High School DxD:Volume 12 Dimensional Gap

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Dimensional Gap[edit]

…..Una…… Was I sleeping……?

The place I, Hyoudou Issei, woke up is on top of red ground. I saw a weird dream. A dream where I was encouraging Kiba who was fighting against Siegfried. He seemed like he was in trouble so I think I lent him Ascalon….. The others also didn’t look happy so I encouraged them as well!

……Huh. Where is this place……?

When I looked around, there were red rocks that are…..spiky? Is it a desert? I’m not sure, but I’m on top of red ground. When I look at the sky, the scenery is mixed up because it has a mixture of different colours. It feels like I’m looking through a kaleidoscope. Wait, is this hell? If I remember, I went after Shalba who took Ophis and I tried to save her……. And then what happened? I was trying to go home….. I beat Shalba and……huh? Did I get beaten instead? My memories are blurry.

[Did you open your eyes? I didn’t know what was going to happen to you.]

I can hear my partner’s voice.

[Ddraig? Yeah, I lost consciousness and…….huh? Weird. Somehow my body feels weird.]

I realised the change in my body. ……Weird. I don’t have any sense of touch! I don’t have the sense of touching anything! I’m wearing the armour right now but I don’t have the sense to feel that! What is going on!? I tried to put my mask back into my armour like I usually do and…… I can’t do it! Th-then how about this!? I made the armour on only my hands disappear. Then-

Hands…. I don’t have my hands!?

My arm, which is supposed to be inside when I take my armour off, isn’t there! W-Wait….. Are you telling me it’s the same with my whole body….? I didn’t know what was happening to me and then Ddraig talked to me.

[Your body was destroyed with Samael’s curse. You are in a state where your soul was taken out of your body and put into the armour. You can say that just your soul is left. But it was a hard decision whether this was actually possible or not.]


My body was destroyed? Is a state where I’m just a soul? And you put that inside the armour?

I thought about it and I realise right away what this means.

[…..How can this be!? If I don’t have my body, I can’t have sex with Riaaaaaas!!]

I screamed while holding down my head! Holy shit! I can’t touch any oppai if I don’t have my body!? None of Rias’s and Akeno-san’s oppai and Asia’s oppai which are still developing!? You must be kidding me that I can’t touch them anymore!!

I started a relationship with Rias! At this rate I can’t have sex with her!

[……Eh? T-that’s your reaction……?]

My partner made a dumb response. Then I told him!

[It’s not “Eh?”! This is a matter of life and death! I got into a relationship with Rias, but I can’t do erotic stuff without my body! Touch those breasts with my hands! With bare hands! I can’t grope them! It was better if I dieeeed!! How are you telling me to have sex with just my armour!? Dullahan is the only one who can do such weird play!]

Not just Rias! I still haven’t touched enough of Akeno-san’s oppai either! Asia’s and Koneko-chan’s oppai’s are getting started right now you know? Just looking at them is the worst thing that can happen! Maybe it might not be bad if they go inside my armour and say “Aaaah, Ise’s inside is so cold that I’m feeling it”……? No that isn’t good!? I want to feel them with my own skin!

[You are telling me I can’t make babies with Xenovia anymore! Shit! I also wanted to make babies with Irina! Geez, I don’t care if I can only do armour sex now! God damn it! So it should be okay if I can feel oppai with my armour right!?]

[Ah… Ummm. You know Partner….]

Ddraig made an amazed voice. What is it!? I’m in a shock right now because I lost my body! What else can there be!?

[What is it Ddraig!? I’m really depressed right now! Talk to me afterwards! Shiiiit! I thought I was going to go home after beating that fraud Maou Shalba……. Ah. Where is Ophis anyway? I remained in the artificial dimension to save her.]

Yes, Ophis. I regained my memory. I did beat Shalba afterall. I then saved Ophis and was going back home and I went down after my body reached its limit, after taking Samael’s curse. And when I regained consciousness I was on top of Red ground and have lost my body. I look around finding Ophis.

“Hit hit hit.”

When I got close to her, Ophis says this.

High school dxd v12 109.jpg

“I shall defeat Great Red.”

He……? W-What are you saying….. Then, I realised it. Where I am standing, that is! I thought they were rough looking rocks, but……!

I ran on top of the red ground! It wasn’t that large and soon I found the end. But what I found was…. an enormous sharp thing! No this isn’t…..! This is a horn!?

I walk a bit more. And I appeared on top of the head of something! I’m on top of a familiar creature.

Yes this red ground is a gigantic Dragon, Great Red! Uwaaaaaaah! I’m on top of Great Red!

[…..W-Why am I on top of Great Red……?]

Ddraig says it while making a sigh.

[After you defeated Shalba Beelzebub, you used up all your strength in the artificial dimension which was crumbling. After that the artificial dimension collapsed completely. Great Red passed by coincidentally. Then Ophis rode on Great Red while taking you with her. This is the dimensional gap. By the way several days have passed since then.]

So now its like this huh. To meet Great Red by chance….. I am really lucky. So this is the dimensional gap. It is a mysterious place……

Wait, several days have passed!? ……Ah man. Everyone must be really worried.

[Thinking about how you attract others, I can only think that you attracted Great Red naturally….. Your chance of meeting legendary beings is already abnormal. To avoid danger by your power of attracting others. You are very hard to read like usual.]

Don’t say that…… I’m also concerned about this.

I just want to have an ecchi life peacefully and so why do weird things like these come to me! It’s more than serious. This is a very dangerous thing. I did lose my body, after all!

…..Maybe I should get purified. Ah, I will receive damage if I get purified! I can’t do anything about it!

….Well nothing will start if I say that now. Anyway I’m fine with Great Red coincidently passing by, and being saved.

Ophis stopped hitting Great Red and looked up at the sky.

[What. You didn’t return to your world?]

I say it to Ophis. It wouldn’t have been weird if she went home leaving me behind.

“To me, this is my original World.”

Oh yeah. This dimensional gap is her motherland.

[……I said it in a wrong way. Didn’t you return to the Underworld or human world?]

“You said "let's go home together". That’s why I am here. I will go home together.”

What an honest Dragon-God-sama. She really isn’t bad. She’s pure.

[…..You really are weird. But you weren’t bad after all…… Haaa. By the way, am I able to go home? Wasn’t there a summoning by Sensei?]

[There was. But only your evil-pieces inside you returned. It was a rare phenomenon. Evil-pieces are items with lots of mysteries.]

Ddraig says that! There was a summoning!? But just my evil-pieces returned!?

[Are you serious! Ah, it is true. I can’t feel the response of my evil-pieces!]

This makes me feel down…. Seriously. Even though my soul was saved, I lost my body and evil-pieces….. What remained was my soul, Sacred Gear, and Ddraig? So I am in a state where it is amazing that I am alive. No, even being alive in this state is more amazing….. Seriously, what am I? ……Are you telling me this is the blessing of Chichigami-sama?

[Your power source was because of the evil pieces. Right Partner?]

That is right Ddraig. Triaina and True-Queen were possible because of the evil-pieces. Because of that, I was able to get different powers from the previous Sekiryuutei’s.

[Anyway, I need to tell everyone that I am safe….though I am actually not…… W-Well I want to tell them that I’m at least alive. But am I safe staying like this?]

The inside of my armour is empty….. Can I call myself alive? Oh I am. I do have my conscious.

[You are borrowing Great Red’s power right now. So for now you are.]

Ddraig answers. T-then that means I have to be with Great Red!

[Either way I can’t return normally! Man I’m totally trapped……]

[Can I change back the subject again Partner?]

Ddraig says that.

[Nn? Was there something?]

[Yeah. Reconfirmation of the current situation.]

[Current situation you say…… I have to go on a trip in the dimensional gap with Great Red in this state right? You are telling me to live in a World where there aren't any girls' breasts, butts, and thighs for eternity, right?…….. It’s hell. My road to becoming a Harem-King is far away.]

[Hahahaha! Not giving up on becoming a Harem-King even in this situation! As to be expected from my Partner!]

Ddraig laughs heartily. This isn’t something you can laugh about! This is very serious for me! It’s my dream! The truth is it will be hard to become a Harem-king now since I don’t have my body anymore! No, I have to think of ways to do erotic stuff with just my armour as my last resort!

[That’s it. I can understand why the remaining thoughts of the past hosts left everything in your care.]

…..What are you saying? What do you mean? I then send my conscious to the depths of the Sacred Gear. ……I can see that white World. …..There are tables and chairs. ……But no-one is there. There isn’t even a single Senpai there! What is the meaning of this!?

Ddraig speaks quietly.

[…..Partner. Your soul was at risk of disappearing because of Samael’s poison. It was too late for your body so we had to discard it. What would be affected after the body was your soul. At that rate, your soul was about to be eliminated by Samael’s poison. Even I thought there was no way out. I was even prepared to go to the next host.]

……Wait. So how did my soul survive?

[Their remaining thoughts protected your soul from Samael’s curse. While they became your substitute for receiving Samael’s curse, I pulled your soul out and attached it to the armour. It was perfect timing. If my judgement was slightly slow, you wouldn’t have been here now.]


……What…… Then that means I’m here thanks to the Senpais…….! Still, haven’t I barely talked to them!? They started to put on good smiles by being released from the curse of Sekiryuutei! They even gave me advice at the artificial dimension! I even thought we could get along from now on as well! This…….. A farewell like this is too much….!

[……I can understand how you feel. That’s why can you please listen to their last words? They left their words behind. –This is their last message to you.]

Yeah please let me hear it! The words they left behind for me!

…..Wait….I think there was a similar situation like this before…..A bad prediction crossed my mind. Then a vision appears from the jewel. It has the recording of the faces of my Senpais. They said it to me with very refreshing smiles.

[[[[Pochi and Pochi, Zoom Zoom, Iyaaaan!]]]]


There was nothing I could say. It’s just like how I imagined! I knew it would turn up like this! How much do you guys, the past Sekiryuutei, love that song!? From the side of the vision, Hakuryuukou-senpai shows his smile.

[Butts are also wonderful, current-Sekiryuutei.]

Tell that to Vaaaaaaaaaaali!!

Ah the vision disappeared! Are you serious!? This is it!? Nmoooooooooooou! How come you Senpai’s aren’t leaving any nice words to your Kouhai[1]!! The only thing I can say to them is “Thank you very much! I will do my best!” while holding down my head! No, I’m really grateful to them for saving my life! So make it more emotional then! I made a sigh and Ddraig says it to me.

[Look at the far end to the left.]

I looked after Ddraig said that. –There is a swollen block of flesh. ……Did Great Red get bitten by a mosquito? Ah, it has a pulse! Is something inside?

[What’s that?]

[That is a cocoon. No, you can say that is a cultivation capsule.]

[Cocoon? Cultivation? What’s inside?]

[Yeah, your body. Your body which has been destroyed once is receiving new flesh in there. It’s giving birth to your new body with a part of Great Red’s flesh and Ophis’s powers.]


…….What did you say…….?

I was speechless, and Ddraig laughed heartily.

[Kukuku. You will be revived by the True-Dragon and Dragon-God. –Partner. Let’s prepare for the counter-attack.]

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Junior

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