High School DxD:Volume 13 Afterword

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It has been a while. I think it has become a compilation of short stories which went free-style once again.

Now then, here is the introduction to each short story!

[A Tokusatsu Devil] – Timeline: After Volume 5

The story about the show Serafall is broadcasting in the Underworld, “Magical☆Levia-tan”. Since it was a story before the coming of Oppai Dragon, I edited while feeling nostalgic. It is a rare story where Gasper also had the spotlight as the key character. If I think about it, maybe Gasper’s mysterious power has been released since this story.

[Ise SOS] – Timeline: After Volume 5

In terms of the story, it happened right after the “A Tokusatsu Devil”. It can also be said that it happened right before volume 6. This is the celebration short story since Dragon Magazine had “DxD” as the cover when this short story appeared. Abe-senpai the monster-tamer who has appeared in the main story appeared once again. Not only the snow Gorilla, but also a tuna with legs and Nagoya-kochin also appeared. By the way, the real beautiful mermaid appeared in a different short story. When I have a chance, I’m thinking of it being published on the compilation of short stories.

[The Disturbance of a Devil] – Timeline: After Volume 7

Rossweisse-san has finally joined! That’s what I thought but it seemed like it was a short story where Kiba became the key character……

Kiba can’t appear on the “DxD” cover because he is a man. If that is the case, then won’t he be able to appear if he turns into a girl!? I wrote this story with that being the trigger for it. Since he is handsome, he turns into a beautiful girl when he changes into a woman. On top of that he has huge oppai!

By the way there was a short story where the girls turned into handsome guys. You can say that it was a story before this one. Unfortunately it wasn’t compiled in this.

[The Unresurrected Phoenix] – Timeline: After Volume 8

The Raiser resurrection story which has been mentioned several times in the main story. Raiser who lost to Ise and having Rias taken away. It was a trace story until Raiser’s recovery. …..Well it means he recovered because he was also a big pervert. A yakitori who is somewhat a bit popular from the readers.

[Armageddon at Sports Day!] – Timeline: After Volume 8

I have written quite a number of short stories until now, but this is one of the story which is among the top in terms of chaos. Michael and others from Heaven made a rare appearance. I added the part of Uriel’s appearance for this short story compilation. I will make Raphael appear for a bit when I see the time. The biggest swirl of this story was about Azazel who had a black history behind him. The majority of the artificial Sacred Gears came from his “8th Grade Syndrome”.

[The Worry of the Next-Next Heir-sama] – Timeline: After Volume 12

A new written story. The timeline for it is after volume 12 and it is a completely new story. While having Millicas who is the son of Sirzechs and Grayfia in the spotlight, I wrote about the peaceful Hyoudou residence after what happened in volume 12. It was stated in the story, but in terms of talent Millicas-kun has the best potential by far in this series. Most likely by the time he becomes the same age as Ise and others, he would turn out into an incredible devil. What can I say since people around him are incredible people like his mom and dad, and Ise who would become his Uncle (Planned). So the environment he is living in is insane.

I don’t know after how many years it will be, but after “DxD” ends, I am having an imagination of wanting to write a story about him who is all grown up as the main character attending the school in the Underworld.

I have explained about the [Brave Saints] for the first time in this series. The main card games is used as its system. Not only Poker and Blackjack, but maybe it has a trait of other major card games……

From the card settings, there might be those who are wondering about the existence of the other trump card……-the extra Joker. I will explain about that in the next occasion, so please wait for it while not holding too much anticipation for it.

Now for the Lucifer group.

The members of the Lucifer group have finally made their appearance! I received so many words about people wanting me to make them appear, so I made them appear in the new written story for this short story compilation. They are all monstrously strong.

The amazing members are the [Queen] Grayfia, the [Rook] Surtr Second (Mutation Piece), the [Rook] Glowing Fish of the Deep Sea Bahamoot, the [Knight] Okita Souji, the [Bishop] MacGregor Matthers, the [Pawn] Enku, and the [Pawn] Beowulf. Unexpectedly there isn’t a single person who has a Sacred Gear. I think there are those who are unsure of Beowulf’s strength since he made a pathetic appearance, but that guy has quite the strength as a descendant of a Hero. Thinking that he doesn’t have a Sacred Gear, he still has shocking strength. He has a fame as a support type, and he unleashes his true strength when he does a combination with other group members.

Well, more than that Surtr Second has unreal specs…… If he had fought properly, Jabberwocky would have been defeated immediately. It is the truth that he is the strongest [Rook].

Bahamoot mainly does things like searching for the enemy, being used as a transport method for the group and to wipe the grunts. It is also insanely strong by itself. MacGregor is in the Prohibited-class for each type of magic (White, Black, Norse, Summon, and Seirei), and he is the leading person in the research for the forbidden-techniques.

Now for my own reflections I made lately.

I tend to forget to explain the details of the setting during the story when I think a lot about it, and as a result there are many cases where I get troubled by it. For example, I should have explained about how Kiba was able to create the holy sword much earlier (I had it as a setting much earlier but since his holy demonic sword is more powerful than the holy sword he can create, there wasn’t a scene where I could make it in action) and also lately about Śakra’s strength. In volume 12, I wrote that “He has the power that is equal to the whole Yondai-Maou together”, but I received several questions from readers who read this and asked me “Is that the comparison when you include Sirzechs in his true form?”. The true Sirzechs and the serious Ajuka (who haven’t appeared in the story) isn’t included in the comparison. If Śakra is stronger than the Yondai-Maou when you include Sirzechs' true form, then the power influenza will be go off.

So that’s about it for the introduction of each story and my reflections.

Unfortunately there were several stories which weren’t included.

The story about how the Church trio goes to Akihabara and gets culture shock, and the story about Ise losing his pervertness by being hit by a laser from a mysterious UFO.

Now, from here is about my poor writing skills. For this volume, I received 12 pages to do my afterword, so I’m thinking of filling it up. When it becomes a Blu-ray bundled volume, there is a chosen page numbers allowed for both the limited and normal edition, so it can’t be neither too short or long. Since the story didn’t have that much pages this time, the afterword became longer instead.

Now for the first part. Growth? Change? It’s about those things.

When I compare the short stories which were published in the beginning and the ones I am writing now, you can see quite the differences. I read “A Tokusatsu Devil” and “Ise SOS” once again because it would be included in this volume and……I was shocked that there were so many lacking descriptions and sentences. Instead my writing style changed from “The Disturbance of a Devil”. I have changed and altered many things but maybe all of you haven’t noticed it, but as the author I am shocked at my own change. Is this growth? Or is it a change?

Even my editor-san in charge said “Lately the way you write has settled down or rather you became used to writing”. I don’t think I’m that good….but maybe I have gotten quite better than before.

Second point regarding the anime.

Because of quite the support of the fans, it became quite a popular hit. Not just the light novel team but all of the anime staff were also shocked. I thank you very much for the support!

Since when it was decided to get an anime, the light novel team (Miyama-san, the editor-san in charge and I) had many things we needed to do, so I wrote many things related to “DxD”. That is still continuing while I am writing this afterword. Instead, I am in a busy situation since I got my work to do after the anime ended.

About the time during anime production, it was something I feel very honoured about, but I also participated in the anime planning (a meeting related to the script things related to series) meeting every week.

The meeting was always peaceful at the beginning and the end, and I was shocked about how much the staff understood the light novel. I really was blessed with a good staff. I was lucky.

I was also allowed to do a check on storyboard, and I was asked to speak my opinion about whether it is good or bad by comparing it with the light novel. I really can’t express my gratitude since the all of the staff took in the opinion of me, the author.

The anime production was while getting the fans of the light novel and also getting new fans. As a result, it was fortunate that it satisfied many fans of this light novel, and there were many of those who started reading this because of the anime. Most likely, more than half of the readers are those who started reading it because of the anime. That’s how much effect the anime had. And my job was also to write the script of the Drama CD and the special novel for the Blu-ray and DVD.

Main story → Short story → Drama CD script → Checking anime-related things → Special novels for the Blu-ray/DVD → Checking anime-related things → Script for the Drama CD → A bit of my comment → A bit of comment and check → Checking anime-related things → Main story → Short story → Script for the Drama CD → Checking the anime-related things → Special novels for the Blu-ray/DVD → Short story → Checking anime-related things → Short-short → etc.etc…..

That was the state I was in. Even now I am having a lifestyle where I am writing things related to DxD. I don’t even know how many times I typed the word “Oppai”.

The truth is I was in charge of couple of the anime PV. It was fun!

Third point, the character’s popularity.

Before I said that Ise’s popularity is ranked 3rd in the afterword, but right now the one ranked first is the main heroine Rias. The anime had a major influence on it, and before the airing of the anime Akeno was ranked 1st and Rias was ranked 2nd. But the anime concentrated on Rias, so Rias progressed to the most popular. It seems like it is very rare thing for the main heroine to become the most popular in a harem genre like this, and that also proves how much Rias is loved by the readers. So thank you very much!

She is the [King], the mother, and the big sister of the group. And she is also the “Switch Princess”. Maybe she was able to gain popularity easily because she has many roles and because she is the one leading the group. So like that, the top 3 popular characters are Rias, Akeno, and then Ise. Rather, the early members have high popularity. What is more shocking is that the male characters are also popular.

Fourth point, the parts I am fixing.

The wrong words and the missing words which was due to the timeline has been fixed. The biggest one I made is on the first publishment of volume 5 which is about the ring in Ise’s wrist. Normally the flow of the story would have been smooth if the ring was on his left wrist which is the hand with the gauntlet but I typed in “right wrist”. As a result, I troubled Miyama-Zero-san and made the ring appear on his right wrist on the illustration…. This is completely my mistake. I am very sorry. The republished prints of the book should have been fixed to “the wrist”.

The other one I was notified by the other readers are the part where Azazel explained about “Ddraig is worth 7.9 and Ise is worth 0.1”. You can’t understand it, right!? I fixed it to “7.9 chess pieces”. And also about the “the Miko from the temple”. In other volumes it is written as “the Miko from the shrine”, but only that part has it as “the Miko from the temple”. There are no Mikos in a temple! I also fixed this in the latest print. I am also fixing other parts.

So everyone, please try finding the parts which has been fixed.

Fifth point, the questions I receive a lot from the readers.

I received many support letters and questions from the readers. So I am thinking of answering several of those asked often here. The question I received a lot is this one.

“Who would be among the top 10 strongest in the world that Vali was speaking about in volume 4?”

It was even written in the message that the fans are also debating about this. …..Seems like everyone are interested in it. I do have the setting of it just in case, so I will announce it here. Of course it is a DxD original ranking.

In no particular order Ophis, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Śakra, Thor, Typhon (Or Fenrir), Hades, Aten, and Lugh.

That’s how it is. Great Red isn’t included because it is a creature who basically doesn’t fight (I get many claim that this isn’t true!), and it is the ranking before Ophis and Fenrir lost their powers. What you will have to pay attention to are the Hindu mythology which hasn’t appeared in the series yet. Well, those who know about their mythology know it, but the Hindu Gods all have cheat-like abilities. If I make them appear in DxD, it will turn out like the battle in Dragon Ball, so I controlled myself. The Hindu mythology will be placed in the higher ranks of the Top-10 strongest that Vali spoke about. It truly is terrifying. If DxD continues to go on for much longer, I’m thinking of doing “The Destruction God Shiva arc” as a last resort. So I have no plan to make them appear until then. By the way the true Sirzechs and the serious Ajuka will be placed among the ranks.

The question I received the second most.

“Will Kunou and other girls that have appeared become Ise’s servant?”

Those girls who are not allowed to become a devil due to their position probably won’t. Kunou is the princess of the youkai faction in the Kyoto. There is no way that she can become a devil. But I think they can become his girlfriends even without becoming his servants, you know? There are things like local wives, after all.

Now for the thanks. Miyama-sama, Supervisor-H-sama, I really have been under your cares also including the releases of the short stories. All of the illustrations by Miyama-san hasn’t been included! If we can release a DxD illustration collection then it seems like we can republish all the illustrations, but maybe we need the calls of the fans for this…..? I myself also want the illustration collection book! I am also eagerly planning to write a new short story which you can only read there! So how about we release “High School DxD Miyama-Zero Illustration Collection Vol.1”, Fujimi Shobo?

Lastly about the next volume! Finally the opening of the fourth story arc! Like my advance notice, I will be digging in into the settings of magicians and vampires first. And volume 14 will have Ravel as the main!

The girls will be in action even more. Since the guys had too much screen time in volume 12, the girls will be on the offensive after reflecting back on it. Will Xenovia and Irina who got a harsh comment have their comeback!? What about the training for Asia and Koneko!? Look forward to fourth story arc!

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