High School DxD:Volume 13 Extra Life

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Extra Life. The Worry of the Next-Next Heir-sama[edit]

Part 1[edit]

In the morning of a weekend, after the chaos caused by an army of monsters in the Underworld…..

After breakfast, I was shocked to see the person who came to visit my house.

“It’s been awhile, everyone. It is I, Millicas Gremory.”

A crimson-haired boy with a bag on his back came to visit! Millicas Gremory-sama! The only son of the Maou Sirzechs-sama and his wife, who is the strongest [Queen], Grayfia-san! For the House of Gremory, he is the next heir after Rias. A real Prince! An Ouji-sama! [1]

He visited while doing a proper introduction.

I did hear from Rias beforehand that a guest would be coming to visit from the House of Gremory…..

But I never thought it would be Millicas-sama. I thought it would either be Sirzechs-sama or Grayfia-san.

After introducing himself to my parents in the living room, we moved up to the VIP room.

It’s been awhile since I last met him, but his introduction and actions are filled with elegance; he really is showing how rich boys who have been raised properly should act! Also his clothes are noble attire for children!

He looks like an intelligent child like always. When I was a kid I wore a T-shirt and shorts, while running around this area like an idiot with my mates….. My parents also spoke about the past where I didn’t even know the letter “S” for study.

“Here is your black tea. Any sugar? If I remember, you always have two teaspoons of sugar, right?”

Akeno-san was giving tea to Millicas-sama.

“Yes, thank you, Akeno-neesama.”

Ah, so he can’t drink black tea without sugar. I’m relieved that he has a childish side to him. Also he calls Akeno-san “Akeno-neesama”, huh? Well, she is the eldest member among Rias’ group, and she has interacted with Millicas-sama more than any of us.

Our group and Irina gathered in the VIP room. Kiba and Gasper also came after we called them. Millicas-sama isn’t nervous at all, even though he is surrounded by us, who are older than him. To be expected from the son of a Maou.

When Millicas-sama looked at Rias, Rias nods with a smile. Seeing that, Millicas-sama spoke.

“I came here today to be under Rias-neesama and everyone in the group, for observation.”

“Observation? Observing……what?”

I asked after finding it weird. Then Millicas-sama says with a smile, while putting his body forward.

“Yes! I came here because I wanted to see the ways of Devils in the human world!”

The ways in the human world…. He wants to……observe that?

Rias stood up and stood behind Millicas-sama while resting her hands on his shoulder.

“That’s how it is. There will be a time when Millicas makes his own group and makes a pact with humans. This boy knows this himself very well, but he said he wants to actually see the Devils that are living in the human world. Right?”

“Yes! I want to see from up close the living style of everyone here, who are famous in the Underworld!”

So that’s how it is. The next, next heir-sama is interested in the ways of Devils at such a young age….. I will repeat myself but I didn’t think about my future when I was a kid, you know? I think I was thinking about women’s breasts the whole time. Ah, that’s still the same even now.

I haven’t chaaaanged! I haven’t changed even a bit! Hearing the words of the intelligent Millicas-sama, I could only cry at the reality of myself not changing at all!

“It’s like that, so for several days from now, let’s live together with him. Everyone, please take care of him.”

“Please take care of me.”

[Let’s get along.]

Everyone also replied to Millicas-sama. There’s no reason to decline him. Rias’ important nephew! He’s also the important boy of the House of Gremory! It’s a good opportunity, so I will open up to him!

“Akeno-neesama, please take care of me from today.”

Millicas-sama says and bows his head to Akeno-senpai.

“Ara ara. It’s Millicas-kun’s wish after all. I have no problem with it.”

Akeno-san also responds with a smile. She has an expression which tells me she adores Millicas-sama very much.

Millicas-sama also looks at Asia.

“I heard from Rias-neesama that Asia-neesama is someone who is like a little sister to Rias-neesama. If that’s the case, then Asia-neesama is neesama to me as well!”

Hearing that, Asia opens her mouth. She must have heard something she didn’t see coming. She was having a hard time responding…..but she says, while being deeply moved and shivering.

“Oh my…..what should I do, Ise-san! Having the son of Maou-sama call me “Onee-sama” is too much for me, but I feel very happy!”

I think I understand how she feels. When I was also called “Ise-niisama” by Millicas-sama, it was too much for someone like me with low status but, I also felt joy.

“You can be happy about it sincerely. Then Millicas-sama, what do you think about Xenovia and Irina over here?”

I made Millicas-sama take his interest on the remaining two members of the Church trio.

“Oh, this sure makes me nervous. So what does the son of a Maou think about me?”

“Even an Angel like me is really keen to hear it, despite being nervous!”

Xenovia and Irina fixed their posture, which is a rare thing, as they were waiting for the words of the boy with crimson hair.

“Yes, Xenovia-san is a holy sword wielder, correct? I also watched the Rating Game. You looked really amazing when you defeated the opponent with absolute power!”

Hearing Millicas-sama’s praises, Xenovia nods her head confidently.

“Fufufu, you sure understand it very well.”

However, Millicas-sama continues.

“But since you hold many abilities for the holy sword, I think you would be able to fight as a technique-type by using a few more of the traits of your holy sword. For example, cutting down your opponent without them realising it, by using the Transparency sword and also using the Mimic sword as a camouflage, while you charge up a huge amount of aura and I think it might be good using the Transparency sword and Mimic sword at the same time! ……..Even if your power is strong, people would research about it after a while. It’s not like you will always have Gasper-san’s support, like in the Bael match. To not let that happen, you have to--”

…….Millicas-sama started to talk about her bad points. It’s quite accurate and he’s talking about the parts which would make Xenovia hurt! Xenovia who is a power-type [Knight] looks even smaller, after being told off by a small child about the same thing other group members always tell her!

“Y..Yeah…..I will……be careful from now……”

She’s in shock! Xenovia’s face looks gloomy!

“Please say more. I thank you very much.”

Kiba is crying with joy at Millicas-sama’s words with tearful eyes! Lately Kiba was going on about the “importance of a technique-type” during the battles. Xenovia laughed that off by saying “I can just blow those things away, by increasing my power further with training”, but it seems like she’s in pain after hearing that today.

Hearing comments about Xenovia who is her friend, Irina nods her head strongly.

“Ufufu, looks like Xenovia received accurate remarks from Millicas-sama! You have to be careful from now, okay? So, what do you think about me?”

Irina points at and asks about herself. Millicas-sama says it with a smile.

High school dxd v13 001.jpg

“Yes! You are the “self-proclaimed Angel", correct!? I have heard rumours about you!”

“It’s not self-proclaimed! I am a real Angel!”

Irina protests with tearful eyes! Yes, lately Irina has been called the “self-proclaimed Angel”, by people related to her. W…Well, she always says “I’m an Angel!” with confidence. It can’t be helped if people who have doubts about her being an Angel, call her “self-proclaimed”….

I was told that rather than acting individually, a reincarnated Angel can use their actual traits more efficiently by working as a group. The [Brave Saints] system which Heaven created by using the idea of [Evil Pieces], is the twelve cards which each of the Seraph and High-level Angels have to use, to make people reincarnate into an Angel (It seems like each High-level Angel chooses the "suit" of their liking. Though the ones with a fixed "suit" are Michael-san with Spades, Gabriel-san with Hearts, Raphael-san with Clubs and Uriel-san with Diamonds). They say that mostly humans have reincarnated. Unlike Devils who choose by strength regardless of species, Heaven chooses and reincarnates those who are strong followers and who are very talented as their main targets.

The [Brave Saints] system, just like the traits of each of the chess pieces of the [Evil Pieces], has a special ability of their own. Those were based on card games, for example “Black Jack”.

Each suit gather reincarnated Angels and then make it 21. For example, each suit prepares reincarnated Angels with the number 4, 6, and 10 and if they make them team up with the Ace(1) Irina and cooperate with her, they say that they would be able to unleash overwhelming power.

Also, they added in the Poker’s system as well. The five High-level Angels or Seraphs who are the Kings, gathers representing their cards from Ace to Queen and by forming a ‘hand’ it will give birth to a certain power. The good point is that this will not only work amongst the ones in the same group but also with other groups, which will make it possible for teamwork with other groups(Of course the effect will be stronger if it is within the same group).

I heard that when they get a “Royal Straight Flush”, the power is unbelievable. The interesting part is that it’s similar to the Devil’s reincarnating system, but also different.

Also the trump card, known as the Joker doesn’t belong to any group, but has the role of the Joker for the whole of Heaven. I heard just like in a card game, it is a powerful card with many roles.

Sensei also said if there was a Rating Game among the Devils and Angels with different systems, it will be heated up to the extreme. I can’t even imagine what kind of match it would turn out to be.

So maybe Irina who has no role if she’s by herself can’t say anything if someone calls her a “self-proclaimed Angel”. W-Well, Irina is also getting a lot stronger so I think she is capable of fighting by herself.

“I still haven’t given my formal introduction yet. I am the [Rook] Rossweisse, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Rossweisse-san gave a formal introduction. Oh yeah. Rossweisse-san who became the last member to join, basically hasn’t met Millicas-sama at all. She has been in the same place as him and has seen his face, but I think this is her first time introducing herself to him face-to-face.

“Yes, you are Rossweisse-san correct? My Kaa-sama told me. She said that Rossweisse-san is a wonderful woman who can take care of things herself! I think it would be great if I can learn good things from Rossweisse-san!”

Hearing that, Rossweisse-san strokes her hair while being confident in herself.

“Fufufu, so Grayfia-sama has such an opinion about me. I feel very honoured about this. So people who take a good look at me really understand me. Very well! Millicas-kun, I will teach you about self-management! First, let’s go to a 100 yen shop after this! I will teach you the beauty of Japan, there!”

Stop! Don’t teach the goodness of Japan at a 100 yen shop! No, a 100 yen shop is indeed convenient and good, but please stop teaching him the good parts of Japan over there! He'll have a misunderstanding!

I have heard about Grayfia-san’s opinion towards Rossweisse-san before. But Grayfia-san doesn’t know that Rossweisse-san is a “100 yen shop Valkyrie” and that she is really unfortunate! It’s a bad influence to teach weird knowledge to Millicas-sama who is so pure! He is the son of a Maou you know!? It'll be a big problem if he learns all the things about this woman’s side of being poor!

I couldn’t finish all my opinion about this, so I took a breath and ask Rias.

“Millicas-sama will be staying at my house to observe the living style of us, who live in Japan…… That’s how it is right?”

Rias nods.

“Yes, it might trouble you, Otou-sama, and Okaa-sama, but please do take care of him.”

“That won’t be a problem. Dad and mum did give a warm welcome just before.”

Yeah. The moment dad and mum saw Millicas-sama….

“Oh my, how adorable! Rias-san’s nephew!”

“So this is Sirzechs-san’s son~. He’s really different from Ise when he was small. It must be because of the environment and the way we raised him….. This makes me realise once again, that our teaching wasn’t good, right Kaa-san?”

“Yes, very true. Because we didn’t raise him properly, our son……became something…..like this…….who is an embodiment of sexual desire…..!”

It seems they were having regrets when they compared Millicas-sama and me, when I was a kid. Mum is even crying out while putting her hand on her mouth.

You know that your son is in front of you? They are so rude! But is the reason why I feel like apologising a bit maybe because I realise this myself……

Also when they looked at Millicas-sama……

“……Would a grandson look like this?”

“Yes, the red hair and the handsome face of Gremory-san….. It would be good if Rias-san’s genes turn out to be stronger…….”

It appears there was a view that only my parents have. …….I just want them to be quiet and stay still now.

I made a sigh, but Rias looks around and asks everyone.

“Anyway, I ask everyone to look after Millicas. Everyone can continue how they usually spend their daily life. Even if this boy is the next heir after me, forget about that for his stay here and have fun during your daily life.”


We gave an energetic reply to Rias’ desire.

Like that, Millicas-sama’s observation started.

Part 2[edit]

"Okay then, we will be doing 1000 reps of knocks!”

Late at night, at the riverbed. Xenovia was swinging a bat at a grass-lot baseball ground.

“Yes, coach!”

The one who happily catches the ball hit away by Xenovia, is a youth who is wearing a baseball cap and uniform. He is Xenovia’s regular customer for her job.

Millicas-sama and I were observing Xenovia doing her job. Millicas-sama said he wants to observe us doing our job, so we decided to tag along with Xenovia who had received a request.

I was Millicas-sama’s escort. Well, he probably doesn’t need one, but I’m doing it just in case; since there might be a problem if it’s only Millicas-sama and Xenovia. I had finished my job and I tagged along because recently, I became interested in Xenovia’s way of doing her job as well.

The jobs Xenovia receives, involve her doing physical work most of the time. Amongst her requests are helping out with construction work and being a practice partner for different types of sports. This time it's the latter.

“Please do your best~!”

Next to me and Millicas-sama, Asia is cheering for Xenovia’s client while wearing a cheerleader’s uniform. That boy, who is the client, asked for a cheerleader who will cheer for him; along with a baseball partner for his practice. So Asia, who didn’t have any job at that time, was called over as a helper.

Asia looks very pretty in a cheerleader’s outfit! She was working really hard, spinning around while breathing hard. Since it’s late at night in winter, Asia-chan sure deserves praise!

Requests Asia receive, usually range from being an opponent at playing cards, to wearing cosplay for a photo shoot. Koneko-chan also gets similar ones.

Akeno-san’s clients are either the bosses of companies, or rich wives. She listens to their daily worries or drinks tea with them, so she has a huge range of work, where she mostly takes away the stress of people living in high society.

Kiba receives lots of jobs from Onee-sans and women who work. They consult with their stresses they have in them, or he cooks for them, which he is good at. It’s such a waste that he doesn’t get any perverted requests!

Gasper does it by using a computer. He has his own way of working and shows top-class results. He is really popular amongst those who are bad at interacting with others, but have a wish they want to be granted, by a Devil.

Rossweisse-san gets summoned a lot by housewives. She says she mainly teaches ways to ease their worries, related to financial things and also becomes their consultant. Lately she has been teaching them sure-fire ways to win in bargain sales. Even though she’s still young….

Surprisingly the requests our master, Rias, can get are limited, so she rarely gets one. Saying that, the requirements Rias has for her contracts are very big and are worthy of a High-class Devil. Her jobs include de-cursing items and defeating monsters targeting the client.

My job is….. I keep getting caught up in strange things, after being summoned by weirdos. I already gave up on the factor I have which attracts weirdos. I already have strong foes coming to me, but I also have weirdos and perverts coming to me as well!

That’s why I can’t show Millicas-sama myself working. I can’t allow him to meet with weirdos and perverts! He is Sirzechs-sama’s son! If I introduce him to Mil-tan, as a start, I wouldn’t know what kind of rumours would spread in the Underworld!

“Alright! This time it's 10,000 knocks!”

“Yessssss, coooooach~!”

Xenovia who is in really high spirits said something reckless to her client. Is the client, who is exhausted, still okay with continuing since he has a smile? Don’t make him overdo it, okay?

It would be a big problem if he died.

“So wonderful…. I also want people in my group to enjoy their work like this.”

Millicas-sama said while looking at Xenovia doing her job. Xenovia sure does her job with a good smile.

“Millicas-sama, do you have an ideal candidate in your mind for your group?”

When I asked, Millicas-sama shook his head to the sides.

“No, that will start from now on. Though I do have a role model which I think is good.”

Well, that’s obvious. Even if he is intelligent and is looking ahead to his future, it certainly would be hard to think of his future group in detail.

“So will you be using Rias’ group as a reference after all?”

He has come here because he took an interest in our living style after all, so that’s what I thought. But Millicas-sama tilts his head. It's as though he isn’t saying yes or no.

“Everyone in Rias-neesama’s group are wonderful people. Ise-niisama is also amazing and I admire you.”

……He said he admires me! This really makes me happy!

“But the group I have as my aim is Tou-sama’s (father) group.”


….I see, so its Sirzechs-sama’s…..his father’s group. Sirzechs Lucifer’s group which is said to be the strongest in the Underworld. During the monster crisis, I also saw them from afar once and I realised that they were a bunch of strong people, with overwhelming aura and atmosphere. I sensed right away that they far surpass our team, which has strong forces but also many weaknesses. I heard that they only gather for a crisis in the Underworld and for political reasons. Even so, I would like to meet them once. The only ones I have met are Grayfia-san and the [Pawn] Kirin, Enku-san.

While having my discussion with Millicas-sama, a girl wearing a Gothic lolita costume appears within my sight. It’s Ophis.

Yeah, she said she had nothing to do, so she tagged along with us to observe Xenovia’s work.

Since Ophis started living in the Hyoudou residence, she has been following behind me and everyone else, showing an interest in what we do.

When I’m playing a game she would say that she also wants to play, when Asia is watering the flowers she would help her and when Rias stands in the kitchen, Ophis would stand beside her and watch her cook. Anyway she takes interest in what we are doing.

Right now, Ophis is playing catch with Asia’s familiar, Rasse. Ophis throws the ball and Rasse catches it with its mouth splendidly and gives it back to Ophis. Maybe they get along because they are both Dragons, so they often play together.

“I shall train Rasse.”


The mini Dragon responds to Ophis. .. Training Rasse!? The former Uroboros-sama herself, is going to train him!? Hey hey hey, what kind of master-student relationship is this! If Ophis becomes his master, wouldn’t that mini Dragon become a really powerful Sprite Dragon in the future!?

It might be Ophis’ way of joking, but I started to have a vision that Asia’s familiar will become a future Dragon King.

“Maybe Rasse will unexpectedly become an amazing Dragon. Being Ophis’ playing friend is quite the thing you know?”

I said to Asia, who is next to me cheering for Xenovia’s client.

“If Ophis-san will teach him, then Rasse-kun will grow into a splendid Dragon!”

What an innocent girl Asia-chan is! If Asia is saying that, then even I think it will turn out like that!

“Asia, you might have good ties with Dragons. Not only Rasse, but the one who got along with Ophis first was you, Asia.”

When I said that, Asia starts to wriggle her body while having a red face.

“…..That might be true. I also met with Ise-san who is the Sekiryuutei and I was able to get along with you. If I indeed have good connections like that, then I can only give my thanks to the Lord.”

I received embarrassing words from her!

“I’m also blessed for meeting Asia! We will always be together from now on as well!”

“Yes! Whether it is a thousand years or ten-thousand years, I will always stay besides you, Ise-san!”

“Alright! Let’s build a plan for thousands of years ahead, with us living together, then!”

“I like Japan, but I also want to live in the Underworld once!”

“OK OK! Once I become independent, I will take you anywhere!”

We get heated up and hugged each other! We then started to dance and spin around! That’s because Asia-chan is so cute!

While I was in a happy-mode with Asia, Millicas-sama gave a suspicious look at Ophis.

“Who is that girl in the black dress?”

Millicas-sama asked! He was eyeing Ophis with a strange look after all. But we can’t tell him who Ophis is.

“Hmm, she is old man Tannin’s relative or something. She is using a technique to transform into a human and is learning about the lifestyle of the human world.”

I made up a story on the spot, to answer his question. I feel sorry for old man Tannin, but please make it so, for this!

“So that’s what it was. She is the same as me then!”

Millicas-sama believed in me! I started to feel guilty because of his pure eyes and smile, but this is for the sake of the whole world! Please believe in my lie!

Then Millicas-sama pulls my sleeve.

“Ise-niisama, please call me Millicas.”

“--! Even if you say that, I feel it is rude....”

I started to feel bewildered at Millicas-sama’s favour. I already feel honoured, for him calling me Ise-niisama, but for me to call his name without “-sama” is…. I called him with “-sama” when we first met, so it's mainly for that reason I continued calling him like that.

“I feel a bit lonely for someone who can call Rias-neesama “Rias”, calling my name with a “-sama”….”

Millicas-sama started to look down.

….I see, he also wants me, who calls his aunt he loves so much by her name, to call him by his name. I love Rias and we have a relationship where we have told each other our feelings. She also accepted my feelings. We love each other. Lovers is an embarrassing way to say it and it is suspicious if we are even acting as such.

But our feelings reached each other. To me, Rias is an important woman. She also takes importance in me as well.

This boy here, knows that. Maybe that is why he also wants me to call his name normally, just how I call Rias’ name.

If I think about it, Rias once told me.

“There are many of those who have high expectations of Millicas. Since his birth is extremely special.”

Yes, Millicas-sama is the son born of the strongest Maou, Sirzechs Lucifer and the strongest queen, Grayfia Lucifugus.

Adding the fact about the extreme level of talent within him, it seems there are adults who are keeping their eyes on him as a candidate for a future Maou already.

There is even a “Millicas faction” among the politicians, who are supporting Sirzechs-sama and many Devils are keeping their eyes on this boy’s future.

Even though this boy is already thinking of his own future at this stage himself, the politics also gets caught in it…..

Rias also feels proud of her birth but she couldn’t discard her dreams. The dream of marrying the man she falls in love with, but she had a fiancé….. That troubled her.

And adults are trying to make this boy's burden something even greater than that.

….One day there will be a time when he will understand, where he is standing. I think he would feel proud but also struggle to go forward.

Those are High-class Devils…..the destinies of those with powerful parents.

“I understand, Millica--”

I stopped my words there.

……That’s because I just felt a chill. Someone is looking at me, I could 'feel' their gaze and I can sense a strong feeling, being directed at me…..

Even if I look around, there is no one in sight.


Xenovia probably felt something too, so she looked around the place as well. Ophis is also looking around. Asia, Millicas-sama and Xenovia’s client haven’t realised it, but at least we did.

……Someone is looking at me from somewhere far away. That’s how it felt.

“Xenovia! Asia-san! I brought some sports drinks from the convenience store!”

The one who came saying that while carrying a bag in one of her hands was Irina. Sometimes Irina observes Asia and Xenovia’s jobs where she doesn’t hinder them, just like Millicas-sama and I are doing now. Of course it would be heresy for an Angel to directly help a Devil. That’s why she is only observing. Well, there are times where she brings refreshments just as she is doing now……. It seems that is on the border line of being safe. A Devil like myself doesn't understand that borderline they have.

“Oh, the refreshments from the 'Self-proclaimed Angel' have arrived.”

“I’m not self-proclaimed! I am a real one!”

Irina puffed her cheeks at Xenovia’s words. Hahaha, seriously the combination of Xenovia and Irina does lighten up the atmosphere. And if Asia joins them, it gets even lighter.

While feeling the uneasy presence, Millicas-sama’s observation for that day ended.

Part 3[edit]

The next day, we were gathered in the training room located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence.

I wore the Boosted Gear Scale Mail, Kiba gripped a sword and Gasper was on standby behind us. The one we, the Gremory boys, will be facing is…..Millicas-sama!

Millicas-sama who has changed into a jersey stands across from us with a brave expression, despite being a child. Yes, on this day, what we planned to get closer to Millicas-sama is….a mock battle. This was Rias’ idea.

“Millicas, since this is a good opportunity do you want to spar with the boys?”

Hearing that, Millicas-sama responds energetically by saying “Yes! Please allow me!”. It seems Millicas-sama has an interest in the “guts”, that the boys of the Gremory Group have, and he has a good impression of Sairaorg-san’s motto “High-class Devil who trains”.

Rias herself is in a corner of the training room, with the rest of the Occult research club girls and Ophis. They will be watching our mock battle.

The demonic sword Kiba is holding, is an imitation sword which has no blade. He must have thought that it would be dangerous to use any type of sword, holy sword, or holy demonic sword, with real blades on them.

I’m also in my armoured state. I thought of fighting him with only my gauntlet, but after Rias told me “You should wear your armour”, I ended up in this form. …….Was she trying to please Millicas-sama by having him take on the legendary Heavenly Dragon, aka the Sekiryuutei?

Gasper is behind us as a support member while not trembling, despite having a nervous expression.

“I…I will do my best~!”

Oh, do your best, Gasper! Since our opponent is a kid, don’t show him your weak side, okay?

“Then let the mock battle begin!”

With Akeno-san’s signal, the mock battle started!

Both Kiba and I didn’t move, we are waiting for Millicas-sama to make his move.

There’s no way I can get serious. After all we are far stronger than he is. This isn’t like a welcoming party for him, but taking on Millicas-sama while going easy on him, until he is satisfied, might be what I have to do.

Millicas-sama makes his move as those thoughts crossed my mind.

“Here I come! Please take care of me!”

He sprints from his position!

I was speechless after seeing Millicas-sama make his move.

--He’s fast!

He came with speed which isn’t that of a child! After covering his hand in red aura, he shoots the demonic power at me after making a few feints!

The attack which was released by the boy, is the same power of destruction that his father and aunt possess!

……….I can’t believe it. His demonic power is more powerful than I thought! I evaded the demonic power which is coming at me, leaving Kiba in it's path.

Kiba barely dodged it and blocks it with his demonic sword…..


Along with the sound of an object being grazed, the edge of Kiba’s demonic sword…..has been eliminated!


Kiba is shocked at this! I’m also shocked deeply from my heart! That attack had quite a huge amount of aura! Kiba’s demonic sword wasn’t made that strong because it was for use in a mock battle….. But for him to be able to destroy it!

“Hey, he’s quite the thing.”

“Y..Yeah! I’m also surprised!”

“……It’s the exact same demonic-power as Onee-sama’s!”

Xenovia, Irina, and Asia were shocked at the boy’s demonic power.

“The flow of his aura was smooth. That’s definitely not something that he should be capable of at his age.”

“…….To eliminate Yuuto-senpai’s sword without a trace.”

“…….I did hear rumours about it, but seeing it with my own eyes. I can sense strongly that he is the son of that Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-sama.”

Rossweisse-san, Koneko-chan, and Ravel also changed their opinions.

All the female members of the Occult Research Club besides Rias and Akeno-san were shocked at this scene.


Millicas-sama shortens the distance, while we were shocked and shoots out his demonic power! This time he shot the demonic power like a shotgun! Many bullets of power of destruction come at us!

You get erased by the power of destruction just by touching it. It has an unimaginable characteristic which is very hard to block against. Rias’ demonic power is also deadly if it hits. Although she ends up encountering those she can’t directly hit with it……

The best way to counter the power of destruction is not blocking it directly, but killing it off with our own attack! I created a scatter type dragon-shot and shot it forward.

When the shots were about to cancel each other out by colliding, many shots Millicas-sama released changed their direction!

--It’s exactly like Sirzechs-sama’s demonic power!

The exquisite skill of Sirzechs-sama where he compresses the powerful power of destruction into a sphere and controls it. Millicas-sama’s control of his demonic power reminded me of that.

I dodged the attacks of demonic power, from the crimson haired boy, which went through my counter attack, but one of them grazes my armour.


Along with the sound, the shoulder part of my armour was erased a bit! If I didn’t have my armour, my shoulder would have been erased!

I finally understood the reason, Rias told me to wear my armour. That’s because I might not be able to take on Millicas-sama if I didn’t have anything on me.

-The boy who is on a different level.

No wonder, he's the son of Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. He has this much strength at this age. Right now we are far superior. By the time he is our age, I wonder how powerful he will be?

I can’t imagine it. That’s how much limitless potential I felt from him.

……The last time I was pushed back by an extreme talent like this was Vali. I can understand why factions were formed within the politicians who support Millicas-sama.

When I looked towards Rias, she nodded her head, while smiling knowingly.

She must know what is on my mind. Seriously, I’m sorry for looking down on him. My opponent turns out to be a monstrous boy!

But thanks to that, I had a wake up call. I will continue this mock battle while knowing that my opponent is a boy who is in his own league!

“The “Guts” of the Gremory boys! I will smack them into you!”

I said that while putting my fist forward and Millicas-sama showed me a big smile.

“Yes! Please do!”

I started to get heated up in a mock battle against this boy. The boy who calls me “Nii-sama” is coming at me with all his strength.

--Is this how it feels like to compete against a younger brother?

I have never felt something like that, since I don’t have any siblings, but I thought that this connection with Millicas-sama, might be something close to it.


Millicas-sama who is sitting on the floor, is breathing hard. He is really exhausted.

The mock battle went on for thirty minutes. Even if three of us, the boys, went easy on him, I can only say “as expected from the son of a Maou” since he was able to follow us for thirty minutes.

Millicas-sama continued to attack us until he ran out of his demonic power. No matter how many times he was pushed down by me and Kiba, he stood up without crying. I can only say “splendid”, from what I saw of him during our mock battle. If I was the same age as Millicas-sama, I would cry and give up in a one-sided match against three older guys, or I would complain about it. If I think like that, then this boy’s “guts” is strong.

I fended his attacks while giving him advice, which he responded to right away and I saw his talent when he made his stance. ……I can only say one word. Scary.

Rias hands a towel to Millicas-sama who is on the floor.

“You did well for not giving up while taking on Ise and the others.”

He was praised by Rias. Of course. We took him on, where he might cry a bit. I thought it would have been rude if we went too easy on him. It seems children are very sensitive to those things.

After I deactivated my armour and received a towel from Rias, I left the training room after saying “I will wash my face”.

I washed my face at the sink located in the big bathroom.

-It was fun.

It must feel like that to play around with your cute younger brother. When he came at me, he looked brave and I had a heart beat which went “Kyuun”. Something like a father’s love toward his child was building inside me.

A brother…….or maybe a son is okay then? I can’t actually have a proper feeling of having a child; I'm still a high school student and I can’t even imagine it. But lately something is building inside me after seeing Ophis (who has the appearance of a child) and Millicas-sama.

“……..Spending time with kids might not be bad.”

I muttered…..

“Ufufu, you are right.”

Akeno-san was suddenly standing behind me! Akeno-san, haven’t you become good at standing behind others, without leaving any presence lately!?

Akeno-san then says, while handing me a bottle with sports drink inside it.

“Lately, I’ve been having a thought.”


“Yes, a boy and a girl, both would be okay. My feelings get even stronger when I look at Ophis-chan and Millicas-kun.”

“Yeah. Millicas-sama is a good boy and I also don’t get bored of Ophis since she has the cuteness of a small animal.”

These are my true feelings. Their presence is a good stimulus for me.

Ophis doesn’t have a gender. Before she was a geezer and even before that she was something else. Apparently she always changed appearances. But right now, she is a girl. We also interact with Ophis, as if she is a girl.

“Ise-kun, when you get married in the future, would you prefer a boy or a girl?”

“That’s a hard question….. My dream will be fulfilled if I have twins and they are a boy and a girl, but it seems like taking care of them will be twice as hard.”

First a boy, then having a girl might be ideal. As I thought that, Akeno-san started smiling while patting her stomach.

“If it is your child, then I will bear as many as you want.”


……Be…because of her stimulating words, I started to get a nosebleed and began to cough out the sports drink in my mouth.


I coughed out the drink at the unexpected confession and couldn’t respond to her! I’m such a weak guy!

“Ara ara.”

I ended up having Akeno-san stroke my back! Uggh, I’m so pathetic! The reason my face is red isn’t only because I’m in pain after coughing!

It was then, that I felt a huge wild aura behind me!

When I turned around, a huge man who is more than two meters tall, was standing at the entrance of the bathroom. His orange hair was spiked up and his thick coat was standing out.

Wait, who is he!? Why is he in the Hyoudou residence!?

The giant man smiles at me and Akeno-san.

“Oh oh, Sekiryuutei is coughing in the bathroom. What kind of situation is this?”

No, the question is who are you!?

“Second, you do know that going into the bathroom without permission, is rude?”

I couldn’t talk back because of the cough. Along with the huge man, two other men I haven’t seen before, have appeared as well. One of the men is wearing a crimson robe, with a distinguished design and the other man appears to be Japanese, wearing a haori.

The one who reprimanded the huge man, just now, was the man wearing the haori.

Rather, I’m familiar with this person! I had a glimpse of him during the monster chaos in the Underworld the other day……

Akeno-san was shocked at the appearance of the men. Her shock isn’t because people she doesn’t know appeared, but that of, why are these people, who are known to her, here? ..... She had that kind of face.

Akeno-san then says quietly.

“……They are people from Lucifer's group.”

Yes, it was a sudden visit from some amazing people!

Akeno-san and I returned to the training room, bringing the three people that appeared in the bathroom with us. The one who was the most shocked at this, was Rias and she screamed hysterically.

“Souji! So everyone came here!”

The man wearing a haori called Souji smiled softly.

“Hime[2]. It has been a while. Yes, I thought I should escort Millicas-sama.”

The man called Souji then moves his eyes towards Kiba.

“I’m glad that you are doing well, Yuuto.”

Kiba bows and fixes his posture.

“It’s been a while since summer, Master.”

Yes, this man wearing the haori is Sirzechs-sama’s servant, the [Knight] Okita Souji-san! He is the real captain of the first division of the Shinsengumi! H..he is a historical person! Even a dumb person like me knows about the Shinsengumi!

Someone who is super famous is among Sirzechs-sama’s group! And he happens to be Kiba’s swordmaster! How should I say it………I can only say one word: "amazing!". He is tying his hair at the back like a samurai…….well, he is a samurai! His appearance is that of someone in his late twenties. Though his real age is over a hundred years……!

I asked Kiba about this person after the monster crisis. Then he told me the details about his master. I kept on being shocked about it.

It seems there are cases where Devils in upper society have a historical person as their servant. The reincarnated Devils are those from when chess was created…..mainly the historical people are those from when chess started. Chess appeared in human history, then the Evil-Pieces were created, so the reincarnated ones are those from that time, until now.

…….So which other famous people became a Devil? I can’t even imagine.

“Hahahahaha! It’s been a while Hime-san!”

The one who is laughing loudly is the huge man. The wild aura covering his body feels as though it surpasses that of Sairaorg-san. His body is also one fold bigger than Sairaorg-san. …….His hands are insanely large! They are so big that he can hold my whole head, in one of them.

“You are being rude to Hime. Rias-hime, it really has been a while. You have become even more beautiful.”

The one who makes his bow, while reprimanding the huge man, is wearing a crimson coloured robe. He is skinny and he has sharp eyes. Unlike the wild aura around the huge man, he has a limitless creepy aura coming from his body.

…….It’s certain that they are strong people, who have powers I can't possibly calculate.

“So Second and MacGregor also came. …….I wonder, what is the reason for Onii-sama’s servants to come here? All of you don’t gather together unless it is an emergency…… Even if you are here as Millicas’ guards, this is too much.”

Rias’ opinion sounds accurate. Why did they gather at my house? I understand why they gathered at the monster crisis, which was an emergency in the Underworld, but why did the strongest group, the Lucifer’s group, come to my house all of a sudden!?

The huge man gulps the bottle of sake in his hand at once. The sake bottle looks like a mini toy.

The man breathes out fire from his nose once he finished drinking it! He breathed out fire along with his breath!

“Nothing much. We just thought “we should go somewhere with everyone”. So we came to see how Hime-sama was doing along with guarding Bocchan.[3] Though we couldn’t bring that bastard Enku and Bahamoot. [4]

They gathered here just for a reason like that!? They came to visit the Hyoudou residence to see Rias while guarding Millicas-sama!? H..Hmm, I don’t understand the reason for the strongest group to visit my house at all! So is the reason for them to gather at my house related to politics!?

“Even so, I’m amazed. I haven’t seen these three together since I was really little.”

Said Rias. Is that true? Then it means we are experiencing a rare situation then!

“I am also surprised since this is my first time meeting everyone together.”

You too, Akeno-san!? Uwaah, today really is an amazing day……

Being puzzled, we just stood there stunned. All the Occult Research members, besides Rias and Akeno-san didn’t know what to do.

“I will introduce them, to all of you then.”

Rias realised that we were shocked by these unexpected and unknown visitors, so their introductions began. First, it was the man wearing a haori….Okita-san.

“He is my brother’s only [Knight], Okita Souji. He is also Yuuto’s sword master. All of you also know him from the Shinsengumi, correct?”

Irina is shocked at Rias’ introduction of him.

“Y..Yes! So you are a historical person……right?”

Okita-san smiles at Irina’s shocked voice.

“Yes, that is correct. At that time I left the battlefield due to my disease and to avoid dying from tuberculosis I lay my hands on various rituals. By chance, or a miracle, I ended up summoning that person, Sirzechs-sama. Back then he was in the form of a black cat.”

So there was a contract like that behind the history that we know of…… The episode between Okita-san and the black cat is famous. Is that for real, Sirzechs-sama!?

“When he kept on repeating his rituals, Souji-san’s body became the home of monsters.”

The man wearing the robe gave me extra information.

Then from behind Okita-san….a huge monster appeared which has the face of a monkey, the limbs of a tiger and a snake as its tail! A mixed monster! A chimera!

Okita-san pats the monsters head.

“This is a youkai called Nue….. It might be quicker if I say it is a Japanese version of a chimera. Due to the rituals, many youkai started living in my body…… So I was able to perform a “Hitori Hyakki Yakkou”.”[5]

So many youkai like that are living in Okita-san’s house! Hyakki Yakkou, just what kind of state is that!

“That’s why he probably needed two [Knight] pieces. The ones who were fighting the anti-monsters, created from Jabberwocky, were Souji-san’s youkais.”

The man wearing the robe explained.

…….Since he is a “Hitori Hyakki Yakkou” he needed two of Sirzechs-sama’s [Knight] pieces. The question is how many dozens worth, of people’s work, he can perform. The point where he can fight all of the anti-monsters created from Jabberwocky makes him insane in many ways!

His skill with using swords is so great that you probably need to put several words of “super”, your sword skills, right? So that means Kiba’s master is on a different level!

“The things I learned from master were, the way to use swords and fighting posture, rather than his swordsmanship style. So my swordsmanship style isn’t completely that of “Tennen Rishin-ryu”.”[6]

Kiba explained. Certainly Kiba’s sword style isn’t that of a samurai.

Rias then moves the introductions along, “Next, I will introduce Onii-sama’s [Bishop].”

After Okita-san’s introduction ended, the man wearing a robe, who has been explaining everything to us, nods to us. His movements were filled with elegance.

His age also appears to be that of someone in his late twenties, just like Okita-san. The long silts of his eyes and his shallow smile make him look bewitching. His hair, which is a mixture of black and blonde, is long and slightly wavy.

“MacGregor’s full name is MacGregor Mathers. He is a user of modern western magic and he is one of the founders of the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”. I think he is also famous for compiling and translating the book about the 72 Pillars.”

…….“Golden Dawn”? I tilted my head at the words I never heard of before, but Xenovia, Irina, and Asia seems very shocked.

“He is the expert at magic related things!”

“A-Amazing! I was taught about him back in the Church!”

“Yes, for people using magic he is very famous!”

The shocked state of these three, wasn’t the same as when we were told of Okita-san.

The man wearing the robe, MacGregor-san, smiles at my reaction.

“Fufu, Hime, it seems Waka doesn’t know about me.[7] I don’t mind. It’s okay if you recognise me merely as an amazing magician.”

I…Is that so…..? But I don’t think you are just a mere amazing magician!?

“At the point where you are Sirzechs-sama’s [Bishop], who consumed two pieces, you are not an ordinary magician.”

That’s right, Akeno-san! Since he was fighting that Jabberwocky using his magic, he must be on a totally different level!

“I would like to talk to you about magic one day.”

It seems Rossweisse-san has great interest in MacGregor-san. She must want to learn about magic from him, as a magic user.

And the last one to be introduced is….the huge man.

He takes a step forward with a loud laugh “Gahaha”. He says loudly, while pointing at himself with his thumb.

“Now, it’s my turn! I am one of the [Rook] of boss Sirzechs! Surtr Second-sama! Now, fight me! Kneel before me! As if! Gahahahahaha!”

…..He really acts, how he looks! Like his appearance, he does make me feel great temperament coming from him! He appears to be in his mid-thirties with a good body build.

Rias also introduces him while smiling.

“He is a copy of the fire giant Surtr from Norse Mythology. The Surtr, who is said to have lit the World Tree Yggdrasil on fire, while bringing an army of giants with him.”

Surtr, huh? I only know his name. After the battle against Loki, I touched the books about Norse Mythology a bit, after taking an interest in them……and I think I saw that name appear.

The fire giant--. So that’s why he has a huge body and he breathed out fire before, huh?

He is a copy of that legendary being…….? If he is a copy, does that means he is a clone? It’s one of those things which uses the same cells and stuff, right? Is it okay to think of him like that?

“The Norse Gods were somehow able to make a copy of Surtr, but the copy started to go berserk.”

The [Bishop], MacGregor-san, explains. This person really likes to explain, maybe he just likes to talk. MacGregor-san continues.

“They discarded him because they couldn’t control him. Sirzechs-sama appeared and made him his servant, using a [Mutation Rook] piece. Since he is a copy, he was given the name “Second”.”


[Mutation Piece]!? On top of that he is Sirzechs-sama’s [Rook], which is a [Mutation Piece]!?

I can’t measure just how much Surtr is worth, but he is the [Rook] of that Sirzechs-sama(Worth 5 [Pawns]!) and on top of that, a [Mutation Piece] was used!?

Just how much potential power does he hold!? How many [Pawns] would he be worth if they calculate in the Rating Game method!?

I was completely shocked about it but the giant, Surtr Second-san, speaks after making a sigh and breathing out fire.

“Yeah, I was abandoned by those shits from the Norse and boss Sirzechs saved me, when I was burning with my own flames. Thanks to that I learnt how to use my fire completely and I was able to follow the boss as the strongest [Rook] in the Underworld!”

Sirzechs-sama sure did pick up someone awe inspiring. So he saved an amazing copy who was abandoned by the Norse Gods.

Surtr Second’s expression and words, included his respect towards his master, Sirzechs-sama, who saved his life.

So Grayfia-san is the strongest [Queen], and this huge man is the strongest [Rook]! It's becoming so big that my head is about to explode.

But the [Bishop] MacGregor puts on a bitter smile.

“The so-called strongest Rook-sama turned into a giant at the start of the battle against Jabberwocky, used his serious fire and wasted it, losing all of his energy and couldn’t participate in the last battle. Geez, that Jabberwocky was an anti-monster on a totally different level for Devils and it was also explained that it had powerful regeneration beforehand….. We wouldn’t have had to waste that much time defeating it, if we took him on after we received Ajuka-sama’s anti-spells for it. Your fire is so powerful that it can burn everything if you use it to the fullest, you know. Well, if you don’t fail, that is.”

He started to make a whole host of sarcastic comments. Hearing that, Surtr Second-san approached MacGregor-san.

“Shut up! You always say too much, MacGregor! Doing something when I can makes me the [Rook] of boss Sirzechs!”

“Bahamoot who is the same [Rook] was more useful, at both the start and the end of the battle. It was wiping out the small anti-monsters together with Souji-san’s youkais.”

The name Bahamoot which appeared in MacGregor-san’s sentences. I have heard about it before. It’s a legendary monster which glows in a light, right? Not only can it swim in the ocean, but I heard it is a giant fish which can also swim in the sky. That fish monster is also part of Sirzechs-sama’s group and is his [Rook] huh…..

“I have told you many times not to put me in the same category as that fish!”

Surtr Second-san grabbed MacGregor-san’s collar, while being enraged! MacGregor-san doesn’t care and smiles at us while finishing his explanation.

“—And so, these are the members, yes.”

….Ye..yeah, I see, so these are the members…… So the Lucfier group is completed when Grayfia-san and Enku-san joins them here huh.

That’s what I thought, but Rias looks around as if she is searching for someone.

“By the way, where is Beowulf? So only three of you came today?”

Hearing that name, Okita-san, Surtr Second-san, and MacGregor-san stood there, still. Then all of them said “Oh, yeah” as if they just remembered something.

“Ah, that guy is--”

Before Surtr Second-san could continue, the door of the training room was opened wide and echoed throughout the basement.

The one who appeared, while everyone was looking at him was…….a man with brown hair, who was breathing heavily. He looks like he is in his mid twenties and he is wearing a suit.

“I..I finally caught up…..”

The man takes a breath while putting his hand on the wall. Seeing that Surtr Second-san mutters.

“You're late, Beo.”

“…..What are you saying. Second-san, you were the one telling me to carry this and that. The one who transported all the souvenirs, bought in Japan, to the Underworld was me!”

The man called Beo, who seems dissatisfied, was pointed at by MacGregor-san and he started to give his explanation.

“He is the other [Pawn] of Sirzechs-sama,--Beowulf. He is the descendant of the hero Beowulf and lost completely against Sirzechs-sama after he challenged him to a fight; he then asked if he could become his servant.”

--! The descendant of a Hero! So Sirzechs-sama also made someone like that into his servant! The man wearing a suit, who was just introduced, called Beowulf tilts his head at the atmosphere in the room and then opens his mouth.

“Huh? My introduction….rather, did everyone give their introduction to Waka already?”

“Since you were late, we finished it just now. Wearing a suit, man you are so annoying.”

Beowulf-san protests with teary eyes to Surtr Second-san.

“What! I told you to wait for my introduction! I was trying to think of something cool, to say to Waka since I am a senior [Pawn]! You know! I even prepared a new suit, since the first impression is the most important!”

Surtr Second-san ignores Beowulf-san. Seeing him up close, he really is a giant. What intensity! He then tells me.

“Oh, Waka. He is our lackey. Waka, you can also use him all you want you know?”

Waka……is he referring to me? People related to the Gremory sometimes calls me “Waka”.

Wait, a lackey!? I..Is it okay to treat him like that……?

Hearing that, Beowulf-san is shocked.

“You're horrible! You don’t tell anything to Enku who is also Sirzechs-sama’s [Pawn], you only tell me to do something impossible!”

The [Pawn]-sama who has lots of dissatisfaction.

Rias makes a small laugh and then tells me.

“Beowulf looks like he's easygoing, but he's famous for being one of the Top-5 [Pawns] in the Underworld. He is Onii-sama’s [Pawn] after all. He's a strong foe who you cannot judge by his appearance. After all, before reincarnating, he wounded Onii-sama in a one-on-one battle.”

He is among the Top-5 [Pawns]! So he is quite a skilled person then. On top of that he is a descendant of a hero. ……Is it possible for a man like him, who shows such a pathetic side, to have the strength of Cao Cao? Wounding that Sirzechs-sama is something huge….!

“He just made a tiny cut on his arm. After that, he was battered into pieces. Right?”

Because of MacGregor-san’s unnecessary words, Beowulf-san gets teary eyes again.

“Man! Hime-sama was saying good stuff about me! For those who are seeing me for the first time, their image of me will be the worst!”

He seems to be an amusing [Pawn]-san. So in Sirzechs-sama’s group there is a person like him, who has high tension and who gets picked on huh.

“So Sirzechs-sama’s [Pawns] are Enku-san and Beowulf-san?”

Rias nods at my question. Hmm, so there are only two [Pawns].

“The [Queen] Grayfia-oneesama, the [Rooks] Surtr Second and Bahamoot, the [Bishop] MacGregor, the [Knight] Souji, the [Pawns] Enku and Beowulf; they are Onii-sama's servants.”

I see, so these are almost all the members, of the Lucifer group……

“Yeah that’s right, if it is about [Pawns] then just ask me! I will answer anything you want~, Wakagimi.”[8]

Beowulf-san who got his spirit back tells me confidently.

“Ah, yes. I will ask when the time comes.”

I replied. Hearing that, Surtr Second-san and MacGregor-san started laughing.

“You were ignored so simply! As we thought, it won’t be good with Beo! Gahahahahaha!”

Surtr Second-san started laughing out loud, and Beowulf-san started shivering because of enduring the embarrassment!

Huh!? Should I have replied with something better!? To me, that was the best way to reply…. Even if they drag me into this, I will also be troubled!

“I beg you! Beowulf-san! Osu!”. Should I have replied like that…..?

Okita-san makes a cough to fix the atmosphere and he then asks Rias.

“By the way, has Sirzechs-sama come here?”

“No, he hasn’t…… Did something happen?”

Hearing that, the four members of Lucifer group looked at each other, as if there is something going on. Okita-san continues.

“The truth is--”

There is a flashback, to the not too distant past.

Sirzechs-sama, who was enjoying his father-and-son time with Millicas-sama, suddenly asked his son.

[I may be able to take a day off. Millicas, do you want to play Satan Red with me?]

Satan Red of the “Maou squadron Satan Rangers”, who is Sirzechs-sama, enjoys playing with his son more than anything.

His son, Millicas, replied.

[No, Tou-sama. On the next day off, I’m going to Rias-neesama’s place! Under Ise-niisama and everyone else, I will be observing the living style of the Devils in Japan!]

Sirzechs-sama appeared to be very happy about it. He praised his son’s desire.

But for the answer to the next question, Sirzechs-sama…..

[Yes, that is a very significant thing. By the way Millicas. Satan Red and Oppai Dragon. Which one do you prefer?]

[I would have to say Oppai Dragon! The armour with so many variations looks really amazing! I also think the toys are very good!]


I easily imagined the scene, where Millicas-sama replied energetically and Sirzechs-sama freezes with a forced smile.

Since Millicas-sama started staying here, Sirzechs-sama goes out every time he has time off.

Apparently today, he also used the time off to go outside….

The members of Sirzechs group thought “Maybe Sirzechs-sama came here?”. But the Maou-sama himself is nowhere to be seen.


I then had chills, again. The sensation that I am being watched and can sense intense feelings being aimed at me! When I looked around…..I caught sight of something unnatural!

…….From the door of the training room, which is slightly opened, someone in a Tokusatsu Hero costume was gazing at me!

And I’m familiar with that appearance! Of course! The one who was looking at me from the door was…..Satan Red!

That’s Sirzechs-samaaaaaaa! And this chilling feeling! It’s the same one I felt at the baseball ground next to the river! Don’t tell me I was being watched by Satan Red back then as well!?

“…….Millicas……so you like Oppai Dragon more than Satan Red……”

His voice and existence were filled with sadness! Oooooooi! The Maou-sama is sad, while in the shadows, and wearing a Tokusatsu Hero’s costume!

Rias who is already aware of the identity of Satan Red, whispers in my ear.

“……He must be thinking that Millicas was taken by you, Ise. Geez….”

Rias was also troubled by her brother’s condition.

I see. So that feeling of being watched wasn’t that of hostility, but of a jealous father gazing at me because I was getting along with Millicas-sama! And that is while wearing Satan Red’s costume! So you were watching the sight of your adorable son, speaking to the Oppai Dragon, with sad eyes from afar during your time off!?

Surtr Second-san approaches Sirzechs-sama and tells him.

“Boss, there is only a choice of deciding who is the one at the top against Oppai Dragon you know? At this rate, you will have Bocchan taken away by Chichiryuutei.”

Please don’t tell him weird things! Please don’t make it worse!

“Master Sirzechs, this might be the time where you have to decide it. In front of Millicas-sama, I think you have to show that the grandness of a father is greater than the grandness of breasts!”

Even MacGregor-sama is saying weird things to his master! Also what is this greatness between the grandness of a father over grandness of breasts!

“Please give me a break! I don’t want to fight Satan Red again!”

“Ise-niisama! My father would be your opponent, but please do your best!”

So will the battle between me and Satan Red, happen again, here!? Whilst I was terrified at the prospect…..a light is drawn at the centre of the room and it creates a circle. It’s a magic circle and it is one that I know. This is…..the symbol of Gremory!

This timing and this magic circle! If that is the case, then it must be that person!

The light flashes and the one who appeared from the magic circle is the silver-haired maid! It’s Grayfia-saaaaaaaaan! I started to shed tears of joy at the arrival of my saviour, who can also be thought of as my Goddess!

At the appearance of Grayfia-san, all of the Lucifer group froze and their faces became blue. The one who hasn’t changed much is Okita-san, who is still smiling. Even Satan Red's body is shivering at the appearance of the strongest [Queen]!

Grayfia-san looks around the room. She looks at us, the Gremory Group, then looks at the Lucifer group with cold eyes and lastly she catches sight of Maou.

She takes a step forward. The grand huge body of Surtr Second-san twitches.

“…….What is the proud Lucifer group doing in a place like this……?”

Her words have intensity in them! Even if it isn’t directed at us, it’s scary! It’s too scary! Asia has teary eyes and even Xenovia has a stiff expression.

Beowulf approaches Grayfia-san and starts to give an excuse.

“T-This is….! Ane-san![9] We thought we should gather together as a group and have some good times!”

Grayfia-san directs her eyes filled with intensity at him!

“Yes, I am very sorry. Please punish me how ever you see fit.”

Beowulf-san knelt down and apologised! Man he is fast at changing!

“Damn you, Beo! You lost so easily! Boss lady! Coming to Hime-san’s place to greet her should be fine! And also for being Bocchan’s guards!”

The huge man Surtr Second started to give his excuses. But—

“If you are going, then tell me first. Going to people's houses without their confirmation is rude. This is the Hyoudou residence, not the House of Gremory. Also it is enough for Rias-ojousama and Ise-san, to be Millicas-sama’s guards.”

At her response, he can’t talk back, Surtr Second-san can only stay silent.

Lastly, Grayfia-san looks at Sirzechs-sama.

“Sirzechs-sama, for you to come to this town dressed like that while taking time off…… Please give me a good explanation for it.”

Grayfia-san now has some anger in her voice!

Satan Red comes forward, as if he made up his mind and stands across from Grayfia-san….he then kneels down.

“I’m sorry, it is my fault.”

--He lost!

The strongest Maou…..lost to his wife! I knew about it, but still this is.......

“Did you know Kaa-sama is the strongest?”

Millicas-sama has a big smile.

Yup, everyone nodded their heads at his words.

We went to see off Grayfia-san who is taking Sirzechs-sama with her.

“So then everyone, I will continue to leave Millicas-sama’s guard under your care. Millicas-sama, please make sure not to trouble everyone, until your return the day after tomorrow. Okay?”


Grayfia-san finally smiled after seeing her son's reply energetically. That was the face of a…mother.

After sending off Grayfia-san who disappeared within the lights of the magic circle, the only ones remaining were the Lucifer group.

To these people Grayfia-san said “All of you are important people in the Underworld, so please return together with Millicas-sama”, so they were allowed to stay here for a bit.

After that, the members of the Lucifer group decided to enjoy Japan while staying at a hotel in this town.

We enjoyed ourselves with Millicas-sama until the last moment of his stay.

We ate Japanese food together and we went shopping at the department store together. I felt that he was the same, as kids of his age, when he was being hyped about toys. He received a special lesson about 100 yen shops from Rossweisse-san and it appears he quite enjoyed himself.

During his stay, we had a bath together. It’s what you call a naked relation between men.

And so, on the day of our parting…..

The members of Lucifer group came to pick him up. Before giving our farewells, the huge man Surtr Second called me over using his hand. Next to us, Kiba was speaking with Okita-san……

“Oi, Sekiryuutei.”

“Y-Yes, what is it?”

When I approached him timidly, Surtr Second-san activates a small magic-circle on his palm and he makes something appear from there.

“I want to introduce something good to you.”

The thing which appeared in Surtr Second-san’s palm is…..something which looks like a toy sailing ship. It has a different form and design to airships and aeroplanes, but it looked like one of those ships which appear in a fantasy RPG.

“……W..What is this thing that looks like a radio-controlled toy?”

Yes, it seems like a radio-controlled device and has lots of detail, but I can only think of this as a toy. But the sailing ship starts to move by itself in the air!

It didn’t seem like Surtr Second-san moved it using his demonic power. Rather, I should say it seemed like it moved by itself……

As if he understood what went through my mind, Surtr Second-san smiles.

“This is a flying, magical sailing ship spoken of in the Norse world called Skithblathnir. It is also called a living sailing ship. It is a masterpiece created by the Ívaldi tribe who also created the Mjölnir for Thor. This is one of the boats. I obtained this under certain requirements. You know it’s quite rare? After all there are only a countable number of them in this world.”

A living airship! Amazing! So there are also things like this! The magical sailing ship which came from Norse mythology!

“It’s still a small sailing ship, and it’s like a toy. This thing is famous for evolving into different things by using the aura of its master as its source. How about it? Don’t you want to take this as your familiar?”


I also became shocked at the unexpected offer. I, make this my familiar?

“F…Familiar…..you say? This…….sailing ship?”

“Yeah, if it’s okay with you, I will let you have it. This is a present from me. After all, you use your own body to fight for the Underworld and boss Sirzechs. It’s obvious for you to at least take this.”

“I….If I’m allowed to take it, then yes please! After all I still don’t have a familiar…..”

Yeah, I still don’t have a familiar. The reason is because I couldn’t find the time and also because, I was still dragging the thing about Sura-taro and Shokushumaru.

Right now, when a familiar is necessary, Rias is supporting me.

“So will this turn into a huge airship when it grows?”

When I asked, the [Bishop] MacGregor-san answers me from the side.

“Yes, it would. Also the appearance after its growth will depend on its master’s aura and their imagination. With you who is the Sekiryuutei taking in unexpected growth and imagination, it might turn into a plane which hasn’t existed until now.”

Surtr Second-san says it while making a loud laugh.

“More like, you can use it for that. The story is you can make it into a flying harem palace. You are aiming to make a harem, right? Then you will need a harem palace. So that is where this comes in. With how you use it, you can make it into your flying harem palace. How is it? Are you excited?”

--! A flying harem palace!? So there are things like that!? I never saw it like that! Rather, I didn’t even imagine it like that! That’s right! If I’m aiming to become a Harem King, then I will have to prepare a harem palace! And if it's a flying harem palace, that'll be the best!

“Fufufu, putting the palace aside, it will also become a good thing for transporting in the future. Even in this state, it can still fly while carrying you, who is its master.”

MacGregor-san says.

A harem palace which can also be used as transportation! Man, this will be invincible then!

“I will happily take this!”

I was emotionally moved and I accepted his kindness! This is good! This is great! A living, flying harem palace! Gufufu! I will make it into a harem palace of my liking! I sure can’t stop thinking about it!

We were having such a conversation, but the time for parting with Millicas-sama finally came.

“Thanks for taking care of me. I enjoyed it very much! Can I come here to play again?”

At Millicas-sama’s question, everyone nodded their head and responded by saying “Come again!” with a smile. Seeing that, the crimson-haired boy showed an adorable smile.

“Come here again. Everyone thinks of you as their little brother, Millicas. Next time, maybe we should go to Kyoto together with everyone.”

Millicas-sama also nodded his head energetically at Rias’ words and said “Yeah!”.

“So then everyone, I will be looking forward to our next meeting.”

…..Bowing his head, Millicas-sama leaves together with the Lucifer group, after giving his farewell politely.

I…. ……..Yeah. I should say it. That boy……sought that from me. So then, I—

I took a deep breath, and released a huge voice.

“Millicas! Come again!”

I called the crimson-haired boy as he had desired, while putting my thumb up and gave my farewell to him with a smile!

“Ise-niisama! Please play with me again!”

Millicas-sama made a brighter face at the end.

Our little brother…..Millicas Gremory. Things like the sudden visit from the Lucifer group and the attack of Satan Red happened……but I want to have a fun daily life with that boy again!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Japanese for Prince
  2. Japanese way to say Princess
  3. Japanese way to call their young master.
  4. Alternative name for Bahamut
  5. Hyakki Yakkou can be translated as “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”. In this case it means that Okita Souji, can have One Hundred monsters appear from his body and go forward.
  6. A swordsmanship style that was commonly used by the core members of the Shinsengumi, including Okita Souji.
  7. Waka is the way people refer to a young man, in a high position, in Japanese. It can also mean prince.
  8. A different way to say Waka. This time it literally means prince.
  9. Japanese way to refer to a female who is superior to you, which is commonly used in yakuza films

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