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Our Ise who was saved by attracting legendary beings. He’s a man who won’t die even if killed. When I realised it, Kiba-kyun became the main of volume 12. It couldn’t be helped since Ise was absent in the first half, but even so Kiba worked hard believing in Ise. To be expected from a heroine….. No, I meant to be expected from a male of the Gremory group!

The guys did very well. Kiba, Gasper, Sirzechs, Azazel, Sairaorg, Vali and Saji showed strenuous effort. Volume 12 indeed smelled like man. Even I, who wrote this, reflected on my mistake by saying “Ah crap, there isn’t much girls…..”. Well the guys are also popular so it should be okay! But it will be sad if the girls don’t put a show so from next volume it will return back to normal.

Even though it was Underworld’s crisis, I apologise for not conveying it to the readers very well. The main reason was due to Ise’s dead or alive situation and his return scene and the story furthered away from monsters rampaging in each area. After all, the Gremory group didn’t fight them directly. I finished it by making the monsters appear on television, so if I can do sides-story from the pursuit squad then I would like to fill it in with it. Volume 12 was the crisis of Gremory group rather than the Underworld.

Now about the chapters for the story. First chapter is volume 1 and 2 is the “Sekiryuutei’s Awakening” chapter. Second chapter is from volume 3 to 6 and is “Birth of Chichiryuutei” chapter. And the third chapter is from volume 7 to 12, the “The Hero Oppai Dragon” chapter. So the chapter’s name are getting worse. And the fourth chapter will be “The legend of Oppai Dragon and his lively companions” chapter. Just like the name says it will be about Oppai Dragon and his lively companions, Gremory group + others, rampaging.

I already planned on how the last volume will end quite some time ago and what’s left is for the story to pick some stuff and keep on writing. The relation with each heroine will still progress so please keep up with them for a bit longer. I’m hoping I can continue to reveal the secret about Gasper’s power in fourth chapter.

The truth is the majority of the flow for third chapter plot has been discussed with the main editor about the time when volume 5 was released(About 3 years ago). The big plot of Loki appearance, then being targeted by Hero-faction during the school trip, then having a game with Sairaorg, then Ise’s dead or alive unknown state- -> Resurrection, was just as I was planned(Though the Short-story came in between). What wasn’t in the plan is Ophis joining. When the editor and I saw the volume 5 illustration of Ophis drawn by Miyama-san we fell in love with her and thought “Let’s make her join the group”. I didn’t originally have Ophis to be the last boss anyway so I made her remain as a mascot. So she will be active as mascot from now on as well.

Even if this was the climax of third chapter, there was too much power up influenza. Sirzechs shows his true form, Ise combines with Great-Red, Vali kills Pluto in a second, and so many crazy thing happened. In the past few volumes either the power up or their possibility has been pointed so I’m thinking about doing that from now. Starting from Ise’s Hakuryuukou power and also about Asia and Koneko, Xenovia also needs to learn how to fight not only using her power right! And Ise’s True-Dragon form, Super Gigantic Balance-Breaker, is a special form for this volume only. I made it as a form which would be fitting for the climax of third chapter and the second-part of two volume story. And also Azazel-sensei’s resignation. He ended up taking responsibility for this incident. But the one who contributed to Ise and the group is him.

Now also about the enemies. Cao Cao-kun who was defeated by Ise this volume. His habits turned into his defeat. He also ended up being hated from [Truth Idea]. Georg also let his guard down and was defeated by Gasper. They made a good example that nothing good will happen if you get involved with the Gremory group led by Rias. I was always thinking to have the Hero-faction defeated in the idea of “They have the fighting style of human but lost due to being a human which is their weakness”. I never thought he would be defeated with a toy though…… So the Khaos Brigade will need to reorganise their organisation now. The gathering of human, Hero-faction, who used many things for their own deeds didn’t think about the selfishness of a God. That’s why no matter what they do, they are always just human. But Khaos Brigade is an enemy organisation throughout this series so they will also continue to appear from now on as well. Also I didn’t explain it in the story but the Balance-Breaker ability of [Annihilation Maker] which created the Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky is sub-species and is called the [Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky]. Just like a Top-Tier Longinus, it has the ability to destroy the World. The name kind of overlaps with the Sacred Gear [Mirror Alice] that Tsubaki Shinra has but there are no connections.

There are still unsolved plot. The truth is the expansion of the whole World has stopped around volume 7 and the story entered the part where it goes into the settings in details. From the next new chapter, the magicians and vampires that have been mentioned from before will be appearing. I will reveal them in DxD original way. The reason for the magic explanation in the third chapter is for the preparation for the fourth chapter. Oh, and Kiba’s swordmaster is Sirzechs’s Knight and he is none other than the Captain of the Shinsengumi’s First-division, Okita Souji . I had his setting around volume 4, but I didn’t have the chance for him to appear but he finally makes his appearance this volume. He’s one of the best swordsmen in the Underworld. He used 2 Knight pieces. He’s the keyman why Rias took interest in Japan. The weird knowledge of Samurai is also his naughty habits. It seems like many characters are appearing but most of them either disappear from the plot like many characters in this volume or they are one-time characters only. So I think it’s okay to not remember other characters besides the main ones. Basically the main ones got involved in many problems with other groups since the second chapter and it has the style where they solve the problems, and get involved with groups led by the boss character.

Now for the thanks. Miyama Zero-sama, the main editor H-sama, sub-editor B-sama, thank your very much for not only helping out in the light novel but also the anime. Also thank you to Mishima Hiroji-sensei, Hiroichi-sensei, and Dragon Age editorial department for the manga. I will depend on your cooperation from now as well.

Now, from the next volume it will be the start of the fourth chapter! That’s how I would like to do it, but volume 13 would be an interval and collection of short stories. I’m planning to include short stories such as Raiser’s return and about Magical Levia-tan which has popped up the main story. There will also be a new written one to be included as well. And on top of that volume 13 which is collection of short-stories will have a limited edition which will come with anime bluray! It’s a special where it will concentrate on Rias and Ise’s relation who have started to live together and could be considered as episode 13 of the anime. The truth is I have written the story for the episode of Bluray. Please look forward to it!

Lastly. Director Yaginazawa Tetsuya, the script writer Yoshioka Tokawo-san and the other anime staff members, you truly did a good job. Thanks to the high quality of understanding the script from the staffs, I think the anime was made into the best quality. I thank you deeply from my heart. I’m truly honoured.

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