High School DxD:Volume 12 Life -2

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Life.-2 Pal[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It’s late at night. The six of us, Buchou, Akeno-san, Asia-san, Koneko-chan, Ravel-san and I, arrived at the location written on the memo Grayfia-sama gave us. After that, I told Buchou about the things I learned, and I was able to get her out of her room. I also said to the other members what Grayfia-sama told me, and I was somehow able to get them to come as well. Everyone came here with me as if they were relying on a medicine.

……This town is in the human world and is about 8 stations away by train from the town we live in. An abandoned building located outside of town that was devoid of people. They say that this is one of the hideouts of Ajuka Beelzebub in the human world.

…..I never imagined or sensed that he would have been here. It wouldn't even be a funny joke if I was to estimate that person though. We took a step inside the abandoned building. The lobby in the first floor had lots of people. It seemed like young males and females were talking with each other, splitting into groups.

…..They aren’t Devils. That’s because I don’t sense even slight demonic-powers from them, but I do feel something weird from them. Everyone here had an atmosphere that people with unique power have. One of the groups realised we were present, and they took out their mobile phones and directed them at us. One of the men put on a serious face and got shocked.

“……Those guys are Devils. And what is it with these insane “levels” and “ranks”……!”

With his words, everyone in this lobby took out their mobile phones and directed them at us.

…..Everyone had their eyes dragged to their mobile phone monitor, and they all had a serious expression. They recognised that we are Devils. And from my judgment, do those mobile phones have the function to measure certain powers……? Then what came to my mind was the personality of Ajuka Beelzebub. His hobbies. I hear that, that person creates “games” in the human world and manages the company. Are those mobile phones a tool which have something to do with it? I think they found out who we are by using it.

…..Getting too much attention doesn’t feel good….. We should leave here quickly and find Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. I don’t think they will assault us….. When I felt that way, a person with the same aura appears from the end of the lobby.

“I am very sorry. Just like it says, this is one of the “lobbies” which are part of the gaming industry…..”

A woman wearing a suit. I can understand that she is different from the others. –She is a Devil. She points at one of the lifts after bowing her head down at us.

“This way. –Ajuka-sama is waiting at the roof.”

We arrived at the roof by using the lift. The place we were escorted to by the lady Devil is a spacious garden on the rooftop. It's filled with plants. Not just grasses and flowers, but there are also trees growing out. There's also a water fountain. Maybe because it is late at night, but the wind is cold. Only the moon is acting as light, but for us Devils, we can see clearly on this rooftop. The woman bows her head and then leaves. –Then at the same time, someone talked to us.

“The Gremory group. Never thought you would be coming as a group.”

When I looked that way, there was a seat and chair located in the middle of the garden. There is one young man sitting on the chair. A man with a mysterious atmosphere and beauty.


Buchou took a step forward and called the name of the man. Yes. This person is Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama speaks, holding the teacup within his hand.

“I heard the story. Seems like you were dragged into something serious. No. Looks like it’s nothing new to your group. Your group is famous for receiving assaults like that.”

Buchou walks towards Ajuka-sama.

“There is something I would like Ajuka-sama to have a look at.”

Buchou tries to take out Ise-kun’s evil pieces from her pocket.

“Hou, something you want me to see? ---But looks like that will have to happen afterwards.”

Ajuka-sama signals Buchou to stop with his hands and then looks at the end of the garden.

“Looks like we have guests besides you.”

With Maou-sama’s words, we also realised their presence as well. People besides us were present in this garden. The ones that appeared from the darkness are……Devils just like us.

“Never thought you would be in a place like this in the human world, the impostor Maou, Ajuka.”

…..There are several men who have a tremendous amount of aura. I can sense that they have the powers of High-class Devils or higher. They are quite skilled. I also know who they are because they called Ajuka Beelzebub-sama an “imposter Maou”. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama makes a bitter smile.

“I think it’s the charm of the old-maou faction that it is easy to tell who you are just by hearing you speak once.”

“I’m also here.”

I also heard a familiar voice from the darkness. The one who also appeared was the white-haired youth, Siegfried. Khaos Brigade. He took a glance at us and looked at Maou-sama once again.

…..Seeing that, there is something coming from within my body…… I’m trying hard to keep that down. …..Not yet. I still can’t. I will release it afterwards.

“……The ones who killed “him”……”

Akeno-san who is behind me has her killing intent even higher. Dangerous aura is coming out of her body. Her will to fight rose after knowing who the enemy is. Of course. They are basically the ones who we have to seek revenge against for Ise-kun. The girls in the Gremory group won’t be dispirited and have their intent to kill down, when the ones who are responsible are right in front of them. Only Asia-san has tears flowing out with regrets saying “Why did Ise-san have to get involved in the quarrel between the Underworld governments…..?”.

….Asia-san. I think he would jump into dangerous places if he finds out that the ones he loves and the children of the Underworld are in danger. That is the Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei.

…..But this doesn’t match up. Weren’t the Old-Maou faction and The Hero-faction supposed to be enemies? I am suspicious of this pairing.

“First time meeting you Ajuka Beelzebub. I’m Siegfried from the Hero-faction. And these gentlemen here are the staff from the previous Maou faction who are cooperating with the Hero-faction.”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama gets greeted by Siegfried. …….So there are Old-Maou faction members who allied with the Hero-faction huh. It really is a complicated organisation.

“I know you. You are a former warrior from the Church, correct Siegfried-kun? You had your name at the top ranking. You were a threat to us before the alliance of the three big powers. If I remember correctly your nickname is Chaos-edge Sieg. ---So what business do you have with me? I already have guests as you can see. I will hear your business then.”

Maou-sama questions quietly while folding his hands on the table. ……Apart from Siegfried, the Devils from the Old-Maou factions are flowing with an aura of hostility. They are planning to attack if Ajuka Beelzebub-sama says a single word that would disturb them. Though this person is still behaving with elegance when he understands the current situation. This person has a different confidence from Sirzechs-sama.

“It’s about the thing we asked you about before. ---How about we make an alliance, Ajuka Beelzebub.”

-! All of us here became shocked!

……I never expected the terrorists would come and ask for an alliance with the current Beelzebub. Siegfried continues on.

“Even though you are part of the Yondai-Maou, you have a different ideology compared to Sirzechs Lucifer and also have your own authority. And your research relating to abnormal things surpasses others. I hear that you can gather the same number of people as the ones that cooperate with Sirzechs.”

I have also heard those rumours. The current Maou government is split into 4 groups, and each group is maintained by faction members of each Maou. The factions with most authority within the four groups are Sirzechs-sama’s faction and Ajuka-sama’s faction. Each faction is cooperating now to maintain the current government, but for simple matters they are against each other and it comes up in the news. From the broadcasts, they have mainly different views on technology organisation. Hearing Siegfried, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama makes a sigh.

“I’m certainly a Maou, and I move with my personal thoughts. I have thrown away Sirzechs' requests numerous times. From the sides, it might look like I’m against Sirzechs' ideals. The “Game” I’m currently working on is also part of my hobby.”

Siegfried makes a bitter smile at his words.

“We got in serious trouble because of those hobbies.”

…..Judging from their conversation, the game created by Ajuka Beelzebub-sama is interfering with “Khaos Brigade’s” actions……?

“I can say the same to you.”

When Maou-sama said that, Siegfried shrugs his shoulders.

“What attracts us the most about you is that you are the only Devil who could compete against “that” Sirzechs Lucifer. I hear that you and Sirzechs Lucifer are irregular Devils who are envied greatly and feared by the descendants of previous Maou. If one of you joins us, then we can’t ask for anymore man power than that.”

Hearing Siegfried’s opinion, Maou-sama put his hand under his chin. He seemed a bit interested.

“I see. It might be interesting if I become a terrorist and oppose Sirzechs. Seeing his shocked face might be worth it.”

…..Is he serious? I can’t tell what his intentions are…. But he looks very pleased.

“We will also give you the information and research reports to you as well. For someone like yourself who only makes new things, I can guarantee that this report will be something very worth your while.”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama nods even more at Siegfried’s sweet words.

“I see. The information and research reports “Khaos Brigade” has. Yes, it certainly does seem charming.”

I couldn’t tell whether he was joking or being serious........ Ajuka Beelzebub-sama closed his eyes once and then opened them, then he clearly said.

“---But I don’t need it. To me, the alliance with you does seem appealing, but it’s something I have to decline.”

Siegfried didn’t change his expression even though he was declined. …..Though the Devils around him make their killing intent even higher. Siegfried asks.

“I want to ask you the reason in detail, but I will make it simple. –Why not?”

“The reason why I can concentrate on my hobbies is because Sirzechs considers all of my will as well. He…. No. I have had a long relationship with him. He’s the only one who I can call my friend. That’s why I know him better than anyone, and he knows me better than anyone. I only became a Maou because he became a Maou. That’s how Sirzechs and my relationship goes.”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama and Sirzechs-sama have known each other for a long time. In other words, they were rivals when they were young. I think there are “things” only the two of them understand. That thing is absolute to Ajuka Beelzebub-sama, and he easily rejected the offer of the terrorists. Siegfried nods without changing his expression. I think he knew the answer he would have got from the beginning.

“I see. A “friend” is the reason you decline us, and I can’t understand that reason, but I do understand that there are ways to decline like that.”

Siegfried makes a sarcastic smile. The Old-Maou faction Devils become noisy.

“That’s why I told you! This man! This man and Sirzechs control the Underworld for their own purpose! No matter how much technology he has brought to the Underworld, we cannot let a Maou who is addicted to playing around rule any longer!”

“Now is the time to be eliminated! Annoying fraudulent existence! We, who have inherited the will of the true Maou, will eliminate you!”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama smiles at the words of anger he has received.

“Phrases that I hear often. Are you people perhaps saying this to all the people related to the current government of the Underworld? Words that are filled with anger. There isn’t any elegance nor am I interested in them. –In other words, I find you boring.”

“Are you making a fool of us Ajuka?!”

They are about to blow up. No. This would be the start of the battle. They know our faces as well, so we get ready for battle. But…. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama unfolds his hands which are on the top of the table. He put one of his hands forward and creates a magic-circle.

“I know that it is pointless to talk to you. It can’t be helped. I will do my job as a Maou, which I haven’t been doing for a while. –I will eliminate you all.”

[[[Don’t fuck around!]]]

The enraged Devils from the Old-Maou faction released huge amounts of demonic-powers at the same time! It’s something which we will receive fatal wounds from if we were to be hit by them! Maou-sama doesn’t even flinch and just controls the small magic-circle within his hand. The Devil words and formula move at very high speed.

Their attacks are about to hit……. And then! The moment it was about to hit, they all flew in different directions. Seeing that, the Devils from the Old-Maou faction are shocked! Ajuka Beelzebub-sama is still sitting on his chair like before.

“You came here knowing about my ability right? Did you actually think that if it was your demonic-powers, then it will work against me? Or are you shocked because it ended like this even though you powered up yourself? Either way, it’s impossible for you guys.”

The Old-Maou faction guys are shocked at Ajuka Beelzebub-sama’s words. This is just my guess, but they must have strengthened themselves. Sirzechs-sama and Ajuka Beelzebub-sama are heroes who have fought in the front line and were the aces of the anti-Maou faction. Both of their legacies are known throughout the Underworld. Sirzechs-sama has the absolute power of destruction to terminate things. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama is said to have an absolute technique where he can control all phenomenon with just equations and formula. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama changed the directions of the opponents attack with his own demonic powers. The faces on the Devils from the Old-Maou faction are that of those who are in fear. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama continues on.

“From my point of view, all the phenomenon and abilities that occur in this World have rules and laws in them. I am able to get an answer by filling in the equations. I have liked calculations since I was a child. That’s why my demonic-powers became specialised in those areas. Look. I can do things like this.”

Maou-sama looks up to the sky. We and also the Old-Maou faction Devils who are in doubt also look up…….

Little by little, a sound which is cutting through the wind is getting louder. The thing which is coming from the sky is the demonic-power attacks which lost their directions! The demonic-powers which start raining from the sky attack the Devils!


One of them perishes without making a noise. The ones who dodged them before they were hit are pursued by the demonic-powers which changed its direction! They get shocked when they see their attacks coming after them!

“So you have controlled our attacks!”

“I can also do this.”

Maou-sama moves the Devil letters and equations in the small magic circle even faster. That magic-circle must be customised and have an equation problem that can calculate the phenomenon. The block of demonic-powers coming after them turn into many bullets. While other ones get more simplified and start going after them.

-For him to control and change the shape of a block of demonic-powers released by others….. And with a fast velocity. All the attacks start going after them.

……The speed also increases when it is going after them! He can actually control other people’s powers like his own hands, and he can even make it stronger…..!

“D-Daaaaamn yooooouuu!!”

They realised that they can’t run away from it, so they once again release an offensive aura from their hands. From the quality of it, it has the same power as the one they shot earlier…… No, it is even more powerful. But the attacks controlled by Ajuka Beelzebub-sama easily break through their attacks and pierce through their bodies. Demonic-powers that were split into many bullets created huge holes in their bodies.

……He even increased the power of the attacks he gained control of! He changes the direction of the attacks coming after him, and he uses the formula to take control of them. On top of that he can change the shape, the velocity and the power of it.

“……So this is the power of this man’s [Kankara formula]……”

“To have this much power with moving only slightly……. How much power do you and Sirzechs possess…….”

The Devils from the Old-Maou faction say that, and go down with the expression of having regrets. So this is the power of Ajuka Beelzebub. Just like they said, Maou-sama stopped their assaults without showing his true powers. After all, that person hasn’t got up from his chair. His powers make me feel something beyond fear. His opponents weren’t weak at all. Even so, he eliminated them without making them do anything by only moving his hands…… I can understand why this person and Sirzechs-sama are said to be in a different class among Devils. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama then looks at the only one left, Siegfried.

“Now the only one left is Seigfried-kun from the Hero-faction. What will you do?”

He just shrugs his shoulders.

“I still have an ace up my sleeve, so I’m thinking about retreating after using that.”

…...I can feel something flowing within me when I saw Siegfried’s smirk. I think this is my fury. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama gets interested at Siegfried’s words.

“Hou, that truly interests me. –But.”

He then looks at me.

“The Gremory’s “Knight”-kun over there. You have been giving off a nice killing intent towards him since before.”

Maou-sama has sensed my will to fight. Ajuka Beelzebub-sama says it to Siegfried while clicking his fingers.

“How about you become his opponent? By the looks of it you are acquainted with this person from the Hero-faction. This building and roof garden are very sturdy. It won’t break down even if your attacks are done with great force.”

…..I couldn’t wish for more. The truth is, I can’t control myself unless I release this feeling I have within me to someone. I took a step forward.


Buchou asks me with wonder at my actions.

“…..Buchou, I’m going. If you are going to fight alongside me, then please take care of me.”

I just told her that and continued walking forward while creating a single holy-demonic sword in my hand.


When I heard that you won’t be returning, what came to my mind was the thing you said to me.

-Hey Kiba. Let’s make a promise that if one of us dies, we will fight for everyone else even harder to honour that loss.

On the day we were training, Ise-kun suddenly said that to me.

“What are you saying. We both will have to survive.”

I replied like that. I remember Ise-kun made a big smile when he heard that. He then continued on like this.

-I know. I also don’t have the slightest intention of dying. Even so, we end up fighting strong foes. There were battles where it wasn’t weird for us to have died.

-That’s why we won’t know what will happen from now. That’s why I thought we should make a promise now if that happens. If one of us dies, then we will fight for everyone even harder for that loss.

-Ah! I will repeat myself, but I don’t have any intention of dying! I still haven’t taken the virginity of the woman I love!

-Also I will hate it if you die as well. I will hate it if my pal dies.

Yeah, you are right. I hate losing my pal.

Ise-kun. You always said that you would return safely. But you didn’t come back.

After losing you, I tried to support the group in my own way. That’s because the girls knew that their hearts wouldn’t last if they lost you. That’s why I thought I would keep my feelings inside me and act calmly. That’s because that was our promise.

But I’m at my limits. I won’t be able to keep my feelings down, if the opponent I truly detest is standing right in front of me……..! That’s because I lost my important friend because of their stupid plans…..! My best friend ... The first friend I made after being born in this world. They took him away from me……

I can’t forgive them!

That’s why Ise-kun. Let me spit out my personal feelings. I made a stance with my holy-demonic sword, and I see the sworn enemy with my eyes filled with hatred.

“Siegfried. I’m sorry but I’m going to release this anger I have within me at you. Because of you people, my dear friend became someone who can't return. ---It is a pretty good reason for you to die.”

Having my killing intent directed at him, Siegfried smiles.

“I can sense a pressure from you that never showed before….. Interesting. But it looks like I have quite a lot of ties with you Gremory group. I never imagined that I would meet you in a place like this. Well who cares. ----Now then. Let’s settle this, the closest Knight-kun friend of Sekiryuutei.”

Four dragon arms appear from his back. –It’s his Balance Breaker. He showed it without hesitation. He draws all of his demonic-swords with his four hands. Having the dragon-slayer sword within my hand, I dashed from where I was standing!

I got closer to him instantly and did a single strike at him. He easily blocked it with only one of his demonic-swords! Impressive. He has a grasp of my movements. Fighting for a long time will be to my disadvantage. I need to finish it with dragon-slayer quickly.


Blocking my strike, Siegfried narrows his eyes, and he appears to be thinking about something. When I became in doubt, he nods and then made a sigh.

“If I fight you in this situation, I can’t avoid receiving a critical hit even if I win. That’s how much your skills have improved. Even if I beat you, I will definitely lose my life if I receive an attack from Rias Gremory and Himejima Akeno. It won’t be a bad thing to run away from here now but…… If I were to run away against the Gremory group without doing anything and also failing to negotiate with Ajuka Beelzebub, then I wouldn’t look good to my comrades and the people below me. This certainly is a difficult situation. I especially don’t find it amusing to be laughed at by Hercules and Jeanne.”

Siegfried complains by himself and he then searches within his pocket. –What he takes out is a pistol. No, it is a bit different. Judging from the sharp tip, is it an injection-type syringe? Siegfried then puts the needlepoint to his neck. He then makes a sarcastic smile.

“This is something that was completed with the help from the old-Maou Shalba Beelzebub. In other words it’s a doping drug. ---For the Sacred Gear that is.”

“So you are going to strengthen your Sacred Gear then?”

He nods at my question. …..So they have been researching for things like that huh. I also know they experimented with Ophis’s snake by having it on the Sacred Gear and forcing out different types of traits. Siegfried then says it.

“What will the result be if we were to inject ourselves with the blood of the true-Maou who is the arch enemy in the Bible of the God who created the Sacred Gears? That was the theme of the research. With quite a number of sacrifices and lots of data collected, it was able to fuse between the Sacred item and deep devilishness.”

……Blood of a Maou! And someone who inherits the blood of True-Maou…… They altered it and made an item that enhances the Sacred Gear. Was that their plan? Siegfried then looks at Gram which he is holding onto.

“Naturally I should be able to defeat you with this Demonic-Emperor-sword Gram….. Unfortunately I am chosen by this sword but you can say that I am also cursed by it. Kiba Yuuto. You can understand what I mean right?”

Like he said, I can understand what he meant.

Why didn’t Siegfried use the Ultimate demonic-sword, Gram?

If it is like what the legend says, the Demonic Emperor sword Gram has incredible sharpness. –It covers itself with offensive aura, it’s so sharp that it can cut through anything. You can call it the demonic-sword version of Durandal. The other trait is its “Dragon-Slayer”. This sword has slain one of the Five-Dragon-Kings, Gigantis Dragon Fafnir(Though Fafnir was later revived by the Norse Gods). In other words it has the two traits which is a sharpness able to cut anything and also the dragon-slayer. That is Demonic-Emperor sword Gram. To make it simpler, it has the traits of Durandal + Ascalon. If we include these traits and also its owner, Siegfried, it truly is an irony.

Siegfried’s Sacred Gear is a sub-species of [Twice Critical]. It’s Balance-Breaker is also a sub-species. His Sacred Gear is said to be a dragon-type Sacred Gear, and just like the name implies, it has the traits of a Dragon. He won’t have a problem wielding Gram if it’s Twice-Critical in basic state. But it will be a different story if it is a Balance-Breaker which skyrockets his abilities. The more he increases his abilities, the more his relationship with Gram worsens. The more Siegfried releases his true ability, the more harmful effects it has on him because of Gram’s Dragon-slayer ability which will terminate Siegfried himself.

The reason why Ise-kun, who is a Sekiryuutei, can put Ascalon inside his gauntlet as if it is nothing is because of the help from the Heavens and that his Sacred Gear is an exception. Even though Siegfried’s Sacred Gear is a sub-species, it is not an exception.

Even though he was chosen by the Ultimate Demonic-sword, his ability wasn’t blessed by the Demonic-Emperor sword. Irony…… You can call it foul play by destiny.

Right now in front of me, there is a man who is being tested by the Sacred Gear system created by the God from the Bible.

Siegfried then starts to spin around Gram.

“…..In Balance-Breaker state like this, it is a good demonic-sword with good balance if I completely shut down its offensive aura. Though if I do that, I won't be able to release its full potential. But if I release its powers….. I will receive fatal wounds by my own sword if I am in a Balance-Breaker state. This sword here isn't concerned about its master’s body.”

If he was to use Gram, then it would be when he isn’t in Balance-Breaker. “Five demonic-swords(Including suppressing Gram’s power) + One sword of light + Twice-Critical Balance-Breaker)” and “Three demonic-swords including Gram with its full power(Twice-Critical base state)”. In this situation and also back at the artificial-dimension, which one would be better to use against us? The answer would be former.

“Yes. If I want to fight using Gram, then I have to fight in my normal state. But comparing with the Balance-Breaker six-swords style, it won’t cope with it. And that becomes more obvious in a battle against you guys. ---I won’t be able to fight against you guys properly if I don’t use Balance Breaker. But it will be a different story if I can use the Demonic-Emperor sword Gram while in Balance-Breaker.”

Siegfried injects the contents of the pistol into his neck.

There was a silence.

….Then Siegfried’s body reacts. His body starts to react even more, and his body started to change.


While making a weird and dull sound, the four arms growing from his back become thicker. Each of his fingers start to crumble and merge with the swords they are holding onto. And Siegfried himself starts to change. His expression becomes hard and there are veins on his face. His muscles start to move as if he is a different creature, and the hero-faction uniform he is wearing gets torn. A monster who has four arms that became gigantic which can almost touch the ground. He no longer looks like an Asura. He now looks like a spider monster. And the enormous pressure and creepy aura isn’t normal. While having cramps on his face, he smirks.

[—[Chaos Drive]. That’s what we call it. We call this doping injection a [Chaos Break]. We took the part of the name from “Balance-Breaker” and “Juggernaut-Drive”.]

A low and deep voice. ……Even his voice has changed.

“Marvellous. Humans can create things which surpass Devils and Angels at times. I really think that humans are the ones with the most potential.”

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama says that.

…..Yes. Even though they are humans, they can enhance things created by the God this much and they even use the blood and flesh of a Maou. I can understand why humans get abnormal powers.

-Humans make their desires evolve even more.

Monster…. No. Siegfried who has turned into a demon takes a step forward.

…..That action alone changed the atmosphere of this rooftop garden and miasma is formed. The [Twice Critical] which has four thick arms has merged with the demonic-swords.

-He’s coming!

That’s what I though, and I moved forward rather than observing his attack.

The place I was standing before had whirlwinds, ice pillars, and a crack on the ground. His combo attacks with each of his demonic-swords! If my judgement was even slightly slower, my body would have been cut into pieces!

-! I sensed chills from ahead of me, so I changed my Holy-demonic sword into a Holy-sword and materialised my knight troops. I used them to jump up in the air. Then enormous amounts of aura went past by the place I was standing before! My knight-troops which I used as my stepping stone perished without a trace. I looked at Siegfried from up in the sky. He used Gram.

-So that is the strike of Gram! Even though I dodged it, the offensive aura pierced through me and I feel pain throughout my body! If I get hit by that directly, my body will perish completely. He shot that aura out without charging his sword. And it has the same destructive power as Durandal. No, since it didn’t have charging time, it is more dangerous than Durandal. I would like to be glad at the fact that it doesn’t have the power of holy in it but with that much power in it, I can’t be relieved.

I dropped down on the rooftop and changed my holy-sword back to a Holy-demonic sword and closed my distance with him. I released my slash at him from the sides, but he easily blocked with one of his demonic-swords……

Sword techniques from each of his four arms have destructive powers and it would destroy my body easily if I receive the attacks head on. The sword of light Siegfried is holding with his left hand is the only sword which isn’t a demonic sword. I can make it perish if I use a holy-demonic sword which devours light…… But I won’t be able to eliminate the five demonic swords that easily.

The sword fight between me and Siegfried dragged on for a while. I attack with high-speed leaving a mirage, but he blocks it with his demonic-swords. ……. His dragon-arms became bigger so my target should have become much easier, but even so he still blocks my attacks.

At times, the Gram which he is holding with his right hand is covered with a dangerous aura when he slashes it towards me. Even if it doesn’t hit me directly; my body is damaged by Gram's offensive aura.

The waves of Gram which didn’t hit me continue to go past me. The rooftop garden is turned into dry soil because of the violent waves from Gram. The reason why this building is still safe is because Ajuka Beelzebub-sama used demonic-powers to strengthen this building. If it was a normal building, Siegfried’s Gram would have destroyed it numerous of times.

-! Then five demonic-swords came slashing towards me! I dodged them while creating a holy-demonic sword at the tip of my foot, and I use that to kick under his arm! Of course this is a dragon-slayer sword! If this hits him, this situation will reverse!

It hit him….. That’s what I thought, but my holy-demonic sword crumbled while making a sound of metal breaking down. ……Are you telling me that the hardness of his body surpasses that of my holy-demonic sword…..!

Seeing that, Siegfried makes a fearless smirk.

[Looks like my strengthened body surpasses that of your dragon-slayer holy-demonic sword.]

Siegfried grabbed the foot I used to kick with, and threw me up in the air…..

….A moment of floating. I can imagine easily that his attacks will come after this. –I then get slammed to the ground!

His intense power slams me violently on the ground. Then a single swing of a demonic-sword comes down at me. –I felt a heavy shock to my body and it feels like my whole body is getting crushed on the floor. The shock pierces through me, and it creates a crater on the floor.

I can hear the noises of cuts through out my body…..

……! With intense pain which I can’t describe with words, I almost lose my consciousness. I threw up the thing coming up from inside my stomach. Lots of blood vomit came out from my mouth and it makes the green garden turn red.

…..With the shock of being slammed down and the strike from a single demonic-sword, the shivers on my body aren't stopping now. I have serious damage in every part of my body…… I can tell many of my bones are broken.

……But I still can’t lose yet. I tried hard to keep myself conscious, and I stood up and moved my legs. After retreating from that position, I fixed my stance and went slashing at him once again! Siegfried uses his two demonic-swords to easily stop my attack by making a cross.

[For someone like you who has a weak defence, didn’t the attack just now injure you quite a lot?]

Siegfried laughs with a deep voice.

…..Well, yes it has. I don’t have any strength in the hand I’m gripping onto my sword with. While having his swords in a cross, he pushes it against me. My body flew backwards, and my legs became wobbly a bit.

……There isn’t any strength in my legs. At this rate, I will go down. I gather all the strength in my body and move it to my legs. The moment I thought my legs stopped shaking…..

My legs become covered by ice……! Damn it! He froze me with his ice demonic-sword! I tried to melt down the ice by changing my sword into a fire holy-demonic sword. But……

Two ice pillars which grew from the ground pierce through both my thighs. Siegfried then swings down another demonic-sword at me. I twitched my body because my legs were sealed, and I create many holy-demonic-swords in front of me to use them as a shield. But those holy-demonic swords get destroyed and it completely cuts down my left arm from my shoulder……

…….Even though he cut off my arm, I used the fire holy-demonic sword to melt down the ice and I jumped backwards.

……From the wounds, so much blood came out. I changed my sword into a ice holy-demonic sword, and I froze the wounds on my shoulder and the holes on my thighs.

……It’s only a temporary treatment, but the blood should stop with this…….

…..I can feel intense pain throughout my whole body. I have holes on both my legs and I am kneeling down on the floor pathetically. ……My proud legs turned out like this.


Buchou calls my name with a painful expression. She’s holding onto Ise-kun’s evil-pieces with both her hands and it seems she is desperately waiting for something.

…..Buchou. Even if you rely on Ise-kun like that, he can’t come here you know? ……What point is there if you don’t stand up? If you lose the will to fight, it will affect the whole group. Because of that, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan are worryingly looking at me but they aren’t sure what to do. –Everyone lost the will to fight because of losing Ise-kun. They only had intent to kill at the beginning, but it didn’t push them enough to fight. There’s no way we can save the Underworld from its crisis in this situation, Sairaorg Bael….!

……I just can’t help but wish that if only I had charisma like Ise-kun where I can deeply encourage everyone else.

“……Kiba-san is also going to die……. No…… I can’t endure anymore of this……..”

Asia-san became panicked and she points her hand at me. She must be trying to send the aura of healing to me…… But what appears is a very weak aura and it seems like she can’t emit her usual amount of aura. Most likely her Sacred Gear ability temporarily became weak as a shock from losing Ise-kun. I kind of predicted that, since Sacred Gears operate with the power of feelings. Buchou and Akeno-san try to attack by shooting out demonic-powers, but their outputs and powers are much weaker than their usual ones. Siegfried takes it down with a single strike with ease. Koneko-chan’s touki and Ravel-san’s wing of fire are also weak. It seems like the girls are also shocked about the fact that they can’t release their power that much.

….I have to protect them. I have to protect everyone in Ise-kun’s place. I took out a Phoenix tear which I got from Ruval Phoenix, and I put it on my wound. The pain disappears instantly and the wounds are also covered. –But it obviously didn’t regenerate my left arm.

…..I need to pick my arm which is lying over there afterwards and put it back on. Even though the wounds healed, the amount of blood loss decreased my stamina a lot. Not much strength is left in my legs. Even if I tried to stand up, my legs just shivered. This really does look pathetic. My weakness. That is defence huh. Siegfried sneers at this situation.

[Horrible. I can’t even think it’s the same Gremory group I fought the other day. You have been giving me good killing intents so I thought you guys were going to intrude in the fight between me and Kiba Yuuto and I was waiting for it. But for you guys to be this bad…..]

No, the truth is I’m also at my limits. –That’s because Ise-kun isn’t next to me, in front of me, or even behind me when he had always been there before. I never thought it would be this painful not to fight side by side with Ise-kun. If you were next to me, then I wouldn’t be kneeling down pathetically like this.

[Hyoudou Issei died in vain. He and Shalba took each other down when he went to chase Shalba who took Ophis away and stayed in the dimension by himself right? Shalba’s presence disappeared after that. If he was alive he would have declared war against us and demonstrated the power of the Old-Maou faction in the Underworld. If Hyoudou Issei ignored Ophis and returned with you guys, then right about now he could have prepared and gone after Shalba once again. Putting Ophis aside, he could have taken down Shalba afterwards if he'd done that. Not thinking ahead and acting was the bad part of Sekiryuutei.]



…….My mind became white when I heard Siegfried say that, and then my ill feelings were coming out from within me.


…..He died in vain…..? Ise-kun did…….?

…..Don’t talk garbage….! Don’t mess around…..!

What was going through my heart was sorrow, regret, and the promise I made with him. While my body is shivering, I put strength in my legs, and little by little I stood up. While miserably shaking my legs, I stood up. I released the feeling I have within me, which is coming upright to my throat.


I made a sound which even I couldn’t believe. It feels like something is coming from the depth of my stomach and my heart.

What passed through my mind was what my best friend said.

[Kiba. We are the males of the Gremory group.]

Yeah, I know Ise-kun!

[So let's stand up even if something happens and fight alongside everyone.]

Yes! We need to stand up no matter who our opponent is!

“…..Not yet.”

High school dxd v12 085.jpg

Step by step, I got closer to Siegfried while creating a holy-demonic sword in my palm.

“I can still fight! I have to stand up! Just like that man! Hyoudou Issei from the Gremory group stood up no matter what and no matter who he was against without backing down!”

If I go down here, I won’t be able to face Ise-kun….!

Isn’t that right, Ise-kun! I won’t be able to call myself your friend if I don’t stand up here.

“Sekiryuutei isn’t a man who you can speak ill about! Don’t talk ill of my friend!”

My yell which is mixed with my cry. I’m really pathetic because only my words are strong.

[It’s no use! Even if you try to become like that Sekiryuutei, you have your limits! No matter how much talent you have, you are just a reincarnated Devil who was reborn from a human! The damage you received will stop you from moving!]

…..I know that. My body has already reached its limit. I don’t even have the strength left to grip onto my sword properly. But…. But! Ise-kun would still go ahead! Possess. Please possess even if it is only a bit! The spirit and willpower which drove that man, Hyoudou Issei! Please reside in me! It happened when I made a stance with my sword and was about to go ahead. There was a red light coming from the side of my sight. When I looked to that direction……

“……Ise’s evil-pieces are…”

Ise-kun’s evil-pieces that Buchou is holding onto are emitting red lights. One of the pawn pieces floats up in the air. Its red glow became even brighter in the dark night. That piece came flying towards me. And the light gets even stronger! I close my eyes for a slight moment because of the intensity….. But when I opened my eyes….

What is floating before me is a single holy sword. –Ascalon.

“……Ise-kun’s evil-piece……turned into Ascalon……?”

-Let’s go pal.


I thought I heard Ise-kun’s voice. My tears start to flow from my eyes…….and they aren’t stopping. You are such a soft-hearted person. Even though there are only the evil-pieces left, you still care for your comrades……and me………!

I took Ascalon while covering my face with tears.

“You are right Ise-kun. Let’s go! With you by my side, I can get even stronger! If you lend me your strength! We can cut through anyone no matter the opponent!”

The courage which is passing through to me from Ascalon is real. I can feel the same heartening that I had when I fought side by side with you. Yeah, we can do this. This is enough. I….can fight!

My legs stop shivering naturally and unbelievable vitality is coming from the depth of my body. I put strength into the hand I am holding Ascalon with, and I went slashing towards Siegfried! He stops my strike with astonishment.

[…….! Impossible….! You are telling me you can still stand……! Losing that much blood should even stop your prideful legs from moving….!]

“He told me to go. He told me to stand. If Ise-kun tells me something reckless through this sword, I have to go forward then….!”

An enormous amount of aura is released from Ascalon. The dragon-slayer holy sword, Ascalon. Siegfried’s body changes with it. –Weird smoke started coming out from his body. He has a painful expression.

[….What is this power…I can feel from that holy-sword…..!]

I see. So Ascalon is making this man suffer. Even though his body started to endure Gram, it means Ise-kun’s Ascalon is different. I can do this! It happened when I thought like that. Gram which Siegfried is holding onto glows. Is he trying to do something!? I sensed danger so I tried to step back. But that wasn’t it.

Gram is directing its radiance towards me. That isn’t a radiance of hostility, but more like it is accepting me…..

[----! Gram! The Demonic-Emperor sword is responding!? To Kiba Yuuto!? Is this the demerit from the Chaos-Break!?]

Siegfried gets shocked. For him to act like this……

I see. So Gram has re-chosen its owner……in a sudden situation like now.

I shouted towards Gram directly.

“---Come Gram! If you are choosing me, then I shall accept you!”

Hearing, Gram glows even more. That light burns the hand of its owner, Siegfried, as if it is rejecting him. Gram flew up and it impaled the ground in front of me. Seeing that, Siegfried shakes his head, and says it as if he can’t believe what is happening.

[Something like this…..! Something like this can happen!? Sekiryuutei can move even when he’s only a chess piece!? You are telling me he can still fight!? He can make this man stand up!?]

…..Even though Gram had chosen me, I won’t be able to wield it with only one hand. When I thought like that, someone approaches me.

-It’s Asia-san, Koneko-chan and Ravel-san. Koneko-chan lifts my arm which was cut off, and she put it towards the wound on my shoulder. Asia-san put her hand towards there, and she emits light—green light. And Ravel-san supports my body. Receiving a gentle aura, my arm started to reconnect and I started to get the feeling from my arm back.

Asia-san, Koneko-chan and Ravel-san are crying. –They have Ise-kun’s crimson evil-pieces within their hands.

“…..Ise-san said “Asia, you also have to fight”. It feels like he said that through this piece.”

Asia-san smiles while trying to endure crying.

“…..I think he said “Please help my pal” to me as well.”

Koneko-chan also smiles. I started to receive healing from her with her senjutsu. Both of their auras are gentle and filled with love.

“I think I also heard it. Ise-sama’s voice…… “Please help Koneko-san and the others”. Seriously. Saying it to me who isn’t part of this group….. He’s too kind…..!”

Ravel-san says that and smiles after wiping off her tears.

“---“Please fight alongside everyone”. Yes. If it’s that person, he would definitely say that.”

Buchou steps forward while holding onto Ise-kun’s evil-pieces. Even though her eyes are wet with tears, I can see strength inside them.

High school dxd v12 002.jpg

“Now my adorable servants! Let’s blow away the enemy before us as the Gremory group!”

-She returned.

Buchou’s usual speaking manners. Yeah Ise-kun. She has returned. We can fight. We can definitely fight……anywhere and anyone!

Thanks to Asia-san, my arm which was cut off is reconnected, and I pulled out Gram from the ground which is in front of me.

……I can feel enormous power from it. So this is the ultimate demonic-sword, “Demonic-Emperor sword Gram”. If I use the dragon-slayer of this sword and the dragon-slayer of Ascalon at the same time, Siegfried’s body can’t endure it no matter how hard it's become. I made a stance with both swords and put strength in my legs. Spirit came back to my legs that I am proud of. No, let’s fight once again. But it will be different from before.

-It’s not just me, but this time it will be the Gremory team! Buchou, Asia-san, Koneko-chan and Ravel-san look sharply at Siegfried. Buchou released a huge block of power of destruction from her hand! I went forward at the same time as well!

[Not yet! Even so, I’m a descendant of a hero…….]

A light flashed on top of Siegfried who was just speaking. Then enormous holy-lightning came down from the night sky at him along with his surroundings.

When I look up, I saw Akeno-san up in the air, she was spreading her six Fallen-Angel wings. Her appearance having multiple wings made her look like a Top-tier Fallen-Angel.

“-This is my last resort. Fallen-Angel transformation. I made my blood of “Holy-lightning” denser by asking father and Azazel.”

What is shining on both Akeno-san’s wrist is a bracelet with magical symbols written on it. The magical symbols are popping up with golden light. Those enhanced Akeno-san…..? No, it must have awakened her Fallen-Angel powers she already had. I think Azazel-sensei and Barakiel-san are involved with that bracelet.

“I’m sorry Ise. “Please show your usual smile to everyone”. ---I was about to discard……the feelings you left behind…..! I’m okay now. I can also fight now!”

Akeno-san says that with determined eyes. That’s good. With this, the “Two Great Onee-sama” that Ise-kun and I admired have returned!

Siegfried’s whole body is burnt after receiving a full blow of lightning. There is smoke coming out from various parts of his body. What intense power that holy-lightning had. To give that much damage to Siegfried whose body hardened a lot with the drug…… It must mean the power of Akeno-san’s holy-lightning increased. After that, Buchou’s power of destruction which she shot earlier went at him. All of his dragon arms which had become thicker and larger perish….

Now this is the finishing blow Siegfried!


The holy-sword Ascalon and demonic-sword Gram that I am holding onto impale Siegfried’s body. Siegfried throws up loads of blood.

[…….I……am being defeated…….?]

He pats softly on Gram which betrayed him. –The demonic-sword burns his hand as if it rejected him. He laughs at himself seeing that.

“We won, Ise-kun.”

I pulled out the two swords from Siegfried’s body after saying that. There is no more blood coming out of his body. –Receiving two dragon-slayers, his body starts to crumble.

There are cracks throughout his body, and eventually it started to crumble. That spreads throughout his body. While crumbling, he narrows his eyes and laughs quietly.

[……Haha……Hyoudou Issei continues to fight even if killed…..!]

He looks at me and my comrades. There are cracks on his face now.

“Why don’t you use the Phoenix tear? The Hero-faction can get their hands on it from their own connections right?”

I question him. In the battle at Kyoto, they used Phoenix tears. It won’t be weird if they have it. But he shows no sign of using it while his body is crumbling. I felt suspicious. Siegfried shakes his head.

[…..In this state, our bodies can’t be healed by Pheonix tears….. Though the reason for it is still unknown…..]

…..So there was such a demerit like that for this enhancement. I think this information is important.

[……. I knew it….. The warrior from the Church who was raised in that warrior institute……can’t have a proper life……]

Saying that, his body crumbles and he disappeared.

Part 2[edit]

We, who defeated the Old-Maou faction members and Siegfried.

Buchou made Ajuka Beelzebub-sama look at Ise-kun’s evil pieces. The pawn piece which turned into Ascalon reverted back to an evil-piece as if it had fulfilled its role. Something that Ise-kun left in his pieces and the remaining aura of Ascalon responded to our feelings and it might have made a change like that perhaps? –That’s what Ajuka Beelzebub said.

Whatever it is, things which we and he could only understand made a phenomenon like that occur. The truth that he is always with us made me very happy.

There is a chess board on top of the table. Maou-sama put Ise-kun’s eight evil-pieces on the spot where “Pawns” are positioned. He activated a small magic circle and it seems like he is checking inside the pieces. After a moment, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama made a sigh of amazement.

“Hou, this is……”

“Did you find out anything?”

When Buchou asks, Maou-sama touches Ise-kun’s evil piece.

“Out of the eight, four of the evil pieces have turned into [mutation pieces]. Though there are different values on each of them…. This is indeed interesting. The Triaina and Crimson armour must represent these. The combination power of Heavenly-Dragon and evil-pieces, the harmony spec surpasses that which one can imagine. It was worth checking him back then. The phenomenon earlier was indeed interesting. …..Is his will directly reflecting on the evil-pieces?”

….! For four out of the eight pieces to be changed into a [mutation piece]….. When Ise-kun was reincarnated, the [Pawn] pieces used were all regular [Pawn] pieces. The only [mutation piece] Buchou had was used on Gasper-kun. It’s truly amazing that his evil-pieces went through a change like that inside him. This is also the secret factor that Ajuka Beelzebub-sama hid inside the evil-pieces from the beginning.

…..I also think the breast-power has got something to do with it as well. After all, this is Ise-kun we are talking about.

“So did you find anything else from the evil-pieces…..?”

Buchou asks once again. Including me, everyone in our group and Ravel-san have our ears opened at Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. Maou-sama then says it clearly.

“What I can answer you from these evil-pieces is this. –I don’t know what kind of situation he is in, but the possibility of him being alive in the dimensional gap is high. Also the Sekiryuutei Ddraig’s spirit remains as his Sacred Gear. So Hyoudou Issei and Boosted Gear are still together. And these evil-pieces haven’t stopped functioning and could be used again. Though since these evil-pieces are recorded with him, they can only be used on him. No, it will be more appropriate to say that you can “put them back in Hyoudou Issei”.”



Feelings which I can’t describe with words run through my body. Everyone became speechless and Maou-sama continues his explanation.

“The vessel that these evil-pieces have accepted…. So it means that his soul and body are in an unstable condition and that is certain. If he received Samael’s curse, then his body won’t be safe. I can confirm that from these evil-pieces. But the soul which should be receiving the curse after that seems like it hasn’t perished after examining. Once the body is destroyed, the soul should receive the poison right away….. These evil-pieces are telling me that the soul was still safe after a certain time when his body was destroyed and when it should have perished. It’s hard to grasp the situation with only his soul, but I heard from Governor-Azazel's side that Ophis is together with him. So it won’t be weird if anything happens. No matter in what shape, even if only his soul is alive.”

“Even if the soul is safe, what should we do about……his body which has been destroyed?”

I ask Ajuka Beelzebub-sama.

“Fumu. Are his parents still alive? Or it can be anything like his body hair or DNA information which could be found in his room.”

“His parents are alive. …..I think we can find his body hair in his room if we search for it.”

“Then after his soul returns, it is necessary to have enough DNA from his parents or his body hair so we can recreate his new body which is close to his original. The research institute which is managed by Grigori should be able to do that. Just recreating his body is possible. By using the clone technique that is.”

“…..So there is another problem?”

Buchou questions him like that. Maou-sama nods and continues.

“The point about whether his soul can adjust to his new body and whether his new body can accept his Sacred Gear, the Boosted Gear. These two points are the problem. For the first one, even if his soul doesn’t adjust, we can use medicine or demonic-powers or magic’s to somehow fix it. But he might need treatment for the rest of his life. But the biggest problem is the second one. –Sacred Gears are delicate. Especially the Longinus. The Fallen-Angels have proved the technique of taking out the Sacred Gear and transfering it. But we can’t tell about the after effects it will have when we transfer the Boosted Gear to the new body. Anyway, he is able to live as your servant once again when you adjust his soul to a new body and use the evil-pieces again. Well, if the evil-pieces make a rejection reaction, no need to worry because I can adjust it. It was fortunate that the evil-pieces didn’t receive Samael’s curse.”

I heard about that before. It’s possible to transfer Sacred Gears. The Fallen-Angel Raynare who took out the Sacred Gears from Asia-san and transferred it to herself is one of the cases like that. But Azazel-sensei also said this.

It’s possible to transfer it, but there is a very high chance to lose other abilities. So it means even if Ise-kun gains a new body and has his soul and Sacred Gear put in it, we can’t throw away the chances of his after treatment and ability loss.

“If the evil-pieces haven’t stopped functioning and if his soul and Sacred Gear are still present, then it is possible to revive him. In other words if they were to disappear, then we wouldn't have any method to revive him. But he’s still with his Sacred Gear…..? Oh yes. There was the case with Regulus Nemea as well. Maybe like that, the Sacred Gear itself remained and his soul is inside it. If his soul is in the Boosted Gear, he can endure for quite some time in the dimensional gap. I hear that Longinus of this generation are making irregular evolution so his luck must be the part of it. –A case which never happened before, but we can say that he has strong luck.”

At this answer, I…….. We……

“Ueeeeeeeeeeeen! Ise-saaaaaan!”

Asia-san cries very loudly. That isn’t a cry of sadness but of joy. Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and Ravel-san are also shedding huge tears. Inside the despair, we found a single light….. No. It feels like we found a huge hope. Yes if there is a possibility of him being alive, then he must be alive! The reason for that is Hyoudou Issei is the man who made many miracles happen under any situation, and that is everyone's “Oppai Dragon”. Everyone here knows that better than anyone. Buchou covers her face with both her hands, and she shed a tear of joy.

“…….Ise, so you are alive…… Yes, there is no way he would die!”

There is a possibility that Ophis is next to him. If Ise-kun is alive, then it’s natural that Ophis is with him. Like Ajuka Beelzebub-sama said, it won’t be weird if anything happens. If Ddraig is also next to him, then there is no more heart support than that. Maou-sama finishes looking at the evil-pieces and returns them to Buchou.

“In any case, this is something you should hold on to, Rias Gremory. You should rest assured. Your lover is the [Oppai-Dragon] who makes miracles occur. Maybe his soul might return by itself with Ophis and Sekiryuutei Ddraig’s powers? –I will have people check the dimensional gap. There should have been someone in Falbium’s servants who knows a lot about this stuff.”

When Ajuka Beelzebub-sama put his hand forward, a transport magic circle is created in front of us.

“All of you should get going. The Underworld is in need of the powers of the Young Devils. Don’t be scared, he will come back. I think all of you know that the most. He is a Devil like that, isn’t he?”

Yes, it is exactly like what Ajuka Beelzebub-sama said. If he is alive, then he will definitely return. Even if anything happens, as long as he is alive he will definitely come back to us. No one in here doubted that. Ise-kun. We will be waiting. That’s why please come back.

The Underworld…… The children of the Underworld are waiting for your return!

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