High School DxD:Volume 11 Life 0

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Yeah, that's right. -I am a human.


It happened right after the school festival ended.

When this discussion reached me, I, Azazel, displayed an idiotic expression that I rarely have shown during my whole lifetime.

“……Are you really serious about this, Vali?”

Vali has sent a private channel to me.

I can see his lively face through the small communication magic circle.

[Yeah. He….. It’s a she now I guess. She is wishing for this. I’m also interested in this, so I want it to happen.]

I received an unthinkable idea by Vali. Honestly, this is something capable of changing the power balance of the world.

“……It’s you that we are talking about. That’s not the only reason, right?”

Vali made a bitter smile at my words.

[You are as sharp as always. That is also the reason why you get alienated from other factions.]

“That's none of your business.”

[I heard that because you go around involving yourself into things which “aren't any of your business”, there are those who think that “Perhaps this guy is plotting something”. Correct?]

……Well, it’s true that I am being alienated from those standing at the top of other factions. I already sound fishy because I have the position of being the “Governor of the Fallen Angels”. On top of that a guy like that is talking about having “Peace” and “Negotiations”.

I meddle too much with others business, huh. ……I was even told that by Ise.

“……That is my nature. If someone was to attack me from the back, then I would accept it.”

I said it while sighing. Vali then mutters after putting on an astonished face.

[……There are those who are after her.]

“Of course there are. Obviously. And there would be an immeasurable number of those at that. But everyone is having a bitter time because no one can eliminate her.”

[That may be true, but it seems like there are those in our organisation who are hoping for the same thing. No, it’s about time they will make their move.]

……I get it. I understand the situation now. A youth with that spear came into my mind.

“--Are you trying to lure him out?”

[I’m just going determine whether he is my enemy or not.]

He said it daringly. But you don't want him to be your “ally” either, right?

[Well, he’s most likely an enemy. –It’s about time to settle this.]

Vali made a face with irrepressible delight.

See? This guy is a battle-maniac after all.

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