High School DxD:Volume 10 New Life

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New Life[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Please line up in one row!”

Asia who is wearing a cute looking waitress outfit was making the students line up in the corridor. It’s a really long line for the café.

“Y~es, this is a fortune-telling and purification corner. Toujou Koneko-chan and Himejima Akeno-senpai will be doing the fortune telling and purification.”

Irina is next to the waitress and she’s doing the advertisement for each corner.

On the day of the school festival, the Occult research club’s activity which uses the whole old school building is a big success! Not only the guys who look up to the bishoujo of our club, but also many girls have come as well. Even the local people are here. Man, the girls in our club are super popular!

“Say cheese.”

-And the one who was taking a photo was Buchou wearing a waitress’s costume.

When we made a system where you can take pictures with the club members, it became a hot topic right away. Taking a picture with the club member you like seems to be very popular. Well, I don’t get appointed though…… I’m just a lecherous student after all!

More than that, Buchou in waitress’s costume looks so wonderful that tears are pouring from my eyes! Of course, Buchou is also one of the people you can take a picture with.

“Ise-kun, don’t just look and help me.”

Kiba shows himself from the classroom which became the haunted mansion. Yeah, at this time, I have to become the Frankenstein for the haunted mansion. I even put on make up for it. Gasper has the role of a Dracula, but instead of being scary, he looks cute.

“I have to go and help the café, so I leave the trap to you.”

“Yeah yeah.”

It’s good that each corner is popular, but all of us are going around various places. If we have some spare time, we have to help the busy corner.

Now, I should work hard as a Frankenstein. Oh, female customers!


I tried to scare them and jump in front of them, but……

“Kyaaa! It’s the hentai Hyoudou! We are going to be raped!”

SLAP! And I was slapped like that.

“Waa~, I’m a Dracula~. I will bite~.”

“ “ “Kyaa~! Gasper-kun is so cute!” ” ”

Gasper who is a Dracula is super popular with the girls. …….Shit!

“Ah, I found Hyoudou! Kill him before he does us!”

SLAP! I was slapped again by a female customer. And this time it happened before I scare them!

……..Why only me…….?

With this unfairness, I received the tenth slap of the day.

Part 2[edit]

“……That can’t be……. So all the higher-ups who were supporting Sairaorg-san withdrew?”

At the ticket sales located at the end of the first floor. Using my time off, I was talking to Sensei.

It’s regarding Sairaorg-san.

Sairaorg-san lost his important connections in order to go to the top after losing to us.

“Yeah, that’s about it. It means that they aren’t kind people who would continue to gather around a loser. Didn’t I tell you that devils are naturally the ones who are logical? If there isn't any worth in it, they will discard it.”

That’s cruel. They really abandoned him like that…….

“……For someone who fought so magnificently…….”

“Don’t feel regret, okay? For you to worry about someone like him who was able to fight only with hand-to-hand combat is something you shouldn’t do. You attained the best thing. That is the world of the devils. It’s a world where only strength has value. If you are going into a world like that, both you and Rias need to make up your minds.”

“How about the seat for the next-heir for house of Great-King?”

“That hasn’t changed yet. I don’t know how the house of Great-King will move, but even if he doesn’t have the power of destruction he is someone with that high calibre, so they can’t just reject him also because of how society will see it as well.”

I see, so the seat for the next heir for the house of Great-King hasn’t changed yet. I feel a bit relieved.

……We won. We conquered the game matches of the youth.

What we gained is something big. But those who lost will lose something.

So is this the world of the devils then…….?

Ah, yeah. There was something I wanted to tell Sensei.

“Sensei, I found this one possibility…….though I couldn’t try it out this time.”

“Kiba’s Sacred Gear……. Is it something which has something to do with the new Balance-Breaker?”

“Yes. I also have that power which I gained afterwards…..the power of Hakuryuukou, so maybe perhaps….”

Yeah, I think there is also a possibility for me as well. I also was able to gain conversation with the Albion-senpai from that match.

“…….That is something which contradicts with your ability. It’s also the direct ability to halve, but specialising in that power will put your life in danger once again. And if you were to activate it, you might not be able to use the power of Sekiryuutei.”

The Sacred Gear will respond to you the stronger your feelings are. So it means it will depend on my training and imagination huh. It will be a negative thing if I can’t use the power of Sekiryuutei while I use the power of Hakuryuukou. Kiba’s new technique was like that after all. Maybe doing something about it will depend on my imagination and adaptability.

There is also an option to make it a sub-species. But will I be able to do it? I feel uneasy about it. But Kiba was able to change it to a sub-species Balance Breaker, so I would like to think there is a possibility! Next time, I will resume my training with Kiba!

“Just level it up carefully along with your imperfect True-Queen. It seems like you still have room for more growth.”

Yeah, it starts from here. The door was opened, and the things inside were released. I will keep on materialising my possibility!

When I was thinking like that, the two idiots of Matsuda and Motohama appeared.

“Hey, Ise! We can’t enter any of the Occult mansions!”

“Damn……All of the fortune-telling, purification, and café queues have a long line! Ise, as your friends, can’t you give us something like a VIP ticket!?”

Both of them come to me.

Yeah, the Occult mansion for this school festival is still full with people. Thanks to that, the line never ends. Well our club is filled with beauties and the handsome guy Kiba. So many guys and girls come.

At this time, I was selling out tickets. The many tickets I had prepared sold out immediately, and with Ravel’s support we are preparing more immediately!

Sensei also leaves after saying “Do your best then”. Even though he is a supervisor for this festival, I can only think that he is going around having fun!

“Ise-sama, the new tickets are made.”

“Aaah, thanks Ravel.”

The moment I took off the “sold” tag for the ticket counter, the customers came saying “One ticket please!”. Where were all of you hiding!?

“Yes, it’s for the fortune-telling correct?”

Well, since Ravel is enjoying it, it’s okay.


Ravel says it while selling the tickets.

“I was deeply moved by the match……. When I saw Ise-sama hugging the opponent at the end, I ended up crying….”

She has her cheeks red. W-Why is she acting like this all of a sudden……

“Y-Yeah, hahahaha, I was also heated up then…… I feel embarrassed when I think about it again.”

“I don’t think so! T-That’s right! I’m thinking of making a cake for the end of the day!”

“Oh, Ravel’s snacks taste good. I will look forward to it.”

When I said it, Ravel puts her hand on her chin and says it daringly.

“O-Of course! It’s special after all!”

Yeah, this is how Ravel should act.

While I was thinking like that, the number of customers increased.

“Umm, can I please have a ticket for the purification?”

I also need to sell the tickets properly!

“Ise, is there like any secret shop or something!?”

“My best friend, where do I go for the ecchi photo shoot!?”

I should probably hit Matsuda and Motohama first.

Part 3[edit]

“So the Sitri-group had a flag battle then?”

“Yeah. So we had to run around the field….. And I still can’t get rid of my tiredness…..”

Saji and I were having a conversation like that while walking inside the new school building.

It seems like Saji was going around the school building to see how everything is going as his job as a student council member, and he ended up meeting me and Koneko-chan who were going around looking at the shops during the break time.

Then we ended up talking about the games we had without realising it.

It seems like the Sitri-group who had a match against the Agares at the same time we had a match did a Rating Game which has the rule to take each others flags.

“It seems like the Dice Figure you had was also hard, Hyoudou.”

“Yeah, we didn’t have to go running around the field, but the problem is who we have to send at certain matches. Man, Rating Games sure are hard.”

It’s the ambitions of the Sitri-group to build a school for Rating Games, and Saji’s dream is to become a teacher there. Well, that means nothing can go that easily.

“And the match?”

We got out of the school building. I asked Saji while buying frankfurter from one of the shops.

“We won by a narrow margin. Since it’s a battle to take each others flags, being strong isn’t necessary for it. But at the very end, I turned into a Dragon-King and went berserk…… The battlefield turned into a horrible state, and they say that we got bad ratings for it…… Aaah, I made trouble for Kaichou…..”

Saji drops on the ground while holding down his head.

Ah, so you went berserk. Since I wasn’t there to control him, it must have been hard to stop the berserked Saji if he ended up using it after being cornered.

“Haa…….. Is it impossible for me to become a Dragon-King without Hyoudou then….. Aaah! The male student over there! Doesn’t it say not to sit on the flower bed!? I’m sorry, Hyoudou!”

Saying that, Saji headed towards the student who disobeyed the rules. He sure works hard.

“……Senpai, lets do some shooting.”

Koneko-chan says that while pulling my legs. Yes yes. Let’s do it.

“Okay, Koneko-chan. If you beat me in shooting, then I will buy you something.”

“…….Don’t forget those words okay? I won’t hold back.”

Well, I ended up losing against Koneko-chan so easily, and I ended up buying her loads of things……

Part 4[edit]

The school festival was now at its climax and there were camp fires on the school ground where everyone was doing “Oklahoma mixer”. Right about now the guys and girls were having fun dancing! I somehow managed to sell all the tickets and returned to the club room with a tired body. I still hadn’t lost all my fatigue from the Bael-match. The “True-Queen” had just awakened and so there were still blanks to it’s power up. Ddraig was saying that tuning will start from now. At this point, getting used to the “Triaina” will lead to the overall power up for the “True-Queen”. Well, from now on, I will have to get used to it.

Oh yeah. Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama were also here today. They showed their faces and then were dragged off by Grayfia-san and Kaichou… I went into the club room. We hadn't used the club room that much, so it looked the same as usual. ………There was someone inside. There was someone sitting on Buchou’s chair. It was Buchou. She had changed from the waitress outfit to her school uniform.


Buchou mumbled after seeing me.

“……Good work.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Since I’m in the 3rd year, this will be my last year. That’s why I wanted to come back here for a bit.”

“I…I see……”



Both Buchou and I became silent. After that battle, both Buchou and I became uneasy. Of course the reason was………I confessed my feelings in front of the whole crowd. I still hadn’t got a reply. Even I felt uneasy because we became like this every time we saw each other. Man, it was so embarrassing when I tried to remember it! Even if I got into the flow, I couldn’t believe I actually shouted out that she is “the woman I love”! After that, it apparently got on the newspaper in the Underworld.

[Oppai-Dragon and Switch-Princess!! Serious love romance that goes beyond Master and Servant!?]

Seems like we can’t go back to the Underworld for a while. If we do, then the media over there will surround us. Hmmmm, that’s a bit troublesome. Then I remembered what Sairaorg-san said to me.

[How about you tell your feelings to her once more?]

…………Well there’s no turning back now. Buckle up, Ise. It’s true that I love this person! More like…… I will say it. The thing I wanted to say this whole time. I have to call her with it. This time for sure! I swallowed my saliva, took a deep breath and said it with a loud voice!



Buchou went blank for a moment and asked me again. Aaaah! I will say it again then!

“……I……I want to protect Rias…I want to protect Rias for the rest of my life…… I am in love with you! I love you Rias!”


Buchou seemed like she had lost her words. The next moment, she started shedding lots of tears. Oh crap! I made her cry! "Di……did I fail……?" My face became blue. Buchou shook her head and wiped her tears.

“……………No that’s not it. I……I’m just so happy…………”

Buchou walked towards me and started to pat my cheek.

“You finally called me by my name……… I have waited for this the whole time. I really did…… But I didn’t have the courage to tell you…… So I thought that it would never happen……… But when I heard your feelings that time……… I was so happy……… I was so happy that I was about to cry during the match………”

…………After hearing that I put up a weird face. Then that means!

“………Then that means………”

Buchou nodded at my question. !.........Are you serious! I……I’m going to be………this person’s………!

High school dxd v10 373.jpg

“Ise. I love you…… I love you more than anyone else………”

Buchou. No…… Rias’ lips were getting close to mine.



Right as we were about to kiss.


A noise came from the door.

“He…hey, don’t push me Xenovia!”

It was Irina’s voice. When I looked, everyone in the club was peeping from the door! What are you guys doing! They were peeping!? They saw what just happened!?

“Co…congratulations Ise, Buchou! Now, I can hit on you without worrying about anything!”

Xenovia said it with a stiff voice.

“U…um, congratulations both of you! With this I can follow after Onee-sama!”

You were looking as well Asia!?

“Ara ara. With this, I can now become serious at having an affair with Ise-kun.”

Even Akeno-san!

“………The good part was about to start now, correct?”

What are you saying Koneko-chan!?

“Sorry, I also saw it.”

“I’m so moved!!”

Even Kiba and Gya-suke!? Don’t fuck around!?

“I can allow an illicit sexual relationship just for today you know?”

That’s none of your business Rossweisse-san! I mean, you are supposed to be a teacher!?

“I borrowed the kitchen so I finished making the cake!”

Ravel came in to the club room while bringing in a big cake. From her action, she was the only one who wasn’t peeping.

“Huh? Did something happen everyone?”

Ravel twitched her neck and looked at us with a worried face. Rias who was next to me started shaking.

“Geez! All of you! This was supposed to be the most important scene in my life! What will you do about it!? This is all your fault, Ise! It happened because you confessed to me here!”

“Eh!? It’s my fault!?”


Everyone also agreed with her! Bull shit!!! With this, the messy school festival and the battle against Sairaorg-san ended. It’s curtain. Now. How long will my confession last for……

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