High School DxD:Volume 10 Life 2

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Life.2 A Maiden's Heart is Complicated[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Hmm, like I thought, the biggest problem for the Triaina-combo would be the [Bishop] huh.”

During our break, I said that to Kiba while munching on onigiri[1].

We, the Gremory group, are training hard in the training area which is located in the spacious field under the Gremory territory.

Kiba and I were doing a practice battle, done in a style of an actual battle, and were taking a break.

Elsewhere, Rossweisse-san is tagging along with Xenovia’s training while Gasper and Koneko-chan are supporting them. Buchou and Akeno-san were watching them while giving them advice on how to improve. Also, Asia is discussing about holy-equations with Irina.

The game is coming up, so everyone is working on their respective training. And after the individual trainings, we will be reconfirming the team formation. We basically do the following things everyday: Preparation of school festival → Devil’s job → Training.

“Yeah, the problem for the Triaina-type [Bishop] is its charging time. I think you will be able to give a great amount of damage to the opponent with [Knight] and [Rook] if you don’t make a mistake with the timing. You can also make the opponent let their guard down if you can bend your blast after it is released.”

Kiba says this while wiping off his sweat.

It’s exactly like what this guy said. Each of the Triaina has a weakness which could be spotted easily, but I started to see a way to use [Knight] and [Rook] in tandem with the mock battle I had with Kiba, Xenovia, and Rossweisse-san.

Overwhelming speed, attack, and defence can become the ultimate weapon if I use it at the right time. It’s also my strong point that I can change into a specialised form of Triaina repeatedly without Buchou’s approval.

The problem is the [Bishop]…. I have to charge the cannon after revealing the cannon.

If the opponent sees the cannon and the cannon charging, then they won't wait for it! If I need to charge the cannon in such an obvious manner, then there will only be limited occasions where I can use it.

The idea to bend the demonic power I shoot that I came up with towards the end of the battle in Kyoto is actually very hard even in the form of Triaina-type [Bishop]... Looks like this will also depend on my training huh.

“Team battling and cooperation with your comrades will be necessary as well. I and Xenovia will become the vanguard and instead, Ise-kun will fall back to the rear guard to charge. Once you are done charging, the fight will be ours. There will only be limited number of devils in the Bael group who can even take a hit from that ridiculously powerful cannon.”

So cooperation is a must huh. I would certainly prefer that scenario rather than blasting it by myself as I will feel safer if my comrades buy me some time.

“So how is the consumption condition?”

Kiba asks me. He’s asking me about the consumption condition of my stamina by using Triaina.

“Hmm, compared to the first time I activated this ability, it became more endurable than before, but my stamina consumption is insane.”

Especially the combo. The consumption rate goes up every time I use it repeatedly. It would be good if I can use it properly two or three times. If I have to use it, then it would be against Sairaorg-san. We have Asia’s healing ability, but even if we can get our wounds healed, we won’t be able to heal our stamina. If my stamina runs out during the match and I can’t maintain my armoured state, then…….

“If it’s a team battle, I will support you with everyone else if a situation like that arises. I've also attained a new technique after all.”

Yeah, this guy also attained a new technique! It’s still a secret right now, but hes thought of something amazing! Thanks to that, this training has been useful for me as well!

To be expected from my friend! Using the loss in Kyoto as his strength!

“U-Umm, I just thought of something….”

Ravel, who came to observe us, seemed like she was listening to our conversation. She then raised her hand.

“It’s about the special-form [Bishop] from earlier, but is it possible to shoot a “Power of transfer” instead of a blast from the cannon? If you do that, it feels like you can expand your range to support.”

Kiba and I who heard such a suggestion…..


We were for speechless for a moment. But.

“ “That sounds good!” ”

We nodded our heads at the same time!

I see! So there is also a way to use it like that! [Bishop] originally has a support-like role! And I can use the gauntlet’s ability to transfer the multiplied power in terms of energy!

“If that’s possible, then we can expand the variety of tactics. Even when we show it for the first time, instead of charging, if we can use it to transfer the power to a comrade not only can we catch the opponent off guard, but it seems like we can rush towards them.”

“Do you think we can make the opponent freeze by making them think, “Is it a blast? Or is it a power transfer?”?”

“Yeah, I think we can make them shake quite a bit. If it’s possible to transfer the power from long distance, then there isn’t any other ability more useful when you use it together while cooperating with your comrades. If it's the same as the usual transfer where you can transfer the power to two people at the same time, you can increase the power of two vanguards since there are two cannons. In terms of making a plan, it will be necessary to have more information on the topic first, but it certainly seems like an interesting test.”

“Oo! Oooooooo! Amazing! It seems like I can become super useful in a team battle! More like I would become super useful in real battles!”

She sure thinks of interesting things huh, this Ravel that is! Perhaps she’s like a tactician-type? I want a strategist in my group in the future, so I look up to those kind of people! I think i'll need a resourceful servant to back me up when I am the [King].

I was getting more tensed up, and…

“The problem would be the game field, I think. It will be good if it’s a place where a team battle is possible……”

The match between Xenovia and Rossweisse-san finished, so Buchou who is the adviser came over and began talking to us.

Ah, Xenovia and Rossweisse-san are on the ground over there. It seems like it was a fierce battle... intense sounds of their fight were going on for the entirety of the match. They must be down because they used up too much of their energy.

Buchou continues on.

“Sairaorg told the higher-ups that he will take on everything we have, and the higher-ups allowed that. So there isn’t a restraint on us like the match against Sitri. However, it seems like the higher-ups added a special rule while allowing that.”

“Sp...Special rule……?”

Buchou nods at my word.

“This time the stadium will be in a flying-city located in the Archduke Agares’s territory. It seems like there will be a lot of viewers, so they aren’t looking for a long-duration battle to begin with.”

Flying-city. Was there land floating in the Underworld? In the Underworld such locations do exist, so it truly seems like a fantasy.

And on top of that, we have to participate in the game while a lot of people are watching us. Since there are viewers, it means we won’t have a game which lasts for a day or several days huh.

………..Blitz[2]? If we have to make the viewers happy, then it seems like things will get heated up with a blitz.

Buchou makes a bitter smile at me who was deep in thought.

“A Rating Game is also a form of entertainment, so it can’t be helped if there are parts where it’s focused on the fans preference.”

“In the Underworld, Rias-sama’s Gremory group and Sairaorg-sama’s Bael-group have popularity which doesn’t lose to that of a professional despite being a youth group who has yet to go professional. This match has already gained a lot of attention. It’s even been brought up on the television every day.”

Ravel adds that.

Hearing her say that, it certainly seems like it will turn into a battlefield which will get good responses from the viewers…..

Hmm, since I have to continue being a devil, it won’t be good if I don’t start to think about those aspects of the game. It really is different from a real battle. Entertainment. I’m the Oppai-dragon, so maybe I have to heat it up with that perhaps……? Because it seems like many children will come after all…..

Anyways, right now I have to work hard on training while believing in our victory.

“Thank you, Ravel. It was good advice.”

When I gave her my gratitude…

“I..It’s obvious for me to help you at least with this! If the person that is taking care of me was to lose in this precious match, then even I would be embarrassed!”

Ravel’s face turned red, and she replied back in her tsun-tsun mode.

Yes, like Ravel just said, she started to live in the Hyoudou residence since yesterday. But because she is a genuine Ojou-sama, it seems like there are many things she doesn’t know while living in a place without her servants. So, she has to learn everything from scratch like using chopsticks to the way to use a washing machine. I'll also tag along with her and teach her things.

But Ravel gets told off by Koneko-chan every time that happens and they start a fight. It really seems like Koneko-chan and Ravel are unable to cooperate.

Every time they see each other, they look away after saying “Hmph!”.

…….Do cat and bird have bad compatibility?

More like it’s my first time seeing Koneko-chan like that. Though it doesn’t seem like both of them hate each other from the bottom of their hearts…. Is it okay to think of them as fighting buddies…….?

Yeah, I think I'll leave it at that for now then.

I got up, and said to Kiba.

“Okay, let’s try to see if that way to transfer my power works or not!”

I tried to resume my training after rising my spirit, but-

“This will be all for today.”

Buchou stopped us. She then continues.

“We have a press conference tomorrow. If we continue to train, we will be in bad shape tomorrow in front of the reporters.”

………Pr…Press conference….?

I opened my eyes wide upon hearing that. ……. A press conference you say……

I made a dumb face while Buchou adds additional information.

“Ara. Didn’t I tell you? It was decided that our group and Sairaorg’s group will have the press-conference together. It will be broadcast on television so don’t put on a weird face, okay?”


I became shocked at this information as it was the first time I had heard of it.

Part 2[edit]

So just like that, on the evening of the next day, the place where we went to after finishing all the activities (including school festival) is a high-class restaurant located in the Gremory territory.

Currently, we are on standby in the changing room located on the top floor. It was just a spacious room. There is expensive looking furniture, and on top of the table there are fruits and cakes I had never seen before all lined up.

Super expensive building! Even the way it is constructed looks expensive! Tonight in the hall of this hotel located on the second floor, there will be a joint press conference of both the Gremory group and Bael group.

It’s simple. It will be a heated interview before the game.

It will be an interview focusing mainly on Buchou and Sairaorg-san. I….I will also be interviewed as well! Because I’m the Oppai-dragon!

W-What am I supposed to say!? I don’t know the topic they will ask me in the interview as well!

[Please send a message to all the beauties in the Underworld.]

Maybe a reporter might ask me that!? ……..Like hell they would. The ones who will be asked that will be Sairaorg-san and Kiba. Shit! Good-looking guys sure are lucky! At times like this, they can send messages to all the devil women in the Underworld!

I was sitting on the sofa while thinking those kind of things! Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap is calm, and she’s digging into the cakes!

Koneko-chan sure has guts even in these kinds of situation!

Asia and Rossweisse-san are staying in front of the mirror saying things like “Will this be okay?” or “Does it look good, or it doesn’t?” and are desperate with their make up.

Xenovia on the other hand is calm, and she just applied light make-up.

Buchou and Akeno-san are fully set.

It’s been decided that we will be wearing our usual uniform for the press conference and maybe it’s because they have already put on their make up, but Buchou and Akeno-san look elegant even with their uniform.

They truly are beautiful, the Two-Great Onee-sama that is…..

Wait, now’s not the time to be fascinated by them! Doing this won’t be able to lessen my nervousness!

“Gasper-kun, are you alright with wearing your usual girl uniform?”

“Y-Yes. It feels weird to wear a boy’s uniform for now…… More than that, I don’t want to goooo~! It will be out of place for a hikikomori like me to go to the press conference!”

It seems like Kiba and Gasper are ready. Also, don’t go running into the box now, Gasper.

Speaking about Kiba…. Yeah, that’s right, it’s regarding my Triaina-version to transfer the power via cannon…… This morning, I really wanted to try it, so I had Kiba tag along with me but it was really hard!

Maybe it’s because the ability appeared as a purpose for attacking, so it might be insanely hard to change the power I blast into the power of transfer. To begin with, it’s a crazy idea to shoot out something besides the demonic-power from the cannon.

But, it doesn’t mean there is no possibility. No, I think it will be possible in the future. But, I realised that it’s not something I can master today or tomorrow. So I won’t be able to make it for the game…… If it becomes possible, then I would be able to become useful as a support to my comrades……

Right now, I can’t transfer my power unless I approach them. I do think Ravel’s idea is good though. The truth is, it would be faster for me to transform into Triaina-version [Knight] to get close to my allies and then transfer my power.

……Does it mean it would suit me if it’s an ero-type or attacking-type?

[Your main ability is attacking after all. Though there were those which specialised in transferring their power among the past hosts……]

Is that true, Ddraig? How can you fight by transferring the power?

[They transferred their power to many things, and also increased the speed of many effects. For example there was one who was a summoning and seirei magic user, so by transferring the power to the seirei and creatures, that person created a way to fight with a variety of battling styles.]

Hmm, so there was a senpai like that. That person is an opposite wielder to me since I have no talent in demonic-powers. A wizard-type Sekiryuutei! So there was an era like that huh.

Wait, this isn’t the time for that! It’s right before the press conference! The clock is ticking!

I probably should check myself for the last time in the mirror then……

That’s what I was thinking, but Koneko-chan isn’t going to move from my lap. Today, she has been walking while pulling my uniform sleeves, and it seems she has been attached to me more than usual…….

Koneko-chan then makes her cheeks red probably because she realised I was suspicious of her.

“……Today the Yakitori isn’t here so I want to be on Senpai’s lap.”

Akeno-san then smiled hearing that.

“Ara ara. Looks likes Koneko-chan thinks Ravel-chan will take Ise-kun away from her.”

Hearing Akeno-san say that, Koneko-chan gets embarrassed.

“I-Is that true…..?”

I asked her timidly, and she answers me while putting on an unpleasant face.

“………………..Senpai is too kind, so I get troubled many times because of it.”

I’m not really sure but it seems like she was frustrated that I was with Ravel the whole time. She thought she would have me, her senior, taken away by Ravel?

Oh my! So I’m being depended on from a junior who is a girl!

“I also think Koneko-chan is adorable as well, so don’t be worried.”

I said that, but Koneko-chan still kept an unpleasant face. Ah, but her tail is swirling so is she feeling a bit better now?

When Koneko-chan and I were having such a conversation, Buchou who was looking…..

“Yes….. Ise is too kind to anyone. I………. No. It’s nothing.”

…..says that with a low tone.

………………? I became suspicious of Buchou who seems a bit down. Her eyes seem a bit sad as well……..

H-Hmmm, Buchou has been acting weird lately. Did something happen?

Then the door of this changing room opened. It’s a member of staff.

“Everyone, it’s almost time.”

Looks like the press-conference is about to start! I’m getting nervous!

It happened while we were on our way to the interview. We encountered someone who we are familiar with.

“Ah. Rias-senpai. Hyoudou. And the rest of the occult research club members.”

It’s Saji! Why is he here?

“Saji! What are you doing here?”

When I said that, he shrugged his shoulder. W-What’s with that reaction?

“You sure say a harsh thing……. Well, it can’t be helped. Our match was decided while it didn’t get that much attention.”

“We are also going to have a match against Agares. We are having the press conference today.”



W-What did you just say!? It’s my first time hearing about this!

I got surprised, and Buchou then tells me after tilting her head.

“Didn’t I tell you? Sona will also be having a match at the same time as us against Seegvaira Agares. They will also fight in the Agares’s territory, and I think their stadium is going to be above the islands floating on the lakes.”

I didn’t hear it! Just like the press conference, aren’t you lacking in notifying me about things before hand, Buchou!? Maybe it can’t be helped because we have been busy with the school festival and the preparation for the game!

Saji made a bitter smile.

“It’s like I said right? That we aren’t receiving any attention. After all, your match will be between the infamous Gremory group with the Oppai dragon and Rias-senpai against the number one youth, Sairaorg Bael’s group.”

Sob, I’m sorry, Saji. If I knew about this before, we could have encouraged each other. He’s also in the student council, so they must be having a hard time with the preparations for the school festival.

“Gen-chan, lets get going. It will be bad if we go late. Rias-senpai, we will be going then.”

The [Bishop] Hanakai-san from the Sitri-group says that to Saji.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right. Then we will be off then.”

“Yes, goodbye. Say hi to Sona for me.”

Buchou replied back. Bowing his head down, Saji leaves this place.

I see, the Sitri also will be having a game huh. The opponent will be the Arch-Duke Agares. So that cool and scary-looking beauty will be their opponent huh.

I heard that she is a tactician who is comparable to Kaichou…… It seems like the match will be about them trying to read each other’s movements and will turn into a mud fight. It seems like it will be a match experts would like.

After meeting with Saji, we continued to progress through the corridor and we showed up in the hall which will become the place for the press conference.

[It seems like they have arrived. The Gremory-group has arrived.]

Inside the applause, we go into the spacious hall.

The moment I entered, the feeling of nervousness hits me. It feels like this place is filled with fighting spirit.

Uwaa…. But there sure are so many people. They must be reporters and other media personnel. They are all looking at us! They are even taking pictures of us!

Above the seats for the press conference hall, there is a curtain which is written “Sairaorg Bael VS Rias Gremory” in devil letters. And the Bael group is already there.

After a moment, we sat on the seats for the Gremory group. Buchou is sitting in the centre, Akeno-san is sitting to her right, and I’m sitting to her left. The seats are arranged to gather attention.

On the Bael-side, especially from Sairaorg-san, I can feel intense spirit emitting from his body. So the thing I felt when I first entered was Sairaorg-san’s fighting spirit huh.

His expression is also quite serious. He is totally different from the time I met him back at the hospital. …..Maybe the fight between us has already begun with this press conference.

On the second row behind us, Gasper’s eyes were opening and closing, and it seems like he is enduring the embarrassment. Do your best, hikikomori! This is the critical moment for you!

[Since everyone from both sides has gathered, I would like to start the press conference.]

The person who will be the host said that, and the press conference began.

Basic information about the game’s outline, the date and such was explained to us by the host, and after that, he asked the opinions of both [King]’s - Buchou and Sairaorg-san.

Both of them acted grandly, and the dignity they held was amazing.

I sat down quietly when my master and comrades were talking. I can’t put on any weird faces. The reporters might write a weird article with even a single movement.

Stay calm, stay calm…….

While my hands are getting sweaty, the conference progresses accordingly, and finally the time to question the members from both groups who have gathered much attention has come.

The girls of our Gremory group who hold vast amounts of popularity from the men answered back to the questions, and Kiba who is also popular amongst women also answers without any trouble.

Then finally, the question was directed at me!

[I will ask Hyoudou Issei-san aka Oppai-dragon who is very popular in the Underworld a question now.]


W-What kind of question will I be asked? Maybe something like my type of women? Or my opinion towards the game?

While my head was dazzling with things like that, the question I received was…..

[Will you also be poking Princess Rias’s breast this time as well? If you were to poke, then in what kind of situation would you poke them?]


My brain became blank because of the question I totally didn’t anticipate.


While putting on a weird face, I could only say that, but the reporter continues.

[Just like the tokusatsu programme, we received the information that you power up by poking Princess Rias’s breasts. We also heard that you overcame many crises because of it?]

…….That sure is a horrible question! I see! So the information that I power up by poking breasts is known all throughout the Underworld huh! The impression of me is out of control! It’s even worse because that is the truth!

But, it will be bad if I don’t answer back.

“You see, Bu-Bu-Bucho, no that isn’t it…”

I became too nervous that I was about to say ‘Buchou’. It will be bad for me to call her that in front of many people. I need to call her master and such! That’s what I thought, but it was bad that I didn’t speak properly.

[Buchuu!? Were you just about to say buchu!? So that means you will be sucking it like ‘buchuu’, as in her breast!?]

Suddenly I received many flashes from the camera, and even the reporters started to make noises!

W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What kind of misunderstanding did you geeeeeeeeet!? These idiotic reporteeeeeers!

I didn’t say buchu! I was trying to say ‘Buchou’! Idiots! Are you dumb!? The outrageous misunderstanding was heading towards the outrageous direction!

[Does that mean you will be sucking Princess Rias’s breast!?]

No! There’s no way I will be proposing that “I’m going to suck breast” in front of all these people!

[If you power up by poking breasts, what will happen if you suck it!? Is it possible for the Underworld to collapse!?]

Like hell I would know that dumbass! Are you mistaking me for a Breast-Maou who can destroy the world by sucking breasts or something!?

[Princess Rias! Please give us your comment regarding this!]

The question was finally directed towards Buchou! Buchou has her face very red who seems very embarrassed and is covering her face with both her hands.

“……I…I don’t know!”

That’s right! Akeno-san who is next to Buchou couldn’t control herself and has blurted out with laughter. Aaah, laugh all you want then!

[Contender Sairaorg, what do you think?]

You dumb reporter! Don’t ask himmm!

Sairaorg-san answers with a serious expression.

“Hmm, it will seem like the Sekiryuutei will become insanely strong when he sucks Rias’s breast.”


The groups of reporters started to make a noise after hearing that! Sairaorg-saaaaaan! Why are you also saying those kinds of thinnnnngs!?

Just like that, the tensed atmosphere of the press conference disappeared, and it finished in a situation filled with laughter.


High school dxd v10 085.jpg

After the press conference, the Gremory group and the Bael group. And Sairaorg-san was laughing very lively.

“No, sorry. But when I get involved with you guys, amusing things happen all the time. Since it’s before the match, I came into the hall while raising my fighting spirit, but I sure had it taken away from me. No no, instead I was able to relax.”

“Mou! Don’t you also say something weird Sairaorg!”

Buchou who has a red face and even tears on her eyes was mad at Sairaorg-san. She must have been really embarrassed.

I..I’m sorry, Buchou…… I embarrassed her again because of me…….

“Let it be. As a result, we didn’t have a messy press conference but one with lots of things people can talk about. I’m looking forward to the morning newspaper tomorrow.”

I don’t! If an article which says “Oppai-dragon, this time he will suck!” comes out, I won’t be able to face the people from house of Gremory!

Sairaorg-san then takes a breath while putting on a smile.

“I see. So this is what it feels like to fight the Sekiryuutei, the Oppai-dragon. I never thought we would have to compete even in the comments for the press conference.”

“I..I’m sorry, for acting like that……I wasn’t trying to make a fool out of everyone……”

I apologised, but Sairaorg-san shook his head to the side.

“That isn’t true. I didn’t mind. It’s the opposite. I feel some mysterious power from you guys who can start a thing like that in a place where everyone has their attentions on us.”

Sairaorg-san is usually a strict person, but he showed his playful side at the press conference.

So we have to fight with someone like him who treats us very friendly.

-By having our dreams on the line.

Sairaorg-san turns around, and leaves while waving his hands at us.

“It was fun tonight. So the next time we will meet is at the final battle. –Let's meet above the sky then.”

The next place we will meet is at the place for our battle.

Yes, the press conference has finished and the date for our match is approaching us.

……I definitely don’t want to lose!

Part 3[edit]

“Ah~, I’m so scared to see the Underworld’s morning newspaper tomorrow!”

I was complaining while going inside the big-bath located at the basement of the Hyoudou residence.

After the press conference, we returned home. And so returned back to our usual daily life……

I’m so embarrassed that I would die after remembering what happened at the press conference, so I decided to take a bath to change my mood.

The spacious big-bath of the Hyoudou residence! It was added when the house got a huge renovation, and it seems like there will still be enough space even with twenty people inside. Just in case, there is a regular bath on the first floor.

It seems like all the girls living here take a bath while washing each other…..

Its made so even my family can also use this place, but mum ordered to dad “Please take a bath on the first floor!”, so only dad is using the bath on the first floor.

This is a consideration made because there are girls living here. Dad also doesn’t want to start an international problem, so he agreed to it and is using the bath on the first floor. Now it has become a dad-only bath. It seems like it isn’t bad to monopolise a bathtub. Well, it certainly won’t be bad to have your own bathtub.

Mum also told me not to take a bath here, but I use it when I have a chance.

Having a ‘lucky-sukebe’ encounter to meet the girls naked would be an awesome situation!

I mean look how magnificent this bath is. I also want to use it.

…….Staying inside the bath won’t even change my mood at all. Maybe it’s because the match is coming up, so it also might be the fact that my tension is rising.

……It’s going to be a match with our dreams on the line after all………

Okay, then I will go inside the sauna now! Yes. This big-bath has a complete set which comes with a sauna and cold-bath! The finance of the Gremory household is terrifying indeed! There’s no loss in having extra!

Getting inside the sauna, I stayed there doing nothing for ten minutes.

Quite a lot of sweat has come out from my whole body. If I take a cold bath after this, looks like I can feel refreshed. Once I get out of the bath, I’m going to drink a chilled coffee milk.

It happened when I was thinking of leaving here…..

The door opens, and a fully naked……Buchouuuuuuuu!?

“Ara, Ise.”

Not even wearing a single towel, Buchou is in front of me in the state she was born in! She doesn’t even try to hide her body even after knowing that I’m inside! Why are you so daring Buchou!?

“U-Ummm! I…I….!”

I hid my manhood with my hands and tried to leave. –But Buchou took my hand and stops me from going.

“It’s okay. Stay with me for a bit.”

It’s okay!? I will look all over your body you know!? Thank you very much!

I sat next to Buchou, and gazed at her erotic body which is so irresistible. Maybe she took a bath or just washed her body, but her wet and long crimson hair is sticking onto her body, so her body looks spicier than usual!

Buchou waves back her hair with her hand while crossing her legs. The moment she crosses her legs is so seductive that I end up swallowing down my spit!

I’m alone with Buchou inside a single room! My body gets overheated because of the heat from the sauna and the desire inside me which is rising up! Shit! If I were man enough, I would have wanted to push her down!

“It’s only the two of us. If I was to be pushed down by Ise here, what would happen to me?”

Buchou-sama says something erotic like that to me! Please spare me! Right now I’m in a state where I can’t control myself!

“But, since you must be familiar with my body already, so you might not feel like that?”

“T-That’s not true! Buchou’s body is the best!”

We exchanged a conversation that we usually have! Buchou teases me, and I answer back! Our usual exchange where Buchou enjoys me acting shy!

But, this time it was different.

Buchou takes my hand and-


She places it on her breast! Buchou’s body which has become wet with sweat gives a stimulating sensation to my hand!

Buchou then whispered very charmingly.

“…..If that’s how you really feel, then push me down right here………”

Buchou says that with a slightly red expression with a bit of sadness in her expression.



Pussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh her downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!? Right now!? Me, to Buchou!?

I was horrified and Buchou asks me.

“Hey, to Ise, what am….I?”

“Buchou is Buchou! Nothing more, nothing less!”

Yes, inside me Buchou is a one and only kind of person! That’s why, Buchou is Buchou!

Hearing me say that, it seemed like Buchou is grinding her teeth.

Buchou then grabbed my hand tightly.

“……… …….If that’s the case, then I just have to become more than that…………”

Buchou then leaned her body towards me--.

High school dxd v10 000c.jpg

I was being pushed down by Buchou on the place where we sit in the sauna. Buchou is on top of me! The sensation of the very soft body of a woman hits me! My arms, chest, stomach, and legs. Every single part of my body is in contact with her soft skin. Her o..oppai is compressed down against my chest, and the size and elasticity of it is amazing…..! There is no doubt that the pointy things I can feel are her nipples!

……My brain begins to boil…..! What a situation! To be pushed down in the locked sauna room by the woman I love! And Buchou is riding on top of me!

This! This is! It means that right!? Finally!? It’s finally here!?

My first time!

Buchou being my first time is simply the best! There isn’t anything more fortunate than this!

I blinked as I don’t know where to put my hands! What should I do! Where do I put my hands!? Which do I touch first!? Her butt!? Her thighs!? Like I thought, her oppai first!?

Since our bodies are touching each other, I can feel Buchou’s pulse directly to my body! I’m so nervous that my heart is pumping fast, but Buchou is also feeling nervous…..?

“Let me feel you Ise……..”

Buchou and my lips overlap--.


This is……bad!

My brain is about to melt because our tongues are tangled! My tongue is being sucked by Buchou….!

Kuchu…. Chup……

An obscene sound echoes in the sauna room. That sound made my whole body feel some unknown sensation! Everytime I gulp down Buchou’s saliva which came inside my mouth, it feels like my eyes will sparkle!

This is, bad! It will completely turn me on! The wet crimson hair which falls down on my face. Her hair which has a nice smell of shampoo comes into my nostrils and it turns my brain into a flower garden!

Her tongue leaves my mouth, and there is a thread of saliva between our lips. ………We have already kissed many times, but this time there is more passion in it….

Looks like I have to be prepared! I’m going to make love to Buchou here…..! So my first time would be inside the sauna room! So will I remember this being all sweaty!?


‘Exactly’ at that moment, Buchou stops after hearing what I said.

“………..“Buchou”……? You still call the woman you are about to make love to……even if I do this much……..Buchou…..?”

Buchou got up expressionless. She had so much seductive expression until just before and now she has an expression where she looks emotionless.

“……..To you, ‘what’ am I……?”

Buchou separates herself from me. I also moved, but…….. Buchou has her whole body shaking. She then tries to leave the sauna room immediately.

W-What happened!? Did I do something bad!?

“Buchou, what happ--”

“Don’t follow me!”

Speaking over me, Buchou yelled. Her voice was mixed with cries.

Buchou left. I…….don’t know what just happened, and I could only look down at the drops of tears Buchou left on the floor when she left.---

Part 4[edit]

After school, next day.

I made a deep sigh in the clubroom.

What I have in my hand is the Underworld newspaper.

[Oppai-dragon is going to ‘buchuu’ suck the Switch!?]

It was a horrible article like I predicted. I started to feel dizzy, geez…..

Actually, this isn't my concern right now. That’s because there is a another problem.

…….Last night, I displeased Buchou. After that, when I got out of the bath, there was a piece of paper stuck on the door to my room which read “Ise not permitted!” and I couldn’t enter the room until this morning.

Apparently Buchou slept with Asia. So I slept in the unused room. ……..It sure was a lonely night. Even when I woke up, Buchou was still mad, and even though she talked to me it was a plain conversation where she didn’t give me her smile.

The girls also realised it, and everyone asked me “Did something happen?”…….

I answered them that I don’t know, but everyone said “No, it’s definitely your fault” and everyone was saying that I’m the bad one.

………W-Well, it probably is my fault……. What kind of mistake did I make in that situation? I don’t have a clue.

I hear that women seek for romantic atmospheres, so I think the reason is somewhere there. My action….was bad I guess.

But, what kind of mistake did I make!?

What comes to my mind is the word Buchou’s mother told me when I saw her the other day. …….It feels like the answer lies somewhere there…… But it doesn’t mean that the wild delusion I have is possible, in fact it seems totally off the mark……..

In private life, what kind of existence is Buchou to me……. Buchou’s mother’s words are going around in circles in my head.

Something that isn’t a master-servant relationship…….

One of the answers pops up in my head, but that seems too far-fetched and it’s more like my delusion……

Also…….., what should I do if my guess is wrong…….?

…….Again, ‘she’ appears back in my head.

---The fallen-angel Raynare.

The woman who deceived me. My first girlfriend.

……It’s a horrible memory.

Because of that experience, I became someone who can’t take everything to the last step…….. I had a nail impaled deep within my heart. Even till now……I can’t get it out.

I want to get along even more with the girls in our group, but I stop half way.

…….Shit. I’m so weak. I’m so pathetic. I understand that myself, but even so I can’t do anything about it. But I want to tell my feelings to Buchou!

………When will I be able to move forward……?

…….I should stop thinking about it. There is going to be an important meeting with Azazel-sensei regarding the game.

The other ones in the clubroom are Kiba and Gasper. Everyone else hasn’t come yet. The Church-trio who are in the same class as me headed towards the new school building to get some fabric for the school festival preparation.

Buchou and Akeno-san aren’t here as well. Only the guys.

“Yo, Gasper. How are those two behaving in the class?”

I then decided to talk to Gasper.

“Y-Yes……. Koneko-chan and Ravel-san are arguing at every little thing. Koneko-chan who is usually quiet gives harsh comments to Ravel-san……”

So both of them haven’t changed huh.

“B-But, even though Koneko-chan is complaining about Ravel-san who isn’t familiar with the lifestyle in the human’s world, she still looks after her and Ravel-san also follows Koneko-chan even though she scolds her……”

Is that so? Even though they say that, both of them sure are bonding nicely.

“H-Hmm. It made me confused even more. A maiden’s heart sure is complicated…..”

I said that while looking up at the ceiling, and---

“Both of them have probably realised the person that each of them are always ‘thinking’ of. That’s why they argue with each other every time something happens. Even more so, since they are in the same year.”

Sensei who just entered says that while looking into my face.

“…..W-What do you mean, Sensei?”

“Well, Koneko will follow what you told her and will continue to look after Ravel in her class, and Ravel will also rely on Koneko to adapt to the human’s world lifestyle.”

“Haa…..Is that how it turned out?”

I replied back with no strength in my words.

“…….It seems like I can’t become useful to Ravel-san like how Koneko-chan can. M…More like, it seems like I can’t be useful to everyone in both the private life and in battle……”

Gasper said that while feeling a bit down.

“Your eyes have been allowed to be used for this battle, and you are able to carry a bottle with my blood in it now. Do you still feel uneasy?”

When I asked, Gasper nods.

“…….I don’t have courage and strength like how Ise-senpai does….. I also can’t use swords like how Yuuto-senpai does as well…… I would be happy if I can at least be useful at supporting……But as a boy I feel ashamed of myself~!”

So he wants to be useful for the group as a guy. Even though he dresses like a girl, he is a guy afterall.

Okay, I will give him some lessons then!

“Gasper! Engrave the things what I’m about to tell you into your heart! [Gremory group’s males Lesson 1! A man has to protect a girl! Hey repeat after me]!”

“A m-man has to protect a girl!”

“Good, then next one! [Gremory group’s males Lesson 2! A man has to stand up no matter what]!”

“A m-man has to stand up no matter what!”

“Lastly! [Gremory group’s males Lesson 3! Don’t give up no matter what]!”

“D-Don’t give up no matter what!”

“Good, you just have to engrave that into your heart and fight just like a man from the Gremory-group.”

“Y-Yes! I will engrave them within myself and work haaaaard~!”

Oh, he sure has high spirits. Kiba was also making a small laugh.

“That sounds good. I think I will engrave that in my heart as well.”

“You do just that. Not giving up even if anything happens is what a man from the Gremory-group has to be.”

“That sure sounds annoying.”

Sensei says that with his eyes half opened while looking at our conversation.

While the guys were getting heated up like that, Buchou and the other members came in.

I looked at Buchou….but she was still expressionless even though she knows that I’m looking at her.

………..She’s still mad……… What should I do from now on if Buchou continues to hate me……?

I became a bit shocked. Sensei then looks around all of us and says it.

“Then, we will begin our meeting.”

The first thing Sensei said with a serious face was this.

“Before starting the meeting for the upcoming game, there are things I want to discuss regarding the situations of each faction. –It seems there’s going to be a bit of trouble regarding the Sacred Gears.”

“What do you mean?”

Kiba asks, and Sensei continues.

“You guys should know that the Hero-faction has been researching about the Balance-Breaker. Since you guys did experience it with your own bodies.”

Yup. We certainly experienced that back in Kyoto. Those guys sure did know a lot about how to use Sacred Gears. More than that, it seems like they also knew a lot about our Sacred Gears and their characteristics. It’s the total opposite of Sensei’s knowledge towards Sacred Gears. --It seems like they were putting their hands on the forbidden types of research they shouldn’t touch and even try to do.

“It’s said that they started to teach the ways to reach Balance-Breaker to the Sacred Gear possessors who are mixed up within the common people that aren’t part of the Hero-faction and to the reincarnated devils who are also Sacred Gear possessors.”

Teaching the way to reach Balance-Breaker to common people who are Sacred Gear possessors…….and to the reincarnated-devils who are also Sacred Gear possessors?

I…Isn’t that a bad thing….? To begin with, Balance-Breaker is something which gives you huge powers.

Sensei nods after seeing my expression.

“So what will it result in? –If someone who has been having an unfortunate life has their life changed all of a sudden, and if they attained a power which is said to break the balance of the world, then their views towards the world will change. Like you all know, not everyone who possesses Sacred Gear has been having a good life. It isn’t rare for those who have been persecuted and discriminated due to having power different from other people. There are cases where the possessors were reincarnated into a devil with an unfair deal and were turned into a servant.”

Buchou continues from where Sensei stopped.

“…….Not all devils are fair after all…… And there are those among High-class devils who are cruel as well. There are those who have developed different ways of thinking due to the human world, but naturally the devils are those who have logical ways of thinking.”

Sacred Gear possessors who have been reincarnated in a forceful way….. And those guys attaining Balance-Breaker…….

Sensei continues.

“Yeah, there are Sacred Gear possessors who are currently living while having tasted such unfairness. So what will happen if guys like that learn how to use their powers and attain an overwhelming power, the Balance-Breaker?”

While everyone became silent, Sensei says it while having his expression darker.

“-They will use it. Their power that is. If it’s humans they might use it on their revenge against others, and if it’s a reincarnated devil who possesses Sacred Gears, they would think of paying back their master who has treated them cruelly.”

………This is bad.

So it means that a revolt might be occurring in the human world and the Underworld! On top of that, in the Balance-Breaker state! After all, there are many Sacred Gear possessors who are dissatisfied with their current situation.

“……That would be scary.”

When I told him what I really think, Sensei nods his head.

“Yeah, it would be a scary thing in many ways. The limits of what humans can achieve, a challenge to the superior beings, for those Hero-faction guys who have been researching about Balance Breaker, so you can say that the things which will happen from now will be one of their results they have gained. It’s a matter of time for the Sacred Gear possessors who are somewhere in the human world and the Underworld who hold a dissatisfaction to start a revolt.”

--So the actions that the Hero-faction have already done have reached the core of something serious huh.

Sensei then says it with a scary face.

“So we have been totally fooled. We still don’t know how it will end for those who are terrorists, but it’s certain that we received a heavy blow from them. It will definitely affect things from now on. It’s regrettable, but they sure have succeeded. Once again, I realised the scariness of humans.”

……In the near future, there might be incidents occurring amongst the High-class devils. In my case……thanks to my master Buchou who is kind, the Sacred Gear possessors among us which are me, Asia, Kiba, and Gasper don’t even feel dissatisfaction but rather we are living our lives happily every day.

I understand that not all of us are like that. The shadow-user possessor who came against me back at Kyoto. He sounded like his life changed after being taught how to use his power and the way to use it. If someone who has been having a painful life attains a power which can change their lives then…….they will use it, huh.

And it means people like that will appear a lot from now……

Hey, the God from the Bible who is said to be dead. Why did you make the Sacred Gear system and what was on your mind? Was it to save the humans? Was it to save those in need? Was it to give birth to heroes or yuusha?

If you created them because it’s convenient and to make their lives better, it isn’t working that much.

It became a very delicate thing so that it can create revolts and war in various locations. Because of it, there are those which can even kill God-level beings. One of those even resides in me.

…………If I walked a different path, would I also have been siding with those who cause destruction? I don’t want to think about it……..

The atmosphere inside the club room became serious. Sensei realised it, so he made a cough.

“-Oh, my bad. That’s right, today, I came here as the adviser for the match against Sairaorg.”

That’s right! The meeting! The match against Bael is coming up! We have to get some advice from Sensei before the battle, and I have to investigate them with everyone!

To change the atmosphere of the clubroom, I raised my hand and asked Sensei.

“Does Sairaorg-san also have someone like Sensei who acts as his adviser?”

Yeah, like always the adviser of the Gremory group is Azazel-sensei. To have the leader of one of the factions as our adviser, we are quite blessed among the youth.

Well, it seems like Sensei gives advice to the Sitri group quite often as well, and if the people he gives advice to aren’t dangerous people, then it seems like he will teach them many things.

“Yeah, they also have one too. It seems like the Emperor-sama is with them.”

“---! ……..Diehauser Belial.”

The one who responded the most to Sensei’s words is Buchou.

In the future, for Buchou who wants to attain titles on each game, he is her aim. That is the current champion, Emperor Belial.

…….Will he also become a big obstacle when I become independent and participate in the game?

“Well, if Rias and Ise are going to participate in the game as High-class devils, then you can see him as your big aim after you officially participate in the game. The members of the group also won’t be able to avoid him if their master decides to participate in the game.”

Sensei says that.

“Now then, have you guys memorised the data about Sairaorg’s group?”

Everyone including me nod our heads at Sensei’s question.

Yeah, no problem. We researched a lot about Sairaorg-san’s group. Well, the only thing we know right now are their abilities. Even so, not knowing and knowing them can change our enthusiasm towards the match. So we repeatedly watched the video of their match against Glasya-Labolas!

Sensei activates the holographic vision in the air. Each of the Bael-group’s members appears with their parameters. Sensei says it while looking at them.

“It seems like there were those who didn’t show their full power in the match against Glasya-Labolas. Well, during that match, the brat from the Glasya-Labolas challenged Sairaorg in one-on-one after all. So Sairaorg basically finished the game. Also-”

Sensei says it while crossing his arms.

“Sairaorg and his group are rare devils who actually train, just like you guys. They definitely have levelled-up during the time after their match against Glasya-Labolas.”

Yeah, Bael-group are also devils who do a rare thing called working hard. Just like us, they train every day and are increasing their strength. ……So they must be more powerful than the time this video was recorded.

“It’s said that they also fought even against the Khaos Brigade. So they have experience in dangerous real battles. Looks like the opinions of Yondai-Maou, Sirzechs and the other Maou of “I do not want the young ones to be taken out into war as much as possible” has gone in vain. Well, there are young devils like you guys who encounter reckless battles after all.”

Sensei says that while making a bitter smile.

……That’s totally true. I just want to live peacefully, but I ended up encountering a God and a guy with the ultimate Longinus you know? I never thought I would encounter a transcendental kind of battle in Kyoto! Even if it’s my destiny, this is too disastrous!

Then Rossweisse-san who has a serious face speaks.

“…….This [Pawn] from the opponent’s side didn’t appear in the video correct?”

All of us look at the same direction. A person wearing a cyber looking mask is shown. His name also just written as [Pawn].

…….Pawn. Sairaorg-san’s group consists of 1 [Queen], 2 [Rook], 2 [Knight], 2 [Bishop] and their group formation looks similar to us. And this [Pawn]….

I don’t see other [Pawn]’s in Bael-group. Just this masked person.

“At the press conference, the reporter also questioned Sairaorg Bael possibly about this person as well.”

Kiba says. I was nervous so I don’t remember, but was Sairaorg-san asked such a question at the press conference?

If this masked person was there with us, he would have had a strong impact and I would have remembered him. Then this ‘Mask-san’ wasn’t present at the press conference then.

“…….Apparently that [Pawn] is a guy who Sairaorg barely uses. So there is barely any information about him. Since he is wearing a mask, we don’t even know who he is. He was revealed for the first time for this match. Then that means Sairaorg would be using him for the other games from now. Since it seems like Sairaorg tries not to have this guy have contact with others as much as possible. The only rumour’s I heard about him is that he used 6 or 7 [Pawn] pieces. That’s why the only [Pawn] Sairaorg has is him.”

[6!? 7!?]

All of us shouted at the same time because of the shocking revelation! 7! I used up 8! If this guy indeed did use up 7, then that means he’s quite a skillful opponent or has high potential powers!

Sensei continues.

“Since we don’t have all the data about him, you should approach the match by being very cautious of this [Pawn]. To begin with, any type of guys are around to fight for this match after all. …….Sairaorg’s secret weapon, it’s like his ‘tiger-cub’ huh.”

Tiger-cub…… Oh yeah, Sairaorg-san’s mother came from the household which governs the Lion. ……..It’s scary to think what kind of opponent he would be. Well, would it turn into a sudden fight without knowing anything about him? No, I can’t think like that! I also need to use my brain even more!

After that, Buchou stood in front of us and talked about the strategy for the game and counter-measures against the opponents, and all of us memorised them.

Irina, who was with us, was listening to it with great interest. Ravel, on other hand was working hard taking notes of it. Ravel sure likes to learn.

Having finished our discussion, I raised my hand and asked Sensei about what has been in my mind.

“Sensei, if we participate in the official Rating Game, what is the chance of us colliding with the Champion in the future……..? It will be okay from Sensei’s perspective.”

“You guys along with Sairaorg are youths with abnormal strength. I’m saying this because this group is a gathering of many powerful members even though you guys haven’t participated in the official game yet. And also experience in real battles.-You guys especially have an experience fighting World-level foes. On top of that, everyone survived. Things like that don't happen often, and you guys are seen as a big-shot newcomers team. You guys should be able to aim quite high when you participate in the official game. It’s just a matter of time for you guys to get into the Top-10.”

We received very high praises from the Governor of the fallen-angels!

We felt very shy and Sensei continues.

“But, because of that you have a lot of attention from the Underworld. In the next game, the whole Underworld will be watching you. You guys are already famous for stopping the Evil-God Loki and the terrorists. On top of that, you guys managed to heat up the press conference that much, and the residents of the Underworld have witnessed the new breeze of the future of the devils.”

………Future of the devils. Sounds so grand.

“Of course, the current Top-rankers of the game would be paying attention to you guys and Sairaorg, and will be starting to research about you guys who will become a new enemy to them. That’s a good inclination. The top-rankers of the game who have barely moved, I get excited by thinking that you guys and Sairaorg would be amongst them in the future which is not that far.”

Sensei then says it after smiling lively.

“-Change it, the Rating Game that is. The Top-10 rankers and the Emperor, you young ones are going to beat them up and create a new flow of the Rating Game.”

-We are going to change it?

The Rating Game……, by defeating the Champion……. And we will become the Champions……?

…………I want to become it.

Champion! The conqueror of the Game! I also want to become a Harem-King, but being the Champion of the Rating Game might not be bad! And most of all……I want to make Buchou the Champion.

That’s because that is the dream Buchou seeks….

I have so many dreams and ambitions. Maybe I am a devil who has so much greed.

But---. I want to fulfill all those dreams. No, I am going to fulfill it!

Part 5[edit]

After school, after the meeting ended.

Sensei and Rossweisse-san left because they still have things to do as teachers.

We prepare for the school festival with the remaining members. Looks like me and Kiba have to do power related tasks.

……I then glanced at Buchou. She’s looking at the documents used in the meeting and is reading them.

……She still hasn’t returned to her good mood. Hmm, what should I do? If I don’t reconcile with her before the game, I’m scared that it might cause difficulties. Apologising…..it seems like she won’t forgive me unless I acknowledge the cause and apologise to her…… And I don’t know the cause of it! Hmm……

It happened when I was having my head all puzzled over it.

A light runs through the top of the table. The light drew a circle, and turns into a shape of a magic-circle….

……It’s a familiar symbol.


Koneko-chan mutters. That’s right! It’s exactly like Koneko-chan said! This is the magic-circle of Phoenix!

It’s a small magic-circle which has the size to appear on top of the table, so is it a communication-type? But who? ………Don’t tell me it’s Raiser? What does he want?

I was in suspicion, but from the magic-circle a holographic image was projected and the face of a young woman appears.

She has a high-class atmosphere and looks. She has her hair up and adorned with expensive looking accessories.


Ravel made a shocking voice.

Okaa-sama? Ravel’s mother? So that means she is the wife of the current head of the house of Phoenix which also makes her the mother of Raiser. She’s pretty. She looks like she is in her twenties. Since she is a devil, I don’t know her real age…… But she certainly looks like Ravel!

[How do you do, Ravel. Sorry for the sudden call. I couldn’t get any time, so I ended up calling at this hour. In the human’s world Japan, it’s still school time right?]

“Y-Yes, it certainly is, but why did you call all of a sudden?”

When Ravel asks, Lady Phoenix says….

[…….Are Rias-san and Sekiryuutei-san here?]

The one who was called by her is Buchou…..and me? Why me?

Buchou stands in front of the projection.

“How do you do, Obaa-sama. It’s been awhile.”

[Ara, Rias-san. How do you do. It certainly has been awhile. And…..]

The Lady looks around. Is she looking for me? I positioned myself where she can see me immediately.

“Ah, hello. I’m Hyoudou Issei.”

[Hello to you too. This is our first time meeting like this, isn’t it Hyoudou Issei-san of the Sekiryuutei. I apologise for introducing myself like this.]

“N-No. S-So do you have some business with me…..?”

I ask while acting politely.

[Yes, I thought I should greet you properly……. Normally, I should go and greet myself to Rias-san who is in charge of the Hyoudou residence and the academy which my daughter will be home-staying at, but there were reasons why we couldn’t visit……]

“……You know, since the demands of the Phoenix’s tear are increasing, so maybe they don’t have time because of it……”

Kiba whispers to my ears.

Ah, I see…… House of Phoenix are the main suppliers for the Phoenix’s tears after all.

I heard that there are emergency demands on the Phoenix’s tears, and that they can’t keep up with the supplies, so the Lady must be with it as well. That must be hard. It’s much appreciated, seriously!

Buchou replies while smiling.

“Not at all, Oba-sama. Your words would be enough. Please leave Ravel to us.”

[…….I’m truly sorry, Rias-san. For having you take care of Raiser after the game, and also having you look after Ravel…….]

It seems like she isn’t saying it with bad intentions. I thought they would hold a grudge against us because the engagement was cancelled, but it seems like they don’t even have a bit of it. There are so many big-hearted people in the house of Phoenix.

But for Buchou, it must be complicated. After all, she couldn't decline the transfer of Ravel and the responsibility for her.

Then the Lady looks at me.

[Also, Hyoudou Issei-san. Please especially look after my daughter.]

…..M-Me too? And she emphasized the word ‘especially’.

Of course, I will look after her.

“Y-Yes, of course. But Buchou is also here, and there are people who can look after her better than me in our club…….”

[Yes. Of course, by entrusting my daughter Ravel to Rias-san and everyone else, she will have no trouble at the school in the Underworld. But, what I would like to ask of you is different from that. Will you please protect her so no weird pests would come near her? By having the Sekiryuutei who has gained many achievements next to her, both my husband and I can feel assured.]

“Weird pests……?”

So she’s telling me to look after her so no guys would come near her in the human world? I’m also a guy you know….. W-Well, I won’t do anything like laying my hands on Ravel. She’s my important junior. She’s cute, but I won’t lay my hands on her!

“I understand. I don’t know how much I can do, but I will protect your daughter!”

When I said that, the Lady made a bright expression.

And besides me, ---Ravel has her face very red. ……..Hey hey, what happened Ravel……?


For a moment, the face of Buchou who appeared within my sight……looked sad……but was that just my eyes?

[I thank you very much. …….Ravel.]

“Yes, Okaa-sama.”

[You know what you must do? You have to support Rias-san, and you have to listen to your seniors, and on top of that you have to deepen your relation with Hyoudou Issei-san. As the daughter from the house of Phoenix, work very hard so you don’t tarnish the name of our house, okay?]

“Of course!”

Looks like the mother and daughter are talking about something. I don’t know why, but Ravel has her face red, and it looks like she is filled with spirits……

[And lastly, Hyoudou Issei-san.]

The Lady talks to me again.


[I hear that your dream is to become a High-class devil.]

“Yes, it is…….And?”

[My daughter is currently my [Bishop]. I traded with Raiser.]

“Y-Yes, I have heard.”

[Please remember it very well. My daughter is free. She is my [Bishop]. She doesn’t belong to Raiser. Very well?]

“Y-Yes! U-Understood!”

That’s something I already know, but well, I just nod my head just in case.

Hearing that, the Lady nods her head. She looks satisfied….. Why?

[My business here is done. Rias-san, Hyoudou Issei-san, and everyone, please forgive my sudden introduction. And it’s time now. Ravel, behave in a manner where you won’t make any shame as a lady.]

“Yes, Okaa-sama.”

[Now then, everyone. Good bye.]


The light brightens, ---it then turns into a shallow light and disappears.

…….The greetings of Lady Phoenix which came here like a storm. It must be due to worrying about her daughter and the greetings to us. Though there were things I’m not sure of…….

I was in doubts and made a sigh, and Buchou who was about to leave the room unsteadily on her feet appears within my sight.

“…….Bu….Buchou, where are you going?”

When I asked, Buchou stops, and she mutters without turning around.

“…….Ise, will you protect me?”

……..Why do you ask such a thing suddenly…..? I don’t know, but my answer is obvious!

High school dxd v10 119.jpg

“Of course, I will protect Buchou!”

“………And Asia?”

“Eh? Yes, I will also protect Asia!”

“And Akeno?”

“Akeno-san? That is obvious. But…….. What happened, suddenly asking me such a thing?”

I don’t get it. I don’t get what Buchou’s intention are at all.

But, Buchou asks with a lower tone.

“…………Hey, Ise.”


“…………To you, ‘what’ am I? ‘Who’ am I?”


I don’t get the meaning of this question…….. But, to me…..

“…….Ummm, to me Buchou is Buchou and---”

The moment I said that.

“---!! Baka!”[3]

She scolds me mixed with a sound of her crying. Buchou rushes away from the spot, and she left the clubroom.


Asia goes after Buchou.

Asia turns to me after she reaches the door. Her eyes……are soaked with tears. Why is Asia crying……?

“Ise-san! You are horrible! It’s too much! Why can’t you…..! Why can’t you understand Onee-sama’s feelings!?”

Saying that, Asia goes after Buchou.


Having Asia also say that to me, I just stood there dumbfounded.

…….Wa, wait a sec! What’s the meaning of this!? Why is Asia also mad at me!?

“That wasn’t right, Ise-kun.”

Kiba makes a sigh.

“…….N-not right as in what?”

“That, precisely. Geez, you are so….. I can understand very well what the girls are going through.”

“Exactly. It’s natural for Rias and Asia-chan to get mad.”

Akeno-san also sounded mad. Even Akeno-san…….?

“Even I, who is dense at these sorts of things thought you were a bit off, Ise.”

Even Xenovia looks at me with her eyes half-closed!

“Mou! Ise-kun, sure is a no-no! Poor Rias-san!”

Even Irina was mad.

“…….You are the worst.”

Ooooooo! I just received the coldest “You are the worst” quote from Koneko-chan!

I don’t know what I did wrong! I just don’t know! To begin with, maybe I should go after her?

I tried to leave, but I was stopped by Akeno-san.

“The current Ise-kun will just hurt her more even if you go after her, so don’t.”


Is it that serious? B-But…….. It’s my fault right? My fault……

I really don’t know.

No, I actually have a ‘maybe’ kind of guess, but inside me that possibility is very unlikely…..

It’s basically impossible, that’s why I don’t understand…….. Shit! I started to get confused even more thinking about it!

“……Hey, Gasper. Am I really bad here?”

I asked my junior. Gya-suke says it in apologetic manner while twitching his body.

“………Umm……. Yes, I think you are very bad……..”

Even Gasper says that to me!

I felt down. –Then Ravel asks while panicking.

“U-Umm……..this is my mother and my fault, right……? I’m sorry…….”

Is it……Ravel’s fault? It seemed like Buchou tried to leave after the communication between the Phoenix mother and child……

Akeno-san places her hand on Ravel’s shoulders.

“Ravel-chan doesn’t have to worry about it. Ise-kun’s the most at fault here because he never tried to think about the crucial thing between Rias and himself until now.”

Akeno-san cheers her up like that, and she started to prepare for tea after urging Ravel to sit on the sofa.

It looks like I’m the biggest villain here.

…..Uuu, what am I supposed to do?

Part 6[edit]

“Man, why is everyone acting like that…… What do they want me to do…….”

I mutter to myself in an empty room within the old-school building.

After that, we continued to prepare for the school festival under Akeno-san’s instruction.

The atmosphere of that situation was settled down after Akeno-san took responsibility to find Buchou and Asia.

I was continuing to do work by myself within the empty room. Kiba and Gasper went out to buy things.

This room is the place where we will be doing a fake purification for the school festival. If we do an actual purification it would be dangerous for us since we are devils, so we are doing a ritual which is kind of similar to it, but with an original creative idea which is like a devil-style purification which contradicts to our kind.

What I’m doing is a decoration to make it look Japanese-style. I put down a tatami[4], and have to put furniture to make it look like a Japanese shrine.

Well, on the day of the school festival, the plan is that Akeno-san will be in charge here, where Koneko-chan will use her senjutsu to make the flow of the ki inside our customers better and increase their luck.

Phew….. But it sure makes you think when you are just by yourself. I was remembering about what happened just before.

…….It’s my fault huh. I didn’t think about the important thing between me and Buchou…..? That’s what Akeno-san said……

……Lately, not just Buchou, but Buchou’s mother, and everyone else around me is seeking something from me. And that has to do with my attitude towards Buchou.

……..The things that I was thinking about before the meeting come back to me.

In my head, I’m thinking about two major things.

One is that I didn’t understand Buchou’s feelings and that I hurt her feelings without realising it.

The other one is…..

……That ‘thing’ is truly like a fantasy to me, and even if I want to think that it is true, it’s a development which I can’t step my foot in…….

But if that truly is the case, then it perfectly explains everything till now, ---the way how Buchou confronts me after moving into my house.

I was always in doubt about it.

There are three guys in the Gremory-group. Me, Kiba and Gasper. Even if Buchou is a devil who is thoughtful towards her servants and has strong love towards us, it’s weird that there are differences in how she treats the other guys in our group.

--She kisses me.

Yeah, she comes and kisses me. Not to my cheek or forehead. Mouth to mouth. We have also tongue kissed. Not just once but several times.

Even I feel happy about it. A kiss with the woman I love, you know? Of course I would be happy! I even think that I’m in heaven! She even asks me for an ecchi situation! We even went so far as almost doing it!

…….First I thought that Buchou did it because she has deep love towards her servants and she did it to me because I’m younger than her, and I also thought that it was her way of connecting with the guys in our group and was a special service to us.

But if that was the case, then it wouldn’t be weird if she does them with Kiba and Gasper. But Kiba and Gasper said she doesn’t do anything like that to them. They said she just does them to me.

Of course, Buchou adores Kiba and Gasper and thinks of them preciously.

But there is an obvious difference between me and them….

Originally, Buchou was fixated on the thing called love. She had so much pure and innocent obsession to it, and she had feelings which were very maiden-like where she behaved like girls her age. That’s why she broke off her engagement with Raiser.

That’s right. After she became free, Buchou started to have more physical contact with me. She also started to live in my house around then.

Will Buchou who has pure thoughts regarding the relations between man and woman do such a seductive motion on me just because of me being her adorable servant? No, she won’t……I think. Even from an objective view point, you can tell Buchou has a strong sense towards her chastity.

If I include those facts and also think of Buchou’s attitude towards me……

…….Does…….Buchou like me……..?

That will be the answer I get.

If that is the case, then her attitude towards me matches up…….

N-No! There is no way! She’s my master! I’m her servant! Her servant devil! I’m Rias Gremory’s [Pawn]!

B-But. But! I-If Buchou does indeed like me, then….?

I like Buchou. Also as a master, but more than that as a single girl! During these six months, I have seen many sides of Buchou.

Her magnificent side, her noble side, her glamorous side, her gentle side, her angry side, the part where she has big oppai, her cute side, the part where she has a smooth skin, her spoiled side, and the part where she is like my Onee-sama yet she acts as the same age as me, and then I started see her as a normal girl and……

To me, she is the ideal woman. I want to go out with her. I want to go past the master-servant relationship, and date her as a man and woman! If I can wish for it, I want to be with her even in the future!

…….But is it true that she likes me? If that’s true then I would be in joy where my body would shake with happiness. Instead, I am the one who wants to confess this feeling I have which is increasing day by day.

I’m in love with her! I love her! I always loved her! I just love Buchou and---.

I want to confess to her--.

But, what would I do if I’m wrong? The relation we currently have will end…… I don’t want that!

When I think like that, the one which passes my mind is…..her.


I started to have weird sweat coming from my face. My hands are shaking as well. At the same time, the hot feeling I had until just now started to cool down.

……..No, like I thought, my relation with Buchou is just a fantasy. If I ask for even more….the relation we have right now will definitely end.

I would realise it. The wall of master and servant which you cannot overcome….

Hahahaha, told you. Yeah. It will definitely turn out like that. To begin with, I won’t be able to match up with a Princess from a family of High-class devils since I’m a former-human who was raised in a normal family.

“Then what is that attitude of Buchou…… Damn it, the heart of a maiden sure is complicated……”

When I was muttering to myself.

I heard the sound of the door opening, and when I looked around Akeno-san in her miko wear was standing there……

“Ufufu, maybe it does seem like that from a man’s perspective.”

She approaches me with her usual smiley face. Ah, Koneko-chan is behind her as well!

“A…Akeno-san! –And Koneko-chan! You were listening to me…..?”

“……All of it.”

Koneko-chan approves by putting her thumb up! They heard all of it!

Realising they heard me, I sat down on the tatami, with my shoulders down.

“……I really haven’t thought about Buchou’s feelings that much huh.”

Akeno-san sat next to me, and speaks.

“Yes, that is true. You also haven’t taken concerns about me, Asia-chan, Xenovia-chan, and Koneko-chan who is right here as well.”

Koneko-chan also sat near me.


I started to think for a while.

Seriously? I really didn’t take any concerns for the girls……? I’m always lecherous and always imagining about women’s naked bodies, and I always dreamed about perverted things. But the truth is, I really didn’t think about the girls……?

………That may be true. I really didn’t try to understand the heart of a maiden.

If I think like that, not just Buchou, but I also haven’t thought about the other girls in the group……

“Though, we possibly didn’t try to understand Ise-san as well.”

-Asia’s voice.

When I looked up, Asia who apparently came in without me realising it was standing there. Asia approached me and sat down next to me.

“…….About me?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why we thought about it. Rias is important, but more than that we have to heal Ise-kun first…..”

Healing me…….?

Akeno-san says that…….while stripping my clothes off!?

Ho..Hold on a sec, Akeno-san! What are you trying to do by making me naked!?

“Ufufu, I will suck your dragon power right here.”

Here!? Also Akeno-san takes her clothes off! Her enormous breasts bounce! Akeno-san then hugs me from behind! The soft and tender ‘object’ can be felt directly from my bacccck!

It feels like the blood in my whole body is going to boil because I can feel the things in the middle of her breasts touching my back!

“……..I will also do the healing with the senjutsu along with it. Please lift me.”

Koneko-chan hugs me from the front! She turns into cat-ears mode inside my arms and she started releasing her senjutsu!

Aaaah, it feels like I am receiving a warm ‘ki’ from Koneko-chan’s small breasts…. And also the two soft oppai I can feel from my back is making me more…..!



I slipped a sound from my mouth! I can’t help it! That’s because Akeno-san is sucking on my neck! And that’s by moving her tongue giving me sensual pleasure! That’s by sucking and licking! You are willing to suck my dragon’s power like that!? Thank you very much!

To the front is a Nekomata! To the rear is the Onee-sama! Amazing things are happening in a sandwich situatioooooon!

“…..I…I’m also joining!”

Asia who started to take her clothes off takes my hand, and places it on her breast! My brain is about to burst with Asia’s oppai which seems like it’s still growing! At the same time a shallow-green aura is emitted and it comes to me.

…….This is the power of healing. It’s an amazing situation. I have my dragon powers sucked by Akeno-san, I receive the ‘ki’ from Koneko-chan’s senjutsu which makes the blood within my body better, and my body gets warm with Asia’s healing aura~!

I became in a state where I can’t take it anymore, but Akeno-san mutters sadly to me.

“………..When Ise-kun looks at us, sometimes you look at us with frightened eyes. I didn’t understand why at the beginning, but I finally understood why.”


……Frightened eyes…… I see, so I have been making such eyes without me noticing it…..

Koneko-chan then looks up to me with teary eyes.

“……Probably, only those who know about that incident can notice it.”

……..That incident……

Yeah, I realised it right away. …….So Akeno-san and Koneko-chan also……noticed it……?

The ones who know in detail about that incident are the group members that were already within this group when I joined.

“Inside Ise-san’s heart……deep inside your heart………, does Raynare-sama still haunt you?”


When Asia asks me very timidly, a beautiful girl with black wings comes back to my mind. At the same time, her words come back to me……..

[Will you die for me?]

My first girlfriend, Yuuma-chan. No, the fallen-angel Raynare.

In that instant, I started to get nasty sweat coming out from my face.

I got a flashback of Raynare’s vision and words.

----I don’t want a filthy low-class Devil like you talking to me.

……..At times, I wonder if it’s okay for me to talk to everyone here who is a bishoujo.

---- Ahahaha! Yeah, you are right! It was a very royal date! Thanks to it, I was very bored!

…….When I go shopping with Buchou and the others, I start to wonder if they are actually bored by being with me.

---- I don’t want a rotten brat like you calling my name!

…….I also want to call Buchou by her name……

---- Ise-kun! Please save me! This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so much! That’s why, let’s defeat this Devil together!

…….My first girlfriend begged for her life to me……..and the woman I love, killed that woman.

Back then, it was proper for Raynare to be killed. She did such horrible things to Asia, and she even killed her once. That’s why, I think it was a proper measure for Buchou to finish her off.

-But, why is it?

These tears…….which are dropping from my cheeks…. I then muttered while wiping my tears away.

“……She was my first girlfriend……”

When I was confessed to by her, I was really happy.

“…….When I dated her, I really did my best. I did so much planning for my first date. I even thought deeply about my future with her. I even imagined about Christmas and Valentines Day like an idiot, and I was fantasizing all by myself.”

I…..blurted out everything I kept hidden inside me.

Even if I tried to make it as a story in which you can laugh at, I really couldn’t laugh about it deep within my heart.

“But, she was actually my enemy…..! And she killed me…..! She looked at me with cold-eyes after I became a devil…..! And I found out she was acting the whole time….., and even I was fine with that, she was really evil! She killed Asia, and I fought her! I snapped! I hit a girl for the first time, and that happens to be my first girlfriend…..! After that, she begged for her life to me, but she was killed by Buchou…..”

Raynare perishing. The black feathers which belonged to my first girlfriend spreads within the Church. That scene is burned into my memories, and my brain freezes every time I remember about it.

“…….Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan….I’m scared. I’m actually scared of getting along with girls….. Because it makes me think that the same thing will happen again…..! The girls in our group are being kind to me, but if I tried to take another step and try to get along with everyone, it makes me think everyone will reject me and laugh at me…..! I know that everyone isn’t bad inside my head! All of you are good people! But, I still can’t! The more I tried to understand everyone, the more it makes me stop!”

I…hid my face with my hands. I can’t show such a pathetic face to everyone.

I can’t show this face of mine who is still dragging the past on my back…..

Even so, I told them my true feelings.

“……I don’t want to taste…..the same thing again…..”

I really am a pathetic guy…….

In front of the girls I get along with, despite claiming that I will become a Harem-King, I told them the truth that “I don’t have the courage to get along with girls”……..

…….It’s a situation where it can’t be helped if they start to hate me or lose interest in me……

Asia….gripped gently onto my hand.

She says it with a smile.

“I---like Ise-san very much.”


I got shocked at Asia’s words. Asia continues.

“I want to stay with you forever. There is no way I will talk ill about you. I respect you. I admire you. You are the man I can depend on the most. I think deeply from my heart that I want to stay with you even in the future.”

Asia’s smile and words reach deep into my heart….

“There is no way Rias-oneesama will hate Ise-san. I know that Ise-san likes Rias-oneesama. Ise-san is someone who can fight much harder than anyone for Rias-oneesama, and not only me, but everyone knows that. Of course, Onee-sama should understand this too.”

Asia……has been paying attention to me very closely. I thought I was the one protecting Asia, instead she was the one protecting me……

---She made sure I can feel safe.

“That’s why, please have courage. It will definitely be okay if it’s Ise-san. If it’s Ise-san who has been able to work hard until now, then you will be able to break through the wall inside your heart.”

…….Having Asia say that, I started to cry. Shit! This is just sweat from my heart! I just started sweating because I received comforting words from her!


Akeno-san gently hugs me from behind.

“I also like Ise-kun very much as well.”

She says that while putting her face on my shoulder.

Koneko-chan also says it while putting both her hands on my face.

“……Me too. I like you very much. I think it is okay for you to forget about that fallen-angel.”

“She’s right, if it’s the same fallen-angel then I will be able to make Ise-kun happy. That’s why please have more confidence. If you don’t take another step with Rias, then I can’t…..”

Akeno-san stops there. But Asia also says it.

“I also….”

Asia also realised something, and then shakes her head.

“Yes, that’s right. Everyone wants to get along with Ise-san even more.”

………………. All of you are too kind.

It’s melting away…….

Asia, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan’s words are melting something tangled inside me slowly.

Why is it? My heart feels warm…. The words I just received from these three filled the hole inside me.

“Asia……. Akeno-san…… Koneko-chan….. I……. I……..!”

It feels like I can get rid of Raynare’s curse if it’s now.

The thing which has been grasping me feels like I can get rid of it now.

“Onee-sama, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia-san, Irina-san, Rossweisse-san, Kiba-san, Gasper-kun, and I all love Ise-san. Can you not believe what I, Akeno-san, and Koneko-chan are saying……?”


Thank you, Asia. You really were watching over me. I really am a lucky guy. A kind girl like her promised me that she will stay with me forever.

That alone would be enough for me to get rid of Raynare! Why couldn’t I realise that till now…..

I wiped my tears away, and became emotionally stable.

“Yeah. Thank you. If everyone says that, then that must be true. Asia, I will promise you once again. –We will always be together. Let’s stay together even ten-thousand years later as well, Asia. I also like Asia as well.”

“--! Y-Yes! We will always be together! I also like Ise-san very much!”

Asia says that while shedding so many tears.

“Ara, I’m also going to stay with Ise-kun forever.”

While pressing her breasts on my back, Akeno-san also shows her face to me!

“I also will stay with Senpai forever.”

Koneko-chan says that while doing a light jab to my stomach. …….Are you perhaps a little bit angry, Koneko-sama….?

“Ah! Xenovia, come here!”

“What is it, Irina? Did you find Ise?”

Irina and Xenovia also show up to the door! Were they looking for me? When Xenovia sees this situation inside this room, she started to think for a moment and then pounded one of her hands on her palm as if she understood the situation.

“Oh, so this is a fight over Ise? This is surprising, these things happen suddenly so I can’t let my guard down. On top of that, today is the day where we push him down naked right? Leave it to me!”

Xenovia says that, and she comes towards me after taking her clothes off boldly!

“Irina, you also come. If you don’t, your childhood friend will be taken away. More like, I will take him away!”

“Awaawawaawawawa, I should join as well right!? I’m Michael-sama’s [Ace] and I’m going a stage one rank higher by giving birth to the child of the Tenryuu[5]! Rather, I’m also joining for the fight over Ise-kun!”

Irina who has been persuaded by Xenovia comes at me while having her wings changing colours from black and white and forth!

“Y-You guys! Like I say everytime, fix that part where you move without any hesitatioooooooon!”

Being surrounded by five beauties, and also having them battle each other in turns, I also didn’t know what to do now…….

“Ise-san is going to be with me!”

“Who cares, Asia. It’s just a bit.”

“Yes, lets do it fairly, Asia-san, Xenovia!”

“Ara-ara, cheating your way out has the most thrill you know? Right, Koneko-chan?”

“…….There is a first come first served as well, Akeno-san.”

I could just watch and laugh at the battles between the girls which they are doing at the corner of the room.

Like I thought, there are so many parts of girls you can’t understand.

But----I really thought I was saved.

I was saved by the words and feelings of the girls.

Raynare who has been living within my heart. Little by little, it’s coming off.

Even if it doesn’t disappear completely, compared to before and until now, I think it became much lighter now.

Thank you Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and also Xenovia, Irina.

I think I will be able to have courage now.

No matter how it ends, I will take a step for my own feelings.

It might not be the answer that Buchou is looking for.

Even so, I---. No, this is something I have been thinking for a long time.

After I defeat Sairaorg-san, I’m definitely going to confess this feeling I have.

I made a single decision inside my heart, and the fated battle was approaching……

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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  2. Short-duration battle
  3. Idiot; fool. Wikipedia
  4. Japanese mats
  5. Heavenly dragon

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