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Realm of the dead.

Located in the lower strata of the Underworld and the place where the souls of the dead are sorted. I, Azazel, am visiting it.

The realm of the dead is of the Olympus World…….the God from the Greek-faction Hades is in control of it. It isn’t as big as the Underworld and it's the World of the dead, it is a wasteland that no creature can live in.

An ancient Greek shrine appears as I move to the depths. It is the place where the Grim Reapers of this World live as well as the castle of Hades, the “Hades Shrine”.

I step foot in it along with several people. The moment we entered, the Grim Reapers gathered and looked at us with hostility. We came here without any call. So to them, it must appear like an attack. The reason we came here is simple. It’s to make a complaint to that bastard, Hades, and to stop that Skeleton-Geezer from doing whatever he wishes to the Underworld during the current crisis. It’s that shit who is obsessed with pestering the Devils and Fallen-Angels. He must be plotting to intrude at the right time, while the gigantic monsters of [Annihilation Maker] are rampaging in the Underworld. So we also came here to make sure he doesn’t do anything funny.

The place we arrived in, is something that looks like a ritual area. Ornaments such as gold are used for the interior and it's so gorgeous that it doesn’t suit being in the Underworld. There is a carving on the wall of the trinity Gods of Olympus – Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and it is carved to stand out . Then from the depths of the shrine, a Skeleton-sama wearing vestments worn by priests, Hades, approaches while bringing several Grim Reapers with him. He sure has a disgusting aura around him.

The Grim Reapers who are with him seem to be quite formidable as well. Judging from the aura they are leaking, they must be either Top-level Grim Reapers or Ultimate-level Grim Reapers.

……Though the Ultimate-level Grim Reaper from the other day, Pluto, isn’t here so that is bugging me…..

Seeing Hades, the man next to me takes a step forward.

“It has been a while. It is I, Maou-Lucifer from the Underworld, Sirzechs at your service. The God of the realm of the Dead, Hades-sama. I’m very sorry for the sudden visit.”

Yes, one of the members who came with me is Sirzechs. After I returned from the artificial dimension, I told everything to this guy including about Ophis and Ise. I know I wasn’t in a position to be forgiven, but I still said “I’m sorry” to Sirzechs. This guy listened to my details silently without changing his expression. He didn’t even blame me for it. ……..I was even prepared to get hit by you for making Rias and Ise end up like that. That’s how many sins I have committed……

After ordering his subordinates as countermeasure for the Gigantic monsters which are progressing and the Old-Maou faction members who are rampaging at each area, Sirzechs said this to me. “I’m planning to go to the realm of the dead. I want you to come with me”.

Sirzechs predicted that Hades would make his move during this chaos. How should we handle Hades who won’t even listen to us? The answer for that is for the Maou himself to visit Hades. And I also received new information regarding Ise just before. I also told Sirzechs. Sirzechs was also relieved. He must have been very worried.

Eitherway, if Ophis is with him and Ddraig is also safe, he can come back somehow. He is the invincible Oppai Dragon-sama after all.

The Devil side has also started searching in the dimensional gap, so sooner or later he will come back. What’s left is to make a new body for him. ……Putting his soul aside, I’m not sure if putting back his Sacred Gear will work smoothly….. I just want to change him back with minimal negative factors. Hades laughs.

<<For you all to come here…. Fafafafa. I certainly didn’t expect this.>>

Though it seems you are pretty confident. His strength is the real deal though. He knows that he can beat us even if he were to fight against me and Sirzechs. Michael also said he wanted to come with us, but I stopped him because having the Angel-Elder stepping foot in hell is a bit of a problem. Hades then looks at the person behind us.

<<So who is that fake Angel over there? I can feel an abnormal presence from him>>

The one standing behind us is a youth wearing the robe of a priest and he has blonde hair and green eyes. –From his back, 10 pure-white wings are growing out. The youth made a simple introduction.

“Hello. My name is Dulio Gesualdo, [Brave Saint]’s Joker. I’m here as a guard for Lucifer-sama and Azazel-sama. Though it doesn't seem like they need it. Though Michael-sama said “Just in case”. It’s a job of an Angel, a job.”

He seems very light hearted….. Just like the rumours. The weirdo Joker, Dulio. The possessor of [Zenith Tempest] and a [Brave Saint] who controls the sky.

<<……The rumoured trump card of the heavens huh. I hear that the Longinus within you can freely control the weather of the World….. Fafafafa. That Michael. I never expected him to send his Joker here.>>

That’s how much of a threat you are. Also outside, the possessor of Longinus [Canis Lykaon] that I brought here is on standby. Just in case something happens.

<<The bosses of the bats and crows, and two Longinuses….. Don’t you think it’s a bit of a bullying to bring such people to an old guy like me?>>

Look who’s talking. You have the power to take us even with these members. ……So Slash Dog who is stationed outside is already known to him. To be expected from God-sama of the realm of the dead.

<<It might not be bad to talk to all of you while drinking tea……. But I will ask you. What business do you have here?>>

…..You already know why. How much do you have to irritate us to satisfy yourself…..! Sirzechs answers normally.

“A few days ago there was an incident at the Underworld which took place at the territory of Glasya-Labolas. My sister, her servants and Azazel over here received an assault from the Khaos-Brigade at the hotel near the Mid-class Devil promotion stadium.”

<<Ah, that. I have received the report about it.>>

“And I heard that the Governor and others were attacked by the Grim Reapers.”

<<I heard that your sister and Azazel-dono were trying to get in touch with “the Uroboros”, Ophis secretly. So I had them investigate it. All of the factions are thinking of having an alliance after all. The relationship between the whole factions will crumble if there is such treason like that. And it will be even worse if this action was done by Governor Azazel who talks about peace more than anyone else. So I wanted to know what is going through the mind of the Governor I admire. So I had my underlings look into it. I told them to give you a small warning if such treason did happen.>>

Hades explains while putting words of respect now and then in his speech. …..His words make me feel sick. I really want to pierce this guy’s neck with my spear of light……

This shit. He said the things Pluto was saying was a joke! You are telling me that was the small warning!? You send that many Grim Reapers and also a legendary Grim Reaper……! He continues while touching his chin which doesn’t have any flesh.

<<Though it seems like it was my misunderstanding. If you received any casualties then I will apologise. If you want atonement then tell me. I can grant you basically anything except my life.>>

……Speaking manners and attitude where he is talking down at us. He must be doing it on purpose, but it certainly is working to piss me off. Since I was at that scene, my anger is rising. But there is a reason why I am not getting dragged into his words.

….That’s because there is someone here giving out intense pressure. …..I never knew your calm expression would be this scary Sirzechs. You usually don’t let me sense any of your aura at all, but I can sense lots of aura coming from you. Listening to Hades, Sirzechs nods once.

“Is that so. So it was your misunderstanding…… I see. I also came here because I've heard a rumour which doesn’t sound that good.”

You are getting into the main point, aye Sirzechs. Sirzechs questions once again.

“Hades-sama. I received a report that you are connected with The Khaos-Brigade behind the scenes. I hear that you are helping the Hero-faction and Old-Maou faction. I also heard that they used Samael. If this is true, then your actions will be seen as a serious treason. Even if we are standing in different positions, all the factions agreed not to have that come out. I don’t want to question your innocence, but just for confirmation will you let us see how is the situation of the seal of Samael?”

We can find out whether Hades used Samael by checking how long the seal has been used to seal Samael. If he is innocent, then the seal should have been performed a very long time ago. If he is guilty, then the seal should have been undone recently. If we can confirm that, then we will get a reason to blame him. It seemed like Hades made a sigh at Sirzechs’s question.

<<This is idiotic. I am busy. I don’t have time to be accused of such things.>>

Hades tries to leave just saying that! Hey hey hey! This bastard ignores things which put him in a bad situation! I try to go after him but Sirzechs stops me with his hand.

“I understand. Then I will stop questioning you. But it is the truth that you are being accused. So let’s do one thing then? I would like you to stay with us here until the monster incidents settle in the Underworld.”

Sirzechs makes a suggestion to make Hades stay here. An idea to have Hades under the surveillance of the Maou himself, so Hades won’t be able to interfere with the Underworld.

This is our last resort. Though we knew it would come to this from the beginning. I also suggested we seal Hades’s shrine until all the monsters are eliminated. But Sirzechs said that he wants to talk with him instead. It’s not that he can't endure things, but this is Sirzechs’s kind personality which makes him do things to make casualties as low as possible. Hades stops and turns around.

<<You say something interesting lad. Yes….. How about this then? –I won’t mind accepting that suggestion if you show me your true form.>>


I became speechless for a moment at Hades’s words.

……This shitty-bastard came down to this huh.

Hades continues.

<<I heard rumours about it. The reason why the Devil named “Sirzechs” became a being that is called Lucifer. The reason for which you have surpassed the beings called Devils.>>

…..A moment of silence.

Sirzechs nods.

“-Very well. If it will make you stay here, then that is a very cheap deal. But I suggest to have those around you back off. –They will definitely perish.”

<<Hou. That would be interesting. The ones around me aren’t only High-level Grim Reapers, but there are also Ultimate-class Grim Reapers within them. Even so, I don’t think there are lies within your words.>>

At Sirzechs words, the Grim Reapers around Hades have even stronger hostility. Sirzechs takes his shirt off and tells me and Dulio to back away.

…..Are you really going to do it Sirzechs? While me and Dulio watch, Sirzechs increases his demonic powers. The demonic power of destruction emits from his body, and his body starts to turn red.


The whole shrine started to shake. ……it must have shook because of Sirzechs’s demonic powers. This proves that the shrine which is made very solid is screeching. Violent cracks are made everywhere within the ritual area and that includes ceiling, walls, and the ground. From these shakes not only the shrine but, is the whole area around here shaking with Sirzechs’s demonic powers…..?

Sirzechs’s surroundings perish without leaving a single speck of dust, due to the power of destruction emitting from him. The moment a crimson aura envelops Sirzechs, the intense aura envelops this whole area!

…….The shaking stops. Then there was silence within the shrine. What appeared in the middle was power of destruction in the shape of a human. The new form of power of destruction looks at Hades.

[In this form, the power of destruction spreads without my command. Without any barrier of field, it will make everything go back to nothingness. –It was fortunate that this shrine was made very strong. It seems like this place will last longer.]

The new form of the power of destruction is none other than Sirzechs himself.

So this is the true form of Sirzechs……

Are you telling me that insane quantity of power of destruction compressed itself into the form of a human……? But the quantity of aura I can feel with my skin……! From the amount of aura I can feel right now……. Isn’t it ten times more than that of the former Lucifer!?

When I was at the Gremory residence Sirzech’s father, current head of Gremory, said this to me.

“Governor Azazel. Sometimes I wonder and think that my son is a different being to a Devil and I sometimes wonder if it is okay to classify him as a Devil.”

That time I asked him by saying “What do you mean by that?”. The current head then said this while narrowing his eyes.

“There is no doubt that he is a mutation of a Devil. Why did that happen? Is there something in my blood? Or is it a special trait inside the blood of Bael? We don’t know anything about it. –Except it is certain that Sirzechs and Ajuka are the only Super-Devils within the current Underworld. Maybe it was their destiny to become a Maou. After all there wasn’t any other position which would fit them. That’s how powerful Sirzechs is.”

……I now know what you mean Lord-Gremory. I can understand why Sirzechs was an Ace in the battle against the former-Maou government. …..If someone like him who has unreal demonic-power is present, then the sides will overturn. And there were two Devils with unreal powers. Sirzechs and Ajuka. It must have been natural that the Anti-Maou faction at that time won.

……Though there is one more Devil who you can call a Super-Devil though…… Though he hid himself somewhere. If he comes out, then that will be very dangerous.

“…….Hahahaha. Looks like he doesn’t need a guard.”

Behind me, the Joker Dulio was making a sarcastic laugh. Yeah. It will be natural to feel that way when you see this.

[Does this satisfy you Hades-dono?]

Hades makes a laugh at Sirzechs’s words.

<<Fafafafa. You monster. I see. You have greatly surpassed the former Lucifer. You even greatly outclass the category of a Maou. No, I can feel powers which make me doubt if I can even call you a Devil. –What are you?>>

[That’s what I would like to know. Though it’s certain that it is a sudden mutation. –Either way, the current me can eliminate you.]

<<Fafafa. Doesn’t sound like a joke at all. If we fight, then the realm of the dead will definitely perish.>>

Yeah. If it is the current Sirzechs, then that won’t be a joke. This miscalculation makes me very happy. At worst I thought we had to handle Hades by force, but the current Sirzechs’s power can accomplish that with ease.

Geez! Ise and Rias! Your brother is insane!

One Grim Reaper approaches Hades. The Grim Reaper whispers something to him. Hades who has received a report points his hands towards the fire positioned in the ritual area. A vision appears within the fire. What appears on the vision was a certain group rampaging against a very large army of Grim Reapers.

[Ora ora ora! How much can you endure against my rod Grim Reapers-san! ]

It’s Bikou who is spinning around his nyoui-bou(Ruyi Bang). Next to him a gigantic golem, Gogmagog, is blowing away an army of Grim Reaper with it’s gigantic arms. Then one of its arm turns into a machine gun. I also saw Kuroka's and Le Fay's magic attacks. Arthur is wielding his Holy-King sword and he eliminates hundreds of Grim Reapers. The one who is moving in god-speed and tearing the Grim Reapers is Fenrir. –It’s the Vali team.

They showed themselves in the realm of the dead and started a battle against the Grim Reapers. Yeah, I kinda knew this would happen. There’s no way they will stay quiet after being beaten. If they were to seek revenge then they would be picking the Hero-faction, Old-Maou faction, or Hades as their prey. They sure came at a good time. I've never contacted them nor made a plan with them, but good job dumbasses. Also the existence of Fenrir who has the fangs that kill Gods would also contribute to this matter. Though I don’t see Vali in there. ……Since it is him, he should be planning something.

<<…….Is this your doing Governor of crows?>>

Hades asks with a very unpleasant voice. Yeah that’s the reaction I wanted to see. I wanted to see that side of you. I couldn’t control myself and I said this to him while putting on a grin.

“Huh, no idea.”


The aura around Hades changed colour to that of anger. Oh oh. You seem to be quite pissed. You will get yourself hurt if you look down on the Vali team who are fully powered, Skeleton-sama. They are a gathering of monsters who have been fending off pursuits from all the factions.

“You wouldn’t be able to take down the members of the Vali team unless you send all of your Grim Reapers. You probably have to stay here and order them around to do so.”

With this, Hades won’t be able to interfere during the Underworld's crisis. He has no time to do nasty things to the Underworld when the Vali-team is rampaging in the realm of the dead, and also when Sirzechs is serious. Sirzechs agrees to my word.

[Yes. That’s why we can only have you remain here.]

Sirzechs lifts one of his fingers up.

[One thing. This is just my personal feeling. That’s why allow me to say it.]

The personification of power of destruction glares at the God of the realm of the dead with sharp eyes. A hostility given by his glares makes your whole body freeze.

[The God of the realm of the dead, Hades. The evil-intentions directed towards my sister Rias and my brother-in-law Hyoudou Issei will require your death. I will have you prepared when we end up fighting. – I will eliminate you from this World and I will not hold back nor hesitate.]

If there is one mistake Hades made, then that was to make this man furious. No, actually there are two mistakes. I also grab a spear of light with my hand.

“Skeleton God-sama. Don’t forget that I’m also pissed. Well it’s also my personal hatred towards you, but let me say it. –Don’t make my students cry…….!”

Even while receiving our hostility directed at him, Hades doesn’t show any sign of changing his presence.

Well with this we've accomplished the case with Hades.

I will leave the rest to you, young Devils, now.


Come back already Ise. You will lose all the spotlight you know?

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