High School DxD:Volume 10 Emperor

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The Emperor, Diehauser Belial, answered like this in front of the reporters.

“It was a good match. Both groups will definitely position themselves in the top ranks as soon as they become professional. I felt the coming of the new age.”

After that interview, one of the reporters questioned him.

“If Sairaorg Bael ordered his “Pawn” to take down Rias Gremory, then wouldn’t Sairaorg Bael have won?”

The Emperor answered his question with a passionate voice.

“At that time, in this stadium, was there a choice like that? What everyone wished for was the fight between the Sekiryuutei and the Great-King who doesn’t have the power of destruction. Even a child would know that. If that didn’t happen, no-one would have been satisfied. What else is there to it?”

All of the reporters became silent at his answer.

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