High School DxD:Volume 12 Life 1

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Life.1 Crimson Promise[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I went out of the dimensional gap along with Great-Red! And I was shocked at what appeared in front of my eyes!

-There is a gigantic monster in front of me!

It’s a humanoid-type, but it seems like a chimera monster because it is a mix of body parts from Dragons, lions, and more! And it is even bigger than Great-Red who I am currently riding on! Ah! I realised it immediately! That is the anti-monster which was born from the [Annihilation Maker] in the dimensional gap! That’s the monster that bastard Shalba created using a forbidden technique!

….When I look afar, I can see the town. I see. So this monster is heading there. The curse Shalba put inside the monsters is to make them destroy the cities of the Underworld! More like everything around it is destroyed. Countless numbers of craters are formed on the ground, and everything around it such as buildings, forests, and mountains are destroyed. This isn’t the only monster created back in the artificial dimension…… If this thing is the only one here, then that means the other ones are either already defeated or are currently destroying other towns…… I can only feel uneasy about this…..! What a bastard! That bastard Shalba sure is a good-for-nothing true Maou! I was right in beating him!

So what should I do about that monster then….. I then saw Grayfia-san while I was sitting on Great-Red! Arara, Grayfia-san!

……Is she fighting that monster along with the other people who have insane auras…..? Don’t tell me those are Sirzech-sama’s servants, the Lucifer-group….. If that’s the case then it makes sense. I can feel an overwhelming atmosphere and aura from them! Is the person wearing something which looks like Shinsengumi’s haori [1] Sirzech-sama’s [Knight]? Ah, Enku-san the Kirin is there as well.

[They are all experienced guys…. They all have abnormal powers.]

Ddraig says that. Yeah. Don’t tell me even those people are having a hard time against the monster? No matter how I look at it, the monster doesn’t have any remarkable damage. Though it doesn’t seem like they are having a hard time either.

Putting that aside, the monster has noticed us. All six of its eyes are directed at us, and it has begun showing hostility towards us! It’s natural that this happened because Great-Red is also big!

[…….What did you say? Are you seriously saying that?]

Huh? Ddraig is speaking to someone? Did something happen?

[…..Yeah, Great-Red said “I don’t like that monster because it glared at me”……]

I-I see. So it gained the wrath of Sekiryuushinntei-sama[2]. It sure did glare at us. I never thought Great-Red cared about stuff like this…… He sounds like a delinquent high schooler. Is the reason why it likes to swim in the dimensional gap similar to the way Yankee’s love to rampage on their bikes? ……Is it really a peaceful Dragon?

[Anyway, Partner. Great-Red is saying it will lend its powers, so let's defeat that monster.]

Ddraig says something outrageous! Defeat it!? Something that big!? And I’m included in it!? B-But how? If the Lucifer-group which includes Grayfia-san can’t defeat it, then it would also be impossible for me even if I’m in the True-Queen form you know?

Sensei once made a comment that my power is comparable to High-class Devils and higher. My True-Queen form is equal to Sairaorg-san in his Balance-Breaker form. The truth is, I think I can even put up a good fight against Ultimate-class Devils. But if the people from the Lucifer group who are considered the strongest among Devils can’t beat that monster, then it would be impossible for me as well! I have a bad feeling about this impossible request. Then Ophis says it.

“It is okay. Ddraig and Great-Red should “combine”. Ddraig’s current body, it is kind of the same as the True-Dragon. You can combine.”

Ddraig….. Is she talking about me? I can’t tell who she is referring to at times. –Wait combine!? Me and Great-Red………combiiiiiiiiiiine!? What do you mean!? Are you telling me I can combine with him because my current body is a part of him? Something crazy like that can’t possibly…… I couldn’t tell whether Ophis is being serious or just joking…… Then Great-Red’s body started to emit a very bright red aura! ……..It’s an amazing amount of light…..! The red aura dyes the whole place red! Then my body began to get covered by that light as well.

……..Hm? When I opened my eyes…. What appears right in front of me is a monster! Uwaa! After being enveloped by the red light…….how come it makes a monster appear right in front of me!? Wait……Huh? I became doubtful after I looked at the monster in front of me…….It’s a monster which I have seen before. But that monster should have been much bigger……. The monster in front of me is identical to the gigantic monster which glared at Great-Red. It has six-eyes, and it looks like a chimera.

[Did you regain consciousness, Partner?]

I heard Ddraig’s voice. Yeah, I have. But why is there a monster that is identical to the gigantic monster from before in fornt of me? Judging from the looks of it, is it the same size as me…….? No. That monster is two heads taller than me.

[Of course it is. –That’s because you became bigger.]

-! I was astonished for a moment and became speechless at Ddraig’s words!

Eh! Eh? Eeeh!?

I look down at my feet. There are countless buildings which look like miniature buildings. There are forests and rivers. It looks like a diorama set…… I look at my whole body! It’s Boosted Gear Scale-mail! There’s no doubt about it! When I turned around, there is the town from before. …….Eh? T-Then I really am……

[I’m actually a giaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!?]

My words echo throughout the area! Of course! What is this!? Am I really in a Gigantic Balance Breaker state!? Ah, there’s Grayfia-san and others! They are looking at me! They really are small! At one glance, Grayfia-san only looks like a figure! Did I really turn big!?

[Yeah, that’s right. So you finally understand it. Great-Red said that he will lend his power to you right? This is what it means. Great-Red made you into its size. Just like Ophis said, by combining. And thus you became super gigantic.]

Super Gigantic……combination……..! Shit! What did I combine with a gigantic Dragon for!? If I had to combine I wanted to combine with Rias and Akeno-san!


The monster in front of me made a roar and started heading towards my direction! It came charging forward while destroying its surroundings with the quakes it makes! Damn it! What should I do!? Answer me, Ddraig!

[It is the same method. You can move your body like you usually do. It seems like Great-Red allowed us to be in control of it. Just think that your body became bigger.]

I see, that really is easy to understand! Now we can get right into business! I gave a right straight punch to the monster coming at me! My punch nailed right into its face while making a sharp sound! The monster trembles with that punch. I thought it caused it a lot of damage because it moved its face……but instead it gathered dangerous fire around its mouth covered in sharp teeth! –Is it trying to breathe fire!?

[Partner. If that fire goes back past us to the city, there will be casualties. Isn’t evading it a bad idea?]

I know that Ddraig! Then if I can’t dodge it, then I will….

I put my right hand forward and made a stance to do dragon-shot.

…..Perfect timing. I will show my technique which I have improved!


A huge number of fire-balls are breathed out from it! I can’t predict how many casualties will be caused if that hits the city! There are kids in the city! So there’s no way I can dodge it!


[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

I released my demonic-power which I have increased to the utmost level towards the fireball! I then made a command just before the dragon-shot and the fire-ball were about to collide!


The dragon-shot responded to my command and curved like a baseball. Fork ball! –Here it is!

[This time go up!]

I put my right-hand upwards! The dragon-shot, which did a fork-turn, now goes upwards! I’m imagining Sirzechs-sama’s techniques! I have been practicing in secret after seeing that! To control the dragon-shot which I have shot out that is!

-I made the dragon-shot go below the fire-ball, then make it go up so I can push it up!


While making a loud collision, my dragon-shot lifted the fireball up into the sky. The two enormous powers cut through the sky. Very high up in the sky, both of them exploded. Because of the intense amount of power, the whole sky was covered in the explosion. Due to the dragon-shot and fireball taking each other out, it creates a strong wind.

…..If it shot out the fireball at the city, then it would have caused a disaster! The whole city would have been in flames! The monster roared once more and began charging at me again. But it's not something I should fear. I have received a more dangerous and fearsome charge than that! It’s nothing compared to the attack of that Shishiou[3]!


I punched the face of the monster again. I then push it forward! After the punch, I did a spin kick to the side of its head! I still haven’t finished yet!

-Then its eyes glowed in a mysterious light!

[It’s trying to release light from its eyes!]

Ddraig shouts. So it’s a beam huh! I twitched my body and dodged the light! I’m a Devil so light is my weakness…. Wait, right now it’s a bit confusing, whether I’m a Devil or not. Either way, since it seems dangerous I’m dodging it! The six rays from its eyes went past me and hit directly behind me. Then.


Along with a loud explosion, the ground vibrates violently. When I looked, there is a chasm till the end of the ground, and so much fire is coming out of it! …..You must be joking! The attack is so deadly that it altered the area itself! The Underworld will be annihilated if he keeps on using that!

[……Partner. I have good news from Great-Red.]

What is it! Tell me quickly!

[There is a finishing move. He’s saying you will definitely win if you use it.]

Alright! I wanted to hear that!

[But the problem is that this whole area will be destroyed if you use it here. He’s saying that the destructive power is insane.]

Are you serious!? ……If Sekiryuushintei-sama says that, then it must be true. If I have to use it, I should throw the monster up and then use it right?

[Yeah, that’s the only way.]

…….Yeah. So how should I do that? That would be the problem. While I was thinking of a plan, I made a conclusion after seeing someone. It's possible if it is that person! I then speak to Grayfia-san.

[Grayfia-san! Can you hear me? It is me, Ise!]

Grayfia-san who heard me, then flies towards me.

“Ise-san…….? Then the gigantic Sekiryuutei is you. I’m glad you are safe.”

[Y-Yes! Thank you very much!]

“But what is this gigantic form?”

Grayfia-san and the others look at me suspiciously…… But there’s no time to explain it!

[Grayfia-san, I will explain about this form afterwards. There’s something I would like you to do. –There is a way to defeat that monster. Please cooperate with me!]

Grayfia-san made the face of warrior after hearing me. ……You look smart and beautiful, Rias’s Oneesama!

“Let me hear it. What should I….No. What should we do?”

[Yes. Are you able to make that monster go up into the air? If you can do that, I can release a special attack!]

Grayfia-san smiles at my request which isn’t even a proper plan.

“I see. It’s a plan that is very easy to understand. More than that, your “special” attack sounds very heartening. –Let's do it. If I can’t do that, then how can I call myself the “Queen” of the Lucifer group!”

Grayfia-san flies up after agreeing to my plan! The amount and richness of the aura is something which is beyond ours! The air is shaking and it feels like the temperature dropped! Grayfia-san then gives commands to her comrades.

“Souji-san! Please cut off Jabberwocky’s leg!”

Grayfia-san gives the command to the samurai wearing a Shinsengumi’s haori.

“Roger that, Grayfia-dono.”

The samurai shortened his distance from the monster. –He’s fast. Isn’t he…….faster than Kiba? The samurai called Souji puts his hand on the katana located on his hip. There was a moment of silence. By the time I realised it, the monster’s right leg had been cut off from its knee. …..I couldn’t even see him draw his sword. ……But his movements are similar to the guy I know. –Is he Kiba’s master?

While I was thinking that, Grayfia-san and her other servants fly towards the monster. A magic-circle is created below the monster which is falling down.

….The leg which has been cut off is already regenerating! Disgusting tentacles are coming out of its wound and are trying to join with the foot that was cut off. And with such a high speed that is! This monster will stand up again if we don’t do something about it! While it was happening, it seems like the technique has been completed and the gigantic magic circle beneath the monster glows!

“We will take it up now Ise-san!”

Grayfia-san shouts! Then the monster gets pushed up by the impact from the magic-circle! Yeah! That guy is being blasted up into the sky! Now Ddraig, prepare for that special attack!

[Ou! Leave it to me!]

Ddraig responds to me immediately, and the chest-part of the Boosted-Gear Scale-mail slides open. Then a cannon appears. This is….

[…..Longinus Smasher. It’s a taboo power which you are not supposed to attain.]

Ddraig says that with a low voice. ……Longinus Smasher. I think one of my comrades said I used it when I went into Juggernaut-Drive. They said I blasted off Shalba in one hit with it.

Well who cares! If it can beat that monster, then I will just blast it!


A silent vibration. An unbelievable amount of aura is gathering at the cannon on my chest. ……Amazing, the amount of aura gathered isn’t that of Crimson-Blaster! Is this the power of Great-Red!?

The monster high up in the air has just finished regenerating its leg…… It seems the charge finished just in time! The monster which has been sent high in the air looked at me, and it gets ready to blast light and fire from its eyes and mouth. But……

I’m faster! My target is that monster! I won’t miss it!



Along with my shout, a thick red aura is blasted from my chest! The monster was about to blast its light and fire, but Great-Red’s aura envelops it along with its body. The absolute power which dyed the whole sky in red.

…………. The aura blasted from my chest stops. When I check the sky……the monster has been blasted away without a trace. …….Amazing. So this is the power of Sekiryuushintei. I have only been saying the word “amazing” the whole time. But this is amazing!


Then my body glowed red. ………..When I realised it, my height has changed. When I looked around, the size of the surroundings have returned back to normal. I can see the buildings and trees in their previous sizes! Then that means….. I reconfirm my own size! Ah, it’s back to normal! My body has returned to its original size. When I look up in the sky, I see the gigantic red Dragon, Great-Red. Great-Red is looking at me. …….More like it is looking at Ddraig. When Great-Red’s eyes glowed, a bend is made in the sky. ……Is it trying to make a hole to the dimensional gap? The bend expanded, and became large enough for Great-Red to go through. I saw the sky of the dimensional gap through the hole. Great-Red opens its mouth after looking at me once again. I then hear Great-Red’s voice for the first time.

<Zoom Zoom Iyaaan.>


……..T-That’s impossible………! Does Great-Red also have to say that!? Seriously, please forgive me! Ah! It goes home back to the dimensional gap after saying that! Horrible!

<Zoom Zoom Iyaaan. Zoom Zoom Iyaaan.>

Great-Red is still saying it even after it has gone through the hole! Repeatedly that is! Then Great-Red disappears into the hole while saying “Zoom Zoom Iyaaan”!

It went home like that! What the fuck is that!?

[I didn’t hear it. Boku[4] didn’t hear anything –moun.]

What do you mean “moun”!? Why did you say boku!? The more Ddraig’s speaking manners change, the more he is running away from reality!

“Zoom Zoom Iyaaan.”

Ophis who suddenly appeared next to me also says that!

“What the hell! Why do legendary Dragons and those who get involved with them love thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!?”

I defeated the gigantic monster by combining with Great-Red…… But I can only scream at the horrible way I had my farewell with the Sekiryuushintei.

Part 2[edit]


I changed into my Balance-Breaker and I'm currently flying in the sky. The one who is on my back is Ophis. She seems to be very comfortable riding on my back. After I defeated the gigantic monster, I left the remainder of the situation back there to Grayfia-san and began heading to the city. I sensed the presence of Rias and the others while I was riding on Great-Red. They should be there if I’m not mistaken. ……..Wait, there are columns of smoke rising from various parts of the city! From the sky I can see many buildings and roads that have been destroyed. It seems like everyone was evacuated because I don’t sense the presence of any people. An evacuation order must have been issued in response to the huge monster that was heading here. But there really aren’t any people here. T-Then why are the buildings and roads destroyed? The monster shouldn’t have reached the city thanks to Grayfia-san and the others.

[Maybe the remaining remnants of the Old-Maou faction are causing destruction during this crisis? Or maybe it’s the Hero-faction.]

I see. He must be right. That must be it. It’s the organisation that Shalba Beelzebub belonged to. I'm sure they must have caused this during the current ruckus.

“…..To the West.”

Ophis who is on my back says that.


Ophis then answers me.

“Over there. The ones called Asia and Irina are over there.”

Are you serious! Did she remember the presence of Asia and Irina? Well, who cares. Ophis-sama sure is convenient! I spread my Dragon wings and head towards the direction Ophis gave me.

After a few minutes of flying, I began to sense familiar auras. Aaah, there’s no mistake about it! It must be it! I have only been away from them for a very short time, but it feels very nostalgic. At the location where there are many columns of smoke rising from, I confirmed the presence of several shadows. There they are!

Rias! Asia! Akeno-san! Koneko-chan! Kiba! Xenovia! Irina! Rossweisse-san! Saji and Sona-kaichou! Gya-suke……is he unconscious? Ah, Sairaorg-san and that Lion are there as well! I dropped down in the middle of them after confirming it was them! Everyone also looked at me who is flying towards them! I have finally arrived!

“Hyoudou Issei! I have just returned!”

I said it out loud to everyone! I returned everyone!

……..Huh? That’s weird. Don’t I receive anything such as “We are glad you are back” or “We were waiting for you”?

I look around. Everyone seems dazzled. …….H-Hmmmmm. Everyone looks as if they are being pinched by a fox…… Ah, Jeanne is here as well. Hero-faction! Heracles is also on the ground! Was everyone fighting the Hero-faction? I don’t see Cao Cao anywhere though….. Jeanne is also looking at me with shock.

[Maybe they don’t recognise it is you?]

-Ddraig says that…… Are you serious? Do things like that really happen? ……T-then I will say something which I would usually say.

I open the mask of my helmet, and showed my face. Then I said it with a smile.

“Umm, Oppai! I have returned while riding on Great-Red!”

The moment I said that.








“Is that you Ise-kun!?”


“You were alive Hyoudou!?”

Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Kiba, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Sona-kaichou, and Saji call out my name.

Hey hey hey hey! Do I really need to confirm myself by saying oppai!? My existence sure is a horrible thing like always! I was in shock after reconfirming my existence. Then Asia, Koneko-chan, and Akeno-san came running towards me. They then clung onto me while hugging me.

“Ise-san! Ise-san Ise-san Ise-san Ise-san!”

“Senpai…… Welcome home.”

“…..Please. Don’t leave me again….. I don’t want to live in a World without you ever again……”

Arara, everyone is crying so much.

“Yes, I’m not crying. I knew that the man I have chosen won’t die.”

“As if! You are crying! I’m going to cry without holding back! Ueeeeeeeen!”

Xenovia and Irina seem like they are crying too. Thank you for worrying about me!

“You were safe just like I thought. To be expected from you. Do you also have your body underneath the armour?”

Rossweisse-san is both happy and shocked at my return.

“Well, yes. Many things happened in the dimensional gap and my body is back to normal.”

Aaah, I see. I understood with Rossweisse-san’s comment. I was thought to be dead. That’s natural. It’s the truth that my body was destroyed as a result of receiving Samael’s curse. And only the evil-pieces returned to everyone’s side. ……Even so, I returned alive. Rias walks to me while crying. She puts her hand on my cheek and then says it.

“……I’m glad you are back.”

High school dxd v12 221.jpg

I can feel her warmth from her hand. Aaah, this is it. This is the warmth of the woman I fell in love with. …….I’m glad my body has returned. Not touching the body of a woman is absolutely a no no! More than that, Rias’s oppai have returned to their normal size! I was worried because they shrank as a result of the bust-power that is able to heal my aura. I’m so glad! I really feel relieved!

“Of course. The place where I belong is next to you and my comrades.”


There was someone who hits me from behind. When I turned around, it was Saji. He’s crying a lot!

“Uwaaaaaan! You idioooooooot! I! I heard you died so I……!”

Aaaah, he even has a dripping nose. I just felt like patting Saji’s head. I’m sorry. I am alive.

“I thought it might be you when a Dragon that seemed like Great-Red appeared in the sky….. You sure are something.”

Sairaorg-san smiles at me by putting his hand up.



Someone’s voice. When I looked, Jeanne had a defenceless face on.

“I’m sorry. You were really defenceless when Ise-kun showed up, so I had myself rescue the boy.”

Kiba was carrying a child far away from here. Did something happen? Did Jeanne take that child as a hostage? Uwa! I didn’t realise it! My eyes then met with Kiba’s who had just saved the child.

“…..Welcome back, Ise-kun. Thanks to you, I was able to save this child. To be expected from a Hero. I’m glad you haven’t changed. Though I never expected you would come back with Great-Red.”

Man, he still has the refreshing smile of a good-looking guy. But I’m relieved. If you were like that while I was gone, then the Gremory team must have been active while I was away. Jeanne then glares hard at me.

“…..I never thought you would return alive from your fight with Shalba. You are truly terrifying Sekiryuutei.”

“Well, thank you. –So what now? Are you going to take us on?”

When I provoked her like that, Jeanne takes out something which looks like a pistol and a small bottle. –Is she trying to start a shooting battle? No, there is a needle on the tip of the pistol! Is it an injection? The other small bottle must be Phoenix’s tear! Is she trying to heal herself!?

“Ise-kun, be careful! That can power up the Sacred Gears ability by several levels!”

Kiba gave me an explanation like that. I see. So it's an injection like that. I don’t know what it's made from, but it means Jeanne will power-up if she uses that. Jeanne points the needle at her neck.

“…..A second use of this will cut quite a lot off one's life span, but it looks like there's no other way than to use it.”

After saying that, she heals herself with the Phoenix’s tear and then injects the needle into her neck. The next moment, Jeanne’s body gave a big pulse! The pressure coming out from Jeanne’s body increases, and veins start to appear on her face! I realise that she’s going through a reckless power-up, just from looking at it. From what source did they make such a thing from? Jeanne laughs while making a big shiver.

“…..This is good. My powers are increasing!”

When she says that, a large quantity of blades begin appearing from the ground! It’s the Holy-sword! Jeanne’s Sacred Gear is Blade Blacksmith! The ability to make any sort of Holy-sword! Using that, she attained the Balance-Breaker to create a Dragon!

-But the thing she is trying to create isn’t a Dragon….. The Holy-sword doesn’t make a Dragon, but it instead covers her own body.

……Jeanne starts to get covered by the Holy-swords! And what appears in front of me is a single large snake! No, Jeanne’s upper body is growing out from the place where the snake’s head should be! Her lower-body turned into that of a gigantic snake….. She looks like the monster that's called Lamia! It’s a Holy-sword version of that!

“Its troublesome when she gets into that state. Her offence, defence, and speed increase even more than the time when she used the Dragon.”

Xenovia says that. So Xenovia has fought that. Jeanne did say that this is her second injection. She must have fought Xenovia just before then.

[Ufufu, I don’t like this appearance that much, but it’s the truth that I have got stronger. I will have myself escape until Cao Cao gets here!]

After saying that, she gets ready to escape! Is she trying to escape!? No, since it has got into a situation like this, I won’t let her escape. I begin to imagine it in my head and get ready to use that attack! I released the imagination from my head and opened a fantasy atmosphere! –Now, let’s use this since I haven’t used it in a while!


I released my technique towards Jeanne! Next is this! Question time!

“Hey! Jeanne’s Oppai-san! What are you going to do next?”

Jeanne’s oppai gave their answer to my question!

[Well, I’m thinking of destroying the road so I can escape into the sewers.]

Ara, her Oppai are girlish and sound cuter than I thought they would! Wait, she’s trying to escape to the sewers! I won’t let you! Jeanne tries to move swiftly with her snake body…… She sticks a large Holy-sword into the road but I move in front of her.

I then began activating my special move while making a stance to hit her from the side! This move also needs imagination! First I touch my opponents body, and then I release my imagination! Yes the thing I imagine is……. A naked body.

“Dress Break!”

While I call out the name of my special move I make a cool pose, Jeanne’s lower body which is made up of the Holy-swords begins to collapse! As long as she is a woman, there is no way for her to escape this move! I also blow away her clothes! The naked body of an Onee-san! I save it into my brain!

“……You are the worst.”

I received a harsh comment from Koneko-sama! Just like always!


I then released my last dragon-shot at Jeanne who became naked.

“You borrowed Ophis’s power………and a part of Great-Red’s flesh to revive your body!?”

The one who said that with an astonished voice is……Rossweisse-san.

“…….I did think you were alive……but I never thought you would survive by doing something as unimaginable as that…….It far exceeded my imagination……..”

Well, I was also quite shocked when I woke up on top of Great-Red.

“-The power to attract the strong, it truly is a scary thing if it can come this far. I came here to look at the monster that was going to destroy the capital city Lilith, but I never thought you would appear alongside Great-Red.”

A new voice! When I turned around…… Cao Cao was standing there!

Just like always, he is holding onto his spear and looking down at his fallen allies.

“….So you've surpassed them in a very short amount of time. What’s abnormal is the growth of the Gremory group….. Putting Heracles aside, Jeanne should have used [Chaos Break]….. By looking at her, she used it twice. Maybe there are demerits when you use it for a second time…..”

Rather than worrying about his comrades, he seems like he is evaluating why his comrades were defeated. You can say that it’s just like him to do that. Everyone felt different when he showed up. Everyone here has either tasted or can tell just how strong he is. His sights then move onto me…. They're not the eyes of interest he had looked at me with during our last encounter. They're disturbing eyes where he is looking at me as if I'm something abnormal.

“……So you are telling me you have returned, Hyoudou Issei. From the information I got from the Old-Maou faction, Shalba Beelzebub was supposed to have an arrow covered in Samael’s blood with him.”

“Yeah, I tasted that. My body became useless, but it seems like I got lucky because Great-Red just happened to be passing by. I borrowed Great-Red’s power to recreate my body. ……Though it was thanks to all my senpai and Ophis.”

All of the thought fragments of my senpai’s have vanished. Even though we had our farewells like that……I’m grateful to them. With the many things that happened, I had a hard time convincing them, and I was always close to going berserk, but we still had an understanding between us for a short time.

-I wanted to talk to them even more. Hearing my words, I thought he would reply sarcastically. But…….he had very serious eyes. It’s my first time seeing such an expression from him.

“……Unbelievable. If you were to receive that poison, then your chance of survival should have been zero. And you are telling me you recreated your body with Great-Red’s help and returned by yourself……! Even meeting Great-Red isn’t something that you can just refer to as luck……!”

…….He's wearing an expression that is saying he can’t believe what happened, and he’s continuing to mumble to himself….. Anyway, he doesn’t seem like he’s going to attack us anytime soon. Then this would be a good time. I need to have her do that. I then said to Rias face to face.

“Rias. Please make me your servant once again.”

Yes, right now my body doesn’t have the evil-pieces. Currently, my body doesn't contain the evil-pieces I had previously received from Rias. Then that means I still haven't returned completely yet. –I can only consider myself to have truly returned once I receive the evil-pieces from the person whom I dearly love.

Rias takes out the evil-pieces from her pocket. –Eight crimson “Pawn” evil-pieces. Rias directs the Pawn pieces towards me. The evil-pieces make a bright glow in front of my chest, and then enter my body silently. Rias’s lips then overlap with my lips. I then hug Rias.

-I will never leave her side again. I’m going to live on beside her from now on.

“-Stay and live on together with me.”

She says these warm words with a smile. Then I felt a crimson and hot nostalgic feeling within me. I can feel the pulse of the evil-pieces from within my body. The power they give me. Yeah, now it’s completed. Now I can fight as Hyoudou Issei, the Pawn of the Gremory group!

“Yes, I will stay and live on with Rias. –My dream is to become the Ultimate Pawn.”

I declare that very strongly. Yes. I’m going to live on with this woman……and my comrades! I’m going to achieve happiness together with them! After I got a familiar feeling back, I banged onto my chest hard!

“Yes! They stabilised within my body immediately! To be expected from my evil-pieces!”

When I was ready to take on Cao Cao or anyone else…… A creepy wave appeared in front of me. When I looked there, black things appeared at a corner of the road. Then a weapon which seems like a Scythe comes flying from it! A robe with many ornaments. A person who is wearing the mask of a clown appears. I remember him. The Ultimate-level Grim Reaper that assaulted us back in the dimensional gap…..Pluto!

<It hasn’t been that long since we last met everyone.>

Cao Cao sighs at the appearance of the Grim Reaper.

“Pluto, why are you here?”

It seems like it's an unexpected visit. Pluto then explains to Cao Cao.

<It’s an order from Hades-sama. He told me to capture Ophis once she appears no matter the cost.>

-! His eyes move to Ophis who is standing next to me. ……This guy. No. Is Hades still after Ophis!? She had her powers stolen and she isn’t infinite anymore! How much attachment does Hades have to her!?

“I will be your opponent. Ultimate-level Grim Reaper, Pluto.”

-! Then another new voice! Who’s interfering this time!? Wait, I know this voice! There’s no way I will forget his voice! There are only a few people who speak in such a battle-freak manner! The one who comes down with wings of light between us, Cao Cao, and Pluto……is that man covered in white armour.

“Like I thought, you have returned Hyoudou Issei.”


Yes, it’s Vali! Man, why are the guys who are against me popping up one by one!? Are they planning to come and appear along with my return!? While I had my head filled with all these confusing events, Vali says to Pluto.

“I wanted to take out my anger from back in the artificial dimension on someone. I was having trouble deciding whether I should take it out on Hades or the Hero-faction, but I left Hades to Azazel, Bikou and the others. I was waiting for the Hero-faction to appear, but the Gremory group took them out. Then if this is the case, the only one I can take out my anger on is you, Pluto.”

Vali says that up front. He has his usual poker-face, but I can see that there are signs of anger within his words. This guy has lots of frustration within him right now….. Pluto makes his stance at Vali after spinning his scythe.

<I hear that you sent Fenrir to Hades-sama’s place. I received the message just before coming here. The fang that is able to kill a god is truly a serious threat. –We've truly received a terrifying assault.>

“We captured Fenrir for such occasions.”

<It’s a dangerous thought, were you hoping to fight the Gods from each of the factions?>

“If we don’t have a negotiation “tool” like that, we won’t be able to take on God head on right?”

<Very well. But for me to take you on, who is the true descendant of the Lucifer, and also someone who is the Hakuryuukou……. I really don’t know what will happen even though I've lived for such a long time. –It feels like my soul will go even higher if I defeat you.>

……He accepted the challenge! So it's “Hakuryuukou VS The legendary Grim Reaper”! Vali then says it after changing his helmet to its usual state.

“It seems like Hyoudou Issei convinced the past hosts of the Heavenly-Dragons, but I’m different.”


Vali then gets enveloped in an insane amount of aura! T-This guy…..! Is he going to get serious right from the start!? He’s emitting out an insane amount of aura to the surroundings!

“I will show you the other form of [Juggernaut Drive] where I've completely sealed off the thoughts of the past possessors.”

Wings of light spread from his body, and they are emitting demonic-powers. The pure-white armour is enveloped by very bright lights. Then from each of the jewels….

“I, the one to awaken. -Am the Hakuryuukou who will take the law down to the darkness.”

The shallow thoughts of past Hakuryuukou are flowing into me from the jewels.

[What we strengthen is the height of the Heavenly-Dragon!] [The path we go is the road of the domination of the Hakuryuukou!]

[We stop the infinite and devour the dream!]

These people don’t have any grudge or hatred, and they are filled with an overwhelming pure fighting will. Did they come to understand each other through fighting?

“I walk the road of domination with infinite destruction and by piercing through the imaginary dream. –I shall become a pure Emperor of the Dragon…..”

[[[["I shall have you obey the silver-white illusions and the perfect evil-ways."]]]]

[Juggernaut Over Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!]

The one who appears in front of us is covered in silver-white armour, and is emitting an amount of aura so enormous that he looks like he came from a completely different world. He hasn’t even touched anything, yet things around him like the vehicles and public property are being squashed! The aura coming from his body is enough to crush down the surroundings!

I realised it as soon as I saw it. Yes, that this guy is truly a monster. The thoughts of past possessors who I went through a lot to convince. And the [Juggernaut-Drive] that I have thrown away due to it putting my life in danger. This guy turned both things into his own power with only his talent. And he sublimated it....... And this guy is my rival. Hehe, he is insane. I realise it once again. That “Maybe I have promised a showdown with someone truly insane?”.

“-[Empireo Juggernaut Over Drive]. It is similar, but different to [Juggernaut Drive]. An enhanced form which only I can use. You shall taste this strength with your own body!”

The one who goes slashing at Vali who just said that is Pluto. He moves very fast while creating an afterimage, and wielding his red scythe! Pluto is a strong foe who was able to fight on par with Sensei! You can’t let your guard down against him….


In front of me, the sound of metal breaking echoes. That’s because Vali broke Pluto’s scythe with his fist quite easily!

……He broke that evil scythe with only one hit!


Pluto seems shocked, but Pluto receives an uppercut to his jaw. While making a loud sound, Pluto’s body gets lifted high up into the air! Vali directs his right hand towards Pluto, and he closes his palm.


[Compression Divider!!!!]

[Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide Divide!!]

Pluto’s body which is lifted high up…..starts to get compressed in length, then next by width. Then again by length….. Next by next, Pluto’s body gets halved!

<Something like this…..! Such power like this……!>

Pluto screams as if he can’t believe what is happening to him. Vali then says it without any mercy.


The Grim Reaper whose body became so small that I can’t see it with my eyes starts to lose his body to nothingness. While having the air vibrate, the Grim Reaper perishes. And that was the last of that Grim Reaper.

Vali, who changed back to his usual Balance-Breaker from Silver-white armour is breathing hard. But…… He defeated that Grim Reaper without allowing him to do anything…! By looking at it, that form drains him a lot, but its certain that he killed Pluto in an instant. –So this is the answer Vali got from [Juggernaut-Drive]. At this point, it is clearly much more powerful than my True-Queen form.

….That guy, Vali, is getting even more powerful. Even my comrades became speechless at Vali’s strength. Though Sairaorg-san is smiling with joy.

“…..Two-Heavenly Dragons are truly terrifying.”

The one who approaches us while saying that is Cao Cao.

“Vali. I was right to not allow you to use Juggernaut-Drive back in the artificial dimension…..”

Vali gets such remarks from Cao Cao….. But he breathes out.

“[Juggernaut-Drive] excels in terms of destruction, but it comes with danger to your life and the risk of going out of control. The form I just showed you minimised that as much as possible. But what’s different from [Juggernaut Drive] is that it can be strengthened even more. Cao Cao. Your greatest failure is that you didn’t kill me when you had a chance.”

Cao Cao became silent at Vali’s words. Cao Cao then looks at me.

“I want to confirm. –Hyoudou Issei. What are you?”

…..Even if he asks me that, I am just me. While I was thinking hard, Cao Cao twitches his neck.

“Like I thought, it really is weird no matter how much I think about it. It is hard to qualify you when you returned by your own powers. You are no longer a Heavenly-Dragon. But you also don’t fit in the True-Dragon or Dragon-God category…. That’s why, who actually are you……”

“Then won’t Oppai Dragon be just fine.”

I couldn’t be bothered so I answered him like that. He shows a dumb-face for a moment, but he laughs and nods immediately.

“……I see. Yes. That’s easy to understand.”

After confirming that, he points his spear towards us.

“So what should we do now? Will the one who will play with me be Hyoudou Issei? Or Vali? Or Sairaorg Bael? Or will you come at me all at once? No. Taking on all of you will be impossible. It would be reckless if I take on three Longinuses.”

What provoking words. No matter how strong he is, he wouldn’t last if he were to take on Vali and Sairaorg-san as well. Especially after seeing Vali just now, he doesn’t have a chance to win. Vali approaches me and says it with a small voice.

“His Seven Treasures. You know up to four of them right?”

…..Cao Cao’s ability huh.

“Yeah. The one which seals women’s abilities. The one which destroys weapons. The one which transfers attacks. And the one which transfers his opponents.”

I saw that in the battle a few days ago. If I take him on, he won’t be able to use the one which seals women’s abilities, so I only need to be alert of six of his abilities.

“The other three abilities are the following. To allow him to fly. The ability to create many doubles like Kiba Yuuto’s Blade Blacksmith Balance-Breaker. And the last one is his sphere which focuses heavily on destruction.”

I see. The one which allows him to fly. The one similar to Kiba’s. And the one sphere with great destruction power. Roger that. But I never thought he would explain it to me…..

“Anyway, I will give you my thanks.”

So it would be up to me now huh. Suddenly it became a situation where I have to take him on. While thinking that, I took a step. Seeing that, Cao Cao smiles happily.

“So my opponent will be the Sekiryuutei I see. And the others aren’t moving knowing that.”

Like he said, everyone confirms the battle between me and Cao Cao and are acknowledging that. Yeah, I have a huge debt to pay him.

“Yeah, I can’t calm myself until I pay you back.”

There is a part of me where I can’t accept that I lost against him without even having a chance to display my True-Queen form. While sensing my will to fight, he starts to tap his spear on his shoulder.

“Interesting. That time I finished it by aiming at Triaina’s weak point, but this time I will take you on when you are using your full power. –Turn into the crimson armour.”

“Of course I will be using it! Let’s go Ddraig!”

[Ou! Our opponent is the ultimate Longinus once again! If you can’t beat him here, then you won’t be able to call yourself the Sekiryuutei!]

“Of course!”

While emitting an enormous amount of aura from my body, I start to say the chant.

“I, the one to awaken am the Sekiryuutei who holds up the truth of the King up-high!”

My senpai’s who answered this chant are no longer here.

“Holding the infinite hope and indestructible dream walking the road of righteousness. I will become the Emperor of the Crimson Dragon…”

But I’m not alone. I have my comrades who look over my fights with warm eyes!

"And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in Deep(True)-Crimson light!”

[Cardinal Crimson Full Drive!!!!]

My armour's colour changes to crimson, and its shape changes as well! Promoting to True-Queen is completed! The evil-pieces feel good as well! No wonder they're my evil-pieces! I was able to use this form immediately after my return! My True-Queen is still unstable but I have to do it! While seeing my change, he also makes the ring and seven orbs appear around him. His Balance-Breaker sure is quiet like always. It’s so silent that it is creepy.

“Hatsutei Ratana.”

Cao Cao flies up after putting his orb below his feet! So that’s the ability that allows him to fly! I spread my Dragon wings and also fly into the air!

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]

I released the dragon-shot up into the sky where there are many tall buildings lined up! I wanted to show him a even larger one, but he made one of his orbs come near me. He made a spiral appear in front of it, and it sucks in my attack! That’s the ability to send an attack to another location! So he’s planning to release that attack elsewhere! While I was staying on high alert….a spiral is created below me and the dragon-shot comes out through it!


I dodged it and shot out another block of demonic-power!

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]

This time it’s the scattered type. I shoot them out at random!

“Gahapatei Ratana!”

Cao Cao made one of the orbs go in front of him and it starts to grow, then several humanoid-type things appear. It’s one of the abilities Vali explained earlier. It certainly is similar to Kiba’s Balance-Breaker where he can command the soldiers he creates! So it's basically soldiers being created from the orb! Those creations perish after getting hit by my dragon-shot. So he used them as a shield! During the attacking and defending that just took place, Cao Cao vanished. Where is he!? When I was trying to locate him, a spear comes towards me from the side! I somehow dodge it while only allowing it to graze my armour a bit, but the armour plate covering my stomach is destroyed in the process! But there is no damage to my physical body!

“You! You are using the same ability as Kiba! Also there's not much difference between your ability and Kiba's who you previously made a fool out of? Even your creations can't use your techniques either! I can’t believe you were even able to make fun of him!”

Back in the artificial dimension, he defeated Kiba’s ability with ease. But in my eyes, Kiba’s ability is superior than the one Cao Cao just showed! Cao Cao laughs at my argument.

“Hahahaha! Maybe so. But I told you didn’t I? That my abilities still need tuning and that they aren’t complete yet. That’s the reason I took an interest in Kiba Yuuto’s ability back then. Though his ability was still at the same level as mine, so I lost interest in it immediately! Also my ability is a bit different from Kiba Yuuto’s ability. Well that depends on how I use it from now on.”

So that’s how it was! Then this guy’s ability will become a pain after he finishes tuning it.

“Oh man! Seriously, taking on you who defeated Azazel-sensei sure is a pain!”

“Governor Azazel huh. Certainly I defeated him in the battle back then, but if we fight again I will most likely not win so easily.”

“? Why’s that?”

His fighting was overwhelming. The part where he dodged Sensei’s attack and then immediately impaled his spear into Sensei has been burnt deeply into my brain. I still can’t believe Sensei lost. That’s what I thought, but Cao Cao says words which I never could have anticipated.

“There’s no way I can look down on that Governor. Those scientist-type warriors will research their opponent until their battle strategy is flawless for the next time they fight them. For guys like me who will be taken down with a single heavy blow, those type of opponents are truly frightening. That’s why I realised the Governor’s strength in our first fight, and defeated him in my second fight against him. –But the third time will be dangerous for me.”

…..It’s just like Cao Cao says. There’s no way that Sensei will stay quiet after being taken down. If this guy and Sensei fight again, it will be a close match. Cao Cao then makes his stance after spinning his spear.

“Now, lets resume our battle.”

Ah! Again Cao Cao begins to disappear and then reappear! Since I’m battling him in the sky above the city, I need to be alert of what's beneath me as well! It certainly does get on my nerves! This time he appears behind me. I was able to dodge it up in the air…..but he's seriously appearing in unexpected places! Shit! He suddenly appears as if he just got transported from nowhere! …….Transportation? Oh yeah, one of his orbs had an ability to allow him to transport to any place he choses. So he can use it on himself! …..Man it sure has lots of tricks. Just like Rias said back then, each orb has the same shape and size so I won’t know which ability it has until he uses it. Just like now, he can use it as a combo so he has many varieties with which to attack me! The power of his spear is already very scary to begin with, but his other abilities are hard to take care off! For someone dumb like me, fighting an extended battle against him is unfavorable. He probably has a Phoenix tear with him as well! …….But there is a way to defeat him. It’s also because I will win if just one of my attacks hits him, but I thought of a plan back in the dimensional gap after losing to him. I need to make him put his guard down! Even though I thought like that, my battle with him is extremely intense. No matter what sort of attack I use, he either evades it using his orbs or he just blocks it. I already have my hands full with evading the holy-spear which suddenly appears from all directions. Even if I change the direction of the dragon-shot I shoot out, I can’t even make him blink! Also the soldiers created from one of his orbs appear by instant transportation, so no matter how much distance I have with him I don’t have time to fix my position.

[Star Sonic Booster!!!!]

Even if I close my distance with him at extremely high speed, he either runs away by teleportation or he buys time to evade it by using the soldiers as his shield.

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]

Even if I somehow close my distance and give him a hit with a lot of destructive power, he just evades it by using the abilities of his orbs. My punch which misses him gets stuck in a building and the building collapses immediately. …..I’m sorry to whoever the owner of the building is!

Oh yeah. He understands the weak point of armour type Sacred Gears! He evaded the attacks of Sensei and Vali when they attacked him at the same time, so it would be natural for my attacks not to reach him at all! Because armour-types have extreme power, during their attacks aura gathers at certain parts so he said it's easy to predict the attacks. Even if you know that with your brain, actually responding to the movements shows that he is insanely strong.

Also his right eye which is a Medusa’s eye! He can change anything to stone with it! My armour also has many parts that have been turned to stone! Everytime that happens, I destroy those parts and have them fixed! Luckily it hasn’t turned my physical body to stone! Maybe it's his fighting style to not let his opponents regain their footing for even an instant! Buildings around us are destroyed because of me and Cao Cao. ……I’m glad there is no one here. No, it isn’t good. It feels like I will get yelled at afterwards. Anyway I will apologise as much as they want me to as long as I can defeat Cao Cao!

…..But I’m getting pushed back little by little. The way my armour is getting destroyed is getting worse! He starts to get a grasp of my attack style in this form! What a fearsome guy! For him to move around this much even though he is a technique-type! He easily surpasses Kiba! Even if I want to use Crimson-Blaster, I need a bit of charging time and that may become fatal against this guy!

-For a power-type such as me, my compatibility against him is the worst!

-Then I felt something. When I spread my wings to that direction, a single ray of crimson aura hits me and replenishes my aura. I then saw Rias on a building far away who shot the Oppai-beam to me. Aaaah Rias! You made the size of your oppai smaller again for me! Rias’s love for me feels very supportive! The power I received from the woman I love! There isn’t any power stronger than this! I even sensed her thoughts without even planning about this. Rias and I must be connected deeply from our hearts! It sure makes me happy!

“The beam from a breast that I heard rumours about. I see. You couple are really terrifying.”

Cao Cao says that while laughing! This bastard! He laughed at Rias’s oppai-beam! I won’t forgive him!

“Taste this!”

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost!!]

I transferred the power to the fire within my stomach, and I brewed a huge flame of fire! The fire of a Dragon! Wide-range attack! The whole sky gets dyed with my fire. My opponent is a human! Even if I can’t hit him directly, it will give him a huge amount of damage if he gets burnt by it. With this he won’t be able to defe…….


The holy-spear releases enormous amount of light, and it eradicates my flames.

……Oh yeah, Vali did mention it. That Cao Cao is able to release intense light if he wanted to……..! He then swings his spear to the sides from his stance! Oh crap! I evade it by flying up high. But the huge wave from the holy-spear splits a building and the building behind it in half and they collapse! The wave pierces through to other buildings and many of them collapse! So many buildings collapse just from him swinging his holy-spear with power in it…….

…….If a Devil like me receives that, rather than my body getting split in half it will perish before that can even happens! Cao Cao then says it with a smile of joy.

“Hahahaha! Amazing! So this is the rumoured True-Queen! My attacks can’t even give you a clean hit! But your attacks aren’t hitting me either! It truly gives me chills! I will be finished if I receive your attack!”

But my attacks don’t show any signs of hitting him! If you are saying that, then please get hit by one of my attacks! It will end with that right!?

He wields his spear while spinning it! I dodge the slash coming beneath me, and I dodge the slash above me be stepping back. Then an orb appears on the tip of his spear. His smile then got stronger.

“Comparing you to Vali, you are still lacking. Parinaaya Ratana!”

The orb comes flying towards my stomach! I then gathered the aura on both my arms and shaped it into a thick arm. The power of Rook. I will block it with this! I receive the attack by having my arms crossed! The moment it hits me, an unbelievable amount of impact goes through my arms to my whole body! So it's even useless with the power of Rook….!

-I then realised it immediately. It’s the orb which focuses on destructive power! B-But I never thought it had this much attack power…….! I fly back because of the impact!


I went crashing towards the window of a building. I even went crashing through until reaching the walls of the building and then eventually passing through the building. Even the next building. Also the building after that. And again crashing through walls of buildings. I crashed through so many buildings that it became stupid to continue counting them and eventually I crashed violently into one of the walls of a certain building and it stopped.


From the pain I have on my stomach, I spit out things from inside my stomach…… It was vomits of blood. ……I received this much pain from a single attack…… Putting my organs aside, did a couple of bones get broken? My armour is basically destroyed from that attack just now….. Even my arms which I had made thick with the power of [Rook] are destroyed…..! Both my arms are paralysed so they can’t move properly. …….So that attack just now is the one which concentrates on destructive power. But why didn’t he use that before? Does it take time to use it? Or are there restrictions on how many times he can use it? It should be one of them. It’s weird that he hadn’t used such an attack until now. He could have easily defeated me if he included that attack numerous times during his combos. Because he used it this late, there is a high possibility that it has a few requirements for its use.

……Hehehe. Since I have been fighting so many strong foes, even an idiot like myself is able to think about that. It sure isn’t easy being a Sekiryuutei.

……..Hmm? I then realised the place where I currently am. The one that falls near my hand is the doll of Switch-Princess. When I look around, this is a toy store where it has so many dolls lining up. Because I entered by crashing through the window, the collision made the dolls fall down.

! This is….. With this….. I took a certain doll with my shaking hands. I then thought of something looking at Switch-Princess doll in my hand.

“The Seven Treasures I just used is also incomplete. The ability is also unclear. Right now I’m having it concentrate on heavy destruction power, but it overlaps with the ability that destroys weapons. It would be good if I can think of a good ability….. I can’t give it an ability that is too far-fetched. –So are you done already? So this is the limit of you, who has used the crimson armour huh……”

Cao Cao says that and appears. He entered through the broken window.

“Hey, tell me. If you fight Vali in the form he used before, will you win?”

“……No. The form Vali used to kill Pluto instantly... it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I were to call him a Super-Devil. –So it will be impossible for me to beat him as well. It’s a simple difference in power and power output. He can take me down just by using power alone.”

Hearing that, I felt relieved. ……Geez, it’s not like me to worry about my rival. But yeah. That guy won’t lose to this guy. –The one who will beat him head on will be me. Only me. ……But I need to overcome this obstacle somehow.


I couldn’t hold myself back from laughing.

“What’s funny?”

Cao Cao asks me with doubt.

“It’s the same as back then.”

Yes. That time when I had a one on one battle with Raiser. This circumstances and situation. In that match, I also hit my limit at the last moment and was put in a tough spot. But even so, I was still able to fight.

“Hey Cao Cao. I have also fought by aiming for my opponent’s weakness. To protect the girl I liked, and to take her back. By using my small brain to the fullest.”

“? What are you saying? I don’t get what you are trying to say. I don’t think you have gone crazy….. Are you planning to do something?”

“That time, the only thing I had left was the Dragon's power which I had a bit of. That situation is no different from this situation.”

I show the Switch-Princess doll to him. The one I just picked up earlier.

“There is a trick on this doll, and the oppai part can be shot out. Rias became astonished when the test-type doll arrived at our house. –Sirzechs-sama thought of this doll.”

“And what about it?”

I then took out a single bullet from my pocket. It’s the one I picked up from the dimensional gap.

“I retrieved this from a golem floating in the dimensional gap. –A bullet from the anti-monster machine gun I found in the Gogmagog that had stopped moving. It was supposed to have been made a long time ago, but it has a similar shape to that of the bullets of the current era. ……Maybe the power of creation that human’s possess is similar to that of a God now.”

I said that while loading the bullet on the oppai of the Switch-Princess doll. I then transferred the power of the Sekiryuutei to it.


While transferring the power, I pushed the button on the doll. Then the bullet placed on the oppai part of the doll increases its speed when it gets shot from it and flies towards Cao Cao.

“……Have you gone mad?”

Cao Cao hits the bullet easily with his holy-spear. –Then the bullet which was hit away breaks and releases a liquid from it. The liquid then goes on Cao Cao’s face. To his right eye. Cao Cao wipes his eye after receiving it.

“……What is this….liquid…..”

While wiping it, his body goes through a change.


Cao Cao spits something out of his mouth. Blood.


He suddenly begins to suffer, and falls on his knees. His body is shivering. He dropped down with his legs and hands on the floor, and realises it after he vomits out more blood.

“T-This is……! Uguwaaaaaaaa!”

Right now, he must be going through a pain that you can’t even describe in words. The pain is so insane, that he shouldn’t be able to endure it. I stood up with my arms and legs which have returned to normal, and I then said it to Cao Cao who is on the floor.

“-It’s Samael’s blood. The one Shalba used against me.”

Hearing me, Cao Cao opens his eyes wide. I continue explaining.

“I had the blood of Samael get taken out of my body while I was having my body recreated. I then thought about it while having Samael’s blood be disposed of. –“Wasn’t the curse God gave to Samael the one where he placed his hatred towards Dragons and snakes?”. Like that.”

“…My eye! My medusa’s eye!”

His eye has already been crushed with Samael’s poison, and so much blood is coming out of it.

“Yeah. Medusa is a monster with hair made of snakes right? Then maybe you who had her eye transplanted into yourself will receive the same effect from Samael’s blood? That’s why I thought about this back in the dimensional gap. Then I had Ophis transfer Samael’s blood into the bullet I found in Gogmagog.”

Yes, I used my small brain to the maximum to find a way to defeat this guy back in the dimensional gap. But if I was to fight this guy anytime soon, then I needed to have a plan against him. While I was thinking that we went past Gogmagog which was floating in the dimensional gap, and I remembered my fight against Raiser.

“……..Gough! Haahaa……. ……..Fufufu, I never thought you would use such a method…..!”

Cao Cao laughs to himself while going through intense pain.

“I was also on the verge of death since I’m a Dragon but also a Devil. Even if you are the descendant of a Hero and have the ultimate spear, you are a human. –Can a human like yourself withstand that curse?”

“…..Most likely not……. ……..My body has already stopped functioning…… ……..Phoenix’s tear will have no effect on…….Samael’s curse…… So the reason why I lost is because I’m a “human”……..! Fuhahahaha…….! For me who has been researching my opponents weaknesses……to turn out like this…… …….It’s the most sarcastic thing ever…….!”

Even though he is going through intense pain, he laughs to himself.

“Yeah. Your weakness is…..that you are a human.”

Cao Cao shouldn’t be able to fight now. His Balance-Breaker has vanished already. The power I could sense from the holy-spear before has vanished. –It is my win.

……For me to win using a doll of Rias. And with the Switch-Princess’s oppai missile.

[Zoom Zoom Iyaaan.]

Switch-Princess doll made a sound like that. ……..Hahahaha, it sure is like me. I blurted out laughing because I found it funny. Hey the past hosts. Zoom Zoom Iyaaan sure is amazing. No wonder you guys became crazy about it.

“……Then I will use [Truth Idea].”

-! W-What did he say!? I became astonished at what Cao Cao just said! He grabs the holy-spear with his trembling hands, and makes a stance and starts to speak!

“Spear. The true holy-spear which pierces through God. –Suck the ambition of a king of domination sleeping within me, and pierce through the gap of blessing and destruction. –You. Announce the will, and turn into a glow.”

Along with Cao Cao’s chant, the tip of the spear opens, and magnificent amounts of light start glowing out from it. ………Maybe it will be bad to let him release this much amount of light anymore than this? I mean what will happen? From Sensei’s talk, what’s sealed inside that spear is something like the will of God who has passed away. Vali said it is similar, but very different to [Juggernaut Drive]. I don’t know what it is about…… But [Juggernaut-Drive] is the embodiment of destruction that gets out of control. It seems like [Truth Idea] will also cause huge destruction to this city if released! Should I increase my guard? Or should I use the power of [Knight] to escape from here? When I was choosing my option…..

The light from the spear gradually starts to weaken…… …….The tip of the spear which was wide-opened returned back to normal. Cao Cao saw that. He became speechless and shocked. For this guy who had been showing so much confidence until now to be like this….. Then does that mean…… Cao Cao then explains as if he is answering my doubt.

“….It’s not……activating……?”

…..So that’s what happened after all. I was a bit prepared myself when I saw the huge amount of light, but what I can feel from the spear isn’t that much of a threat. More like isn’t the holy power weakening? –Then Cao Cao made an expression as if he got his answer after sensing something from his spear.

“……I see. So that is your “will”. –So you have picked Sekiryuutei’s dream over my ambition.”

………….? I don’t understand even a bit of what he just said…… But does it mean the spear won’t be powering up now?

“……So you received the curse Cao Cao”

The one who appears saying that is….Vali. He came through the broken window, and he looks down on Cao Cao who is on the floor.

“……Hey Vali. …….Your rival is the best.”

“I won’t hand him over to you, Cao Cao. –Why did [Truth Idea] fail? You used it just before right? I sensed it when I was coming towards this building.”

Vali asks him. I also want to know that. Vali then opened his ears to Cao Cao’s words.

“……[Truth Idea] is related to the “will” of the God from the Bible. The will of the deceased God sucks the ambition of the holder of this spear, and by responding to how strong the opponent is, it creates many effects and miracles…… That can be something with absolute power to destroy the opponent……or a blessing to the opponent to capture their hearts. –But the answer the [Truth Idea] gave to Sekiryuutei is silence. ……Then it means that Sekiryuutei won this match, and this spear wants to see Hyoudou Issei’s dream over mine…….”

……The God of the Bible acknowledged me as the winner? The God liked my dream over Cao Cao’s? Vali then smiles in amusement after hearing that.

“So that holy-spear chose Hyoudou Issei and not Cao Cao. That’s why I told you remember? That you should take down me and Hyoudou Issei before we become out of control. And this is the result. An end which just seems dull. Like I thought, the person who has the right to defeat the Sekiryuutei who turned into a crimson colour is me.”

Cao Cao laughs at himself hearing Vali.

High school dxd v12 261.jpg

“……I wanted to defeat him.”

……Can you stop saying homo stuff between guys!? It’s nothing but disgusting! I feel sick because lately strong foes…..especially guys look at me with keen eyes! I want to be popular amongst girls! I won’t be happy if I get popular with muscular guys!

“Yeah, that’s right. I will be the one defeating Hyoudou Issei.”

“My friend sure is very popular.”

And the ones coming in now are Sairaorg-san and Kiba. –Now the number of guys in here has increased once again! I hate this atmosphere. It truly is hard to breath in here. And all of them are looking at me with passionate eyes! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel! Please save me!

“…..Two-Heavenly Dragons. King of Lions. Holy-demonic sword……. Certainly this is a bad situation for me. More like I would be killed at this rate….. Maybe I was already cornered by the time we lost Leornado…….. No. Maybe laying our fingers on you meant our loss…… Like I thought, maybe it would have been better to use Samael……on not Ophis………but Great-Red….. I never thought that the encounter with the Gremory group, and our choice……..meant as our flag to lose……”

Even though he’s laughing at himself, he is starting to lose breath. Not only is he saying something that I can’t understand, but the colour of his face is turning bad. He won’t be able to hold in Samael’s curse like how Vali did using his demonic-powers, so his condition will just get worse. Then a familiar mist surrounds us. Then a person appears from the mist.

“…..Let’s return, Cao Cao.”

The one who appears next to Cao Cao is Georg, who is very torn. He’s missing one of his eyes and one of his arms. His left-leg is coloured in black, and he is not in a proper condition.


“……Cao Cao. We……did have many miscalculations, but we weren’t wrong. Except…..”

He takes Cao Cao’s hand and activates the transportation magic-circle. He then looks at us. I won’t let you escape! Everyone except Vali goes towards them. But the holy-spear releases a bright light, and we couldn’t move our body and use our eyes for a moment! So he still had this much power in him!

“……..We will be eliminated if we get involved with the Two-Heavenly Dragons. Just like Shalba and the others……”

“……You are right, Georg……”

While getting his body burnt with the holy power, Sairaorg-san’s fist cuts through the air. They are no longer there. We were a second late because we had our eyes become useless for a moment from the bright light.

They left after just saying that………….

Part 3[edit]

….I let them escape at the crucial moment. I can only close my mouth to myself for being naïve. While I was feeling down, Sairaorg-san pats my head.

“Don’t feel down. It’s your victory. Looking at their conditions, both of them won’t be able to fight for a while. No, they won’t be able to fight as how they used to anymore from their wounds.”

Sairaorg-san says that. …….I won’t know how much effect Samael’s poison will have on him, but even myself who is both a Dragon and a Devil had my body destroyed easily from it. So nothing good will be waiting for him after this. Vali then says it while looking at me.

“If you got in contact with Great-Red, then before challenging that Sekiryuushintei I need to finish my battle with you first.”

So a declaration of battle already huh. It’s just like him.

“Yeah, bring it. I will become even stronger and defeat you.”

“But be careful. While many will fear you, there will be more coming after your life. –That’s what it means to get in contact with the True-Dragon and Dragon-God.”

That sure is scary. Well if they will be coming after my life, then I just need to overcome them.

“Even if anything comes to me, I will just continue walking ahead for my dream. –To become a High-class Devil and become a Harem-King! And I also want to become the King in the Rating Game as well!”

Hearing my declaration, he smiles with enjoyment.

[Ddraig…… Will you be resting for a while?]

[……Yeah. Maybe so. Or maybe….. I’m sorry Albion.]

…………? Albion and Ddraig are talking to each other? What are they talking about? –Then I sensed another person coming here. The one who enters through the door is the man in the clothing of a gentleman. Arthur.

“Vali. Everyone is here. Like we planned, we made a rampage.”

“I see.”

Vali turns around. Arthur then looks at Kiba.

“Kiba Yuuto. It seems like you are the most worthy opponent that I have been searching for with my Holy-King sword Collbrande. The time when Vali has his battle with Hyoudou Issei, I will also seek a battle with you. Until then, I hope we both don’t get involved in anything unfortunate.”

Saying that, Vali and Arthur left. Kiba is also smiling at the challenge he received from Arthur. …….Somehow, did this guy become stronger while I was away? ……He even has the demonic-swords that belonged to Siegfried on his hips!

“Did you defeat Siegfried?”

I ask Kiba while pointing at the demonic-swords on his hips.

“Eh? Oh this? Well many things happened. Siegfried was defeated by all of us.”

Oh, is that so? But he received the demonic-swords.

“Now, I also have my servants waiting for me. I will leave then.”

Sairaorg-san walks towards the window.

“Sairaorg-san. Thank you very much.”

Sairaorg-san waved his hand at my gratitude. He jumps off from the window. He left stylishly from the window. Just like Sairaorg-san.

“I will also go and call everyone. Ise-kun, you rest here.”

Kiba also jumps from the window saying that.

….I’m by myself now. When I was thinking about looking around the shop until everyone gets here.

[Partner, that was a good fight. For you to also start fighting not just with your power but also with your brain……. You still lack in many departments, but…….it was still a good fight.]

Ddraig praises me.

“What is it, all of a sudden?”

[……No. You should be fine with this.]

“……You seem a bit unenergetic.”

I can hear his voice being cut off. Something like this has never happened before.

[……Looks like I used too many things to revive your body….. I will lose my consciousness very soon…..]


……….W-What do you mean! What’s happening! Why didn’t you tell me!? Then the conversation between you and Albion just before is……. A farewell…..? You are lying! You are joking right!? Wait! Hold on a second!

[……Don’t worry…… I will make sure you can use the Boosted Gear even without me……. That’s why I’m glad I was able to see a good fight…….at the end……..]

Ddraig’s voice starts to get cut off even more, and his voice is becoming small and weak.

“Wait! …..I still…..I still can’t do anything without you!”

[You can……. You have…..your……..comrades……. ……..I am……..no longer………needed………]

His words are getting cut off! No! This is too much! I need you! You are my partner! Let’s stay together forever! We are a Sekiryuutei together! We had been….doing stuff together! At school! At home! Against Kokabiel! My first encounter with Vali! During the camp at the mountains during the summer! Against the Sitri group! Against Loki! Even at Kyoto…..! And the match against Bael…….

My tears aren’t stopping. I have so many tears running from eyes and I even have snot coming down from my nose. The things that are coming to my head are the memories I had with Ddraig……and I couldn’t do anything about it.

For you to die because of restoring my body…….I don’t want that! Ddraig then says it clearly to me.

[My partner. Ise. Thank you. –It was fun………………]

“Ddraig….? Hey…..answer me……. Hey……Partner……..”

It’s not fair that you call me by my name at the end! That’s not fair! Say it to me properly! Call me Ise again! I beg you! This is…..not…….

My jewel doesn’t answer me even when I talk to it. ……..So he won’t talk to me ever again…..? While I was thinking such a thing, a sound comes into my ears.


A snore.

…..Huh? A snore? He’s sleeping……?

“Ddraig is exhausted because he used his powers in the dimensional gap. He’s sleeping.”

There is someone who touches my gauntlet gently.

-It’s Ophis. It seems like she came here without me noticing.

“……Ophis? Wait, Ddraig is just sleeping!?”

T-This bastard! He’s just taking a nap! Shit! He made me worry so much!

“Ddraig! ………You idiot…..! You idiot……..!”

I could only cry while hugging my gauntlet! Damn it! It would have been horrible if it was actually a good-bye! Since you and I will be together as partners!

……But I’m relieved. Thank you for doing all this for me. Rest now, my partner.

-Ah, I can sense my comrades. They should be here soon. Yeah it finally finished, my mid-class promotion test that is. The test which was long and hard finally finished. No, the test hasn’t finished until I go home.

“Let’s go home Ophis. This time……with everyone.”

“I will return home to the Sekiryuutei’s house.”

Ophis made an adorable smiley face. Yeah, she isn’t the boss of the terrorists after all. She is just a Dragon who is strong and lonely. –Then I remembered something. What should I do about my school mid-year exams…..? I finally fell into despair.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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