High School DxD:Volume 10 Life 3

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Life.3 The Battle to Decide who is the Strongest Youth Begins![edit]

Part 1[edit]

The day of the Game.

“Amazing, the island really is floating in the sky.”

I was looking at the floating island through the gondola lift which is connected towards the city in the sky. Besides me are Asia, Irina, Xenovia, Koneko-chan, and Gasper who are also looking out the window just as I am.

On the island floating in the sky, there is a city called –Agreas. It’s said that the power which is making the island float was created in the Old-Maou era, but it’s also said that only Ajuka Beelzebub-sama knows the details about it. Due to that, the servants of the current Beelzebub are maintaining the core of this place.

A floating island is indeed very rare. From the city, the water falls to the ground just like a waterfall. Not just one or two falls, but there are many of them falling to the ground. It really is like a fantasy.

Of course I will be fascinated by it. Just to be expected from the World that the devils live in, the Underworld. It really is like a fantasy! The city of the sky that is located in the Agares territory. It seems like they made a city on top of a floating island. Apparently, it’s also a place which controls the flow of the air around this area. On top of that it’s a tourist resort.

There are three ways to enter the city. One of the ways is to ‘jump’ to the place directly using a magic-circle. This way of entry is only permitted to the VIP’s and also when there is a special matter. It’s an important place and also a world treasure, so they don’t permit transport there using demonic-powers as much as possible.

Well, there might be devils with ill intent that want to come and do evil deeds.

The second way is to use transport such as airships. This is used more than the ‘jump’. The third way is the method we are using, and that is to use the gondola lift where the rope-line is connected from the ground to the city of the sky.

And we chose to use this third method. After hearing the words of Buchou who already knew how the view looks from the gondola lift, everyone said, “We want to ride on it!”.

So like that, we are heading towards the sky while enjoying the view from inside the gondola lift.

Man, the weather is good today! It’s a good day to have a match! So we will be having a battle in that city of the sky huh…… I need to make sure I don’t fall. It will be embarrassing if I was to retire outside the actual battle.

“To tell you the truth, there was a dispute between the higher-ups on which stadium to use for this game.”

-Azazel-sensei says that while looking at the sky. Everyone looks at Sensei.

“Dispute? For deciding……the stadium?”

Sensei nods at my question.

“The higher-ups from the current Maou faction wished for the Game to take place in either the Gremory territory or the Maou territory. But then, the Bael faction who takes importance of the lineage protested to have it in the Bael territory.”

--! S-Something like that happened…..? Sensei continues.

“The current-Maou aren’t part of heredity, so for High-class devils who take importance in lineage and household, the house of the Great-King Bael is an important factor which has more fame than the Maou. They are in the first ladder among the 72-pillars.”

“The devils who were siding with the Old-Maou also said that in the past and there was a dispute right? Why are they trying to do the same thing again……?”

When I asked, Sensei made a gesture using his hand and then sighed.

“That is that, this is this, something like that. Adults are complicated creatures both in the human world and Underworld. Appearance and influences. Well, it means that there are many things going on in the Underworld where the noble society has many powers.”

“…….So it became the Agares territory.”

Koneko-chan mutters. Sensei nods.

“Yeah, it’s said that the Arch-Duke Agares came between the Maou and the Great King. The middle manager, and the one acting for the Maou, the Arch-Duke Agares. Even if the era changes, they are the household which always has a hard time.”

I then remembered that next-heir sis who wore glasses. She’s the same age as us, so it seems like she will be the one who we will get involved with in the future….. It seems like we will get a scolding from her everytime something happens.

“……..So will our match become like a representative War between the Maou Lucifer and the Great-King Bael?”

Kiba says that while narrowing his eyes.

Sensei also answers while stroking his chin.

“Well, there are many of those who look at it in that way. The Oppai-Dragon & Switch-Princess VS the Strongest Youth Sairaorg is just a cover, which is just to make the attention of the common people go there. On the other side, the bunch from the political side will be looking at it while making comments.”

…….Politics. So you are telling me things like that are happening behind our game?

“So troublesome. We are going to do the game because of our own ambitions…..”

When I said that, Sensei laughed.

“It’s good that you guys stay like that. That will be enough. Even if you guys were to lose, there is no way that Sirzechs would suffer politically. Except, the guys from the house of Great-King would be having a good time. And also the guys behind Sairaorg will also receive a good time as well.”

“There are politicians behind Sairaorg-san?”

“That man who has risen up with only his body won’t be influenced by the opinions of the politicians. Except, he himself has made connections with them so they could become a support for him to aim higher.”

To fulfill your dreams or ambitions, you must get involved with politics huh. If I think about it, we also have connections with Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama.

From their sides, does it look like we have connections with politics? After all, they are Maou…..

But, there are things I still can’t accept.

“…….The High-class devils who are using Sairaorg-san who went through hardship and who was born without the traits of his house huh.”

I muttered it out loud. From the story, the ones who abandoned Sairaorg-san the main person is their side, the current head of the house of Bael. The people around Sairaorg-san must have been involved in it as well.

And they started to gather around him now, huh. –Around Sairaorg-san’s power.

Sensei sighed.

“It might be complicated, but it’s good that way. Just think that he finally has gathered attention after going through hardship. Whatever reason it is, being acknowledged by someone with fame is a result. What’s left will depend on the result…… You guys don’t worry about him and go at him with full strength. You won’t be able to defeat him if you don’t use everything you have in order to accomplish your aim.”

I know, Sensei. We don’t have the time for also worrying about Sairaorg-san. This is a match. We are going to win in order to link it to our dream.

“But, will the Great-King faction acknowledge Sairaorg Bael’s dream? He is wishing for the Underworld where devils can surpass their social status if they have powers so they can make their wish come true, correct?”

Kiba asks Sensei like that. Like he said, did the Bael-faction came into contact with Sairaorg-san while knowing his dream?

“…….Do you think the Great-King faction who is still obsessed with being the former first ladder of the 72 pillars and who takes importance of the household will allow that? They are saying they will cooperate with him on the outside, but on the inside they are despising him. What those guys want are pawns that can be used to retaliate against the Maou. To them, the pure believers that gather around Sairaorg will just be like a tool to them which can support their backs in the political issues. Sairaorg also realised this as well. Even so, he made connections if it will make him go even higher. He is a pure and patient man.”

Sensei answers. …….That’s a horrible story. Even so, Sairaorg-san accepted those terms for his dream. ……I won’t be able to understand how it must feel.

Ah, now I have a question. I say that out.

“It might be late, but will there be a possibility that this game will be targeted by the terrorists, -the Hero faction?”

“There is. It’s getting this much attention after all, and many bosses of the industry will be coming. If they have to target them, this will be the place. To them, sending off their prideful Balance-Breaker users into the place with many people, that will become a big contribution to their actions. We put on maximum security around the stadium. Though, it will end with nothing happening.”

Sensei answers naturally. So there is a chance! But it will end with nothing going to happen?

“How can you be so sure?”

Akeno-san asks. Sensei scratches his cheek.

“……I received a personal message from Vali.”


Including me, everyone gets shocked! Of course! I never thought that name will show up here!

“Vali? From him?”

I ask.

“Yeah, that bastard sent me a short message like this. “It’s an important match between Sairaorg from ‘that’ house of Bael and the Gremory-group. I’m also looking forward to it. I won’t let them intervene with Hyoudou Issei”. You sure are being loved by him, Ise.”

“P-Please stop that! It’s freaking me out!”

S-So that bastard said something like that! That bastard sure likes to look down from a high position! But the reason why it feels reassuring having Vali say that means that I acknowledge his strength. Shit! I don’t know why but I feel a bit frustrated!

Sensei continues while ignoring me who is being frustrated.

“Either way, since he said that, it might be certain that he has Cao Cao under his surveillance. They also won’t be willing to fight the Vali-team at the cost of crushing the stadium. If their opponents are the Vali-team which is filled with monsters, then they will receive a great number of casualties. So there is a high chance that they won’t do anything where they won’t get any profit.”

…..I see. So that’s also another way to look at it huh.

“……So that makes us being protected by Vali huh.”

Even though I don’t quite understand, I felt relieved since I can have the match safely.

Sensei then says it while looking out through the window.

“We can also think that maybe Cao Cao hasn’t been targeting here from the start as well. The other factions also have their guard up in their base because there is a chance that they might be attacked if their guard is down.”

So we are still far away from getting true-peace huh.

To begin with, it’s said that our battle against them would take a while.

…….Looks like there will be lots of obstacles for us in order to make our wish come true.

While I was thinking such things, the gondola lift arrives at the city of the sky.

The ones who were waiting for us when we got off the lift were the groups of fans and media. The moment we got off the gondola, we were surrounded by shouts of joy and flashes from cameras. We got into a limousine which was stationed in the front, led by groups of bodyguards and staffers.

“I have been waiting for you all.”

The one who was inside the limousine was Ravel. She came to the city of the Sky Agreas beforehand to do preparations for us. This girl sure knows how to do a lot.

…….It was a crazy crowd. I realised it once again, but we are this popular huh…….

When I looked back from the window inside the limousine, there were cars that look like they belong to the media following after us.

“………You guys need to get your own personal manager. Especially Rias and Ise, which is a must. For this match, whether you win or lose your fame will rise. It will calm down after a few days have passed, but for a while it will be like this every time when you come to the Underworld. Ah, yeah Ravel, how about you become Ise’s manager? You will learn a lot if you stay with this guy, though he’s a sukebe.”

Sensei says that with a lecherous face.


Akeno-san slapped his head with a harisen[1]!

“W-What was that for, Akeno!?”

Sensei argues back with teary eyes, but Akeno-san says it with a smiley face which has intensity in her smile.

“Ufufu, it is a delicate time right now, so please refrain from saying that. Right, Buchou?”

Akeno-san winks at Buchou.


Buchou put on an unpleasant face while making her cheeks go red. It seems like Ravel also noticed this atmosphere, so she didn’t show much of a response.

Buchou has got better quite a lot. There is still stiffness when we talk, but not so much that she will talk back at me.

It seems like from the incident a few days back, the girls lead by Akeno-san comforted Buchou.

Thanks to that, Buchou has gone back to her usual self. ……..It must be something related to me, but I wonder what Akeno-san and the others said to comfort her?

W-Well, I shouldn’t pursue the information about it too much. It’s just before that match, and if she has got better, then we can go forth with the game.

But a manager. So we need someone like that huh. I haven’t even thought about it. But Ravel being my manager…… The schedule for the group as a whole is being taken care of by Grayfia-san, but it seems like it will be a different story if it’s a schedule for me individually.

I can’t have someone from our group do it, and the only person who is a devil that I know is basically just Ravel.

While I was thinking like that, the limousine drives through the city heading towards the dome.

Part 2[edit]

There are many amusement facilities that exist in the city of the sky. Among them, there is a giant dome stadium that mainly does exhibitions for different types of matches and arts.

Agreas Dome. We moved to the high-class hotel which is located next to the dome stadium.

……It’s luxuriously and gorgeously made. After becoming a devil, I sure have come to places like this quite often. This happened all because I became a servant of the High-class devil Gremory.

A spacious lobby and shiny and clean flooring. There is a giant chandelier on the ceiling. Even so, I still feel that the Gremory household is more amazing. Well, that is a castle after all.

We are being guided to our personal room by the bellboy. The match will take place at night. There is still time left. So we will be here until the time of the match.

Then there was a group coming from the other side that were emitting a weird atmosphere and a cold aura which feels like it’s piercing through my skin.

They have their hoods worn down so much that we can’t see their faces, and they are wearing long robes where we can’t even see their feet.

And at the centre of the group, there is one wearing an outfit which looks like that of a priest…… Wait, what the heck is that……..?

I became speechless after seeing the one at the centre of the group.

-It’s a skeleton.

A skeleton is wearing an outfit that looks like the one worn by priests. On his head is a cap worn by priests as well. I think it’s a cap called Mitre. And he has a staff in his hand.

The skeleton-priest stops after seeing us.

The eye socket which has no eyes shines.

<<Oh well, oh well, if this isn’t the crimson-haired Gremory and the Governor of the fallen-angels.>>

That voice isn’t something which came from a person’s mouth. ……From where did it come from? Is it using something like a magic and sending its words to us?

Hearing the words of the skeleton-priest, Sensei smiled sarcastically.

“Oh if this isn’t the God that governs death, Hades-dono, who lives in the lower part of the Underworld, the realm of the dead which is also known as the depths of Hell. So you have come here bringing so many grim reapers with you. But I never thought you, who hates devils and fallen-angels more than anything to come all the way here.”

…….The God of the realm of the dead……..Hades!? So this skeleton is a God! That’s why it’s emitting this itching kind of aura…..

<<Fafafa….., you sure know how to talk, damn crow. Lately it’s been noisy up here, so I came to observe.>>

“Skeleton geezer, it seems like you are the only one from the Grecian-side who is still uncertain about the alliance between the factions.”

<<And what of it? Will you also get rid of this old man here, just like with Loki?>>

After that conversation, the group around the skeleton…..Hades, increases their killing intent.

…….Are they planning to fight us here? Give me a break; it’s just before an important match!

Azazel-sensei shook his head and sighed.

“I’m telling you to become more open-minded like the perverted geezer Odin. I only hear black rumours about you.”

<<Fafafa……, if the herds of crows and bats start to make noises, then even I will want to make sure I don’t hear those noises.>>

What intense hostility. Does crow refer to the fallen-angels? Then that makes the bat being devils right……..?

Then this skeleton changes his sights…….to me!? M-Me!? His eye socket glows.

<<Welsh Dragon. It sure brings back memories of when you and the Vanishing Dragon were rampaging at the depths of Hell together……>>

……..He knows you? Ddraig?

[There was a little something a long time ago.]

I see, so a little something happened huh. …….It’s not something where his grudge will be directed to me who is the current Sekiryuutei right…? If the opponent is a skeleton, it’s scary because it feels like I will be cursed for real.

<<Well, then. I will have myself enjoy today. You should hope you won’t die. I didn’t come here to take all your souls with me today after all.>>

Saying just that, the skeleton…..Hades, walks pasts us.

I wiped the sweat on my forehead and took a breath. When I looked, it seems like the other members were also nervous, and were loosening up now.

“……I did hear about Hades-sama from my senior back when I was a Valkyrie, but…… It sure doesn’t feel like you are still alive when it seems like he holds a grasp of your soul.”

Rossweisse-san mutters.

Yeah, it felt exactly like that! The feeling of our soul being looked through! I see, so this is what it means to govern death…..is it?

“…….S….Scary…… That Skeleton-san had intense pressure……”

When I said that, Sensei started to move around his neck as if he was stiff until now.

“Well, yeah. His power is among the Top-classes within the whole major faction after all.”

“…….Is he stronger than you, Sensei?”

“He’s stronger than me, that Skeleton-geezer that is….. All of you, don’t turn him into your enemy definitely. Not just Hades, but the grim reapers around him are also creepy.”

Seriously!? He is a serious issue if he is stronger than Sensei and Sirzechs-sama! And his escorts being grim-reapers! It’s too scary!

He definitely came up on the top list of “People I don’t want to encounter”.

“So he is an evil God then…….”

When I said that, Sensei shook his head.

“No, he just hates devils and fallen-angels…… Rather, he hates other kinds which are from the different mythologies. He is a God who confronts humans normally. He is a being who is necessary in the realm of the dead. But I hate him.”

Ara, he just clearly hates him. I also dislike him. That’s because the way he looks at us devils is hostile.

I took a breath after having a scary encounter, then lively laughter echoes throughout the corridor.

“Dehahahahahaha! I have come, Azazel!”

“I have also come, Azazel! Gahahahaha!”

Two well-built old men with moustaches came and surrounded Sensei.

Sensei also sighed with his eyes half closed.

“……So you came, Zeus-geezer and Poseidon-geezer…… You guys are really hard to be with like always. It would have been better if Hades was lively and easy to understand like these two.”

Zeus and Poseidon! The moustache geezer who’s wearing no top, Poseidon-sama, is someone I met due to a certain case before. But the moustache geezer who was wearing a crown and toga[2] is someone I see for the first time. I see, so he is the legendary Zeus-sama…….!

Such a famous God came running towards us! It sure is an amazing view!

It seems like these two know Azazel-sensei, and they started picking on him.

“Aren’t you going to find a wife, Azazel-bou[3]!? Being still single feels lonely doesn’t it!”

“I can introduce someone! There are many great women in the seaaaaaaa! Gahahahahaha!”

“Ah~, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary things….”

Sensei is being pushed back! It's my first time seeing it. Hee, so there were actually Gods that Sensei can’t act too high to! Even if they are the same Gods from Greece as Hades, unlike him they are friendly.

“I came, you guys.”

This time it was a voice I've heard before. When I turned around, there is a chibi-dragon floating in the air. I don’t know any chibi-dragons, but judging from his voice…..

“That voice, is that you old-man Tannin!? You sure have become small!”

“Hahaha, it will be hard to move around in my original size. I’m usually in this form at events like this.”

So he can become this small! He’s adorable! He’s like Asia’s familiar which is also a chibi-dragon.

Old-man says it while looking at all of us.

“The man you will be facing is said to be the strongest youth, but I don’t think all of you are inferior to him. So go at him with all your might!”

“Of course! Look forward to our victory!”

I replied to him with confidence. My tension sure does rise when I meet those I know at times like this! It seems like he’s cheering for us today, so it will be worth fighting today.

“Ah! Odin-sama!”

Rossweisse-san made a hysteric sound. In the direction Rossweisse-san is pointing at….Odin the geezer was there!

Odin the geezer shouted “This is bad!” when he saw Rossweisse-san and ran away from the scene!

Rossweisse-san made a howl seeing that!

“You are out of your luck meeting me here! Waaaaaaaait! This shitty geezeeeeeeeer! Who’s that new Valkyrie next to yoooooooooou!”

Rossweisse-san who turned into an armoured Valkyrie state went after the geezer Odin who ran away.

“…….Ise, Yuuto, Xenovia, please. Go and stop Rossweisse.”

Buchou says that while making a sigh.

It’s right before the match, but the hotel is getting livelier than I thought.

We get guided to our own personal waiting room.

Rather than a room, it’s more like a spacious floor, and there are table sets so you can take a break (Green tea, snacks), and even training equipment.

It’s a place with everything available. Members who will be doing some exercise got changed into our jersey and have started to do some warm ups.

If we don’t do some warm ups now, then we might not be able to unleash our full power for the actual match. So there’s still six hours until the game huh. We should use the remaining time for a light exercise and to relax.

It happened when I thought something like that and was doing some running.

“Pardon me.”

A single man entered the floor. It was someone who we know! What the!



Buchou and Ravel exclaim hysterically at the appearance of that man.

Yeah, that man was none other than Raiser Phoenix.

“Yo, I’ve come. Looks like you are also doing well, Ravel.”

Saying that, Raiser sits on the chair.

So Raiser also came to the stadium. It must be to observe our battle. And he’s already back on his feet. At one point, he hid himself in his room due to his shock at being defeated by me.

Did he come to see how we are doing? I had doubts. The other members thought the same.

Akeno-san pours tea for Raiser. Raiser says it after taking a drink.

“I thought I would talk a bit about the match. Today’s game has the same amount of attention as that of a popular pro’s match. The fact is, the flow of the game will basically be the same as that of a pro’s match. Even the seats are being filled with viewers. You guys will be fighting under that. You might feel bewildered because of the difference with the real battle where there is a thing called entertainment involved. But, it’s such a big stage like this. Unleashing your power alone will contribute to your ratings. Rias, this will be one of the crucial moments for you.”

Raiser was discussing seriously. I thought he came to taunt us or something, but it was the opposite. As a pro, and as a person who has experience, he talked to us.

Having Raiser say that, Buchou…….narrows her eyes.

“…….I’m not as good at making tactics as Sona, and I don’t have power like Sairaorg. Though, I know I’m blessed with my servants. That’s why I’m irritated at myself who cannot lead these children appropriately……..”

Buchou declares.

…….Buchou, you have been thinking something like that? That’s right, Buchou is also a girl.

Even though she acted firm, she must have been facing forward to the game with anxiety.

Hearing Buchou’s words, Raiser says it.

“You can improve your strategies and power with experience and also by doing something I hate called “Working hard”, with that you can attain some level of power. But you know, Rias. Your fateful encounters---Your talent to draw those with talents is different. I think these guys all gathered here because of your good talent to draw people.”

“But the dragon, --I think it’s also because of Ise who is the Sekiryuutei that also has to do with it.”

“It was your fate to meet the Sekiryuutei. The special something you have made you meet with the Sekiryuutei. That’s why you met him. Even if the trait of the dragon drew the other ones after that, you were the one who met Sekiryuutei and made him your servant.”

Raiser said it to Buchou straight.

“Have confidence Rias. These guys are your treasures.”


Raiser……. You said something good! Even I was moved! So he wasn’t just a good-looking bad-boy type!

Maybe Raiser became embarrassed at what he just said, so he continues while scratching his cheek.

“I, who am a pro will guarantee it. You guys are already at a pro-level. Rather, you have enough talented members for you to go in the top-ranks. Even if you guys were to fight my group again, it seems like we will lose badly. Well, that goes the same for the Bael-group. They are also strong. Man, why are the young ones of this generation filled with exceptional ones.”

Saying that, he got up from the chair and started to leave.

“Rias, I will be rooting for you. –Win.”

With Raiser’s encouragement, Buchou nods with a bright expression.

“Yes, of course.”

Buchou, it seems like you got rid of another weight again. It seems like a [King] has to shoulder many things and also has to be troubled by it……

They need to shoulder the fate of all their servants and lead them to the path….

So that’s what it means to be a High-class devil huh…….


Raiser calls me. Raiser makes a grip with his fist, and directed at me.

“Your fist….. It’s a strike I can never forget. That punch is a strike you can use to aim to the top with. –Come up here quickly, to the same stage as I am. If it’s you, then you can do it right? Let’s have a rematch there. I will teach you the horror of the professionals in the world of pro’s.”

“…..Y-Yes! Of course! I will definitely fight you again, and beat you in the official game!”

This is my true feeling. I want to have a rematch with Raiser in the game properly and beat him!

Raiser then looks at his sister Ravel.

“Also I leave Ravel to you. She’s as spoiled as Rias. Even so she’s earnest. I will burn you if you make her cry, okay?”

“I-It’s none of your business!”

Ravel responds with a red face.

Confirming that, Raiser laughs at himself saying “I sure have become senile” and leaves the room.

Raiser…… He came all the way here to encourage us……

Thank you very much. Thanks to that, we can go forward with the game with even higher spirits.

I thank him inside myself….but the door opens again, and Raiser appears once more.

“That’s right, I forgot to tell you. Sekiryuutei, I was asked by Sirzechs-sama to call you before. He asked you to show up in the VIP room. It seems he wants to show you something.”

…….Sirzechs-sama does?

I tilted my head, and headed towards the VIP room by myself.

Part 3[edit]

So like that, I entered the VIP room where Sirzechs-sama should be.

It’s a room which has lots of expensive looking household furniture. It’s spacious and gorgeous.

“I’m sorry Ise-kun. To call you before the match.”

Sirzechs-sama welcomes me cheerfully.

“It’s okay. So what is this thing you wanted to show me?”

“Yes, it’s something good that your passionate fans sent you. I wanted to show it to you very much.”

Sirzechs-sama picked up a circular looking thing from the table, and put it inside what seems like a video machine for the television.

“Disk? Is it a video or something?”

When I asked, Sirzechs-sama nods while turning on the monitor.

“Yes, it’s a video letter.”

What appeared on the monitor was a boy holding onto a toy of me when I’m in Balance-Breaker state. It’s a homemade video.

The boy speaks bravely towards the camera.

[Oppai dragon, hello~. I like Oppai-dragon very much~. I can also sing the song as well~. I can’t go to the dome for the match, but I will cheer-cheer for you from my house~. That’s why please win the game~.]


This is a video letter……

The video changed, and this time two siblings dancing around in a circle showed up.

[Oppai-Dragon~! Win, okay~! Zoom Zoom Iyaan~!]


This time it’s a video of a child with his parents. He has a toy of me and the Switch-Princess in his hands.

[I will be cheering for the Oppai-Dragon and the Switch-Princess. I won’t be able to go there, but I will be cheering for you all the time.]

…………A video letter of support from the children to me.

They kept on changing, and many children have sent me lots of video messages. I had something coming out from my eyes.

There are…..this many children are thinking about me…….

“Today, the match will be broadcast live throughout the whole Underworld. Many children…..will be watching you through the television.”

Sirzechs-sama brings a box which was kept at the end of the room, and he opens the box and passes a letter.

……It’s a fan-letter written in poor devil-letters from the children to me. On each of them there were poor drawings of me but you can tell they tried hard to draw me.

…….Each of the drawings have passion in them, and they were the one of a kind type of fan-letter in this world. While my hands were shaking with happiness, Sirzechs-sama says it to me.

“These children……are the future of the Underworld. For today’s match, there will be parts where the politics of adults will get involved. –But all of you don’t have to worry about those kinds of things. That’s why I want a favour from you, Ise-kun. When all of you will be fighting for your dream, even a tiny bit is okay, but can you please fight for these children as well? I know it’s a selfish wish. Even so, I ask you. I want you to protect the dreams of these children.”

-Protecting the dreams of these children.

That’s right. Today’s game also has to do with that as well.

“I know that very well. I’m Oppai-Dragon after all.”

I’m Hyoudou Issei. The current Sekiryuutei.

I’m also the Chichiryuutei, and the Oppai-Dragon.

So I will be fighting while carrying the dreams of many people, huh.

I need to take this match with a different feeling to that of the time when I had the Raiser-match and Sitri-match.

For myself, for Buchou, for my comrades, and for the children supporting me…..

Let’s go, Ddraig.

There are many things we have to accomplish, but the things we need to accomplish are simple.

[Yeah, I know that, Partner.]

I will conquer this game, and give answers to everything!

Part 4[edit]

With the game approaching, we were waiting for the time to gather in the corridor, which is connected to the entrance of the Dome stadium. We can feel the heat and the brightness of the stadium from across the gate. At the same time we can hear the sound of the crowd.

Our battle costumes are the Kuou Academy uniforms like always. But they are different from our usual uniforms.

They are specially-made uniforms for this game. They're made with a higher resistance to heat, cold, bullets, magic defence, and such where the defence against many things has been improved.

Well, it’s not that they have an insane defence to them, but they're still much better uniforms than the usual ones.

Xenovia is wearing her usual battle costume. Though it’s made from the same material as our uniforms.

Rossweisse-san is in her armoured form. Apparently, she feels more relaxed in it.

Asia is also wearing her nun costume. It’s Asia’s battle clothes after all. This one also has enhanced defence.

While each of us stayed on standby doing something to stay relaxed, Buchou speaks with seriousness in her words.

“…….Everyone, the match which is about to begin isn’t a real fight. It’s a Rating Game, but it has the same serious atmosphere as that of an actual battle. It will be a fight where people will be watching over us, but be careful you don’t get pushed back by it.”

[Now, the battle of the century is about to begin! From the east gate, it’s Sairaorg Bael’s team!]

“ “ “ “ “ “ “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Cheers and shouts of joy could be heard even in here. The Dome shook heavily at the entrance of the Bael group.

“…….I’m getting nervouuuuuus~!”

“…….It’s okay, it is said that you will feel better if you think everyone is a pumpkin.”

That conversation is between the nervous Gasper and the calm Koneko-chan. It’s like their usual conversation.

“Xenovia-san, is it true that Irina-san will be doing cheerleading from the Gremory-supporting side?”

“Yeah, Asia. That seems like it. She said she will be taking the role of an “Onee-san” from the Oppai Dragon’s fan supporting area.”

I heard the conversation between Asia and Xenovia. …..I see, so Irina would be doing that kind of role today huh. Ravel said that she was able to get a seat in the Oppai Dragon’s fan area as well, so those two must be together then.

[And finally from the west gate, it’s Rias Gremory’s team!]


We were finally announced.

“ “ “ “ “ “ “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The crowd is already heated up.

……I’m getting nervous! My heart is beating fast. Everyone else also changed their attitude and they have a serious expression.

Buchou then says it while looking around all of us.

“Thank you for following me till this far. –Now, let’s go, my servants. Let’s win!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

We replied back to her. And we finally went through the gate--.

Being under the cheers, what we witnessed in front of us is…..a floating land which is floating above the spacious circular stadium. ……Actually I should say that there are giant rocks floating above the spacious field.

On one of the rocks floating above the field, the Bael group was already there.

[Now, will the Gremory group also please go to their base.]

The announcer says.

Our base is on top of that…..? What’s connected to the rock base is a long snake-like stair case. We also walked up the stairs just like the Bael group did, and we arrived on top of the base.

I can see the Bael group from afar. ……..Don’t tell me it’s going to be a sky battle where we'll be using this whole field? Maybe something like jumping across the rocks randomly, and the first one to destroy the base wins or something?

On the base, there are chairs with the same number of people as our group, and a mysterious stand. And the only other thing left is something that looks like a transfer-type magic circle located one storey higher than our base.

When I looked, the opponent’s base looked the same.

Even when I looked down, what appears as a marathon-type track field. ……. I’m sure we aren’t going down there to have a battle by doing a marathon though…..

Hmm, I wonder what kind of game it will turn out to be this time.

I was thinking like that by tilting my head, and then I heard the announcer.

A super-flashy man who is wearing a microphone on his ears appears on the giant monitor positioned on the stadium!

[Hello, everyone! The broadcaster for this match will be I, Naud Gamigin from the house of Gamigin of the former 72 Pillars, who will be broadcasting to you!]

The stadium gets filled with cheers! So it comes with a broadcaster! Amazing! So this is a professional-style game?

[The arbiter for this game will be Rudiger Rosenkreutz!]

A magic circle appears on the air. A good-looking guy with long silver-hair, dressed in full uniform appears from the magic circle! Mainly the women make huge cheers at his appearance!

“……….Rudiger Rosenkreutz. He is a reincarnated devil who was a former human, and an Ultimate-class devil. On top of that, his ranking is 7th……”

Koneko-chan mutters.

-! A former human reincarnated devil! Even though he’s a reincarnated devil, he’s an Ultimate-class devil, and on top of that he is a current top game ranker! And he’s in a single-digit rank of 7th! For him to be an Ultimate-class devil when he reincarnated from a human and he is also a top ranker! As someone who is aiming to go to the top, I admire him!

Wait, so someone like that is going to be arbiter, just how showy is this match going to be!?

“But it isn’t Grayfia-san, huh.”

I muttered. In the games we have participated in so far, Grayfia-san has been the arbiter until now!

“There is no way that the house of the Great King will approve it. Grayfia-sama is from the Gremory side after all.”

Akeno-san says that plainly.

…….If you talk about it, that’s true. Grayfia-san is Sirzechs-sama’s [Queen]. For the Great King faction who takes importance in ranks, she would only be a nuisance to them. There is no way that Grayfia-san would do something unfair to the match, but it sounds like the higher-ups of the Great King faction would use that.

[And our special guest! We have the Governor of the Fallen angels, Azazel-sama, as a commentator today! Hello there, Governor Azazel!]

-Then a man who we are familiar with appears on screen.


We became dumbfounded and gazed at him. That man…..Sensei, introduces himself by making a smile.

[Well, hello there. I’m Azazel. I look forward to working with you tonight.]

……….S….S….S...That’s Senseeeeeei!!

What is he doing!? He said he couldn’t go to the VIP room because he has a special job tonight, so this is what he meant! So he will be involved in the game as a commentator! I didn’t hear about this! We didn’t hear about this a single bit!

While we were shocked, Sensei was being introduced by the broadcaster.

[Governor Azazel, you are famous for having a good relationship with Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, and also the leaders of various factions and you are also famous for being the leading expert in the research of the Sacred Gears. For today’s match, having done the coaching for the Rias Gremory team, how would you look at this game?]

[Well, yes. Personally, I wonder if both teams can release their full power and--]

Saying such and such, Sensei started to make comments with a smile!

When it calmed down after Sensei’s introduction, the camera shifts next to Sensei, and it showed a man with a graceful face who has grey hair and grey eyes.

-! I thought he looked like a brilliant man just with one look.

[And we have also called another person! 1st Ranker of the Rating Game! The current Champion! "Emperor" Diehauser Belial!]

“ “ “ “ “Uoooooooooooooooooooo!!” ” ” ” ”

There was an even more lively cheer than the time Sensei appeared. It’s so lively that I can feel the shaking of the stadium even over here….

The man….The man called Emperor speaks brightly.

[How are you, everyone. I’m Diehauser Belial. Today, I will be doing commentary for the match between the Gremory and Bael.]

……..I decided to burn the appearance of this man into my eyes.

-This man is the conqueror of the game. Emperor. Champion. Ranked 1st!

I don’t know why, but I started to shiver. It’s not because I’m scared. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s a shivering of excitement, and shivering of joy.

It’s because I was able to have a look at one of my targets which wasn’t clear until now.

The broadcaster asks Sensei and Emperor.

[It might be sudden, but I would like to ask Governor Azazel who was the advisor for the Gremory team and the Champion who was the advisor for the Bael-team something. It will be helpful if you can tell us about where we should pay attention for both teams.]

[Well yes, if we talk about the Gremory team, then it would be the Oppai Dragon and the Switch Princess! And also--]

Sensei answers the question from the broadcaster and—

[Yes, I do think that the combatant Sairaorg is an excellent [King], but more than that he has a power which makes him the strongest in his team and--]

Emperor Belial also answers. Buchou looks at him with a serious expression through the screen.

“………Diehauser Belial……..”

Yes, that Champion is Buchou’s target in the future. Buchou’s dream is to attain the title for each game. Achieving that means, that the last wall which will come in her way is that Champion…..

Buchou put on a determined face.

“One day, I will definitely--. But, right now I need to defeat the strong foe right in front of me, or else I can’t even stand at the place where I can make my dream come true.”

Yes. She’s right! The battle against Sairaorg-san! We will put Emperor Belial away for now! The problem is whether we can defeat that man and his group!

I need to change my attitude. There is no way I can defeat that man while having such a restless heart!

When I was slapping my own face, the comments continue.

[First of all, it’s regarding the Phoenix’s tear.]

Oh! Phoenix’s tear! I heard that we wouldn’t know whether we can get them or not until the last minute, so I wonder how it turned out.

Buchou was also worried about it because having it and not having it will change the tactics quite a bit.

[Like all of you know, because of the continuous terror by the terrorists group [Khaos Brigade], each faction has became more tensed, and the importance and the prices for the tears have risen rapidly. Because of that, we are in the situation where preparing them is difficult. –Buuuuuuut!]

The broadcaster points at the huge monitor. What appears there are two small bottles inside an expensive looking box.

[Thanks to the kindness of the current head of Phoenix who produces and sells the tears, and also because of the voices of the supporters of both team of Bael and Gremory have reached us, it’s decided that each team will be given the tears for this game!]

“ “ “Waaah!” ” ”

The stadium makes a roar with that information.

I see, so the tears will be given to us. If I remember, Ravel also said “It’s an important match which will heat up the Underworld, so I would like to somehow prepare it”.

It will be a great help! But, it also means that they will also be able to revive one of their members.

Most likely, that will be their –King.

“…….It seems like we need to prepare to defeat Sairaorg Bael twice.”

Kiba says that with a serious face.

Yeah, it seems like that’s how it will turn out. If they have to use it on someone, then it will definitely be Sairaorg-san.

So we have to defeat that Sairaorg-san twice….. We somehow need to make him use the tear with the minimum of casualties as possible…… Even an idiot like me knows that it’s impossible to make them use the tear without any casualties if our opponent is that man.

Then the problem is who will use it on our side. Fortunately we have Asia who is a healer, so the importance of the tear isn’t that high to us compared to the Bael group.

Even so, we can’t look down on the effect of the tear which can heal wounds immediately, and also we will be forced to use it if Asia is nowhere nearby. Especially Buchou, who is the [King] needs to survive till the end. It will be appropriate to use it on Buchou when she is in danger.

When I was thinking like that in my head, we were finally given the explanation of something I wanted to hear the most.

[There is a special rule in this game!]

Like I thought, there was a special rule! We did hear that it won’t be a rule which will seal our powers directly, but…… This game has viewers involved, so it seems like they will focus on the ‘entertainment’ aspects of it.

[Before explaining the special rule, I would like to explain the flow of this game! This game won’t be the type where all the team members will be running through the field, but will be done in a match-style! This is due to keeping in mind that this will be a blitz and also because it was organised to heat up all of you, the viewers! Even though this game is between the youths, the game-style of this game is the same as that of a pro!]

-! So it won’t be the one where we run around! This will be my first time at having a match-style!

My comrades also put on a serious face because of the situation they never expected. If it’s a match-style, we won’t be able to have a team-battle then? We did train for one-on-one battles, but also trained for a team-battle, so I wonder if we can use the training results to the fullest for the match-style battle.

The explanation for the special rule continues.

[And now for the special rule which will determine the matches! Now will the [King]’s from both sides progress towards their personal stands in their bases.]

Stand? Ah, the stand located in our base. That has been bugging me this whole time.

Buchou and Sairaorg-san, who is at the opponent’s side of the base, were urged to move to the front of the stands.

From the stand, something comes out.

The giant monitor also shows the vision of it. What appeared was a……die! A die!? I’ve been getting shocked continuously today!

[There is a die in front of you! They will be the key for the special rule! Yes, the rule for this Rating Game today is one of the major game types! It’s the “Dice Figure”!]

Dice…….Figure? I tilted my head in wonder by hearing a word I never heard before.

“So it’s Dice Figure huh…..”

Kiba says that, and he starts to explain it to me.

“The actual Rating Game has many special rules. The ones we have been doing till now were quite plain ones. Other than the ones like this one where you use a die, there are also ones where you take as many flags as you can on the field called “Scramble Flag”. Dice Figure is the representative game for using dice.”

-! ……So there are games like that huh. It sure is helpful to know them. The Rating Game, it seems like it’s deeper than I thought…..

The explanation of the rule by the broadcaster continues.

[I will explain the Dice Figure so that those who don’t know about it can understand it! The die prepared has six-sides like the usual die, and you can roll a number from 1 to 6 with it! By rolling it, it will determine which ‘pieces (servants)’ can be sent for that match!]

The dice will determine the person being sent for the match……?

It means that the dice will determine our fate then!

[The chess in the human world has values for their chess pieces! The standard value for the [Pawn] piece is 1, and they give numeric values to the chess pieces equivalent to their strength on the chessboard. And the evil pieces for the Rating Game also use this value standard as estimation! Of course there are parts when the person from the group unleashes the power higher than their potential capacities which surpasses the value of their chess pieces, or the part things happen where it surpasses our assumption due to the hidden factor which Ajuka Beelzebub-sama input into the evil pieces! But we will be using the standard value for the rule of this game!]

Ah, that thing huh. It’s the values where [Knight] equals 3, [Bishop] is also 3, [Rook] equals 5, and [Queen] equals 9. When I just became a devil, I was told this by Buchou.

But it’s just a mere standard. There are members in our group who won’t fit in that standard value such as Kiba who gained the factor to become a holy-sword wielder after being reincarnated to a devil, and Gapser who reincarnated into a devil with a mutation piece.

[First, both [Kings] will roll the die, and the total value rolled will determine which combatants can be sent! For example, when the total value rolled is [8]! Then you can send combatants who will fit within that value! If it’s [Pawn] which has the consumption value of 1, then 8 [Pawns] can be sent! Of course you can also send 1 [Rook] with the consumption value of 5 and 1 [Knight] with the consumption value of 3, since the total value will be 8! If it is within the value range, then it is possible to send a combination of combatants from different classes! Also, group members who have consumed several evil-pieces will have the value of their total values, so if it’s the Gremory-team then the combatant Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei who has consumed 8 [Pawn] pieces will have the value of 8.]

So if the value rolled turns out to be the maximum figure of 12, then it means we can have members go to the field within that value for the match. Then if that happens, from our side we can send the combination of [Queen] Akeno-san who has the value of 9 with one of the [Knight] or [Bishop].

So I’m 8 huh. That’s a big number. Then there is a limit to who I can pair with. Even if the maximum figure of 12 was rolled, I won’t be able to pair with a [Rook] which is just out of the value. It might be better to pair up with Kiba or Xenovia who is a [Knight].

Then what will happen if the value rolled turns out to be the smallest number? When I was questioning about that inside my head, it gets explained.

[But in both combatant Rias Gremory’s team and combatant Sairaorg Bael’s team they don’t have a ‘piece’ with the standard value of 1 or 2. It means that they can send out their members only from the value 3 and larger! Since it will be the total values, if the total values rolled turns out to be the smallest value of 2, then we will have them roll it once again!]

Then what will happen if the servant loses and the number of members gets reduced? Do you have to keep on rolling it until the dice values fit with the value of one of the remaining members?

[As the match progresses, the combatants will be reduced, and possibly there might be a change in the value needed for the combatants to be sent. Then the dice will have to be rolled until the value reaches the number where combatants from both teams can be sent to the field!]

Well, that would be obvious. I wonder what will happen about the [King]’s participation which will be the most vital thing here.

[The participation of the [King]’s will depend on the number which has been given from the people from the judging committee’s estimation value beforehand! Of course, like the usual rule, the game ends immediately after the [King]’s defeat!]

That….will be a problem. Depending on the value, Sairaorg-san himself will be able to come out then!

Sairaorg-san is stronger than Buchou, and the strongest member in the opponent’s team must be their [King].

If Sairaorg-san wishes to come out continuously, depending on the dice values rolled, then our chances of winning will decrease.

“More than that, what does he mean by the participation of the [King] will depend on the judging committee’s estimation value?”

I muttered out my question.

“It’s like how he explained. The judging committee has given the estimation value for Buchou and Sairaorg Bael about how much their value number will be in Dice Figure before hand. With that, it will determine the number needed for each of them to appear on field. It seems like this will be calculated from the strength of the [King] themselves, the value of their servants, and also by comparing with the opponents. That’s why depending on the game, the number changes.”

Akeno-san gave me an additional explanation. Thank you very much, Akeno-san.

I see. So the judging committee will choose the chess-piece value number for Buchou and Sairaorg-san then.

[Now then, the chess-piece value number the judging committee chose for each [King] is this!]

When the broadcaster shouts that out, Buchou and Sairaorg-san’s name appears on the huge monitor written in devil-letters, and the numbers under their names are spinning.

Then the number appears while making a rhythmical sound.

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael is 12! Combatant Rias Gremory is 8! Oooh, combatant Sairaorg has a higher value, but instead it means that he won’t be able to come out unless the maximum number is rolled!]

So for this game, Sairaorg-san has a higher value than Buchou huh……. Buchou’s value is less than Akeno-san’s and it’s the same as mine, but from Akeno-san’s explanation earlier, the way the value is determined is different from us, so it doesn’t mean that the value is absolute. She did say that it changes depending on the game after all.

“………….I just have to fix things up during the game then.”

Since it's Buchou, I thought she would feel bitter because her value was lower than Sairaorg-san, but she’s calmer than I thought.

If I think about it, since Buchou is 8, if a large number comes out then she can pair up with one of the [Knight] or [Bishop]! I should think positively. By the way how we do it, we can do it more effectively than Sairaorg-san who can only appear by himself only when the maximum value of 12 is rolled.

“Will Sairaorg-san definitely appear when the value of 12 is rolled?”

When I said that, Kiba put on a hard expression.

“It might not be certain that Sairaorg-san will appear. Especially in the opening.”

“Why is that?”

“Even if he wins that match, his ratings might drop a bit depending on the situation. A one-man team doesn't get rated high after all. In this game, you get rated high when you are able to use your group to the fullest. But if a one-man team, where the [King] himself does that, then the media of the Underworld won’t stay quiet about it, and it will affect the future of the [King]. On top of that, it’s broadcast live. And if he does that in front of this large a crowd, then his ratings will go down. Winning is important, but it also means that how you portray yourself is also important. Well in this game Dice Figure, since his value is 12, Sairaorg Bael won’t be able to appear that easily.”

I…I see. If you think like that, then the official game might be quite hard…… So it means your future might take a turn for the worst if you also don’t think about how the society will view you. That’s the world of pro’s. Scary…….

[Also another rule. You cannot send out the same combatant continuously. This also goes the same for the [King]’s!]

Roger that. So we won’t be able to participate again unless we take one turn off between them, huh. So it means that Sairaorg-san won’t appear continuously then.

“Even if the first value is 12, I don’t think Sairaorg will appear from the opening. From his personality, he will make his servants form a group properly. For that reason, they went through hard training. But, he will definitely show up as well. It will depend on the total value rolled, but the problem will be in which timing he will appear. It’s certain that he is a battle-maniac.”

So you already saw through that far, Buchou. So the prediction between the two groups has started as soon as the explanation of the rules ended huh……..

Buchou then looks at Asia.

“Under this rule, sending out Asia by herself and also in a team will be a bad move. They will mainly aim for Asia, since she is a healer after all. It will be better for her to stay here, and heal those who won the match. This is one of the advantages for us, since we can heal without using Phoenix’s tear. I’m sorry Asia. I can’t send you in to the match. So please heal the ones who return back here. That is also an important role for this game.”

“Yes, Onee-sama. I will stay here and heal everyone’s wounds! That’s why, please return safely everyone.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Of course.” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

We answered together at Asia’s encouragement.

Rather, it seems like Buchou’s rating will get lower if she sends out Asia.

“Instead, they must have read through that Asia-san won’t appear.”

Kiba says that, and Buchou nods.

“Yes, so that makes it that we have 8 combatants.”

Eight people! That’s okay. By having Asia stay back, it gives me more courage because I can go serious. W-Well, I don’t want to do anything reckless though……

Even Asia and Phoenix tears won’t be able to replenish my stamina after all.

[Now, the game is about to begin! Both teams, are you ready?]

The broadcaster raised the tension, and the arbiter raised his hand high.

[Now, the Rating Game between Sairaorg Bael’s team and Rias Gremory’s team will begin! GAME START!]

Along with the sound of the start for the game, the cheer from the crowd echoes throughout the stadium…..

Finally, the game began…….

Part 5[edit]

[So then, will the two [Kings] step in front of the stands.]

Being urged by the arbiter, Buchou and Sairaorg-san stand in front of the stands.

[We will start the first match. We will choose the combatants who will be appearing. Will both of you hold the dice.]

Buchou holds the die.

………I’m getting nervous. What value will come up? Whether it’s a small or big number, I won’t be able to predict before the value actually comes up.


After the arbiter’s call, both of them roll the dice!

Dice are rolling on top of the stands! And the motion stops…

The monitor shows the image of the two die.

And the values are……

[The value combatant Rias Gremory rolled is……2! On the other hand the value combatant Sairaorg Bael rolled is 1! That is a total value of 3. They will be able to send out their servants within that value! In this case, since the value of the [Pawn]’s on both sides is large, they will only be able to send out 1 [Knight] or [Bishop] which have values of 3! So, which members will both sides send to the field!?]

The broadcaster says it with enthusiasm.

-Wait, a 3!? The smallest number came up right at the beginning! So things like this can occur from the opening, huh!

The arbiter then announces.

[You get 5 minutes of planning time. So please choose the combatant who will be participating within that time. Also the promotion for the [Pawns] will be available once they arrive at the field. The promotion will be deactivated every time a match ends, so please use promotion every time you get on the field.]

Five minutes huh…… Like that, the planning time for the Gremory team began.

The moment it became planning-time, the bases of both sides were enveloped in a mysterious barrier.

“The soundproof barrier. It’s used to stop our plans from leaking outside.”

Kiba says that.

“It’s also to stop people outside from reading our minds, so a special mark is placed onto the faces of each combatant.”

When I looked at the giant monitor…….. Oo, it seems like our faces are being covered by the Gremory-group magic-circle. I keep getting shocked by the pro-style game.

We sat on the standby chairs. Buchou says while looking at all of us.

“The opponents must have predicted that we will be sending Yuuto out.”

“W-Why is that?”

I ask.

But the one who answered me is Kiba. Kiba holds up his fingers, which represent the numbers.

“Since the value of 3 was rolled, there are only four of us who can be sent. Me and Xenovia who are the [Knights], and Asia-san and Gasper-kun who are the [Bishops]. We can’t send Asia-san and Gasper-kun who are support-types by themselves right? They are originally rearguards who show their true strength only when they pair with warriors who will become the vanguard. They are the members who should be sent when a value of 6 or greater is rolled. Since that is the case--”

“……It means that we only have the option of Kiba or Xenovia. So the reason Kiba is picked is…..”

Buchou continues from where I left off.

“Xenovia is a power-type [Knight], since she would have to battle either a [Knight] or a [Bishop] of the opponent's team, there is a high risk that she could get hit with a technique…..a counter.”

Xenovia nods.

“………Yeah, it seems like it would be hard to win without taking any damage. But, I still won’t be defeated by a technique-type.”

Buchou continues speaking after the confident Xenovia.

“But, even if she were to win, there is a high chance that she will reveal the specifications of Ex-Durandal. The identity of the Ex-Durandal will be seen through if she shows even a single ability. We also want to reserve it until much later in the game. During mid-game, after rolling a large number, the match will most likely turn into a fierce battle. If we have to show it to them, that would be the time. It would be a waste to use it from the start. That’s why it’s Yuuto. The one who is able to fight in various situations while having their ability already known, that would be Yuuto and not Xenovia. ”

……..She’s right. Even if the holy-demonic sword and his new technique is exposed, he can still adapt to the situation. Instead, Xenovia’s Durandal-cannon (Which I made up and am calling) has a charging time, and it’s not that fast after it's been shot, so it could be stopped or dodged.

It seems like Xenovia will consume more stamina than needed, and it also seems like she will take lots of damage……

“Muu, Ise. Did you just think that I don’t use my brain or something?”

Xenovia accuses me, but I just put on a smile and shook my head.

High school dxd v10 195.jpg

The truth is, I don’t think you use your brain. You are more reckless than me after all! You started to attack without any warning in the fight against Loki and also the battle in Kyoto!

“I still have to go, even if they know my abilities. –I’m going.”

Kiba takes a step forward while fixing his collar.

“Don’t lose from the start okay?”

I picked on him. Well, I don’t think he will lose though. I know his strength best since I’m his training partner.

“I will definitely win.”

You sure gave me the best reply with a good smile, handsome!

The arbiter continues.

[The five minutes are about to be over. Would the combatants participating in the match please make their way to the magic-circle. The magic-circle is a transport-type. You will be transferred to a battlefield prepared in a different dimension. The match will then be fought on that battlefield. The battlefield will be randomly picked from the ones already prepared. Until the combatants are transferred to the different field, the bases of both sides will be placed in a barrier so the bases will become invisible. And that barrier will only be taken off every time a match ends.]

I see, so that magic-circle is to transfer the combatants to the battlefield. A special field is already prepared in another dimension. So this place won’t turn into the battlefield.

Wait, neither of the bases will be able to be seen, from the outside, until the transfer is over?

Koneko-chan says as if she were reading my mind.

“…….The reason why it’s invisible is to prevent changing your ‘piece(servant)’ after seeing who will be sent from the opponent’s team. Observe, and then change, and seeing again and then changing again. Rather than the match, that itself would be a problem. And we are also under surveillance to prevent us from doing anything unfair while under this invisible state.”

Hmm, that certainly seems troublesome. So the opponents will be a secret until they are transported to the field huh.

And we are under surveillance huh. ……So maybe there are cameras hidden inside this base or something? More than that, I wonder what she means by unfairness…...

Man, there are a bunch of things I don’t know! Even though Koneko-chan knows it, I don’t! My lack of studies has finally shown up! After this game ends, I’m going to study about the various game types!

“The reason why you won’t know which combatants will be sent, until they are sent to the field, is probably to please the crowds as well.”

Rossweisse-san says.

While we are having this conversation, the barrier covering our base gets denser, and it cuts us off from the outside area.

“I will be going then.”

Kiba who has a microphone on his ear stands on top of the magic circle. That instant, the magic circle glows and Kiba disappears.

Then above the base, several visions showing certain scenery appear in the sky. One of them shows the crowds.

And in the largest-size vision, scenery of an unknown place is shown. …….It’s a very wide green land.

And Kiba is there. Near him…..is an armoured knight riding on a horse which is emitting blue-white flames!

[Oooo! The combatants for the first match have appeared! As you can see, the field is a vast green land! And this vast green land will be the stage for the first match! The ones chosen from both sides with the value of 3 are……. The young noble man of god-speed from the Gremory team! It’s combatant Kiba Yuuto! Princess Rias’s [Knight] has appeared!]

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Kyaaaaaaaa! Kiba-kyuuuuuuun~!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Having been agitated by the broadcaster, the women in the crowd yell happy cheers.

Wow….., our handsome prince really is super popular huh……. Shit! He’s taking the good position by himself! I beg you so please set up a mixer-party next time!

[And from the Bael-group……]

Before the broadcaster introduces him, the armoured knight has his horse walk ahead and he takes off the mask of his helm to show his face.

I know that guy. I did watch the video of the match against Glasya-Labolas.

-He’s a [Knight] of Bael group.

[I’m one of the [Knights] that serve our master Sairaorg Bael-sama, Beruka Furcas!]

That’s a magnificent introduction indeed.

“Furcas is the household that has a trait to rule horses.”

Buchou says. Their trait is a horse. So that’s why he’s riding a horse.

[I’m Rias Gremory-sama’s Knight, Kiba Yuuto. Nice to meet you.]

Kiba responds by introducing himself to his opponent.

Furcas points his circular-shaped lance up high.

[………I have luck being a swordsman because I was given the opportunity to exchange swords with the infamous Kiba Yuuto-dono of the holy-demonic sword, by my master.]

[I also look forward to having this duel with you.]

Oh, Kiba responds back fearlessly!

[Governor-Azazel, will you please explain about that horse covered in blue-white flames?]

The broadcaster asks Sensei.

[--[Pale horse]. That’s a high-level beast which lives in the deepest part of hell, Cocytus. It’s been said that famous devils and grim reapers ride on it. It’s also said that it’s a horse which brings death and destruction. It’s not an easy task to master riding on it. It has a violent nature. It's said that it will kick to death those it doesn’t like, including its master.]

Sensei, thanks for the explanation!

[My favourite horse, Altobrau’s legs are god-speed. Kiba-dono. I wish for a serious fight with you.]

Furcas was already in a battle position.

Sensei has already told us about the dangers of that horse. More importantly, if its combination with the rider is superb, it's said that the Pale horse’s ability can be drawn up to the max!

The arbiter appears on the field through a magic-circle, and he stands between the two combatants.

“The first match, starts now!”

Both of them took a distance when the signal was given.

It started! The Rating Game against Bael has started! The one who will be doing the opening match is Kiba! Show them what you've got, Kibaaaaaa!

[I challenge you! Let us see if the speed of Altobrau and I can match you!]

They disappeared when the blue horse made a cry!


I had the same response as Kiba! Since I train while having Kiba as my opponent, my eyes are used to fast speed. Even still, I thought they were fast. That’s how superb their starting dash was.

Kiba uses his eyes…..no. He takes a stance as if he is trying to feel the presence of his enemy. Then…


The sound of the metal colliding echoes. Kiba didn’t move from the spot, but he is warding off the attacks coming in fast speed.

He took a distance, and he went towards the enemy with fast speed after feeling the presence of the enemy for quite some time.


Both of them are in a state where it only looks like two moving things are colliding at very fast speeds. The things which become visible on the field are the sparks created when the weapons collide and the sounds of metal colliding.

There are deep holes created in the field due to the waves created by several swords and the charging of the lance.

……..I can only see them when they collide against each other. That’s it. That’s how fast Kiba and that knight are!

Both of them finally show themselves when they are using the lance and swords to push against each other.

[A draw even against the legs of my Altobrau…… You are truly frightening indeed, Princess Rias’s Knight!]

Furcas laughs fearlessly.

[You also have an excellent combination with your horse. If I were to try to cut the horse down, your lance will stop me and even if I try to take you down, the horse won’t allow it. Seems like I have to destroy your foot path!]

Kiba who said that forms an aura around his body, and he made his eyes sharper.

That instant, many holy-demonic sword blades appear from the earth surrounding Kiba! The swords of flowers blossomed in the field!

Maybe he will be able to stop Furcas’s horse with this!

I became overjoyed, but….. Furcas’s horse jumps up high!

--! That horse can run in mid air!?

But Kiba swings his holy-demonic sword down without giving a moment to spare!

[Holy-demonic sword of Thunder!]

FLASH! The sky flashed, and thunder comes down towards Furcas! The thunder taught directly by Akeno-san! It isn’t as strong as Akeno-san’s, but Kiba is still able to create thunder.

[Not enough!]

Furcas threw his lance up towards the sky, and he survived the thunder by using the lance as a lightning rod. Furcas who has lost his weapon puts his hand inside the mane of his horse which is made of fire. It seems like he is trying to take something out of it. The mane creates a swine in the atmosphere. It seems like that mane is connected to a different dimension.

What he got from the mane was a second lance. So he still had a lance huh…..

They have researched Kiba very well. He warded off all of Kiba’s attacks!

Kiba’s sword is the holy-demonic sword. It has the attribute of holy. Devils aren't able to evade the fate of receiving heavy damage if they get cut with it. Because of that, not being hit by the holy-demonic sword is a must for opponents in order to win. It’s easier said than done. To be able to pull that off without a scratch while having Kiba as his opponent means that our opponent is quite formidable.

It’s a common situation, that the enemy is slain when Kiba makes his move. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Sairaorg-san’s first servant sent. His first servant is this strong huh.

[Even if your holy-demonic sword has a deadly effect on devils….!]

Furcas makes a stance. He’s trying to do something!

[It won’t mean a thing if it doesn’t hit!]

At the same time as he jumped……..many duplicates of Furcas and his horse were created! So it’s a phantom or a clone huh! Having several Furcas duplicates in front of him, Kiba……..has his swords stiff, and his face looks stern.

-! Don’t tell me he can’t tell which one is the real thing!? If even Kiba can’t tell them apart, then it means that the phantoms have the same presence as the real thing!

Several Furcases move randomly in fast speed, and they start attacking Kiba.

At the beginning, he fended off the attacks with his swords, but Kiba receives damage which comes from all direction!


Kiba created a second holy-demonic sword, and he creates a huge aura with the two swords. The surrounding grasses are blown away by it, but Furcas dodges it and takes a distance.

That move was originally meant to make Furcas step back.

Furcas returns back to only himself after making the phantoms vanish.

Kiba took a breath, and put on a fearless smile.

[…..I didn’t want to show my trump card from the beginning,,,,,,,, But it looks like I will lose more stamina if I continue to hold back. I am in no position to say things to Xenovia.]

Kiba says that as if he’s talking to himself.

……Is he planning to use that already? No, this might be the best time to use it. For Kiba who has less stamina than me, fighting much longer would affect his legs for future matches.

Kiba made the holy-demonic sword vanish, and created a holy-sword within his hand.

So he is planning on using that! I confirmed my guess after seeing that.

Kiba declares very boldly.

[I am stronger than you. This match, I will eventually grasp your movement. But for that, I would consume a lot of stamina. Thinking about later fights, it’s better to take you down in a blitz.]

Hearing Kiba’s declaration, Furcas smirks.

[Looks like you are confident in yourself. Certainly your talent will eventually surpass me and Altobrau. But I won’t go down just like that! For the later matches, I will cut one of your limbs to take your stamina away!]

Such amazing determination. He’s planning to grind down our man power as much as possible.

[Yes. That’s why you are scary. There isn’t anything scarier than an opponent who is resolved. I’m……thinking of showing my other possibility.]

Kiba makes a stance with his holy-sword and mutters quietly.


That moment, an atmosphere different from the holy-demonic sword is emitting from Kiba and he gets wrapped with a holy aura. Then several holy-swords appear from the earth, and at the same time strange-looking beings with armour on them are created. The armoured knight things take the holy-swords growing from the ground into their hands, and they gather around Kiba. It seems like the helm of those armoured things is based on a dragon.

Kiba becomes surrounded by armoured knights. If I had to describe it, he looks like a captain who is leading a knight troop.

Seeing that, Furcas gets shocked.

[……..! Im..impossible!? Balance-Break!? Your Balance-Break is supposed to be the [Sword of Betrayer]! How can you use another Balance-Break!?]

Yes, Kiba’s original Balance-Breaker is the [Sword of Betrayer]. But that’s the Balance Breaker for the [Sword Birth]. That guy also has an ability which he acquired afterwards.

Furcas then says it as if he finally understands.

[……….! Don’t tell me that it’s a Balance-Breaker of the “Blade Blacksmith”……!?]

Kiba nods quietly at his words.

[-[Glory-Drag Trooper], it’s the Balance Breaker of [Blade-Blacksmith] and is a sub-species.]

You got the right answer, Furcas-san. During the Kokabiel incident, Kiba gained the factors to become a holy-sword wielder from his former comrades. He also received a Sacred Gear ability which lets him wield and create holy-swords. As a result, he became an insane swordsman who has the Sacred Gear abilities of both the Sword Birth and the Blade Blacksmith.

Jeanne from the Hero-faction was a possessor of a Blade Blacksmith, and she showed us her sub-species Balance Breaker of it during the battle in Kyoto.

Kiba who saw that, thought of this.

He said, “Ise-kun, with my irregular powers, do you think I will be able to awaken another special power?”

After that, I tagged along with activating his Balance Breaker. That guy told me to seriously go at him while he was in a state wielding a holy-sword instead of a holy-demonic sword. That guy fought me in a very disadvantageous situation many times, and he finally reached it.

And this is his so-called new technique. The Balance Breaker of Blade Blacksmith! Except, in this situation he won’t be able to use his holy-demonic swords. He can only use the holy-swords. And conversely, he won’t be able to materialise these knight troops while he is using the holy-demonic swords.

The trait of Kiba’s new ability is that the user's speed and techniques can be copied on to the knight troops. Right now it can only copy his speed, but it seems like it can still grow. Rather than that, your talent sure is marvellous that you were able to pull off something you imagined, Kiba!

I’m getting jealous of your talent! I’m glad that Kiba is Buchou’s [Knight]! You really are the best!

[To reach this stage, I had to fight the Sekiryuutei with just holy-swords, but…… Fufufu, I was truly scared. I was even prepared for my death. That’s because Ise-kun came at me while intending to kill me for real. Though, thanks to that I was able to attain a second Balance-Breaker.]

You told me to do that! I thought it would be rude to you, my friend, if I didn’t even do that.

Actually, I believed that fighting while intending to kill you was my duty as your friend.

On another vision Sensei, who is a commentator, puts his hand on his chin as if he finds it amusing.

[Naturally, the Balance Breaker for the [Blade Blacksmith] is the [Blade Knight Mass] which creates several armoured knights who are wielding holy-swords. It seems like combatant Kiba was able to alter it to his taste and materialise it as a sub-species. On top of that it’s dragon knight troops! Kaa~! Kiba, you really are influenced by Ise! It sure is a situation that adult women will get fired up about!]

Sensei says that lively! Stop it, it’s disgusting!

But is the reason that Kiba was able to attain a new technique my fault……? From one of the informants we captured from the Hero-faction, they said “Those who get involved with Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou, especially the Sacred Gear possessors tend to awaken in abnormal directions”…… Hmm. I don’t get it.

While I was thinking about it, Kiba stands in front of Furcas while taking his knight troop with him.

In his current situation he doesn’t hold that much offensive power compared to the holy-demonic swords, but since he is controlling the knight troops, he has manpower. If those attack at the same time, then Furcas’s phantoms will…..

[Furcas-dono! Here I come!]

Kiba sprints ahead with his knight troops! Several of them heading towards Furcas were very fast!

[Ku! I can’t fall here yet!]

Furcas shouts, and kicking the blue horse’s stomach, he leaps forward. At the same time he creates several phantoms!

Kiba’s knight troops and Furcas’ phantoms collide!


A single sound of metal echoes.

Kiba and Furcas exchange a single strike while having the knight troops and the phantoms disappear.

A moment passes…..and Furcas gets covered with light. There is a crack on his armour from his shoulder down to his stomach, and there is smoke coming from his wounds possibly due to the damage from the holy-sword.

That’s the light when you retire! Kiba caught the real Furcas within the phantoms, and he conquered the speed battle!


Furcas disappears along with the light from the field after saying that.

--At the same time, the arbiter announces it.

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s [Knight], retires!]

The crowd cheered with that announcement, and we were overjoyed.

For the first battle, the one who gained victory is us!

Part 6[edit]

[The team which dominated the first match is the Gremory team! Now then, what will happen in the next match!?]

While the broadcaster agitates the crowds, Kiba returns using the magic circle. At the same time, the barrier lightens up and we can be seen from the outside now.

The time for Buchou to roll the dice has come again.

Once again, the two [Kings] started to roll the die. The value rolled was……6 by Buchou and 4 by Sairaorg-san! It’s total value of 10! This time it’s a big value!

[Oooo! This time the total value is 10! Both sides will be able to send out combatants within the value of 10! Of course it’s a value where you can send several combatants!]

It’s like what the broadcaster said. It’s a number where you can send out a team.

I wonder what Buchou is going with? Since mine and Akeno-san’s number is large, we can only go solo. Buchou can also go, but I doubt she will do that. Also Kiba just went before so he can’t go this time since the rule forbids one from continuously being sent. Get healed by Asia and take a rest, Kiba.

The magic circle gets covered in a barrier again, and it closes itself off from the outside world.

The ones whom Buchou picks while using the planning time are….

“Let’s go with solid. Rossweisse. And for the support, Koneko. I will leave this to you two.”

Double [Rook]! This is a rare style! [Rook] has a value of 5. It’s a combination where she used the maximum value allowed.



Both of them are full of spirit. The [Rook] Onee-san who is a magician and a moving cannon, and a loli [Rook] who is a senjutsu user. We are having these two go, but I wonder whom they will send…..

Both of them are transported by the magic circle. The field which appeared on the vision this time is inside a dark shrine. So this time the battlefield will be inside a building? There are giant pillars inside, and I can see an altar deep within. The ceiling is crumbled, and you can see outside through it.

The shrine is made similar to the one we fought Diodora in. It’s a field which brings back bad memories.

Now, for their opponents….

A blonde haired gentle-looking man equipped with light armour and a sword. –Also a giant man who seems to stand 3 metres tall.

[I’m one of the [Knights] of Sairaorg-sama, Liban Crocell. This big one here is the [Rook], Gandoma Balam. We two will be your opponents.]


A silent giant….. The [Rook] Gandoma Balam has a good build. His arms are especially huge down to his fingers. His face is more like a monster than a human.

“Wasn’t Balam a household with a trait of having superhuman strength?”

“Yeah. Even on the video recording, Gandoma Balam’s strength was tremendous.”

Kiba answers my question. He’s a [Rook] with superhuman strength. It definitely feels like he’s a guy who increased his speciality even further.

[…..Crocell, one of the former 72 pillars. The descendant of an extinct house.]

Koneko-chan mutters like that at the introduction of the opponent [Knight].

The broadcaster continues with the introductions.

[Yes! Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s servant, combatant Liban Crocell, is a descendant of the now extinct house of Crocell!]

I know that the extinct household reappears in another new way. Vali is also a descendant of the old-Maou after all.

The current government is searching for the descendants of the extinct households which became extinct due to many reasons. There were households which sought to go to the human world, and the high-class devils that live in the human world have a duty to look after those descendants.

So like this, descendants still remain. But it also seems like there are many of them who have very complicated issues as well. So there should be a reason why a descendant from the house of Crocell is following Bael….Sairaorg-san.

[The second match starts now!]

The arbiter announces.

[……Since the opponent is formidable, I will be serious from the start.]

As Koneko-chan says that, she covers herself in touki. At the same time ears and tails appear, now there are two tails.

This is Koneko-chan’s new technique. [Nekomata-mode level 2]. By using senjutsu to cover her whole body in touki, she can have an explosive power for a temporary time. Her physical ability also increases! And she won’t go berserk! Koneko-chan leaps forward very fast, and she strikes at the giant's……at Balam’s face!


A lively sound echoes….but it doesn’t even bother Balam. It doesn’t seem like he took any damage from the looks of it. If I remember, this guy has unreal defence.

But, there is no way that Koneko-chan will do an ordinary punch, so she must have sent ki into his body which she heightened using her senjutsu. Even if it doesn’t show any effect with a single hit, she should be able to destroy his insides if she keeps on hitting him.


Balam swings his massive arm to the side. I can tell that it vibrated the air even through the vision. Koneko-chan dodges that immediately, and from behind her Rossweisse-san shoots out magical attacks at Balam’s body!

It was many attacks shot at the same time which include various attributes such as fire, lightning, ice, and wind! But……it doesn’t seem like Balam has any visible damage.

[……His magical defence is also high. I don’t know why, but I’ve been fighting opponents of this type lately!]

Rossweisse-san must be referring to Heracles whom she fought back in Kyoto. His defence was also insanely high.


Then Rossweisse-san and her surroundings blurred. Is it just a bad camera vision? That’s what I thought, but Rossweisse-san fell to her knees.


At the same time, the floor around Rossweisse-san starts to dent as if it’s being pushed down by something!

There is some pressure pushing down on it? I see, it’s that guy. On the video we watched, that guy had an ability like that! The [Knight] Crocell!

[You have too many openings, sister.]

Crocell says that while his eyes glow.

[……..Ability of gravity……]

Rossweisse-san tries to activate a magic-circle under her foot while under the gravity.

[I won’t let you! I will also freeze you!]

Crocell activates a magic-circle in his hand, and ice was formed on Rossweisse-san’s feet! The ice wraps around Rossweisse-san’s legs!

[……If I remember correctly, you are a magic swordsman!]

Rossweisse-san smiles fearlessly at Crocell who is charging at her with his sword drawn.

[I’m a Crocell plus a mage, and a mix-blood who has human blood running through me! Add to that, I’m good at swordsmanship! And one more thing, the power of gravity is my Sacred Gear! [Gravity Jail]!]

“His Sacred Gear causes gravity changes to the place he looks! His ability will continue until he has you out of his sight! Be careful!”

Buchou says that to Rossweisse-san through the earphone. His ability is similar to Gasper’s ability. It’s not like it stops time, but it’s enough to stop the movement of his opponents.

Next to them, Koneko-chan was dodging Balam’s attack swiftly, and she was giving him senjutsu punches one by one.

Uwaa, he swings his thick arm around so much, that Giant-san!

[…….I know. I've already been told about Crocell’s Sacred Gear ability from Governor-Azazel. –Also an ability which uses sight has a weakness which is very easy to exploit!]

Even though she’s under the gravity, Rossweisse-san activates a magic-circle with her trembling hands!

FLASH! A flash lightens the surroundings.

[You are too naïve, sister! Mirror!]

A mirror appears from the magic-circle which is in Crocell’s hand, and he tries to block the light.

[Due to the characteristics of my ability, I have powers to cover those weaknesses. That’s why I have summoned a mirror.]

Crocell smirks.

Rossweisse-san’s attack was seen through…?

No, that isn’t it! Rossweisse-san made the magic-circle under her foot glow stronger! The flash which was reflected by the mirror…..hits Balam! That instant, Rossweisse-san and Balam glowed, and the light envelops the surroundings. When the light stopped, the one under Crocell’s gravity was Balam! Rossweisse-san was at Balam’s location now instead!

“Terrific! A magic to swap each others' locations! Having the mirror reflect that magic was just a requirement for its activation! It’s a swap done where she already read through the opponents next step!”

Kiba gave applause to Rossweisse-san’s superb attack! I’m also shocked! I see….so the opponent already had a countermeasure for when the enemy would try to blind his eyes from the beginning. So she used that instead!

[Koneko-san! Has your attack gone through!?]

[……Yes. I disrupted that huge man’s aura and insides so his defence against magic won’t be active now.]

[Roger that! Full-burst, eat this both of you!]

Rossweisse-san created many magic-circles in front of her! This is Rossweisse-san’s special……


Magical attacks with mixed attributes fall on Crocell and Balam! The number of them is…….actually it's dumb to even start counting them now! It’s an attack which seems like it will destroy the battlefield!

The attack stops, and waste spreads around the surroundings. When that calms down, the one who was on the ground was……Crocell.

…….Only Crocell? Where is Balam? It happened when I was thinking about that.

[……I’ve been telling you……since before that you have you guards down…….remember? The moment you…….think you defeated your enemy, that’s when it creates an opening…….]

Crocell who is in a critical situation has his eyes glow mysteriously.

Then Rossweiss-san and Koneko-chan’s movements get stopped for a moment by the gravity.

And the one who appeared is Balam covered in wounds and blood!



Along with the sound of the wind, a massive fist which seems like it’s his last attack hits Koneko-chan.

……………………. I closed my eyes when I saw that scene.

Crocell, Balam and Koneko-chan start becoming covered in the light for when you retire.


Rossweisse-san takes hold of Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan has a battered body because of receiving a deadly strike from the giant.

[…..I’m glad. If Rossweisse-san is still active, Gremory can still fight……]

Even though you can tell that she has serious injuries just by looking, Koneko-chan was smiling. Her smile seems like she is satisfied.

[…….I’m sorry, Koneko-chan.]

[……Please don’t apologise, Rossweisse-san. I’m glad…… I was able to become useful……since we were able defeat the two of them…..]

Saying that, Koneko-chan, Crocell and Balam were covered in light for transportation. Koneko-chan…… You did well….. Leave the rest to us……

I bit my lip, and kept my anger and sadness inside me. Not yet. Don’t release it yet. This feeling, it’s still too early to release it……!

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s [Knight] and [Rook], combatant Rias Gremory’s [Rook] retire.]

The arbiter announces.

The second match. Even though we were able to dominate it…….we finally had a casualty.

Part 7[edit]

[With the second match finished, the Bael side had 3 members and the Gremory side had 1 member retire. Gremory is in the lead, but we don’t know the outcome yet! The game has just begun!]

The broadcaster says.

“You sure are calm. You didn’t let any emotion out even when Koneko-chan was defeated.”

Kiba says.

“……I am frustrated. But I thought I should hold it in. Isn’t it better to let it explode afterwards?”

Hearing that, Kiba made a small laugh.

“You sure are scary. But I agree with that opinion.”

You shouldn’t say that with a scary face. Geez, looks like we are both sweet on our juniors.

Now, for the third match. I wonder what kind of number will appear.

Both [Kings] rolled the dice. –The total value is 8! Oh! It’s a value where I can show up!

It happened when we were about to go into the planning time. Sairaorg-san told the arbiter.

“We will be sending the [Bishop] Corianna Andrealphus.”

Sairaorg-san declared it before sending his combatant to the battlefield! The crowd gets noisy. The opponent [Bishop] appears on monitor. If I remember, Corianna is…..

What I remembered was right on the mark. A person steps forward from the enemy base. Like I thought, it’s a beautiful Onee-san! A blond with long curly hair. She’s the Onee-san that looks like a business woman who seems like she can handle any job! On top of that she is glamorous!

[Is this a declaration!? Combatant Sairaorg, what is your reason for saying that?]

The broadcaster asks. Sairaorg-san looks at me. …….M…Me?

“How would Hyodou Issei respond, if I say that she has a technique which can oppose Hyoudou Issei’s lecherous techniques?”

Sairaorg-san says it like that! A technique which can oppose my attacks…..!?

The crowd gets noisy.

The one who answered back first to that declaration was Sensei who is the commentator.

[Hou! That’s an interesting declaration! Combatant Ise shows unequalled power against women. The reasons are basically because of “Dress Break” and “Pailingual”, and……..]

[Combatant Hyodou Issei is very interesting. From what I've heard, he comes up with new techniques every time.]

It seems like the Emperor is also very interested in it! It’s an honour, but it’s also embarrassing!

[That guy has a sponge like brain so his absorbing rate is good. His head is like a very dry sponge to begin with, so he absorbs everything he is taught right away. I never thought it was this terrifying for his head to be this empty because he doesn’t have anything but lecherous things in his head.]

“ “ “ “ “Ahahahahahaha!” ” ” ” ”

The stadium stirs with Sensei’s comments. Everyone was laughing their ass off! It’s so embarrassing! I’m sorry for being an idiot and lecherous! That’s right! Just like you said, my head is a sponge!

[Sponge Dragon!]

One of the crowd members shouted out like that! What the heck is thaaaaaaaat!?

“Shut up! Who said that!? Someone just called me Sponge-Dragon! Don’t put whatever you want before the word [Dragon]!”

After I said that, the crowd just laughed even more.

“Fine then! I will accept the challenge!”

I accepted the challenge with the flow!

Buchou puts her hand on her forehead and she seems troubled.

“…….Geez. It’s definitely a trap, but how about it? In terms of strength you are overwhelmingly stronger but the opponent is definitely up to something.”

I get asked by Buchou.

“I’m interested in it. A woman who can oppose my techniques. And this is also a challenge from Sairaorg-san….. It’s like he’s saying “Can you overcome this?”. Do you think there will be any dirty tricks?”

Yeah, I think what Sairaorg-san said are honest words. It’s just a straightforward challenge to me. I only talked to him for a bit, but I can tell that he wouldn’t do anything underhanded like setting a trap after making such a declaration. …..I don’t know why, maybe it's because we have similar fighting styles.

And I certainly am looking forward to it! For there to be a technique that can overcome my dress-break and pailingual! What can a single woman do to the lecherous me? I want to experience it. After all, my pailingual is allowed in this game thanks to Sairaorg-san’s kindness!

Buchou breathed out.

“…..Go then. I’m also anxious about the opponent’s technique which can overcome your techniques. But do not let your guard down.”

“Yes! Hyoudou Issei, will be going then!”

I did a bow, and headed towards the transfer-type magic circle!

[It seems like Oppai-Dragon will be fighting!]

The broadcaster shouts. Then….

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Oppai! Oppai! Oppai!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The seats with children started to get heated up more than ever before.

[Please take a look! The energetic smiles of those children! The hero of the Underworld! The children are getting excited by the entrance of the Oppai-Dragon!]

It’s just like the broadcaster said. Amazing, the faces of the children shown from the monitor have smiles on. They were calling out my name as hard as they could.

Maybe it’s because the invisibility barrier isn’t on. The monitor is showing my appearance, and there was a display under my name which reads “Oppai Dragon”! And as my entrance song, the [Oppai Dragon’s song] is played! So I have my personal music!? But this……

-This match, I can’t afford to lose.

Having that strong feeling inside me, I get transported to the battlefield.

………..... The light for the transportation stopped, and the place I arrived at was a huge flower garden. Flowers with rich colours are blossoming through this whole place. I can smell the scent of different flowers.

……..For a flower garden like this to become the place for my battlefield.

I then confirmed my opponent in front of me. It’s the [Bishop] woman. She excels in all categories of demonic-powers if I remember correct. But she’s more like a support-type. So what will she do?

I put my alert on, and the arbiter comes in. It seems like he transferred here.

[The third match starts now!]

It has started! I will make my gauntlet appear and promote to Queen! Well, thanks to attaining Triaina, I am able to do promotion without Buchou’s authorisation. I started the countdown for the Balance Breaker while heading forward! The opponent also did the same, and she started to release attacks with her demonic-powers. She released spear like things created from ice using her demonic-powers. I started to dodge them!

“You are pretty good, boy.”

The opponent [Bishop] says that plainly. Hmm, even though her voice was plain, I sensed some ero inside her voice!

I dodged the demonic-power ice spears. I also dodged her other attacks that used her demonic-powers. My biggest weakness is the state I’m in before I get into Balance-Breaker! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the countermeasures for it. I train daily, so I can run around for a while in this state!

While I was running around the flower garden dodging the attacks, my countdown ended! Yeah, this is where the real match starts!

[Balance Break!]

A red light comes out from the gauntlet which envelops my body. The red aura shapes into armour, and the Balance Break is completed!

[It came out! It’s the Oppai Dragon! In the stadium, the children have become even more excited!]

The broadcaster shouts. The vision also appears above the battlefield, and it shows the children on it.

[Oppai Dragooooooooooon! Do your best~!]

It’s the best cheer there is. I’m getting pumped with motivation! Well then, lets see if you really can break my techniques then!

I increased the imagination in my head, and I got ready to do pailingual.

I will activate that mysterious dimension. Then I will have the Onee-san’s breasts speak! After that I will use Dress Break on her when I approach her! After feeding my eyes with her nudity, I will defeat her immediately! This is it! This is the only way!

[Come come come! Spread, my-]

I released the demonic-power in my brain, and it happened when I was about to activate pailingual……


The Onee-san started to unbutton her clothes in front of me.


I had my eyes glued to her stripping. I’m staring at her!

F-F-F-F-F-F-For reaaaaaaaal!? She’s striping her clothes in this place and situation!?

Onee-san didn’t pay attention to my shock, and she took off her business jacket. I thought she took her jacket off to become serious.

-But it wasn’t the case.

Onee-san is also trying to take off her skirt! Impossible!? She’s stripping in this important battle! Something like that can happen!?

I stopped my attack…..at this wonderful situation!

[Ooo! This is! Coriana Andrealphus of the Bael Team started to strip all of a sudden! The male viewers are just glaring at her silently! Governor-Azazel! What is this!]


Sensei is also staring at her!

Yeah this is truly a happy situation, but that is that, and this is this! I activated my pailingual while I couldn’t hide my excitement.


An unknown dimension was activated and spread, Onee-san was within my range! Yeah! The technique worked perfectly! I will listen to it, the voice of your breasts that is!

“Hey! The oppai over there! What are you going to do next?”

When I asked, Onee-san’s breasts mutter so only I can hear it.

[Next…..I’m going to take off the buttons of my blouse. One by one.]


Hearing that, I payed attention to Onee-san’s movements.

-Right now she’s taking off the buttons on her blouse.

……………..So wonderful.

No! How can this be!? The things her breasts told me is……the next thing she will be stripping off! Impossible! Something like this is possible!?

[Ise, what are you doing! You heard what her breasts said right? Then prepare for the next attack!]

I received the order from Buchou.

……B..But Buchou. I…….I!

“I can’t! Because her Oppai is telling me what she’s going to strip next!”

[-! Impossible! Her breasts told you that!?]

Buchou was astonished by this revelation!

[Then you can just use your Dragon-shot to finish the match--]

Buchou gives me another order, but I cried out.

“I can’t do that Buchou! Because…..because! It’s impossible for me to attack this Onee-san who is stripping her clothes! The option of using Dress-Break to make her naked is also out of the question because I can’t do that to the Onee-san who is stripping for me!”

Yeah, that’s exactly it! The action to take her clothes off one by one….. That alone is a godly situation…..! And it’s ‘nonsense’ to strip her by force with it! The woman is stripping off for me by herself! This is definitely the best situation there is…….!

This feeling! Only guys can understand this!

Sensei explains.

[So this is what Sairaorg’s team came up with to seal Ise’s techniques! What a frightening technique! Her breasts tells him what she’s going to take off next while she is stripping right in front of him. For guys, the best situation is when a woman is taking her clothes off one by one. Guys are creatures that get addicted to woman stripping, that’s why strip-shows exist. Using Dress-Break to strip her naked immediately is a foolish idea! A move which is precise and accurate by knowing the hearts of lechers! Is this how powerful the Bael group is!?]

I understand. I can understand that, Sensei! I know that feeling so much that it pains me! Though right about now, the girls are looking at me with their eyes half closed while making a sigh! But this is something only a guy can understand!

So this is the plan Sairaorg-san and his group came up with! Magnificent! It’s so magnificent that tears are flowing from my eyes!

--Thank you very much!

So this is the weakness of dress-break and Pailingual! I didn’t see that coming! Since it’s a ‘sukebe-technique’, they can find the solution for it by understanding the ‘heart’ of a sukebe!

I trembled with fear due to the depths of a Rating Game.

<……. You are the worst.>

It feels like Koneko-chan said that. No, maybe she muttered that out while she is looking at this through the infirmary! Onee-san’s beautiful legs! Her enormous breasts which is held back by her bra! Her hips! Her erotic underwear! Magnificent! It’s perfect! I have no more words left!

Finally, Onee-san only has her bra and pants on.

[By the way, it’s about this strip-show but we will put a special effect on the broadcast since children are also watching.]

I see. That way the children in the stadium and back at home can watch it safely!

Now Onee-san, what will you take off next? Well, since she came this far she will be taking off her bra, and revealing her enormous o..o…o…oppai….

I was gazing at her with perverted eyes, but Onee-san puts her hand on her pants.


It was exactly that moment.

Something inside me cooled down.

……………..It’s wrong.

……………..That’s wrong Onee-san!

My intense feeling increases inside me. This feeling is something you call a rage.

She came this far and she’s taking off her pants!? Pants → Bra!?

-That isn’t righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht!

I shouted it out inside myself!

“You take off the bra, then the pants!”

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost]

By the time I realised it, I released an enormous dragon-shot created from my anger towards the [Bishop].

“Eh!? You must be joking! Kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Maybe she didn’t see that coming, so Onee-san disappears inside the dragon-shot.

[Combatant Sairaorg’s [Bishop] retires.]

Emotionless words come from the arbiter.

Even though I won, I looked up at the sky.

…….What a sad victory. But I want you to understand it.

-I’m one who prefers to have the bra taken off, then the pants.

For the third match, I attained victory due to the differences in our sexual preferences.

Part 8[edit]

“That was a horrible match.”

The first words I received were those from Kiba.

The bastard was making a bitter smile.

Shut up! Right now I’m depressed! For my two invincible attacks against women to have such a weakness! And that you see the pants → Bra? That is wrong!

Well, let’s leave this conversation and move on to the dice roll.

The total value is announced. The number is…..8! 8 again! It’s a value where I can come out, but I can’t go repeatedly.

“8 huh. I will go then.”

Xenovia took a step forward. Xenovia who is a [Knight] has a value of 3, so she can obviously participate.

“Yes, you are right. It’s about time I should leave this to Xenovia.”

Buchou also agreed to it. But there are still 5 values remaining. Buchou then looks at Kiba and Rossweisse-san.

“It might be appropriate for Kiba or Rossweisse to go with Xenovia.”

Yeah. If it’s Kiba who is a [Knight] with the value of 3, or Rossweisse-san who is a [Rook] with the value of 5, then that would be within the value range of 8 and they would be able to go to the field. They also might make a good pair.

But….there is someone who has his hand up. It’s Gasper.

“…….I….I will go. U…Ummm, it’s almost the mid-game…..so we won’t know what will happen…….and since Yuuto-senpai and Rossweisse-san are strong, I think we should reserve them for much later…..”

Everyone opened their eyes wide at Gasper’s words. ……..No one predicted that Gasper would say such a thing himself.

But it’s like this guy said. It would be better to keep Kiba and Rossweisse-san who are strong for much later. I think there is also a method where we send out powerful members during the mid-game though.

But Gasper’s eyes were filled with determination.

Buchou then smiles.

“Then Gasper, will you support Xenovia? I want you to support Xenovia using your evil-eyes and vampire powers.”

Having Buchou say that, Gasper mutters.

“…..I….I’m a boy, so I need to take revenge for Koneko-chan!”

He said that while his whole body was trembling. That’s a good spirit!

“Yup, I’m depending on you, Gasper.”

“Y-Yes, Xenovia-senpai!”

It was the birth of the tag team of Xenovia and Gasper.

For the fourth match, the battlefield the two of them arrived in is a wasteland which has rough rocks around everywhere.

……It’s a place where the footing seems terrible. I’m glad Xenovia is more of a power-type despite being a [Knight]. If it was Kiba instead, it would have affected his speed.

-Then their opponents appear in front of the two of them.

A tall lanky man and a bishoujo carrying a staff with a creepy design…… No, if I remember that is a bishounen[4].

Emm, I think the tall lanky one was a [Rook] and the boy with the creepy looking staff is a [Bishop].

[From the Gremory team, it’s the combatant Xenovia the [Knight] who wields the legendary Durandal, and the combatant Gasper the [Bishop] who is a girl born from a man who is popular amongst a certain group of people!]

“ “ “ Uoooooooooooo! Gya~~~~~kun~!” ” ”

Just like the broadcaster said, there are male fans from a certain group of the crowd who gave their cheers to Gasper! Hmm, so he’s popular amongst those kind of people huh. I sure can’t take Gya-suke lightly.

And it seems like there are more women fans than guys for Xenovia. Maybe female [Knights] tend to gather more support from the women.

[From the Bael-team it is…… Oh my! This is very astonishing since both of them are descendants from extinct households! Combatant Ludora Bune the [Rook] and combatant Misteeta Sabnock the [Bishop]. Both of them are descended from now extinct households of the former 72 pillars! Governor-Azazel, it seems like there are several of those who come from extinct households on the Bael-team……]

Sensei answers after being asked by the broadcaster.

[If they have potential, he will take in anyone from any background. That’s the way Sairaorg Bael thinks. It means that the descendants of the extinct households responded to that call. Even though the descendants of the extinct households are under the protection of the current government, the reality is that they are being despised by a group of higher-ups. There are many among the devils who value the importance of pure blood so much, that they want to make those who survived by mixing blood with different races as if they never existed from the beginning.]

Sensei made a serious comment like that. Even the broadcaster looked troubled by Sensei’s words.

[Hahahaha, that is definitely true.]

Though Emperor Belial was laughing……

Then the tall lanky man speaks.

[That is correct. Our master Sairaorg-sama welcomed our clans who survived by means of breeding with humans.]

[Sairaorg-sama’s dream is our dream.]

It seems like the boy also has a strong belief.

It seems like both servants from the Bael side have their eyes burning with a sense of purpose.

[The fourth battle starts now!]

The arbiter gives the signal for the start of the match. Then both sides take stances immediately, and start their attacks.

“Gasper, transform into a bat! Xenovia, you attack after that!”

Buchou gives an order from the base.

Gasper transforms into several bats which spread throughout the field, and Xenovia released many pulses created from Durandal towards the enemy [Rook] and [Bishop]!

The sharp waves from the holy-sword fly ahead while gouging deeply through the rocks!

Both of them dodge the attack, and the [Bishop] Sabnock releases a hot fire created from demonic-powers! If I remember, that [Bishop] also specialises in demonic-powers.

[I won’t let you!]

The bats which are flying around the field have their eyes glowing red, and it freezes the fire! The frozen fires remain up in the air! And Xenovia creates a wave from her holy-sword which wipes the enemy’s attack away! Good combination! It was worth practising for a team battle after all!

[Ladora! I received an order from Sairaorg-sama! We will take down the swordswoman first! I will prepare for it!]


Receiving Sairaorg-san’s order, the [Bishop] took a step back, and has aura running through his body! An ominous aura is rising from him……! It’s an ominous aura which gives me the creeps.

And the [Rook] steps in front of the [Bishop] as if protecting him, and he took off his clothes.

If I remember correctly, that [Rook] has very high defence. Is he trying to become a wall? That’s what I thought, but…..


……The [Rook]’s tall lanky body suddenly buffed, and it becomes an abnormal shape. Build up? No, it isn’t! The tall lanky body gets even more buffed, and now a tail and wings have started to grow from his back! His mouth is covered with fangs, and his nails get sharper!

The Bael [Rook] is getting bigger!


A giant black creature makes a howl……. A dragon appears in front of Xenovia and Gasper!

That tall lanky [Rook] turned into a dragon!

“………Even though Bune is a devil, it’s a clan which rules dragons….. But only a small group of people in their clan can transform…….. And he happens to be one of them…!”

Buchou puts on a bitter expression.

A devil which can turn into a dragon! There were things like that even in fantasy stories! But when I see it with my eyes for real, it has so much intensity! More than that, I didn’t see that ability in the match against Glasya-Labolas. It’s my first time seeing it!

So we happened to encounter someone who was able to use that ability which is rare in his clan!

[There wasn’t any information about him transforming into a dragon! That Sairaorg……, he trained that servant and made him awaken it!]

Sensei made a comment like that. So he trained until he was able to transform!

Then the battle between the dragon and Xenovia began!

Xenovia used both the wave and direct attacks with her holy-sword on the dragon, but because of its hard defence she can’t give a decisive blow.

The Durandal-cannon might be able to cause it damage, but that needs quite some time for charging.

[Gasper! I will take that down! Buy me some time!]

Xenovia asks for support from Gasper. So she’s planning to use it!

Xenovia stepped back, and Gasper’s bats surround the dragon.

[Aye! Aye!]

Gasper covered around the dragon and tried to make it get away from Xenovia.

“Buchou, will Gasper power up if he drinks that dragon’s blood?”

That’s my opinion. We have him carry my blood just in case, but I thought he might be able to power up by biting it since he is already covering around him.

Buchou shook her head.

“We don’t know what the blood of Bune will do to Gasper. He might get something better than we expected, but it’s also possible for the opposite to happen. Having him drink your blood that we gave him will be more safe and accurate.”

Well, that’s true. If he gets a stomach ache by drinking that dragon’s blood, he won’t be able to participate in the match.

The dragon which is finding the attacks of the bats bothersome breathes out a huge ball of fire, but Gasper dodges it magnificently.

Xenovia raised her Ex-Durandal up high. It happened when she was about to charge it.

The opponent [Bishop] shouts.

[This is it! Holy-sword! Seal your power!]

That moment, the [Bishop]’s staff gave a mysterious glow, and it captured Xenovia.

Xenovia gets surrounded by the creepy light. Then disgusting looking marks appear on her body.

Xenovia’s hand trembles. She drops her Ex-Durandal.

[……..What is this…….. Durandal isn’t responding…….!]

W-What!? I became shocked at the phenomenon that occurred to Xenovia’s body. So the holy-sword isn’t responding to her! Xenovia is a natural born holy-sword wielder. That factor……disappeared?

Bael’s [Bishop] then says it with a tired expression.

[..…..I also carry human blood within me. -Sacred Gear [Trick Vanish]. It’s a cursed ability that I recently became able to use……]

Sacred Gear! And he became able to use it recently! That’s why even though we watched that video, I am seeing this for the first time! Is that also the result of their training?

[Trick Vanish, it’s a Sacred Gear which can completely seal the ability of a specific person temporarily by consuming a large amount of the possessor’s stamina and mind. –It seems like the Bael [Bishop] sealed the ability of combatant Xenovia to wield the holy-sword temporarily in exchange for his power.]

Sensei says that! Like I thought! He took away Xenovia’s ability to wield the holy-sword! As a payment, the opponent consumed his stamina and such, and now he looks tired!


Xenovia is carrying Durandal as if she finds it heavy. So it isn’t working at all……

[……I actually tried to give damage to her from the after-shock created by sealing the holy-sword…… It seems like her talent as a holy-sword wielder is denser than I thought……]

The opponent [Bishop] smirks while being wobbly. So Xenovia isn’t able to use Durandal, but she didn’t receive the damage from the aftershock of sealing her ability.


Then the dragon came to attack without any mercy! Xenovia couldn’t do anything, but many bats wrap around Xenovia!


The dragon stomps on the ground where she was, but there is no one under it.

Xenovia who was covered by the bats gets moved behind the rocks! So Gasper evacuated her! Nice support!

[…..I’m sorry Gasper. But looks like I will be useless now.]

Xenovia says that apologetically.

[N-no, you are wrong! Xenovia-senpai will be more useful to Buchou than me!]

Gasper encourages Xenovia, and he removes a small bottle and chalks from his pochette.

[I…I know a couple of ways to remove curses like this!]

Gasper activates a small magic circle in his palm, and places it on Xenovia’s body. It seems like he is checking the curse on Xenovia through the magic-circle.

[I won’t let you get away! Where are you!]

The dragon is looking for Xenovia and Gasper in the rocky area while making the earth rumble. ……It’s only a matter of time until they are found!

“Gasper, does it look like Xenovia’s curse can be removed?”

Buchou asks.

[……..Yes, it seems like I can manage it with my own way of uncursing it with the items I currently have.]

After Gasper says that, he uses the chalk to draw a magic-circle with Xenovia in the centre.

He draws an unfamiliar symbol and he holds the small bottle in his hand at the end. –It’s the small bottle with my blood in it. That is an item which increases Gasper’s power.

[By mixing Ise-senpai’s blood with the magic-circle I just drew, I think I can uncurse it. But it seems like it will take some time for it to be removed……]

Gasper says that to Xenovia. ……..So he’s going to use my blood…..?

[W-Wait Gasper. If you use that blood, you will…….]

To the confused looking Xenovia, Gasper showed a big smile.

[Xenovia-senpai, I found out what my duty is.]


Xenovia questions him. Gasper who has completed the magic-circle leaps out from the rocks.

[I….I will buy time! Once the curse is removed, please continue to charge the Durandal!]

-! Is he trying to charge ahead by himself without drinking my blood!?

“It’s reckless! Gasper! Hide yourself!”

Buchou shouts, but Gasper runs forward with a determined expression.

[No! I…I have to buy some time! For Buchou to win, Xenovia-senpai is needed!]

Buchou shouts again.

“I’m telling you run away immediately!”

-The dragon and Bael’s [Bishop] come in front of Gasper.

[I’ve found you vampire. So you hid that swordswoman I see. But she’s somewhere nearby right? She will appear if I spread my flames around here.]

Having the dragon approach him, Gasper's body is trembling. But he shows no signs of running away, and he made a stance to shoot demonic-power by putting his hand forward.

[I…I won’t let you go berserk!]

Is he trying to charge forward in order to protect Xenovia!?

[Coming ahead by yourself, huh. I respect that courage of yours. Though you are shaking, you can’t stand in front of a dragon without any courage.]

The dragon who gave his respect to Gasper…..breathed out a flame from his mouth!


Gasper tries to defend it by using a defence magic-circle! Run away! It’s reckless! But Gasper continues to act as a shield for Xenovia so he can buy some time!


Gasper screams. Having the defence magic-circle destroyed, he gets pushed back by the flames. Even though he gets burned by the flames, Gasper stands up weakly.

[…….Not yet. I can still continue!]

[Gasper! Don’t over do it!]

Xenovia’s voice.

[The swordswoman voice? She’s nearby? That swordswoman, where is she?]

Hearing Xenovia’s voice, the dragon looks around!


Gasper spreads his devil wings, and he grabs onto the dragon’s arm.

[--! Let go! Unlike you whom I can beat anytime, I have to take down the Durandal wielder immediately! That curse is temporary after all!]

Gasper gets caught by the dragon’s other hand, and he gets crushed very strongly by it! A disturbing sound echoes through the field!


Gasper screams in agony.

Buchou looks away from that scene.

“…….Please stop!”

Asia covers her face and screams.

The dragon throws down the crushed Gasper.

Gasper is still trying to stand despite having intense pain to the point where he can barely breath now! Even in that situation…..he is going towards the dragon.

[…..It hurts….It hurts…….. But……. I’m a boy from the Gremory group……. Please hold on Xenovia-senpai…….]

Xenovia doesn’t respond to Gasper’s call. She should have heard Gasper’s shout.

On the vision, Xenovia killed her presence and her voice probably because she understood her junior’s determination. Her eyes are covered with her tears.

[You are in the way!]

Gasper gets kicked around by the dragon. Even so he doesn’t give up.

[……. Gremory group’s males…….lesson 1……..a man has to protect a girl…..!]

He somehow lifts his body which is trembling due to the shock and pain……and Gasper stood up. Those are the words I told Gasper back in the clubroom.

[…. G…Gremory group’s males…..lesson 2…..a man has to stand up……no matter what……..!]

He tries to activate another magic-circle on his hand, but….


Bael’s [Bishop] carrying a staff came while being wobbly and used his staff to hit Gasper from the side.

[Give up, you won’t be able to beat us.]

Heartless words. Even a strike from the wobbling guy would be like a deadly attack to the current Gasper.

Even after hearing that, he grabbed onto the rocks, and he tried to stand up again.

[……. Gremory…..group’s…..males….lesson……3…….]

Gasper faces forward with his swelled up face and he mutters to himself.

[……Don’t give up…….no matter what…… …….I have to protect……Xenovia-senpai….]


A heartless attack. The dragon stomps Gasper without any mercy….

The dragon removes his foot. Gasper was already battered and squashed. He is no longer in a state where he can fight. He will be retiring soon.


I trembled at the scene I am witnessing.

…….That’s because Gasper who is in a critical situation moved his body a bit. And he tries to move from that spot.

[…..I am from the Gremory……. I have to……make Buchou…….win……]

Seeing that, a tear dropped down from my cheek.


Xenovia’s scream echoes throughout the battlefield because she felt the shock on the earth of Gasper being stomped.

-Senpai. Will I also be able to become useful for everyone?

Idiot……! You idiot! Idiot!

You are following through……what I told you very stubbornly….! There is no one who will call you useless after seeing you right now……!

You….you are…..! You are a fine man from the Gremory group….!


Buchou faces away from the vision.

I told Buchou, while not holding back my tears…..

“……Buchou, I ask you. Please look while not facing backwards. He’s fighting that hard for you while preparing for death…. Right now he is fighting harder than everyone when he was just a hikikomori and a scaredy cat before….! So please watch over him…..!”

Buchou was about to shed her tears at my argument, but she holds it in and looks forward.

“I understand. I’m sorry Ise, Gasper……”

Buchou acts strong. Asia and Akeno-san are crying. Rossweisse-san also has some tears in her eyes, and Kiba is biting his lip so hard that blood is dripping from it.

[You can still move, huh. That strong will towards victory. It really shocks me. Attacking anymore than this will be cruel. Very well, I will make you better with this last attack.]

When the dragon was about to breathe out flames….

[--I won't let you.]

Xenovia shows herself while emitting enormous aura. The holy aura running through Durandal. It’s so strong that it gives me chills.

And the cursed marks on her body are gone. It seems like the removal of the curse was a success!

Xenovia approached Gasper, and she held her junior who had already lost consciousness.

[--You did well Gasper. You are a man. --I’m sorry, because I was worthless I made you go through this……]

Xenovia apologises to Gasper while shedding tears.

[So the curse was removed!]

The Bael’s [Bishop] points his staff at Xenovia. The dragon also has his wings spread.

Xenovia got up quietly and mutters.

[……I was lacking it.]

She slides the Ex-Durandal from the sheath, and changed it to the attack-form.

[I lacked determination. I was caught by an attack like that. I lacked resolution, unlike Gasper, for placing my life on the line, for my master….Buchou and my comrades. This guy was standing here with stronger resolution than me! I’m ashamed of myself…! I just can’t forgive myself……!]

Xenovia’s words also pain me. Yeah, we should have more determination but we are still lacking it.

-And Gasper told us that by using his body.

[Then, what should I do? How can I give my answer to this guy?]

Xenovia wipes her tears while saying curse like words.

[Yeah. This is the only thing I can do. I’m sorry Gasper. –At least let me defeat these guys for you! I think that’s my answer towards you!]


The pillar of holy light goes high up the sky. That’s the enormous aura created from the Ex-Durandal. Even a high-class devil won’t be able to endure if they get hit by it.

[I won’t let you! This time I will sacrifice my life to seal that swordswoman’s ability!]

The Bael’s [Bishop] makes a stance with his staff and he tried to activate his Sacred Gear…….but his body froze along with his consciousness.

The dragon looks at Gasper! Even though he is surrounded by the light for retiring, he has his eyes glow red despite losing his consciousness!

Gasper stopped the opponent [Bishop]!

[The evil eyes that freeze time! Impossible!]

The dragon shouts. Xenovia swings Durandal up high!

[You guys lost to Gasper!]

Xenovia who said that swings Ex-Durandal towards the dragon and the [Bishop]….


A huge amount of holy aura devours both the opponents…..

[Combatants Sairaorg Bael’s [Rook] and [Bishop], and combatant Rias Gremory’s [Bishop] retire.]

The arbiter announces the end of the fourth match.

We have lost our two juniors by the end of the fourth match. The two juniors we had to protect fought harder than us.

--Koneko-chan, Gasper.

I promise you both. We will definitely win!

Definitely! We will definitely bring victory for Buchou! That’s why I want you to rest.

You did well, my juniors. Koneko-chan, Gasper.

I will definitely repay this debt to our opponents…….

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