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Part 1[edit]

The tension in this scene calmed down when I, Azazel, received the news that the alliance was able to defeat Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky. We had been glaring at Hades the whole time. Just looking at the face of this skeleton bastard makes me want to puke. Sirzechs made his power of destruction aura disappear when he heard about our victory, and he reverted back to his usual form. …….Well, maybe the other form might be his true-form though….. The anger that could be seen from his aura decreased a lot when he heard that Ise had returned. Well I also felt the same way. Geez, he sure did come back in an insane way. Apparently the terror caused by the Old-Maou faction is mostly taken care off as well. The Underworld also avoided the worst case scenario. –And the Vali team vanished long before I received the report. They sure are magnificent at escaping as always. I also had Slash Dog leave. We probably don’t need him now anyway. We were fortunate that we weren't reduced to eliminating Hades. No matter if this guy is an embodiment of evil, he still is the God of the realm of the dead, even if he is rotten. If we had terminated him, it would have a great effect on all the factions of the World. Then when we were about to return home after making our complaint and telling Hades about the current situation, one of the Grim Reapers came to make a report to Hades.

<Hades-sama. The majority of the Grim Reapers within the shrine……have been frozen.>

<<……Is this your doing, Joker?>>

Hades' eye sockets glow in a dangerous colour. Dulio himself just made a sigh and is massaging his shoulders.

“Well I would get scolded by Michael-sama if I don’t at least do this. I was thinking of freezing any suspicious Grim Reapers-san. But I couldn’t be bothered so I froze most of them within the shrine. I’m sorry, I have bad habits. Anyway, Amen.”

He sure has an aloof personality and words. –But he’s definitely strong. This Dulio who is the trump card of the heaven has a bad mouth but his power is overwhelming. It’s insane that he froze the Grim Reapers within the shrine. [Zenith Tempest]. The Top-tier Longinus that can control weather, and control any sort of attribute. With the way he uses it, he’s able to be in control during appropriate situations. Since it turns out like this even inside a building.

……Maybe he has a good compatibility for fighting against Cao Cao? I’m sure he would have the advantage in the fight……

Anyway, we were able to stop Hades from interfering. This is a big result. This skeleton definitely was planning on it. Since he doesn’t have any flesh on him it's hard to read his expressions, but I can tell he’s quite unhappy by looking at his facial bones.

“Well, we will definitely question you a lot about the incident with Samael, okay? Since we were able to capture the main members of the Hero-faction alive.”

I said that to Hades. Yes, the Gremory group encountered the Hero faction. I sure can’t believe the fateful encounters they have whether it's good or bad, but this time that was a good thing. Thanks to that we were able to capture Heracles and Jeanne. I will question them very slowly. There’s nothing better than witnesses who are alive. But Hades couldn’t reply back to my words…… Sirzechs speaks before we leave.

“Hades-dono, we will take our leave here. I’m very sorry for the sudden visit.”

Sirzechs apologised politely. He then says this with an intense pressure.

“But I will still say this. –There will be no next time. Next time I will eliminate you.”

…..This Maou says it while releasing something crazy. Hades laughs with joy after hearing that.

<<Fafafafa. You show me good eyes. Yes, I will remember that very well.>>

“Well, I don’t want to come back here either.”

I blurted out my true thoughts by accident. …….Seriously, don’t ever do this again Skeleton-God of the realm of the dead.

Part 2[edit]

Sirzechs calls out my name when we reached the gate that connects the realm of the dead and the Underworld.


He put on a formal face.

“What is it? Why so formal?”

“Lately there are things which I think quite often about. That the generation of Maou such as myself and Ajuka is coming to an end.”

Hmm, that sounds interesting. I kept quiet and Sirzechs continues.

“The biggest reason why we became a Maou was due to our “powers”….”

They are special Devils who were born with insane power who don’t carry the blood of Maou. That’s the current Yondai-Maou. After the big war between the three Great powers, several Devils like them were born. Sirzechs put on a sad face while making a grip.

“No matter how strong you are, there are things you can’t do as “one(individual)”. It will give birth to ones that rebel.”

Yeah. The current government defeated the old government with power and changed the Underworld. And the ones who stood on the front were powerful Devils like Sirzechs and the other current Yondai-Maou. As a result, the Devils that were driven away became jealous of Sirzechs' power and cursed him. The basic and simple reason for the current coup d'état.

“But you know Azazel, there are huge things which are different from the power of a “one(individual)”. And that exists in the current Underworld.”

“What is that?”

“That’s the power of a “circle(group)”. My sister, Rias, and my brother-in-law, Ise-kun, were born with that. Even if there is a limit to the power of “one(individual)”, the power which gathers around them, “circle(group)”, makes the powers and bonds to something certain. As a result they break any limits and walls and continue to grow. That not only applies to Rias and Ise-kun. Sairaorg who wasn’t born with the power of destruction and who has a dream, gained faithful comrades by believing in his ideals. That is also the power of a “circle(group).”

Maybe Vali will also fit in the category of “circle”. Around him, comrades are gathering naturally. –I see, the power of a “circle” huh.

“Sirzechs. Ise has even attracted Ophis. –Now many beings won’t be able to ignore him.”

“Yes. I can say the same to Vali who has surpassed [Juggernaut Drive]. –The “Infinite Dragon God” and the “Two-Heavenly Dragon”, and the “Dragon-Kings” which gather around them. –Like I thought, the ones who will be controlling the flow of the World and powers are Dragons.”

Yes. Dragons are the embodiment of power. And even humans have symbolised the power of Dragons since ancient times. No matter what they do, a strong Dragon attracts strong ones. Where will Ise and Vali go. I still haven’t witnessed it……..

“Ah, I will be leaving here then. There are things I need to report to Michael-sama.”

The Joker Dulio made a simple farewell to us while moving his Angel wings.

“Then see ya. It was fun today. –Circle!”

“Circle”….. He flew off while making a circle with both hands above his head! So he had a bit of a funny side to him huh…… Wait, so he was listening to our discussion casually huh. I made a sigh while looking at Dulio flying away.

“Now, I will need to find a new job then.”

Sirzechs narrowed his eyes hearing me.

“……So that’s how it will turn out.”

“Yeah. Having Ophis meet with Ise because of my personal thoughts is something I won’t be able to avoid responsibility for. I…..will resign from the Governor post.”

No matter how you think about it, having Ophis meet Ise in secret from all the other factions is a violation of the alliance. It’s natural for me to get the blame. If I stay as the Governor of the Grigori any longer than this, it won’t look good on those working under me and it will cause trouble for them.

“And the ones who have been helping the terrorists within our group……the majority of them have been captured.”

The traitors of our organisation are Vali and those working in interim posts. Especially a group of Top-level Fallen-Angels had been giving out information to them….. Those guys have been captured and we have most of them being judged. …..Well there were those who escaped. Thanks to that, the top people in our organisation have been reduced. …….The Number of natural born Fallen-Angels has also decreased. The numbers of leaders have decreased where it is possible to count them now as compared to a long time ago. And most of the ones that remained are scientist types. Like Sahariel, Benemune, and Tamiel. The Vice-Governor is also that type of guy.

“…..Looks like it will be the end for my organisation.”

When I said that, Sirzechs made a very sad face.

“Heaven also captured and passed judgement on the traitors.”

“And the ones who escaped turned into Fallen-Angels and escaped to the Khaos-Brigade huh. Well it’s a miracle that they didn’t turn into Fallen-Angels while they were helping them, those High-level Angels that is.”

“I heard that there is a hole in all the systems in the Heaven due to the absence of God. They must have used that. Looks like there aren’t any perfect places after all.”

The Devils will also have more quarrels with the Old-Maou factions from now on as well. Since the ones who determined that this incident won’t succeed hid themselves straight away. They sure are strong guys. But with this incident, quite a number of strong foes from the Old-Maou faction have been eliminated. They will stay quiet and hide themselves unless something big happens.

“Won’t the Fallen-Angels increase their numbers like the Heaven’s system for the [Brave Saints]?”

Sirzechs asks me. I shook my head.

“It’s okay. Villainous Angels-sama like us are already numerous enough with just us. This isn’t just my opinion. The remaining leaders have the same opinion. We all think that there is no point in increasing our organisation any more than it already is because the Three Great Powers are in an alliance. It’s enough if we can stabilise the current situation. Well if the Angels above the sky ever fall down, then we will welcome them any time.”

“……But the Grigori’s…….Azazel’s achievement to bring Ophis to our side is a big truth. It’s something which won’t be weird to be recorded in history, Azazel. And the one who made that happen is none other than…..you sir.”

“Don’t say sir to me now, it’s embarrassing. But you know what Sirzechs? I’m a boss who leads the villains. Even if I get recorded in the Bible, I shouldn’t be recorded in the history of the Underworld. –The ones who will be recorded in the history of the Underworld are enough with you, Rias, and Ise. I’m okay with being the boss of the Fallen-Angels.”


Don’t put on a sad face like that. I will be troubled if you put on such a face. I then said it with a naughty smile while scratching my cheek.

“Don’t worry, it’s just my title which would be changed. I will always be me. And I will also retire from fighting on the frontline. Thanks to you and Michael, I made lots of good students. I can spend the rest of my life looking after them.”

It will be okay for me not to fight if Ise, the Gremory-group, Vali and his team are present. Hearing that, Sirzechs blurts out laughing as if he finds it funny.

“You suddenly started acting like an old person.”

“Even if I look like you, I am old you know? I existed before you were born. So you should make me look good, lad.”

“Yeah. I will say that I will do that then just as a look.”

Sirzechs sure knows how to talk. Well anyway, this incident is finished. Now, maybe I should go for an onsen(hot-spring) trip to Atami or Isu taking the idiots with me.

The news about the Fallen-Angel organisation, the Grigori, Governor-Azazel. Resignation from his post was sent to all the factions. He leaves behind many meritorious deeds and battle achievements. But the VIP of all the factions passes on the legacy of him instructing the two Heavenly Dragons, the current Sekiryuutei who shows irregular growth and the current Hakuryuukou who is said to be the strongest in history, as his best achievement.

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