High School DxD:Volume 10 Life MAX VS Power MAX

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Life MAX VS Power : SekiryuuteiMAN VS ShishiouMAN[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Both Buchou and I, who was already wearing my armour, put our feet down inside the spacious plain. I started to calm down after exploding and snapping at Sairaorg-san. Man, I can’t believe I became furious like that. I haven’t had a killing intent like that for a long time. Well, that’s how painful it was to see my comrades being taken down. Then the announcer spoke.

[Now! The final battle for the young-devils between Bael and Gremory has proceeded to the last stage! This last battle is a group battle, as was suggested by Sairaorg! The Bael side has the “King”, Sairaorg, and the mysterious masked “Pawn”, Regulus! The Gremory side who is opposing them consists of Switch-Princess, Rias the “King”! And everyone’s Hero, Oppai Dragon, also known as the “Pawn”, Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei!]

Man, our introduction was horrible! Even Buchou had her face a bit red!

[Zoom zoom iyaaan!]


The children gave an Oppai-Dragonish cheer from the seats. Thank you everyone! We left Asia at the base. The reason was explained before the match started, but a healer would be targeted first so having her in the team would mean a lot of risk for us. She would obviously not become a hostage, but both Buchou and I won't be able to look if she were to get attacked cruelly. Well it might be a harsh thing to say, but she wouldn’t be of any help for this battle. We will feel safe if we have someone who can heal us, but our opponent was Sairaorg-san and the “Pawn” who consumed 7 pieces. If she was to be targeted, I am confident in defending her but we will definitely receive damage. If that happens, our chances of winning will be further away. I’m sorry Asia. Since the situation is like this, just stay back for this battle. Either way, if either the “King” as Buchou and Sairaorg fall, then the battle will be over.

“Now. I would like to start the battle.”

The arbiter came between the two teams.

“……Then please start!”

Finally, the last battle commenced. Both me and the opponent “Pawn” promote to Queen quickly. My power was raised. Buchou and I made our battle stances, but Sairaorg-san made a small laugh.

“Rias. There’s something I want to say before the fight.”

Sairaorg-san says it directly.

“Your servants are wonderful. They care about you so much that it makes me jealous. Because of that, they were all strong foes.”

If a worthy rival says that, then they will also be relieved to have fought. What is left is to defeat this man and claim our victory.

“We only consist of myself and the “Pawn” over there. Your side is basically the same. It’s basically the end of the game.”

Sairaorg-san stands in front of me.

“Hyoudou Issei. This is finally it.”

We haven’t fought since sparring in the basement of the Gremory castle. That time I was no match against him. But……… I have got stronger since then!

“I have no grudge against you. I have no hatred towards you. This is just a game.”

I point my fingers at him!

“But I will be taking revenge for my comrades. I’m not mature enough to forgive you when you have taken down my comrades……..!”

Hearing me, it seems like Sairaorg-san shivered from the bottom of his heart.

“A phrase that sounds like you are at your limits……..! Like I thought. You are a man who can’t endure the defeat of your comrades. You have done well to endure till now. Burst it out. Yeah, that’s good. This is something worthy of being called the beginning of a decisive battle!”


I made the thrusters on my back go to the maximum, and went towards Sairaorg-san head on. Sairaorg-san also covered his body with Touki, and jumped towards me by kicking the ground! Mine and Sairaorg-san's fists crossed head on! Our fists landed on each others faces like a cross-counter!


Even though I was wearing armour, the intense pain that felt like it will burst my insides went to my head! The helmet got destroyed with that attack! But! I haven’t started yet! Let's do it Ddraig!


[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

The boosted power went to my fist. It increased its speed the moment it hit Sairaorg-san’s face!


I was able to land such a good punch that its dry sound reverberated throughout the surroundings!


Blood burst out from Sairaorg-san’s nose and blood came out from the edge of his mouth.

His body also trembled a bit.

“That hit just now is the hit my comrades couldn’t land on you.”

After I said that, Sairaorg-san wiped his mouth.

“It’s a strong punch……! It feels as if your spirit is coming inside my body. In such a short time you turned into a devil, how much burden have you put on your body!? It’s a power that can’t be attained normally! I felt that you were taking me lightly because you didn’t use the new ability you showed to Kuisha. Seems I was wrong. Even with that Balance-Breaker, your power is high!”

…..Well yeah. This Balance-Breaker state was the easiest to use, so I have been training my basics with it.

[To continue doing basic training in this state even though you gained a new ability. I can only respect you.]

Ddraig says it with an amazed voice. But thanks to that, I have found out that I can give damage to Sairaorg-san who is coated with Touki if I hit him in a counter. Ddraig, just increase my defence when I receive his attack.

[Understood. But if I keep on doing that, your stamina will also decrease.]

It’s better than getting hit. This is the climax. I will go all out.

After saying that to Ddraig, the fist fight between me and Sairaorg-san started. It was a punch and kick from close range. The truth was that his martial arts were better than mine! So there was a limit to what I could do with the martial arts that I have learned in real battle! There was a huge gap in experience between us! But thanks to the fact that I had been having fierce battles in actual combat, I was able to hold my ground against Sairaorg-san! I had left the defence to Ddraig so I was able to cope with Sairaorg-san’s fists that were covered with Touki!

“An attack that has been honed in actual combat, I see! You are able to hit me without having second thoughts because of it!”

He was laughing! I on other hand was being serious! After exchanging a few strikes, I took my distance and looked at the enemy “Pawn”. The “Pawn” who was fighting against Buchou took off his mask. The face revealed was that of a boy who was about the same age as me. But that changed instantly.


The boy's body started to morph while making a noise! His body gradually started to get bigger and was morphing into something else. Golden fur started appearing all over his body and his limbs became thicker. His mouth ripped open revealing sharp fangs. A tail appeared and long golden fur appeared around its neck.


What appeared was a gigantic lion. It had a big body that was about four to five meters tall. It had something like a jewel on its forehead. It stood in front of Buchou while wavering its hair.

[Oooooooooo! The identity of the Bael Team’s mysterious “Pawn” is a huge lion!]

It seemed like the announcer was shocked as well. Of course. I was also shocked! So it was a lion!

[Wait! Is that the Nemean Lion!? No, that jewel is……]

It seemed like sensei who was the commentator realised something and became shocked. The announcer then asked him.

[What do you mean?]

[……It was originally the opponent who the original Hercules faced in one of his twelve labours……. The God from the Bible captured one of them and sealed it inside the Sacred Gear. It became something that was listed as one of the thirteen Longinus. If you master it, you can split the Earth in a single swing, and it can also transform into a huge lion. The “Regulus Nemea”! I remember it also had an ability to protect the possessor from projectile weapons. But I received the information that the possessor has been missing for the past several years. I never thought it would have become the “Pawn” of Bael Team……]

Are you serious?! That huge lion is a Longinus? It was a shocking revelation but Sairaorg-san shook his head.

“No. Unfortunately the possessor is already dead. When I found the actual possessor of the “Regulus Nemea”, he was already killed by a mysterious group. The Sacred Gear that had the form of an axe was the only thing left. The Battle-Axe that was supposed to disappear because the host died turned into a Lion by its own will, and annihilated the group that killed its possessor.”

So the Sacred Gear moved by itself even after the possessor died…..! That was my first time hearing something like this!

“That’s when I made it into my servant. I thought it was a fateful meeting brought by my mother’s lion ruler bloodline.”

Sairaorg-san’s mother originally came from the house of Vapula that rules over lions. So it was a destined meeting.

[….A Sacred Gear that moves by itself, by its own will…….. And it’s a Longinus! On top of that it reincarnated into a devil! Is it the lion that is amazing or the Evil-Piece that is amazing……. Either way, this interests me a lot! Very interesting indeed! Hmmm, no wonder we couldn’t locate it. Shit! Why do rare phenomenon occur to the Longinus in this era! Forget that! Sairaorg! Bring that lion to my laboratory next time! I really want to research it!]

Wow. He had an incredibly happy face. Your face is shining Sensei. So that reincarnated Lion is a very rare phenomenon.

[Even I’m shocked. That things like this happen. In my case my thoughts are cut when the possessor dies. The next time I regain my consciousness, I’m already inside the Sacred Gear of the next possessor……..]

So it’s different from Ddraig then…….

“The power is very unstable maybe because it doesn’t have its possessor. It's not something I can send out until this game. It won’t be a matter of battles if it goes berserk and attacks both enemy and allies. If I am able to send it out, then it’s only the time when it can team up with me. Just like now. If something happens, I’m the only one who can stop it.”

Sairaorg-san explained. So that was the reason why he didn’t send out the “Pawn” until the very last moment. It was risky to send it out without Sairaorg-san who could control it …… So it is a servant that is hard to send out under the Dice-Figure rule.

“……Either way, my opponent is that “Longinus” then.”

Buchou made her stance against the lion. Buchou, I will leave him to you! I will take care of Sairaorg-san then! Both Buchou and I went towards our opponents. I thrust my fist while Buchou released her power of destruction! But there will be no end to this at this rate! I have to use the Triaina to defeat Sairaorg-san! There was a high possibility that I would have lost in that battle gradually getting weakened at that rate! If I was to finish it, then it had to be in a “blitz[1]”. He went down and then stood up. I also went down and then stood up. I continued to fight him without even a break. My mouth was being filled with blood. It was still safe if I could still taste my blood! I wanted to use Ascalon and attack. But…….. With my low skills at using swords, it will be hard to give damage to that man who was covered in Touki. It was more effective to damage him in a fist fight I'm familiar with. While fighting, I also realised the abnormal movement of Sairaorg-san. The punch from his right arm was slightly slower than his left arm. It seemed like the impact was slightly weaker as well. Was that……?.. The injuries of having his right-arm cut off by Kiba and Xenovia showing its effect….? It couldn’t completely heal itself even with the Phoenix Tear?

-I will send you in front of the Sekiryuutei in the best condition!

I replayed the words said by Kiba.


I was in tears inside my armour. I received your pass, pal….! It was the moment he punched with his right arm.

I have got the hang of the impact and the speed of that punch! You might've not had any weakness! But it’s different now!

“My friends…….!”

Sairaorg-san’s right fist thrusts towards me! I released a punch to his right arm, the moment when his arm became straight!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

My boosted punch killed the impact of his right arm. It also made his body flinch. This is it! I found the right moment to give it my all! I changed the piece of the Evil-Piece inside me and made the power of Sekiryuutei explode!


[Change Solid Impact!!!]

The red aura around me increased. My body became covered in very thick armour. I did an uppercut to Sairaorg-san with my gigantic fist! I nailed down the percussion hammer to increase its damage!


Sairaorg-san’s body flies high up after making a loud explosive sound.

“……made a weakness in you who didn’t have one! I’m talking about that right-arm of yours!”

To go after Sairaorg-san who was up in the air, I changed the “Evil-Pieces” inside me!


[Change Fang Blast!!!]

My armour went back to the original thickness. Then it created a backpack on my back and cannons on my shoulders. I aimed the cannons towards Sairaorg-san!


The cannon started to charge aura while making a silent sound. The Triaina-Bishop's weakness was the charging time. But I can aim for my target if he is up in the air!

“Dragon Blasteeeeeeeeeeer!”


The intense blast that was shot from my cannon! Sairaorg-san makes his wings appear and tries to fix his position. But…….


He gets shot by the dragon blast released from my right-shoulder cannon. ...and the left one misses him just a little! The cannons, their role already fulfilled, turned into a red aura and vanished. Up in the air, engulfed in smoke Sairaorg-san descends to the ground slowly. I was breathing violently……. Looks like I used up too much aura and stamina. I still haven’t taken him down completely yet. It will be bad if I don’t save my stamina and aura. Sairaorg-san who landed on the ground was covered in wounds. But not fatal ones. The moment just before he was about to be hit by my cannon, he covered himself in Touki. Touki that comes from the bases of life span. This man was filled with excess lifespan, his defence was really abnormal! Sairaorg-san then made a satisfied smile.

“Strong. For you to be this strong……..!”

He seemed satisfied with my attacks. Now. How should I attack him next? While I was thinking about the next attack I heard a scream. “Kya!” Buchou’s scream! When I looked in her direction……

Buchou was on her knees bleeding! The Lion stood in front of Buchou while having received damage! Buchou was in danger!

[Rias Gremory will retire due to blood loss at this rate.]

The lion spoke! That lion can speak?

[If you want to save her, then use the Phoenix Tear.]

……He did that on purpose. This guy had the power to take down Buchou if he had wanted to. Not doing it meant that he wants us to use the Phoenix Tear. The Bael Team had already used it so they can’t use it anymore. We still hadn’t used ours. The enemy lion was watching attentively at the battle between me and Sairaorg-san.

“……If I say that it was “Unnecessary”, then my quality as a “King” will decrease. Very well. I will allow that. But I will have the battle between Sekiryuutei and I continue, Regulus.”

[I understand very well. My apologies. It’s an action I took as my loyalty towards you, my master.]

The lion and Sairaorg-san hadn’t resumed their attack. I went towards Buchou while being alert, and took out a small bottle from her pocket.

“Buchou, I will use this on you.”

“…..I’m ashamed. For me……to become a restraint to you………”

Buchou seemed frustrated. She couldn’t forgive herself as a “King” who couldn’t resist against the lion. But please endure it. If you were to be taken down, then its game over for us. I sprinkled the tear inside the small bottle onto Buchou. It removed the wounds while creating tendrils of smoke. With this we were even after using the Tears. What’s left was whether I could defeat Sairaorg-san or not. It was a fifty fifty chance. No. There was a high possibility that I could defeat Sairaorg-san if I use the Triaina again. He was also wounded. When I was thinking what to do next, the lion shouts.

[Sairaorg-sama! Use me! Please “wear” me! If it’s that Balance-Breaker, then you will transcend Sekiryuutei! Are you trying to throw away a match that you can win-]

The lion said that. Wear it……? The lion? Balance-Breaker? Then Sairaorg-san made an angry roar.

“Close your mouth! That…..That is the power I decided to use only during a crisis in the Underworld! What will come out of it if I use that in front of this man!? I will fight this man, only with this body!”

…….I see. Perhaps this person could still become even stronger. If he really shows his best, will I be able to…….win? But I do have an interest in it. How much stronger will he become? This man whom I respect. How much overwhelming power will he show me when he gets serious? ...Sairaorg-san allowed me to use Triaina, which was like a cheat. At that point, I had no right to reject Sairaorg-san becoming serious.

“Please use the power of the Lion.”

I naturally said that. Buchou who is beside me was shocked. But I still continued. I’m sorry everyone. I’m such an idiot. I’m trying to throw away the chance of winning that everyone made for me. But. But I…..!

“There’s no meaning if I can’t surpass Sairaorg-san who hasn’t used “that”. There will be no meaning for me to be training till this day!”

By the time I realised it, I was speaking out my true thoughts.

“Today I will claim victory by defeating you, who becomes serious! We are fighting for our dreams! What can we achieve by not defeating our opponent who is at his best!?”

The shouts that came from my heart. Buchou also said “You really are stupid” with a shocked face while putting her face close to me. I’m sorry Buchou. But since I said that, I will take responsibility by winning! After a pause, Sairaorg-san makes a creepy smile.

“……..I’m sorry. Somewhere inside my heart I thought that this is was game. That there will be a second chance. It seems like I was thinking naïve things like that. What foolish thoughts I had…..!”


Sairaorg-san’s body was getting filled with high spirits.

“I’m angry with myself for not realising that I won’t have a fight like this again! Regulus!”


The master who called his lion. The lion who answered his master! The huge lion glowed in a golden colour. It turned into light particles and went towards Sairaorg-san!

“Then, lets do it. I have determined today that this will be a stage for a battle to the death! Don’t hold a grudge at me even if I kill you, Hyoudou Issei!”

Sairaorg-san who was covered in golden-particles said that loudly.

“My lion! King of Nemea! You, who has been called Shishiou[2]! Answer my howl and turn into my armour!”


The whole field shook. What was this? Did this field, the artificial space, start to lose its endurance from Sairaorg-san who is going to be serious….?

Sairaorg-san and the Lion burst open while blowing away the scenery around here.

High school dxd v10 000d.jpg



A dazzling light spread around the field. Because of its intense light, Buchou and I covered our faces with our arms.

…….When the light vanished, what appeared in front of me was golden coloured plate armour, which had the motif of a lion. The helm on its head had golden hair, which looked like that of a lion. There was a lion-like face on its chest, and the eyes on it glowed as if it had its own consciousness.

“The Balance-Breaker of the “Regulus Nemea”, the “Regulus Rey Leather Rex”! Hyoudou Issei. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me serious. That’s why I will reward you with my fist. Come at me with that powerful “Rook”.”

Sairaorg-san who was walking towards me step by step says that. There was an overwhelming presence by seeing the armour covered in Touki……..! ……..Man. Seems like all the guys who I fight against have an armour-type Balance-Breaker!

[You can say that forms like that are of the shape that is the closest to the ultimate for those who mainly fight using direct attacks. You wear a mass-of-power-like armour, and hit your opponent with it. That’s why it ends up in a form like that.]

Ddraig tells me. I see. If you mainly fight in fist-fights, you get a good balance in terms of offence and defence by wearing the armour that is like a mass of power. That must be it, since I, who is also using it, also think that its true. Sairaorg-san who was just an inch away from me says:

“Now. Give me your best shot.”

………….Don’t regret it then. I will hit you with my maximum power!


[Change Solid Impact!!!]

My armour gets thicker and my arms became several times bigger as well! I pulled back my massive fist and push it forward! I increased the power of it by using the percussion hammer located in my elbow when it touches him……


My massive fist was easily stopped by Sairaorg-san’s left hand.

….! I received the impact! You must be kidding me! It was a new technique that specialized in both offence and defence! No! I haven’t finished yet! If I use the percussion hammer again to increase the impact then I will….!


The percussion hammer is nailed down and my fist increases its……

My massive fist was easily destroyed when it hit Sairaorg-san’s hand……. My defence was also supposed to have increased……!

“So this is your limit.”

Sairaorg-san says that.


Sairaorg-san’s fist went deeply inside my thick stomach and my armour crumbles easily. His fist reached through to the body inside my armour thus destroying my body.


I spit out a lot of blood from my mouth. Then I lost conciousness.

Part 2[edit]


When I realised it, I was in a white world.

…..I remember this place. Yes. This is the inside of the Sacred Gear. I came here often when I tried to persuade the past Senpais. Right now, I’m there. I was supposed to be having a fight with Sairaorg-san. I cornered him. Sairaorg-san then got serious by wearing the lion-armour. Then my Triaina Rook didn’t work on him…….

When I looked around, the past Senpais were around. I thought that they were unemotional like before. But they had an angered face while having black aura around them.

[Juggernaut Drive……]

[…..Its Juggernaut Drive.]

They were saying creepy things like that. Juggernaut Drive!? What do they mean!? Then a vision appeared in the white world. I could see myself in it! It was me who was being held by Buchou! I had my armour destroyed and I was puking a lot of blood from my mouth. I could see that I was in a critical situation just by looking at it.

……Sairaorg-san and I were fighting. I received a punch from Sairaorg-san who merged with the Lion and then I…… Does it mean that my consciousness was sent inside the Sacred Gear….?

[Juggernaut Drive.]

[Juggernaut Drive is the only solution.]

[Yes, that’s the only solution.]

[That man is seeking it.]

The past senpais got up from the chairs and showed creepy smiles while covered in black aura.

….! There was black aura coming out of my body as well! It’s starting to cover my body! And at the same time an ill feeling was coming from inside me! What was that…… Grudge….. Pain…… Hatred…… It was increasing inside me. That man……. I detest…..Sairaorg-san! I want to defeat him….! I want power….! Absolute power…..! For that……I want to eliminate Sairaorg-san from this world…..! I…..!

Ku…! Elsha-san……Belzard-san….I……! It was the moment my heart was about to be consumed by hatred. I can hear voices from the vision. The cries of the children.

[Oppai-Dragon died!]


[Please stand up!]

….I can hear the bitter screams. I’m sorry. I can no longer…. When my conscious was about to be taken over by darkness, I heard a single voice echoing to this white World.

[You can’t cry!]

A child’s voice….? The vision changed. It showed a certain boy wearing a hat.

…..I’m familiar with that boy….. Yes. The boy who was crying because he couldn’t participate in my autograph signing at my Hero show….. That boy, Lirenkus, shouted towards the children in the crowds who were crying.

[Oppai-Dragon said it to me! That men aren’t allowed to cry! He said that you have to stand up no matter what and become strong enough to protect girls!]

…..! Those were the words I had said to Lirenkus who was crying. Hearing that, other children stood up.

[Oppai-Dragon won’t lose! Oppai! Oppai!]

[Oppai! Please stand up! Oppai-Dragon!]




The voices that desperately call for me. Everyone……..I…….

I also heard a familiar voice. It was Irina, who was being a cheerleader by the children’s seats.

“That’s right! Everyone! Ise-kun……Oppai-Dragon kept on standing up no matter what and defeated strong foes! That’s why lets cheer for him! Let's believe in him! Oppai-Dragon is everyone’s Hero!”

Irina desperately appeals to the children while having her face messy with her tears.

[Everyone. Do you like Oppai-Dragon?]

[Yes we like him!]

[I also like him! He’s really lecherous and he always thinks about ecchi things…… But he’s always burning more than anyone. He doesn’t give up. He works hard. I know that he is a person who can fight for those he loves! Everyone knows that as well right!?]

[Yes we do!]

[That’s why lets root for him! Let's send our voices to him! Oppai-Dragon! He stands up no matter what! Underworld and Heaven! He fought for people from many different Worlds!]


[Oppai! Oppai!]

[Everyone join in! Oppai!!]

[Oppai! Oppai! Oppai!]

[Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai! Oppai!]

I was shedding tears without realising it. There are so many voices that are calling for me. There are people who are seeking for me! There are children who are rooting for me.

It was then. I heard a voice. A voice that I know. The voice of the person who is always beside me and who always cheers me up.

[Ise. Can you hear me? Everyone is calling for you.]

The vision changed and my master appeared. The colour of crimson appears in front of me.

The same hair colour as that person. Red. A crimson hair that is more brilliant than the colour of strawberry red.

Yes. That person’s beautiful and long crimson hair was always beside me.

Yes. That’s right. Even that time when I was on the verge of death, what appeared in my eyes was……. A brilliant crimson. The same colour as the colour of blood. But I think it's different now. It’s noble, gentle and warm. The crimson that envelopes me. Yes I……started from that colour.

[I’m the same. I’m also looking for you, you know? That’s because I…….]

The woman I love. Rias Gremory. I also…….. A dark voice gets closer to me who is thinking about her.

[Now. The current Sekiryuutei. Hyoudou Issei. Let's rampage. Let's activate the Juggernaut-Drive.]

One of the Senpais said that while wearing a black aura. But the voices that were calling me also increased.

[Oppai Dragon.]

[Do your best!]

[Stand up!]



I can also hear that man’s voice.

[What’s wrong Hyoudou Issei? Is this the end? You aren’t finished right? Then try to stand up. Your feelings aren’t something so weak!]

….Yeah, that’s right. It hasn’t finished yet. I won’t let it finish! I can still fight! My Senpais don’t waver their black aura even when they heard the voices of the children and Sairaorg-san.

[Now. Let's destroy him. With the power of destruction.]

“Shut up.”

I said it while looking at all of the Senpais.

“Can’t you hear it? The voices that are calling for me. Not just Buchou. But all of the voices of those children.”

[No. It is the way of the Heavenly Dragon to become the King of Destruction. Impossible. Things like that are impossible.]

“Wrong. I……won’t become the King of Destruction. I am Hyoudou Issei! I’m just a sukebe[3]. If I have to, then I will become a horny King!”

[No. The King of Destruction. The Juggernaut Drive is the actual way that has been planted inside this Sacred Gear-]

[Let him.]

That person appears while interrupting Senpais' words. There was one man enveloped in white light. Then one of the Senpais becomes enraged.

[You are……!]

The man in white light said it to me.

[I am one of the past Albion.]

…..What…..? Albion…… So he is one of the past Hakuryukou?

[Yes. That time when you inserted the jewel of Albion into the Boosted Gear; it seems like a fragment of my thoughts was in it. Though the real me would still be inside the Divine Dividing.]

Ah. I certainly did that! Then I took in this person at that time then…… The Albion Senpai offers his hand.

[Sekiryuutei. This must be fate as well. I shall help you. I will try to use my ability of halving to suppress down the thing that is swirling inside the Boosted Gear.]

“Are you sure? I’m a Sekiryuutei and not Vali……”

The Albion-senpai smiles at my words.

[You are interesting. I can understand why two of the strongest Sekiryuuteis in history vanished while laughing. If it’s you who has enthusiasm and amusement that can blow away the curse, then you might be able to change the Heavenly-Dragon. No. You may be able to lead the Two-Heavenly Dragons to a new possibility. That’s why….]

Senpai raised his hand up high and the light spread around.

[You have to become the new Dragon together with Vali Lucifer.]


A shallow silver-white light spread through the white world. It started to take away the black aura belonging to the past Sekiryuuteis! The power of their hatred was also halved and vanished! The black-aura also got halved and got reduced. That was the power of Albion-senpai! The hatred, grudge, and feelings of resentment started reducing!

[I won’t let you! Hatred! Sadness! And hatred itself is the Sacred Gear of Sekiryuutei! Having the curse inside. Spreading the resentment to destroy is the way of the Heavenly-dragon….]

I said it to the Senpais who couldn’t stop their hatred even now on.

“Oppai. I was saved by this. And I will continue to seek it even from now.”

But my Senpais started chanting Juggernaut-Drive as their last resort.

[I, who is about to awaken, am the Heavenly-dragon that has stolen the principle of domination.]

No! I made a different chant by myself!

“I, who is about to awaken, am the Sekiryuutei who has discarded the principle of domination.”

[I laugh at the “Infinite” and reject the “Dream”.]

“I shall walk the road of righteousness by having the infinite dream and hope!”

[I shall become the Red-dragon. King of domination.]

“I shall become the King of Crimson Dragon.”

[And I shall sink you to the crimson purgatory!]

“And I promise you all! I will show you the future that shines in True-Crimson light!”

The Senpais made a bright expression at my last chant.

[Future….. You will show us the future……?]

“Yes! I will show it to you! No! Let's see it together! I will show it to you together with me! To my comrades! To my friends! To the woman I love! To the children! We will show them!”

[Future….. We will create the future…..! Not destroying it, but creating the future…..!]

Yes. We can do that. If we join our powers together!

“Let's go Senpais! I’m a Sekiryuutei! Oppai-Dragon! The man who is in love with Rias Gremory! I am Hyoudou Isseeeeeeeeeeei!”

In the vison, Buchou’s breast who is holding me glows in crimson colour. The Crimson aura then envelops my body……..

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. All-out short battle
  2. King of Lions
  3. Japanese term for Pervert or Dirty Old Man, pejorative, but sometimes used in a joking way.
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