High School DxD:Volume 11 Life 4

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Life.4 As a Heavenly-Dragon[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I looked out the window of one of the hotel rooms.

-There were creepy guys wearing black robes looking up at us.

……I couldn’t see their faces because they had hoods covering them. Only their eyes were glittering. Killing intent. Hostility. And one more thing. Each one had a big scythe in their hands, with very bad taste of accessories on it. They had things such as skulls and monster hands on them. Just one glance at their scythes tells you that they were bad guys.

Grim Reapers. The guys who Hades, the God of Skeletons, was walking around with. And those are the guys who are trying to attack us and aiding the Hero-faction in this artificial space.

No matter how I thought about it, Hades has acted beyond his authority.

….For what reason did he send his forces here? Well, there was no point for me to question political issues. Right now we need to find a way to leave this artificial field. Apparently there are only three ways to escape from this artificial space created by Georg. Sensei gave us the explanation.

“The three ways are the following. The first way is for the caster, in this case Georg, to unseal the dimension himself. This is from the battle at Kyoto. The second way is to enter and exit forcefully. This is what Le Fay, the first Sun Wukong, and Yu-long pulled through. Like I explained before, this is impossible unless you are an exceptionally experienced caster. Right now, Le Fay can only do this once more while taking a limited number of people with her. It will be impossible to enter or exit the space a third time using Le Fay’s technique. –Georg must have made the barrier even stronger now.”

The members who can be dispatched for an instant battle are also limited. Just like the explanation before, this plan will be used and the ones who are leaving in order to get support are Irina and Xenovia who will be guarding her. And the third way to leave here is…..

“The last one is simple and clear. We either defeat the caster or destroy the central point supporting this barrier. Ise destroyed the barrier device when Asia was captured, so like that we will destroy the device that is acting as the central point for the barrier.”

It was simple and easy to understand! So that meant that this dimension would collapse if we destroyed the key point of the barrier! And the problem now was to locate where that “key-point” was. When Asia was captured before, the device that was attached to her was the key-point itself. The moment I destroyed that device, it seems like the barrier on that field was unsealed.

It seemed like Kuroka was using senjutsu and Le Fay was using her magic to locate the device. They put a piece of paper down on the floor of the room along with a map of the hotel. They put a few blocks (it has the shape of human or animal, and a crane by bending paper) on it, and they were apparently going to make an “eye” outside here.

……They started to write devil letters on the map and made mysterious chants, they also spread mysterious ashes to complete the spell.

I couldn't understand what they were doing even if I was watching them. Rias and Akeno-san were watching them with interest…… Le Fay who was closing her eyes moved her hands towards the map. The crane started to shake and move, the devil letters started to glow, and the ashes started to move on their own, making a symbol I had never seen before. Le Fay then said.

“There is one in the car park. Another one on the roof. And another one on the second floor of the hotel in the hall room. In total, I have confirmed three barrier devices. And they have the shape of a snake…….No. A statue of Uroboros that is biting its tail with its mouth.”

Sensei received a piece of paper from Le Fay who drew a picture of the statue on it. A statue of a snake biting its tail, it had a circular shape. Sensei then said.

“So the barrier devices we have to destroy are the statues of Uroboros. And there are three of them. Looks like this will be a hard job. This artificial space is specially created to have Ophis remain here. This would have been nothing to the normal Ophis. Georg must have created this barrier space, already knowing that Ophis would have had her power reduced as a part of their plan. Now Le Fay. What’s happening with the devices? Did the number of Grim Reapers increase from before?”

“Yes Governor. There are Grim Reapers gathered at the locations of all the devices. More like they are spread out everywhere except on this floor. They are even present in the corridor…… It seems like most of them are gathered in the car park. Cao Cao-sama has already left this place, but Siegfried-sama is here instead. Georg-sama is also in the car park.”

Rias then said to Sensei.

“Azazel. Let's do it how we planned it before.”

Sensei nodded at Rias’s words.

“Yeah. Geez, you sure did think of an astonishing plan. Ise. The woman you have fallen for understands you more than anyone else you know?”

Sensei said it with a bitter smile. Rias also seemed very confident in it.

……Huh? Were they trying to make me do something? I thought that we were going to split up into two groups. One going up and one going down. Then destroy the devices and rejoin to have the last battle……

I was in doubt, but Akeno-san then whispered into my ears.

“The truth is…..”

Yes, yes. Rias’s plan is being whispered through my ears.



“She sure did think of an amazing plan!”

Those were the words that came out of my mouth! That’s because it was amazing! It’s amazing how she came up with such an idea that uses my potential like that in this sudden situation! Even I never thought about that! B-but it seems like I can pull it off! I can probably do it! Kaaaa! The woman I fell for sure is amazing! I look at Rias with admiration! Sensei then rests his hand on my shoulder.

“Well it certainly is amazing. But this is a plan Rias came up with because she is crazy about you. A completely different strategy from Sona.”

Even so it is still amazing! To be expected from Rias Gremory! The number 1 candidate for the person I want as my bride!

“Now, gather here everyone.”

Rias made everyone gather in the centre of the room. Everyone directed their attention towards Rias. Rias then said with a smile that was full of confidence.

“Now my adorable servants. Let's get out of this place immediately. I will explain the plan now!”

Like this the plan to escape from artificial space began!

Inside the hotel, on the floor that is being covered by Le Fay’s barrier. I am standing in the corridor within the barrier. Next to me is Koneko-chan, who is in nekomata mode. She is doing a seiza[1] with her eyes closed. Le Fay, Irina and Xenovia are in a room close to us. They are preparing the magic-circle that they will be using to escape. The door is open, and the other guys are gathered in the same room but close to the window. Kuroka whose stamina is still low and Vali who still can't have his curse removed are in the room as well. Everyone left the room where we discussed our plan, and are now looking out the window at the car park.

The barrier surrounding this floor also won’t last much longer. The Grim Reapers have begun to destroy the barrier located on the emergency staircase. It seems the same thing is happening to the windows of every room. Behind the closed curtain where everyone is gathered, the Grim Reapers are using their scythes energetically. So it means that this won’t go anywhere unless we make our move first. I went into Balance-Breaker immediately and wore the armour. Now the plan will commence upon the completion of Le Fay’s magic-circle.

Koneko-chan who had her eyes closed to find a “certain” thing stands up. She points at certain places on the ceiling and floor.

“……Senpai. There and over there.”

“Roger that.”

I nod. Seeing that Koneko-chan tries to enter the other room. I pulled Koneko-chan’s hand.

Koneko-chan rushed out of Kuroka’s room earlier. It seems like she had a quarrel with Ravel who went after her, and she came back a bit refreshed because of it. At times like this, I'm very grateful of Ravel’s existence. It is important to have comrades who you can casually have arguments with. But I also need to say this to Koneko-chan.

“Koneko-chan. I also think Kuroka is a bad person. I can understand that she sought power and is attracted to the power of sennjutsu. There is no way she can be good since she put herself in a terrorist group. –But…..”

I looked in the direction where Kuroka is. It seems like she hasn’t noticed us.

“But I do think she is Koneko-chan’s sister after all. She is a stray cat and she is a bad woman who likes to do naughty things, but she is your family.”

“…….I went through painful experiences because of Nee-sama.”

No matter what the reason is, the world of devils is strict towards those who have become an “exiled devil” by killing their master. That also applies to their family. Koneko-chan received the crime of her sister who became exiled, and she was about to have her heart shattered. ……It must have been painful.

“…..I bear a grudge towards Nee-sama. ……I hate her. –But she saved me earlier.”

Koneko-chan says it to me with strong eyes.

“I’m thinking of trusting her for now. At least until we leave here.”

…..! I am shocked at the unexpected words coming out of Koneko-chan’s mouth. ……Oh my. Looks like there was no point for me to cheer her up. This girl has become stronger. She is looking ahead where she can answer by herself now.

“That is enough. If Kuroka does anything weird to you again, then tell me. I will make her pay for it.”

After saying that, I pat Koneko-chan’s head. Koneko-chan then hugs me.

“…….I became stronger thanks to Senpai. Gya-kun got stronger thanks to Senpai. That is why I am thinking about getting stronger….”

“You can. Even I got stronger. Koneko-chan will get stronger in no-time.”

“……I love you Senpai….. Even with Buchou ahead of me. Even if Asia-senpai and Akeno-senpai are ahead of me, I will definitely catch up to them….. That’s why –”

Koneko-chan looks directly up at me.

“Please make me your bride when I get bigger.”

[[[[[[Eh!? You propose to him here!?]]]]]]]

Before I could get shocked by her words, Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Xenovia, Irina and Ravel are horrified! Oiiiiiiiii! You guys were listening to us while you acted as if you weren’t!? Wait, a bride!? Bride you say!? I never expected to be proposed to by Koneko-chan at all! But I understood the feelings this girl has towards me when she comforted me before the match against Bael. There’s no way that I will be troubled by this! Manliness! This is the part where I have to show my manliness!

“If you have both your oppai and height grow bigger…..I will be happy!”

After speaking out with all I have, that was the only thing that came out of my mouth! Uwaaaaaaaah! How can this be!? Koneko-chan said something very important right now, and yet I couldn’t say anything proper! “Having her Oppai and height grow bigger”. That is just sexual harassment! I regret it a lot within myself, but Koneko-chan nods her head strongly.

“……I understand. I will drink lots of milk. Please wait for me Senpai. To become Senpai’s bride, I will get breasts that won’t even lose to Nee-sama’s breasts.”

It seems like she is okay with it, and Koneko-chan is high spirited. ……..T-This is okay? H-Hmmm, I wonder if I was able to show my manliness? I totally can’t tell!

“---The formula is completed.”

While we were doing this, Le Fay announces the completion of the magic-circle. Under Le Fay, Irina, and Xenovia’s feet, the circular light was formed and the magic-circle was glowing. They were not devils letters, but a magic-circle made from a magician’s letters. With this, the three of them could leave. Even if they escape from here, the pursuit squads of the Hero-faction will be after them. But since Le Fay will be with them, they should be able to escape.

Koneko-chan also moved close to the window, and finally the plan began. I look at Rias. She looks back at me and nods. That's the signal for the start of our plan. I change the evil-piece within me and promote! The one I am going to promote to will be the Triaina’s Bishop!

“Promotion to [Welsh Blaster Bishop]!”

[Change Fang Blast!!!]

Red aura gathers on my back and it starts to shape itself into a backpack to create cannons. A cannon on both of my shoulders! I aim one cannon up and one cannon down, just like how Rias told me to earlier! Koneko-chan used sennjutsu to locate the Grim Reapers on the roof and on the second floor, so I know their whereabouts. I then shout towards my comrades!

“-Here I go!”

Our plan. That is to fire a blast using both the cannons of my Triaina’s Bishop which are aimed up and down! The devices are located on the roof, on the second floor hall, and in the car park. Destroying the devices located on the roof and the second floor separately and then meeting up in the car park would take too much time. Also the enemies might see through that.

Then we should destroy them together as soon as the plan starts! If I aim towards the locations where there are lots of Grim Reapers, then we can take them down along with the devices!

“Let’s do it Ddraig! What we will be aiming for are the devices of this barrier and the Grim Reapers around them! We will take them down at once!”



The backpack quietly makes a noise and enormous amounts of aura gather at the cannon! The right cannon is aimed at the ceiling! The left cannon is aimed at the floor! I don’t need to expand the area of the blast! It is enough if it has high penetration that can break through a point at once!

“Goooooooo! Dragon Blaaaaaaaaaaaster!!”


There are enormous amounts of aura blasting out from both cannons! Both up and downwards! The aura blasts are aimed towards the roof and the hall! The dragon-blaster violently shakes the whole building……

I finished shooting out the aura, so I look up and down.

-There are huge holes in the ceiling and in the floor!

Le Fay who has her eyes closed informs us.

“The barrier devices located on the roof and hall are destroyed! The Grim Reapers around them as well! With this, the only device left is the one in the car park! –Preparation for transportation is complete as well!”

Then the light emitted from the magic-circle increases, and the light envelops Le Fay, Irina and Xenovia!

“Xenovia! Irina! I will leave it to you guys!”

I say it to both of them who are disappearing into the transportation light!

“Ise! Don’t die!”

“We will definitely report this to the heavens and Maou-sama!”

Saying that, both of them disappeared from this artificial space. Their escape is a success!

“Alright! What’s left is for us to beat those guys up and destroy the final device! Let’s go guys!”

Sensei swings his spear of light to the side and destroys the big window!


Everyone responds to him! The vanguards of Sensei, Rias, Akeno-san and Kiba exit through the broken window by spreading their wings! What is ahead of them is……the car park filled with Grim Reapers! The Grim Reapers who fly up into the sky while holding onto their scythes! It really is creepy to see guys wearing robes and wielding scythes flying in the sky! My comrades began to clash against the enemies in mid air! Georg who created this artificial space must have realised that Le Fay and the others left from here. At the same time the barrier on this space must have got stronger, and it has now become impossible to enter or exit from here using the same method. Well, that will be all over once we destroy the barrier device located in the car park!

The ones who stayed behind in the room are Kuroka, Vali and Asia who are the rearguards. And Koneko-chan and Ravel who stayed behind to support Kuroka. Kuroka created a sturdy defence magic circle to protect the members staying behind, by guarding the whole room with her powers. It will be impossible for the current Kuroka to put a barrier on the whole floor like Le Fay did, but it seems she can protect a single room. There were Grim Reapers that were near the room they are in. They found out that it would take time to destroy the barrier, so they left the hotel and flew up and headed towards Sensei and the others. This is also part of the plan.

“I will heal everyone’s wounds!”

Asia is responsible for healing wounded allies from here. She starts glowing and forms a a bow with her aura to shoot out healing arrows. The accuracy is high as well. If the arrow is about to hit an enemy instead of an ally, it automatically disappears. Her healing power could heal both allies and enemies, so this factor was very important. Just like I thought, Asia is talented at things like this. Koneko-chan and Ravel are supporting Kuroka by holding her body.

“Ara? Shirone. ……Are you trying to help me?”

“……I’m repaying the debt of when you helped me. Please concentrate on the defence magic-circle. I will support you with senjutsu.”

“Why are you helping me Ojou-san –nya?”

Ravel face turns red when Kuroka asks her, and she becomes a tsun-tsun.

“I-I just felt like it! You should be grateful!”

Kuroka smiles hearing that.

“I see. Then I will accept your kindness. …….Shirone, do you want me to teach you how to use senjutsu along with the youjutsu of nekomata? ……I don’t mind if you don’t want to.”

Kuroka says it half jokingly, but Koneko-chan nods with a serious face.

“……No, please teach me. I want to get stronger so I can help my comrades. I need to get stronger even if I have to rely on Nee-sama……”

So Koneko-chan is moving forward as well. Even if that doesn’t lead to her reconnecting with her sister, it will be good if it leads her to become even stronger. And I think Ravel will also be with her from now on. If Gasper comes back, then the first-grade trio of our group will be assembled. I am really looking forward to it. Also Vali, who is the rearguard is…….

“Even if I’m not in Balance-Breaker…..”


He shot a huge demonic-power blast from his hand and eliminated several Grim Reapers who are flying in the air! His demonic-power is as powerful as always! Even if his condition is in the worst state due to the curse, Vali will always be Vali! Vali continues his attacks! The Grim Reapers are being destroyed!

“So shall I.”

Ophis also supports from behind! If the dragon who has the strongest power among us joins in, then our plan to escape will go smoothly –……


The moment Ophis has her hands shine…..


An explosion was heard loud and clear, and unbelievable destruction happens in the car park! Not just the Grim Reapers but it seems my comrades got mixed up in it as well! From the smoke, Rias, Kiba, and Akeno-san appear and I confirmed their safety! What intense destructive power it has! We will also get killed if she doesn’t reduce her powers! I was about to complain to her, but Ophis looked at her hands while twitching her neck.

“…….Strange. Holding back my power, very hard.”

---! W-Whaaaaat!? Did she just use her power without controlling it!? Dangerous! It really is dangerous! If we have a rearguard like her, we won’t be able to fight safely! Even if she fights as a vanguard, her power is so unstable that we won’t know what will happen! Isn’t the current Ophis like a block of disadvantageous factors!? Sensei then flies towards our direction by flapping his wings.

“Hey Ophis! You don’t have to fight! Looking at your current situation, you probably can’t control your power properly because of Samael! Just watch! If you use your powers here, both enemies and allies will be eliminated! We will make the path for your escape!”

Saying that, Sensei returns to the battlefield! Ophis nods and sits down on the spot. Ah, she is really honest. Oh, I also need to join the battlefield! I stood at the window side, and pointed my cannons towards the car park! I can also support my allies like this! I am a power-type who can also give support after all! I then aim my cannons at the Grim Reapers in the car park…..

This time I don’t need to hold back! I will shoot with the intent to destroy the car park!

“Once more! Dragon Blaaaaaaaaaaster!”


Then enormous amounts of aura shot out from my cannon and enveloped the car park……

Part 2[edit]


The artificial space is making sounds. My Dragon-blaster and Ophis’s power not only affected the buildings, but they also caused major damage to the artificial space. Even after receiving that enormous amount of damage the barrier is still active, so the device hasn’t been destroyed yet. It also proves how great Georg’s ability is.

Because of Triaina Bishop’s blast, the car park was completely destroyed without leaving a trace. It is in a state where there isn’t a single place to set foot on, and the ground is cracked and in shambles. There was a lot of dust in the air. My comrades continued to fight the Grim Reapers who managed to survive my blast. After the dust settled down, I was able to see the battle clearly. Kiba is cutting down the Grim Reapers with god-speed. Sensei eliminated a group of Grim Reapers with his gigantic spear of light. I can only say “splendid” at their fights. There are no flaws as they take down the enemies.


Akeno-san created an enormous amount of holy-lightning at the tip of her fingers, and it instantly eliminated a large group of Grim Reapers!


Rias also created many extremely large blocks of power of destruction, and they eliminated a very large group of Grim Reapers along with the surrounding scenery! Seeing that, I acknowledged them once again. Our Onee-sama’s power can be used to its fullest in a group battle like this. Both Holy-lightning and the power-of-destruction are attacks that can cause a lot of effects throughout the field. If our opponents are strong foes who concentrate on area attacks, then they are able to perform a splendid battle.

Also our members are dodging the scythes magnificently! Well our lifespan would be reduced if we got hit by them after all! So our battle won't go smoothly unless we concentrate on dodging the scythes.

[Even low-level Grim Reapers are stronger than average mid-class devils.]

Ddraig says.

I see. So it means most of our members can defeat guys like that with ease. And they can even eliminate a group of them all at once! Rias and Akeno-san came over after noticing me.

“Ise! Please increase my power with “gift”! I will eliminate them all at once!”

“Same for me as well! Please do!”

“Roger that!”

I affirmed and put my hands on their shoulders once I raised the dragon power within me! My “gift” is able to transfer to both people at once!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]


My power was transferred to both of them! Rias and Akeno-san’s power increased! With this, they have powered up drastically! Rias and Akeno-san flew up and release gigantic shots of power of destruction and holy-lightning towards the Grim Reapers! The swirl of power of destruction and holy-lightning that filled most of the space in this artificial space expanded throughout the area while glowing!

Uha! That’s unbelievable! If you get hit by this thing you won’t survive even if you are a very strong foe! It looks like they can take down all of the Grim Reapers by themselves.

[Well, most of the Grim Reapers did perish with your blasts and Ophis’s attack…… But those two also have high stats, and their powers can rise this much from receiving the power of Sekiryuutei.]

Well Dragon-blaster is the best way to take down grunts. And I shot them twice, and transferred my power to both of them, so my stamina has been reduced quite a bit. Especially my aura has gone down drastically. I went through all that, so I need the Grim Reapers to be eliminated already.

“Ya. It has been awhile. Sekiryuutei.”

---! There is someone in front of me who is speaking at me. A gentle-looking guy with white hair who is carrying several demonic-swords with him. Aah, it’s that guy I met at Kyoto.

“Yo, Mr Hero. Your name was Siegfried right? Are you my opponent?”

When I said that, he shrugged his shoulders.

“That would be fun. The current you would be able to put up a good fight against me. –But I will have you fight these gentlemen over here first.”

Without any sound, groups of Grim Reapers appeared around Siegfried. Comparing them to the Grim Reapers the other guys are fighting against, these guys have darker robes and scythes. The killing intent they were giving me is a rank higher as well……

…..So he wants me to play around with these guys first I presume.

“Grim Reapers huh. It’s bad news if I get cut by their scythes right? Well anyway, I will just play around without being hit then.”

Confirming that, I made a battle stance against the Grim Reapers! They came toward me wielding their scythes roughly!

……There is a huge gap in that attack! Because of my training with Kiba, I am familiar with high speed slash attacks! I dodged the scythes of the Grim Reapers with minimal movement, and shot a dragon-shot at them!


The Grim Reaper perished with my shot! Yeah! My dragon-shot can take them down with ease! The Grim Reapers came at me with greater numbers and I continued fighting them for a while. I began taking them down with punches and counters.

……It’s too easy. Comparing them with Sairaorg-san and Cao Cao, they sure are easy to handle. Watching my battle, Siegfried looked astonished.

“-! The ones Sekiryuutei is fighting against are supposed to be mid-level Grim Reapers!”

T-They are? But they are at a level where I can take care of them easily. It is easy to read the movement of their scythes, and even if they make a suspicious movement it is easy to dodge it because they aren’t that fast. There were those that seemed like they were doing magical attacks, but I was able to reflect them with my fist, just like Sairaorg-san.

“I’m shocked. You are strong enough already with the normal Balance-Breaker.”

“Though it didn’t work at all against Cao Cao.”

Siegfried smiled at my comment.

“Well, he is special after all. You shouldn’t worry about it. You are a strong foe already.”

Siegfried gave me a remark like that…..

Before the battle, I asked Sensei.

“For me to win against Cao Cao, what should I do?”

I asked Sensei, because he is the one who understands my powers and Sacred Gear the best.

“……You could say that you are currently stronger than Cao Cao. But that is only if your attacks hit him. …..But it seems like they won’t, right? Yeah……It is best to use a special move, specialised against him on your first battle. Of course that is only if you can surpass his outrageous technique level.”

A technique that can defeat someone who even Vali calls a “strong foe”……?

Oi Oi Oi! I am dumb already to begin with and you are telling me to create a move like that!?

…..Haaaaa. Why are the guys who are after me so insanely strong? I was just a normal high school student until recently. And now strong guys have begun to gather around me…….. I feel like crying!

“It's like I said before right? Right now, you are already strong enough.”


The one who said that to me and came down to where I am standing was Sensei.

“If you fight against guys like Sairaorg and Cao Cao, Grim Reapers like these guys won't be able to compete against you even if they attack in a group. Well, I can say the same for me as well though.”

Sensei pointed at himself confidently.

Yeah, Sensei is also strong! Though he did get wasted by Cao Cao. Well Cao Cao was certainly on a different level. He seemed like he had researched us thoroughly.

<I will be troubled if you look down on Grim Reapers.>

...! A mysterious voice echoed throughout the car park. Sensing a disturbing presence, I looked in its direction and it seemed like something is about to appear from within a distorted space. The thing that appeared was something that was wearing a decorated robe…… A Grim Reaper?

I’m in doubt because he has his hood down revealing his face. Even if I say that he has his face uncovered, he is wearing one of those masks that are worn by clowns. His scythe had an even creepier aura compared to the ones wielded by the Grim Reapers I was previously fighting. The blade of the scythe was very black as well. Just looking at it told me that it is a high-level Grim Reaper. A boss-class that is.

Sensei is shocked to see him.

“You are……!”

The Grim Reaper bowed at Sensei.

<This is my first time seeing you, Governor-dono of the Fallen-Angels. I am one of the Grim Reapers that serves under Hades-sama. My name is Pluto.>

“…….! The Ultimate-level Grim Reaper, Pluto….! To send a Grim Reaper that appears even in a legend! That skeleton-geezer sure did something unexpected!”

<You have allied with the boss of the terrorists, Ophis, and tried to break the alliance between the allied factions. That will result in your death. For you who has been talking about alliances to do such a thing.>

What the heck is that! He said something totally off! I was puzzled and Sensei seems really pissed!

“……I see. So you are going to make it like that huh. So you are trying to eliminate us by making up a reason like that! And you attacked us who were fighting against the terrorists! How much have you guys been planning ahead!? You bunch of clowns!”

<Soon, there will be a time where we won’t have to make up things like that, but this time we did. –Now then. I am not as weak to fall behind devils and fallen-angels.>

“More like, you guys just came here to piss us off I presume!?”

<Yes. You could say that. Even to us Grim Reapers, devils and fallen-angels are a nuisance.>

“….! You sure are looking down on us!”

<I am not looking down on you. I am serious. I will be taking Ophis who has become a “fake” now.>


Saying that he disappeared from my sight. He’s fast! The moment I thought that, I heard the sound of metal colliding!

Sensei blocked the scythe of the Grim Reaper with the spear of his artificial Sacred Gear. Sensei then made a stern expression!

“……I got beaten up by Cao Cao before and my artificial Sacred Gear isn’t fixed completely yet, but not using it will be dangerous I guess! Fafnir! I will have you keep up with me a bit longer!”

Saying that, Sensei had his spear emit golden aura and he quickly equipped armour onto himself! Having his 12 black wings expand, he went up into the air pushing the Grim Reaper called Pluto upwards!


Both of them began to exchange flashy moves up in the air. That Grim Reaper is keeping up with Sensei! Isn’t he faster than Sensei? He is wielding his scythe at such a high speed that he's leaving black after images of himself.


“Ise, don’t come! I will be his opponent!”

Saying that, Sensei continued his mid-air battle against Pluto! Everytime they clashed with each other, the atmosphere shook violently! That proves just how strong they are!

“Now. It looks like I will have to be your opponent.”

This time it is Siegfried. He already has four of his dragon arms out along with his normal arms, and he is holding onto 6 demonic-swords. He had already entered into his Balance-breaker, so it looked like he is ready! I think his Sacred Gear ability allows him to have double the power for each additional arm. Simply he can have up to four stages of doubling his power. He will become quite strong….. Should I go ahead using Triaina or should I use a combo…… I can understand that he is an opponent that is hard to take on with the usual Balance-Breaker! I made my stance! Then…..Kiba appeared. Coming beside me, he said one thing.

“I’m sorry Ise-kun. –I will take him.”

....! It’s rare to see this guy have hostility towards someone. He looked directly at Siegfried. Siegfried smirked at Kiba’s appearance and said:

“Kiba Yuuto. It seems like you gained a new ability.”

“I couldn’t forgive myself for my overwhelming loss against you back in Kyoto. So I increased my training while having the Sekiryuutei as my opponent.”

“That seems interesting.”

Kiba created a new holy-demonic sword in his hand and made his stance against Siegfried. His opponent pointed his six demonic-swords at Kiba.

…….Geez. Looks like they went to a World of their own! Geez, I did hear someone say that swordsmen get attracted to each other, but it really was true! Yeah, yeah! I will just stay here and watch!

-While I was thinking that, Kiba disappeared from the scene.


I could hear the sound of metal colliding from right ahead! There were sparks created in the direction Siegfried moved his swords. Kiba moved at a high speed, and Siegfried blocked his attacks with minimal movements. I can’t see Kiba anymore. That guy really is getting faster and faster! I don’t know any other person besides him who can pull out the traits of a [Knight] this much. But in the previous battle, he also showed fast moves like this but his swords couldn’t reach Siegfried. And it was still impossible when he and Xenovia fought against him together. Does Kiba have some kind of plan…..? I was watching the battle with worry, but there were cuts appearing on Siegfried’s clothes. It might be a bit, but does it mean Kiba’s swordsmanship is reaching Siegfried’s distance? But Siegfried put on a smile of confidence.

“I see. Your technique and speed are higher than before. But it's a fact that only the tip of your sword can reach me.”

There was a shallow cut on Siegfried’s cheek. His attacks are working more than before, but he still can’t inflict any meaningful wounds! Then Siegfried’s demonic-swords began to glow!

“Nothung! Tyrfing!”


Swinging the demonic-sword to the side, a huge cut is created in the atmosphere, and when he swung down another sword a huge crater was formed in the car park followed by the sound of the earth rumbling! So a demonic-sword that specialises in sharpness and a demonic-sword that specialises in destructive power!

“How’s this for next! Balmung!”

He thrust the demonic-sword that was covered with a drill-shape aura towards Kiba, creating a dreadful whirlwind from the sword that swept down on him, grinding the atmosphere!

Kiba changed his weapon into a holy-sword, and quickly created the dragon-knight troops and used half of them as a shield! The dragon-knights were shattered into pieces from getting pierced by the huge whirlwind! The remaining half went towards Siegfried!

“Ha! Dainsleif!”

Siegfried swung his demonic-swords to the side and huge ice pillars were formed from the ground repeatedly that went towards Kiba and pierced through the dragon-knights, freezing them!


While making a sound, the dragon-knights were shattered!

……Siegfried’s collection of demonic-swords is a threat! They have that much effect when he just swings like that! Even if Kiba was able to shorten his distance, his stamina wouldn’t last long. I was worried about things like that, but the remaining dragon-knights went slashing towards Siegfried. Siegfried seemed like he found out the weakness of Kiba’s dragon-knight troops and he began to dodge them without using his demonic-swords.

“I understand the weakness of that new Balance-Breaker just by fighting with you for a short time. You can reflect your ability to the Dragon-Knights right? But you still can’t reflect your techniques to them. These troops who only have speed can’t possibly compete against me!”

Siegfried tried to dodge the last dragon-knight. But that’s when it happened! That dragon-knight showed movements that were more complicated compared to the other dragon-knights and it cut off one of Siegfried’s dragon arms! At the same time something happened to Siegfried’s body! He bent back and his expression was covered with pain. Siegfried looked at the dragon-knight that cut off his arm! The dragon-knight removed the mask of his helmet. Underneath it was Kiba’s face!

“…….Impossible…..! Then the one over there is….!”

Kiba was a bit away from the dragon-knights and was giving orders to them……… But his appearance started to change and it eventually disappeared! The other Kiba wearing the armour started to take his armour off and smirked!

“The one over there is my illusion. It’s made from demonic-powers. The real me wore the dragon-knight’s armour and hid among the other dragon-knights waiting for you to lower your guard.”

Oh my! He did something like that!

“I hid among them when I used them as a shield. I anticipated you would find out about my dragon-knights weakness and waited for you to lower your guard. Like I thought you did just as I expected. –It seems like it is the battle-style of the Hero-faction to find their opponents weakness. So I used that to my advantage.”

Amazing! Kiba, you are really amazing! To make your weakness into your weapon in a situation like that! Siegfried seems like he resents his mistake. But more than that he is shocked.

“This damage……Did you gain the power of a dragon-slayer!?”

-! I'm also shocked at Siegfried’s words! What is the meaning of this!

Kiba spoke while pointing the holy-sword to the front.

“Yes. Dragon-slayer holy-sword. Since your Sacred Gear represents a dragon, it can’t withstand this without any exceptions.”

“…..It is said that those are the hardest types to create; dragon-slayer holy-swords and demonic-swords. But it looks like you learned how to do it. Quite the talent you have.”

Are you serious! So Kiba can even make dragon-slayer holy-swords now!? What insane talent he has! But he made such a thing while keeping it quiet from me! I need to lecture him afterwards!

“I was actually told by Azazel-sensei about dragon-slayer swords after the battle against Diodora Astaroth, and it was one of the ways to stop Ise-kun if he went berserk. Dragon-slayer holy-swords and demonic-swords that is. Of course I can make dragon-slayer holy-demonic-swords as well.”

So he was researching it as one of the ways to stop me.

…..Well if I was to go berserk, I would gladly be slain by my friend's sword. Kiba then made a bitter smile.

“But after that, Ise-kun “quit” Juggernaut-Drive and started to search for a power that wouldn’t make him go berserk. So I stopped my training for achieving dragon-slayer holy-demonic swords. But after losing to you, I tried to achieve it once again.”

Siegfried bit his teeth with regret at Kiba’s words. I never thought that gentleman would make an expression like this. It must have been humiliating for him to be in this situation.

“Just as expected from him.”

Rias came down next to me without me noticing. She continued to speak.

“Ise. You train with Yuuto every time, right?”

“Eh? Yes. That is true.”

“….I think that is an amazing thing. I admire Yuuto’s potential that can keep up with you, Ise. Right now you have such strength that you are able to fight against that Sairaorg who can combine with the Longinus lion. What do you think about Yuuto who can keep up with your training every time?”

“He is already a monster since he can keep up with me without wearing anything to protect himself.”

That is my honest opinion. He basically discarded the idea of increasing his defence, which was supposed to be his weakness. The reason is because he is trying to master something else, that being “it is good as long as he doesn’t get hit”. So in reality he continues to train while avoiding my attacks. It will be my win if I hit him. But if it doesn’t, I won’t know the outcome.

“He is being overshadowed by your power, but he is also rising to be quite the formidable fighter. From my point of view, you and Yuuto have enough strength to become the representatives of the young devils.”

Rias smiled because of her servants who she is proud of. If I remember correctly, Sensei mentioned something to me after the Bael match. In the future when we participate in the professional game, the one who will be in the spotlight for the same Dice-Figure game will not be me but Kiba. That’s because since I have a chess piece value of 8, it will be easier to use Kiba who has a value of 3 chess pieces. He is exactly right. If it is a dice game, then it will be easier to use Kiba who costs less than me and he is also strong.

“The training with Sekiryuutei makes me even stronger. I recommend you to train with him once. –Except you have to be prepared to lose your life when you train with him. Ise-kun doesn’t hold back at all.”

Siegfried made a sigh after Kiba said that.

“…..You are right. I will think about it. But that’s if you can survive this.”

Mist appeared around him. –And from the mist a large number of Grim Reapers appeared once again! That mist is Georg’s Sacred Gear! Did he summon the Grim Reapers by using the mist to connect to the world outside!? There is an outrageous number of Grim Reapers! They started appearing as if to fill this whole car park up! ……Their numbers easily exceeded 200 or 300!

“You guys might have dodged them before, but having this many against you, you're more likely to get hit by their scythes now.”

Siegfried made a smile of happiness.

…..Quantity over quality. No matter how many of them get taken down, it will be okay if they get us. If they start to grind away at our lifespan, we will eventually fall. In my case I am still currently healing, so I won’t know how many hits I can withstand!

“…..Ara ara. This is a bit troublesome.”

Akeno-san who was up in the air striking down holy-lightning comes down and joined us. Rias, Kiba, Akeno-san and I gather closer and made our stances…… Now how should we break through. Even if I count easily, the number of Grim Reapers exceeds 1000. The whole field, the car park, both above and below the hotel, and also the sky is covered with Grim Reapers. The one on one battle between Sensei and Pluto is like a totally different World, so much so that no-one is getting close to them.

If we have all those numbers come at us at once, we won’t be able to dodge. The scythes will definitely hit us. If I were able to use Triaina’s Bishop…… If I were able to use Dragon-blaster, I would be able to wipe out this large number of Grim Reapers. But I don’t have enough aura to shoot that. I used all of it up with the two blasts I shot earlier. It happened when I was stuck deciding on my next action. There were those speaking to me, within my soul.

[Hey, Hyoudou Issei. Looks like you are in a pinch.]

[This looks troublesome.]

[Grim Reapers are very troublesome.]

-These voices! Is it perhaps the previous Senpai!?

I closed my eyes and sent my thoughts deep within the Sacred Gear. The white world was filled with tables and chairs like usual. –But the Senpai’s were wearing tuxedos, holding onto wine looking like gentlemen, and sitting on the chairs with elegance! One of the Senpai was shaking the wine glass with no wine inside and said this to me with a tone of a gentleman.

[Fufufu. To get out of a crisis like this, we can only use that correct?]

…..What do you mean by “that”?

[Yes! We can only use that!]

[That must be it!]

The Senpai started to agree with each other! T-this flow….. You guys aren’t telling me to use Juggernaut-Drive again right!? I was worried that they might be saying something dangerous again…… But the Senpai shook their fingers to the side saying “No, no, no”.


[Yes! We have already graduated from Juggernaut-Drive!]

[We were introduced to something even greater by you.-Yes.]

[[[[[[-The power of breasts!]]]]]]


H-Huh……? W-What the heck are you guys saaaaaaying!!? These idiotic Senpai!!

They were wearing clothes befitting of gentlemen, so I was wondering what they were going to say. And they said the power of breasts?! This must be the outrageous thing that Sensei predicted, a power which is different from the previous Sekiryuuteis! Shit! Why are these Senpai putting on such bright faces!? Even if I said that, the Senpai aren’t listening to me and create a vision in the air of the white World. What appeared were – familiar breasts!

Wait, isn't that vision an image of Rias’ breasts, who is standing right next to me!? One of the Senpai pointed at the breasts that appeared in the vision.

[-Let's depend on those breasts.]

[Yes, that is the source of power for the Oppai-Dragon who protects the future.]

[We became gentlemen who enjoy breasts after connecting with you. Fufufu, this really doesn’t feel bad.]

Eh!? What are these guys muttering about!? I don’t get it! Senpai then put on a serious face and then said it with a serious tone.

[-The time to take Switch-princess to another stage has come once again.]

-I became speechless at those words.

……Ero…… No, something crazy is about to happen!

“S-Sensei! Something crazy is going on!”

I decided to ask Sensei who was putting on an intense battle in mid-air.

“What is it dumbass!? I’m having a hardcore battle with this Grim Reaper-sama, damn it! Wait, this conversation! It’s similar to the story Tannin told me!? Don’t tell me it’s “that”!? Is that it!?”

I said it to Sensei who became horrified while dodging the scythe of Pluto.

“The past Senpai are telling me to make Rias’s breasts go to the next stage!”

Sensei danced wildly after hearing that!

“It’s hereeeeeeee! Yeeeees! Poke it now! Grope it! Touch it! Fuhahahahaha!! Oi, heroes and Grim Reapers! Our Oppai couple will release the infamous power of breasts! It’s the finishing technique of the Gremory group!”

What is that!? Why is he stirring up the enemies!?

“……….No, it can’t be………”

Why is Siegfried horrified!?

[Listen Kouhai. The time to use the power of “gift” on those breasts has come.]

Senpai who looked strict says that.

Power of transfer…..? You are telling me to use “gift” on Rias’s breasts!?

[Yeah, that’s right. You should have been wondering what would happen if you use gift on those breasts for a while now.]

This time a gentle looking Senpai said that.

-! Gift on her breast…..! I certainly was wondering what would happen if I use the power of transfer of Sekiryuutei on Rias’s breast. Will the size increase, or will the beauty of it increase, or will the elasticity have the ultimate bounciness? Those things made me wonder and I wanted to make it clear one day…..! You could say that it is my ultimate research theme…..! You are telling me I can do it……!

“U-Um, there is something I would like you to hear!”

I thought that I should get Rias’s approval first.

“What is it? I won’t get shocked at anything you say anymore.”

…..What determination. It’s not a normal psychological condition. What kind of crisis did she go through to respond and cope with things related to breasts……?

I said it after drinking down my saliva.

“……Can I transfer the power of Sekiryuutei to your breasts?”


She seemed like she became speechless for a second with my confession. This situation gives of a feeling of Déjà vu. Yeah, it is exactly the same as the time in Kyoto! Then if that is the case…. Thinking for a moment, Rias said it with a strong voice.

“I really don’t get it. I didn’t get what happened in Kyoto. To tell you the truth I really don’t get what is going on now. –But, I understand! Please use the power of transfer on my breasts!”


…….What a magnificent woman …….! If it was a normal woman, they would have declined a crazy situation like this you know? And she gives an OK immediately…….! I can only lower my head down to my master who is my Onee-sama and the woman I deeply love! I start to cry a lot beneath my armour and gathered energy to my gauntlet! Yeah that’s right! The woman I love approved it! Then I have to show my manliness! Now let's transfer it! Gift! It is Gift!

“Let’s go Boosted Gear! Transfer your power to Rias’s breaaaaaaasts!”

I made the part of the gauntlet covering my hand disappear. I began to move around my fingers and then touched her breasts! Yes, there is a reason behind touching Rias’s breasts with my naked hand!


I felt the ultimate sensation and elasticity through my hand!

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]



Rias cried at my transfer! Then….!


High school dxd v11 289.jpg

Rias’s breasts started to emit a red aura!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]

I heard an unfamiliar sound through the jewels! So it’s bust now huh!

And her breasts began to glow in red light like usual…..

“The breasts are glowing!”


A red light is shot out from Rias’s breasts! That light started to envelop me!

A gentle light. It is similar to Asia’s light. It’s warm…….

This is the same warmth as Rias….. After receiving the warmth of the woman I love, there was a change within me.

“This is….! My aura is replenishing!”

Yes, the aura that was wasted because of the dragon-blaster I shot earlier is starting to replenish! Energy is coming back to my whole body! …….Amazing! It’s like my energy is rising! Sensei who was witnessing this scene shouts!

“…..It’s the third phase! Rias! You are…..! Your breasts entered the third phase! It is breast-power! Another solid evidence is found for the power of breasts that I have been predicting!”

I-I don’t quite get it, but I can do it now!

I can shoot Dragon-blaster!

“Promotion to [Welsh Blaster Bishop]!”

[Change Fang Blast!!!!]

I change the evil-piece within me quickly! The backpack and cannon start to form! I aimed my cannon towards the Grim Reapers!

“Take thiiiiiiiiiiiis!!”

The third dragon-blaster!


Enormous amounts of aura are shot out from the cannon! With no way out, the Grim Reapers are enveloped by the blast and perish!

With that shot, one third of the army of Grim Reapers perished! But I have used up the aura needed for the next blast…… Looks like the light from the Oppai before, it was enough for just one shot!


….! How can this be!? Again from Rias’s breast, another red-light is shot out directed at me! The red light envelops around me once again! …….My aura started to replenish once again!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]

Receiving the red aura, it seems like the tension of the jewel increased! Siegfried shouted seeing this situation.

“This is bad! It’s dangerous to leave those breasts alone! Breasts that respond to being summoned! Breasts that replenish Sekiryuutei’s power! We won’t know what will happen next! The one who is the most dangerous isn’t the Two-Heavenly dragons or Ophis! It might be Rias Gremory’s breasts! Sekiryuutei and Rias Gremory. When these two are together it creates miracles time after time…… And the things that are the “key” for that are…….those breasts!”

You don’t have to say that out loud with a serious face!


See!? Even Rias is embarrassed! Sensei who was fighting in mid-air against Pluto shouts.

“In other words we should call her “Crimson Bust Princess”! To describe it in one word it’s “Oppai Beam”! In other words “Oppai Battery”! You guys seriously are an insane baka-uple aren’t you!”

“Shuuuuut up!! Just shut up and fight you idiot Governor!”

Please don’t give her weird nicknames! Once you say it, it gets official!

“……I see….. So I finally became a “battery” and a “beam”……..”

Rias is in a giving-up mode!? No, no! It’s okay! I will protect you! Wait, that doesn’t even become helpful at all!

“Stop those two!”

Siegfried shouted, but I shot out dragon-blaster without any care and took down the Grim Reapers! I have myself replenished by Rias’s breasts once the aura goes down!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]

Rias said it while having red-light shooting out from her breast.

“Ise…….. I somehow started to give up in many ways!”

“…..! W-What do you mean!?”

She shook her head.

“No. I should restate my resolve again. –If it is for you to get stronger, I don’t mind having my breasts become a power-up item for Sekiryuutei.”

“N-No…. I never thought of you like that…….!”

I actually have! But please make it that I never thought about it! Rias smiles and then nods. Please don’t nod! It makes my heart hurt!

“Yes. I know. –But my breasts chose this. Fufufu. Perhaps it understood my feelings of wanting to be of help to you, so something must have happened to them.”

Then something unbelievable happened! Rias’s oppai were getting smaller!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! The breasts! Your oppai are shrinking!!”

I shout while crying! My oppai! The oppai I dearly love! My first oppai! The oppai that only I can grope! The best oppai in my life! –The ultimate oppai are shrinking! It’s getting smaller!

“Maybe the size is getting smaller every time I send out aura…..? But if it is still this big, I can still continue to give you my aura!”

I shook my head while crying!

“Please don't! At this rate your oppai will….! The oppai I dearly love will disappear!”

“It might be temporary! It might get back to the original size once I get some sleep!”

“Even so, I don’t want to see your oppai getting smaller! I would rather die than to……!”

I will pick death! I don’t want to live by having the breasts of the woman I love disappear! Rias made a smile while crying.

“Thank you Ise. But this is okay! For me, fighting alongside you makes me happy. –I love you Ise!”


I started to manly cry underneath my armour!

…….She is such a wonderful woman! The woman I fell in love with! She is the best woman there is! I’m glad that I fell in love with Rias! I then shouted the name of the woman I love!

“I also love you Rias! Rias! Rias! Rias!”

Hearing my love call, Rias screamed with a teary voice!

“We will always be together Ise! Ise! Ise! Ise!”

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]


The amount of aura sent to me increased! I can do it! We can do this! Isn’t that right Ddraig!?

[…….Uhehehehe. Oppai sure are fun……]

….! Looks like Ddraig’s mental condition has finally……

“Ddraigggggggggggg! Uooooooooooooooo!! I! The Oppai dragon! I will defeat you terrorists with the breast power of Switch-princess and the power of Sekiryuutei! This is payback for Ddraig!”

The Dragon-blaster was released! Grim Reapers and the surroundings were blown away! The power of breasts was charging up! Repetition of destruction and restoration! The wheel of destiny that was continuing to spin!

[Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust Bust!!]


This field started to collapse after receiving a release of our love from the dragon-blaster!

“Stop theeeeeeeeem!! Stop Sekiryuutei and Switch-princess!! At this rate, we will actually be wiped out by the power of breasts!”

Siegfried desperately gave orders to the Grim Reapers. But.

“You guys, protect the baka-uple with full strength! They are our pivot!”

Sensei also gave orders to the Gremory group!

“I won’t have you get in the way of those two. They are getting heated up, so don’t you think it’s bad to intrude on them?”

“Ufufu. I’m so jealous Rias. Maybe I might get spoiled by Ise-kun afterwards. My passion to have an affair gets heated after seeing you two.”

Kiba and Akeno-san are also protecting us! –Our blast of love even continued after this.

The field that doesn’t even have a weed left.

Yes. The power of love between me and Rias finally wiped out the Grim Reapers and the only ones left are Siegfried, Georg, and Pluto. But the sacrifice was too big…..

-Rias’s breasts are already flat.

As a result of sending the power of breasts to me, her Oppai began to grow smaller and now there isn’t anything left. Even if she says that they will return to normal if she rests, seeing her state makes me sad and it is hard to endure. Like this, they are no different from Koneko-chan's now….!

I started to cry a lot when I compared Rias and Koneko-chan’s breasts.


Koneko-chan threw something to my head from the thirtieth floor of the hotel. I didn’t say anything, but she might have guessed by looking at my eyes. Sensei who made his distance with Pluto landed besides me. Pluto also landed on their side.

“Now. Siegfried, Georg, and Pluto. This is checkmate.”

Sensei pointed the spear of light at them.

“……You have insane power like always Sekiryuutei.”

Siegfried said that while breathing hard. The device in the car park was still active. Georg created a barrier that is small but very powerful and I couldn't even take it down with the continuous shots of dragon-blaster. –But Georg was also breathing violently because he had been putting all his power into defending. The barrier covering the device also began to shake. Even if he is the possessor of a high-tier Longinus, there are limits! –We can corner them in a bit now! Even Siegfried has a hard expression.

Then it happened.


A noise echoed through this dimension. I heard this sound before. It’s the sound we heard when a hole is created in a dimension. When I looked up, a hole was created in the sky!

We thought it was the appearance of new enemies, but Siegfried and others also had expressions of doubt.

…..So it means it's an unexpected intruder?

The one who intruded by making a hole in the dimension is a man with light-armour and cape. I was familiar with him! Yes, I only saw him once but I remember him! That guy landed between us and Siegfried.

“It has been awhile Sekiryuutei. And Vali.”

He glared at me and then glared at Vali who was on the thirtieth floor of the hotel. Sensei then narrowed his eyes.

“Shalba…..Beelzebub. The leader of the Old-Maou faction.”

Yes! This guy is the descendant of old-Maou who appeared before us in the incident with Diodora! The mastermind who was controlling Diodora from the shadows! But wasn’t he killed by me when I went into Juggernaut-Drive…..?

Siegfried took a step forward.

“……Shalba. I did receive a report but I never thought you were acting by yourself.”

“Hey Siegfried. I certainly did get a lot of assistance from you people. You have my gratitude. Thanks to that, my wounds have healed. ……Though I did lose Ophis’s snake and my powers are lower than before.”

“And the reason for you to come here is?”

“Nothing much. I thought I would declare war on you.”

Shalba said it out loud with confidence. ……What was he thinking? Shalba put on an evil smile and then revealed what was under his cape. Underneath a boy appeared. Looking at him, his eyes had shadows in them and it seemed like he was being controlled.

Ah! It is the boy who created anti-monsters using the Longinus, [Annihilation Maker], in Kyoto! He was supposed to be in the Hero-faction but why is he with Shalba who belongs to the Old-Maou faction?

-Seeing the boy, Siegfried and Georg got shocked.


“Shalba, why did you bring that boy here? No. Why is he with you!? Leonardo was supposed to be on a different mission! Did you bring him here!?”

Shalba said to the two who were shocked.

“I thought I would have him assist me for a bit. –Just like this!”


Shalba activated an ominous small magic-circle within his hand and put that closer to the boy called Leonardo. Then the devil letters within the magic-circle moved fast! Then the boy screamed!


Screaming out loud, he had a painful expression. At the same time, his shadow expanded so much that it covered the whole field! …..What was Shalba trying to do!? Shalba flew up from where he was and then laughed out loudly!

“Fuhahahahahaha! [Annihilation Maker] is a very splendid and idealistic ability! And people say that he specialises in creating anti-monsters! Checking the movements of the Hero-faction, I kidnapped him when he was on a mission with another group from the Hero-faction! Now then! I will have him create it! A monster that can eliminate the current devils of the world!”


Something was created from the boy’s shadow. A head of something huge was appearing out of it, making lots of huge waves in the shadow!

…..A head that was too big! A torso that was too large! Arms that were too thick! And overwhelming legs to support the body! The thing created from the shadows of the boy that covers the whole field was…..


A very gigantic monster, it made a very loud roar that felt like it would destroy my eardrums! …..Huge! It was two heads bigger than Great Red! A monster about 200 meters tall! An outrageous and huge monster was created! Sensei did tell me [Annihilation Maker] could create any type of monster depending on the possessors powers, but it could even create a monster like this!? And other monsters smaller than this one appeared from the boy’s shadow as well!


A large magic-circle was created below the monsters feet! That was a transportation magic-circle! Shalba shouted while laughing!

“Fuhahahahahaha! I’m planing to transport these monsters to the Underworld to have them wreak havoc! It’s a humongous anti-monster! It will certainly eliminate lots of Devils in the Underworld!”

The magic-circle glowed and the monsters were enveloped with the light of transportation! This is bad! At this rate, those monsters will be transported to the Underworld and wreak havoc! We need to stop them here!

“Stop them!!”

Under Sensei’s order, we attacked the monsters. But…

Our attacks weren’t working! We only gave enough damage to scrape their surfaces a bit! The attacks were useless and all of the monsters disappeared into the light! The moment the monsters disappeared…..


This field also started to make a weird noise. Looking carefully, there was a scar created in the white sky and the buildings including the hotel started to collapse!

…….This field started to become unstable because of the forceful birth of monsters and their transportation! Georg then shouted at Siegfried.

“The device won’t last long! Damn Shalba! Did he use the ability that surpasses the capacity of the possessor by force!?”

“……We can’t help it. Looks like it’s time for us to leave. Let’s retreat at once after retrieving Leonardo. Pluto, how about…….”

Siegfried stopped there and realised the disappearance of the Grim Reaper. That Grim Reaper disappeared all of a sudden! Seeing that, it seems like Siegfried understood something.

“……I see. So the one who was helping Shalba from the shadows was…… It’s something that skull-god would think of. So he will choose any sort of method to annoy us. Did he also tell the method to forcefully use the Balance-Breaker of [Annihilation Maker]……? We don’t know what kind of price or side effect it could have to do a temporary Balance-Breaker like that. We were trying to increase the power of Leonardo slowly….. Now this boy is…..”

Saying that, Siegfried and Georg recovered the boy. They then disappeared from here along with the mist.

Those bastards! They sure are fast running away!


This time it was the sound of explosions coming from the hotel! What is it!? It sure is a busy day today! Looking up, Shalba was attacking the rearguards!

“What’s wrong!? Valiiiiiiii! What happened to your proud demonic-powers!? Your power of the Hakuryuukou!? What happened to it!? Fuhahahahaha! You are just a mixed breed with human so there was no way for you to win against me who is the real Maou!”

Shalba was attacking Vali! I don’t think the current Vali can withstand Shalba! Activating a defence magic-circle, Vali could only defend. It seemed like he wasn’t in a good situation.

“……I don’t want to hear it from you who names himself a Maou while borrowing the powers of others.”

Even so, Vali talked back to Shalba.

“Fuhahahahahahahahahhahahahah! It only matters if you win in the end! Now, there is one more thing I want!”

Shalba pointed his hand towards Ophis! A spiral demonic power appeared and it wrapped Ophis up like a rope. He captured Ophis!

“Hou! Just like the information I gathered said! The current Ophis has an unstable power and even my current self can capture her! This is a gift to the cooperative partner of this I, the real Maou! I will have her give me a snake again since my powers are down! I will be taking her now!”

“Like hell I will let you!”


I expanded my dragon-wings and closed the distance between Shalba immediately! He said it while laughing madly.

“A curse! This is a curse! I shall become the poison who will devour the Underworld……! Those devils who declined me! I have no business with such an Underworld! I don’t care about them any more! I don’t care about the authority and possession of the Underworld any more! Fuhahahaha! This Shalba Beelzebub shall use his last bit of power to destroy the Underworld using these monsters!”

Shalba’s expression was covered with madness! This guy didn’t have proper eyes now. This guy was totally crazy! He then pointed at me!

“…..Yes. The children you care deeply about will be terminated by my curse…..my monsters, Sekiryuutei! Suffer receiving my curse! Struggle! Die while coughing out blood! Fuhahahahaha! This is a masterpiece! Including the inferior low-class and mid-class children of Devils, even the offspring of elites will die in the same way! See!? This is the World you guys have been hoping for. The World where there is no discrimination. Fuhahahahaha!”

…..What a scumbag……! He only has revenge on his mind! To the Underworld who rejected him, he doesn’t have any pride or attachment to them! But it doesn’t mean he can shove his anger onto the children!

While this is going on, the field was also collapsing! Finally, holes appeared and started to suck in the remnants of this dimension! Kuroka who was inside the hotel shouted!

“This field is at its limit –nyan! If it is now, we should be able to transfer so I will activate the magic-circle! Then all of us will leave this place!”

The Gremory group gathered around Kuroka. Asia was healing Vali who was wounded from Shalba’s attack.


Shalba was still laughing. Near him was Ophis who was captured. Seeing that, I thought about two things.

“Ise! We will transfer now! Come over here quickly!”

Rias said that to me. But I….. I didn’t go over there.


I said it with a smile to Rias who seemed puzzled and along with my comrades.

“I will go and rescue Ophis. I will also beat up Shalba along with it.”


Everyone became shocked at what I said.

“I will also fight!”

“There is no point to show off by yourself!?”

Kiba and Akeno-san said that but I shook my head.

“No. It will be enough with just me. You guys have to go to the Underworld to tell them about the threat. Either way this dimension won’t last long right? If it is me, I can still move around in the dimensional gap with this armour for a while after the field collapses. It seemed like there was a time when Vali did the same. ……I can’t let Shalba get away and also I can’t have Ophis be handed to someone.”

I think this is something only I can do. Sensei’s artificial Balance-Breaker was at its limits. If I don’t take down Shalba here, then there will be more victims! He said that he will kill the kids in the Underworld! Just that……I can’t forgive!

“It's at the limit –nyan! We won’t be able to transfer unless we do it now!”

Kuroka shouted.

“Hyoudou Issei.”

Vali was borrowing Sensei’s shoulder. He seemed to be in pain. The attack from Shalba must have made his condition worse.

“Vali! I will beat Shalba up on your behalf as well!”

Hearing that Vali smiled.

“Ise! I will open the dragon-gate afterwards to summon you and Ophis! You are okay with that right?”

I nod at Sensei’s suggestion. I will leave it to you Sensei! I expanded my Dragon-wings and started the booster on my back!


-The voice of my beloved. When I turned around, Rias was standing there.

“Come back to me no matter what.”

“Yes, I will definitely come back!”

Saying that, I went towards Shalba. At the same time the light increased. Looks like everyone transferred safely.

-I will beat Shalba and definitely return to Rias’s side bringing Ophis along with me!

Part 3[edit]

I arrived in front of Shalba who was laughing above the hotel. ……The collapse of the dimension was getting even worse. Half of the field had already perished. Seeing me, he made an displeased expression.

“I can understand Vali coming after me, but for a failure of a Heavenly Dragon such as yourself to come after me…..! How much do Dragons have to look down on me…..?!”

Yeah, yeah. He sure does look down on others.

“What is your reason for coming after me!? Are you also trying to ignore me, one who carries the blood of the real Maou!? Or are you trying to obtain power by having Ophis!? It’s you who is a Heavenly-dragon! You must be hiding the desire to dominate the human world and Underworld!”

……..It seemed like he only had things like bloodlines and domination in his head. I said this after sighing.

“Even if you say something complicated that I don’t understand, I don’t know what I should do with Ophis and I’m not interested in dominating either. –Except…”

I said it while pointing at him with my fingers.

“You said you would kill the kids earlier right? I can’t allow that.”

He laughed at my words.

“What about it!? This is natural! Devils that grew up in an Underworld managed by the fake Maou! They are lower than bugs! Even if I did allow them to grow up, they still won’t show me, the true Maou, the respect I deserve! So Devils like them should all just disappear! That is why I will use those gigantic monsters to return everything to zero! Those monsters are anti-monsters created by [Annihilation Maker], so they are insanely strong! They will cause overwhelming destruction! A pure Underworld will be reborn in the wake of its destruction! That is what the Underworld should be!”

….This is hopeless. I begin to think that Sirzechs-sama is the best Maou there is once again.

“……I really can’t understand your delusions at all. –But you are trying to kill the children of the Devils right?”

I just couldn’t forgive that! In my head, the smiling faces of children appeared. Yeah, don’t worry. I will protect you kids! I will protect their smiles! I said it while emitting all of the aura from within me.

“Then I will have to beat you up! I am playing the role of the children’s hero after all! I just can’t forgive guys like you who are enemies of children! I am the [Oppai Dragon] after all!”

Hearing me, he stopped smiling.

“……The pressure coming out from you has increased. You are a Heavenly Dragon who acts in ways I can’t possibly understand. Well then! Get tainted from my curse and die in this dimensional gap, Red Dragon!”

“You are the one that is going to die you lowly Devil!”

I made the Evil Piece within me explode in a crimson colour!

[Cardinal Crimson Promotion]. The True-Queen that was named by my rival, Sairaorg-san!

“I, the one to awaken am the Sekiryuutei who holds up the truth of the King up-high!”

I could hear the voices of the Senpai!

[Let’s go Hyoudou Issei!]

[Yeah that is right! Future…. We are the Sekiryuutei who protects everyone's future!]

[It is the time to walk the crimson road of righteousness!]

“Holding the infinite hope and indestructible dream and walking the road of righteousness. I will become the Emperor of the Crimson Dragon…” This is the new chant! My words of righteousness that are different than Juggernaut-drive!

[[[[[“And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in Deep(True)-Crimson light!”]]]]]

[Cardinal Crimson Full Drive!!!!]

A crimson aura enveloped me and started to colour my armour crimson!

“…..! Crimson…..armour!? What is this change!? Crimson…..! An ominous colour that reminds me of the crimson hair of that fake man!”

Shalba said that! To me “Crimson” is the best colour! My armour changed a bit, and at the same time my power was increasing! This enormous power of Sekiryuutei around me is real! It’s still growing but this is enough for now!

-Now I just have to beat you down in this form!

Shalba pointed his hands at me! A warp was created and bugs…… No bees. Something that looks like bees appeared. The whole area was covered with bees.

“I will show you the power of the real Beelzebub!”

Shalba then controled the army of bees in creating many circles and he then started to randomly shoot out enormous masses of aura from them!

[Star Sonic Booster!!!!]

I dodged them instantly, and closed the distance between us. I followed through by releasing my punch directly into his stomach!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]

A crimson-aura covered my right arm and shaped itself into a large fist! By slamming down the nail located on the elbow, I precisely performed a body blow!


My fist goes deep into his stomach!


Shalba coughed out blood!

“You low lifeeeeeeee!!”

Shalba created many magic-circles and just like Rossweisse-san, he shot out a full burst of different elemental attacks! But each and everyone of his attacks was thick! I went ahead towards them without dodging!

This…..! I don’t need to dodge these things….! I hit away his attacks with my fists and shortened our distance with god-speed! Up-close, I released my fist at him again!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]


A gigantic fist hit his face!

Getting hit by my punch head on, Shalba had blood coming out from all over his face.

……Seeing that, I spoke because of boredom.

“Is this it?”

Hearing that, lots of veins appeared on Shalba’s face.


I said it to him without caring that he was pissed.

“You said you were a Maou, so I thought you had power like that of Sirzechs-sama and Vali. I fought both of them so I can understand the power of the Maou “Lucifer”. But I don’t feel any strong pressure from you like I did from them.”

Shalba then laughed loudly.

“You sure say a lot…….! A mere rotten Dragon……! A former human who is the same as garbage, to make a fool of this real Maou…..!”

“I am the Red Dragon of the Two Heavenly Dragon, Sekiryuutei! I won’t lose to a fake Maou like you!”

“Nonsense! You rotten Dragooooooooon!”

If he shoots his demonic powers, I hit them away. If I punch, then his body curves. I shoot down creepy bees with my Dragon shot as well! I was at an overwhelming advantage.

….This is it? Just this!

The man who spoke about the Underworld. Sirzechs-sama and Sairaorg-san were able to stand normally even after being hit by this! How about you then!? You just get thrown back after being hit! Your eyes don’t even have any glitters!

“Shalba. You may have great talent and demonic-powers. You were born with things greater than me.”

“That’s right! I am a Devil that was chosen! A Maou! The real Maou!”

“But it's no good. Your attacks are nothing compared to the man who came at me with only his fist and body! You won’t be able to defeat me with attacks like that!”


After a few hits. This time it felt like I finished it. Shalba’s face is also covered with pain. I can defeat him without Juggernaut-Drive! Real Maou my ass! Making the Underworld go back to zero you say!? The men of the Underworld I have met and fought weren’t this naïve! Everyone was stronger and stricter than anyone else!

“You shitty Heavenly Dragon! How about thissssssss!”

While sprinkling blood, Shalba created a magic-circle within his hand. What appeared from there was…….a single arrow.


It flew at me high velocity and hit my right arm piercing through my armour. This won’t…..

I tried to pull out the arrow. Then intense pain hit me!

…..Through my arm, intense pain spread throughout my body….! At the same time it felt like my power was leaving me! My hands are shaking…. What…..is this…..? Shalba laughed seeing that.

“Fuhahahahaha! It’s painful right!? It’s hard to endure right!? Of course! The tip of that arrow, is covered with the blood of Samael! I received it from Hades! I kept it to use against Vali just in case…. But for me to use it against garbage like you….. No matter now. With this, the situation is reverted. If you have high demonic-powers like Vali then you could have endured it a bit. But for someone like you who seems to have no talent in demonic-powers, then you will die.”

…..I see. Samael’s blood. This is the poison and curse of the Dragon Eater. Wait, you allied with Hades?

….Then that means that this guy lured that Grim Reaper here….? It seems like the reason why Pluto ran away first lies behind that. What are they plotting between the Hero-faction and the Old-Maou faction? Killing between groups? Sensei and Siegfried did say they just wanted to annoy them…. But it sure hurts a lot. If I think about it, this is my first time receiving dragon-slayer damage…. My body was cold, and in pain, shaking.

[It even reached here Partner. It’s so strong that I lost my consciousness for a time….]

So Samael’s curse even reached Ddraig who is just a soul.


……Blood also came out from my mouth. It’s different from the pain from a Holy Sword……. But since I received a stab from a Holy Sword, I can somehow withstand this pain. Getting used to pain is a bit weird, but this is because I have been through battles where I might have died. Well anyway I just need to beat this guy before me! I expanded my Dragon wings and flew towards Shalba! He became shocked after seeing me.

“You are supposed to have received a curse! Why can you move!? Why aren’t you afraid!? Are you telling me you are not afraid of death!?”

Shut up!? Of course I am scared! But it seems like even scarier things will happen if I leave you alive! That’s why I will beat you up first!

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]


Combo of punches and kicks! Getting hit, Shalba falls onto the roof of the hotel!

“Absurd….! I am the real Maou!? I tried to accomplish my vengeance by seeking the help of Hades and humans and dealt with the shame and embarrassment…..! I even went through the experiments of the Hero Factions that made me puke….! But why are the Heavenly Dragons such as you and Vali getting in my way! A mere Dragon who doesn’t even have huge dreams or ideals! Why do you ignore someone like me who is seeking to go even higher!? I can’t understand! I really can’t understand!”

He goes to where the captured Ophis is and asks her.

“Ophis! Ophis! Give me that snake one more time! Then I shall attain the power that is beyond the previous Maou! I need that snake to beat this man!”

“Right now I am unstable. I can’t make the snake-type that increases strength.”

Shalba put on a face of despair after hearing Ophis. I landed in front of him. He looked up at me trembling. I then said it!

“You tried to take away the smiles of the children. That is enough of a reason for you to get beaten up! I! I am the children’s hero who plays the role of Oppai-Dragon! If you are trying to take their future away from them, then I will kill you here!”

I made cannons appear from my wings and started to get ready to fire a blast. A quiet impulse of aura. Enormous power is being charged in the cannon. Shalba released his wings and tried to run away….. I won’t let him get away! Hearing an idiotic ideal like yours, I’m not nice enough to let you get away!

“Blow away! Crimson Blasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!”

[Fang Blast Booster!!!!]


Enormous amounts of crimson aura were released from the cannons!

“Fuhahahahahaha! Either way you will also die from Samael’s curse! Sekiryuutei!”

A red aura enveloped Shalba who was screaming……

High school dxd v11 317.jpg

I, who had defeated Shalba, released Ophis from the ropes made from demonic-power while enduring Samael’s curse. Ophis then questioned me.

“Sekiryuutei, why did you help me?”

I said it while sighing.

“You saved Asia and Irina.”

“That was my gratitude towards them. It should not be a reason for Sekiryuutei to help me.”

“Asia and Irina are my important friends. If you saved them, then a reason for me to save you, also exist. I began to think that you are not a bad guy. Why did you cooperate with them?”

“They promised me that they will defeat Great Red. I want to return to the dimensional gap and obtain “silence”.”

“There’s no way that they will keep their promises. Weren’t you used by them a lot?”

“If I can defeat Great Red, then that’s okay. That’s why I gave them snakes.”

……Dream. Ophis’s aim. Ophis continues.

“I went to Sekiryuutei’s house because I thought I could find something that would fulfill my dream. Abnormal growth. I thought the secret behind the “True Dragon” and “Heavenly Dragon” lay there. I thought I could find the reason why I exist.”

“……I see. I finally got it.” This guy is purer than anyone. The Old-Maou faction and The Hero-faction used that. They used her for their own ends.

Their ambitions. To control the World or to seek a battle against superior beings. But that is something irrelevant to Ophis…… This guy isn’t a last-boss at all….!

It was all an illusional boss that the Khaos-Brigade created….! I’m glad I rescued her. I think this guy is someone who I can talk to unlike Shalba. I will take her home and speak with her about many things.

I thought she was creepy, but she is just a pure Dragon who is merely naïve. She is strong and infinite. Everyone became scared of her and made her into something people would fear. She was tricked into becoming the leader of the terrorists.

……A lonely and poor Dragon. That is Ophis. ………My consciousness is getting worse. Is it because of the curse…..? Geez, I need to get home quickly.

“Hey Ophis. Do you want to become friends with me?”

“……Friend? What’s the benefit if I become that?”

“I could at least become someone you can talk to.”

“I see. That sounds fun.”

Yeah it is fun. That’s why let's go home. To that house…..

The building collapsed and the surroundings were being sucked into the hole.

A field that is collapsing. Even if I go into the dimensional gap, I will be safe for a while if I wear my armour. I will be all right as long as everyone summons me before that. I got up and walked forward. To return home……………

Translator's notes and references[edit]

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