High School DxD:Volume 12 Hero...?

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“You look pathetic Cao Cao. You prepared so much, but did the plans of the Hero-faction fail due to betrayal, or due to something unexpected? You even had three top-tier Longinuses get crushed.”

“…..Well if it isn’t Sakra-sama. I never thought you would come down to this world.”

“The Sacred Gear possessors who achieved Balance Breaker and Longinuses are out of function. And you, Georg, and Leonardo can’t be active anymore right? What are you going to do?”

“……I will rebuild it. The new Ophis will be born, so I will create a new Khaos Brigade by having that as the centre of it. –But because of this incident, we have lost quite a lot of man power. For a short while, I will be hiding myself.”

“Do you really think that? Your face right now doesn’t say that. –Your face is that of someone who had their soul crushed. You got crushed by the Two-Heavenly Dragons right? Samael’s poison. Even if you do cure it, it will leave an after-effect you know? You are just a human after all.”

“………….Being crushed by the Two-Heavenly Dragons huh. ……..I won’t deny it.”

“You sure look pathetic. So what did you want to become after all? A hero? A man of valour? Or a villain? No, did you become greedy and want to become all of them?”

“……For me who was born as a descendant of a hero while also being the possessor of the ultimate spear, this was the only path available for me. The only option where I had to fight against the superior-beings….”

“Hahahahahahahahahaha! Shitty brat-kun! Listen to the words of God that aren’t so nice. Okay then? People like you who usually have B-class powers but get S-class powers when serious are quite common. The problem is crazy guys who have B-class powers in usual times and when they are serious, but gets SSS-class powers when they need to finish it. These guys are the most troublesome. In a battle where we could definitely win, they reverse it with unknown things. –You tasted that yourself right? Yeah, that Sekiryuutei is that type of guy.”


“If you want to win against types like Sekiryuutei, then you have to show enough power where you can alter destiny itself. After all, your peer Longinus possessors are that Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou. –Maybe you were born in the wrong era?”

“Next I….”

“Next? HAHAHA. There isn’t a next time. You end here. You know that you are worthless after being rejected by that spear and receiving the curse where you can’t move anymore?”

“……What are you going to do with me?”

“Nothing much. You will be sent to the realm of the dead along with Georg and Leonardo. Hades is really unpleasant right now, so you guys can cheer him up. You can wait for the spider’s web to come down there. But I will be taking all of your Longinuses. For me to take it from you guys in the Balance-Breaker state. It sure makes me happy that tears will be flowing out from my eyes –ZE!

“……You sure are a horrible God.”

“Who were the ones who were trying to control me and the other gods from the shadows? Well, you just basically received your punishment for it. –I will give your holy-spear back to you if you can come back from the realm of the dead. Since you are a Hero you should be able do such things. After all the Sekiryuutei did do something similar you know?”

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