High School DxD:Volume 13 Life 2

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Life.2 Ise SOS[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It happened right after we helped out with Leviathan-sama’s film.

That day, Buchou had raised her eyebrows at the guest who came to visit the clubroom.

“Rias-san, I have a favour to ask you. Will you allow me to borrow Hyoudou Issei-kun?”

The one who asks with a mighty attitude, is the captain of the tennis club, Abe Kiyome-senpai. During the course of a tennis match, in the first semester, there was trouble between our clubs.

Buchou answers while narrowing her eyes.

“I feel like rejecting the favour when you are the one asking me, but I will still listen to what you have to say.”

Yeah, Abe-senpai challenged us to a match, making me the prize if she won. It resulted in us, the Occult Research Club, winning……but the match turned into the worst thing for me and it is something I can never forget!

It seems Abe-senpai is interested in the power of the Sekiryuutei within me. Is that the reason today as well?

Abe-senpai continues, while not knowing what is going through my mind.

“The truth is, my father will be returning from his travels. I want Hyoudou-kun to help me.”

Help her? Me?

“Ara ara, bullying our Ise-kun won’t be allowed you know?”

Aaah, Akeno-san sure is kind. I’m deeply moved!

“……This helping out might turn into a ‘flag’ for his death.”

The one giving such an ill omen is Koneko-chan! Give me a break, Koneko-chan…..

“You are thinking that you have to help someone in need, correct?”

The one who said that, with such gentle words, is Asia!

“So what is this problem that requires Ise’s help?”

Buchou asks Abe-senpai once again.

“My father is telling me to have a marriage meeting. I’m still a high school student. I told him that he is rushing it, but he won’t listen to me….. My father is someone who makes sure he "follows through" once he has made a decision.”

Hmm, a marriage meeting.

Hearing her story, the handsome guy of our club, Kiba nods his head.

“I see. Abe-senpai comes from a monster tamer household with an ancient, and honourable, origin. So your parents decided to choose your groom immediately right?”

“That’s exactly right. To be expected from Kiba-kun.”

Yes, this person is a monster tamer….. My body shivers because I recalled a nasty memory.

Hearing that, Xenovia speaks to the nearby box.

“Gasper. She seems to be a monster tamer. Don’t you think you are the most fitting to be her consultant since you are a Vampire?”

Hearing Xenovia, I heard “Hiiiiiii!” screamed from the box.

“I don’t want tooooo~! I won’t be of any uuuusssee~!”

Gasper, the hikikomori, went inside a box today because he was scared of meeting Abe-senpai whom he never met before.

It’s basically a secret to other students at our school that we, the members of the Occult Research Club, are Devils. Since Abe-senpai has a secret "under the table" agreement, she knows about our situation as a special privilege.

Aside from Abe-senpai there are those in the elementary school, junior high school, high school, kindergarten, and university that know about the existence of Devils. I haven’t met them much, but Buchou and Sona-kaichou know about them. Though the majority of those are humans with special powers or those who come from households with special backgrounds…….

Buchou asks while making a sigh.

“So you want Ise, to interfere in your marriage meeting or something?”

Abe-senpai nods her head.

“Yes, I want Hyoudou-kun to act as my boyfriend. I have already informed my father that I have a boyfriend, and that I don’t want to have a marriage meeting. Then he told me, if that’s the case, he is willing to cancel the marriage meeting under certain conditions. I just need him for that day and……. Arara, I feel like I'm suddenly receiving hostility now.”

Senpai is feeling chills. When I looked around, all of the girls were glowering dangerously at Abe-senpai. W-What’s wrong everyone….?

“Ise-senpai as her boyfriend…..?”

“That can’t be, even I still haven’t……”

“I won’t allow it.”

“Yeah, you are right.”

Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and Xenovia have such a low tone that it’s scary!

Will Buchou also get mad!? Buchou adores me as if I’m a kitten, so maybe she wouldn’t like me sticking my nose in something dangerous! Maybe the conditions Abe-senpai got from her dad involves me working hard or something!

That’s what I thought, but unexpectedly Buchou puts her hand on her mouth and it seems as if she is thinking. Hmm, she doesn’t appear to be angry.

She glanced at me once and then said to Abe-senpai.

“All right. I will accept that request, by receiving a price equal to it.”

All the club members were shocked, at Buchou’s unexpected answer!

Hence, it was decided that I would act as Abe-senpai’s boyfriend in order to break off her marriage meeting……

More than that, I wonder, what is the required condition for breaking off the marriage meeting? I only have bad feelings about this……..

Part 2[edit]

The next Saturday we, the Gremory Group, were called over to Abe-senpai’s home.

I am the one who came to do some work, but including Buchou, everyone is worried about me!

Sob, having comrades sure is wonderful! I’m deeply moved.

When we arrived at senpai’s residence, there was a giant western-style house in front of us.

The garden is huge, and the interior of the house is also magnificent. It seems senpai lives here, by herself, most of the time. Both her parents are famous monster tamers who travel around the world for their work. When she thought her father had returned, after a long while, the matter of her engagement came up.

Well, this summer, my house was also renovated into a gorgeous mansion with Buchou’s self-indulgence. It is six storeys high and three storeys below ground!

The place we were guided to, after walking the corridor connecting the western-style building to another building, was the indoor pool.

We changed into swimsuits that had been prepared for us and headed towards the pool.

Uoooooo! Buchou and Akeno-san are wearing swimsuits that have so much exposureeeee! Their oppai are bouncing every time they move! Asia and Koneko-chan are wearing cute looking swimsuits with frills on them. Xenovia is wearing a swimsuit used by athletic swimmers. Looking at the girls in swimsuits sure does feed my eyes. Even my junior, Gasper, is also wearing a cute looking swimsuit……

“You don’t have to wear it.”

I told him, just in case. Well, it does look good on him since he looks like a girl.

“Iyan! B..But if I wear the boys swimsuit my breasts will be exposed, and something outrageous will happen~!”

“Who would be happy at men’s tits!”

Oh well, I should stop mucking around with my junior.

“Here, this way.”

Abe-senpai urges us to go to the table by the pool side.

Everyone gathered around the table and senpai explained the requirements needed to break off the marriage meeting, once again.

“The requirements my father mentioned are battle contests as monster tamers.”

“And what do you mean by that?”

When I asked, Abe-senpai answered using her fingers.

“A Battle of three matches using land, sea, and sky monsters! If Hyoudou-kun wins twice or more against my father, the marriage meeting will be cancelled.”

“Land, sea, and sky you say…… Even if you say that, I’m not a monster tamer. I’m not actually confident…….”

It’s me who doesn't have a familiar yet, you know? And they are asking me to suddenly have a match while using monsters, and also win……!? Hmm, won’t this be quite hard?

When I was thinking, while twitching my head, Abe-senpai points elsewhere.

“It’s not a problem. The monsters we would be using are already chosen. First of all the land monster! Come out!”


My body became stiff at the familiar howl and drumming! …….D..Don’t tell me…..!

What appeared in front of us, is a giant white gorillaaaaaa! So it’s this thing after all!

She’s looking at me with passionate eyes!


“For the land battle it will be her, the Yuki-onna, Christie.”

“That’s why, can you please stop calling that Snow Gorilla, a Yuki-onna! My fantasy is being crushed!”

Everyone! Did you know? The Yuki-onna of this World isn’t a beautiful youkai in a kimono, with a bewitching expression, but a white gorilla with a huge build which is right in front of me……

This is Christie. A Yeti(female). I don’t want to call her a Yuki-onna!

When I had a tennis match against Abe-senpai in the past, I fought this Snow Gorilla while pairing up with Buchou. I sure did suffer in that match because of her freezing breath….. I don’t want to remember it.

“Maybe she hasn’t realised it, but her fur is brighter than the last time I saw her.”

Buchou says, as if she finds it something to be praised! Fur is something which is nothing to be hyped about, isn’t it!? It’s a gorilla, a gorilla I tell ya!

“For the land battle, I want Hyoudou-kun to use Christie to battle against the monster my father would be using.”

You are telling me to use this Goristie!?


Don’t look at me with such emotional eyes! Damn it! It seems like this thing got a crush on me because of the tennis match in the past! I detest the World!

“I will call the sea monster next. It’s a mermaid.”

When Abe-senpai clicks her fingers, something starts to move in the pool! It’s moves with such amazing speed!

“A mermaid! Are you serious!?”

My face glittered because Abe-senpai mentioned a mermaid!

A mermaid is the lovely creature that has the upper body of a beautiful girl, and the lower body of a fish, right!?

“If you say mermaid, then their beautiful voice is remarkable.”

Akeno-san also gives me additional information! Wow! I’m looking forward to this!


A Mermaid-sama comes out from the pool!

“This is the mermaid, Estleena.”

What Abe-senpai introduces to us, is a massive fish with legs. It has the form of a tuna with legs!


Gyogyogyo!? It has a voice which suits its appearance!?

I mean, it’s a fish! This is completely a fiiiiiisssh!

“What is this awkward creature!?”

I’m so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out! Abe-senpai says it to me straight,

“A mermaid.”


“Stop! Don’t crush my fantasies any more than this! My tears haven't been stopping since a while ago!”

This is a mermaid!? Seriously!? You must be joking!? This is horrible! This is like a “Dream breaker”! Who gets a benefit with a fish with legs!?

“There’s no way this thing can perform a beautiful song! It’s a fish!”

“How rude. Estleena, sing a song for them.”

Abe-senpai asked the giant fish.

“Gyogyogyo~ Gyoso☆”

It’s singing something with a husky voice! It only sounds like a cursed song! What’s a “Gyoso”!?

“Please stop! I feel like stabbing it with a harpoon!”

Why! Just like the time with Yuki-onna, this mermaid, why must the world hate me!? Rather, I kinda knew something like this would happen! It seemed like it was going to turn out like this! But! I thought there was going to be a bit of pity for me! My tears won't stop because of this harsh reality!

“It’s a cute song.”

Asia-chan's eyes are sparkling! It seems like there was something which grasped a hold of Asia-chan.

“…….T-This is just horrible.”

I broke down on the spot. No matter how I look at it, it’s a tuna with legs…… If I caught a thing like this while fishing I would release it right away, and pretend I didn’t see it. It’s so scary that I would be cursed if I didn’t release it after all!

“…….There, there.”

High school dxd v13 057.jpg

Koneko-chan comforts me while patting my head. Uuu, Koneko-chan!

Koneko-chan who is a nekomata looks so cute like this, but the mermaid and yuki-onna are creatures……

I don’t want a reality check like this~.

I became very depressed. Abe-senpai says, while drinking black tea calmly.

“Well, there seem to be mermaids that look like the ones in stories, but this is the typical one.”

“How is this the typical one!? No matter how you think about it, it’s a creature which goes beyond our imagination! Uooooooo! I don’t want to record in the dictionary inside my brain that this is a mermaid!”

Hey, the so-called Estleena-san is opening her mouth so painfully at the poolside while laying down!


“Arara, this is bad. She’s dehydrated. She would die, because she won’t be able to breathe when she comes up on land.”

“Then return her to the sea! Having her live in the depths of the sea would make both her, and me, happy!”

A shadow approaches us, which had just returned the fish called Estleena to the pool.

“Ojou-sama. Your father will be arriving very soon.”

The one who appeared is a bird-like monster man, with a cockscomb on his head, a beak for his mouth, and wings on his arms!

Abe-senpai nods.

“Yes, I understand. Oh, I still haven’t introduced him yet. He is my personal bodyguard who is also the sky monster, the bird man, Takahashi. He is also the one Hyoudou-kun will be using.”

“Takahashi!? He has a Japanese name like that!? Where in Japan are there bird men like this!?”

“Takahashi came from Kobe.”

“Kobe!? There are bird men in Kobe!?”

“Strange. Bird men are supposed to be legendary monsters, that live on Easter Island…..”

Xenovia, who is quite knowledgeable about monsters, is tilting her neck in confusion.

So there are bird men on Island with a Moai!

“Oh, you must mean the Watanabe family. My ancestors that returned to Japan became Takahashi.”

“Japan and the Easter Island, I don’t get which one is the correct answer! No, I don’t care any more!”

It won’t be good if I think too hard about it! Yeah! There are bird men in Kobe! People living in Kobe, please contact me if you see a bird man!

“So you are the legendary Dragon who Ojou-sama requested for help….the man who is possessed by the Sekiryuutei? Fufufu, I see, you have a good look. I’m Takahashi. My name is Sky, which stands for glittering sky. Let’s get along.”

The bird man “Takahashi Sky”, came to shake my hand, while acting like a gentleman. He’s a bird man with a name which is so glittering that it’s killing my name.

“Yes, let’s get along. Is the reason why I’m getting frustrated over your name, which sounds so modern, because of me still being young?”

“Fufufu, being young is good. When I was young, I also had a special talent to forget things when I took three steps.”

“That just means you're a bird-brain! Though, you still look like you have a bird’s head appearance wise! Also, that isn’t a special talent! That’s your weak point, a weak point! It’s not even a good point!”

This is the worst. A Snow Gorilla, a tuna with legs, and a human with a bird’s head. They only make me think of the bad guys in Tokusatsu shows……. And also their names are Christie, Estleena, and Takahashi….. Crap, my tears aren’t stopping.

“Ise, do your best. We will also back you up.”

Buchou gives me a cheer! Buchooou! So kind! To be expected from my Onee-sama!

But, I still have doubts. Why did she accept this request so smoothly? Is there a reason behind Buchou, who adores her servants, accepting this crazy request from Abe-senpai?

“Why did you accept Abe-senpai’s request this time?”

Buchou smiles at my question.

“You know, I also had trouble with an engagement. That’s why, you know I was a bit…., yeah…”

……Oh yeah. Buchou was also forced into an engagement, with her fiancé chosen by her parents, during the first semester. Buchou sought for love that she chooses herself, and she hated her engagement. So we, her servants, broke that off. Buchou might have seen herself in Abe-senpai.

“I understand! I will do my best!”

“Yes, to be expected from my lovely Ise.”

Buchou strokes my cheek. Yeah, it’s the best.

But, she also says while smiling,

“You can’t show improper intentions towards Abe Kiyome-san.”

Her smile had superb intensity behind it! Scary! Akeno-san then whispers into my ear.

“Buchou can tolerate, to a certain degree, the girls around her, but did you know she’s very strict with other people? Cheating on her won’t be good.”

“Akeno, I can hear you.”

“Ara ara, so scary.”

Munyun! Akeno-san who is in her swimsuit is hugging meeee~! Maybe because I’m only wearing togs, I can feel Akeno-san’s big breasts directly on my skiiin~! Aaaaaah, I have a nosebleed that is bursting out, because of her smooth and elastic oppai! Akeno-san’s body feels like it is glued onto my skin, and is really hard to resist!


Buchou pinches my cheek while making a sigh. Ouch ouch! Buchou sure worries too much. You know I have no plan to have a master besides Buchou?

At the pool Asia, Xenovia, and Kiba are playing with a ball. Koneko-chan and Gasper are floating while relaxing in swimming rings.

Ah, everyone besides me is relaxing. I might end up getting dragged into a difficult battle…… Seriously, when I’m in danger, please save me everyone.

The time where we can muck around, didn’t last long.

“Now then, I’m going to get ready to welcome my father.”

Abe-senpai went to welcome her dad! So the plan to break off the engagement, started!

Part 3[edit]

With the sky is covered in dark clouds, we went out to the garden after we changed back into our regular clothes. We waited for Abe-senpai’s dad.

The sound of a horse could be heard from the gates, something abnormal is approaching us!

The one who appeared while releasing a dangerous atmosphere is…..a man of large build, with a stern look!

He’s riding on a large wagon, wearing a cape and a helm with a horn on it! His eyes glow sharply! Which parallel world did he teleport from!? He can only be seen as someone strong, who came from a world where violence is the law! This man, who looks like the Fist-King from the world of the end of a century, is Abe-senpai’s dad…….?

“So you are the insolent one dating my daughter?”

His voice is thick, and he glares at me! Scaaaaary! He already thinks I’m an insolent guy!

Abe-senpai puts her arm around mine.

“That’s right, Otou-sama. He is my boyfriend, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

U..Umm, Abe-senpai’s oppai is touching my arm. S..Soft……


When I felt a mysterious pressure, I looked that way and saw Buchou smiling, while wrapped in red aura! S..She’s mad at me~! Weren’t you supposed to back me up!?

Abe-senpai’s dad says without even getting off his horse,

“Very well. I will test you myself, to see whether or not you are fitting to become a groom for the Abe family.”


Weird lightning flashes in the background behind senpai’s dad!

Then finally, the match began!

The first match is the land monster battle! There is a rectangular battlefield created by making lines in the garden! The battle begins inside it!

“The one I will be sending first is this one. Come out!”

The one which appeared is……a Snow Gorilla that is much bigger than Christie!

Uoooooo, the whole body is covered in scars!

It seems like a strong one, with a historical background! The aura coming from its body isn’t normal!

“Abe-senpai, that male yeti has amazing intensity…… Can Christie defeat it?”

I ask Abe-senpai, but she shook her head. Eh? What does that mean? I became doubtful, and Abe-senpai answers me clearly,

“That is Christie’s older sister, Stephanie.”

……..Yes? I thought I had misheard her, so I asked again.

“…….Older sister? …….Stephanie? T..That’s a female?”

“Yes, a maiden.”

Wait, it’s a battle between sisters!? What is going to happen!?

“The referee will be me, Kiba Yuuto.”

Kiba is standing at the centre of the field. He makes the two snow gorilla’s come inside the battlefield.

Senpai’s dad and I stood at the edge of the field, and we started the battle by giving orders from there!


The land monster battle began at the same time as Kiba’s call!

“Stephanie! First do the drumming!”


DON DON DON! The opponent gorilla started to hit her chest after the order senpai’s dad gave her!

“The Yuki-onna’s drumming has the ability to increase its attack power!”

What!? It has an effect like that!? Thank you for the explanation, dad!

“Then we will also do the drumming Christie!”


DODODODODO! Ignoring my order, Christie suddenly started to run across the field! What is that girl doing!? Seeing that, Koneko-chan mutters.

“That is……Yuki-onna’s special technique, the snow-clone.”

Snow clone!? As I looked on in bewilderment, Christie increased its number to two, then three, then four and without realising it there are many gorillas on the field!

So it’s a self duplicating technique! Snow cloning! Man, there are only gorillas! This is the worst scenery ever!

“Did you know that, Koneko-chan?”

Koneko-chan gave an explanation to Akeno-san who asked her!

“…….It’s a high level secret technique, which can only be attained by Yuki-onna that live in the Japanese Alps. They say clones can make different movements to that of the original self, once mastered.”

There are things like this!? The World sure is filled with mysteries!

“Ngh! You are quite good! To do the snow-cloning while giving the order to do a drumming!”

Her dad started to groan! You are wrong! It’s just that gorilla started to act on its own going beyond my imagination!

“Stephanie, we can’t lose either! Counter it with the “Freezing Beat-to-Death Stick”!

What’s that scary sounding technique!? Stephanie started to take something out of the bag she has on her back! It’s a banana!

Buuuuuuuu! She throws the banana into the air after freezing it with her freezing breath! Please look everyone! These gorilla’s can do freezing-breath!


Christie who has her eyes focused on the banana jumps into the sky together with her clones!

So it reacted to the banana! It can’t be helped since it’s a gorilla!

Wait, that’s the “Freezing Beat-to-death stick”!? It’s just a frozen banana!

Christie started to jump towards the banana! This is bad! Her clones also disappeared! She’s defenceless! Without any hesitation, Stephanie tackles Christie’s body!



Christie, who received the tackle head-on, gets thrown outside the field and she lands violently on the ground!

“……..To attack by using the frozen banana as bait, which is the favourite food for Yuki-onna, to make its attention go there…… Normal Yuki-onna won’t be able to resist and eat the banana on the spot. But it used that as an item…… The opponent Yuki-onna who can overcome its greed towards the banana has been trained very well…..”

Koneko-chan explained, like a commentator. Huh? Was this girl always like that? Perhaps she’s a secret fan of monster battles?

Christie who is on the ground is laying there flat down. Ah, this is over.

“The winner, Stephanie! So the winner of the first match is Abe-senpai’s father.”

The referee Kiba declares!

Shit! They got one victory! I never knew a gorilla battle was so complicated! So we have to include a banana among our strategies huh!

Goristie, your death won’t be in vain……Perhaps! Also she isn’t dead!

“Fufufu. Absurd. I won’t be able to permit you dating my daughter at this rate.”

Senpai’s dad showed a fearless smile! Can I win against this person? I only feel uneasy about it! But my fighting spirit also raised! Since we came this far, I’m definitely going to win!

“The next match will be the sea monster battle. So that pool is going to be the stage huh. Now, I shall show all of you my monster.”

While lightning flashes, a giant fish-type monster appeared!

It has the form of a shark…..a creature with legs! Uoooooo! It’s a shark-version of Estleena!

But it’s filled with a dangerous atmosphere! It looks strong by its appearance! After all, ours looks like a tuna! No matter how you think about it, the shark is stronger!

But…..the shark shows no sign of movement. It’s just standing there while its mouth is wide open.


When senpai’s dad thinks it strange and touches it, while mounted on his horse……DROP! The shark dropped to its side! Huh? This shark isn’t responding.

“Ah, since it’s a shark it would die if it doesn’t continue to swim.”

…………….Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? I was shocked at the stupid reaction of senpai’s dad!

Kiba approaches it, and confirms it's status. After a while, he shook his head and then declares.

“The winner of the second match is Ise-kun.”

I attained a victory which I cannot describe. I won without doing the match!

Incidentally Estleena, who was also waiting for us by the poolside, died from dehydration without anyone realising it.

Later on, there were tuna and shark fins on the dining table. Well, that’s a story for another time.

And finally, the last match was about to begin!

Part 4[edit]

The final match: the sky monster battle. We changed the location to a mountain with no sign of people. We teleported using the transportation method of Devils, a magic-circle. If it’s deep in the mountains, we can have the monsters fly as much as we want without caring about anyone seeing.

Senpai’s dad and I are opposing each other on the surface, which has bumpy rocks. If it’s this place we can look around the sky, and there aren’t things that will become a hindrance.

“Both of us will do the sky battle while riding on top of the monsters. Alright?”

Senpai’s dad tells me the rule. I see. Hold on! Senpai’s dad prepared a large mysterious looking bird!


It threatens us with that terrifying sound! Hiiiiii! If we get poked by that large sharp beak, it will leave a big hole in our bodies!

My partner is Takahashi-san! I was riding on Takahashi-san’s back. I’m piggybacking.

“Fufufu, boy. It’s good weather. This wind, this feeling on my skin, is definitely the one for a battle.”

“Why do you have such high tension……? I on other hand want to go home quickly……”

“You can say that I’m like a ‘weather vane’ right now!”

I don’t like this bird. I don’t get what he is saying, and I want to punch him…… It pisses me off even more that his feathers feel good!

Senpai’s dad is already up in the sky with the ominous bird. While riding on his horse that is! He’s riding on the ominous bird, while straddling his horse! The ominous bird is carrying a giant horse, which is also carrying the Fist-King. That looks so abnormal, and it has so much intensity! Does he like to be on top of a horse that much!?

Kiba comes between us and shouts,

“Final match! Please begin!”

FLAP! The ominous bird goes up, into the sky very quickly! It’s fast! This is bad! Just tackling us with that speed can give us huge damage! We also need to fly up!

“Takahashi-san, we also need to--”


DODODODODODODODO! Takahashi-san started to run on the ground swiftly while ignoring my words! Eeeeeeeeh! What is this bird man doing!?

“He….hey Takahashi-san!? Why are you running so speedily!? You are a bird man aren’t you!? You won’t be able to do a sky battle if you don’t fly!”

“Fu. I’m a bird man, but a Nagoya-kochin bird man. We basically can’t fly!”

He tells me, very boldly!

“Can’t flyyyyyy!? Wait, Nagoya-kochin!? Didn’t you come from Kobe!?”

“Kobe is also a large place after all!”

He ignored the Hyogo prefecture! What is this birrrrrrrrd!? His ancestor came from Easter Island to Japan, so how did it end up being Nagoya-kochin!?

“Made up! Are the settings of your background all made up!? Also it’s a fraud that you can’t fly even though your name is Sky!”

“It’s not a fraud! It’s Nagoya-kochin!”

“I will roast you, bird bastaaaaaarrrd!”

“You have your guard down!”

While the “Nagoya-kochin” and I were arguing, senpai’s dad who is on the ominous bird came rushing towards us!


Takahashi-san dodges swiftly! Oh! Even though he can’t fly, he has good dodging skills!

“You are doing well! But it still isn’t enough!”

I saw senpai’s dad giving some kind of order to the ominous bird!

Then the ominous bird opens it's beak wide!


The ominous bird released a huge fireball from its mouth!


The fireball is falling, heading our way~!

“If we get hit by that, I will actually become a yakitori [1], hahahaha!”

“What are you laughing at, bird bastard! I will also end up being a roasted Dragon! So run I tell ya, run!”

Takahashi-san started to run while dodging the fireball coming at us!

This isn’t good! A bird which can’t fly isn’t useful!

Huff huff! I started to breath hard. I will die. At this rate I will be killed!

Takahashi-san and I somehow dodged the enemy’s attack and hid behind a large rock.

When I looked out from behind the rock, so we wouldn't be seen, I saw senpai’s dad and the ominous bird who are looking for us!

It's only a matter of time until they find us. Anyway, I need to calm down and think how we should act, calmly!

Okay! I should make a plan with Takahashi-san! Takahashi-san was also breathing hard.

“You have to be calm at times like this. There is a saying in my family. They say that if you take three steps forward and two steps back, you will have a clearer mind…… Wait, what was I doing again? Where is this place? Who are you? You look like my relative Yoshida-san. Are you Yoshida-san?”

--Did his memory change!?

“Rather than having a clearer mind, they were deleteeeeed! A birdbrain! Also who is Yoshida!? Does he look like me!? Do I look like a Nagoya-kochin!? Geez! I also don’t get what I’m saying any more! It feels like I will have bad memories about Nagoya-kochin now!”

--It’s over.

I held my head down while hiding behind the rock.

“By the way Yoshida-san, where is this place?”

Asked the bird bastard, who is looking around the place.

I can’t control this bird at all~. While I was in a panic, a box appears in my line of sight.

Is this perhaps…!? When I open the box timidly, Gasper was inside!


“Oh, Gasper! Why are you here?”

“Y…Yes, I was sent here. B….Buchou said she wants me to help Ise-senpai who is in danger……..”

I see! If it’s a box, then no one would be suspicious about it! Actually, it will be suspicious! After all there is a cross dressing Vampire inside the box. Especially on a mountain, in a rocky area like this!

Most likely Buchou and the others sent me this “useful item” using a small magic-circle.

The special ability of this guy, is that he can stop the time of things within his sight! Not even a big on-line shopping site sells an ultimate item like him!

“You are really being useful lately. Just how convenient are you.”

“I…I’m not really sure what is going on, but I will do my best~.”

Gasper seems like he’s panicking, but it's not a problem.

Huh! There is something which looks to be a letter attached to the box! It has Buchou’s name on it! The person I love! This is what’s written in the letter!

[Do your best. I believe that you will win. To my lovely Ise.]


I try to find Buchou from this rocky area. Ah! I found Buchou and the other club members in a high location!

I was so deeply moved, that I shed tears. Aaaah, as I thought, the woman I love sure is the best! She trusts me no matter what! Realising that once again, is enough to make me think that I can win!

I also thought of a plan! There is only this plan!


I called the bird man Takahashi-san.

“What is it Yoshida-san?”

I shall ignore that simple matter for now!

“Wave your hands at that ominous bird after leaving this rock.”

“I don’t really get it, but there is no reason for me to decline Yoshida-san’s request. Heeey!”

Oh, he went without any second thoughts! I’m sorry Takahashi-san. I will be using you as bait!

Takahashi-san is found instantly. The bird headed for Takahashi-san at great speed!

It’s here! I shouted while lifting up “Gasper in the box”!

“Gasper! That’s your target! Freeeeeze it!”


FLASH! A red light comes out from the box, and then the ominous bird carrying Abe-senpai’s dad stops its movement.


Abe-senpai’s dad and the ominous bird fall down. Below them…..is Takahashi-san!

Wait, it’s not frozen in the air even when it was stopped by Gasper’s power!? I thought this guy’s power would stop anything exactly where it is, even in mid-air!

Is it because Gasper’s power is changing, or is it because he couldn’t make that man and the ominous bird remain in the air?

Abe-senpai’s dad and the ominous bird crash down!


Takahashi-san gets caught up in the crash without doing anything……


The scream of the Nagoya-kochin [2] echoes throughout the mountain.

Part 5[edit]

We returned to Abe-senpai's house from the mountain.

“It is my loss. Looks like I have to permit your relationship with my daughter…… I will cancel the engagement.”

Senpai’s dad still seems like he isn’t convinced.

After that, the battle was over.

Well, it was thanks to Buchou’s plan……it was because of Gasper’s help.

Takahashi-san, who was in a critical condition after crashing with the ominous bird, was healed with Asia’s healing power.

“It was fun today. I want to meet you again on the battlefield, Yoshii-san.”

The bird man asks for a handshake. Hehehe, I don’t want to see you ever again.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. Our Asia can’t heal bird brains. Also, wasn’t it supposed to be Yoshida-san!? Actually, that’s also wrong, my name is Hyoudou!”

When I gave my farewell to Takahashi-san, Abe-senpai appeared.

“Hyoudou-kun. Thank you for today. Thanks to you, the engagement was cancelled.”

“No, I’m glad I was able to help you.”

It seems like senpai is acting shyly…..

“Even if it was a sudden request, I was really happy that you fought very seriously for m-my sake.”

Huh, she’s not acting her usual, prideful self. What’s going on?

“You looked a bi-bit amazing when you fought together with Takahashi and the others….”

She’s wriggling so much. What the…. She looks quite cute…… What happened to her?

I started to become suspicious, but the colour of crimson appeared in my sight.

“If it’s okay with you, how about tonight we go for dinn--”


Ah, I called out Buchou while senpai was saying something! That’s because Buchou is right in front of me!

“Ah, I’m sorry. What was that again?”

I asked her, but she smiled after taking a breath.

“Looks like there is no chance for me to win after all. It’s nothing.”

Huh? What was she trying to say?

I bowed to Abe-senpai, and ran towards Buchou.

“Buchou! I won thanks to Buchou!”

Buchou smiled.

“I see. Looks like you accomplished the request safely.”

“Where is everyone?”

The club members were already gone.

“Everyone went home at once, to take the prize received from Kiyome-san’s request. Items related to different types of monsters, which they would be taking back to the clubroom.”

Is that so? I should have helped out as well.


Buchou and I linked our arms.

High school dxd v13 081.jpg

“Now, lets go home together. Lets buy some taiyaki on the way back so we can eat it with everyone. Fufufu, looks like it will be a date to the taiyaki shop.”

Buchou and I were walking home after leaving Abe-senpai’s house. A date until we get back to our house! This is the best! Uhahaha! I’m so happy.

“…….I feel the happiest when I’m like this.”

Buchou muttered something while hugging my arm.

“Eh? Did you say something?”

I asked, but Buchou winked cutely.

“It’s a secret.”

I don’t know why, but Buchou’s smile looked amazingly cute! That alone made the tiredness I got with this request disappear.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Grilled chicken, Japanese type of skewered chicken.
  2. Nagoya cochin: Japanese native bred chicken.
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