High School DxD:Volume 12 New Life

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New Life[edit]

A few days after the ruckus ended in the Underworld, we were told something outrageous from Sensei at the club room.

“You were removed from the post of Governor!? Are you serious!? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!”

Yes, the news about Azazel-sensei being removed from his post. The reason is because he made us meet with Ophis. Sensei makes a sigh while digging his earhole.

“You are noisy. It can’t be helped. I made Ophis come here without telling those noisy bunch.”

“T-Then what is your current status……?”

When I asked him, he twitches his neck.

“Hmm. Something like the supervisor of this area which is one of the important locations for the Three Great Powers alliance. My position in the Grigori is as an advisor of special technology.”

So he’s a supervisor and an advisor for technology. Haaa, his position seems like it has changed but it hasn’t changed.

“…….From a Governor to a supervisor.”

Koneko-chan says that.

“Well that’s the gist of it. Shemhaza became the Governor of Grigori. Barakiel is the Vice-Governor. Man I feel better! Those positions suit hard headed people like them. With this, I can concentrate on my hobbies.”

Huh? He has an even more frank expression than before!? Did removing him from his post give him more freedom?….. That sounds like it! Uwaaaaah! Shemhaza-san, Barakiel-san! Please do something about this person! I suggest to have him sealed away before he does something! Maybe you should think of putting him in Cocytus! He’s definitely on a level of Samael for being sealed away! Sensei was all hyped but he then took out three certificates.

“The result for the mid-class promotion test was released just before. In place of Sirzechs who is busy, I will announce the results.”

-! Are you serious! The result is already out!? We didn’t receive any notification beforehand and we are going to get the results now!?

“First of all Kiba. You passed! Congratulations. You are a Mid-class Devil from today. You will receive a call about the awarding ceremony sometime soon. I will give you the certificate now.”

Uwaa! He started without giving us a chance to be ready for it! And Kiba passes!?

“Thank you. I will gladly accept.”

Kiba receives the certificate and bows his head down. Aaah, my friend became a Mid-class Devil right in front of my eyes!

“Next is Akeno. You also passed. Now you are a Mid-class Devil. I told Barakiel beforehand, and he started.. man-crying the moment he heard it.”

“......Geez, Tou-sama. Thank you very much. I will gladly accept it.”

Akeno-san takes the certificate with a red face. Akeno-san also became a Mid-class Devil safely. And the last remaining one. ……..It must be mine.

“Lastly, Ise.”


I-I feel nervous. Apart from the practical test, I don’t have that much confidence for the written test….. But it doesn’t mean I did bad in it either…… Sensei didn’t care about how I was feeling and just gave me the result.

“You also passed. Congratulations. It’s the birth of a Mid-class Devil Sekiryuutei.”

--! …………………..I did it.


I raised both my hands up and yelled!

“From today I am a Mid-class Devil! Yeah! I’m so happy!”

I somehow got promoted! Mid-class Devil! I’m a Mid-class Devil from today on! With this I have got a step closer to becoming a Harem-King! No, I should have got ten steps closer!




“Well this should be something we all expected. But congratulations.”

“It’s natural because I was your manager! ……But congratulations.”

Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Koneko-chan and Ravel congratulate me! Thank you everyone! I’m glad I reincarnated into a Devil! I was so happy that I was crying, but Sensei points his finger at me.

“Well you are an idiot who was able to return from such a dangerous situation by yourself. Did you know that your feat of how you returned is being spoken about by the people standing in very high social positions? After all, the anti-factions of the current Maou-faction have started to fear you.”

“W-Why is that?”

“Of course they would. You won’t die even if you get killed. There’s nothing more fearsome than this right? Not only did you not die from Samael’s poison, but you came back from the dimensional gap by receiving a new body with Great-Red’s power. How crazy are you! You are really weird. Not only your brain but also your existence.”

It certainly was a repetition of weird events. But for me to be feared by the top-people in the Devil society…… The situation is getting so big that I’m confused about what’s going on! In the Underworld it is broadcast that I took down Jabberwocky fighting alongside the Lucifer group and Great-Red who came by coincidence. The fact that I “combined” with Great-Red isn’t told to the public.

“Well your power to attract strong foes is so insane that it can basically attract anything. So that’s why you guys should be the ones to defeat the guys who are doing bad stuff around the World. That way both I and Sirzechs will be able to relax.”

That’s what Sensei says…….. Seriously that would be too much! I’m fed up with fighting strong people! I want to have a life where I can do erotic stuff with the girls in this club! I’m not seeking for a life where I would be fighting!

“Um Sensei. What happened to the Khaos Brigade, more specifically the Hero-faction after that?”

Their leader, Cao Cao, received Samael’s curse from my attack. I’m sure nothing good is happening to him now….. But it’s that Cao Cao we are talking about, maybe he has healed himself by finding a cure?

“Also because of Hades and the Old-Maou faction, their main forces were taken down. So the attacks on important locations by the Hero-faction have stopped as well. Also thanks to you guys, we were able to capture their main members alive and they are being interrogated as we speak. The Longinus possessors such as Cao Cao…….probably aren’t in a good situation either. The wounds they received are ones which can’t be healed with Phoenix tears and Twilight-Healing. But Heaven has found out that their Longinus haven’t vanished so there's the thought that they might still be alive.”

Sensei answers me. Heracles and Jeanne are captured in the Underworld. The Longinus possessors such as Cao Cao, Georg, and Leonardo cannot fight anymore due to their wounds. But their Longinuses haven't vanished. Two exact Longinuses cannot exist at the same time. And if I recalled correctly , if the possessors die the Longinuses will move to new hosts…..was it? It’s the same as my Sacred Gear. And if they haven't vanished then that means the possibility of Cao Cao and the others being alive is high . But to Sensei it didn’t seem like it added up.

“……Is there a possibility of them being stolen away? If the Longinus possessors such as Cao Cao have serious injuries then it won’t be weird if there are people who would try to steal their Longinus. That organisation has so many factions that it seems they have serious quarrels amongst one another.”

Rias says that. I see, you can also look at it like that. The Grigori has already created the technology where they can remove the Sacred Gear from the host and keep it away or also transfer it to another person. Such a method should have been known to the Khaos Brigade due to the traitors amongst the Grigori who went to their side. So it’s possible to think that the Longinus from those guys who have serious injuries have been taken away. Sensei nods at Rias’s comment.

“Yeah, a possibility like that might arise. …….If that happens, then I hope it won’t turn into the worst scenario that I have thought of………”

……Sensei had a very serious expression. Just what is he thinking inside his head? Sensei then laughs.

“Well their biggest mistake was to lay their fingers on you guys. And they got beaten instead. So the Hero-faction’s mistake was to lay their hands on you guys who have abnormal growth rates. It’s like those teachings where you will receive a curse when you touch Gods that you shouldn’t touch. Or in this case, a Devil who shouldn’t be messed around with.”

“Don’t say it as if we are some sharp knives! From our perspective, we just fought back because they attacked us! Right everyone!?”

I asked everyone.

“Yes, the grudge we have towards them for attacking us during the school trip is big.”

“I’m Michael-sama’s Ace! I will beat them to pieces if they attack us again!”

Xenovia and Irina agree with what I said. See!

“……We crush them if they attack. This is the unavoidable rule of the Gremory lately.”

I also received a few grateful but scary words from Koneko-sama!

“Lately I started to think , that they come to me so I can gather points to become a High-class Devil. If we fight with the current members, then it would be better if the enemies are stronger.”

Rossweisse-san sure has a nice brain which allows her to adapt quickly! But it isn’t as good as you say! Sensei makes a big laugh after hearing everyone's responses.

“To be expected from the Gremory group! This certainly will turn into a legend soon! Something like “You won’t be able to come back alive if you touch them”.”

Rias sighed at Sensei’s joke.

“We aren’t a curse or an evil spirit. Don’t say it in a weird way.”

“Ufufu. But if they assault us then we have no choice but to crush them.”

Even though Akeno-san’s smiling, she shows the expression of an S! Sensei continues.

“But the Khaos Brigade is still active. We can judge that their biggest faction, the Old-Maou faction, and the second biggest faction, the Hero faction, have stalled as a result of losing their leaders. We have finished punishing most of the traitors among the alliance. But ... there are still those that are against us. The bunch who have been hiding in the shadows of the two factions will also arise.”

…….If I remember correctly, there's a faction of magicians, right? Don’t tell me they will also assault us…..? This only makes me feel more insecure! The power of the Heavenly Dragon seriously is no joke……. Sensei then looks at the corner of the room.

“Well, their former boss is with us anyway.”

We also look at where Sensei is looking. Ophis is there. She followed me to the school club room. When her eyes met with mine, she says this.

“I’m friends with Ddraig.”

Yeah, I feel honoured having a Dragon-God say that. But……

“I’m not Ddraig, I have a name which is Hyoudou Issei……. My friends call me “Ise”.”

“I understand. Ise.”

Arara, she answered immediately. She sure gets things right away when you talk to her. She became really attached to me to the point where she follows me everywhere. And when I return to my room, she’s already sitting in there. She copies what the other girls do by looking at them, and she takes interest in everything so the girls have fun playing with her. So there is always someone who can play with her. What is this feeling, something similar to an animal? Something like how dogs and cats are attached to a person? Or more precisely being attached to Uroboros?

“Yes, that would be okay to call me.”

That should be fine. Sensei then says it after looking at the discussion between me and Ophis.

“I’ll tell you now Ise but even if you become a High-class Devil in the future, you won’t be able to make Ophis your servant. You know the reason even if I don’t explain it, right?”

“Yes. Because Ophis isn’t “here” right?”

Yes, Ophis is here right now but that’s not how it was told to the public. Normally it would be something forbidden for Ophis to be here. But it seems like Ophis’s power that was stolen by Cao Cao became the current Ophis of the Khaos Brigade. Well even they won’t be able to say something like “Our boss Ophis has disappeared”, which will put them in a disadvantage. Sensei continues.

“She was someone who was a boss of the terrorists. Even if she came to our side, it would be bad if people in the Underworld found out about it. That’s why we had many seals placed on her to have her , the power of a Dragon which is a bit strong . Well, the fact is that God-class were not subjected to be reincarnated using the evil-pieces. It seemed like it was possible for half-Gods like Valkyries though.”

So she has to be considerably weakened because she had her power sucked away by Samael. Though she was stronger than most. ……..And she saved me back in the dimensional gap. That alone made me think that Ophis is my comrade. If there are people targeting her, I would protect her at all costs. Ophis did so much for me. But for me to be a Mid-class Devil…… I need to refresh my brain for a bit. It will take more time for me to get used to it.

“What will happen to Ophis’s power that was stolen by the Khaos Brigade? That’s something which bothers us.”

Kiba says that. He’s right. Ophis’s power which was stolen using Samael. Cao Cao said he would use that to create the new Ophis. But what would happen if the Hero-faction who was planning that is gone? Sensei then says.

“……..Including me, people who know about that have different opinions. Except we all have the same opinion that currently their plan is still progressing. …….No matter if it's in a different form, we might see that soon. Be prepared.”

……..Prepared huh. Looks like we'll get mixed up in things like that again….. I was having my head filled with all these thoughts, then Rias changes the subject.

“It’s important to be prepared for things that might come at us anytime, but I have three things I need to take care off. First is Gasper.”

Rias then looks at Gasper. Gasper gets all nervous. ……Is it about that story I heard? I wasn’t there so I don’t know anything about it, but it seemed like Gasper snapped when he heard a false story about me dying. As a result, he seemed to have beaten Georg overwhelmingly using monstrous powers. That Georg….. He overwhelmed Georg who possesses the High-Tier Longinus [Dimension Lost] and who also uses magic. When I ask those who witnessed it, they all just say “It was overwhelming”…….. Gasper himself hasn’t changed, and he’s still a boy who likes to dress as a girl. Rias continues.

“I was quiet about it due to many circumstances, but I think it would be a good time to ask them about that power.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Rias nods at my question.

“House of Vladi….. No, I will get in touch with the Vampire clan. If we don’t take measures to properly grasp Gasper’s power, not only Gasper but all of us will also be harmed.”

“……I-I’m sorry. I-I never knew I had such power…… I thought my only problem was these eyes….”

Gasper says that while being scared. He didn’t have any memory of the events that took place while he had changed into that form. …….He also didn’t know about it. A hidden power which had been there all along…..? It seems like it isn’t a Sacred Gear though……. Rias thinks the reason why Gasper was thrown out of his house is due to that.

“The Vampires are also having a huge quarrel amongst themselves. …….Their World is closed to the outside, but that’s also the reason why I hope nothing serious is going on.”

Sensei says it while making a sigh.

…….Are you serious? So the Vampires are also in a mess! …….I don’t want to get involved with them but it isn’t good to leave Gasper’s power alone either. It won't be good if we don’t make it clear. Looks like we have no choice but to go……

“I’m sorry for making problems…… But I don’t want to see people from my house…….”

Gasper lost his words. He doesn’t want to see his family huh. Well it can’t be helped if he doesn’t want to see them since they shunned him and then discarded him. Then he was taken down by a vampire-hunter while he was wandering around and then saved by Rias. …….I didn’t ask him the details, but he also has complicated issues. Akeno-san then says it while putting her hands on her chin.

“Along with the issue of Gasper-kun, another one is about the magicians, correct?”

“Are you talking about the relations with magicians that are written down in books?”

I ask. A pact from a magician? Even I heard of that. Devils who respond to magicians summons. It’s quite popular that it even appears in normal books. Rias nods.

“Yes. Magicians summon Devils, and they make a pact along with a price. We just lend our powers when necessary. The ritual is a bit different from the one where we grant the wish of normal humans. It’s normal for the famous Devils to be summoned, but young Devils also receive such offers.”

“Then does that mean we will also get offers?”

Rias nods at my question. Sensei continues while drinking tea.

“Yesterday, the magician council announced the rating of young Devils including your generation to all the magicians in the World. To them, it will be a win for someone to make a pact with the young Devils first. Especially the Gremory group who have a high rating. Starting from Rias who is the younger sister of a Maou, there is Ise who is the Sekiryuutei, Kiba of the Holy-demonic sword, Akeno the Holy-lightning Priestess and the daughter of Barakiel, Xenovia of the Durandal, and such. –You guys will receive lots of offers you know? Choose which magician you will make pacts with wisely okay? If you choose someone worthless then it will lower your ratings.”

Are you serious! So those things are also a part of a Devils job huh! Then will I also receive an offering from a magician…..?

……..Gufufufu. It might be good to be summoned by a very erotic magician woman. Then there was someone knocking my head while I was thinking erotic stuff. It’s Rias. Rias then asks me.

“By the way Ise. Do you remember what you promised me before the test? That’s the last thing that I need to take care off.”

-! Rias’s cheeks are a bit red. Yeah, I remember that promise very well.

“Rias, lets go on a date next weekend.”

She shows a big smile to my words.

“Yes, I will be looking forward to it my lovely Ise.”

Yeah. First is a date with her. That will definitely be fun. I will think about other stuff afterwards. While I was thinking about it, Xenovia points to herself.

“After Buchou, go on a date with me next Ise.”

“Ah, not fair! I’m next right! I also want to go on a date with Ise-kun!”

Even Irina asks!

“Hauu! Me too! I will also go on a date!”

“Then me too.”

Even Asia and Koneko-chan!

“Me too! Let me enjoy Japan more!”

“…..And I.”

“It might be fun to have a date with Ise-kun to find bargain sales.”

Even Ravel, Ophis, and Rossweisse-san!

“Ara-ara. Then I will have a date with him on top of the bed after he finishes with everyone.”

Are you serious Akeno-san!? That truly is a very interesting thing!

“Aaah, then maybe I should also get a date with him then.”

“Umm, then so will I.”

“Eh!? Is everyone going with the flow? T-Then me too!”

Even Sensei, Kiba, and Gasper!? Seriously, spare me the guys!

Rias pulls my sleeve and then hugs onto me.

“I’m first. Right Ise?”

It seems I will be busy from now. But still I feel at peace.

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