High School DxD:Volume 10 Afterword

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Anime! Yes, everyones support became reality and DxD is going to turn into an anime! Thank you very much! Please be alert at Dragon-Magazine or the official site for more information. I will also be involved with the anime production in many ways as well. It’s my first time experiencing this, so there’s many things I need to learn. But because of it, it’s a job worth the effort. So like that, Buchou’s tits are going to shake on the television you bastaaaaaaards!!

Now. Finally in volume 10, Rias and Ise have started to call each other by their first names! About 3 years have passed since this series has started! He became a splendid person indeed. The main character and heroine who realised the feelings they have towards each other. Ise has grown once again. Well it isn’t over for him who wishes for a harem and the girls who loves him. It’s not being overboard to say that instead this is the beginning. Ise already has Asia who is very important to him and there is also Akeno who wants to become the candidate for being his affair partner. I’m aiming to make a story where all the heroines can have a happy ending. Please support the noisy relationships between Ise and the heroines. Kiba, Xenovia and Rossweisse who strong even among the group have been tasting defeat continuously but its not them who are weak. It’s just that their opponents were too strong. Akeno and Rias are actually strong. It’s just that their opponents were bad news. The True-Queen is also at an incomplete state. The story is going to progress by Ise becoming stronger by learning how to use it along with the Triaina. Something like that.

Now about Sairaorg. I wrote him as someone strong whom the Gremory Team has to overcome. Even during the story he was barely defeated with the four of them Kiba, Xenovia, Rossweisse and Ise. The Longinus which has its own will, the lion of “Regulus Nemea”. It can turn both into a lion and a battle-axe. The Balance-Breaker is a sub-species. Sairaorg mainly fights with his fists so he barely uses the axe form though……. Also I couldn’t explain it during the story, but the last unused “Pawn” piece remaining in the Bael Team is a “Mutation Piece”.

About the Rating Game. This time I used a Rating Game with special rules. Originally I had a few special rules for the Rating game several years ago. But using the special rule all of a sudden might not be good so I started the game with normal rules first. In this novel, I was finally able to reveal one of the special rules. There are other ones like “Scramble Flag” but I will use that if another opportunity arises. The actual battle is straight forward. And a game should be like a game. It’s not all that complicated and most of them are easy to understand. I made the game rules to ensure the lives of the characters.

The Top-ranker also makes his appearance. Emperor-Belial. Rias’s goal. Right now they only appear as a setting. Since it was a game of the youth which garnered so much attention I thought I should at least give their names out. Hence their appearance. At this point, I haven’t thought of any matches between them and Ise and his group.

Now for my thanks.

Miyama-zero-sama and H-sama who is in charge. I’m in your care like always! Thank you very much to the both of you regarding the anime related cooperation. Volume 1 of the manga is currently on sales now as well! I also have Mishima Hiroji-san cooperating with me about the anime. I will leave it to you for making the manga go along with the main novel! And also a spin-off manga has started in the Dragon-Magazone! This story here is basically Koneko and Asia as main characters! The characters Hiroichi-san draws are very cute! This is also a must see!

This time, the story was smooth because it was about the inside of the devil’s industry. Well it’s an important volume about Rias, so sometimes this is good. Next volume is a story about a promotion test. But not ending just like that is the Gremory Team. And its also Koneko’s volume. She is in a cat-bird relationship with Ravel, but please look forward to it.

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