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I, Rias Gremory, realised that I felt relieved more than sadness after seeing Sairaorg using the Phoenix tears on his right arm which was cut off.

The damage Yuuto and the others gave desperately. It was so much that it forced Sairaorg to use the Phoenix tears.

-They had a magnificent fight.

If it was just me until recently, then I would have been full with sadness. I wouldn’t be able to endure it after losing my servants.

But it’s different now. There is a big part of me which feels joy at being able to push Sairaorg to the corner.

……..Did I become used to cruelty? Or has my love lessened?

I think it’s neither of them. Seeing my adorable servants fighting desperately for me and their comrades changed something inside me drastically.

I think I was able to become stronger. Not just me. We became stronger together. Not just our bodies but also our hearts.

Now, let’s move onto the next match. This time, they should be sending their [Queen]. So we will be sending Ise…..

I then became speechless when I looked towards him.

………That’s because the thing emitting from Ise’s body is clearly a killing intent. And a very strong hostility. They were directed towards the opponent’s base.

Asia was also trembling a bit at Ise’s change.

[Now, this is near the endgame! Will the two kings roll their dice please!]

I stood in front of the stand after being urged to by the broadcaster. ……..The act of rolling this die puts stress on my mentality.

What value will I roll, just predicting that makes me think even more. The more I think, the more I will get trapped…… Dice Figure, this actually puts more weight on the [Kings] than it looks.

I roll the die on top of the stand. The value which was rolled is…..5. How about Sairaorg?

When I looked at the vision, the value he rolled was 4.

The total value is 9. We got this value with one roll. We will send Ise from our side, and they will probably send their [Queen].


Ise takes a step. The face when Ise turned around had a strong intensity on his face.

“Buchou, Asia, I will be going.”

Saying that, he walks towards the magic circle.

…….The moment he was being transferred. I saw a glimpse of his face.

-It was filled with anger.

The battlefield Ise was transferred to was a colosseum with no sights of people.

The one who appeared opposite him is the [Queen], Kuisha Abaddon.

She seems to be in wonder at Ise’s unusual calmness.

[Hyoudou Issei, you seem really calm. I thought you would be happy to have me who is a woman as your opponent….]

[…………. I am happy! I welcome beauties anytime!]

After a moment of pause, he shows a forced smile.

“……Rias-oneesama, Ise-san is……”

“Yes, you are right. I’m sure he’s been enduring it.”

High school dxd v10 291.jpg

Asia and I know him very well. That’s why I understood.

-He’s just about to explode.

He is someone who thinks dearly of his comrades the most, yet he didn’t panic that much. He, who is someone who gets mad and sad at seeing his comrades being defeated barely showed any emotions today.

The arbiter appears between the two, and the match was about to begin.

Ise spread his arms and started to talk to himself.

[It’s okay now, right? I don’t have to endure any longer now right? Kiba, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Gasper, and Rossweisse-san. –I can’t hold it anymore.]

It seems like Abaddon seems to be suspicious at Ise talking to himself……

[The seventh match! Begin now!]

The signal was given! Abaddon didn’t do anything much and was waiting for Ise to move.

[Sekiryuutei, get into Balance Breaker. My master Sairaorg-sama wishes to see you become serious. Then I, his [Queen] have to make that wish come true.]

She’s a woman with strong resolution. That person, she must have feelings for Sairaorg…..

The countdown ended, and Ise said a single sentence to Abaddon after wearing his armour.

[……..I can’t hold back. If you don’t want to die, put all your strength into defending. If you do that, then you will be able to retire safely.]

[You sure talk big. Very well. I will also stop you with my full power. Whether it’s the Sekiryuutei, for master I will--]

[-I have warned you.]

Ise’s body gets enveloped by red lights….

[Welsh Sonicboost Knighhhhhhhhhht!]

[Change Star Sonic!!!!]

The armour gets purged, and Ise leaps forward in godspeed.

In a velocity of godspeed, Ise arrives in front of Abaddon before she reacts. Even I couldn’t see him at all until he closed in!

Ise then shouts while enveloping his body with red aura!

[Welsh Dragonic Roooooooook!]

[Change Solid Impact!!!!]

Ise’s armour became thicker.


Ise who makes a loud shout. While having the percussion hammer on his shoulder ring, his punch gets faster while pouring out more aura. That strike without any hesitation goes at Abaddon…..


Before that happens, Abaddon’s body gets covered in light and she disappears from the field!


The strike which hits the air destroys the colosseum without a trace.

[Combatant Sairaorg Bael’s [Queen] retires.]

The arbiter announces. –It’s Ise’s victory. Everything ended instantly. He shortened the distance with Triaina, and he also tried to settle the match instantly as well.

Abaddon didn’t even have time to make the ‘hole’ appear.

But that strike didn’t hit her. Before it was about to hit the [Queen], it looked as if she was forced to retire by someone.

No, she was forced to retire. –By her master Sairaorg.

Sairaorg appears on the monitor.

He had a mortified expression.

[…………I made Kuisha retire forcefully. At that rate, she would have been killed by Sekiryuutei. You were trying to kill her, were you not?]

Sairaorg said it to Ise who is on the field.

Ise opens the mask of his helm, he then said it while showing his face.

[I’m sorry. I just couldn't keep my hostility at your team down. Please forgive me by thinking that action was on behalf of my juniors.]

I felt chills from his cold voice and cruel words.

…….Like I thought he is someone who values his comrades and he released his anger which was at his limits.

Sairaorg smiled happily after realising it.

[………What eyes……! It’s filled with killing intent…….!]

Sairaorg then argues while on the camera.

[I even saw dreams about crossing my fists with the Sekiryuutei. –So I want to question the committee. Isn’t it enough now? It’s foolish to let this man fight under the rules! –For the next match, I wish for a team battle with everything on my side against everything from their side….!]

-! Team battle! Does he mean to fight against me, Ise and Asia with his [Pawn] and himself?

That’s most likely the case. Sairaorg’s intention is to fight with this current tension while having a break to resume the fight.

He wished to fight the Sekiryuutei in his best condition. He must have thought that this current situation is the best timing. The crowd stirs at Sairaorg’s suggestion, and the broadcaster also shouts.

[Ooo! We have received a suggestion from combatant Sairaorg in this situation!]

Emperor Belial says it while smiling.

[Certainly, it is easy to predict the flow after this. Since there is a rule that you can’t participate continuously, the next match will be between Bael’s [Pawn] and the Gremory’s [Bishop], and after that…….it would have been the final battle between Sairaorg and the Sekiryuutei. That is easy to predict. There certainly is a point that it would be boring.]

Azazel also gives his comments while putting his hand on his chin.

[If that’s the case, they can settle it with a team battle. That’s easy to understand, and we can continue to watch the match under this tension. Now, will the higher-ups of the committee choose the current rule which is easy to predict, or will they choose to pick the team-battle.]

“I don’t mind it as well, if that is the one they want.”

I also agree to his comments. After all, the next match would be just a waste. To have decided it right away by taking that match away. That will be easier to understand.

A few minutes passed, and a report was given to the broadcaster.

[Eh, yes. I just received the report from the committee. –It seems like they agree to it! The next match will be a team-battle which will settle everything! It will be an all-out battle with the remaining members!]

The stadium stirs with that announcement.

It’s an obvious reaction since the next match will be the final match.

Hearing the decision, Sairaorg declares to Ise fearlessly.

[-So that’s how it is. I might over do it. I won’t say don’t hold a grudge against me if you get killed, but just be prepared that you might be killed.]

Ise also replies by smiling.

[-I’m going at you with the intention of killing you. If I don’t do that, then it doesn’t seem like I can beat you and I also won’t be able to face my comrades.]

[I sure can’t endure it any longer……!]

The battle between these two men….. I won’t be able to stop it anymore.

The final match is about to begin…..

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