High School DxD:Volume 10 Extra Life

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Extra Life. The Dream that doesn't Finish, and the Dream that Finishes[edit]

I, Azazel, am at the hospital located at the territory of Sitri. The guy with a good build who is looking at the flower-shop located inside the hospital gets shocked at seeing me.


“Hey, Battling-champion.”

It’s Sairaorg. I felt like seeing his face along with my report so I had stopped by this hospital. Since it’s a man who had a remarkable fight like that, I thought of giving him my salutations. Sairaorg and I start to speak while walking down the hallway. Then our discussion moved onto Ise and others.

“How is Hyoudou Issei doing?”

I made a big laugh at Sairaorg’s question and answered him.

“Yeah. It seems like he confessed. Hahahaha. Ever since the school festival, they act so innocent that its hard to look at them. But the girls around them won't stay quiet like this, so it's going to start now. His road to a harem, that is.”

Akeno, Asia and Koneko will also get themselves further involved from here on. How will they approach themselves knowing the relationship between Rias and Ise. I don’t think the aggressive approach of Akeno, who is aiming for the third spot will end. Instead, will she get serious from now as Ise’s affair partner? And how will Xenovia and Irina who are after his genes make their approach? Now, now. How will Sekiryuutei-kun who isn’t familiar with women act? Its something really amusing to watch from the sides!

“I see. That’s good. For Rias, that man suits her the best.”

This guy also isn’t in a position to worry about others.

“……So from the beginning, aye.”

Sairaorg nods at my question. The higher-ups from the Great-King faction withdrew themselves as soon as they found out about his defeat. Sairaorg basically lost all ties that connected him to the top. This is a Rating Game. Devils who are sensitive to the value of things discard things that are of no use to them immediately. That is one of the points of how the devils business industry works.

“Yes. There aren’t any problems. I’m used to this.”

“Our “idiot” is worried about you.”

Ise was concerned about him. It seemed like Ise looks up to Sairaorg.

“Please give him this message. That I will catch up to him quickly.”

A good smile. Even if he lost, he still shows a refreshing smile. If it’s this guy, then he will be able to put a good match against Ise and the others in a rematch. I’m looking forward to it, even from now. Then a person who seems like a butler appears in front of us while breathing violently.


“What happened?”

The butler answers Sairaorg with a shaking voice.

“……Misura-sama has……”

Doctors and nurses who gathered here had an astonished expression. They were saying things like “It’s a miracle” or “I can’t believe it”. When I looked at the bed, a woman who woke from her long sleep was looking at the scenery from the window. Sairaorg moves towards the bed while his body trembles making him drop the flowers he bought from the bottom floor. Then the woman…….Sairaorg’s mother also realizes it.

“……Hahaue(Mother). It is I, Sairaorg. Do you recognize me?”

“……Yes. Yes I do……..”

The mother tries to pat her son’s cheek. Sairaorg caught her trembling hands with his big hands.

“…….My adorable Sairaorg…….. It seems like I was looking at your growth within my dreams…….”

“……You have become a splendid person…..”


Hearing his mothers words, a single drop of tears was shed from Sairaorg’s eyes.

“……I still have a long way to go, Hahaue. Let's go home as soon as you get better. To that house…….”

I left the room because I thought I would be a bother staying here any longer.

[You have become a splendid person.]

Hey Sairaorg. Weren’t you fighting because you wanted to hear your mother say that, this whole time? Even if I make a question like that, I wouldn’t know the real answer. But…….

I think that it doesn’t change the fact that you are a proud son of your mother.

Ise. You are amazing. You even made a miracle like this happen as well. It’s you, isn’t it? The one who made his mother wake up. You did tell me that you came to this hospital and used pailingual on her. I don’t know what kind of effect it had on her, but you made his mother awaken from a long sleep. That’s because it’s the only possibility I can think of. The phenomenon to wake up Sairaorg’s mother that is. An Oppai-Dragon that brings about miracles. Hey Ise. I think that your idiocy is something that saves everyone you know? How much will that idiocy work……. I still want to continue looking at it. I looked at the sky of the Underworld from the window. A purple sky that doesn’t change at all.

“…….A Hero of the devils and the descendants of Heroes. So which is the real Hero then?”

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