High School DxD:Volume 10 Life 4

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Life.4 As a Servant of Rias Gremory[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The fourth match ended and there are seven members left in our team, that is Buchou, Akeno-san, Kiba, Xenovia, Asia, Rossweisse-san, and me.

On the opponent’s side they consist of their [King] Sairaorg-san, [Queen], and masked [Pawn].

In terms of numbers we are overwhelmingly at an advantage.

[Now, the game might have gone past the mid-game! Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s team has 3 members left! While the combatant Rias Gremory’s team has 7 members left! Gremory-team are at an advantage, but the remaining members of the Bael-team are powerful! Will they be able to wrap it up!?]

The broadcaster stirs the stadium.

“Kiba, the opponent [Pawn] consumed 7 pieces right?”

I try to get a confirmation from Kiba. Kiba nods.

“Yeah. But it’s creepy. Though I think there is no doubt that he is stronger than the members of the Bael group who have shown up until now.”

Yeah…… I don’t know when he will show up, but we should be on alert.

Then the dice roll of the Kings to determine the combatants of the fifth match began.

Because there are only few members in Sairaorg-san’s team, they had to reroll it several times due to the value being small.

After several rolls, the total value which showed up was 9.

…….From our side, anyone can go. Actually, it’s a value where the [Queen] can go ahead.

“Their side now has only 3 members. If it’s 9, then only their [Queen] or [Pawn] can show up. ……..Though I don’t think the [Pawn] would be showing up.”

Buchou says that.

“Do you have a reason for that?”

I ask.

“I feel that Sairaorg doesn’t want to use that [Pawn] as much as possible. There isn’t even a slight indication that he’s coming out. Even if he’s keeping him for later, he’s keeping him back too long. There were several times where that [Pawn] was able to show up, and I even thought he might send it during the second match against Koneko and Rossweisse.”

Buchou tells me like that. The second match, that’s when the total value was 10. That [Pawn] could have paired with one of their [Knight] or [Bishop] for that match.

So that’s why Buchou went firm for that match also predicting that the [Pawn] might come out. They also probably predicted that we would send the powerful Rossweisse-san who specialises in magic since the value was large.

H..Hmm……, I don’t get it! Like I thought, I probably need a servant who can act as my strategist!

“If that’s the case, then will the next opponent be the [Queen], Buchou?”

“Yes, Yuuto. Sairaorg’s [Queen], Kuisha Abaddon. The one from the “Extra Demon”, house of Abaddon, will come.”

-Extra Demon, house of Abaddon.

Even the current 3rd ranker in the Rating Game is also from the house of Abaddon. According to what I heard, it’s quite a powerful devil clan.

Their household takes a certain distance away from the current government, and they seem to be living quietly in the corner of the Underworld……

“-I will go.”

Akeno-san proposes her thoughts to Buchou.

--! So Akeno-san is going!?

“…..Akeno, are you sure? The opponents [Queen] is a person from Abaddon you know? From the video, she’s quite a formidable enemy.”

It’s just like what Buchou said. In the match against Glasya-Labolas, their [Queen] used enormous demonic powers and also the trait of house of Abaddon called “Hole” to overwhelm her enemies.

And that thing called “hole” is a very troublesome power which can suck in anything it wants…… The circular shape “hole” appears as a hole in the atmosphere and that leads to another dimension.

“Do you want me to go? I have a high chance to win against her.”

I said that, but Akeno-san shook her head to the side.

“That’s if you use Triaina correct? You can’t use it yet, Ise-kun. The time when a large value is rolled…… You have to show it in the Endgame. Until then I will scrape off the opponents forces. It’s a reckless thing that I can do because Kiba-kun, Xenovia-chan, Rossweisse-san, Buchou, and Ise-kun are behind me.”

Akeno-san said with a smiley face.

If you say that, then I can’t say anything back to you, Akeno-san……

“……I understand, Akeno. I will leave it to you.”

“Yes, Rias. Let’s win, together.”

Saying just that, Akeno-san disappears within the magic circle.

The location Akeno-san arrived at was a field where many giant towers built from rocks were lined up. Akeno-san was standing on top of a certain tower.

-At the rooftop of the opposite building in front of her, there is a blonde-haired Onee-san.

It’s Sairaorg-san’s [Queen], Kuisha Abaddon. And it happens to be a match between a ‘Black-haired pony-tail [Queen] Akeno-san VS Blonde-haired pony-tail [Queen] Abbadon’.

[So you came like I thought. Raikou no Miko[1].]

Abaddon says that.

[Yes, I’m a bit inexperienced but nice to meet you.]

Akeno-san replies fearlessly.

The arbiter appears and looks at the two of them.

[The fifth match starts now!]

The signal for the start of the match was given!

Akeno-san and the opponent flew up the air while flapping their wings!

Then an intense battle between demonic-powers began!

If Akeno-san releases many fire attacks, the opponent releases a huge ice attack!

If Akeno-san releases water, the Abaddon will use wind. The sky-battle using demonic-power is evenly matched! Possibly because Akeno-san also strengthened her demonic-power by training, she is able to release much more powerful attacks than before.

It’s so powerful that the impact created from their demonic-powers started to crumble the buildings around them!

But we still can’t let our guards down. The opponent hasn’t used ‘hole’ after all.

When Akeno-san creates a dark cloud to the sky using her demonic powers, she strikes down a high density holy-lightning towards her opponent!

High school dxd v10 263.jpg


There was a flash, and the lightning was around Abaddon….but before that happens a warp is formed in the atmosphere! A ‘hole’ appears in the atmosphere! So she used it here!

The high density holy-lightning gets sucked by the ‘hole’!

[This is it! How is this then!?]

Maybe Akeno-san was aiming for this, so she creates more holy-lightning in the sky!


A lot of high density holy-lightning attacks the surroundings! The buildings around her get destroyed by the holy-lightning!

A combo of holy-lightning which takes up half of the space of the battlefield goes toward Abaddon! If she gets hit by this, even a high-class devil will receive critical damage!

And there aren’t any places she can run to! She can do it! Everyone including me confirmed Akeno-san’s victory…… But Abaddon widened her ‘hole’ and she made more ‘holes’ appear!

The giant ‘hole’ and ‘holes’ around it absorb Akeno-san’s continuous strikes of holy-lightning! Akeno-san became speechless after seeing that!

Abaddon makes a cold smile and says it.

[My “Hole” can expand and I can also create many of them. And inside the “Hole” I can split the attacks of the opponents it absorbed and release it. -Like this.]

Many ‘holes’ appeared which surrounds Akeno-san! They were all directed at Akeno-san!

[From the Holy-Lightning, I will remove the “Lightning” and I will just return the “Holy” back to you.]


From the many holes, a light was directed towards Akeno-san…

For a devil, light is…….poisonous. Akeno-san gets covered by the lights….

[Combatant Rias Gremory’s Queen retires.]

The heartless announcement of the arbiter reaches our ears.

Part 2[edit]

“Not only can it absorb, but it can also be used as a counter like that.”

Kiba says that when he was able to let the words out from his mouth.

Having lost Akeno-san, we were in shock. The match in demonic-power was evenly matched. If that holy-lightning had hit her, she would have won. She was able to win!

-The reason for our loss was because we took the ‘hole’ of Abaddon lightly.

Shit…… I should have gone instead and defeated her immediately….. I was filled with regret.

“…….Let’s move on. It’s getting close to the endgame, so we can’t feel relieved yet.”

Buchou says that as if she’s saying it to herself.

The time to roll the die for the sixth match came. Both [Kings] rolls the dice.

The total value is…..12!

-! It came, the max value!

[It came! The value 12 has finally come out! The meaning of this value is that the combatant Sairaorg can appear for the match!]


The crowd stirs with the broadcasters words.

As if he is responding to them, Sairaorg-san took his shirt off at his base.

Maybe it’s something he prepared for battling, so he was wearing a tight black battle costume under his shirt. His magnificent body stands out.

He’s coming…! Sairaorg-san is! Sairaorg-san looks this way!

His eyes are filled with fighting intents that he gives me chills. It’s an unbelievable pressure. It’s so heavy that all my body hair will fall. And they were directed at us.


Kiba puts his hand on my shoulder. Kiba says it to me directly.

“Me, Xenovia, and Rossweisse-san will fight Sairaorg-san.”


2 [Knights] and 1 [Rook] makes a total value of 11.

“…..I see.”

I replied like that. His determination must be solid. Even if I say anything now, I doubt he will change his mind.

“I will try to make the opponent get exhausted as much as I can. For you and Buchou.”

Kiba made the smile of a handsome guy. –It seems like he has made up his mind.

“Yeah. I will leave it to you.”

“Yuuto! Are you perhaps……”

Maybe he predicted what Buchou was going to say, so he nodded his head.

“I can’t win against Sairaorg Bael by myself. I am very aware of that. Then what will be my role? It’s simple. To decrease the opponents power as much as I can. Even if it costs my life…… Xenovia, Rossweisse-san, will you tag along with me?”

Xenovia and Rossweisse-san nod at Kiba’s words.

“Yeah. Of course. I never thought I can have this much courage because Ise and Buchou are behind me. I can understand Akeno-fukubucho’s feelings.”

“It’s good and simple since we know what our roles are. -Let’s exhaust the opponent as long as we can.”

Everyone had a determined face. I….made a smile while having my fist which is gripped so tight that it's bleeding. –I can’t let their determination go to waste. I need to send them off with a smile.

We are confronting this day today in order to attain victory with Rias Gremory. For victory, for our comrades, we take one more step to ‘checkmate’ our opponent.

“…..Ise and Yuuto, or if Xenovia teams up……”

Buchou says that, but Kiba swings his head to the sides.

“No. We can’t let Ise-kun go yet. After this battle, most likely the opponents [Queen] and Ise-kun will fight, if that happens…..”

Buchou continues to explain about the plan Kiba just mentioned.

“If that happens then there will only be two opponents left, though because of the rule, Ise can’t fight consecutively. That’s why it will be good to make Asia go in the next battle after that and make her forfeit before fighting. If it becomes the last battle we won’t be needing Asia’s healing ability so making her forfeit will connect to the next game for Ise. So the battle after that will be between Ise and Sairaorg because of Sairaorg’s personality he won’t be sending out [Pawn]. --That’s what it is, right Yuuto?”

Kiba nodded with a satisfactory face at Buchou’s words.

“Yes. Like I thought, you have been planning that far ahead.”

……..So both Buchou and Kiba predicted that far till the final match.

“That’s why this is the crucial moment. --We will grind down Sairaorg Bael’s power.”

Kiba had a refreshing smile.

“And we will defeat him if we can!”

Xenovia was filled with spirits. Kiba makes a bitter smile.

“Yeah. I was also planning to do that.”

Buchou also became prepared and breathed out deeply.

“I will leave it to you three. Please give as much damage to Sairaorg as you can. …….I’m sorry. I made a determination just before, but I was taught new things from all of you once again…… I really am a naïve and worthless [King].”

Kiba shook his head at what Buchou said.

“By meeting you, all of us were saved. The reason we came this far is because of Buchou’s love towards us. –We will bring victory to you. All of us will.”

Kiba says that, and heads towards the magic-circle with Xenovia and Rossweisse-san.

When he went past me, he said it to me while smiling.

“--I will leave the rest to you.”

“Yeah. Leave it to me Dachikou[2].”

And so, the three of them were transferred to the battlefield…..

The place where the three of them arrived at was a lake. Sairaorg-san was already waiting there with his arms crossed.

[Is this Rias’ plan?]

It’s a quote from him where he realises everything. So he must already know what our intentions are.

Kiba and the others don’t answer, but Sairaorg-san smiles as if he is impressed.

[I see. Looks like Rias has also matured.]

He uncrosses his arms, and Sairaorg-san tells the three of them.

[You guys won’t be able to win against me. Even so, you are okay with it?]

[We won’t die easily like that. I will send you in front of the Sekiryuutei in the best condition!]

It seems like Sairaorg-san is trembling with excitement at Kiba’s resolution.

[Good words! How much further can you guys make me heated up..….!]

[Sixth match starts now!]

The arbiter’s signal.

Then, on all four limbs of Sairaorg-san, a weird mark appeared.

[This is a restraint which puts a load on my body. -I will be removing this. I will answer you guys by fighting at my max power!]


When the shallow lights pour out from Sairaorg-san’s limbs, the mark vanishes.

The next moment, the surroundings around Sairaorg-san blew while making the noise DON! The wind pressure carves deeply below Sairaorg-san’s foot, and a crater was made!

The water in the lakes waved violently!

And at the centre of the crater, Sairaorg-san’s body gave out a white glow!

What was covering Sairaorg-san’s body is……..something like the touki that covers Koneko-chan’s body. No, it is touki! Don’t tell me Sairaorg-san knows how to use senjutsu?

When I had suspicions, Sensei who is a commentator says it.

[…..What a guy. He’s wearing the Touki. And the rich density of it which makes it visible this much…….]

[So you are saying that combatant Sairaorg knows how to battle using the ki?]

The broadcaster asks Sensei who also has suspicions about it.

[No. I haven’t received any information that he learnt how to use senjutsu.]

Emperor Belial continues after Sensei.

[Yes. He hasn’t learnt even a single bit of Sennjutsu at all. That is a Touki which has awoken after he continued to train his taijutsu[3]. His body which pursued for pure power gained a power different to demonic-power, and it is the base of life itself and he is wearing it around his body. You can say that the excess vitality and life force within him has spurted out and made it visible.]

So Sairaorg-san gained a power different to demonic-power by training, and he attained pure waves of power onto his body………!

The three of them put on a serious face after feeling the pressure coming from Sairaorg-san.

Sairaorg-san roars.

[I won’t let my guard down even once! You guys are warriors who came here with the resolution of being taken down. You guys are not ordinary opponents. -I will also fight with the resolution of being taken down as well! That is who I am, and this is my respect towards my opponents!]


Sairaorg-san disappears from the scene after he moved! So he did a dash right away!

[I won’t let you!]

Rossweisse-san activated many magic-circle randomly, and she made a stance to do ‘Fullbursts’ of magical attacks.

[Rossweisse-san, over there!]

Kiba who has grasped hold of Sairaorg-san’s movements pointed his holy-demonic sword at that direction!

And Rossweisse-san’s fullbursts get released towards that direction! Sairaorg-san appeared in that direction as well.

Many magical attacks with different attributes get shot! Rossweisse-san released so many attacks that I can’t see her! Xenovia’s holy waves also get mixed with the magical attacks and goes flying at him!



Along with the sound of his fist punching the air, Sairaorg-san also hits away the attacks coming at him with his fists! You must be joking! So that person’s fist can also hit away magical attacks!? I became shocked. Sairaorg-san dodges the magical attacks and the holy waves, and he shortens his distance with Rossweisse-san!


Before Kiba tells Rossweisse-san to run, Sairaorg-san’s fist nails deeply into Rossweisse-san’s stomach. The moment it hits her, the strike was so powerful that it vibrated the atmosphere around them.

The valkyrie armour gets destroyed easily with that force!

Rossweisse-san made a painful expression, and she gets blown far back towards the end of the lake with that punch! At the same time her body gets covered with light which is used for retiring and her body falls into the lake!

-A retire! With just a single strike!

[-One down.]


While Rossweisse-san was disappearing, Xenovia went slashing towards Sairaorg-san head on!


He disappeared and he appeared behind Xenovia. He tries to kick her, but Xenovia bends her body and avoids it.


Even if she dodges it, his kick shakes the atmosphere, and it created a wind pressure which split the lake into half! ……Just how powerful is his kick which can split a lake!?

[-His speed is too fast!]

Xenovia gets startled.

[I took down the nuisance magic user first….. Now, there are two swordsmen. And both of them are Holy-sword wielders.]

Seeing Sairaorg-san make a fearless smile, Kiba and Xenovia had aura running through their body!

[Kiba! This guy is really bad news! We can’t win unless we use our full powers!]

[I know that, Xenovia! We shouldn’t think about the outcome! We will lose instantly if we even think about fighting while holding back even slightly…..! That’s how this opponent is!]

Seeing both of them in high sprits, Sairaorg-san made a satisfied looking smile.

[That’s it. Try to stop my fist!]


He jumped forward from the spot, and he goes hitting towards Kiba with his fist covered in touki!

Kiba creates many holy-demonic swords front of him, and make a wall out of it…..


But they get destroyed easily with a single strike!

[-! My Holy-demonic swords!]

[Fragile. You can’t stop my attack with these.]

Kiba leaves his spot after sensing that fighting at close-range is dangerous, but Sairaorg-san also goes after him! It’s extremely hard for me to follow their speed battles with my eyes! Fast! Both of them are too fast!



A bitter sound of metal! Kiba gets hit along with his holy-sword! The holy-demonic sword also gets destroyed!

[Even though you strengthened your specialty, you still didn’t forget to polish your techniques. More than that, your Loyalty towards your master and comrades is strong. –A good [Knight] indeed. Rias, this guy is a magnificent [Knight] which makes me jealous of you. ……But your defence. That is your only weak point, Kiba Yuuto. But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. –Even if it isn’t you, no one can endure this punch.]


Xenovia came to rescue Kiba by swinging down her Durandal!

Several waves were created from the sword, and it goes towards Sairaorg-san!

[The wave of a Holy-sword! Interesting! My will-power or the waves created from a Holy-sword! Let’s see which one is stronger!]

Sairaorg-san increases the touki around his body, and he took on the wave of Durandal head on!

………The result was……he’s unscratched! Sairaorg-san’s touki shows no signs of weakening!

[-! Unscratched while getting hit by that attack head on. ……. He’s a monster.]

Xenovia was just able to say that while having her whole body tremble.

Sairaorg-san bends his neck.

[It’s a good wave. But it isn’t enough to stop me.]

[Xenovia, we will do a combination!]

Kiba says that to Xenovia, Xenovia stands up, and both of them release their swords against Sairaorg-san!

Sairaorg-san dodges the swords of both the holy-demonic swords and Ex-Durandal with the minimum movements.

Kiba made a distance between them, he then changed the holy-demonic sword to a holy-sword immediately, and made the dragon-knights troop from before appear!


Receiving Kiba’s order, several dragon-knights headed towards Sairaorg-san!

[So the new Balance-Breaker huh! I will happily accept it!]

Sairaorg-san took on the dragon-knights head on, and he starts to destroy the dragon-knights with a strike after another strike while dodging their swords!

Kiba’s dragon-knights get crushed like paper!

[There are many of them, and they are fast! But if I’m the opponent--]

BREAK….. While making a sound of the metal being destroyed, the last dragon-knights were destroyed.

[They lack hardness.]

-Those knight-troops were destroyed with just punches and kicks.

Even Kiba trembled with fear at Sairaorg-san’s taijutsu which exceeds common sense.

…….Shit! Both of them did even more training after they returned from Kyoto! Because they were humiliated in the fight against Siegfried, the two of them trained themselves even further!

-Even so, they can’t match against that man!

[Your movements tell me you are full of talents. I can sense potential from your attacks. –But on this stage, I’m stronger.]


Sairaorg-san who dodged the slashes of both of them nails his fist into Xenovia’s stomach, and he did a side-kick to the side of Kiba’s stomach.


I heard a disturbing sound coming from both of their bodies.


My comrades….. My precious comrades who overcame deadly battles with me…..

They are being taken down by those fists. A strike with that fist takes out everything.

-An embodiment of power.

His appearance when he stands in front of them covered in his touki makes him look like a fierce god.

Kiba made a small laugh while coughing out blood.

[……Ise-kun still fought even after receiving this attack, and he still moved forward…… He is definitely amazing……..]

He stands up while saying that.

[…….My body can still move……. That’s good. I can still fight. I can still weaken down my enemy….!]

Kiba creates a holy-demonic sword within his hand. Xenovia also responds by standing up wobbly.

[…….Looks like I still can’t go to sleep yet.]

[Now, let’s go and weaken him, Xenovia. Let’s wield our swords a bit longer for Ise-kun, and for Buchou.]

Both of them stand in front of Sairaorg-san while making a stance with their swords. The fierce God wrapped in touki made a truly happy face.

[So the two of you will continue to entertain me……..!]

[Yeah, we will…….!]

While Xenovia says that, Rossweisse-san suddenly appeared from her back!

And there is a single sword in her hand! It’s a transparent sword!

[You let your guard down! How about a magical fullburst from close-range then!?]

Rossweisse-san who was resurrected(?) made several magic-circles appear right in front of Sairaorg-san……and she released the magical attack in close-range!


While it made a loud explosive sound, smoke was coming from Sairaorg-san’s body! They were finally able to damage his body!

Buchou smiled.

“The Rossweisse that Sairaorg defeated earlier was one of the Excaliburs which had changed into Ex-Durandal’s sheath! It’s something that Excalibur Mimic transformed into! And the one who appeared just now is the real Rossweisse who made herself transparent with Excalibur Transparency! It seems like each of the Excaliburs which was added onto the Ex-Durandal for its upgrade had their ability evolved. If you get an approval from Xenovia who is the holder, anyone can receive the blessing of each Excalibur for a short time even if you don’t hold the factor to be a holy-sword wielder. It can change its form into the one holding it, and it can even make the one holding it become transparent. But even if I said that, it’s not like you are able to wield the actual holy-sword itself, and it seemed like there is a limit on how much time you can activate it each day.”

Is this Buchou’s tactics or Kiba and the others tactics!? Either way it’s amazinnnnnng! So that’s why the arbiter didn’t announce Rossweisse-san’s defeat!

“You remember how Xenovia was shooting the holy wave when Rossweisse released the magical fullburst at Sairaorg? Most likely the two Excalibur of transparency and mimic were hidden within those holy waves. Rossweisse caught them, she made a mimic of herself, and she hid herself by being transparent looking for an opening.”

Buchou explains it to me.

“So what was the reason that the fake Rossweisse-san was glowing then?”

“She must have put on a spell on her fake. It’s an act she did to make Sairaorg let his guard down. The reason why Rossweisse is able to hold onto the holy-sword is because she cast many spells on her hands which weakens the damage she will receive from the holy power. She did say she is able to hold it for a short time.”

“Amazing! So they created a fighting style like this!”

“I was always thinking where to use the abilities of Xenovia’s holy sword. I told them a couple of ways to use it, but it seems like they mastered using it like this.”

Man, those three are amazing. It’s enough if they can do a combo like that for an instant!

Sairaorg-san who received the magical fullburst directly from close range…….stood up while having blood come out from his front body.

[……I did feel suspicious because there wasn’t any announcement. I thought that you were in a state where you were barely able to remain without retiring, being unconscious in the depth of the lake…. –That was magnificent, all of you.]

Sairaorg-san praised Kiba and others combo.

But his eyes became sharper. When he gripped tight of his right hand, he pulled it back slowly. The touki covering his whole body gathers around his fist, and his right hand became buffed!

[Along with giving my respect to all of you, I want to give this to all of you as well.]


Maybe they felt something, so the three of them retreated back immediately. Kiba shouts after taking a distance.

[Xenovia! This is the critical moment! We will go along with that plan---]

It happened when Kiba shouted.

His fist was released!


The vision shook violently! When I looked, everything in front of Sairaorg-san was wiped away till the end of the field! It looks as if a massive earthquake occurred!

[Rias Gremory’s [Rook] retires.]

“ “-!” ”

Buchou and I became shocked at the same time with the announcement! Was Rossweisse-san taken out with the attack just now!? It seems like she retired for real this time!

He swings away the smoke created by the pressure from his fist, and Sairaog-san once again grips tightly with his fist and pulls it back slowly.

[……….This is a punch which can give critical wounds by even touching it slightly. A half-hearted attack won’t be able to stop this!]

A right-hand punch which is covered with huge amounts of touki is about to be released once again!

Kiba and Xenovia went slashing towards Sairaorg-san! They are aiming for Sairaorg-san’s right arm!

Kiba’s holy-demonic sword slashes down at Sairaorg-san’s right arm, but he couldn’t cut it off and instead the blade gets crushed just from the touki!

And Xenovia’s Durandal also comes down! But it was also stopped by the touki, and she couldn’t cut in deep with it.

Xenovia gritted her teeth hard, but Kiba also grabs onto the Durandal’s handle! Kiba and Xenovia gripped onto Durandal together! That moment, Durandal gave an enormous flash and aura, and it cut off Sairaorg-san’s right arm! The right arm covered in touki gets cut off, but it doesn’t vanish and just drops on to the ground. Are you telling me the life force in Sairaorg-san is stronger than the holy power!?

But then, Kiba swings down the Durandal! If I remember, Kiba can also wield Durandal if he gets Xenovia’s approval! It sure makes me jealous that you can attack with Durandal while holding it together!

But my joy stops there.

[Magnificent. I will give you my right arm. With this, I have to use the Pheonix’s tear whether I like it or not. -I so want to fight with my full power in the final match after all.]

Saying only that, Sairaorg-san kicks Xenovia up high, and when she floated up in the air for a bit he started to do a combo with his punches and kicks, and then he slammed her on the ground at the end!

The light disappeared from Xenovia’s eyes. She lost her consciousness with that attack just now!

Kiba tries to take some distance after seeing that mid-air combo, but Sairaorg-san’s massive left hand caught his face.

He slams his face on the ground while dashing forward while dragging Kiba’s body. Sairaorg-san who is grinding Kiba’s body to the ground kicks his body up, and then when Kiba’s body was lifted up into the air, Sairaorg-san nails his thrust deeply into Kiba’s stomach!


That punch made a loud sound that shook the whole surrounding area. Sairaorg-san’s punch goes past Kiba’s body and it blows away the lake behind Kiba.

While falling down, Kiba smiled with his battered face.

[……Our duty is……accomplished. What’s left…….is for my master and my best friend to defeat you…….]

Saying only that Kiba and Xenovia disappear into the light.

[--I can only say that, you guys were splendid. I am grateful that I was able to fight you guys.]

Sairaorg-san says that while picking up his right arm. It sounds like there aren’t any lies behind his words.

[.……Ise-kun. Buchou. Please win. Against this person……….]

[Combatant Rias Gremory’s two [Knights] retire.]

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Holy-lightning Priestess
  2. Buddy
  3. Hand to hand combat

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