it certainly won’t be bad to have your own bathtub.

Mum also told me not to take a bath here, but I use it when I have a chance.

Having a ‘lucky-sukebe’ encounter to meet the girls naked would be an awesome situation!

I mean look how magnificent this bath is. I also want to use it.

…….Staying inside the bath won’t even change my mood at all. Maybe it’s because the match is coming up, so it also might be the fact that my tension is rising.

……It’s going to be a match with our dreams on the line after all………

Okay, then I will go inside the sauna now! Yes. This big-bath has a complete set which comes with a sauna and cold-bath! The finance of the Gremory household is terrifying indeed! There’s no loss in having extra!

Getting inside the sauna, I stayed there doing nothing for ten minutes.

Quite a lot of sweat has come out from my whole body. If I take a cold bath after this, looks like I can feel refreshed. Once I get out of the bath, I’m going to drink a chilled coffee milk.

It happened when I was thinking of leaving here…..

The door opens, and a fully naked……Buchouuuuuuuu!?

“Ara, Ise.”

Not even wearing a single towel, Buchou is in front of me in the state she was born in! She doesn’t even try to hide her body even after knowing that I’m inside! Why are you so daring Buchou!?

“U-Ummm! I…I….!”

I hid my manhood with my hands and tried to leave. –But Buchou took my hand and stops me from going.

“It’s okay. Stay with me for a bit.”

It’s okay!? I will look all over your body you know!? Thank you very much!

I sat next to Buchou, and gazed at her erotic body which is so irresistible. Maybe she took a bath or just washed her body, but her wet and long crimson hair is sticking onto her body, so her body looks spicier than usual!

Buchou waves back her hair with her hand while crossing her legs. The moment she crosses her legs is so seductive that I end up swallowing down my spit!

I’m alone with Buchou inside a single room! My body gets overheated because of the heat from the sauna and the desire inside me which is rising up! Shit! If I were man enough, I would have wanted to push her down!

“It’s only the two of us. If I was to be pushed down by Ise here, what would happen to me?”

Buchou-sama says something erotic like that to me! Please spare me! Right now I’m in a state where I can’t control myself!

“But, since you must be familiar with my body already, so you might not feel like that?”

“T-That’s not true! Buchou’s body is the best!”

We exchanged a conversation that we usually have! Buchou teases me, and I answer back! Our usual exchange where Buchou enjoys me acting shy!

But, this time it was different.

Buchou takes my hand and-


She places it on her breast! Buchou’s body which has become wet with sweat gives a stimulating sensation to my hand!

Buchou then whispered very charmingly.

“…..If that’s how you really feel, then push me down right here………”

Buchou says that with a slightly red expression with a bit of sadness in her expression.



Pussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh her downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!? Right now!? Me, to Buchou!?

I was horrified and Buchou asks me.

“Hey, to Ise, what am….I?”

“Buchou is Buchou! Nothing more, nothing less!”

Yes, inside me Buchou is a one and only kind of person! That’s why, Buchou is Buchou!

Hearing me say that, it seemed like Buchou is grinding her teeth.

Buchou then grabbed my hand tightly.

“……… …….If that’s the case, then I just have to become more than that…………”

Buchou then leaned her body towards me--.

High school dxd v10 000c.jpg

I was being pushed down by Buchou on the place where we sit in the sauna. Buchou is on top of me! The sensation of the very soft body of a woman hits me! My arms, chest, stomach, and legs. Every single part of my body is in contact with her soft skin. Her o..oppai is compressed down against my chest, and the size and elasticity of it is amazing…..! There is no doubt that the pointy things I can feel are her nipples!

……My brain begins to boil…..! What a situation! To be pushed down in the locked sauna room by the woman I love! And Buchou is riding on top of me!

This! This is! It means that right!? Finally!? It’s finally here!?

My first time!

Buchou being my first time is simply the best! There isn’t anything more fortunate than this!

I blinked as I don’t know where to put my hands! What should I do! Where do I put my hands!? Which do I touch first!? Her butt!? Her thighs!? Like I thought, her oppai first!?

Since our bodies are touching each other, I can feel Buchou’s pulse directly to my body! I’m so nervous that my heart is pumping fast, but Buchou is also feeling nervous…..?

“Let me feel you Ise……..”

Buchou and my lips overlap--.


This is……bad!

My brain is about to melt because our tongues are tangled! My tongue is being sucked by Buchou….!

Kuchu…. Chup……

An obscene sound echoes in the sauna room. That sound made my whole body feel some unknown sensation! Everytime I gulp down Buchou’s saliva which came inside my mouth, it feels like my eyes will sparkle!

This is, bad! It will completely turn me on! The wet crimson hair which falls down on my face. Her hair which has a nice smell of shampoo comes into my nostrils and it turns my brain into a flower garden!

Her tongue leaves my mouth, and there is a thread of saliva between our lips. ………We have already kissed many times, but this time there is more passion in it….

Looks like I have to be prepared! I’m going to make love to Buchou here…..! So my first time would be inside the sauna room! So will I remember this being all sweaty!?


‘Exactly’ at that moment, Buchou stops after hearing what I said.

“………..“Buchou”……? You still call the woman you are about to make love to……even if I do this much……..Buchou…..?”

Buchou got up expressionless. She had so much seductive expression until just before and now she has an expression where she looks emotionless.

“……..To you, ‘what’ am I……?”

Buchou separates herself from me. I also moved, but…….. Buchou has her whole body shaking. She then tries to leave the sauna room immediately.

W-What happened!? Did I do something bad!?

“Buchou, what happ--”

“Don’t follow me!”

Speaking over me, Buchou yelled. Her voice was mixed with cries.

Buchou left. I…….don’t know what just happened, and I could only look down at the drops of tears Buchou left on the floor when she left.---

Part 4

After school, next day.

I made a deep sigh in the clubroom.

What I have in my hand is the Underworld newspaper.

[Oppai-dragon is going to ‘buchuu’ suck the Switch!?]

It was a horrible article like I predicted. I started to feel dizzy, geez…..

Actually, this isn't my concern right now. That’s because there is a another problem.

…….Last night, I displeased Buchou. After that, when I got out of the bath, there was a piece of paper stuck on the door to my room which read “Ise not permitted!” and I couldn’t enter the room until this morning.

Apparently Buchou slept with Asia. So I slept in the unused room. ……..It sure was a lonely night. Even when I woke up, Buchou was still mad, and even though she talked to me it was a plain conversation where she didn’t give me her smile.

The girls also realised it, and everyone asked me “Did something happen?”…….

I answered them that I don’t know, but everyone said “No, it’s definitely your fault” and everyone was saying that I’m the bad one.

………W-Well, it probably is my fault……. What kind of mistake did I make in that situation? I don’t have a clue.

I hear that women seek for romantic atmospheres, so I think the reason is somewhere there. My action….was bad I guess.

But, what kind of mistake did I make!?

What comes to my mind is the word Buchou’s mother told me when I saw her the other day. …….It feels like the answer lies somewhere there…… But it doesn’t mean that the wild delusion I have is possible, in fact it seems totally off the mark……..

In private life, what kind of existence is Buchou to me……. Buchou’s mother’s words are going around in circles in my head.

Something that isn’t a master-servant relationship…….

One of the answers pops up in my head, but that seems too far-fetched and it’s more like my delusion……

Also…….., what should I do if my guess is wrong…….?

…….Again, ‘she’ appears back in my head.

---The fallen-angel Raynare.

The woman who deceived me. My first girlfriend.

……It’s a horrible memory.

Because of that experience, I became someone who can’t take everything to the last step…….. I had a nail impaled deep within my heart. Even till now……I can’t get it out.

I want to get along even more with the girls in our group, but I stop half way.

…….Shit. I’m so weak. I’m so pathetic. I understand that myself, but even so I can’t do anything about it. But I want to tell my feelings to Buchou!

………When will I be able to move forward……?

…….I should stop thinking about it. There is going to be an important meeting with Azazel-sensei regarding the game.

The other ones in the clubroom are Kiba and Gasper. Everyone else hasn’t come yet. The Church-trio who are in the same class as me headed towards the new school building to get some fabric for the school festival preparation.

Buchou and Akeno-san aren’t here as well. Only the guys.

“Yo, Gasper. How are those two behaving in the class?”

I then decided to talk to Gasper.

“Y-Yes……. Koneko-chan and Ravel-san are arguing at every little thing. Koneko-chan who is usually quiet gives harsh comments to Ravel-san……”

So both of them haven’t changed huh.

“B-But, even though Koneko-chan is complaining about Ravel-san who isn’t familiar with the lifestyle in the human’s world, she still looks after her and Ravel-san also follows Koneko-chan even though she scolds her……”

Is that so? Even though they say that, both of them sure are bonding nicely.

“H-Hmm. It made me confused even more. A maiden’s heart sure is complicated…..”

I said that while looking up at the ceiling, and---

“Both of them have probably realised the person that each of them are always ‘thinking’ of. That’s why they argue with each other every time something happens. Even more so, since they are in the same year.”

Sensei who just entered says that while looking into my face.

“…..W-What do you mean, Sensei?”

“Well, Koneko will follow what you told her and will continue to look after Ravel in her class, and Ravel will also rely on Koneko to adapt to the human’s world lifestyle.”

“Haa…..Is that how it turned out?”

I replied back with no strength in my words.

“…….It seems like I can’t become useful to Ravel-san like how Koneko-chan can. M…More like, it seems like I can’t be useful to everyone in both the private life and in battle……”

Gasper said that while feeling a bit down.

“Your eyes have been allowed to be used for this battle, and you are able to carry a bottle with my blood in it now. Do you still feel uneasy?”

When I asked, Gasper nods.

“…….I don’t have courage and strength like how Ise-senpai does….. I also can’t use swords like how Yuuto-senpai does as well…… I would be happy if I can at least be useful at supporting……But as a boy I feel ashamed of myself~!”

So he wants to be useful for the group as a guy. Even though he dresses like a girl, he is a guy afterall.

Okay, I will give him some lessons then!

“Gasper! Engrave the things what I’m about to tell you into your heart! [Gremory group’s males Lesson 1! A man has to protect a girl! Hey repeat after me]!”

“A m-man has to protect a girl!”

“Good, then next one! [Gremory group’s males Lesson 2! A man has to stand up no matter what]!”

“A m-man has to stand up no matter what!”

“Lastly! [Gremory group’s males Lesson 3! Don’t give up no matter what]!”

“D-Don’t give up no matter what!”

“Good, you just have to engrave that into your heart and fight just like a man from the Gremory-group.”

“Y-Yes! I will engrave them within myself and work haaaaard~!”

Oh, he sure has high spirits. Kiba was also making a small laugh.

“That sounds good. I think I will engrave that in my heart as well.”

“You do just that. Not giving up even if anything happens is what a man from the Gremory-group has to be.”

“That sure sounds annoying.”

Sensei says that with his eyes half opened while looking at our conversation.

While the guys were getting heated up like that, Buchou and the other members came in.

I looked at Buchou….but she was still expressionless even though she knows that I’m looking at her.

………..She’s still mad……… What should I do from now on if Buchou continues to hate me……?

I became a bit shocked. Sensei then looks around all of us and says it.

“Then, we will begin our meeting.”

The first thing Sensei said with a serious face was this.

“Before starting the meeting for the upcoming game, there are things I want to discuss regarding the situations of each faction. –It seems there’s going to be a bit of trouble regarding the Sacred Gears.”

“What do you mean?”

Kiba asks, and Sensei continues.

“You guys should know that the Hero-faction has been researching about the Balance-Breaker. Since you guys did experience it with your own bodies.”

Yup. We certainly experienced that back in Kyoto. Those guys sure did know a lot about how to use Sacred Gears. More than that, it seems like they also knew a lot about our Sacred Gears and their characteristics. It’s the total opposite of Sensei’s knowledge towards Sacred Gears. --It seems like they were putting their hands on the forbidden types of research they shouldn’t touch and even try to do.

“It’s said that they started to teach the ways to reach Balance-Breaker to the Sacred Gear possessors who are mixed up within the common people that aren’t part of the Hero-faction and to the reincarnated devils who are also Sacred Gear possessors.”

Teaching the way to reach Balance-Breaker to common people who are Sacred Gear possessors…….and to the reincarnated-devils who are also Sacred Gear possessors?

I…Isn’t that a bad thing….? To begin with, Balance-Breaker is something which gives you huge powers.

Sensei nods after seeing my expression.

“So what will it result in? –If someone who has been having an unfortunate life has their life changed all of a sudden, and if they attained a power which is said to break the balance of the world, then their views towards the world will change. Like you all know, not everyone who possesses Sacred Gear has been having a good life. It isn’t rare for those who have been persecuted and discriminated due to having power different from other people. There are cases where the possessors were reincarnated into a devil with an unfair deal and were turned into a servant.”

Buchou continues from where Sensei stopped.

“…….Not all devils are fair after all…… And there are those among High-class devils who are cruel as well. There are those who have developed different ways of thinking due to the human world, but naturally the devils are those who have logical ways of thinking.”

Sacred Gear possessors who have been reincarnated in a forceful way….. And those guys attaining Balance-Breaker…….

Sensei continues.

“Yeah, there are Sacred Gear possessors who are currently living while having tasted such unfairness. So what will happen if guys like that learn how to use their powers and attain an overwhelming power, the Balance-Breaker?”

While everyone became silent, Sensei says it while having his expression darker.

“-They will use it. Their power that is. If it’s humans they might use it on their revenge against others, and if it’s a reincarnated devil who possesses Sacred Gears, they would think of paying back their master who has treated them cruelly.”

………This is bad.

So it means that a revolt might be occurring in the human world and the Underworld! On top of that, in the Balance-Breaker state! After all, there are many Sacred Gear possessors who are dissatisfied with their current situation.

“……That would be scary.”

When I told him what I really think, Sensei nods his head.

“Yeah, it would be a scary thing in many ways. The limits of what humans can achieve, a challenge to the superior beings, for those Hero-faction guys who have been researching about Balance Breaker, so you can say that the things which will happen from now will be one of their results they have gained. It’s a matter of time for the Sacred Gear possessors who are somewhere in the human world and the Underworld who hold a dissatisfaction to start a revolt.”

--So the actions that the Hero-faction have already done have reached the core of something serious huh.

Sensei then says it with a scary face.

“So we have been totally fooled. We still don’t know how it will end for those who are terrorists, but it’s certain that we received a heavy blow from them. It will definitely affect things from now on. It’s regrettable, but they sure have succeeded. Once again, I realised the scariness of humans.”

……In the near future, there might be incidents occurring amongst the High-class devils. In my case……thanks to my master Buchou who is kind, the Sacred Gear possessors among us which are me, Asia, Kiba, and Gasper don’t even feel dissatisfaction but rather we are living our lives happily every day.

I understand that not all of us are like that. The shadow-user possessor who came against me back at Kyoto. He sounded like his life changed after being taught how to use his power and the way to use it. If someone who has been having a painful life attains a power which can change their lives then…….they will use it, huh.

And it means people like that will appear a lot from now……

Hey, the God from the Bible who is said to be dead. Why did you make the Sacred Gear system and what was on your mind? Was it to save the humans? Was it to save those in need? Was it to give birth to heroes or yuusha?

If you created them because it’s convenient and to make their lives better, it isn’t working that much.

It became a very delicate thing so that it can create revolts and war in various locations. Because of it, there are those which can even kill God-level beings. One of those even resides in me.

…………If I walked a different path, would I also have been siding with those who cause destruction? I don’t want to think about it……..

The atmosphere inside the club room became serious. Sensei realised it, so he made a cough.

“-Oh, my bad. That’s right, today, I came here as the adviser for the match against Sairaorg.”

That’s right! The meeting! The match against Bael is coming up! We have to get some advice from Sensei before the battle, and I have to investigate them with everyone!

To change the atmosphere of the clubroom, I raised my hand and asked Sensei.

“Does Sairaorg-san also have someone like Sensei who acts as his adviser?”

Yeah, like always the adviser of the Gremory group is Azazel-sensei. To have the leader of one of the factions as our adviser, we are quite blessed among the youth.

Well, it seems like Sensei gives advice to the Sitri group quite often as well, and if the people he gives advice to aren’t dangerous people, then it seems like he will teach them many things.

“Yeah, they also have one too. It seems like the Emperor-sama is with them.”

“---! ……..Diehauser Belial.”

The one who responded the most to Sensei’s words is Buchou.

In the future, for Buchou who wants to attain titles on each game, he is her aim. That is the current champion, Emperor Belial.

…….Will he also become a big obstacle when I become independent and participate in the game?

“Well, if Rias and Ise are going to participate in the game as High-class devils, then you can see him as your big aim after you officially participate in the game. The members of the group also won’t be able to avoid him if their master decides to participate in the game.”

Sensei says that.

“Now then, have you guys memorised the data about Sairaorg’s group?”

Everyone including me nod our heads at Sensei’s question.

Yeah, no problem. We researched a lot about Sairaorg-san’s group. Well, the only thing we know right now are their abilities. Even so, not knowing and knowing them can change our enthusiasm towards the match. So we repeatedly watched the video of their match against Glasya-Labolas!

Sensei activates the holographic vision in the air. Each of the Bael-group’s members appears with their parameters. Sensei says it while looking at them.

“It seems like there were those who didn’t show their full power in the match against Glasya-Labolas. Well, during that match, the brat from the Glasya-Labolas challenged Sairaorg in one-on-one after all. So Sairaorg basically finished the game. Also-”

Sensei says it while crossing his arms.

“Sairaorg and his group are rare devils who actually train, just like you guys. They definitely have levelled-up during the time after their match against Glasya-Labolas.”

Yeah, Bael-group are also devils who do a rare thing called working hard. Just like us, they train every day and are increasing their strength. ……So they must be more powerful than the time this video was recorded.

“It’s said that they also fought even against the Khaos Brigade. So they have experience in dangerous real battles. Looks like the opinions of Yondai-Maou, Sirzechs and the other Maou of “I do not want the young ones to be taken out into war as much as possible” has gone in vain. Well, there are young devils like you guys who encounter reckless battles after all.”

Sensei says that while making a bitter smile.

……That’s totally true. I just want to live peacefully, but I ended up encountering a God and a guy with the ultimate Longinus you know? I never thought I would encounter a transcendental kind of battle in Kyoto! Even if it’s my destiny, this is too disastrous!

Then Rossweisse-san who has a serious face speaks.

“…….This [Pawn] from the opponent’s side didn’t appear in the video correct?”

All of us look at the same direction. A person wearing a cyber looking mask is shown. His name also just written as [Pawn].

…….Pawn. Sairaorg-san’s group consists of 1 [Queen], 2 [Rook], 2 [Knight], 2 [Bishop] and their group formation looks similar to us. And this [Pawn]….

I don’t see other [Pawn]’s in Bael-group. Just this masked person.

“At the press conference, the reporter also questioned Sairaorg Bael possibly about this person as well.”

Kiba says. I was nervous so I don’t remember, but was Sairaorg-san asked such a question at the press conference?

If this masked person was there with us, he would have had a strong impact and I would have remembered him. Then this ‘Mask-san’ wasn’t present at the press conference then.

“…….Apparently that [Pawn] is a guy who Sairaorg barely uses. So there is barely any information about him. Since he is wearing a mask, we don’t even know who he is. He was revealed for the first time for this match. Then that means Sairaorg would be using him for the other games from now. Since it seems like Sairaorg tries not to have this guy have contact with others as much as possible. The only rumour’s I heard about him is that he used 6 or 7 [Pawn] pieces. That’s why the only [Pawn] Sairaorg has is him.”

[6!? 7!?]

All of us shouted at the same time because of the shocking revelation! 7! I used up 8! If this guy indeed did use up 7, then that means he’s quite a skillful opponent or has high potential powers!

Sensei continues.

“Since we don’t have all the data about him, you should approach the match by being very cautious of this [Pawn]. To begin with, any type of guys are around to fight for this match after all. …….Sairaorg’s secret weapon, it’s like his ‘tiger-cub’ huh.”

Tiger-cub…… Oh yeah, Sairaorg-san’s mother came from the household which governs the Lion. ……..It’s scary to think what kind of opponent he would be. Well, would it turn into a sudden fight without knowing anything about him? No, I can’t think like that! I also need to use my brain even more!

After that, Buchou stood in front of us and talked about the strategy for the game and counter-measures against the opponents, and all of us memorised them.

Irina, who was with us, was listening to it with great interest. Ravel, on other hand was working hard taking notes of it. Ravel sure likes to learn.

Having finished our discussion, I raised my hand and asked Sensei about what has been in my mind.

“Sensei, if we participate in the official Rating Game, what is the chance of us colliding with the Champion in the future……..? It will be okay from Sensei’s perspective.”

“You guys along with Sairaorg are youths with abnormal strength. I’m saying this because this group is a gathering of many powerful members even though you guys haven’t participated in the official game yet. And also experience in real battles.-You guys especially have an experience fighting World-level foes. On top of that, everyone survived. Things like that don't happen often, and you guys are seen as a big-shot newcomers team. You guys should be able to aim quite high when you participate in the official game. It’s just a matter of time for you guys to get into the Top-10.”

We received very high praises from the Governor of the fallen-angels!

We felt very shy and Sensei continues.

“But, because of that you have a lot of attention from the Underworld. In the next game, the whole Underworld will be watching you. You guys are already famous for stopping the Evil-God Loki and the terrorists. On top of that, you guys managed to heat up the press conference that much, and the residents of the Underworld have witnessed the new breeze of the future of the devils.”

………Future of the devils. Sounds so grand.

“Of course, the current Top-rankers of the game would be paying attention to you guys and Sairaorg, and will be starting to research about you guys who will become a new enemy to them. That’s a good inclination. The top-rankers of the game who have barely moved, I get excited by thinking that you guys and Sairaorg would be amongst them in the future which is not that far.”

Sensei then says it after smiling lively.

“-Change it, the Rating Game that is. The Top-10 rankers and the Emperor, you young ones are going to beat them up and create a new flow of the Rating Game.”

-We are going to change it?

The Rating Game……, by defeating the Champion……. And we will become the Champions……?

…………I want to become it.

Champion! The conqueror of the Game! I also want to become a Harem-King, but being the Champion of the Rating Game might not be bad! And most of all……I want to make Buchou the Champion.

That’s because that is the dream Buchou seeks….

I have so many dreams and ambitions. Maybe I am a devil who has so much greed.

But---. I want to fulfill all those dreams. No, I am going to fulfill it!

Part 5

After school, after the meeting ended.

Sensei and Rossweisse-san left because they still have things to do as teachers.

We prepare for the school festival with the remaining members. Looks like me and Kiba have to do power related tasks.

……I then glanced at Buchou. She’s looking at the documents used in the meeting and is reading them.

……She still hasn’t returned to her good mood. Hmm, what should I do? If I don’t reconcile with her before the game, I’m scared that it might cause difficulties. Apologising…..it seems like she won’t forgive me unless I acknowledge the cause and apologise to her…… And I don’t know the cause of it! Hmm……

It happened when I was having my head all puzzled over it.

A light runs through the top of the table. The light drew a circle, and turns into a shape of a magic-circle….

……It’s a familiar symbol.


Koneko-chan mutters. That’s right! It’s exactly like Koneko-chan said! This is the magic-circle of Phoenix!

It’s a small magic-circle which has the size to appear on top of the table, so is it a communication-type? But who? ………Don’t tell me it’s Raiser? What does he want?

I was in suspicion, but from the magic-circle a holographic image was projected and the face of a young woman appears.

She has a high-class atmosphere and looks. She has her hair up and adorned with expensive looking accessories.


Ravel made a shocking voice.

Okaa-sama? Ravel’s mother? So that means she is the wife of the current head of the house of Phoenix which also makes her the mother of Raiser. She’s pretty. She looks like she is in her twenties. Since she is a devil, I don’t know her real age…… But she certainly looks like Ravel!

[How do you do, Ravel. Sorry for the sudden call. I couldn’t get any time, so I ended up calling at this hour. In the human’s world Japan, it’s still school time right?]

“Y-Yes, it certainly is, but why did you call all of a sudden?”

When Ravel asks, Lady Phoenix says….

[…….Are Rias-san and Sekiryuutei-san here?]

The one who was called by her is Buchou…..and me? Why me?

Buchou stands in front of the projection.

“How do you do, Obaa-sama. It’s been awhile.”

[Ara, Rias-san. How do you do. It certainly has been awhile. And…..]

The Lady looks around. Is she looking for me? I positioned myself where she can see me immediately.

“Ah, hello. I’m Hyoudou Issei.”

[Hello to you too. This is our first time meeting like this, isn’t it Hyoudou Issei-san of the Sekiryuutei. I apologise for introducing myself like this.]

“N-No. S-So do you have some business with me…..?”

I ask while acting politely.

[Yes, I thought I should greet you properly……. Normally, I should go and greet myself to Rias-san who is in charge of the Hyoudou residence and the academy which my daughter will be home-staying at, but there were reasons why we couldn’t visit……]

“……You know, since the demands of the Phoenix’s tear are increasing, so maybe they don’t have time because of it……”

Kiba whispers to my ears.

Ah, I see…… House of Phoenix are the main suppliers for the Phoenix’s tears after all.

I heard that there are emergency demands on the Phoenix’s tears, and that they can’t keep up with the supplies, so the Lady must be with it as well. That must be hard. It’s much appreciated, seriously!

Buchou replies while smiling.

“Not at all, Oba-sama. Your words would be enough. Please leave Ravel to us.”

[…….I’m truly sorry, Rias-san. For having you take care of Raiser after the game, and also having you look after Ravel…….]

It seems like she isn’t saying it with bad intentions. I thought they would hold a grudge against us because the engagement was cancelled, but it seems like they don’t even have a bit of it. There are so many big-hearted people in the house of Phoenix.

But for Buchou, it must be complicated. After all, she couldn't decline the transfer of Ravel and the responsibility for her.

Then the Lady looks at me.

[Also, Hyoudou Issei-san. Please especially look after my daughter.]

…..M-Me too? And she emphasized the word ‘especially’.

Of course, I will look after her.

“Y-Yes, of course. But Buchou is also here, and there are people who can look after her better than me in our club…….”

[Yes. Of course, by entrusting my daughter Ravel to Rias-san and everyone else, she will have no trouble at the school in the Underworld. But, what I would like to ask of you is different from that. Will you please protect her so no weird pests would come near her? By having the Sekiryuutei who has gained many achievements next to her, both my husband and I can feel assured.]

“Weird pests……?”

So she’s telling me to look after her so no guys would come near her in the human world? I’m also a guy you know….. W-Well, I won’t do anything like laying my hands on Ravel. She’s my important junior. She’s cute, but I won’t lay my hands on her!

“I understand. I don’t know how much I can do, but I will protect your daughter!”

When I said that, the Lady made a bright expression.

And besides me, ---Ravel has her face very red. ……..Hey hey, what happened Ravel……?


For a moment, the face of Buchou who appeared within my sight……looked sad……but was that just my eyes?

[I thank you very much. …….Ravel.]

“Yes, Okaa-sama.”

[You know what you must do? You have to support Rias-san, and you have to listen to your seniors, and on top of that you have to deepen your relation with Hyoudou Issei-san. As the daughter from the house of Phoenix, work very hard so you don’t tarnish the name of our house, okay?]

“Of course!”

Looks like the mother and daughter are talking about something. I don’t know why, but Ravel has her face red, and it looks like she is filled with spirits……

[And lastly, Hyoudou Issei-san.]

The Lady talks to me again.


[I hear that your dream is to become a High-class devil.]

“Yes, it is…….And?”

[My daughter is currently my [Bishop]. I traded with Raiser.]

“Y-Yes, I have heard.”

[Please remember it very well. My daughter is free. She is my [Bishop]. She doesn’t belong to Raiser. Very well?]

“Y-Yes! U-Understood!”

That’s something I already know, but well, I just nod my head just in case.

Hearing that, the Lady nods her head. She looks satisfied….. Why?

[My business here is done. Rias-san, Hyoudou Issei-san, and everyone, please forgive my sudden introduction. And it’s time now. Ravel, behave in a manner where you won’t make any shame as a lady.]

“Yes, Okaa-sama.”

[Now then, everyone. Good bye.]


The light brightens, ---it then turns into a shallow light and disappears.

…….The greetings of Lady Phoenix which came here like a storm. It must be due to worrying about her daughter and the greetings to us. Though there were things I’m not sure of…….

I was in doubts and made a sigh, and Buchou who was about to leave the room unsteadily on her feet appears within my sight.

“…….Bu….Buchou, where are you going?”

When I asked, Buchou stops, and she mutters without turning around.

“…….Ise, will you protect me?”

……..Why do you ask such a thing suddenly…..? I don’t know, but my answer is obvious!

High school dxd v10 119.jpg

“Of course, I will protect Buchou!”

“………And Asia?”

“Eh? Yes, I will also protect Asia!”

“And Akeno?”

“Akeno-san? That is obvious. But…….. What happened, suddenly asking me such a thing?”

I don’t get it. I don’t get what Buchou’s intention are at all.

But, Buchou asks with a lower tone.

“…………Hey, Ise.”


“…………To you, ‘what’ am I? ‘Who’ am I?”


I don’t get the meaning of this question…….. But, to me…..

“…….Ummm, to me Buchou is Buchou and---”

The moment I said that.

“---!! Baka!”[14]

She scolds me mixed with a sound of her crying. Buchou rushes away from the spot, and she left the clubroom.


Asia goes after Buchou.

Asia turns to me after she reaches the door. Her eyes……are soaked with tears. Why is Asia crying……?

“Ise-san! You are horrible! It’s too much! Why can’t you…..! Why can’t you understand Onee-sama’s feelings!?”

Saying that, Asia goes after Buchou.


Having Asia also say that to me, I just stood there dumbfounded.

…….Wa, wait a sec! What’s the meaning of this!? Why is Asia also mad at me!?

“That wasn’t right, Ise-kun.”

Kiba makes a sigh.

“…….N-not right as in what?”

“That, precisely. Geez, you are so….. I can understand very well what the girls are going through.”

“Exactly. It’s natural for Rias and Asia-chan to get mad.”

Akeno-san also sounded mad. Even Akeno-san…….?

“Even I, who is dense at these sorts of things thought you were a bit off, Ise.”

Even Xenovia looks at me with her eyes half-closed!

“Mou! Ise-kun, sure is a no-no! Poor Rias-san!”

Even Irina was mad.

“…….You are the worst.”

Ooooooo! I just received the coldest “You are the worst” quote from Koneko-chan!

I don’t know what I did wrong! I just don’t know! To begin with, maybe I should go after her?

I tried to leave, but I was stopped by Akeno-san.

“The current Ise-kun will just hurt her more even if you go after her, so don’t.”


Is it that serious? B-But…….. It’s my fault right? My fault……

I really don’t know.

No, I actually have a ‘maybe’ kind of guess, but inside me that possibility is very unlikely…..

It’s basically impossible, that’s why I don’t understand…….. Shit! I started to get confused even more thinking about it!

“……Hey, Gasper. Am I really bad here?”

I asked my junior. Gya-suke says it in apologetic manner while twitching his body.

“………Umm……. Yes, I think you are very bad……..”

Even Gasper says that to me!

I felt down. –Then Ravel asks while panicking.

“U-Umm……..this is my mother and my fault, right……? I’m sorry…….”

Is it……Ravel’s fault? It seemed like Buchou tried to leave after the communication between the Phoenix mother and child……

Akeno-san places her hand on Ravel’s shoulders.

“Ravel-chan doesn’t have to worry about it. Ise-kun’s the most at fault here because he never tried to think about the crucial thing between Rias and himself until now.”

Akeno-san cheers her up like that, and she started to prepare for tea after urging Ravel to sit on the sofa.

It looks like I’m the biggest villain here.

…..Uuu, what am I supposed to do?

Part 6

“Man, why is everyone acting like that…… What do they want me to do…….”

I mutter to myself in an empty room within the old-school building.

After that, we continued to prepare for the school festival under Akeno-san’s instruction.

The atmosphere of that situation was settled down after Akeno-san took responsibility to find Buchou and Asia.

I was continuing to do work by myself within the empty room. Kiba and Gasper went out to buy things.

This room is the place where we will be doing a fake purification for the school festival. If we do an actual purification it would be dangerous for us since we are devils, so we are doing a ritual which is kind of similar to it, but with an original creative idea which is like a devil-style purification which contradicts to our kind.

What I’m doing is a decoration to make it look Japanese-style. I put down a tatami[15], and have to put furniture to make it look like a Japanese shrine.

Well, on the day of the school festival, the plan is that Akeno-san will be in charge here, where Koneko-chan will use her senjutsu to make the flow of the ki inside our customers better and increase their luck.

Phew….. But it sure makes you think when you are just by yourself. I was remembering about what happened just before.

…….It’s my fault huh. I didn’t think about the important thing between me and Buchou…..? That’s what Akeno-san said……

……Lately, not just Buchou, but Buchou’s mother, and everyone else around me is seeking something from me. And that has to do with my attitude towards Buchou.

……..The things that I was thinking about before the meeting come back to me.

In my head, I’m thinking about two major things.

One is that I didn’t understand Buchou’s feelings and that I hurt her feelings without realising it.

The other one is…..

……That ‘thing’ is truly like a fantasy to me, and even if I want to think that it is true, it’s a development which I can’t step my foot in…….

But if that truly is the case, then it perfectly explains everything till now, ---the way how Buchou confronts me after moving into my house.

I was always in doubt about it.

There are three guys in the Gremory-group. Me, Kiba and Gasper. Even if Buchou is a devil who is thoughtful towards her servants and has strong love towards us, it’s weird that there are differences in how she treats the other guys in our group.

--She kisses me.

Yeah, she comes and kisses me. Not to my cheek or forehead. Mouth to mouth. We have also tongue kissed. Not just once but several times.

Even I feel happy about it. A kiss with the woman I love, you know? Of course I would be happy! I even think that I’m in heaven! She even asks me for an ecchi situation! We even went so far as almost doing it!

…….First I thought that Buchou did it because she has deep love towards her servants and she did it to me because I’m younger than her, and I also thought that it was her way of connecting with the guys in our group and was a special service to us.

But if that was the case, then it wouldn’t be weird if she does them with Kiba and Gasper. But Kiba and Gasper said she doesn’t do anything like that to them. They said she just does them to me.

Of course, Buchou adores Kiba and Gasper and thinks of them preciously.

But there is an obvious difference between me and them….

Originally, Buchou was fixated on the thing called love. She had so much pure and innocent obsession to it, and she had feelings which were very maiden-like where she behaved like girls her age. That’s why she broke off her engagement with Raiser.

That’s right. After she became free, Buchou started to have more physical contact with me. She also started to live in my house around then.

Will Buchou who has pure thoughts regarding the relations between man and woman do such a seductive motion on me just because of me being her adorable servant? No, she won’t……I think. Even from an objective view point, you can tell Buchou has a strong sense towards her chastity.

If I include those facts and also think of Buchou’s attitude towards me……

…….Does…….Buchou like me……..?

That will be the answer I get.

If that is the case, then her attitude towards me matches up…….

N-No! There is no way! She’s my master! I’m her servant! Her servant devil! I’m Rias Gremory’s [Pawn]!

B-But. But! I-If Buchou does indeed like me, then….?

I like Buchou. Also as a master, but more than that as a single girl! During these six months, I have seen many sides of Buchou.

Her magnificent side, her noble side, her glamorous side, her gentle side, her angry side, the part where she has big oppai, her cute side, the part where she has a smooth skin, her spoiled side, and the part where she is like my Onee-sama yet she acts as the same age as me, and then I started see her as a normal girl and……

To me, she is the ideal woman. I want to go out with her. I want to go past the master-servant relationship, and date her as a man and woman! If I can wish for it, I want to be with her even in the future!

…….But is it true that she likes me? If that’s true then I would be in joy where my body would shake with happiness. Instead, I am the one who wants to confess this feeling I have which is increasing day by day.

I’m in love with her! I love her! I always loved her! I just love Buchou and---.

I want to confess to her--.

But, what would I do if I’m wrong? The relation we currently have will end…… I don’t want that!

When I think like that, the one which passes my mind is…..her.


I started to have weird sweat coming from my face. My hands are shaking as well. At the same time, the hot feeling I had until just now started to cool down.

……..No, like I thought, my relation with Buchou is just a fantasy. If I ask for even more….the relation we have right now will definitely end.

I would realise it. The wall of master and servant which you cannot overcome….

Hahahaha, told you. Yeah. It will definitely turn out like that. To begin with, I won’t be able to match up with a Princess from a family of High-class devils since I’m a former-human who was raised in a normal family.

“Then what is that attitude of Buchou…… Damn it, the heart of a maiden sure is complicated……”

When I was muttering to myself.

I heard the sound of the door opening, and when I looked around Akeno-san in her miko wear was standing there……

“Ufufu, maybe it does seem like that from a man’s perspective.”

She approaches me with her usual smiley face. Ah, Koneko-chan is behind her as well!

“A…Akeno-san! –And Koneko-chan! You were listening to me…..?”

“……All of it.”

Koneko-chan approves by putting her thumb up! They heard all of it!

Realising they heard me, I sat down on the tatami, with my shoulders down.

“……I really haven’t thought about Buchou’s feelings that much huh.”

Akeno-san sat next to me, and speaks.

“Yes, that is true. You also haven’t taken concerns about me, Asia-chan, Xenovia-chan, and Koneko-chan who is right here as well.”

Koneko-chan also sat near me.


I started to think for a while.

Seriously? I really didn’t take any concerns for the girls……? I’m always lecherous and always imagining about women’s naked bodies, and I always dreamed about perverted things. But the truth is, I really didn’t think about the girls……?

………That may be true. I really didn’t try to understand the heart of a maiden.

If I think like that, not just Buchou, but I also haven’t thought about the other girls in the group……

“Though, we possibly didn’t try to understand Ise-san as well.”

-Asia’s voice.

When I looked up, Asia who apparently came in without me realising it was standing there. Asia approached me and sat down next to me.

“…….About me?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why we thought about it. Rias is important, but more than that we have to heal Ise-kun first…..”

Healing me…….?

Akeno-san says that…….while stripping my clothes off!?

Ho..Hold on a sec, Akeno-san! What are you trying to do by making me naked!?

“Ufufu, I will suck your dragon power right here.”

Here!? Also Akeno-san takes her clothes off! Her enormous breasts bounce! Akeno-san then hugs me from behind! The soft and tender ‘object’ can be felt directly from my bacccck!

It feels like the blood in my whole body is going to boil because I can feel the things in the middle of her breasts touching my back!

“……..I will also do the healing with the senjutsu along with it. Please lift me.”

Koneko-chan hugs me from the front! She turns into cat-ears mode inside my arms and she started releasing her senjutsu!

Aaaah, it feels like I am receiving a warm ‘ki’ from Koneko-chan’s small breasts…. And also the two soft oppai I can feel from my back is making me more…..!



I slipped a sound from my mouth! I can’t help it! That’s because Akeno-san is sucking on my neck! And that’s by moving her tongue giving me sensual pleasure! That’s by sucking and licking! You are willing to suck my dragon’s power like that!? Thank you very much!

To the front is a Nekomata! To the rear is the Onee-sama! Amazing things are happening in a sandwich situatioooooon!

“…..I…I’m also joining!”

Asia who started to take her clothes off takes my hand, and places it on her breast! My brain is about to burst with Asia’s oppai which seems like it’s still growing! At the same time a shallow-green aura is emitted and it comes to me.

…….This is the power of healing. It’s an amazing situation. I have my dragon powers sucked by Akeno-san, I receive the ‘ki’ from Koneko-chan’s senjutsu which makes the blood within my body better, and my body gets warm with Asia’s healing aura~!

I became in a state where I can’t take it anymore, but Akeno-san mutters sadly to me.

“………..When Ise-kun looks at us, sometimes you look at us with frightened eyes. I didn’t understand why at the beginning, but I finally understood why.”


……Frightened eyes…… I see, so I have been making such eyes without me noticing it…..

Koneko-chan then looks up to me with teary eyes.

“……Probably, only those who know about that incident can notice it.”

……..That incident……

Yeah, I realised it right away. …….So Akeno-san and Koneko-chan also……noticed it……?

The ones who know in detail about that incident are the group members that were already within this group when I joined.

“Inside Ise-san’s heart……deep inside your heart………, does Raynare-sama still haunt you?”


When Asia asks me very timidly, a beautiful girl with black wings comes back to my mind. At the same time, her words come back to me……..

[Will you die for me?]

My first girlfriend, Yuuma-chan. No, the fallen-angel Raynare.

In that instant, I started to get nasty sweat coming out from my face.

I got a flashback of Raynare’s vision and words.

----I don’t want a filthy low-class Devil like you talking to me.

……..At times, I wonder if it’s okay for me to talk to everyone here who is a bishoujo.

---- Ahahaha! Yeah, you are right! It was a very royal date! Thanks to it, I was very bored!

…….When I go shopping with Buchou and the others, I start to wonder if they are actually bored by being with me.

---- I don’t want a rotten brat like you calling my name!

…….I also want to call Buchou by her name……

---- Ise-kun! Please save me! This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so much! That’s why, let’s defeat this Devil together!

…….My first girlfriend begged for her life to me……..and the woman I love, killed that woman.

Back then, it was proper for Raynare to be killed. She did such horrible things to Asia, and she even killed her once. That’s why, I think it was a proper measure for Buchou to finish her off.

-But, why is it?

These tears…….which are dropping from my cheeks…. I then muttered while wiping my tears away.

“……She was my first girlfriend……”

When I was confessed to by her, I was really happy.

“…….When I dated her, I really did my best. I did so much planning for my first date. I even thought deeply about my future with her. I even imagined about Christmas and Valentines Day like an idiot, and I was fantasizing all by myself.”

I…..blurted out everything I kept hidden inside me.

Even if I tried to make it as a story in which you can laugh at, I really couldn’t laugh about it deep within my heart.

“But, she was actually my enemy…..! And she killed me…..! She looked at me with cold-eyes after I became a devil…..! And I found out she was acting the whole time….., and even I was fine with that, she was really evil! She killed Asia, and I fought her! I snapped! I hit a girl for the first time, and that happens to be my first girlfriend…..! After that, she begged for her life to me, but she was killed by Buchou…..”

Raynare perishing. The black feathers which belonged to my first girlfriend spreads within the Church. That scene is burned into my memories, and my brain freezes every time I remember about it.

“…….Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan….I’m scared. I’m actually scared of getting along with girls….. Because it makes me think that the same thing will happen again…..! The girls in our group are being kind to me, but if I tried to take another step and try to get along with everyone, it makes me think everyone will reject me and laugh at me…..! I know that everyone isn’t bad inside my head! All of you are good people! But, I still can’t! The more I tried to understand everyone, the more it makes me stop!”

I…hid my face with my hands. I can’t show such a pathetic face to everyone.

I can’t show this face of mine who is still dragging the past on my back…..

Even so, I told them my true feelings.

“……I don’t want to taste…..the same thing again…..”

I really am a pathetic guy…….

In front of the girls I get along with, despite claiming that I will become a Harem-King, I told them the truth that “I don’t have the courage to get along with girls”……..

…….It’s a situation where it can’t be helped if they start to hate me or lose interest in me……

Asia….gripped gently onto my hand.

She says it with a smile.

“I---like Ise-san very much.”


I got shocked at Asia’s words. Asia continues.

“I want to stay with you forever. There is no way I will talk ill about you. I respect you. I admire you. You are the man I can depend on the most. I think deeply from my heart that I want to stay with you even in the future.”

Asia’s smile and words reach deep into my heart….

“There is no way Rias-oneesama will hate Ise-san. I know that Ise-san likes Rias-oneesama. Ise-san is someone who can fight much harder than anyone for Rias-oneesama, and not only me, but everyone knows that. Of course, Onee-sama should understand this too.”

Asia……has been paying attention to me very closely. I thought I was the one protecting Asia, instead she was the one protecting me……

---She made sure I can feel safe.

“That’s why, please have courage. It will definitely be okay if it’s Ise-san. If it’s Ise-san who has been able to work hard until now, then you will be able to break through the wall inside your heart.”

…….Having Asia say that, I started to cry. Shit! This is just sweat from my heart! I just started sweating because I received comforting words from her!


Akeno-san gently hugs me from behind.

“I also like Ise-kun very much as well.”

She says that while putting her face on my shoulder.

Koneko-chan also says it while putting both her hands on my face.

“……Me too. I like you very much. I think it is okay for you to forget about that fallen-angel.”

“She’s right, if it’s the same fallen-angel then I will be able to make Ise-kun happy. That’s why please have more confidence. If you don’t take another step with Rias, then I can’t…..”

Akeno-san stops there. But Asia also says it.

“I also….”

Asia also realised something, and then shakes her head.

“Yes, that’s right. Everyone wants to get along with Ise-san even more.”

………………. All of you are too kind.

It’s melting away…….

Asia, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan’s words are melting something tangled inside me slowly.

Why is it? My heart feels warm…. The words I just received from these three filled the hole inside me.

“Asia……. Akeno-san…… Koneko-chan….. I……. I……..!”

It feels like I can get rid of Raynare’s curse if it’s now.

The thing which has been grasping me feels like I can get rid of it now.

“Onee-sama, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia-san, Irina-san, Rossweisse-san, Kiba-san, Gasper-kun, and I all love Ise-san. Can you not believe what I, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan are saying……?”


Thank you, Asia. You really were watching over me. I really am a lucky guy. A kind girl like her promised me that she will stay with me forever.

That alone would be enough for me to get rid of Raynare! Why couldn’t I realise that till now…..

I wiped my tears away, and became emotionally stable.

“Yeah. Thank you. If everyone says that, then that must be true. Asia, I will promise you once again. –We will always be together. Let’s stay together even ten-thousand years later as well, Asia. I also like Asia as well.”

“--! Y-Yes! We will always be together! I also like Ise-san very much!”

Asia says that while shedding so many tears.

“Ara, I’m also going to stay with Ise-kun forever.”

While pressing her breasts on my back, Akeno-san also shows her face to me!

“I also will stay with Senpai forever.”

Koneko-chan says that while doing a light jab to my stomach. …….Are you perhaps a little bit angry, Koneko-sama….?

“Ah! Xenovia, come here!”

“What is it, Irina? Did you find Ise?”

Irina and Xenovia also show up to the door! Were they looking for me? When Xenovia sees this situation inside this room, she started to think for a moment and then pounded one of her hands on her palm as if she understood the situation.

“Oh, so this is a fight over Ise? This is surprising, these things happen suddenly so I can’t let my guard down. On top of that, today is the day where we push him down naked right? Leave it to me!”

Xenovia says that, and she comes towards me after taking her clothes off boldly!

“Irina, you also come. If you don’t, your childhood friend will be taken away. More like, I will take him away!”

“Awaawawaawawawa, I should join as well right!? I’m Michael-sama’s [Ace] and I’m going a stage one rank higher by giving birth to the child of the Tenryuu[16]! Rather, I’m also joining for the fight over Ise-kun!”

Irina who has been persuaded by Xenovia comes at me while having her wings changing colours from black and white and forth!

“Y-You guys! Like I say everytime, fix that part where you move without any hesitatioooooooon!”

Being surrounded by five beauties, and also having them battle each other in turns, I also didn’t know what to do now…….

“Ise-san is going to be with me!”

“Who cares, Asia. It’s just a bit.”

“Yes, lets do it fairly, Asia-san, Xenovia!”

“Ara-ara, cheating your way out has the most thrill you know? Right, Koneko-chan?”

“…….There is a first come first served as well, Akeno-san.”

I could just watch and laugh at the battles between the girls which they are doing at the corner of the room.

Like I thought, there are so many parts of girls you can’t understand.

But----I really thought I was saved.

I was saved by the words and feelings of the girls.

Raynare who has been living within my heart. Little by little, it’s coming off.

Even if it doesn’t disappear completely, compared to before and until now, I think it became much lighter now.

Thank you Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and also Xenovia, Irina.

I think I will be able to have courage now.

No matter how it ends, I will take a step for my own feelings.

It might not be the answer that Buchou is looking for.

Even so, I---. No, this is something I have been thinking for a long time.

After I defeat Sairaorg-san, I’m definitely going to confess this feeling I have.

I made a single decision inside my heart, and the fated battle was approaching……

Life.3 The Battle to Decide who is the Strongest Youth Begins!

Part 1

The day of the Game.

“Amazing, the island really is floating in the sky.”

I was looking at the floating island through the gondola lift which is connected towards the city in the sky. Besides me are Asia, Irina, Xenovia, Koneko-chan, and Gasper who are also looking out the window just as I am.

On the island floating in the sky, there is a city called –Agreas. It’s said that the power which is making the island float was created in the Old-Maou era, but it’s also said that only Ajuka Beelzebub-sama knows the details about it. Due to that, the servants of the current Beelzebub are maintaining the core of this place.

A floating island is indeed very rare. From the city, the water falls to the ground just like a waterfall. Not just one or two falls, but there are many of them falling to the ground. It really is like a fantasy.

Of course I will be fascinated by it. Just to be expected from the World that the devils live in, the Underworld. It really is like a fantasy! The city of the sky that is located in the Agares territory. It seems like they made a city on top of a floating island. Apparently, it’s also a place which controls the flow of the air around this area. On top of that it’s a tourist resort.

There are three ways to enter the city. One of the ways is to ‘jump’ to the place directly using a magic-circle. This way of entry is only permitted to the VIP’s and also when there is a special matter. It’s an important place and also a world treasure, so they don’t permit transport there using demonic-powers as much as possible.

Well, there might be devils with ill intent that want to come and do evil deeds.

The second way is to use transport such as airships. This is used more than the ‘jump’. The third way is the method we are using, and that is to use the gondola lift where the rope-line is connected from the ground to the city of the sky.

And we chose to use this third method. After hearing the words of Buchou who already knew how the view looks from the gondola lift, everyone said, “We want to ride on it!”.

So like that, we are heading towards the sky while enjoying the view from inside the gondola lift.

Man, the weather is good today! It’s a good day to have a match! So we will be having a battle in that city of the sky huh…… I need to make sure I don’t fall. It will be embarrassing if I was to retire outside the actual battle.

“To tell you the truth, there was a dispute between the higher-ups on which stadium to use for this game.”

-Azazel-sensei says that while looking at the sky. Everyone looks at Sensei.

“Dispute? For deciding……the stadium?”

Sensei nods at my question.

“The higher-ups from the current Maou faction wished for the Game to take place in either the Gremory territory or the Maou territory. But then, the Bael faction who takes importance of the lineage protested to have it in the Bael territory.”

--! S-Something like that happened…..? Sensei continues.

“The current-Maou aren’t part of heredity, so for High-class devils who take importance in lineage and household, the house of the Great-King Bael is an important factor which has more fame than the Maou. They are in the first ladder among the 72-pillars.”

“The devils who were siding with the Old-Maou also said that in the past and there was a dispute right? Why are they trying to do the same thing again……?”

When I asked, Sensei made a gesture using his hand and then sighed.

“That is that, this is this, something like that. Adults are complicated creatures both in the human world and Underworld. Appearance and influences. Well, it means that there are many things going on in the Underworld where the noble society has many powers.”

“…….So it became the Agares territory.”

Koneko-chan mutters. Sensei nods.

“Yeah, it’s said that the Arch-Duke Agares came between the Maou and the Great King. The middle manager, and the one acting for the Maou, the Arch-Duke Agares. Even if the era changes, they are the household which always has a hard time.”

I then remembered that next-heir sis who wore glasses. She’s the same age as us, so it seems like she will be the one who we will get involved with in the future….. It seems like we will get a scolding from her everytime something happens.

“……..So will our match become like a representative War between the Maou Lucifer and the Great-King Bael?”

Kiba says that while narrowing his eyes.

Sensei also answers while stroking his chin.

“Well, there are many of those who look at it in that way. The Oppai-Dragon & Switch-Princess VS the Strongest Youth Sairaorg is just a cover, which is just to make the attention of the common people go there. On the other side, the bunch from the political side will be looking at it while making comments.”

…….Politics. So you are telling me things like that are happening behind our game?

“So troublesome. We are going to do the game because of our own ambitions…..”

When I said that, Sensei laughed.

“It’s good that you guys stay like that. That will be enough. Even if you guys were to lose, there is no way that Sirzechs would suffer politically. Except, the guys from the house of Great-King would be having a good time. And also the guys behind Sairaorg will also receive a good time as well.”

“There are politicians behind Sairaorg-san?”

“That man who has risen up with only his body won’t be influenced by the opinions of the politicians. Except, he himself has made connections with them so they could become a support for him to aim higher.”

To fulfill your dreams or ambitions, you must get involved with politics huh. If I think about it, we also have connections with Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama.

From their sides, does it look like we have connections with politics? After all, they are Maou…..

But, there are things I still can’t accept.

“…….The High-class devils who are using Sairaorg-san who went through hardship and who was born without the traits of his house huh.”

I muttered it out loud. From the story, the ones who abandoned Sairaorg-san the main person is their side, the current head of the house of Bael. The people around Sairaorg-san must have been involved in it as well.

And they started to gather around him now, huh. –Around Sairaorg-san’s power.

Sensei sighed.

“It might be complicated, but it’s good that way. Just think that he finally has gathered attention after going through hardship. Whatever reason it is, being acknowledged by someone with fame is a result. What’s left will depend on the result…… You guys don’t worry about him and go at him with full strength. You won’t be able to defeat him if you don’t use everything you have in order to accomplish your aim.”

I know, Sensei. We don’t have the time for also worrying about Sairaorg-san. This is a match. We are going to win in order to link it to our dream.

“But, will the Great-King faction acknowledge Sairaorg Bael’s dream? He is wishing for the Underworld where devils can surpass their social status if they have powers so they can make their wish come true, correct?”

Kiba asks Sensei like that. Like he said, did the Bael-faction came into contact with Sairaorg-san while knowing his dream?

“…….Do you think the Great-King faction who is still obsessed with being the former first ladder of the 72 pillars and who takes importance of the household will allow that? They are saying they will cooperate with him on the outside, but on the inside they are despising him. What those guys want are pawns that can be used to retaliate against the Maou. To them, the pure believers that gather around Sairaorg will just be like a tool to them which can support their backs in the political issues. Sairaorg also realised this as well. Even so, he made connections if it will make him go even higher. He is a pure and patient man.”

Sensei answers. …….That’s a horrible story. Even so, Sairaorg-san accepted those terms for his dream. ……I won’t be able to understand how it must feel.

Ah, now I have a question. I say that out.

“It might be late, but will there be a possibility that this game will be targeted by the terrorists, -the Hero faction?”

“There is. It’s getting this much attention after all, and many bosses of the industry will be coming. If they have to target them, this will be the place. To them, sending off their prideful Balance-Breaker users into the place with many people, that will become a big contribution to their actions. We put on maximum security around the stadium. Though, it will end with nothing happening.”

Sensei answers naturally. So there is a chance! But it will end with nothing going to happen?

“How can you be so sure?”

Akeno-san asks. Sensei scratches his cheek.

“……I received a personal message from Vali.”


Including me, everyone gets shocked! Of course! I never thought that name will show up here!

“Vali? From him?”

I ask.

“Yeah, that bastard sent me a short message like this. “It’s an important match between Sairaorg from ‘that’ house of Bael and the Gremory-group. I’m also looking forward to it. I won’t let them intervene with Hyoudou Issei”. You sure are being loved by him, Ise.”

“P-Please stop that! It’s freaking me out!”

S-So that bastard said something like that! That bastard sure likes to look down from a high position! But the reason why it feels reassuring having Vali say that means that I acknowledge his strength. Shit! I don’t know why but I feel a bit frustrated!

Sensei continues while ignoring me who is being frustrated.

“Either way, since he said that, it might be certain that he has Cao Cao under his surveillance. They also won’t be willing to fight the Vali-team at the cost of crushing the stadium. If their opponents are the Vali-team which is filled with monsters, then they will receive a great number of casualties. So there is a high chance that they won’t do anything where they won’t get any profit.”

…..I see. So that’s also another way to look at it huh.

“……So that makes us being protected by Vali huh.”

Even though I don’t quite understand, I felt relieved since I can have the match safely.

Sensei then says it while looking out through the window.

“We can also think that maybe Cao Cao hasn’t been targeting here from the start as well. The other factions also have their guard up in their base because there is a chance that they might be attacked if their guard is down.”

So we are still far away from getting true-peace huh.

To begin with, it’s said that our battle against them would take a while.

…….Looks like there will be lots of obstacles for us in order to make our wish come true.

While I was thinking such things, the gondola lift arrives at the city of the sky.

The ones who were waiting for us when we got off the lift were the groups of fans and media. The moment we got off the gondola, we were surrounded by shouts of joy and flashes from cameras. We got into a limousine which was stationed in the front, led by groups of bodyguards and staffers.

“I have been waiting for you all.”

The one who was inside the limousine was Ravel. She came to the city of the Sky Agreas beforehand to do preparations for us. This girl sure knows how to do a lot.

…….It was a crazy crowd. I realised it once again, but we are this popular huh…….

When I looked back from the window inside the limousine, there were cars that look like they belong to the media following after us.

“………You guys need to get your own personal manager. Especially Rias and Ise, which is a must. For this match, whether you win or lose your fame will rise. It will calm down after a few days have passed, but for a while it will be like this every time when you come to the Underworld. Ah, yeah Ravel, how about you become Ise’s manager? You will learn a lot if you stay with this guy, though he’s a sukebe.”

Sensei says that with a lecherous face.


Akeno-san slapped his head with a harisen[17]!

“W-What was that for, Akeno!?”

Sensei argues back with teary eyes, but Akeno-san says it with a smiley face which has intensity in her smile.

“Ufufu, it is a delicate time right now, so please refrain from saying that. Right, Buchou?”

Akeno-san winks at Buchou.


Buchou put on an unpleasant face while making her cheeks go red. It seems like Ravel also noticed this atmosphere, so she didn’t show much of a response.

Buchou has got better quite a lot. There is still stiffness when we talk, but not so much that she will talk back at me.

It seems like from the incident a few days back, the girls lead by Akeno-san comforted Buchou.

Thanks to that, Buchou has gone back to her usual self. ……..It must be something related to me, but I wonder what Akeno-san and the others said to comfort her?

W-Well, I shouldn’t pursue the information about it too much. It’s just before that match, and if she has got better, then we can go forth with the game.

But a manager. So we need someone like that huh. I haven’t even thought about it. But Ravel being my manager…… The schedule for the group as a whole is being taken care of by Grayfia-san, but it seems like it will be a different story if it’s a schedule for me individually.

I can’t have someone from our group do it, and the only person who is a devil that I know is basically just Ravel.

While I was thinking like that, the limousine drives through the city heading towards the dome.

Part 2

There are many amusement facilities that exist in the city of the sky. Among them, there is a giant dome stadium that mainly does exhibitions for different types of matches and arts.

Agreas Dome. We moved to the high-class hotel which is located next to the dome stadium.

……It’s luxuriously and gorgeously made. After becoming a devil, I sure have come to places like this quite often. This happened all because I became a servant of the High-class devil Gremory.

A spacious lobby and shiny and clean flooring. There is a giant chandelier on the ceiling. Even so, I still feel that the Gremory household is more amazing. Well, that is a castle after all.

We are being guided to our personal room by the bellboy. The match will take place at night. There is still time left. So we will be here until the time of the match.

Then there was a group coming from the other side that were emitting a weird atmosphere and a cold aura which feels like it’s piercing through my skin.

They have their hoods worn down so much that we can’t see their faces, and they are wearing long robes where we can’t even see their feet.

And at the centre of the group, there is one wearing an outfit which looks like that of a priest…… Wait, what the heck is that……..?

I became speechless after seeing the one at the centre of the group.

-It’s a skeleton.

A skeleton is wearing an outfit that looks like the one worn by priests. On his head is a cap worn by priests as well. I think it’s a cap called Mitre. And he has a staff in his hand.

The skeleton-priest stops after seeing us.

The eye socket which has no eyes shines.

<<Oh well, oh well, if this isn’t the crimson-haired Gremory and the Governor of the fallen-angels.>>

That voice isn’t something which came from a person’s mouth. ……From where did it come from? Is it using something like a magic and sending its words to us?

Hearing the words of the skeleton-priest, Sensei smiled sarcastically.

“Oh if this isn’t the God that governs death, Hades-dono, who lives in the lower part of the Underworld, the realm of the dead which is also known as the depths of Hell. So you have come here bringing so many grim reapers with you. But I never thought you, who hates devils and fallen-angels more than anything to come all the way here.”

…….The God of the realm of the dead……..Hades!? So this skeleton is a God! That’s why it’s emitting this itching kind of aura…..

<<Fafafa….., you sure know how to talk, damn crow. Lately it’s been noisy up here, so I came to observe.>>

“Skeleton geezer, it seems like you are the only one from the Grecian-side who is still uncertain about the alliance between the factions.”

<<And what of it? Will you also get rid of this old man here, just like with Loki?>>

After that conversation, the group around the skeleton…..Hades, increases their killing intent.

…….Are they planning to fight us here? Give me a break; it’s just before an important match!

Azazel-sensei shook his head and sighed.

“I’m telling you to become more open-minded like the perverted geezer Odin. I only hear black rumours about you.”

<<Fafafa……, if the herds of crows and bats start to make noises, then even I will want to make sure I don’t hear those noises.>>

What intense hostility. Does crow refer to the fallen-angels? Then that makes the bat being devils right……..?

Then this skeleton changes his sights…….to me!? M-Me!? His eye socket glows.

<<Welsh Dragon. It sure brings back memories of when you and the Vanishing Dragon were rampaging at the depths of Hell together……>>

……..He knows you? Ddraig?

[There was a little something a long time ago.]

I see, so a little something happened huh. …….It’s not something where his grudge will be directed to me who is the current Sekiryuutei right…? If the opponent is a skeleton, it’s scary because it feels like I will be cursed for real.

<<Well, then. I will have myself enjoy today. You should hope you won’t die. I didn’t come here to take all your souls with me today after all.>>

Saying just that, the skeleton…..Hades, walks pasts us.

I wiped the sweat on my forehead and took a breath. When I looked, it seems like the other members were also nervous, and were loosening up now.

“……I did hear about Hades-sama from my senior back when I was a Valkyrie, but…… It sure doesn’t feel like you are still alive when it seems like he holds a grasp of your soul.”

Rossweisse-san mutters.

Yeah, it felt exactly like that! The feeling of our soul being looked through! I see, so this is what it means to govern death…..is it?

“…….S….Scary…… That Skeleton-san had intense pressure……”

When I said that, Sensei started to move around his neck as if he was stiff until now.

“Well, yeah. His power is among the Top-classes within the whole major faction after all.”

“…….Is he stronger than you, Sensei?”

“He’s stronger than me, that Skeleton-geezer that is….. All of you, don’t turn him into your enemy definitely. Not just Hades, but the grim reapers around him are also creepy.”

Seriously!? He is a serious issue if he is stronger than Sensei and Sirzechs-sama! And his escorts being grim-reapers! It’s too scary!

He definitely came up on the top list of “People I don’t want to encounter”.

“So he is an evil God then…….”

When I said that, Sensei shook his head.

“No, he just hates devils and fallen-angels…… Rather, he hates other kinds which are from the different mythologies. He is a God who confronts humans normally. He is a being who is necessary in the realm of the dead. But I hate him.”

Ara, he just clearly hates him. I also dislike him. That’s because the way he looks at us devils is hostile.

I took a breath after having a scary encounter, then lively laughter echoes throughout the corridor.

“Dehahahahahaha! I have come, Azazel!”

“I have also come, Azazel! Gahahahaha!”

Two well-built old men with moustaches came and surrounded Sensei.

Sensei also sighed with his eyes half closed.

“……So you came, Zeus-geezer and Poseidon-geezer…… You guys are really hard to be with like always. It would have been better if Hades was lively and easy to understand like these two.”

Zeus and Poseidon! The moustache geezer who’s wearing no top, Poseidon-sama, is someone I met due to a certain case before. But the moustache geezer who was wearing a crown and toga[18] is someone I see for the first time. I see, so he is the legendary Zeus-sama…….!

Such a famous God came running towards us! It sure is an amazing view!

It seems like these two know Azazel-sensei, and they started picking on him.

“Aren’t you going to find a wife, Azazel-bou[19]!? Being still single feels lonely doesn’t it!”

“I can introduce someone! There are many great women in the seaaaaaaa! Gahahahahaha!”

“Ah~, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary things….”

Sensei is being pushed back! It's my first time seeing it. Hee, so there were actually Gods that Sensei can’t act too high to! Even if they are the same Gods from Greece as Hades, unlike him they are friendly.

“I came, you guys.”

This time it was a voice I've heard before. When I turned around, there is a chibi-dragon floating in the air. I don’t know any chibi-dragons, but judging from his voice…..

“That voice, is that you old-man Tannin!? You sure have become small!”

“Hahaha, it will be hard to move around in my original size. I’m usually in this form at events like this.”

So he can become this small! He’s adorable! He’s like Asia’s familiar which is also a chibi-dragon.

Old-man says it while looking at all of us.

“The man you will be facing is said to be the strongest youth, but I don’t think all of you are inferior to him. So go at him with all your might!”

“Of course! Look forward to our victory!”

I replied to him with confidence. My tension sure does rise when I meet those I know at times like this! It seems like he’s cheering for us today, so it will be worth fighting today.

“Ah! Odin-sama!”

Rossweisse-san made a hysteric sound. In the direction Rossweisse-san is pointing at….Odin the geezer was there!

Odin the geezer shouted “This is bad!” when he saw Rossweisse-san and ran away from the scene!

Rossweisse-san made a howl seeing that!

“You are out of your luck meeting me here! Waaaaaaaait! This shitty geezeeeeeeeer! Who’s that new Valkyrie next to yoooooooooou!”

Rossweisse-san who turned into an armoured Valkyrie state went after the geezer Odin who ran away.

“…….Ise, Yuuto, Xenovia, please. Go and stop Rossweisse.”

Buchou says that while making a sigh.

It’s right before the match, but the hotel is getting livelier than I thought.

We get guided to our own personal waiting room.

Rather than a room, it’s more like a spacious floor, and there are table sets so you can take a break (Green tea, snacks), and even training equipment.

It’s a place with everything available. Members who will be doing some exercise got changed into our jersey and have started to do some warm ups.

If we don’t do some warm ups now, then we might not be able to unleash our full power for the actual match. So there’s still six hours until the game huh. We should use the remaining time for a light exercise and to relax.

It happened when I thought something like that and was doing some running.

“Pardon me.”

A single man entered the floor. It was someone who we know! What the!



Buchou and Ravel exclaim hysterically at the appearance of that man.

Yeah, that man was none other than Raiser Phoenix.

“Yo, I’ve come. Looks like you are also doing well, Ravel.”

Saying that, Raiser sits on the chair.

So Raiser also came to the stadium. It must be to observe our battle. And he’s already back on his feet. At one point, he hid himself in his room due to his shock at being defeated by me.

Did he come to see how we are doing? I had doubts. The other members thought the same.

Akeno-san pours tea for Raiser. Raiser says it after taking a drink.

“I thought I would talk a bit about the match. Today’s game has the same amount of attention as that of a popular pro’s match. The fact is, the flow of the game will basically be the same as that of a pro’s match. Even the seats are being filled with viewers. You guys will be fighting under that. You might feel bewildered because of the difference with the real battle where there is a thing called entertainment involved. But, it’s such a big stage like this. Unleashing your power alone will contribute to your ratings. Rias, this will be one of the crucial moments for you.”

Raiser was discussing seriously. I thought he came to taunt us or something, but it was the opposite. As a pro, and as a person who has experience, he talked to us.

Having Raiser say that, Buchou…….narrows her eyes.

“…….I’m not as good at making tactics as Sona, and I don’t have power like Sairaorg. Though, I know I’m blessed with my servants. That’s why I’m irritated at myself who cannot lead these children appropriately……..”

Buchou declares.

…….Buchou, you have been thinking something like that? That’s right, Buchou is also a girl.

Even though she acted firm, she must have been facing forward to the game with anxiety.

Hearing Buchou’s words, Raiser says it.

“You can improve your strategies and power with experience and also by doing something I hate called “Working hard”, with that you can attain some level of power. But you know, Rias. Your fateful encounters---Your talent to draw those with talents is different. I think these guys all gathered here because of your good talent to draw people.”

“But the dragon, --I think it’s also because of Ise who is the Sekiryuutei that also has to do with it.”

“It was your fate to meet the Sekiryuutei. The special something you have made you meet with the Sekiryuutei. That’s why you met him. Even if the trait of the dragon drew the other ones after that, you were the one who met Sekiryuutei and made him your servant.”

Raiser said it to Buchou straight.

“Have confidence Rias. These guys are your treasures.”


Raiser……. You said something good! Even I was moved! So he wasn’t just a good-looking bad-boy type!

Maybe Raiser became embarrassed at what he just said, so he continues while scratching his cheek.

“I, who am a pro will guarantee it. You guys are already at a pro-level. Rather, you have enough talented members for you to go in the top-ranks. Even if you guys were to fight my group again, it seems like we will lose badly. Well, that goes the same for the Bael-group. They are also strong. Man, why are the young ones of this generation filled with exceptional ones.”

Saying that, he got up from the chair and started to leave.

“Rias, I will be rooting for you. –Win.”

With Raiser’s encouragement, Buchou nods with a bright expression.

“Yes, of course.”

Buchou, it seems like you got rid of another weight again. It seems like a [King] has to shoulder many things and also has to be troubled by it……

They need to shoulder the fate of all their servants and lead them to the path….

So that’s what it means to be a High-class devil huh…….


Raiser calls me. Raiser makes a grip with his fist, and directed at me.

“Your fist….. It’s a strike I can never forget. That punch is a strike you can use to aim to the top with. –Come up here quickly, to the same stage as I am. If it’s you, then you can do it right? Let’s have a rematch there. I will teach you the horror of the professionals in the world of pro’s.”

“…..Y-Yes! Of course! I will definitely fight you again, and beat you in the official game!”

This is my true feeling. I want to have a rematch with Raiser in the game properly and beat him!

Raiser then looks at his sister Ravel.

“Also I leave Ravel to you. She’s as spoiled as Rias. Even so she’s earnest. I will burn you if you make her cry, okay?”

“I-It’s none of your business!”

Ravel responds with a red face.

Confirming that, Raiser laughs at himself saying “I sure have become senile” and leaves the room.

Raiser…… He came all the way here to encourage us……

Thank you very much. Thanks to that, we can go forward with the game with even higher spirits.

I thank him inside myself….but the door opens again, and Raiser appears once more.

“That’s right, I forgot to tell you. Sekiryuutei, I was asked by Sirzechs-sama to call you before. He asked you to show up in the VIP room. It seems he wants to show you something.”

…….Sirzechs-sama does?

I tilted my head, and headed towards the VIP room by myself.

Part 3

So like that, I entered the VIP room where Sirzechs-sama should be.

It’s a room which has lots of expensive looking household furniture. It’s spacious and gorgeous.

“I’m sorry Ise-kun. To call you before the match.”

Sirzechs-sama welcomes me cheerfully.

“It’s okay. So what is this thing you wanted to show me?”

“Yes, it’s something good that your passionate fans sent you. I wanted to show it to you very much.”

Sirzechs-sama picked up a circular looking thing from the table, and put it inside what seems like a video machine for the television.

“Disk? Is it a video or something?”

When I asked, Sirzechs-sama nods while turning on the monitor.

“Yes, it’s a video letter.”

What appeared on the monitor was a boy holding onto a toy of me when I’m in Balance-Breaker state. It’s a homemade video.

The boy speaks bravely towards the camera.

[Oppai dragon, hello~. I like Oppai-dragon very much~. I can also sing the song as well~. I can’t go to the dome for the match, but I will cheer-cheer for you from my house~. That’s why please win the game~.]


This is a video letter……

The video changed, and this time two siblings dancing around in a circle showed up.

[Oppai-Dragon~! Win, okay~! Zoom Zoom Iyaan~!]


This time it’s a video of a child with his parents. He has a toy of me and the Switch-Princess in his hands.

[I will be cheering for the Oppai-Dragon and the Switch-Princess. I won’t be able to go there, but I will be cheering for you all the time.]

…………A video letter of support from the children to me.

They kept on changing, and many children have sent me lots of video messages. I had something coming out from my eyes.

There are…..this many children are thinking about me…….

“Today, the match will be broadcast live throughout the whole Underworld. Many children…..will be watching you through the television.”

Sirzechs-sama brings a box which was kept at the end of the room, and he opens the box and passes a letter.

……It’s a fan-letter written in poor devil-letters from the children to me. On each of them there were poor drawings of me but you can tell they tried hard to draw me.

…….Each of the drawings have passion in them, and they were the one of a kind type of fan-letter in this world. While my hands were shaking with happiness, Sirzechs-sama says it to me.

“These children……are the future of the Underworld. For today’s match, there will be parts where the politics of adults will get involved. –But all of you don’t have to worry about those kinds of things. That’s why I want a favour from you, Ise-kun. When all of you will be fighting for your dream, even a tiny bit is okay, but can you please fight for these children as well? I know it’s a selfish wish. Even so, I ask you. I want you to protect the dreams of these children.”

-Protecting the dreams of these children.

That’s right. Today’s game also has to do with that as well.

“I know that very well. I’m Oppai-Dragon after all.”

I’m Hyoudou Issei. The current Sekiryuutei.

I’m also the Chichiryuutei, and the Oppai-Dragon.

So I will be fighting while carrying the dreams of many people, huh.

I need to take this match with a different feeling to that of the time when I had the Raiser-match and Sitri-match.

For myself, for Buchou, for my comrades, and for the children supporting me…..

Let’s go, Ddraig.

There are many things we have to accomplish, but the things we need to accomplish are simple.

[Yeah, I know that, Partner.]

I will conquer this game, and give answers to everything!

Part 4

With the game approaching, we were waiting for the time to gather in the corridor, which is connected to the entrance of the Dome stadium. We can feel the heat and the brightness of the stadium from across the gate. At the same time we can hear the sound of the crowd.

Our battle costumes are the Kuou Academy uniforms like always. But they are different from our usual uniforms.

They are specially-made uniforms for this game. They're made with a higher resistance to heat, cold, bullets, magic defence, and such where the defence against many things has been improved.

Well, it’s not that they have an insane defence to them, but they're still much better uniforms than the usual ones.

Xenovia is wearing her usual battle costume. Though it’s made from the same material as our uniforms.

Rossweisse-san is in her armoured form. Apparently, she feels more relaxed in it.

Asia is also wearing her nun costume. It’s Asia’s battle clothes after all. This one also has enhanced defence.

While each of us stayed on standby doing something to stay relaxed, Buchou speaks with seriousness in her words.

“…….Everyone, the match which is about to begin isn’t a real fight. It’s a Rating Game, but it has the same serious atmosphere as that of an actual battle. It will be a fight where people will be watching over us, but be careful you don’t get pushed back by it.”

[Now, the battle of the century is about to begin! From the east gate, it’s Sairaorg Bael’s team!]

“ “ “ “ “ “ “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Cheers and shouts of joy could be heard even in here. The Dome shook heavily at the entrance of the Bael group.

“…….I’m getting nervouuuuuus~!”

“…….It’s okay, it is said that you will feel better if you think everyone is a pumpkin.”

That conversation is between the nervous Gasper and the calm Koneko-chan. It’s like their usual conversation.

“Xenovia-san, is it true that Irina-san will be doing cheerleading from the Gremory-supporting side?”

“Yeah, Asia. That seems like it. She said she will be taking the role of an “Onee-san” from the Oppai Dragon’s fan supporting area.”

I heard the conversation between Asia and Xenovia. …..I see, so Irina would be doing that kind of role today huh. Ravel said that she was able to get a seat in the Oppai Dragon’s fan area as well, so those two must be together then.

[And finally from the west gate, it’s Rias Gremory’s team!]


We were finally announced.

“ “ “ “ “ “ “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The crowd is already heated up.

……I’m getting nervous! My heart is beating fast. Everyone else also changed their attitude and they have a serious expression.

Buchou then says it while looking around all of us.

“Thank you for following me till this far. –Now, let’s go, my servants. Let’s win!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

We replied back to her. And we finally went through the gate--.

Being under the cheers, what we witnessed in front of us is…..a floating land which is floating above the spacious circular stadium. ……Actually I should say that there are giant rocks floating above the spacious field.

On one of the rocks floating above the field, the Bael group was already there.

[Now, will the Gremory group also please go to their base.]

The announcer says.

Our base is on top of that…..? What’s connected to the rock base is a long snake-like stair case. We also walked up the stairs just like the Bael group did, and we arrived on top of the base.

I can see the Bael group from afar. ……..Don’t tell me it’s going to be a sky battle where we'll be using this whole field? Maybe something like jumping across the rocks randomly, and the first one to destroy the base wins or something?

On the base, there are chairs with the same number of people as our group, and a mysterious stand. And the only other thing left is something that looks like a transfer-type magic circle located one storey higher than our base.

When I looked, the opponent’s base looked the same.

Even when I looked down, what appears as a marathon-type track field. ……. I’m sure we aren’t going down there to have a battle by doing a marathon though…..

Hmm, I wonder what kind of game it will turn out to be this time.

I was thinking like that by tilting my head, and then I heard the announcer.

A super-flashy man who is wearing a microphone on his ears appears on the giant monitor positioned on the stadium!

[Hello, everyone! The broadcaster for this match will be I, Naud Gamigin from the house of Gamigin of the former 72 Pillars, who will be broadcasting to you!]

The stadium gets filled with cheers! So it comes with a broadcaster! Amazing! So this is a professional-style game?

[The arbiter for this game will be Rudiger Rosenkreutz!]

A magic circle appears on the air. A good-looking guy with long silver-hair, dressed in full uniform appears from the magic circle! Mainly the women make huge cheers at his appearance!

“……….Rudiger Rosenkreutz. He is a reincarnated devil who was a former human, and an Ultimate-class devil. On top of that, his ranking is 7th……”

Koneko-chan mutters.

-! A former human reincarnated devil! Even though he’s a reincarnated devil, he’s an Ultimate-class devil, and on top of that he is a current top game ranker! And he’s in a single-digit rank of 7th! For him to be an Ultimate-class devil when he reincarnated from a human and he is also a top ranker! As someone who is aiming to go to the top, I admire him!

Wait, so someone like that is going to be arbiter, just how showy is this match going to be!?

“But it isn’t Grayfia-san, huh.”

I muttered. In the games we have participated in so far, Grayfia-san has been the arbiter until now!

“There is no way that the house of the Great King will approve it. Grayfia-sama is from the Gremory side after all.”

Akeno-san says that plainly.

…….If you talk about it, that’s true. Grayfia-san is Sirzechs-sama’s [Queen]. For the Great King faction who takes importance in ranks, she would only be a nuisance to them. There is no way that Grayfia-san would do something unfair to the match, but it sounds like the higher-ups of the Great King faction would use that.

[And our special guest! We have the Governor of the Fallen angels, Azazel-sama, as a commentator today! Hello there, Governor Azazel!]

-Then a man who we are familiar with appears on screen.


We became dumbfounded and gazed at him. That man…..Sensei, introduces himself by making a smile.

[Well, hello there. I’m Azazel. I look forward to working with you tonight.]

……….S….S….S...That’s Senseeeeeei!!

What is he doing!? He said he couldn’t go to the VIP room because he has a special job tonight, so this is what he meant! So he will be involved in the game as a commentator! I didn’t hear about this! We didn’t hear about this a single bit!

While we were shocked, Sensei was being introduced by the broadcaster.

[Governor Azazel, you are famous for having a good relationship with Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, and also the leaders of various factions and you are also famous for being the leading expert in the research of the Sacred Gears. For today’s match, having done the coaching for the Rias Gremory team, how would you look at this game?]

[Well, yes. Personally, I wonder if both teams can release their full power and--]

Saying such and such, Sensei started to make comments with a smile!

When it calmed down after Sensei’s introduction, the camera shifts next to Sensei, and it showed a man with a graceful face who has grey hair and grey eyes.

-! I thought he looked like a brilliant man just with one look.

[And we have also called another person! 1st Ranker of the Rating Game! The current Champion! "Emperor" Diehauser Belial!]

“ “ “ “ “Uoooooooooooooooooooo!!” ” ” ” ”

There was an even more lively cheer than the time Sensei appeared. It’s so lively that I can feel the shaking of the stadium even over here….

The man….The man called Emperor speaks brightly.

[How are you, everyone. I’m Diehauser Belial. Today, I will be doing commentary for the match between the Gremory and Bael.]

……..I decided to burn the appearance of this man into my eyes.

-This man is the conqueror of the game. Emperor. Champion. Ranked 1st!

I don’t know why, but I started to shiver. It’s not because I’m scared. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s a shivering of excitement, and shivering of joy.

It’s because I was able to have a look at one of my targets which wasn’t clear until now.

The broadcaster asks Sensei and Emperor.

[It might be sudden, but I would like to ask Governor Azazel who was the advisor for the Gremory team and the Champion who was the advisor for the Bael-team something. It will be helpful if you can tell us about where we should pay attention for both teams.]

[Well yes, if we talk about the Gremory team, then it would be the Oppai Dragon and the Switch Princess! And also--]

Sensei answers the question from the broadcaster and—

[Yes, I do think that the combatant Sairaorg is an excellent [King], but more than that he has a power which makes him the strongest in his team and--]

Emperor Belial also answers. Buchou looks at him with a serious expression through the screen.

“………Diehauser Belial……..”

Yes, that Champion is Buchou’s target in the future. Buchou’s dream is to attain the title for each game. Achieving that means, that the last wall which will come in her way is that Champion…..

Buchou put on a determined face.

“One day, I will definitely--. But, right now I need to defeat the strong foe right in front of me, or else I can’t even stand at the place where I can make my dream come true.”

Yes. She’s right! The battle against Sairaorg-san! We will put Emperor Belial away for now! The problem is whether we can defeat that man and his group!

I need to change my attitude. There is no way I can defeat that man while having such a restless heart!

When I was slapping my own face, the comments continue.

[First of all, it’s regarding the Phoenix’s tear.]

Oh! Phoenix’s tear! I heard that we wouldn’t know whether we can get them or not until the last minute, so I wonder how it turned out.

Buchou was also worried about it because having it and not having it will change the tactics quite a bit.

[Like all of you know, because of the continuous terror by the terrorists group [Khaos Brigade], each faction has became more tensed, and the importance and the prices for the tears have risen rapidly. Because of that, we are in the situation where preparing them is difficult. –Buuuuuuut!]

The broadcaster points at the huge monitor. What appears there are two small bottles inside an expensive looking box.

[Thanks to the kindness of the current head of Phoenix who produces and sells the tears, and also because of the voices of the supporters of both team of Bael and Gremory have reached us, it’s decided that each team will be given the tears for this game!]

“ “ “Waaah!” ” ”

The stadium makes a roar with that information.

I see, so the tears will be given to us. If I remember, Ravel also said “It’s an important match which will heat up the Underworld, so I would like to somehow prepare it”.

It will be a great help! But, it also means that they will also be able to revive one of their members.

Most likely, that will be their –King.

“…….It seems like we need to prepare to defeat Sairaorg Bael twice.”

Kiba says that with a serious face.

Yeah, it seems like that’s how it will turn out. If they have to use it on someone, then it will definitely be Sairaorg-san.

So we have to defeat that Sairaorg-san twice….. We somehow need to make him use the tear with the minimum of casualties as possible…… Even an idiot like me knows that it’s impossible to make them use the tear without any casualties if our opponent is that man.

Then the problem is who will use it on our side. Fortunately we have Asia who is a healer, so the importance of the tear isn’t that high to us compared to the Bael group.

Even so, we can’t look down on the effect of the tear which can heal wounds immediately, and also we will be forced to use it if Asia is nowhere nearby. Especially Buchou, who is the [King] needs to survive till the end. It will be appropriate to use it on Buchou when she is in danger.

When I was thinking like that in my head, we were finally given the explanation of something I wanted to hear the most.

[There is a special rule in this game!]

Like I thought, there was a special rule! We did hear that it won’t be a rule which will seal our powers directly, but…… This game has viewers involved, so it seems like they will focus on the ‘entertainment’ aspects of it.

[Before explaining the special rule, I would like to explain the flow of this game! This game won’t be the type where all the team members will be running through the field, but will be done in a match-style! This is due to keeping in mind that this will be a blitz and also because it was organised to heat up all of you, the viewers! Even though this game is between the youths, the game-style of this game is the same as that of a pro!]

-! So it won’t be the one where we run around! This will be my first time at having a match-style!

My comrades also put on a serious face because of the situation they never expected. If it’s a match-style, we won’t be able to have a team-battle then? We did train for one-on-one battles, but also trained for a team-battle, so I wonder if we can use the training results to the fullest for the match-style battle.

The explanation for the special rule continues.

[And now for the special rule which will determine the matches! Now will the [King]’s from both sides progress towards their personal stands in their bases.]

Stand? Ah, the stand located in our base. That has been bugging me this whole time.

Buchou and Sairaorg-san, who is at the opponent’s side of the base, were urged to move to the front of the stands.

From the stand, something comes out.

The giant monitor also shows the vision of it. What appeared was a……die! A die!? I’ve been getting shocked continuously today!

[There is a die in front of you! They will be the key for the special rule! Yes, the rule for this Rating Game today is one of the major game types! It’s the “Dice Figure”!]

Dice…….Figure? I tilted my head in wonder by hearing a word I never heard before.

“So it’s Dice Figure huh…..”

Kiba says that, and he starts to explain it to me.

“The actual Rating Game has many special rules. The ones we have been doing till now were quite plain ones. Other than the ones like this one where you use a die, there are also ones where you take as many flags as you can on the field called “Scramble Flag”. Dice Figure is the representative game for using dice.”

-! ……So there are games like that huh. It sure is helpful to know them. The Rating Game, it seems like it’s deeper than I thought…..

The explanation of the rule by the broadcaster continues.

[I will explain the Dice Figure so that those who don’t know about it can understand it! The die prepared has six-sides like the usual die, and you can roll a number from 1 to 6 with it! By rolling it, it will determine which ‘pieces (servants)’ can be sent for that match!]

The dice will determine the person being sent for the match……?

It means that the dice will determine our fate then!

[The chess in the human world has values for their chess pieces! The standard value for the [Pawn] piece is 1, and they give numeric values to the chess pieces equivalent to their strength on the chessboard. And the evil pieces for the Rating Game also use this value standard as estimation! Of course there are parts when the person from the group unleashes the power higher than their potential capacities which surpasses the value of their chess pieces, or the part things happen where it surpasses our assumption due to the hidden factor which Ajuka Beelzebub-sama input into the evil pieces! But we will be using the standard value for the rule of this game!]

Ah, that thing huh. It’s the values where [Knight] equals 3, [Bishop] is also 3, [Rook] equals 5, and [Queen] equals 9. When I just became a devil, I was told this by Buchou.

But it’s just a mere standard. There are members in our group who won’t fit in that standard value such as Kiba who gained the factor to become a holy-sword wielder after being reincarnated to a devil, and Gapser who reincarnated into a devil with a mutation piece.

[First, both [Kings] will roll the die, and the total value rolled will determine which combatants can be sent! For example, when the total value rolled is [8]! Then you can send combatants who will fit within that value! If it’s [Pawn] which has the consumption value of 1, then 8 [Pawns] can be sent! Of course you can also send 1 [Rook] with the consumption value of 5 and 1 [Knight] with the consumption value of 3, since the total value will be 8! If it is within the value range, then it is possible to send a combination of combatants from different classes! Also, group members who have consumed several evil-pieces will have the value of their total values, so if it’s the Gremory-team then the combatant Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei who has consumed 8 [Pawn] pieces will have the value of 8.]

So if the value rolled turns out to be the maximum figure of 12, then it means we can have members go to the field within that value for the match. Then if that happens, from our side we can send the combination of [Queen] Akeno-san who has the value of 9 with one of the [Knight] or [Bishop].

So I’m 8 huh. That’s a big number. Then there is a limit to who I can pair with. Even if the maximum figure of 12 was rolled, I won’t be able to pair with a [Rook] which is just out of the value. It might be better to pair up with Kiba or Xenovia who is a [Knight].

Then what will happen if the value rolled turns out to be the smallest number? When I was questioning about that inside my head, it gets explained.

[But in both combatant Rias Gremory’s team and combatant Sairaorg Bael’s team they don’t have a ‘piece’ with the standard value of 1 or 2. It means that they can send out their members only from the value 3 and larger! Since it will be the total values, if the total values rolled turns out to be the smallest value of 2, then we will have them roll it once again!]

Then what will happen if the servant loses and the number of members gets reduced? Do you have to keep on rolling it until the dice values fit with the value of one of the remaining members?

[As the match progresses, the combatants will be reduced, and possibly there might be a change in the value needed for the combatants to be sent. Then the dice will have to be rolled until the value reaches the number where combatants from both teams can be sent to the field!]

Well, that would be obvious. I wonder what will happen about the [King]’s participation which will be the most vital thing here.

[The participation of the [King]’s will depend on the number which has been given from the people from the judging committee’s estimation value beforehand! Of course, like the usual rule, the game ends immediately after the [King]’s defeat!]

That….will be a problem. Depending on the value, Sairaorg-san himself will be able to come out then!

Sairaorg-san is stronger than Buchou, and the strongest member in the opponent’s team must be their [King].

If Sairaorg-san wishes to come out continuously, depending on the dice values rolled, then our chances of winning will decrease.

“More than that, what does he mean by the participation of the [King] will depend on the judging committee’s estimation value?”

I muttered out my question.

“It’s like how he explained. The judging committee has given the estimation value for Buchou and Sairaorg Bael about how much their value number will be in Dice Figure before hand. With that, it will determine the number needed for each of them to appear on field. It seems like this will be calculated from the strength of the [King] themselves, the value of their servants, and also by comparing with the opponents. That’s why depending on the game, the number changes.”

Akeno-san gave me an additional explanation. Thank you very much, Akeno-san.

I see. So the judging committee will choose the chess-piece value number for Buchou and Sairaorg-san then.

[Now then, the chess-piece value number the judging committee chose for each [King] is this!]

When the broadcaster shouts that out, Buchou and Sairaorg-san’s name appears on the huge monitor written in devil-letters, and the numbers under their names are spinning.

Then the number appears while making a rhythmical sound.

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael is 12! Combatant Rias Gremory is 8! Oooh, combatant Sairaorg has a higher value, but instead it means that he won’t be able to come out unless the maximum number is rolled!]

So for this game, Sairaorg-san has a higher value than Buchou huh……. Buchou’s value is less than Akeno-san’s and it’s the same as mine, but from Akeno-san’s explanation earlier, the way the value is determined is different from us, so it doesn’t mean that the value is absolute. She did say that it changes depending on the game after all.

“………….I just have to fix things up during the game then.”

Since it's Buchou, I thought she would feel bitter because her value was lower than Sairaorg-san, but she’s calmer than I thought.

If I think about it, since Buchou is 8, if a large number comes out then she can pair up with one of the [Knight] or [Bishop]! I should think positively. By the way how we do it, we can do it more effectively than Sairaorg-san who can only appear by himself only when the maximum value of 12 is rolled.

“Will Sairaorg-san definitely appear when the value of 12 is rolled?”

When I said that, Kiba put on a hard expression.

“It might not be certain that Sairaorg-san will appear. Especially in the opening.”

“Why is that?”

“Even if he wins that match, his ratings might drop a bit depending on the situation. A one-man team doesn't get rated high after all. In this game, you get rated high when you are able to use your group to the fullest. But if a one-man team, where the [King] himself does that, then the media of the Underworld won’t stay quiet about it, and it will affect the future of the [King]. On top of that, it’s broadcast live. And if he does that in front of this large a crowd, then his ratings will go down. Winning is important, but it also means that how you portray yourself is also important. Well in this game Dice Figure, since his value is 12, Sairaorg Bael won’t be able to appear that easily.”

I…I see. If you think like that, then the official game might be quite hard…… So it means your future might take a turn for the worst if you also don’t think about how the society will view you. That’s the world of pro’s. Scary…….

[Also another rule. You cannot send out the same combatant continuously. This also goes the same for the [King]’s!]

Roger that. So we won’t be able to participate again unless we take one turn off between them, huh. So it means that Sairaorg-san won’t appear continuously then.

“Even if the first value is 12, I don’t think Sairaorg will appear from the opening. From his personality, he will make his servants form a group properly. For that reason, they went through hard training. But, he will definitely show up as well. It will depend on the total value rolled, but the problem will be in which timing he will appear. It’s certain that he is a battle-maniac.”

So you already saw through that far, Buchou. So the prediction between the two groups has started as soon as the explanation of the rules ended huh……..

Buchou then looks at Asia.

“Under this rule, sending out Asia by herself and also in a team will be a bad move. They will mainly aim for Asia, since she is a healer after all. It will be better for her to stay here, and heal those who won the match. This is one of the advantages for us, since we can heal without using Phoenix’s tear. I’m sorry Asia. I can’t send you in to the match. So please heal the ones who return back here. That is also an important role for this game.”

“Yes, Onee-sama. I will stay here and heal everyone’s wounds! That’s why, please return safely everyone.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Of course.” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

We answered together at Asia’s encouragement.

Rather, it seems like Buchou’s rating will get lower if she sends out Asia.

“Instead, they must have read through that Asia-san won’t appear.”

Kiba says that, and Buchou nods.

“Yes, so that makes it that we have 8 combatants.”

Eight people! That’s okay. By having Asia stay back, it gives me more courage because I can go serious. W-Well, I don’t want to do anything reckless though……

Even Asia and Phoenix tears won’t be able to replenish my stamina after all.

[Now, the game is about to begin! Both teams, are you ready?]

The broadcaster raised the tension, and the arbiter raised his hand high.

[Now, the Rating Game between Sairaorg Bael’s team and Rias Gremory’s team will begin! GAME START!]

Along with the sound of the start for the game, the cheer from the crowd echoes throughout the stadium…..

Finally, the game began…….

Part 5

[So then, will the two [Kings] step in front of the stands.]

Being urged by the arbiter, Buchou and Sairaorg-san stand in front of the stands.

[We will start the first match. We will choose the combatants who will be appearing. Will both of you hold the dice.]

Buchou holds the die.

………I’m getting nervous. What value will come up? Whether it’s a small or big number, I won’t be able to predict before the value actually comes up.


After the arbiter’s call, both of them roll the dice!

Dice are rolling on top of the stands! And the motion stops…

The monitor shows the image of the two die.

And the values are……

[The value combatant Rias Gremory rolled is……2! On the other hand the value combatant Sairaorg Bael rolled is 1! That is a total value of 3. They will be able to send out their servants within that value! In this case, since the value of the [Pawn]’s on both sides is large, they will only be able to send out 1 [Knight] or [Bishop] which have values of 3! So, which members will both sides send to the field!?]

The broadcaster says it with enthusiasm.

-Wait, a 3!? The smallest number came up right at the beginning! So things like this can occur from the opening, huh!

The arbiter then announces.

[You get 5 minutes of planning time. So please choose the combatant who will be participating within that time. Also the promotion for the [Pawns] will be available once they arrive at the field. The promotion will be deactivated every time a match ends, so please use promotion every time you get on the field.]

Five minutes huh…… Like that, the planning time for the Gremory team began.

The moment it became planning-time, the bases of both sides were enveloped in a mysterious barrier.

“The soundproof barrier. It’s used to stop our plans from leaking outside.”

Kiba says that.

“It’s also to stop people outside from reading our minds, so a special mark is placed onto the faces of each combatant.”

When I looked at the giant monitor…….. Oo, it seems like our faces are being covered by the Gremory-group magic-circle. I keep getting shocked by the pro-style game.

We sat on the standby chairs. Buchou says while looking at all of us.

“The opponents must have predicted that we will be sending Yuuto out.”

“W-Why is that?”

I ask.

But the one who answered me is Kiba. Kiba holds up his fingers, which represent the numbers.

“Since the value of 3 was rolled, there are only four of us who can be sent. Me and Xenovia who are the [Knights], and Asia-san and Gasper-kun who are the [Bishops]. We can’t send Asia-san and Gasper-kun who are support-types by themselves right? They are originally rearguards who show their true strength only when they pair with warriors who will become the vanguard. They are the members who should be sent when a value of 6 or greater is rolled. Since that is the case--”

“……It means that we only have the option of Kiba or Xenovia. So the reason Kiba is picked is…..”

Buchou continues from where I left off.

“Xenovia is a power-type [Knight], since she would have to battle either a [Knight] or a [Bishop] of the opponent's team, there is a high risk that she could get hit with a technique…..a counter.”

Xenovia nods.

“………Yeah, it seems like it would be hard to win without taking any damage. But, I still won’t be defeated by a technique-type.”

Buchou continues speaking after the confident Xenovia.

“But, even if she were to win, there is a high chance that she will reveal the specifications of Ex-Durandal. The identity of the Ex-Durandal will be seen through if she shows even a single ability. We also want to reserve it until much later in the game. During mid-game, after rolling a large number, the match will most likely turn into a fierce battle. If we have to show it to them, that would be the time. It would be a waste to use it from the start. That’s why it’s Yuuto. The one who is able to fight in various situations while having their ability already known, that would be Yuuto and not Xenovia. ”

……..She’s right. Even if the holy-demonic sword and his new technique is exposed, he can still adapt to the situation. Instead, Xenovia’s Durandal-cannon (Which I made up and am calling) has a charging time, and it’s not that fast after it's been shot, so it could be stopped or dodged.

It seems like Xenovia will consume more stamina than needed, and it also seems like she will take lots of damage……

“Muu, Ise. Did you just think that I don’t use my brain or something?”

Xenovia accuses me, but I just put on a smile and shook my head.

High school dxd v10 195.jpg

The truth is, I don’t think you use your brain. You are more reckless than me after all! You started to attack without any warning in the fight against Loki and also the battle in Kyoto!

“I still have to go, even if they know my abilities. –I’m going.”

Kiba takes a step forward while fixing his collar.

“Don’t lose from the start okay?”

I picked on him. Well, I don’t think he will lose though. I know his strength best since I’m his training partner.

“I will definitely win.”

You sure gave me the best reply with a good smile, handsome!

The arbiter continues.

[The five minutes are about to be over. Would the combatants participating in the match please make their way to the magic-circle. The magic-circle is a transport-type. You will be transferred to a battlefield prepared in a different dimension. The match will then be fought on that battlefield. The battlefield will be randomly picked from the ones already prepared. Until the combatants are transferred to the different field, the bases of both sides will be placed in a barrier so the bases will become invisible. And that barrier will only be taken off every time a match ends.]

I see, so that magic-circle is to transfer the combatants to the battlefield. A special field is already prepared in another dimension. So this place won’t turn into the battlefield.

Wait, neither of the bases will be able to be seen, from the outside, until the transfer is over?

Koneko-chan says as if she were reading my mind.

“…….The reason why it’s invisible is to prevent changing your ‘piece(servant)’ after seeing who will be sent from the opponent’s team. Observe, and then change, and seeing again and then changing again. Rather than the match, that itself would be a problem. And we are also under surveillance to prevent us from doing anything unfair while under this invisible state.”

Hmm, that certainly seems troublesome. So the opponents will be a secret until they are transported to the field huh.

And we are under surveillance huh. ……So maybe there are cameras hidden inside this base or something? More than that, I wonder what she means by unfairness…...

Man, there are a bunch of things I don’t know! Even though Koneko-chan knows it, I don’t! My lack of studies has finally shown up! After this game ends, I’m going to study about the various game types!

“The reason why you won’t know which combatants will be sent, until they are sent to the field, is probably to please the crowds as well.”

Rossweisse-san says.

While we are having this conversation, the barrier covering our base gets denser, and it cuts us off from the outside area.

“I will be going then.”

Kiba who has a microphone on his ear stands on top of the magic circle. That instant, the magic circle glows and Kiba disappears.

Then above the base, several visions showing certain scenery appear in the sky. One of them shows the crowds.

And in the largest-size vision, scenery of an unknown place is shown. …….It’s a very wide green land.

And Kiba is there. Near him…..is an armoured knight riding on a horse which is emitting blue-white flames!

[Oooo! The combatants for the first match have appeared! As you can see, the field is a vast green land! And this vast green land will be the stage for the first match! The ones chosen from both sides with the value of 3 are……. The young noble man of god-speed from the Gremory team! It’s combatant Kiba Yuuto! Princess Rias’s [Knight] has appeared!]

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Kyaaaaaaaa! Kiba-kyuuuuuuun~!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Having been agitated by the broadcaster, the women in the crowd yell happy cheers.

Wow….., our handsome prince really is super popular huh……. Shit! He’s taking the good position by himself! I beg you so please set up a mixer-party next time!

[And from the Bael-group……]

Before the broadcaster introduces him, the armoured knight has his horse walk ahead and he takes off the mask of his helm to show his face.

I know that guy. I did watch the video of the match against Glasya-Labolas.

-He’s a [Knight] of Bael group.

[I’m one of the [Knights] that serve our master Sairaorg Bael-sama, Beruka Furcas!]

That’s a magnificent introduction indeed.

“Furcas is the household that has a trait to rule horses.”

Buchou says. Their trait is a horse. So that’s why he’s riding a horse.

[I’m Rias Gremory-sama’s Knight, Kiba Yuuto. Nice to meet you.]

Kiba responds by introducing himself to his opponent.

Furcas points his circular-shaped lance up high.

[………I have luck being a swordsman because I was given the opportunity to exchange swords with the infamous Kiba Yuuto-dono of the holy-demonic sword, by my master.]

[I also look forward to having this duel with you.]

Oh, Kiba responds back fearlessly!

[Governor-Azazel, will you please explain about that horse covered in blue-white flames?]

The broadcaster asks Sensei.

[--[Pale horse]. That’s a high-level beast which lives in the deepest part of hell, Cocytus. It’s been said that famous devils and grim reapers ride on it. It’s also said that it’s a horse which brings death and destruction. It’s not an easy task to master riding on it. It has a violent nature. It's said that it will kick to death those it doesn’t like, including its master.]

Sensei, thanks for the explanation!

[My favourite horse, Altobrau’s legs are god-speed. Kiba-dono. I wish for a serious fight with you.]

Furcas was already in a battle position.

Sensei has already told us about the dangers of that horse. More importantly, if its combination with the rider is superb, it's said that the Pale horse’s ability can be drawn up to the max!

The arbiter appears on the field through a magic-circle, and he stands between the two combatants.

“The first match, starts now!”

Both of them took a distance when the signal was given.

It started! The Rating Game against Bael has started! The one who will be doing the opening match is Kiba! Show them what you've got, Kibaaaaaa!

[I challenge you! Let us see if the speed of Altobrau and I can match you!]

They disappeared when the blue horse made a cry!


I had the same response as Kiba! Since I train while having Kiba as my opponent, my eyes are used to fast speed. Even still, I thought they were fast. That’s how superb their starting dash was.

Kiba uses his eyes…..no. He takes a stance as if he is trying to feel the presence of his enemy. Then…


The sound of the metal colliding echoes. Kiba didn’t move from the spot, but he is warding off the attacks coming in fast speed.

He took a distance, and he went towards the enemy with fast speed after feeling the presence of the enemy for quite some time.


Both of them are in a state where it only looks like two moving things are colliding at very fast speeds. The things which become visible on the field are the sparks created when the weapons collide and the sounds of metal colliding.

There are deep holes created in the field due to the waves created by several swords and the charging of the lance.

……..I can only see them when they collide against each other. That’s it. That’s how fast Kiba and that knight are!

Both of them finally show themselves when they are using the lance and swords to push against each other.

[A draw even against the legs of my Altobrau…… You are truly frightening indeed, Princess Rias’s Knight!]

Furcas laughs fearlessly.

[You also have an excellent combination with your horse. If I were to try to cut the horse down, your lance will stop me and even if I try to take you down, the horse won’t allow it. Seems like I have to destroy your foot path!]

Kiba who said that forms an aura around his body, and he made his eyes sharper.

That instant, many holy-demonic sword blades appear from the earth surrounding Kiba! The swords of flowers blossomed in the field!

Maybe he will be able to stop Furcas’s horse with this!

I became overjoyed, but….. Furcas’s horse jumps up high!

--! That horse can run in mid air!?

But Kiba swings his holy-demonic sword down without giving a moment to spare!

[Holy-demonic sword of Thunder!]

FLASH! The sky flashed, and thunder comes down towards Furcas! The thunder taught directly by Akeno-san! It isn’t as strong as Akeno-san’s, but Kiba is still able to create thunder.

[Not enough!]

Furcas threw his lance up towards the sky, and he survived the thunder by using the lance as a lightning rod. Furcas who has lost his weapon puts his hand inside the mane of his horse which is made of fire. It seems like he is trying to take something out of it. The mane creates a swine in the atmosphere. It seems like that mane is connected to a different dimension.

What he got from the mane was a second lance. So he still had a lance huh…..

They have researched Kiba very well. He warded off all of Kiba’s attacks!

Kiba’s sword is the holy-demonic sword. It has the attribute of holy. Devils aren't able to evade the fate of receiving heavy damage if they get cut with it. Because of that, not being hit by the holy-demonic sword is a must for opponents in order to win. It’s easier said than done. To be able to pull that off without a scratch while having Kiba as his opponent means that our opponent is quite formidable.

It’s a common situation, that the enemy is slain when Kiba makes his move. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Sairaorg-san’s first servant sent. His first servant is this strong huh.

[Even if your holy-demonic sword has a deadly effect on devils….!]

Furcas makes a stance. He’s trying to do something!

[It won’t mean a thing if it doesn’t hit!]

At the same time as he jumped……..many duplicates of Furcas and his horse were created! So it’s a phantom or a clone huh! Having several Furcas duplicates in front of him, Kiba……..has his swords stiff, and his face looks stern.

-! Don’t tell me he can’t tell which one is the real thing!? If even Kiba can’t tell them apart, then it means that the phantoms have the same presence as the real thing!

Several Furcases move randomly in fast speed, and they start attacking Kiba.

At the beginning, he fended off the attacks with his swords, but Kiba receives damage which comes from all direction!


Kiba created a second holy-demonic sword, and he creates a huge aura with the two swords. The surrounding grasses are blown away by it, but Furcas dodges it and takes a distance.

That move was originally meant to make Furcas step back.

Furcas returns back to only himself after making the phantoms vanish.

Kiba took a breath, and put on a fearless smile.

[…..I didn’t want to show my trump card from the beginning,,,,,,,, But it looks like I will lose more stamina if I continue to hold back. I am in no position to say things to Xenovia.]

Kiba says that as if he’s talking to himself.

……Is he planning to use that already? No, this might be the best time to use it. For Kiba who has less stamina than me, fighting much longer would affect his legs for future matches.

Kiba made the holy-demonic sword vanish, and created a holy-sword within his hand.

So he is planning on using that! I confirmed my guess after seeing that.

Kiba declares very boldly.

[I am stronger than you. This match, I will eventually grasp your movement. But for that, I would consume a lot of stamina. Thinking about later fights, it’s better to take you down in a blitz.]

Hearing Kiba’s declaration, Furcas smirks.

[Looks like you are confident in yourself. Certainly your talent will eventually surpass me and Altobrau. But I won’t go down just like that! For the later matches, I will cut one of your limbs to take your stamina away!]

Such amazing determination. He’s planning to grind down our man power as much as possible.

[Yes. That’s why you are scary. There isn’t anything scarier than an opponent who is resolved. I’m……thinking of showing my other possibility.]

Kiba makes a stance with his holy-sword and mutters quietly.


That moment, an atmosphere different from the holy-demonic sword is emitting from Kiba and he gets wrapped with a holy aura. Then several holy-swords appear from the earth, and at the same time strange-looking beings with armour on them are created. The armoured knight things take the holy-swords growing from the ground into their hands, and they gather around Kiba. It seems like the helm of those armoured things is based on a dragon.

Kiba becomes surrounded by armoured knights. If I had to describe it, he looks like a captain who is leading a knight troop.

Seeing that, Furcas gets shocked.

[……..! Im..impossible!? Balance-Break!? Your Balance-Break is supposed to be the [Sword of Betrayer]! How can you use another Balance-Break!?]

Yes, Kiba’s original Balance-Breaker is the [Sword of Betrayer]. But that’s the Balance Breaker for the [Sword Birth]. That guy also has an ability which he acquired afterwards.

Furcas then says it as if he finally understands.

[……….! Don’t tell me that it’s a Balance-Breaker of the “Blade Blacksmith”……!?]

Kiba nods quietly at his words.

[-[Glory-Drag Trooper], it’s the Balance Breaker of [Blade-Blacksmith] and is a sub-species.]

You got the right answer, Furcas-san. During the Kokabiel incident, Kiba gained the factors to become a holy-sword wielder from his former comrades. He also received a Sacred Gear ability which lets him wield and create holy-swords. As a result, he became an insane swordsman who has the Sacred Gear abilities of both the Sword Birth and the Blade Blacksmith.

Jeanne from the Hero-faction was a possessor of a Blade Blacksmith, and she showed us her sub-species Balance Breaker of it during the battle in Kyoto.

Kiba who saw that, thought of this.

He said, “Ise-kun, with my irregular powers, do you think I will be able to awaken another special power?”

After that, I tagged along with activating his Balance Breaker. That guy told me to seriously go at him while he was in a state wielding a holy-sword instead of a holy-demonic sword. That guy fought me in a very disadvantageous situation many times, and he finally reached it.

And this is his so-called new technique. The Balance Breaker of Blade Blacksmith! Except, in this situation he won’t be able to use his holy-demonic swords. He can only use the holy-swords. And conversely, he won’t be able to materialise these knight troops while he is using the holy-demonic swords.

The trait of Kiba’s new ability is that the user's speed and techniques can be copied on to the knight troops. Right now it can only copy his speed, but it seems like it can still grow. Rather than that, your talent sure is marvellous that you were able to pull off something you imagined, Kiba!

I’m getting jealous of your talent! I’m glad that Kiba is Buchou’s [Knight]! You really are the best!

[To reach this stage, I had to fight the Sekiryuutei with just holy-swords, but…… Fufufu, I was truly scared. I was even prepared for my death. That’s because Ise-kun came at me while intending to kill me for real. Though, thanks to that I was able to attain a second Balance-Breaker.]

You told me to do that! I thought it would be rude to you, my friend, if I didn’t even do that.

Actually, I believed that fighting while intending to kill you was my duty as your friend.

On another vision Sensei, who is a commentator, puts his hand on his chin as if he finds it amusing.

[Naturally, the Balance Breaker for the [Blade Blacksmith] is the [Blade Knight Mass] which creates several armoured knights who are wielding holy-swords. It seems like combatant Kiba was able to alter it to his taste and materialise it as a sub-species. On top of that it’s dragon knight troops! Kaa~! Kiba, you really are influenced by Ise! It sure is a situation that adult women will get fired up about!]

Sensei says that lively! Stop it, it’s disgusting!

But is the reason that Kiba was able to attain a new technique my fault……? From one of the informants we captured from the Hero-faction, they said “Those who get involved with Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou, especially the Sacred Gear possessors tend to awaken in abnormal directions”…… Hmm. I don’t get it.

While I was thinking about it, Kiba stands in front of Furcas while taking his knight troop with him.

In his current situation he doesn’t hold that much offensive power compared to the holy-demonic swords, but since he is controlling the knight troops, he has manpower. If those attack at the same time, then Furcas’s phantoms will…..

[Furcas-dono! Here I come!]

Kiba sprints ahead with his knight troops! Several of them heading towards Furcas were very fast!

[Ku! I can’t fall here yet!]

Furcas shouts, and kicking the blue horse’s stomach, he leaps forward. At the same time he creates several phantoms!

Kiba’s knight troops and Furcas’ phantoms collide!


A single sound of metal echoes.

Kiba and Furcas exchange a single strike while having the knight troops and the phantoms disappear.

A moment passes…..and Furcas gets covered with light. There is a crack on his armour from his shoulder down to his stomach, and there is smoke coming from his wounds possibly due to the damage from the holy-sword.

That’s the light when you retire! Kiba caught the real Furcas within the phantoms, and he conquered the speed battle!


Furcas disappears along with the light from the field after saying that.

--At the same time, the arbiter announces it.

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s [Knight], retires!]

The crowd cheered with that announcement, and we were overjoyed.

For the first battle, the one who gained victory is us!

Part 6

[The team which dominated the first match is the Gremory team! Now then, what will happen in the next match!?]

While the broadcaster agitates the crowds, Kiba returns using the magic circle. At the same time, the barrier lightens up and we can be seen from the outside now.

The time for Buchou to roll the dice has come again.

Once again, the two [Kings] started to roll the die. The value rolled was……6 by Buchou and 4 by Sairaorg-san! It’s total value of 10! This time it’s a big value!

[Oooo! This time the total value is 10! Both sides will be able to send out combatants within the value of 10! Of course it’s a value where you can send several combatants!]

It’s like what the broadcaster said. It’s a number where you can send out a team.

I wonder what Buchou is going with? Since mine and Akeno-san’s number is large, we can only go solo. Buchou can also go, but I doubt she will do that. Also Kiba just went before so he can’t go this time since the rule forbids one from continuously being sent. Get healed by Asia and take a rest, Kiba.

The magic circle gets covered in a barrier again, and it closes itself off from the outside world.

The ones whom Buchou picks while using the planning time are….

“Let’s go with solid. Rossweisse. And for the support, Koneko. I will leave this to you two.”

Double [Rook]! This is a rare style! [Rook] has a value of 5. It’s a combination where she used the maximum value allowed.



Both of them are full of spirit. The [Rook] Onee-san who is a magician and a moving cannon, and a loli [Rook] who is a senjutsu user. We are having these two go, but I wonder whom they will send…..

Both of them are transported by the magic circle. The field which appeared on the vision this time is inside a dark shrine. So this time the battlefield will be inside a building? There are giant pillars inside, and I can see an altar deep within. The ceiling is crumbled, and you can see outside through it.

The shrine is made similar to the one we fought Diodora in. It’s a field which brings back bad memories.

Now, for their opponents….

A blonde haired gentle-looking man equipped with light armour and a sword. –Also a giant man who seems to stand 3 metres tall.

[I’m one of the [Knights] of Sairaorg-sama, Liban Crocell. This big one here is the [Rook], Gandoma Balam. We two will be your opponents.]


A silent giant….. The [Rook] Gandoma Balam has a good build. His arms are especially huge down to his fingers. His face is more like a monster than a human.

“Wasn’t Balam a household with a trait of having superhuman strength?”

“Yeah. Even on the video recording, Gandoma Balam’s strength was tremendous.”

Kiba answers my question. He’s a [Rook] with superhuman strength. It definitely feels like he’s a guy who increased his speciality even further.

[…..Crocell, one of the former 72 pillars. The descendant of an extinct house.]

Koneko-chan mutters like that at the introduction of the opponent [Knight].

The broadcaster continues with the introductions.

[Yes! Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s servant, combatant Liban Crocell, is a descendant of the now extinct house of Crocell!]

I know that the extinct household reappears in another new way. Vali is also a descendant of the old-Maou after all.

The current government is searching for the descendants of the extinct households which became extinct due to many reasons. There were households which sought to go to the human world, and the high-class devils that live in the human world have a duty to look after those descendants.

So like this, descendants still remain. But it also seems like there are many of them who have very complicated issues as well. So there should be a reason why a descendant from the house of Crocell is following Bael….Sairaorg-san.

[The second match starts now!]

The arbiter announces.

[……Since the opponent is formidable, I will be serious from the start.]

As Koneko-chan says that, she covers herself in touki. At the same time ears and tails appear, now there are two tails.

This is Koneko-chan’s new technique. [Nekomata-mode level 2]. By using senjutsu to cover her whole body in touki, she can have an explosive power for a temporary time. Her physical ability also increases! And she won’t go berserk! Koneko-chan leaps forward very fast, and she strikes at the giant's……at Balam’s face!


A lively sound echoes….but it doesn’t even bother Balam. It doesn’t seem like he took any damage from the looks of it. If I remember, this guy has unreal defence.

But, there is no way that Koneko-chan will do an ordinary punch, so she must have sent ki into his body which she heightened using her senjutsu. Even if it doesn’t show any effect with a single hit, she should be able to destroy his insides if she keeps on hitting him.


Balam swings his massive arm to the side. I can tell that it vibrated the air even through the vision. Koneko-chan dodges that immediately, and from behind her Rossweisse-san shoots out magical attacks at Balam’s body!

It was many attacks shot at the same time which include various attributes such as fire, lightning, ice, and wind! But……it doesn’t seem like Balam has any visible damage.

[……His magical defence is also high. I don’t know why, but I’ve been fighting opponents of this type lately!]

Rossweisse-san must be referring to Heracles whom she fought back in Kyoto. His defence was also insanely high.


Then Rossweisse-san and her surroundings blurred. Is it just a bad camera vision? That’s what I thought, but Rossweisse-san fell to her knees.


At the same time, the floor around Rossweisse-san starts to dent as if it’s being pushed down by something!

There is some pressure pushing down on it? I see, it’s that guy. On the video we watched, that guy had an ability like that! The [Knight] Crocell!

[You have too many openings, sister.]

Crocell says that while his eyes glow.

[……..Ability of gravity……]

Rossweisse-san tries to activate a magic-circle under her foot while under the gravity.

[I won’t let you! I will also freeze you!]

Crocell activates a magic-circle in his hand, and ice was formed on Rossweisse-san’s feet! The ice wraps around Rossweisse-san’s legs!

[……If I remember correctly, you are a magic swordsman!]

Rossweisse-san smiles fearlessly at Crocell who is charging at her with his sword drawn.

[I’m a Crocell plus a mage, and a mix-blood who has human blood running through me! Add to that, I’m good at swordsmanship! And one more thing, the power of gravity is my Sacred Gear! [Gravity Jail]!]

“His Sacred Gear causes gravity changes to the place he looks! His ability will continue until he has you out of his sight! Be careful!”

Buchou says that to Rossweisse-san through the earphone. His ability is similar to Gasper’s ability. It’s not like it stops time, but it’s enough to stop the movement of his opponents.

Next to them, Koneko-chan was dodging Balam’s attack swiftly, and she was giving him senjutsu punches one by one.

Uwaa, he swings his thick arm around so much, that Giant-san!

[…….I know. I've already been told about Crocell’s Sacred Gear ability from Governor-Azazel. –Also an ability which uses sight has a weakness which is very easy to exploit!]

Even though she’s under the gravity, Rossweisse-san activates a magic-circle with her trembling hands!

FLASH! A flash lightens the surroundings.

[You are too naïve, sister! Mirror!]

A mirror appears from the magic-circle which is in Crocell’s hand, and he tries to block the light.

[Due to the characteristics of my ability, I have powers to cover those weaknesses. That’s why I have summoned a mirror.]

Crocell smirks.

Rossweisse-san’s attack was seen through…?

No, that isn’t it! Rossweisse-san made the magic-circle under her foot glow stronger! The flash which was reflected by the mirror…..hits Balam! That instant, Rossweisse-san and Balam glowed, and the light envelops the surroundings. When the light stopped, the one under Crocell’s gravity was Balam! Rossweisse-san was at Balam’s location now instead!

“Terrific! A magic to swap each others' locations! Having the mirror reflect that magic was just a requirement for its activation! It’s a swap done where she already read through the opponents next step!”

Kiba gave applause to Rossweisse-san’s superb attack! I’m also shocked! I see….so the opponent already had a countermeasure for when the enemy would try to blind his eyes from the beginning. So she used that instead!

[Koneko-san! Has your attack gone through!?]

[……Yes. I disrupted that huge man’s aura and insides so his defence against magic won’t be active now.]

[Roger that! Full-burst, eat this both of you!]

Rossweisse-san created many magic-circles in front of her! This is Rossweisse-san’s special……


Magical attacks with mixed attributes fall on Crocell and Balam! The number of them is…….actually it's dumb to even start counting them now! It’s an attack which seems like it will destroy the battlefield!

The attack stops, and waste spreads around the surroundings. When that calms down, the one who was on the ground was……Crocell.

…….Only Crocell? Where is Balam? It happened when I was thinking about that.

[……I’ve been telling you……since before that you have you guards down…….remember? The moment you…….think you defeated your enemy, that’s when it creates an opening…….]

Crocell who is in a critical situation has his eyes glow mysteriously.

Then Rossweiss-san and Koneko-chan’s movements get stopped for a moment by the gravity.

And the one who appeared is Balam covered in wounds and blood!



Along with the sound of the wind, a massive fist which seems like it’s his last attack hits Koneko-chan.

……………………. I closed my eyes when I saw that scene.

Crocell, Balam and Koneko-chan start becoming covered in the light for when you retire.


Rossweisse-san takes hold of Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan has a battered body because of receiving a deadly strike from the giant.

[…..I’m glad. If Rossweisse-san is still active, Gremory can still fight……]

Even though you can tell that she has serious injuries just by looking, Koneko-chan was smiling. Her smile seems like she is satisfied.

[…….I’m sorry, Koneko-chan.]

[……Please don’t apologise, Rossweisse-san. I’m glad…… I was able to become useful……since we were able defeat the two of them…..]

Saying that, Koneko-chan, Crocell and Balam were covered in light for transportation. Koneko-chan…… You did well….. Leave the rest to us……

I bit my lip, and kept my anger and sadness inside me. Not yet. Don’t release it yet. This feeling, it’s still too early to release it……!

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s [Knight] and [Rook], combatant Rias Gremory’s [Rook] retire.]

The arbiter announces.

The second match. Even though we were able to dominate it…….we finally had a casualty.

Part 7

[With the second match finished, the Bael side had 3 members and the Gremory side had 1 member retire. Gremory is in the lead, but we don’t know the outcome yet! The game has just begun!]

The broadcaster says.

“You sure are calm. You didn’t let any emotion out even when Koneko-chan was defeated.”

Kiba says.

“……I am frustrated. But I thought I should hold it in. Isn’t it better to let it explode afterwards?”

Hearing that, Kiba made a small laugh.

“You sure are scary. But I agree with that opinion.”

You shouldn’t say that with a scary face. Geez, looks like we are both sweet on our juniors.

Now, for the third match. I wonder what kind of number will appear.

Both [Kings] rolled the dice. –The total value is 8! Oh! It’s a value where I can show up!

It happened when we were about to go into the planning time. Sairaorg-san told the arbiter.

“We will be sending the [Bishop] Corianna Andrealphus.”

Sairaorg-san declared it before sending his combatant to the battlefield! The crowd gets noisy. The opponent [Bishop] appears on monitor. If I remember, Corianna is…..

What I remembered was right on the mark. A person steps forward from the enemy base. Like I thought, it’s a beautiful Onee-san! A blond with long curly hair. She’s the Onee-san that looks like a business woman who seems like she can handle any job! On top of that she is glamorous!

[Is this a declaration!? Combatant Sairaorg, what is your reason for saying that?]

The broadcaster asks. Sairaorg-san looks at me. …….M…Me?

“How would Hyodou Issei respond, if I say that she has a technique which can oppose Hyoudou Issei’s lecherous techniques?”

Sairaorg-san says it like that! A technique which can oppose my attacks…..!?

The crowd gets noisy.

The one who answered back first to that declaration was Sensei who is the commentator.

[Hou! That’s an interesting declaration! Combatant Ise shows unequalled power against women. The reasons are basically because of “Dress Break” and “Pailingual”, and……..]

[Combatant Hyodou Issei is very interesting. From what I've heard, he comes up with new techniques every time.]

It seems like the Emperor is also very interested in it! It’s an honour, but it’s also embarrassing!

[That guy has a sponge like brain so his absorbing rate is good. His head is like a very dry sponge to begin with, so he absorbs everything he is taught right away. I never thought it was this terrifying for his head to be this empty because he doesn’t have anything but lecherous things in his head.]

“ “ “ “ “Ahahahahahaha!” ” ” ” ”

The stadium stirs with Sensei’s comments. Everyone was laughing their ass off! It’s so embarrassing! I’m sorry for being an idiot and lecherous! That’s right! Just like you said, my head is a sponge!

[Sponge Dragon!]

One of the crowd members shouted out like that! What the heck is thaaaaaaaat!?

“Shut up! Who said that!? Someone just called me Sponge-Dragon! Don’t put whatever you want before the word [Dragon]!”

After I said that, the crowd just laughed even more.

“Fine then! I will accept the challenge!”

I accepted the challenge with the flow!

Buchou puts her hand on her forehead and she seems troubled.

“…….Geez. It’s definitely a trap, but how about it? In terms of strength you are overwhelmingly stronger but the opponent is definitely up to something.”

I get asked by Buchou.

“I’m interested in it. A woman who can oppose my techniques. And this is also a challenge from Sairaorg-san….. It’s like he’s saying “Can you overcome this?”. Do you think there will be any dirty tricks?”

Yeah, I think what Sairaorg-san said are honest words. It’s just a straightforward challenge to me. I only talked to him for a bit, but I can tell that he wouldn’t do anything underhanded like setting a trap after making such a declaration. …..I don’t know why, maybe it's because we have similar fighting styles.

And I certainly am looking forward to it! For there to be a technique that can overcome my dress-break and pailingual! What can a single woman do to the lecherous me? I want to experience it. After all, my pailingual is allowed in this game thanks to Sairaorg-san’s kindness!

Buchou breathed out.

“…..Go then. I’m also anxious about the opponent’s technique which can overcome your techniques. But do not let your guard down.”

“Yes! Hyoudou Issei, will be going then!”

I did a bow, and headed towards the transfer-type magic circle!

[It seems like Oppai-Dragon will be fighting!]

The broadcaster shouts. Then….

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Oppai! Oppai! Oppai!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The seats with children started to get heated up more than ever before.

[Please take a look! The energetic smiles of those children! The hero of the Underworld! The children are getting excited by the entrance of the Oppai-Dragon!]

It’s just like the broadcaster said. Amazing, the faces of the children shown from the monitor have smiles on. They were calling out my name as hard as they could.

Maybe it’s because the invisibility barrier isn’t on. The monitor is showing my appearance, and there was a display under my name which reads “Oppai Dragon”! And as my entrance song, the [Oppai Dragon’s song] is played! So I have my personal music!? But this……

-This match, I can’t afford to lose.

Having that strong feeling inside me, I get transported to the battlefield.

………..... The light for the transportation stopped, and the place I arrived at was a huge flower garden. Flowers with rich colours are blossoming through this whole place. I can smell the scent of different flowers.

……..For a flower garden like this to become the place for my battlefield.

I then confirmed my opponent in front of me. It’s the [Bishop] woman. She excels in all categories of demonic-powers if I remember correct. But she’s more like a support-type. So what will she do?

I put my alert on, and the arbiter comes in. It seems like he transferred here.

[The third match starts now!]

It has started! I will make my gauntlet appear and promote to Queen! Well, thanks to attaining Triaina, I am able to do promotion without Buchou’s authorisation. I started the countdown for the Balance Breaker while heading forward! The opponent also did the same, and she started to release attacks with her demonic-powers. She released spear like things created from ice using her demonic-powers. I started to dodge them!

“You are pretty good, boy.”

The opponent [Bishop] says that plainly. Hmm, even though her voice was plain, I sensed some ero inside her voice!

I dodged the demonic-power ice spears. I also dodged her other attacks that used her demonic-powers. My biggest weakness is the state I’m in before I get into Balance-Breaker! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the countermeasures for it. I train daily, so I can run around for a while in this state!

While I was running around the flower garden dodging the attacks, my countdown ended! Yeah, this is where the real match starts!

[Balance Break!]

A red light comes out from the gauntlet which envelops my body. The red aura shapes into armour, and the Balance Break is completed!

[It came out! It’s the Oppai Dragon! In the stadium, the children have become even more excited!]

The broadcaster shouts. The vision also appears above the battlefield, and it shows the children on it.

[Oppai Dragooooooooooon! Do your best~!]

It’s the best cheer there is. I’m getting pumped with motivation! Well then, lets see if you really can break my techniques then!

I increased the imagination in my head, and I got ready to do pailingual.

I will activate that mysterious dimension. Then I will have the Onee-san’s breasts speak! After that I will use Dress Break on her when I approach her! After feeding my eyes with her nudity, I will defeat her immediately! This is it! This is the only way!

[Come come come! Spread, my-]

I released the demonic-power in my brain, and it happened when I was about to activate pailingual……


The Onee-san started to unbutton her clothes in front of me.


I had my eyes glued to her stripping. I’m staring at her!

F-F-F-F-F-F-For reaaaaaaaal!? She’s striping her clothes in this place and situation!?

Onee-san didn’t pay attention to my shock, and she took off her business jacket. I thought she took her jacket off to become serious.

-But it wasn’t the case.

Onee-san is also trying to take off her skirt! Impossible!? She’s stripping in this important battle! Something like that can happen!?

I stopped my attack…..at this wonderful situation!

[Ooo! This is! Coriana Andrealphus of the Bael Team started to strip all of a sudden! The male viewers are just glaring at her silently! Governor-Azazel! What is this!]


Sensei is also staring at her!

Yeah this is truly a happy situation, but that is that, and this is this! I activated my pailingual while I couldn’t hide my excitement.


An unknown dimension was activated and spread, Onee-san was within my range! Yeah! The technique worked perfectly! I will listen to it, the voice of your breasts that is!

“Hey! The oppai over there! What are you going to do next?”

When I asked, Onee-san’s breasts mutter so only I can hear it.

[Next…..I’m going to take off the buttons of my blouse. One by one.]


Hearing that, I payed attention to Onee-san’s movements.

-Right now she’s taking off the buttons on her blouse.

……………..So wonderful.

No! How can this be!? The things her breasts told me is……the next thing she will be stripping off! Impossible! Something like this is possible!?

[Ise, what are you doing! You heard what her breasts said right? Then prepare for the next attack!]

I received the order from Buchou.

……B..But Buchou. I…….I!

“I can’t! Because her Oppai is telling me what she’s going to strip next!”

[-! Impossible! Her breasts told you that!?]

Buchou was astonished by this revelation!

[Then you can just use your Dragon-shot to finish the match--]

Buchou gives me another order, but I cried out.

“I can’t do that Buchou! Because…..because! It’s impossible for me to attack this Onee-san who is stripping her clothes! The option of using Dress-Break to make her naked is also out of the question because I can’t do that to the Onee-san who is stripping for me!”

Yeah, that’s exactly it! The action to take her clothes off one by one….. That alone is a godly situation…..! And it’s ‘nonsense’ to strip her by force with it! The woman is stripping off for me by herself! This is definitely the best situation there is…….!

This feeling! Only guys can understand this!

Sensei explains.

[So this is what Sairaorg’s team came up with to seal Ise’s techniques! What a frightening technique! Her breasts tells him what she’s going to take off next while she is stripping right in front of him. For guys, the best situation is when a woman is taking her clothes off one by one. Guys are creatures that get addicted to woman stripping, that’s why strip-shows exist. Using Dress-Break to strip her naked immediately is a foolish idea! A move which is precise and accurate by knowing the hearts of lechers! Is this how powerful the Bael group is!?]

I understand. I can understand that, Sensei! I know that feeling so much that it pains me! Though right about now, the girls are looking at me with their eyes half closed while making a sigh! But this is something only a guy can understand!

So this is the plan Sairaorg-san and his group came up with! Magnificent! It’s so magnificent that tears are flowing from my eyes!

--Thank you very much!

So this is the weakness of dress-break and Pailingual! I didn’t see that coming! Since it’s a ‘sukebe-technique’, they can find the solution for it by understanding the ‘heart’ of a sukebe!

I trembled with fear due to the depths of a Rating Game.

<……. You are the worst.>

It feels like Koneko-chan said that. No, maybe she muttered that out while she is looking at this through the infirmary! Onee-san’s beautiful legs! Her enormous breasts which is held back by her bra! Her hips! Her erotic underwear! Magnificent! It’s perfect! I have no more words left!

Finally, Onee-san only has her bra and pants on.

[By the way, it’s about this strip-show but we will put a special effect on the broadcast since children are also watching.]

I see. That way the children in the stadium and back at home can watch it safely!

Now Onee-san, what will you take off next? Well, since she came this far she will be taking off her bra, and revealing her enormous o..o…o…oppai….

I was gazing at her with perverted eyes, but Onee-san puts her hand on her pants.


It was exactly that moment.

Something inside me cooled down.

……………..It’s wrong.

……………..That’s wrong Onee-san!

My intense feeling increases inside me. This feeling is something you call a rage.

She came this far and she’s taking off her pants!? Pants → Bra!?

-That isn’t righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht!

I shouted it out inside myself!

“You take off the bra, then the pants!”

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost]

By the time I realised it, I released an enormous dragon-shot created from my anger towards the [Bishop].

“Eh!? You must be joking! Kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Maybe she didn’t see that coming, so Onee-san disappears inside the dragon-shot.

[Combatant Sairaorg’s [Bishop] retires.]

Emotionless words come from the arbiter.

Even though I won, I looked up at the sky.

…….What a sad victory. But I want you to understand it.

-I’m one who prefers to have the bra taken off, then the pants.

For the third match, I attained victory due to the differences in our sexual preferences.

Part 8

“That was a horrible match.”

The first words I received were those from Kiba.

The bastard was making a bitter smile.

Shut up! Right now I’m depressed! For my two invincible attacks against women to have such a weakness! And that you see the pants → Bra? That is wrong!

Well, let’s leave this conversation and move on to the dice roll.

The total value is announced. The number is…..8! 8 again! It’s a value where I can come out, but I can’t go repeatedly.

“8 huh. I will go then.”

Xenovia took a step forward. Xenovia who is a [Knight] has a value of 3, so she can obviously participate.

“Yes, you are right. It’s about time I should leave this to Xenovia.”

Buchou also agreed to it. But there are still 5 values remaining. Buchou then looks at Kiba and Rossweisse-san.

“It might be appropriate for Kiba or Rossweisse to go with Xenovia.”

Yeah. If it’s Kiba who is a [Knight] with the value of 3, or Rossweisse-san who is a [Rook] with the value of 5, then that would be within the value range of 8 and they would be able to go to the field. They also might make a good pair.

But….there is someone who has his hand up. It’s Gasper.

“…….I….I will go. U…Ummm, it’s almost the mid-game…..so we won’t know what will happen…….and since Yuuto-senpai and Rossweisse-san are strong, I think we should reserve them for much later…..”

Everyone opened their eyes wide at Gasper’s words. ……..No one predicted that Gasper would say such a thing himself.

But it’s like this guy said. It would be better to keep Kiba and Rossweisse-san who are strong for much later. I think there is also a method where we send out powerful members during the mid-game though.

But Gasper’s eyes were filled with determination.

Buchou then smiles.

“Then Gasper, will you support Xenovia? I want you to support Xenovia using your evil-eyes and vampire powers.”

Having Buchou say that, Gasper mutters.

“…..I….I’m a boy, so I need to take revenge for Koneko-chan!”

He said that while his whole body was trembling. That’s a good spirit!

“Yup, I’m depending on you, Gasper.”

“Y-Yes, Xenovia-senpai!”

It was the birth of the tag team of Xenovia and Gasper.

For the fourth match, the battlefield the two of them arrived in is a wasteland which has rough rocks around everywhere.

……It’s a place where the footing seems terrible. I’m glad Xenovia is more of a power-type despite being a [Knight]. If it was Kiba instead, it would have affected his speed.

-Then their opponents appear in front of the two of them.

A tall lanky man and a bishoujo carrying a staff with a creepy design…… No, if I remember that is a bishounen[20].

Emm, I think the tall lanky one was a [Rook] and the boy with the creepy looking staff is a [Bishop].

[From the Gremory team, it’s the combatant Xenovia the [Knight] who wields the legendary Durandal, and the combatant Gasper the [Bishop] who is a girl born from a man who is popular amongst a certain group of people!]

“ “ “ Uoooooooooooo! Gya~~~~~kun~!” ” ”

Just like the broadcaster said, there are male fans from a certain group of the crowd who gave their cheers to Gasper! Hmm, so he’s popular amongst those kind of people huh. I sure can’t take Gya-suke lightly.

And it seems like there are more women fans than guys for Xenovia. Maybe female [Knights] tend to gather more support from the women.

[From the Bael-team it is…… Oh my! This is very astonishing since both of them are descendants from extinct households! Combatant Ludora Bune the [Rook] and combatant Misteeta Sabnock the [Bishop]. Both of them are descended from now extinct households of the former 72 pillars! Governor-Azazel, it seems like there are several of those who come from extinct households on the Bael-team……]

Sensei answers after being asked by the broadcaster.

[If they have potential, he will take in anyone from any background. That’s the way Sairaorg Bael thinks. It means that the descendants of the extinct households responded to that call. Even though the descendants of the extinct households are under the protection of the current government, the reality is that they are being despised by a group of higher-ups. There are many among the devils who value the importance of pure blood so much, that they want to make those who survived by mixing blood with different races as if they never existed from the beginning.]

Sensei made a serious comment like that. Even the broadcaster looked troubled by Sensei’s words.

[Hahahaha, that is definitely true.]

Though Emperor Belial was laughing……

Then the tall lanky man speaks.

[That is correct. Our master Sairaorg-sama welcomed our clans who survived by means of breeding with humans.]

[Sairaorg-sama’s dream is our dream.]

It seems like the boy also has a strong belief.

It seems like both servants from the Bael side have their eyes burning with a sense of purpose.

[The fourth battle starts now!]

The arbiter gives the signal for the start of the match. Then both sides take stances immediately, and start their attacks.

“Gasper, transform into a bat! Xenovia, you attack after that!”

Buchou gives an order from the base.

Gasper transforms into several bats which spread throughout the field, and Xenovia released many pulses created from Durandal towards the enemy [Rook] and [Bishop]!

The sharp waves from the holy-sword fly ahead while gouging deeply through the rocks!

Both of them dodge the attack, and the [Bishop] Sabnock releases a hot fire created from demonic-powers! If I remember, that [Bishop] also specialises in demonic-powers.

[I won’t let you!]

The bats which are flying around the field have their eyes glowing red, and it freezes the fire! The frozen fires remain up in the air! And Xenovia creates a wave from her holy-sword which wipes the enemy’s attack away! Good combination! It was worth practising for a team battle after all!

[Ladora! I received an order from Sairaorg-sama! We will take down the swordswoman first! I will prepare for it!]


Receiving Sairaorg-san’s order, the [Bishop] took a step back, and has aura running through his body! An ominous aura is rising from him……! It’s an ominous aura which gives me the creeps.

And the [Rook] steps in front of the [Bishop] as if protecting him, and he took off his clothes.

If I remember correctly, that [Rook] has very high defence. Is he trying to become a wall? That’s what I thought, but…..


……The [Rook]’s tall lanky body suddenly buffed, and it becomes an abnormal shape. Build up? No, it isn’t! The tall lanky body gets even more buffed, and now a tail and wings have started to grow from his back! His mouth is covered with fangs, and his nails get sharper!

The Bael [Rook] is getting bigger!


A giant black creature makes a howl……. A dragon appears in front of Xenovia and Gasper!

That tall lanky [Rook] turned into a dragon!

“………Even though Bune is a devil, it’s a clan which rules dragons….. But only a small group of people in their clan can transform…….. And he happens to be one of them…!”

Buchou puts on a bitter expression.

A devil which can turn into a dragon! There were things like that even in fantasy stories! But when I see it with my eyes for real, it has so much intensity! More than that, I didn’t see that ability in the match against Glasya-Labolas. It’s my first time seeing it!

So we happened to encounter someone who was able to use that ability which is rare in his clan!

[There wasn’t any information about him transforming into a dragon! That Sairaorg……, he trained that servant and made him awaken it!]

Sensei made a comment like that. So he trained until he was able to transform!

Then the battle between the dragon and Xenovia began!

Xenovia used both the wave and direct attacks with her holy-sword on the dragon, but because of its hard defence she can’t give a decisive blow.

The Durandal-cannon might be able to cause it damage, but that needs quite some time for charging.

[Gasper! I will take that down! Buy me some time!]

Xenovia asks for support from Gasper. So she’s planning to use it!

Xenovia stepped back, and Gasper’s bats surround the dragon.

[Aye! Aye!]

Gasper covered around the dragon and tried to make it get away from Xenovia.

“Buchou, will Gasper power up if he drinks that dragon’s blood?”

That’s my opinion. We have him carry my blood just in case, but I thought he might be able to power up by biting it since he is already covering around him.

Buchou shook her head.

“We don’t know what the blood of Bune will do to Gasper. He might get something better than we expected, but it’s also possible for the opposite to happen. Having him drink your blood that we gave him will be more safe and accurate.”

Well, that’s true. If he gets a stomach ache by drinking that dragon’s blood, he won’t be able to participate in the match.

The dragon which is finding the attacks of the bats bothersome breathes out a huge ball of fire, but Gasper dodges it magnificently.

Xenovia raised her Ex-Durandal up high. It happened when she was about to charge it.

The opponent [Bishop] shouts.

[This is it! Holy-sword! Seal your power!]

That moment, the [Bishop]’s staff gave a mysterious glow, and it captured Xenovia.

Xenovia gets surrounded by the creepy light. Then disgusting looking marks appear on her body.

Xenovia’s hand trembles. She drops her Ex-Durandal.

[……..What is this…….. Durandal isn’t responding…….!]

W-What!? I became shocked at the phenomenon that occurred to Xenovia’s body. So the holy-sword isn’t responding to her! Xenovia is a natural born holy-sword wielder. That factor……disappeared?

Bael’s [Bishop] then says it with a tired expression.

[..…..I also carry human blood within me. -Sacred Gear [Trick Vanish]. It’s a cursed ability that I recently became able to use……]

Sacred Gear! And he became able to use it recently! That’s why even though we watched that video, I am seeing this for the first time! Is that also the result of their training?

[Trick Vanish, it’s a Sacred Gear which can completely seal the ability of a specific person temporarily by consuming a large amount of the possessor’s stamina and mind. –It seems like the Bael [Bishop] sealed the ability of combatant Xenovia to wield the holy-sword temporarily in exchange for his power.]

Sensei says that! Like I thought! He took away Xenovia’s ability to wield the holy-sword! As a payment, the opponent consumed his stamina and such, and now he looks tired!


Xenovia is carrying Durandal as if she finds it heavy. So it isn’t working at all……

[……I actually tried to give damage to her from the after-shock created by sealing the holy-sword…… It seems like her talent as a holy-sword wielder is denser than I thought……]

The opponent [Bishop] smirks while being wobbly. So Xenovia isn’t able to use Durandal, but she didn’t receive the damage from the aftershock of sealing her ability.


Then the dragon came to attack without any mercy! Xenovia couldn’t do anything, but many bats wrap around Xenovia!


The dragon stomps on the ground where she was, but there is no one under it.

Xenovia who was covered by the bats gets moved behind the rocks! So Gasper evacuated her! Nice support!

[…..I’m sorry Gasper. But looks like I will be useless now.]

Xenovia says that apologetically.

[N-no, you are wrong! Xenovia-senpai will be more useful to Buchou than me!]

Gasper encourages Xenovia, and he removes a small bottle and chalks from his pochette.

[I…I know a couple of ways to remove curses like this!]

Gasper activates a small magic circle in his palm, and places it on Xenovia’s body. It seems like he is checking the curse on Xenovia through the magic-circle.

[I won’t let you get away! Where are you!]

The dragon is looking for Xenovia and Gasper in the rocky area while making the earth rumble. ……It’s only a matter of time until they are found!

“Gasper, does it look like Xenovia’s curse can be removed?”

Buchou asks.

[……..Yes, it seems like I can manage it with my own way of uncursing it with the items I currently have.]

After Gasper says that, he uses the chalk to draw a magic-circle with Xenovia in the centre.

He draws an unfamiliar symbol and he holds the small bottle in his hand at the end. –It’s the small bottle with my blood in it. That is an item which increases Gasper’s power.

[By mixing Ise-senpai’s blood with the magic-circle I just drew, I think I can uncurse it. But it seems like it will take some time for it to be removed……]

Gasper says that to Xenovia. ……..So he’s going to use my blood…..?

[W-Wait Gasper. If you use that blood, you will…….]

To the confused looking Xenovia, Gasper showed a big smile.

[Xenovia-senpai, I found out what my duty is.]


Xenovia questions him. Gasper who has completed the magic-circle leaps out from the rocks.

[I….I will buy time! Once the curse is removed, please continue to charge the Durandal!]

-! Is he trying to charge ahead by himself without drinking my blood!?

“It’s reckless! Gasper! Hide yourself!”

Buchou shouts, but Gasper runs forward with a determined expression.

[No! I…I have to buy some time! For Buchou to win, Xenovia-senpai is needed!]

Buchou shouts again.

“I’m telling you run away immediately!”

-The dragon and Bael’s [Bishop] come in front of Gasper.

[I’ve found you vampire. So you hid that swordswoman I see. But she’s somewhere nearby right? She will appear if I spread my flames around here.]

Having the dragon approach him, Gasper's body is trembling. But he shows no signs of running away, and he made a stance to shoot demonic-power by putting his hand forward.

[I…I won’t let you go berserk!]

Is he trying to charge forward in order to protect Xenovia!?

[Coming ahead by yourself, huh. I respect that courage of yours. Though you are shaking, you can’t stand in front of a dragon without any courage.]

The dragon who gave his respect to Gasper…..breathed out a flame from his mouth!


Gasper tries to defend it by using a defence magic-circle! Run away! It’s reckless! But Gasper continues to act as a shield for Xenovia so he can buy some time!


Gasper screams. Having the defence magic-circle destroyed, he gets pushed back by the flames. Even though he gets burned by the flames, Gasper stands up weakly.

[…….Not yet. I can still continue!]

[Gasper! Don’t over do it!]

Xenovia’s voice.

[The swordswoman voice? She’s nearby? That swordswoman, where is she?]

Hearing Xenovia’s voice, the dragon looks around!


Gasper spreads his devil wings, and he grabs onto the dragon’s arm.

[--! Let go! Unlike you whom I can beat anytime, I have to take down the Durandal wielder immediately! That curse is temporary after all!]

Gasper gets caught by the dragon’s other hand, and he gets crushed very strongly by it! A disturbing sound echoes through the field!


Gasper screams in agony.

Buchou looks away from that scene.

“…….Please stop!”

Asia covers her face and screams.

The dragon throws down the crushed Gasper.

Gasper is still trying to stand despite having intense pain to the point where he can barely breath now! Even in that situation…..he is going towards the dragon.

[…..It hurts….It hurts…….. But……. I’m a boy from the Gremory group……. Please hold on Xenovia-senpai…….]

Xenovia doesn’t respond to Gasper’s call. She should have heard Gasper’s shout.

On the vision, Xenovia killed her presence and her voice probably because she understood her junior’s determination. Her eyes are covered with her tears.

[You are in the way!]

Gasper gets kicked around by the dragon. Even so he doesn’t give up.

[……. Gremory group’s males…….lesson 1……..a man has to protect a girl…..!]

He somehow lifts his body which is trembling due to the shock and pain……and Gasper stood up. Those are the words I told Gasper back in the clubroom.

[…. G…Gremory group’s males…..lesson 2…..a man has to stand up……no matter what……..!]

He tries to activate another magic-circle on his hand, but….


Bael’s [Bishop] carrying a staff came while being wobbly and used his staff to hit Gasper from the side.

[Give up, you won’t be able to beat us.]

Heartless words. Even a strike from the wobbling guy would be like a deadly attack to the current Gasper.

Even after hearing that, he grabbed onto the rocks, and he tried to stand up again.

[……. Gremory…..group’s…..males….lesson……3…….]

Gasper faces forward with his swelled up face and he mutters to himself.

[……Don’t give up…….no matter what…… …….I have to protect……Xenovia-senpai….]


A heartless attack. The dragon stomps Gasper without any mercy….

The dragon removes his foot. Gasper was already battered and squashed. He is no longer in a state where he can fight. He will be retiring soon.


I trembled at the scene I am witnessing.

…….That’s because Gasper who is in a critical situation moved his body a bit. And he tries to move from that spot.

[…..I am from the Gremory……. I have to……make Buchou…….win……]

Seeing that, a tear dropped down from my cheek.


Xenovia’s scream echoes throughout the battlefield because she felt the shock on the earth of Gasper being stomped.

-Senpai. Will I also be able to become useful for everyone?

Idiot……! You idiot! Idiot!

You are following through……what I told you very stubbornly….! There is no one who will call you useless after seeing you right now……!

You….you are…..! You are a fine man from the Gremory group….!


Buchou faces away from the vision.

I told Buchou, while not holding back my tears…..

“……Buchou, I ask you. Please look while not facing backwards. He’s fighting that hard for you while preparing for death…. Right now he is fighting harder than everyone when he was just a hikikomori and a scaredy cat before….! So please watch over him…..!”

Buchou was about to shed her tears at my argument, but she holds it in and looks forward.

“I understand. I’m sorry Ise, Gasper……”

Buchou acts strong. Asia and Akeno-san are crying. Rossweisse-san also has some tears in her eyes, and Kiba is biting his lip so hard that blood is dripping from it.

[You can still move, huh. That strong will towards victory. It really shocks me. Attacking anymore than this will be cruel. Very well, I will make you better with this last attack.]

When the dragon was about to breathe out flames….

[--I won't let you.]

Xenovia shows herself while emitting enormous aura. The holy aura running through Durandal. It’s so strong that it gives me chills.

And the cursed marks on her body are gone. It seems like the removal of the curse was a success!

Xenovia approached Gasper, and she held her junior who had already lost consciousness.

[--You did well Gasper. You are a man. --I’m sorry, because I was worthless I made you go through this……]

Xenovia apologises to Gasper while shedding tears.

[So the curse was removed!]

The Bael’s [Bishop] points his staff at Xenovia. The dragon also has his wings spread.

Xenovia got up quietly and mutters.

[……I was lacking it.]

She slides the Ex-Durandal from the sheath, and changed it to the attack-form.

[I lacked determination. I was caught by an attack like that. I lacked resolution, unlike Gasper, for placing my life on the line, for my master….Buchou and my comrades. This guy was standing here with stronger resolution than me! I’m ashamed of myself…! I just can’t forgive myself……!]

Xenovia’s words also pain me. Yeah, we should have more determination but we are still lacking it.

-And Gasper told us that by using his body.

[Then, what should I do? How can I give my answer to this guy?]

Xenovia wipes her tears while saying curse like words.

[Yeah. This is the only thing I can do. I’m sorry Gasper. –At least let me defeat these guys for you! I think that’s my answer towards you!]


The pillar of holy light goes high up the sky. That’s the enormous aura created from the Ex-Durandal. Even a high-class devil won’t be able to endure if they get hit by it.

[I won’t let you! This time I will sacrifice my life to seal that swordswoman’s ability!]

The Bael’s [Bishop] makes a stance with his staff and he tried to activate his Sacred Gear…….but his body froze along with his consciousness.

The dragon looks at Gasper! Even though he is surrounded by the light for retiring, he has his eyes glow red despite losing his consciousness!

Gasper stopped the opponent [Bishop]!

[The evil eyes that freeze time! Impossible!]

The dragon shouts. Xenovia swings Durandal up high!

[You guys lost to Gasper!]

Xenovia who said that swings Ex-Durandal towards the dragon and the [Bishop]….


A huge amount of holy aura devours both the opponents…..

[Combatants Sairaorg Bael’s [Rook] and [Bishop], and combatant Rias Gremory’s [Bishop] retire.]

The arbiter announces the end of the fourth match.

We have lost our two juniors by the end of the fourth match. The two juniors we had to protect fought harder than us.

--Koneko-chan, Gasper.

I promise you both. We will definitely win!

Definitely! We will definitely bring victory for Buchou! That’s why I want you to rest.

You did well, my juniors. Koneko-chan, Gasper.

I will definitely repay this debt to our opponents…….


What do I mean by "Let's win".

I, Rias Gremory, realised how naive I was.

The ones who were the most prepared were these children.

These children were standing here while risking their lives from the beginning.

For their comrades. -And for me.

And to win.

I'm such a worthless [King]. I'm such a weak, and a very horrible master.

-That's why I will also prepare myself.

Even if I get covered in mud, even if I have to crawl on the ground, I will promise to conquer this game......

Life.4 As a Servant of Rias Gremory

Part 1

The fourth match ended and there are seven members left in our team, that is Buchou, Akeno-san, Kiba, Xenovia, Asia, Rossweisse-san, and me.

On the opponent’s side they consist of their [King] Sairaorg-san, [Queen], and masked [Pawn].

In terms of numbers we are overwhelmingly at an advantage.

[Now, the game might have gone past the mid-game! Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s team has 3 members left! While the combatant Rias Gremory’s team has 7 members left! Gremory-team are at an advantage, but the remaining members of the Bael-team are powerful! Will they be able to wrap it up!?]

The broadcaster stirs the stadium.

“Kiba, the opponent [Pawn] consumed 7 pieces right?”

I try to get a confirmation from Kiba. Kiba nods.

“Yeah. But it’s creepy. Though I think there is no doubt that he is stronger than the members of the Bael group who have shown up until now.”

Yeah…… I don’t know when he will show up, but we should be on alert.

Then the dice roll of the Kings to determine the combatants of the fifth match began.

Because there are only few members in Sairaorg-san’s team, they had to reroll it several times due to the value being small.

After several rolls, the total value which showed up was 9.

…….From our side, anyone can go. Actually, it’s a value where the [Queen] can go ahead.

“Their side now has only 3 members. If it’s 9, then only their [Queen] or [Pawn] can show up. ……..Though I don’t think the [Pawn] would be showing up.”

Buchou says that.

“Do you have a reason for that?”

I ask.

“I feel that Sairaorg doesn’t want to use that [Pawn] as much as possible. There isn’t even a slight indication that he’s coming out. Even if he’s keeping him for later, he’s keeping him back too long. There were several times where that [Pawn] was able to show up, and I even thought he might send it during the second match against Koneko and Rossweisse.”

Buchou tells me like that. The second match, that’s when the total value was 10. That [Pawn] could have paired with one of their [Knight] or [Bishop] for that match.

So that’s why Buchou went firm for that match also predicting that the [Pawn] might come out. They also probably predicted that we would send the powerful Rossweisse-san who specialises in magic since the value was large.

H..Hmm……, I don’t get it! Like I thought, I probably need a servant who can act as my strategist!

“If that’s the case, then will the next opponent be the [Queen], Buchou?”

“Yes, Yuuto. Sairaorg’s [Queen], Kuisha Abaddon. The one from the “Extra Demon”, house of Abaddon, will come.”

-Extra Demon, house of Abaddon.

Even the current 3rd ranker in the Rating Game is also from the house of Abaddon. According to what I heard, it’s quite a powerful devil clan.

Their household takes a certain distance away from the current government, and they seem to be living quietly in the corner of the Underworld……

“-I will go.”

Akeno-san proposes her thoughts to Buchou.

--! So Akeno-san is going!?

“…..Akeno, are you sure? The opponents [Queen] is a person from Abaddon you know? From the video, she’s quite a formidable enemy.”

It’s just like what Buchou said. In the match against Glasya-Labolas, their [Queen] used enormous demonic powers and also the trait of house of Abaddon called “Hole” to overwhelm her enemies.

And that thing called “hole” is a very troublesome power which can suck in anything it wants…… The circular shape “hole” appears as a hole in the atmosphere and that leads to another dimension.

“Do you want me to go? I have a high chance to win against her.”

I said that, but Akeno-san shook her head to the side.

“That’s if you use Triaina correct? You can’t use it yet, Ise-kun. The time when a large value is rolled…… You have to show it in the Endgame. Until then I will scrape off the opponents forces. It’s a reckless thing that I can do because Kiba-kun, Xenovia-chan, Rossweisse-san, Buchou, and Ise-kun are behind me.”

Akeno-san said with a smiley face.

If you say that, then I can’t say anything back to you, Akeno-san……

“……I understand, Akeno. I will leave it to you.”

“Yes, Rias. Let’s win, together.”

Saying just that, Akeno-san disappears within the magic circle.

The location Akeno-san arrived at was a field where many giant towers built from rocks were lined up. Akeno-san was standing on top of a certain tower.

-At the rooftop of the opposite building in front of her, there is a blonde-haired Onee-san.

It’s Sairaorg-san’s [Queen], Kuisha Abaddon. And it happens to be a match between a ‘Black-haired pony-tail [Queen] Akeno-san VS Blonde-haired pony-tail [Queen] Abbadon’.

[So you came like I thought. Raikou no Miko[21].]

Abaddon says that.

[Yes, I’m a bit inexperienced but nice to meet you.]

Akeno-san replies fearlessly.

The arbiter appears and looks at the two of them.

[The fifth match starts now!]

The signal for the start of the match was given!

Akeno-san and the opponent flew up the air while flapping their wings!

Then an intense battle between demonic-powers began!

If Akeno-san releases many fire attacks, the opponent releases a huge ice attack!

If Akeno-san releases water, the Abaddon will use wind. The sky-battle using demonic-power is evenly matched! Possibly because Akeno-san also strengthened her demonic-power by training, she is able to release much more powerful attacks than before.

It’s so powerful that the impact created from their demonic-powers started to crumble the buildings around them!

But we still can’t let our guards down. The opponent hasn’t used ‘hole’ after all.

When Akeno-san creates a dark cloud to the sky using her demonic powers, she strikes down a high density holy-lightning towards her opponent!

High school dxd v10 263.jpg


There was a flash, and the lightning was around Abaddon….but before that happens a warp is formed in the atmosphere! A ‘hole’ appears in the atmosphere! So she used it here!

The high density holy-lightning gets sucked by the ‘hole’!

[This is it! How is this then!?]

Maybe Akeno-san was aiming for this, so she creates more holy-lightning in the sky!


A lot of high density holy-lightning attacks the surroundings! The buildings around her get destroyed by the holy-lightning!

A combo of holy-lightning which takes up half of the space of the battlefield goes toward Abaddon! If she gets hit by this, even a high-class devil will receive critical damage!

And there aren’t any places she can run to! She can do it! Everyone including me confirmed Akeno-san’s victory…… But Abaddon widened her ‘hole’ and she made more ‘holes’ appear!

The giant ‘hole’ and ‘holes’ around it absorb Akeno-san’s continuous strikes of holy-lightning! Akeno-san became speechless after seeing that!

Abaddon makes a cold smile and says it.

[My “Hole” can expand and I can also create many of them. And inside the “Hole” I can split the attacks of the opponents it absorbed and release it. -Like this.]

Many ‘holes’ appeared which surrounds Akeno-san! They were all directed at Akeno-san!

[From the Holy-Lightning, I will remove the “Lightning” and I will just return the “Holy” back to you.]


From the many holes, a light was directed towards Akeno-san…

For a devil, light is…….poisonous. Akeno-san gets covered by the lights….

[Combatant Rias Gremory’s Queen retires.]

The heartless announcement of the arbiter reaches our ears.

Part 2

“Not only can it absorb, but it can also be used as a counter like that.”

Kiba says that when he was able to let the words out from his mouth.

Having lost Akeno-san, we were in shock. The match in demonic-power was evenly matched. If that holy-lightning had hit her, she would have won. She was able to win!

-The reason for our loss was because we took the ‘hole’ of Abaddon lightly.

Shit…… I should have gone instead and defeated her immediately….. I was filled with regret.

“…….Let’s move on. It’s getting close to the endgame, so we can’t feel relieved yet.”

Buchou says that as if she’s saying it to herself.

The time to roll the die for the sixth match came. Both [Kings] rolls the dice.

The total value is…..12!

-! It came, the max value!

[It came! The value 12 has finally come out! The meaning of this value is that the combatant Sairaorg can appear for the match!]


The crowd stirs with the broadcasters words.

As if he is responding to them, Sairaorg-san took his shirt off at his base.

Maybe it’s something he prepared for battling, so he was wearing a tight black battle costume under his shirt. His magnificent body stands out.

He’s coming…! Sairaorg-san is! Sairaorg-san looks this way!

His eyes are filled with fighting intents that he gives me chills. It’s an unbelievable pressure. It’s so heavy that all my body hair will fall. And they were directed at us.


Kiba puts his hand on my shoulder. Kiba says it to me directly.

“Me, Xenovia, and Rossweisse-san will fight Sairaorg-san.”


2 [Knights] and 1 [Rook] makes a total value of 11.

“…..I see.”

I replied like that. His determination must be solid. Even if I say anything now, I doubt he will change his mind.

“I will try to make the opponent get exhausted as much as I can. For you and Buchou.”

Kiba made the smile of a handsome guy. –It seems like he has made up his mind.

“Yeah. I will leave it to you.”

“Yuuto! Are you perhaps……”

Maybe he predicted what Buchou was going to say, so he nodded his head.

“I can’t win against Sairaorg Bael by myself. I am very aware of that. Then what will be my role? It’s simple. To decrease the opponents power as much as I can. Even if it costs my life…… Xenovia, Rossweisse-san, will you tag along with me?”

Xenovia and Rossweisse-san nod at Kiba’s words.

“Yeah. Of course. I never thought I can have this much courage because Ise and Buchou are behind me. I can understand Akeno-fukubucho’s feelings.”

“It’s good and simple since we know what our roles are. -Let’s exhaust the opponent as long as we can.”

Everyone had a determined face. I….made a smile while having my fist which is gripped so tight that it's bleeding. –I can’t let their determination go to waste. I need to send them off with a smile.

We are confronting this day today in order to attain victory with Rias Gremory. For victory, for our comrades, we take one more step to ‘checkmate’ our opponent.

“…..Ise and Yuuto, or if Xenovia teams up……”

Buchou says that, but Kiba swings his head to the sides.

“No. We can’t let Ise-kun go yet. After this battle, most likely the opponents [Queen] and Ise-kun will fight, if that happens…..”

Buchou continues to explain about the plan Kiba just mentioned.

“If that happens then there will only be two opponents left, though because of the rule, Ise can’t fight consecutively. That’s why it will be good to make Asia go in the next battle after that and make her forfeit before fighting. If it becomes the last battle we won’t be needing Asia’s healing ability so making her forfeit will connect to the next game for Ise. So the battle after that will be between Ise and Sairaorg because of Sairaorg’s personality he won’t be sending out [Pawn]. --That’s what it is, right Yuuto?”

Kiba nodded with a satisfactory face at Buchou’s words.

“Yes. Like I thought, you have been planning that far ahead.”

……..So both Buchou and Kiba predicted that far till the final match.

“That’s why this is the crucial moment. --We will grind down Sairaorg Bael’s power.”

Kiba had a refreshing smile.

“And we will defeat him if we can!”

Xenovia was filled with spirits. Kiba makes a bitter smile.

“Yeah. I was also planning to do that.”

Buchou also became prepared and breathed out deeply.

“I will leave it to you three. Please give as much damage to Sairaorg as you can. …….I’m sorry. I made a determination just before, but I was taught new things from all of you once again…… I really am a naïve and worthless [King].”

Kiba shook his head at what Buchou said.

“By meeting you, all of us were saved. The reason we came this far is because of Buchou’s love towards us. –We will bring victory to you. All of us will.”

Kiba says that, and heads towards the magic-circle with Xenovia and Rossweisse-san.

When he went past me, he said it to me while smiling.

“--I will leave the rest to you.”

“Yeah. Leave it to me Dachikou[22].”

And so, the three of them were transferred to the battlefield…..

The place where the three of them arrived at was a lake. Sairaorg-san was already waiting there with his arms crossed.

[Is this Rias’ plan?]

It’s a quote from him where he realises everything. So he must already know what our intentions are.

Kiba and the others don’t answer, but Sairaorg-san smiles as if he is impressed.

[I see. Looks like Rias has also matured.]

He uncrosses his arms, and Sairaorg-san tells the three of them.

[You guys won’t be able to win against me. Even so, you are okay with it?]

[We won’t die easily like that. I will send you in front of the Sekiryuutei in the best condition!]

It seems like Sairaorg-san is trembling with excitement at Kiba’s resolution.

[Good words! How much further can you guys make me heated up..….!]

[Sixth match starts now!]

The arbiter’s signal.

Then, on all four limbs of Sairaorg-san, a weird mark appeared.

[This is a restraint which puts a load on my body. -I will be removing this. I will answer you guys by fighting at my max power!]


When the shallow lights pour out from Sairaorg-san’s limbs, the mark vanishes.

The next moment, the surroundings around Sairaorg-san blew while making the noise DON! The wind pressure carves deeply below Sairaorg-san’s foot, and a crater was made!

The water in the lakes waved violently!

And at the centre of the crater, Sairaorg-san’s body gave out a white glow!

What was covering Sairaorg-san’s body is……..something like the touki that covers Koneko-chan’s body. No, it is touki! Don’t tell me Sairaorg-san knows how to use senjutsu?

When I had suspicions, Sensei who is a commentator says it.

[…..What a guy. He’s wearing the Touki. And the rich density of it which makes it visible this much…….]

[So you are saying that combatant Sairaorg knows how to battle using the ki?]

The broadcaster asks Sensei who also has suspicions about it.

[No. I haven’t received any information that he learnt how to use senjutsu.]

Emperor Belial continues after Sensei.

[Yes. He hasn’t learnt even a single bit of Sennjutsu at all. That is a Touki which has awoken after he continued to train his taijutsu[23]. His body which pursued for pure power gained a power different to demonic-power, and it is the base of life itself and he is wearing it around his body. You can say that the excess vitality and life force within him has spurted out and made it visible.]

So Sairaorg-san gained a power different to demonic-power by training, and he attained pure waves of power onto his body………!

The three of them put on a serious face after feeling the pressure coming from Sairaorg-san.

Sairaorg-san roars.

[I won’t let my guard down even once! You guys are warriors who came here with the resolution of being taken down. You guys are not ordinary opponents. -I will also fight with the resolution of being taken down as well! That is who I am, and this is my respect towards my opponents!]


Sairaorg-san disappears from the scene after he moved! So he did a dash right away!

[I won’t let you!]

Rossweisse-san activated many magic-circle randomly, and she made a stance to do ‘Fullbursts’ of magical attacks.

[Rossweisse-san, over there!]

Kiba who has grasped hold of Sairaorg-san’s movements pointed his holy-demonic sword at that direction!

And Rossweisse-san’s fullbursts get released towards that direction! Sairaorg-san appeared in that direction as well.

Many magical attacks with different attributes get shot! Rossweisse-san released so many attacks that I can’t see her! Xenovia’s holy waves also get mixed with the magical attacks and goes flying at him!



Along with the sound of his fist punching the air, Sairaorg-san also hits away the attacks coming at him with his fists! You must be joking! So that person’s fist can also hit away magical attacks!? I became shocked. Sairaorg-san dodges the magical attacks and the holy waves, and he shortens his distance with Rossweisse-san!


Before Kiba tells Rossweisse-san to run, Sairaorg-san’s fist nails deeply into Rossweisse-san’s stomach. The moment it hits her, the strike was so powerful that it vibrated the atmosphere around them.

The valkyrie armour gets destroyed easily with that force!

Rossweisse-san made a painful expression, and she gets blown far back towards the end of the lake with that punch! At the same time her body gets covered with light which is used for retiring and her body falls into the lake!

-A retire! With just a single strike!

[-One down.]


While Rossweisse-san was disappearing, Xenovia went slashing towards Sairaorg-san head on!


He disappeared and he appeared behind Xenovia. He tries to kick her, but Xenovia bends her body and avoids it.


Even if she dodges it, his kick shakes the atmosphere, and it created a wind pressure which split the lake into half! ……Just how powerful is his kick which can split a lake!?

[-His speed is too fast!]

Xenovia gets startled.

[I took down the nuisance magic user first….. Now, there are two swordsmen. And both of them are Holy-sword wielders.]

Seeing Sairaorg-san make a fearless smile, Kiba and Xenovia had aura running through their body!

[Kiba! This guy is really bad news! We can’t win unless we use our full powers!]

[I know that, Xenovia! We shouldn’t think about the outcome! We will lose instantly if we even think about fighting while holding back even slightly…..! That’s how this opponent is!]

Seeing both of them in high sprits, Sairaorg-san made a satisfied looking smile.

[That’s it. Try to stop my fist!]


He jumped forward from the spot, and he goes hitting towards Kiba with his fist covered in touki!

Kiba creates many holy-demonic swords front of him, and make a wall out of it…..


But they get destroyed easily with a single strike!

[-! My Holy-demonic swords!]

[Fragile. You can’t stop my attack with these.]

Kiba leaves his spot after sensing that fighting at close-range is dangerous, but Sairaorg-san also goes after him! It’s extremely hard for me to follow their speed battles with my eyes! Fast! Both of them are too fast!



A bitter sound of metal! Kiba gets hit along with his holy-sword! The holy-demonic sword also gets destroyed!

[Even though you strengthened your specialty, you still didn’t forget to polish your techniques. More than that, your Loyalty towards your master and comrades is strong. –A good [Knight] indeed. Rias, this guy is a magnificent [Knight] which makes me jealous of you. ……But your defence. That is your only weak point, Kiba Yuuto. But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. –Even if it isn’t you, no one can endure this punch.]


Xenovia came to rescue Kiba by swinging down her Durandal!

Several waves were created from the sword, and it goes towards Sairaorg-san!

[The wave of a Holy-sword! Interesting! My will-power or the waves created from a Holy-sword! Let’s see which one is stronger!]

Sairaorg-san increases the touki around his body, and he took on the wave of Durandal head on!

………The result was……he’s unscratched! Sairaorg-san’s touki shows no signs of weakening!

[-! Unscratched while getting hit by that attack head on. ……. He’s a monster.]

Xenovia was just able to say that while having her whole body tremble.

Sairaorg-san bends his neck.

[It’s a good wave. But it isn’t enough to stop me.]

[Xenovia, we will do a combination!]

Kiba says that to Xenovia, Xenovia stands up, and both of them release their swords against Sairaorg-san!

Sairaorg-san dodges the swords of both the holy-demonic swords and Ex-Durandal with the minimum movements.

Kiba made a distance between them, he then changed the holy-demonic sword to a holy-sword immediately, and made the dragon-knights troop from before appear!


Receiving Kiba’s order, several dragon-knights headed towards Sairaorg-san!

[So the new Balance-Breaker huh! I will happily accept it!]

Sairaorg-san took on the dragon-knights head on, and he starts to destroy the dragon-knights with a strike after another strike while dodging their swords!

Kiba’s dragon-knights get crushed like paper!

[There are many of them, and they are fast! But if I’m the opponent--]

BREAK….. While making a sound of the metal being destroyed, the last dragon-knights were destroyed.

[They lack hardness.]

-Those knight-troops were destroyed with just punches and kicks.

Even Kiba trembled with fear at Sairaorg-san’s taijutsu which exceeds common sense.

…….Shit! Both of them did even more training after they returned from Kyoto! Because they were humiliated in the fight against Siegfried, the two of them trained themselves even further!

-Even so, they can’t match against that man!

[Your movements tell me you are full of talents. I can sense potential from your attacks. –But on this stage, I’m stronger.]


Sairaorg-san who dodged the slashes of both of them nails his fist into Xenovia’s stomach, and he did a side-kick to the side of Kiba’s stomach.


I heard a disturbing sound coming from both of their bodies.


My comrades….. My precious comrades who overcame deadly battles with me…..

They are being taken down by those fists. A strike with that fist takes out everything.

-An embodiment of power.

His appearance when he stands in front of them covered in his touki makes him look like a fierce god.

Kiba made a small laugh while coughing out blood.

[……Ise-kun still fought even after receiving this attack, and he still moved forward…… He is definitely amazing……..]

He stands up while saying that.

[…….My body can still move……. That’s good. I can still fight. I can still weaken down my enemy….!]

Kiba creates a holy-demonic sword within his hand. Xenovia also responds by standing up wobbly.

[…….Looks like I still can’t go to sleep yet.]

[Now, let’s go and weaken him, Xenovia. Let’s wield our swords a bit longer for Ise-kun, and for Buchou.]

Both of them stand in front of Sairaorg-san while making a stance with their swords. The fierce God wrapped in touki made a truly happy face.

[So the two of you will continue to entertain me……..!]

[Yeah, we will…….!]

While Xenovia says that, Rossweisse-san suddenly appeared from her back!

And there is a single sword in her hand! It’s a transparent sword!

[You let your guard down! How about a magical fullburst from close-range then!?]

Rossweisse-san who was resurrected(?) made several magic-circles appear right in front of Sairaorg-san……and she released the magical attack in close-range!


While it made a loud explosive sound, smoke was coming from Sairaorg-san’s body! They were finally able to damage his body!

Buchou smiled.

“The Rossweisse that Sairaorg defeated earlier was one of the Excaliburs which had changed into Ex-Durandal’s sheath! It’s something that Excalibur Mimic transformed into! And the one who appeared just now is the real Rossweisse who made herself transparent with Excalibur Transparency! It seems like each of the Excaliburs which was added onto the Ex-Durandal for its upgrade had their ability evolved. If you get an approval from Xenovia who is the holder, anyone can receive the blessing of each Excalibur for a short time even if you don’t hold the factor to be a holy-sword wielder. It can change its form into the one holding it, and it can even make the one holding it become transparent. But even if I said that, it’s not like you are able to wield the actual holy-sword itself, and it seemed like there is a limit on how much time you can activate it each day.”

Is this Buchou’s tactics or Kiba and the others tactics!? Either way it’s amazinnnnnng! So that’s why the arbiter didn’t announce Rossweisse-san’s defeat!

“You remember how Xenovia was shooting the holy wave when Rossweisse released the magical fullburst at Sairaorg? Most likely the two Excalibur of transparency and mimic were hidden within those holy waves. Rossweisse caught them, she made a mimic of herself, and she hid herself by being transparent looking for an opening.”

Buchou explains it to me.

“So what was the reason that the fake Rossweisse-san was glowing then?”

“She must have put on a spell on her fake. It’s an act she did to make Sairaorg let his guard down. The reason why Rossweisse is able to hold onto the holy-sword is because she cast many spells on her hands which weakens the damage she will receive from the holy power. She did say she is able to hold it for a short time.”

“Amazing! So they created a fighting style like this!”

“I was always thinking where to use the abilities of Xenovia’s holy sword. I told them a couple of ways to use it, but it seems like they mastered using it like this.”

Man, those three are amazing. It’s enough if they can do a combo like that for an instant!

Sairaorg-san who received the magical fullburst directly from close range…….stood up while having blood come out from his front body.

[……I did feel suspicious because there wasn’t any announcement. I thought that you were in a state where you were barely able to remain without retiring, being unconscious in the depth of the lake…. –That was magnificent, all of you.]

Sairaorg-san praised Kiba and others combo.

But his eyes became sharper. When he gripped tight of his right hand, he pulled it back slowly. The touki covering his whole body gathers around his fist, and his right hand became buffed!

[Along with giving my respect to all of you, I want to give this to all of you as well.]


Maybe they felt something, so the three of them retreated back immediately. Kiba shouts after taking a distance.

[Xenovia! This is the critical moment! We will go along with that plan---]

It happened when Kiba shouted.

His fist was released!


The vision shook violently! When I looked, everything in front of Sairaorg-san was wiped away till the end of the field! It looks as if a massive earthquake occurred!

[Rias Gremory’s [Rook] retires.]

“ “-!” ”

Buchou and I became shocked at the same time with the announcement! Was Rossweisse-san taken out with the attack just now!? It seems like she retired for real this time!

He swings away the smoke created by the pressure from his fist, and Sairaog-san once again grips tightly with his fist and pulls it back slowly.

[……….This is a punch which can give critical wounds by even touching it slightly. A half-hearted attack won’t be able to stop this!]

A right-hand punch which is covered with huge amounts of touki is about to be released once again!

Kiba and Xenovia went slashing towards Sairaorg-san! They are aiming for Sairaorg-san’s right arm!

Kiba’s holy-demonic sword slashes down at Sairaorg-san’s right arm, but he couldn’t cut it off and instead the blade gets crushed just from the touki!

And Xenovia’s Durandal also comes down! But it was also stopped by the touki, and she couldn’t cut in deep with it.

Xenovia gritted her teeth hard, but Kiba also grabs onto the Durandal’s handle! Kiba and Xenovia gripped onto Durandal together! That moment, Durandal gave an enormous flash and aura, and it cut off Sairaorg-san’s right arm! The right arm covered in touki gets cut off, but it doesn’t vanish and just drops on to the ground. Are you telling me the life force in Sairaorg-san is stronger than the holy power!?

But then, Kiba swings down the Durandal! If I remember, Kiba can also wield Durandal if he gets Xenovia’s approval! It sure makes me jealous that you can attack with Durandal while holding it together!

But my joy stops there.

[Magnificent. I will give you my right arm. With this, I have to use the Pheonix’s tear whether I like it or not. -I so want to fight with my full power in the final match after all.]

Saying only that, Sairaorg-san kicks Xenovia up high, and when she floated up in the air for a bit he started to do a combo with his punches and kicks, and then he slammed her on the ground at the end!

The light disappeared from Xenovia’s eyes. She lost her consciousness with that attack just now!

Kiba tries to take some distance after seeing that mid-air combo, but Sairaorg-san’s massive left hand caught his face.

He slams his face on the ground while dashing forward while dragging Kiba’s body. Sairaorg-san who is grinding Kiba’s body to the ground kicks his body up, and then when Kiba’s body was lifted up into the air, Sairaorg-san nails his thrust deeply into Kiba’s stomach!


That punch made a loud sound that shook the whole surrounding area. Sairaorg-san’s punch goes past Kiba’s body and it blows away the lake behind Kiba.

While falling down, Kiba smiled with his battered face.

[……Our duty is……accomplished. What’s left…….is for my master and my best friend to defeat you…….]

Saying only that Kiba and Xenovia disappear into the light.

[--I can only say that, you guys were splendid. I am grateful that I was able to fight you guys.]

Sairaorg-san says that while picking up his right arm. It sounds like there aren’t any lies behind his words.

[.……Ise-kun. Buchou. Please win. Against this person……….]

[Combatant Rias Gremory’s two [Knights] retire.]


I, Rias Gremory, realised that I felt relieved more than sadness after seeing Sairaorg using the Phoenix tears on his right arm which was cut off.

The damage Yuuto and the others gave desperately. It was so much that it forced Sairaorg to use the Phoenix tears.

-They had a magnificent fight.

If it was just me until recently, then I would have been full with sadness. I wouldn’t be able to endure it after losing my servants.

But it’s different now. There is a big part of me which feels joy at being able to push Sairaorg to the corner.

……..Did I become used to cruelty? Or has my love lessened?

I think it’s neither of them. Seeing my adorable servants fighting desperately for me and their comrades changed something inside me drastically.

I think I was able to become stronger. Not just me. We became stronger together. Not just our bodies but also our hearts.

Now, let’s move onto the next match. This time, they should be sending their [Queen]. So we will be sending Ise…..

I then became speechless when I looked towards him.

………That’s because the thing emitting from Ise’s body is clearly a killing intent. And a very strong hostility. They were directed towards the opponent’s base.

Asia was also trembling a bit at Ise’s change.

[Now, this is near the endgame! Will the two kings roll their dice please!]

I stood in front of the stand after being urged to by the broadcaster. ……..The act of rolling this die puts stress on my mentality.

What value will I roll, just predicting that makes me think even more. The more I think, the more I will get trapped…… Dice Figure, this actually puts more weight on the [Kings] than it looks.

I roll the die on top of the stand. The value which was rolled is…..5. How about Sairaorg?

When I looked at the vision, the value he rolled was 4.

The total value is 9. We got this value with one roll. We will send Ise from our side, and they will probably send their [Queen].


Ise takes a step. The face when Ise turned around had a strong intensity on his face.

“Buchou, Asia, I will be going.”

Saying that, he walks towards the magic circle.

…….The moment he was being transferred. I saw a glimpse of his face.

-It was filled with anger.

The battlefield Ise was transferred to was a colosseum with no sights of people.

The one who appeared opposite him is the [Queen], Kuisha Abaddon.

She seems to be in wonder at Ise’s unusual calmness.

[Hyoudou Issei, you seem really calm. I thought you would be happy to have me who is a woman as your opponent….]

[…………. I am happy! I welcome beauties anytime!]

After a moment of pause, he shows a forced smile.

“……Rias-oneesama, Ise-san is……”

“Yes, you are right. I’m sure he’s been enduring it.”

High school dxd v10 291.jpg

Asia and I know him very well. That’s why I understood.

-He’s just about to explode.

He is someone who thinks dearly of his comrades the most, yet he didn’t panic that much. He, who is someone who gets mad and sad at seeing his comrades being defeated barely showed any emotions today.

The arbiter appears between the two, and the match was about to begin.

Ise spread his arms and started to talk to himself.

[It’s okay now, right? I don’t have to endure any longer now right? Kiba, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Gasper, and Rossweisse-san. –I can’t hold it anymore.]

It seems like Abaddon seems to be suspicious at Ise talking to himself……

[The seventh match! Begin now!]

The signal was given! Abaddon didn’t do anything much and was waiting for Ise to move.

[Sekiryuutei, get into Balance Breaker. My master Sairaorg-sama wishes to see you become serious. Then I, his [Queen] have to make that wish come true.]

She’s a woman with strong resolution. That person, she must have feelings for Sairaorg…..

The countdown ended, and Ise said a single sentence to Abaddon after wearing his armour.

[……..I can’t hold back. If you don’t want to die, put all your strength into defending. If you do that, then you will be able to retire safely.]

[You sure talk big. Very well. I will also stop you with my full power. Whether it’s the Sekiryuutei, for master I will--]

[-I have warned you.]

Ise’s body gets enveloped by red lights….

[Welsh Sonicboost Knighhhhhhhhhht!]

[Change Star Sonic!!!!]

The armour gets purged, and Ise leaps forward in godspeed.

In a velocity of godspeed, Ise arrives in front of Abaddon before she reacts. Even I couldn’t see him at all until he closed in!

Ise then shouts while enveloping his body with red aura!

[Welsh Dragonic Roooooooook!]

[Change Solid Impact!!!!]

Ise’s armour became thicker.


Ise who makes a loud shout. While having the percussion hammer on his shoulder ring, his punch gets faster while pouring out more aura. That strike without any hesitation goes at Abaddon…..


Before that happens, Abaddon’s body gets covered in light and she disappears from the field!


The strike which hits the air destroys the colosseum without a trace.

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s [Queen] retires.]

The arbiter announces. –It’s Ise’s victory. Everything ended instantly. He shortened the distance with Triaina, and he also tried to settle the match instantly as well.

Abaddon didn’t even have time to make the ‘hole’ appear.

But that strike didn’t hit her. Before it was about to hit the [Queen], it looked as if she was forced to retire by someone.

No, she was forced to retire. –By her master Sairaorg.

Sairaorg appears on the monitor.

He had a mortified expression.

[…………I made Kuisha retire forcefully. At that rate, she would have been killed by Sekiryuutei. You were trying to kill her, were you not?]

Sairaorg said it to Ise who is on the field.

Ise opens the mask of his helm, he then said it while showing his face.

[I’m sorry. I just couldn't keep my hostility at your team down. Please forgive me by thinking that action was on behalf of my juniors.]

I felt chills from his cold voice and cruel words.

…….Like I thought he is someone who values his comrades and he released his anger which was at his limits.

Sairaorg smiled happily after realising it.

[………What eyes……! It’s filled with killing intent…….!]

Sairaorg then argues while on the camera.

[I even saw dreams about crossing my fists with the Sekiryuutei. –So I want to question the committee. Isn’t it enough now? It’s foolish to let this man fight under the rules! –For the next match, I wish for a team battle with everything on my side against everything from their side….!]

-! Team battle! Does he mean to fight against me, Ise and Asia with his [Pawn] and himself?

That’s most likely the case. Sairaorg’s intention is to fight with this current tension while having a break to resume the fight.

He wished to fight the Sekiryuutei in his best condition. He must have thought that this current situation is the best timing. The crowd stirs at Sairaorg’s suggestion, and the broadcaster also shouts.

[Ooo! We have received a suggestion from combatant Sairaorg in this situation!]

Emperor Belial says it while smiling.

[Certainly, it is easy to predict the flow after this. Since there is a rule that you can’t participate continuously, the next match will be between Bael’s [Pawn] and the Gremory’s [Bishop], and after that…….it would have been the final battle between Sairaorg and the Sekiryuutei. That is easy to predict. There certainly is a point that it would be boring.]

Azazel also gives his comments while putting his hand on his chin.

[If that’s the case, they can settle it with a team battle. That’s easy to understand, and we can continue to watch the match under this tension. Now, will the higher-ups of the committee choose the current rule which is easy to predict, or will they choose to pick the team-battle.]

“I don’t mind it as well, if that is the one they want.”

I also agree to his comments. After all, the next match would be just a waste. To have decided it right away by taking that match away. That will be easier to understand.

A few minutes passed, and a report was given to the broadcaster.

[Eh, yes. I just received the report from the committee. –It seems like they agree to it! The next match will be a team-battle which will settle everything! It will be an all-out battle with the remaining members!]

The stadium stirs with that announcement.

It’s an obvious reaction since the next match will be the final match.

Hearing the decision, Sairaorg declares to Ise fearlessly.

[-So that’s how it is. I might over do it. I won’t say don’t hold a grudge against me if you get killed, but just be prepared that you might be killed.]

Ise also replies by smiling.

[-I’m going at you with the intention of killing you. If I don’t do that, then it doesn’t seem like I can beat you and I also won’t be able to face my comrades.]

[I sure can’t endure it any longer……!]

The battle between these two men….. I won’t be able to stop it anymore.

The final match is about to begin…..

Life MAX VS Power : SekiryuuteiMAN VS ShishiouMAN

Part 1

Both Buchou and I, who was already wearing my armour, put our feet down inside the spacious plain. I started to calm down after exploding and snapping at Sairaorg-san. Man, I can’t believe I became furious like that. I haven’t had a killing intent like that for a long time. Well, that’s how painful it was to see my comrades being taken down. Then the announcer spoke.

[Now! The final battle for the young-devils between Bael and Gremory has proceeded to the last stage! This last battle is a group battle, as was suggested by Sairaorg! The Bael side has the “King”, Sairaorg, and the mysterious masked “Pawn”, Regulus! The Gremory side who is opposing them consists of Switch-Princess, Rias the “King”! And everyone’s Hero, Oppai Dragon, also known as the “Pawn”, Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei!]

Man, our introduction was horrible! Even Buchou had her face a bit red!

[Zoom zoom iyaaan!]


The children gave an Oppai-Dragonish cheer from the seats. Thank you everyone! We left Asia at the base. The reason was explained before the match started, but a healer would be targeted first so having her in the team would mean a lot of risk for us. She would obviously not become a hostage, but both Buchou and I won't be able to look if she were to get attacked cruelly. Well it might be a harsh thing to say, but she wouldn’t be of any help for this battle. We will feel safe if we have someone who can heal us, but our opponent was Sairaorg-san and the “Pawn” who consumed 7 pieces. If she was to be targeted, I am confident in defending her but we will definitely receive damage. If that happens, our chances of winning will be further away. I’m sorry Asia. Since the situation is like this, just stay back for this battle. Either way, if either the “King” as Buchou and Sairaorg fall, then the battle will be over.

“Now. I would like to start the battle.”

The arbiter came between the two teams.

“……Then please start!”

Finally, the last battle commenced. Both me and the opponent “Pawn” promote to Queen quickly. My power was raised. Buchou and I made our battle stances, but Sairaorg-san made a small laugh.

“Rias. There’s something I want to say before the fight.”

Sairaorg-san says it directly.

“Your servants are wonderful. They care about you so much that it makes me jealous. Because of that, they were all strong foes.”

If a worthy rival says that, then they will also be relieved to have fought. What is left is to defeat this man and claim our victory.

“We only consist of myself and the “Pawn” over there. Your side is basically the same. It’s basically the end of the game.”

Sairaorg-san stands in front of me.

“Hyoudou Issei. This is finally it.”

We haven’t fought since sparring in the basement of the Gremory castle. That time I was no match against him. But……… I have got stronger since then!

“I have no grudge against you. I have no hatred towards you. This is just a game.”

I point my fingers at him!

“But I will be taking revenge for my comrades. I’m not mature enough to forgive you when you have taken down my comrades……..!”

Hearing me, it seems like Sairaorg-san shivered from the bottom of his heart.

“A phrase that sounds like you are at your limits……..! Like I thought. You are a man who can’t endure the defeat of your comrades. You have done well to endure till now. Burst it out. Yeah, that’s good. This is something worthy of being called the beginning of a decisive battle!”


I made the thrusters on my back go to the maximum, and went towards Sairaorg-san head on. Sairaorg-san also covered his body with Touki, and jumped towards me by kicking the ground! Mine and Sairaorg-san's fists crossed head on! Our fists landed on each others faces like a cross-counter!


Even though I was wearing armour, the intense pain that felt like it will burst my insides went to my head! The helmet got destroyed with that attack! But! I haven’t started yet! Let's do it Ddraig!


[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

The boosted power went to my fist. It increased its speed the moment it hit Sairaorg-san’s face!


I was able to land such a good punch that its dry sound reverberated throughout the surroundings!


Blood burst out from Sairaorg-san’s nose and blood came out from the edge of his mouth.

His body also trembled a bit.

“That hit just now is the hit my comrades couldn’t land on you.”

After I said that, Sairaorg-san wiped his mouth.

“It’s a strong punch……! It feels as if your spirit is coming inside my body. In such a short time you turned into a devil, how much burden have you put on your body!? It’s a power that can’t be attained normally! I felt that you were taking me lightly because you didn’t use the new ability you showed to Kuisha. Seems I was wrong. Even with that Balance-Breaker, your power is high!”

…..Well yeah. This Balance-Breaker state was the easiest to use, so I have been training my basics with it.

[To continue doing basic training in this state even though you gained a new ability. I can only respect you.]

Ddraig says it with an amazed voice. But thanks to that, I have found out that I can give damage to Sairaorg-san who is coated with Touki if I hit him in a counter. Ddraig, just increase my defence when I receive his attack.

[Understood. But if I keep on doing that, your stamina will also decrease.]

It’s better than getting hit. This is the climax. I will go all out.

After saying that to Ddraig, the fist fight between me and Sairaorg-san started. It was a punch and kick from close range. The truth was that his martial arts were better than mine! So there was a limit to what I could do with the martial arts that I have learned in real battle! There was a huge gap in experience between us! But thanks to the fact that I had been having fierce battles in actual combat, I was able to hold my ground against Sairaorg-san! I had left the defence to Ddraig so I was able to cope with Sairaorg-san’s fists that were covered with Touki!

“An attack that has been honed in actual combat, I see! You are able to hit me without having second thoughts because of it!”

He was laughing! I on other hand was being serious! After exchanging a few strikes, I took my distance and looked at the enemy “Pawn”. The “Pawn” who was fighting against Buchou took off his mask. The face revealed was that of a boy who was about the same age as me. But that changed instantly.


The boy's body started to morph while making a noise! His body gradually started to get bigger and was morphing into something else. Golden fur started appearing all over his body and his limbs became thicker. His mouth ripped open revealing sharp fangs. A tail appeared and long golden fur appeared around its neck.


What appeared was a gigantic lion. It had a big body that was about four to five meters tall. It had something like a jewel on its forehead. It stood in front of Buchou while wavering its hair.

[Oooooooooo! The identity of the Bael Team’s mysterious “Pawn” is a huge lion!]

It seemed like the announcer was shocked as well. Of course. I was also shocked! So it was a lion!

[Wait! Is that the Nemean Lion!? No, that jewel is……]

It seemed like sensei who was the commentator realised something and became shocked. The announcer then asked him.

[What do you mean?]

[……It was originally the opponent who the original Hercules faced in one of his twelve labours……. The God from the Bible captured one of them and sealed it inside the Sacred Gear. It became something that was listed as one of the thirteen Longinus. If you master it, you can split the Earth in a single swing, and it can also transform into a huge lion. The “Regulus Nemea”! I remember it also had an ability to protect the possessor from projectile weapons. But I received the information that the possessor has been missing for the past several years. I never thought it would have become the “Pawn” of Bael Team……]

Are you serious?! That huge lion is a Longinus? It was a shocking revelation but Sairaorg-san shook his head.

“No. Unfortunately the possessor is already dead. When I found the actual possessor of the “Regulus Nemea”, he was already killed by a mysterious group. The Sacred Gear that had the form of an axe was the only thing left. The Battle-Axe that was supposed to disappear because the host died turned into a Lion by its own will, and annihilated the group that killed its possessor.”

So the Sacred Gear moved by itself even after the possessor died…..! That was my first time hearing something like this!

“That’s when I made it into my servant. I thought it was a fateful meeting brought by my mother’s lion ruler bloodline.”

Sairaorg-san’s mother originally came from the house of Vapula that rules over lions. So it was a destined meeting.

[….A Sacred Gear that moves by itself, by its own will…….. And it’s a Longinus! On top of that it reincarnated into a devil! Is it the lion that is amazing or the Evil-Piece that is amazing……. Either way, this interests me a lot! Very interesting indeed! Hmmm, no wonder we couldn’t locate it. Shit! Why do rare phenomenon occur to the Longinus in this era! Forget that! Sairaorg! Bring that lion to my laboratory next time! I really want to research it!]

Wow. He had an incredibly happy face. Your face is shining Sensei. So that reincarnated Lion is a very rare phenomenon.

[Even I’m shocked. That things like this happen. In my case my thoughts are cut when the possessor dies. The next time I regain my consciousness, I’m already inside the Sacred Gear of the next possessor……..]

So it’s different from Ddraig then…….

“The power is very unstable maybe because it doesn’t have its possessor. It's not something I can send out until this game. It won’t be a matter of battles if it goes berserk and attacks both enemy and allies. If I am able to send it out, then it’s only the time when it can team up with me. Just like now. If something happens, I’m the only one who can stop it.”

Sairaorg-san explained. So that was the reason why he didn’t send out the “Pawn” until the very last moment. It was risky to send it out without Sairaorg-san who could control it …… So it is a servant that is hard to send out under the Dice-Figure rule.

“……Either way, my opponent is that “Longinus” then.”

Buchou made her stance against the lion. Buchou, I will leave him to you! I will take care of Sairaorg-san then! Both Buchou and I went towards our opponents. I thrust my fist while Buchou released her power of destruction! But there will be no end to this at this rate! I have to use the Triaina to defeat Sairaorg-san! There was a high possibility that I would have lost in that battle gradually getting weakened at that rate! If I was to finish it, then it had to be in a “blitz[24]”. He went down and then stood up. I also went down and then stood up. I continued to fight him without even a break. My mouth was being filled with blood. It was still safe if I could still taste my blood! I wanted to use Ascalon and attack. But…….. With my low skills at using swords, it will be hard to give damage to that man who was covered in Touki. It was more effective to damage him in a fist fight I'm familiar with. While fighting, I also realised the abnormal movement of Sairaorg-san. The punch from his right arm was slightly slower than his left arm. It seemed like the impact was slightly weaker as well. Was that……?.. The injuries of having his right-arm cut off by Kiba and Xenovia showing its effect….? It couldn’t completely heal itself even with the Phoenix Tear?

-I will send you in front of the Sekiryuutei in the best condition!

I replayed the words said by Kiba.


I was in tears inside my armour. I received your pass, pal….! It was the moment he punched with his right arm.

I have got the hang of the impact and the speed of that punch! You might've not had any weakness! But it’s different now!

“My friends…….!”

Sairaorg-san’s right fist thrusts towards me! I released a punch to his right arm, the moment when his arm became straight!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

My boosted punch killed the impact of his right arm. It also made his body flinch. This is it! I found the right moment to give it my all! I changed the piece of the Evil-Piece inside me and made the power of Sekiryuutei explode!


[Change Solid Impact!!!]

The red aura around me increased. My body became covered in very thick armour. I did an uppercut to Sairaorg-san with my gigantic fist! I nailed down the percussion hammer to increase its damage!


Sairaorg-san’s body flies high up after making a loud explosive sound.

“……made a weakness in you who didn’t have one! I’m talking about that right-arm of yours!”

To go after Sairaorg-san who was up in the air, I changed the “Evil-Pieces” inside me!


[Change Fang Blast!!!]

My armour went back to the original thickness. Then it created a backpack on my back and cannons on my shoulders. I aimed the cannons towards Sairaorg-san!


The cannon started to charge aura while making a silent sound. The Triaina-Bishop's weakness was the charging time. But I can aim for my target if he is up in the air!

“Dragon Blasteeeeeeeeeeer!”


The intense blast that was shot from my cannon! Sairaorg-san makes his wings appear and tries to fix his position. But…….


He gets shot by the dragon blast released from my right-shoulder cannon. ...and the left one misses him just a little! The cannons, their role already fulfilled, turned into a red aura and vanished. Up in the air, engulfed in smoke Sairaorg-san descends to the ground slowly. I was breathing violently……. Looks like I used up too much aura and stamina. I still haven’t taken him down completely yet. It will be bad if I don’t save my stamina and aura. Sairaorg-san who landed on the ground was covered in wounds. But not fatal ones. The moment just before he was about to be hit by my cannon, he covered himself in Touki. Touki that comes from the bases of life span. This man was filled with excess lifespan, his defence was really abnormal! Sairaorg-san then made a satisfied smile.

“Strong. For you to be this strong……..!”

He seemed satisfied with my attacks. Now. How should I attack him next? While I was thinking about the next attack I heard a scream. “Kya!” Buchou’s scream! When I looked in her direction……

Buchou was on her knees bleeding! The Lion stood in front of Buchou while having received damage! Buchou was in danger!

[Rias Gremory will retire due to blood loss at this rate.]

The lion spoke! That lion can speak?

[If you want to save her, then use the Phoenix Tear.]

……He did that on purpose. This guy had the power to take down Buchou if he had wanted to. Not doing it meant that he wants us to use the Phoenix Tear. The Bael Team had already used it so they can’t use it anymore. We still hadn’t used ours. The enemy lion was watching attentively at the battle between me and Sairaorg-san.

“……If I say that it was “Unnecessary”, then my quality as a “King” will decrease. Very well. I will allow that. But I will have the battle between Sekiryuutei and I continue, Regulus.”

[I understand very well. My apologies. It’s an action I took as my loyalty towards you, my master.]

The lion and Sairaorg-san hadn’t resumed their attack. I went towards Buchou while being alert, and took out a small bottle from her pocket.

“Buchou, I will use this on you.”

“…..I’m ashamed. For me……to become a restraint to you………”

Buchou seemed frustrated. She couldn’t forgive herself as a “King” who couldn’t resist against the lion. But please endure it. If you were to be taken down, then its game over for us. I sprinkled the tear inside the small bottle onto Buchou. It removed the wounds while creating tendrils of smoke. With this we were even after using the Tears. What’s left was whether I could defeat Sairaorg-san or not. It was a fifty fifty chance. No. There was a high possibility that I could defeat Sairaorg-san if I use the Triaina again. He was also wounded. When I was thinking what to do next, the lion shouts.

[Sairaorg-sama! Use me! Please “wear” me! If it’s that Balance-Breaker, then you will transcend Sekiryuutei! Are you trying to throw away a match that you can win-]

The lion said that. Wear it……? The lion? Balance-Breaker? Then Sairaorg-san made an angry roar.

“Close your mouth! That…..That is the power I decided to use only during a crisis in the Underworld! What will come out of it if I use that in front of this man!? I will fight this man, only with this body!”

…….I see. Perhaps this person could still become even stronger. If he really shows his best, will I be able to…….win? But I do have an interest in it. How much stronger will he become? This man whom I respect. How much overwhelming power will he show me when he gets serious? ...Sairaorg-san allowed me to use Triaina, which was like a cheat. At that point, I had no right to reject Sairaorg-san becoming serious.

“Please use the power of the Lion.”

I naturally said that. Buchou who is beside me was shocked. But I still continued. I’m sorry everyone. I’m such an idiot. I’m trying to throw away the chance of winning that everyone made for me. But. But I…..!

“There’s no meaning if I can’t surpass Sairaorg-san who hasn’t used “that”. There will be no meaning for me to be training till this day!”

By the time I realised it, I was speaking out my true thoughts.

“Today I will claim victory by defeating you, who becomes serious! We are fighting for our dreams! What can we achieve by not defeating our opponent who is at his best!?”

The shouts that came from my heart. Buchou also said “You really are stupid” with a shocked face while putting her face close to me. I’m sorry Buchou. But since I said that, I will take responsibility by winning! After a pause, Sairaorg-san makes a creepy smile.

“……..I’m sorry. Somewhere inside my heart I thought that this is was game. That there will be a second chance. It seems like I was thinking naïve things like that. What foolish thoughts I had…..!”


Sairaorg-san’s body was getting filled with high spirits.

“I’m angry with myself for not realising that I won’t have a fight like this again! Regulus!”


The master who called his lion. The lion who answered his master! The huge lion glowed in a golden colour. It turned into light particles and went towards Sairaorg-san!

“Then, lets do it. I have determined today that this will be a stage for a battle to the death! Don’t hold a grudge at me even if I kill you, Hyoudou Issei!”

Sairaorg-san who was covered in golden-particles said that loudly.

“My lion! King of Nemea! You, who has been called Shishiou[25]! Answer my howl and turn into my armour!”


The whole field shook. What was this? Did this field, the artificial space, start to lose its endurance from Sairaorg-san who is going to be serious….?

Sairaorg-san and the Lion burst open while blowing away the scenery around here.

High school dxd v10 000d.jpg



A dazzling light spread around the field. Because of its intense light, Buchou and I covered our faces with our arms.

…….When the light vanished, what appeared in front of me was golden coloured plate armour, which had the motif of a lion. The helm on its head had golden hair, which looked like that of a lion. There was a lion-like face on its chest, and the eyes on it glowed as if it had its own consciousness.

“The Balance-Breaker of the “Regulus Nemea”, the “Regulus Rey Leather Rex”! Hyoudou Issei. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me serious. That’s why I will reward you with my fist. Come at me with that powerful “Rook”.”

Sairaorg-san who was walking towards me step by step says that. There was an overwhelming presence by seeing the armour covered in Touki……..! ……..Man. Seems like all the guys who I fight against have an armour-type Balance-Breaker!

[You can say that forms like that are of the shape that is the closest to the ultimate for those who mainly fight using direct attacks. You wear a mass-of-power-like armour, and hit your opponent with it. That’s why it ends up in a form like that.]

Ddraig tells me. I see. If you mainly fight in fist-fights, you get a good balance in terms of offence and defence by wearing the armour that is like a mass of power. That must be it, since I, who is also using it, also think that its true. Sairaorg-san who was just an inch away from me says:

“Now. Give me your best shot.”

………….Don’t regret it then. I will hit you with my maximum power!


[Change Solid Impact!!!]

My armour gets thicker and my arms became several times bigger as well! I pulled back my massive fist and push it forward! I increased the power of it by using the percussion hammer located in my elbow when it touches him……


My massive fist was easily stopped by Sairaorg-san’s left hand.

….! I received the impact! You must be kidding me! It was a new technique that specialized in both offence and defence! No! I haven’t finished yet! If I use the percussion hammer again to increase the impact then I will….!


The percussion hammer is nailed down and my fist increases its……

My massive fist was easily destroyed when it hit Sairaorg-san’s hand……. My defence was also supposed to have increased……!

“So this is your limit.”

Sairaorg-san says that.


Sairaorg-san’s fist went deeply inside my thick stomach and my armour crumbles easily. His fist reached through to the body inside my armour thus destroying my body.


I spit out a lot of blood from my mouth. Then I lost conciousness.

Part 2


When I realised it, I was in a white world.

…..I remember this place. Yes. This is the inside of the Sacred Gear. I came here often when I tried to persuade the past Senpais. Right now, I’m there. I was supposed to be having a fight with Sairaorg-san. I cornered him. Sairaorg-san then got serious by wearing the lion-armour. Then my Triaina Rook didn’t work on him…….

When I looked around, the past Senpais were around. I thought that they were unemotional like before. But they had an angered face while having black aura around them.

[Juggernaut Drive……]

[…..Its Juggernaut Drive.]

They were saying creepy things like that. Juggernaut Drive!? What do they mean!? Then a vision appeared in the white world. I could see myself in it! It was me who was being held by Buchou! I had my armour destroyed and I was puking a lot of blood from my mouth. I could see that I was in a critical situation just by looking at it.

……Sairaorg-san and I were fighting. I received a punch from Sairaorg-san who merged with the Lion and then I…… Does it mean that my consciousness was sent inside the Sacred Gear….?

[Juggernaut Drive.]

[Juggernaut Drive is the only solution.]

[Yes, that’s the only solution.]

[That man is seeking it.]

The past senpais got up from the chairs and showed creepy smiles while covered in black aura.

….! There was black aura coming out of my body as well! It’s starting to cover my body! And at the same time an ill feeling was coming from inside me! What was that…… Grudge….. Pain…… Hatred…… It was increasing inside me. That man……. I detest…..Sairaorg-san! I want to defeat him….! I want power….! Absolute power…..! For that……I want to eliminate Sairaorg-san from this world…..! I…..!

Ku…! Elsha-san……Belzard-san….I……! It was the moment my heart was about to be consumed by hatred. I can hear voices from the vision. The cries of the children.

[Oppai-Dragon died!]


[Please stand up!]

….I can hear the bitter screams. I’m sorry. I can no longer…. When my conscious was about to be taken over by darkness, I heard a single voice echoing to this white World.

[You can’t cry!]

A child’s voice….? The vision changed. It showed a certain boy wearing a hat.

…..I’m familiar with that boy….. Yes. The boy who was crying because he couldn’t participate in my autograph signing at my Hero show….. That boy, Lirenkus, shouted towards the children in the crowds who were crying.

[Oppai-Dragon said it to me! That men aren’t allowed to cry! He said that you have to stand up no matter what and become strong enough to protect girls!]

…..! Those were the words I had said to Lirenkus who was crying. Hearing that, other children stood up.

[Oppai-Dragon won’t lose! Oppai! Oppai!]

[Oppai! Please stand up! Oppai-Dragon!]




The voices that desperately call for me. Everyone……..I…….

I also heard a familiar voice. It was Irina, who was being a cheerleader by the children’s seats.

“That’s right! Everyone! Ise-kun……Oppai-Dragon kept on standing up no matter what and defeated strong foes! That’s why lets cheer for him! Let's believe in him! Oppai-Dragon is everyone’s Hero!”

Irina desperately appeals to the children while having her face messy with her tears.

[Everyone. Do you like Oppai-Dragon?]

[Yes we like him!]

[I also like him! He’s really lecherous and he always thinks about ecchi things…… But he’s always burning more than anyone. He doesn’t give up. He works hard. I know that he is a person who can fight for those he loves! Everyone knows that as well right!?]

[Yes we do!]

[That’s why lets root for him! Let's send our voices to him! Oppai-Dragon! He stands up no matter what! Underworld and Heaven! He fought for people from many different Worlds!]


[Oppai! Oppai!]

[Everyone join in! Oppai!!]

[Oppai! Oppai! Oppai!]

[Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai!]

I was shedding tears without realising it. There are so many voices that are calling for me. There are people who are seeking for me! There are children who are rooting for me.

It was then. I heard a voice. A voice that I know. The voice of the person who is always beside me and who always cheers me up.

[Ise. Can you hear me? Everyone is calling for you.]

The vision changed and my master appeared. The colour of crimson appears in front of me.

The same hair colour as that person. Red. A crimson hair that is more brilliant than the colour of strawberry red.

Yes. That person’s beautiful and long crimson hair was always beside me.

Yes. That’s right. Even that time when I was on the verge of death, what appeared in my eyes was……. A brilliant crimson. The same colour as the colour of blood. But I think it's different now. It’s noble, gentle and warm. The crimson that envelopes me. Yes I……started from that colour.

[I’m the same. I’m also looking for you, you know? That’s because I…….]

The woman I love. Rias Gremory. I also…….. A dark voice gets closer to me who is thinking about her.

[Now. The current Sekiryuutei. Hyoudou Issei. Let's rampage. Let's activate the Juggernaut-Drive.]

One of the Senpais said that while wearing a black aura. But the voices that were calling me also increased.

[Oppai Dragon.]

[Do your best!]

[Stand up!]



I can also hear that man’s voice.

[What’s wrong Hyoudou Issei? Is this the end? You aren’t finished right? Then try to stand up. Your feelings aren’t something so weak!]

….Yeah, that’s right. It hasn’t finished yet. I won’t let it finish! I can still fight! My Senpais don’t waver their black aura even when they heard the voices of the children and Sairaorg-san.

[Now. Let's destroy him. With the power of destruction.]

“Shut up.”

I said it while looking at all of the Senpais.

“Can’t you hear it? The voices that are calling for me. Not just Buchou. But all of the voices of those children.”

[No. It is the way of the Heavenly Dragon to become the King of Destruction. Impossible. Things like that are impossible.]

“Wrong. I……won’t become the King of Destruction. I am Hyoudou Issei! I’m just a sukebe[26]. If I have to, then I will become a horny King!”

[No. The King of Destruction. The Juggernaut Drive is the actual way that has been planted inside this Sacred Gear-]

[Let him.]

That person appears while interrupting Senpais' words. There was one man enveloped in white light. Then one of the Senpais becomes enraged.

[You are……!]

The man in white light said it to me.

[I am one of the past Albion.]

…..What…..? Albion…… So he is one of the past Hakuryukou?

[Yes. That time when you inserted the jewel of Albion into the Boosted Gear; it seems like a fragment of my thoughts was in it. Though the real me would still be inside the Divine Dividing.]

Ah. I certainly did that! Then I took in this person at that time then…… The Albion Senpai offers his hand.

[Sekiryuutei. This must be fate as well. I shall help you. I will try to use my ability of halving to suppress down the thing that is swirling inside the Boosted Gear.]

“Are you sure? I’m a Sekiryuutei and not Vali……”

The Albion-senpai smiles at my words.

[You are interesting. I can understand why two of the strongest Sekiryuuteis in history vanished while laughing. If it’s you who has enthusiasm and amusement that can blow away the curse, then you might be able to change the Heavenly-Dragon. No. You may be able to lead the Two-Heavenly Dragons to a new possibility. That’s why….]

Senpai raised his hand up high and the light spread around.

[You have to become the new Dragon together with Vali Lucifer.]


A shallow silver-white light spread through the white world. It started to take away the black aura belonging to the past Sekiryuuteis! The power of their hatred was also halved and vanished! The black-aura also got halved and got reduced. That was the power of Albion-senpai! The hatred, grudge, and feelings of resentment started reducing!

[I won’t let you! Hatred! Sadness! And hatred itself is the Sacred Gear of Sekiryuutei! Having the curse inside. Spreading the resentment to destroy is the way of the Heavenly-dragon….]

I said it to the Senpais who couldn’t stop their hatred even now on.

“Oppai. I was saved by this. And I will continue to seek it even from now.”

But my Senpais started chanting Juggernaut-Drive as their last resort.

[I, who is about to awaken, am the Heavenly-dragon that has stolen the principle of domination.]

No! I made a different chant by myself!

“I, who is about to awaken, am the Sekiryuutei who has discarded the principle of domination.”

[I laugh at the “Infinite” and reject the “Dream”.]

“I shall walk the road of righteousness by having the infinite dream and hope!”

[I shall become the Red-dragon. King of domination.]

“I shall become the King of Crimson Dragon.”

[And I shall sink you to the crimson purgatory!]

“And I promise you all! I will show you the future that shines in True-Crimson light!”

The Senpais made a bright expression at my last chant.

[Future….. You will show us the future……?]

“Yes! I will show it to you! No! Let's see it together! I will show it to you together with me! To my comrades! To my friends! To the woman I love! To the children! We will show them!”

[Future….. We will create the future…..! Not destroying it, but creating the future…..!]

Yes. We can do that. If we join our powers together!

“Let's go Senpais! I’m a Sekiryuutei! Oppai-Dragon! The man who is in love with Rias Gremory! I am Hyoudou Isseeeeeeeeeeei!”

In the vison, Buchou’s breast who is holding me glows in crimson colour. The Crimson aura then envelops my body……..

Life MAXIMUM VS Power : Crimson and Red


I was enveloped in a crimson light. When I opened my eyes, I was lying to the side while receiving a crimson light emitted from Buchou’s oppai.

…….Her oppai are glowing! Yes I remember, Buchou’s breasts are glowing! But Buchou is even more shocked than me.

“Ise……. That appearance……”

Buchou is opening her eyes wide. Hmn? I also looked at my whole body after being concerned.

…….Is the colour of my armour darker? The shape is a bit different from the usual one. It’s like a brilliant crimson colour rather than red……. It is the same colour as Buchou’s hair.

[Oooo! When I thought that Sekiryuutei was enveloped in red aura by getting flashed by Switch-Princess’s Oppai Flash. He stood up while changing his armour!]

The announcer shouted. Did I get resurrected? My wound is………gone! The cracked part of my armour has been repaired as well. I met with the Senpai in the white-world…… I was then enveloped in a black-aura but……I was saved by the voices of the children, Buchou’s voice that was calling me and Albion-senpai.


Oo, Ddraig. What happened?

[Your consciousness was blown into the depths of the Sacred Gear. I tried to go there but the past hosts consciousnesses were dense so I couldn’t enter. And when I thought that I opened my eyes, something like this happened! What happened inside? Most of the curse that the previous possessors had has vanished.]

……I see. So the curse has……. It’s all thanks to Albion-senpai.

[You mean the jewel of Albion that had a fragment of consciousness left? So that was moving in the depths of the Sacred Gear…..]

Seems like it. I’m not actually sure but he helped me.

[So you were able to promote to the “Queen” while you have the power of Sekiryuutei released.]

Hm? Am I a “Queen” right now? I check the piece inside me.

…..It’s true. Even though it was said to be impossible, I’m a real “Queen”! I’m shocked but I hear the analysis from Sensei.

[Red aura…. No. That isn’t red. It’s a more brilliant and noble colour. That is…. True-crimson colour. Yes. Crimson. The same colour as the hair of the man called as “Crimson Satan”, and the same hair colour as the woman that idiot fell for.]

Yes, it’s a crimson coloured armour. It’s a darker colour than red, so crimson.

[The miracle that is only allowed for that idiot…..! Wait! Weren't you supposed to power up by sucking Rias’s breast!?]

Like hell I would know that, Sensei! That is something that was mistranslated at the press conference! And it happened to appear in the front page of the newspaper! I also want to power up by sucking her breasts! Actually, I just want to suck breasts! Seeing the change in me, Sairaorg-san spoke.

“Something I would call “Cardinal Crimson Queen”. That colour has the exact same colour as the Maou-sama who is called crimson. The same colour as Rias’s hair.”

I blew out air from my mouth. I then made up my mind and spoke out. Somehow I feel like I can say it. More like Sensei blurted out my feelings just now!

“It’s the colour of the woman I love. Buchou. Rias Gremory is the woman I love. I want the woman I love to win. I want to protect the woman I love. I want to fight for the woman I love. I……..I!”

I said it! I finally said it! Now, I don’t care what happens! I’m going to confess! I shouted really loud!

“I will defeat you in front of the woman I love and the children who follow me! For my dream! For the children’s dream! For Rias Gremory's dream! Today I will surpass you! I looooooooove Rias Gremory!!”

Buchou’s face became so red that I'd never seen her get this red before. I spoke my feelings! I just need to follow through with it! I don’t care what happens now!


Sairaorg-san laughs heartily.

“Seems like you achieved something after receiving the light emitted by Rias’s breast. Then I shall defeat you and make it a stepping stone for my dream!”

I became enveloped with a vast amount of crimson aura, and went ahead at godspeed!

[Star Sonic Booster!!!]

It seems like the surrounding scenery will blow away if I just think about it. The speed itself has that of Triaina-Knight. No. It seems like I can go even faster. Maybe it depends on the training from now on…..? Sairaorg-san also covers his body in Touki preparing to take me head on.

[Solid Impact Booster!!!]

The offence and defence should be the same as that of Triaina-Rook! But I can attack with lower consumption! No! Even if it can improve even more, this is enough! Can it become even stronger!?

[No! The defence of this armour still hasn’t been stabilised! It’s basically a crab that just shed its shell! If you over do it, you will receive intense damage!]

Is that right Ddraig?! But! I won’t win against this man if I don’t give it my all!

I hit him! And I also get hit! I just kept on hitting him! He also kept on hitting me! The face. The stomach. The chest. The arms. I just continued hitting and I also continued getting hit. The armour breaks. Even if it gets repaired in time, he hit me aiming for it. Each blow Sairaorg-san and I gave each other starts to destroy our bodies. The field shakes every time it happens. The ground splits open and holes are created in this dimension. It’s just stupidly straightforward and insanely high-powered attacks. That is the fist fight we are having. I don’t care about defending. I don’t have time to defend. If I don’t hit him…… If I don’t keep on hitting him, this man won’t go down. That’s why I just hit him! This won’t finish even if we break each other’s bodies. I won’t be able to take this man down unless I fight until I shatter his spirit!

Then the announcer shouted.

[It’s a fist fight! An incredible fist fight is occurring at the centre of the field! It doesn’t have any magnificent tactics, it’s not a fight of fine-tuned demonic-powers, it’s a close range fight like a children’s brawl! They hit! And they get hit! Something simple like that is incredibly intense and seems like it would break the whole field! The viewers are all standing! Both old and young! Both man and woman! Everyone is excited! Damn! These two are incredible!]

[[[[[[[[[[Sairaorg! Sairaorg!]]]]]]]]]]

[[[[[[[[[[Oppai-Dragon! Oppai-Dragon!]]]]]]]]]]

I see. So the viewers are all heated up as well. If they are getting heated up with just a simple and unskilful fist fight like this, then I will just continue to hit! If I can defeat this person, then I will hit him as much as I can!

[Partner! The Queen form hasn’t fully synchronised with you! The increase of the power will start from now, but at this rate the Balance-Break form will be removed!]

Then try to maintain it somehow Ddraig! It’s only a bit more! I won’t lose. I will go forward by beating this person! For Buchou. And for myself.

“I...! I will defeat you! And I will rise up……!”

The crimson aura covers my right arm, and my right arm morphs into that of Triaina-Rook’s! I will increase the impact by nailing down the percussion hammer and increase the damage!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!]

My fist goes deep inside Sairaorg-san’s stomach! I shattered the lion’s armour! My fist even goes deep into his physical body! I did the same thing he did to me before…..! Receiving the punch, Sairaorg-san drops on his knee. His legs are shaking. It seems like the damage is serious. Sairaorg-san then raged at his feet,

“What happened, my legs!? Why do you shake!? Not yet! This is just the start!”

Sairaorg-san takes a big step, and stands up. He still has Touki around his body. But the amount of Touki has decreased from before. I can win! I can win against this person! I felt that the victory is within my grasp! But this man in front of me, increases his will to fight!

“Endure it. Endure it, my body……! Do you think I can name myself as the next heir of the house of Great King Bael if I don’t taste a great fight like this……!?”

What strong spirit…! Me too! It looks like I can’t go forward unless I beat the current you! I try to punch Sairaorg-san who comes at me. I then pulled my arm back and released my kick aiming for his calf. There was a slight opening in his defence because of my feint. I successfully created a chance in a fight like this! Another effort in training showed its usefulness! My daily training wasn’t in vain!


I destroy his calf along with the armour covering it. If your legs are getting weak, then I will be aiming for it! Sairaorg-san’s body trembles. Without a moment to spare, I nailed my fist into his face! His helm gets broken in half, and my fist hits directly onto his face. Sairaorg-san gets blown backwards. I expanded my dragon-wings and made the cannons appear from it. In this “Queen” form, the cannons are put inside the dragon wings.


It charges up silently and the energy was gathered in a shorter charge time than that of Triaina-Bishop!

[From Azazel’s comment before, you can say that the Lion’s Sacred Gear has resistance to projectile weapons! Rather than shooting a blast to destroy the whole area, wouldn’t it give more damage if you just concentrate the blast into one point?]

Yeah Ddraig! Minimise the blast area as small as possible to increase the damage I can give him!

“Crimson Blaaaaaaaaaster!”

[Fang Blast Booster!!!]

A crimson aura was shot and it envelops Sairaorg-san! After creating a huge explosion, the smoke stops and creates a big crack on the ground. At the centre of the crater, Sairaorg-san was lying on the ground. He doesn’t seem like he will be moving. My blast went through! That moment, the crowd gets louder. He won’t be able to stand now. He took a lot of damage and it seems like he used up all his strength in the attack I just did now. I confirmed my victory. Then a woman appeared in front of me who is walking very weakly. She then stood right next to Sairaorg-san. It seems like she's saying something to him. No one except me realises it……? Am I the only one who can see her? A ghost? The ghost that couldn’t pass away because of having regrets?


The woman spoke clearly but with a small voice. Something shocking is happening right in front of me…… Sairaorg-san moved a bit. He then lifts his face up. A face that was in bruises. His eyes are shallow. But I can feel something strong within his eyes. The woman then calls out to Sairaorg-san.


Is that……Sairaorg-san’s mother? When I took a good look at her face, it was Sairaorg-san’s mother that I saw at the hospital. It seems like Sairaorg-san can’t see his mother as well. Did she just send her consciousness? She gets closer to Sairaorg-san as if she is taking a look at her son. She speaks in a voice that only I can hear. It wasn’t the cheer of a mother who is concerned with her son who is desperately fighting.

“Stand up. Stand up! Sairaorg!”

Sairaorg-san’s mother had a really noble, and firm expression. Her voice wasn’t that of a cheer, but that of a mother who is scolding her son.

“Didn’t you promise me that you will become stronger than everyone?”

…..Sairaorg-san’s body moved. It certainly started to move. His hands, arms, and legs moved making him lift his body.

“Fulfill your dream! For the world you desire. For the future of the Underworld. For not allowing others to taste the pain you felt! Isn’t that the reason why you continued to hold tightly to your fist!?”

I’m not sure if her words are getting through to Sairaorg-san. He probably doesn’t hear her.

“A world anyone can position themselves in a place with their ability and not where they were born from. Was that not the world you dreamed!? A world where the children who are about to be born won’t taste the feeling of being sad! Are you not going to create a world like that!”

Sairaorg-san’s mother made a smile while she started to disappear. It was the face of a mother who is looking at a son she is proud of.

“Now go. My lovely Sairaorg. You are my son.”

It happened at that moment. The man in front of me completely stood up from the ground while bleeding.


The lion howled.


That was the howl of a magnificent lion that sounded brave but also sad. The arena shook violently. Even I was shaking. Fear. Shivering. Enchantment. Excitement. All those feelings mixed inside me and were making the cells in my body boil. I can still fight with this man…….. I can finish the fight with him. Just thinking about that brought out a power within me that spread through my whole body.

“Hyoudou Issei! I won’t lose! There is a dream I need to fulfill!”

Sairaorg-san comes at me! In a bruised and battered state!

“I...! I also can’t lose as well!”

Hero I went ahead while saying that! Both of our fists hit each other's faces! How many times have we punched each other's faces now!? Shit! It hurts!

He won’t go down. Sairaorg-san won’t go down no matter how much I hit him!. He continues to hit me while not losing the light inside his eyes. All of his hits are something that feels like it will take everything away from me. Where? Where does he get this strength from……!? Even if I hit him in the stomach. Even if I hit him in the face. The strong foe in front of me shows no signs of stopping his fist! I will be taken down if I stop for a slight moment. He will take away my consciousness! Then how can I make him lose consciousness!? How many times do I have to hit him to take him down!? The Great-King who doesn’t have the power of destruction! This man in front of me is strong enough even if he doesn’t have the same power as Buchou and Sirzechs-sama.

No! I will be taken down immediately if I think about “defeat”! Vali is also a strong foe. Cao Cao was also a terrifying opponent. Sairaorg-san is strong overall: power, speed and defence. But there is a decisive difference between them. A really obsessed thought about winning. He will lose everything if he loses. There is no second chance. A resolution of accepting death. A spirit where he can bet everything he has for his dream. It seems like a strong will where he discarded the option of retreating is pushing him to go this far!

“(I only have this body. I will lose everything if I lose. Everything I built until now will crumble. For someone like me who didn’t inherit the power of destruction, this was the only path for me. That’s why I have to win with my body.)”

“(It looks uncool, but this is my way of fighting you guys since I am unskilful.)”

You are cool! You are awesome! You are such a great guy that I can’t express it in words!

That’s why. That’s why I want to beat Sairaorg-san! I don’t know how you felt when you raised and piled up the status you currently have. Even so I won’t feel sympathy towards you and continue hitting you! Fighting with my full power is my respect towards Sairaorg-san and it's my will! This is my answer!

“……Haa…….Haa……. I also have a dream! To make…….Buchou the……King of the game…….”

I was about to lose the power of maintaining my armour! Even so, I went towards Sairaorg-san releasing my fist at him.

“I will……also become a King one day! I will become stronger than anyone! I……! I will become the “Ultimate Pawn”……..!”


My punch reached Sairaorg-san! It’s a punch that even I can tell was effective. Sairaorg-san's body trembles. But he doesn’t fall.

…..One more time then. But I finally lost the power to maintain my armour and my Balance-Breaker disappears……. Shit. It was close. But I couldn’t reach him…… My body also trembles. But I went ahead with just my body and the remaining strength I have. I will go like this! This should be fine! I can fight as long as I can grasp my hand! When I was about to go ahead with just my fist……

[…….Sekiryuutei…….. It’s alright now………..]

The lion located at the chest of Sairaorg-san’s body spoke.

[……My master……. Sairaorg-sama has……….]

The lion was shedding tears from its eyes.


Sairaorg-san is…… Sairaorg-san has lost his consciousness while having his fist pushed forward as if he will be coming right at me. He was still smiling…… Even so, his eyes were glittered with light and it still had the will to continue fighting.

[…..Sairaorg-sama had already lost his consciousness since just a moment ago….]

……What…..? Then why did he try to come forward…….

[Even so…… he was happy. He kept on going forward as if he felt overjoyed…… He just went straight ahead……. Because he was truly enjoying the fight while having his dream on the line……]

The lion explains. So he continued fighting with only his will…….. Even if he lost his consciousness….. Yet he…….. Just went forward……. For his dream…… I had my head bowed down to him without noticing. I then hugged his battered body and shouted with a shaking voice.

“……Thanks……. Thank you very much!”

[Sairaorg Bael loses. He retires. This is the end of the game. Rias Gremory Team’s victory!]

The final announcement is made and the stadium became filled with the cheers of the audience.


The Emperor, Diehauser Belial, answered like this in front of the reporters.

“It was a good match. Both groups will definitely position themselves in the top ranks as soon as they become professional. I felt the coming of the new age.”

After that interview, one of the reporters questioned him.

“If Sairaorg Bael ordered his “Pawn” to take down Rias Gremory, then wouldn’t Sairaorg Bael have won?”

The Emperor answered his question with a passionate voice.

“At that time, in this stadium, was there a choice like that? What everyone wished for was the fight between the Sekiryuutei and the Great-King who doesn’t have the power of destruction. Even a child would know that. If that didn’t happen, no-one would have been satisfied. What else is there to it?”

All of the reporters became silent at his answer.


When I woke up, there was an unfamiliar ceiling.

“…….This place is?”

When I looked around, I understood that I was laying on the bed with bandages on me. Rather than the wounds, I was really exhausted. It seems like there isn’t the slightest amount of stamina left in me….. Did I pass out after that?

“Looks like you woke up.”

….! A familiar voice! When I looked beside me…….. It was Sairaorg-san wrapped in bandages.

“Sairaorg-san…….. Your bed was beside mine?”

“Coincidently, yes. There should have been spare rooms. Possibly Sirzechs-sama or Viceroy-Azazel matched this room so we can have someone to talk to until we have our stamina recover.”

Hahahaha. I wouldn’t go so far as to fight you on the bed…….

“…….So I lost.”

Sairaorg-san says that.

“…….Not bad. It’s probably my first time tasting acceptable defeat like this. But I don’t remember the last part of the battle. I was here when I realised it.”

“Me too……. To tell you the truth, my memory is jangled up.”

“I just remember one thing. It was the best fist fight I ever had.”

…….Certainly. It was refreshing.

“I was beaten to a pulp. And I also beat you to a pulp. Weirdly, I'm in a good mood.”

We both smiled while having our bodies wrapped in bandages. Then a person entered the room.

“Excuse me.”

A crimson-haired man. It’s Sirzechs-sama.


“Ya. Ise-kun, Sairaorg. It was truly a magnificent fight. I very strongly feel that way, and the other people at the top were all satisfied with it. It was certainly a fight that made me feel hopeful and look forward to the future of both of you.”

Sirzechs-sama sits in the chair nearby after giving a positive comment to both of us.

“Now. I have something to tell you Ise-kun. Sairaorg. May I talk to him for a bit?”

“I do not mind……. Do you want me to leave?”

“No. I don’t mind. You will not suffer by hearing this.”

Sirzechs-sama says it with a serious face.

“Ise-kun. There is talk about a promotion for you.”

…….. I couldn’t understand what he just said. But Sirzechs-sama continues on.

“To say it precisely, there is talk about a promotion for you, Kiba-kun and Akeno-kun. All of you have fended off the attacks of the terrorists. The terror that occurred at the Big-Three-Faction meeting. The terror started by Old-Maou Faction. You also have fended off the God, Loki. This was also decided because of the incident at Kyoto and the splendid fight you had today. Soon the three of you will rise up in ranking. Congratulations. This is an irregular thing, and a rare promotion that happened at this age.”

Sirzechs-sama says it with a happy face……….


That’s the only thing I could say. Then I started to understand what he just said. “Wa..Wa….Wait…….! Pro-pro-pro…….promotion!

I’m getting a promotion!? Eh!? You don’t mean “Promotion” as in pawn’s promotion right!?”

Sirzechs-sama smiles at my question.

“That’s how much you have accomplished. There’s still things you lack in, but you are getting a promotion including the possibility you have in the future.”

……..Sairaorg-san then says it to me, who still didn’t get a grasp of this situation.

“Take it, Hyoudou Issei. You accomplished things for which you should receive this. It doesn’t matter where you were born or came from. You are a man who should become the Hero of the Underworld.”

….Even if you say that, I…… Sirzechs-sama also makes a bitter smile after seeing me confused.

“Um. I will send the proper details to you next time. I want you to get a promotion after receiving the proper courtesy. We still need to decide the location of the stadium and proper details from now. Then I will excuse myself.”

Saying that, Maou-sama leaves the room. Sairaorg-san and I were left in the room. Even now, I think this is still a dream. Because……Because I’m getting a promotion! Well yeah…. It certainly was my dream and it was what I was aiming for. I never thought that something like this will come to me this quickly…… Crap! Crap! What should I do!? I don’t know what’s going on!? I was confused then Sairaorg-san says to me:

“The promotion is okay, but right now what’s important is Rias. You like her don’t you? Rias that is.”

…….A topic about Buchou. I can understand that immediately. That’s because I blurted it out in front of all those people!

“Ummmm. ……..Yes. I do love her.”

“Then how about you tell her your feelings once again? This time directly with only the two of you. You already shouted out that she is the woman you have fallen for in front of all the crowd.”

Ce-certainly I did……. But I just went with the flow at the stadium….. But it would be a different story if it's just only the two of us! I then spoke out nervously.

“……I……I can have confidence right?”

“If you couldn’t, then come to my place. I will give you a cup of coffee to cheer you up and will listen to your story.”

“…….Sairaorg-san. Thank you. I……I!”

He’s too kind that I started crying.

I had a fist fight with this person with our dreams on the line. I thought that I would want to have a drink of tea with him again in the future.


After finishing the commentary for the game I, Azazel, am walking towards the VIP room. I couldn’t leave my seat because I was doing commentary. But I received a call from my subordinate that the “said person” showed himself in the VIP room. VIP rooms are all single rooms and there are many of them in the stadium. It seems like all of them are used for this game. The Oldman Odin is at the VIP room for “Valhalla”. Zeus and Poseidon are at the room for “Olympus”. All of them are at their designated rooms with their guards. I was walking towards one of the VIP rooms.

And the “said person” came out of the room I was walking towards with his guards. He has a buzz-cut hairstyle and he’s wearing circular sunglasses, an aloha shirt and has a jewel around his neck. The “said person” is wearing a rough outfit that wouldn’t be worn by someone with an important position…… Well I’m not the one who can speak about other people’s clothing though. I then spoke to the “said person”. Śakra.

“Well if it isn’t Śakra-dono. How was the game?”

“Oh? Hey, the fallen-angel brother of justice! It was a smoking hawt match! For the fallen-angel brother who is siding with the current Maou-faction, it was good that your “student” won the match right? The Gremory team. That team has members that surpass common sense. Normal teams won't be able to put up a fight against them.”

…….He does speak with sarcasm like always. He’s a person with ultimate-class power among the entire factions in the world. The Emperor of Heaven. The Warrior-God, who defeated the God-of-Battle, Asura….. There was something I wanted to ask this Emperor-of Heaven. It has something to do with the incident at Kyoto involving the terror done by Hero-faction.

“There is something I want to ask you.”

“HAHAHA! What is it fallen-angel brother of justice! If it's me you want, then I will gladly answer.”

“…….The longinus possessor. You knew about Cao Cao before we did, did you not?”

I received a report from Ise that Son Goku who serves Śakra knew Cao Cao. Yes. This guy knew about Cao Cao since he was a child. He had contacts with the man with the Ultimate holy-spear. Somewhere at the place we didn’t know about. Śakra then made a pleasant smile as if he meant something.

“What about it? What will you do? Is there any dissatisfaction if I knew him since he was a brat? Is it because I didn’t report it? Or is it…….because I had contact with him?”

…….Such a cocky thing this bastard says…….! He revealed it himself……!


I called out that name with my voice filled with rage. Śakra then smirked.

“HAHAHA! You seriously like to make it entertaining by calling me by that name. Don’t make a scary face like that Aza-boy. If you get pissed at something like that, then what God of the Dead, Hades, is doing right now can change the whole map of the factions you know?”

He knows about Hades……… Just how much does he know……? Śakra then points his finger at me.

“I will tell you one thing, youngster. All of the factions are saying “Peace” and “Negotiation”. But within their mind they are thinking that “Our mythology is the strongest! Other mythologies should just be wiped out, you shit!”. The shitty-geezer, Odin, and shitty-old man, Zeus, are the only ones who don’t think like that and they are naïve. After all, its easy to gather the thoughts of humans if the God they believe in doesn’t exist! It’s common sense to think that other religions can just rot, you know? Just how many Gods do you think exist that fell so low because your religion invaded our territory and took away our believers and lowered the beliefs they had towards us by making us turn into “myths”? You should just look back on each mythology. Gods are beings who are more honest with their grudges and hard feelings than humans, you know?”

……I know that. Even if any of the mythologies and Gods take the official stance of negotiation, we can't tell what they are thinking deep within. No. It’s obvious that they are thinking of making their move if they see the chance. But that official position is what is important right now! If the power-balance changes, then the Human World can be destroyed easily……! Then Śakra makes a sigh.

“Well, I will cooperate from the “outside”. Ophis and the others are certainly a nuisance.”

Ophis and the others, huh. Hey Śakra, is Cao Cao also included in that “others” as well…..?

“Also send this message to that Chichiryutei. [It was a great fight. If you were to become a threat to this World, then I will eliminate you along with your spirit. The ones who can use the name “Heaven” are already enough with us].”

Śakra leaves after saying that.

……. Śakra…….Hades……. It looks like this World will still continue to shake. Ophis. The black snakes you are giving gathers powers, it strengthens their powers, it makes them get drunk on their own powers, and is becoming a threat to the World. Your dream is…… making the World go into Chaos.

New Life

Part 1

“Please line up in one row!”

Asia who is wearing a cute looking waitress outfit was making the students line up in the corridor. It’s a really long line for the café.

“Y~es, this is a fortune-telling and purification corner. Toujou Koneko-chan and Himejima Akeno-senpai will be doing the fortune telling and purification.”

Irina is next to the waitress and she’s doing the advertisement for each corner.

On the day of the school festival, the Occult research club’s activity which uses the whole old school building is a big success! Not only the guys who look up to the bishoujo of our club, but also many girls have come as well. Even the local people are here. Man, the girls in our club are super popular!

“Say cheese.”

-And the one who was taking a photo was Buchou wearing a waitress’s costume.

When we made a system where you can take pictures with the club members, it became a hot topic right away. Taking a picture with the club member you like seems to be very popular. Well, I don’t get appointed though…… I’m just a lecherous student after all!

More than that, Buchou in waitress’s costume looks so wonderful that tears are pouring from my eyes! Of course, Buchou is also one of the people you can take a picture with.

“Ise-kun, don’t just look and help me.”

Kiba shows himself from the classroom which became the haunted mansion. Yeah, at this time, I have to become the Frankenstein for the haunted mansion. I even put on make up for it. Gasper has the role of a Dracula, but instead of being scary, he looks cute.

“I have to go and help the café, so I leave the trap to you.”

“Yeah yeah.”

It’s good that each corner is popular, but all of us are going around various places. If we have some spare time, we have to help the busy corner.

Now, I should work hard as a Frankenstein. Oh, female customers!


I tried to scare them and jump in front of them, but……

“Kyaaa! It’s the hentai Hyoudou! We are going to be raped!”

SLAP! And I was slapped like that.

“Waa~, I’m a Dracula~. I will bite~.”

“ “ “Kyaa~! Gasper-kun is so cute!” ” ”

Gasper who is a Dracula is super popular with the girls. …….Shit!

“Ah, I found Hyoudou! Kill him before he does us!”

SLAP! I was slapped again by a female customer. And this time it happened before I scare them!

……..Why only me…….?

With this unfairness, I received the tenth slap of the day.

Part 2

“……That can’t be……. So all the higher-ups who were supporting Sairaorg-san withdrew?”

At the ticket sales located at the end of the first floor. Using my time off, I was talking to Sensei.

It’s regarding Sairaorg-san.

Sairaorg-san lost his important connections in order to go to the top after losing to us.

“Yeah, that’s about it. It means that they aren’t kind people who would continue to gather around a loser. Didn’t I tell you that devils are naturally the ones who are logical? If there isn't any worth in it, they will discard it.”

That’s cruel. They really abandoned him like that…….

“……For someone who fought so magnificently…….”

“Don’t feel regret, okay? For you to worry about someone like him who was able to fight only with hand-to-hand combat is something you shouldn’t do. You attained the best thing. That is the world of the devils. It’s a world where only strength has value. If you are going into a world like that, both you and Rias need to make up your minds.”

“How about the seat for the next-heir for house of Great-King?”

“That hasn’t changed yet. I don’t know how the house of Great-King will move, but even if he doesn’t have the power of destruction he is someone with that high calibre, so they can’t just reject him also because of how society will see it as well.”

I see, so the seat for the next heir for the house of Great-King hasn’t changed yet. I feel a bit relieved.

……We won. We conquered the game matches of the youth.

What we gained is something big. But those who lost will lose something.

So is this the world of the devils then…….?

Ah, yeah. There was something I wanted to tell Sensei.

“Sensei, I found this one possibility…….though I couldn’t try it out this time.”

“Kiba’s Sacred Gear……. Is it something which has something to do with the new Balance-Breaker?”

“Yes. I also have that power which I gained afterwards…..the power of Hakuryuukou, so maybe perhaps….”

Yeah, I think there is also a possibility for me as well. I also was able to gain conversation with the Albion-senpai from that match.

“…….That is something which contradicts with your ability. It’s also the direct ability to halve, but specialising in that power will put your life in danger once again. And if you were to activate it, you might not be able to use the power of Sekiryuutei.”

The Sacred Gear will respond to you the stronger your feelings are. So it means it will depend on my training and imagination huh. It will be a negative thing if I can’t use the power of Sekiryuutei while I use the power of Hakuryuukou. Kiba’s new technique was like that after all. Maybe doing something about it will depend on my imagination and adaptability.

There is also an option to make it a sub-species. But will I be able to do it? I feel uneasy about it. But Kiba was able to change it to a sub-species Balance Breaker, so I would like to think there is a possibility! Next time, I will resume my training with Kiba!

“Just level it up carefully along with your imperfect True-Queen. It seems like you still have room for more growth.”

Yeah, it starts from here. The door was opened, and the things inside were released. I will keep on materialising my possibility!

When I was thinking like that, the two idiots of Matsuda and Motohama appeared.

“Hey, Ise! We can’t enter any of the Occult mansions!”

“Damn……All of the fortune-telling, purification, and café queues have a long line! Ise, as your friends, can’t you give us something like a VIP ticket!?”

Both of them come to me.

Yeah, the Occult mansion for this school festival is still full with people. Thanks to that, the line never ends. Well our club is filled with beauties and the handsome guy Kiba. So many guys and girls come.

At this time, I was selling out tickets. The many tickets I had prepared sold out immediately, and with Ravel’s support we are preparing more immediately!

Sensei also leaves after saying “Do your best then”. Even though he is a supervisor for this festival, I can only think that he is going around having fun!

“Ise-sama, the new tickets are made.”

“Aaah, thanks Ravel.”

The moment I took off the “sold” tag for the ticket counter, the customers came saying “One ticket please!”. Where were all of you hiding!?

“Yes, it’s for the fortune-telling correct?”

Well, since Ravel is enjoying it, it’s okay.


Ravel says it while selling the tickets.

“I was deeply moved by the match……. When I saw Ise-sama hugging the opponent at the end, I ended up crying….”

She has her cheeks red. W-Why is she acting like this all of a sudden……

“Y-Yeah, hahahaha, I was also heated up then…… I feel embarrassed when I think about it again.”

“I don’t think so! T-That’s right! I’m thinking of making a cake for the end of the day!”

“Oh, Ravel’s snacks taste good. I will look forward to it.”

When I said it, Ravel puts her hand on her chin and says it daringly.

“O-Of course! It’s special after all!”

Yeah, this is how Ravel should act.

While I was thinking like that, the number of customers increased.

“Umm, can I please have a ticket for the purification?”

I also need to sell the tickets properly!

“Ise, is there like any secret shop or something!?”

“My best friend, where do I go for the ecchi photo shoot!?”

I should probably hit Matsuda and Motohama first.

Part 3

“So the Sitri-group had a flag battle then?”

“Yeah. So we had to run around the field….. And I still can’t get rid of my tiredness…..”

Saji and I were having a conversation like that while walking inside the new school building.

It seems like Saji was going around the school building to see how everything is going as his job as a student council member, and he ended up meeting me and Koneko-chan who were going around looking at the shops during the break time.

Then we ended up talking about the games we had without realising it.

It seems like the Sitri-group who had a match against the Agares at the same time we had a match did a Rating Game which has the rule to take each others flags.

“It seems like the Dice Figure you had was also hard, Hyoudou.”

“Yeah, we didn’t have to go running around the field, but the problem is who we have to send at certain matches. Man, Rating Games sure are hard.”

It’s the ambitions of the Sitri-group to build a school for Rating Games, and Saji’s dream is to become a teacher there. Well, that means nothing can go that easily.

“And the match?”

We got out of the school building. I asked Saji while buying frankfurter from one of the shops.

“We won by a narrow margin. Since it’s a battle to take each others flags, being strong isn’t necessary for it. But at the very end, I turned into a Dragon-King and went berserk…… The battlefield turned into a horrible state, and they say that we got bad ratings for it…… Aaah, I made trouble for Kaichou…..”

Saji drops on the ground while holding down his head.

Ah, so you went berserk. Since I wasn’t there to control him, it must have been hard to stop the berserked Saji if he ended up using it after being cornered.

“Haa…….. Is it impossible for me to become a Dragon-King without Hyoudou then….. Aaah! The male student over there! Doesn’t it say not to sit on the flower bed!? I’m sorry, Hyoudou!”

Saying that, Saji headed towards the student who disobeyed the rules. He sure works hard.

“……Senpai, lets do some shooting.”

Koneko-chan says that while pulling my legs. Yes yes. Let’s do it.

“Okay, Koneko-chan. If you beat me in shooting, then I will buy you something.”

“…….Don’t forget those words okay? I won’t hold back.”

Well, I ended up losing against Koneko-chan so easily, and I ended up buying her loads of things……

Part 4

The school festival was now at its climax and there were camp fires on the school ground where everyone was doing “Oklahoma mixer”. Right about now the guys and girls were having fun dancing! I somehow managed to sell all the tickets and returned to the club room with a tired body. I still hadn’t lost all my fatigue from the Bael-match. The “True-Queen” had just awakened and so there were still blanks to it’s power up. Ddraig was saying that tuning will start from now. At this point, getting used to the “Triaina” will lead to the overall power up for the “True-Queen”. Well, from now on, I will have to get used to it.

Oh yeah. Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama were also here today. They showed their faces and then were dragged off by Grayfia-san and Kaichou… I went into the club room. We hadn't used the club room that much, so it looked the same as usual. ………There was someone inside. There was someone sitting on Buchou’s chair. It was Buchou. She had changed from the waitress outfit to her school uniform.


Buchou mumbled after seeing me.

“……Good work.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Since I’m in the 3rd year, this will be my last year. That’s why I wanted to come back here for a bit.”

“I…I see……”



Both Buchou and I became silent. After that battle, both Buchou and I became uneasy. Of course the reason was………I confessed my feelings in front of the whole crowd. I still hadn’t got a reply. Even I felt uneasy because we became like this every time we saw each other. Man, it was so embarrassing when I tried to remember it! Even if I got into the flow, I couldn’t believe I actually shouted out that she is “the woman I love”! After that, it apparently got on the newspaper in the Underworld.

[Oppai-Dragon and Switch-Princess!! Serious love romance that goes beyond Master and Servant!?]

Seems like we can’t go back to the Underworld for a while. If we do, then the media over there will surround us. Hmmmm, that’s a bit troublesome. Then I remembered what Sairaorg-san said to me.

[How about you tell your feelings to her once more?]

…………Well there’s no turning back now. Buckle up, Ise. It’s true that I love this person! More like…… I will say it. The thing I wanted to say this whole time. I have to call her with it. This time for sure! I swallowed my saliva, took a deep breath and said it with a loud voice!



Buchou went blank for a moment and asked me again. Aaaah! I will say it again then!

“……I……I want to protect Rias…I want to protect Rias for the rest of my life…… I am in love with you! I love you Rias!”


Buchou seemed like she had lost her words. The next moment, she started shedding lots of tears. Oh crap! I made her cry! "Di……did I fail……?" My face became blue. Buchou shook her head and wiped her tears.

“……………No that’s not it. I……I’m just so happy…………”

Buchou walked towards me and started to pat my cheek.

“You finally called me by my name……… I have waited for this the whole time. I really did…… But I didn’t have the courage to tell you…… So I thought that it would never happen……… But when I heard your feelings that time……… I was so happy……… I was so happy that I was about to cry during the match………”

…………After hearing that I put up a weird face. Then that means!

“………Then that means………”

Buchou nodded at my question. !.........Are you serious! I……I’m going to be………this person’s………!

High school dxd v10 373.jpg

“Ise. I love you…… I love you more than anyone else………”

Buchou. No…… Rias’ lips were getting close to mine.



Right as we were about to kiss.


A noise came from the door.

“He…hey, don’t push me Xenovia!”

It was Irina’s voice. When I looked, everyone in the club was peeping from the door! What are you guys doing! They were peeping!? They saw what just happened!?

“Co…congratulations Ise, Buchou! Now, I can hit on you without worrying about anything!”

Xenovia said it with a stiff voice.

“U…um, congratulations both of you! With this I can follow after Onee-sama!”

You were looking as well Asia!?

“Ara ara. With this, I can now become serious at having an affair with Ise-kun.”

Even Akeno-san!

“………The good part was about to start now, correct?”

What are you saying Koneko-chan!?

“Sorry, I also saw it.”

“I’m so moved!!”

Even Kiba and Gya-suke!? Don’t fuck around!?

“I can allow an illicit sexual relationship just for today you know?”

That’s none of your business Rossweisse-san! I mean, you are supposed to be a teacher!?

“I borrowed the kitchen so I finished making the cake!”

Ravel came in to the club room while bringing in a big cake. From her action, she was the only one who wasn’t peeping.

“Huh? Did something happen everyone?”

Ravel twitched her neck and looked at us with a worried face. Rias who was next to me started shaking.

“Geez! All of you! This was supposed to be the most important scene in my life! What will you do about it!? This is all your fault, Ise! It happened because you confessed to me here!”

“Eh!? It’s my fault!?”


Everyone also agreed with her! Bull shit!!! With this, the messy school festival and the battle against Sairaorg-san ended. It’s curtain. Now. How long will my confession last for……

Extra Life. The Dream that doesn't Finish, and the Dream that Finishes

I, Azazel, am at the hospital located at the territory of Sitri. The guy with a good build who is looking at the flower-shop located inside the hospital gets shocked at seeing me.


“Hey, Battling-champion.”

It’s Sairaorg. I felt like seeing his face along with my report so I had stopped by this hospital. Since it’s a man who had a remarkable fight like that, I thought of giving him my salutations. Sairaorg and I start to speak while walking down the hallway. Then our discussion moved onto Ise and others.

“How is Hyoudou Issei doing?”

I made a big laugh at Sairaorg’s question and answered him.

“Yeah. It seems like he confessed. Hahahaha. Ever since the school festival, they act so innocent that its hard to look at them. But the girls around them won't stay quiet like this, so it's going to start now. His road to a harem, that is.”

Akeno, Asia and Koneko will also get themselves further involved from here on. How will they approach themselves knowing the relationship between Rias and Ise. I don’t think the aggressive approach of Akeno, who is aiming for the third spot will end. Instead, will she get serious from now as Ise’s affair partner? And how will Xenovia and Irina who are after his genes make their approach? Now, now. How will Sekiryuutei-kun who isn’t familiar with women act? Its something really amusing to watch from the sides!

“I see. That’s good. For Rias, that man suits her the best.”

This guy also isn’t in a position to worry about others.

“……So from the beginning, aye.”

Sairaorg nods at my question. The higher-ups from the Great-King faction withdrew themselves as soon as they found out about his defeat. Sairaorg basically lost all ties that connected him to the top. This is a Rating Game. Devils who are sensitive to the value of things discard things that are of no use to them immediately. That is one of the points of how the devils business industry works.

“Yes. There aren’t any problems. I’m used to this.”

“Our “idiot” is worried about you.”

Ise was concerned about him. It seemed like Ise looks up to Sairaorg.

“Please give him this message. That I will catch up to him quickly.”

A good smile. Even if he lost, he still shows a refreshing smile. If it’s this guy, then he will be able to put a good match against Ise and the others in a rematch. I’m looking forward to it, even from now. Then a person who seems like a butler appears in front of us while breathing violently.


“What happened?”

The butler answers Sairaorg with a shaking voice.

“……Misura-sama has……”

Doctors and nurses who gathered here had an astonished expression. They were saying things like “It’s a miracle” or “I can’t believe it”. When I looked at the bed, a woman who woke from her long sleep was looking at the scenery from the window. Sairaorg moves towards the bed while his body trembles making him drop the flowers he bought from the bottom floor. Then the woman…….Sairaorg’s mother also realizes it.

“……Hahaue(Mother). It is I, Sairaorg. Do you recognize me?”

“……Yes. Yes I do……..”

The mother tries to pat her son’s cheek. Sairaorg caught her trembling hands with his big hands.

“…….My adorable Sairaorg…….. It seems like I was looking at your growth within my dreams…….”

“……You have become a splendid person…..”


Hearing his mothers words, a single drop of tears was shed from Sairaorg’s eyes.

“……I still have a long way to go, Hahaue. Let's go home as soon as you get better. To that house…….”

I left the room because I thought I would be a bother staying here any longer.

[You have become a splendid person.]

Hey Sairaorg. Weren’t you fighting because you wanted to hear your mother say that, this whole time? Even if I make a question like that, I wouldn’t know the real answer. But…….

I think that it doesn’t change the fact that you are a proud son of your mother.

Ise. You are amazing. You even made a miracle like this happen as well. It’s you, isn’t it? The one who made his mother wake up. You did tell me that you came to this hospital and used pailingual on her. I don’t know what kind of effect it had on her, but you made his mother awaken from a long sleep. That’s because it’s the only possibility I can think of. The phenomenon to wake up Sairaorg’s mother that is. An Oppai-Dragon that brings about miracles. Hey Ise. I think that your idiocy is something that saves everyone you know? How much will that idiocy work……. I still want to continue looking at it. I looked at the sky of the Underworld from the window. A purple sky that doesn’t change at all.

“…….A Hero of the devils and the descendants of Heroes. So which is the real Hero then?”


Anime! Yes, everyones support became reality and DxD is going to turn into an anime! Thank you very much! Please be alert at Dragon-Magazine or the official site for more information. I will also be involved with the anime production in many ways as well. It’s my first time experiencing this, so there’s many things I need to learn. But because of it, it’s a job worth the effort. So like that, Buchou’s tits are going to shake on the television you bastaaaaaaards!!

Now. Finally in volume 10, Rias and Ise have started to call each other by their first names! About 3 years have passed since this series has started! He became a splendid person indeed. The main character and heroine who realised the feelings they have towards each other. Ise has grown once again. Well it isn’t over for him who wishes for a harem and the girls who loves him. It’s not being overboard to say that instead this is the beginning. Ise already has Asia who is very important to him and there is also Akeno who wants to become the candidate for being his affair partner. I’m aiming to make a story where all the heroines can have a happy ending. Please support the noisy relationships between Ise and the heroines. Kiba, Xenovia and Rossweisse who strong even among the group have been tasting defeat continuously but its not them who are weak. It’s just that their opponents were too strong. Akeno and Rias are actually strong. It’s just that their opponents were bad news. The True-Queen is also at an incomplete state. The story is going to progress by Ise becoming stronger by learning how to use it along with the Triaina. Something like that.

Now about Sairaorg. I wrote him as someone strong whom the Gremory Team has to overcome. Even during the story he was barely defeated with the four of them Kiba, Xenovia, Rossweisse and Ise. The Longinus which has its own will, the lion of “Regulus Nemea”. It can turn both into a lion and a battle-axe. The Balance-Breaker is a sub-species. Sairaorg mainly fights with his fists so he barely uses the axe form though……. Also I couldn’t explain it during the story, but the last unused “Pawn” piece remaining in the Bael Team is a “Mutation Piece”.

About the Rating Game. This time I used a Rating Game with special rules. Originally I had a few special rules for the Rating game several years ago. But using the special rule all of a sudden might not be good so I started the game with normal rules first. In this novel, I was finally able to reveal one of the special rules. There are other ones like “Scramble Flag” but I will use that if another opportunity arises. The actual battle is straight forward. And a game should be like a game. It’s not all that complicated and most of them are easy to understand. I made the game rules to ensure the lives of the characters.

The Top-ranker also makes his appearance. Emperor-Belial. Rias’s goal. Right now they only appear as a setting. Since it was a game of the youth which garnered so much attention I thought I should at least give their names out. Hence their appearance. At this point, I haven’t thought of any matches between them and Ise and his group.

Now for my thanks.

Miyama-zero-sama and H-sama who is in charge. I’m in your care like always! Thank you very much to the both of you regarding the anime related cooperation. Volume 1 of the manga is currently on sales now as well! I also have Mishima Hiroji-san cooperating with me about the anime. I will leave it to you for making the manga go along with the main novel! And also a spin-off manga has started in the Dragon-Magazone! This story here is basically Koneko and Asia as main characters! The characters Hiroichi-san draws are very cute! This is also a must see!

This time, the story was smooth because it was about the inside of the devil’s industry. Well it’s an important volume about Rias, so sometimes this is good. Next volume is a story about a promotion test. But not ending just like that is the Gremory Team. And its also Koneko’s volume. She is in a cat-bird relationship with Ravel, but please look forward to it.

Translator's Notes and References

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