High School DxD:Volume 13

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Novel Illustrations

Life.1 A Tokusatsu Devil

Part 1

“The Red Dragon Emperor which brings misfortune to Devils! This “Magical Girl” Levia-tan will destroy you!”


In front of me, a magical girl wielding her magical staff, caused the surrounding area to explode with her massive demonic powers!

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m going to be kiiiiiiiiilllled!”

I am wearing a set of red armour and actually screaming, which is no act, while running away from a deadly attack of demonic power! Every single attack is so insane! The last had such a large impact that it destroyed a mountain, and blew away the forest with it!

I, Hyoudou Issei, am fighting a “Magical Girl” on a mountain. No, this is more like a one-sided assault!

That’s because my opponent isn’t a Magical Girl, but a real “Maou Girl!”

To explain how it turned out like this, I will have go back to the beginning.

After summer break ended and the second semester began…….


“Ise, it’s an emergency.”

That day, I was called by Buchou, while playing a trading card game[1] with the other club members.

“What is it?”

I asked, and Buchou answered with a smile.

“I received a request from a Maou-sama personally. It's from Serafall Leviathan-sama.”

Maou! Yes, we received a request from one of the Yondai-Maou, who are the Kings of Devils.

“Are you serious!? If it’s Leviathan-sama, then I’m honoured!”

I shouted, with joy. Of course! Leviathan-sama is the only woman within the Yondai-Maou! I feel honoured, receiving a request from Maou-sama! ……Though she’s one of those weird people.

“She’s requesting to borrow Koneko, Gasper, and Xenovia, while Ise is the main.”

Buchou continued. Gasper screamed “Hiiiiiiii!”.

“M-Me too!? I-I don’t like to stand out~!”

Aaah, he said that while running inside a box. Since he has anthropophobia and is a hikikomori, he is bad at standing out.

“But, why us?”

Xenovia pointed to herself. Koneko-chan was also nodding her head.

“It seems like she is in need of your special powers.”

Buchou answered.

Special powers. I have……a powerful dragon residing within me. Gasper carries Vampire blood, Koneko-chan is a Nekomata youkai, and Xenovia can wield a holy sword.

Now that I think about it, we are quite a bunch of special ones.

Buchou said, while stroking my cheek:

“I want to go with you, but Akeno and I have to leave here for special business. We'll have Yuuto guard us. I have already told this to Leviathan-sama, so that won’t be a problem. Asia, you will also follow Ise. It will be a good experience for you.”

“Yes, I will be going with Ise-san.”

Asia nodded at Buchou’s words.

“So that’s the story. I will now leave the rest to you, since I have to escort Buchou and Akeno-san.”

Said Kiba. Ngggh! Buchou’s escort! Damn you, Casanova! He’s a lucky guy, but it can’t be helped since he is Buchou’s genuine [Knight].


I then felt a soft sensation! The one holding me is Akeno-san! Aaaaaah, I couldn’t resist this sensation! While stroking my lips with her fingers, Akeno-san said seductively:

“It saddens me that I have to be away from you, but responding to the Maou-sama is something my Ise-kun would do.”


I replied energetically, while having a nose bleed. Due to her words, my heart skipped a beat.


Pinching my cheek is a loving hand that belongs to Buchou! My master, Buchou, becomes unpleasant when I get along with other women! It appears that she can’t endure having me taken away by anyone, since she adores me. I really am happy to be her servant!

“Either way, make sure you aren’t rude.”


I nodded several times, while having my cheek pinched.

That was how the five of us; Asia, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Gasper, and I received a request from Maou-sama.

Part 2

So on a sunny day, we travelled via a teleporting magic circle and arrived on the beach of a deserted island.

There are no places where a ship could dock, and the shore is surrounded by rough rocks. You couldn’t even find a sandy beach. The scenery of this island is mostly dominated by forests and mountains.

It definitely seems like an isolated island within a distant sea.

I can hear animal cries, “Giii! Giii!”…… By the way, apparently, this is also part of Japan…..

“Remind me, where is Maou-sama?”

As we looked around…..


The ground is shaking and we are affected by the tremors! W-What’s going on!?

A giant creature appears while pushing down trees! I don’t know why, but it’s a dinosaur that looks very much like a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Wait, is it a T-Rex!?

“Yoo-hoo~☆ Servants of Rias-chan~☆ It’s Levia-tan☆”

Riding on top of the T-rex, a cute-looking person wearing a Magical Girl cosplay greeted us! Yes, this person is none other than the Maou, Serafall Leviathan-sama!

“Stop~ stop~.”

Leviathan-sama treated the T-Rex like a horse and stopped right in front of us.


She jumped off the T-Rex, spun around in the air and...... BANG! Levia-tan landed face-first on the ground! Having failed to land on her feet, her pants were exposed! Maou-sama’s pants! She’s wearing striped pants!

She got up immediately, smiled, and made a peace sign at us with her fingers. But her face is covered in dirt!

“Be amazed☆ Serafall Leviathan, at your service☆”

…… She has overwhelmingly high tension and an easy going attitude, as always…

Even when I met her before at school, she was having a photo shoot. This Serafall Leviathan-sama over here, loves Japanese magical girl shows and she looks up to the Magical Girl genre. She even has a glittering magical stick in her hand.

“I-It’s been a while, Leviathan-sama. So what was the reason for you to call us over?”

I made the introduction short and got to the main point. What was her reason for calling us to this isolated island?

“I called all of you over to help us shoot our film☆”

She explained to us while posing. Film!?

As we were shocked, people carrying filming equipment came running, as if they were following the T-Rex. So they really are shooting a film! Did they prepare this dinosaur for the film as well?

“Serafall-sama! Scene 21, [The magical girl who gets friendly with the ancient dinosaur]! We got a good shot for it!”

From amongst the crew, a middle-aged man wearing a hat and sunglasses appeared, holding a megaphone. He looks like a typical director. So is this person the director then…….?

More than that, I've never heard of a magical girl who became friendly with an ancient dinosaur before!

Maou-sama then told the director:

“Director-san, these children are the ones I spoke to you about☆”

“Oh! I see, so they are the Gremory group that achieved an outstanding result in the Rating Game!”

They know us! Game, huh? If I remember, it was said that our match, the Gremory group VS the Sitri group, was broadcast within the whole world of the Devils……the whole area of the Underworld.

“Well, the thing is, this film director-san over here thought, “This is it!, when he saw the fight from Rias-chan’s group. That’s why he gave all of you this offer☆”

Maou-sama explained…… Offer!? So we are going to have a film debut!? The director also speaks while nodding his head.

“The truth is we are currently shooting a film version of Serafall-sama’s tokusatsu programme, “Magical☆Levia-tan”, aimed at children. We would like all of you to appear as her enemies.”

“M-Magical……Levia-tan, you say?”

I became confused after hearing the name of a show I had never heard of, but….

“……It is basically like a tokusatsu hero programme, that is currently highly praised in the Underworld. It’s quite popular among children.”

Koneko-chan explained to me. I see, a tokusatsu programme in the Underworld. So this will be an Underworld version, of those masked hero tokusatsu films being broadcast in Japan. Though this one has a magical girl as it's theme.

“The setting is about me, Levia-tan, who is the ally of Devils and fights against Angels, Fallen Angels, Dragons, and those related to the Church☆. I will be annihilating all the enemies of Devils at once☆!”

Maou-sama made a cute pose, but those words are only filled with danger!

“……Angels and Fallen Angels have been the natural enemy of Devils for an eternity, but we finally managed to make peace with them. Is it really okay to have such an anti-government setting?”

When I asked, the director smiled and laughed fearlessly.

“It is my motto to include an anti-government message within my work.”

This is supposed to be a programme directed at kids! He’s using it as propaganda! Adults sure are scary! Is this really okay, Levia-tan!?

“But, why us?”

I asked an obvious question. Buchou is from a noble house, and her household is known throughout the Underworld. However, we, her servants aren’t actors, but mere Devils. On top of that, we are Low-class Devils.

If I remember correctly, Buchou was saying something about our “Special Powers”. Is that the reason for this? The director then says, while putting his thumb up.

“After all, you are a legendary dragon, a holy sword wielder, a Vampire, and a Nekomata youkai! Yes! It’s filled with the rivals of Devils! On top of that, all of you are known throughout the Underworld from the recent match! All of you are being talked about a lot! That is why I asked for all of you to act as the enemies of Levia-tan!”

So he made this offer to the members of our group, taking into account that we are currently quite famous. We have so much variety within our group. So, we will be Maou-sama’s enemies then?

“This seems interesting.”

Oh, Xenovia seems like she’s up for it.

“I-I’m scared…but since it’s Maou-sama’s request…….”

The timid Gasper also agreed while hiding behind my back.

“Are the two of you also fine with this, Asia, Koneko-chan? Though I think we have to do it…”

When I asked both of them…

“Yes, I will do my best.”

“Yes, if they are okay with having me……”

They gave me their approval.

I’m also fine with it. Rather, now that I think about it, won’t this open a path for me to become an actor!? I might become popular with this film! I might also become popular amongst females in the Underworld!

I then imagined myself receiving cheers from fan girls while being protected by guards.

[Kyaaa~! Ise-sama~!]

[Look this way~!]

[Aaaan~! You are just too awesome~!]

Cheers which are being shouted!

[I-I’m so happy……]

[Hey! Another one fainted with joy again!]

A girl faints and security guards take her away.

I then smile at this sight.

[Fufufu, I’m such a sinner!]

The girls cheered once again at my cool posing.


Gufufu! Awesome. Something like that sure would be awesome! That would be the best!

Maybe then, I can take the fan girls and…... No, no, maybe getting along with an actress in the Underworld, being caught during our secret date and having it on a magazine might also be good!

Ah, I can’t stop imagining it! My dream is to become a Harem King by becoming a High-class Devil, but becoming an actor and being popular with girls might not be a bad thing either!

High school dxd v13 019.jpg

“Then I can do things like this to the gravure idol in the Underworld and……”

I then made a gesture of poking oppai with my fingers! And I started drooling!


Koneko-chan steps heavily on my foot! Ouch ouch ouch!

“………Imagining indecent things is forbidden.”

Koneko-sama is strict as always! I wiped my drool and answered the director!

“Roger that! We, the servants of Rias Gremory, happily accept the offer of acting as the enemies in the film!”

That is how our appearance in the film was decided.

Part 3



The sound of metal colliding. The filming began as soon as we agreed to appear in the movie and we are currently inside a forest.

I changed into the costume that was given to me…..

It’s red-plated armour. Apparently this is an imitation of Boosted Gear Scale Mail.

Since transforming has so many requirements (Mainly my limited time in Balance-Break), it was decided that I would use this imitation.

…….This armour happens to be heavy. It really is a mass of metal. Apparently it is made using Devil's technology and even though it is very hard, they made it as light as possible. It also happens to have a high resistance to impacts and it is really heavy!

The quality of the imitation is high. It can also emit sounds from the jewels, and slide open the mask as well.

I don’t have a feeling that my armour is heavy when I transform. But I realise it must be really heavy, when I wear this thing……..

“Giii Giii!”

Mysterious cries can be heard again. Man it’s scaaaaaary! Like the time with that dinosaur, I really can’t predict what exists in here. This place definitely isn’t Japan!


Asia’s voice. When I turned around…..

“D-Do I look good in it?”

Asia is standing there wearing a costume, equipped with ominous accessories!

“Asia, what is that costume?”

“Yes, it's supposed to be a costume for the priestess who worships the Red Dragon Emperor.”

Oh, so she’s a priestess. If you think about it, she does look like one……..doesn't she….? When an innocent Asia wears such an ominous costume, it gives me mixed feelings…….

“Apparently I am the evil holy sword wielder.”

Xenovia appeared. Oh, that sure looks like an Amazon costume, which seems easy to move in. Her skin is exposed so much that it’s feeding my eyes!

“But an evil holy sword wielder….. Fufufu, it might be a fitting role for a former Christian like myself who became a Devil on a whim.”

Aaah, there she goes again. This girl has started to think and wonder about unreasonable things, again….

“…….And I’m a maid.”

This time it’s Koneko-chan. –Wait, this is……! She’s wearing a maid costume while having her cat ears and tail released! It has an overwhelming impact when Koneko-chan, who is small, wears it! She’s so cute!

Me in plate armour, Asia in an evil-looking priestess costume, Xenovia in a Amazon holy sword wielder costume and Koneko-chan in a Nekomata maid costume.

Hmm, there is so much variety in our group. It really is an unrealistic enemy role for Levia-tan.

For the setting, I am an evil dragon that was sealed within this island. Koneko-chan and the others are from an enemy organisation, who decided to make their move to resurrect the dragon.

This story is about Levia-tan coming to this island, in order to stop their plan. Well, that is a completely typical setting for a children's programme.

“…….Where is Gya-kun?”

Koneko-chan looks around. Ah, that guy Gasper is not here. He was supposed to be positioned somewhere, acting as a Vampire. What kind of costume is he wearing?

“……I-I’m here.”

Gasper’s voice. I can hear his voice. But I can’t see him when I look around.

“……I-I’m here~.”

When I looked in the direction the voice came from…….my sight stopped at a single large box.

……..There are two holes in the box, and there are red eyes shining from within.

Don’t tell me this is…….

“H…Hey, Gyasuke. Don’t tell me you will be appearing in that?”

When I asked, I hear a lively voice from within the box.

“Y-Yes! When they were choosing my costume, I ran inside this box and the Director-san who saw that…”

[This is new! Alright, we will position you as a Danball Vampire!]

“And that’s how it is.”

And that’s how it is. What the heeeeeeell! Gasper indeed has a habit of hiding inside a box, but is it really okay for them to make him act in this!?

“Are you really okay with this!?”

Your face won’t appear, you know!? You will stand out in a weird way, but are you really okay with this!?


He answers me with a lively voice! Yeah, I really don’t understand what’s going on!

This is such an insane cast! They added a Danball Vampire on top of the cast I mentioned earlier!

I’m so scared that we will get complaints from the world of Vampires for making a box, a Vampire, without making him show himself! Wouldn’t it be faster to use a normal box and alter it using CG afterwards!?

“Everyone, after all of you look through the script, we will move onto filming.”

We got an announcement from the staff.

Well, this is how the filming began. I can only feel uneasy about this.

Scene A “Levia-tan VS Nekomata Youkai & Danball Vampire!”

Just like that, the filming began. First, Levia-tan is flying through a forest where evil beasts reside, using her Devil wings.

“………Levia-tan, I won’t let you go past here.”

Koneko-chan who is acting as the enemy Nekomata-maid appears! Just as the director wanted, Koneko-chan was behaving like her usual self.

“You must be one of those who are trying to resurrect the legendary Red Dragon Emperor! What are you planning to do by waking up the Dragon Emperor sleeping within this forest!?”

Wow, Leviathan-sama sure is in high spirits.

“……..It’s none of your business. If you are planning to get in our way, we will just have to eliminate you.”

Koneko-chan makes her stand. Koneko-chan, you sure have good acting skills.

“Tou! Levia-beam!”

Leviathan-sama shoots out a beam from her magical stick! Wow! So they won’t be using CG for these parts!

“Magical☆Levia-tan basically doesn’t use any CG, we try to get attention by having her act using her actual demonic powers.”

The staff explained to me, due to my shocked expression.

It sure is convenient, the power of Devils….the demonic power that is! Apparently that demonic power is one used by Leviathan-sama only for acting purposes, so even if you are hit, the impact isn’t that serio---


An explosive sound occurred in the direction the beam headed, and the trees were blown away.


That has an insane power! For acting purpose!? With that!?

She didn’t do it seriously, but that is still a beam from a Maou! Of course it will have insane power! Wait, Koneko-chan is in danger! Just as I became concerned for Koneko-chan……

“……..You won’t be able to take me down with that.”

Koneko-chan had swiftly dodged it! To be expected from a Nekomata!

“Amazing! To be expected from a Gremory servant!”

The director was also applauding. More than that, what would they have done if she couldn’t dodge that……

Yeah, I shouldn’t think too much about that.

But will I be okay if I get hit by that? I just have to believe in this plate armour, which was specially made!

I’m glad there isn’t an action scene in this story for Asia. For Asia, who just has so-so reflexes, she would die if she gets hit by those beams without doing anything!

Then one of those beams hits Koneko-chan! This is bad!

I was in shock…..but it doesn’t appear that Koneko-chan took any critical damage. Also, her clothes weren’t blown away.

“It’s okay. Serafall-sama weakens her attack when it hits others.”

The staff explained to me, once again.

I-Is that so? That’s good. In other words, the attacks which could be dodged by the actors have power in them, while she minimises the damage on the attacks that hit them.

I would cry if Koneko-chan was blown away.


Koneko-chan acts by dropping on her knees.

“The cat Youkai-san! Now, will you still fight me!?”

Levia-tan points her magical stick at Koneko-chan. Then…..

“…….S-S-Stop right there~-~-~.”

Gasper’s voice echoes……and a box appears in front of Levia-tan!

It’s a cardboard box! It seriously is only a cardboard box!

“I-I-I aaaaaaaaam a Vampire~!”

Oh man, he’s so nervous that he couldn’t say his lines properly! It can’t be helped. For Gasper who shuts himself in his room, starring in a film is something you call cruel. It appears he is only just able to act, by hiding himself inside the box.

“Unlike the n-n-n-n-n-n-nekomata, I-I-I-I……..”

Before Gasper could say any more.


A giant black shadow came into the filming area! Wow! It’s a huge bird monster! Is this also part of the film!?


Ah. So that weird sound I heard when I came to this island, belongs to that suspicious bird! The giant bird grips onto “Gasper in the box” with its claws and…..


It flew up, into the sky!

This is also acting huh….. Hey, Gasper was taken away, high into the sky. Is that bird Levia-tan’s familiar or something?

“That bird, what is that?”

“No idea.”

Then the staff and the director had an ominous conversation~! Eeeeeeeeeh!? Is this an accident!?


My scream echoes high through the sky!

Gasper disappeared into the sky together with that giant bird…..

I then imagined in my head, seeing Gasper’s smiling face in the sky. Later that day, I was told that the giant bird is a legendary creature which is called the “The magical-bird of the Heavenly sky”, Ziz.

Why is such a famous creature on this island, and was he the only one taken away? I only have doubts about this, but for now I will make sure I never forget about Gasper, who was taken away, for the rest of my life……

Scene B: “Levia-tan VS Holy-sword Wielder & Danball Vampire Shogun!”

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiin! It felt as though I was being lifted up! My body felt as if it was being taken up all of a sudden~!”

After that, Gasper was rescued safely and he was crying inside the box.

By the way, since it was an interesting scene, they allowed the intrusion of the giant bird to be included.

It seems the director was deeply moved by the cardboard box Vampire being away by the giant bird; that he immediately decided to use Gasper again for the next scene.

…….Well, this guy is the only Danball Vampire in the world who ever flew up into the sky, being taken away by the giant bird after all….. Rather than that, when I looked at the script, I realised that Gasper’s role was changed into a “Danball Vampire Shogun”……

When on earth did he get a class-change!? Can you gain enormous experience points when you get taken to an island or something!?

Then the location changed, to mysterious ruins. It seems like they prepared this whole ruin, with stone carvings, for today.

Levia-tan and the holy sword wielder, aka Xenovia, fight there. I lent my holy sword Ascalon to Xenovia. She still can’t control the power of Durandal yet, and since the destructive power of it is insane, it wouldn’t be a matter of filming any more.

“Holy sword Wielder-san! Move aside from there! I can’t let you awaken the Dragon Emperor!”

“Fufufu, like I will let you do that!”

Xenovia, she totally sounds like she is acting!

W-Well, it can’t be helped since we are basically amateurs.

“Here I come!”

“Bring it!”

Both of them moved quickly, making sparks fly using their sword and magical staff.

Wow! It’s such an amazing battle! They are a Maou-sama and a swords-woman after all. I can watch this safely. I’m also shocked at the magical staff, which can cope against Ascalon! Is this something I should have expected from a magical staff belonging to a Maou Girl!?

Levia-tan shoots several shots of demonic power, which are meant for filming, while Xenovia dodges or slices them with the holy sword. Even the staff were looking at them seriously because of their swift actions and movements.

For this scene, rather than using crappy dialogue it would be better to lure viewers with action, so we are getting the perfect shot for this scene.

The battle enters the climax and Levia-tan’s demonic power finally blows away Xenovia’s holy sword. The holy sword, which was blown away penetrates the earth!

“Ku, you are strong, Levia-tan~”

As usual, Xenovia is bad at acting. She lacks intensity but then the scene, which was added, comes in right away!

“Vampire, please save me~”

Xenovia calls for help.

The added scene will have “Gasper in the box” come and save Xenovia who is in danger.

The camera focuses on the position where Gasper is located. Then—

“Munch munch.”

There is a T-Rex which is munching and eating the box Gasper is in!

Gasper is being eateeeeeen!


My scream echoes through the filming area once again!

Gasper, I want to carry on the courage you showed me.

Scene C: “Final Battle of Levia-tan. Resurrected, The Legendary Dragon Emperor! & Danball Vampire God!”

“Fueeeeeeeeeeeeee~! It was stinky~! The dinosaur’s mouth was so warm and wet. It was scary when he was munching on me~!”

After that, Gasper who was safely rescued, was crying inside the new box he was given.

About the scene where the "box" was eaten by the dinosaur, again it was decided to put that scene in the film. Apparently they decided to add Gasper in the last scene as well.

I don’t get it! Is that director planning to make a film which has a box as the main character? I also think he is a new kind of box, since he was abducted by a bird and was eaten by a dinosaur….. But if it was me, I wouldn’t want to watch it.

They will definitely be criticised by the Vampire world! In the script, it now has “Danball Vampire God” added to it! Do you get upgraded to God-class when you get devoured by a dinosaur!?

It feels like he is in a higher class than me, who is going to become the last boss of this film…. It’s going to turn into a scene where the box will be going at Levia-tan, but Leviathan-sama is……

“It’s going to turn into the best film there is☆. The part where you can’t predict how the story will end will be the key point for its success!”

Yeah, I also can’t predict what’s going to happen. No one will be thinking that they will be shown a movie about a box, when they were planning to watch Levia-tan’s film. Will the children enjoy a film where a box is getting along with a bird and dinosaur……?

“Danball-kun! I will send your lines to you!”

The Director-san writes something for “Gasper in the box”. What he wrote was….

“Fall Angels”, “Disappear Fallen Angels” and dangerous messages like that, which will be anti-government messages!

“Please don’t say those things in a kids' film! Especially with a Vampire in a box saying that! You'll just turn many factions into our enemies!”

I protested against the director! We are turning into actors for such an outrageous anti-government film!

“I don’t want this to be a mere children's film. This film will change the World!”

“Don’t change it!”

I ended up arguing with the director….. What kind of film is this going to turn into….

Well, that doesn’t matter. It will be my scene from here. I checked my lines. After Asia finishes her prayers at the altar, there will be a glow and then I have to appear, along with an explosion and smoke.

Fufufu, I’m going to make myself stand out so much that I will turn into the best actor there is! I don’t care whether this is an anti-government film. It will be okay as long as I stand out! In the future I’m going to have lots of sex with beautiful actresses!

What is standing out in the scene for the final battle is a big statue of a dragon! In front of that there is a ritual taking place to remove the seal on the Dragon Emperor and Asia, who is acting as an evil priestess, is saying her prayer.

“Dragon Emperor-sama, Dragon Emperor-sama. Please hear my evil wishes~. Please defeat Levia-tan with all of your mighty, evil power~.”

It sounds like she is totally acting, but Asia-chan looks so cute when she is doing her best acting! I want to pat her after this!

After her prayer, Levia-tan appeared and….

“So this is the place where the Dragon Emperor is sealed! Ah! The prayers have already started! This is bad!”

Then she confronts Asia.

“Stop your prayers now!”

Levia-tan makes a stance with the magical staff.

Asia stood up while lifting her arms up high. Now, after Asia’s next lines the dragon statue is going to split in half and then I will show myself. I will be stationed behind the statue. I’m nervous, but I’m going to do my best. I did memorise my lines somehow!

Rather, I want to end this and take this armour off! It’s heavy, it’s hot in here and this is the worst!

“Aaah, Dragon Emperor-sama. Now is the time for your resurrection~.”

After this, the statue splits!


A flash occurs, and the statue splits open going to the sides, while making a ”GOGOGOGOGOOGOGO” sound.

Alright! Now is my time!

I leapt forward from behind the statue and through some smoke.

“Fuhahahahahahaha! I am the Red Dragon Emperor! I received the prayers of the evil ones and I have resurrected, once again, into this world! Fuhahahahahahaha! First I will destroy the Underworld, where the Devils who sealed me, are living~!”

I laughed loudly! Yup! I think my appearance was right. The director didn’t say "cut" either. Levia-tan appears in front of me and points her stick at me.

“So you have finally awoken, Dragon Emperor! I won’t let you go to the Underworld! I will obliterate you right here!”

“Fuhahahahahahaha! It’s foolish for a single Devil girl to oppose this Dragon Emperor. Very well, I will make you into a bloodbath first~!”

I sure am hyped in this! Maybe acting as an enemy might be fun!

After this, Levia-tan and I started the fight.

Ummm, if I remember correctly, this armour is supposed to be equipped with a demonic power output and a flame-thrower.

I was trying to prepare for a battle, but Levia-tan started to gather huge demonic powers to her magical staff right in front of me. The wave of demonic powers is making the atmosphere shake, and it gave me a feeling of being in huge danger.

……………..H…Huh? Is it just me or is that demonic power a bit too strong…..? It has so much demonic power that it is dangerous……

No matter how you look at it, it seems like it has too much attack power in it……

“Dragon Emperor! I shall defeat you!”

The next moment, the huge demonic power which was released from her staff, with so much deadly power, explodes around me.

I was caught in the explosion, and was sent flying into the sky!

Part 4

Getting back to the story!

I was running around while making sounds with the armour!

I'll be killed! Leviathan-sama is releasing quite a strong demonic power towards me!

I then see the message card that the staff is showing me……

[This is an important scene for the final battle, so both of you will be shooting at each other a bit seriously]

A bit seriously, you say!? My opponent is a Maou you know!? Her demonic power when she is being a bit serious is so powerful that it changes the appearances of the mountains! The island is being grazed away every time I dodge her attacks!

“Stay still! Fight me head on!”

Levia-tan comes after me! I’m going to be killed! Look look look! There are dangerous amounts of dangerous demonic-powers gathering at her staff!


The earth was blown away with the shot she released! Uwaah! There is a huge crater made in the ground where it hit! Ah! There is a crack on this armour which was supposed to have a strong resistance to impacts! Like I thought, it doesn’t have a defence which can withstand a Maou’s attack huh!

It turned out like this with just a shockwave! If I was to get hit by it directly, I will be blown to pieces!

There isn’t any "cut" call yet! What is the meaning of this!? No matter how you look at it, this is a one-sided massacre! When I looked in the director's direction……he nodded his head very strongly and gave me a thumbs up!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? This is okay!?

I was so shocked that my eyes popped out, but Levia-tan’s attack doesn’t stop at all. I only had the choice of running around! However the film won’t be done properly if I just keep on running around!

I made my mind up and turned around. I then tried to use the demonic-power output and flame thrower!

Booooooon. Pyun-Pyun.

From the head of my armour, a flame thrower released a fire, which was like a mere burner, and it released a couple of softball-sized demonic power from my right hand, and it ended with just that.

“This is itttttttt!? Impossible! There is no way I can win with just this!”

I was in shock and noticed another message card.

[We will alter this scene a bit with CG afterwards to make it proper.]

“What do you mean by making it ‘proper’!?”

This is over! This tokusatsu film is hopeless!

“To be expected from the Dragon Emperor! Such an amazing attack! But I won’t lose!”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Leviathan-sama is also speaking as if I did an amazing attack! So it’s decided that my attack earlier will be modified with CG huh!

“Take this!”

A powerful shot comes at me and…..


The demonic power released from her staff blows me away marvellously…….

Gufu. Because I was caught in the explosion, I was spinning around numerous times in mid air….. I tried hard to stand up and run away after I fell down on the ground.

My whole body hurts….. My armour also lost its shape….. At this rate, I will be killed…… Since there isn’t any cut call, it means that filming is still continuing…..


Gasper’s voice. When I looked in the direction the voice came from, there was a box.


I made my battered body move and approached Gasper.

Ku…….. My wounds hurt…….

“…….Fufufu, I wasn’t able to defeat Leviathan-sama…….”

When I crawled in front of the box, I poked in my shivering finger into a hole in the box. I have blood on my finger because of a minor wound.

“…….Suck my blood……. With that, you will be able to power up…..”

I released a shivering voice. No…… My consciousness is disappearing…..

“S-Senpai! I…..I……!”

“Gasper…… Maybe this era is waiting for a box like yourself….. Please avenge me on behalf of the Gremory group…..”

I dropped flat on the ground, while having my finger inside the hole. This is bad….. I can’t move any more.

“Senpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Gasper’s scream. After that Gasper started to suck my finger, Chupa chups. Ah, it feels so warm inside Gasper’s mouth….. I started to think such a BL thing while I was losing my consciousness.


While my vision was blurry, I understood that the box was enveloped in a abnormal aura. It seems like Gasper released his power after sucking my blood.

High school dxd v13 041.jpg

“Levia-tan! I will be your opponent!”

When Gasper said that…..the box flew up very wildly! While observing the rare scene of a box changing its direction many times in the air, it heads towards Levia-tan very fast.

“What movements! Is this the power of a Danball Vampire God!?”

Levia-tan was also surprised by Gasper’s movements. Both of them fly around in the air, and they were having a fierce battle.

Ah, the danball box was moving swiftly in the air, while dodging Levia-tan’s demonic power attacks. Then the box does a body attack at the Maou Girl, while moving rapidly.

Levia-tan and a danball box started to have a fierce battle in the sky of this island….

A-Amazing…..I never knew that a box is able to fight a Maou……

“Film that box! You won’t be able to film a thing like this ever again! That box is amazing! It’s flying! And it’s fighting a Maou!”

The director was also overjoyed.

Fufufu, Gasper. You can actually do it when you try…..

I lost my consciousness while observing a courageous side of my junior.

A Dragon Emperor, which is lower than a danball box, falls here.

Part 5

[That is how, Magical☆Levia-tan defeated a powerful foe, the Danball Vampire God, and brought peace to the Underworld.]

The screening of premium filming session. We, the Gremory group, were observing the film “Magical☆Levia-tan: Attack of the Danball Vampire God!” in a huge theatre, along with Buchou and the others who couldn’t participate in it. The last narration just ended and along with that, the film.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Leviathan-sama, who was up on the stage, was receiving applause from and responding to the audience.

Asia, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, and I all appeared in the film, but the box, Gasper, stood out the most. Even the title of the film “The attack of the Red Dragon Emperor” was changed after all…..

Those related to the film industry were praising the new way of using a box and its movement. They were saying things such as, “This film is the best box-related film of the year!” and such…..

It seems Gasper has received offers from many directors already. Of course, for acting as danball that is. I really can’t understand the world of Devils……

“It's quite a good film. Ise and all of you did very well. Especially Gasper, who was amazing.”

Our master, Buchou, was overjoyed at the efforts of her servants. I feel complicated, but since Buchou is happy, this is an okay result.

“U..Umm, Ise-san.”

Asia called me.

“What’s wrong, Asia?”

“There are girls, who became Ise-san’s fans after watching the film. They are asking for a handshake.”

What!? I see. Fufufu. So my charm was finally realised by the girls, through that film. This is an okay start for my career as an actor!

Very well. My fan girls! Now, jump into my arms---



What appeared in front of me was a plate armour and a musha armour. …….Eh, what are these…….?

“…….It seems they are armour monsters.”

Koneko-chan explains. Y-Yeah. What do these armour monsters want with me….?

“……..These people are girls and it appears that they became fans after seeing Ise-san in armour.”

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? These are girls!? Impossible!


The armour monsters hug me! Guha! Ouch ouch ouch! This cold and hard feeling of metal starts to destroy both my body and soul!

“I will never appear in a film ever again~!”

My scream echoes throughout the cinema.

Thus, my summer filming experience ended with me being popular with armour monsters.

Later, this film also became quite known and talked about as a film that I, the Oppai Dragon, appeared in before being a major hit.

Life.2 Ise SOS

Part 1

It happened right after we helped out with Leviathan-sama’s film.

That day, Buchou had raised her eyebrows at the guest who came to visit the clubroom.

“Rias-san, I have a favour to ask you. Will you allow me to borrow Hyoudou Issei-kun?”

The one who asks with a mighty attitude, is the captain of the tennis club, Abe Kiyome-senpai. During the course of a tennis match, in the first semester, there was trouble between our clubs.

Buchou answers while narrowing her eyes.

“I feel like rejecting the favour when you are the one asking me, but I will still listen to what you have to say.”

Yeah, Abe-senpai challenged us to a match, making me the prize if she won. It resulted in us, the Occult Research Club, winning……but the match turned into the worst thing for me and it is something I can never forget!

It seems Abe-senpai is interested in the power of the Sekiryuutei within me. Is that the reason today as well?

Abe-senpai continues, while not knowing what is going through my mind.

“The truth is, my father will be returning from his travels. I want Hyoudou-kun to help me.”

Help her? Me?

“Ara ara, bullying our Ise-kun won’t be allowed you know?”

Aaah, Akeno-san sure is kind. I’m deeply moved!

“……This helping out might turn into a ‘flag’ for his death.”

The one giving such an ill omen is Koneko-chan! Give me a break, Koneko-chan…..

“You are thinking that you have to help someone in need, correct?”

The one who said that, with such gentle words, is Asia!

“So what is this problem that requires Ise’s help?”

Buchou asks Abe-senpai once again.

“My father is telling me to have a marriage meeting. I’m still a high school student. I told him that he is rushing it, but he won’t listen to me….. My father is someone who makes sure he "follows through" once he has made a decision.”

Hmm, a marriage meeting.

Hearing her story, the handsome guy of our club, Kiba nods his head.

“I see. Abe-senpai comes from a monster tamer household with an ancient, and honourable, origin. So your parents decided to choose your groom immediately right?”

“That’s exactly right. To be expected from Kiba-kun.”

Yes, this person is a monster tamer….. My body shivers because I recalled a nasty memory.

Hearing that, Xenovia speaks to the nearby box.

“Gasper. She seems to be a monster tamer. Don’t you think you are the most fitting to be her consultant since you are a Vampire?”

Hearing Xenovia, I heard “Hiiiiiii!” screamed from the box.

“I don’t want tooooo~! I won’t be of any uuuusssee~!”

Gasper, the hikikomori, went inside a box today because he was scared of meeting Abe-senpai whom he never met before.

It’s basically a secret to other students at our school that we, the members of the Occult Research Club, are Devils. Since Abe-senpai has a secret "under the table" agreement, she knows about our situation as a special privilege.

Aside from Abe-senpai there are those in the elementary school, junior high school, high school, kindergarten, and university that know about the existence of Devils. I haven’t met them much, but Buchou and Sona-kaichou know about them. Though the majority of those are humans with special powers or those who come from households with special backgrounds…….

Buchou asks while making a sigh.

“So you want Ise, to interfere in your marriage meeting or something?”

Abe-senpai nods her head.

“Yes, I want Hyoudou-kun to act as my boyfriend. I have already informed my father that I have a boyfriend, and that I don’t want to have a marriage meeting. Then he told me, if that’s the case, he is willing to cancel the marriage meeting under certain conditions. I just need him for that day and……. Arara, I feel like I'm suddenly receiving hostility now.”

Senpai is feeling chills. When I looked around, all of the girls were glowering dangerously at Abe-senpai. W-What’s wrong everyone….?

“Ise-senpai as her boyfriend…..?”

“That can’t be, even I still haven’t……”

“I won’t allow it.”

“Yeah, you are right.”

Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and Xenovia have such a low tone that it’s scary!

Will Buchou also get mad!? Buchou adores me as if I’m a kitten, so maybe she wouldn’t like me sticking my nose in something dangerous! Maybe the conditions Abe-senpai got from her dad involves me working hard or something!

That’s what I thought, but unexpectedly Buchou puts her hand on her mouth and it seems as if she is thinking. Hmm, she doesn’t appear to be angry.

She glanced at me once and then said to Abe-senpai.

“All right. I will accept that request, by receiving a price equal to it.”

All the club members were shocked, at Buchou’s unexpected answer!

Hence, it was decided that I would act as Abe-senpai’s boyfriend in order to break off her marriage meeting……

More than that, I wonder, what is the required condition for breaking off the marriage meeting? I only have bad feelings about this……..

Part 2

The next Saturday we, the Gremory Group, were called over to Abe-senpai’s home.

I am the one who came to do some work, but including Buchou, everyone is worried about me!

Sob, having comrades sure is wonderful! I’m deeply moved.

When we arrived at senpai’s residence, there was a giant western-style house in front of us.

The garden is huge, and the interior of the house is also magnificent. It seems senpai lives here, by herself, most of the time. Both her parents are famous monster tamers who travel around the world for their work. When she thought her father had returned, after a long while, the matter of her engagement came up.

Well, this summer, my house was also renovated into a gorgeous mansion with Buchou’s self-indulgence. It is six storeys high and three storeys below ground!

The place we were guided to, after walking the corridor connecting the western-style building to another building, was the indoor pool.

We changed into swimsuits that had been prepared for us and headed towards the pool.

Uoooooo! Buchou and Akeno-san are wearing swimsuits that have so much exposureeeee! Their oppai are bouncing every time they move! Asia and Koneko-chan are wearing cute looking swimsuits with frills on them. Xenovia is wearing a swimsuit used by athletic swimmers. Looking at the girls in swimsuits sure does feed my eyes. Even my junior, Gasper, is also wearing a cute looking swimsuit……

“You don’t have to wear it.”

I told him, just in case. Well, it does look good on him since he looks like a girl.

“Iyan! B..But if I wear the boys swimsuit my breasts will be exposed, and something outrageous will happen~!”

“Who would be happy at men’s tits!”

Oh well, I should stop mucking around with my junior.

“Here, this way.”

Abe-senpai urges us to go to the table by the pool side.

Everyone gathered around the table and senpai explained the requirements needed to break off the marriage meeting, once again.

“The requirements my father mentioned are battle contests as monster tamers.”

“And what do you mean by that?”

When I asked, Abe-senpai answered using her fingers.

“A Battle of three matches using land, sea, and sky monsters! If Hyoudou-kun wins twice or more against my father, the marriage meeting will be cancelled.”

“Land, sea, and sky you say…… Even if you say that, I’m not a monster tamer. I’m not actually confident…….”

It’s me who doesn't have a familiar yet, you know? And they are asking me to suddenly have a match while using monsters, and also win……!? Hmm, won’t this be quite hard?

When I was thinking, while twitching my head, Abe-senpai points elsewhere.

“It’s not a problem. The monsters we would be using are already chosen. First of all the land monster! Come out!”


My body became stiff at the familiar howl and drumming! …….D..Don’t tell me…..!

What appeared in front of us, is a giant white gorillaaaaaa! So it’s this thing after all!

She’s looking at me with passionate eyes!


“For the land battle it will be her, the Yuki-onna, Christie.”

“That’s why, can you please stop calling that Snow Gorilla, a Yuki-onna! My fantasy is being crushed!”

Everyone! Did you know? The Yuki-onna of this World isn’t a beautiful youkai in a kimono, with a bewitching expression, but a white gorilla with a huge build which is right in front of me……

This is Christie. A Yeti(female). I don’t want to call her a Yuki-onna!

When I had a tennis match against Abe-senpai in the past, I fought this Snow Gorilla while pairing up with Buchou. I sure did suffer in that match because of her freezing breath….. I don’t want to remember it.

“Maybe she hasn’t realised it, but her fur is brighter than the last time I saw her.”

Buchou says, as if she finds it something to be praised! Fur is something which is nothing to be hyped about, isn’t it!? It’s a gorilla, a gorilla I tell ya!

“For the land battle, I want Hyoudou-kun to use Christie to battle against the monster my father would be using.”

You are telling me to use this Goristie!?


Don’t look at me with such emotional eyes! Damn it! It seems like this thing got a crush on me because of the tennis match in the past! I detest the World!

“I will call the sea monster next. It’s a mermaid.”

When Abe-senpai clicks her fingers, something starts to move in the pool! It’s moves with such amazing speed!

“A mermaid! Are you serious!?”

My face glittered because Abe-senpai mentioned a mermaid!

A mermaid is the lovely creature that has the upper body of a beautiful girl, and the lower body of a fish, right!?

“If you say mermaid, then their beautiful voice is remarkable.”

Akeno-san also gives me additional information! Wow! I’m looking forward to this!


A Mermaid-sama comes out from the pool!

“This is the mermaid, Estleena.”

What Abe-senpai introduces to us, is a massive fish with legs. It has the form of a tuna with legs!


Gyogyogyo!? It has a voice which suits its appearance!?

I mean, it’s a fish! This is completely a fiiiiiisssh!

“What is this awkward creature!?”

I’m so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out! Abe-senpai says it to me straight,

“A mermaid.”


“Stop! Don’t crush my fantasies any more than this! My tears haven't been stopping since a while ago!”

This is a mermaid!? Seriously!? You must be joking!? This is horrible! This is like a “Dream breaker”! Who gets a benefit with a fish with legs!?

“There’s no way this thing can perform a beautiful song! It’s a fish!”

“How rude. Estleena, sing a song for them.”

Abe-senpai asked the giant fish.

“Gyogyogyo~ Gyoso☆”

It’s singing something with a husky voice! It only sounds like a cursed song! What’s a “Gyoso”!?

“Please stop! I feel like stabbing it with a harpoon!”

Why! Just like the time with Yuki-onna, this mermaid, why must the world hate me!? Rather, I kinda knew something like this would happen! It seemed like it was going to turn out like this! But! I thought there was going to be a bit of pity for me! My tears won't stop because of this harsh reality!

“It’s a cute song.”

Asia-chan's eyes are sparkling! It seems like there was something which grasped a hold of Asia-chan.

“…….T-This is just horrible.”

I broke down on the spot. No matter how I look at it, it’s a tuna with legs…… If I caught a thing like this while fishing I would release it right away, and pretend I didn’t see it. It’s so scary that I would be cursed if I didn’t release it after all!

“…….There, there.”

High school dxd v13 057.jpg

Koneko-chan comforts me while patting my head. Uuu, Koneko-chan!

Koneko-chan who is a nekomata looks so cute like this, but the mermaid and yuki-onna are creatures……

I don’t want a reality check like this~.

I became very depressed. Abe-senpai says, while drinking black tea calmly.

“Well, there seem to be mermaids that look like the ones in stories, but this is the typical one.”

“How is this the typical one!? No matter how you think about it, it’s a creature which goes beyond our imagination! Uooooooo! I don’t want to record in the dictionary inside my brain that this is a mermaid!”

Hey, the so-called Estleena-san is opening her mouth so painfully at the poolside while laying down!


“Arara, this is bad. She’s dehydrated. She would die, because she won’t be able to breathe when she comes up on land.”

“Then return her to the sea! Having her live in the depths of the sea would make both her, and me, happy!”

A shadow approaches us, which had just returned the fish called Estleena to the pool.

“Ojou-sama. Your father will be arriving very soon.”

The one who appeared is a bird-like monster man, with a cockscomb on his head, a beak for his mouth, and wings on his arms!

Abe-senpai nods.

“Yes, I understand. Oh, I still haven’t introduced him yet. He is my personal bodyguard who is also the sky monster, the bird man, Takahashi. He is also the one Hyoudou-kun will be using.”

“Takahashi!? He has a Japanese name like that!? Where in Japan are there bird men like this!?”

“Takahashi came from Kobe.”

“Kobe!? There are bird men in Kobe!?”

“Strange. Bird men are supposed to be legendary monsters, that live on Easter Island…..”

Xenovia, who is quite knowledgeable about monsters, is tilting her neck in confusion.

So there are bird men on Island with a Moai!

“Oh, you must mean the Watanabe family. My ancestors that returned to Japan became Takahashi.”

“Japan and the Easter Island, I don’t get which one is the correct answer! No, I don’t care any more!”

It won’t be good if I think too hard about it! Yeah! There are bird men in Kobe! People living in Kobe, please contact me if you see a bird man!

“So you are the legendary Dragon who Ojou-sama requested for help….the man who is possessed by the Sekiryuutei? Fufufu, I see, you have a good look. I’m Takahashi. My name is Sky, which stands for glittering sky. Let’s get along.”

The bird man “Takahashi Sky”, came to shake my hand, while acting like a gentleman. He’s a bird man with a name which is so glittering that it’s killing my name.

“Yes, let’s get along. Is the reason why I’m getting frustrated over your name, which sounds so modern, because of me still being young?”

“Fufufu, being young is good. When I was young, I also had a special talent to forget things when I took three steps.”

“That just means you're a bird-brain! Though, you still look like you have a bird’s head appearance wise! Also, that isn’t a special talent! That’s your weak point, a weak point! It’s not even a good point!”

This is the worst. A Snow Gorilla, a tuna with legs, and a human with a bird’s head. They only make me think of the bad guys in Tokusatsu shows……. And also their names are Christie, Estleena, and Takahashi….. Crap, my tears aren’t stopping.

“Ise, do your best. We will also back you up.”

Buchou gives me a cheer! Buchooou! So kind! To be expected from my Onee-sama!

But, I still have doubts. Why did she accept this request so smoothly? Is there a reason behind Buchou, who adores her servants, accepting this crazy request from Abe-senpai?

“Why did you accept Abe-senpai’s request this time?”

Buchou smiles at my question.

“You know, I also had trouble with an engagement. That’s why, you know I was a bit…., yeah…”

……Oh yeah. Buchou was also forced into an engagement, with her fiancé chosen by her parents, during the first semester. Buchou sought for love that she chooses herself, and she hated her engagement. So we, her servants, broke that off. Buchou might have seen herself in Abe-senpai.

“I understand! I will do my best!”

“Yes, to be expected from my lovely Ise.”

Buchou strokes my cheek. Yeah, it’s the best.

But, she also says while smiling,

“You can’t show improper intentions towards Abe Kiyome-san.”

Her smile had superb intensity behind it! Scary! Akeno-san then whispers into my ear.

“Buchou can tolerate, to a certain degree, the girls around her, but did you know she’s very strict with other people? Cheating on her won’t be good.”

“Akeno, I can hear you.”

“Ara ara, so scary.”

Munyun! Akeno-san who is in her swimsuit is hugging meeee~! Maybe because I’m only wearing togs, I can feel Akeno-san’s big breasts directly on my skiiin~! Aaaaaah, I have a nosebleed that is bursting out, because of her smooth and elastic oppai! Akeno-san’s body feels like it is glued onto my skin, and is really hard to resist!


Buchou pinches my cheek while making a sigh. Ouch ouch! Buchou sure worries too much. You know I have no plan to have a master besides Buchou?

At the pool Asia, Xenovia, and Kiba are playing with a ball. Koneko-chan and Gasper are floating while relaxing in swimming rings.

Ah, everyone besides me is relaxing. I might end up getting dragged into a difficult battle…… Seriously, when I’m in danger, please save me everyone.

The time where we can muck around, didn’t last long.

“Now then, I’m going to get ready to welcome my father.”

Abe-senpai went to welcome her dad! So the plan to break off the engagement, started!

Part 3

With the sky is covered in dark clouds, we went out to the garden after we changed back into our regular clothes. We waited for Abe-senpai’s dad.

The sound of a horse could be heard from the gates, something abnormal is approaching us!

The one who appeared while releasing a dangerous atmosphere is…..a man of large build, with a stern look!

He’s riding on a large wagon, wearing a cape and a helm with a horn on it! His eyes glow sharply! Which parallel world did he teleport from!? He can only be seen as someone strong, who came from a world where violence is the law! This man, who looks like the Fist-King from the world of the end of a century, is Abe-senpai’s dad…….?

“So you are the insolent one dating my daughter?”

His voice is thick, and he glares at me! Scaaaaary! He already thinks I’m an insolent guy!

Abe-senpai puts her arm around mine.

“That’s right, Otou-sama. He is my boyfriend, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

U..Umm, Abe-senpai’s oppai is touching my arm. S..Soft……


When I felt a mysterious pressure, I looked that way and saw Buchou smiling, while wrapped in red aura! S..She’s mad at me~! Weren’t you supposed to back me up!?

Abe-senpai’s dad says without even getting off his horse,

“Very well. I will test you myself, to see whether or not you are fitting to become a groom for the Abe family.”


Weird lightning flashes in the background behind senpai’s dad!

Then finally, the match began!

The first match is the land monster battle! There is a rectangular battlefield created by making lines in the garden! The battle begins inside it!

“The one I will be sending first is this one. Come out!”

The one which appeared is……a Snow Gorilla that is much bigger than Christie!

Uoooooo, the whole body is covered in scars!

It seems like a strong one, with a historical background! The aura coming from its body isn’t normal!

“Abe-senpai, that male yeti has amazing intensity…… Can Christie defeat it?”

I ask Abe-senpai, but she shook her head. Eh? What does that mean? I became doubtful, and Abe-senpai answers me clearly,

“That is Christie’s older sister, Stephanie.”

……..Yes? I thought I had misheard her, so I asked again.

“…….Older sister? …….Stephanie? T..That’s a female?”

“Yes, a maiden.”

Wait, it’s a battle between sisters!? What is going to happen!?

“The referee will be me, Kiba Yuuto.”

Kiba is standing at the centre of the field. He makes the two snow gorilla’s come inside the battlefield.

Senpai’s dad and I stood at the edge of the field, and we started the battle by giving orders from there!


The land monster battle began at the same time as Kiba’s call!

“Stephanie! First do the drumming!”


DON DON DON! The opponent gorilla started to hit her chest after the order senpai’s dad gave her!

“The Yuki-onna’s drumming has the ability to increase its attack power!”

What!? It has an effect like that!? Thank you for the explanation, dad!

“Then we will also do the drumming Christie!”


DODODODODO! Ignoring my order, Christie suddenly started to run across the field! What is that girl doing!? Seeing that, Koneko-chan mutters.

“That is……Yuki-onna’s special technique, the snow-clone.”

Snow clone!? As I looked on in bewilderment, Christie increased its number to two, then three, then four and without realising it there are many gorillas on the field!

So it’s a self duplicating technique! Snow cloning! Man, there are only gorillas! This is the worst scenery ever!

“Did you know that, Koneko-chan?”

Koneko-chan gave an explanation to Akeno-san who asked her!

“…….It’s a high level secret technique, which can only be attained by Yuki-onna that live in the Japanese Alps. They say clones can make different movements to that of the original self, once mastered.”

There are things like this!? The World sure is filled with mysteries!

“Ngh! You are quite good! To do the snow-cloning while giving the order to do a drumming!”

Her dad started to groan! You are wrong! It’s just that gorilla started to act on its own going beyond my imagination!

“Stephanie, we can’t lose either! Counter it with the “Freezing Beat-to-Death Stick”!

What’s that scary sounding technique!? Stephanie started to take something out of the bag she has on her back! It’s a banana!

Buuuuuuuu! She throws the banana into the air after freezing it with her freezing breath! Please look everyone! These gorilla’s can do freezing-breath!


Christie who has her eyes focused on the banana jumps into the sky together with her clones!

So it reacted to the banana! It can’t be helped since it’s a gorilla!

Wait, that’s the “Freezing Beat-to-death stick”!? It’s just a frozen banana!

Christie started to jump towards the banana! This is bad! Her clones also disappeared! She’s defenceless! Without any hesitation, Stephanie tackles Christie’s body!



Christie, who received the tackle head-on, gets thrown outside the field and she lands violently on the ground!

“……..To attack by using the frozen banana as bait, which is the favourite food for Yuki-onna, to make its attention go there…… Normal Yuki-onna won’t be able to resist and eat the banana on the spot. But it used that as an item…… The opponent Yuki-onna who can overcome its greed towards the banana has been trained very well…..”

Koneko-chan explained, like a commentator. Huh? Was this girl always like that? Perhaps she’s a secret fan of monster battles?

Christie who is on the ground is laying there flat down. Ah, this is over.

“The winner, Stephanie! So the winner of the first match is Abe-senpai’s father.”

The referee Kiba declares!

Shit! They got one victory! I never knew a gorilla battle was so complicated! So we have to include a banana among our strategies huh!

Goristie, your death won’t be in vain……Perhaps! Also she isn’t dead!

“Fufufu. Absurd. I won’t be able to permit you dating my daughter at this rate.”

Senpai’s dad showed a fearless smile! Can I win against this person? I only feel uneasy about it! But my fighting spirit also raised! Since we came this far, I’m definitely going to win!

“The next match will be the sea monster battle. So that pool is going to be the stage huh. Now, I shall show all of you my monster.”

While lightning flashes, a giant fish-type monster appeared!

It has the form of a shark…..a creature with legs! Uoooooo! It’s a shark-version of Estleena!

But it’s filled with a dangerous atmosphere! It looks strong by its appearance! After all, ours looks like a tuna! No matter how you think about it, the shark is stronger!

But…..the shark shows no sign of movement. It’s just standing there while its mouth is wide open.


When senpai’s dad thinks it strange and touches it, while mounted on his horse……DROP! The shark dropped to its side! Huh? This shark isn’t responding.

“Ah, since it’s a shark it would die if it doesn’t continue to swim.”

…………….Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? I was shocked at the stupid reaction of senpai’s dad!

Kiba approaches it, and confirms it's status. After a while, he shook his head and then declares.

“The winner of the second match is Ise-kun.”

I attained a victory which I cannot describe. I won without doing the match!

Incidentally Estleena, who was also waiting for us by the poolside, died from dehydration without anyone realising it.

Later on, there were tuna and shark fins on the dining table. Well, that’s a story for another time.

And finally, the last match was about to begin!

Part 4

The final match: the sky monster battle. We changed the location to a mountain with no sign of people. We teleported using the transportation method of Devils, a magic-circle. If it’s deep in the mountains, we can have the monsters fly as much as we want without caring about anyone seeing.

Senpai’s dad and I are opposing each other on the surface, which has bumpy rocks. If it’s this place we can look around the sky, and there aren’t things that will become a hindrance.

“Both of us will do the sky battle while riding on top of the monsters. Alright?”

Senpai’s dad tells me the rule. I see. Hold on! Senpai’s dad prepared a large mysterious looking bird!


It threatens us with that terrifying sound! Hiiiiii! If we get poked by that large sharp beak, it will leave a big hole in our bodies!

My partner is Takahashi-san! I was riding on Takahashi-san’s back. I’m piggybacking.

“Fufufu, boy. It’s good weather. This wind, this feeling on my skin, is definitely the one for a battle.”

“Why do you have such high tension……? I on other hand want to go home quickly……”

“You can say that I’m like a ‘weather vane’ right now!”

I don’t like this bird. I don’t get what he is saying, and I want to punch him…… It pisses me off even more that his feathers feel good!

Senpai’s dad is already up in the sky with the ominous bird. While riding on his horse that is! He’s riding on the ominous bird, while straddling his horse! The ominous bird is carrying a giant horse, which is also carrying the Fist-King. That looks so abnormal, and it has so much intensity! Does he like to be on top of a horse that much!?

Kiba comes between us and shouts,

“Final match! Please begin!”

FLAP! The ominous bird goes up, into the sky very quickly! It’s fast! This is bad! Just tackling us with that speed can give us huge damage! We also need to fly up!

“Takahashi-san, we also need to--”


DODODODODODODODO! Takahashi-san started to run on the ground swiftly while ignoring my words! Eeeeeeeeh! What is this bird man doing!?

“He….hey Takahashi-san!? Why are you running so speedily!? You are a bird man aren’t you!? You won’t be able to do a sky battle if you don’t fly!”

“Fu. I’m a bird man, but a Nagoya-kochin bird man. We basically can’t fly!”

He tells me, very boldly!

“Can’t flyyyyyy!? Wait, Nagoya-kochin!? Didn’t you come from Kobe!?”

“Kobe is also a large place after all!”

He ignored the Hyogo prefecture! What is this birrrrrrrrd!? His ancestor came from Easter Island to Japan, so how did it end up being Nagoya-kochin!?

“Made up! Are the settings of your background all made up!? Also it’s a fraud that you can’t fly even though your name is Sky!”

“It’s not a fraud! It’s Nagoya-kochin!”

“I will roast you, bird bastaaaaaarrrd!”

“You have your guard down!”

While the “Nagoya-kochin” and I were arguing, senpai’s dad who is on the ominous bird came rushing towards us!


Takahashi-san dodges swiftly! Oh! Even though he can’t fly, he has good dodging skills!

“You are doing well! But it still isn’t enough!”

I saw senpai’s dad giving some kind of order to the ominous bird!

Then the ominous bird opens it's beak wide!


The ominous bird released a huge fireball from its mouth!


The fireball is falling, heading our way~!

“If we get hit by that, I will actually become a yakitori [2], hahahaha!”

“What are you laughing at, bird bastard! I will also end up being a roasted Dragon! So run I tell ya, run!”

Takahashi-san started to run while dodging the fireball coming at us!

This isn’t good! A bird which can’t fly isn’t useful!

Huff huff! I started to breath hard. I will die. At this rate I will be killed!

Takahashi-san and I somehow dodged the enemy’s attack and hid behind a large rock.

When I looked out from behind the rock, so we wouldn't be seen, I saw senpai’s dad and the ominous bird who are looking for us!

It's only a matter of time until they find us. Anyway, I need to calm down and think how we should act, calmly!

Okay! I should make a plan with Takahashi-san! Takahashi-san was also breathing hard.

“You have to be calm at times like this. There is a saying in my family. They say that if you take three steps forward and two steps back, you will have a clearer mind…… Wait, what was I doing again? Where is this place? Who are you? You look like my relative Yoshida-san. Are you Yoshida-san?”

--Did his memory change!?

“Rather than having a clearer mind, they were deleteeeeed! A birdbrain! Also who is Yoshida!? Does he look like me!? Do I look like a Nagoya-kochin!? Geez! I also don’t get what I’m saying any more! It feels like I will have bad memories about Nagoya-kochin now!”

--It’s over.

I held my head down while hiding behind the rock.

“By the way Yoshida-san, where is this place?”

Asked the bird bastard, who is looking around the place.

I can’t control this bird at all~. While I was in a panic, a box appears in my line of sight.

Is this perhaps…!? When I open the box timidly, Gasper was inside!


“Oh, Gasper! Why are you here?”

“Y…Yes, I was sent here. B….Buchou said she wants me to help Ise-senpai who is in danger……..”

I see! If it’s a box, then no one would be suspicious about it! Actually, it will be suspicious! After all there is a cross dressing Vampire inside the box. Especially on a mountain, in a rocky area like this!

Most likely Buchou and the others sent me this “useful item” using a small magic-circle.

The special ability of this guy, is that he can stop the time of things within his sight! Not even a big on-line shopping site sells an ultimate item like him!

“You are really being useful lately. Just how convenient are you.”

“I…I’m not really sure what is going on, but I will do my best~.”

Gasper seems like he’s panicking, but it's not a problem.

Huh! There is something which looks to be a letter attached to the box! It has Buchou’s name on it! The person I love! This is what’s written in the letter!

[Do your best. I believe that you will win. To my lovely Ise.]


I try to find Buchou from this rocky area. Ah! I found Buchou and the other club members in a high location!

I was so deeply moved, that I shed tears. Aaaah, as I thought, the woman I love sure is the best! She trusts me no matter what! Realising that once again, is enough to make me think that I can win!

I also thought of a plan! There is only this plan!


I called the bird man Takahashi-san.

“What is it Yoshida-san?”

I shall ignore that simple matter for now!

“Wave your hands at that ominous bird after leaving this rock.”

“I don’t really get it, but there is no reason for me to decline Yoshida-san’s request. Heeey!”

Oh, he went without any second thoughts! I’m sorry Takahashi-san. I will be using you as bait!

Takahashi-san is found instantly. The bird headed for Takahashi-san at great speed!

It’s here! I shouted while lifting up “Gasper in the box”!

“Gasper! That’s your target! Freeeeeze it!”


FLASH! A red light comes out from the box, and then the ominous bird carrying Abe-senpai’s dad stops its movement.


Abe-senpai’s dad and the ominous bird fall down. Below them…..is Takahashi-san!

Wait, it’s not frozen in the air even when it was stopped by Gasper’s power!? I thought this guy’s power would stop anything exactly where it is, even in mid-air!

Is it because Gasper’s power is changing, or is it because he couldn’t make that man and the ominous bird remain in the air?

Abe-senpai’s dad and the ominous bird crash down!


Takahashi-san gets caught up in the crash without doing anything……


The scream of the Nagoya-kochin [3] echoes throughout the mountain.

Part 5

We returned to Abe-senpai's house from the mountain.

“It is my loss. Looks like I have to permit your relationship with my daughter…… I will cancel the engagement.”

Senpai’s dad still seems like he isn’t convinced.

After that, the battle was over.

Well, it was thanks to Buchou’s plan……it was because of Gasper’s help.

Takahashi-san, who was in a critical condition after crashing with the ominous bird, was healed with Asia’s healing power.

“It was fun today. I want to meet you again on the battlefield, Yoshii-san.”

The bird man asks for a handshake. Hehehe, I don’t want to see you ever again.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. Our Asia can’t heal bird brains. Also, wasn’t it supposed to be Yoshida-san!? Actually, that’s also wrong, my name is Hyoudou!”

When I gave my farewell to Takahashi-san, Abe-senpai appeared.

“Hyoudou-kun. Thank you for today. Thanks to you, the engagement was cancelled.”

“No, I’m glad I was able to help you.”

It seems like senpai is acting shyly…..

“Even if it was a sudden request, I was really happy that you fought very seriously for m-my sake.”

Huh, she’s not acting her usual, prideful self. What’s going on?

“You looked a bi-bit amazing when you fought together with Takahashi and the others….”

She’s wriggling so much. What the…. She looks quite cute…… What happened to her?

I started to become suspicious, but the colour of crimson appeared in my sight.

“If it’s okay with you, how about tonight we go for dinn--”


Ah, I called out Buchou while senpai was saying something! That’s because Buchou is right in front of me!

“Ah, I’m sorry. What was that again?”

I asked her, but she smiled after taking a breath.

“Looks like there is no chance for me to win after all. It’s nothing.”

Huh? What was she trying to say?

I bowed to Abe-senpai, and ran towards Buchou.

“Buchou! I won thanks to Buchou!”

Buchou smiled.

“I see. Looks like you accomplished the request safely.”

“Where is everyone?”

The club members were already gone.

“Everyone went home at once, to take the prize received from Kiyome-san’s request. Items related to different types of monsters, which they would be taking back to the clubroom.”

Is that so? I should have helped out as well.


Buchou and I linked our arms.

High school dxd v13 081.jpg

“Now, lets go home together. Lets buy some taiyaki on the way back so we can eat it with everyone. Fufufu, looks like it will be a date to the taiyaki shop.”

Buchou and I were walking home after leaving Abe-senpai’s house. A date until we get back to our house! This is the best! Uhahaha! I’m so happy.

“…….I feel the happiest when I’m like this.”

Buchou muttered something while hugging my arm.

“Eh? Did you say something?”

I asked, but Buchou winked cutely.

“It’s a secret.”

I don’t know why, but Buchou’s smile looked amazingly cute! That alone made the tiredness I got with this request disappear.

Life.3 The Disturbance of a Devil

Part 1

This happened right after we defeated the Evil God from the North, Loki.

…….Hello everyone……. It’s me, Hyoudou Issei.

…….The reason why I have such low and bad tension is because……


…….I started to sniff and have a runny nose. Yeah, it seems like my body isn’t feeling well this morning.

I walked towards the dining table weakly, after I somehow managed to brush my teeth. Man, even my legs feel heavy and my head is spinning around inside…..

“Ara, Ise. Morning.”

Buchou, who woke up before me, greeted me with a smile. Aaah, Buchou looks beautiful today as well.

My parents, and the others who are living with me, have gathered at the table. …….Looks like I’m the last one…..

I tried to walk towards the table, but suddenly felt that the table was far away…..

…….Huh? Even my vision is blurry……. Rubbing my eyes isn’t helping with the blurriness…..

Now staggering forward, I began to feel light-headed and stumble backwards……

…….Just as I was about to fall, someone stops and holds me from behind. When I turned around, it was Xenovia.

“Hey, Ise. Are you okay? Your face is red.”

“………Oh, Xenovia……. Thanks.”

Asia approached me and put her hand on my forehead. Aaah, Asia’s palm is cold and it feels so good…..

“--! He has a high temperature!”

Hearing Asia’s shocked voice, the expression of everyone at the table changed.

……..I see. So my temperature is high…… Even my consciousness is starting to drift away……..

“Ise! Did you perhaps catch the flu?”

Buchou also rushed to me, after putting a plate on the table.

“Devils can also catch the flu? Rather, do they even catch a flu that a human catches?”

“…….No, in this case it is a Devil's…….”

Irina and Koneko-chan are chatting quietly…… After all, the things about Devils are kept a secret from my parents.

Rossweisse-san takes my hand and examines my pulse.

“Your pulse is fast, it might be better to consult a medical institute.”

“Let’s contact the hospital Rias.”

“You are right, Akeno. I will contact the hospital belonging to the House of Gremory right away!”

……Ho…..Hospital….. …….One in the Underworld?

“Hey hey hey, Ise, do you have a cold?”

“But he looks bad! Hello, Ise?”

Dad and mum are also worried about me……

While everyone called out my name, I lost consciousness.

………I was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling after waking up.

Lying on a bed, my arm is connected to an IV drip. It appears I’m in a hospital…..inside a room.

…….Huh? I was preparing to go to school, while I wasn’t feeling well, and then went downstairs….. I remember, I went down to the living room and……. Is it me or is my body feeling better…..? Is it thanks to this IV?

While I was having a cloudy recollection, the colour of crimson appears in front of me.

“Ise, you are awake.”

Buchou looked into my face, she seemed relieved.

“Ise-san! I’m so glad!”

“I was shocked when you fell unconscious.”

…….Asia and Akeno-san are also here. Asia's eyes are swollen and red.....was she crying? …….I made Asia worry about me again.

“…..Umm, this place is…..?”

When I asked….

“You fainted at home, so you were transported to this hospital. Do you remember it?”

Buchou explained to me. …..I see, I was brought to the hospital after fainting…. The Underworld, huh? Yeah, I can’t go to a hospital in the human world because I’m a Devil.

So this is my room, huh? Am I in such a serious condition….? I don’t want to die……I still haven’t had sex with Buchou…… I c-can’t die yet!

Wait, since I’m having those thoughts in this situation, maybe my condition isn’t so bad that I would be dying.

“I will inform the doctor that he woke up.”

After saying that, Rossweisse-san left the room.

I looked around the room by just moving my head.

Koneko-chan and…..Gasper were sleeping together on a chair. Did Gasper, who doesn’t live with us, come all the way to the hospital in the underworld, for me?

They must have been waiting for me to wake up and went to sleep after getting tired. If that is the case, then I’m sorry Koneko-chan, Gasper.

“It seems it's easy to get the flu if you are a reincarnated Devil. Xenovia, you should be careful too.”

“Yeah. I haven’t caught a cold that often, but I will be careful.”

“Yes, you don’t seem to catch a cold that often. You are always full of energy, and it seems you can endure viruses. Maybe being a simpleton is a good thing.”

“I feel like I was looked down on a lot, but that doesn't matter. You have to look after your health everyday, and that is the cure to everything.”

…….Irina and Xenovia are talking while reading a thick book. ……Is that book related to medicine? Uuu, am I sick? This is a situation where I don’t understand what is going on, while my head is spinning around and then—

KNOCK KNOCK. Someone knocks on the door.

“Buchou, the doctor is here.”

Kiba and Rossweisse-san enter with a man in a white coat. So Kiba also came…… I've started to think of Kiba as my friend now.

A man…. A person who seems to be a doctor comes in, while bringing a young nurse with him. ……Wow, so nurses also wear white clothing even in the underworld, huh.

“This medical institute is originally a hospital for reincarnated Devils, who were previously human, so the style of those working in the hospital is adjusted to the former human’s standard.”

Buchou whispers in my ear.

……I see, so there are hospitals for reincarnated Devils in the underworld. Well, that’s obvious. In the current Devils' society, there are many reincarnated Devils who were previously human. Maybe reincarnated Devils would feel safer if the hospital is made similar to the ones in the human world.

The nurse took my hand, then started to check my pulse and blood pressure. Looks like even Devils are checked in similar ways to humans for these things. Or is it just limited to reincarnated Devils?

The male doctor looked at me and said,

“Well, to say it in one word, you have a 'cold'. Though it’s a type that only Devils get.”

……You are telling me that it is a Devil-type cold?

The doctor continued while I have many doubts about it.

“Except you also have a flu that Dragons catch, and the two viruses have merged showing stronger symptoms. Since your body base is human, having these two viruses occur at once caused your body to become very weak.”

I also have a dragon flu….? I get a dragon flu because I’m also the Sekiryuutei, huh. Getting two viruses isn’t something I can joke about…..!

“And how is his condition?”

Buchou asks the doctor.

“His flu should be lighter due to the IV drip.”

Yup. My body does feel better, than when I was at home.

“I do have antipyretic, so lets inject it into him. With that, his fever will lighten for the time being. I will also give you medicine, so please rest at home for 2 or 3 days. Even if your fever disappears, please refrain from doing intense exercises and no masturbation. ~I’m just joking~~”

“……..Vulgar conversation is forbidden.”

Koneko-chan, who suddenly woke up, replied to the doctor’s dirty joke.

…….Looks like I have to rest for a while. Including “that” as well.

W..Well, in this condition my sexual desire won’t be coming out. I don’t even have the energy to stand up after seeing a nurse you know? This is quite serious for someone as perverted as me.

“Those who are also living in the same house he is need to be injected with a vaccine as well. It does get passed onto other Devils.”

The doctor gave his instructions to the nurse, and she gives an injection to the club members.

Then it was my turn.

“Now, for you—“



My eyes were about to pop out after seeing the giant object in front of me……..!

“It’s this injection.”

The so-called injection was clearly as big as my body!

“…..I-I-Injection!? No no, no matter how you look at it, it’s clearly some kind of weapon, isn’t it!? I've only seen something like those in comedy manga!”

“You need to be injected with this much vaccine for the dragon flu…… It’s okay. Look, the needle is very thin and it will somehow stick in.”

No no no! That’s impossible! I'll die if I get injected with something like that!

“It’s okay~. You will only feel pain for just a moment~.”

Aaah, the nurse lifted up the injection easily, and showed me a fearless smile~….. Her gentle voice made me even more scared instead!

“I will break if I get injected with that much fluid! Gough gough! ……..Shit! …….My eyes are getting blurry because of many reasons now!”

“Well, things like this are bound to happen in a story.”

The doctor said something mysterious!

“You're doing this for a reason like that!? Nooooooo~….. S….Save me…..”

I tried to escape from my bed with the last of my strength, but….

“Endure it! You are a boy, aren’t you!?”

“I’m sorry, Ise-kun.”

“Endure it, Ise. Isn’t it better than being stabbed by me?”

My body was pushed down by Buchou, Kiba, and Xenovia. Wait, didn’t Xenovia just threaten me….!?


Aaan! I then get my ear breathed into by Akeno-san, whilst I had my guard down.

“Ufufu, this is the best way to handle Ise-kun.”

I lost my strength with an erotic attack…… T-That’s cheating, Akeno-san……

“Looks like you have relaxed. Now, please show me your butt.”

Then the nurse’s eyes shone!

The club members take my pants off very quickly when I lost my strength. Then my arse gets exposed in front of everyone!

“…….No, I can’t become a 'groom' any more!”

I covered my face with both my hands, as I couldn’t endure the embarrassment of the situation I'm in!

“Ise-san’s bottom looks very c-cute!”

“Good job!”

Asia and Irina gave me weird cheers! So my arse is cute, on top of doing a “good job”!?

“Relax. I will personally do something about you becoming a groom!”

When I was about to turn around, after hearing Buchou’s words, to say “Are you serious!?”….

“Okay, here it comes!”

I saw the injection approaching my arse!



That day, I had a huge injection, injected into my arse in front of everyone.

Part 2

………That is how I was injected with antipyretic. I returned home and am sleeping quietly on my bed, alone. I also drank the medicine given to me as instructed.

Compared to how I felt before going to the hospital, I’m feeling much better. However, my body still feels heavy.

Uggh, just lifting my body up a bit makes my head spin, and going to the toilet takes a lot of effort….. My sexual desire also isn’t increasing. Well, if I was having an ecchi feeling even in a situation like this, that would be a problem in it’s own way…..

“Cough cough.”

…..Uggh, I’m still coughing. It’s a bit different from the cold I had when I was a human. A Devil's fever has similar symptoms to a human’s fever, but there is one critical difference: we can’t use our demonic powers.

The aura which is the source of demonic power doesn’t come out from our body. Apparently a fever also affects whatever creates our demonic powers, and once we get sick that process is stopped.

I barely have any demonic powers, but I can still sense coldness, which is one of its traits. Unlike a human’s fever, our "sixth sense" becomes unstable and I am feeling insecure as a result.

It’s similar to the uneasiness of being unable to go to the toilet alone after watching a horror film. Apparently reincarnated Devils, who suddenly gained demonic power, get this feeling when they suddenly lose their demonic powers.

So I am having this cold, scary feeling….. Maybe it’s because of my sickness, but I really want someone with me because, I feel very lonely right now…..

Apparently, the dragon flu causes an inability to breathe fire and the loss of special abilities, but since my body is human-based, I don’t suffer those effects. Only my body feels exhausted.

Oh yeah, from today until my fever gets better, I have to sleep by myself.

Uggh, I usually sleep with Buchou and Asia, so I really feel lonely at these times.

……..I’m missing Buchou’s warmth. Having Buchou embrace me, I go to sleep while feeling the sensation of women’s soft skin. That is really the best……

Aaaah, I really am missing Buchou’s oppai…….

While thinking my feelings towards Buchou.

GACHA. The sound of the door being opened. When I looked that way….

“Ise, are you resting properly?”

It was Buchou in white clothing!

Buchou in a nurse costumeeeeee! She’s showing her legs that much!



I got so excited that I coughed. I don’t know why but my chest was filled after seeing Buchou in a nurse’s costume. I think my pulse became faster as well…..

“………..Haahaa……, Bu-Buchou, that’s the best…… I’m in p-pain, but it’s making me excited…..”

Even though my body is getting worse, I was shedding tears of gratitude at Buchou’s appearance.

Aaaah, like I thought, my perverted core still remains even though I’m sick.

“H-Hey, Ise. Are you okay? You look like you are in pain. Maybe this costume failed? I wanted you to get better even by a bit, so we decided to do this together…..”

Buchou approaches me in her nurse costume and extends her hand towards my cheek. ……Aaaah, maybe I don’t mind dying today……

“Ise-san, are you okay?”

--! Asia’s voice. When I looked that way, there was…..!

My eyes were glued to the goddess in white clothing.

“D-Did something happen…..?”

Asia had a question mark above her tilted head.

…….For the innocent Asia to wear a nurse’s costume which is a symbol of purity. I was gazing at her with fascination, because there isn’t any combination that surpasses this combo existing in this world.

Asia in a nurse’s outfit. It’s not something which merely fits her! She is one of those types of girls who heals your heart! She has the ability to heal! Asia, who has all those criteria is, wearing a nurse’s outfit! Of course it will suit her! It’s not something you can express, but it simply suits her!

I started feeling as if a goddess truly exists now!

……..I’m going to keep this image of her, along with the current Buchou, within the photo album inside me. This is the best……

“Guha! …….Bu-Buchou, and Asia…….it suits you both…… It’s the best….. You haven’t failed at all….. Just seeing this makes me happy that I am alive……”

I gave them a forced smile while pressing on my chest, and gave them my gratitude. I even started to get a nosebleed. I don’t know whether I got this nosebleed because I got excited, or because of my sickness, but I understand this is a serious condition for me right now……

I smiled at both of them while shedding tears.

“Ise! Hey! We only came to bring water and soup!”

“Ise-san, please don’t die!”

Both of them hold my hand….. I am being watched over by two beauties in nurse outfits…… I can’t ask for more…..

“……..I leave my porno-mags to you. Seriously…..please dispose of them……and my DVD’s.......you can’t keep them as a memento of me, okay……?”

“What are you saying! Here, at least drink some water!”

“Ueeeen! Ise-san is….!”

“Asia, don’t cry. You know this boy won’t die from something like this, right?”

I took some water and went to sleep after having some broth.

….....The next time I opened my eyes, it was already night.

Around this time, the job of a Devil should be over. …….I ended up taking a day off. Even though I’m like this, I have customers as well, you know?

Today Buchou and Asia aren’t in my bedroom. As I thought, it’s lonely.

…….Huh, I feel some weight on me. It’s not from the fever. There is clearly something on my body. When I touched it, I felt something very soft.

When I looked…..there was Koneko-chan, in a white costume, while having cat ears and a tail!


She’s asleep, and her breathing is gentle.

……..Hmm? Actually, my body is feeling warm. Perhaps she was using senjutsu to make my ki flow better? For quite some time, as well.

……..Koneko-chan. She must have healed my body, on top of finishing her job as a Devil……

This girl really cares about her comrades, huh. Even though she is usually a sharp tongued loli girl.

I pat Koneko-chan’s head.

“……..Nya. Please get….better quickly…..”

Koneko-chan says, in her sleep.

Sob, my tears are flowing because of Koneko-chan, who cares deeply for her senior!

Where did I catch my cold from? I’m not Xenovia, but was it because I didn’t pay enough attention to my health?

“…….Maybe there was a source where I caught my flu.”

While I was muttering.

“We think that it may be the virus which the salesman, who came to do some trading with Rias, had. You know how we sometimes call salesmen into the basement and do some shopping?”

Aaah, you sure do those kinds of things sometimes. Wait!

Akeno-san was there, and appeared to agree with my suspicion in a small voice!

She was sitting on the chair next to the bed without me realising it……!

As I thought, she is also wearing a nurse’s costume! On her legs she is wearing fishnet stockings, which are exposed under her small skirt……! Ooooooo……. Nurse costume and fishnet stockings…….! That’s the best combination there is!

She has her legs crossed! Akeno-san! Please cross your legs again! Your thighs are so bright!

Akeno-san, your erotic gesture is very bad for my body right now! But thank you!

There isn’t any better pain than this, huh! …….Ugh, actually my pulse is racing….

“Ara ara. Are you okay? Koneko-chan and I are in charge of you from midnight, you know? So I will be giving you service until morning♪”

S-Service! I’m able to receive services from Akeno-san in a nurse’s outfit!

Aaah, if I was healthy at times like this, then I could probably have made a naughty request…..

No, probably because I am sick, I was able to see everyone in nurse outfits.

Akeno-san’s face gets closer. …….My heart is beating faster…..

Akeno-san whispers in my ear.

“I will wipe your face now.”

Saying that Akeno-san raised the level of my pillow and then she raised my head. She starts to wipe my face with a wet towel. ……The wet towel feels good.

……But my eyes were glued to the phenomenon occurring right in front of me…..! Every time Akeno-san, who is bending forward, wipes my face…….her oppai are jiggling right in front of my eyeeees~…..!

“How is it?”

Akeno-san asked me if she wiped my face correctly. But I’m not concerned about that right now……..I’m more focused on the breasts which are bouncing right in front of me!

“……Y-Yes! To the r-right and the left……”

“Right? Left? So you want me to wipe your cheeks more then? Ara ara, you started to bleed from your nose….”

Akeno-san even wiped my nosebleed…… I sure had my eyes filled. Now I’m shedding tears of gratitude at the oppai which are bouncing in every direction……! Maybe becoming sick is the best thing ever!

That’s what I thought; Akeno-san made a sensual smile and then says to me.

“After Ise-kun gets better, maybe playing “doctor” would be a good thing.”

“D-Doctor you say…….?”

“Yes, like this—”

I don’t know where she got it from, but Akeno-san took out a stethoscope.

She then put the stethoscope to her oppaaaaaai!


Seeing the stethoscope stick to her oppai, my nosebleed spurted out, very strongly.

“A situation where I get examined by Doctor Ise….”

My brain was destroyed with her lustful voice….! That is one of those scenes which comes up in a naughty DVD……!

Then I started to imagine a scenario in my mind!

[Oh, Himejima-san. Is there something wrong with you today?]

High school dxd v13 103.jpg

[Doctor, my chest hurts so much…… I definitely must have come down with a very bad disease…..]

[Now, don’t say that. Let’s check you out using my stethoscope. Oppai….. Show me your breasts.]

[Y-Yes. Please do.]

[Hmm. Now, is it over here?]

[Ann! T-That isn’t the place…. Geez, Doctor~]

[Hahahaha, I’m sorry about that!]

…….I can’t. I started to breathe harder if I imagine an erotic situation. I should be resting, but why am I feeling more pain, just by imagining such classic erotic things….!?

That’s because of the way Akeno-san is acting! Of course it would turn out like this!

“Akeno…… What are you doing…..?”

The sudden voice of Buchou! When I looked, Buchou had come in, without me realising she was there! She looks really mad…… S-Scary…… She’s even covered in aura……

“Ara, Rias, you came. Rather than that, you have become very good at entering a room without making your presence felt lately.”

“Of course. If I didn’t attain a skill like this, I have a feeling that Ise would've been eaten by you. I don’t know the reason behind it, but you also learned a technique which allows you not to be caught by Koneko’s senjutsu technique of searching, right?”

“Oh my, you say it as if I’m some kind of beast. So rude. It’s a simple thing for a maiden in love to make the impossible possible. …….But eating Ise-kun deliciously would definitely be dreamy.”

……….Both of them glare at each other with intensity. …….I feel a different kind of coldness piercing through my skin….. I really think the atmosphere in this room is the worst type there is….. It’s bad for my b-body……

“…….Koneko is sleeping, and the condition of Ise’s body is important. Let’s head to the rooftop then.”

“Yes, deciding who is the better nurse tonight might be a good thing.”

Both of them, sparking with hostility against each other, left the room……

A bit later, I heard noises of lightning and something loud from the window……so I acted as if I didn’t hear anything.

I sighed at the usual battle between the Onee-sama.

Then there was someone else who entered the room….. It was the silver haired nurse, Rossweisse-san.

“So you woke up? Did you receive your medicine from Rias-san and Akeno-san?”

I shook my head at her question. Confirming that, it seems like Rossweisse-san felt down. Rather than that, you also came wearing a nurse’s outfit so faithfully, huh Rossweisse-san. I’m quite moved.

“That’s what I thought. When I went past them in the corridor, they were releasing very strong auras, so I thought it might have turned out like this.”

Saying that, she approaches me, takes medicine from a bag and gives it to me along with a cup of water.

“Taking the medicine with an empty stomach isn’t recommended, so here you go.”

Rossweisse-san hands me several small pieces of solid food which look like biscuits.

“It’s a Valhallan, nutrient-rich food. You can eat it easily, and also get all the necessary nutrients with only this small portion. Normally it would be better to take proper food, but this will be the better for you right now.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

I said my thanks and then put the biscuit into my mouth.

Ah, it isn’t that hard. It’s quite soft, and also sweet.

“I think it will be easy to eat since I added a little bit of sugar.”

“You did all this for me?”

I asked, and Rossweisse-san replies with a unpleasant face.

“Everyone seems depressed if you don’t recover. The team’s mood maker should get better immediately.”

She says that to me strictly, but her cheeks are a bit red. ……..So Rossweisse-san is also worried about me. ………I really need to recover quickly.

I don’t know how much of a mood maker I am but, for my comrades, I can’t stay like this any longer.

“…………Senpai……..please get better…….”

I felt like I would be healed with the words from Koneko-chan, who was sleeping right next to me.

Part 3

When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t see Koneko-chan. She must have woken up before me.

…….Yup. Within just a night, I feel much better than when I was carried to the hospital.

I feel I can go to the toilet on my own now, without a problem. My fever……has gone down quite a bit. Well, they say that the most crucial time is when your fever is recovering the most, so I can’t let my guard down yet.

When I was thinking of taking a nap, someone entered my room.

“Oh, Ise. You're awake?”

“Yahoo, Ise-kun! We brought your meal!”

The ones who entered were……Xenovia and Irina in nurse outfits. …….So the girls in our home are actually going to nurse me, wearing a nurse’s outfit, huh.

“Does it suit me?”

Xenovia asks me while giving me a peace sign.

“……Yeah, both you and Irina look good.”

Both of them did a high five, after hearing my reply. The two of you sure have high tension this morning…..

Though, in exchange for being happy at seeing them in nurse outfits, it feels like my fever will worsen from being excited……

But since I want to save them wearing nurse outfits in my memory, I must see them wearing nurse outfits even if I have to force myself!

Especially Irina, who is a reincarnated Angel, is actually an “Angel in white nurse’s clothing”! A real Angel being a nurse sure is good!

I took a single deep breath. Xenovia and Irina brought a tray, and put it on the stand which is next to my bed.

…….There is an ominous-coloured soup and juice with the same colour……

D-Don’t tell me these two made this…….? When I looked at them timidly, both of them were looking at me with keen eyes!

“Irina and I checked up on medicinal plants, that are said to be good for the body. We gathered as much as we could.”

“It has perfect marks for nutrients! It’s a soup and juice, that will make you recover immediately!”

…….What a bright smile. They must have made it with great effort. But, I haven’t seen either of you cooking before you know…….?

I only feel uneasy about thiiiiiss!

Rather, this soup! Something unknown is appearing in the soup! Is this a leg……? And it seems like there is an eyeball as well…… You must be joking, those aren't medicinal plants…..!

This is something you are not allowed to see…… If this was a television programme, they would definitely be censoring this!

I also wonder what kind of ingredients you need, to make juice like this with bursting noises……. Both of them definitely have ingredients that aren’t medicinal plants!

“ “…………” ”

Both of them are looking at me worriedly!

[As I thought, my cooking isn’t…….. So I can’t even do a single household chore after all……]

[I’m so worthless….. This makes me a failure as an Angel…… Michael-sama, please give divine punishment to me…..!]

……It feels like that is what’s going through their minds.

……Okay. Okay then! I just have to drink it, right!?

I cannot decline it and betray their expectations!

I made up my mind and put the spoon in the soup.



The moment I put the spoon in, a mysterious gas was coming out from the soup……

Ugh! What is this! It’s getting in my eyes! My tears won’t stop! This is a hazardous substance! This definitely isn’t something with perfect marks for nutrients!

I swallowed and was just about to lift up the spoon…..


The one who entered was Gasper in a nurse’s outfit! Even you wear nurse outfits at times like this!? W-Well, it does suit you……

“W-What’s wrong?”

When I asked, Gasper answers with a frightened voice.

“A G-G-G-Guest is hereeee~! Senpai’s friend came here to see how you are doing, after finding out you got a cold~!”

What? Came to see me? My friend? Who is it? Is it my evil buddies, Matsuda and Motohama? Or is it Saji? I started to imagine my friends in my head, but dropped the spoon on the floor when I saw ‘the being’ which entered while saying “Nyo”.

“Devil-san, I came to see you –nyo.”

Thick arms! Thick chest! There was a large man in a nurse’s outfit with an unbelievable amount of muscle!


Yes, he(she?) is my regular customer from my job as a Devil! And her name is Mil-tan! A “girl born from a man” with overwhelming muscles who desires to become a mahou shoujo!

Rip Rip Rip……

Look look look look! Mil-tan’s nurse outfit, which isn’t fitting her size, is screaming because of being pushed back by her muscles!

Gasper led Mil-tan in and then ran to the corner of the room saying “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die…….”, while his body is trembling.

Xenovia and Irina are shocked at the entrance of Mil-tan.

“…..Who is this guy? I feel unbelievable pressure coming from him….. I can tell that he is a famous warrior….. No, when I was at the Vatican, I think I saw a similar warrior when there was a plan to fight a certain Vampire tribe……”

“……He has an atmosphere I haven’t seen in the database in heaven as well…… He seems like he is a nurse who has been through many battles….. Ummm, he’s a human…..right?”

Both of them looked serious.

You two are thinking too much about her! He’s just a hentai……in other words, a girl born from a man! You can say that he is the same type as Gasper, who is also a girl born from a man…..but Gasper himself has lost his will to fight after being taken out by Mil-tan’s ‘haki’……..

Seeing me, Mil-tan starts to shed many tears.

“……..Devil-san certainly must have fallen sick because Mil-tan was calling you every night –nyo…….”

Somehow, he seemed to have a misunderstanding….. Mil-tan, even though he looks like that he has the heart of a maiden so it’s difficult if he gets a misunderstanding…..

He seems to be shaking, but his muscles appear to be tensing, can you please stop!? Look! Even Xenovia and Irina got into their battle stances after sensing danger!

“M-Mil-tan….. I’m okay. It’s just a fever. I will get better if I rest a bit. After that, lets watch some Milky DVDs once again and--”


All the furniture in my room shook at the voice released by Mil-tan, and an unknown pressure pressed against me as well!

When Mil-tan put her hand in her bag….

“I made a magical drink using the data collection from Milky –nyo.”

He gives me a bottle.

Inside it is an ominous coloured liquid…..

I started to feel my consciousness going far away. It would have been better if I just lost my consciousness right now……

From morning I drank poisons……I drank large amounts of drinks, that have "medicinal plants" in them.

Part 4

I, who have drunk outrageous things since morning, am laying down on the bed.

……..After that, I expelled many things from inside me, in the toilet……. Were there really any medicinal plants inside them? The soup and juice made by Xenovia and Irina, then on top of that a special drink made by Mil-tan. I want to praise myself for surviving after drinking those.

Anyway, I didn’t want to eat anything for lunch. After drinking something like that, my stomach can’t take anything. I was killing time, watching TV by myself.

I took a break from school today. I’m listed as being on sick leave. Checking on my condition, it was decided that I will take a break for three days.

It seems like the other Devils at school, the Sitri group, were injected with a vaccine. I did go to school before falling ill after all. Being cautious about it, isn't a bad thing.

……..So everyone is at school, huh? Oh yeah, I received an email from the two idiots.

[You're telling me an idiot can also get sick!? No, maybe you can fall ill if you are a big pervert!]

[You aren’t possibly having a video marathon, by watching the treasured DVDs you have, are you!? Also return the DVD “The Legend of the Secret Bath Discovery IV: Welcome to the Spa for the Big-breasted!”, I let you borrow before.]

Yeah, they sure are rude guys. When I recover, I’m gonna punch Matsuda and Motohama. Also, I won’t give that DVD back to you yet, Motohama!

When I looked at my wrist watch, it was already time for club. Right about now, they should be eating snacks while having a laugh.

So no Devil’s job for me today as well, huh. …….Since I have been working the whole time moving my body, it’s been a while since I rested like this. Something like this isn’t bad at times.

However, I feel lonely, so I would rather stay with everyone instead.

……I should get better as soon as I can.

As I thought that, there was a knock on the door.


When I respond, only one person entered the room.


A single bishoujo enters my room.

Her hair is long, her body is slim, though she has some curves. She is a girl who looks to be about the same age as me and looks pure. The mole under her eye left an impression on me. Most of all, she was also wearing a nurse’s outfit.

High school dxd v13 002.jpg

…….I’m familiar with this person.

It became a hot topic in the clubroom when Azazel-sensei created an item not so long ago.

“……..Are you Kiba?”

The bishoujo nods shyly at my question and says “Yes”.

Yeah, the gender-changing ray gun that sensei created as a joke. If you get hit by that ray, your gender changes. If you are a guy, then you get changed into a girl. If you are a girl you get changed into a guy. It’s possible to transform for a bit.

The clubroom became a disaster when Buchou and the other girls changed into handsome guys.

Back then, I used the ray on Kiba as a joke and made him into a girl. I was really shocked when Kiba turned into the type of girl I like……

By the way, Gasper was also hit by the ray and his appearance didn’t change. It seemed like he lost something important as a guy.

……I pinched my cheek thinking this is a dream, but…….ouch. It isn’t a dream!

I pointed my finger at him while my heart is racing.

“Y-You, why did you return to that form again? More than that, why are you here? Why am I-I-I getting confused this much……?”

Of course I would become confused if this guy enters my room, while being a “bishoujo in a nurse outfit”!

Why is this guy here at a time like this!? It should still be time for the club!

Kiba says while wriggling.

“…….The story about wearing a nurse’s outfit was becoming popular in the club. Then Sensei called me all of a sudden and….”

[How about you also meet Ise in a nurse’s outfit? He was really interested in you when you became a girl, so maybe he would be happy, perhaps? To cheer him up, how about you do this as his friend?]

Is what he said to him.

What did he do?! Damn Sensei! ……W-Well, certainly this guy looks cute when he turns into a girl! Since he originally was a handsome guy, of course he will turn into a bishoujo! And he sent him like this on purpose!

I’m happy, but I feel this wasn’t needed, but I also feel Kiba being a bishoujo isn’t a bad thing and…..

I was filled with complicated feelings and Kiba asks me, with a red face.

“…….D-Do I look good in it?”

……The nurse’s outfit certainly does look good on her! I could say that with my mouth and tell her, but it feels like I would lose if I actually do that! It really feels like I would lose if I admit it!

I should act, since my heart is beating fast because of my flu. Let’s do that. If I don’t, it feels like something important inside me will break!

……Ugh, somehow I’m feeling dizzy.

I urge Kiba to sit on the chair next to the bed.

“…….Take a seat. First of all, tell me if anything changed at school today. You will also tell me what you guys talked about at the club as well, right?”

When I asked him roughly, he responds to me happily by looking at me and saying “Yeah!”.

So this guy was also worried about me in his own way, huh? Well, he is my friend after all. When I was thinking about the friendship between us….


Because of wearing heels he isn’t used to wearing, he trips on his legs and falls this way!

High school dxd v13 117.jpg

Kiba falls onto my chest where I had my upper body up!

“H-Hey, are you okay?”

When I looked into his face, the face of a bishoujo is right in front of me.

“ “…………..” ”

We stare at each other for a while…..


Kiba gazes elsewhere and he seems to be enduring something while putting on a red face.

Hmm? I was in wonder, but I feel a soft sensation in my hands….

When I looked…….my hands are touching Kiba’s breaaaaassssts!

“Ah, sorry!”

I said sorry and moved my hands! …….The sensation of the oppai in my hands! There was no doubt that it was the same, as that of a girl!

…….Kiba’s oppai was soft.

“No no no no!”

I shook my head hard, and rejected what was in my mind just now!

He's a guy! He’s a girl right now, but he’s usually a guy and he’s my comrade who is also my friend!

Shit! Why is my heart beating this fast!?


Kiba, whose face is red, was holding his chest. Why are you reacting like that!? Can you please laugh it off with your usual handsome face by saying “Oh, my. Looks like I had my breast groped”!

Does that ray also make the person’s heart into that of a maiden!? Please stop! At this rate, I will also start to develop a thing for ‘those’ kind of things as weeeeeeell!

I’m already in pain with my fever, so please don’t make me have a new turning point in my life here!

“……Ise-kun, I…..”

When Kiba was about to say something with soggy eyes…..

“Ise, we came back early because we were worried about you.”

Buchou and others have come home!

“So we will make something good for your body--”


When Buchou saw the situation in my room, she drops her school bag silently while smiling.

“Rias-oneesama, what’s wrong?”

Asia pops her head out from behind Buchou, with a puzzled expression. She then sees me on the bed and Kiba.

“………….Hauuu, Ise-san and……..Kiba-san!?”

Asia trembles while the lights in her eyes are turning on and off!

After that, each of the girls become astonished at the situation in my room. After a pause they shout at once,

“ “ “ “ “What is the meaning of this!?” ” ” ” ”

I am cornered by the girls, but I tell them while protecting Kiba, who is panicking.

“Umm, this is…..”

“I never thought Ise-kun and Yuuto-kun would develop a relationship like this without noticing it…….”

Akeno-san has a complicated expression.

“No, that definitely isn’t the case here……”

“I-I came here by my own decision.”

Kiba also says.

“…..Came here by his own decision. So their relationship has progressed that far already….”

Koneko-chan is thinking too far ahead!

“Kiba-san is a man……and I’m a woman, yet……”

Asia's eyes are full of tears! Holding her shoulder, Xenovia tells her,

“Asia, Ise might be trying to master a path we can’t possibly come to understand.”

“You are right, I think they call this the “Dual Blade”…… Aaaah, this is so corruptive and heretical!”

Irina was nodding her head a couple of times. No, don’t confirm it!

“I-I should also become a girl to do things with Senpai….”

Please don’t, Gasper! Please don’t show me any more wrong ideas than this!

Rossweisse-san hasn’t returned yet because she’s a teacher…….but this situation is very hard to endure!

……Ah, my heartbeat is getting fast and I started to get dizzy…… Did I perhaps get worse…..?

Even so, I continued to give my excuses. At this rate I would end up living with them while they have the wrong idea! Absolutely not thaaaaaaat!

“…….A-As I was saying, Kiba and I aren’t in that sort of relationship and……. Rather, Kiba was the one who was concerned about my well being and….. Cough, cough.”

……Oh yeah, today I only took in those poison like things, so I don’t have any stamina…..

……I think I’m getting hungry as well. I also expelled all the things I took in this morning, so there is nothing inside my stomach……

“……I understand that Azazel is the cause of all this, but it is also Yuuto’s fault. You should have told us. If this was the case, I wouldn’t have said no, you know?”

Buchou’s gentle words.

“I’m deeply sorry. I was wondering if I could do something for the sick Ise-kun….”

Kiba was also reflecting on his action. …….This isn’t Kiba’s fault.

…….Huh? My mind started to go far off…..

“Either way, we need Ise to recover or everyone won’t act like they usually do. Geez, you really are a popular--”

My consciousness disappeared as Buchou spoke.

Part 5

“When he’s feeling ill, this is the best thing for Ise. A miso soup with crushed ginger inside.”

I was drinking the miso soup mum brought to my room.

“Aaaah….. It’s spreading around to every part of my body.”

Yeah, this is the thing. Since I was a kid, mum always made this when I fell ill. I don’t know how much of the Devil flu it will cure. But after having my body and heart warmed, my body feels lighter. A mysterious feeling of security. I think I wouldn’t feel like this if it wasn’t mum’s miso soup.

The taste of a mother, I felt my heart was healed with it. Mum, I really thank you.

After that, it seems like I lost consciousness for a bit. I regained consciousness right away, but I was in a weak condition due to an empty stomach. Then mum appeared, and brought this miso soup. Everyone was looking at me seriously.

“……Okaa-sama! Please teach me how to make that!”

Buchou approaches mum with a serious expression. Mum was in confusion, with her eyes opened wide.

“Even if you ask me how I made it, it’s really simple you know? W-Well, I did alter it to my style a bit….”

“T-That is it! Okaa-san, please teach me the taste of the Hyoudou residence! For my future, I have to learn it!”

This time it’s Asia!

“Of course, I will be learning it as well.”

“……..Yes. Please teach me the hidden taste of the Hyoudou residence as well.”

Also Akeno-san and Koneko-chan! Even I don’t know the so-called taste. Is there even such a thing in this Hyoudou family?

“So this will also be part of bridal training, I see. I’m good at cutting.”

“Yes, Xenovia should learn a bit of cooking. Oba-sama, will you also teach me as well please!?”

Even Xenovia and Irina! Yeah, Xenovia should learn something a bit girlish.

“Then we should learn it as well, Gasper-kun.”

“Yes! I will learn it and make cooking filled with love for Ise-senpai!”

Kiba! Gasper! What’s the point of you guys trying to raise my opinions of you!?

“Ara ara. Seems like it turned into a serious situation. Anyway, shall we learn this miso soup first?”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Mum went downstairs while taking Buchou and others with her.

Leaving me behind, the cooking lesson of the Hyoudou residence began.

…….This time it feels like there will be the same number of miso soups, as the number of them making it…… That will be very hard for me.

After a bit, from the first floor…..


I heard explosive sounds, which shouldn’t be heard in a kitchen, along with “Kyaa!” and “Waaah!” like screams.

Can something like this happen just by making a soup!? Don’t tell me this is the hidden taste of the Hyoudou family!?

Dinner time. There were different types of miso soup on the table. From tasty looking ones made by Buchou, Akeno-san and Asia, to those with an evil presence coming out made by Xenovia, Irina and Gasper. There are many varieties of them.

Mum, so you really taught them how to make the miso soup!? Rather than a secret taste, it has colour and smells which shouldn’t be passed on! What kind of miso do you have to use for it to turn out like this…….

There is too much freedom in the food of our family…….

Even if I drink a tasty miso soup, it would be a negative thing for my stomach thanks to the “Dark miso soup”!

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Please dig in!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Everyone says, with a smile.

Yeah, I’m a fortunate guy. Everyone is worried about me after all. But if it continues like this until I get better, it feels like my body won’t last for real!

So I had no other choice but to drink the miso soup thinking “Heal quickly! Heal quickly!” inside my head.

Later that day, the gender-swap ray-gun was sealed.

Well, having that will be a source of trouble, so it’s a natural thing…… however I think that changing the enemy that come to attack me, into girls using the ray-gun, might be a good thing!

Life.4 The Unressurected Phoenix

Part 1

It is Autumn, and a rare visitor has come to my house on a day off.

“H-How do you do.”

A pretty girl, with drill-like roll hair on both sides of her head, came to visit my house.

I was surprised at the arrival of this visitor, whilst dealing with her at the entrance. Buchou, who is beside me, is also surprised.

“How do you do, Ravel. Did something happen for you to come to this house?”

“Yes, Rias-sama. I’m very sorry for the sudden visit.”

Yes, this girl who just greeted Buchou is Ravel Phoenix, a High-class Devil and a daughter from the House of Phoenix.

I see her at times when I go to the Underworld, but I never thought I would meet her in the human world; especially not at my house.

Judging from Buchou’s attitude, it appears she didn’t receive any notification of this visit beforehand. It really is an unexpected visit.

Ravel was wearing a cute-looking one-piece dress. After she wiggled her body shyly, she spoke as if she had made up her mind.

“The truth is, I would like to consult you about my brother….”

When Buchou and I heard that, we looked at each other.

This could be a bit complicated.

The scene changes to the living room. It would be weird to talk to her at the entrance; the discussion might become a bit complicated after all.

Akeno-san gave tea to Ravel.

“About Raiser?”

When Buchou asks, Ravel nods.

“Yes. I’m sure you have heard that my brother fell into depression after that incident…..”

During the first semester, we got involved in the matter of Buchou’s engagement. Due to the arranged marriage decided by their parents, Buchou and Ravel’s brother, Raiser Phoenix, were fiancés.

Buchou, who wanted to marry because of love and not some arrangement, decided to break off their relationship by competing against Raiser in a Rating Game.

A lot happened, and the marriage proposal was revoked. So Buchou’s engagement, is no more.

……..That story became quite a topic among the upper echelons of society in the Underworld, and it left quite a complicated impression on them. Since the important thing between the High-class Devils which has been passed on for generations was involved, it became a scandal for the pure Devils who take importance in their traditions.

I was greatly involved in that incident. After all, I was the one who bashed up Raiser and took Buchou from the engagement party!

Regarding that, I don’t regret my actions. Since Buchou who I like very much, didn’t want that, I risked my life to stop it. Even now I feel proud for having rescued Buchou……but to the house of Phoenix, I might be their sworn enemy…… I need to accept that fact.

A weird tension rises between Buchou and Ravel. The revocation of the engagement has already been settled by their parents, who are the current heads. They should be able to talk normally; however the discussion is complicated as it’s about Raiser, who I beat up.

Raiser and his family, the House of Phoenix, have the regeneration ability of the Phoenix, an immortal bird. I used the power sleeping within me…..the power of Sekiryuutei to defeat him.

After that, Raiser became seriously depressed from losing to me and for losing Buchou. Even six months after the incident, that hasn’t changed.

Along with tasting the first defeat in his whole life, women also left him. For a guy, there might not be anything more depressing than this.

I was watching over their conversation with Asia and the others from the corner of the room.

“Raiser huh. I have heard stories about him……”

“What kind of person is he?’

Xenovia and Irina never met him after all.

“Umm, he’s from the house of Phoenix and…..”

Asia started explaining to the two of them. Oh yeah, that incident happened almost immediately after Asia joined us.

“The world of High-class Devils sure is complicated. But I look up to the society of the nobles. …..I wonder if I can find a rich man.”

Rossweisse-san is up to something.

“…..The little sister came all the way to visit the house belonging to the Gremory…. Maybe they really are having troubles with it.”

You are right, Koneko-chan. Maybe it really is like that.

I don’t know how things got this way, but Ravel came here after many things happened, huh.

Ravel is hiding her usual tsun-tsun attitude towards me. When I first met her, not only was she a tsun-tsun but she was a rich-girl with an uptight attitude. But today she’s quiet.

Buchou speaks to break this silent atmosphere.

“So Raiser….hasn’t recovered since then.”

Ravel nods at Buchou’s words. It wouldn’t have been unusual for Ravel to say “It’s your fault!” in terms of the position we are in, but it doesn’t seem like she is going to say that.

Well, that’s something I have been thinking every time I met her in the Underworld, but it seems like Ravel doesn’t blame us for it. Instead, she even told me that it’s a good lesson for her brother Raiser. Even though she said that, it’s an obvious thing to worry about your family.

Ravel then says, after drinking her tea.

“……..Naturally, it might be wrong for me to come here. But when I asked for opinions in different places, there were suggestions that I should consult with Rias-sama. Even treatments that have been tried, didn’t give any results……”

“With me? What do you mean?”

Ravel clearly answers Buchou’s question.

“To fix my brother’s heart………my brother’s mentality, I received suggestions that…… 'Maybe it’s better to learn the thing called ‘guts’ that the servants of Rias-sama have?'”

All of us and Buchou made a dumb face for a moment when we heard the answer "guts", but soon there were a couple of laughs in the living room.

Hahaha….....Guts huh. Certainly everyone in our group, including me, all have guts.

Wait, why is everyone looking at me? Yeah yeah, I just move ahead with only guts!

Under this lightened atmosphere, Ravel spits out all the things she kept within herself.

“The fact is, my brother is pathetic! For him to stay depressed for six months after a single defeat…..! It seems like he’s afraid of Dragons you know? He hasn’t participated in a Rating Game since then, and he’s been written about in a gossip magazine where they wrote things however they wanted! He has trauma after being defeated by Ise-sama, and he doesn’t talk about anything related to Dragons. I would understand if he holds a grudge instead. But he’s scared you know? If he’s a man, he should learn from his defeat and move on! He’s really pathetic, just pathetic!”

…….Everyone opened their eyes wide at her super machine-gun talk.

She has so much stress huh. So is that guy Raiser in such a bad state?

“…….Though, he’s still my brother.”

So deep in her heart, she’s actually very worried about him.

Buchou, who is being consulted, must feel quite complicated. The first thing is, she won’t be able to decline it and Ravel didn’t come to push the responsibility on us; she came, purely because she is worried about her brother.

……..Yeah. As I thought, that’s the only way. I decided to say what was on my mind.

“Leave it to me, Ravel. I will do something about it.”

Ravel, and everyone else, looked at me.

I continued while scratching my cheek.

“W-Well, it’s something that I did, so I think I have to fix it as well. And you want ‘guts’ right? Leave it to me. If you say guts, then I’m your man. Even though I’m a Devil, I do things like living in the mountains and I’ve been through a lot of harsh things. I’m used to those kinds of things.”

“…….He’s an embodiment of guts both in a good and bad way.”

That’s exactly right, Koneko-chan!

“Ise, this is my…”

It sounded like Buchou was going to say “I will do it”, so I stopped her with my hand.

“It’s okay. I have a plan.”

It's not a bluff. I actually do have an idea. There was something which crossed my mind, that can put "guts" inside him and also train both his body and soul. Hahaha, since I’ve just been training, my mind has adapted to think like that. Not having any talents can be useful at times.

When I looked at Ravel, she had a very bright expression, but she coughed after she realised it.

“I-I-It can’t be helped then. I don’t mind asking Ise-sama. So please work hard for the High-class Devils. …….I-I will give my thanks in advance.”

Yeah yeah. I’ll do my best then. Buchou took a breath, then nodded her head.

“I understand. We will start the strategy to make Raiser stand up again, by having Ise act as his therapist.”

Hence it was decided, that we will fix that Yakitori-bastard.

Part 2

“Haaa……….It’s huuuuuuuuuge~.”

I was overwhelmed by the big castle which stands right in front of my eyes.

Right now we, "the Gremory Group + Irina", have come to visit the residence of the House of Phoenix.

When we transferred to Gremory territory from the human world, we arrived here through a magic circle by doing many 'jumps'….. The castle is huge! Buchou’s house is also big but there is no comparison.

I heard that they made lots of profit from the healing items “Phoenix Tears”, and judging from this they sure have been making lots of money!

The castle’s gate opens while making a heavy sound, and all of us went inside.

After we went past the garden of the castle, we arrived at the residential area where the people from the House of Phoenix live. In front of a gorgeous looking door Ravel, who is wearing a dress, and several servants were waiting for us.

“How do you do, welcome to the House of Phoenix.”

“How do you do, Ravel. If I remember, Raiser lives here right?”

Buchou asked her. I see, it appears Buchou came here when she was a child, so she’s familiar with the inside of the castle.

“Yes, we can go straight to his room from here.”

With Ravel’s guidance we proceed inside, passing through the door.

Oh, the ceiling is so high up! And the chandelier looks amazing! There are expensive looking statutes and paintings everywhere! It sure doesn’t lose to Buchou’s house.

“If this isn’t Rias-sama. It has been a very long time. And it’s been a while since we last met, Sekiryuutei.”

A new voice. When I looked, a person I am familiar with was standing in front of some stairs.

It’s the woman who has a half mask on her face, Isabela-san, she’s Raiser’s servant.

“It’s been a while, Isabela-san.”

“I have heard many rumours. Even if I fight again seriously, I won’t be able to win.”

Didn’t she say the same thing before? This person is the only one among Raiser’s servants who has a good impression of me.

“My master is over here, please follow me.”

We followed Isabela-san up the stairs, and progressed through the spacious building.

“So what does Raiser…..-san usually do?”

I ask while we are walking. Isabela-san answers while making a sigh.

“He hides himself in his room and he either does a virtual Rating Game, or he calls some commoners who are good at chess, all the way here, so he can have a chess match against them.”

So he’s a hikikomori.

For that show off, good-looking guy to become a hikikomori. I really can’t imagine it.

We walked for ten minutes. It’s huge, it’s too huge! I also thought the same thing at Buchou’s house, but the houses of High-class Devils are too huge! And the number of rooms is insane! I don’t even have the slightest confidence that I can find my way back, once I get lost in here!

While I was thinking that, Isabela-san and Ravel stop in front of a door.

It’s a huge door. A splendid looking relief of a fire bird is engraved on it.


Ravel knocks on the door.

“Onii-sama, I have some guests for you.”

…….No response. Is he sleeping? After thinking that, I heard a voice from inside.

[……So it’s you Ravel. I don’t want to meet anyone today. I saw a bad dream….. I’m not in the mood to meet anyone.]

Hearing that, Ravel made a sigh. Then she tells him.

“-It’s Rias-sama.”

After a pause…… GASHAAAAN! The sound of something being dropped on the floor echoes within his room.

[--! ……..Ri-Rias……you say……?]

He was really panicked. It must have been an unexpected guest for him.

Buchou stood in front of the door and speaks to him.

“Raiser. It’s me.”

[…..What do you want with me now, Rias? Did you come to laugh at me? Or did you come to tell me about your intimate relationship with the Sekiryuutei?]

The tone of his voice is low. Rather, it sounds like he holds a grudge.

“……Let’s talk for a bit. Let me see your face.”

After Buchou said that, we heard rough footsteps approaching this way and the door was opened violently.

The one who came out was Raiser who had messy hair and untidy clothes.

“What do you want to talk about, with the guy who you rejected……..?”

He had glassy eyes and there was anger within his speech; but his expression changes when he sees me.


He points at me and shrieks.

“H-Hey, hello.”

I smiled, and greeted him by putting my hand up.




Raiser screamed and ran into his room! Are you serious!? What’s going on!?

He then shouted, after he ran into his expensive bed that has a canopy.

“P-Please leeeeeeeave~! I don’t want to remember about back then! I don’t want it any more! I don’t want to experience a shabby feeling like that ever again~!”


Everyone was obviously shocked, but also confused by Raiser’s attitude.

……..T-This is….

That guy, who looked down on me with his high and mighty attitude, got scared the moment he saw me and he hid himself inside the bed.


“It’s alright~”

Raiser’s servants, the twins with the chainsaws, were calming Raiser down.

But Raiser just shook timidly inside his bed.

“Raiser hasn’t lost in a proper fight since he was born.”

Buchou explains. Ravel also nods.

“Yes. It seems like losing to Ise-sama, head on, left a deep scar in both his body and soul.”

“But, Raiser-san was also strong. If it’s now……I wonder which one of us is stronger?”

Kiba answers my question.

“If it’s the current Ise-kun, then you will be comparable to Mr. Raiser Phoenix even at his full power. No, most likely you can beat him. In terms of spirit…the guts you have is superior to him. The pressure of taking on a Heavenly Dragon will drain their spirit, and it will also hinder the traits of the immortal bird. Being immortal is the biggest factor for the power of the Phoenix, so having that hindered will give a big blow to him.”

Ho, if this guy says that, then it must be true. In regards to battle, Kiba calculates calmly after all.

“…….Is it that scary to fight me?”

I ask Kiba once again, pointing at myself. Kiba nodded his head while making a bitter smile.

“It’s scary enough with you being a legendary Dragon, but also we never know what you might do.”

Is that so? W-Well, even I’m also scared of the unknown factor which will cause something to happen as well. But taking on an immortal is also scary. It’s scary to see someone who will regenerate again once you beat them down.

High school dxd v13 143.jpg

“Onii-sama. Since Rias-sama and her group came all the way here, please get out of the bed!”

Ravel works hard to take the blankets off him, and make him leave his bed.

“G-Go home! Please go hooooooome~!”

Is all Raiser shouted.

“Umm, to begin with, let’s take Raiser-san outside by force.”

After that, we cooperated with Raiser’s servants and succeeded in pulling Raiser out of his room by force and into the garden of the castle. ……..Though it took some time to do that.

I pack my things in the garden. Alright, with this I’m all set.

“So what kind of plan is it?”

To Buchou’s question, I pointed at the sky.

“He will be here soon.”

When I called him before, he said he will be here immediately.

-Then a big shadow comes flying from far away.

“Ah, here he is.”

There is a giant shadow above us!


The giant Dragon landed in the garden while causing the ground to shake violently.

“It hasn’t been that long since we last met, all of you.”

The giant Dragon is……the former Dragon-King, Tannin!

“Old man, thanks for coming.”

I gave my thanks, and Raiser screams.

“Ta, Ta, Ta, T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Tannin! Ultimate-class Devil…… L-legendary Dragon!”

……Ah, so he can’t even see a Dragon, huh? He’s really scared huh….. Well, the old man IS a "Dragon" after all.

The old man’s giant eyes grasps sight of Raiser.

“Raiser Phoenix, huh. I’ve seen a couple of your Rating Game matches. I had my attention on you as a potential [King] in future games, but…… Judging from how you are right now, it seems like you have some problems.”

I gave a simple explanation to the old man. Even the old man just said "Pathetic".

“Do you think you can do to him what you did with me? His family is saying they want him to get some guts.”

The old man made a big smile at my words.

“I see, guts huh. That sounds good. Are you saying you want to go to the mountains then?”

“Yeah, I think that would be good. I have already packed our stuff.”

“You are well prepared.”

“Rather, this is the only thing that came to mind. So that's how it is Buchou. I’m taking this person with me, and I’m going to the mountains with the old man to train.”

This is my plan, I will put aside all the simple stuff. I think we can train him by forcing him to go to the mountains and change his environment.

I was also taken to the mountains by force during summer, and was trained quite a lot…… Uuu, I’m getting a flashback of those harsh memories….

“Mountains are good. Yeah, it will somehow succeed.”

“It’s like a fantasy for a Dragon and phoenix to train in the mountains!”

Xenovia and Irina were saying such things. No, this is actually quite bothersome you know? But this is all for Buchou and Ravel, so I will take this guy to the mountain with me.


Raiser spreads his wings of fire and tries to escape, but—


The old man quickly catches Raiser with a huge hand.

“Don’t run. If you are a man, then prepare yourself.”


If you look from the sides, he looks like a bird that is about to be eaten by a Dragon!

“Buchou, Asia, I’m off then!”

I got on the old man’s back quickly, and gave my goodbyes to Buchou and Asia.

Buchou then asks me while looking up at me.

“Ise, can I really leave this to you?”

“Of course!”

“Please call me when you are in trouble.”

“Yes, Buchou!”

“Please don’t push yourself!”

“Okay, Asia!”

“I will also go with you!”

When I gave my farewells to my comrades, Ravel steps forward and declares with determination, that she would be going too. What, she wants to come with me!? But I feel bad taking a girl to the mountains with me.

I was confused and Ravel tells me.

“My brother….I want to fix him together with you!”


She has determined eyes. She must be really worried about her brother.

“She has good eyes. Hyoudou Issei, it won’t be a problem if you protect her.”

The old man said with a lively smile.

“Sure, okay then. Let’s go together, Ravel.”

Ravel's response to my words is lively and she happily says “Yes!”, then used her demonic-powers to change her clothes into something she can easily move in. She dressed like an adventurer and was wearing a safari jacket.

“Ise, take care of Ravel as well.”

“Yes, Buchou!”

On the other hand, her brother was…..

“N-No! Why do I have to go to the mountain!?”

Raiser was going crazy within the old man’s hand. ……For you to show such a pathetic attitude, when your sister just showed such courage…….

“This is all for you. Discard your rich-boy attitude, and let’s go to the mountain. Both your body, and soul will be cleansed when you inhale some fresh air.”

He glared at me, rather than looking at me with fear. That seems more like him.

“My servants! Save me! This is an order!”

Raiser demands help from his girls who are below him…..

“Raiser-sama, please endure it.”

“ “Go for it!” ”

They were just cheering him, while waving their hands. Seeing that, Raiser became so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out.

“Y-You girls! You are all heartleeeeeeess!”


Finally, the old man flies away from the garden. Ravel held onto me tightly.


When I saw Raiser, I thought it was déjà vu of me back in Summer.

Yeah, being taken away by a Dragon sure is scary!

Azazel-sensei thought of this plan first. As I thought, you are cruel!

“Hyoudou Issei, if we are going to the mountains, then there is a good place. How about we go there?”

The old man gives me a suggestion. Hmm, where is that?

“Where are we going?”

When I asked, the old man answers with a bit of a happy voice.

“My territory.”

Part 3

“Wow, amazing!”

I was astonished at the scene in front of me.

There are many monsters like Dragons in front of me!

The place the old man took me, Ravel, and Raiser was his territory, where there are many huge Dragons!

There were big holes on various parts of the cliffs of a canyon, and there were Dragons which exceeded 10 metres popping their heads out of them. Many Dragons were spreading their wings and flying within the valley. It appears many Dragons are living within this valley.

Raiser, Ravel, and I were dropped on a section of cliff, where it was just possible for a person to stand.

The spacious canyon is right in front of my eyes! For someone like me, who can’t fly by myself, it would be dangerous if I fell from here.

The Dragons look at us from their nest holes as if they find us rare. Amazing, it feels like there are so many monsters here! I did hear that Dragons also live in the Underworld, but it’s my first time seeing their habitat.

“This is the nest of the Dragons, where my people live. This area is only a section of our habitat, but you can say this is the borderline, that humanoid Devils like you guys will just be able to survive. Also these Dragon tribes are the ones which are able to communicate with others.”

The old man explains.


Raiser, who is next to me, has a blue face after seeing the herd of Dragons in front of him. The traumatic experience he had must really have been great, huh……


Along with the voice I never heard before, two Dragons appear in front of us.

“Did you summon us?”

A blue-scaled Dragon, and light blue-scaled Dragon appear in front of us.

“Yes. Hyoudou Issei, these two are High-level Dragons that serve under me. I’m thinking of leaving Raiser Phoenix to these two.”

Saying that, the old man explains the situation to the two Dragons.

“Roger that.”

“It’s seriously okay~.”

Both of them replied immediately. It seems like the blue-scaled Dragon replied quite light heartedly though……

“Raiser Phoenix.”

The old man said a single sentence after calling Raiser.

“We are going to train both your body and soul near this Dragon canyon!”

“……Uuu, how can this happen….”

Raiser shook his head while covering his face with both his hands. Please be resolved. It’s nothing, even if you have a death-like experience, you won’t die since you are immortal! While nodding my head….

“Hyoudou Issei, you should train as well. Go and run first.”

The old man even said that to me.

I knew you would say that……. I also made up my mind and changed into mountain climbing gear that I prepared.

“Hey, hey, you are too slow!”

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaah! It’s going to freeze! My fire is going to freeeeeeeze!”


On a snowy part of the mountain, the Yakitori-san was being chased by a Dragon. The light blue Dragon was breathing out ice from its mouth, as it was chasing Raiser who had also changed into mountain climbing gear.


“Raiser-dono! The shout you have to say during this training is [Dragon]! Repeat after me, Dragon!”


I was running on the snowy mountain a bit away from him at the back. The place we were running around isn’t piled up with snow and it wasn’t so cold that we would be shaking. It’s daytime so it isn’t snowing violently.

The light-blue Dragon is a High-level species called the "Blizzard Dragon".

But, man~. Please look everyone. It looks like a tragedy from back here. After all, he only looks like an adventurer who is being chased by a large Dragon in the mountains.

“Onii-sama! How can you make a fuss with something like this!?”

Ravel, on top of the light-blue Dragon, was trying to put some spirit into Raiser from up high.

The training started by doing some running first.

It’s quite hard to run since I have to step onto the snow which I’m not familiar with. But it seems this will train my legs and hips a lot. It’s hard, but I was able to run thinking that this is all training.

Above me is a blue-scaled Dragon. …….It’s flying up in the sky while playing around with a super-giant touch screen monitor, and he’s singing with his nose. He sure is different to the light-blue Dragon in front of me. It might be prejudice, but seeing a big Dragon playing with a modern device sure does make my imagination crumble.

While I was thinking such a thing, the blue Dragon above me spoke.

“Sekiryuutei-dono, how is the rich boy from the House of Phoenix doing?”

“Eh? Ah, well, he seems to be having a hard time.”

“But it sure is crazy~. He really is weak. I thought rich boys who are High-class Devils were a bit more elegant, but they seem to be much weaker than I thought. It’s quite crazy.”

……..He sure speaks in a light manner. Why is he so flashy!? It seems like he’s an ace of the Dragon-tribe called "Sprite Dragon". Asia’s familiar, the small Dragon, is also part of this tribe. Will it also become a flashy Dragon like this in the future……?

After running for an hour, we took a break and I was drinking some water. Next to me, Raiser was on the ground breathing heavily.

“…….I’m going to die……”

His voice was weak. Hey, hey, even I can still run more, he sure doesn’t have any stamina.

“You know that you haven’t been running for that long?”

When I asked, he replies with an unpleasant voice.

“S-Shut up! Doing training by living in the mountains is something barbarians do! That’s why reincarnated Devils know nothing!”

“What are you saying? Even Devils can become stronger by training, so there is no loss by doing this you know?”

“I’m a pure High-class Devil you know? High-class Devils have to live like a noble, by taking importance in our blood and our talent! My house is so great that I can take someone from the house of Gremory, who produced a Maou, as my fiancée! For me to do something so filthy like this…….!”

Ah, that sure is the attitude of a genuine rich boy. It’s still the first day you know? It’s still too early for you to be whining. Well, I was also troubled and scared at the beginning when I started living with a Dragon like this.

Thus, the training in the mountains started.

…..Looks like there is lots of trouble waiting ahead.

Part 4

On the third day since we started living in the mountains.

Ravel appeared while bringing a basket of food.


Far away, Raiser was screaming while running on the snowy mountains being chased by a Dragon. Do your best, Raiser.

Ravel and I sat on a rock, jutting out of the snow and we started taking a break.

“……..How is my brother doing?”

Ravel asks me worriedly.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. But even though he’s complaining, he’s doing what he has to do. Even I was like that when being trained by old man Tannin, so I think he will manage after he gets used to it. The reason why he couldn’t stand up on his own two feet may be because he’s spoiled.”

“I see….. I’m a bit relieved.”

Hearing that, Ravel’s expression softened.

“This pancake sure is good.”

I gave my feedback on the pancake I took out of the basket.

“R-Really……? I received ingredients from the Dragon-san around here, and there were ingredients that I didn’t have….. So I couldn’t bake it to my satisfaction…..”

“Yeah, why is there a need for me to lie about it? It really is good. Ravel sure is good at making cakes.”

The moment I put it in my mouth, the sweet taste spreads around, along with a good sensation from it.

Hearing my feedback, she smiles with confidence by putting her hand on her mouth.

“O-Of course! Ise-sama sure is lucky to be able to eat the pancake I made! I wish you taste it while being grateful to me!”

“Yeah yeah.”

“W-What’s with that response!? Geez! I woke up very early in the morning and……”

“Early in the morning?”

“N-No! I can make things like this in a short time! I just happened to wake up early today!”

This girl seems like she’s acting high with so much rich-girl quality, but there is a pure part deep inside her.

“By the way Ravel…In terms of school in the human world, which year are you in?”

I asked something I wanted to ask her for a long time. It’s regarding her age. I thought it would be rude to ask her directly, so I ask her in terms of school years.

“Then I will specially answer your question. In Japanese high school, I would be a first-year.”

“First-year!? Seriously!? You are my junior then!”

This is a surprise! So she’s a first-year! She’s the same as Koneko-chan and Gasper! Compared to Koneko-chan, she is better developed and in some areas, she has more growth than Asia who is a second-year…..

I then looked at Ravel’s body a bit lecherously! No, no! A feeling of guilt was created inside me, after finding out that she is my junior!

“Next time, I would like to wear Kuou Academy’s uniform.”

“O, try it. It will suit you.”

“Of course! I will definitely wear it! ……C-Can I also come and visit your home next time?”

“Sure. Come whenever you want.”

“Th-Then, I will come and visit without any hesitation! It’s also the duty of a High-class Devil to understand the living style of a commoner in the human world!”

I decided it by myself, but Buchou won’t get mad at me……..will she? But seeing Ravel’s reaction, there’s no way I can decline!

Ravel then tells me.

“Oh yes, tonight Rias-sama and the others will be coming to this mountain.”

“Buchou and the others?”

“Yes, it seems there is a good hot spring near here.”

Hot spring! So Buchou and the others will go to the hot springs, while coming to check us out huh……


Ah, that was Raiser’s scream. So he received an attack from the Dragon again, huh.

With that, another day of training ended safely.

Part 5

That night. I was inside my sleeping bag, in the cave that we are using as our sleeping area and I couldn’t go to sleep.

-Hot springs! Buchou and others will take a bath!

………Gufufu. My brain is turning into a paradise! Hot springs! Not just Buchou, but also Akeno-san and everyone else as well!

So I get to see oppai dancing around on this mountain!? I held onto my sexual desire for three days and I’m now unable to control myself! You know that I’m at my delicate age right? If I don’t see oppai soon, then I won’t be able to remain normal! I came here thinking seriously about fixing Raiser, but after hearing the words "hot springs", my thoughts were changed into lecherous thoughts!

Yeah, that’s right! This is how I am! This is me!

-I have to go! To the hot springs!

…….If that’s the case, I have to leave this cave without Raiser realising it.

I glanced in Raiser's direction. I don’t know why, but he’s quiet. Since we came here, he’s been complaining and saying things like “How can a noble sleep in a cave!” and “Sleeping in a sleeping bag is the worst!”, but tonight he’s quiet. ……This is strange.

I got out of my sleeping bag and checked on Raiser.

-! What appeared from his sleeping bag is a fake face! It has a crappy drawing of a face on it! Shit! Don’t tell me he…..! Was he listening to my conversation with Ravel while he was running!? What ears! I totally forgot about it!

--He's a perverted bastard who has made a harem!

“Fuck! Buchou! Asia and Akeno-san! I won’t let you look at everyone's naked bodies!”

I was burning with rage. I got into Balance Breaker on the spot, and I flew out of the cave while covered in red armour.

That night on the mountain, where the snow falls silently, I had my Dragon wings spread and was chasing after Raiser at full speed.

Bastard…….! Where did he go!? I already know the basic location of the hot springs, since I asked a Dragon I met as soon as I left the cave.

Several minutes have passed since I started flying. Then something that looks like a fire swaying appears within my sight.

-Wings of fire! Raiser is flying!

I approached him immediately! He turns around as if he noticed me.

“Chi! So I was caught!”

“Ah! The way you spoke! You really were trying to peek into the hot springs!”

“What’s wrong with me taking peek!? If there are women going into hot springs, then it’s a man's duty to peek!”

“Is that something a noble should be doinnnnnnnnng!?”

I won’t forgive him! This perverted Yakitoriiiiiii! I will protect the oppai of the girls in my group! I went at him to stop him!

My charge was easily evaded! In an air battle, the Yakitori has the advantage!

“Your attack is sharper than it was in the past! But I just want to see Rias’s breasts! It’s not forgivable that you are the only one who can enjoy it!”

The bastard said some rubbish like that, and released an enormous fire from his wings of flame!

“Are you an idiot!? There’s no way I will let you see them! She’s my Buchou!”

I dodged the fire, and send my demonic powers at him! But that was also dodged! Both of us had the attacks we released hitting the mountains, and made the snow fall along with an explosive sound.

“I’m her former fiancé! Do you think I can give up without seeing those huge oppai even once!? Stand in my position and think!”

I then started thinking for a moment……. Certainly, it might be hard to give up! But! That is that, and this is this! More than that, how lecherous are you to revive just because you want to see breasts!? You have high tension which is the total opposite of the time you were training! Why don’t you train with that enthusiasm!

They said that he doesn’t have any guts, but he does! Something which doesn’t lose to me called “Perverted guts”!

“And I also want to see the breasts of the Priestess of Thunder! They're also big, right!?”

“Akeno-san’s oppai!? I’m not going to forgive you now! Now I’m pissed! Those huge oppai only belong to meeeeeeeee!!”


The whirls of flames, and the aura of a Dragon go crazy on the mountain where snow is falling!

Raiser and I were redoing that battle of the past in mid-air, and we were approaching the hot spring little by little.

After more than ten minutes had passed, since we started battling in mid-air.



Raiser and I became tired. ……Since the opponent is immortal, he comes back up no matter how many times I beat him. He sure is persistent for a guy who was a hikikomori. ……I kind of know the reason why. He’s continuing to have a strong spirit, by thinking about erotic things.

Do you want to see Buchou’s breasts that much!? Of course you do! I also want to look! There aren’t many magnificent breasts like that! I don’t want this guy to know that!

“…….You sure have become quite strong. You can stay like that even in a mid-air battle which is an advantage for me. Man, you are indeed terrifying, Sekiryuutei!”

Raiser says it while puffing.

I trained like crazy after that! So I won’t lose badly to you ever again! The regeneration of the opponent is scary, so I was also being persistent on beating him due to fear. Raiser’s regeneration has also gone down considerably. I think I can win if I drag him into a stamina match.

It’s a bit far, but I can see lights from the snow mountain. Looks like we can’t do a noisy battle now. It seems like Buchou and the others will get out of the hot spring after being startled. I also want to peek after all!

……..Then I had an idea. The way to defeat this guy. I thought of it because he’s also a pervert and it will definitely work.

“Ah, Buchou's raw oppai!”

I looked towards the hot springs.


Raiser fell for the bait and looked that way. It’s a lie. ……He really fell for it.

“Your guard's dowwwwwn!”



I kicked Raiser on his medulla oblongata and he was blown away……but! Aaaaaaaaah! He went flying towards the hot springs! I kicked him with too much force!

I then flew in the direction he went.


Raiser fell into the spa head first. His foot was coming up! It seems like he really is knocked out.

I deactivated my armour and did a victory pose.

Oh! I...I beat Raiser! …….W-Well, even if this guy was able to fight with perverted guts, he wasn’t in his best condition so I don’t know how much joy I can feel with this. I did realise that I am stronger than I was six months ago! More than that, I saved Buchou from him, again!

……..Huh? Didn’t I come to this mountain to fix Raiser?

But I ended up beating him……. Y-Yeah! It can’t be helped since this was to protect Buchou!

“…………I thought I heard a loud noise, so it was you Ise.”

A familiar voice. When I turned around, a fully-naked Buchou was there!

High school dxd v13 165.jpg

I started to get a nosebleed after seeing her soft breasts! Yeah, those are my oppai!

“Ara ara, Ise-kun?”

“Ise-san, you were also here?”

“To be expected from Ise. So you’ve come to peek at us.”

Akeno-san! Asia! Xenovia! It’s a raw oppai parade! I started to shed tears of joy at seeing the girls in my group naked. And…

“……Ise-sama? Onii-sama?”

Ravel’s voice!? When I looked…a fully-naked Ravel was standing there. So Ravel was also in the hot springs!

…….She has quite the oppai, actually this is…….!

I stared at her breasts while having a nosebleed. Ravel realised that, and hid her breasts immediately, as her face went red!

Then wings of fire appeared from her back! T-This is…..!

“Ise-sama you ecchiiiiiiiiiii!”



Having been shot with a massive fire from Ravel, Raiser and I ended up burning in the snow mountain!

We somehow returned from the hot springs, where I was lying down all burned and Raiser was exhausted.

I’m glad Raiser didn’t see Buchou and everyone’s oppai. That alone is a good result.

Then Raiser says to me.

“I will give up on Rias. So please let me see Rias’s oppai next time.”

“Fuck you! Yakitori bastard!”

As I thought, this guy is my enemy! Raiser and I started our second battle that day.

After that, Raiser was cured quite a lot with this incident and it appears he overcame his fear of Dragons.

Life.5 Armageddon at Sports Day!

Part 1

It happens right after my mountain training with Raiser.

On my way home from school, this is the first thing Azazel-sensei says after catching me.

“Yo~, Ise! Don’t you want to move your body around, and I mean body! There's a good event coming up!”

He had a mischievous smile….

He’s up to something…..

Even looking back at what happened in the past, when he had a smile like that, the majority of them were bad news.

“I don’t want to. It’s something worthless again right? I’m making everyone wait, so I will be leaving--”

“Now, hold on! It’s a sports event! Don’t you want to participate in a sports event?”

Sensei asks while pulling my arm.

“S…Sports event……you say?”

I looked at him dubiously and he pulls something out of his pocket.

“Yeah, an event will be held among my organisation soon. So I want to call you in as a guest.”

The organisation……so the Grigori huh? And you will be doing sports for that event? And I’m the guest…… Does that mean he’s inviting me as the Oppai Dragon?

“E...Even if you say that all of a sudden…”

“Remember how you said you wanted to meet Fallen Angel beauties? ……Hey Boss, there are some girls with huge oppai with us, you know……?”

Sensei shows me several photos.

Wow! There are beautiful older women with black wings, who are doing seductive poses and wearing costumes!

“F...For real!? W-What should I do….”

I received the photos and started staring at them! Oh man, everyone sure has nice bodies…. Holy, this girl over here has oppai which are too massive! But she still has nice curves on her hips! I can’t hold it…..!

If I participate in that so-called sports event, I wonder if he will introduce me to them? If that’s the case, I don’t mind signing this contract….

As I was about to receive the contract from him….

“Mgh! Azazel! I have told you! Ise-kun belongs to our side!”

A crimson-haired man came out from the shadows! Uwaa! S...Sirzechs-sama!? Why is he in a place like this!? I was perplexed by his sudden appearance, but Sensei made a noise with his tongue!

“Chi! Looks like the Maou-sama came! Fuhahahahahaha! Farewell!”

Sensei leaves the scene immediately after saying a phrase that sounded villainous!

Sirzechs-sama put his hand on my shoulder and breathed out.

“……..He sure is a man I can’t take my eyes off. My brother was almost going to turn into a participant for the Fallen Angels.”

…….I-I don’t get it! Why did Sirzechs-sama come here and why did Sensei run?

Does it have something to do with the sports event of the Grigori?

I questioned Sirzechs-sama.

“U...Umm, Sirzechs-sama. W…What’s going on?”

“Yes, I will explain it to you, once Rias' entire group assembles.”

The Maou-sama suddenly showed up in the human world. It was decided that he will come to my house along with Buchou and the others, who we met up with.

[A sports day among the Three-Great-Powers!?]

In a guest room of the Hyoudou residence, the Rias Gremory Group, including myself, exclaimed.

Sirzechs-sama, who just explained the details, drinks his tea and then nods.

“Yes. To be on friendlier terms with the other members of the Three Great Powers, it was decided that we will use sports to achieve greater cohesion. So we will be having a sports event, or in other words an athletics day.”

So we are doing an athletics day as a gathering for the Three Great Powers…… Oh, so is this the athletics day which Sensei was talking about earlier? But why did Sensei lie, calling it an event for the Fallen Angels, then run away from Sirzechs-sama?

“Ah, I was told about the athletics day earlier, from Heaven.”

Irina who is a reincarnated Angel says while putting her hand up. Oh yeah, Irina is part of Heaven after all. Of course she will be informed about events like this.

Sirzechs-sama continues while smiling.

“Of course, I want all of you to take part as participants for the Devils. This is an important exchange of culture. So I really wish for the cooperation of Rias Gremory’s group. Having Ise-kun at the top as the Oppai Dragon, all of you are popular in the Underworld.”

Hearing that, everyone seemed to have a good impression of it so they were saying “Athletics day, huh?” and “Seems interesting”. I don’t think that things like this are bad. It’s good to have interaction between the Three Great Powers. Since it’s been about terrorists targeting the Underworld and Heaven lately, it certainly seems that having this event between the members of the alliance will lead to an improvement in the relations between them.

But there is one thing I don’t get. I put my hand up and ask Sirzechs-sama.

“U...Umm, what was the reason Sensei was asking me to join him?”

Sirzechs-sama tells me while laughing.

“……Most likely, he was trying to lure you to their side and make you take part as a participant for the Fallen Angels. Your popularity and Sacred Gear seem like they will give influence to the activities after all. …….Geez, that Governor sure acts fast at strange points. Grayfia told me that something might happen, so I came to check on you on my day off. And she was right.”

I…Is that right? So I was almost put down as a participant for the Fallen Angels! ……Nggh, he sure is a sneaky Governor at these kinds of things! But I sure wanted to meet those erotic women!

“……..You were imagining something lecherous just now weren’t you?”

Koneko-chan who is on my lap started to pinch my cheek. …….It hurts, Koneko-chan.

Then Buchou got up and told Sirzechs-sama.

“I understand, Onii-sama. If you are alright with having us, then we will happily accept and participate!”

With that, it was decided that we, the Gremory Group, will be participating in the athletics day for the Devils and will compete with the Angels and Fallen Angels!

Since we don’t have that much interaction with the Angels and Fallen Angels, I’m looking forward to the event!

Part 2


The fireworks for the athletics day were fired.

We, the Gremory Group, have come to the stadium where the event for the Three Great Powers will be held! The place we will be using is the same game field used for Rating Games, so it’s quite spacious.

Wow! Just like Irina, there are Angels with white wings and a ring above their heads; there are also Fallen Angels with black wings!

Of course there are many Devils here, but since we don’t meet Angels and Fallen-Angels that often, it feels new and I’m getting nervous! Everyone is wearing a jersey.

The Angels are white, the fallen angels are black, and the Devils are red. That’s why we are also wearing red jerseys.

Since Sensei is the representative of the Fallen Angels and Irina is a participant for the Angels, they are not here. So just for today, we are enemies.

“Ah, that’s the Oppai Dragon. Switch Princess is so cute~.”

“That’s the Sekiryuutei and Princess Rias.”

“Hellcat-chan. I’m getting so turned on!”

Just walking a bit makes us get attention from different people positively. ……It appears that we are well recognised by those among the Three Great Powers. This is also thanks to the tokusatsu programme, Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon, huh?

I found Irina! She’s talking to a person with golden wings and a noble atmosphere……but if I remember correctly that Angel-sama is…….

Irina realises and she approaches us with the man while waving her hand at me.

“Ah, Rias-san, Ise-kun and everyone! You all came!”

The man smiles at us.

“It’s been so long, everyone. It is I, the chief Angel Michael. The last time we met was the negotiations between the Three Great Powers.”

Yes! It is Michael-san who currently stands at the top of Heaven! Wow, I’m seeing the legendary Angel-sama once again! He looks so divine; it feels as though he will give us a large amount of damage just by looking at him!

“S-Same to you too and I’m sorry for greeting you so late! Hello!”

“It’s been so long, Michael-sama. Thank you for taking care of us back then.”

“ “ “ “ “ “Hello.” ” ” ” ” ”

Buchou, everyone, and I greet him at the same time. Oh man, greeting the person at the top of Heaven sure makes me nervous!

“I’m so fortunate that I get to meet the Michael-sama! I’m so glad I joined the Gremory Group!”

Rossweisse-san who is meeting Michael-san for the first time is deeply moved.

“Yes, let's play fair and square, and enjoy ourselves today.”

There isn’t even a slight sense of evil intent in his expression, he looks so bright. So this is the smile of the top Seraph….! It's as if we are being blessed by him!

“Michael-sama~. The opening ceremony is about to start~.”

A sudden voice, when I looked in that direction…a gentle looking Angel Onee-san with curly blonde hair approaches us! It’s an Angel-sama with lots of wings growing from her back!

Uoooooooo! She’s a super-beautiful Onee-san! Her figure is super excellent! And her oppai are huge! It’s great that she has huge oppai while she’s an Angel and she looks so divine!

Michael-san put his hand on his chin, it's as though he completely forgot about it.

“Oh, is that so? Time sure does fly quickly only by greeting other leaders. Oh, I still haven’t introduced her yet. The one over here is also one of the Four Great Seraphs, like me and--”

“How do you do? I am one of the Four Great Seraphs and my name is Gabriel.”

The beautiful Onee-san introduced herself, while smiling at us!

She looks so gentle and her smile is top notch! She’s one of the Four Great Seraphs! Woooow!

“She is the most beautiful and also the strongest woman in Heaven, the Gabriel-sama! She happens to be very popular in the Underworld as well!”

Irina explains to us with pride and enthusiasm. Hmm, so she’s also popular in the Underworld, huh? Well, if she’s this beautiful, then of course she will be popular.

“Not only Michael-sama, but Gabriel-sama is also here….”

“Yeah, it really is a magnificent day today……”

Asia and Xenovia had their eyes sparkling with light and they had an expression of being really hyped, while holding their hands together.

For the two of them, who were related to the Church, both Michael-san and Gabriel-san must have been existences that were far from their reach, living high up in the sky.

W-Well, they really are people that are actually living above the sky……

“…….The one who Serafall Leviathan-sama secretly views as her rival is Gabriel-sama.”

Buchou whispers in my ear.

For real!? So Leviathan-sama sees her as her enemy huh.

“If it isn’t Ise. Oh, and Michael is also here.”

Azazel-sensei in a black jersey comes over, while bringing a man with good build.

“Oh, if it isn’t Azazel. It’s been so long. You look energetic, as always.”

“I will say that should be my line.”

Oh, Sensei and Michael-san are shaking hands while smiling, but they are releasing intense pressure to the surroundings…. The space between them started to get distorted with their intense pressure. Please don’t start a fight between the last bosses in a place like this! It feels like this field will get blown away easily!

More like the clashes between the organisations' has already begun!



There is a weird vibe between Barakiel-san and Akeno-san…… From their stand points, the father is a leader of the Fallen Angels while the daughter is on the Devils' side, so it means they would be competing against each other in the activities.

They had some issues before, but that should have been dealt with in a prior incident…..


Akeno-san looks away without saying a word. Barakiel-san, who saw that, appears to be in deep shock and has his mouth wide open. Akeno-san made a naughty face while smiling and sticking her tongue out, so only we could see it.

Ah, so she’s just teasing her father. I’m relieved that both father and daughter are getting along well.

[To all the participants from each faction, the opening ceremony will commence at the centre of the grounds, so please gather. I repeat, will the--]

Oh, it’s the announcement. The opening ceremony for the sports activities is going to start now.

All participants from each faction gathered in the centre of the field. We are split into three teams of Angels, Fallen-Angels, and Devils; we were lined up in the line for the Devils.

[Umm, I hereby declare and promise that I will compete against others fairly and will follow the spirit of sportsmanship.]

The person representing all the participants gave an oath and the opening ceremony was about to end.

If I remember correctly, they are following the sports events of the Japanese system, so each of the programmes are adjusted into similar procedures.

…….Hmm, looking through the booklet, it sure does have Japanese activities, such as “Item-borrowing runs” and “Bread-eat and runs”……

I’m finding it a bit weird and am tilting my head, so Kiba explains.

“They are doing these activities because they found the activities of Japanese sports events interesting. Remember how there was a sports festival at Kuou Academy? People affiliated with the alliance were secretly there. Apparently they had lots of fun watching it.”

Hmm, so there were people related with the Three-Great-Powers there huh.

The opening ceremony finished and we moved to the cheering seats for the respective teams. The activities that I will be participating in solely by myself are the “Obstacle race” and “Item-borrowing runs”.

They are also asking me to participate in the in the “Team relay”, you know? Sirzechs-sama told me that he wants me to participate and said I can even use Balance-Breaker.

The ones I’m participating in as a team are the “Ball-toss game” and the “Cavalry battle”.

On my way towards our seating area, I went past the Fallen Angel team and….

Azazel-sensei in a black jersey gave a strong speech to his Fallen-Angel teams.

“Listen, all of you. This is a war also known as the exchange programme. So I won’t complain even if you guys go nuts. Even if we formed an alliance, you guys must have so much stuff you wanted to tell the Angels and Devils; Such as, the items in Heaven are too expensive and those equal trades that Devils follow are frickin' noisy and so on. You must be keeping so much stress within you, so go as crazy as you want today. I will allow it!”


…….Along with energetic shouts, I also heard some anguished roars! I mean the fallen Angels have their eyes glowing very mysteriously! So do they have so much stuff inside them that they want to express to the Angels and Devils?

The Angel team, in white jerseys are gathered next to the Fallen Angel's team.

“Hahaha, the Fallen Angels sure are energetic.”

There were some negative responses from the Angels who were watching the Fallen Angels' team talk.

“We might become “fallen” if we were to go along with their flow……!”

“It will be over if we “fall” even once, so I hope the Fallen Angels and Devils understand that…...!”

From the sounds of it, the Angels also have things they want to say to the Fallen Angels…..

“Listen well, everyone.”

Michael-san was emitting a dangerous golden-aura from his body while smiling.

“It’s our usual teaching. Give divine punishment to the heretics. We have a duty to follow the job of the now-deceased God. Give them “Lights”.”

[Sir! Give them their judgment!]

Didn’t all of you just say li…lights and…judgment…..? It’s too scary! Isn’t this sports event turning into a representative War between the factions now……?

Since the Devils gathered around Sirzechs-sama, we went there as well.

“Ara, Sona. I finally found you.”

“Rias, let's do our best today.”

We encountered Sona-kaichou. Oh yeah, Sona-kaichou is also the next heiress of the House of Sitri who are High-class Devils. So it won’t be weird if they were called here. They did say that those from famous households are participating. It seems like Buchou knew that Sona-kaichou was participating.

Ah, found Saji! He also recognises me and comes to talk.

“Let’s both work hard for the Devils today, Hyoudou.”

“Yeah, let's do our best.”

During our conversation, Sirzechs-sama's speech began.

“From appearances, Heaven and the Grigori are all full of energy. We also have to do our best so we don’t lose. Even if these are activities to improve our relations, it will be rude to hold back. So go all out.”

Sirzechs-sama had a refreshing smile. B-But we have to go all out, huh….


All the Devils shout at once!

Why is the shout “Armageddon”!? It sounds really dangerous!

After hearing Sirzechs-sama’s speech, all of the Devils became very enthusiastic….

……But I realised that I was thrown into a dangerous position even though the Maou has the most peaceful smile.

……I have a bad feeling about this…….

Part 3

That’s what I thought, but the sports day started smoothly.

“Maybe something will act as the catalyst for a War….?”, that’s what I thought at first while being scared, but now I can give cheers to the Devils without any worries.

We were cheering for the Devils who are running in the grounds. A mat was put down in our cheering area, where we are resting. My comrades who will be participating in the activities are either warming up or relaxing their bodies.

I also started to stretch my body with Kiba. By the way, Asia isn’t here. Asia who has the power to heal is on standby, at her personal tent, to heal any injuries that occur.

[Go~ Go~ D-E-V-I-L-S☆]

The one who is doing a cheering performance at the front is the Maou, Serafall Leviathan. She was cheering for the Devils dressed as a magical girl, while her assistants are dancing behind her.

Now, it’s about time for the “Obstacle race” which I will be participating in.

[Will those who will be participating in the Obstacle race, gather in the allocated area please.]

I just heard the announcement that was made.

“Alright, I'm off then.”

I tell everyone.

“Yes, do your best.”

“I will be cheering for you.”

After being encouraged by Buchou and Akeno-san, the Two Great Onee-samas, I walked towards the allocated location.

Obstacle Race

I lined up along with all the other participants. Hold on……I’m in the first row!

So I will be one of the first ones running huh….. I’m feeling insecure.

[We will now be commencing the Obstacle race!]

Oh, so it’s finally starting. I made the stance to run.

[On your marks, get set………BANG!]

I ran just after hearing the bang! It seems like I did well with my starting dash! There are two people from each faction, in total six people are running towards the finish line!

The obstacles were fairly simple. We had to cross a balance beam, go under a net, and kick certain kinds of balls.

We progressed normally and finally reached the last obstacle….




What appeared, while making such dangerous cries, were:…….a nine-headed enormous snake, a monstrous dog with three heads and an ominous bird which is spreading its wings!

What is that!? Is it some kind of monster trade fair!? I am so shocked, that my eyes pop out! When I looked, the other participants were stunned! Me included!

Wait, that three-headed dog! Wasn’t that the hell dog called Cerberus!? I remember very well since I’ve fought it before!

[For the last obstacle we positioned each of the monsters☆: A serpent with deadly poison that can kill Angels and Devils with ease, Hydra! The gate dog of hell, Cerberus! And the ominous bird, Ziz, is also present! So please try to break through the monsters!]

"We positioned each of the monsters☆" my aaaaaaaaaassss!

“Oh, if it isn’t Hyoudou Issei.”

One of the monsters talks to me. I thought "I don’t have any acquaintance with a monster", but it was a giant Dragon…. It was the former Dragon King, old man Tannin!

“O..Old man! Why are you here?”

The old man answers my question while scratching his head.

“Well, I was asked to help in the sports day for the Three Great Powers…….but it seems they wanted me to do this role.”

You mean to act as a monster!? C..Certainly a Dragon is a monster….but what kind of obstacle is there to make the old man, who is a former Dragon King and an Ultimate-class Devil, become the last obstacle!?


High school dxd v13 189.jpg


“Help meeee!”

There are cries!

When I looked, there is a Fallen Angel who is tangled by the serpent, an Angel who is being taken somewhere by the ominous bird! And there is a Devil who has been swallowed by Cerberus, head first! They are all in a serious situation!

[Ooooh! Looks like all the participants are playing cheerfully with the monsters! It sure is a peaceful view!]

Shut up! It ain’t fun! No matter how you look at it, all the participants are being drawn to their doom!

“Alright, you come at me as well!”


Receiving a huge fire breath which has the same shock as a comet, I get wrapped in an explosion and blown up into the air…..

Item-Borrowing Race

I was already battered when I returned to my seat, after being healed by Asia……

Somehow, I was able to get first place, but it’s not like I beat the old man; I crossed the finishing line by running away from him….. Even after that, it turned into an outrageous activity due to the participants continuing to retire.


It seems that each side was under the pressure of being nervous, as well.

All the teams became bloodthirsty after the obstacle race and all participants have sharper eyes now. Rather, they are filled with fighting spirit, after the encounter with the monsters.

I’m positive this will turn into a storm……

[Will those participating in the item-borrowing run gather in the allocated location--]

Oh, it’s the announcement for the item-borrowing run.

“Alright then, I'm off again.”

“…….Please do your best.”

“Ise-senpai, please win~!”

Receiving encouragement from my adorable juniors, Koneko-chan and Gasper, I head towards the so-called location which will become a battlefield.

Please make it a peaceful competition this time. I lined up and waited for my turn. It became my turn; I stood at the starting line and readied myself to dash.

[On your marks, get set…….BANG!]

Hell yeah! I succeed in my starting dash!

I went ahead marvellously and picked up an envelope.

“Who the heck is Yakitori-sensei!?”[4]

“Which one of you is the Tasogareiro no Utatsukai here!?”[5]

It looks as though the criteria of other participants is very hard.

Now, what about mine? I opened the envelope and read what was written on the paper.


My brain stopped for a moment when I checked what was written.

It simply says [Siscon[6]]. I gulped and then headed towards the VIP seats, looking for a certain someone!

“Sirzechs-sama! Please come with me!”

“Mu! So I’m the item! Okay, I got it!”

I ran towards the goal while holding hands with Sirzechs-sama!

[The participant from the Devil team got first place!]

Yeah, I got first place again! I did the victory pose and Sirzechs-sama asks me with a lively face.

“By the way, Ise-kun. What was the item you needed to borrow? [Maou]? [A person with crimson-hair]? Or maybe it’s [Onii-san]? Oh my, I’m feeling embarrassed.”

“……….W-Well, that’s basically it.”

I answered him while looking to the side.

“Hahahaha, I feel honoured.”

Sirzechs-sama seems very happy!

I can’t tell him! There is no way I can tell him! There is no way I can tell him that [Siscon] was written! Serafall-sama also would have been fine, but I ended up asking Sirzechs-sama! That’s because…… he is a siscon! He adores Rias-buchou after all!

But there is no way I can tell him that! I decided, I will take this paper to my grave with me.

Ball-toss Game

This time it is the ball-toss game where it requires all the participants from each team to participate.

There is a basket placed on a very long rod and we throw balls, with our team’s colour, into it.

All participants were on stand by, waiting for the start.

[Now the ball-toss game which has all the Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels will begin!]

I picked up many balls from the ground at the same time the signal was given and I threw them into the basket! I started picking them up, together with Buchou and when I was about to throw them again….

“Throw the lights towards those deeeeeevils!”


“These are our grudges from the past!”


“It’s Armageddon, god damn iiiiiit!”

“You want us to play the flute of Gjallarhorn, huh?!”


The sound of explosions can be heard everywhere and instead of the ball game, a battle started! What are all of you doing!? Instead of throwing the balls meant for the basket, the Angels and Fallen Angels are throwing balls of light at the Devils! The Devils retaliate by using their demonic powers! The Fallen Angels even started to sneakily attack the Angels!

[Will the Angels and Fallen Angels please stop throwing lights at the Devils! They'll perish! Hey, you! Don’t start throwing spears of light as if you are doing a javelin throw! That is a totally different activity! And can the Devils also stop attacking! Are you guys idiots!? Are all of you actually daft!?]

From the sound of it, the announcer has lost their wits! It’s turning into an outrageous situation!

“This is fun, isn’t it Ise!”

Buchou’s really into it!

I was in shock and two leaders appear before my eyes.

“Yo, Michael. This is your end for meeting me here.”

“Fufufu, today you have the same eyes from a certain War. It’s only filled with evil.”

It’s Azazel-sensei and Michael-san! They are in front of each other and glaring as well! They look like they are about to explode!

“Yeah, it makes me remember about the past. You…..how dare you! Announcing the report I wrote, when I was in Heaven, in front of everyone!”

Sensei says while throwing a ball at Michael-san! Sensei, that ball isn’t meant to be used for throwing at the Angels; it’s something you throw into the basket!

Michael-san dodges it, and made a provoking smile.

“Oh, you are talking about that. It’s the compilation of your data reports, correct? Not only did it have a long title and explanation which was written as 'The compilation report of the Ultimate Sacred Gear that I thought of', you also included your own illustrations of it. I do think you have a wonderful talent. So I ended up passing it to everyone in the form of a leaflet during the War. I really wanted everyone to see it. I think the name of it was [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade], correct? That was an excellent idea.”

Hearing that, Sensei's face turned red and he started throwing more balls!

“Shut up! Because of that, I had the frickin' leaders of my group call me [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade Governor] for a while you know!? They were saying, 'Hey Azazel, can you send the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] as the secret weapon?' and 'You are going to eliminate the enemies using the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] now, right?' and also 'Azazel-san, where is your dinner knife, also known as the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]?', god damn iiiiiit!”

“Hahaha, that was rude of me!”

Dodging the balls thrown by Sensei, Michael-san also threw a ball!

…….Somehow it seems he has had a huge grudge and a lot of pain, for a long time. So there was also a time when Sensei was young, huh?…….. But both of them looked like they are enjoying it.

Then Akeno-san was confronting Barakiel-san!


Towards Barakiel-san who didn’t know what he should do, Akeno-san tells him, while holding her hands together, with tear filled eyes.

“……Tou-sama! Please help us!”

That was such a sad-looking, cute expression! Barakiel-san, who heard that……….


He took hold of many red balls, belonging to the Devils team, and threw them to the basket while shouting!

Sensei becomes shocked seeing that!

“Barakiel!? H-Hey! What have you done! Throw the black balls!”

“I’m sorry Azazel! My daughter…! Akeno….! This is all for the only daughter I haaaaaaave!”

Barakiel-san brushed off the Governor’s words and he started working hard for his daughter!


Akeno-san herself, was throwing the balls together with her father happily. It must be Akeno-san’s prank, but it seems she’s enjoying the fact that she is participating in the activity with her father.

“…….The Three Great Powers appear to be getting carried away.”

Rossweisse-san says while sighing. Yes, this is truly troublesome.

Cavalry Battle

The next activity was also a team match, a cavalry battle.

Some participants formed a group to become the "horse" and another participant, the "rider" goes on top. The tension of everyone within the Three Great Powers became weird and now it has turned into a battlefield, with hostility and killing intent everywhere. We made two teams: Buchou who is a rider, with Akeno-san carrying Buchou, while Rossweisse-san and Koneko-chan are supporting them from the rear and me who is a rider, with Kiba carrying me, while Gasper and Xenovia are supporting us from the rear.

[We will now start the cavalry battle!]

Along with the signal from the announcer, all the riders go forward towards the battlefield!

“Oryaaaaaaah! I will make it a catastrophe! Die, Angels!”

“Don’t look down on angeeeels! We will give you the Last Judgement!”

“Angels and Fallen Angels, perish!”

Everyone is fighting while using powers of light and demonic powers!? This is a War! This is supposed to be an activity where you can win by taking the hat from the rider, you know!?

“Reincarnated Angels, make a formation! We can unleash our power when we have the right cards! Formation Full House!”

“Like hell we would allow that! This is an all out battle between reincarnated Devils and reincarnated Angels!”

“Reincarnated this, and reincarnated that! All of you increased your numbers like that! Why don’t a few of the Angels “fall” down to us, huh!?”

………Uwaa, it really is turning into a War! Balls of light, spears of light, fire and lightning, created from demonic powers, are being thrown around everywhere!

“Hmph! I won’t lose to Angels and Fallen Angels!”

The one who is blasting away several Angels and Fallen Angels is….the next heir of the House of Great King, Sairaorg Bael-san. …….The way he uses his strength is amazing….

“W-W-Where should we attack them from!? We need to take them down before they take us down!”

“Please calm down, [Ace] Irina!”

The horse on which Irina is the rider was having a hard time, trying to think of how to attack, in the ground which had turned into chaos.

[Everyone, please don’t continue that War here! It’s coming back! That War is coming back completely! I’m telling you to stop, damn iiiiiiit! Hyahaha--!]

Looks like the announcer is also into it while making a scream!

“There! I’ve got her hat!”

The one who took the hat from a female Angel elegantly is Buchou. Only around Buchou, it’s like a peaceful cavalry battle….

“Oh, Ise! So you were here!”

Sensei approaches.

“What is it, Sensei? A-Are you planning to fight me?”

I became cautious, but Sensei shakes his head and tells me to come closer.

I approached him, and listened to what he said…

--! W-What did you just say…..? I was completely unaware of that! Wait, I’m allowed to do that!? What Sensei said came to me as a bolt from out of the blue!

“It’s like that, so I’m depending on you, Ise.”

Sensei sends me off after putting his hand on my shoulder.

“……Ise-kun, what did he tell you?”

The horse, Kiba, asks me……but I ignored him! I just shouted!

“Charge ahead, Kiba! Trust me!”

“O..Okay! But why do you have a nosebleed? Did he tell you something improper again?”

Fufufu! He sure has good intuition! The single word Sensei said to me made my brain fill with my greed!

“I don’t know what’s going on, but let’s believe in Ise.”

“I..I will also believe in him and follow him to the end!”

Gasper and Xenovia, are willing to follow me! You guys are great!

I increased my demonic powers, and made the imagination in my head stronger! I then put both my hands forward, and charge towards the Angels and Fallen Angels!

But the ones I will be taking on is just the women!

“Sorry for stripping you!”

Even though I apologised to them, I started touching the bodies of the female riders! I then shouted out, while making a cool pose and unleashing my demonic powers!

“Dress Break!”


The jerseys of the women I touched started to blast and it became a parade of naked bodies!



NOSEBLEED! My nosebleed started to burst forth! A-Amazing! Not only the innocent-looking Angels, but also the seductive-looking Fallen Angels are naked! They are all fully naked! Oppai, asses and thighs are all observable!


Seeing that, the men from the Devils side and Fallen Angels side became overjoyed and were having nosebleeds! On the other hand—

“Uoooo! A nak….naked body of a woman…….! This is bad! If we think improper things……we will fall!”

“Oppai……..butts……thighs…….uuu! We are going to fall~! But those white skins are so radiant!”

The male Angels started to become hesitant and painful at this erotic situation and their wings kept on turning black and white! I see, that’s because there are many pure people among the Angels and they have a possibility to turn into Fallen Angels when they see something erotic like this! The same phenomenon that occurs to Irina, when she gets tormented, is happening to them!

It sure is tough being an Angel! So they fall into the dangerous state of becoming a Fallen Angel by seeing a single boob!

I’m glad I’m a Devil! I’m okay no matter how many oppai I see! Oppai are the best after all!

Seeing that, Azazel-sensei laughs loudly.

“Make the Angels fall! Make them fall, I tell ya! Fuhahahaha! Falling with just seeing a woman’s naked body proves that you guys are keeping so much inside ya!”

What an evil person! Sensei urged me to do this because he was aiming for this? He really is an evil last boss Sensei! ……I was just used by him! I..It isn’t my fault! I think!?

“We Fallen Angels can’t fall nor are we scared of lights! We have the least number among the Three Great Powers, but we are superior to Angels and Devils in this situation! Fuhahaha! Now, Ise! Your next target is her!”

Sensei points at a certain beauty.

-It was the Seraph, Gabriel-san!

“Don’t you want to see the naked body of the most beautiful woman in Heaven?’

Sensei urges me once again! I—

“I do want to see it~!”

I turned into a beast faithful to my lust and charged towards Gabriel-san, by making my horse go towards her! The naked body of the most beautiful woman in Heaven~! Oppai belonging to a Seraph~! An Angel’s oppaaaaaaaiiiii!

“This is definitely wrong!”

“Aah, what are we doing! Amen!”


Even though they are in confusion, Kiba, Xenovia and Gasper are following my lead!

“A..Ara? The Sekiryuutei gentleman is coming this way….”

Gabriel-san tilts her head while gazing this way with her innocent eyes! Aaaah, I want to see the oppai of that beauty! I then got ready to use Dress Break once again and—


--! I received an unexpected punch to my face……. Our horse became unbalanced with that impact, and I also fell on the ground…….

“……..Any shameless behaviour further than this is forbidden. Hentai Dragon-senpai.”

Koneko-chan steps on my head while making noises with both her hands.

……K..Koneko-chan’s punch really does work……

In this way, the cavalry battle also ended like a war.

Decisive Battle! Baton Relay!

The joint sports activity has finally entered the last activity. It’s going to be the baton relay.

[For each team, the chosen participants are waiting at designated points! Now, the sports day which has been going on for a long time has finally reached the climax!]

The announcer stirs the field with his announcement. The points each team has is quite close, and it became a situation where this last baton relay will determine the winners.

I became the anchor for this relay. I’m already on standby in my Balance Breaker state.

“Fufufu, so you are my opponent, huh, Ise?”

“P..Please take it easy on me….”

The anchor for the Fallen Angels is Sensei. …….I only have a bad feeling about this!

“Let’s do our best~”

The anchor for the Angels is Gabriel-san.

I’m in grief that I couldn’t use Dress Break on her at the cavalry battle earlier.

Rather, I was scolded strongly by Buchou and Koneko-chan after the cavalry battle…..

[Now, the final match is about to begin!]


The pistol for the relay was shot and along with rhythmical BGM, the participants of each team ran. The first runner for the Devils team is Kiba! With his god speed, he should be able to pull it off! That’s what I thought, but the participant from the Fallen Angels shot lights towards Kiba! Kiba evades it swiftly, but what a cowardly act!

“Is that even allowed!?”

I protested to Sensei, but…

“Can’t see anything~”

He ignored me! What a horrible Sensei! He’s such a lousy Governor!

Even so, the relay was going on and the participants were running around the field! Finally the participant before me……Sirzechs-sama ran! So faaaaaast! The Maou is also serious!

“Uooooooo! I won’t lose! I won’t lose in front of my daughter Akeno!”

“It won’t be allowed for I, Uriel, the “Flame of God” to lose against a Maou!”

Barakiel-san is covered with holy lightning and Uriel-san is covered with an enormous amount of holy flames! Their intense speed wasn’t behind Sirzechs-sama! There is an ultimate battle between the last bosses in a place like this!

And Sirzechs-sama finally reaches me!

“I leave the rest to you, Ise-kun!”


I took the baton, and flew ahead while igniting the boosters on my back!


I head towards the finishing line with insane speed! But--!

“Toryaaaaah! Here is the weapon which I have been preparing for in a situation like this!”

Sensei catches up with me from the behind! In his hand, he was holding onto a sword which looks like a mixture of light and darkness!

“This is the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] that all of you were picking on me about!”

Sensei started wielding the sword while blowing away the scenery of the field with it! Seeing that, the leaders of each faction were in shock!

“What!? So the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] was completed!?”

“Mu! So that’s the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]!”

Sensei starts attacking me with the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]! I somehow dodged it! The strike which missed me carves deeply into the ground! What power!

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me!? Can you even call yourself a Governor and a Sensei!? Isn’t this supposed to be a sports day!?”

“It’s waaaaaaar! I won’t lose to a Maou and Chief Angel! I’m number 1!”

This is bad! Sensei's tension is at his max and his brain is working the wrong way!

Sensei and I started facing each other in front of the goal, and we started battling with fist and sword!

[Oo! Governor Azazel and the Oppai Dragon started battling in front of the goal!]

Even the announcer stirs it up!

“This is a good opportunity! I shall test Ise’s strength! Come, my student!”

“What the heck are you saying!? I will punch you, last boss-sensei!”

I hit Sensei without hesitation when I said that!

“How dare you, for you to hit me! You! You should treat your elders with a bit more respect!”

Sensei’s sharp kick hits precisely on my head!

“Ow! Are you even in the situation to say that!?”

While Sensei and I were hitting each other…..

“I will be going first then~”

Gabriel-san goes past us and she crossed the finish line!

[Gooooooal! The one who conquered the baton relay is the Angels team!]

“ “Aaaaagh!” ”

Seeing that, both Sensei and I become shocked! See, look what happened! Because I tagged along with Sensei, she crossed the goal before us!

“It’s your fault, Sensei!”

“No, it’s your fault for not being taken down by me much sooner!”

Sensei and I glare at each other! This person is definitely the bad one! He is the Governor of the Fallen Angels after all!


A mysterious pressure surrounds me and Sensei. When I looked….the Fallen Angels were surrounding Sensei….. All of them were releasing killing intent from their body and they were glaring at Sensei sharply…… I thought I shouldn’t be here and sneak out quietly, but Buchou was there!

“Ise! What have you done….”

I had my head poked by Buchou who was sighing. Uu, I’m really sorry. I was lured in by Sensei and showed everyone something pathetic…… I’m filled with so much guilt towards my comrades and Sensei.

Besides me, Sensei tries to run away quietly, but….

“…….Azazel, let’s talk for a bit.”

Being caught by the Vice-Governor Shemhaza, he gets dragged towards the Fallen Angels team.

“I..I’m sorry, Shemhaza! I…I got a bit too cocky! Hahaha, forgive me. ……..Please?”

Sensei apologises, but Shemhaza says with a smile.



At the centre of the Fallen Angels team, a certain Governor made a scream. Sensei, please reflect on your actions with this.

Buchou then pats my cheek.

“You will also have to reflect on your actions once we get home, okay? But you did very well today.”

“Yes, thank you very much!”

Ah, Buchou! You really do watch over me!

That alone was worth working hard today!

Like that, the Great Sports Day ended with the victory of the Angels team. Maybe everyone from each faction was able to release their stress, so they all had a satisfied looking face by the end of it.

Seeing that, there was a discussion of “Let’s do it again next year”……

It was a fun sports day, but I don’t want to be involved in a dangerous event like this ever again!

Extra Life. The Worry of the Next-Next Heir-sama

Part 1

In the morning of a weekend, after the chaos caused by an army of monsters in the Underworld…..

After breakfast, I was shocked to see the person who came to visit my house.

“It’s been awhile, everyone. It is I, Millicas Gremory.”

A crimson-haired boy with a bag on his back came to visit! Millicas Gremory-sama! The only son of the Maou Sirzechs-sama and his wife, who is the strongest [Queen], Grayfia-san! For the House of Gremory, he is the next heir after Rias. A real Prince! An Ouji-sama! [7]

He visited while doing a proper introduction.

I did hear from Rias beforehand that a guest would be coming to visit from the House of Gremory…..

But I never thought it would be Millicas-sama. I thought it would either be Sirzechs-sama or Grayfia-san.

After introducing himself to my parents in the living room, we moved up to the VIP room.

It’s been awhile since I last met him, but his introduction and actions are filled with elegance; he really is showing how rich boys who have been raised properly should act! Also his clothes are noble attire for children!

He looks like an intelligent child like always. When I was a kid I wore a T-shirt and shorts, while running around this area like an idiot with my mates….. My parents also spoke about the past where I didn’t even know the letter “S” for study.

“Here is your black tea. Any sugar? If I remember, you always have two teaspoons of sugar, right?”

Akeno-san was giving tea to Millicas-sama.

“Yes, thank you, Akeno-neesama.”

Ah, so he can’t drink black tea without sugar. I’m relieved that he has a childish side to him. Also he calls Akeno-san “Akeno-neesama”, huh? Well, she is the eldest member among Rias’ group, and she has interacted with Millicas-sama more than any of us.

Our group and Irina gathered in the VIP room. Kiba and Gasper also came after we called them. Millicas-sama isn’t nervous at all, even though he is surrounded by us, who are older than him. To be expected from the son of a Maou.

When Millicas-sama looked at Rias, Rias nods with a smile. Seeing that, Millicas-sama spoke.

“I came here today to be under Rias-neesama and everyone in the group, for observation.”

“Observation? Observing……what?”

I asked after finding it weird. Then Millicas-sama says with a smile, while putting his body forward.

“Yes! I came here because I wanted to see the ways of Devils in the human world!”

The ways in the human world…. He wants to……observe that?

Rias stood up and stood behind Millicas-sama while resting her hands on his shoulder.

“That’s how it is. There will be a time when Millicas makes his own group and makes a pact with humans. This boy knows this himself very well, but he said he wants to actually see the Devils that are living in the human world. Right?”

“Yes! I want to see from up close the living style of everyone here, who are famous in the Underworld!”

So that’s how it is. The next, next heir-sama is interested in the ways of Devils at such a young age….. I will repeat myself but I didn’t think about my future when I was a kid, you know? I think I was thinking about women’s breasts the whole time. Ah, that’s still the same even now.

I haven’t chaaaanged! I haven’t changed even a bit! Hearing the words of the intelligent Millicas-sama, I could only cry at the reality of myself not changing at all!

“It’s like that, so for several days from now, let’s live together with him. Everyone, please take care of him.”

“Please take care of me.”

[Let’s get along.]

Everyone also replied to Millicas-sama. There’s no reason to decline him. Rias’ important nephew! He’s also the important boy of the House of Gremory! It’s a good opportunity, so I will open up to him!

“Akeno-neesama, please take care of me from today.”

Millicas-sama says and bows his head to Akeno-senpai.

“Ara ara. It’s Millicas-kun’s wish after all. I have no problem with it.”

Akeno-san also responds with a smile. She has an expression which tells me she adores Millicas-sama very much.

Millicas-sama also looks at Asia.

“I heard from Rias-neesama that Asia-neesama is someone who is like a little sister to Rias-neesama. If that’s the case, then Asia-neesama is neesama to me as well!”

Hearing that, Asia opens her mouth. She must have heard something she didn’t see coming. She was having a hard time responding…..but she says, while being deeply moved and shivering.

“Oh my…..what should I do, Ise-san! Having the son of Maou-sama call me “Onee-sama” is too much for me, but I feel very happy!”

I think I understand how she feels. When I was also called “Ise-niisama” by Millicas-sama, it was too much for someone like me with low status but, I also felt joy.

“You can be happy about it sincerely. Then Millicas-sama, what do you think about Xenovia and Irina over here?”

I made Millicas-sama take his interest on the remaining two members of the Church trio.

“Oh, this sure makes me nervous. So what does the son of a Maou think about me?”

“Even an Angel like me is really keen to hear it, despite being nervous!”

Xenovia and Irina fixed their posture, which is a rare thing, as they were waiting for the words of the boy with crimson hair.

“Yes, Xenovia-san is a holy sword wielder, correct? I also watched the Rating Game. You looked really amazing when you defeated the opponent with absolute power!”

Hearing Millicas-sama’s praises, Xenovia nods her head confidently.

“Fufufu, you sure understand it very well.”

However, Millicas-sama continues.

“But since you hold many abilities for the holy sword, I think you would be able to fight as a technique-type by using a few more of the traits of your holy sword. For example, cutting down your opponent without them realising it, by using the Transparency sword and also using the Mimic sword as a camouflage, while you charge up a huge amount of aura and I think it might be good using the Transparency sword and Mimic sword at the same time! ……..Even if your power is strong, people would research about it after a while. It’s not like you will always have Gasper-san’s support, like in the Bael match. To not let that happen, you have to--”

…….Millicas-sama started to talk about her bad points. It’s quite accurate and he’s talking about the parts which would make Xenovia hurt! Xenovia who is a power-type [Knight] looks even smaller, after being told off by a small child about the same thing other group members always tell her!

“Y..Yeah…..I will……be careful from now……”

She’s in shock! Xenovia’s face looks gloomy!

“Please say more. I thank you very much.”

Kiba is crying with joy at Millicas-sama’s words with tearful eyes! Lately Kiba was going on about the “importance of a technique-type” during the battles. Xenovia laughed that off by saying “I can just blow those things away, by increasing my power further with training”, but it seems like she’s in pain after hearing that today.

Hearing comments about Xenovia who is her friend, Irina nods her head strongly.

“Ufufu, looks like Xenovia received accurate remarks from Millicas-sama! You have to be careful from now, okay? So, what do you think about me?”

Irina points at and asks about herself. Millicas-sama says it with a smile.

High school dxd v13 001.jpg

“Yes! You are the “self-proclaimed Angel", correct!? I have heard rumours about you!”

“It’s not self-proclaimed! I am a real Angel!”

Irina protests with tearful eyes! Yes, lately Irina has been called the “self-proclaimed Angel”, by people related to her. W…Well, she always says “I’m an Angel!” with confidence. It can’t be helped if people who have doubts about her being an Angel, call her “self-proclaimed”….

I was told that rather than acting individually, a reincarnated Angel can use their actual traits more efficiently by working as a group. The [Brave Saints] system which Heaven created by using the idea of [Evil Pieces], is the twelve cards which each of the Seraph and High-level Angels have to use, to make people reincarnate into an Angel (It seems like each High-level Angel chooses the "suit" of their liking. Though the ones with a fixed "suit" are Michael-san with Spades, Gabriel-san with Hearts, Raphael-san with Clubs and Uriel-san with Diamonds). They say that mostly humans have reincarnated. Unlike Devils who choose by strength regardless of species, Heaven chooses and reincarnates those who are strong followers and who are very talented as their main targets.

The [Brave Saints] system, just like the traits of each of the chess pieces of the [Evil Pieces], has a special ability of their own. Those were based on card games, for example “Black Jack”.

Each suit gather reincarnated Angels and then make it 21. For example, each suit prepares reincarnated Angels with the number 4, 6, and 10 and if they make them team up with the Ace(1) Irina and cooperate with her, they say that they would be able to unleash overwhelming power.

Also, they added in the Poker’s system as well. The five High-level Angels or Seraphs who are the Kings, gathers representing their cards from Ace to Queen and by forming a ‘hand’ it will give birth to a certain power. The good point is that this will not only work amongst the ones in the same group but also with other groups, which will make it possible for teamwork with other groups(Of course the effect will be stronger if it is within the same group).

I heard that when they get a “Royal Straight Flush”, the power is unbelievable. The interesting part is that it’s similar to the Devil’s reincarnating system, but also different.

Also the trump card, known as the Joker doesn’t belong to any group, but has the role of the Joker for the whole of Heaven. I heard just like in a card game, it is a powerful card with many roles.

Sensei also said if there was a Rating Game among the Devils and Angels with different systems, it will be heated up to the extreme. I can’t even imagine what kind of match it would turn out to be.

So maybe Irina who has no role if she’s by herself can’t say anything if someone calls her a “self-proclaimed Angel”. W-Well, Irina is also getting a lot stronger so I think she is capable of fighting by herself.

“I still haven’t given my formal introduction yet. I am the [Rook] Rossweisse, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Rossweisse-san gave a formal introduction. Oh yeah. Rossweisse-san who became the last member to join, basically hasn’t met Millicas-sama at all. She has been in the same place as him and has seen his face, but I think this is her first time introducing herself to him face-to-face.

“Yes, you are Rossweisse-san correct? My Kaa-sama told me. She said that Rossweisse-san is a wonderful woman who can take care of things herself! I think it would be great if I can learn good things from Rossweisse-san!”

Hearing that, Rossweisse-san strokes her hair while being confident in herself.

“Fufufu, so Grayfia-sama has such an opinion about me. I feel very honoured about this. So people who take a good look at me really understand me. Very well! Millicas-kun, I will teach you about self-management! First, let’s go to a 100 yen shop after this! I will teach you the beauty of Japan, there!”

Stop! Don’t teach the goodness of Japan at a 100 yen shop! No, a 100 yen shop is indeed convenient and good, but please stop teaching him the good parts of Japan over there! He'll have a misunderstanding!

I have heard about Grayfia-san’s opinion towards Rossweisse-san before. But Grayfia-san doesn’t know that Rossweisse-san is a “100 yen shop Valkyrie” and that she is really unfortunate! It’s a bad influence to teach weird knowledge to Millicas-sama who is so pure! He is the son of a Maou you know!? It'll be a big problem if he learns all the things about this woman’s side of being poor!

I couldn’t finish all my opinion about this, so I took a breath and ask Rias.

“Millicas-sama will be staying at my house to observe the living style of us, who live in Japan…… That’s how it is right?”

Rias nods.

“Yes, it might trouble you, Otou-sama, and Okaa-sama, but please do take care of him.”

“That won’t be a problem. Dad and mum did give a warm welcome just before.”

Yeah. The moment dad and mum saw Millicas-sama….

“Oh my, how adorable! Rias-san’s nephew!”

“So this is Sirzechs-san’s son~. He’s really different from Ise when he was small. It must be because of the environment and the way we raised him….. This makes me realise once again, that our teaching wasn’t good, right Kaa-san?”

“Yes, very true. Because we didn’t raise him properly, our son……became something…..like this…….who is an embodiment of sexual desire…..!”

It seems they were having regrets when they compared Millicas-sama and me, when I was a kid. Mum is even crying out while putting her hand on her mouth.

You know that your son is in front of you? They are so rude! But is the reason why I feel like apologising a bit maybe because I realise this myself……

Also when they looked at Millicas-sama……

“……Would a grandson look like this?”

“Yes, the red hair and the handsome face of Gremory-san….. It would be good if Rias-san’s genes turn out to be stronger…….”

It appears there was a view that only my parents have. …….I just want them to be quiet and stay still now.

I made a sigh, but Rias looks around and asks everyone.

“Anyway, I ask everyone to look after Millicas. Everyone can continue how they usually spend their daily life. Even if this boy is the next heir after me, forget about that for his stay here and have fun during your daily life.”


We gave an energetic reply to Rias’ desire.

Like that, Millicas-sama’s observation started.

Part 2

"Okay then, we will be doing 1000 reps of knocks!”

Late at night, at the riverbed. Xenovia was swinging a bat at a grass-lot baseball ground.

“Yes, coach!”

The one who happily catches the ball hit away by Xenovia, is a youth who is wearing a baseball cap and uniform. He is Xenovia’s regular customer for her job.

Millicas-sama and I were observing Xenovia doing her job. Millicas-sama said he wants to observe us doing our job, so we decided to tag along with Xenovia who had received a request.

I was Millicas-sama’s escort. Well, he probably doesn’t need one, but I’m doing it just in case; since there might be a problem if it’s only Millicas-sama and Xenovia. I had finished my job and I tagged along because recently, I became interested in Xenovia’s way of doing her job as well.

The jobs Xenovia receives, involve her doing physical work most of the time. Amongst her requests are helping out with construction work and being a practice partner for different types of sports. This time it's the latter.

“Please do your best~!”

Next to me and Millicas-sama, Asia is cheering for Xenovia’s client while wearing a cheerleader’s uniform. That boy, who is the client, asked for a cheerleader who will cheer for him; along with a baseball partner for his practice. So Asia, who didn’t have any job at that time, was called over as a helper.

Asia looks very pretty in a cheerleader’s outfit! She was working really hard, spinning around while breathing hard. Since it’s late at night in winter, Asia-chan sure deserves praise!

Requests Asia receive, usually range from being an opponent at playing cards, to wearing cosplay for a photo shoot. Koneko-chan also gets similar ones.

Akeno-san’s clients are either the bosses of companies, or rich wives. She listens to their daily worries or drinks tea with them, so she has a huge range of work, where she mostly takes away the stress of people living in high society.

Kiba receives lots of jobs from Onee-sans and women who work. They consult with their stresses they have in them, or he cooks for them, which he is good at. It’s such a waste that he doesn’t get any perverted requests!

Gasper does it by using a computer. He has his own way of working and shows top-class results. He is really popular amongst those who are bad at interacting with others, but have a wish they want to be granted, by a Devil.

Rossweisse-san gets summoned a lot by housewives. She says she mainly teaches ways to ease their worries, related to financial things and also becomes their consultant. Lately she has been teaching them sure-fire ways to win in bargain sales. Even though she’s still young….

Surprisingly the requests our master, Rias, can get are limited, so she rarely gets one. Saying that, the requirements Rias has for her contracts are very big and are worthy of a High-class Devil. Her jobs include de-cursing items and defeating monsters targeting the client.

My job is….. I keep getting caught up in strange things, after being summoned by weirdos. I already gave up on the factor I have which attracts weirdos. I already have strong foes coming to me, but I also have weirdos and perverts coming to me as well!

That’s why I can’t show Millicas-sama myself working. I can’t allow him to meet with weirdos and perverts! He is Sirzechs-sama’s son! If I introduce him to Mil-tan, as a start, I wouldn’t know what kind of rumours would spread in the Underworld!

“Alright! This time it's 10,000 knocks!”

“Yessssss, coooooach~!”

Xenovia who is in really high spirits said something reckless to her client. Is the client, who is exhausted, still okay with continuing since he has a smile? Don’t make him overdo it, okay?

It would be a big problem if he died.

“So wonderful…. I also want people in my group to enjoy their work like this.”

Millicas-sama said while looking at Xenovia doing her job. Xenovia sure does her job with a good smile.

“Millicas-sama, do you have an ideal candidate in your mind for your group?”

When I asked, Millicas-sama shook his head to the sides.

“No, that will start from now on. Though I do have a role model which I think is good.”

Well, that’s obvious. Even if he is intelligent and is looking ahead to his future, it certainly would be hard to think of his future group in detail.

“So will you be using Rias’ group as a reference after all?”

He has come here because he took an interest in our living style after all, so that’s what I thought. But Millicas-sama tilts his head. It's as though he isn’t saying yes or no.

“Everyone in Rias-neesama’s group are wonderful people. Ise-niisama is also amazing and I admire you.”

……He said he admires me! This really makes me happy!

“But the group I have as my aim is Tou-sama’s (father) group.”


….I see, so its Sirzechs-sama’s…..his father’s group. Sirzechs Lucifer’s group which is said to be the strongest in the Underworld. During the monster crisis, I also saw them from afar once and I realised that they were a bunch of strong people, with overwhelming aura and atmosphere. I sensed right away that they far surpass our team, which has strong forces but also many weaknesses. I heard that they only gather for a crisis in the Underworld and for political reasons. Even so, I would like to meet them once. The only ones I have met are Grayfia-san and the [Pawn] Kirin, Enku-san.

While having my discussion with Millicas-sama, a girl wearing a Gothic lolita costume appears within my sight. It’s Ophis.

Yeah, she said she had nothing to do, so she tagged along with us to observe Xenovia’s work.

Since Ophis started living in the Hyoudou residence, she has been following behind me and everyone else, showing an interest in what we do.

When I’m playing a game she would say that she also wants to play, when Asia is watering the flowers she would help her and when Rias stands in the kitchen, Ophis would stand beside her and watch her cook. Anyway she takes interest in what we are doing.

Right now, Ophis is playing catch with Asia’s familiar, Rasse. Ophis throws the ball and Rasse catches it with its mouth splendidly and gives it back to Ophis. Maybe they get along because they are both Dragons, so they often play together.

“I shall train Rasse.”


The mini Dragon responds to Ophis. .. Training Rasse!? The former Uroboros-sama herself, is going to train him!? Hey hey hey, what kind of master-student relationship is this! If Ophis becomes his master, wouldn’t that mini Dragon become a really powerful Sprite Dragon in the future!?

It might be Ophis’ way of joking, but I started to have a vision that Asia’s familiar will become a future Dragon King.

“Maybe Rasse will unexpectedly become an amazing Dragon. Being Ophis’ playing friend is quite the thing you know?”

I said to Asia, who is next to me cheering for Xenovia’s client.

“If Ophis-san will teach him, then Rasse-kun will grow into a splendid Dragon!”

What an innocent girl Asia-chan is! If Asia is saying that, then even I think it will turn out like that!

“Asia, you might have good ties with Dragons. Not only Rasse, but the one who got along with Ophis first was you, Asia.”

When I said that, Asia starts to wriggle her body while having a red face.

“…..That might be true. I also met with Ise-san who is the Sekiryuutei and I was able to get along with you. If I indeed have good connections like that, then I can only give my thanks to the Lord.”

I received embarrassing words from her!

“I’m also blessed for meeting Asia! We will always be together from now on as well!”

“Yes! Whether it is a thousand years or ten-thousand years, I will always stay besides you, Ise-san!”

“Alright! Let’s build a plan for thousands of years ahead, with us living together, then!”

“I like Japan, but I also want to live in the Underworld once!”

“OK OK! Once I become independent, I will take you anywhere!”

We get heated up and hugged each other! We then started to dance and spin around! That’s because Asia-chan is so cute!

While I was in a happy-mode with Asia, Millicas-sama gave a suspicious look at Ophis.

“Who is that girl in the black dress?”

Millicas-sama asked! He was eyeing Ophis with a strange look after all. But we can’t tell him who Ophis is.

“Hmm, she is old man Tannin’s relative or something. She is using a technique to transform into a human and is learning about the lifestyle of the human world.”

I made up a story on the spot, to answer his question. I feel sorry for old man Tannin, but please make it so, for this!

“So that’s what it was. She is the same as me then!”

Millicas-sama believed in me! I started to feel guilty because of his pure eyes and smile, but this is for the sake of the whole world! Please believe in my lie!

Then Millicas-sama pulls my sleeve.

“Ise-niisama, please call me Millicas.”

“--! Even if you say that, I feel it is rude....”

I started to feel bewildered at Millicas-sama’s favour. I already feel honoured, for him calling me Ise-niisama, but for me to call his name without “-sama” is…. I called him with “-sama” when we first met, so it's mainly for that reason I continued calling him like that.

“I feel a bit lonely for someone who can call Rias-neesama “Rias”, calling my name with a “-sama”….”

Millicas-sama started to look down.

….I see, he also wants me, who calls his aunt he loves so much by her name, to call him by his name. I love Rias and we have a relationship where we have told each other our feelings. She also accepted my feelings. We love each other. Lovers is an embarrassing way to say it and it is suspicious if we are even acting as such.

But our feelings reached each other. To me, Rias is an important woman. She also takes importance in me as well.

This boy here, knows that. Maybe that is why he also wants me to call his name normally, just how I call Rias’ name.

If I think about it, Rias once told me.

“There are many of those who have high expectations of Millicas. Since his birth is extremely special.”

Yes, Millicas-sama is the son born of the strongest Maou, Sirzechs Lucifer and the strongest queen, Grayfia Lucifugus.

Adding the fact about the extreme level of talent within him, it seems there are adults who are keeping their eyes on him as a candidate for a future Maou already.

There is even a “Millicas faction” among the politicians, who are supporting Sirzechs-sama and many Devils are keeping their eyes on this boy’s future.

Even though this boy is already thinking of his own future at this stage himself, the politics also gets caught in it…..

Rias also feels proud of her birth but she couldn’t discard her dreams. The dream of marrying the man she falls in love with, but she had a fiancé….. That troubled her.

And adults are trying to make this boy's burden something even greater than that.

….One day there will be a time when he will understand, where he is standing. I think he would feel proud but also struggle to go forward.

Those are High-class Devils…..the destinies of those with powerful parents.

“I understand, Millica--”

I stopped my words there.

……That’s because I just felt a chill. Someone is looking at me, I could 'feel' their gaze and I can sense a strong feeling, being directed at me…..

Even if I look around, there is no one in sight.


Xenovia probably felt something too, so she looked around the place as well. Ophis is also looking around. Asia, Millicas-sama and Xenovia’s client haven’t realised it, but at least we did.

……Someone is looking at me from somewhere far away. That’s how it felt.

“Xenovia! Asia-san! I brought some sports drinks from the convenience store!”

The one who came saying that while carrying a bag in one of her hands was Irina. Sometimes Irina observes Asia and Xenovia’s jobs where she doesn’t hinder them, just like Millicas-sama and I are doing now. Of course it would be heresy for an Angel to directly help a Devil. That’s why she is only observing. Well, there are times where she brings refreshments just as she is doing now……. It seems that is on the border line of being safe. A Devil like myself doesn't understand that borderline they have.

“Oh, the refreshments from the 'Self-proclaimed Angel' have arrived.”

“I’m not self-proclaimed! I am a real one!”

Irina puffed her cheeks at Xenovia’s words. Hahaha, seriously the combination of Xenovia and Irina does lighten up the atmosphere. And if Asia joins them, it gets even lighter.

While feeling the uneasy presence, Millicas-sama’s observation for that day ended.

Part 3

The next day, we were gathered in the training room located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence.

I wore the Boosted Gear Scale Mail, Kiba gripped a sword and Gasper was on standby behind us. The one we, the Gremory boys, will be facing is…..Millicas-sama!

Millicas-sama who has changed into a jersey stands across from us with a brave expression, despite being a child. Yes, on this day, what we planned to get closer to Millicas-sama is….a mock battle. This was Rias’ idea.

“Millicas, since this is a good opportunity do you want to spar with the boys?”

Hearing that, Millicas-sama responds energetically by saying “Yes! Please allow me!”. It seems Millicas-sama has an interest in the “guts”, that the boys of the Gremory Group have, and he has a good impression of Sairaorg-san’s motto “High-class Devil who trains”.

Rias herself is in a corner of the training room, with the rest of the Occult research club girls and Ophis. They will be watching our mock battle.

The demonic sword Kiba is holding, is an imitation sword which has no blade. He must have thought that it would be dangerous to use any type of sword, holy sword, or holy demonic sword, with real blades on them.

I’m also in my armoured state. I thought of fighting him with only my gauntlet, but after Rias told me “You should wear your armour”, I ended up in this form. …….Was she trying to please Millicas-sama by having him take on the legendary Heavenly Dragon, aka the Sekiryuutei?

Gasper is behind us as a support member while not trembling, despite having a nervous expression.

“I…I will do my best~!”

Oh, do your best, Gasper! Since our opponent is a kid, don’t show him your weak side, okay?

“Then let the mock battle begin!”

With Akeno-san’s signal, the mock battle started!

Both Kiba and I didn’t move, we are waiting for Millicas-sama to make his move.

There’s no way I can get serious. After all we are far stronger than he is. This isn’t like a welcoming party for him, but taking on Millicas-sama while going easy on him, until he is satisfied, might be what I have to do.

Millicas-sama makes his move as those thoughts crossed my mind.

“Here I come! Please take care of me!”

He sprints from his position!

I was speechless after seeing Millicas-sama make his move.

--He’s fast!

He came with speed which isn’t that of a child! After covering his hand in red aura, he shoots the demonic power at me after making a few feints!

The attack which was released by the boy, is the same power of destruction that his father and aunt possess!

……….I can’t believe it. His demonic power is more powerful than I thought! I evaded the demonic power which is coming at me, leaving Kiba in it's path.

Kiba barely dodged it and blocks it with his demonic sword…..


Along with the sound of an object being grazed, the edge of Kiba’s demonic sword…..has been eliminated!


Kiba is shocked at this! I’m also shocked deeply from my heart! That attack had quite a huge amount of aura! Kiba’s demonic sword wasn’t made that strong because it was for use in a mock battle….. But for him to be able to destroy it!

“Hey, he’s quite the thing.”

“Y..Yeah! I’m also surprised!”

“……It’s the exact same demonic-power as Onee-sama’s!”

Xenovia, Irina, and Asia were shocked at the boy’s demonic power.

“The flow of his aura was smooth. That’s definitely not something that he should be capable of at his age.”

“…….To eliminate Yuuto-senpai’s sword without a trace.”

“…….I did hear rumours about it, but seeing it with my own eyes. I can sense strongly that he is the son of that Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-sama.”

Rossweisse-san, Koneko-chan, and Ravel also changed their opinions.

All the female members of the Occult Research Club besides Rias and Akeno-san were shocked at this scene.


Millicas-sama shortens the distance, while we were shocked and shoots out his demonic power! This time he shot the demonic power like a shotgun! Many bullets of power of destruction come at us!

You get erased by the power of destruction just by touching it. It has an unimaginable characteristic which is very hard to block against. Rias’ demonic power is also deadly if it hits. Although she ends up encountering those she can’t directly hit with it……

The best way to counter the power of destruction is not blocking it directly, but killing it off with our own attack! I created a scatter type dragon-shot and shot it forward.

When the shots were about to cancel each other out by colliding, many shots Millicas-sama released changed their direction!

--It’s exactly like Sirzechs-sama’s demonic power!

The exquisite skill of Sirzechs-sama where he compresses the powerful power of destruction into a sphere and controls it. Millicas-sama’s control of his demonic power reminded me of that.

I dodged the attacks of demonic power, from the crimson haired boy, which went through my counter attack, but one of them grazes my armour.


Along with the sound, the shoulder part of my armour was erased a bit! If I didn’t have my armour, my shoulder would have been erased!

I finally understood the reason, Rias told me to wear my armour. That’s because I might not be able to take on Millicas-sama if I didn’t have anything on me.

-The boy who is on a different level.

No wonder, he's the son of Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. He has this much strength at this age. Right now we are far superior. By the time he is our age, I wonder how powerful he will be?

I can’t imagine it. That’s how much limitless potential I felt from him.

……The last time I was pushed back by an extreme talent like this was Vali. I can understand why factions were formed within the politicians who support Millicas-sama.

When I looked towards Rias, she nodded her head, while smiling knowingly.

She must know what is on my mind. Seriously, I’m sorry for looking down on him. My opponent turns out to be a monstrous boy!

But thanks to that, I had a wake up call. I will continue this mock battle while knowing that my opponent is a boy who is in his own league!

“The “Guts” of the Gremory boys! I will smack them into you!”

I said that while putting my fist forward and Millicas-sama showed me a big smile.

“Yes! Please do!”

I started to get heated up in a mock battle against this boy. The boy who calls me “Nii-sama” is coming at me with all his strength.

--Is this how it feels like to compete against a younger brother?

I have never felt something like that, since I don’t have any siblings, but I thought that this connection with Millicas-sama, might be something close to it.


Millicas-sama who is sitting on the floor, is breathing hard. He is really exhausted.

The mock battle went on for thirty minutes. Even if three of us, the boys, went easy on him, I can only say “as expected from the son of a Maou” since he was able to follow us for thirty minutes.

Millicas-sama continued to attack us until he ran out of his demonic power. No matter how many times he was pushed down by me and Kiba, he stood up without crying. I can only say “splendid”, from what I saw of him during our mock battle. If I was the same age as Millicas-sama, I would cry and give up in a one-sided match against three older guys, or I would complain about it. If I think like that, then this boy’s “guts” is strong.

I fended his attacks while giving him advice, which he responded to right away and I saw his talent when he made his stance. ……I can only say one word. Scary.

Rias hands a towel to Millicas-sama who is on the floor.

“You did well for not giving up while taking on Ise and the others.”

He was praised by Rias. Of course. We took him on, where he might cry a bit. I thought it would have been rude if we went too easy on him. It seems children are very sensitive to those things.

After I deactivated my armour and received a towel from Rias, I left the training room after saying “I will wash my face”.

I washed my face at the sink located in the big bathroom.

-It was fun.

It must feel like that to play around with your cute younger brother. When he came at me, he looked brave and I had a heart beat which went “Kyuun”. Something like a father’s love toward his child was building inside me.

A brother…….or maybe a son is okay then? I can’t actually have a proper feeling of having a child; I'm still a high school student and I can’t even imagine it. But lately something is building inside me after seeing Ophis (who has the appearance of a child) and Millicas-sama.

“……..Spending time with kids might not be bad.”

I muttered…..

“Ufufu, you are right.”

Akeno-san was suddenly standing behind me! Akeno-san, haven’t you become good at standing behind others, without leaving any presence lately!?

Akeno-san then says, while handing me a bottle with sports drink inside it.

“Lately, I’ve been having a thought.”


“Yes, a boy and a girl, both would be okay. My feelings get even stronger when I look at Ophis-chan and Millicas-kun.”

“Yeah. Millicas-sama is a good boy and I also don’t get bored of Ophis since she has the cuteness of a small animal.”

These are my true feelings. Their presence is a good stimulus for me.

Ophis doesn’t have a gender. Before she was a geezer and even before that she was something else. Apparently she always changed appearances. But right now, she is a girl. We also interact with Ophis, as if she is a girl.

“Ise-kun, when you get married in the future, would you prefer a boy or a girl?”

“That’s a hard question….. My dream will be fulfilled if I have twins and they are a boy and a girl, but it seems like taking care of them will be twice as hard.”

First a boy, then having a girl might be ideal. As I thought that, Akeno-san started smiling while patting her stomach.

“If it is your child, then I will bear as many as you want.”


……Be…because of her stimulating words, I started to get a nosebleed and began to cough out the sports drink in my mouth.


I coughed out the drink at the unexpected confession and couldn’t respond to her! I’m such a weak guy!

“Ara ara.”

I ended up having Akeno-san stroke my back! Uggh, I’m so pathetic! The reason my face is red isn’t only because I’m in pain after coughing!

It was then, that I felt a huge wild aura behind me!

When I turned around, a huge man who is more than two meters tall, was standing at the entrance of the bathroom. His orange hair was spiked up and his thick coat was standing out.

Wait, who is he!? Why is he in the Hyoudou residence!?

The giant man smiles at me and Akeno-san.

“Oh oh, Sekiryuutei is coughing in the bathroom. What kind of situation is this?”

No, the question is who are you!?

“Second, you do know that going into the bathroom without permission, is rude?”

I couldn’t talk back because of the cough. Along with the huge man, two other men I haven’t seen before, have appeared as well. One of the men is wearing a crimson robe, with a distinguished design and the other man appears to be Japanese, wearing a haori.

The one who reprimanded the huge man, just now, was the man wearing the haori.

Rather, I’m familiar with this person! I had a glimpse of him during the monster chaos in the Underworld the other day……

Akeno-san was shocked at the appearance of the men. Her shock isn’t because people she doesn’t know appeared, but that of, why are these people, who are known to her, here? ..... She had that kind of face.

Akeno-san then says quietly.

“……They are people from Lucifer's group.”

Yes, it was a sudden visit from some amazing people!

Akeno-san and I returned to the training room, bringing the three people that appeared in the bathroom with us. The one who was the most shocked at this, was Rias and she screamed hysterically.

“Souji! So everyone came here!”

The man wearing a haori called Souji smiled softly.

“Hime[8]. It has been a while. Yes, I thought I should escort Millicas-sama.”

The man called Souji then moves his eyes towards Kiba.

“I’m glad that you are doing well, Yuuto.”

Kiba bows and fixes his posture.

“It’s been a while since summer, Master.”

Yes, this man wearing the haori is Sirzechs-sama’s servant, the [Knight] Okita Souji-san! He is the real captain of the first division of the Shinsengumi! H..he is a historical person! Even a dumb person like me knows about the Shinsengumi!

Someone who is super famous is among Sirzechs-sama’s group! And he happens to be Kiba’s swordmaster! How should I say it………I can only say one word: "amazing!". He is tying his hair at the back like a samurai…….well, he is a samurai! His appearance is that of someone in his late twenties. Though his real age is over a hundred years……!

I asked Kiba about this person after the monster crisis. Then he told me the details about his master. I kept on being shocked about it.

It seems there are cases where Devils in upper society have a historical person as their servant. The reincarnated Devils are those from when chess was created…..mainly the historical people are those from when chess started. Chess appeared in human history, then the Evil-Pieces were created, so the reincarnated ones are those from that time, until now.

…….So which other famous people became a Devil? I can’t even imagine.

“Hahahahaha! It’s been a while Hime-san!”

The one who is laughing loudly is the huge man. The wild aura covering his body feels as though it surpasses that of Sairaorg-san. His body is also one fold bigger than Sairaorg-san. …….His hands are insanely large! They are so big that he can hold my whole head, in one of them.

“You are being rude to Hime. Rias-hime, it really has been a while. You have become even more beautiful.”

The one who makes his bow, while reprimanding the huge man, is wearing a crimson coloured robe. He is skinny and he has sharp eyes. Unlike the wild aura around the huge man, he has a limitless creepy aura coming from his body.

…….It’s certain that they are strong people, who have powers I can't possibly calculate.

“So Second and MacGregor also came. …….I wonder, what is the reason for Onii-sama’s servants to come here? All of you don’t gather together unless it is an emergency…… Even if you are here as Millicas’ guards, this is too much.”

Rias’ opinion sounds accurate. Why did they gather at my house? I understand why they gathered at the monster crisis, which was an emergency in the Underworld, but why did the strongest group, the Lucifer’s group, come to my house all of a sudden!?

The huge man gulps the bottle of sake in his hand at once. The sake bottle looks like a mini toy.

The man breathes out fire from his nose once he finished drinking it! He breathed out fire along with his breath!

“Nothing much. We just thought “we should go somewhere with everyone”. So we came to see how Hime-sama was doing along with guarding Bocchan.[9] Though we couldn’t bring that bastard Enku and Bahamoot. [10]

They gathered here just for a reason like that!? They came to visit the Hyoudou residence to see Rias while guarding Millicas-sama!? H..Hmm, I don’t understand the reason for the strongest group to visit my house at all! So is the reason for them to gather at my house related to politics!?

“Even so, I’m amazed. I haven’t seen these three together since I was really little.”

Said Rias. Is that true? Then it means we are experiencing a rare situation then!

“I am also surprised since this is my first time meeting everyone together.”

You too, Akeno-san!? Uwaah, today really is an amazing day……

Being puzzled, we just stood there stunned. All the Occult Research members, besides Rias and Akeno-san didn’t know what to do.

“I will introduce them, to all of you then.”

Rias realised that we were shocked by these unexpected and unknown visitors, so their introductions began. First, it was the man wearing a haori….Okita-san.

“He is my brother’s only [Knight], Okita Souji. He is also Yuuto’s sword master. All of you also know him from the Shinsengumi, correct?”

Irina is shocked at Rias’ introduction of him.

“Y..Yes! So you are a historical person……right?”

Okita-san smiles at Irina’s shocked voice.

“Yes, that is correct. At that time I left the battlefield due to my disease and to avoid dying from tuberculosis I lay my hands on various rituals. By chance, or a miracle, I ended up summoning that person, Sirzechs-sama. Back then he was in the form of a black cat.”

So there was a contract like that behind the history that we know of…… The episode between Okita-san and the black cat is famous. Is that for real, Sirzechs-sama!?

“When he kept on repeating his rituals, Souji-san’s body became the home of monsters.”

The man wearing the robe gave me extra information.

Then from behind Okita-san….a huge monster appeared which has the face of a monkey, the limbs of a tiger and a snake as its tail! A mixed monster! A chimera!

Okita-san pats the monsters head.

“This is a youkai called Nue….. It might be quicker if I say it is a Japanese version of a chimera. Due to the rituals, many youkai started living in my body…… So I was able to perform a “Hitori Hyakki Yakkou”.”[11]

So many youkai like that are living in Okita-san’s house! Hyakki Yakkou, just what kind of state is that!

“That’s why he probably needed two [Knight] pieces. The ones who were fighting the anti-monsters, created from Jabberwocky, were Souji-san’s youkais.”

The man wearing the robe explained.

…….Since he is a “Hitori Hyakki Yakkou” he needed two of Sirzechs-sama’s [Knight] pieces. The question is how many dozens worth, of people’s work, he can perform. The point where he can fight all of the anti-monsters created from Jabberwocky makes him insane in many ways!

His skill with using swords is so great that you probably need to put several words of “super”, your sword skills, right? So that means Kiba’s master is on a different level!

“The things I learned from master were, the way to use swords and fighting posture, rather than his swordsmanship style. So my swordsmanship style isn’t completely that of “Tennen Rishin-ryu”.”[12]

Kiba explained. Certainly Kiba’s sword style isn’t that of a samurai.

Rias then moves the introductions along, “Next, I will introduce Onii-sama’s [Bishop].”

After Okita-san’s introduction ended, the man wearing a robe, who has been explaining everything to us, nods to us. His movements were filled with elegance.

His age also appears to be that of someone in his late twenties, just like Okita-san. The long silts of his eyes and his shallow smile make him look bewitching. His hair, which is a mixture of black and blonde, is long and slightly wavy.

“MacGregor’s full name is MacGregor Mathers. He is a user of modern western magic and he is one of the founders of the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”. I think he is also famous for compiling and translating the book about the 72 Pillars.”

…….“Golden Dawn”? I tilted my head at the words I never heard of before, but Xenovia, Irina, and Asia seems very shocked.

“He is the expert at magic related things!”

“A-Amazing! I was taught about him back in the Church!”

“Yes, for people using magic he is very famous!”

The shocked state of these three, wasn’t the same as when we were told of Okita-san.

The man wearing the robe, MacGregor-san, smiles at my reaction.

“Fufu, Hime, it seems Waka doesn’t know about me.[13] I don’t mind. It’s okay if you recognise me merely as an amazing magician.”

I…Is that so…..? But I don’t think you are just a mere amazing magician!?

“At the point where you are Sirzechs-sama’s [Bishop], who consumed two pieces, you are not an ordinary magician.”

That’s right, Akeno-san! Since he was fighting that Jabberwocky using his magic, he must be on a totally different level!

“I would like to talk to you about magic one day.”

It seems Rossweisse-san has great interest in MacGregor-san. She must want to learn about magic from him, as a magic user.

And the last one to be introduced is….the huge man.

He takes a step forward with a loud laugh “Gahaha”. He says loudly, while pointing at himself with his thumb.

“Now, it’s my turn! I am one of the [Rook] of boss Sirzechs! Surtr Second-sama! Now, fight me! Kneel before me! As if! Gahahahahaha!”

…..He really acts, how he looks! Like his appearance, he does make me feel great temperament coming from him! He appears to be in his mid-thirties with a good body build.

Rias also introduces him while smiling.

“He is a copy of the fire giant Surtr from Norse Mythology. The Surtr, who is said to have lit the World Tree Yggdrasil on fire, while bringing an army of giants with him.”

Surtr, huh? I only know his name. After the battle against Loki, I touched the books about Norse Mythology a bit, after taking an interest in them……and I think I saw that name appear.

The fire giant--. So that’s why he has a huge body and he breathed out fire before, huh?

He is a copy of that legendary being…….? If he is a copy, does that means he is a clone? It’s one of those things which uses the same cells and stuff, right? Is it okay to think of him like that?

“The Norse Gods were somehow able to make a copy of Surtr, but the copy started to go berserk.”

The [Bishop], MacGregor-san, explains. This person really likes to explain, maybe he just likes to talk. MacGregor-san continues.

“They discarded him because they couldn’t control him. Sirzechs-sama appeared and made him his servant, using a [Mutation Rook] piece. Since he is a copy, he was given the name “Second”.”


[Mutation Piece]!? On top of that he is Sirzechs-sama’s [Rook], which is a [Mutation Piece]!?

I can’t measure just how much Surtr is worth, but he is the [Rook] of that Sirzechs-sama(Worth 5 [Pawns]!) and on top of that, a [Mutation Piece] was used!?

Just how much potential power does he hold!? How many [Pawns] would he be worth if they calculate in the Rating Game method!?

I was completely shocked about it but the giant, Surtr Second-san, speaks after making a sigh and breathing out fire.

“Yeah, I was abandoned by those shits from the Norse and boss Sirzechs saved me, when I was burning with my own flames. Thanks to that I learnt how to use my fire completely and I was able to follow the boss as the strongest [Rook] in the Underworld!”

Sirzechs-sama sure did pick up someone awe inspiring. So he saved an amazing copy who was abandoned by the Norse Gods.

Surtr Second’s expression and words, included his respect towards his master, Sirzechs-sama, who saved his life.

So Grayfia-san is the strongest [Queen], and this huge man is the strongest [Rook]! It's becoming so big that my head is about to explode.

But the [Bishop] MacGregor puts on a bitter smile.

“The so-called strongest Rook-sama turned into a giant at the start of the battle against Jabberwocky, used his serious fire and wasted it, losing all of his energy and couldn’t participate in the last battle. Geez, that Jabberwocky was an anti-monster on a totally different level for Devils and it was also explained that it had powerful regeneration beforehand….. We wouldn’t have had to waste that much time defeating it, if we took him on after we received Ajuka-sama’s anti-spells for it. Your fire is so powerful that it can burn everything if you use it to the fullest, you know. Well, if you don’t fail, that is.”

He started to make a whole host of sarcastic comments. Hearing that, Surtr Second-san approached MacGregor-san.

“Shut up! You always say too much, MacGregor! Doing something when I can makes me the [Rook] of boss Sirzechs!”

“Bahamoot who is the same [Rook] was more useful, at both the start and the end of the battle. It was wiping out the small anti-monsters together with Souji-san’s youkais.”

The name Bahamoot which appeared in MacGregor-san’s sentences. I have heard about it before. It’s a legendary monster which glows in a light, right? Not only can it swim in the ocean, but I heard it is a giant fish which can also swim in the sky. That fish monster is also part of Sirzechs-sama’s group and is his [Rook] huh…..

“I have told you many times not to put me in the same category as that fish!”

Surtr Second-san grabbed MacGregor-san’s collar, while being enraged! MacGregor-san doesn’t care and smiles at us while finishing his explanation.

“—And so, these are the members, yes.”

….Ye..yeah, I see, so these are the members…… So the Lucfier group is completed when Grayfia-san and Enku-san joins them here huh.

That’s what I thought, but Rias looks around as if she is searching for someone.

“By the way, where is Beowulf? So only three of you came today?”

Hearing that name, Okita-san, Surtr Second-san, and MacGregor-san stood there, still. Then all of them said “Oh, yeah” as if they just remembered something.

“Ah, that guy is--”

Before Surtr Second-san could continue, the door of the training room was opened wide and echoed throughout the basement.

The one who appeared, while everyone was looking at him was…….a man with brown hair, who was breathing heavily. He looks like he is in his mid twenties and he is wearing a suit.

“I..I finally caught up…..”

The man takes a breath while putting his hand on the wall. Seeing that Surtr Second-san mutters.

“You're late, Beo.”

“…..What are you saying. Second-san, you were the one telling me to carry this and that. The one who transported all the souvenirs, bought in Japan, to the Underworld was me!”

The man called Beo, who seems dissatisfied, was pointed at by MacGregor-san and he started to give his explanation.

“He is the other [Pawn] of Sirzechs-sama,--Beowulf. He is the descendant of the hero Beowulf and lost completely against Sirzechs-sama after he challenged him to a fight; he then asked if he could become his servant.”

--! The descendant of a Hero! So Sirzechs-sama also made someone like that into his servant! The man wearing a suit, who was just introduced, called Beowulf tilts his head at the atmosphere in the room and then opens his mouth.

“Huh? My introduction….rather, did everyone give their introduction to Waka already?”

“Since you were late, we finished it just now. Wearing a suit, man you are so annoying.”

Beowulf-san protests with teary eyes to Surtr Second-san.

“What! I told you to wait for my introduction! I was trying to think of something cool, to say to Waka since I am a senior [Pawn]! You know! I even prepared a new suit, since the first impression is the most important!”

Surtr Second-san ignores Beowulf-san. Seeing him up close, he really is a giant. What intensity! He then tells me.

“Oh, Waka. He is our lackey. Waka, you can also use him all you want you know?”

Waka……is he referring to me? People related to the Gremory sometimes calls me “Waka”.

Wait, a lackey!? I..Is it okay to treat him like that……?

Hearing that, Beowulf-san is shocked.

“You're horrible! You don’t tell anything to Enku who is also Sirzechs-sama’s [Pawn], you only tell me to do something impossible!”

The [Pawn]-sama who has lots of dissatisfaction.

Rias makes a small laugh and then tells me.

“Beowulf looks like he's easygoing, but he's famous for being one of the Top-5 [Pawns] in the Underworld. He is Onii-sama’s [Pawn] after all. He's a strong foe who you cannot judge by his appearance. After all, before reincarnating, he wounded Onii-sama in a one-on-one battle.”

He is among the Top-5 [Pawns]! So he is quite a skilled person then. On top of that he is a descendant of a hero. ……Is it possible for a man like him, who shows such a pathetic side, to have the strength of Cao Cao? Wounding that Sirzechs-sama is something huge….!

“He just made a tiny cut on his arm. After that, he was battered into pieces. Right?”

Because of MacGregor-san’s unnecessary words, Beowulf-san gets teary eyes again.

“Man! Hime-sama was saying good stuff about me! For those who are seeing me for the first time, their image of me will be the worst!”

He seems to be an amusing [Pawn]-san. So in Sirzechs-sama’s group there is a person like him, who has high tension and who gets picked on huh.

“So Sirzechs-sama’s [Pawns] are Enku-san and Beowulf-san?”

Rias nods at my question. Hmm, so there are only two [Pawns].

“The [Queen] Grayfia-oneesama, the [Rooks] Surtr Second and Bahamoot, the [Bishop] MacGregor, the [Knight] Souji, the [Pawns] Enku and Beowulf; they are Onii-sama's servants.”

I see, so these are almost all the members, of the Lucifer group……

“Yeah that’s right, if it is about [Pawns] then just ask me! I will answer anything you want~, Wakagimi.”[14]

Beowulf-san who got his spirit back tells me confidently.

“Ah, yes. I will ask when the time comes.”

I replied. Hearing that, Surtr Second-san and MacGregor-san started laughing.

“You were ignored so simply! As we thought, it won’t be good with Beo! Gahahahahaha!”

Surtr Second-san started laughing out loud, and Beowulf-san started shivering because of enduring the embarrassment!

Huh!? Should I have replied with something better!? To me, that was the best way to reply…. Even if they drag me into this, I will also be troubled!

“I beg you! Beowulf-san! Osu!”. Should I have replied like that…..?

Okita-san makes a cough to fix the atmosphere and he then asks Rias.

“By the way, has Sirzechs-sama come here?”

“No, he hasn’t…… Did something happen?”

Hearing that, the four members of Lucifer group looked at each other, as if there is something going on. Okita-san continues.

“The truth is--”

There is a flashback, to the not too distant past.

Sirzechs-sama, who was enjoying his father-and-son time with Millicas-sama, suddenly asked his son.

[I may be able to take a day off. Millicas, do you want to play Satan Red with me?]

Satan Red of the “Maou squadron Satan Rangers”, who is Sirzechs-sama, enjoys playing with his son more than anything.

His son, Millicas, replied.

[No, Tou-sama. On the next day off, I’m going to Rias-neesama’s place! Under Ise-niisama and everyone else, I will be observing the living style of the Devils in Japan!]

Sirzechs-sama appeared to be very happy about it. He praised his son’s desire.

But for the answer to the next question, Sirzechs-sama…..

[Yes, that is a very significant thing. By the way Millicas. Satan Red and Oppai Dragon. Which one do you prefer?]

[I would have to say Oppai Dragon! The armour with so many variations looks really amazing! I also think the toys are very good!]


I easily imagined the scene, where Millicas-sama replied energetically and Sirzechs-sama freezes with a forced smile.

Since Millicas-sama started staying here, Sirzechs-sama goes out every time he has time off.

Apparently today, he also used the time off to go outside….

The members of Sirzechs group thought “Maybe Sirzechs-sama came here?”. But the Maou-sama himself is nowhere to be seen.


I then had chills, again. The sensation that I am being watched and can sense intense feelings being aimed at me! When I looked around…..I caught sight of something unnatural!

…….From the door of the training room, which is slightly opened, someone in a Tokusatsu Hero costume was gazing at me!

And I’m familiar with that appearance! Of course! The one who was looking at me from the door was…..Satan Red!

That’s Sirzechs-samaaaaaaa! And this chilling feeling! It’s the same one I felt at the baseball ground next to the river! Don’t tell me I was being watched by Satan Red back then as well!?

“…….Millicas……so you like Oppai Dragon more than Satan Red……”

His voice and existence were filled with sadness! Oooooooi! The Maou-sama is sad, while in the shadows, and wearing a Tokusatsu Hero’s costume!

Rias who is already aware of the identity of Satan Red, whispers in my ear.

“……He must be thinking that Millicas was taken by you, Ise. Geez….”

Rias was also troubled by her brother’s condition.

I see. So that feeling of being watched wasn’t that of hostility, but of a jealous father gazing at me because I was getting along with Millicas-sama! And that is while wearing Satan Red’s costume! So you were watching the sight of your adorable son, speaking to the Oppai Dragon, with sad eyes from afar during your time off!?

Surtr Second-san approaches Sirzechs-sama and tells him.

“Boss, there is only a choice of deciding who is the one at the top against Oppai Dragon you know? At this rate, you will have Bocchan taken away by Chichiryuutei.”

Please don’t tell him weird things! Please don’t make it worse!

“Master Sirzechs, this might be the time where you have to decide it. In front of Millicas-sama, I think you have to show that the grandness of a father is greater than the grandness of breasts!”

Even MacGregor-sama is saying weird things to his master! Also what is this greatness between the grandness of a father over grandness of breasts!

“Please give me a break! I don’t want to fight Satan Red again!”

“Ise-niisama! My father would be your opponent, but please do your best!”

So will the battle between me and Satan Red, happen again, here!? Whilst I was terrified at the prospect…..a light is drawn at the centre of the room and it creates a circle. It’s a magic circle and it is one that I know. This is…..the symbol of Gremory!

This timing and this magic circle! If that is the case, then it must be that person!

The light flashes and the one who appeared from the magic circle is the silver-haired maid! It’s Grayfia-saaaaaaaaan! I started to shed tears of joy at the arrival of my saviour, who can also be thought of as my Goddess!

At the appearance of Grayfia-san, all of the Lucifer group froze and their faces became blue. The one who hasn’t changed much is Okita-san, who is still smiling. Even Satan Red's body is shivering at the appearance of the strongest [Queen]!

Grayfia-san looks around the room. She looks at us, the Gremory Group, then looks at the Lucifer group with cold eyes and lastly she catches sight of Maou.

She takes a step forward. The grand huge body of Surtr Second-san twitches.

“…….What is the proud Lucifer group doing in a place like this……?”

Her words have intensity in them! Even if it isn’t directed at us, it’s scary! It’s too scary! Asia has teary eyes and even Xenovia has a stiff expression.

Beowulf approaches Grayfia-san and starts to give an excuse.

“T-This is….! Ane-san![15] We thought we should gather together as a group and have some good times!”

Grayfia-san directs her eyes filled with intensity at him!

“Yes, I am very sorry. Please punish me how ever you see fit.”

Beowulf-san knelt down and apologised! Man he is fast at changing!

“Damn you, Beo! You lost so easily! Boss lady! Coming to Hime-san’s place to greet her should be fine! And also for being Bocchan’s guards!”

The huge man Surtr Second started to give his excuses. But—

“If you are going, then tell me first. Going to people's houses without their confirmation is rude. This is the Hyoudou residence, not the House of Gremory. Also it is enough for Rias-ojousama and Ise-san, to be Millicas-sama’s guards.”

At her response, he can’t talk back, Surtr Second-san can only stay silent.

Lastly, Grayfia-san looks at Sirzechs-sama.

“Sirzechs-sama, for you to come to this town dressed like that while taking time off…… Please give me a good explanation for it.”

Grayfia-san now has some anger in her voice!

Satan Red comes forward, as if he made up his mind and stands across from Grayfia-san….he then kneels down.

“I’m sorry, it is my fault.”

--He lost!

The strongest Maou…..lost to his wife! I knew about it, but still this is.......

“Did you know Kaa-sama is the strongest?”

Millicas-sama has a big smile.

Yup, everyone nodded their heads at his words.

We went to see off Grayfia-san who is taking Sirzechs-sama with her.

“So then everyone, I will continue to leave Millicas-sama’s guard under your care. Millicas-sama, please make sure not to trouble everyone, until your return the day after tomorrow. Okay?”


Grayfia-san finally smiled after seeing her son's reply energetically. That was the face of a…mother.

After sending off Grayfia-san who disappeared within the lights of the magic circle, the only ones remaining were the Lucifer group.

To these people Grayfia-san said “All of you are important people in the Underworld, so please return together with Millicas-sama”, so they were allowed to stay here for a bit.

After that, the members of the Lucifer group decided to enjoy Japan while staying at a hotel in this town.

We enjoyed ourselves with Millicas-sama until the last moment of his stay.

We ate Japanese food together and we went shopping at the department store together. I felt that he was the same, as kids of his age, when he was being hyped about toys. He received a special lesson about 100 yen shops from Rossweisse-san and it appears he quite enjoyed himself.

During his stay, we had a bath together. It’s what you call a naked relation between men.

And so, on the day of our parting…..

The members of Lucifer group came to pick him up. Before giving our farewells, the huge man Surtr Second called me over using his hand. Next to us, Kiba was speaking with Okita-san……

“Oi, Sekiryuutei.”

“Y-Yes, what is it?”

When I approached him timidly, Surtr Second-san activates a small magic-circle on his palm and he makes something appear from there.

“I want to introduce something good to you.”

The thing which appeared in Surtr Second-san’s palm is…..something which looks like a toy sailing ship. It has a different form and design to airships and aeroplanes, but it looked like one of those ships which appear in a fantasy RPG.

“……W..What is this thing that looks like a radio-controlled toy?”

Yes, it seems like a radio-controlled device and has lots of detail, but I can only think of this as a toy. But the sailing ship starts to move by itself in the air!

It didn’t seem like Surtr Second-san moved it using his demonic power. Rather, I should say it seemed like it moved by itself……

As if he understood what went through my mind, Surtr Second-san smiles.

“This is a flying, magical sailing ship spoken of in the Norse world called Skithblathnir. It is also called a living sailing ship. It is a masterpiece created by the Ívaldi tribe who also created the Mjölnir for Thor. This is one of the boats. I obtained this under certain requirements. You know it’s quite rare? After all there are only a countable number of them in this world.”

A living airship! Amazing! So there are also things like this! The magical sailing ship which came from Norse mythology!

“It’s still a small sailing ship, and it’s like a toy. This thing is famous for evolving into different things by using the aura of its master as its source. How about it? Don’t you want to take this as your familiar?”


I also became shocked at the unexpected offer. I, make this my familiar?

“F…Familiar…..you say? This…….sailing ship?”

“Yeah, if it’s okay with you, I will let you have it. This is a present from me. After all, you use your own body to fight for the Underworld and boss Sirzechs. It’s obvious for you to at least take this.”

“I….If I’m allowed to take it, then yes please! After all I still don’t have a familiar…..”

Yeah, I still don’t have a familiar. The reason is because I couldn’t find the time and also because, I was still dragging the thing about Sura-taro and Shokushumaru.

Right now, when a familiar is necessary, Rias is supporting me.

“So will this turn into a huge airship when it grows?”

When I asked, the [Bishop] MacGregor-san answers me from the side.

“Yes, it would. Also the appearance after its growth will depend on its master’s aura and their imagination. With you who is the Sekiryuutei taking in unexpected growth and imagination, it might turn into a plane which hasn’t existed until now.”

Surtr Second-san says it while making a loud laugh.

“More like, you can use it for that. The story is you can make it into a flying harem palace. You are aiming to make a harem, right? Then you will need a harem palace. So that is where this comes in. With how you use it, you can make it into your flying harem palace. How is it? Are you excited?”

--! A flying harem palace!? So there are things like that!? I never saw it like that! Rather, I didn’t even imagine it like that! That’s right! If I’m aiming to become a Harem King, then I will have to prepare a harem palace! And if it's a flying harem palace, that'll be the best!

“Fufufu, putting the palace aside, it will also become a good thing for transporting in the future. Even in this state, it can still fly while carrying you, who is its master.”

MacGregor-san says.

A harem palace which can also be used as transportation! Man, this will be invincible then!

“I will happily take this!”

I was emotionally moved and I accepted his kindness! This is good! This is great! A living, flying harem palace! Gufufu! I will make it into a harem palace of my liking! I sure can’t stop thinking about it!

We were having such a conversation, but the time for parting with Millicas-sama finally came.

“Thanks for taking care of me. I enjoyed it very much! Can I come here to play again?”

At Millicas-sama’s question, everyone nodded their head and responded by saying “Come again!” with a smile. Seeing that, the crimson-haired boy showed an adorable smile.

“Come here again. Everyone thinks of you as their little brother, Millicas. Next time, maybe we should go to Kyoto together with everyone.”

Millicas-sama also nodded his head energetically at Rias’ words and said “Yeah!”.

“So then everyone, I will be looking forward to our next meeting.”

…..Bowing his head, Millicas-sama leaves together with the Lucifer group, after giving his farewell politely.

I…. ……..Yeah. I should say it. That boy……sought that from me. So then, I—

I took a deep breath, and released a huge voice.

“Millicas! Come again!”

I called the crimson-haired boy as he had desired, while putting my thumb up and gave my farewell to him with a smile!

“Ise-niisama! Please play with me again!”

Millicas-sama made a brighter face at the end.

Our little brother…..Millicas Gremory. Things like the sudden visit from the Lucifer group and the attack of Satan Red happened……but I want to have a fun daily life with that boy again!


It has been a while. I think it has become a compilation of short stories which went free-style once again.

Now then, here is the introduction to each short story!

[A Tokusatsu Devil] – Timeline: After Volume 5

The story about the show Serafall is broadcasting in the Underworld, “Magical☆Levia-tan”. Since it was a story before the coming of Oppai Dragon, I edited while feeling nostalgic. It is a rare story where Gasper also had the spotlight as the key character. If I think about it, maybe Gasper’s mysterious power has been released since this story.

[Ise SOS] – Timeline: After Volume 5

In terms of the story, it happened right after the “A Tokusatsu Devil”. It can also be said that it happened right before volume 6. This is the celebration short story since Dragon Magazine had “DxD” as the cover when this short story appeared. Abe-senpai the monster-tamer who has appeared in the main story appeared once again. Not only the snow Gorilla, but also a tuna with legs and Nagoya-kochin also appeared. By the way, the real beautiful mermaid appeared in a different short story. When I have a chance, I’m thinking of it being published on the compilation of short stories.

[The Disturbance of a Devil] – Timeline: After Volume 7

Rossweisse-san has finally joined! That’s what I thought but it seemed like it was a short story where Kiba became the key character……

Kiba can’t appear on the “DxD” cover because he is a man. If that is the case, then won’t he be able to appear if he turns into a girl!? I wrote this story with that being the trigger for it. Since he is handsome, he turns into a beautiful girl when he changes into a woman. On top of that he has huge oppai!

By the way there was a short story where the girls turned into handsome guys. You can say that it was a story before this one. Unfortunately it wasn’t compiled in this.

[The Unresurrected Phoenix] – Timeline: After Volume 8

The Raiser resurrection story which has been mentioned several times in the main story. Raiser who lost to Ise and having Rias taken away. It was a trace story until Raiser’s recovery. …..Well it means he recovered because he was also a big pervert. A yakitori who is somewhat a bit popular from the readers.

[Armageddon at Sports Day!] – Timeline: After Volume 8

I have written quite a number of short stories until now, but this is one of the story which is among the top in terms of chaos. Michael and others from Heaven made a rare appearance. I added the part of Uriel’s appearance for this short story compilation. I will make Raphael appear for a bit when I see the time. The biggest swirl of this story was about Azazel who had a black history behind him. The majority of the artificial Sacred Gears came from his “8th Grade Syndrome”.

[The Worry of the Next-Next Heir-sama] – Timeline: After Volume 12

A new written story. The timeline for it is after volume 12 and it is a completely new story. While having Millicas who is the son of Sirzechs and Grayfia in the spotlight, I wrote about the peaceful Hyoudou residence after what happened in volume 12. It was stated in the story, but in terms of talent Millicas-kun has the best potential by far in this series. Most likely by the time he becomes the same age as Ise and others, he would turn out into an incredible devil. What can I say since people around him are incredible people like his mom and dad, and Ise who would become his Uncle (Planned). So the environment he is living in is insane.

I don’t know after how many years it will be, but after “DxD” ends, I am having an imagination of wanting to write a story about him who is all grown up as the main character attending the school in the Underworld.

I have explained about the [Brave Saints] for the first time in this series. The main card games is used as its system. Not only Poker and Blackjack, but maybe it has a trait of other major card games……

From the card settings, there might be those who are wondering about the existence of the other trump card……-the extra Joker. I will explain about that in the next occasion, so please wait for it while not holding too much anticipation for it.

Now for the Lucifer group.

The members of the Lucifer group have finally made their appearance! I received so many words about people wanting me to make them appear, so I made them appear in the new written story for this short story compilation. They are all monstrously strong.

The amazing members are the [Queen] Grayfia, the [Rook] Surtr Second (Mutation Piece), the [Rook] Glowing Fish of the Deep Sea Bahamoot, the [Knight] Okita Souji, the [Bishop] MacGregor Matthers, the [Pawn] Enku, and the [Pawn] Beowulf. Unexpectedly there isn’t a single person who has a Sacred Gear. I think there are those who are unsure of Beowulf’s strength since he made a pathetic appearance, but that guy has quite the strength as a descendant of a Hero. Thinking that he doesn’t have a Sacred Gear, he still has shocking strength. He has a fame as a support type, and he unleashes his true strength when he does a combination with other group members.

Well, more than that Surtr Second has unreal specs…… If he had fought properly, Jabberwocky would have been defeated immediately. It is the truth that he is the strongest [Rook].

Bahamoot mainly does things like searching for the enemy, being used as a transport method for the group and to wipe the grunts. It is also insanely strong by itself. MacGregor is in the Prohibited-class for each type of magic (White, Black, Norse, Summon, and Seirei), and he is the leading person in the research for the forbidden-techniques.

Now for my own reflections I made lately.

I tend to forget to explain the details of the setting during the story when I think a lot about it, and as a result there are many cases where I get troubled by it. For example, I should have explained about how Kiba was able to create the holy sword much earlier (I had it as a setting much earlier but since his holy demonic sword is more powerful than the holy sword he can create, there wasn’t a scene where I could make it in action) and also lately about Śakra’s strength. In volume 12, I wrote that “He has the power that is equal to the whole Yondai-Maou together”, but I received several questions from readers who read this and asked me “Is that the comparison when you include Sirzechs in his true form?”. The true Sirzechs and the serious Ajuka (who haven’t appeared in the story) isn’t included in the comparison. If Śakra is stronger than the Yondai-Maou when you include Sirzechs' true form, then the power influenza will be go off.

So that’s about it for the introduction of each story and my reflections.

Unfortunately there were several stories which weren’t included.

The story about how the Church trio goes to Akihabara and gets culture shock, and the story about Ise losing his pervertness by being hit by a laser from a mysterious UFO.

Now, from here is about my poor writing skills. For this volume, I received 12 pages to do my afterword, so I’m thinking of filling it up. When it becomes a Blu-ray bundled volume, there is a chosen page numbers allowed for both the limited and normal edition, so it can’t be neither too short or long. Since the story didn’t have that much pages this time, the afterword became longer instead.

Now for the first part. Growth? Change? It’s about those things.

When I compare the short stories which were published in the beginning and the ones I am writing now, you can see quite the differences. I read “A Tokusatsu Devil” and “Ise SOS” once again because it would be included in this volume and……I was shocked that there were so many lacking descriptions and sentences. Instead my writing style changed from “The Disturbance of a Devil”. I have changed and altered many things but maybe all of you haven’t noticed it, but as the author I am shocked at my own change. Is this growth? Or is it a change?

Even my editor-san in charge said “Lately the way you write has settled down or rather you became used to writing”. I don’t think I’m that good….but maybe I have gotten quite better than before.

Second point regarding the anime.

Because of quite the support of the fans, it became quite a popular hit. Not just the light novel team but all of the anime staff were also shocked. I thank you very much for the support!

Since when it was decided to get an anime, the light novel team (Miyama-san, the editor-san in charge and I) had many things we needed to do, so I wrote many things related to “DxD”. That is still continuing while I am writing this afterword. Instead, I am in a busy situation since I got my work to do after the anime ended.

About the time during anime production, it was something I feel very honoured about, but I also participated in the anime planning (a meeting related to the script things related to series) meeting every week.

The meeting was always peaceful at the beginning and the end, and I was shocked about how much the staff understood the light novel. I really was blessed with a good staff. I was lucky.

I was also allowed to do a check on storyboard, and I was asked to speak my opinion about whether it is good or bad by comparing it with the light novel. I really can’t express my gratitude since the all of the staff took in the opinion of me, the author.

The anime production was while getting the fans of the light novel and also getting new fans. As a result, it was fortunate that it satisfied many fans of this light novel, and there were many of those who started reading this because of the anime. Most likely, more than half of the readers are those who started reading it because of the anime. That’s how much effect the anime had. And my job was also to write the script of the Drama CD and the special novel for the Blu-ray and DVD.

Main story → Short story → Drama CD script → Checking anime-related things → Special novels for the Blu-ray/DVD → Checking anime-related things → Script for the Drama CD → A bit of my comment → A bit of comment and check → Checking anime-related things → Main story → Short story → Script for the Drama CD → Checking the anime-related things → Special novels for the Blu-ray/DVD → Short story → Checking anime-related things → Short-short → etc.etc…..

That was the state I was in. Even now I am having a lifestyle where I am writing things related to DxD. I don’t even know how many times I typed the word “Oppai”.

The truth is I was in charge of couple of the anime PV. It was fun!

Third point, the character’s popularity.

Before I said that Ise’s popularity is ranked 3rd in the afterword, but right now the one ranked first is the main heroine Rias. The anime had a major influence on it, and before the airing of the anime Akeno was ranked 1st and Rias was ranked 2nd. But the anime concentrated on Rias, so Rias progressed to the most popular. It seems like it is very rare thing for the main heroine to become the most popular in a harem genre like this, and that also proves how much Rias is loved by the readers. So thank you very much!

She is the [King], the mother, and the big sister of the group. And she is also the “Switch Princess”. Maybe she was able to gain popularity easily because she has many roles and because she is the one leading the group. So like that, the top 3 popular characters are Rias, Akeno, and then Ise. Rather, the early members have high popularity. What is more shocking is that the male characters are also popular.

Fourth point, the parts I am fixing.

The wrong words and the missing words which was due to the timeline has been fixed. The biggest one I made is on the first publishment of volume 5 which is about the ring in Ise’s wrist. Normally the flow of the story would have been smooth if the ring was on his left wrist which is the hand with the gauntlet but I typed in “right wrist”. As a result, I troubled Miyama-Zero-san and made the ring appear on his right wrist on the illustration…. This is completely my mistake. I am very sorry. The republished prints of the book should have been fixed to “the wrist”.

The other one I was notified by the other readers are the part where Azazel explained about “Ddraig is worth 7.9 and Ise is worth 0.1”. You can’t understand it, right!? I fixed it to “7.9 chess pieces”. And also about the “the Miko from the temple”. In other volumes it is written as “the Miko from the shrine”, but only that part has it as “the Miko from the temple”. There are no Mikos in a temple! I also fixed this in the latest print. I am also fixing other parts.

So everyone, please try finding the parts which has been fixed.

Fifth point, the questions I receive a lot from the readers.

I received many support letters and questions from the readers. So I am thinking of answering several of those asked often here. The question I received a lot is this one.

“Who would be among the top 10 strongest in the world that Vali was speaking about in volume 4?”

It was even written in the message that the fans are also debating about this. …..Seems like everyone are interested in it. I do have the setting of it just in case, so I will announce it here. Of course it is a DxD original ranking.

In no particular order Ophis, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Śakra, Thor, Typhon (Or Fenrir), Hades, Aten, and Lugh.

That’s how it is. Great Red isn’t included because it is a creature who basically doesn’t fight (I get many claim that this isn’t true!), and it is the ranking before Ophis and Fenrir lost their powers. What you will have to pay attention to are the Hindu mythology which hasn’t appeared in the series yet. Well, those who know about their mythology know it, but the Hindu Gods all have cheat-like abilities. If I make them appear in DxD, it will turn out like the battle in Dragon Ball, so I controlled myself. The Hindu mythology will be placed in the higher ranks of the Top-10 strongest that Vali spoke about. It truly is terrifying. If DxD continues to go on for much longer, I’m thinking of doing “The Destruction God Shiva arc” as a last resort. So I have no plan to make them appear until then. By the way the true Sirzechs and the serious Ajuka will be placed among the ranks.

The question I received the second most.

“Will Kunou and other girls that have appeared become Ise’s servant?”

Those girls who are not allowed to become a devil due to their position probably won’t. Kunou is the princess of the youkai faction in the Kyoto. There is no way that she can become a devil. But I think they can become his girlfriends even without becoming his servants, you know? There are things like local wives, after all.

Now for the thanks. Miyama-sama, Supervisor-H-sama, I really have been under your cares also including the releases of the short stories. All of the illustrations by Miyama-san hasn’t been included! If we can release a DxD illustration collection then it seems like we can republish all the illustrations, but maybe we need the calls of the fans for this…..? I myself also want the illustration collection book! I am also eagerly planning to write a new short story which you can only read there! So how about we release “High School DxD Miyama-Zero Illustration Collection Vol.1”, Fujimi Shobo?

Lastly about the next volume! Finally the opening of the fourth story arc! Like my advance notice, I will be digging in into the settings of magicians and vampires first. And volume 14 will have Ravel as the main!

The girls will be in action even more. Since the guys had too much screen time in volume 12, the girls will be on the offensive after reflecting back on it. Will Xenovia and Irina who got a harsh comment have their comeback!? What about the training for Asia and Koneko!? Look forward to fourth story arc!

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Trading Card Game. Also known as TCG
  2. Grilled chicken, Japanese type of skewered chicken.
  3. Nagoya cochin: Japanese native bred chicken.
  4. Yakitori-sensei (ヤキトリ先生): This is the nickname of Ishibumi’s friend and fellow author, Dairaku Kenta. Dairaku Kenta is also a light novel author who also publishes his work in Fujimi Shobo under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label. He is currently the author of the light novel “BIG‐4”. Ironically, even though his name is Yakitori-sensei, he doesn’t like yakitori that much.
  5. Tasogare-iro no Utatsukai (黄昏色の詠使い): It is translated as “The User(Singer) of the Colour of Dusk”. This is a light novel title which was published by Fujimi Shobo between 2007 and 2009. In total there are 10 volumes.
  6. Siscon: Sister complex.
  7. Japanese for Prince
  8. Japanese way to say Princess
  9. Japanese way to call their young master.
  10. Alternative name for Bahamut
  11. Hyakki Yakkou can be translated as “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”. In this case it means that Okita Souji, can have One Hundred monsters appear from his body and go forward.
  12. A swordsmanship style that was commonly used by the core members of the Shinsengumi, including Okita Souji.
  13. Waka is the way people refer to a young man, in a high position, in Japanese. It can also mean prince.
  14. A different way to say Waka. This time it literally means prince.
  15. Japanese way to refer to a female who is superior to you, which is commonly used in yakuza films

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