High School DxD:Volume 11

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Novel Illustrations

Yeah, that's right. -I am a human.


It happened right after the school festival ended.

When this discussion reached me, I, Azazel, displayed an idiotic expression that I rarely have shown during my whole lifetime.

“……Are you really serious about this, Vali?”

Vali has sent a private channel to me.

I can see his lively face through the small communication magic circle.

[Yeah. He….. It’s a she now I guess. She is wishing for this. I’m also interested in this, so I want it to happen.]

I received an unthinkable idea by Vali. Honestly, this is something capable of changing the power balance of the world.

“……It’s you that we are talking about. That’s not the only reason, right?”

Vali made a bitter smile at my words.

[You are as sharp as always. That is also the reason why you get alienated from other factions.]

“That's none of your business.”

[I heard that because you go around involving yourself into things which “aren't any of your business”, there are those who think that “Perhaps this guy is plotting something”. Correct?]

……Well, it’s true that I am being alienated from those standing at the top of other factions. I already sound fishy because I have the position of being the “Governor of the Fallen Angels”. On top of that a guy like that is talking about having “Peace” and “Negotiations”.

I meddle too much with others business, huh. ……I was even told that by Ise.

“……That is my nature. If someone was to attack me from the back, then I would accept it.”

I said it while sighing. Vali then mutters after putting on an astonished face.

[……There are those who are after her.]

“Of course there are. Obviously. And there would be an immeasurable number of those at that. But everyone is having a bitter time because no one can eliminate her.”

[That may be true, but it seems like there are those in our organisation who are hoping for the same thing. No, it’s about time they will make their move.]

……I get it. I understand the situation now. A youth with that spear came into my mind.

“--Are you trying to lure him out?”

[I’m just going determine whether he is my enemy or not.]

He said it daringly. But you don't want him to be your “ally” either, right?

[Well, he’s most likely an enemy. –It’s about time to settle this.]

Vali made a face with irrepressible delight.

See? This guy is a battle-maniac after all.

Life.1 Study and Mating season?

Part 1

This morning too…….. My day - Hyoudou Issei’s - started with a battle on the bed.

When I opened my eyes, I witnessed Buchou...I mean Rias...and Akeno-san glaring at each other. Both of them were already in their uniforms. It seemed like they were fighting over the right to give me a morning kiss. Then R-Rias made a smile of confidence.

“Trying to give my Ise a morning kiss! Well, that’s what I would like to say, but since I was already spoiled by Ise last night, I will forgive you.”

“Oh. That seems to be something good. That Ise-kun, looks like he has already done something amazing, hasn't he?”

Akeno-san said it while putting her hand on her mouth…… N-no, we didn’t do anything that erotic…… Since Asia was with us as well. We just kissed before going to sleep and cuddled each other while we were sleeping! Eh? That was the same as usual you say? No, no. It was something we did, after I confessed to Rias. My tension rose so high that I was getting embarrassed and my heart was beating so fast! I love that person and that person loves me….. Both of us knew that, so the kissing and cuddling now had an even greater impact on us!

And also Buchou... I mean Rias. Rias had begun behaving like a child! The atmosphere of her “Onee-sama” aura was gone and the impact of it was deadly…..!

“I can't go to sleep if you don’t kiss me…….Ne? Please kiss me.”

“Hold me gently. Ise, I love you.”

She said that with a sweet voice and acted like a girl her age! Something like that happened before we went to sleep! I couldn't endure it anymore! Just remembering it made me feel excited! I was so happy right then that I didn't know what was going to happen to me! Aaaah, I'm so glad that I was born! Maou-sama! Especially Beelzebub-sama who invented Evil-Pieces! I’m so glad that I got reincarnated as a devil! I will work hard for the Underworld from now on! By the way, I'm still hesitant of calling Rias, “Rias”. Well, I’ve called her “Buchou” the whole time, so it couldn't be helped that I'm being hesitant of calling her by her name…….. And also the fact that I felt shy to call her by her name! It was not that I didn’t want to call her by her name. Instead, I wanted to call her by her name even more often! I would like to at least call her “Rias” naturally at home. Akeno-san then sighed as if she found this boring.

“Looks like you are calmer than I thought, Rias. I thought that you would have been burning with jealousy……. I don’t find your reaction interesting at all.”

“I’m sorry about that. But he is “my” Ise, and that fact will never change.”

The unstable personality she had before the Rating Game was gone. Now, she’s filled with confidence just like before.

“Ara-ara. Looks like I was shown the confidence of the “legal wife”.”

Akeno-san said that. Rias made a small laugh, then she kissed my cheek.

“It’s time for breakfast. Come downstairs.”

She said that and left the room…… It seemed like she wasn’t that mad at Akeno-san.

“Even if she is acting like that, she’s pushing herself.”

Akeno-san said it after sitting on the bed.

“….Pushing herself? Bu….. I mean did something happen to Rias?”

“To tell you the truth, in the last Rating Game, she felt that she was a burden to you because of the fact that she couldn’t be of much use and it resulted in her being like that.”

…….She was talking about the match against Sairaorg-san. Rias fought a longinus who had its own will, “Regulus Nemea” and received a critical wound.

“……Rias can't forgive herself because she held you back in the fight and is concerned about it.”

“…..N-no. It’s just that her opponent was too strong…… Ri--Rias isn’t weak, and she has also been making lots of strategies before the battle…….”

“……In terms of strategy, the match between Sona-Kaichou and Agares received more attention. The battle they had was a match of taking each others' flag, the “Scramble Flag”. It wasn’t a flashy fight so it wasn’t recognised by others that much. But it received a high rating from the critics as a “hidden professional game”.”

If I think about it, the magazine, which was recently released in the Underworld, talked about that match as well. Obviously, the match between us and Sairaorg-san’s team got more articles. But the article written by a critic–writer was ongoing with high praises for the match between Sitri and Agares.

“Rias will need to learn many things as a “King”. First of all, she asked for advice from her Onii-sama - Sirzechs-sama, and has started researching about the power of destruction even more seriously.”

She asked about the power of destruction from Sirzechs-sama?

“……Is it different from training?”

“Rias and Sirzechs-sama have the same demonic-power; the power of destruction. But the nature….or should I say the “characteristic” is different. Sirzechs-sama’s power is said to be an ultimate Wizard-Technique-type. He can control that power like his hand or foot. So his technique is said to be the best or second best amongst devils. Instead, Rias’s power is a Wizard-type which is much closer to a power-type. So you can say that she is blessed with power rather than technique. But……”

Akeno-san said it with narrowed eyes.

“She’s lacking something “decisive”. To put it simply, she doesn’t have that one power up, that destructive power that you call a “certain kill move”.”

……Rias doesn’t have a special move? B-but….!

“If it's just shooting, I think it has quite an impact…… Certainly Buchou……. I mean Rias might not have had a special move against the strong foes we have faced…… But……”

“It seems like she’s finding it. Even I also had a shameful match……..”

Akeno-san said that with a sad voice. I told her while shaking my head.

“No. The opponent's “Queen” was quite skillful.”

The “Queen” from the house of Abaddon who uses the power of hole. I heard that she is a top-tier “Queen” amongst the youth devils. She must have been stronger than Raiser’s Queen and the Fuku-kaichou from the Sitri group. She must be very skillful since she could split the “Holy-lightning” into the powers of light and lightning!

“Though Ise-kun finished the match against her instantly…….”

“U…...Ummmmm yeah, that might be true…..”

I defeated her after getting pissed and using Triaina. Though I did reflect on my behavior from back then. Akeno-san had told me not to show Triaina until the final moment, but I used it right away….. I was enraged because my comrades were defeated. Maybe that is my current weakness? If I can’t be more composed in that type of situation, I would become an unstable "King” in the future. While I was thinking something like that, which was very rare for me, Akeno chuckled.

“…….I have to do something about myself from now on too. But let's forget about that for now. Can you still not call Rias by her name?”

“U-ummm….. I can when I have to…… But I’m not used to it and I also feel shy! It’s not that I don’t want to call her by her name but it's just that I feel really shy about it!”

Those were my true feelings! I'm really shy about calling her by her name…… But I actually want to call her by her name! I wanted to say “Rias I love you!”. Akeno-san then smiled.

“Oh my. Thank you for the good reaction. Then I will have to make you call me “Akeno” as well. And don’t you think it would turn you on if we started an affair so soon after you had confessed?”


Akeno-san is obsessed with an affair! She has been obsessed about it, even before I confessed to Rias. Well, it’s Akeno-san who is an “S” that we are talking about, she must be having fun making Rias get mad.

“Yes. Didn’t I say that I would be a candidate, as your affair partner a long time ago? My body is getting hot because I really want to start an affair with you.”

Akeno-san began rubbing her body with her hands. The white-thigh that was showing when she moved her body was too bright for me! Akeno-san’s body was so smooth and soft that my hands always sunk into her whenever I touch her. Akeno-san put her face closer to me and kissed my nose.

“This will be enough for me in the morning. Ufufufu, since Asia-chan has arrived.”

….! W-what!? I looked in the direction of the door after hearing Akeno-san say that! Asia was there with an apron on! She was frozen like an ice sculpture while putting on a smiling face! Asiaaaaaaa! Why do you always come in at times like this?! Asia, upon seeing this situation, jumped into my chest! She then complained with teary eyes.

“Haaaaauuuu! For me to get overtaken by Akeno-san! I was also thinking about giving you a wake-up kiss!”

You were!? Asia-chan has become so bold lately that even I am shocked! She even started begging me for a kiss! This definitely must be an influence of Buchou and Akeno-san! Then Xenovia showed up.

“What happened Asia? Nng! Akeno-fukubuchou is doing her flirtatious actions early in the morning!”

“What did you say!? No! You can do things like this from the morning!?”

Irina also showed up and seemed shocked! You guys came as well!? The Church-trio was energetic even in the morning! Some time has passed since I confessed to Rias…… What will happen to me from now on….? Even though I’m feeling happy, I’m also bewildered by their insane actions…. But, I’m really feeling happy right now.

Like that, my crazy morning ended and I was now in the living room on the first floor. It was time for breakfast. Having my mum as their leader, most of the girls were helping her set up the table. So today we were having fried eggs, Miso-soup and salmon huh. So a Japanese menu then. We have a rotation of Japanese, European and Chinese food for breakfast. All the girls work so hard in making them, I always have my stomach filled with delicious food every morning. I really am a lucky guy!

“You know. Daddy’s favourite time is when we have food. Everyone is good at cooking so it's very delicious. Women say “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach”. You know what I mean, right Ise?”

Dad said that with a smiling face while eating.

“I do! I really do understand dad!”

I nodded my head. My daily dining was fun! I'm surrounded by bishoujos! I eat food made by bishoujos! I eat while chatting with bishoujos! It was an ideal life right? This was the moment when I felt that it was great to be born as a guy!

“This is your bento[1] Ise.”

Rias put a lunchbox in front of me while wearing a really big smile. Mum, Rias, Asia and Akeno-san rotate their shifts for making food for lunch. Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Irina, and Rossweisse mainly eat so they don’t participate. They sometimes go to the kitchen but they can’t compete with the “Four-Heavenly Kings” of the kitchen - mum, Rias, Asia and Akeno-san. Especially Asia who has something special in her cooking and is said to be the number one candidate for being passed down the “Taste of the house of Hyoudou” by my mum. Like that, they rotate making the food for the lunch box. But lately, Rias is the one making lunch for me. Apparently the girls decided to leave the cooking for me to Rias. She always has a happy face when making bento-boxes for me. The lunch-box always has food that has been made with lots of care and has a heart drawn on it and they taste delicious. It is the best!

“Ise getting a lunch-box that is only made by Rias-san…… You are doing well, Ise.”

Dad said that while nodding his head! A lunch-box made from a beloving-wife! That’s what I would like to say, but Matsuda and Motohama also said “Did your wife make that bento!?” by looking at a bento made by Asia and Akeno-san as well. So how should I put it…….?

“Maybe you would call it “A bento made from the legal-wife”………. Since I’m living in the Hyoudou’s residence as well, there might be a time when I have to show the cooking of my mother-land.”

Rossweisse-san said that while putting her hands on her chin. Her homeland…… What kind of food does Valhalla have? But I should be happy since the variation of food will increase. While I couldn’t get rid of my smile, I noticed Ravel filling a lunchbox with food. It’s not the lunchbox Ravel usually uses…… Whose is it?

“Oi, Ravel. Whose lunchbox is that?’

“This is a lunchbox for Gasper-san. It seems like he’s doing morning training by himself.”

“Morning training!? Gya-suke is!?”

I made a very shocked exclamation! Morning training!? By himself!? This is a shocking revelation! Rias then said while taking a seat next to me.

“In the last match, he said he felt his lack of strength. So he’s doing his own training besides the training he does with you and Yuuto. Gasper is doing basic training so it won't put pressure on his body.”

The last match…… So the battle against the Bael team. It was something we couldn't talk about in detail because my parents were here. Then Akeno-san continued.

“Gasper said he wants to master his strength and reach that “stage”. For that he said he will train his body from the basics, so he does muscle training and running in the morning.”

He wants to reach that “stage”….. So he wants to attain Balance-Breaker for his Sacred-Gear. Is that so…… So he was concerned about the last match that much. But he fought very well. He showed us that he is a man. Even so, Gya-suke couldn’t forgive himself for his lack of power. He is a guy after all. I know how you feel Gya-suke. Being weak is something guys can't forgive themselves for. I will also help him as much as I can. As the guys of the Gremory group, Gya-suke, Kiba and me have to be strong enough to protect the girls!

Xenovia then said this with serious eyes.

“Yes. He is a man. He will definitely get strong.”

The one who received the most support from Gya-suke was Xenovia. The one who saved Xenovia who was cornered by having her guard down was Gya-suke. But…….

“I don’t want to imagine him being all muscular……..”

In my head, I combined Mil-tan’s body and Gya-suke’s head. I can imagine him being a creature from “Fist of the North Star”.

“Osu! Ise-senpai! I have attained the fist of a vampire! When I mix protein with Ise-senpai’s blood, it becomes good for my muscles! Look at these splendid biceps! Ooooooooosu!!”

What should I do if that happens……. Well, I don’t think it would go that far. But increasing your basic stats is a good thing. That's why I can go around the battlefield in Balance-Break state without having any stress on my body. You need to start with body training and sprinting first.

“……Koneko-san? You don’t look so well?”

Hmm? Ravel is looking at Koneko-chan’s face. Just like Ravel said, Koneko-chan doesn’t look well. Her face is a bit red and she looks like she’s in pain. Is it a flu?

“……It’s nothing.”

Koneko-chan replied immediately. Even so Ravel put her hand on Koneko-chan’s forehead and looked worried.

“But your face is a bit red. Is it a flu? Then I will make a special apple sorbet that has been passed down from the house of Phoenix for you. Apples made from our family’s territory have arrived from my house, I will make you some using those.”

Koneko-chan brushed Ravel’s hand off and said…….

“…….That’s an unwelcome favour.”

Hearing that Ravel got so mad that her drill hair started rotating.

“Nmaaa! To reject the good intentions of other people! Cats must feel good because they can live how they want to!”

“……I don’t want to be told that by a bird brain like you.”

“…..Bi-bird brain!? If I remember, in Japan bird brain is someone who forgets things right away, correct……?”

“…….It seems like you are studying very well, so I will praise you.”

“Nmaaa! This cat-girl…….!”

Hahaha…… The quarrels between these two have become a daily thing as well. They argue like this all the time. But its not that they don’t get along. Koneko-chan helps Ravel everyday and Ravel also depends on Koneko-chan. They must be good fighting buddies. I’m also having fun seeing Koneko-chan acting like this. While I was looking at them with a smile, mum whispers into my ears.

“By the way Ise.”

“……What is it mum?”

I drank a cup of water. Then mum said it the same time.

“When can I see my grandchild?”

BOOOOOOOOOOOO! The water sprinkled out of my mouth like a mist! After wiping my mouth I responded in a high tone.

“Wha……. Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you saying!?”

Seriously what is this “mother” thinking!? You wouldn’t normally come out of the blue and ask about a grandchild!? Mum then said it with a serious face.

“That’s because…….. In this house, you call Rias-san, “Rias”….. So that’s what it is isn’t it? I think my grandchild can also have a Japanese name. You know there are Japanese names that don’t sound weird even in other countries. So by having a girl she could have a cute name like “Eri” or “Mari” for example!”

You already planned that far ahead!? It’s early! It’s too early for that!? What is she thinking!?

“I’m saying that it’s too early for a grandchild and their names!”

I just confessed! Let me progress our relationship naturally! Just look at me and Rias with warm eyes! See!? Everyone is looking at us and laughing! Rias on the other hand is really shy right now, so much so that her face is really red!

“I-I’m really happy right now! Right now I don’t care about a grandchild! I only care about Rias!”

I said that strongly to mum! Rias then holds my hand.

“I-I’m also happy right now. Just being next to Ise……makes me really happy.”

Rias smiles at me with a red face.



Rias and I stared at each other. What a magnificent woman! I’m so happy that I could die because both of us are in love with each other! Aaah, Rias. Aaaah, Rias!! She’s so beautiful and cute!

“This is what you call a “Baka-uple”.[2] But try to act normal at school.”

Rossweisse-san stated calmly while drinking coffee! She turns into a teacher at times like this!

Koneko-chan is staring at me and Rias. She then looks down.

“……Grandchild…….Baby……. Happiness…….”

She says that with a low voice.

...........? She doesn’t look too energetic. Is there something wrong with Koneko-chan?

Part 2

That day, the ones who arrived at my house late at night were important people like Sirzechs-sama, Grayfia-san and Azazel-sensei. They were gathered in the VIP room located on the top floor of the Hyoudou residence. They gathered us, the Gremory team, with serious faces so we knew that it had to be a serious discussion. Sirzechs-sama made me, Kiba, Akeno-san, and Rias sit in front of him and then began to speak.

“Just as I told the three of you last time, Ise-kun, Kiba-kun, and Akeno-kun have accomplished many achievements; so the topic about you three getting a promotion has been decided by us - the Yondai-Maou, and the other top council members.”

He’s talking about that! Yes. It seems like a discussion was going on about a promotion for me, Kiba and Akeno-san. He told me about it after the match against Sairaorg-san. At that time, I was confused so I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. That’s because it’s a promotion we are talking about. Something I couldn't even imagine was being said to me by Maou-sama, so it would be weird if I wasn't confused! My aim was to get a promotion, but I never thought I would obtain one this soon! It seems like fighting against the Evil-God Loki and “Khaos Brigade” are great achievements.

……Well we mysteriously got involved in those matters and getting through those incidents were a big achievement apparently…… Certainly, I thought that we should get praised for surviving such a crisis where it wouldn’t have been weird for us to have lost our lives. But I never expected that we were thought so highly of that we would be given a promotion…….

“About the promotion, it would be natural that you three should get a promotion to High-class devils by skipping the middle-class devil exam. But because of the promotion system, we would like you to go through the middle-class devil exam first.”

Middle-class promotion test…….. Wait! High-class!? We are thought to be at top-class devil level!? Are you serious!? High-class……. Really? I really can’t understand what’s going on right now! Akeno-san and Kiba are also shocked but not as much as me. It seems like I was the only one making weird faces. Azazel-sensei said this while drinking sake from a glass.

“It won't be weird for Ise, Kiba, and Akeno to become High-class devils judging from your achievements. But it seems like there are steps even in the world of devils. Especially the higher-ups are noisy about it. They acknowledged the special promotion for you, but they are also saying to follow the proper procedures. That’s why you will become Middle-class devils and be active in that rank for a while. Then soon after you will receive a promotion to become High-class devils from them. You guys can plan about what to do when you become High-class devils during your time as Middle-class devils.”

Sensei said that as if that was something easy.

“Mi-middle-class and Hi-high-class devil……..! Yo-you are telling me that I have the right to become one…….?”

I asked because I felt like I was not worthy of this award. My true feelings were that I didn’t know what to do after getting a promotion because my dream is right in front of me. Sirzechs-sama then nods with a smiling face.

“Yes. Defeating the Evil-God Loki and the terrorists are big achievements. And you have shown magnificent fighting skills in the last match against Bael. Even more than that Ise-kun, you are the popular “Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon”. It won’t be weird if the topic of promotion comes to you. No. I should say that this is an expected result.”

…….So “that” show was also the reason for it!? How can this be…… I thought that was just a profit-making plan done by the house of Gremory…… Recently a sponge called “Sponge Dragon” was released. I think that the house of Gremory is a business family because they even make products for things that occurred in the match against Bael.

“Congratulations on your promotion recommendation Ise, Akeno, Yuuto. All of you are servants that I can be proud of. I am really blessed.”

Rias smiles with a satisfied face. It seems she’s deeply pleased. She must be feeling great joy because her proud servants received such great acknowledgment.

“Ise-san, Kiba-san, Akeno-san. Congratulations!”

“Yes, it’s good news. You guys are comrades I can be proud of.”

“Devil’s middle-class promotion! I’m very interested in it!”

The Church-trio, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina are also pleased with us.

“I-I also want to improve just like Senpai!”

Gya-suke also gave us a positive comment! This guy has become really positive. He’s brighter than before.

“I also want to get a promotion quickly and have a stable and a luxurious living.”

Rossweisse-san has a realistic dream like always!

“This team has become a group where Raiser-oniisama’s group can’t compete against anymore.”

Ravel says. Yeah! I don’t feel like our current team would lose to Raiser’s team!

“The oldest-son in the house of Phoenix is a top player in Rating game. His team has a good-balance.”

Sensei says so. Hmm, the house of Phoenix’s oldest son eh.

“My oldest brother is the next heir of our house. We will be troubled if he isn’t strong. Putting that aside. This is something great. To be expected from Rias-sama’s servants. For three people to get a promotion in such a short-time. Isn’t it so, Koneko-san?”

Ravel asks Koneko-chan.

“……..Of course. Congratulations Ise-senpai, Yuuto-senpai, Akeno-senpai.”

Koneko-chan showed her smile but she seemed to have low tension. Though it seems like she’s pleased with our promotion……

“Though soon other guys beside these three will also receive a promotion as well. What you guys did is really magnificent. In terms of power, basically everyone is at a High-class devil level. Having servants like that in one group is very rare.”

Sensei says that. I see. So the other members also have a chance to get a promotion. He’s right. It would be weird if we were the only ones to get acknowledged when all of us went through those intense battles. The fact is, we all went through the same life-death situations.

Akeno-san and Kiba stand up and bow to Sirzechs-sama.

“Thank you very much for the promotion recommendation. This is a great honour which is too great for me. Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, I will take this promotion as a “Knight” of Rias Gremory’s group.”

“I will also accept it as the “Queen” of Gremory-group. I thank you deeply for acknowledging me for this promotion.”

Kiba and Akeno accepted the recommendation professionally.

“How about you Ise-kun?”

Sirzechs-sama asks me! I also stood up and bowed my head down to Sirzechs-sama.

“I will take it of course! Thank you very much! To tell you the truth I’m still shocked because it’s something that I only dreamed about…… But I would like to overcome it for my dream! I’m satisfied that I was able to live up to Ri…….Buchou’s standards!”

Oh. It might be rude to call her by her name in front of Maou-sama. That’s what I thought, but Sirzechs-sama made a naughty smile and then said…..

“Oya-oya? Ise-kun. You can call Rias by her name even in front of me.”

“No, but……”

I tried to stay humble towards him but Sirzech-sama continues happily.

“Hahaha! More like I’m telling you to call her by her name! I’m also happy, and looking at you two makes me feel at peace.”

“G-Geez! Onii-sama! Please don’t tease us!”

Rias stood up with her face red and was mad at him. Aaah, she sure gets mad with a cute face……

“Hahaha, why not? Right, Grayfia?”

Sirzechs-sama asks Grayfia-san. Grayfia-san speaks with the usual cool atmosphere.

“Someone like myself has no right to say anything. ......However, I don’t think it’s bad to call each other by name in a situation like this.”

…..! What! Even Grayfia-san!?


Even Rias can’t go against Grayfia-san. Sirzechs-sama nods his head.

“Yes, yes. And I don’t mind you calling me Ani-ue[3]! Now call me that Ise-kun! Call me “Onii-chan”!”


His head was smacked violently by Grayfia-san’s harisen[4].

“Sirzechs-sama! You are going overboard in a situation like this. ——One day, it will be alright if he calls you that.”

“……Y-you are right. Maybe rushing things is the bad part of the males in Gremory......Cough.”

Sensei who was laughing at the scene besides them, says it after taking a breath.

“So like that next week the three of you, Ise, Kiba and Akeno will participate in the Middle-class devil promotion test in the Underworld.”

…….! The test was earlier than I expected.

“Next week. That’s so sudden.”

Kiba said that. Akeno-san continued after him.

“If I remember correctly the test for Middle-class promotion includes writing a report, a written test and a practical, correct? Putting the practical aside, I wonder if we will be alright with the report and written test?”

There’s a report!? Oh man…… It even sounds like there is a written test….. Will I be able to do it? I begin to get nervous. Sensei then says.

“Don’t worry. If it’s a written test then Akeno and Kiba will have no problem. It’s basic knowledge and application problems for devils. And also questions relating to the Rating Game, so it’s not something new. For the report……. What do they have to write about?”

Sensei asks Grayfia. Grayfia-san took a step forward and explains.

“The report that has to be submitted on test day can be broken down to “What will you do when you become a Middle-class devil?” and write about your aim and greed as a theme. It’s also popular to include about “What did you gain until now?” in it as well.”

I see. So we have to write about our aim and what we have gained till now. Hmmm I don’t think I can write anything complicated so I wonder if I can write about something clear and simple? But a report……

“Somehow it seems like a test in the human world.”

When I said that Sensei looks at Sirzechs-sama and spoke.

“Well, they are using it as a model I guess?”

Sirzechs-sama nods.

“The majority of the devils taking the Middle-class promotion tests are reincarnated devils. Because of that, we use the tests in the human world as a model and apply it to the promotion test.”

I see. If I think about it, that would be the case. Lately, there are lots of reincarnated-devils who were once humans; so the ones taking the promotion test would mostly be former humans. So they decided the test by thinking about that then. Sensei banged on his knees and then looked at us.

“Anyway the report will be due on the test day, so have that as your first priority. But Ise!”


Sensei pointed at me and then said.

“Besides the report, you on the other hand, have to study for the written test! Rather than the common knowledge, train your brain in a week so you can answer application questions! Rest assured, there are intelligent girls and guys around you.”

Rias puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Leave it to me Ise. I will teach you lots of things.”

“Ise-kun. I also want to check through the questions, so lets study together.”

“Ara-ara. Then I will also study together as well.”

Kiba and Akeno-san also said that to me. Ooh, what a strong support! Having Rias and Akeno-san made me feel reassured already, but the good-looking guy also wanted to help me! What people need are good friends! But then, what about the “last” one…….?

“Ummm, then what about the practical?”

When I said that Sirzechs-sama, Grayfia-san and Sensei made a weird face and looked at each other.

“I don’t think you need to worry about that.”

Sensei said it as if it was obvious.

“Eh……. But in my case it’s something I can gain the most points in so I was thinking about training for it!”

I said that but Sensei waved his hands to the sides.

“That’s why I’m saying that you don’t need it. Just do the practical on the test day. You probably won’t realise it until the test day. Akeno. Kiba. You guys also don’t need to worry about the practical so concentrate on the report.”



Akeno-san and Kiba both reply that! Eeeeeeeeh!? Both of you are alright with that……? Are you serious? So I have to study for the written test rather than the practical in which I can earn the most points? Well, in my case it seemed like I won’t get good marks for the written test so studying for it is a must. Even so I wanted to train for the practical. If I couldn’t do anything for the practical on the test day then that would be a great loss. I put my hand up because I felt nervous.

“Ummm, one last thing…… I know it’s a really embarrassing thing to ask, but what would happen if I fail in it? Would we lose our recommendation?”

Sirzechs-sama shooked his head.

“No. That won’t happen. Once you receive a recommendation, you will not lose it even if you fail the test next week. You can redo it as many times as you want. You won’t lose your recommendation unless you receive a very bad result.”

Oh is that so? That made me feel better. So I can do it again even if I failed next week, unless I committed a weird crime. This promotion requirements made me feel very safe. I felt assured and Sirzechs-sama strongly said.

“Also I know that you will pass in next week’s test Ise-kun. Ise-kun, you might be feeling uneasy because of the sudden recommendation but there’s nothing to worry about.”

I received praise from Maou-sama!

…….Is it true? Can I actually pass it……? But I received a recommendation! I will live up to their expectations and I will take the test! And getting a promotion was supposed to be my aim! It happened while I was doing things without thinking but this is an important chance! I will just go ahead and pass!

“I will do my best! I will definitely become a Middle-class devil! And one day I will become a High-class devil!”

I replied by raising my spirit! Yeah! The road to becoming a Harem-King has opened! I will just go ahead and be covered in the bodies of naked women! Gufufufufufufufu! I was burning with ecchi dreams within my mind, as Rossweisse stands up.

“Now. Since the discussion is basically finished, I will take my leave.”

When I looked , she had clothes on that seemed like she was going somewhere. It had been bugging me the whole time.

“Rossweisse-san. Are you going somewhere?”

When I asked, Rossweisse-san answered while looking far ahead.

“To Northen Europe. I’m thinking of returning home for a while.”

……..Northen Europe? Returning home? What’s this about? I didn’t know what was going on, but Rias seemed to know about it.

“It’s about “that” correct?”

Rossweisse-san silently nodded at Rias’ question.

“Yes. Currently, I think I’m lacking power. There are many occasions where the Gremory Team fights strong opponents. At this rate, I will become a hindrance. I’m thinking about increasing the trait of “Rook”.”

So she was going back to increase her “Rook’s” trait? Sensei then asks her.

“Rossweisse, is there something you can rely on in Valhalla?”

“Yes. There is a senpai of mine who is a professional in that department. It seems like getting points at Magical-attacks during the Valkyrie candidate test has been in vain……”

After the battle against Bael, it seemed like there were things Rossweisse-san was concerned about and she has been regretting that she couldn’t give it her all. Even if I said that, I think she left a good impression in the last match. She defeated two of the servants from the Bael team and she even made Sairaorg-san flinch because her magical attack went through. Magic and demonic-powers are similar but different. Demonic-power is a power that devils use with their own power to create natural phenomenons. It needs a lot of power to turn imagination into materialisation. To have complicated or powerful demonic-powers materialise, you require a high-level of technique to control them. Magic on the other hand, makes supernatural phenomenon occur by controlling it with rules and formulas. By deploying a magic-circle, calculation becomes an important factor so you have to calculate the rule and formula every time. To begin with, magic was originally a power developed so that other beings besides devils could use demonic-powers using their own laws and formulas. That’s how it started. But now various types of magic are created and it can do things that the demonic-powers of devils can’t do. Obviously, there are demonic-powers that can’t be used by magic. Especially the ability and powers handed down by the pure-devils genes. Those are powers that can only be used by those from their clans. Like that magic and demonic-powers are powers that are similar but different. The power that uses magic is called “Magical powers” or “Power of Buddhism”.

Well that was what I was told from Sensei and Rossweisse-san. So even I knew basic information about magic! Though I don’t know anything more than this! Sensei then says.

“Looking at the balance of Rias’s team, it would be good to have someone who uses magic. It might have been good to use a “Bishop” or “Pawn” to increase her strong points. Rias’s team has overwhelming fire-power but looking at it as a whole, it has shallow defence and can easily be taken down by tricks and techniques. In past games and actual battles, the opponents aimed for those. In other words, the whole team has muscles even in their brains. Something like “Defeat them, before getting defeated”. Covering those parts with magic would be a good thing.”

Everyone made a bitter smile at Sensei’s comment. Rias was also embarrassed and she had a red face. W-well his opinion was correct. Most of us are types who just go head on and fight and we often get toyed with by technique-types. Sirzechs-sama then said this.

“But there are many fans that prefer teams like your group. Strategy-type teams and technique-type teams are hard to judge at first glance and lack extreme fights, but expert fans like them.”

Sensei also nodded.

“Yeah. So Rias and Sairaorg’s teams should use their flashy fights to attract an audience while improving their strategies. That way in the future, the professional games will be heated up.”

Oh, so you can also look at it that way. So professionals also need to get an audience as well. I see.

“Either way, you need certain support to back up those powers. So will it be alright to send Rossweisse to Valhalla, Rias?”

Sensei asked Rias.

“Yes. If there are certain areas they want to improve, then there is no reason for me to decline it.”

Rias also agrees with it. Seeing that, Rossweisse gives her gratitude.

“Thank you very much. Ah. I have also made the test paper for the mid-semester test, so please don’t worry about it.”

Rias and Akeno-san nodded at Rossweisse-san’s words.

“To be expected from her.”

“Oh now I remember. It’s about time at the academy for the mid-semester test.”

That’s right! It was about time that there was a mid-semester test at school! For 2nd years, we have Sports-festival, School-Trip, School-festival, and mid-semester test continuously for the second semester!

“Oh crap! There’s the mid-semester test! I haven't studied at all!"

I got up and screamed! What should I do! What the heck should I do! I’m already dumb to begin with, and on top of that a test!? It’s going to be the worst day ever! But it will also be bad not to take the promotion test! Looks like my school life that is mixed with troubles will continue till the test day……. While I was holding my head down, Sirzechs-sama asks Ravel.

High school dxd v11 047.jpg

“Ravel. Will you accept the offer I made during our earlier discussion ?”

“Of course, Sirzechs-sama!”

Ravel accepted his offer. Huh? What was that about?

“What is this thing about an earlier discussion?”

I asked Sirzechs-sama.

“Yes. I’m thinking of making Ravel become Ise-kun’s assistant. In other words, a manager.”

……Ah. If I think about it, Sensei also said something like that before the Bael match. Sirzechs-sama continues.

“Ise-kun will also be busy from now on. Both in studies in the human world, and the entertainment industry in the Underworld. Grayfia manages the schedule for the Gremory team, but she’s still just one person. So, there will be matters she can't handle by herself, especially the simple ones. So I thought it would be better to give you a manager from now on. That’s why I picked Ravel who is connected with the Underworld and is also studying in the human world.”

So my support……. I heard Sensei saying that I would need someone like that from now. Also by seeing the number of children who came to cheer for me at the Bael match, I can imagine how things related to “Oppai Dragon” are important from the high popularity of “Oppai Dragon” in the Underworld. That’s probably the reason for me getting a manager. I feel like a celebrity……. Wait. Am I a celebrity in the Underworld? Hmmm, I don’t feel like it. But I do know that I’m famous. It’s scary to know that my importance is increasing in ways I don’t know about.

“I’m sorry for bringing this up all of a sudden, but I want you, Ravel, to support Ise-kun with his Mid-class promotion test.”

Ravel stood up at Sirzechs-sama’s words and put her hand up filled with confidence.

“I understand. Leave it to me, Ravel Phoenix. I will definitely make sure Ise-san gets promoted! I will collect and gather the essential books and such now!”

After saying that, Ravel left the room. Oh, she’s filled with spirit! Having her on my side made me feel strong.

“For Ravel, your promotion will affect her future life greatly.”

That’s what Sensei says…….. Just like her parents from the House of Phoenix, she seemed very interested in my promotion.

“Koneko. If you let your guard down, the Senpai whom you greatly love will be taken away by Ravel.”

Sensei picks on Koneko-chan. Ho-hold on! If you talk about those kind of things, Koneko-chan's heart will get heated towards the rivalry she has against Ravel........


Koneko-chan was just looking down, and it seemed like her mind was elsewhere.


Everyone seemed puzzled at Koneko-chan who didn’t react at all.

……Koneko-chan is acting weird, just like I thought. I hope she isn’t ill.

I’m worried about Koneko-chan but I have to take care of the test first! The promotion test and mid-semester test! These are the two problems that are greatly pressuring me.

Part 3

A few days later, it was lunch time, and I was lying on my own desk inside my classroom. I held my head down, while I mumbled.

“……Aaaah, there are too many things I need to memorise……”

The timing was bad……. During the sports festival there was the incident with Diodora and the Old-Maou faction. Before the school field trip there was the incident with Loki. Also during the field trip there was the battle with the Hero-Faction. At the same time as the school festival there was the Rating Game against Sairaorg-san. Now, for the promotion test there is a clash with the Mid-semester exam and I have to study for both of them…… It’s not easy being a devil……..

Every night after the devil’s job and dinner, there was a group study session for the exam. I was studying for the Mid-semester test and promotion-test while being taught by others. I have to study for both, so it feels like my head was going to blow. Rosweisse-san departed from Japan soon after that. She finished setting the test paper, so she must have gone to Northern-Europe without any worries. I also wanted her to check my study progress, as she usually was the one who taught me.

“Oh look. Ise is studying.”

“It’s useless. Even if you feed your brain, you are already an idiot to begin with so it won’t do any good.”

Motohama and Matsuda appeared and came to my desk with lecherous faces.

“Shut up baldy and glasses. Putting Motohama aside, you have the same grades as me, Matsuda.”

Matsuda just laughed it off.

“Kakaka. At times like this, you should just forget about these kind of things and put your attention to other things. Look!”

What Matsuda pulled out was……..a porno DVD! That was the lecherous porno DVD for gentleman! I grabbed it from Matsuda immediately. I glared at the cover of it.

“T-This is….! The really rare and popular DVD which is hard to get now! “True Big-breasted Squadron Paiotsujya. The exploding exposed breast-war story”! Y-you got your hands on thissss!?”

Motohama’s glasses sparkled at my shivering voice.

“Well, I got it from my personal connection. I sacrificed many things to get my hands on this. Even so, this has that much value to it!”

Matsuda puts his arm around my neck. He then whispered into my ears with a lecherous face.

“Hey Ise-dono. Let's forget about the test and have a film-party at my house. Your house is cramped with girls so you can’t watch these types of things can you?”

H-he was exactly right! I couldn’t do personal and private things at my house like before! Especially touching ecchi stuff has become a valuable thing…… I spend my nights with Rias and Asia, and other girls often come to my room to play as well. We often have sudden Game Tournaments in my room. Well that was also really fun! People might say that even if I couldn't touch erotic things, there are women’s bodies close to me. But! That is that, and this is this! I want to watch lots of porno! How can you call it youth if a healthy high school student like myself can’t watch porno!

“…….Okay. We will watch this porno DVD at Matsuda’s house--“

It happened when I had made up my mind and was about to speak. Someone took the DVD I was holding away from me. It’s the girl with glasses, Kiryuu.

“Ara-ara. It’s just before the exam and the “The Three-Ero(lechers)” are just like usual. Ara. But this looks interesting. What do you think, Asia?”

Right next to Kiryuu is Assssssssssssia! Asia looks at the cover after being told by Kiryuu! Her face suddenly turned red!

“Hauuuuuu! Ise-san! Y-you got naughty things like this again! You already have so many!”

How much does Asia-chan know about my collection!? The girls at my house have a strict observation of me! Also guys always search for new and stimulating things! Xenovia also appeared and started to look at the cover with very interested eyes.

“Yes. Last time I watched one of Ise’s collection with Asia and Irina, but I think what they do in the end is always the same. Intercourse right? Isn’t that right Irina?”

Xenovia shifts the discussion to Irina who appeared beside her! Wait! You guys were watching my collection!? What the hell!?

“R-Rias-san and Akeno-san also said that the steps and atmosphere are important as well! That’s what it means!”

“Hmn. Atmoshere huh. You certainly need it. So you are saying that just making love won’t allow us to be satisfied because we are “women”. That’s what you mean right Irina?”

“Wait! Don’t shift the topic like this to a Christian like me! Something terrible will happen! But I do have an interest in it…….! Aaaah, please forgive this complicated mind of a maiden of mine lord!”

She held her head down and prayed! Irina sure was busy like always! Wait! Have Rias and Akeno-san been looking at all my collection as well!? The way I hid it was perfect! I hid it inside household goods inside the closet located in the unused room! So it was found…… The location of the DVDs didn’t change and there wasn’t even a trace of them being touched! I was feeling embarrassed because my private things were revealed! Matsuda and Motohama both said “Aaaah” while having a small laugh, and they are looking at me with sympathetic eyes! Shit! I’m envious of you guys who can watch porn without any care inside your room!

“I will also be erotic! So don’t worry Ise-san!”

Asia-chan made a declaration like that! Next to her, Kiryuu had a suspicious smile on her face. Youuuuuuu! Even Kiryuu influenced Asia with erotic things! If my cute Asia becomes erotic, then I………. Maybe that will be quite good!?

Then my mobile-phone vibrated; when I checked, it was the vibration to alert me of the time.

“Ah, it’s time for medicine.”

I said that and got up from my seat.

“Huh? Was there something wrong with you?”

Matsuda asks. No, it’s not for me.

“Sorry. I will be gone for a bit.”

I said it to everyone and moved to a place where there aren’t any people. I went inside the home economic room which isn’t used by anyone during this time. I made my gauntlet appear immediately and took out a small bottle at the sink. I sprinkled the fluid inside it on the jewel.

“How is it Ddraig?”

[…….Yeah. It feels like my feelings are becoming relaxed.]

Ddraig seemed to have calmed. It seemed like he got a heart “disease” because I have been continuously powering up with breast related things. When I showed Ddraig to the professional counsellor introduced by Sensei, I was prescribed to use this medicine. He has his consciousness, but apparently a sealed Dragon is a special existence. So I used the medicine for Dragons that will calm their stress down, and it seems like the medicine works and he seemed to be more relaxed than before. A Dragon sealed in Sacred Gear should be rare, but a medicine used for that kind of dragon seemed rarer to me….. I really have been troubling him so much that I had to get a counsellor to check up on him. I never imagined that a Heavenly Dragon had a fragile heart; I shouldn't have done too many reckless power-ups.

[…….I start to revert back to myself after receiving the medicine. Kukuku. But a Heavenly-Dragon who needs medicine….. What would the white-one think if he finds out…….]

Ddraig was laughing at himself…… I’m really sorry! Well anyway, I have a counsellor look at him once a week and I have to use this medication on him 3 times a day. Ddraig! I will look after you for the rest of my life!

[…….Kukuku. Medication for ten thousand years huh…………]

That’s why I’m saying that I’m sorry! Keep your heart strong! Oh! If the cause, which is me, tells him that then it won’t have any persuasive strength in it! Ddraig's condition was serious, but I also have to take care of the two tests….. I’m busy with other things besides battles as well…… So it was necessary that I got a manager huh. I seriously am having a crazy high school life. Haaa…….. I left the home-economic room while making a sigh. And I met him by chance.


“Ah, Saji.”

I met with Saji.

“…..You were making the Heavenly-Dragon cry that much?”

Saji sighed after hearing about the issue with Ddraig. I was in the Student-council room.

“If the Heavenly-Dragon doesn’t stay stable then serious things will happen when Vritra goes berserk.”

Saji said it while drinking green-tea.

“It means that Dragons are sensitive and hard to control.”

I said something that sounded right…….. But I’m not in the position where I can say that. But Saji also agreed by saying “Yeah. You are right”. Well it’s hard to take care of a dragon that resides in you. I wonder how Sensei is interacting with Fafnir? I should ask him about it next time.

“Oh yeah. I heard that you were recommended for promotion. Congrats.”

I was congratulated by Saji.

“Yeah, thanks. It was all rather sudden. To tell you the truth, I still can’t believe it.”

“Well, I think it is an appropriate recommendation. You went through lots of life and death situations, right? I participated in the battle against Loki and the battle at Kyoto so I understand it. You will die in battles like those. Well, normally you would die. How many strong foes have you fought? They are all opponents who come from mythologies or are recorded in history.”

But I still survived through those battles. It’s all because of Ddraig and my comrades who I can depend on…… Even so, they were intense battles. Seriously, why do we get involved in these kinds of battles………? I admire a quiet and ecchi lifestyle! Saji continued.

“You survived through those battles and that in itself is an achievement. So I would say it’s an appropriate thing. Are you going to skip through ranks? Don’t you guys already have the power of High-class devils? Like you and Kiba for example.”

“No, in terms of promotion we have to become Middle-class devils first.”

“Hmm, so the higher-up’s don’t have the good will to do what’s right, ay. Kaichou said that you, Kiba, and Akeno-senpai have the power to become High-class devils by skipping through ranks. Since it’s Sekiryuutei, Holy-demonic swords, and Holy-lightning.”

Some people look at us like that. Even Sensei and others said it’s a matter of time until we become High-class devils. So we have accomplished things where we get treated like that huh…….

“You and Kiba are especially crazy strong. I asked Kiba to spar with me last time. He was too strong. My attacks couldn’t even hit him. Kiba is like a role-model of a technique-type in my opinion. And you have been training with Kiba every day right? You do know that you guys are monsters, right?”

I don’t want it to be said by Saji who can transform into a Dragon-king…… Well the training with that guy won’t mean anything if I don’t do it seriously. I see. So Saji did spar with Kiba. He must have bit his tongue when he saw Kiba’s god speed. My attacks seriously can’t touch him.

“I also want to get a promotion, but before that I need to get stronger.”

Saji said it with a bitter smile.

“You are already strong enough. You do have the Dragon-king Vritra with you.”

“No, not just me. I want to get stronger with the other Sitri members as well. Lately, our Kaichou has been discussing it with Grigori. About the artificial Sacred Gear that is.”

“Artificial Sacred Gear?”

The one Sensei uses. The one he created for himself by copying the Scared Gear system that the “God recorded in Bible” used to create the Sacred Gear.

“Yeah. We, the Sitri group, often participate in the experiments of Azazel-sensei. As a result, next time one of the non-Sacred Gear possessors of our group is going to be equipped with an Artificial Sacred Gear.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Even if I say Artificial Sacred Gears, the power output isn’t as stable as the Sacred Gears and there are limits on the number of times they can be used. There are many things that still need to be fixed. But it’s certain that we can become stronger, so it won’t be in vain if we use it. And if the research on the Artificial Sacred Gears improves, then in the near future it will become the power for devils as well. Also “Reverse” isn’t used anymore. The burden it has on the body is large and they say if those with Sacred Gears near them touch it, bad things might occur.”

So the student-council members were helping with the experiments for things like that huh. Saji enjoyably talked about it.

“There are also lots of variations in Artificial Sacred Gears as well. It’s not like I’m receiving it, but it’s fun to know about them you know? It begins with Power or Support type. For types it has Element-types, Counter-types, Barrier-types and like that it has many variations. And just like our Sacred Gears there are ones that have monsters sealed in them, even by contract as well.”

If I remember correctly, Sensei’s Artificial Sacred Gear has one of the Five Dragon-kings, “Gigantis Dragon Fafnir” residing in it by contract. Do you call those ones the “Contract-sealed type” perhaps? I’m really lacking in knowledge about Sacred Gear types. I have only tried to understand my own Sacred Gear. Next time I should ask Sensei to teach me about it. When I was thinking about it, other Sitri members came into the student-council room.

“Ah, it’s Hyoudou-kun.”

The one with pig tails, the “Bishop” Kusaka-san congratulated me by saying “Congratulations for your promotion recommendation!” as soon as she saw me. Other members also congratulate me by saying “Congratulations!”.

“Thank you! First of all, I will try my best for the test.”

The first year girl, the “Pawn” Nimura-san said it to Saji.

“Genshirou-senpai. Kaichou said to get “that” document.”

“Ah, that. Roger that Nimura.”

And another girl, the second-year girl “Bishop” Hanakai-san said it to Saji.

“Gen-chan. I also have some business from Kaichou.”

“Are you serious Hanakai? Looks like I have lots of things to do…… First of all, let’s do the ones that are easier to finish. Hyoudou, I will be going then. Just relax by talking to the others.”

Saji leaved the room with Hanakai-san and Nimura-san after saying that. I heard from the “Rook” Yura and “Bishop” Kusaka-san that the second year girl, the “Bishop” Hanakai Momo, and the first year girl, the “Pawn” Nimura Ruruko-san were having an intense clash over Saji. Hanakai-san was the girl who was carrying the pack with my blood inside at the Rating Game against the Sitri-group. Nimura-san was the one who got defeated by Koneko-chan. Hanakai-san was originally Kiba’s fan, but apparently she is the type who can distinguish between dream and reality, and she realised that Kiba is someone who she cannot reach so she had her heart taken by Saji who continued to work hard. Nimura-san on the other hand has been beside Saji and has been supporting Saji with student-council work and devil related works. Because she’s been right next to him, she apparently fell for Saji who took everything seriously. Looks like he’s also busy. While I was thinking about my friend's love-life, while drinking green tea, the “Rook” Yura came up to me with autograph paper.

“Hyoudou, can I have your autograph?”

“Okay. But are you sure you want mine?”

“Of course. The battle against Bael. I saw the recorded video and became deeply moved by it. That was the best fist fight ever.”

Yura seemed to be my fan. Last time I talked to Yura and the others, we had a discussion about who the girls' type was amongst the devils attending the school - me, Kiba, Gasper or Saji. She told me I was her type. She said she likes guys who seem to be covered in mud. Am I muddy…….? Well I always have fist fights so it couldn't be helped if I leave an impression like that.

…..But Yura sure was a bishoujo even though she has really high popularity from girls for having a bishounen face. By the way the “Knight” Meguri-san prefers Gasper. She seemsed to like younger boys.

“Young boys are good.”

Meguri-san said it naturally with a serious face!

“I definitely prefer Kiba-kyuun.”

Kusaka-san was a big Kiba-fan like always. Also the Fuku-kaichou, Tsubaki-senpai was also Kiba’s fan. In terms of being a fan, Tsubaki-senpai is greater than Kusaka-san. Apparently she fell for Kiba after losing the Rating game in the Underworld. Is it that kind of love where the person finds out their feelings after they have lost?

“Kusaka-san. Do you want me to introduce you to Kiba next time?”

Kusaka-san got overjoyed at my suggestion.

“Really!? But can you introduce Tsubaki-senpai first? She is seriously in love with Kiba-kyuun.”

Ah, is that right. It’s one of those complicated relationships between Senpai and Kouhai. Wait! Why am I being concerned about that good-looking guy! But that guy doesn’t have a girlfriend even though he’s popular amongst girls. As his friend I'm very concerned. Like this, I was opening up to the people in student-council. This is a good thing. It’s a good thing to have connections since we are the few devils who go to the same school.

“So Hyoudou-kun is here, I see.”

I heard a familiar voice. When I turned around it was Sona-kaichou.

“Ah, I’m pardoning myself.”


Kaichou answered my greetings with a cool manner.

“Although we have a guest here but I want everyone to do an errand for me. Tsubaki is having a hard time against the clubs.”


Everyone replied to Kaichou’s order.

“See you later Hyoudou-kun.”

Saying that, everyone leaves the room. The only ones left are me and Kaichou!

……It was probably my first time being alone with Kaichou! I was getting nervous! Then the room suddenly became silent. Sona-kaichou sat on her seat and started looking through the documents.


I felt like I was in the wrong place so I tried to leave. Then Kaichou spoke.

“I heard that you confessed to Rias.”

…….. So you want to talk about that.

“Ri…… Did Buchou tell you?”

“Yes. I have been friends with her since we were small. Lately I hear about her love life by communicating through magic-circles.”

Are you serious!? Th-that sure is……..

“Hahaha…… Ummm, yeah…….”

I put on a smile and Kaichou started staring at me.

“It seems like you can do everything that I couldn’t do.”

“……What do you mean?”

“The engagement, the incident with Raiser. The case with Kiba Yuuto-kun. The case with Gasper-kun. The case with Koneko-san. The case with Akeno……… You lessen the burden Rias carries…….. I have been beside Rias longer than you, yet I couldn’t do anything even though I‘m her friend. “Because I’m a High-class devil”. “Because it’s the devils' custom”. I couldn’t overcome these obstacles because I was captured by those facts…….. I couldn’t do anything because of the place I stand at and the way people around me will look at me.”

Sona-kaichou had been thinking of Rias in her own way. Of course, since they have been friends since they were small.

“You solved them without thinking about those facts. I was very happy about it…….. And also very jealous. You can solve every problem that I couldn’t. That’s why I want to give you my gratitude. Thank you for saving Rias.”

Kaichou’s cool expression loosens after making a sigh.

“Hyoudou-kun….. No. Maybe I should call you Ise-kun at private times. Please take care of Rias. She can be stubborn, and short tempered at times but she’s more delicate than anyone. She needs someone who can support her by her side. That’s why I want to leave this task to you.”

“Yes! Leave Ri……Buchou to me!”

Of course! Rias is very important to me!

“You can call Rias by her name when it’s only us two. If you are the person she is in love with, then that makes you my friend as well. Yes, you can also call me Sona.”

“I-I think that’s a bit hard for me……!”

Kaichou made a sigh after hearing me.

“……..You receive dissatisfaction from Rias and Akeno about how you speak to them at private times don’t you?”

“Eh!? H-how do you know!?”

Is Kaichou a psychic!? How did she know? Seeing my reaction, Kaichou made a small laugh. She does have a cute laugh; she usually acts cool, so the gap between these personalities makes me fall for her. I see. I can understand why Saji fell for her!

“It means a gentlemen who can separate the way they talk to ladies are more wonderful.”

“Ha-haaaa……. So it’s like that……….”

Kaichou made a sigh and slipped some words from her mouth.

“Maybe, I should also get a boyfriend.”

Oh! I just heard a new word!

“How about Saji?”

My suggestion. Does he have any chance? Kaichou shook her head.

“I would call him my little-brother perhaps. Also there are servants of mine who have feelings towards him so I wouldn’t think of laying my hand on him.”

Ah, looks like there isn’t any chance right now. Saji, it seems like your dream is far away!

“Also about the game. It was magnificent. For you to defeat that Sairaorg Bael. Your growth sure does astonish me.”

“Y-yes, thank you very much. But we were able to finally beat him with four people……. He was a strong foe.”

“Even so, it was your team's victory. I can only say it was splendid.”

Sh-she sure does praise me a lot. This feels very new to me. But Kaichou’s group was also amazing. Even though her group isn’t complete yet, she still defeated the person from the house of Great-Duke. It means that Kaichou’s strategies and the game's rule had good matching. They are like the complete opposite type of team than us.

“So I will leave Rias to you Ise-kun. Also congratulations on your promotion recommendation. I will also congratulate you as well.”

“Thank you very much! Leave both Rias and the test to me!”

“Yes. I have high expectations for you. Do your best in your exams as well.”

Sona-kaichou showed me her smile. For me to see that cool Kaichou making a cute smile like this. It proved that we have opened up to each other. Somehow I feel happy because Kaichou also congratulated me. Yes. I have my spirits up again so I will pass both the exam and test!

Part 4

“I see. So you talked about things like that with Sona.”

I was in the living room after having dinner. I spoke about the incident at noon with Rias.

“I have one doubt though. Doesn’t Sona-kaichou also have someone who she’s engaged with? I mean does she have a fiancé?”

I asked something like that to Rias. Sona-kaichou is also from a noble house, so it would be obvious if she does have a fiancé.

“She did.”


“She also broke it off like I did. It happened a bit before. She apparently challenged him to a game of chess and if she won, the engagement would be broken off, but if she were to lose she had to quit school and get married immediately. She decided not to marry someone who can’t use his brain like her.”

So something like that happened. That’s why she said she might get a boyfriend. So she’s single right now.

“So in the end, she won and the engagement was broken off right.”

Rias nodded at my words.

“She won the game with an overwhelming difference and broke the opponent's pride into pieces. It’s that Sona who won against Seegvaira Agares in tactics. Normal people can’t win against her. If I have a game of chess with her now, it would seem like I will lose more than win.”

That much huh. In a power battle we will not lose to the Sitri group. But if it was a Rating Game that was mainly about strategy then……. They still don’t have full members yet. Won’t something amazing happen if they do have full members……? At least they still have few “Pawn” pieces and one of their “Knight” and “Rook” pieces left. When I was thinking about that, Rias spoke about it.

“Oh yes. Sona did say that she found someone new for the “Knight” and “Rook” pieces. She’s negotiating with them.”

Oh! So the Sitri-group will finally increase their members! It’s the Sona-kaichou who is a tactician that we are talking about. They must be those with certain traits. No, no. Maybe they might be power-types. If they are bishoujo, then I would like to get close to them! Like that I was imagining the new Sitri-group.

“Now, Ise-sama.”

Ravel appeared while carrying books with both her hands! Lots of books are put down on the table making a loud noise! Ravel says it in front of the mountain of books.

“I also gathered many books and a reference book for the promotion test today! Also I gathered books for the exam for the Kuou Academy as well!”

This girl sure was fast and good at preparing! She always brings reference books from somewhere!

“Ara-ara. Looks like it’s time to study for the test.”

Akeno-san came.

“Oh, it’s time for studying, is it? I also have to study for it today.”

“I will also study as well.”

“I’m studying as well!”

The trio of Xenovia, Irina and Asia came as well. Like that everyone gathered around this time and began to study. Akeno-san and I study for both the exam and the promotion test. Other members study for the exam.

“Then let’s also study today as well.”

Rias sat beside me and opened the stationary book. She then looks around…….. She seems to be looking for someone.

“So Koneko doesn’t feel good today as well?”

Certainly Koneko-chan was absent now. She seemed to be in bad condition lately. So like that, group study began without Koneko-chan.

“……..Ah, there are too many things to do.”

Group study finished and also the devil’s job was finished as well, so I was lying on the bed in my room. I was physically exhausted, but the mental stress is even worse. During the time I was doing the devil’s job, I was pedalling my bicycle while reading a book that I carried with one of my hands…… I’m glad that I’m a devil who can see at night.

…….Even after this I have to study late into the night. Since both tests were coming up, I have to study to my limit. Well I’m a devil and I’m confident in my stamina so I can somehow cope with it. But there are two tests so there are so many things I have to remember and I was scared that my brain will pop. Right now, Rias and the girls were making food before studying so as to give us energy. Rias stays up late at night, to help me with my studies. She truly is an amazing woman! Though she seems to be leaving her class at school in order to sleep in the infirmary……. Even so, she’s still an amazing woman!

……..I did confess to her, but maybe I should ask her how long it will be effective for? That’s because I admired that sweet life! When I study like this, I feel like ditching everything to do erotic things with her! Ah, is kissing her okay? Then how about something beyond that? Even ecchi things……. No, no! I have to study for the tests now! I should put aside my evil desires and study with the heart of a saint!

……..But maybe she will allow me to do ecchi things as a reward for passing the test. Ah! What happened to the film-party at Matsuda’s house and watching the DVD Motohoma got!? Is it invalid now!? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I want to watch it! I really want to watch it! How come I’m the only one who can’t watch it! This isn’t fair! Once I think about erotic things, it just gets bigger inside of me! I’m really keeping it in myself aren’t I? Sob……this isn’t fair! Maybe I should get rid of the “youth” inside me……….. It happened when I was trying to reach for the porno magazine hidden deep under the bed. I heard the sound of the door opening! ……..! Who was it!? Was it Rias!? Or was it Asia!? When I turned around, it was Koneko-chan wearing a white cloth. She had her cat ears and tail out. Was she in Nekomata mode? Why was she in that mode this late at night? She also took a break from the devil’s work because she wasn’t feeling well. I heard she was not sick and she wasn’t having trouble using sennjutsu either…….. Koneko-chan had a red face.

……She seems a bit “hot”…….Koneko-chan got close to me with an expression of ecstasy, and pulled her white cloth up. Inside there……


She wasn’t wearing anything! My mouth was left wide open because of Koneko-chan who wasn’t wearing any panties.

Th-th-th-that’s because she wasn’t wearing panties……! After taking off the white cloth, she got up on my bed and hugged me. Her fast breath, sweaty small body and her soft body touched me! Koneko-chan then whispered into my ear.

“……..Senpai…….. I can’t control it………”

After saying that she took my hand, and puts it on her breast. It’s small, but I can certainly feel a soft sensation on my hand. Koneko-chan then made a sweet voice.


……! What’s happening!? What’s going on!? What is this!? What happened to Koneko-chan!? I get confused at the sudden situation! I couldn’t hide my confused state because something that seems like an unbelievable action by Koneko-chan is happening! I never expected Koneko-chan to do erotic things like Rias and Akeno-san! I could feel her dry cat tongue on my neck…..! I got my neck licked by Koneko-chan! What is it with her tongue movement!? It’s too erotic! Koneko-chan spoke with a small voice with emotional eyes.

“……..I want Senpai’s………Ba.”


I asked Koneko-chan and she says it clearly.





What did she mean!? She suddenly said that she wants a baby!? She suddenly said something that Xenovia usually does! “That” Koneko-chan said it with an erotic expression! Koneko-chan revealed most of her body by taking off the cloth! She’s basically naked! A small breast appeared in front of me! Something amazing was going on! I was imagining about doing ecchi things and then Koneko-chan appeared right in front of me saying “I want Senpai’s baby”! It was a stimulating and ecchi situation! But……. there was something wrong with Koneko-chan. An expression that seems a bit “hot”. I can see a bit of a shadow in her eyes.

…….It happened when I thought that this wasn’t normal. The door opened and Rias came in! Uwaaaaaaaaaah! She saw me and Koneko-chan in a situation like this! As soon as Rias assessed the situation, she came rushing towards me and Koneko-chan while making loud footsteps! Uwa, was she mad!? Was I going to be killed!? That’s what I thought but………..

Rias puts her hand on Koneko-chan’s neck and then looks into Koneko-chan’s eyes. She then lastly touches her chest and stomach. Rias starts to think for a moment and then takes out her mobile. Rias then says it to me.

“…….You remember the Tennis-club captain, Abe-san right?”

“Eh……..? Y-yes. The beast-tamer senpai right?

The owner of the dream-breaker Yuki-Onna, Goristee. That tennis-club senpai who was always proud of herself.

“I will call her. Abe-san would be more knowledgeable than us about Nekomata.”

Rias seemed serious. It seemed like she wasn’t even going to talk to us about the erotic situation that occurred just now. It means she was more concerned about Koneko-chan.

“U…ummmmmm, what’s happening to Koneko-chan………”

Rias answered my question.

“……Let's have an expert look at her first.”

Rias sounded like she knew about something…… She then called Abe-senpai.

……What happened to Koneko-chan?

Life.2 Infinite and the Mid-class devil promotion test!

Part 1

“So this is the mating season of Nekomata, huh.”

That was the first thing Sensei said when he came here after receiving a call from the other members. After that we called Abe-senpai and had her look at Koneko-chan and she told us her diagnosis. That Koneko-chan is acting with her instincts to make offspring. Koneko-chan was in her room now and sleeping calmly. Abe-san specially gave her a medicine that relieved her instincts. It seemed like it worked. To be expected from a Beast Tamer. She has lots of knowledge about Youkai and creatures. The Gremory members who live in the Hyoudou residence and Sensei are gathered in the VIP room.

“Mating Season, huh……..”

I mumbled. Was it the same as a cat's? Well Nekomatas are cat Youkai after all. Was that the reason why she came to me like that?

Sensei continued.

“Nekomata females go into mating season after a while when their body becomes developed enough to bear babies. In other words the instinct of being a Nekomata makes them want to make babies. Those parts are similar to cats. And in a Nekomata’s case, they choose males of a different species that they take a liking to. In other words that’s you, Ise.”

M-me……? I pointed at myself and Sensei nods.

“Koneko is a rare Nekomata. Nekoshou. I think it’s a good idea to make offspring. And if that is the child of the Sekiryuutei, you can’t ask for anything more. But this time, it is a bit…….”

Sensei said it while sighing.

“Koneko is still too small.”

……Yeah, you are right. Her oppai are too small. I thought of that after looking at Rias and Akeno-san’s breasts. Rias sighed after realising it.

“Oh, come on! He means her body.”

Yeah you are right! I'm sorry that I'm always thinking about breasts! It's just such a treat for the eyes!

“Do you mean that she has a small body?”

Sensei explained to me.

“Yeah. It will be dangerous for the Nekoshou to bear a child if their body and mind aren’t matured. Even in the human world, giving birth puts lots of strain on the mother’s body right? If she bears Ise’s child as she is, there is a high chance that both she and the baby won’t be able to endure it while giving birth resulting in both of them dying. Taking those facts into account, it’s better to do it after her body matures a bit more.”

Koneko-chan said before that her body was small, but she could make babies. Was she…… just saying reckless things then? She certainly can give birth. But it would be dangerous for both her and the baby. Her body wasn’t ready yet. Then wouldn’t mating season not come by instinct?

Abe-senpai also said “I think it is a bit early for Koneko-san to go into mating season” when she checked Koneko-chan.

“Then wouldn’t it be weird for the instinct of the Nekoshou to determine that if it still can’t give birth? But why is Koneko-chan………”

“I can understand her as one of the girls who lives in this house.”

The one who said that was Akeno-san. Everyone looked at Akeno-san.

“I’m sure that Koneko-chan’s emotions increased by looking at the relationship between Rias and Ise-kun. So she must have thought things like “I can’t lose” and “I will be the next one” very strongly.”

……Rias and my relationship? Rias and I looked at each other. Did she think that she also had to do something after seeing the confession and our relationship……..? S-so she chose me? That is something I could feel honoured about! But in her current state, it will put a lot of burden on her. I can’t possibly make Koneko-chan go through such a dangerous situation.

“Did she go into mating season when her body isn’t even ready because of the influences of Ise and me……?”

Rias said it sadly. It seemed like she was a bit shocked. She must be thinking that her feelings towards me have stimulated her important servant. Maybe it might have been different if I paid more attention to her…….. But I only had eyes for Rias since the confession…… Sensei realised the weird atmosphere so he said it while scratching his head.

“Anyway, suppressing her instincts forcefully isn’t good. If we continue to suppress it with medication, then there is a chance that her instincts won’t work after she matures.”

He was certainly right. We were relying on the medications right then, but we can’t let Koneko-chan’s body become ill by relying on it too much. Sensei pointed at me and then declared.

“The best thing right now is for Ise to endure it until Koneko’s condition gets stabilised.”


“Yeah. It might be a good situation for you who is always in mating season, but endure Koneko’s seduction if you care about her well-being. You should be able to endure it if you think that she will die if you have sex with her.”

Y-you might be right, but……! There isn’t any guy who won’t get excited if a girl seduces him…….! In other words you are telling me to endure this, which will be like torture for me!

…..Looks like amazing things are going to happen……! There will be both sweet and harsh everyday life events! Thinking about it gives me mixed feelings of excitement and hardship….. I put on a hard expression, and Rias holds my hand.

“Please Ise. Don’t give into Koneko’s seduction. You can’t make babies with her okay? Besides, even I haven’t……..”

“Y-you are right! I will endure it and will not give in to her seduction till Koneko-chan’s condition becomes stable!”

If the woman I love is begging me, then I can only do what she says with high spirits!

“If you endure it safely, then I will give you a reward. Ne?”

! Are you serious! I was shocked at the sudden terms!

“Are you serious!?”

“Yes, I’m serious. It’s Ise that we are talking about, so it must be something ecchi. Ufufu.”

Rias smiled at me! Oh my! I can receive a reward from Rias if I endure Koneko-chan’s seduction! No, this is important. But taking care of my important Kouhai’s body was important as well! I need to seal in these lecherous feelings of mine! But for a lecher like me this is something very hard……. But if this person, Rias, is wishing it then I…….!

“I understand. I will endure it for the reward. No. More than that I will endure it for you and Koneko-chan!”

“Yes. To be expected from my lovely Ise.”

“Yes. Of course.”



Rias and I stared at each other for a while. Aaah, the woman I love…… The feelings between us must be mutual…….! The confession of that day! I will never forget it for the rest of my life! This person and I.........

“Hey, hey. Stop making a scene here Baka-uple.”

Ha! With Sensei’s words, Rias and I realised that we were looking at each other for too long! We let go of each others hands! I also realised my face was getting red!

……Well……. Hahahahaha…….. I couldn’t help it!

“Trying to show off aye? Do those things when you guys are alone. Isn’t that right, you guys?”

Sensei asked Asia and the others…….

“No. It seems like we can watch calmly over both of them with relief.”

“While I do get envious of them, just looking at them with a sense of relief somehow heals me.”

“You are right. It took quite a long time for it to progress to this stage. It seems like there are flowers growing behind them in the background when they look into each others eyes!”

The Church-trio of Asia, Xenovia, and Irina say something embarrassing like that while nodding their heads! Stop! Just thinking about what happened just now makes me so embarrassed that I want to flee from this scene!

“Ufufufu. My desire to have an affair became even greater because the “affair-point” just got even higher.”

Akeno-san put on a smile as if she meant something! What is this “affair-point” thing you just mentioned that sounds both charming and scary!?

“If I recorded that scene just now and sent it to Raiser-oniisama, he would die of agony. Ufufu.”

Ravel! You can’t bully your brother!

“………..Geez. Ise sure is blessed with an amazing women. Oh and there is also something I need to report. Akeno.”

Sensei changed the topic and spoke to Akeno-san.

“Barakiel approved it. I also think that’s a good idea. Now the only thing left is your will.”

“So father has…….. I understand. I can’t cause any further trouble for the group. Even Gasper-kun is working hard. I also have to be as well sometime soon.”

Akeno-san's face was filled with determination. Rias looks like she knows what this is about. Did Akeno-san ask her father something……? Sensei nods at Akeno-san’s words.

“Okay. And putting that aside, can I talk to all of you?”

Sensei speaks to us with a different tone and looks at us.

“Tomorrow I’m planning to call a visitor to this house. Rias. I want to get your approval for this.”

“Ara. It’s my first time hearing about this. It’s pretty sudden.”

It was also my first time hearing about this. But it looks like Rias held the authority over this house it seems…….. Well if it has been renovated this much to fit her tastes then that might be an obvious thing.

“Yeah. There is something about this thing……”

Sensei wore a more serious expression than usual.

“You guys will definitely feel dislike towards this “visitor”. No. It won’t be weird if you guys hold killing-intent towards this “visitor”.”

……..! T-that much……..? But killing intent? What kind of guy was this visitor? Everyone was shocked at Sensei’s words and looked at each other. Of course. It’s someone who we hold dissatisfaction and even killing-intent towards……. What crosses my mind is…….the Vali-team.

“Ise. You know the group that came into your mind? That’s half correct.”

“….! Sensei, Vali and the others are coming here again?”

In the battle against Loki, those guys used this place as the base. That time we were cooperating temporarily so we didn’t fight each other…… But we were originally enemies. We have a relationship where it wouldn’t be weird if we fight to kill each other the next time we meet. But still, we met with those guys numerous times. We won’t hold killing intent towards them the moment we see them…..

“Vali is a terrorist. We cooperated once, but if they have business here again then it’s obvious that we will be prepared to fight. But I have to say that I don’t think we will hold killing intent towards them immediately. I hear that they helped Ise and the others in Kyoto. From my personal view they are enemies but don’t hold as much of a threat as the Hero-faction. Just meeting them will be……… But we will be on alert.”

Rias said that as if she had the same thought as me. Sensei scratched his cheek and made a sigh after hearing Rias.

“Regarding the Vali-team, I know that you have an unclear relation with them. It’s just that……. There’s something I can’t say right now. Please wait till tomorrow morning. You will know then. But my wish is that you guys don’t attack the “visitor”. That’s all. It’s enough if you guys listen to the “visitor’s” story. If it goes well, this meeting can change the balance greatly. Tomorrow morning, I will come back here again. That’s why, please.”

Sensei bowed his head down.

…….Someone like that is coming? All of us are in doubt. So what kind of person is coming? And by the sounds of it, this person was coming with the Vali-team……..? While holding doubts and uneasiness, the next morning we ended up meeting “it”.

Part 2

The next morning, my heart was pounding ever since the doorbell rang. I opened the door…… The person standing in front of the door was a skinny girl wearing a black gothic-lolita costume.

……. I was familiar with her. No. There was no way that I could forget it…….! There was no way in hell I would! That girl just let one sentence out of her mouth.

“It has been a while, Ddraig.”

I took a step back and pointed my finger at it!


My scream was so loud that it echoed throughout the house! H-H-How can this be?! I was so shocked that I couldn’t express my state right now! This wasn't something that I was predicting! This wasn't a joke! This was a shocking revelation that could turn heaven and hell around! The group members who were gathered at the entrance all went into battle mode! I also made my gauntlet appear and was in a state where I was deciding whether I should start the countdown for the balance-break! Of course we would! She was the boss of the “Khaos Brigade” who have been picking fights with all of the factions! She was like the final boss!? It was unfair that she appears here! No! It wasn't fair that she appeared here! She was the strongest being in the World! She was like the final boss of all the factions! And wasn’t she considered infinite and invincible!? So why was she visiting my house, the Hyoudou residence!? Was my house that famous!? Was it that important of a place that even the final boss would visit!? Mysteries and doubts were forming from the sudden fact that Ophis had appeared, but the feeling of how to respond to this situation got stronger! Suddenly, Sensei intervened.

“Hey, hey, hey! I told you yesterday! Not to hold killing intent no matter who comes! So no attacking! She also won’t attack you! Even if she did, we can’t defeat her even if we all fight together!”

Rias got enraged at Sensei’s words!

“This is absurd Azazel! That Dragon is the boss of the terrorist group that has been attacking each of the factions! She is a bitter enemy who has also caused significant damage to the World of devils! So why did you bring such an enemy to this place!? In this town, which is an important location for the alliance! And especially this house! Doesn’t allowing Ophis into this town mean that you deceived those who secure this town!? So why did you do something like this!?”

Rias was right. This town was the place where the Underworld and Heaven made cooperative actions and also the place used to negotiate with other factions -it was the most important place. It was also the place where a few staff members from the angels, fallen-angels and devils besides us reside to maintain it. I think having her in such a place means either Sensei persuaded the staff members or deceived them. Seeing Irina's shocked face means that she didn’t receive any information from Heaven’s side. Of course we didn’t get any information about it from the Devil's side either. If such a person like her was to come, Sirzechs-sama would have told us before hand, but we weren't informed. Then it could be thought that Sensei made Ophis visit the Hyoudou’s residence without informing Sirzechs-sama or Michael-san. Rias realised that immediately and yelled towards Sensei and Ophis. Because this was……..

“This is breaking the rules of the alliance Azazel! It’s something where the fallen-angel side’s can’t complain even if they were to be blamed by Maou-sama and the leader of the angels, Michael! Why would you, who has been talking about an alliance, do such……..”

The snapped Rias stopped there. She then inhaled some air.

“……It is you who has been talking about alliances. So you have determined that this visit from Ophis has that much value correct?”

Rias reached that conclusion. She was right……. There was no reason for us to doubt Sensei now. This person seemed fishy and seemed like an enemy when we first met him. But now he is the Governor of fallen-angels that we can trust from deep within our hearts. We overcame many disasters because of him. The reason we became this strong is also because of Sensei’s help and knowledge. There is no way that Sensei would betray us; he is always so concerned about us. Rias probably started to remember that while she was enraged.

“Yeah. I’m sorry Rias. I have deceived and am still deceiving many people in order for her to come here. But maybe her wish would be something that might change the existence of “Khaos Brigade” itself. I determined that it was necessary to stop unnecessary blood from being shed……. I apologise to you guys, but, can you at least listen to her story?”

Sensei bows his head down once again. This man, who has such a high pride is bowing in front of us………. There had to be a bigger meaning behind his actions.

“I will trust Sensei. The reason I’m here like this is thanks to Sensei.”

I just said that and made my gauntlet disappear. The other group members also looked at each other and put their weapons away.

“…….I’m always in the care of Sensei. I want to slash my sword at Ophis this instant but……I will endure it.”

Xenovia folded her arms and closed her eyes.

“…….To allow Ophis in while not informing Michael-sama…… Personally I don’t know what I should do, but there is no other choice but to believe in Rias-san and Azazel-sensei.”

Irina also affirmed it while having complicated feelings. She should be in the most difficult position as she was a representative of Heaven's side,but she still affirmed it. It’s proof that she believed in Sensei and us. I was happy to see that.

“I just have to believe in Ise-san and Rias-oneesama like I did from the start.”

“I have the same thought as her as well.”

Asia and Ravel are also fine with it. I also think that Kiba and Gasper who aren’t here, Koneko-chan who was sleeping in her bed, and also Rossweisse-san who returned to Northern Europe temporarily would have the same feelings as them. Rias sighed and then asked Sensei.

“So then shall I just let her in and give her green tea? Is it only Ophis? What about the Vali team?”

Asking that, a light formed in front of the entrance and a small magic-circle appeared. The one who appeared from there is the magician from the Vali team, Le Fay, who is wearing a cape and pointy hat and a large dog with ash-grey fur. Putting Le Fay aside, this ash coloured dog……. I remember it! I mean I won’t forget this chilling feeling just by looking at it! It became much smaller than before but there is no mistaking it! It’s Fenrir! A god-killing wolf that is said to kill and eat God with its fangs! If I remember it went under the Vali team…….

High school dxd v11 173.jpg

“How are you doing everyone. It is I, Le Fay Pendragon. I have been under your care at Kyoto. This over here is Fenrir-chan.”

A magician girl who gave us a polite and gentle introduction.

…….It seemed like Fenrir was also attached to her and it wasn’t giving off any hostility towards us. Even so, it was still a legendary creature so it was still scary enough! Then a glamorous woman appeared from another magic-circle! She hugged onto me soon as she appeared!


Aaah I can feel the sensation of enormous breasts!

“Long time no see Sekiryuutei-chin! Do you still like oppai like always~?”

It is Koneko-chan’s sister, Kuroka! Shit! The sensation of her oppai is great!

“It’s Kuroka!? W-What kind of pairing is this!?”

It doesn’t seem like anyone else will be appearing so is this everyone from the Vali team? Vali and Bikou haven’t come, so only the female members came? That big golem isn’t here right? Because it's too big and it wouldn’t be able to enter the house! There is something that is looking straight at me who is being hugged by Kuroka. It’s Ophis. Ophis said one thing.

“I want to talk.”

Sensei also persuades me.

“Drink tea with her. I deceived and lied to other factions in order to make this setting. If this was found out or if the situation goes into a bad direction, my head will get cut off for real.”

……I understand that. I will do it. I will do anything. Even drink tea with her.

……To my grandpa in heaven. It seems like I really do get involved in many things. Finally the time for me to drink tea with the ultimate being has come……..

A strange mixture of members are gathered in the VIP room. We the Gremory-Team (Kiba and Gasper came but Koneko-chan is still resting in her room) + Irina, Ravel, Sensei, and Vali-team’s Le Fay, Fenrir, Kuroka and Ophis who is at the centre of this meeting. A gathering of those for whom it would normally be impossible to meet.

“Here is your tea.”

Akeno-san gave green tea to the Vali-team members and Ophis while being on alert. Le Fay was drinking green tea, while Kuroka was eating snacks that go well with tea. Fenrir was sleeping near Le Fay…… They sure don’t have any feeling of being nervous….. Kiba also came and is on standby behind me. His expression is the same as usual but he has his senses sharp and alert so he can jump in anytime he wants. Gya-suke went to Koneko-chan’s place. It seems like he was worried about Koneko-chan who was his friend. If he was beside her, Koneko-chan should calm down to a certain degree. I then whispered into Sensei's ear who was sitting next to me.

(……..So what should I do?)

An obvious question to ask. Sensei asked us to listen to her story. But I didn't know in what manner to progress the conversation. The group members are also here with awkward faces and are feeling nervous. That’s because we won’t know if an unimaginable battle will occur because of something! If that happens, I think this town will blow up starting from this house…… It is certain that we would be annihilated. Then Sensei replied to me who was nervous.

(She is interested in you. So answer her if she asks a question. It will be a good opportunity to understand her.)

(E-Even if you say that! S-She’s the boss of the terrorists and is the ultimate-dragon right……? On top of that she’s stronger than Sensei and Sirzechs-sama!)

I won’t be able to get rid of this nervousness even if Sensei is beside me! Won’t you also die with us if it turns into a battle!?

(She won’t do something like going on a rampage. If you compare her to Vali and Cao Cao, she basically has no will towards battle. She won’t do something like attacking others besides Great Red. So it means you will be having a conversation with her representing each of the factions in the World. Listen okay? Just have a good time and have tea with her! Got it!)

Even if you say that…….. I could only be confused while scratching my cheek. I mean I have two tests waiting for me, so what are we doing here……. There are too many things happening! Is this also the power of Sekiryuutei, that attracts power?

……It must be. The fact is that she came here because she took an interest in me. So did my power finally attract the ultimate being? It seems like it has finally become serious…… I made a sigh while thinking like that, and Ophis just stared right at me.


I moved my lips and put on a smile and asked.

“T-T-Then what business do you have with me……?”

Smile. I need to smile. I can’t be afraid. It’s dangerous that a single one of my words can cause trouble for all the factions of the World. I don’t want to have my name engraved in history for something weird!

[Oppai-Dragon has become the cause for the destruction of the human world.]

I will cry if something like that gets recorded in the student’s textbook in the Underworld! Ophis put her mouth onto the tea. She then put it on the table and spoke.

“Ddraig. Do you want to quit being a Heavenly-Dragon?”

………………..H-Hmmm………. It felt like she asked something that I don’t get from the start. I let words out of my mouth while putting on a smiley face.

“…….Ummm, no. I don’t understand what you are trying to say……..”

“The human who is the host. He's been having a different sense of growth up until now. I think this is very strange. Very different from previous Heavenly-Dragons. Vali is also the same. Strange. Very strange.”

……Me and Vali’s growth……..? That’s strange……..? Ophis continues.

“The fight against Cao Cao. The fight against Bael. Ddraig had different evolutions. Armour turned Crimson-coloured. It's the first time. First time that I know of.”

……So the fact my armour turned crimson is already known. I thought that it would be scary the next time I met Cao Cao. Ophis still continued.

“That’s why I want to ask. Ddraig. What will you become?”

She asked while twitching her neck. Ara, she’s cute. I thought something like that! But how should I answer her…… Should I just say that I trained without thinking only seeking for breasts and powered up? But that won’t be the answer that Ophis is looking for.

-Then my gauntlet appeared by itself.

……Is it Ddraig? Ddraig then said it so everyone could hear it.

[I don’t know Ophis. I don’t know what this guy wants to become. I don’t know but…… It’s certain that he’s having an interesting growth.]

Oh, nice one! It will be easier to have Ddraig talk! So I hope that the discussion will become good between the legendary dragons! I will support you if it turns into a fight, so I leave it to you partner! Ophis looked at my gauntlet and talked.

“Two-heavenly dragons mixed, I, as the “infinite” and Great Red as the “dream” into the chant. Ddraig, why did you think of becoming the king of domination?”

[……It must be the result of seeking strength. Because of that, I was eliminated. I couldn’t become strong besides increasing the power of “domination”. I never thought that my red colour could turn to crimson.]

“I don’t understand “domination”. Those from “Khaos Brigade” seek domination. I don’t understand. Great-Red isn’t “domination”. I also am not “domination”.”

[There is no way for a being that has been strong from the beginning would be able to understand the reasons for “domination”. You who was born from the “nothingness” of “infinite” and Great-Red who was born from “illusions” of “dream” must have been from a different dimension, Ophis. You appeared in this World from the dimensional gap. What have you attained from this World, and why did you think of returning to your homeland?]

“I also want to question you, Ddraig. Why do you try to become a different being? Will you discard “domination”? What is ahead after that?”

……She answers him by questioning him. I mean I don’t even understand these guys' conversation at all. I don’t understand even a single thing! There are things that are hard to understand from a conversation between Dragons. It also felt like Albion, Midgardsormr, Vritra, and Yu-long spoke in their own pace of time. The usual Ddraig and old-man Tannin had some human behaviour in them you could say so it was easy to understand them……. But seeing Ddraig and Ophis speak like this made me think that Ddraig held a different perspective towards the World from mine. Maybe it was because they had a different view of the World from me.

“……Very interesting indeed. A conversation between a Heavenly-Dragon and a Dragon-God is something you don’t see often.”

Sensei was listening to their conversation with his eyes sparkling. He did seem like he liked these kinds of things. Well I will leave this to my partner then. If it was me, then I won’t be able to keep up with Ophis’s conversation. I thought that my partner was someone I can depend on that much, but it changed after seeing his reaction with Ophis’s next question!

“Ddraig, will you become the Chichiryutei? Can you surpass a Heavenly-dragon by groping tits? Ddraig, will you become a dragon that represents tits?”

Ddraig who heard that……..reacted in a way in which he needed to inhale some air!

[Ugg…….Even Ophis ends up saying that……… Uuu! Haahaa…….! My consciousness got cut! Counsellor! Someone call the counsellor!]

Crap! It seems like he is about to break because he received too much damage mentally! I got the medicine out and sprinkled it onto the jewel!

“Calm down Ddraig! Here’s the medicine!”

Ddraig who had his jewel sprinkled with medicine had his feelings relaxed and starts to calm down.

[…….Ah..Yeah……. S-sorry…… This m-medicine sure works……]

…….You are too delicate…….. It looked like Ddraig’s soul is exhausted for real. Sorry! I’m really sorry!

“I want to look, Ddraig. I want to look at this possessor even more.”

Ophis stared at me again!

….M-Me…..? Oh man….. Even if she’s emotionless, it seemed like her eyes have the colour of interest in it…….! Sensei breathed out and then puts his hand on my shoulder.

“So like that, can you leave her in this house for a few days? Just as you see, Ophis wants to look at you. I don’t know what reason there is behind this, but it will be fine if it’s just looking right?”

Even if you say it like that…… Having her who is the boss of the terrorists and the final boss look at me with interested eyes is a bit……. I looked at Rias for help but……

“I don’t mind if Ise is okay with it. Of course we will be on alert and we will have to stop her with full force if anything happens. If you accept that, then I will……..take this request, Azazel.”

…..! Rias was okay with it!?

….I think she took an interest in Ophis’s true motive! If we can find the string that will lead to the collapse of Khaos Brigade then we couldn’t ask for anything more! If we could stop the terrorist organisation by talking to their boss, then that would be the best. Having the fight stop without spilling blood seemed peaceful and good. But I didn’t think that Cao Cao would be stopped that easily. It seemed like the revolt in each area where he tells the Sacred Gear possessors how to attain Balance-Break was still going on but was being taken care of with a few exceptions….. And in situations like that, Ophis’s thoughts will change the direction of the World. And deciding that would depend……on my actions?

Why is such an important task placed into my hands!? I just want to live peacefully with everyone! Why does everyone bring such troubles and causes to me!? I just want to live in peeeeeeeeace!

…….Even if I shout like that within my heart, it was certain that I have to accept this request.

“…….I’m OK with it as well. It’s just that the tests are coming up soon, so if she's not a nuisance then its okay.”

I gave up after giving the minimum rule. Sensei puts his hand on my head.

“I’m sorry for dragging you in every time, Ise. Putting stress on you even though it’s right before your important test…… But this is a chance. If it goes smoothly, then the threat that each faction is facing might lessen.”

Yes, yes. I will do my best…… I can’t decline it if Sensei bows his head down. You are my benefactor after all.

“I’m not in the position to say this but Ophis and Kuroka, these guys have important tests coming up so just don’t disturb them.”


“I will just relax nyan.”

Ophis and Kuroka agreed to Sensei’s order. Did they really agree to it…….? I was looking at the two of them with doubtful eyes and then Le Fay came to me pushing out something. It was an autograph paper. She says it while twitching her body.

“U-Umm! The battle against Bael the other day! I was deeply moved! Please give me your signature if it isn’t too much!”

….Oh yeah. This girl was my fan. Hahaha. All of Vali’s comrades are crazy strong but they do lack in being nervous and they are all weirdos.

“Yeah, yeah.”

I signed her autograph paper while making a bitter smile. Like this, we took in an absurd visitor and spent our days together until the day of the test.

Part 3


It was the weekend and we were still studying for the test. There was a girl in gothic-lolita clothing sitting in the corner looking at us. Obviously it was Ophis……..

A few days had passed since that day, and I had my books out, studying with the other members of the group in the spacious living room for the exam and promotion test…… And in the corner of the living room, Ophis was sitting, staring directly at us, and that to while eating tea cakes that mum gave her. This abnormal scene was very bad for me mentally……. We had tests right in front of us you know…….

Everyone else was studying trying not to think about it, but sometimes they looked at Ophis. Of course, they would, since the boss of the terrorists was on standby in the corner of the room. To tell you the truth, this wasn’t a situation in which I can study.

But I didn’t feel any hostility or fighting spirit from her. She really was just sitting there. Kuroka, Le Fay, and Fenrir were playing at the indoor swimming pool located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence. I told those two girls and the dog to remain inside the house. They agreed to it, but putting Le Fay aside, I didn’t think Kuroka will listen to me that easily. It seemed like she would go outside whenever she found the chance to. It seemed like a riot will occur if she was found by the staff who are affiliated with the Three Big-powers alliance…… That would be scary….. No, no! I need to concentrate on my studies! The tests are coming up! I have received a recommendation, so I can't do something like betray Sirzechs-sama’s trust! Hmmmmm, I knew the name of the 72 pillars perfectly. I have also memorised the rules we need to obey while living in the human world. I have also memorised the houses that survived and the way of how to maintain them in my head. Also the different ways of treating your familiar depending on whether it was a creature or youkai. I also kind of understand the political differences between the Old-Maou faction and current-Maou faction. And the information regarding the legendary creatures, the dragons, had already been inputted in my head. I also memorised about certain gods from other factions as well.

……Though I’m not so sure about application problems, Underworld economics, and folkloristics from different regions. Ngggggh, Kiba and Akeno-san answered questions written by Rias with ease. I was still struggling because I still made mistakes. Maybe Koneko-chan felt well today, since she was studying for the exam with us.

“………Are you alright Koneko-chan?”

“………I’m alright Gya-kun.”

Koneko-chan smiled at Gasper who was worried about his friend. Her face was red as if she didn’t realise it…… So it must mean that her condition was still going on. Koneko-chan didn’t appear in front of me after that incident. We both made sure not to see each other as much as possible. It seemed like she was really fighting against her instincts. Her body desired that but her heart doesn’t. She was in a complicated condition. To tell you the truth, it was really sad that I couldn’t talk to Koneko-chan. There were times I felt like doing something because she also sometimes showed sad expressions. But what was important right then was that I didn’t have contact with Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan became unwell right before the exam, but both Koneko-chan and Gya-suke had excellent school reports so they won’t have problems for the exam even if they didn’t study that much. It’s more like I was in a tight situation! In situations like that, Ravel taught me things using other resources.

“It seems like Ise-sama will be able to answer questions regarding the people who appear in legends because you have met some of them. Though it seems like the Underworld economics and folkloristics is an obstacle for humans who are reincarnated devils. There are lots of differences between the values humans and devils have, so it will be natural for there to be things that are hard to understand regarding economics and folkloristics. Since the fundamental culture is different after all. So the test will ask questions about that, so even if you don’t understand the feelings and thoughts of devils, I think it would be better to answer them by thinking “the devils would do it like this” instead.”

“I see. I mean their personality changes depending from which house they are from, and the way they rule their territory is also different…. Gremory has strong love so there aren’t any unfair rules towards the people living there. But it doesn’t mean it’s the same in the other territories right? Since the world of devils circulate as a noble society…..”

The difference in values, was due to difference in culture. Looks like most marks for the test will be about that. After all former humans who turned into devils are going to join the World of devils, so not knowing their culture won’t allow them to get a promotion. It’s said that the Underworld is gradually changing, but the fundamental base is different from that of the human world. Seems like understanding those things will be the problem for me. Hmmmm, becoming a High-class devil seems very hard….. Maybe the promotion test for becoming a High-class devil might be so hard that I would get shocked…… Then Asia stood up suddenly and went towards Ophis…..

“U-Umm, maybe eating just tea cakes might not be good, so here is some green tea.”

She took the cup she filled with green tea to Ophis! W-What a brave girl! Ophis took the cup silently and then drank the green tea. After seeing that, Asia smiled and came back to us. I then whispered to Asia’s ear.

“Y-You sure are brave Asia……”

“I thought that she might not be someone so scary….. Even last night, Irina-san invited her to play cards with her……”


I got shocked hearing that and looked at Irina. She made a peace sign with her fingers to me with a smiley face filled with confidence.

“Yes. I asked her to play with me. I got to play cards with the Ultimate Dragon!”

S-She sure has guts! If I remember correctly, she also talked to Arthur from the Vali-Team during the fight against Loki! But it made me envious of her, because she can casually talk to people even in a situation like this. Ah, did Michael-san make her his Ace knowing her personality? With a personality like this, she can communicate with any kind of person. He might have thought that keeping her in a place like this, where she can meet people from different factions would allow her to play the role of the representative of angels more significantly.

“……A change…… She’s quite different from the Uroboros that is told in the legend.”

Kiba said that. Akeno-san nodded and agreed.

“She definitely has a different impression from the Dragon that represents chaos, infinity and nothingness.”

The Dragon-God that was said to be infinite huh….. Looking at her like this, she didn’t seem like a being that is called God of Dragons. Great-Red looked more like a God of Dragons instead. Just like Kiba said, maybe she changed because she stayed in this world too long. I think I'm beginning to understand why Sensei gained an interest in her. This Dragon called Ophis must be a being filled with many doubts. And that Dragon-God had taken an interest in me…. I took a glimpse at Ophis, and like I thought she was staring right at me. What on earth was she trying to gain from me? Just like that, the group study continued while the Dragon of Infinity remained.

The night before the mid-class promotion test day. I stopped studying for the test at an appropriate time and went to sleep early. But I noticed the atmosphere from the upper floor was different when I went to the toilet. I became suspicious of it and I went up the staircase. The door of a certain room was opened. It’s Koneko-chan’s room. The lights coming from her room can be seen from the corridor.



…..I could hear a conversation from inside the room. I killed my presence and got closer to the door. I thought it might be “it”. If my guess was right, then “she” must have….. I heard her voice, just like I thought.

“Fufun. I knew that Shirone had gone into mating season at a glance nyan. Is it that you can’t control yourself from desiring that man’s genetics nyan?”

“……This has nothing to do with Nee-sama.”

“Now now. If you want, I can teach you the method of making Sekiryuutei fall for you nyan.”

…..Just like I thought, it was Kuroka. She entered Koneko-chan’s room and was trying to put unnecessary things in her mind. Man! I told her not to cause any problems! And right now Koneko-chan is in a complicated state. We will be troubled if she stimulates her in a negative way. Kuroka was erotic to begin with! Maybe I should tell her off. But how should I enter the room…..? It was Koneko-chan’s room so I can’t enter normally…… It happened while I was thinking of how to enter her room.

“Nfufu. There is a lecherous Dragon looking inside the room –nyan.”

…..! It seemed like Kuroka knew about me! Then it couldn’t be helped! I will just go in! The door was a bit ajar. I knocked on the door just in case and entered Koneko-chan’s room. Koneko-chan and Kuroka sat opposed to each other in front of the bed wearing pajamas. Koneko-chan had her cat ears and tail out. Her tail was out swinging and I can tell that she was in an excited condition. Her eyes were also sharp. But her face was red and I can tell she was about to collapse any second.

“Kuroka. What did you tell Koneko-chan?”

“You are wrong nya. I knew Shirone was in mating season as soon as I saw her, so I came to see how she was doing. It’s a natural thing for the elder sister to do this right?”

Kuroka winked adorably, but Koneko-chan’s expression just got more serious. Seeing that, it seemed like she came to look because she was interested in it rather than being worried about it as her elder sister.

“This season is very delicate nyan. For example……”

Kuroka suddenly pulled Koneko-chan’s arm and then pushed her towards me! Koneko-chan came to my chest! I caught her but………


Koneko-chan who was pushed towards my chest made an emotional expression with her eyes teary.

“…….Nyaa….. Senpai…….”

The small lips made a sweet and low voice sound. Her tail, which was spinning around before is now wrapped around my right arm.

“No matter how much you endure it, you will feel like making babies when you feel the skin of the man you love, Sekiryuutei. Shirone is in a condition where she can only think of making babies with you.”

E-Even if you said that! I couldn’t lay my hands on her! If I did anything reckless, then it would put a huge burden on Koneko-chan’s body! Even if I said that, Koneko-chan was grinding her body against me….. She tried to take my clothes off with an erotic expression as if the strong will that had been stopping her from doing it was removed! She also started to take her pajamas off! This was turning into a serious situation; I could see her small oppai appearing and disappearing from the gaps of the pajamas! No no no no no no no! You can’t Koneko-chan! If you did something like that with me and got pregnant, it would become dangerous for both Koneko-chan and the baby with her current body!

High school dxd v11 PressExtra.jpg

“…….Senpai. Will you not take it if it is my body…..? ………Am I not able to have sex…..? I’m…….already prepared to take on Senpai……. Even if there are lots of small parts, my body is still that of a woman. That’s why……. I want Senpai’s body…..”

Please don’t say thaaaaaaaaaaaat!! If you say it with an emotional face and sound like that, I will lose my consciousness! I made a promise with Rias! That I will not make love to Koneko-chan! Rias said she will give me a reward if I were to fulfil that! This was both important for me and Koneko-chan! Endure! Endure, me!! But Koneko-chan’s small body was also soft! I tried to retreat, but something got wrapped around my leg and I fell on my butt! Because of that, my sights were about the same height as Koneko-chan and her face is right in front of me! Koneko-chan then embraced me! This was turning into an outrageous situation!

“…….I don’t want to lose to the Tori-musume[5]…… I don’t want Senpai to be taken away…… Even if I can’t become Senpai’s manager, I think I can satisfy Senpai’s desires like this….”

……Koneko-chan acted as if it didn’t bother her, but she had Ravel in her mind. She had her in her mind because they were in the same grade. But I didn’t think she wants to be of use to me using her body! That’s because Koneko-chan also had her good parts! Kuroka is looking at this situation with amusement! Damn you Nekomata woman! She was enjoying this situation! I thought she would just stay and look at us, but she came towards us instead.


She removed the obi from her kimono...and started taking off her kimono! Her rich breasts appear, and even the pink part was visible! Huge! Her oppai don't even lose to Rias or Akeno-san in terms of size!

“Fufufu. Taking Sekiryuutei's purity in front of Shirone will also be tasty as well.”

I couldn't help but swallow my spit because of her erotic lick-licking. Kuroka pulled Koneko-chan off of my body, and instead hugged on to meeeeee! Her naked breasts touch me! What a rich sensation! It’s similar to Akeno-san’s oppai, soft and magnetic, but they didn’t lose to Rias's oppai in terms of elasticity! I was thanking the oppai of nekomata for being well-balanced! I can’t keep my self calm because her legs also have some nice meat on them! Apparently, there were many humans who mated with nekomata after getting seduced by them, and I can understand why! It’s too erotic! Kuroka, who is horse-riding me looks down at me and says...

“You still don’t have any experience right?”

...! She saw through me!? Is it easy to tell!?

“I thought you were having sex every night with Switch-Princess-chan. Looks like you aren't –nya. It can’t be helped if you are keeping it in because of that. Alright then... This Onee-san will become your first woman –nyan. It's okay. I will teach you from the beginning.”

Because she said something so erotic that my brain boils, my head feels like it will blow up! She doesn't even care about the state I'm in, and starts to use her tongue to lick me from my belly up 'till my neck! It’s dry, but soft and warm, and the sensation of it is making me lose my mind! She starts to lick away her saliva with her tongue.

“This is the taste of Sekiryuutei I see. I memorised it –nyan. I never expected to taste it before Vali's –nyan.”

I see! So you memorised my taste! I didn’t know what that means, but I knew that this was certainly very erotic! Erotic! You are too erotic, nekomata-oneesan! I started to think Vali is gay, declining to give his genetics to an erotic woman like her! How obsessed was he with fighting!? Kuroka said this while coaxing Koneko-chan to come over to her.

“Shirone. Onee-chan will teach you how nekomata perform intercourse. Here. Look at this man and memorise his taste.”

Koneko-chan was starting to lose her reason but she was following what Kuroka said with a vague expression. She started to lick my neck with her small tongue... Hold on, intercourse!


I felt something that is hard to describe! This is…..! This really is….! This was very indecent……! I can't resist!

Koneko-chan who seemed like the chain that was binding her consciousness broke, started to lick around my body. Please forgive me! It feels so good that my consciousness will also go nuts! Koneko-chan didn’t seem like she will stop, but Kuroka poked Koneko-chan’s neck with her finger. Then Koneko-chan’s body shook. She then fell onto my body as if she lost all the strength in her body.

……Did Kuroka use some kind of technique to stop Koneko-chan? Though she seems like she still has her consciousness left... Kuroka then says after laying Koneko-chan to the side.

“Anyway Shirone, you stop here for now. It seems like you went into mating season because of the influence of other women, but both you and the baby will die with your current body –nyan. If you really want this man’s child, then... You should learn how to control your mating season –nya. Hey Sekiryuutei. I’m a better bargain than her, you know?”

I see. So Koneko-chan will be able to control her mating season if she grew bigger like Kuroka. So it meant that it would be better for her not to do child making until then. Hearing Kuroka’s declaration, some strength came back into Koneko-chan’s eyes.


Koneko-chan moved while her body trembled. She then hugged onto me as if she was protecting me from Kuroka.

“...Senpai is my senpai. I will never give him to you Nee-sama!”

It was Koneko-chan's desperate cry. Koneko-chan... I’m very happy! But I also think that Kuroka is erotic and wonderful as well... No, no! I have to side with Koneko-chan!

Seeing that, Kuroka stood there astonished. She then made a chuckle.

“...Excuse me. The Black-cat over there...”

...! A sudden voice of another person! When I turned my head around, Ravel was standing there!

“Ara-ara? If it isn't the daughter from the House of Phoenix –nyan.”

Ravel got closer to Kuroka and then said.

“It seems like you are Koneko-san's sister. Koneko-san isn't feeling well right now. If you are trying to do something to her, then I, her classmate, will not forgive you! Also, please get away from Ise-sama!”

Oh! Ravel was arguing against Kuroka while breathing violently! Even so, she was still concerned about Koneko-chan! She seemed to be concerned about me, so thank you Ravel! Getting shouted at by Ravel made Kuroka speechless, but…..

“So you are Shirone's friend nyan? Hmmm. Lots of people are appearing one by one, who are always concerned about her.”

Kuroka puts Ravel’s drill hair on her palm and touches it.

“Looks like I made Shirone's friend angry –nyan.”

She said it while sticking her tongue out. She then tried to leave the room while putting her kimono back on. She then lowered her body before going past me and then whispered into my ear.

“Shirone is unstable right now -nyan. So please don't let her push herself.”


...It was a gentle voice. After saying just that, she left the room while passing Ravel.

“A valuable Nekoshou. If you don’t take care of it, it will be a disaster for our tribe.”

She leaves the room while waving her hand back.

... Could she possibly have...?

“Koneko-san. Are you alright?”

Ravel is concerned for Koneko-chan's well-being.

“Ravel. Why are you here?”

When I asked her, she answered with flushed cheeks.

“…..W-Well, I am her classmate after all, so I just happened to see how she was doing every night! It’s Koneko-chan's responsibility to look after me since I'm still new to Japan! I will be the one who will be troubled if she doesn't get better! That’s it!”

Ah, so Ravel was worried about her as well. And she happened to be checking on her every night. She seriously isn't honest with herself.

“...I'm sorry both of you. Senpai. Because of me...”

Koneko-chan apologised to me and Ravel as if she actually felt bad about it.

...Huh? Was it me or did the redness disappear from her face and returned to normal...? I touched Koneko-chan's cheek after apologizing to her beforehand by saying “Sorry”.

...I touched her for about 10 seconds... But it doesn't seem like Koneko-chan is excited or is about to change at all.

“Hey Koneko-chan. How do you feel?”

When I asked her, Koneko-chan also seemed like she noticed the change in her condition and started to touch her cheek and stomach.

“...It’s back to normal.”

Just like I thought! Her mating season stopped! That’s why nothing happened even after I touched her for 10 seconds! It was different from the time I touched her before!

“...What happened?”

Ravel also seemed to be in doubt. I understood the reason why. It was Kuroka….. Just before, Kuroka poked Koneko-chan's neck with her finger. Then Koneko-chan fell down onto me. But looking at Koneko-chan now, Kuroka must have used some kind of technique to stop Koneko-chan’s mating season.

...Kuroka...I didn’t know what her true intention is. Maybe she did it because she's Koneko-chan’s sister to heart. Or maybe she did it because she felt like it. But it's certain that Koneko-chan is back to normal. That's something I could truly feel happy about. Though I do feel a bit sad as well... T-That's because seeing an erotic Koneko-chan like that is something you don't get to see often... I will just save it inside my brain! But thanks to that, one worry I had before my test is gone. I felt truly relieved about that.

Part 4

It was the day of the test.

We were gathered at the transport magic-circle located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence. We were dressed in Kuou Academy’s uniform. This had basically become the uniform of the Gremory group. We were also holding our bags in our hands. Inside them were the important things that were required for the test. It reminded me of the high school entrance exams. The ones who were going to the stadium to take the test are me, Kiba, Akeno-san and my manager Ravel. Rias, sensei, and the other club members were going to the Underworld along with us, but they were going to wait for us at the hotel located at the stadium. The transport will send us right into the stadium. So only those of us who are taking the test are going on it first. After that Rias and the others will transport to the hotel.

I thought that we would get transported to Gremory territory first and then go to the stadium using a car or through a similar method. But that didn’t seem to be the case. The reason was.....Well it was because we are popular, but over there the relationship Rias and I had also got quite a lot of attention so it seemed like it was better to avoid going to places with large numbers of people. Yes, it was because I confessed to her during the rating game. After that the media started to write articles about it almost immediately.

[Serious relationship between master and servant!]

Like that it continued to gather a lot of attention from the civilians living in the Underworld. So we were told that we would be surrounded by the media as soon as we step outside.

…….Rias is a princess of Gremory, and she’s also the sister of the Maou. And her boyfriend is me, aka “Oppai Dragon”. The two people who have been the main topic of the media got into a relationship, so, many people were talking about us.

“Rias who is a Pure-devil, a princess, and the sister of Maou. You who is her servant, the Sekiryuutei who is also the Oppai-Dragon. It will turn into a love romance that will surpass social status. What will happen if a topic like that gets out of the aristocrat society? It seems it is the hot gossip topic amongst women from normal backgrounds.”

That was what Sensei said. Was it something like that…….? Romance that surpassed social status huh. But in the Underworld, it seemed like they were supporting it.

“It seems like it’s getting really serious because people from the media are asking Onii-sama for an interview.”

Ravel also said that. I see, Raiser is Rias’s ex-fiancé after all. From how it got broken off, the story would be something that the media would love to cover. When it happened, the engagement break off only became famous amongst the noble Devils, so the media didn’t take that much of an interest in it. But it’s much different now. The media in the Underworld will gather around you, who became popular because of “Oppai-Dragon”. Having that in mind, it was decided that we will go directly to the stadium. The media seemed to have obtained the information that we will be taking the test, so they were gathering around the stadium. Man, I seriously didn’t know what to say. Was this something I should feel happy about? In my case, I just want them to be quiet about us! I just confessed to her you know? I was still thinking about how I could progress in my relationship with Rias.

…….Because of that I wasn’t even able to have a single date with Rias since my confession. I was thinking about asking her out on a date. But I couldn’t do anything because of things like my tests, Koneko-chan’s condition, and Ophis’s visit to my house. I looked around, but I couldn’t find Gasper.

“Isn’t Gasper here to send us off?”

“He transported out of here long before us to go to Grigori’s research institute that is located in the Underworld.”

Sensei answered me.

“…… By himself?”

I was astonished to find out something that I couldn’t have predicted. Sensei nods.

“Right after that match against Bael. He came to me while crying.”

[I want to be strong like Senpai and everyone! I don’t want to be just protected anymore! I’m a boy from the Gremory team so I don’t want to show a miserable appearance anymore…..!]

He begged Sensei like that….. So something like that happened.

“He was a hikikomori and also a coward. Even so, he came knocking onto the gate of Grigori, so it’s not some weak determination. Right about now, he is probably facing his own Sacred Gear under the instructions of the researchers.”

…….I see. He seriously wanted to become stronger, so other than basic training, he was learning how to understand and face his sacred gear. He must have reached a dead end, which resulted in him going to the research institute of the Fallen Angels.

……Yeah. He is a man after all. Come back after attaining something new Gasper! Gasper is also important, but what are these guys going to do? I looked at Ophis and Kuroka.

“What are Ophis, Kuroka and Le Fay going to do?”

I asked Sensei.

“They are going to the hotel with us. It will be bad if they follow you to the stadium.”

Well that was obvious. But was it alright for them to go to the hotel?

“Also after your tests are finished, I’m planning to take Ophis to Sirzechs’s place. It’s a good opportunity. Ophis also said she will go as long as you are going as well. That’s why you guys will also go to Sirzechs’s place after the test is over.”

So Sensei was already planning ahead.

“I understand. I don’t know what I can do, but taking Ophis in front of Sirzechs-sama has a big meaning to it right?”

“Yeah. If possible, I want this to go in the right direction even if it's only a little bit. Negotiation that had been said to be impossible may now be possible. It’s a big step. I don’t know what Ophis is thinking, but because of it, it may be possible to avoid a continued fight. If everything goes well, the enemy organisation itself may collapse and split up. If that happens it will become possible to crush them one by one. If they lose the power of Ophis’s snake, defeating them will occur earlier than we had thought. I even want to thank Vali who had suggested this.”

Vali huh. The one who left Ophis in the care of Sensei was him.

“He must be thinking in his own way as well. For him to place Ophis in our care.”

Sensei said it with narrow eyes after hearing me.

“……He must have wanted to hide Ophis. From a threat that is.”

……………? Threat? Was Ophis being targeted by someone? Well she was the boss of the terrorists so that would be natural. All of the factions were thinking that defeating her will make the organisation collapse, so they would target her. But they just can’t lay their hands on her because she was the ultimate being after all. But Vali tried to hide Ophis? From that threat? Hmmm, Sensei seemed to know what it was but I didn’t have a single clue. Well there was no use thinking about that here. I will just think about passing the test for now! Everyone looked after me during my studies, so I won’t be able to face them if I don’t show any results. And after this, there’s still the school exam left…… My troubles haven’t finished yet. It happened when me, Kiba, Akeno-san and Ravel were about to leave using the transport.


Rias stopped us. She came to me and then kissed my cheek.

“It’s a charm. Ise, I believe that you will definitely pass.”

I received the best charm there is! Okay! Then this is it! I will confess this feeling I have inside me!

“I will definitely pass! W-When I pass, please go on a date with me!”

I said it! I said it properly! I was able to ask her out by myself! Rias became dazzled for an instant when I asked her out, but she showed a very happy smile after that.

“Yes. Let’s go on a date. It’s a promise. I will be waiting.”

Yeaaaaah!! I made a promise for a date! A date with Rias! It was the best! The only thing left is passing the test! I will pass by burning up my soul! Since the date is on the line!

“………Geez. Getting all lovely-dovely in front of everyone…… It sure is good to be young!”

Sensei sighed as if he didn’t find it fun. Don’t say it like that! I was able to ask her on a date while having this embarrassing feeling!

“Then we will be going!”

The four of us bid our farewells to Rias and the others and we were enveloped in a light. Please wait Rias! I love you!

Part 5

…….When the light stopped, we were at a spacious floor. There was a large magic-circle still emitting a shallow light under my feet. Is this the test stadium where the promotion test will be held?

“Welcome. You are the servants of Rias Gremory-sama correct? I have heard about it. Please show me something to identity yourselves.”

The staff members who were wearing stiff costumes approached us, asking for identification. If I remembered correctly I had to show the seal with the Gremory symbol on it and also the recommendation paper. We showed them our seals and recommendation papers. The seal was made from the bone of a certain creature and it was ground into a palm sized circular shape. It was of a crimson colour and it had a mark engraved onto it. The staff confirmed our recommendation papers and seals and said,“This way please”, and then guided us. We walked into a corridor made from rocks. It did not seem like a gorgeous interior, but had a simple and accurate design.

“This is the promotion test centre for mid-class Devils located in the territory of Glasya-Labolas.”

Kiba tells me quietly while we were walking. Hee, so this is the territory of Glasya-Labolas. I was so concerned about the test that I didn’t bother checking where the location of the test was. If it’s the territory of Glasya-Labolas, then it’s the territory of the household where that Maou who said “working is losing”, Asmodeus-sama, belongs to. It’s also the homeland of that yankee who got beaten to a pulp by Sairaorg-san.

“It seems like they built the mid-class promotion test centre here because of the influence of the strategist, Falbium Asmodeus.”

Akeno-san also said that. I only had that Maou-sama, who seemed like he didn't want to do anything in my mind, so it was hard to imagine.

“It seems like there is also a test centre in the territory of Astaroth, which is the household from which Ajuka Beelzebub-sama came from.”

“There are test centres in various places throughout the Underworld, but the one with the most authority is the one held in the territory of Astaroth. After all there are also noble schools for the noble Devils located there. Buchou also had trouble choosing between the school in the territory of Astaroth and the one in the area of Maou. But she ended up going to the school in the area of Maou.”

Kiba answered like that. Oh, is that so? Then why were we in the Glasya-Labolas territory today?

“Because of the earlier incident, the house of Astaroth lost authority…….”

Kiba said it quietly so the staff walking ahead of us couldn’t hear. I see…… That incident involving Diodora Astaroth caused this then….. I heard that the house of Astaroth had to go through a dangerous situation because of him. It seems like they avoided the worst case scenario because of the influence of Ajuka-sama who was the chief advisor for the Technical Equation Program. But it was certain that they were being looked at with strict eyes from the civilians living in the other territories as well as the other nobles. They also lost their right to send out a candidate to be the next Maou.

The place where we arrived at after being led by the staff was a place that seemed like a reception area. There were a couple of windows, and test participants were talking to the receptionists.

……There are less Devils here than I thought. A reception area, which was quite spacious, looked dead because there weren’t many people in it. Then the staff explained to us.

“At the reception area over there, please take the compulsory documents along with the admission ticket for the test. After you are done with that, please go to the floor upstairs where the written test will be held. The first part of the test will be the written section and the second part will be practical.”

So written test was first huh. I studied a lot for it, but I want to get a lot of points on the practical test.

“Please hand your report to the examiners who are standing in front of the room for the written section of the test.”

So I had to hand my report to the person in front of the test room. I wrote my report on the theme Grayfia-san told me…. I was still not used to writing with devil letters so I desperately wrote it while holding a dictionary in my other hand.

“Then I will pardon myself. I hope you do well.”

The staff left after saying that.

“I will go and bring the documents you must fill out.”

After saying that, Ravel goes away quickly. Wow, that girl really is thoughtful.

“…..Looks like there aren’t that many people taking the test.”

“Yeah. In the current Underworld, there aren’t that many devils who can take the promotion test. The promotion test centre for High-class devils might even have less devils taking it.”

Kiba answered like that. Yeah. Since there weren’t any Wars in the Underworld right now, you can only get a promotion by attaining something magnificent from the pact for Devil’s jobs or by excellent performance in the Rating Game. Though the first option was very hard to get promotion with, so it became the mainstream way to get a promotion test through Rating Games. Even so, it looks like we were special cases.

“Ise-kun. There’s one thing I want to tell you before the test.”

Kiba stood next to me and wore a serious expression.

“……What is it?”

“I’m glad that I met you.”


…….Here, I was wondering what he was about to say…..

“…….You really became a natural at saying creepy things.”

When I said that with a disgusted face, Kiba laughed.

“Hahaha. But if you weren’t here, I would probably never have got a promotion test.”

“Are you sure? You are strong enough. You would have got a promotion sooner or later.”

“No. I’m here because I witnessed how you live your life and fight your battles. You showed me things that I didn’t have. I wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t know about it.”

Was it something like that? I had also been influenced by him a lot. There were many times when I worked harder because he was someone near me, whom I aimed for. I sighed while scratching my cheek.

“I’m not quite sure. What good-looking guys think is something that I can’t possibly understand. But…..Let’s pass the test together. Since we are boys of the Gremory team. Right? Dachikou[6].”

“Of course. If we've come this far, then let's aim to become Ultimate-devils. I've also got a dream now. To become the “Ultimate Knight”. I want to become an existence that can stand side by side with you.”

Kiba seek for a handshake. I answered him with a laugh.

“That sounds good. That’s simple to understand. I won’t know for how many thousands of years I will be with you, but let’s become men who will be famous throughout the Underworld.”

Akeno-san also puts her hand on our handshake.

“Ufufu. Such a passionate friendship. Let's pass the test together.”



Both Kiba and I replied at the same time! Yeah! Lets become mid-class devils together.

“Everyone! I have brought the documents! Let's fill them out over there!”

With Ravel’s instruction we filled out the documents……

So the test was about to begin!

“Please do your best! I will be waiting here.”

We split up from Ravel at the staircase leading to the second floor, and us three headed up to the third floor. We saw a sign written in devil-letters written as “Mid-class promotion test – Written test room”. The room we reached had long desks aligned inside. It looked like the rooms you see in Universities. I also saw a University room when I went to look at the Kuoh University.

I must sit on the table with the number [012] written on at. By the way Kiba’s number is [011] and Akeno-san’s number is [010]. When the three of us sat down, we heard people whispering.

“…….Are those people from the Gremory team? The Holy-demonic sword wielder, Sekiryuutei and Holy-lightning priestess…….”

“The “Oppai Dragon” who defeated that Sairaorg! Sekiryuutei!”

“So the rumours about them getting a promotion recommendation from Maou-sama were true…..”

“So that’s why there were so many people with cameras outside……..”

…….This truly was making me feel embarrassed. Everyone knew about us. Well we became famous because of the news, tokusatsu show, and the match that occurred recently. Judging from their conversation, the media had gathered outside this test centre. If we say it in human terms, maybe they would be called the paparazzi? Man that was scary. But this was something I had predicted. That was why I had to take the test calmly without making an embarrassment of myself. I made a serious face and a strong attitude!

“………I think you don’t have to put that much energy and act like you usually do.”

That was what Kiba said! But we came here while having the name Gremory on our backs! While I was doing that, other examinees gathered and the seats around us started to fill up with the other devils taking the test.

……But a room that can hold more than 100 hundred people didn’t even get filled. They were mostly devils who were former humans, but there were also devils who looked like beast-humans, youkai and creatures. Well humans weren’t the only ones who can be reincarnated. Therefore, many types and kinds of devils can take the promotion test. I looked around, but including us the number didn’t even reach up to 40 people. There were not that many people. I did hear that a promotion is rare, but I never expected it to be this low! The seats were mostly empty!

…….I think I understand Sairaorg-san’s dream and aim. It might be good to give a chance to people who have talent. But in the current Underworld, that would be hard. Sensei also said that the politicians were broken into the Maou-faction and Great-King-faction. While I was thinking about that, the examiner entered the room and began collecting the reports. We gave our reports to the examiner and finally were about to start the written test.

……Putting the practical aside, I was not confident in the written test. But still, Rias, Ravel and the others helped me! I will definitely aim for a good result!

“It’s time. Please start.”

The voice of the examiner told us it was time to start the test! All the examinees turn-over their test papers, and the test begins! Either way I will answer as many questions as I can!

Part 6

“Ah--. Questions like that sure are unfair! What do they mean by: "Write the names of the enemy leaders that appear in “Levi-tan”……..”

The food court was inside the test centre. I was lying on the table while making a pathetic voice. The written test was broken into different sections and we finally finished after a few hours. Even if I was released from a task of using my brain, I was still sighing because of the contents of the test. I answered most of the questions about basic knowledge regarding devils. Except there was a question regarding “Magical Levi-tan” and I was astonished! There was a question where I had to write down the names of the leaders of the enemy organisations. My point is “How the fuck should I know”. Also a question about “Chichiryutei Oppai-Dragon” appeared as well! It became a question about the recent event that occurred in the Underworld. Questions about “Khaos-Brigade” appeared as well. Since I’m like a victim from them, I could answer them easily since I know about them more than most of the higher-ups. Well I didn’t include any information that cannot be known by the public though. Seriously, I don’t know whether the Underworld is proper or improper!

“Ise-sama. I have brought another cup of tea.”

Ravel brought another cup of tea for me. She seriously is a good girl. As to be expected from my manager!

“Thank you Ravel. Thanks to you, my written test didn’t become a mess.”

“O-of course! I will be troubled if you don’t pass since I became your manager!”

Oh, she was in a tsun-tsun mode.

“I didn’t have that many blank answers. I have quite a lot of confidence in it.”

That was my true response. It was certainly hard. The answers also had to be written in devil-letters. But I wasn’t scared because the questions everyone taught me appeared as well. I’m glad I studied like hell.

…..Maybe what was most important in a promotion test is receiving a recommendation. That was why there weren’t that many people taking the test. This food court doesn't have many people in it, even though it was huge. But still, I did quite well in the written test. Even if I barely failed for the written test, I think I can cover it with the practical test.

“So the practical is next.”

Kiba said while twitching his upper-body.

“Yeah. It’s the test category I’m really good at!”

“I heard that it will occur on the roof of this stadium.”

Ravel said so while reading through the documents.

“Ara-ara. Getting heated up is good, but it is not good for you to overdo it okay?”

Akeno said that to me.

…………..? Sensei also said that I shouldn’t try that hard for the practical as well. But it was a test so I should try my hardest! I think this was the test where I can gain the most points. While this was occurring, the time for the practical test arrived. The three of us split up from Ravel once again, and went to the roof while wearing a jersey. The place was like a spacious gymnasium. The participants all changed into clothes that they could move around easily in, and they were warming up their bodies in their own way. Yosh! I will also warm up my body then! I start to sprint from where I was standing and begin to sprint around the running track.

While I was stretching my body with Kiba and Akeno-san, the examiners gathered and began to call our numbers. We attached a badge that had our number on it to our jersey. Then one of the examiners gave us an explanation.

“The practical is quite simple. We will have the participants battle each other. We will have everyone draw a number, and that will decide who you will battle.”

Oh, that was simple and easy to understand. So I just had to win, then?

“The battle will be looked as a whole so even if you lose to your opponent, you will not necessarily lose the opportunity to pass. Obviously, winning the battle will allow you to get more points though. But we will look at the battle in depth so if you have the three satisfactory criteria of heart, technique, and body we will allow you to get points that will be the equivalent of what you showed. Try to have the battle be as good as possible please! The rule is simple. Fight the opponent with the power you have. Using weapons will be allowed. You will fail if your opponent dies, but if the death occurred due to an accident then we, the examiners, will decide the outcome. Please read the documents you have with you regarding about death by accident. Next is…..”

Explanation of the rules continued. Yeah, yeah. So basically I have to show a good match to the examiners then!

…..Wait, what do you mean by a good battle!? I held my head down by the “depth” of the battle. I……I…! All of the battles I had until now were all fist fights where I fought like an ape! I've never done a battle with demonic-powers or relied on techniques! The examiner also gave an additional explanation.

“Now people who are a “Pawn” are able to promote during the match with the special approval promotion card dispatched by this test centre.”

Hee, so you can promote huh. I never knew that there were special promotion cards used by this centre. Was it a derivation of the card Rias gave to Asia when we went on the school-trip?

“I heard that Ajuka Beelzebub-sama dispatched special promotion cards to places like this. Of course, Beelzebub-sama is the only one who can make them, and making copies of them is said to be impossible.”

Kiba explained it to me like that. So Beelzebub-sama is the only one who can make something like this then. How amazing was that person in terms of developing technology……. You can even say that he surpasses Azazel-sensei in that regard.

“It looks alright as long as we don’t kill the opponent for the practical test. Unlike the High-class promotion test, Mid-class promotion test does not require strategies that are based on tactics so it is quite simple.”

Akeno-san said..... There was a strategy test for the High-class promotion test!? W-Well that was to be expected. Since you will be receiving the “Evil-pieces” that will allow you to make your own group, having a test to test your brain would be obvious.

……I was screwed. If I passed the mid-class promotion test, then I will also have to study about strategies! Though no matter how hard I think, using a strategy would be impossible for me!

The examiners explanation finished, and it became time to draw. We put our hands inside the box, and took out a ball that has a number on it. These things were quite similar to the human world…… Well the ones who came here were mostly former-humans, so they were probably making it more familiar and easier for us to understand.

-Oh, so my number is [4]. Looks like it will be one of the earlier matches. Kiba got [26] and Akeno-san got [32]. Oh, looks like everyone was separated. I wouldn't know what to do if we had to fight each other, but looks like that won't be happening. Looks like their matches will be near the end.

“The matches will occur by two pairs fighting at once! First, [1] and [2], [3] and [4] will start their matches!”

Are you serious? It was my match already! That was quick! Looks like my match will start before I get ready!

“Looks like I’m first.”

“Do your best.”

“Ise-kun can definitely do it.”

I received a cheer from Kiba and Akeno-san.

“I-I will be going then.”

While feeling a bit nervous, I entered the circular battlefield made by Demonic power. What will happen now. Triaina can’t do a combo. Even if we can promote, it would seem like cheating if I kept on changing. Once I promote, I need to finish the match with that. Then maybe I should use the normal Queen? True-Queen is still unstable so it was not in a condition where I can use it. But if we had to show our strength for this test, then maybe I should use it……. While I was thinking, the devil who was to be my opponent appeared. He was a medium height and medium built man. Looking at him, he doesn’t seem to be flowing with lots of aura, but…… This person was also a Devil who had the strength to come to this test. I can’t let my guard down. The examiner came in and looked at both of us.

“Both of you are ready then?”

Both me and my opponent nodded. The examiner raised his hand up, and then put it down!

“Please start!”

It had started! I made my gauntlet appear and started the countdown!

“Promotion [Queen].”

What I chose was the usual Queen I often use! Either way, I can’t use True-Queen unless I get into Balance-Breaker! If that’s the case then I will promote the usual Queen, and fight in my usual Balance-Breaker! I have been training a lot with it, even though it’s not Triaina! There’s no way it won’t be effective!


The opponent man made his hand glow with demonic-powers, and shot huge orbs of flames! Looks like his attacks with demonic-powers are quite something! If he is a Sacred Gear possessor, then he will reveal it after this attack! Then I will go into Balance Breaker before that!

“-[Freezing Archaeopteryx]!”

Cold chills were surrounding the man’s area. Ice started to gather in the air and it turned into a gigantic bird! So, he has a Sacred Gear. He made a gigantic bird using his Sacred Gear. I waited for the countdown of my Balance Breaker while evading the gigantic bird’s intense attack and the Demonic-power attacks shot by the man! My weak point was this naked state I was currently in before the Balance-Breaker! But because I opened the path to True-Queen, the countdown needed for me to turn into Balance Breaker was also reduced! Yes! This was where the real fight starts!

“Balance Breaker!”

Red aura enveloped my body and it shaped into armour! Boosted Gear Scale Mail!


While expanding both my dragon wings, I charged my power! I can’t lose! I will win and pass this promotion test!



I flew up to my opponent while thrusting the boosters on my back! My opponent couldn't even react to my speed! I can do this! I pushed my fist forward to hit straight at him! Anyway this was my first blow!


It destroyed the gigantic ice bird with ease and my punch continues to go towards him!


The opponent created defence magic circle in front of him, but he couldn’t withstand my punch and flew far to the back of the stadium!

DOOOOOOOOOOON!! He crashed into the wall, and went through it……


I stood still while thrusting my hand forward.


That person flew back more than I thought. It was not a punch where I used my boosted powers, but it wasn’t a punch that I was holding back either…… One of the examiners went towards the opponent whom I punched quickly. I can hear the voices of other participants who were watching the match.

“…………Y-You must be kidding me!? What power!”

“I see…. He surpasses the level of average Low-class Devils greatly.”

“I can only say that his opponent was unlucky. He’s a monster……!”

“……If it’s just power, isn’t he a high-tier of High-class Devil…….?”

“So this is the power of Sekiryuutei who defeated the Evil-God Loki and Sairaorg Bael……”

I heard things like that.

……Ummmm. I was troubled by how to respond. I used my power to the fullest because I didn’t want to fail, and…… I thought that I can’t let my guard down since my opponent was also a devil who was taking the promotion test……

The examiner returned from the broken wall while carrying my opponent who seemed to be unconscious. The examiner shook his head to the examiner who was in charge of my match. That examiner confirmed it and said it loudly.

“Number [4], Hyoudou Issei wins!”

………….. ……….Eh? T-That was the end of the practical…..? ………Are you serious? I didn’t have to do anything more? I could only stand there astonished because of the victory I gained so easily.

We finished our practical, and Ravel drew a communication magic-circle so we can report to Sensei.

“S-Sensei! About the practical…..”

[Oh what happened? I’m at the restaurant of the hotel in which we made reservations, and drinking alcohol even at noon.]

Alcohol at noon again!? You sure know how to have fun! No, that’s not what I mean!

“It’s about the practical test! W-Well all of us: me, Kiba and Akeno-san didn’t have any trouble, but more like it was……”

[You were overwhelming right?]

----! I nod to Sensei who is grinning.

“Ah, yes.”

Sensei sighed.

[Of course. You guys have abnormal strength among Low-class Devils. And the ones going to the test have the powers of high-tiers of Mid-class Devils. You guys have the power of High-class devils. Especially you Ise, who can use Triaina and True-Queen can release a power that isn’t that much different from those with more power than that. Well I could say the same for Sairaorg though.]

“…..I didn’t know. I…… So we became that strong….”

Not just me, but Kiba and Akeno-san also gained victory with overwhelming strength for the test. Instead I felt sorry because I went too far and destroyed the stadium. They achieved victory while holding back their power so as not to destroy the stadium.

……So this was what he meant by not fighting seriously. It would cause harm to the stadium if we fought seriously because of the power difference between us and the other participants. And I might have killed my opponent because of it……. If I think like that, then I put too much energy into the match. B-but my head was full with the things like the feeling of not wanting to fail and not letting my guard down…….

[The opponents you guys have been facing are the Vali Team, which are full of legendary guys, Evil God Loki and Fenrir from Northen Europe, and the Ultimate Longinus you know? Fighting guys like that while returning with everyone alive is something that isn’t normal. It’s a level where it would be said that you guys are abnormal. At least in the Gremory team you, Kiba, Akeno, Xenovia and Rossweisse are strong guys with the power of High-class Devils. Koneko who is starting to learn the power of Senjutsu will also reach the power parallel to a High-class Devil soon.]

I-I see. As we went through so many crises, we already greatly surpass average Mid-class devils in terms of power. Yeah. If I think about it, our opponents were abnormal guys and I have been training hard so that I won’t lose to them.

…..I realised it again. We became insanely strong. Even so, the enemies who come after us have powers beyond that so my head is about to go nuts.

[She sure has luck meeting with you guys, the woman you fell for, that is.]

Sensei said as if he was depressed.

“Yes. Rias is the best woman there is!”

Of course! The meeting Rias and I had is something very special! Thanks to that I met with Rias and everyone else!

[Hey Rias. Ise said “Rias is the best woman there is”.]

Sensei said it with a lecherous voice to another person! Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh! Was Rias nearby!?

“H-Hey Sensei! Why are you telling her!?”

[Haha! Rias became so red after hearing you say that! Man you guys are in a burning relationship! Shit! Tears are flowing out of my eyes! Looks like I will master being single, damn it!]

Ah, Sensei’s voice had a bit of hatred in it. Even so, don’t play with me and Rias, because it was embarrassing! Please let us taste our life peacefully! Sensei continued after changing back the topic.

[Well, I also said it to Rias just now. That there is no reason for Rias to go through intense training to get strong.]

Rias…….training? If I remembered, she was quite upset that she couldn’t do much against the fight with Regulus. But it was just that her opponent was a bit too much, since it was a rare Longinus that could move on its own. It was also a demonic-creature that represented the King of Lions.

[One of the weapons the woman you fell for has is the fortunate meetings she has. The grade that the Gremory-team has isn’t something that other High-class devils have. Though it seems that guy, Raiser, also said that. This is something which you can’t teach others, you have to born with a talent like that, and things like that will continue on as well. In my case, I want to praise the high chance of survival I mentioned before. To survive so many crises with everyone alive is on a level which surpasses miracles.]

A level which surpasses miracles. I think I can understand that. I also think it was great that members like this gathered and survived through these crises together.

[Anyway the test is over, right? Use the transport magic-circle at the centre to get to this hotel. The result isn’t out yet but let’s celebrate here.]

The communication with Sensei ended there and all of us took a breath.

“Great work Ise-kun, Akeno-san.”

Kiba said it to me and Akeno-san with a smile.

“Looks like we can relax until the result is out.”

“No, Akeno-san. For me, I can’t relax for the exam as well.”

I made a sigh and Kiba says it to me.

“Sekiryuutei who wielded his power greatly for the promotion test, looks like he can’t use that power for the exam.”

Akeno-san and Ravel chuckled at Kiba’s sarcasm.

……Yeah yeah, I’m just a power idiot like you say.

Life.3 The rebellious Heroes

Part 1

“Good job on your test. Cheers.”

Sensei gulped his drink down after saying that.

I began to wonder how much this already-tipsy Governor had drank since noon…… The four of us moved to the hotel where we were given relief from the fatigue of the test at the restaurant we reserved. At the restaurant, everyone in the Occult Research Club except Gasper and Rossweisse-san had gathered. Everyone had already started eating, so I started filling myself up immediately after seeing the gorgeously prepared food.

“How was it?”

I was asked by Rias who was sitting next to me.

“Umm yes. Both the tests were worth the time. This is all thanks to everyone who helped me. But for the practical, I think I overdid it….”

I smashed my opponent with the power of the Sekiryuutei, and I also made a hole in the test stadium.

“You don’t have to worry about it because we will pay for the damage to the broken wall. But you can’t go serious against mid-class devils if you happen to have an argument, okay? There's quite a difference in power between you and them at this current point in time.”

…..I was warned by Rias. Yes, I am reflecting on my actions. I was shocked because I never could have imagined that there was that much of a difference between me and other low-class devils. So I have the strength of a High-class devil, huh. I can’t really feel it though. No, I do realise my strength. But I still can’t feel that I have the power to stand on even ground against the noble devils. I beat High-class devils like Raiser and Diodora by relying on the flow, so I never thought about how strong I was among devils. I just trained like crazy in order to make sure I wouldn't lose against the enemies who are after me and also in order to catch up to Vali. Ddraig then laughed inside me.

[Kukuku. In your case you are already abnormal by possessing me and your target is also the strongest Hakuryuukou of all time. Your target was already too high to begin with. Even so you continued to use your power, so it’s only natural that you would surpass other devils without realising it. By the end of Summer, you had already surpassed your master, Rias Gremory. That woman isn’t weak either. ---- The growth rate of Sekiryuutei was too overwhelming.]

Even so, my growth rate was slow compared to the past possessors, right? That part alone made me want to cry.

[It’s certainly slow. But comparing you who is showing a completely different growth process than that of the Sekiryuutei who came before you is a bit…. Though the key to that growth is tits……. Haaaaaa……….]

…..Sekiryuutei-dono sighed. Maybe I should stop this discussion here. Then I saw a scene that made me smile.

“Here Koneko-san. You should eat this and this.”

“…..I can eat it myself even if you don’t grab it for me.”

“I’m not looking after you because I want to. Ise-sama will be sad if you are not energetic.”

“……I understand. I will eat…… Thank you.”

“No, thank you as well. If you don’t become energetic, I won’t be able to compete against you.”

I saw a conversation like that happening between Ravel and Koneko-chan. They are opening up to each other even though they still argue a lot. That is a good thing.

“……I shall look at Ddraig.”

……At the corner of the restaurant, there was Ophis who was staring at me. She was stuffing her mouth with pasta.

……If the restaurant staff finds out that she was the boss of the terrorists, serious things will happen. Obviously, it was kept a secret.

It seemed like Kuroka and Le Fay were also eating sweets in the corner of the restaurant. Fenrir wasn’t showing itself, but it was probably hiding behind Le Fay. What a skillful wolf. Well, it was forbidden to bring pets inside the hotel. Wait…..the worst creature to be a pet was…..

Kuroka was an exiled-devil who was on the wanted list in the Underworld, so she hid her cat ears and tail while wearing a similar robe to the one worn by Le Fay. Though the colour was different. She was also wearing sunglasses. She was also changing the ki flow, so people who can normally sense them won't notice them and as a result they won't be caught that easily. She was also using it on Le Fay and Ophis, and that was one of the reasons why they weren’t being viewed as suspicious people.

…..Well, if it was Kuroka and them who haven’t been caught up until now, they won't be caught here either. But I think I can understand it now - the reason why they appear in unexpected places was because they have the ability to sneak around like this. If I think back, my comrades didn’t realise it at all when they suddenly appeared at my house.

……So in that area, they were superior to us. When I was thinking about that, the drunken Sensei said this to Kiba.

“Ise. Kiba. Both of you are extraordinary even among the Gremory group.”

“You say we are……extraordinary.”

Azazel-sensei nodded at Kiba’s words.

“I’m saying that you guys are young devils who hold outrageous potential. Ise doesn’t have any talent, but he is a man who possesses the Sekiryuutei. He raised his power in a different way than all previous Sekiryuuteis and finally managed to awaken a power that is the total opposite to the [Juggernaut-Drive]. Even if Kiba gained additional powers afterwards, your talent is very high. And both of you are still in the middle of your growth period. It’s an unimaginable talent to awaken two Balance-Breakers. On top of that both of you train with each other and are growing even stronger. ……..Maybe you guys will become Ultimate-class devils before Rias even has her professional debut?”

Becoming an Ultimate-class devil before having a professional match…. I was already shocked from the talk about Mid-class promotion, so if that happened I might pass out and have bubbles come out of my mouth and be confused for 10 days. Having your servant be a Mid-class devil before your debut is abnormal, so in terms of that we might become a point of praise for Rias. Kiba then said it shyly.

“I am blessed. Right next to me the Heavenly-Dragon, Ise-kun, is there. For a training opponent I can’t ask for a better partner. And we are still in the middle of growing. Sparring against Ise-kun alone is an honour.”

How can he say such embarrassing things so openly!

“Don’t say embarrassing thing with a smiling face! ……Geez. I’m also gaining a lot from our training because my opponent is a genius technique-type like you. Since my weak point is technique-types.”

When I said that, Sensei shook his head.

“No. You also have another weakness. More like an exposure. The weakness of the powerful Triaina and True-Queen is stamina itself. Using either of them involves consuming great amounts of stamina and aura. Ise. Right now, how long can you maintain the True-Queen form?”

“…..The truth is, the power is unstable so there are times when the form disappears after one hit. Controlling it is very hard.”

Yes. That True-Queen was very hard to control. What was necessary for stabling the True-Queen was increasing the specs during the other Triaina forms. If I want to increase the power output and defence of my True-Queen form, it was necessary for me to continue using Triaina-Rook until I get used to it. If I want to increase the speed of True-Queen, then it was Triaina-Knight. If it was the cannon then it was Triaina-Bishop. The basis for improving True-Queen was that I need to improve the specs of each of the other forms. That was how it was made. In order to increase the strength of True-Queen, I need to train each of the Triaina pieces. The awakening of Triaina in Kyoto. The awakening of True-Queen during the Bael match. Thanks to that, the original power of Heavenly-Dragon was released and it seemed like the limit of my Sacred Gear increased several fold. What was left now is for me to train and reach even greater heights. Even if the limit of the Sacred Gear increased, since the possessor, which was me, was really weak, then I have to get there step by step.

“I have to get used to each of the forms of Triaina, and at the same time increase their powers. True-Queen is like an overall form.”

The improved results will all reflect to the True-Queen. The reason why it was unstable right now was because I still needed a lot of training. I probably had to improve the usual Balance-Breaker form and Triaina forms. That was what I realised after the fight with Sairaorg-san. It meant that I was still lacking in my training for the abilities of each of the forms. Maybe understanding that will relate to decreasing the huge stamina usage? That was what I thought, but Sensei said something that put that idea away.

“Even if you were able to stabilise the power, it might not solve the high consumption. It’s a new power that doesn’t hurt either the body or soul, but either way the consumption is intense. It must consume more stamina and aura because it doesn’t eat away at your life span or put your body in any danger.”

So it had a high consumption because it doesn’t have the price that would cut down my lifespan. This was the answer I found by choosing a power other than Juggernaut-Drive……

Hmmmm, I need to find a way to make up for the high consumption. At this rate it will be impossible to fight in Triaina or True-Queen form during a long battle. My opponents were all legendary beings. It won’t be a problem if it was a short battle, but my opponents won't let me defeat them right away so it will be natural for me to prepare for long battles as well.

The time limit for my usual Balance-Breaker form increased quite a lot so it won’t disappear unless something extreme happened. Though that very thing was Triaina itself. If I used a combo, it will consume a large portion of my stamina. The fatigue I get following the battle wasn’t normal. But it was better than Juggernaut-Drive, which would continue to go berserk until I die!

Then I thought about it. So I asked Sensei.

“Oh yeah. The independent Longinus that is under Sairaorg-san called Regulus can also do something like “Juggernaut-Drive”? Didn’t you tell me that Sacred Gears with strong creatures or dragons sealed inside them can do something similar to [Juggernaut-Drive]?”

“Judging from the system, it is possible. If it’s Regulus Nemea or a creature-type sealed in Sacred Gear, it will be called [Breakdown the Beast], which is written as "Beast of Domination" in Japanese. Though the Heavenly-Dragon’s Juggernaut-Drive is more powerful. That is special. Well these are very dangerous so you shouldn’t use them even if you can. Just like Juggernaut-Drive, it will drain your life force and eventually kill you after going berserk.”

Ah, so it was the same. Then it will be hard to use.

“The Longinus need to be reported to the higher-ups of the three great powers when they are found due to the alliance right? But Sensei didn’t know that the lion was under Sairaorg-san. Isn’t that a breach in the alliance done by the Bael side?”

I had doubts about that. The higher-ups of Heaven and the Underworld searched and kept a surveillance on Longinus possessors. That lion, “Regulus Nemea” would be siding with the devils so I thought it would be natural for Sirzechs-sama and Sensei to receive a report about it. I don’t think that Sairaorg-san would keep quiet about it on purpose. I started to think that there might be something behind it. Sensei then said after sighing.

“It seems like Sirzechs also didn’t know about it. It sounds like those guys from the Great-King faction told Sairaorg to hide the identity of his “Pawn”. But Sairaorg was insistent in telling the Maou about it. If he is to be the next heir of his house, then his actions will be restricted by the current head. On top of that the Great-King faction members were telling him to hide his identity completely even in the rating game. Even if he was to send it out, they told him not to reveal its identity.”

“But it came out in the end, and he revealed its identity.”

“It seems like Sairaorg reached his limit of keeping quiet about it. It seems like he was planning to use it whenever an opportunity to use it appeared. Nobody expected the last game to go like that, but it was revealed because of that. Thanks to that, the Great-King faction members are being questioned a lot by the Maou-faction, you know? Though the Grigori and the Heaven also made a complaint to the devil’s side due to the alliance.”

---! So something like that happened during that match. For the higher-ups of the Great-King faction to tell Sairaorg-san not to use the lion….. But Sairaorg-san didn’t have a second thought about using the lion for the head to head battle. I just need to pray that it won’t turn into trouble like what happened with the Old-Maou faction. So did that mean I was under the Maou-faction then? To put it specifically, a Longinus possessor who belongs to the Lucifer-side. Man this was a hassle! Ah, there’s one more thing I remembered after hearing about Longinus and abilities.

“…..Sensei, how about [True-Longinus]’s [Truth Idea]? Does that also have a phenomenon similar to [Juggernaut-Drive] or [Breakdown the Beast]? Does it also have a creature sealed in it?”

“……It’s not that a creature is sealed in that spear. What’s sealed inside it is like a will of “the God from the Bible”.”

---A will. That also gives an incredible image to me. Hmmm, so the ultimate spear also had an unbelievable thing hidden in it then?

“---A spear that can kill a being called God. The beginning Longinus. The God from the Bible left it in the current World, to be used by humans - as a Sacred Gear. Though the reason for it is split between different opinions in my organisation. Something like even if God died, the believers can spread their teachings and the weapon can be used for invading since it can kill the Gods from other religions. Also something like a defence weapon for his believers in case of an attack from the Gods of other religions. Or it was just made for no particular reason. Like that there are different opinions. The Heavens don’t have a conclusion either. Either way other powerful Sacred Gears were found after that spear, and things like Longinus were defined.”

So the beginning Longinus huh. ……My Longinus was defined after that spear.

“In this age, each of the Longinus are showing different changes than in the past. We are in a flow where it’s not weird for other Longinus besides the 13 Longinus to appear, maybe a 14th or 15th Longinus could be found.”

Sensei said something like that.

…..A new Longinus might be born….. As one who has possession of a Longinus, I can understand that this would be very dangerous. They're already dangerous to begin with, so it’s scary if more were to appear. ….From the discussion till now, it seems like they will appear as an enemy so I’m becoming frightened.


It seemed like Asia who was sitting close by was thinking about something. She hadn’t eaten much either. She had only been drinking sips of juice.

“What’s wrong Asia?”

When I talked to her, Asia said it quietly.

“…..I thought that I should understand more about the Sacred Gear.”

“Is it to increase….the healing ability?”

When I asked her, she nodded.

“I heard that Gasper-kun went to Azazel-sensei’s research institute to know more about the Sacred Gear. So I thought I should go there next.”


……After that match against Bael, everyone started to face up to their powers and even Gasper who was always behind went to the Grigori in order to train himself. But Asia’s healing ability was already powerful. It showed remarkable support both at close and long-range. How many times have we been saved by it. Even so, Asia seemed like she wasn’t satisfied with it. She had a more serious expression than usual. Asia who was always putting on a gentle smile had strong eyes right now.

“Sensei I would like to ask you two questions. Is it possible for [Twilight Healing] to attain Balance-Breaker? Am I also able to attain Balance-Breaker? I would like to know these two answers.”

Hearing Asia’s question, Sensei gulped his alcohol and said....

“For the first question, there is. It is predicted that there is a Balance-Breaker state for Twilight Healing. It’s also “Yes” for the second question as well. If you are close to the Sekiryuutei Ise who makes lots of irregular phenomenon occur, then by training you will be able to reach it depending on how hard you work. It’s also possible to make it into a sub-species Balance-Breaker depending on your taste as well. –But Asia. Your ability has already reached perfection.”

Asia seemed a bit in doubt at Sensei’s words.

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s just like I said. Your healing ability is already high and you have already mastered it. Just like you can see, because of your ability Ise and the others have overcome dangerous situations countless times. I could say that you are already using your Sacred Gear to the fullest. Even comparing you with other Twilight-Healing possessors, your level of healing ability, time needed to heal and other parts are all top-notch. Even the healing from long-range shows a result that far surpasses average numbers. Even if you were to get Balance-Breaker, it will just be a scale up of those aspects.”

Sensei gave such huge praises to Asia. I also thought the same. Asia’s ability is quite high even at the current point. As long as Asia doesn’t get targeted, we can fight with relief. That’s because even if we were to be injured, we know that we can return to the battlefield as soon as we are healed by Asia. Being so highly praised by Sensei, Asia has a complicated expression instead of wanting to become stronger.

“Asia. You are the keystone of this group. A healing member is valuable and important. Out of the Gremory group….. No. Out of everyone here, you are the most important one during battle. You will know that if you ask everyone else, and you, yourself should realise that as well right?”

Asia nods at Sensei’s words.

“Then do you know what is your weakness?”

“….Is it the fact that I’m not useful besides healing?”

“No. It’s a bit different. You should just concentrate on healing. You can leave the rest to Ise and the others. But you will still be targeted. We will receive a major blow if we lose our healing support. If that happens, we would need an attacker who can protect you or the rear guard would have to defend you. That would disturb the formation and could lead to breaking the rhythm of the battle. ---Your weakness is that you don’t have a method to protect yourself. So what you should improve is the ability where you can defend yourself. …..Yeah. Maybe it would suit you to use a method like barriers, illusions, demonic-powers to summon, or even magic. If you make a pact with creatures who can act as your shield and summon them, then Ise and others don’t have to defend you. Rias. Asia made a pact with the hard to please “Sprite Dragon” right?”

Rias nods at Sensei’s question.

“Yes. It has become Asia’s familiar.”

The High-tier dragon baby that Asia caught at the forest of familiars. It plays with Asia at home quite often. When that grows, it will become the same size as old man Tannin. So it will be scary from now because it will become more than 10 meters big.

……What should we do about its food?

“Unexpectedly, maybe she has an ability that can enslave creatures. It was totally a blind spot. How about you start meeting with lots of legendary creatures and try to make pacts with them? Maybe it will go smoothly? If it’s a creature that can act as a shield…….”

Sensei started to talk by himself with enjoyment about improving Asia’s ability. But I agree that Asia summoning a creature who could become her shield would be useful. At the last group battle during the match against Bael, the reason we didn’t let Asia participate is because we didn’t have the flexibility to protect her. Since Asia would be healing us, she would definitely be targeted, and we didn’t have the flexibility to both attack and defend so it would've been too high of a risk. If Asia can summon creatures that can act as her shield, then…. That last fight might have gone differently. Somehow since we arrived, a plan for improving everyone in the group has been established. Though there are still members who are keeping their improvement plans a secret, but the reflection we had during the Bael match will greatly influence our growth. Even Gasper and Rossweisse-san who aren’t here will return to us even stronger than before.

….I can’t lose to them either! I need to get even stronger. Since all my rivals are incredibly strong. Do my best, me! ----Then it happened right as I made a new resolve.

……! ………An uncomfortable feeling hit me. I felt a nasty sensation all over my body. The atmosphere changed immediately, and I immediately felt a sensation like I was teleported to a different place even though the scenery around me looks exactly the same…..


Sensei also felt a sensation similar to mine, and made a serious face as he looked around the restaurant. Kiba did the same. Then there was a shadow that was moving closer to us….. It’s Kuroka. She has her cat ears and tails out, and her ears are twitching. Her outfit has changed to the usual kimono. It looked like she has a sarcastic smile.

“Arya-rya. Looks like Vali was ignored -nya. Looks like the “Bingo” came here.”

…..Vali? Bingo? The moment when Kuroka said things that I couldn't understand…..

A familiar mist started surrounded us, covering everything around us……

Part 2

We left the restaurant that was inside the hotel. Everyone was here including Ophis, Kuroka and her comrades as well. I started the countdown for Balance Breaker while I was running!

……There wasn’t even a single person in the building! No matter how I think about it, it was that phenomenon! It was the same as that mist I experienced twice in Kyoto! We had been transported by force! He created the exact same hotel we were in before, in an artificial dimension and transported just us! Xenovia who was next to me shouted.

“Ise! Is this perhaps!?”

“Yeah Xenovia. It must be. A mist I can’t forget even if I wanted to!”

The only one who can do this was the mist-user who appeared in my head!

We arrived at a spacious lobby. There was not a single trace of people, there were two men openly sitting on a nearby black sofa!

---! Then a fireball flew towards our direction! It was aimed at Irina and Asia! But the fireball didn’t hit the two! Ophis acted as their shield and made the fireball vanish with ease.

….Ophis protected Asia and Irina?

“T-Thank you very much.”


Ophis didn’t react to Asia’s gratitude, but……. I looked back at the sofa.

A youth who was wearing a robe on top of a familiar school uniform, and a black haired youth who was wearing a Chinese outfit on top of the same school uniform were gazing at us. The Chinese outfit youth was tapping his spear on his shoulder while sitting down and then said to us.

“It has been a while Sekiryuutei. And Governor Azazel. The last time we met was in Kyoto. I made my greetings right away. It’s the return of Durandal from the other day.”

“……Cao Cao!”

I spit out the guy’s name. The holy-spear wielder who had the strongest Longinus! The leader of the Hero-faction of the Khaos Brigade! The main culprit who attacked us in Kyoto! The wound I gave to his eye was gone completely.

……It was a wound where it wouldn't be weird for him to have lost his sight.

…..There must be something about it. I should keep it in mind. But they shot a fireball at Asia and Irina all of a sudden! Was it payback for Xenovia’s attack back in Kyoto!? Cao Cao applauded.

“The match against Bael the other day was magnificent. The intense fist fight between two people wearing Balance Breaker armour. It was a fight in which people who love to battle would be ecstatic over. So I will give my praise to the Gremory team. Congratulations on being the number 1 youth devil team. They are good servants Rias Gremory. It truly is frightening.”

“Should I be honoured by being praised by one of the leaders of the terrorists? I do feel complicated. How are you doing Cao Cao?”

Rias put on a sarcastic smile while staying on maximum alert.

“Yeah I’m doing alright. It was only a short time when I saw you back in Kyoto, so this might be our first meeting. I was astonished at the sudden summoning. It certainly was a stimulating appearance.”

“Don’t say that! ……..It embarrasses me even remembering about it!”

Rias puts her hands in front of her because of Cao Cao’s words and was telling him to “Stop!”. Yeah! Even if it was my fault, she appeared in Kyoto in an outrageous way! It certainly must be bad since that was their first encounter!

“So what was the reason for you making this field in another dimension and transporting us? It must be a good for nothing plot I guess?”

When Sensei asked that, Cao Cao looked behind us. He was looking at Ophis.

“Ya Ophis. I was wondering where you went with Vali, but for you to be here. I certainly didn’t anticipate that.”

Kuroka stood in front of Ophis.

“Nyahahaha, we are also shocked nya. I thought you'd head to where Vali is.”

“We sent a different team over there. They are probably battling them now.”

………….? What are they saying? I couldn’t follow either of their conversations. I do know that Vali's team and Cao Cao's team are against each other. While we were suspicious of the situation, Le Fay suddenly raised her hand. She made a cough and explained to us joyfully. At the same time an ash grey wolf appeared from her shadow and glared at Cao Cao.

“Well, this started from two things. The first is that Ophis-sama took great interest in Sekiryuutei, [Oppai-Dragon]-san. Vali-sama found out about it so he offered to set up a meeting between the two through his own connections.”

I know about that. That’s why Ophis made a shocking visit to my house. Le Fay had one finger up, then put up her second finger.

“The second reason is that Vali-sama got a hold of some information which said that someone is after Ophis-sama from the shadows. To find out about it, we decided to lure them out. If we are lucky we can fight directly with the people who get in our team's way by using Ophis-sama as bait. ……So it means that---“

Le Fay shyly pointed at Cao Cao.

“Those people over there are after Ophis-sama and us, so we thought that they would take action if Vali-sama took Ophis-sama out of headquarters, and we could crush them when they come after us. But there was no reason for having Ophis-sama be in danger, so Vali-sama took Bikou-sama who disguised himself as a fake-Ophis-sama. And we took the real-Ophis-sama to [Oppai-Dragon]-san’s house.”

…..Wa-Wait a second! Hearing Le Fay, I looked at Cao Cao, Ophis and Sensei! Wait wait wait wait! I know that Vali’s team and the Hero-faction are on bad terms! I also know that Ophis is being targeted!

But the one who was after Ophis was……Cao Cao!? So, did it mean that the Hero-faction was after Ophis!? W-What did this mean!? D-Didn’t they all belong to the Khaos Brigade…… More like, wasn’t Ophis their boss!?

All of us present, the Gremory group and the others were shocked! The ones who are calm are Sensei, Kuroka, Le Fay, Cao Cao and Georg! Cao Cao started nodding his head hearing Le Fay, and was tapping his spear on his shoulder.

“It’s Vali we are talking about. I knew that he won’t just go around taking Ophis with him. So we knew that he would be using Ophis as bait to lure us out. But we also knew that Vali won’t be using Ophis just as bait. We knew that Ophis was interested in the changes of this generation’s Hakuryuukou and Sekiryuutei. So we thought that something like this might happen so we split into two groups. One group went after Vali, while Georg and I would check on Sekiryuutei. Just as we thought, Ophis was here. So we ended up meeting each other like this.”

….I’m still confused but judging from the story, Vali tried to lure out Cao Cao without using the real Ophis but with a fake Ophis. And Cao Cao was suspicious of Vali’s movements and came here thinking that Ophis was with us! His guess was right and Ophis is standing over there!

“Cao Cao is after me?”

Ophis asks while twitching her neck.

“Yeah, Ophis. We need Ophis, but we determined that we don’t need the “current” you.”

“I do not understand. I would not lose to Cao Cao.”

“That would be the case. You are too powerful. To tell the truth, I don’t know what would happen if I took you head on. ----So let’s fight a bit.”

Cao Cao stood up and spun around his spear skilfully.


The tip of his spear opened, and a really bright light blade formed! ……..It had an intense light that gave me chills like always. To us devils, it is the ultimate holy spear.


Cao Cao disappeared! ---Fast! He disappeared without making even the slightest movement!


When he appeared, Cao Cao’s spear was thrust deeply into Ophis’s stomach!

---! A critical blow! If it was a devil, that stab would have killed it right away! Cao Cao then shouts while putting power into the spear he holds!

“—Shine, the spear that destroys Gods!”


At the same time he thrust his spear, enormous amounts of light were emitted!

“This is bad nya. Le Fay.”

When Kuroka said that, both she and Le Fay started to mumble something. Then a mist of darkness was created around us!

“It is a mist that greatly reduces the amount of light. It’s very dense, so please don’t breath it in! It’s poisonous to our bodies! But we won’t be able to reduce the light of the Holy-spear unless we do something like this!”

“Also it’s a double layer done by me and Le Fay nya.”

The moment Le Fay and Kuroka gave us an explanation like that, the torrents of enormous light created from the holy-spear expanded throughout the hotel!

……I understood that the light created from the holy-spear was intense even from inside the mist! If we didn’t have this mist, I wonder how much damage would we, devils, have received just from the torrents? The light of the holy-spear stops, the mist of darkness also disappeared, and I looked at Cao Cao and Ophis. Ophis still had a spear pierced through her stomach. But there was no blood flowing out from her stomach and she also didn’t have any expression of pain on her face! Cao Cao takes out his spear slowly, Ophis’ stomach had a hole but there were no traces of blood. The hole disappeared as if nothing happened.

…..So she didn’t take any damage? Even with the light of that holy-spear…..? Cao Cao then said it with an astonished face.

“An instant kill attack if it was a devil. I even put a lot of power in it so even other beings would vaporise…… It would have taken half of the power of one of the Gods who are weak against this spear.”

Cao Cao then looked at me.

“Did you see that Sekiryuutei? This is Ophis. You cannot give it a critical wound even with the Ultimate Longinus. The damage went through. ---- But it is impossible even for this spear, to take down the power of the infinite.”

Since Ophis herself was infinite, did it mean that no matter what kind of attack you do with that spear was useless…..?! So this was a dragon that represents Infinity. Cao Cao continued while tapping his spear on his shoulder.

“She won’t even fight back against me who just attacked her. The reason is simple. ---That’s because she can kill me any time she wants to. That’s why she won’t do it, even if I do something like this. Basically she’s not interested in anything besides Great-Red. Out of the Top 5 world’s strongest not including Great-Red, the strongest one is Ophis, and there is a huge gap between her and the second strongest where you could say that she is on a totally different level. This is what the embodiment of Infinity means.”

These guys….. Cao Cao was after Ophis right? Then I thought about it. ……Then what are they planning to do with this “Infinite”? Even if it was Cao Cao, it would be impossible to defeat her right? Or can he beat her if he used Balance-Breaker or the thing called Truth-Idea…….? No, judging from how Cao Cao spoke, he was basically saying that he can’t beat her.

Then what seems like a transport magic-circle was created below Kuroka and Le Fay! Was it a magic circle created by them!? Kuroka then said it with a smile.

“Nyahaha, we have connected it while you were doing your side show. ---Let’s do it Le Fay. It’s about time that we call him.”

When the ash-grey wolf, Fenrir, positioned itself on the magic-circle, the magic-circle made an intense glow and reacted!

When the light stopped, instead of Fenrir, that “guy” was standing there instead! A bishounen with dark silver hair and blue eyes…..

Vali! When I thought that the transport magic-circle was activated, instead of Fenrir, Vali appeared!

“Good work Kuroka. Le Fay. ----It’s been a while since we met face-to-face, Cao Cao.”

Cao Cao who was confronting Vali smirked at his appearance.

“Vali. This is a shocking summoning.”

Le Fay then said it while drawing a circle in the air with her rod.

“I have called Vali-sama here switching his location with Fenrir-chan.”

Vali then continued.

“I made Fenrir fight the other Hero-faction group members with Bikou and the others in my place. I had predicted that Cao Cao would be coming here. So I made sure I had insurance. ---Now, let’s finish things between us. But coming here only with Georg. Such a bold hero.”

Ah, so there were transport methods like that as well. This was my first time hearing about them. So it must be a special magic-circle that was activated by Kuroka and Le Fay? But this guy Vali, he also predicted that Cao Cao would be coming here. Cao Cao then smirked.

“Rather than being bold, I thought that it would be enough with just me and Georg.”

“Looks like you are confident Cao Cao. Does it mean you have the so-called [Dragon-Eater] as your trump card? I’m guessing it is a Sacred-Gear possessor who specialises in Dragon-slaying or a new Longinus possessor?”

Cao Cao shook his head to the sides hearing Vali’s words.

“No. That’s not it Vali. [Dragon-Eater] is the code-name we gave to a being that existed already. We didn’t create it. It was already created. ---“God from the Bible” created that.”

Hearing that, the youth wearing a robe, Georg, speaks.

“Is it alright Cao Cao?”

“Yeah, it’s about time Georg. Vali is here. Ophis is here. Sekiryuutei is here. The infinite Dragon-God and the Two Heavenly-Dragons. A combination where we couldn't ask for more. ---Let’s call it. The time for opening the jar from hell has come.”

“Roger that. ---So the time to devour the infinite has come then.”

Georg who put on a smile made a gigantic magic-circle behind him in the spacious lobby!


An intense vibration shook the entire hotel! A very ominous aura was emitted from the magic circle!

…….A cold air that gave me chills. An intense pressure I had never felt before was coming from the magic-circle! A pressure that froze both my body and soul…. I felt like a frog that was being glared at by a snake……!

[This presence is…! An overwhelming evil intent only directed at a dragon…..!]

Ddraig also seemed like he felt something and his voice is trembling. Ddraig is frightened…..? What kind of being is there that can even frighten a Heavenly-Dragon, which is an embodiment of bravery…..?

Then a gigantic ominous thing started appearing from the magic-circle….! Head. Torso….. Black-wings. A cross….?

Someone was impaled into a cross. Restraint tools were intensely binding its body. There are many restraining tools placed all over its body and there are creepy letters written on the tools! There were ones that were placed on its eyes and there were tears of blood dripping from them.

---! The moment its whole body appeared from the magic-circle, my breath stopped because of the bizarre existence. It had the lower-body of a……. Snake! No. There are scales on it. ……A skinny appearance like that of an Asian dragon! The upper-body of a fallen-angel and lower-body of a dragon! On both hands, tail, and all over its body, there were countless nails driven through! Even on its black wings!

Just looking at its appearance tells me how painful it is! …… A pebble fallen-angel dragon……that is being restricted……..?

A crucifixion done to a criminal who has done something very serious…. It looks like it is the personification of anger from the one who judged it…..


A creepy voice emitted from the criminal's mouth, which echoed throughout the lobby. From its mouth covered in fangs, there was blood and saliva coming out as well.

Pain. Jealousy. Suffering. Resentment. A sound that is mixed with all kinds of negative emotions. You can tell it is a being that was judged by someone who harboured great anger towards it. There was a black aura and mist coming out of the fallen-angel dragon that was spreading throughout the lobby.

…..A sensation where my skin is being poked with needles…..a disgusting sensation that covers my whole body…..

Sensei’s eyes changed and his expression changed to that of anger.

“…..T-this guy is…… To bring such a thing….. So you unsealed the seal of Cocytus…..!”

Cao Cao took a step forward and starts to speak as if he was reading a poem.

“—It says that it is the poison of God. It says it is the evil intention of God. A forbidden being that made the people in Eden eat the fruit of knowledge. The first crime that was judged by the dead God from the Bible and still continues to be in effect. [Dragon-Eater] Samael. The angel that received the curse of God who hated dragons and snakes. A dragon. Yes. A dragon whose existence was eliminated from the record.”


Hearing the name of the restrained dragon, everyone besides me put on a shocked face.

“…..Sensei. What is that….? Even I know that it’s dangerous just by looking at it.”

I ask Sensei.

“Do you know the story of Adam and Eve?”

“Y-Yeah. I at least know about that.”

Weren’t they the first man and woman? The ones who were at the garden of Eden or something. Sensei begins to explain.

“The one who turned into a snake and made Adam and Eve eat the fruit of knowledge is that. That action brought the fury of “God from the Bible”. So God started to hate snakes and dragons to the extreme. That’s the reason why dragons are depicted as evil in many of the texts from the Church. He is a being that was made of the evil intentions of God, because of God’s hate, a being who received many kinds of poisons and curses on his body. Naturally it is impossible for God, who is sacred, to have evil intentions. That’s why it has intense poison. Not only can it extinguish dragons but it can affect other things besides dragons, so it was sealed in the depths of Cocytus. The curse it received from God is the ultimate dragon-slayer. That alone makes him an existence that is a brutal dragon-slayer…..!”

……A fallen-angel……snake……dragon…..that was hated by God……! God’s poison….! God’s evil intent……!

I understood that this thing was very dangerous just by hearing the explanation!

…...What kind of monster did these guys bring! God’s evil intent and intense poison which is hatred towards dragons! Isn’t this thing a very dangerous existence to me!? Sensei then yells.

“What is the Olympian God who is in charge of the World of the dead thinking…..? ---! P-Perhaps….!”

Cao Cao smiles at Sensei’s deduction.

“Yes. We negotiated with Hades-dono. I was allowed to summon him while having many layers of restrictions on it.”

“….That bastard! He didn’t like the fact that Zeus was going to cooperate with other factions!”

Sensei spat out with hatred. So that skeleton-God lent his hand to the Hero-faction! No matter how you think about it, it is a serious issue that will bring ruckus to the alliance! He seems like he hates devils and fallen-angels but to help a terrorist! Cao Cao spins around his holy-spear and then points at us.

“So like that Azazel-dono, Vali, and Sekiryuutei. The curse he has will devour and kill dragons. He can kill dragons for certain. It’s not on the same level as the dragon-slayer holy-swords. You can’t even compare them. Ascalon is like a toothpick to him, Hyoudou Issei.”

Ascalon as a toothpick!? No. Judging from this overwhelming hatred I feel, that Samael-san is a dragon-slayer that is on a different level from my Ascalon!

“What are you planning to do by using it!? Are you trying to annihilate dragons!? ……No. You guys are trying……..Ophis…….?”

Cao Cao smirks with amusement at Sensei’s words. He then clicks his fingers.

“-Devour her.”


Something very fast went past us! Then…..


I heard a weird sound, it sounded like something was gulped!

When I looked around, there was a black block created at the place where Ophis was standing! A size big enough to envelop a person! So that’s what happened! From the black block, there was a tentacle growing out. When I looked at where the tentacle was leading to, it was connected to the fallen-angel dragon that was pinned to the cross! There was a very black tentacle, his tongue, growing out from his mouth!

-Samael gulped Ophis!?

I became confused at the sudden happening! But I could tell that those guys were up to no good by having Samael wrap Ophis with its tongue!

“Hey Ophis! Answer me!”

I talk to the block! But there isn’t any response from Ophis! This is bad! I’m sure this is really bad!

“Yuuto! Cut it!”

With Rias’s command, Kiba creates a holy-demonic sword in his hand and went slashing towards the black block!

-But, the black block devoured the holy-demonic sword and made the its blade disappear! Only half of the holy-demonic sword was left in Kiba’s hand!

“……It erased the holy-demonic sword? Can this black block erase an attack itself?”

Kiba created another demonic-sword and slashed it towards the tentacle, Samael’s tongue! But it achieved the same results as before! When he went to cut it, the part of the blade that touched it was erased, and the tip of the blade got split in two!

[Half Dimension!]

When Vali made the wings of light appear, Divine-Dividing, his surroundings became warped and all the things got reduced to half while making the sound of the Sacred Gear at the same time. That is Vali’s halving ability! But it didn’t have any effect on the black block or Samael’s tongue. Did he learn how to use that ability without turning into Balance-Breaker!?

“How’s this then?”

Then Vali shoots a wave of demonic power from his hand, but it was also devoured by the black block as if it was nothing. It didn’t even give any damage to the black block! It doesn’t even have a scratch or dent! It’s no use even with Vali!

“Then how about the power of destruction!”

Rias shoots it with enough demonic power to make things around her dissapear, but it didn’t do anything either! Is it stubbornly hard or does it have the power to avoid all attacks?


While making a creepy voice, the tentacle attached to the block is getting bigger and is taking it towards Samael’s mouth. It seems like it is absorbing something from Ophis who is inside….. Wait, that’s it! Cao Cao did say “devour it” just before! Then I will just use the power of my Balance-Breaker and---

I made the Boosted Gear Scalemail appear immediately and wore it quickly! I also promoted to the usual Queen! When I was about to go hitting towards the block surrounding Ophis, Sensei stops me.

“Ise! Don’t take it on! He’s your ultimate natural enemy! He can’t be compared to Vali! That dragon must have the power to kill dragons easily! I mean, the situation is already bad since Ophis can’t even get out of it! The enemy is a dragon but don’t use Ascalon! We don’t know what will happen against the ultimate dragon-slayer!”

“Even if you say that, something terrible will happen if Ophis's caught by them right!?”

I shout. Then Xenovia goes forward immediately and slashes down her Durandal at Samael! The absolute wave from the holy-sword goes down towards Samael….


There was something that hit it to the side….. It’s Cao Cao’s holy spear!

“You do a good attack from the start again, Xenovia of the Durandal. But there’s no second time.”

Cao Cao clicks his fingers.

“I thought I attacked with good timing…… Is my first strike with Durandal easy to read?” Xenovia asked.

"I also think it was good timing. But since she attacked first with Durandal at Kyoto, it’s natural that they would be on alert. Cao Cao did stop it easily. But you sure like to give a hello attack don’t you, Xenovia? I won’t say anymore than this!"

Then Vali turns into his armour form while releasing white lights.

“So my opponent is Samael. On top of that two high-tier Longinus possessors. I have no complaints.”

With Vali’s word, Kuroka and Le Fay also made a battle stance. I’m not copying Vali but I also made a battle stance. The Gremory team members also did the same. Sensei also enveloped his body with the armour of Fafnir! Anyway there’s one thing I know. If attacks don’t work on the block or Samael’s tongue, then we have to hit his body! It’s absolutely dangerous to have Ophis taken by these guys of who we can’t understand what they are thinking!

“Ravel. You are a guest and my precious manager. I can’t have you dying on me, so step back.”

Ravel nods and steps back with my request. That’s good. The wife from the House of Phoenix asked us to take care of Ravel but that doesn’t include battles that involve risking her life. I promised her that “I will protect Ravel”. In the worst case scenario, I have to at least make sure Ravel escapes. Of course I’m not planning to let the others or myself die either! Looking at our battle stances, Cao Cao put on a smile of enjoyment.

“With you guys as my opponent, it will be dangerous if I don’t become serious. Since Hades only allowed us to use Samael once. Our plan will fail if we don’t decide it here. Georg! I will leave the controlling of Samael to you. I will take care of these guys.”

Georg says it while controlling Samael.

“Can you take the two-heavenly dragons, the Governor of fallen-angels, and the Gremory team by yourself?”

“I will make it happen. If I can’t do something as simple as this, then I basically have no right to hold this spear.”

Cao Cao’s spear then makes a bright light!

“---Balance Breaker.”

Saying that, something in Cao Cao’s body changes! A ring of light that gave out intense light appears behind him and 7 bowling ball sized balls floating up in the air appeared! It was a silent Balance-Breaker. Until now I have seen many types of Balance-Breaker, but this is my first time seeing something so silent and simple. Even the spear looks basically the same. Cao Cao takes a step forward. At the same time, the 7 orbs around him move as well.

“This is my [True Longinus]’s Balance-Breaker, [Polar Night Longinus Chakravartine]. ---Though it’s still incomplete.”

Seeing Cao Cao, Sensei shouts.

“---! A sub-species! The Balance-Breaker that the previous [True-Longinus] used until now was [True-Longinus Götterdämmerung]! From the name of it, are you implying that you are the ideal ruler!? Damn it! Even I don’t know what those 7 orbs are!”

“I actually want to call myself the ideal ruler of heaven. That sounds cooler right?”

I don’t understand what Cao Cao is saying. But a sub-species of the ultimate holy-spear! What kind of ability does it have!? Vali then says it after standing next to me.

“Careful. That Balance-Balance-Breaker has the ability called “Seven Treasures” and has 7 Sacred Gear abilities. So there are abilities for each orb.”

I got shocked at what he said!

“Seven!? Not two or three!?”

“Yeah seven. Each of those abilities is deadly. Though I only know three of them. That’s why it’s called the Ultimate-Longinus. There’s no doubt that he’s the strongest out of pure humans. …….Yes among humans.”

…..Even Vali says this much…… But the pressure coming out of his body is quite lower compared to Samael's….. I was more nervous in the fight against Sairaorg-san….. But I shouldn’t let my guard down. I was almost killed by him once in Kyoto. ---With the normal state holy spear that is. Cao Cao then moves one of his hands forward. ----One of the orbs reacts and goes in front of his hand.

“One of the Seven-Treasures. Cakka Ratana.”

Saying that, the orb disappears and……


The sound of something being destroyed violently echoes throughout the lobby.

When I looked around, I saw that the Ex-Durandal still held by Xenovia was destroyed!

“……! My Ex-Durandal…..!”

Xenovia also couldn’t react to the sudden action, and her sword was destroyed! The Excalibur, which was made into Durandal’s sheath, was broken!

Ho-Ho-Hold on a sec! It got destroyed like that!? What did the orb that just disappeared do…..and why did Ex-Durandal get destroyed all of a suddennnnn!!

No-one could react to it and everyone was astonished at the Ex-Durandal being destroyed!

“---That is the first one. Cakka Ratana’s ability is to destroy weapons. The ones who can oppose this ability are those who are quite strong.”

Cao Cao says. Then the next moment…..


There was blood spurting from Xenovia’s body…… That’s because there was a hole in her stomach.


Xenovia spits out blood from her mouth and falls down! I can tell that it’s a critical wound with one glance!

“I also made the Chiyatsu Calathana change into the shape of a spear and pierced her stomach with it. If you couldn’t see that, then that means you can’t defeat me, wielder of Durandal.”

Hearing Cao Cao, everyone spread out around the scene.

“Hurry with healing Xenovia! Asia!”

Rias reacts right away and orders Asia to heal. Asia was standing dazed looking at the fallen Xenovia, she soon realises the situation and goes to Xenovia’s aid!

“Xenovia-san! Noooooooo!”

Asia started the healing while crying out loud!

………………….! Bastard! This shit! You hurt Xenovia! You hurt my comrade! Both me who was enraged and…..Kiba went towards Cao Cao! Just like me, Kiba was also furious!

“Cao Caooooooo!”

“I won’t forgive you!”

Simultaneous attacks by me and Kiba! But Cao Cao easily dodged them with his holy-spear and made another orb come to his hand!

“---Itsutei Ratana.”


The orb went past us and straight towards Rias and Akeno-san! Rias and Akeno-san react to it and try to attack. But…..


The orb reacts to Cao Cao’s word and it started to emit lights that envelop Rias and Akeno-san!


“With something like this!”

Both of them try to attack even though they are enveloped in light.

……But Rias and Akeno only have their hands put forward……

Both of them looked at their hands with suspicious looks. They try to attack again by putting their hand forward. ----But like I thought nothing happened! …..I-Is this perhaps….!

“Itsutei Ratana completely seals the unique power women have temporarily. This also needs a certain level of strength or you won’t be able to cancel it out. ----With this, three down.”

Rias, Akeno-san and I were shocked at Cao Cao’s words! He can seal women’s powers!? If people with the strength of Rias and Akeno-san can’t oppose it, then that means Xenovia, Irina and Asia can’t either! And if we have Asia who can heal sealed, then we are over! Xenovia is currently being healed! If we have Asia get sealed, then Xenovia will die! Cao Cao then laughed loudly. He had an expression of enjoyment of this battle.

“Fufufu. Defeating all of you in this limited space. ----Fancy attacks will give a negative effect on the complicated controlling of Samael. I will protect Georg and Samael with the minimum amount of movement that is necessary while I also go straight ahead by myself! What a magnificently hard mission it is! But….”

Kuroka and Le Fay have their hands glowing with demonic-powers and magic and have them aimed at Georg and Samael! They are aiming to attack when the guard is down! Then Cao Cao’s other orb heads to that direction!

“You are in the way –nyan!”

Kuroka tries to take down the orb with her other hand!

“---Atsusa Ratana. It can teleport the person I choose.”

After Cao Cao says that, both Kuroka and Le Fay disappeared from where they were out of my sight. When I looked in a different direction Kuroka and Le Fay were there! So this is what he means by teleport! I saw something outrageous when I found out about that ability! Kuroka and Le Fay who have their hands put forward. Their hands were directed towards….Xenovia and Asia! The attacks they did were originally meant to be aimed at Georg and Samael. But because of the ability, their aim was altered! The fire in their hands can’t be stopped all of a sudden…..

“Don’t mess around! [Welsh Sonic-boost Knight]!”

[Change Star Sonic!!!!]

I changed the evil-pieces within me! I purged off the armour and went towards Asia with armour meant for high speed! I won’t let you! She’s my important Asia! With some attack like that! To take down Asia not with your own attack but with Vali-Team’s attack……!

I went in front of Asia with high speed and acted as her shield! Asia was so concentrated on healing Xenovia that she didn’t react to the attack! Yeah, that’s not a problem! I will protect Asia! ---Though I doubt I can withstand Kuroka and Le Fay’s attack with this thin armour…..! Even so, I will protect Asia with my life!


Along with a loud sound, both their attacks hit me without mercy! The impact and pain go through my whole body!

……My thin armour gets completely destroyed by the powerful attacks…… I spit out blood because of the intense damage I received……


I spit out large amounts of blood.

…..Shit. “It hurts”…..doesn't even express the pain I’m feeling…… Because of their attacks, I have my armour destroyed and took a critical wound to my body. I have black burns from my chest to my stomach. My flesh is torn and I have blood coming out of it……..

……Damn it….. My weakness is the naked me……. And there’s only flesh and blood underneath the armour…… I fall down lifelessly. While falling down, I can see Cao Cao who seems to be smirking.

“Sekiryuutei. I already know your powers. It seems like you awakened to an unstable and more powerful ability in the match against Bael…… Though there are many ways to fight against it. The combo of Triaina is powerful. But there is a slight time lag when you change the evil-pieces. If I attack with the correct timing for it, I can take it down. ---I can take you down in a few moves if I find out the correct strategy.”

……Bastard…….! He completely understands the Triaina and my weakness…..! If an unexpected attack was to be shot towards the defenceless Asia, I will definitely go to her aid with Triaina “Knight” that can move at high speed. And the weakness of Triaina-Knight is ……..the thin armour.

Knowing that, he teleported Kuroka and Le Fay who have high magic attacks in front of Asia. He also calculated that I would appear there……

He saw through my moves just by seeing it once…….!

…..I can’t even be a challenge to him……. That is the obvious power difference between us……!


Asia realises that I am in a critical condition, and she tries to send an aura of healing while she’s healing Xenovia. But I need to have her continue healing Xenovia!

“Don’t! Asia! …..I’m still okay. Heal Xenovia first….”

“But! Ise-san, your stomach……!”

Don’t cry Asia. It’s just that the blood isn’t stopping….. This won’t kill me……..! I’m on the ground but I see a gold armour and pure white armour.

“Valiiiiiiii! Come with me!”

“Geez. I just want to fight by myself…..!”

Vali complains but heads towards Cao Cao with Sensei! It’s high speed! They closed the distance between Cao Cao immediately! The spear of light that Sensei holds and Vali’s punch covered with demonic power are released towards Cao Cao at the same time!

“A recital contest between the Governor of fallen-angels and Hakuryuukou! I can rise even higher if I can overcome this!”

Cao Cao accepts the situation happily, and dodges the high speed attack by Sensei and Vali by an inch! He can dodge that!? Cao Cao, is he really human!? He surpasses humans and super-beings!

“The armour-type Balance-Breaker that is an embodiment of power accomplishes a magnificent power-up. But…… because the power-up is too dramatic, the aura leaks out of the armour a lot! As a result, it’s easy to predict how you will attack next if I just read the flow of aura! See! Since you increase the attack of your weapons or fist, the aura concentrates on those areas!”

Cao Cao says that while dodging! ---The weakness of armour-types!? He looks at things like that!? What kind of a strategy does he have against us!? Then Cao Cao who dodged their attacks has his right eye glowing in golden light!

“Do you know about the Evil-eye!? Yes, the special power that is inside the eye! I also had that planted in me! I had it replaced with the eye I lost against Sekiryuutei! It’s my new eye!”

Cao Cao who dodged both Sensei and Vali’s attack looks down. Then Sensei’s legs start to turn into stone!

“----Medusa’s eye!”

Sensei makes a noise with his tongue after realising the identity of his eye! Medusa! Even an idiot like me knows! The female monster who turns anyone into stone with her hair made from snakes! He implanted her eye in himself!? The 7 abilities, Holy-spear and Medusa’s eye! How much power does this bastard, Cao Cao have!?


The holy-spear pierces Sensei’s stomach along with a nasty sound. The golden armour crumbled easily and Sensei’s body spurt out blood!

“……Guha! …….What is this insane power he has…….!”

Sensei falls to the ground while coughing out blood. Cao Cao says it while pulling out his spear.

“Well I did fight with you once so I know how to deal with you. ---The weakness of that artificial Sacred Gear is that it can’t reflect the power of Fafnir to you.”

“Azazel! Damn you Cao Caoooooo!”

Vali who became enraged by Sensei being taken down releases an especially large block of demonic powers towards Cao Cao!

“You were abandoned by your parents because they thought you were a monster, and the one who picked you up and taught you how to use your power was Governor Azazel wasn’t it!? Are you enraged because the one who saved your life and raised you got taken down!?”

Vali releases a demonic-power shot towards Cao Cao! Even if it’s Cao Cao, if he gets hit by it directly….! But one of the orbs went flying towards his shot!

“---Mani Ratana. It can release the attack directed at me to someone else. Vali. Your demonic-power is enormous. If I get hit, I will die. Guarding against it is also hard. ---But there is a way to ward it off.”

Vali’s demonic shot got absorbed by the whirlwind created in front of the orb!

The whirlwind disappeared after absorbing all of it, and a new whirlwind appeared in front of Koneko-chan! Hold on a sec! From Cao Cao’s explanation before he can redirect an attack aimed at him to someone else……! Which means…..

Shit! Move! Move it, my bodyyyyyyyy! While dripping blood I got up while putting strength in my legs. But……. Gough!

I puked out blood from my mouth and fell down! From the new whirlwind, Vali’s demonic shot that was absorbed before is released! The powerful demonic shot was redirected towards Koneko-chan!

“Idiot! Why aren’t you moving Shirone!”

High school dxd v11 203.jpg

Kuroka screams and goes between Koneko-chan and Vali’s attack, to become her shield…..


The sound of the explosion echoes throughout the lobby! Kuroka received a direct hit from Vali’s shot that was redirected by Cao Cao towards Koneko-chan. Kuroka falls while bleeding and has smoke coming out. Koneko-chan embraces her body right away.

“……W-What were you standing all airheaded for…..”

Kuroka says that with a voice that almost sounds like it is about to disappear.


“Cao Cao, you took down my comrade with my own hands……!”

Vali's body is enveloped with an aura filled with rage! It looks like his anger is rising even more! It’s my first time seeing him get mad this much! And the cause for that is Sensei and Kuroka who were beaten!

“Vali. You think too deeply about your comrades. You look exactly the same as the Sekiryuutei over there who is lying pathetically on the floor. ----When did the two-heavenly dragons become this weak? Also I know that you can’t grasp my ability because you have only seen a few of my abilities before. ----That’s why I attacked with the Seven-Treasure ability that I haven’t shown you on purpose. You should be glad. With this, the only one who knows all 7 abilities is you.”

“Then I will also show you! I, the one who is about to awaken! The Two-Heavenly dragons that…..”

That bastard Vali! He started saying the chant for the “Juggernaut Drive”. Cao Cao then shouts at Georg as if he realised it.

“Georg. Juggernaut-Drive might destroy this artificial space!”

“I know.------Samael!”

Georg put his hand forward and created a magic-circle. Reacting to that, the restraint on Samael’s right hand comes off!


While making a creepy cry, Samael’s right hand is directed at Vali!


Vali is enveloped by a black thing at the same time the air rumbles! It looks like the black block that is enveloping Ophis!


When Samael howled, the black block bursts!


At the same time that the block bursts, Vali also gets released. ---But his armour also bursted along with the block, and his body is covered with lots of blood!


Vali falls to the floor of the lobby!

You must be kidding me! That Vali……! That Hakuryuukou…..! My ultimate rival was taken down without doing anything! Is that how dangerous that “Dragon-Eater” monster Samael is!? Looking at Vali who is on the floor, Cao Cao makes a sigh.

“How is it Vali? The taste of God’s poison? It’s something that is too much for a dragon, right? If you were to use Juggernaut-Drive here and rampage, it will affect the control of Samael so I will have it finished here then. I’m just a weak human, so I can only do attacks aiming for peoples weak points. ----My bad, Vali.”

“…..Cao Cao…..!”

Vali looks up at Cao Cao with hatred.

“Even that Ophis can’t do anything against Samael. Samael was the only natural enemy for Ophis. Looks like our prediction was correct.”

Cao Cao says it while tapping his shoulder with his spear. The black block enveloping Ophis. The tentacle still looks like it is absorbing something from Ophis!

“Ummm, so how many are down with this? With Sekiryuutei, Hakuryuukou, Governor Azazel defeated, the big threats are down. I would say the only ones left are Kiba of the Holy-demonic sword, Michael’s angel, and Le Fay.”


Le Fay doesn’t know what to do in front of Cao Cao’s overwhelming power. Irina also shed tears of anger while holding on to the sword of light.

“……How dare you! Xenovia! Ise-kun! My comrades!”

“You can’t Irina! If you go recklessly, you will get killed!”

Rias stops Irina who seemed like she was going ahead without thinking.

“If we don’t do something about the Seven-Treasures, then all of our attacks will be countered back. The seven orbs have the same size and shape, so it’s hard to tell which one he will be using and it will be even more difficult if he used more than one. If he was to use all the abilities at the same time then….. It’s my first time confronting an ability which is so hard to read like this. If he created an ability including about that, then he is a fearful prodigy. –He’s someone who can take down Ise and others easily. He’s really a strong foe who has researched us and that makes me panic so much…..!”

Rias seems to have a grasp of the situation. Yes. We were defeated by those orbs with unique abilities. On top of that you add Cao Cao’s physical ability and Medusa’s eye, and he showed a combo that surpasses terrifying.

“Ise-san! Healing for Xenovia-san is done! Next is Ise-san!”

Asia comes to me but I told her “Take care of Kuroka first”. She was troubled at first, but she nods her head and went to Kuroka.

…..That bastard. He doesn’t even try to attack Asia who is healing the others. He knows that his victory isn’t going to change.


Then the sound of metal colliding echoes through out the lobby! When I looked, Kiba was attacking Cao Cao with a Holy-demonic sword! Cao Cao easily blocks the holy-demonic sword with his holy-spear.

“You are too strong! But cutting you at least once is my pride as a swordsman!”

“Nice sword Kiba Yuuto. A talent that is close to that of Seigfried. To tell you the truth, the only one who can fight against me without having any effect is you. It doesn’t have any absolute power, but a Holy-demonic sword that could be used in any sort of different situation will be troublesome if trained. ----But if it is you who is still growing, then I can beat you easily.”

Cao Cao swings his spear to the side. Kiba jumps back quickly. He made the holy-demonic sword disappear and made a holy-sword instead! He instantly made dragon-knight troopers and made them head towards Cao Cao!

“A new Balance-Breaker! Please let me see it! It will become good data!”

Cao Cao who is wildly overjoyed starts to destroy the dragon-knight troopers by controlling the orbs by will! It’s like the orb of destruction Sirzechs-sama uses! The effect is different but he is controlling it similarly by moving it around and attacking his opponent! Kiba makes a stance as if he is protecting us.

……I’m sorry pal. The only strong guy left who can still move is you now. Cao Cao makes his stance with his spear against Kiba. But he shook his head and lowered his spear.

“-There’s no point. I understood the trait immediately. Putting the speed aside, it can’t reflect your techniques right? It’s a good move. You should increase it even more.”

Cao Cao says that while making a sigh! Hearing that, Kiba had an expression of anger. A Knight who was wielding his sword to protect his comrades. But the enemy didn’t care about it. Is there any worse disgrace than this? The shame Kiba received as a Knight, it’s something I can't possibly even begin to understand. I was also pissed. That guy made fun of my pal……our Knight!

“How much were you able to take?”

Cao Cao asks Georg.

“…..More than three-quarters. I would say most of it. I won’t be able to connect Samael to the present world more than this.”

Behind Georg who said that, the magic-circle that is making Samael appear is losing it’s light.

…..So there is a time limit for making that monster appear here?

Cao Cao nods at Georg’s report.

“Excellent. That’s enough.”

Cao Cao clicks his fingers once again. Then the black block covering Ophis burst. The tongue that was connected to it returns to Samael’s mouth. Samael sinks into the magic-circle as he had fulfilled his role.


The Ultimate Dragon-slayer that even took down Vali easily disappears into the magic circle while making a cry of anguish. The magic-circle also disappears.

Ophis who was released from it looks like she did before. But that attack by Samael wasn’t meant to make Ophis disappear.

Then what happened inside that block? Ophis looks at Cao Cao.

“My power was taken. This is what Cao Cao aimed for?”

W-What……? We became shocked at the astonishing phrase but Cao Cao just smiled happily.

“Yeah, that’s right. Ophis. We wanted to put you underneath us and use your power. But having you do as we wish is very hard. So we changed our mind.”

Cao Cao points the tip of the holy-spear to the sky.

“We will take your power and create a new “Uroboros”.”

Sensei then says it while puking blood.

“---! …..I see! You used Samael to trim down Ophis’s power and give birth to “it” by using the power you took…… The new Ophis.”

Cao Cao nods at Sensei’s statement.

“That’s exactly right, Governor. We want an Uroboros that does as we command. Truth is, Great-Red isn’t a being that is that important to us. This plan all began because we are tired of pleasing her with it. And we were able to challenge and test the ideal of the Hero-faction about challenging the superior being of “Can we defeat the infinite being and obtain it?”.”

“…..Splendid. For you to take down the infinite being in a way like this.”

“No, Governor. This is different from taking it down. Actually we do need the symbol to gather strength. In that part, Ophis was excellent. She became a propaganda tool and gathered those with strength that made a force like that. But using the Dragon-God whom we can’t read what she’s thinking as our puppet isn’t good.”

“……Sounds like a human. It definitely is a negative way of thinking like that of a human.”

“I’m very honoured with your compliment. ---Yes, I am a human.”

Cao Cao smiled at Sensei’s words.

…..A new Ophis? Creating a new Ophis….with the power Samael took from Ophis…..?

Georg looked at us who are very beaten down.

“Cao Cao. If it is now, can’t you finish Vali and Hyoudou Issei off?”

“You are right. It’s good to finish them off when we can….. Both are increasing their power in an impossible way. In the future, they will become more troublesome dragons than Ophis. But lately I’m thinking that it is a waste….. I can understand why the leaders of each faction want to look over the two-heavenly dragons. ---Only at this generation, the way of their growth is too abnormal. That also includes the people related to both of them…. They are beings that are very rare in terms of data. Perhaps the ones who will unleash the full power within the Sacred Gear is not us, but rather them.”

Cao Cao says that….. He then makes the orbs and ring behind him disappear. He turns around and tries to leave. He isn’t in a Balance-Breaker form anymore!

“Actually, I will stop. Georg. Where is the power of Ophis taken by Samael supposed to be transported?”

“I made the equation during the summoning so it will be sent to the research facility at the main headquarters Cao Cao.”

“I see. I will be returning first then.”

-! He’s planing to go back!? Vali stood up while shedding blood throughout his whole body!

“…..Cao Cao…..why aren’t you killing us…..? If it is you in Balance-Breaker, you can terminate everyone here….. If you use the ability to nullify women’s ability and use it on Asia Argento, then that would have completely finished off the Gremory team.”

Cao Cao stops and says it.

“I made the plan along with taking you guys down without killing you…… Aren’t you satisfied with it? To tell you the truth, the Balance-Breaker of the holy-spear still needs lots of tunning. That’s why I used this occasion to see its strong points and weak points.”

“…..You sure look down on us.”

“Vali, isn’t that the same as you? You also love doing things like that.”

Cao Cao then points his thumb to himself.

“Hyoudou Issei of Sekiryuutei. It doesn’t matter how many years it takes. Rise up to the level where you can fight me. In the future there are less than a dozen people who can have the ultimate Sacred Gear fight including you and Vali. ---No matter what age, the ones Heroes want to challenge in decisive battles are the Maou or legendary dragons.”

---! Bring it….. No matter how much of a gap there is between us right now, I will reach up to your level one day! Cao Cao then says it to Georg.

“Georg. Call the groups of Grim Reapers. Hades is after the weakened Ophis. …..Also the swapping transportation that was done by the guys from Vali team before. Can you try that. Can you transport me and swap me with Seigfreed? I will leave the rest to Seigfreed.”

“I only saw it once so I won’t know if it will work smoothly. But I will try it.”

“To be expected from the descendant of that professor, Georg Faust, who made a pact with the legendary devil Mephistopheles.”

“……My ancestor is so great that it puts too much pressure on me. Anyway, roger that Cao Cao. ……Also about the information I gained before……”

Georg passes on a paper to Cao Cao with a serious face. Cao Cao’s eyes become sharper after seeing that.

“…..I see. So this is the way the Old-Maou gives his gratitude for saving him…. No, I knew it from the start. Well, he did cooperate with us enough.”

…..Did something happen? From their atmosphere it seems like something they didn’t predict happened…… After their conversation, Georg goes off somewhere using a magic-circle. Cao Cao then turns to us.

“Georg went outside the hotel. He’s preparing for the swapping transportation between me and Seigfreed.”

Swapping transportation. The transportation used on Fenrir to swap places with Vali. Is Georg trying to do it by himself after seeing Le Fay and Kuroka doing it together only once…..? Cao Cao then says it to us.

“Very well. Let's play a game Vali team and Gremory team. Soon a group of Grim Reapers will be coming here on Hades's orders to retrieve the weakened Ophis over there. I will also have Seigfreed from my team participate in it. The key point of this game is whether or not all of you can get out of here safely. We won’t know what will happen when Hades captures that Ophis. –Now...can you get out of here while protecting Ophis with your lives? Please challenge it. I want the Two-Heavenly dragons to survive but I have no intention of enforcing it to the Grim Reapers and my comrades. I think it is more suitable to fight those who overcome a crisis.”

Saying just that, Cao Cao disappears.

…….Game…..? He sure is fucking around…..! I couldn’t keep my anger down towards Cao Cao who has been looking down on us.

Part 3

“There are Grim Reapers in the car park, quite a large number of them.”

Kiba who went to take a look came back to the hotel room where we were staying on stand-by.

“……That bastard Hades! He’s seriously making a move!”

Sensei spat out with disgust.

After the fight with Cao Cao, we the Gremory team who had many injured people, Irina, Sensei, Vali, Kuroka, Le Fay, and Ophis were on the upper floor of the hotel located in the artificial space.

The hotel was sixty stories high. We moved to the middle of the hotel, which is the thirtieth floor, and covered the whole floor with many of Le Fay’s sturdy barriers in order to use it as our base. If she wanted to, she could have put defensive barriers on the whole area, but in exchange for having a certain amount of defence a single floor was the limit. We had the injured resting in separate rooms on the same floor waiting for Asia’s healing. Me, Xenovia and Sensei who had been injured are now completely healed. Kuroka has also been healed but she is resting in another room. Koneko-chan and Ravel are looking after Kuroka. Vali had his wounds healed but his curse couldn't be removed, so he had to endure the intense pain in another room.

…..According to Le Fay, she tried using dispell on his curse, but Samael’s curse was simply too powerful. As a result we learned it couldn’t be removed that easily. He had received the best dispell there is, so all he could do now was to wait for the curse to wear off naturally. Meanwhile Vali would endure the constant pain of the curse.

…..Even Vali ended up in such a horrible condition. If I had received the curse…..I think I would have died. Asia was sleeping in the room next door because she seemed to be tired after continuously healing the injured. Even in a situation like this we still wanted her to have a chance to rest. But it looks like we need to make a plan so we can get out of here.

According to Sensei, this dimension was created by Georg who possesses the Sacred Gear Dimension Lost. Dimension Lost’s Balance-Breaker, “Dimension Create”, could use the mist to create a barrier. When Asia was kidnapped by Diodora, he made a similar thing. Including this hotel, he also created the car park and the nearby scenery as well. I heard that the space he recreated in the town of Kyoto where it included the surroundings of Arashima and having the Nijoujou at the centre was also because of that Balance-Breaker. Of course he stole the devils' technology for the game fields for the Rating Game and used it to create it. It’s amazing how it could recreate the interior of the hotel with so much detail. The sensation of the bed felt real. But electric powered objects such as televisions didn’t work. The water also didn’t come out of the tap and the fridge was also empty. So there were things he could recreate and things he couldn’t. Apart from the members resting and those taking care of them, everyone else is gathered in this room. Le Fay sighed.

“An official notification came from the main headquarters. To explain it simply, it said “The Vali team tried to do a coup d'état by deceiving Ophis and making the organisation their own. Ophis was rescued safely by the Hero-faction. Terminate any remaining members of the Vali team when found”. That’s how it is.”

We're shocked at Le Fay’s report. Are you serious! So they were told that Vali deceived Ophis! And she was rescued safely? No, no, the real one is here!

…….Perhaps the one that was absorbed by Samael is the “real” one to them, and the one here was either the useless or fake one. They really are terrible……!

“So it turned out like that. The Vali team is not only being targeted by the Hero-faction, but things turned out like this because they were trying to grant Ophis' wish. What hardship.”

Sensei also sighed. So the Vali-team are being treated as traitors, and are now being targeted. Maybe the price of doing what they felt like finally came to them. Though I couldn’t forgive the things the Hero-faction were doing.

Le Fay then said it with a downcast attitude.

“We checked on the mysteries of the World beginning from Great Red-san, looking for legendary strong people, and sometimes make Ophis-sama’s wish come true….. But it seems like the Hero-faction found us a nuisance because we have powers. Also Seigfried-sama seems to hate us a lot. Especially he didn’t find it amusing that his former rival, my brother Arthur, came to this group……”

So there were quarrels like that. So Arthur was originally from the Hero-faction I see. Wait, the Vali-team was doing things like that while gathering powers?

“What are the mysteries of the World? I also can’t understand what you're doing about the legendary strong people.”

I ask Le Fay. What is that guy Vali doing with his comrades?

“Yes. We started off with the secret about Great Red-san swimming in the dimensional gap. The extinct civilisation. The technology of the lost continent of Mu and the continent of Atlantis. We also searched on parallel universes. We also went to look at the Yggdrasill from Norse mythology. Also the anecdote of legendary strong people and the search for the Heroes or creatures whose status, either dead or alive, is currently unknown. Sometimes we do terrorism.”

“…..You guys are like adventurers.”

“Yes! We have great adventures every day! We also fought against strong people. Vali-sama is also trying to find where the beings referred to as dragons originally came from. Also he’s looking into the reason behind the big fight of the Two-Heavenly dragons. Also to see if we can find a new Longinus. That is also one of the things we searched for!”

Le Fay said with enjoyment.

……I take back my words. They aren’t adventurers. They are just guys who have nothing to do! Maybe fighting Great-Red is Vali’s final aim, but apart from that they are just going around looking for things that interest them. Is he being an adventurer in order to seek out strong foes?

“I think Vali-sama being a purist on things is an influence from Governor-sama.”

Le Fay added that at the end. Hearing that Sensei sighed and put on lazy eyes. His face looked like that of a father who heard a report on the actions of his naughty son. Le Fay smiles.

“By the way Governor-sama. It has been a Longinus parade lately hasn’t it. ---Is the person who is in possession of “Canis Lykaon” that is staying with the Grigori doing alright?”

Sensei who was just asked a question looked up at the ceiling.

“……..[Canis Lykaon]. Slash Dog huh. He is out on a different mission. That is also quite a troublesome case. He hated Vali.”

“Yes. I have heard.”

Le Fay chuckles. I had my feelings soften up after seeing her adorable smile. I then ask Sensei.

“By the way Sensei. If Cao Cao has the strongest Longinus, then someone has the second strongest Longinus right?”

“Yeah. [Zenith Tempest]. That is the second strongest Longinus. The Top-tier Longinus are the four known as the [True Longinus], [Zenith Tempest], [Annihilation Maker], and [Dimension Lost]. The possessor of Zenith Tempest is already known and the heavens are mainly governing it…… So Irina. How is he…..How is the Brave-Saints's “Joker” doing?”

Irina who was asked a question twitched her neck.

“Do you mean Dulio-sama? I hear that he wanders around places searching for delicious food…..”

Sensei seemed to be speechless from that answer.

“Wha……. He’s a genius reincarnated angel who might be picked as a candidate for Seraph! He’s a Joker(Trump card)!? What are Michael and the Seraph guys doing!?”

Hearing Sensei’s question Irina mumbles “E-Even if you say that to me……”. Sensei has also hinted about the Joker of reincarnated angels before. Looks like he was chosen for that position.

“Is that person also strong?”

I asked Sensei but the one who answered is Le Fay.

“He is someone who Vali lists at the top of his “wanting to fight” list. He is apparently the Church’s strongest Exorcist.”

-Church’s strongest Exorcist!?

So he must possess quite a lot of strength. He is the possessor of the second strongest Longinus, he’s the strongest Exorcist, he’s a reincarnated angel, and he’s a Joker….. He’s someone who has so much “strongest” criteria in him! Xenovia who is a former exorcist responds.

“Dulio Gesualdo. He was also famous within the Church. I never met him, but he was sent out mainly against High-class devils and really evil creatures even though he was just a human.”

……He fought High-class devils even though he was a human….. He’s basically like Cao Cao. He must be able to do that because he is a Longinus possessor….. Sensei then sighs.

“Longinus possessors huh. There are 13 Longinus: [True Longinus], [Sephiroth Graal], [Boosted Gear], [Divine Dividing], [Regulus Nemea], [Innovate Clear], [Absolute Demise], [Dimension Lost], [Zennith Tempest], [Incinerate Anthem], [Annihilation Maker], [Canis Lykaon], and [Telos Karma]. Put that on your memo carefully, Ise.”


Though I don’t have anything to write on!

-13 types. I have encountered about…… half of them. Just thinking that there was another half of those Sacred Gears with abnormal abilities gave me the chills. Sensei stood up all of a sudden as if he realised something. Oh, did you come up with a good plan on how to get out of here?!

“Ah! I found the similar points between the current Longinus possesors. –Each and every one of them is hard to predict! We have an oppai-brain and battle freak and they are all selfish guys who have weird motives! I’m going to write that down afterwards! Damn it!”

….I’m an idiot for believing in you. But Sensei continued on.

“I also found one more similar point. –The way they use their Longinus isn’t the same as how it was until now. Most of the possessors are finding different ways to use it and it is increasing their strength. ……Have the current kids surpassed our expectations…… ? No, but still…….”

Aaaah, he's gone off into his own world of thought again. Once he delves into deep thought like that, sensei doesn't come back so easily.... Or that was what I thought, but he seemed to snap back to reality because Ophis returned to the room.

"I'll take a walk around this floor."

That was all Ophis said before she took off earlier, and she finally came back.

"So how do you feel Ophis?"

"I've become weak. Right now, I'm only twice as strong as the Two Heavenly Dragons were at their peak."

“That is…..yeah you have weakened.”

“…..No, no. She’s still twice as strong as Ddraig and Albion before they were sealed right? And she became weak while still having that much power? How strong was she before…..”

I reply back to Sensei saying she has “weakened”. If she weakened with that, then there’s no place for me as one of the Two-Heavenly-Dragons!

“Well she is the strongest being out of every faction.”

Yeah, you are right! So the original Ophis was much stronger. Well, she didn’t even have Cao Cao in her mind even when he was her opponent.

“Hey Ophis. There’s something I want to ask. Why did you save Asia and Irina back then?”

The fireball Georg released against Asia and Irina immediately after we arrived in the lobby. Ophis acted as their wall and protected them. Why did Ophis save those two? I was wondering about that. Wasn’t she uninterested in anyone besides Great-Red and Ddraig? Ophis answers with one sentence.

“They gave me tea, they played cards with me.”

….! Is she talking about what happened at my house? I asked her with a dumb look.

“T-That’s it?”

Ophis nods at my question.

……Maybe she isn’t a bad guy……?

“Thank you very much Ophis-san!”

Irina thanked her. Hearing Ophis’s condition, Sensei put his hand on his chin.

“…..But only twice as strong as the Two-Heavenly Dragons. That’s weird. Cao Cao said that you were basically a left over but if you still posses that much power then that’s enough.”

Well it was certainly like Sensei said. It seemed like the Grim Reapers and Seigfried were here, but if Ophis had that much power left then that made me feel relieved. Ophis raised her hand emotionlessly.

“Samael took my power, I released my power in the form of snakes in another space. That, is what I just went to retrieve. So I'm only twice as strong as Two-Heavenly Dragons.”

-! Everyone became shocked at Ophis’s confession! Sensei shouts.

“So the reason you said you would go around this floor is so you could retrieve the power you released to another space!?”

Ophis nods. Seeing that Sensei starts to laugh.

“Kukuku. That Cao Cao. He said he took most of Ophis’s power, but Ophis released her power into a different dimension while she was having her power taken. She retrieved most of it just now and got back some of her original power. And she’s still twice as strong as the Two-Heavenly Dragons in their primes. Looks like the Hero-faction took Ophis too lightly.”

Looking back at Sensei, Ophis created a black snake with the tip of her finger.

“My power changed like this. This, is what I sent to another space. That, is what I retrieved. But I, cannot leave here. Here, there is something restraining me.”

So that’s how it is. Sensei stopped laughing and took a breath.

“Well if the Grim Reapers are here, then they have predicted certain types of resistance from Ophis. Also the current Ophis isn’t infinite. She is finite. They must have a way to seal Ophis besides using Samael. It’s obvious for us to be still and careful.”

Sensei then asks Le Fay.

“Le Fay, you are talented in using magic related to space like Kuroka right? Is there anyway to get help from the outside world? Or is there anyway to get at least a few members out of here?”

“There is. –But since Kuroka-san is down, there is a limit to what I can do by myself. There is a magic where others can leave this space with me….. But the number of people that can is 2 at most. Since we performed a swapping transportation with Vali-sama and Fenrir-chan, I think the barrier on this space has become even stronger. I am pretty sure that it is impossible to perform the swapping transportation once again. I think Georg-sama knows the majority of the formula used by our magic, so there is only one more chance where I can use a very special transportation from here.”

We can escape. But only three people including Le Fay, and there is only one chance.

“Are we going to make Ophis escape while fighting the Grim Reapers?”

I ask Sensei. Sensei shook his head to the sides.

“That would be impossible. Judging from what Ophis said earlier, this space has a special barrier that holds Ophis captured in here. I would love to ask them how they made such a thing, but Ophis must be the only one who can’t leave here. We need to destroy the barrier somehow and escape from here together. And Grim Reapers are more dangerous than you think. In terms of potential, you guys are stronger but it is bad if you get cut with their scythe. Grim Reapers trim down life spans along with giving you damage. If Ise, you who is currently healing your lifespan gets hit by it, you will end up dying because your life span will go down to zero. Ophis is also finite right now. If she gets cut by the scythe repeatedly she will get weaker. So we need to protect Ophis at all cost. If we have her powers get taken away any further than this, the problems will increase drastically. Especially if our opponent is Hades.”

So it means we have to make sure we don’t let the enemy take Ophis. I also need to be careful about the Grim Reapers scythes. I will seriously die if I get cut by them. …….Looks like today is a day where I can get killed by even the slightest of things! This is weird! I already had my hands full with the Mid-class promotion test! And now it all turned around into a situation where our lives are in danger! Sensei then continues.

“But we also have to choose the members who should leave here to get help from the outside World.”

Sensei’s gaze grasped hold of Irina.

“-Irina, you will go first. Go and tell the truth about the Hero faction and coup d'état of Hades to Sirzechs and the heavens.”

“B-But! I think it should be Ravel-san to escape first!”

Sensei continued speaking without pausing for Irina who is trying to argue back.

“Ravel said before that we don’t need to have her as our first priority if we are to escape. –We are at a disadvantage here. They will definitely come to take down Ise, Vali and Ophis. The Dragon-God and Two-Heavenly-Dragons are things they'd want to take down definitely. If we have Hades use “this” Ophis over here for evil deeds, we won’t know what would happen to this World!”

Irina seemed like she wanted to talk back to Sensei, but she kept it down and nodded her head.

……This girl takes deep care of her comrades, so she must have wanted to fight along side us till the last moment. But she understood her position and her role. Sensei then looks at Xenovia.

“Take Xenovia as your guard. The function of Ex-Durandal was destroyed, but Durandal itself can be used. There is a chance that reinforcements from the Hero-faction or Grim Reapers are outside this space.”

“…..A guard huh?”

Xenovia narrowed her eyes.

Just like Sensei said, Ex-Durandal was destroyed. The Excalibur parts that were turned into a sheath were destroyed leaving the six cores of the original holy-sword. There is also a minor scratch on the blade of Durandal. Cao Cao’s ability was something that could destroy the legendary Holy-sword with ease. In this situation, Xenovia can’t fight with her usual powers. Xenovia also understands that. Even so, she still had a frustrated face.

“Guarding someone is also a splendid mission. –Also it’s about time that the results of “that” research will be made. Go and confirm that as well. Also repairing Durandal. I’m sending you there because of that as well. It doesn’t seem like it will end with only this battle, so go and repair it quickly.”

Having Sensei say that, Xenovia nods quietly. Like this Xenovia and Irina will be leaving from here with Le Fay so they can alert others of the crisis. Le Fay goes to another room so she could alter the formula of the transportation magic circle. Since she wants to insert the basic information of Xenovia and Irina into the formula, they also left the room with her. Before leaving this room, Le Fay gave Irina a single sword.

“T-this is!”

Le Fay smiles at Irina who is shocked. –That is the last Excalibur sword, which was in possession of Arthur Pendragon. It’s something called [Excalibur Ruler].

“Please take this. It is something that my brother asked me to take with me. I couldn’t find the right time to give it to you, but I think now is a good time. That sword is something that has no use to us anymore.”

“Is it okay?”

Le Fay nods at Xenovia’s words.

“We have obtained Fenrir-chan. Fenrir-chan’s power has decreased dramatically to allow us to control him, but even so there aren’t any creatures that are more powerful than him. –How about you use all of the Excaliburs to repair Durandal?”

Irina bows her head down.

“……T-Thank you very much! Le Fay-san! I thought people who carry the blood of heroes are scary, but there are indeed some nice people among them!”

“Fufufu. I am honoured. Though I am called a weirdo along with my brother.”

Le Fay made a bitter smile like that and goes to another room along with Xenovia and Irina. But Ex-Durandal, that will have all of the Excalibur in it! Until now it was only equipped with 6 of them! Even I can’t imagine how it will turn out! Sensei then knocks his knees.

“Now Rias. We will think about the plan to escape from here. Our aim is to escape from here along with Ophis and having all of us get out of here alive.”

“Yes. That would be obvious.”

The two tacticians smiled and it was strategy time now. Yes. We will definitely escape from here with all of us still alive!

Part 4

While Rias, Sensei and Akeno-san made a plan, I decided to check up on Kuroka to see how she was doing. Her wounds have healed but she’s still resting on the bed. According to Le Fay, Kuroka was on the lookout to make sure nobody would be after Ophis so she has been on alert this whole time. Because of that, her stamina and mind were drained much more than she thought. That’s why she hasn't fully recovered even though her wounds were healed. Right now, Ravel is looking after Kuroka. Naturally it should be Ravel, who is a guest, that should be escaping from here first. But she chose to stay here because she was worried about Koneko-chan and Kuroka.

“I’m a member of the immortal house of Phoenix. I won’t die that easily.”

That’s how she responded. That’s why it ended up being Xenovia and Irina escaping from here. As expected from someone from the immortal family. She sure has guts. That’s also why we need to protect this girl along with everyone else.

“…..How is it?”

I asked Kuroka who is laying down on the bed. Kuroka put on a naughty smile.

“Ara. Sekiryuutei-chin. You are so kind to come and see me –nyan.”

“Well you did save my comrade, Koneko-chan after all.”

“It was just a coincidence –nyan.”

That coincidence was an action taken before you shouted your sister’s name out. She saved Koneko-chan from danger by risking her life. Next to the bed, Koneko-chan is sitting on a chair looking down.


Koneko-chan mumbled and then suddenly got up and shouted.

“Why did you save me!? I was supposed to be like a tool to you, right Nee-sama!”

“I wonder why. I don’t quite understand –nyan.”

“Please don’t play with me! ……That time you left me behind. Do you know how many horrible things the people around me said to me……. Even during the party in the Underworld you tried to take me away by force……”

Koneko-chan who usually didn’t speak that much was releasing all the things she had built up inside her.

“I can’t understand you Nee-sama………!”

Saying that, Koneko-chan leaves the room!


I tried to go after her but Kuroka stops me by pulling my sleeve.

“Rest assured. I will go after her.”

Just saying that, Ravel went after Koneko-chan. I have been making Ravel take care of many things, but I think there are things only she can do because they are in the same class. I sat down on the chair where Koneko-chan had been sitting before and then asked Kuroka.

“……Hey Kuroka. What happened at your previous master’s place?”

“Nothing. I just killed him because he was a detestable bastard –nyan.”

Saying that, Kuroka stopped smiling and put on a serious face.

“Nekoshou….. He became a nuisance because he took too much interest in our powers. Putting me aside, if my previous stupid master were to have asked Shirone to use senjutsu, she would have used it without hesitation and her powers would have gone berserk. –She is an honest girl after all.”

Kuroka who just said that, has some kindness in her eyes right now.

“Anyway he was focused on increasing the ability of his servants, and made us go through things forcefully. Having his servants go through that is one thing but he also tried to forcefully strengthen his servants' family –nyan.”

The reason why Kuroka became a wanted person. That’s because she killed her master. Why did she do that. That’s because……..

“…..Did you save Koneko-chan from him? The reason why you tried to take her away at the Underworld forcefully is so she could get away from “power”. ……It’s because I’m a Sekiryuutei who attracts powers…….”

She has evil intentions. She has the heart of a naughty child. I can tell she is someone who does the things she feels like doing. But after spending the past several days with her, I have started to think that she has another side to her.

“……I like fooling around you know? I also like using my powers. I also love entertaining things. I am a stray cat after all –nyan. It’s better to wander around how I feel like with comrades whom I can relate to. But Shirone is different. She suits being a house cat. That is why Sekiryuutei—chan.”

Kuroka says it to me with serious eyes.

“I don’t care even if you become a mass of powers, but I want you to become an idiotically honest Heavenly-dragon just like Vali. If that happens, that girl will also become idiotically happy.”

……I see. It can't be helped that you are a naughty cat. The bad cat of the Vali team. There are parts of you that like being drunk with your own sennjutsu power. And you probably also love fighting too. But your little sister…… You also like Koneko-chan like as well, right?

“……. You are more clumsy than me.”

When I said that with a bitter smile, Kuroka made a weird face and looked to the side.

“I don’t want to hear that from a power idiot like you –nyan. Even if I look like this, I am a Wizard-type that consumed 2 Bishop pieces you know? –Well this discussion is over. I’m going to sleep –nyan. Or do you want to do baby making with me right now –nyan? You are a horrible Heavenly-Dragon who wants to forcefully try to make love to a woman who is injured -nya.”

“I would love to! No, that’s not what I mean idiot! Get some rest. Now is not the time for it.”

I will have her rest until the battle starts. Kuroka’s ability will become very useful for the upcoming battle. I got up from the chair and tried to leave the room.

“……..Thank you, Sekiryuutei-chan.”

I turned around after she said that, but she is acting as if she didn’t say anything and is sleeping.

After checking Kuroka out, I was walking towards the room where “that” guy was resting. When I got inside the room, Vali had his upper body up and was laying down. His wounds are healed thanks to Asia, but his face looks awfully bad. He is breathing violently and he seems to be in great pain. The curse of Samael must be circulating throughout his body. ……It is my first time seeing him like this and I don’t want to see him like this either.

“……I never thought you would take that much damage from one attack.”

When I said that, he makes a bitter smile.

“Seems like I showed something unpleasant. I came here to take down Cao Cao but ended up like this.”

“It means that that’s how insane the Dragon-Eater Samael’s curse is; though I didn’t think you would go down without doing anything.”

There seriously wasn’t anything we could do. Getting hit once made this guy, who is basically an embodiment of power, go down. That scene is burnt into my memory. There must be a reason why Cao Cao used Samael in that situation. That must have been the only way he had to stop Vali who was about to use Juggernaut-Drive.

“Sounds like you are backing me up.”

“I come to realise how strong you are every time I get stronger. I’m frustrated because it seems like I still haven’t caught up to you yet.”

“…….I’m really looking forward to it. Catch up to me quickly.”

“You sure are full of yourself, which makes me feel sick of it. So did you obtain the power that surpasses Juggernaut-Drive?”

“So what if I did?”

“I feel relieved. It doesn’t seem like you to not do anything against Cao Cao right?”

Vali nodded quietly saying “You are right” against my sarcasm.

“……..Cao Cao guarded Georg and Samael. He stole the power of Ophis without doing any flashy attacks. He did all that by himself and attacked us in a way that wouldn’t kill us. He fulfilled these four hard requirements while overwhelming us with the minimum amount of attacks necessary. Even if Samael’s power was involved, you should also have realised his power. –That is the leader of guys who have their fangs raised against superior-beings and above all they are just humans.”

Yeah I know. He blocked the demonic-attacks of the magic duo’s from both the Gremory group and Vali team while playing around with you and Sensei. Even I……

I thought that I paid him back with Triaina at Kyoto. But I’m so frustrated to find out that I’m not anywhere near that guy today…….! I held my hand very tightly with frustration. Vali then says it.

“They observe their opponents very carefully and research the weakness of their opponents without any blind spots. On top of that they look very deeply into the traits of their weapons. That is the Hero-faction. The one in the center of them is the man called Cao Cao who wields the Holy-spear. Remember that man’s Balance-Breaker very carefully. That is a sub-species Balance-Breaker that he developed through research and he still continues to do further research on it so he can take on the superior-beings all by himself.”

“And there is a thing called [Truth Idea] right? How strong is that guy…..”

“……[Truth Idea] is something very similar to our Juggernaut-Drive, but also something far from it…….. He can gain an overwhelming power though it will come with the price of going berserk. I don't think he can control [Truth Idea] because he doesn’t have that much Demonic-power……..no, magic power as me…….”

He did try to use it against me at Kyoto. Did he try to activate it because he was taken down by me and also because of the atmosphere of that scene? Or did he have a method to control it……?

Vali continues on.

“If it is defence, both you and I have higher defence than him. His magical-power isn’t high either. If our attacks hit Cao Cao, he will go down. But his techniques are too high. But he also realises that he is a “human” more than anyone else. ……In Rating Games, he would be someone called the ultimate technique type. Well if he wanted to, he could have enormous amounts of aura emit from the spear to eliminate a section of an area.”

The ultimate technique type……. A technique and ability that specialises in attacking people’s weakness. An attack used after researching his opponents. My Triaina-Rook damaged him in Kyoto. I could have defeated him if it hit him directly. It was the same today as well. But Cao Cao understands my ability completely and it didn’t seem like it would hit him at all……. Cao Cao is the exact opposite of Sairaorg-san. He is too creepy. And it is hard to tell what he is thinking.

…..An existence whom I can’t come to understand. That is Cao Cao. Oh yeah. There is one thing I need to confirm.

“Hey Vali. Why did you send Ophis to our place? Weren’t you only trying to use her?”

“Me? To Ophis?”

Vali makes a reaction as if my guess was completely off the mark. Is he telling the truth?

He used Ophis as bait to lure Cao Cao out. But he did think about Ophis’s wishes as well. He also tried to release Ophis from Samael’s attack. If he was only after Cao Cao, he could have left Ophis like that and attacked Cao Cao right away.

“……I was just someone who Ophis could talk to. She seemed lonely at times. …..No, it’s nothing. I said something unnecessary. Forget it.”

I see. So it’s nothing huh. Okay then. Let's make it that way. But I think I can understand what he means by Ophis seeming lonely. She interacted with Asia and Irina and saved them, they who had paid attention to her. That alone makes Ophis someone who I would guard with my life. That was something very certain to me.

“Ophis is the boss of bad guys. No. She “was” their boss. Even so, I will make sure she escapes from here.”

“Yeah. You can tell that something insane would happen if she gets caught by Hades.”

“After this I’m going to participate in the plan to escape from here. Vali. Are you going to rest?”

“……I would want to rest, but I’m a [Hakuryuukou] so I can’t help it. –Even if my body is affected with a curse, I can’t be backing down from mere Grim Reapers. To begin with, I never had the choice of staying out of it.”

…..An embodiment of pride. I felt very relieved to hear something that he would usually say. Yeah. With this we can fight. Our preparations are ready.

“Vali. Let's finish our fight one day. Defeating you is one of my aims.”

“Yeah. I’m looking forward to it Hyoudou Issei. Both of us can’t die in a place like this.”

The plan to escape from here is getting closer……

Life.4 As a Heavenly-Dragon

Part 1

I looked out the window of one of the hotel rooms.

-There were creepy guys wearing black robes looking up at us.

……I couldn’t see their faces because they had hoods covering them. Only their eyes were glittering. Killing intent. Hostility. And one more thing. Each one had a big scythe in their hands, with very bad taste of accessories on it. They had things such as skulls and monster hands on them. Just one glance at their scythes tells you that they were bad guys.

Grim Reapers. The guys who Hades, the God of Skeletons, was walking around with. And those are the guys who are trying to attack us and aiding the Hero-faction in this artificial space.

No matter how I thought about it, Hades has acted beyond his authority.

….For what reason did he send his forces here? Well, there was no point for me to question political issues. Right now we need to find a way to leave this artificial field. Apparently there are only three ways to escape from this artificial space created by Georg. Sensei gave us the explanation.

“The three ways are the following. The first way is for the caster, in this case Georg, to unseal the dimension himself. This is from the battle at Kyoto. The second way is to enter and exit forcefully. This is what Le Fay, the first Sun Wukong, and Yu-long pulled through. Like I explained before, this is impossible unless you are an exceptionally experienced caster. Right now, Le Fay can only do this once more while taking a limited number of people with her. It will be impossible to enter or exit the space a third time using Le Fay’s technique. –Georg must have made the barrier even stronger now.”

The members who can be dispatched for an instant battle are also limited. Just like the explanation before, this plan will be used and the ones who are leaving in order to get support are Irina and Xenovia who will be guarding her. And the third way to leave here is…..

“The last one is simple and clear. We either defeat the caster or destroy the central point supporting this barrier. Ise destroyed the barrier device when Asia was captured, so like that we will destroy the device that is acting as the central point for the barrier.”

It was simple and easy to understand! So that meant that this dimension would collapse if we destroyed the key point of the barrier! And the problem now was to locate where that “key-point” was. When Asia was captured before, the device that was attached to her was the key-point itself. The moment I destroyed that device, it seems like the barrier on that field was unsealed.

It seemed like Kuroka was using senjutsu and Le Fay was using her magic to locate the device. They put a piece of paper down on the floor of the room along with a map of the hotel. They put a few blocks (it has the shape of human or animal, and a crane by bending paper) on it, and they were apparently going to make an “eye” outside here.

……They started to write devil letters on the map and made mysterious chants, they also spread mysterious ashes to complete the spell.

I couldn't understand what they were doing even if I was watching them. Rias and Akeno-san were watching them with interest…… Le Fay who was closing her eyes moved her hands towards the map. The crane started to shake and move, the devil letters started to glow, and the ashes started to move on their own, making a symbol I had never seen before. Le Fay then said.

“There is one in the car park. Another one on the roof. And another one on the second floor of the hotel in the hall room. In total, I have confirmed three barrier devices. And they have the shape of a snake…….No. A statue of Uroboros that is biting its tail with its mouth.”

Sensei received a piece of paper from Le Fay who drew a picture of the statue on it. A statue of a snake biting its tail, it had a circular shape. Sensei then said.

“So the barrier devices we have to destroy are the statues of Uroboros. And there are three of them. Looks like this will be a hard job. This artificial space is specially created to have Ophis remain here. This would have been nothing to the normal Ophis. Georg must have created this barrier space, already knowing that Ophis would have had her power reduced as a part of their plan. Now Le Fay. What’s happening with the devices? Did the number of Grim Reapers increase from before?”

“Yes Governor. There are Grim Reapers gathered at the locations of all the devices. More like they are spread out everywhere except on this floor. They are even present in the corridor…… It seems like most of them are gathered in the car park. Cao Cao-sama has already left this place, but Siegfried-sama is here instead. Georg-sama is also in the car park.”

Rias then said to Sensei.

“Azazel. Let's do it how we planned it before.”

Sensei nodded at Rias’s words.

“Yeah. Geez, you sure did think of an astonishing plan. Ise. The woman you have fallen for understands you more than anyone else you know?”

Sensei said it with a bitter smile. Rias also seemed very confident in it.

……Huh? Were they trying to make me do something? I thought that we were going to split up into two groups. One going up and one going down. Then destroy the devices and rejoin to have the last battle……

I was in doubt, but Akeno-san then whispered into my ears.

“The truth is…..”

Yes, yes. Rias’s plan is being whispered through my ears.



“She sure did think of an amazing plan!”

Those were the words that came out of my mouth! That’s because it was amazing! It’s amazing how she came up with such an idea that uses my potential like that in this sudden situation! Even I never thought about that! B-but it seems like I can pull it off! I can probably do it! Kaaaa! The woman I fell for sure is amazing! I look at Rias with admiration! Sensei then rests his hand on my shoulder.

“Well it certainly is amazing. But this is a plan Rias came up with because she is crazy about you. A completely different strategy from Sona.”

Even so it is still amazing! To be expected from Rias Gremory! The number 1 candidate for the person I want as my bride!

“Now, gather here everyone.”

Rias made everyone gather in the centre of the room. Everyone directed their attention towards Rias. Rias then said with a smile that was full of confidence.

“Now my adorable servants. Let's get out of this place immediately. I will explain the plan now!”

Like this the plan to escape from artificial space began!

Inside the hotel, on the floor that is being covered by Le Fay’s barrier. I am standing in the corridor within the barrier. Next to me is Koneko-chan, who is in nekomata mode. She is doing a seiza[7] with her eyes closed. Le Fay, Irina and Xenovia are in a room close to us. They are preparing the magic-circle that they will be using to escape. The door is open, and the other guys are gathered in the same room but close to the window. Kuroka whose stamina is still low and Vali who still can't have his curse removed are in the room as well. Everyone left the room where we discussed our plan, and are now looking out the window at the car park.

The barrier surrounding this floor also won’t last much longer. The Grim Reapers have begun to destroy the barrier located on the emergency staircase. It seems the same thing is happening to the windows of every room. Behind the closed curtain where everyone is gathered, the Grim Reapers are using their scythes energetically. So it means that this won’t go anywhere unless we make our move first. I went into Balance-Breaker immediately and wore the armour. Now the plan will commence upon the completion of Le Fay’s magic-circle.

Koneko-chan who had her eyes closed to find a “certain” thing stands up. She points at certain places on the ceiling and floor.

“……Senpai. There and over there.”

“Roger that.”

I nod. Seeing that Koneko-chan tries to enter the other room. I pulled Koneko-chan’s hand.

Koneko-chan rushed out of Kuroka’s room earlier. It seems like she had a quarrel with Ravel who went after her, and she came back a bit refreshed because of it. At times like this, I'm very grateful of Ravel’s existence. It is important to have comrades who you can casually have arguments with. But I also need to say this to Koneko-chan.

“Koneko-chan. I also think Kuroka is a bad person. I can understand that she sought power and is attracted to the power of sennjutsu. There is no way she can be good since she put herself in a terrorist group. –But…..”

I looked in the direction where Kuroka is. It seems like she hasn’t noticed us.

“But I do think she is Koneko-chan’s sister after all. She is a stray cat and she is a bad woman who likes to do naughty things, but she is your family.”

“…….I went through painful experiences because of Nee-sama.”

No matter what the reason is, the world of devils is strict towards those who have become an “exiled devil” by killing their master. That also applies to their family. Koneko-chan received the crime of her sister who became exiled, and she was about to have her heart shattered. ……It must have been painful.

“…..I bear a grudge towards Nee-sama. ……I hate her. –But she saved me earlier.”

Koneko-chan says it to me with strong eyes.

“I’m thinking of trusting her for now. At least until we leave here.”

…..! I am shocked at the unexpected words coming out of Koneko-chan’s mouth. ……Oh my. Looks like there was no point for me to cheer her up. This girl has become stronger. She is looking ahead where she can answer by herself now.

“That is enough. If Kuroka does anything weird to you again, then tell me. I will make her pay for it.”

After saying that, I pat Koneko-chan’s head. Koneko-chan then hugs me.

“…….I became stronger thanks to Senpai. Gya-kun got stronger thanks to Senpai. That is why I am thinking about getting stronger….”

“You can. Even I got stronger. Koneko-chan will get stronger in no-time.”

“……I love you Senpai….. Even with Buchou ahead of me. Even if Asia-senpai and Akeno-senpai are ahead of me, I will definitely catch up to them….. That’s why –”

Koneko-chan looks directly up at me.

“Please make me your bride when I get bigger.”

[[[[[[Eh!? You propose to him here!?]]]]]]]

Before I could get shocked by her words, Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Xenovia, Irina and Ravel are horrified! Oiiiiiiiii! You guys were listening to us while you acted as if you weren’t!? Wait, a bride!? Bride you say!? I never expected to be proposed to by Koneko-chan at all! But I understood the feelings this girl has towards me when she comforted me before the match against Bael. There’s no way that I will be troubled by this! Manliness! This is the part where I have to show my manliness!

“If you have both your oppai and height grow bigger…..I will be happy!”

After speaking out with all I have, that was the only thing that came out of my mouth! Uwaaaaaaaah! How can this be!? Koneko-chan said something very important right now, and yet I couldn’t say anything proper! “Having her Oppai and height grow bigger”. That is just sexual harassment! I regret it a lot within myself, but Koneko-chan nods her head strongly.

“……I understand. I will drink lots of milk. Please wait for me Senpai. To become Senpai’s bride, I will get breasts that won’t even lose to Nee-sama’s breasts.”

It seems like she is okay with it, and Koneko-chan is high spirited. ……..T-This is okay? H-Hmmm, I wonder if I was able to show my manliness? I totally can’t tell!

“---The formula is completed.”

While we were doing this, Le Fay announces the completion of the magic-circle. Under Le Fay, Irina, and Xenovia’s feet, the circular light was formed and the magic-circle was glowing. They were not devils letters, but a magic-circle made from a magician’s letters. With this, the three of them could leave. Even if they escape from here, the pursuit squads of the Hero-faction will be after them. But since Le Fay will be with them, they should be able to escape.

Koneko-chan also moved close to the window, and finally the plan began. I look at Rias. She looks back at me and nods. That's the signal for the start of our plan. I change the evil-piece within me and promote! The one I am going to promote to will be the Triaina’s Bishop!

“Promotion to [Welsh Blaster Bishop]!”

[Change Fang Blast!!!]

Red aura gathers on my back and it starts to shape itself into a backpack to create cannons. A cannon on both of my shoulders! I aim one cannon up and one cannon down, just like how Rias told me to earlier! Koneko-chan used sennjutsu to locate the Grim Reapers on the roof and on the second floor, so I know their whereabouts. I then shout towards my comrades!

“-Here I go!”

Our plan. That is to fire a blast using both the cannons of my Triaina’s Bishop which are aimed up and down! The devices are located on the roof, on the second floor hall, and in the car park. Destroying the devices located on the roof and the second floor separately and then meeting up in the car park would take too much time. Also the enemies might see through that.

Then we should destroy them together as soon as the plan starts! If I aim towards the locations where there are lots of Grim Reapers, then we can take them down along with the devices!

“Let’s do it Ddraig! What we will be aiming for are the devices of this barrier and the Grim Reapers around them! We will take them down at once!”



The backpack quietly makes a noise and enormous amounts of aura gather at the cannon! The right cannon is aimed at the ceiling! The left cannon is aimed at the floor! I don’t need to expand the area of the blast! It is enough if it has high penetration that can break through a point at once!

“Goooooooo! Dragon Blaaaaaaaaaaaster!!”


There are enormous amounts of aura blasting out from both cannons! Both up and downwards! The aura blasts are aimed towards the roof and the hall! The dragon-blaster violently shakes the whole building……

I finished shooting out the aura, so I look up and down.

-There are huge holes in the ceiling and in the floor!

Le Fay who has her eyes closed informs us.

“The barrier devices located on the roof and hall are destroyed! The Grim Reapers around them as well! With this, the only device left is the one in the car park! –Preparation for transportation is complete as well!”

Then the light emitted from the magic-circle increases, and the light envelops Le Fay, Irina and Xenovia!

“Xenovia! Irina! I will leave it to you guys!”

I say it to both of them who are disappearing into the transportation light!

“Ise! Don’t die!”

“We will definitely report this to the heavens and Maou-sama!”

Saying that, both of them disappeared from this artificial space. Their escape is a success!

“Alright! What’s left is for us to beat those guys up and destroy the final device! Let’s go guys!”

Sensei swings his spear of light to the side and destroys the big window!


Everyone responds to him! The vanguards of Sensei, Rias, Akeno-san and Kiba exit through the broken window by spreading their wings! What is ahead of them is……the car park filled with Grim Reapers! The Grim Reapers who fly up into the sky while holding onto their scythes! It really is creepy to see guys wearing robes and wielding scythes flying in the sky! My comrades began to clash against the enemies in mid air! Georg who created this artificial space must have realised that Le Fay and the others left from here. At the same time the barrier on this space must have got stronger, and it has now become impossible to enter or exit from here using the same method. Well, that will be all over once we destroy the barrier device located in the car park!

The ones who stayed behind in the room are Kuroka, Vali and Asia who are the rearguards. And Koneko-chan and Ravel who stayed behind to support Kuroka. Kuroka created a sturdy defence magic circle to protect the members staying behind, by guarding the whole room with her powers. It will be impossible for the current Kuroka to put a barrier on the whole floor like Le Fay did, but it seems she can protect a single room. There were Grim Reapers that were near the room they are in. They found out that it would take time to destroy the barrier, so they left the hotel and flew up and headed towards Sensei and the others. This is also part of the plan.

“I will heal everyone’s wounds!”

Asia is responsible for healing wounded allies from here. She starts glowing and forms a a bow with her aura to shoot out healing arrows. The accuracy is high as well. If the arrow is about to hit an enemy instead of an ally, it automatically disappears. Her healing power could heal both allies and enemies, so this factor was very important. Just like I thought, Asia is talented at things like this. Koneko-chan and Ravel are supporting Kuroka by holding her body.

“Ara? Shirone. ……Are you trying to help me?”

“……I’m repaying the debt of when you helped me. Please concentrate on the defence magic-circle. I will support you with senjutsu.”

“Why are you helping me Ojou-san –nya?”

Ravel face turns red when Kuroka asks her, and she becomes a tsun-tsun.

“I-I just felt like it! You should be grateful!”

Kuroka smiles hearing that.

“I see. Then I will accept your kindness. …….Shirone, do you want me to teach you how to use senjutsu along with the youjutsu of nekomata? ……I don’t mind if you don’t want to.”

Kuroka says it half jokingly, but Koneko-chan nods with a serious face.

“……No, please teach me. I want to get stronger so I can help my comrades. I need to get stronger even if I have to rely on Nee-sama……”

So Koneko-chan is moving forward as well. Even if that doesn’t lead to her reconnecting with her sister, it will be good if it leads her to become even stronger. And I think Ravel will also be with her from now on. If Gasper comes back, then the first-grade trio of our group will be assembled. I am really looking forward to it. Also Vali, who is the rearguard is…….

“Even if I’m not in Balance-Breaker…..”


He shot a huge demonic-power blast from his hand and eliminated several Grim Reapers who are flying in the air! His demonic-power is as powerful as always! Even if his condition is in the worst state due to the curse, Vali will always be Vali! Vali continues his attacks! The Grim Reapers are being destroyed!

“So shall I.”

Ophis also supports from behind! If the dragon who has the strongest power among us joins in, then our plan to escape will go smoothly –……


The moment Ophis has her hands shine…..


An explosion was heard loud and clear, and unbelievable destruction happens in the car park! Not just the Grim Reapers but it seems my comrades got mixed up in it as well! From the smoke, Rias, Kiba, and Akeno-san appear and I confirmed their safety! What intense destructive power it has! We will also get killed if she doesn’t reduce her powers! I was about to complain to her, but Ophis looked at her hands while twitching her neck.

“…….Strange. Holding back my power, very hard.”

---! W-Whaaaaat!? Did she just use her power without controlling it!? Dangerous! It really is dangerous! If we have a rearguard like her, we won’t be able to fight safely! Even if she fights as a vanguard, her power is so unstable that we won’t know what will happen! Isn’t the current Ophis like a block of disadvantageous factors!? Sensei then flies towards our direction by flapping his wings.

“Hey Ophis! You don’t have to fight! Looking at your current situation, you probably can’t control your power properly because of Samael! Just watch! If you use your powers here, both enemies and allies will be eliminated! We will make the path for your escape!”

Saying that, Sensei returns to the battlefield! Ophis nods and sits down on the spot. Ah, she is really honest. Oh, I also need to join the battlefield! I stood at the window side, and pointed my cannons towards the car park! I can also support my allies like this! I am a power-type who can also give support after all! I then aim my cannons at the Grim Reapers in the car park…..

This time I don’t need to hold back! I will shoot with the intent to destroy the car park!

“Once more! Dragon Blaaaaaaaaaaster!”


Then enormous amounts of aura shot out from my cannon and enveloped the car park……

Part 2


The artificial space is making sounds. My Dragon-blaster and Ophis’s power not only affected the buildings, but they also caused major damage to the artificial space. Even after receiving that enormous amount of damage the barrier is still active, so the device hasn’t been destroyed yet. It also proves how great Georg’s ability is.

Because of Triaina Bishop’s blast, the car park was completely destroyed without leaving a trace. It is in a state where there isn’t a single place to set foot on, and the ground is cracked and in shambles. There was a lot of dust in the air. My comrades continued to fight the Grim Reapers who managed to survive my blast. After the dust settled down, I was able to see the battle clearly. Kiba is cutting down the Grim Reapers with god-speed. Sensei eliminated a group of Grim Reapers with his gigantic spear of light. I can only say “splendid” at their fights. There are no flaws as they take down the enemies.


Akeno-san created an enormous amount of holy-lightning at the tip of her fingers, and it instantly eliminated a large group of Grim Reapers!


Rias also created many extremely large blocks of power of destruction, and they eliminated a very large group of Grim Reapers along with the surrounding scenery! Seeing that, I acknowledged them once again. Our Onee-sama’s power can be used to its fullest in a group battle like this. Both Holy-lightning and the power-of-destruction are attacks that can cause a lot of effects throughout the field. If our opponents are strong foes who concentrate on area attacks, then they are able to perform a splendid battle.

Also our members are dodging the scythes magnificently! Well our lifespan would be reduced if we got hit by them after all! So our battle won't go smoothly unless we concentrate on dodging the scythes.

[Even low-level Grim Reapers are stronger than average mid-class devils.]

Ddraig says.

I see. So it means most of our members can defeat guys like that with ease. And they can even eliminate a group of them all at once! Rias and Akeno-san came over after noticing me.

“Ise! Please increase my power with “gift”! I will eliminate them all at once!”

“Same for me as well! Please do!”

“Roger that!”

I affirmed and put my hands on their shoulders once I raised the dragon power within me! My “gift” is able to transfer to both people at once!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]


My power was transferred to both of them! Rias and Akeno-san’s power increased! With this, they have powered up drastically! Rias and Akeno-san flew up and release gigantic shots of power of destruction and holy-lightning towards the Grim Reapers! The swirl of power of destruction and holy-lightning that filled most of the space in this artificial space expanded throughout the area while glowing!

Uha! That’s unbelievable! If you get hit by this thing you won’t survive even if you are a very strong foe! It looks like they can take down all of the Grim Reapers by themselves.

[Well, most of the Grim Reapers did perish with your blasts and Ophis’s attack…… But those two also have high stats, and their powers can rise this much from receiving the power of Sekiryuutei.]

Well Dragon-blaster is the best way to take down grunts. And I shot them twice, and transferred my power to both of them, so my stamina has been reduced quite a bit. Especially my aura has gone down drastically. I went through all that, so I need the Grim Reapers to be eliminated already.

“Ya. It has been awhile. Sekiryuutei.”

---! There is someone in front of me who is speaking at me. A gentle-looking guy with white hair who is carrying several demonic-swords with him. Aah, it’s that guy I met at Kyoto.

“Yo, Mr Hero. Your name was Siegfried right? Are you my opponent?”

When I said that, he shrugged his shoulders.

“That would be fun. The current you would be able to put up a good fight against me. –But I will have you fight these gentlemen over here first.”

Without any sound, groups of Grim Reapers appeared around Siegfried. Comparing them to the Grim Reapers the other guys are fighting against, these guys have darker robes and scythes. The killing intent they were giving me is a rank higher as well……

…..So he wants me to play around with these guys first I presume.

“Grim Reapers huh. It’s bad news if I get cut by their scythes right? Well anyway, I will just play around without being hit then.”

Confirming that, I made a battle stance against the Grim Reapers! They came toward me wielding their scythes roughly!

……There is a huge gap in that attack! Because of my training with Kiba, I am familiar with high speed slash attacks! I dodged the scythes of the Grim Reapers with minimal movement, and shot a dragon-shot at them!


The Grim Reaper perished with my shot! Yeah! My dragon-shot can take them down with ease! The Grim Reapers came at me with greater numbers and I continued fighting them for a while. I began taking them down with punches and counters.

……It’s too easy. Comparing them with Sairaorg-san and Cao Cao, they sure are easy to handle. Watching my battle, Siegfried looked astonished.

“-! The ones Sekiryuutei is fighting against are supposed to be mid-level Grim Reapers!”

T-They are? But they are at a level where I can take care of them easily. It is easy to read the movement of their scythes, and even if they make a suspicious movement it is easy to dodge it because they aren’t that fast. There were those that seemed like they were doing magical attacks, but I was able to reflect them with my fist, just like Sairaorg-san.

“I’m shocked. You are strong enough already with the normal Balance-Breaker.”

“Though it didn’t work at all against Cao Cao.”

Siegfried smiled at my comment.

“Well, he is special after all. You shouldn’t worry about it. You are a strong foe already.”

Siegfried gave me a remark like that…..

Before the battle, I asked Sensei.

“For me to win against Cao Cao, what should I do?”

I asked Sensei, because he is the one who understands my powers and Sacred Gear the best.

“……You could say that you are currently stronger than Cao Cao. But that is only if your attacks hit him. …..But it seems like they won’t, right? Yeah……It is best to use a special move, specialised against him on your first battle. Of course that is only if you can surpass his outrageous technique level.”

A technique that can defeat someone who even Vali calls a “strong foe”……?

Oi Oi Oi! I am dumb already to begin with and you are telling me to create a move like that!?

…..Haaaaa. Why are the guys who are after me so insanely strong? I was just a normal high school student until recently. And now strong guys have begun to gather around me…….. I feel like crying!

“It's like I said before right? Right now, you are already strong enough.”


The one who said that to me and came down to where I am standing was Sensei.

“If you fight against guys like Sairaorg and Cao Cao, Grim Reapers like these guys won't be able to compete against you even if they attack in a group. Well, I can say the same for me as well though.”

Sensei pointed at himself confidently.

Yeah, Sensei is also strong! Though he did get wasted by Cao Cao. Well Cao Cao was certainly on a different level. He seemed like he had researched us thoroughly.

<I will be troubled if you look down on Grim Reapers.>

...! A mysterious voice echoed throughout the car park. Sensing a disturbing presence, I looked in its direction and it seemed like something is about to appear from within a distorted space. The thing that appeared was something that was wearing a decorated robe…… A Grim Reaper?

I’m in doubt because he has his hood down revealing his face. Even if I say that he has his face uncovered, he is wearing one of those masks that are worn by clowns. His scythe had an even creepier aura compared to the ones wielded by the Grim Reapers I was previously fighting. The blade of the scythe was very black as well. Just looking at it told me that it is a high-level Grim Reaper. A boss-class that is.

Sensei is shocked to see him.

“You are……!”

The Grim Reaper bowed at Sensei.

<This is my first time seeing you, Governor-dono of the Fallen-Angels. I am one of the Grim Reapers that serves under Hades-sama. My name is Pluto.>

“…….! The Ultimate-level Grim Reaper, Pluto….! To send a Grim Reaper that appears even in a legend! That skeleton-geezer sure did something unexpected!”

<You have allied with the boss of the terrorists, Ophis, and tried to break the alliance between the allied factions. That will result in your death. For you who has been talking about alliances to do such a thing.>

What the heck is that! He said something totally off! I was puzzled and Sensei seems really pissed!

“……I see. So you are going to make it like that huh. So you are trying to eliminate us by making up a reason like that! And you attacked us who were fighting against the terrorists! How much have you guys been planning ahead!? You bunch of clowns!”

<Soon, there will be a time where we won’t have to make up things like that, but this time we did. –Now then. I am not as weak to fall behind devils and fallen-angels.>

“More like, you guys just came here to piss us off I presume!?”

<Yes. You could say that. Even to us Grim Reapers, devils and fallen-angels are a nuisance.>

“….! You sure are looking down on us!”

<I am not looking down on you. I am serious. I will be taking Ophis who has become a “fake” now.>


Saying that he disappeared from my sight. He’s fast! The moment I thought that, I heard the sound of metal colliding!

Sensei blocked the scythe of the Grim Reaper with the spear of his artificial Sacred Gear. Sensei then made a stern expression!

“……I got beaten up by Cao Cao before and my artificial Sacred Gear isn’t fixed completely yet, but not using it will be dangerous I guess! Fafnir! I will have you keep up with me a bit longer!”

Saying that, Sensei had his spear emit golden aura and he quickly equipped armour onto himself! Having his 12 black wings expand, he went up into the air pushing the Grim Reaper called Pluto upwards!


Both of them began to exchange flashy moves up in the air. That Grim Reaper is keeping up with Sensei! Isn’t he faster than Sensei? He is wielding his scythe at such a high speed that he's leaving black after images of himself.


“Ise, don’t come! I will be his opponent!”

Saying that, Sensei continued his mid-air battle against Pluto! Everytime they clashed with each other, the atmosphere shook violently! That proves just how strong they are!

“Now. It looks like I will have to be your opponent.”

This time it is Siegfried. He already has four of his dragon arms out along with his normal arms, and he is holding onto 6 demonic-swords. He had already entered into his Balance-breaker, so it looked like he is ready! I think his Sacred Gear ability allows him to have double the power for each additional arm. Simply he can have up to four stages of doubling his power. He will become quite strong….. Should I go ahead using Triaina or should I use a combo…… I can understand that he is an opponent that is hard to take on with the usual Balance-Breaker! I made my stance! Then…..Kiba appeared. Coming beside me, he said one thing.

“I’m sorry Ise-kun. –I will take him.”

....! It’s rare to see this guy have hostility towards someone. He looked directly at Siegfried. Siegfried smirked at Kiba’s appearance and said:

“Kiba Yuuto. It seems like you gained a new ability.”

“I couldn’t forgive myself for my overwhelming loss against you back in Kyoto. So I increased my training while having the Sekiryuutei as my opponent.”

“That seems interesting.”

Kiba created a new holy-demonic sword in his hand and made his stance against Siegfried. His opponent pointed his six demonic-swords at Kiba.

…….Geez. Looks like they went to a World of their own! Geez, I did hear someone say that swordsmen get attracted to each other, but it really was true! Yeah, yeah! I will just stay here and watch!

-While I was thinking that, Kiba disappeared from the scene.


I could hear the sound of metal colliding from right ahead! There were sparks created in the direction Siegfried moved his swords. Kiba moved at a high speed, and Siegfried blocked his attacks with minimal movements. I can’t see Kiba anymore. That guy really is getting faster and faster! I don’t know any other person besides him who can pull out the traits of a [Knight] this much. But in the previous battle, he also showed fast moves like this but his swords couldn’t reach Siegfried. And it was still impossible when he and Xenovia fought against him together. Does Kiba have some kind of plan…..? I was watching the battle with worry, but there were cuts appearing on Siegfried’s clothes. It might be a bit, but does it mean Kiba’s swordsmanship is reaching Siegfried’s distance? But Siegfried put on a smile of confidence.

“I see. Your technique and speed are higher than before. But it's a fact that only the tip of your sword can reach me.”

There was a shallow cut on Siegfried’s cheek. His attacks are working more than before, but he still can’t inflict any meaningful wounds! Then Siegfried’s demonic-swords began to glow!

“Nothung! Tyrfing!”


Swinging the demonic-sword to the side, a huge cut is created in the atmosphere, and when he swung down another sword a huge crater was formed in the car park followed by the sound of the earth rumbling! So a demonic-sword that specialises in sharpness and a demonic-sword that specialises in destructive power!

“How’s this for next! Balmung!”

He thrust the demonic-sword that was covered with a drill-shape aura towards Kiba, creating a dreadful whirlwind from the sword that swept down on him, grinding the atmosphere!

Kiba changed his weapon into a holy-sword, and quickly created the dragon-knight troops and used half of them as a shield! The dragon-knights were shattered into pieces from getting pierced by the huge whirlwind! The remaining half went towards Siegfried!

“Ha! Dainsleif!”

Siegfried swung his demonic-swords to the side and huge ice pillars were formed from the ground repeatedly that went towards Kiba and pierced through the dragon-knights, freezing them!


While making a sound, the dragon-knights were shattered!

……Siegfried’s collection of demonic-swords is a threat! They have that much effect when he just swings like that! Even if Kiba was able to shorten his distance, his stamina wouldn’t last long. I was worried about things like that, but the remaining dragon-knights went slashing towards Siegfried. Siegfried seemed like he found out the weakness of Kiba’s dragon-knight troops and he began to dodge them without using his demonic-swords.

“I understand the weakness of that new Balance-Breaker just by fighting with you for a short time. You can reflect your ability to the Dragon-Knights right? But you still can’t reflect your techniques to them. These troops who only have speed can’t possibly compete against me!”

Siegfried tried to dodge the last dragon-knight. But that’s when it happened! That dragon-knight showed movements that were more complicated compared to the other dragon-knights and it cut off one of Siegfried’s dragon arms! At the same time something happened to Siegfried’s body! He bent back and his expression was covered with pain. Siegfried looked at the dragon-knight that cut off his arm! The dragon-knight removed the mask of his helmet. Underneath it was Kiba’s face!

“…….Impossible…..! Then the one over there is….!”

Kiba was a bit away from the dragon-knights and was giving orders to them……… But his appearance started to change and it eventually disappeared! The other Kiba wearing the armour started to take his armour off and smirked!

“The one over there is my illusion. It’s made from demonic-powers. The real me wore the dragon-knight’s armour and hid among the other dragon-knights waiting for you to lower your guard.”

Oh my! He did something like that!

“I hid among them when I used them as a shield. I anticipated you would find out about my dragon-knights weakness and waited for you to lower your guard. Like I thought you did just as I expected. –It seems like it is the battle-style of the Hero-faction to find their opponents weakness. So I used that to my advantage.”

Amazing! Kiba, you are really amazing! To make your weakness into your weapon in a situation like that! Siegfried seems like he resents his mistake. But more than that he is shocked.

“This damage……Did you gain the power of a dragon-slayer!?”

-! I'm also shocked at Siegfried’s words! What is the meaning of this!

Kiba spoke while pointing the holy-sword to the front.

“Yes. Dragon-slayer holy-sword. Since your Sacred Gear represents a dragon, it can’t withstand this without any exceptions.”

“…..It is said that those are the hardest types to create; dragon-slayer holy-swords and demonic-swords. But it looks like you learned how to do it. Quite the talent you have.”

Are you serious! So Kiba can even make dragon-slayer holy-swords now!? What insane talent he has! But he made such a thing while keeping it quiet from me! I need to lecture him afterwards!

“I was actually told by Azazel-sensei about dragon-slayer swords after the battle against Diodora Astaroth, and it was one of the ways to stop Ise-kun if he went berserk. Dragon-slayer holy-swords and demonic-swords that is. Of course I can make dragon-slayer holy-demonic-swords as well.”

So he was researching it as one of the ways to stop me.

…..Well if I was to go berserk, I would gladly be slain by my friend's sword. Kiba then made a bitter smile.

“But after that, Ise-kun “quit” Juggernaut-Drive and started to search for a power that wouldn’t make him go berserk. So I stopped my training for achieving dragon-slayer holy-demonic swords. But after losing to you, I tried to achieve it once again.”

Siegfried bit his teeth with regret at Kiba’s words. I never thought that gentleman would make an expression like this. It must have been humiliating for him to be in this situation.

“Just as expected from him.”

Rias came down next to me without me noticing. She continued to speak.

“Ise. You train with Yuuto every time, right?”

“Eh? Yes. That is true.”

“….I think that is an amazing thing. I admire Yuuto’s potential that can keep up with you, Ise. Right now you have such strength that you are able to fight against that Sairaorg who can combine with the Longinus lion. What do you think about Yuuto who can keep up with your training every time?”

“He is already a monster since he can keep up with me without wearing anything to protect himself.”

That is my honest opinion. He basically discarded the idea of increasing his defence, which was supposed to be his weakness. The reason is because he is trying to master something else, that being “it is good as long as he doesn’t get hit”. So in reality he continues to train while avoiding my attacks. It will be my win if I hit him. But if it doesn’t, I won’t know the outcome.

“He is being overshadowed by your power, but he is also rising to be quite the formidable fighter. From my point of view, you and Yuuto have enough strength to become the representatives of the young devils.”

Rias smiled because of her servants who she is proud of. If I remember correctly, Sensei mentioned something to me after the Bael match. In the future when we participate in the professional game, the one who will be in the spotlight for the same Dice-Figure game will not be me but Kiba. That’s because since I have a chess piece value of 8, it will be easier to use Kiba who has a value of 3 chess pieces. He is exactly right. If it is a dice game, then it will be easier to use Kiba who costs less than me and he is also strong.

“The training with Sekiryuutei makes me even stronger. I recommend you to train with him once. –Except you have to be prepared to lose your life when you train with him. Ise-kun doesn’t hold back at all.”

Siegfried made a sigh after Kiba said that.

“…..You are right. I will think about it. But that’s if you can survive this.”

Mist appeared around him. –And from the mist a large number of Grim Reapers appeared once again! That mist is Georg’s Sacred Gear! Did he summon the Grim Reapers by using the mist to connect to the world outside!? There is an outrageous number of Grim Reapers! They started appearing as if to fill this whole car park up! ……Their numbers easily exceeded 200 or 300!

“You guys might have dodged them before, but having this many against you, you're more likely to get hit by their scythes now.”

Siegfried made a smile of happiness.

…..Quantity over quality. No matter how many of them get taken down, it will be okay if they get us. If they start to grind away at our lifespan, we will eventually fall. In my case I am still currently healing, so I won’t know how many hits I can withstand!

“…..Ara ara. This is a bit troublesome.”

Akeno-san who was up in the air striking down holy-lightning comes down and joined us. Rias, Kiba, Akeno-san and I gather closer and made our stances…… Now how should we break through. Even if I count easily, the number of Grim Reapers exceeds 1000. The whole field, the car park, both above and below the hotel, and also the sky is covered with Grim Reapers. The one on one battle between Sensei and Pluto is like a totally different World, so much so that no-one is getting close to them.

If we have all those numbers come at us at once, we won’t be able to dodge. The scythes will definitely hit us. If I were able to use Triaina’s Bishop…… If I were able to use Dragon-blaster, I would be able to wipe out this large number of Grim Reapers. But I don’t have enough aura to shoot that. I used all of it up with the two blasts I shot earlier. It happened when I was stuck deciding on my next action. There were those speaking to me, within my soul.

[Hey, Hyoudou Issei. Looks like you are in a pinch.]

[This looks troublesome.]

[Grim Reapers are very troublesome.]

-These voices! Is it perhaps the previous Senpai!?

I closed my eyes and sent my thoughts deep within the Sacred Gear. The white world was filled with tables and chairs like usual. –But the Senpai’s were wearing tuxedos, holding onto wine looking like gentlemen, and sitting on the chairs with elegance! One of the Senpai was shaking the wine glass with no wine inside and said this to me with a tone of a gentleman.

[Fufufu. To get out of a crisis like this, we can only use that correct?]

…..What do you mean by “that”?

[Yes! We can only use that!]

[That must be it!]

The Senpai started to agree with each other! T-this flow….. You guys aren’t telling me to use Juggernaut-Drive again right!? I was worried that they might be saying something dangerous again…… But the Senpai shook their fingers to the side saying “No, no, no”.


[Yes! We have already graduated from Juggernaut-Drive!]

[We were introduced to something even greater by you.-Yes.]

[[[[[[-The power of breasts!]]]]]]


H-Huh……? W-What the heck are you guys saaaaaaying!!? These idiotic Senpai!!

They were wearing clothes befitting of gentlemen, so I was wondering what they were going to say. And they said the power of breasts?! This must be the outrageous thing that Sensei predicted, a power which is different from the previous Sekiryuuteis! Shit! Why are these Senpai putting on such bright faces!? Even if I said that, the Senpai aren’t listening to me and create a vision in the air of the white World. What appeared were – familiar breasts!

Wait, isn't that vision an image of Rias’ breasts, who is standing right next to me!? One of the Senpai pointed at the breasts that appeared in the vision.

[-Let's depend on those breasts.]

[Yes, that is the source of power for the Oppai-Dragon who protects the future.]

[We became gentlemen who enjoy breasts after connecting with you. Fufufu, this really doesn’t feel bad.]

Eh!? What are these guys muttering about!? I don’t get it! Senpai then put on a serious face and then said it with a serious tone.

[-The time to take Switch-princess to another stage has come once again.]

-I became speechless at those words.

……Ero…… No, something crazy is about to happen!

“S-Sensei! Something crazy is going on!”

I decided to ask Sensei who was putting on an intense battle in mid-air.

“What is it dumbass!? I’m having a hardcore battle with this Grim Reaper-sama, damn it! Wait, this conversation! It’s similar to the story Tannin told me!? Don’t tell me it’s “that”!? Is that it!?”

I said it to Sensei who became horrified while dodging the scythe of Pluto.

“The past Senpai are telling me to make Rias’s breasts go to the next stage!”

Sensei danced wildly after hearing that!

“It’s hereeeeeeee! Yeeeees! Poke it now! Grope it! Touch it! Fuhahahahaha!! Oi, heroes and Grim Reapers! Our Oppai couple will release the infamous power of breasts! It’s the finishing technique of the Gremory group!”

What is that!? Why is he stirring up the enemies!?

“……….No, it can’t be………”

Why is Siegfried horrified!?

[Listen Kouhai. The time to use the power of “gift” on those breasts has come.]

Senpai who looked strict says that.

Power of transfer…..? You are telling me to use “gift” on Rias’s breasts!?

[Yeah, that’s right. You should have been wondering what would happen if you use gift on those breasts for a while now.]

This time a gentle looking Senpai said that.

-! Gift on her breast…..! I certainly was wondering what would happen if I use the power of transfer of Sekiryuutei on Rias’s breast. Will the size increase, or will the beauty of it increase, or will the elasticity have the ultimate bounciness? Those things made me wonder and I wanted to make it clear one day…..! You could say that it is my ultimate research theme…..! You are telling me I can do it……!

“U-Um, there is something I would like you to hear!”

I thought that I should get Rias’s approval first.

“What is it? I won’t get shocked at anything you say anymore.”

…..What determination. It’s not a normal psychological condition. What kind of crisis did she go through to respond and cope with things related to breasts……?

I said it after drinking down my saliva.

“……Can I transfer the power of Sekiryuutei to your breasts?”


She seemed like she became speechless for a second with my confession. This situation gives of a feeling of Déjà vu. Yeah, it is exactly the same as the time in Kyoto! Then if that is the case…. Thinking for a moment, Rias said it with a strong voice.

“I really don’t get it. I didn’t get what happened in Kyoto. To tell you the truth I really don’t get what is going on now. –But, I understand! Please use the power of transfer on my breasts!”


…….What a magnificent woman …….! If it was a normal woman, they would have declined a crazy situation like this you know? And she gives an OK immediately…….! I can only lower my head down to my master who is my Onee-sama and the woman I deeply love! I start to cry a lot beneath my armour and gathered energy to my gauntlet! Yeah that’s right! The woman I love approved it! Then I have to show my manliness! Now let's transfer it! Gift! It is Gift!

“Let’s go Boosted Gear! Transfer your power to Rias’s breaaaaaaasts!”

I made the part of the gauntlet covering my hand disappear. I began to move around my fingers and then touched her breasts! Yes, there is a reason behind touching Rias’s breasts with my naked hand!


I felt the ultimate sensation and elasticity through my hand!

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]



Rias cried at my transfer! Then….!


High school dxd v11 289.jpg

Rias’s breasts started to emit a red aura!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]

I heard an unfamiliar sound through the jewels! So it’s bust now huh!

And her breasts began to glow in red light like usual…..

“The breasts are glowing!”


A red light is shot out from Rias’s breasts! That light started to envelop me!

A gentle light. It is similar to Asia’s light. It’s warm…….

This is the same warmth as Rias….. After receiving the warmth of the woman I love, there was a change within me.

“This is….! My aura is replenishing!”

Yes, the aura that was wasted because of the dragon-blaster I shot earlier is starting to replenish! Energy is coming back to my whole body! …….Amazing! It’s like my energy is rising! Sensei who was witnessing this scene shouts!

“…..It’s the third phase! Rias! You are…..! Your breasts entered the third phase! It is breast-power! Another solid evidence is found for the power of breasts that I have been predicting!”

I-I don’t quite get it, but I can do it now!

I can shoot Dragon-blaster!

“Promotion to [Welsh Blaster Bishop]!”

[Change Fang Blast!!!!]

I change the evil-piece within me quickly! The backpack and cannon start to form! I aimed my cannon towards the Grim Reapers!

“Take thiiiiiiiiiiiis!!”

The third dragon-blaster!


Enormous amounts of aura are shot out from the cannon! With no way out, the Grim Reapers are enveloped by the blast and perish!

With that shot, one third of the army of Grim Reapers perished! But I have used up the aura needed for the next blast…… Looks like the light from the Oppai before, it was enough for just one shot!


….! How can this be!? Again from Rias’s breast, another red-light is shot out directed at me! The red light envelops around me once again! …….My aura started to replenish once again!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]

Receiving the red aura, it seems like the tension of the jewel increased! Siegfried shouted seeing this situation.

“This is bad! It’s dangerous to leave those breasts alone! Breasts that respond to being summoned! Breasts that replenish Sekiryuutei’s power! We won’t know what will happen next! The one who is the most dangerous isn’t the Two-Heavenly dragons or Ophis! It might be Rias Gremory’s breasts! Sekiryuutei and Rias Gremory. When these two are together it creates miracles time after time…… And the things that are the “key” for that are…….those breasts!”

You don’t have to say that out loud with a serious face!


See!? Even Rias is embarrassed! Sensei who was fighting in mid-air against Pluto shouts.

“In other words we should call her “Crimson Bust Princess”! To describe it in one word it’s “Oppai Beam”! In other words “Oppai Battery”! You guys seriously are an insane baka-uple aren’t you!”

“Shuuuuut up!! Just shut up and fight you idiot Governor!”

Please don’t give her weird nicknames! Once you say it, it gets official!

“……I see….. So I finally became a “battery” and a “beam”……..”

Rias is in a giving-up mode!? No, no! It’s okay! I will protect you! Wait, that doesn’t even become helpful at all!

“Stop those two!”

Siegfried shouted, but I shot out dragon-blaster without any care and took down the Grim Reapers! I have myself replenished by Rias’s breasts once the aura goes down!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]

Rias said it while having red-light shooting out from her breast.

“Ise…….. I somehow started to give up in many ways!”

“…..! W-What do you mean!?”

She shook her head.

“No. I should restate my resolve again. –If it is for you to get stronger, I don’t mind having my breasts become a power-up item for Sekiryuutei.”

“N-No…. I never thought of you like that…….!”

I actually have! But please make it that I never thought about it! Rias smiles and then nods. Please don’t nod! It makes my heart hurt!

“Yes. I know. –But my breasts chose this. Fufufu. Perhaps it understood my feelings of wanting to be of help to you, so something must have happened to them.”

Then something unbelievable happened! Rias’s oppai were getting smaller!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! The breasts! Your oppai are shrinking!!”

I shout while crying! My oppai! The oppai I dearly love! My first oppai! The oppai that only I can grope! The best oppai in my life! –The ultimate oppai are shrinking! It’s getting smaller!

“Maybe the size is getting smaller every time I send out aura…..? But if it is still this big, I can still continue to give you my aura!”

I shook my head while crying!

“Please don't! At this rate your oppai will….! The oppai I dearly love will disappear!”

“It might be temporary! It might get back to the original size once I get some sleep!”

“Even so, I don’t want to see your oppai getting smaller! I would rather die than to……!”

I will pick death! I don’t want to live by having the breasts of the woman I love disappear! Rias made a smile while crying.

“Thank you Ise. But this is okay! For me, fighting alongside you makes me happy. –I love you Ise!”


I started to manly cry underneath my armour!

…….She is such a wonderful woman! The woman I fell in love with! She is the best woman there is! I’m glad that I fell in love with Rias! I then shouted the name of the woman I love!

“I also love you Rias! Rias! Rias! Rias!”

Hearing my love call, Rias screamed with a teary voice!

“We will always be together Ise! Ise! Ise! Ise!”

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]


The amount of aura sent to me increased! I can do it! We can do this! Isn’t that right Ddraig!?

[…….Uhehehehe. Oppai sure are fun……]

….! Looks like Ddraig’s mental condition has finally……

“Ddraigggggggggggg! Uooooooooooooooo!! I! The Oppai dragon! I will defeat you terrorists with the breast power of Switch-princess and the power of Sekiryuutei! This is payback for Ddraig!”

The Dragon-blaster was released! Grim Reapers and the surroundings were blown away! The power of breasts was charging up! Repetition of destruction and restoration! The wheel of destiny that was continuing to spin!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]


This field started to collapse after receiving a release of our love from the dragon-blaster!

“Stop theeeeeeeeem!! Stop Sekiryuutei and Switch-princess!! At this rate, we will actually be wiped out by the power of breasts!”

Siegfried desperately gave orders to the Grim Reapers. But.

“You guys, protect the baka-uple with full strength! They are our pivot!”

Sensei also gave orders to the Gremory group!

“I won’t have you get in the way of those two. They are getting heated up, so don’t you think it’s bad to intrude on them?”

“Ufufu. I’m so jealous Rias. Maybe I might get spoiled by Ise-kun afterwards. My passion to have an affair gets heated after seeing you two.”

Kiba and Akeno-san are also protecting us! –Our blast of love even continued after this.

The field that doesn’t even have a weed left.

Yes. The power of love between me and Rias finally wiped out the Grim Reapers and the only ones left are Siegfried, Georg, and Pluto. But the sacrifice was too big…..

-Rias’s breasts are already flat.

As a result of sending the power of breasts to me, her Oppai began to grow smaller and now there isn’t anything left. Even if she says that they will return to normal if she rests, seeing her state makes me sad and it is hard to endure. Like this, they are no different from Koneko-chan's now….!

I started to cry a lot when I compared Rias and Koneko-chan’s breasts.


Koneko-chan threw something to my head from the thirtieth floor of the hotel. I didn’t say anything, but she might have guessed by looking at my eyes. Sensei who made his distance with Pluto landed besides me. Pluto also landed on their side.

“Now. Siegfried, Georg, and Pluto. This is checkmate.”

Sensei pointed the spear of light at them.

“……You have insane power like always Sekiryuutei.”

Siegfried said that while breathing hard. The device in the car park was still active. Georg created a barrier that is small but very powerful and I couldn't even take it down with the continuous shots of dragon-blaster. –But Georg was also breathing violently because he had been putting all his power into defending. The barrier covering the device also began to shake. Even if he is the possessor of a high-tier Longinus, there are limits! –We can corner them in a bit now! Even Siegfried has a hard expression.

Then it happened.


A noise echoed through this dimension. I heard this sound before. It’s the sound we heard when a hole is created in a dimension. When I looked up, a hole was created in the sky!

We thought it was the appearance of new enemies, but Siegfried and others also had expressions of doubt.

…..So it means it's an unexpected intruder?

The one who intruded by making a hole in the dimension is a man with light-armour and cape. I was familiar with him! Yes, I only saw him once but I remember him! That guy landed between us and Siegfried.

“It has been awhile Sekiryuutei. And Vali.”

He glared at me and then glared at Vali who was on the thirtieth floor of the hotel. Sensei then narrowed his eyes.

“Shalba…..Beelzebub. The leader of the Old-Maou faction.”

Yes! This guy is the descendant of old-Maou who appeared before us in the incident with Diodora! The mastermind who was controlling Diodora from the shadows! But wasn’t he killed by me when I went into Juggernaut-Drive…..?

Siegfried took a step forward.

“……Shalba. I did receive a report but I never thought you were acting by yourself.”

“Hey Siegfried. I certainly did get a lot of assistance from you people. You have my gratitude. Thanks to that, my wounds have healed. ……Though I did lose Ophis’s snake and my powers are lower than before.”

“And the reason for you to come here is?”

“Nothing much. I thought I would declare war on you.”

Shalba said it out loud with confidence. ……What was he thinking? Shalba put on an evil smile and then revealed what was under his cape. Underneath a boy appeared. Looking at him, his eyes had shadows in them and it seemed like he was being controlled.

Ah! It is the boy who created anti-monsters using the Longinus, [Annihilation Maker], in Kyoto! He was supposed to be in the Hero-faction but why is he with Shalba who belongs to the Old-Maou faction?

-Seeing the boy, Siegfried and Georg got shocked.


“Shalba, why did you bring that boy here? No. Why is he with you!? Leonardo was supposed to be on a different mission! Did you bring him here!?”

Shalba said to the two who were shocked.

“I thought I would have him assist me for a bit. –Just like this!”


Shalba activated an ominous small magic-circle within his hand and put that closer to the boy called Leonardo. Then the devil letters within the magic-circle moved fast! Then the boy screamed!


Screaming out loud, he had a painful expression. At the same time, his shadow expanded so much that it covered the whole field! …..What was Shalba trying to do!? Shalba flew up from where he was and then laughed out loudly!

“Fuhahahahahaha! [Annihilation Maker] is a very splendid and idealistic ability! And people say that he specialises in creating anti-monsters! Checking the movements of the Hero-faction, I kidnapped him when he was on a mission with another group from the Hero-faction! Now then! I will have him create it! A monster that can eliminate the current devils of the world!”


Something was created from the boy’s shadow. A head of something huge was appearing out of it, making lots of huge waves in the shadow!

…..A head that was too big! A torso that was too large! Arms that were too thick! And overwhelming legs to support the body! The thing created from the shadows of the boy that covers the whole field was…..


A very gigantic monster, it made a very loud roar that felt like it would destroy my eardrums! …..Huge! It was two heads bigger than Great Red! A monster about 200 meters tall! An outrageous and huge monster was created! Sensei did tell me [Annihilation Maker] could create any type of monster depending on the possessors powers, but it could even create a monster like this!? And other monsters smaller than this one appeared from the boy’s shadow as well!


A large magic-circle was created below the monsters feet! That was a transportation magic-circle! Shalba shouted while laughing!

“Fuhahahahahaha! I’m planing to transport these monsters to the Underworld to have them wreak havoc! It’s a humongous anti-monster! It will certainly eliminate lots of Devils in the Underworld!”

The magic-circle glowed and the monsters were enveloped with the light of transportation! This is bad! At this rate, those monsters will be transported to the Underworld and wreak havoc! We need to stop them here!

“Stop them!!”

Under Sensei’s order, we attacked the monsters. But…

Our attacks weren’t working! We only gave enough damage to scrape their surfaces a bit! The attacks were useless and all of the monsters disappeared into the light! The moment the monsters disappeared…..


This field also started to make a weird noise. Looking carefully, there was a scar created in the white sky and the buildings including the hotel started to collapse!

…….This field started to become unstable because of the forceful birth of monsters and their transportation! Georg then shouted at Siegfried.

“The device won’t last long! Damn Shalba! Did he use the ability that surpasses the capacity of the possessor by force!?”

“……We can’t help it. Looks like it’s time for us to leave. Let’s retreat at once after retrieving Leonardo. Pluto, how about…….”

Siegfried stopped there and realised the disappearance of the Grim Reaper. That Grim Reaper disappeared all of a sudden! Seeing that, it seems like Siegfried understood something.

“……I see. So the one who was helping Shalba from the shadows was…… It’s something that skull-god would think of. So he will choose any sort of method to annoy us. Did he also tell the method to forcefully use the Balance-Breaker of [Annihilation Maker]……? We don’t know what kind of price or side effect it could have to do a temporary Balance-Breaker like that. We were trying to increase the power of Leonardo slowly….. Now this boy is…..”

Saying that, Siegfried and Georg recovered the boy. They then disappeared from here along with the mist.

Those bastards! They sure are fast running away!


This time it was the sound of explosions coming from the hotel! What is it!? It sure is a busy day today! Looking up, Shalba was attacking the rearguards!

“What’s wrong!? Valiiiiiiii! What happened to your proud demonic-powers!? Your power of the Hakuryuukou!? What happened to it!? Fuhahahahaha! You are just a mixed breed with human so there was no way for you to win against me who is the real Maou!”

Shalba was attacking Vali! I don’t think the current Vali can withstand Shalba! Activating a defence magic-circle, Vali could only defend. It seemed like he wasn’t in a good situation.

“……I don’t want to hear it from you who names himself a Maou while borrowing the powers of others.”

Even so, Vali talked back to Shalba.

“Fuhahahahahahahahahhahahahah! It only matters if you win in the end! Now, there is one more thing I want!”

Shalba pointed his hand towards Ophis! A spiral demonic power appeared and it wrapped Ophis up like a rope. He captured Ophis!

“Hou! Just like the information I gathered said! The current Ophis has an unstable power and even my current self can capture her! This is a gift to the cooperative partner of this I, the real Maou! I will have her give me a snake again since my powers are down! I will be taking her now!”

“Like hell I will let you!”


I expanded my dragon-wings and closed the distance between Shalba immediately! He said it while laughing madly.

“A curse! This is a curse! I shall become the poison who will devour the Underworld……! Those devils who declined me! I have no business with such an Underworld! I don’t care about them any more! I don’t care about the authority and possession of the Underworld any more! Fuhahahaha! This Shalba Beelzebub shall use his last bit of power to destroy the Underworld using these monsters!”

Shalba’s expression was covered with madness! This guy didn’t have proper eyes now. This guy was totally crazy! He then pointed at me!

“…..Yes. The children you care deeply about will be terminated by my curse…..my monsters, Sekiryuutei! Suffer receiving my curse! Struggle! Die while coughing out blood! Fuhahahahaha! This is a masterpiece! Including the inferior low-class and mid-class children of Devils, even the offspring of elites will die in the same way! See!? This is the World you guys have been hoping for. The World where there is no discrimination. Fuhahahahaha!”

…..What a scumbag……! He only has revenge on his mind! To the Underworld who rejected him, he doesn’t have any pride or attachment to them! But it doesn’t mean he can shove his anger onto the children!

While this is going on, the field was also collapsing! Finally, holes appeared and started to suck in the remnants of this dimension! Kuroka who was inside the hotel shouted!

“This field is at its limit –nyan! If it is now, we should be able to transfer so I will activate the magic-circle! Then all of us will leave this place!”

The Gremory group gathered around Kuroka. Asia was healing Vali who was wounded from Shalba’s attack.


Shalba was still laughing. Near him was Ophis who was captured. Seeing that, I thought about two things.

“Ise! We will transfer now! Come over here quickly!”

Rias said that to me. But I….. I didn’t go over there.


I said it with a smile to Rias who seemed puzzled and along with my comrades.

“I will go and rescue Ophis. I will also beat up Shalba along with it.”


Everyone became shocked at what I said.

“I will also fight!”

“There is no point to show off by yourself!?”

Kiba and Akeno-san said that but I shook my head.

“No. It will be enough with just me. You guys have to go to the Underworld to tell them about the threat. Either way this dimension won’t last long right? If it is me, I can still move around in the dimensional gap with this armour for a while after the field collapses. It seemed like there was a time when Vali did the same. ……I can’t let Shalba get away and also I can’t have Ophis be handed to someone.”

I think this is something only I can do. Sensei’s artificial Balance-Breaker was at its limits. If I don’t take down Shalba here, then there will be more victims! He said that he will kill the kids in the Underworld! Just that……I can’t forgive!

“It's at the limit –nyan! We won’t be able to transfer unless we do it now!”

Kuroka shouted.

“Hyoudou Issei.”

Vali was borrowing Sensei’s shoulder. He seemed to be in pain. The attack from Shalba must have made his condition worse.

“Vali! I will beat Shalba up on your behalf as well!”

Hearing that Vali smiled.

“Ise! I will open the dragon-gate afterwards to summon you and Ophis! You are okay with that right?”

I nod at Sensei’s suggestion. I will leave it to you Sensei! I expanded my Dragon-wings and started the booster on my back!


-The voice of my beloved. When I turned around, Rias was standing there.

“Come back to me no matter what.”

“Yes, I will definitely come back!”

Saying that, I went towards Shalba. At the same time the light increased. Looks like everyone transferred safely.

-I will beat Shalba and definitely return to Rias’s side bringing Ophis along with me!

Part 3

I arrived in front of Shalba who was laughing above the hotel. ……The collapse of the dimension was getting even worse. Half of the field had already perished. Seeing me, he made an displeased expression.

“I can understand Vali coming after me, but for a failure of a Heavenly Dragon such as yourself to come after me…..! How much do Dragons have to look down on me…..?!”

Yeah, yeah. He sure does look down on others.

“What is your reason for coming after me!? Are you also trying to ignore me, one who carries the blood of the real Maou!? Or are you trying to obtain power by having Ophis!? It’s you who is a Heavenly-dragon! You must be hiding the desire to dominate the human world and Underworld!”

……..It seemed like he only had things like bloodlines and domination in his head. I said this after sighing.

“Even if you say something complicated that I don’t understand, I don’t know what I should do with Ophis and I’m not interested in dominating either. –Except…”

I said it while pointing at him with my fingers.

“You said you would kill the kids earlier right? I can’t allow that.”

He laughed at my words.

“What about it!? This is natural! Devils that grew up in an Underworld managed by the fake Maou! They are lower than bugs! Even if I did allow them to grow up, they still won’t show me, the true Maou, the respect I deserve! So Devils like them should all just disappear! That is why I will use those gigantic monsters to return everything to zero! Those monsters are anti-monsters created by [Annihilation Maker], so they are insanely strong! They will cause overwhelming destruction! A pure Underworld will be reborn in the wake of its destruction! That is what the Underworld should be!”

….This is hopeless. I begin to think that Sirzechs-sama is the best Maou there is once again.

“……I really can’t understand your delusions at all. –But you are trying to kill the children of the Devils right?”

I just couldn’t forgive that! In my head, the smiling faces of children appeared. Yeah, don’t worry. I will protect you kids! I will protect their smiles! I said it while emitting all of the aura from within me.

“Then I will have to beat you up! I am playing the role of the children’s hero after all! I just can’t forgive guys like you who are enemies of children! I am the [Oppai Dragon] after all!”

Hearing me, he stopped smiling.

“……The pressure coming out from you has increased. You are a Heavenly Dragon who acts in ways I can’t possibly understand. Well then! Get tainted from my curse and die in this dimensional gap, Red Dragon!”

“You are the one that is going to die you lowly Devil!”

I made the Evil Piece within me explode in a crimson colour!

[Cardinal Crimson Promotion]. The True-Queen that was named by my rival, Sairaorg-san!

“I, the one to awaken am the Sekiryuutei who holds up the truth of the King up-high!”

I could hear the voices of the Senpai!

[Let’s go Hyoudou Issei!]

[Yeah that is right! Future…. We are the Sekiryuutei who protects everyone's future!]

[It is the time to walk the crimson road of righteousness!]

“Holding the infinite hope and indestructible dream and walking the road of righteousness. I will become the Emperor of the Crimson Dragon…” This is the new chant! My words of righteousness that are different than Juggernaut-drive!

[[[[[“And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in Deep(True)-Crimson light!”]]]]]

[Cardinal Crimson Full Drive!!!!]

A crimson aura enveloped me and started to colour my armour crimson!

“…..! Crimson…..armour!? What is this change!? Crimson…..! An ominous colour that reminds me of the crimson hair of that fake man!”

Shalba said that! To me “Crimson” is the best colour! My armour changed a bit, and at the same time my power was increasing! This enormous power of Sekiryuutei around me is real! It’s still growing but this is enough for now!

-Now I just have to beat you down in this form!

Shalba pointed his hands at me! A warp was created and bugs…… No bees. Something that looks like bees appeared. The whole area was covered with bees.

“I will show you the power of the real Beelzebub!”

Shalba then controled the army of bees in creating many circles and he then started to randomly shoot out enormous masses of aura from them!

[Star Sonic Booster!!!!]

I dodged them instantly, and closed the distance between us. I followed through by releasing my punch directly into his stomach!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]

A crimson-aura covered my right arm and shaped itself into a large fist! By slamming down the nail located on the elbow, I precisely performed a body blow!


My fist goes deep into his stomach!


Shalba coughed out blood!

“You low lifeeeeeeee!!”

Shalba created many magic-circles and just like Rossweisse-san, he shot out a full burst of different elemental attacks! But each and everyone of his attacks was thick! I went ahead towards them without dodging!

This…..! I don’t need to dodge these things….! I hit away his attacks with my fists and shortened our distance with god-speed! Up-close, I released my fist at him again!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]


A gigantic fist hit his face!

Getting hit by my punch head on, Shalba had blood coming out from all over his face.

……Seeing that, I spoke because of boredom.

“Is this it?”

Hearing that, lots of veins appeared on Shalba’s face.


I said it to him without caring that he was pissed.

“You said you were a Maou, so I thought you had power like that of Sirzechs-sama and Vali. I fought both of them so I can understand the power of the Maou “Lucifer”. But I don’t feel any strong pressure from you like I did from them.”

Shalba then laughed loudly.

“You sure say a lot…….! A mere rotten Dragon……! A former human who is the same as garbage, to make a fool of this real Maou…..!”

“I am the Red Dragon of the Two Heavenly Dragon, Sekiryuutei! I won’t lose to a fake Maou like you!”

“Nonsense! You rotten Dragooooooooon!”

If he shoots his demonic powers, I hit them away. If I punch, then his body curves. I shoot down creepy bees with my Dragon shot as well! I was at an overwhelming advantage.

….This is it? Just this!

The man who spoke about the Underworld. Sirzechs-sama and Sairaorg-san were able to stand normally even after being hit by this! How about you then!? You just get thrown back after being hit! Your eyes don’t even have any glitters!

“Shalba. You may have great talent and demonic-powers. You were born with things greater than me.”

“That’s right! I am a Devil that was chosen! A Maou! The real Maou!”

“But it's no good. Your attacks are nothing compared to the man who came at me with only his fist and body! You won’t be able to defeat me with attacks like that!”


After a few hits. This time it felt like I finished it. Shalba’s face is also covered with pain. I can defeat him without Juggernaut-Drive! Real Maou my ass! Making the Underworld go back to zero you say!? The men of the Underworld I have met and fought weren’t this naïve! Everyone was stronger and stricter than anyone else!

“You shitty Heavenly Dragon! How about thissssssss!”

While sprinkling blood, Shalba created a magic-circle within his hand. What appeared from there was…….a single arrow.


It flew at me high velocity and hit my right arm piercing through my armour. This won’t…..

I tried to pull out the arrow. Then intense pain hit me!

…..Through my arm, intense pain spread throughout my body….! At the same time it felt like my power was leaving me! My hands are shaking…. What…..is this…..? Shalba laughed seeing that.

“Fuhahahahaha! It’s painful right!? It’s hard to endure right!? Of course! The tip of that arrow, is covered with the blood of Samael! I received it from Hades! I kept it to use against Vali just in case…. But for me to use it against garbage like you….. No matter now. With this, the situation is reverted. If you have high demonic-powers like Vali then you could have endured it a bit. But for someone like you who seems to have no talent in demonic-powers, then you will die.”

…..I see. Samael’s blood. This is the poison and curse of the Dragon Eater. Wait, you allied with Hades?

….Then that means that this guy lured that Grim Reaper here….? It seems like the reason why Pluto ran away first lies behind that. What are they plotting between the Hero-faction and the Old-Maou faction? Killing between groups? Sensei and Siegfried did say they just wanted to annoy them…. But it sure hurts a lot. If I think about it, this is my first time receiving dragon-slayer damage…. My body was cold, and in pain, shaking.

[It even reached here Partner. It’s so strong that I lost my consciousness for a time….]

So Samael’s curse even reached Ddraig who is just a soul.


……Blood also came out from my mouth. It’s different from the pain from a Holy Sword……. But since I received a stab from a Holy Sword, I can somehow withstand this pain. Getting used to pain is a bit weird, but this is because I have been through battles where I might have died. Well anyway I just need to beat this guy before me! I expanded my Dragon wings and flew towards Shalba! He became shocked after seeing me.

“You are supposed to have received a curse! Why can you move!? Why aren’t you afraid!? Are you telling me you are not afraid of death!?”

Shut up!? Of course I am scared! But it seems like even scarier things will happen if I leave you alive! That’s why I will beat you up first!

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]


Combo of punches and kicks! Getting hit, Shalba falls onto the roof of the hotel!

“Absurd….! I am the real Maou!? I tried to accomplish my vengeance by seeking the help of Hades and humans and dealt with the shame and embarrassment…..! I even went through the experiments of the Hero Factions that made me puke….! But why are the Heavenly Dragons such as you and Vali getting in my way! A mere Dragon who doesn’t even have huge dreams or ideals! Why do you ignore someone like me who is seeking to go even higher!? I can’t understand! I really can’t understand!”

He goes to where the captured Ophis is and asks her.

“Ophis! Ophis! Give me that snake one more time! Then I shall attain the power that is beyond the previous Maou! I need that snake to beat this man!”

“Right now I am unstable. I can’t make the snake-type that increases strength.”

Shalba put on a face of despair after hearing Ophis. I landed in front of him. He looked up at me trembling. I then said it!

“You tried to take away the smiles of the children. That is enough of a reason for you to get beaten up! I! I am the children’s hero who plays the role of Oppai-Dragon! If you are trying to take their future away from them, then I will kill you here!”

I made cannons appear from my wings and started to get ready to fire a blast. A quiet impulse of aura. Enormous power is being charged in the cannon. Shalba released his wings and tried to run away….. I won’t let him get away! Hearing an idiotic ideal like yours, I’m not nice enough to let you get away!

“Blow away! Crimson Blasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!”

[Fang Blast Booster!!!!]


Enormous amounts of crimson aura were released from the cannons!

“Fuhahahahahaha! Either way you will also die from Samael’s curse! Sekiryuutei!”

A red aura enveloped Shalba who was screaming……

High school dxd v11 317.jpg

I, who had defeated Shalba, released Ophis from the ropes made from demonic-power while enduring Samael’s curse. Ophis then questioned me.

“Sekiryuutei, why did you help me?”

I said it while sighing.

“You saved Asia and Irina.”

“That was my gratitude towards them. It should not be a reason for Sekiryuutei to help me.”

“Asia and Irina are my important friends. If you saved them, then a reason for me to save you, also exist. I began to think that you are not a bad guy. Why did you cooperate with them?”

“They promised me that they will defeat Great Red. I want to return to the dimensional gap and obtain “silence”.”

“There’s no way that they will keep their promises. Weren’t you used by them a lot?”

“If I can defeat Great Red, then that’s okay. That’s why I gave them snakes.”

……Dream. Ophis’s aim. Ophis continues.

“I went to Sekiryuutei’s house because I thought I could find something that would fulfill my dream. Abnormal growth. I thought the secret behind the “True Dragon” and “Heavenly Dragon” lay there. I thought I could find the reason why I exist.”

“……I see. I finally got it.” This guy is purer than anyone. The Old-Maou faction and The Hero-faction used that. They used her for their own ends.

Their ambitions. To control the World or to seek a battle against superior beings. But that is something irrelevant to Ophis…… This guy isn’t a last-boss at all….!

It was all an illusional boss that the Khaos-Brigade created….! I’m glad I rescued her. I think this guy is someone who I can talk to unlike Shalba. I will take her home and speak with her about many things.

I thought she was creepy, but she is just a pure Dragon who is merely naïve. She is strong and infinite. Everyone became scared of her and made her into something people would fear. She was tricked into becoming the leader of the terrorists.

……A lonely and poor Dragon. That is Ophis. ………My consciousness is getting worse. Is it because of the curse…..? Geez, I need to get home quickly.

“Hey Ophis. Do you want to become friends with me?”

“……Friend? What’s the benefit if I become that?”

“I could at least become someone you can talk to.”

“I see. That sounds fun.”

Yeah it is fun. That’s why let's go home. To that house…..

The building collapsed and the surroundings were being sucked into the hole.

A field that is collapsing. Even if I go into the dimensional gap, I will be safe for a while if I wear my armour. I will be all right as long as everyone summons me before that. I got up and walked forward. To return home……………


……The crumbling field.

I’m walking……in that field…… But I don’t have the strength to walk any more……

I’m going forward……while having Ophis lend me her shoulder…… It’s the effect of the curse……

……It’s truly ironic, since I’m having Ophis help me when I came to rescue her……

……My eyesight is getting blurry. ……That’s weird, since I’m not even sleepy.

…………I don’t feel the pain……from Samael’s curse now……

It doesn’t hurt……nor is it painful……

[Partner! It’s almost time! Azazel and the others are probably about to open the Dragon Gate for us! Then the only thing left for them is to summon us!]

……Ddraig. I know it…… Let’s go on……

……Oh yeah, what should I do once I get home……? Reflect on……what I did wrong for the promotion test with everyone……?

……Oh yeah……we still have the mid-semester test as well……

…………Once I get……home, I will first……

“……Hey Ophis.”


“What do you want to do once you return……?”

“Return? I, do not have any place to return to. The dimensional gap, I do not have the power to return to it.”

“……Then you can return……to my place……”

“The house of Sekiryuutei?”

“……Yeah, that’s right. If you were able to get along with……Asia……and Irina……then you can get along with……everyone else as well……”

My legs……won't go any further……

Huh……? My sight……goes to the side……and then up……

……Did I fall down……? No, I can’t even tell that……

“……Ophis, have you ever……fallen in love with someone……?”

……What am I saying……?

However……I can see……that beautiful……crimson hair……in my mind……

[Partner, get a hold of yourself! Everyone is waiting for you!]

……Yeah I know……

……Asia……is a cry-baby so I have to return quickly……

……Akeno-san……is a very fragile person……even if she looks like that…………and Koneko-chan……I’m glad she’s getting along with Ravel……

……Xenovia……and Irina……I remember when they were enemies at first……

“Ddraig, this person has the curse circulating through his entire body. —He’s at his limit.”

[I know that, Ophis! I already know that! But he won’t die! This man has always kept on standing up!]

……Rossweisse-san……Gasper……hurry and come……home……

…………Azazel-sensei……Kiba…………Matsuda, Motohama……my important……

[Let’s go home! Partner! What are you doing! Stand up! You always stood up!]

…………Sairaorg-san……Vali……I still……want to fight……you guys……

……………………Rias……the one I love…………

《——Ise, come back to me.》

……………………I’m glad that……I confessed to her…………

……I will definitely…………return to……your……side……

“I love you Rias…………”

I’m glad……that I could at least……say that……


“……Ddraig, this person isn’t moving.”


“……Ddraig, you are crying?”


“I, only knew him for a short time.”


“He wasn’t a bad person. —He was my first friend.”

[……Yeah, it was fun. ……Hey, Ophis. No, this man’s last friend.]

“What is it?”

[Can you listen to my story for a bit, before I move on to a new host?]


[I want you to remember this man forever. Let me talk about him……]

“Was he a good Sekiryuutei?”

[Yeah, this is the story about the man who was the best Sekiryuutei.]

Lost Life

In front of me, Kiba Yuuto, there is a ritual being performed by Azazel-sensei along with the help of the former Dragon-King Tannin-sama.

“The preparation of the summoning magic circle is complete. We will open the Dragon-Gate.”

Sensei said that, and the magic circle started to glow.

We, the Gremory group, and those who are involved, are at the place where the promotion test for Mid-class devils took place.

We were on the transportation floor. Azazel-sensei drew a magic-circle to call dragons on the whole floor of the basement. He’s trying to open the Dragon-Gate in order to call out Ise-kun. Kuroka is also helping with that. After the battle in the artificial dimension, we moved to a place where we could draw a magic-circle to summon Ise-kun, and are currently opening the Dragon-Gate to summon Ise-kun by force.

We called the former Dragon-King, Tannin-sama immediately for his assistance in opening the Dragon-Gate. Of course, the Hakuryukou (White Dragon Emperor), Vali, is waiting at the side of the magic-circle while enduring the damage caused by Samael’s curse. Buchou and my comrades are looking at them with anxious expressions.

After that, the monsters created by the “Annihilation Maker” in the artificial dimension appeared in the Underworld and they have begun their attacks on each of the main areas of towns.

The counter-attack squads have already been deployed by both the devils’ side and the fallen-angels’ side……. But they are having a hard time due to the large area they have to cover and the formidable monsters. Apparently, the monsters are creating more anti-monsters by themselves while they are advancing forward. Then the remnants of the Old-Maou factions joined them and began to attack towns and villages that were along the routes of the gigantic monsters.

The God from the realm of the dead, Hades, was helping both the Old-Maou faction and the Hero-faction from behind the scenes. He was sticking his evil hands around to the point, where even the Hero-faction was fooled by him. A scheme Hades probably made so he could cause a blow to the devils, fallen-angels or other factions……. As a result of Hades’ actions, the gigantic monsters have appeared in the Underworld.

Right about now, he’s probably looking at this situation with glee.

I’m also worried about Ophis’ power that was stolen by Cao Cao. The birth of a new Ophis by using that power…….

The situation is gradually growing so serious that it seems like the Maou-sama are persuading each of the factions…… But the existence of Cao Cao who holds the holy-spear that can even take down God is a looming threat, and they couldn’t get cooperation from the superior-beings.

A spear that can kill Maou and God.

If a God from a certain faction or the Maou was to be killed by that spear, the status quo of the factions will be overturned. Having that in mind, it became hard for the higher-ups to move. Due to that, young devils with power like us and the teams of Ultimate-class devils received the mission to take down the monsters.

We are devils with great power. We have to proceed forward and fight since Maou-sama cannot battle. Sairaorg Bael is also heading out.

There are reinforcement squads dispatched from those factions who we have alliances with:

From the Heavens, the “Brave Saints”.

From the fallen-angel sides, the Sacred Gear possessors.

From Northern Europe, the Valkyrie squads.

They have responded to the crisis of the Underworld……the devils side. Since the Gods and Maou cannot move, the people below them have to.

Xenovia and Irina-san successfully told the circumstances to the higher ups of each faction. I heard that they are currently in heaven repairing Durandal.

But at this rate, the monsters will destroy the capital located in the Maou’s territory. The evacuation of the civilians had already started, but it’s a grave situation as we don’t know if we will make it in time.

….We need your power Ise-kun. The time for you to use the power of the Sekiryuutei for the Underworld has come. There are many children in the capital waiting for you to come! That’s why please come back!

“….Yes! It’s connected!”

Sensei shouted and the magic-circle started to glow!

The jewel of Fafnir that Sensei held glowed in a golden colour. Vali’s body also emitted a white-light. Tannin-sama’s body also glowed in a purple colour. And the light spread throughout the whole floor…….

I blocked the dazzling light with my hands, and the light stopped.

We then looked at the centre of the magic-circle.

At the centre of the magic-circle, what appeared was……. 8 evil pieces of “Pawn”.

………….. Eh………….? Wh…what does this mean…….? I couldn’t understand this phenomenon. What’s in front of me isn’t Ise-kun but……..“Evil-Pieces”. That’s it.

And those “Evil-Pieces” have the same crimson colour as the evil pieces that Buchou had….. But it isn’t Ise-kun.

Ise-kun isn’t there. Instead there are only 8 “Pawn” pieces…….

For a moment, we didn’t know what this meant. Sensei dropped lifelessly onto his knees and hit the floor.

“……..You idiot…….!”

With the words Sensei let out, we started to realise what happened. Akeno-san sat on the spot lifelessly. Buchou went into a daze while standing.

“……..Where’s Ise-san? ………..Eh?”

Asia-san said it with a puzzled expression. Ravel-san hugged onto Koneko-chan who wasn't showing any reaction and she started to shake her head really hard saying “No…….” while weeping……….

…….You are not fair, Ise-kun. Just to return the evil-pieces………

…….You said you would definitely come back…….. The tears that are falling down from my cheeks didn’t stop for a while.

That day, we lost Ise-kun………


This is Ishibumi who has started doing diet from Summer. At the end of November, I have lost 10 kilograms. No, I took a health examination in Summer….. It’s not that I am very sick but I need to change my diet. I’m only controlling my calories but it sure does make me lose weight.

Volume 11 ended like “What!? Is this the end!?”. This will be the first half of a two part story.

Battle –> Danger –> Relying on Rias’s breasts –> Ise powers up –> Victory!

Is this the victory pattern of Gremory group!? Even during the story both enemy and allies realised that this is a very threatening thing. Gremory team basically mains in offensive fighting style. If you look at the members, you can tell immediately that their offensive power is overwhelming. If Rias orders “Take them down!”, they can take out most enemies easily. That’s why they have a high risk of their team breaking down when they face enemies who specialises on techniques and foe who has seal or barrier type abilities. This time Cao Cao and Georg realised that and defeated Gremory team magnificently. I made this team turn out like this because the team the protagonist belongs to should be something that goes head on towards the enemy to make the story much easier to explain. I though if the main character goes around energetically, it will be easier for the readers to symphonise with the plot. But this isn’t a group that backs down and remains being undefeated. From the battle from last volume and this volume, everyone realised what they specialise in and also what they lack in, and started to build a power-up plan and started to search for their powers. Please support their growth from now as well. But Xenovia is a bit lacking……. Lately she only has the spotlight when she does an attack before the battle starts, or when she uses the Durandal cannon, or when she gets beaten up.

And also Rias’s breasts that have……awakened! We can’t see the limits for our Switch-Princess. When she pairs up with Ise, they show a baka-uple power of miracle. So this is oppai-power…….

And Koneko also proposes by having a step ahead of other girls! But Kuroka also came rushing in…… How many bride candidate will there be for the Oppai Dragon? It truly is terrifying. The World’s unluckiest dragon----Ddraig. He is suffering because of the hosts love towards breast. He is so heartbroken, that he can’t remain himself unless he has medicine applied on him. Everyone. Please support the “World’s most pitiful Dragon”, Ddraig.

Now I have done a survey through Fujimi Shobo homepage and shops and I have found something very shocking. The popularity Ise gained is something that puts him in Top-3 out of all the characters and he surpasses the popularity of other heroines. To tell you the truth, his popularity is beyond what we expected. A main character that is loved even more than the heroine. The truth is, looking back through the story regardless of enemy or allies, the number of bishounen is higher than bishoujo. But a character who is supposed to be very popular, the head of all the good looking guys Kiba-kyun. I also receive kind comments like “Please give Kiba a girlfriend”. But Kiba is part of Ise’s harem…… No I mean best friend! But Ise who is even more popular than the good-looking guy…….

What on earth happened to him!? Next volume lots of amazing things might happen!

This volume was a Longinus’s Balance-Breaker parade. And that’s 5 of them! Not only does the True-Longinus’s Balance-Breaker have many abilities, but the wielder is a strong guy who would be considered a “cheat” level. The Dimension-Lost Balance-Breaker is a very powerful and absolute barrier that can even stop Ophis temporarily! Annihilation-Maker on other hand can mass produce gigantic monsters! Like that Top-tier Longinus is something that can even destroy a world. No wonder it became a Top-tier. Other than that, I was able to mention the names of all 13 Longinus even though they only have a setting so far.

……Maybe I can’t reveal all of them. I’m thinking it will be great if I can introduce them on another project that is based on the same World. [Dragon-Eater] Samael is the ultimate anti-dragon. Ophis and the Two-Heavenly Dragons were crushed by its curse. But that is just the problem of affinity and it doesn’t necessary mean that he is invincible. Except Samael is a forbidden existence that can make Dragons extinct. Even Georg who is a Longinus possessor and who is a splendid magician can only control him for a short time even though Samael has many restraints on him. Naturally Samael is something that is sealed so this is the end of his appearance. And Ophis reappeared again. She was a lonely child. Please love her. Hades and group of Grim Reapers who are secretly maneuvering from behind the scene, they are the last trickster of the Story-Arc 3. The arc started with the same trickster character, Loki. So I decided to have a God play that role once again. Well there were lots of Gods in many mythology who stick their heads in matters due to personal issues. I think that is so God like.

Lately I have been imagining of wanting to write a past story of DxD. In other words how Sirzechs rose up to a Maou. How he became an Ace of anti-Maou faction. How he met Grayfia. A story that ends in him being a Maou. Maybe [High School DxD volume 0]? It seems like it will become more serious that the [DxD]ish of it will disappear. Well this is me just talking to myself so please don’t take it seriously. And also for the heaven's side----I also thought about a spin off story of an Exorcist. The plot is after the three big powers make an alliance, the Exorcists started to lose their job. Well the fallen-angels and devils who were supposed to be their enemies aren’t their enemies anymore. It’s a story where a former ultimate-class Exorcist gets dispatched to the peaceful Japan and gets himself mixed in a ruckus. Yes. This is all imaginary.

…..People who want to read it. Please go to the publishers.

The different project which is set in a different world I just mentioned. I put too much attention on DxD that it didn’t progress at all. I was also busy with things related to DxD anime so I had them as first priority. Not putting too much focus on either of them and both being half-assed seems rude to everyone related to the project, so I concentrated on DxD. I’m very sorry.

Now for my thanks.

Miyama-Zero-sama, Editor H-sama, sub-editor S-sama. I’m always under your care! It was very helpful that all of you were involved in the DxD anime and things related to it. I would like to thank all of you again. And the High School DxD manga which is drawn by Mishima Hiroji-san has its volume 2 currently on sale as well! In the next volume, volume 12, the Story Arc 3 which began from volume 7 will end. What will happen to the girls of Gremory team who lost Ise? What about Ophis? Or Ddraig?

Next volume, not only will it be the counterattack of the Gremory team as well as the Sitri-group, also Sairaorg will appear to face off against the [Khaos-Brigade]? Now wait for the second half of the 2 part story!

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Lunch-box
  2. Mix of the words "Baka" and "couple". Couples who are showing affection in public. More or less synonym with PDA in this case (public display of affection). In Japanese culture, this is not considered appropriate.
  3. Respectable way to address brother in Japanese
  4. Slapping fan
  5. Bird-girl
  6. Pal
  7. Japanese sitting posture

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