High School DxD:Volume 10 Indra

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After finishing the commentary for the game I, Azazel, am walking towards the VIP room. I couldn’t leave my seat because I was doing commentary. But I received a call from my subordinate that the “said person” showed himself in the VIP room. VIP rooms are all single rooms and there are many of them in the stadium. It seems like all of them are used for this game. The Oldman Odin is at the VIP room for “Valhalla”. Zeus and Poseidon are at the room for “Olympus”. All of them are at their designated rooms with their guards. I was walking towards one of the VIP rooms.

And the “said person” came out of the room I was walking towards with his guards. He has a buzz-cut hairstyle and he’s wearing circular sunglasses, an aloha shirt and has a jewel around his neck. The “said person” is wearing a rough outfit that wouldn’t be worn by someone with an important position…… Well I’m not the one who can speak about other people’s clothing though. I then spoke to the “said person”. Śakra.

“Well if it isn’t Śakra-dono. How was the game?”

“Oh? Hey, the fallen-angel brother of justice! It was a smoking hawt match! For the fallen-angel brother who is siding with the current Maou-faction, it was good that your “student” won the match right? The Gremory team. That team has members that surpass common sense. Normal teams won't be able to put up a fight against them.”

…….He does speak with sarcasm like always. He’s a person with ultimate-class power among the entire factions in the world. The Emperor of Heaven. The Warrior-God, who defeated the God-of-Battle, Asura….. There was something I wanted to ask this Emperor-of Heaven. It has something to do with the incident at Kyoto involving the terror done by Hero-faction.

“There is something I want to ask you.”

“HAHAHA! What is it fallen-angel brother of justice! If it's me you want, then I will gladly answer.”

“…….The longinus possessor. You knew about Cao Cao before we did, did you not?”

I received a report from Ise that Son Goku who serves Śakra knew Cao Cao. Yes. This guy knew about Cao Cao since he was a child. He had contacts with the man with the Ultimate holy-spear. Somewhere at the place we didn’t know about. Śakra then made a pleasant smile as if he meant something.

“What about it? What will you do? Is there any dissatisfaction if I knew him since he was a brat? Is it because I didn’t report it? Or is it…….because I had contact with him?”

…….Such a cocky thing this bastard says…….! He revealed it himself……!


I called out that name with my voice filled with rage. Śakra then smirked.

“HAHAHA! You seriously like to make it entertaining by calling me by that name. Don’t make a scary face like that Aza-boy. If you get pissed at something like that, then what God of the Dead, Hades, is doing right now can change the whole map of the factions you know?”

He knows about Hades……… Just how much does he know……? Śakra then points his finger at me.

“I will tell you one thing, youngster. All of the factions are saying “Peace” and “Negotiation”. But within their mind they are thinking that “Our mythology is the strongest! Other mythologies should just be wiped out, you shit!”. The shitty-geezer, Odin, and shitty-old man, Zeus, are the only ones who don’t think like that and they are naïve. After all, its easy to gather the thoughts of humans if the God they believe in doesn’t exist! It’s common sense to think that other religions can just rot, you know? Just how many Gods do you think exist that fell so low because your religion invaded our territory and took away our believers and lowered the beliefs they had towards us by making us turn into “myths”? You should just look back on each mythology. Gods are beings who are more honest with their grudges and hard feelings than humans, you know?”

……I know that. Even if any of the mythologies and Gods take the official stance of negotiation, we can't tell what they are thinking deep within. No. It’s obvious that they are thinking of making their move if they see the chance. But that official position is what is important right now! If the power-balance changes, then the Human World can be destroyed easily……! Then Śakra makes a sigh.

“Well, I will cooperate from the “outside”. Ophis and the others are certainly a nuisance.”

Ophis and the others, huh. Hey Śakra, is Cao Cao also included in that “others” as well…..?

“Also send this message to that Chichiryutei. [It was a great fight. If you were to become a threat to this World, then I will eliminate you along with your spirit. The ones who can use the name “Heaven” are already enough with us].”

Śakra leaves after saying that.

……. Śakra…….Hades……. It looks like this World will still continue to shake. Ophis. The black snakes you are giving gathers powers, it strengthens their powers, it makes them get drunk on their own powers, and is becoming a threat to the World. Your dream is…… making the World go into Chaos.

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