High School DxD:Volume 11 Afterword

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This is Ishibumi who has started doing diet from Summer. At the end of November, I have lost 10 kilograms. No, I took a health examination in Summer….. It’s not that I am very sick but I need to change my diet. I’m only controlling my calories but it sure does make me lose weight.

Volume 11 ended like “What!? Is this the end!?”. This will be the first half of a two part story.

Battle –> Danger –> Relying on Rias’s breasts –> Ise powers up –> Victory!

Is this the victory pattern of Gremory group!? Even during the story both enemy and allies realised that this is a very threatening thing. Gremory team basically mains in offensive fighting style. If you look at the members, you can tell immediately that their offensive power is overwhelming. If Rias orders “Take them down!”, they can take out most enemies easily. That’s why they have a high risk of their team breaking down when they face enemies who specialises on techniques and foe who has seal or barrier type abilities. This time Cao Cao and Georg realised that and defeated Gremory team magnificently. I made this team turn out like this because the team the protagonist belongs to should be something that goes head on towards the enemy to make the story much easier to explain. I though if the main character goes around energetically, it will be easier for the readers to symphonise with the plot. But this isn’t a group that backs down and remains being undefeated. From the battle from last volume and this volume, everyone realised what they specialise in and also what they lack in, and started to build a power-up plan and started to search for their powers. Please support their growth from now as well. But Xenovia is a bit lacking……. Lately she only has the spotlight when she does an attack before the battle starts, or when she uses the Durandal cannon, or when she gets beaten up.

And also Rias’s breasts that have……awakened! We can’t see the limits for our Switch-Princess. When she pairs up with Ise, they show a baka-uple power of miracle. So this is oppai-power…….

And Koneko also proposes by having a step ahead of other girls! But Kuroka also came rushing in…… How many bride candidate will there be for the Oppai Dragon? It truly is terrifying. The World’s unluckiest dragon----Ddraig. He is suffering because of the hosts love towards breast. He is so heartbroken, that he can’t remain himself unless he has medicine applied on him. Everyone. Please support the “World’s most pitiful Dragon”, Ddraig.

Now I have done a survey through Fujimi Shobo homepage and shops and I have found something very shocking. The popularity Ise gained is something that puts him in Top-3 out of all the characters and he surpasses the popularity of other heroines. To tell you the truth, his popularity is beyond what we expected. A main character that is loved even more than the heroine. The truth is, looking back through the story regardless of enemy or allies, the number of bishounen is higher than bishoujo. But a character who is supposed to be very popular, the head of all the good looking guys Kiba-kyun. I also receive kind comments like “Please give Kiba a girlfriend”. But Kiba is part of Ise’s harem…… No I mean best friend! But Ise who is even more popular than the good-looking guy…….

What on earth happened to him!? Next volume lots of amazing things might happen!

This volume was a Longinus’s Balance-Breaker parade. And that’s 5 of them! Not only does the True-Longinus’s Balance-Breaker have many abilities, but the wielder is a strong guy who would be considered a “cheat” level. The Dimension-Lost Balance-Breaker is a very powerful and absolute barrier that can even stop Ophis temporarily! Annihilation-Maker on other hand can mass produce gigantic monsters! Like that Top-tier Longinus is something that can even destroy a world. No wonder it became a Top-tier. Other than that, I was able to mention the names of all 13 Longinus even though they only have a setting so far.

……Maybe I can’t reveal all of them. I’m thinking it will be great if I can introduce them on another project that is based on the same World. [Dragon-Eater] Samael is the ultimate anti-dragon. Ophis and the Two-Heavenly Dragons were crushed by its curse. But that is just the problem of affinity and it doesn’t necessary mean that he is invincible. Except Samael is a forbidden existence that can make Dragons extinct. Even Georg who is a Longinus possessor and who is a splendid magician can only control him for a short time even though Samael has many restraints on him. Naturally Samael is something that is sealed so this is the end of his appearance. And Ophis reappeared again. She was a lonely child. Please love her. Hades and group of Grim Reapers who are secretly maneuvering from behind the scene, they are the last trickster of the Story-Arc 3. The arc started with the same trickster character, Loki. So I decided to have a God play that role once again. Well there were lots of Gods in many mythology who stick their heads in matters due to personal issues. I think that is so God like.

Lately I have been imagining of wanting to write a past story of DxD. In other words how Sirzechs rose up to a Maou. How he became an Ace of anti-Maou faction. How he met Grayfia. A story that ends in him being a Maou. Maybe [High School DxD volume 0]? It seems like it will become more serious that the [DxD]ish of it will disappear. Well this is me just talking to myself so please don’t take it seriously. And also for the heaven's side----I also thought about a spin off story of an Exorcist. The plot is after the three big powers make an alliance, the Exorcists started to lose their job. Well the fallen-angels and devils who were supposed to be their enemies aren’t their enemies anymore. It’s a story where a former ultimate-class Exorcist gets dispatched to the peaceful Japan and gets himself mixed in a ruckus. Yes. This is all imaginary.

…..People who want to read it. Please go to the publishers.

The different project which is set in a different world I just mentioned. I put too much attention on DxD that it didn’t progress at all. I was also busy with things related to DxD anime so I had them as first priority. Not putting too much focus on either of them and both being half-assed seems rude to everyone related to the project, so I concentrated on DxD. I’m very sorry.

Now for my thanks.

Miyama-Zero-sama, Editor H-sama, sub-editor S-sama. I’m always under your care! It was very helpful that all of you were involved in the DxD anime and things related to it. I would like to thank all of you again. And the High School DxD manga which is drawn by Mishima Hiroji-san has its volume 2 currently on sale as well! In the next volume, volume 12, the Story Arc 3 which began from volume 7 will end. What will happen to the girls of Gremory team who lost Ise? What about Ophis? Or Ddraig?

Next volume, not only will it be the counterattack of the Gremory team as well as the Sitri-group, also Sairaorg will appear to face off against the [Khaos-Brigade]? Now wait for the second half of the 2 part story!

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