High School DxD:Volume 12 Life -1

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Life.-1 Alliance of Young Devils![edit]

Part 1[edit]

We, the Gremory group, have returned from Ajuka Beelzebub’s hideout and are in the Gremory castle preparing to head out towards the capital. After a short time, we reunite with Irina-san and Xenovia.

“Sorry. We came late.”

Both of them are wearing their usual battle clothes. Xenovia is holding a weapon wrapped in a cloth. The cloth is engraved with magical letters as well as the letters from Heaven. –The weapon inside the cloth must be Ex-Durandal, which has just been repaired.

Irina-san also has a new weapon on her hip. …..I can sense a strong and abnormal aura from it. It is most likely the result of the research the Heavens were conducting that Azazel-sensei mentioned earlier.

“Buchou, how is Ise? I heard most of the details from the people working here. What did the Maou Beelzebub say?”

“Yes, he said Ise isn’t in the worst case scenario. –Ophis and Ddraig are with him, so I want to contact him somehow…….”

“Yes. Well if it is him, he will return as long as he is alive. Right about now, he is probably yearning for Buchou and Fukubuchou’s breasts.”

Xenovia also believes in Ise-kun’s return. But for him to be yearning for their breasts…… Yes, that seems very likely.

“So what are we going to do now?”

This time Irina-san asks Buchou. Buchou turns on the large screen television. What appears on the screen are the gigantic monsters that are rampaging in each capital of the Underworld. Judging from the amount of time that has passed, it wouldn’t be weird for the monsters to have already arrived at the important locations.

But what appeared on the screens were Devils and alliances from other factions putting up a good fight against the “Bandersnatch”.

The reporter reports about it happily from a helicopter. One of the Bandersnatch is receiving critical damage from the warriors who came from the alliances. Several hours have passed since Ajuka Beelzebub-sama developed the method of taking down the monsters, and the battles are starting to overturn. Anti-monsters that were created to be very hard. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama and his servants created magic-circle technique problems that work on the monsters and they told the people in the alliance who are fighting on the front lines.

“……..Ajuka-sama started creating the techniques when the monsters first appeared while being in contact with Falbium Asmodeus-sama. I heard that he completed making it when we went to visit him in the human world.”

Buchou says that while watching the screen.

From the information I received, Falbium Asmodeus-sama is in charge of the battle strategy. Thanks to the two Maou’s who used their intellects, all of the Bandersnatch are now stalled and receiving damage.

[It is the Gigantic monsters VS Levia-tan!]

When the channel changed, Serafall Leviathan-sama appears on the television. I heard that she couldn’t sit back while the Underworld was in a crisis, so she left the Maou territory to start a fight with one of the Bandersnatch on her own. Very thick ice appears on the screen. It’s the favourite technique of Serafall Leviathan-sama. –The wasteland turned into a World of Ice. Bandersnatch of course isn’t safe from such an attack, and more than half of it’s body is now frozen. ……The demonic-power difference is way too large. A demonic-attack that can affect the land itself….. This is the power of Maou Leviathan……

On the other channel, Tannin-sama and his servant Dragons have just cornered one of the Bandersnatch. They are now receiving the technique that works on them, there aren’t many people who can withstand his fire breath, which is said to be at the same level as that of a Maou.

[Hahaue[1]! Please do your best!]

On another channel, a Kyuubi[2] shoots a flame at a Bandersnatch. –It’s Yasaka-san from Kyoto! The one on her back is the small priestess, Kunou-chan. They are rampaging while leading many youkai in battle. Looks like the Youkai faction from Kyoto came to help out during the crisis of the Devils. Ise-kun will be happy if he learns of this. From the information I received earlier, the Old-Maou factions who are rampaging throughout each city are now being pushed back.

[Ah! Finally! One of the Bandersnatch has been stopped!]

The shout of the reporter can be heard from the screen. The first one to take down a Bandersnatch is…… The alliance army led by Emperor Belial! The humanoid Bandersnatch is lying on the ground defeated. Most of its enormous body is destroyed and it seems as if it's no longer capable of moving. I can hear the roars of victory across the screen. In this advantageous situation, it seems like all the Bandersnatch will be taken down within half a day. The problem is……

“The remaining problem would be Jabberwocky who is heading towards the capital of the territory of Maou.”

…… I can hear a familiar voice coming from behind me. When I turn around the Valkyrie, Rosseweisse-san, is standing there!


“I have returned, Rias-san.”

She's come back from Northern Europe!

Then Rossweisse-san says it with a serious expression.

“I heard about Ise-kun earlier. Well, he is the one who has such a large craving for Rias-san and Akeno-san’s breasts, so he should be returning here very soon.”

……She’s saying the same thing as Xenovia, Ise-kun! It's possible that all of the girls in the Gremory group might have that same opinion. Well so do I. Anyway, if Ise-kun and Gasper-kun return then the Gremory group will be back together! I thought that was a wish that wouldn’t come true. But now it’s different. We can definitely have everyone together again! There’s no way that the Gremory group could be separated that easily! We've been through so much bloodshed together and I’m sure that won’t be changing from now on either.

Everyone knows that this group……. The Occult Research Club is gathering once again and they all have confidence in this.

“Everyone! It’s an emergency!”

The one who came here in panic is Ravel-san. She went to bring us tea earlier but she never returned until now….. She then told us with a serious expression.

“……. The Sitri group who were guarding the evacuating civilians has……started a battle against those from the Khaos Brigade!”

That became the signal for the Gremory team to head out.

Part 2[edit]

The capital city of the Maou territory in the Underworld (Devil side), Lilith. The area is roughly the same size as the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. In terms of culture, it is no different, and there are very tall buildings and public transport present. It may be a bit different compared to other developed countries, but it is definitely a city. But that city is drawing into a crisis. That’s because the irregular gigantic monster, Jabberwocky, is drawing near. If it arrives, the capital will receive a very devastating blow and the capital would become dead. If the capital goes down, there is no doubt that other areas throughout the Underworld would also be affected. Right now the Lucifer group, Grayfia-sama and Sirzechs-sama’s other servants, are taking Jabberwocky on. It is the group that is said to be the strongest among all Devils. Right now they are evenly matched, and even though they aren’t causing any critical damage to Jabberwocky, they are still succeeding in stalling it.

……Looking at their fight from the news, they are having an even flashier fight than Serafall-sama, and they are stalling Jabberwocky while also changing the area around it.

……It’s my first time seeing them from a television, but the demonic-powers released by Grayfia-sama are even more overwhelming than I imagined and they have so much destructive power that they are annihilating the land itself. So this is the true form of the ultimate Queen who is also the wife of Maou Sirzechs Lucifer…… It might be natural for Buchou to see her as her elder sister who she can respect. But the monster who can’t even be defeated by the Lucifer group led by Grayfia-sama is the Jabberwocky. ……How much hatred does one need to create such a monster…..? But I heard that thanks to the Lucifer group, the evacuation of the city is almost complete. Young Devils such as the Sitri group are being dispatched to confirm whether there is anyone who has been left behind. I also heard that Sairaorg Bael is taking on the Old-Maou faction Devils who are rampaging in the capital. We, the Gremory group, and Irina-san have just arrived in the North-west district of the capital using the big magic circle located in the basement of Gremory castle. We left Ravel-san in the Gremory castle. She was dragged into our battle in the artificial dimension the other day, but she is a guest. We can’t have her getting involved in our battles. We and Ravel-san understand that, although she seemed very upset that she wouldn’t be of use to us and she still accepted our thoughts. We appeared at the tallest building in the district when we arrived from the magic circle. Now, we have to catch up to the Sitri group. Then someone calls out to us.

“E-Everyone! I-I’m glad!”

It’s Gasper-kun!

“People from the Fallen Angel group told me that everyone would come here, but I was lonely because no one was here!”

Gasper-kun has teary eyes. We are finally reunited with him. The only one left is Ise-kun! When he returns, the Gremory group will be resurrected once again!

“Gasper, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your training!”

Buchou says that to Gasper-kun, but…….his eyes seem dark and the colour of his face isn’t that good.

“……Y-Yes. I will do my best to live up to your expectations……. Umm? Where is Ise-senpai?”

Gasper-kun looks around trying to find Ise-kun. …….Did he not receive the information about Ise-kun?

“Ise-kun is…..”

It happens as I was about to give him the details.

“…..Over there!”

Koneko-chan points in a certain direction. When we look, we see a huge black Dragon wrapped in black flames rampaging. –That’s Saji-kun!

We fly up into the sky after seeing that.

We arrive at the location where we saw Saji-kun in his Dragon-King form. It has lots of tall buildings and we are at the road. This place is surrounded by flames where buildings and roads are destroyed.

……I can see the town that has turned into a sea of fire from up in the air. It’s fortunate that we don’t sense any presences around. There are no cars moving on the roads and there is no one walking either. It seems most of the evacuation here is finished.

“Gremory group!”

I hear a familiar voice and when I turn around, I see the girls from the Sitri group protecting a bus that has lost one of its wheels. –There are many children inside the car.

“How is the situation?”

Buchou asks the “Knight”, Meguri-san, from the Sitri group.

“We encountered the Hero faction while we were travelling on this road….. They began to attack us immediately after they found out we were the Sitri group. The bus received minor damage which stopped it from moving so we could only fight back…… And Kaichou, Fukukaichou, and Gen-chan have…….!”

Meguri-san says it with a voice mixed with a cry. …….What happened to Saji-kun!?

“Look at that!”

Rossweisse-san points to the direction to the right. We then see Saji-kun getting his throat grabbed by the huge man from the Hero faction, Heracles, on a street where there are many shops! Saji-kun’s body is covered in blood and it seems like he is about to lose consciousness. We also see Sona-kaichou who is on the ground and Shinra-fukukaichou who is fighting against Jeanne. Heracles throws Saji-kun away after finding him boring, and then steps on Sona-kaichou's back who is laying on the ground.


Sona-kaichou screams!

…..To step on a woman who is on the ground….! What an unforgivable action! Heracles laughs loudly.

“What is this? I was expecting more because you won the Rating Game match against the Arch-Duke, Agares. Is this it?”

“Don’t speak nonsense! You just focused your aim on the bus filled with children! Kaichou and Saji couldn’t give their all because they were protecting them! You are the one who made them do that!”

Shinra-fukukaichou says it with anger while crying. Her expression is that of anger and frustration. For Shinra-fukukaichou to show such expressions……. She must be really frustrated. And the reason for that is because Heracles aimed at the bus filled with children….? He attacked Kaichou and Saji-kun with such cowardly attacks…..! I was filled with anger after hearing of such a cowardly act. …….If Ise-kun heard that, he would go and hit Heracles without any moment to spare. …….The only enemies here are Heracles and Jeanne. I don’t see Cao Cao or Georg anywhere. Are they acting separately? Jeanne makes a sigh after pushing back Shinra-fukukaichou with a holy-sword.

“I did tell him that he shouldn’t, you know? Though I didn’t stop Heracles at all!”

Jeanne creates countless holy-swords on the ground in order to destroy Fukukaichou’s footpath! Jeanne attacks Fukukaichou with her sword who then loses her balance! I run to her immediately! I close my distance and block her strike with Gram.

“Can you stop already?”

I say it with a low voice. Jeanne gets astonished when she sees the weapon in my hand.

“……Gram!? Don’t tell me Siegfried is…..!?”

I have Gram and the other swords Siegfried had on my hips inside a sheath. After I defeated him, these demonic swords also accepted me as their new master. I never thought I would become the owner of demonic swords like that. I seriously can't predict what will happen when I am with this group.

“Heh! That guy must be quite pathetic for losing against these guys!”

Heracles just laughs. …….Looks like they don’t have that much passion for their comrades.

“……So the main members of the Hero faction are continuously getting taken down. We might end up being annihilated if we continue to get involved with the Gremory group.”

Another voice. –The one that appears with the mist is Georg, the mist user. …..Continuously getting taken down? Perhaps the boy who possesses the [Annihilation Maker] cannot fight anymore. It seems like he was forced to do a reckless thing back in the artificial dimension by Shalba Beelzebub. Georg then says.

“I’m sorry, Heracles. Jeanne. The black flame of Vritra over there was denser than I thought, so it took a while to dispel it into another dimension. It has been a while since I made a dimension for dispel. –Just like the legend says, it certainly had an ability with a strong curse and grasping. Damn Vritra.”

“Ha! Even though he is still inexperienced, you defeated one of the Dragon-Kings! As to be expected from a Longinus possessor, aye Georg!”

Heracles praises him. I see. So they defeated Saji-kun by Georg taking the control of the battle. I can understand Saji-kun of the Dragon-King being defeated by this Longinus possessor who also specialises in magic. ……On top of that it seems like they attacked the bus filled with children. I have Gram in my right hand and a Holy-demonic sword in left hand, and wielded two swords. The offensive aura goes towards Heracles and Jeanne. Both of them dodge it easily, but I get their guard down! I pick up Shinra-fukukaichou quickly and go to where Sona-Kaichou and Saji-kun are at.

“You are fast!”

A magic circle used for magic appears on Georg’s palm! I won’t let him use it! I made the holy-demonic sword disappear and then I make a command!

“My Knight troops!”

Dragon-Knight troops appear around me. I command them to take Sona-kaichou, Saji-kun, and Shinra-fukukaichou away. Yes! This is good! What’s left now is…..

Georg releases a huge fireball! A fire magic! I hold onto Gram with both my hands and cut the fireball in half! With Gram’s sharpness, this is a piece of cake! I don’t want to admit it, but in every aspects of durability, destructive power and sharpness they are superior to the swords I create. Seeing my action, Georg makes a comment of admiration.

“…..Strong. To save all your comrades while taking on three of us….. So this is the holy-demonic sword user, Kiba Yuuto. You are a bit in the shadow of Sekiryuutei, but Rias Gremory certainly possesses a terrifying Knight.”

“Thank you for your compliment…..Is that what I should be saying? I’m okay with being the shadow. Ise-kun is the hero. I only have to become the sword of Rias Gremory.”

Yes that would be enough for me. The ones who get the spotlight on the stage should be my master, Buchou, and my best friend, Ise-kun. I’m just the sword. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Are you okay!?”

Asia-san starts healing Kaichou and Saji-kun. A green aura is emitted from her, having her in the centre. A healing aura which has a wide range. Because of Asia-san’s personality, it heals both allies and enemies, but since there is quite a distance from the Hero-faction I don’t have to worry about that. Even if they try to attack her, me and my comrades will stop them.

“……A child was holding onto it very preciously…… The doll of Oppai-Dragon…….. If…….I let the children get hurt…… I can never catch up to him ever again……”

Saji-kun, who is barely conscious, says that while getting healed. He is shedding tears of regret.

-Saji-kun! You……endured this much…..only by seeing that……!

“Tsubaki. We will take care of them. Can I leave the evacuation of the children inside the bus to you?”

Buchou says it to Shinra-senpai. Fukukaichou looks at us, the enemies, and the children.


“Please, Fukukaichou. We will pay them back for what they did to you. We have inherited the feelings of you and Saji-kun.”

I say that. Yes, the thing Saji-kun wanted to protect is the same thing we wanted to protect. We can’t forgive the Hero-faction who attacked them. –We will finish them here.

“……Kiba-kun. Yes, I understand.”

Shinra-fukukaichou replies like that. This is good. With this, the children will be safe. What’s left is for us to defeat them.

“Kiba-kun used the power of good-looking guys on fukukaichou-san! You seriously can’t talk bad about Ise-kun!”

Irina-san is overreacting with joy….. Well I will let it slide for now. Xenovia takes a step forward.

“Now then, lets do it. My Durandal is reforged once again. It won’t be good if I don’t rampage with it.”

Xenovia takes the cloth off her weapon. What appears is Ex-Durandal which looks exactly the same. And it should have been reforged by adding “Excalibur Ruler” on top of it. I don’t see any differences in the shape of it……. Except the aura around it is completely different than before.

-The silent aura of the holy-sword that has been compressed was now enveloping the blade. In reality it is the hybrid of the True-Excalibur, formation of all seven Excalibur, and Durandal. The specs must be overwhelming.

“I also received something good as well!”

Irina-san draws the sword that she has on her hip. –Oh my. I didn’t realise it until she drew the sword out. The sword that Irina-san is carrying is……a holy-demonic sword!

Irina-san smiles when she sees my reaction.

“Yes. This is the mass produced holy-demonic sword produced from the holy-demonic sword Kiba-kun gave the heavens during the time when the alliance was being formed between the three great powers! This is one of the test types! It received quite a lot of customisation so the Angels can wield it. It isn’t as strong and it doesn’t have as much variety as Kiba-kun’s, but it is enough for an Angel to wield!”

So the Heaven's side has been creating such things. Because of the characteristic of the holy-demonic sword resulting from the absence of God, it can only be used away from the Vatican and Heaven. But it certainly is a good support. I feel like a parent who just witnessed the growth of their child. It looks like my holy-demonic sword is being useful to the alliance. Xenovia points her sword at Jeanne.

“I had some debts to repay to Siegfried, but it can’t be helped if Kiba and the others defeated him. –So I will help Irina instead with her payback.”

Irina-san agrees to Xenovia’s aggressive words.

“Yes yes! I’m going to have my payback for Kyoto! You are no good even if you are a person who inherited the soul of a saint!”

Irina-san also copies Xenovia and points her sword at Jeanne. …….I think they make a good team.

“Ara ara. Then can I also join in? –She probably has “that” so it will be better to have more people.”

It seems like Akeno-san will also be taking on Jeanne. Akeno-san must have stepped in because of the concern regarding “Chaos Drive”. We won’t know what enhancement Jeanne would get when she uses it. It’s a good judgement to take her on with several people. Six wings appear from her back after the two bracelets on her wrists glow in gold.

-It’s the Fallen-Angel transformation from before. Akeno-san said she needs the support of the bracelets to transform, but she wants to be able to transform without it in the future. The power sleeping within her must have awoken completely. Jeanne makes a smile full of confidence at the challenge she received from three of them.

“Hee, so three people are going to be fighting me. Also the Onee-san over there seems like she knows about “that”. Interesting! Balance-Break!”

When she says it with a strong voice, a Dragon made from holy-swords appears behind her. It’s the sub-species balance breaker of Jeanne’s [Blade Blacksmith]. It has a dense pressure like before. She’s not an opponent who you can have your guard down against. Even so, Xenovia makes her stance.

“This Ex-Durandal has the ability of all seven Excaliburs. If I master it, I will obtain an even greater power.”

It’s just like she says. It has each of the seven Excaliburs' abilities in it. If she gets used to it, it will have high enough specs to fight against Cao Cao’s Balance-Breaker. That’s what I thought……. But Xenovia then says it up front.

“Unfortunately I’m dumb. Even though I gained more techniques, I won’t be able to use them very well. That’s why I will be using this.”

Xenovia swings the Ex-Durandal. A huge crater is made in the ground along with the violent sound of an explosion.

“-It will be enough with the destructive powers of Excalibur and Durandal.”

Declaration of absolute destructive powers!

…….Xenovia, can you also pay attention to using techniques since you are also a [Knight]…… With the way she uses them, it seems like she could perform better than me. Xenovia makes a displeased face after she realises I am looking at her.

“Muu, Kiba. You thought I was a power idiot just now, didn’t you? But I have to say that the only one who specialises in techniques should be enough with just you. That’s why I will just aim for only destructive powers!”

Please hear me! Can you also pay attention to techniques!? Our group is filled with power-types and we lack technique-types! It’s wrong for the formation of our “party[3]” if I am the only technique-type! This is very serious! The lack of techniques in the Gremory group is very serious indeed! I could only feel uneasy for the future games! …….I should state this seriously to Buchou next time. –That I want her to raise another technique type that is.

“……The man who goes through the most hardship. Kiba Yuuto.”

Thank you Koneko-chan! I will try my best a bit longer then!

“Follow me then! A Devil, an Angel, and a Fallen-Angel! I sure am popular!”

Jeanne says it with joy and goes on top of her Dragon. The Dragon goes up the tall building nearby using its feet after its master lands on top of its back. Xenovia, Irina-san, and Akeno-san spread their wings out and fly after her. A violent clash happens in the air immediately! Those three should have an advantage in their fight against Jeanne. So the only ones left are Heracles and Georg. I then ask Georg.

“Why did you target the bus? Actually why are you in the capital?”

I couldn’t understand the reason for targeting the children. I didn’t think they would just target that bus. And why were they here in this city? Did they come to rob after the people were evacuated from here because of the monsters? That sounds unlikely…..

“I will answer the second question first. –It’s sight seeing. Cao Cao said he wanted to see how far those gigantic monster can go with his own eyes.”

-Georg answered. ……The reason they came here is for sight seeing. Or an escort for Cao Cao who wanted to look around.

……But Cao Cao himself isn’t here…… Was he watching like a VIP from somewhere? He sure is a creepy man like always.

“Then why did you target the bus?”

I ask him once again. Georg just sighs.

“We happened to encounter the bus by luck. Then we saw Saji Gennshirou of the Vritra and Sitri-group riding on the bus. They also know our faces. So we can’t help it if we get into a fight, right?”

…….So it was just an unfortunate encounter then? But Heracles makes a provocative smile.

“It’s also because I agitated him, you know? We met with that Vritra by chance. It’s lacking to only see the monster invasions. So I said “Fight me if you don’t want the children to get involved”. –So like that, the fight started.”

-! …….You started a fight……with a foolish reason like that…..? Saji-kun accepted to protect the children……! While I was getting filled up with anger…..

“I heard that the hero-faction is a gathering of heroes who are seeking to fight against the abnormals…… But it looks like there was scum among them.”

A man appears in front of us. A gigantic lion covered in golden fur. And the one bringing the lion with him is the man who has absolute power. A pure embodiment of “power” itself. The man who fought me, Xenovia and Rossweisse-san, and the one who forced Ise-kun to awaken the True-Queen with only his martial arts.


Buchou calls out the man’s name. –Yes, it is the entrance of Sairaorg Bael.

Part 3[edit]

I can’t remember what date it was, but Azazel-sensei made a certain comment.

“If there is someone out of the young Devils, including Rias’s group, who can fight against Ise head on and is further increasing his power, then there is only one person.”

Sairaorg Bael. The man who almost defeated Ise-kun and caused the awakening to True-Queen. He appears while bringing the huge lion, Regulus. He takes a step forward while having Regulus remain on a spot. He just said one short sentence.

“-I will go.”

Sairaorg Bael takes off his shirt. His body which has been trained magnificently shows up. The pure fighting spirit, Touki, is emitting from his body.

“I just finished taking down the old-Maou faction remnants who were making a ruckus in the capital. Then I saw a black Dragon….. Saji Genshirou in the distance. I only saw him in the video recorded in the game but I realised that it was him immediately. –And that he was fighting something great.”

Sairaorg Bael looks at Heracles. Heracles makes a smile of joy after seeing the fighting spirit of Sairaorg Bael.

“The next heir to the house of Bael huh. I know you. The talentless next heir who was born without the power of destruction which is the trait of the house of Bael. I hear that you can only fight with your body even though you are a Devil. Hahaha, it's my first time hearing of such an unreasonable Devil!”

Sairaorg Bael doesn’t change his expression even with Heracles’ taunt. A small insult like this means nothing to him compared to the insults he has been receiving for half of the time he spent in his life.

“The one who inherited the soul of the hero Heracles.”

“Yeah, that’s right Bael-san.”

Sairaorg Bael rejects Heracles while approaching him slowly.

“Looks like it was my misunderstanding. Someone as weak as you can’t possibly be a hero.”

Hearing that, Heracles’ face changes. His pride must have showed up after hearing that.

“Hee, I heard you had a hitting contest with Sekiryuutei. What a loser. If it’s a Devil, then it's demonic-powers. You can say that the embodiment of demonic-powers and supernatural phenomenon using demonic-powers is the way of the Devils. So what do we call you and Sekiryuutei then?”

No matter how much Heracles taunts him, Sairaorg Bael’s expression doesn’t change. But Heracles’ taunts still continue.

“I heard you have the Sacred Gear with the Nemean Lion that was defeated by the original Heracles. –It’s ironic that you met me then. You can’t beat me unless you use that you know?”

Sairaorg Bael answers Heracles with one sentence.

“Not using it.”


“I won’t use the garment of the lion against the likes of you. No matter how I look at you, I can’t think that you are stronger than Sekiryuutei.”

Sairaorg Bael just says that. Heracles laughs loudly after hearing that.

“Hahahaha! There is nothing I can’t blow up with my Sacred Gear! Even if you are covered in Touki, that is! It’s nothing against my Sacred Gear!”

Heracles jumps up!

His hand is covered with a dangerous aura! He grabs onto both of Sairaorg Bael's arms……. And starts an explosive attack! Heracles Sacred Gear's ability allows him to blow up things while attacking at the same time. –But Sairaorg Bael says it simply like this.

“I see. So this is it?”

His expression doesn’t change even as his flesh is ripped and blood begins to flow out. Heracles seems completely angry and the aura in both his hands increases!

“Hehehe, you sure know how to talk. Then how’s this!?”

He then thrusts his fists against the road. Then the road itself explodes and envelops Sairaorg Bael’s whole body!

Smoke, dust and ash completely cover the surroundings! The road where the two of them were standing is completely destroyed and has turned into rubble. Heracles makes a big laugh on top of the rubble.

“Hahahahahahahahaha! See that!? He died without doing anything! That’s why Devils who can’t use demonic powers are defective! What can you possibly do with only martial arts…..”

Heracles stops his sentence there. His expression changes to one of astonishment. That’s because there is a man standing in the middle of the road as if nothing happened! Sairaorg Bael who only has minor wounds with blood coming out is still wearing the same expression.

“-Is this it?”

Heracles backs down after seeing the touki of Sairaorg Bael which hasn’t even decreased a bit.

“…..Don’t underestimate me you shitty Devil!”

He says that, but he isn’t as confident as before. Sairaorg Bael finally makes his move towards Heracles. While emitting strong pressure, he is closing his distance from Heracles step by step.

“I was expecting a bit more because I heard you carry the soul of the hero Heracles….. Looks like my expectations keep on being betrayed.”

Heracles makes a stance with both his hands, but Sairaorg Bael disappears! He’s quick! He appears right in front of Heracles! He appears in front of his opponent on purpose! I can only be shocked by the way he fights his opponents!

“It’s my turn.”


A heavy, sharp and accurate fist gets thrusted into Heracles’ stomach. That single blow goes past Heracles’ body and destroys the building behind him.


Because of the destructive power he didn’t expect, his expression changes to that of confusion and then to that of extreme pain.


He kneels down on the ground and grabs his stomach with his hands. He spits out blood from his mouth. He must be feeling intense pain which can’t be described in words. I know that because I've also received this punch before. There is not a single person who can be unharmed after receiving that punch. It’s obvious he received critical damage. The situation changed with just a single punch…..

…….Rossweisse-san’s magic couldn’t even cause Heracles critical damage, but his punch does that easily. Sairaorg Bael then says it while looking down on Heracles.

“What’s wrong? That hit just now was just a normal punch. The Sekiryuutei who you made fun of didn’t even flinch for a single moment from that punch you know?”

Hearing that, Heracles makes a creepy laugh. He then stands up with an angry expression.

“…….Don’t screw around with me……! You damn mere Devil! You don’t have demonic powers! You don’t even use Sacred Gear! With just a normal punch….”

Heracles’ whole body glows! The light surrounding his body forms the shape of a missile. It’s Balance-Breaker! He shot those missiles in Kyoto and made Rossweisse-san have a hard time! A weapon which is everywhere on his body that has intense destructive powers!

“……you won’t be able to defeat me!!!”

While making a roar, he shoots the missiles in every direction! We also felt it would be dangerous so we made a stance to evade it. Many missiles hit various places in the city and violently destroyed many buildings, roads and public property! One of the missiles goes towards Sairaorg Bael head on!



Sairaorg Bael didn’t even dodge the missile created from the Sacred Gear, and he just hit it away with a punch! What kind of fist does he have? He just hit the missile away with ease…..! Once again I became shocked by the punching power of this person who is the next heir of the house of Great King. All the missiles directed at him are hit away with his fists. The missiles that are hit away crash into buildings and roads. One of the missiles shot is flying in the direction of where the children are! This is bad! If that hits….

But my worries ended there. That’s because Rossweisse-san stood in front of the children! Rossweisse-san blocked the missile completely by having a defence magic-circle in front of her! Her shield which was broken through back in Kyoto is now even more powerful!

“-This is a new defence magic. I am a [Rook], so I thought I should increase my defence which is the trait of a Rook. I learned many defensive magics in my homeland. By using my trait of defence and my magical attack, I am still able to endure against Balance-Breakers that specialise in destructive power. –Heracles. Your powers won’t work against me anymore. I will show you that I can block 10 times the power of that attack just now!”

The reason Rossweisse-san returned to her homeland was because she could increase her trait. She increased her defence by learning powerful defence magic. Rossweisse-san has once again increased her trait as a [Rook]. The Gremory group is getting even more powerful, Ise-kun! While I was getting happy with the power ups of my comrades, I then saw the children.

“Lion-san! Do your best!”

“Lion! Don’t lose!”

It was a cheer to Sairaorg Bael who is fighting against Heracles. Sairaorg Bael puts on an astonished face because he didn’t expect this. The children must know about Sairaorg Bael through the match against Ise. He then laughs happily.


Sairaorg Bael’s Touki increases even more.

“Those kids told me to “Do my best” and “Not to lose”. This seriously feels good, doesn’t it Hyoudou Issei? So this is the power you can receive from the children. –There’s not even the slightest chance you can win now, hero Heracles.”

“Don’t get all happy because of the kids saying stuff to youuuuu! You brainless Great-King!”

A fist gets thrust into the face of Heracles who is yelling. Heracles kneels on the ground while having blood flow out from all the holes in his face.

“…..What is it….with this punch…………”

The more he gets hit by the Great-King, the more scared he gets. It’s just a punch. But that punch digs a hole through his body and soul. –It’s so deep that it gets carved deeply into his soul.

“A person who can’t even get cheers from the children shouldn’t call himself a hero…..!”

Sairaorg Bael looks at Heracles with an expression filled with pressure. Heracles puts on a expression of despair as if he realised he can’t win both physically and mentally. But he gets something out from his pocket.

-A pistol type injection and Phoenix tear.

It’s [Chaos Break]! There is a chance that the battle will turn the other way around if he uses that! No, Sairaorg Bael would be able to take him on if he puts on the Balance-Breaker. But the increased destructive power would be able to destroy the entire landscape surrounding this place! And he also has the Phoenix tear! We don’t know how powerful Heracles would get after he recovers and uses the [Chaos Break]!

“D-Damn you!”

Heracles says that while putting the tip of the injection to his neck. But I can see that he is hesitant about it. Sairaorg Bael questions him.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to use it? Judging from it, it strengthens your body right? If you want to use it, then use it. If you become stronger by using that, then I will gladly accept that! I will still surpass you even if you use that!”

Heracles has a frustrated face. There are a few tears in his eyes because of frustration.

“Daaaaaaaaamn itttttttt!”

He throws the [Chaos Break] and Phoenix tear on the ground while howling with a cry! He then goes towards Sairaorg Bael head on.

……He actually discarded the [Chaos Break]……..! This is an unexpected turn of events! Sairaorg Bael makes a stance for the first time after seeing his opponent.

“Looks like you regained your pride as a hero at the last moment. –Not bad. But…..”

Sairaorg Bael uses his left fist to hit away Heracles’ punch and then covers his right fist with Touki.

“-Go down with this punch!”

He hits him in his stomach! A nice sound of a punch echoes throughout this area. Heracles goes down completely while losing consciousness. I then remembered what Ise-kun said. He said this after the match against Bael.

"Hey Kiba. Sairaorg-san is really a mysterious person. I think it is foolish to hit him face to face and dodging his attacks would be the most appropriate thing. –Even if I think like that in my head, I realise that I am fighting against him head on. That’s the kind of person he is. He makes you want to have a hitting contest with him. And there is no reason behind that."

Sairaorg Bael’s fist brings back the pride of the scum who fell so low. Sairaorg Bael who just defeated Heracles looks great in my eyes right now.

Part 4[edit]

Sairaorg Bael defeated Heracles and Akeno-san and the others are currently taking on Jeanne. So the only enemy left now is Georg. Though we certainly don’t know when Cao Cao will show himself……

I can see intense holy-lighting and sacred aura exploding near the tall buildings. It seems like the battle against Jeanne is still going on. The reason why the girls who have powered up haven't returned yet is probably because Jeanne used [Chaos Break]. Akeno-san and the other two would have been able to defeat Jeanne already if she was in her Balance-Breaker form. The battle is lasting longer than I expected. We have quite the man-power if we also include Sairaorg Bael. Even if Georg uses [Chaos Break], we still have a high chance of winning. Georg smiles after looking at the fallen Heracles.

“Strong. So this is the power of the current young Devils. Sairaorg of the Bael, and the Gremory group lead by Rias Gremory. I met with you guys a few days ago, but I never expected that you guys would have become even stronger….. At this rate, the vampire and nekomata over there probably also have more power than our data says.”

Georg looks at Koneko-chan and Gasper-kun. Well putting Gasper-kun aside, Koneko-chan didn’t get any exceptional power-up since we left the artificial-dimension. Her power-up will begin now. I heard her sister Kuroka, is going to begin teaching her how to use youjutsu and senjutsu. She's willing to be taught by her sister, who she has a stiff relationship with, so her determination must be very strong. Gasper-kun turns blue after being looked at by Georg.

“…….Gasper. What’s wrong?”

Buchou seems suspicious by the weird tension of her servant. ……Gasper-kun’s expression begins to break down and he eventually starts shedding tears.

……What happened to Gasper-kun?

“……I’m sorry everyone…… I…..I…..! I couldn’t get stronger……even though I went to the Grigori institute!”

-! Everyone gets shocked by Gasper-kun’s confession. He speaks while crying.

“I wanted to get stronger……so I could help everyone! ……I was told that I can’t get any stronger than this by the people at Grigori……”

“……I can’t even protect a girl….. I’m a shame for the boys in the Gremory group……!”

Gasper-kun breaks down crying……. So it was impossible for Gasper-kun to get stronger even at the Grigori? Georg sighs out of boredom in response to Gasper-kun.

“The late[4] Sekiryuutei won’t be happy after seeing his kouhai[5] in a pathetic condition like this.”

Gasper-kun who hears that looks up front, astonished.

“……The late…..Sekiryuutei?”

He looks around. The surroundings and at us. He still doesn’t know the reason why Ise-kun isn’t here.

“…….Where is Ise-senpai….? Isn’t Ise-senpai not here because he went to stop the gigantic monster……?”

“Gasper, Ise is…….”

Buchou tries to tell the truth to Gasper-kun who hasn't been informed yet, but Sairaorg Bael looks at Buchou and shakes his head. Buchou saw that and closed her lips. So they aren’t going to tell the truth on purpose then…..? What are Sairaorg Bael and Buchou trying to do…..! Georg didn’t realise the reaction of the two Kings, and begins talking to Gasper-kun while smirking.

“I see. So you still don’t know about it. Sekiryuutei died fighting against the Old-Maou faction…… No, there is no point in making up excuses now I guess. He died fighting against us the “Chaos Brigade”. Most likely from receiving the poison of Samael who is said to be the ultimate dragon-slayer. Well, we weren’t there to witness it so we don’t have an accurate account, but if Sekiryuutei died then that must be the reason.”

The hero-faction still doesn’t know that Ise-kun’s soul is wandering around the dimensional gap in that state. Normally Dragons would die after receiving the poison of Samael. Koneko-chan, Asia-san, and Rossweisse-san realise that Buchou isn’t telling the truth on purpose. Of course like me, they don’t know the reason why….. No, she probably isn’t…… I begin to understand why she isn’t telling the truth. Is Sairaorg Bael perhaps trying to awaken Gasper-kun’s……

Georg continues talking. The more Gasper-kun listens to him, the more his expression is changing to that of a dead person. ……It's painful to see my kouhai wearing an expression with such despair……

“You don’t have to worry about it. Even that Ophis and Hakuryuukou Vali were defeated by Samael. Even Sekiryuutei won’t be able to survive against that curse.”

Georg chuckles after saying that.


A single tear is shed from Gasper-kun’s eye. His whole body begins to shake, and his eyes begin to get shady. His thoughts must be filled with despair after hearing that the senpai whom he admired was killed. He looks down and becomes silent.

Gasper-kun is experiencing the same feelings of despair that we were feeling until earlier today.. A moment of silence. All of us couldn’t endure seeing him in such a state, and it happened as Koneko-chan tried to approach him.

He starts to lift his shivering body up. Little by little, he looks up as well. Gasper-kun has an expression that is not found on a living person…… I realise that I can feel chills running down my back. He opens his mouth and speaks a single word. His voice is low, and it sounds like a curse.

High school dxd v12 177.jpg


The moment after he says that, the surroundings are completely covered in darkness. The ground. The sky. The scenery. Everything is being enveloped by darkness. It’s so dark and cold that even the light has disappeared. Darkness is coming out of Gasper-kun’s body, and that is dyeing everything into black.

“…..What is this………!?”

Georg becomes shocked by the sudden change and begins to look around. Darkness. Darkness. Darkness. Darkness……. The buildings that were there before vanished as if they were just a hallucination, and everything except us turns into darkness.

“…..It’s out of control? Or is it a Balance-Breaker……? No, that isn’t it! The power of a vampire…..? But this is……totally on a different level……!”

Even Rossweisse-san who specialises in magic is shocked at this scene. …… It’s also my first time seeing an occurrence like this as well! It must be different from Balance-Breaker.

…..What is this dimension that is covered in darkness…..!? In the territory that turned into darkness, a weird humanoid appears and approaches Georg. It turns its head in a weird direction and begins shortening its distance with the mist-user by dragging its legs and rotating its shoulders. Its eyes are red. Very red eyes that are glowing very creepily……


It’s not Gasper-kun’s voice…..! This is a dangerous voice which includes all the emotions of anger, grudge, and cursing! Sairaorg Bael says it with his eyes open wide.

“…..I thought he would change if he got pushed with the death of Sekiryuutei. That’s because Gasper Vladi had the eyes of one with a past humiliation. I thought that through pushing him we could cause the release of his powers that even Grigori failed to unlock. I couldn’t believe that the organisation of that Governor had failed to awaken his powers without doing anything.”

It’s just like what he said. It’s weird that the Grigori who conducts so many experiments was unable to do anything about Gasper-kun. Just like Sairaorg Bael said, he must have been awakening to something but had to return because there wasn’t a catalyst to complete the awakening. Sairaorg Bael then says this to Buchou with serious eyes.

“Rias. The power sleeping within Gasper Vladi was something that surpassed our imagination. This is…… one kind of a monster. …….What kind of thing did you make into your servant….?”

“…..The reason why the noble house of Vampires, the house of Vladi, ignored Gasper was…..not because of [Forbidden Balor View], but because they knew about this power…..? They discarded him from the castle because……they feared him….?”

Buchou says it with a shivering voice. Gasper-kun who turned into a black thing…..put his hand forward. Georg realises it, and activates his magic circle. But his magic circle gets eaten by darkness.

“…..! What is this!? It’s not magic! It’s also not the power of a Sacred Gear! How did you break my magic circle!?”

Georg gets scared by Gasper-kun’s actions, and activates many offensive magic circles after stepping back! Many different spells with different attributes fall down on Gasper-kun! Even a very solidly built person will receive fatal damage if they receive that!

Countless numbers of red eyes appear in the darkness, and they make a mysterious glow. Then all the magic that was shot up in the air freezes. It’s [Forbidden Balor View]……. He stopped the attacks easily with it! And he made the eyes appear in various places….! The magical attacks which were frozen begin getting devoured by the darkness. The one who is the most shocked about this is Georg. His face begins to change into that of one who is very scared. The dark humanoid thing starts walking once again…… It has the presence and movements of a creature that doesn’t exist in the real world, and it moves closer to Georg. Georg then gathers mist into his hand. The Longinus [Dimension Lost]! Is he trying to defeat Gasper-kun with it!? He controls the mist to envelop Gasper-kun! But once again, his mists are devoured by the darkness around him……


……His voice isn’t the voice of Gasper-kun we know……. We can think that he has turned into a completely different being……. Even a High-Tier Longinus can’t stop Gasper-kun who became an endless darkness. More than that, the mist-user Georg can’t even put up a fight against him……! The mutation-piece which was used on Gasper-kun, I think I can understand the reason for it now. He has this much power inside him…..! In terms of potential abilities, he must have been the highest in our group. The match against Bael changed him. And this appeared with the shock of Ise-kun’s death…. And that form is in the shape of that darkness.

……Ise-kun. Perhaps the one who has the most potential for growth is Gasper-kun…… This is….. His appearance is on a level which surpasses our thoughts. He’s not a Devil or Dragon…… I don’t even know if we can classify him as a vampire either.

-Yes, that is a completely different being. Georg releases all the magic attacks and mist abilities he can think of at Gasper-kun. All of them get stopped by the eyes, and then devoured by the darkness. Even though his attacks were erased, he begins making a magic circle that is used to create barrier dimensions, but it loses shape because it also gets devoured by the darkness. The darkness around Georg moves and starts to mould into the shape of beasts. It looks like wolves, gigantic birds, and even Dragons. But none of them have a proper shape. One-eyed wolves. Five winged birds. Two mouthed Dragons. Spiders with more than ten legs….. All of them look like creatures that have surpassed the existing creatures. These abnormal monsters gather around Georg. Did Gasper-kun create them as well……!

“Ku! My mist…….! My magics aren’t working! What is he!? What on earth is he!?”

Georg’s expression is one of despair. No matter how you look at it, it’s Gasper-kun’s complete victory. No, can we even call this a battle…..? Isn’t he being attacked by an existence that surpasses normal existences? That’s how overwhelming it is.

“…..This is the true power of Gya-kun……”

Koneko-chan who can only stand there and watch is barely able to say that. The change in her friend certainly surpassed many things.

“Ku…… I have to retreat at once!”

Georg gives up on trying to take on Gasper-kun who's powers and abilities have surpassed anyone's thoughts, and he makes a magic circle appear below his feet.

-He’s trying to escape!

But it happened when his body was engulfed by the light of transportation. A black flame appeared from his body!

-This is!

I then look at Saji-kun. He has regained his consciousness, and is glaring at Georg while lifting his upper body up.

“……I won’t let you escape. You guys killed my friend. –There’s no way I will let you off the hook!”

Saji-kun puts his hand forward with a deep voice. The black flame around Georg turns into the shape of an enormous snake, and envelops him. Saji-kun’s Black Dragon-King’s flame. It’s said that it will continue being attached until the opponent’s life has been completely drained. Georg takes out a small bottle, phoenix tear, from his pocket. But the black flame also devours the small bottle.


Georg says that. The curse which he thought he had already removed wasn’t completely gone. Then the abnormal monsters made from darkness begin attacking him…….

The very powerful magician, who possesses a High-Tier Longinus is devoured by the darkness in silence.

When the darkness cleared, we had returned to the capital, Lilith, where we had been before. Gasper-kun is lying down. Georg is nowhere to be seen. …….Did he get devoured completely by the darkness?

I walk towards Gasper-kun and look at his face. He is just sleeping peacefully. I can’t even sense the slightest bit of danger from him now….. He must have fainted after using that power. Buchou holds him in her arms and pats his hair gently.

“……So many things occurred that I now need to question the Vampires. But Vampires hate Devils. I don’t know if the house of Vladi will answer me….. When I asked to speak with them previously, they refused me.”

Vampires. They take heed of classes even more than the Devils, and they classify between pure Vampires and ones below them completely. To make it simpler, there are basically no Vampires who take care of their comrades like the Gremory. They also don’t give an opportunity to the former humans like the current government of the Devils does. Absolute pure blood. Aristocratic society. The clan of the immortals. The rulers of the night. There are many strong people among them. Especially the day walkers who can move during the day, there are a very limited number of ways to defeat them, and the Devils can’t take them on easily.

“I heard an interesting story when I returned to Valhalla. –That a certain noble vampire house captured a Longinus possessor and that battles between Vampires began.”

Rossweisse-san says that. …..So something like that is happening……? Many things are happening while the Underworld is in danger.

“…..That is true, but you should also be careful with magicians from now on.”

Sona-kaichou who woke up says that.

“What do you mean?”

Buchou asks. Sona-kaichou continues after fixing the position of her glasses.

“…..The magicians’ principle of strength and talents. Among them Georg, who you just defeated, is a top-class magician. So it won’t be weird for the magicians’ council to take an interest in your group for defeating him. Your group is already famous for being strong to begin with. –The magicians….. The ones who use summoning spells, make a name for themselves by making contracts with Devils with power. Especially young Devils who have bright futures will be summoned for negotiations. Famous Devils already have a contract with someone or have high prices if they were to make contracts. So there are magicians who make contracts with young Devils that haven't been touched yet. –In the near future, they will definitely come and contact you.”

Magicians. They are also a troublesome existence in their own ways. Though the relations between Devils and magicians have existed since ancient times. …….So we will be seen as a contract target by them…….?

Then I felt it. I felt a presence behind me!

“Ara ara. Looks like Heracles was defeated. And also Georg…..? This is bad.”

The one who appeared is Jeanne! She has wounds everywhere, and she looks very tired. She’s holding something…..? When I looked carefully, she’s holding onto a small boy!

“Hold on! Jeanne!”

“That isn’t fair! To hold a child as a hostage!”

“…….She certainly fooled us. I never would have thought there was a parent and child who hadn’t evacuated yet.”

Judging from it, Akeno-san and the others were at an advantage…… But Jeanne escaped by taking the boy hostage? We confront Jeanne. She points the blade of the Holy-sword to the boy’s neck. …..It’s not something which I, a Devil, can say. But that’s a cowardly act.

“Such a coward.”

Sairaorg Bael said what I was also thinking. Jeanne then laughs because she finds it funny.

“It’s not something that Devils can say right? Though it sounds like someone such as yourself who has strong principles, the Shishiou[6] of the House of Bael. –Anyway I will have myself call Cao Cao. You guys are too strong for me to just run away. So this boy will be my hostage until Cao Cao comes. OK?”

Jeanne says that. …..It will certainly be hard if Cao Cao comes here. It feels likely with Sairaorg Bael here….. But we still don’t know if we can defeat that man with the holy-spear.

“Ara. You seem more quiet than I thought boy. Can’t say anything because you are too scared?”

Jeanne says that after looking at the boy who she has hostage. Just like she said, the boy seems like he isn’t scared. The boy then says it with a smile.

“Nope. I’m not scared at all. Because Oppai Dragon will be coming very soon.”

…. His words didn’t have any fear in them and he seems very relieved.

“Fufufu. Too bad, boy. Oppai Dragon died. This big sister's friend defeated him. That’s why Oppai Dragon can’t come here anymore.”

Jeanne says that, but the boy hasn’t lost his smile. …….Why? How can you still smile like that even in this situation…..?

“It’s okay. I made a promise in my dream. When I was sleeping because I was scared of the big monster, he appeared in my dream.”

…..Dream? He saw a dream about Ise-kun? The boy said happily and energetically.

“He said he will come here soon so I shouldn’t cry. He said he will definitely return when we make a magic chant!”

He then uses his index finger to draw a circle in the air.

“I have to draw a circle like this, and press the middle like this! Zoom zoom iyaan! He said he will definitely return when I do this! Everyone else saw the same dream as well! Ferrer-kun and Tullas-chan also saw the same dream as me! The children in the other class also saw the same dream! Everyone saw the same dream!”

Everyone saw the same dream? All the children saw the same dream? Dream about Ise-kun? I was in doubt, and the boy looks up the sky and sang. –The song is a song made for him and the children who love him.


Then it happened. A sound was heard from the sky of the capital. When I looked up, a dimensional crack was seen in the sky. Then “that” appeared from the crack. I felt that aura of his that I dearly missed.

This is certainly…… the return of the children’s hero.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Very formal way to say mother
  2. Nine-tailed fox
  3. game reference of a group
  4. deceased
  5. junior
  6. The King of Lion

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