High School DxD:Volume 13 Life 3

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Life.3 The Disturbance of a Devil[edit]

Part 1[edit]

This happened right after we defeated the Evil God from the North, Loki.

…….Hello everyone……. It’s me, Hyoudou Issei.

…….The reason why I have such low and bad tension is because……


…….I started to sniff and have a runny nose. Yeah, it seems like my body isn’t feeling well this morning.

I walked towards the dining table weakly, after I somehow managed to brush my teeth. Man, even my legs feel heavy and my head is spinning around inside…..

“Ara, Ise. Morning.”

Buchou, who woke up before me, greeted me with a smile. Aaah, Buchou looks beautiful today as well.

My parents, and the others who are living with me, have gathered at the table. …….Looks like I’m the last one…..

I tried to walk towards the table, but suddenly felt that the table was far away…..

…….Huh? Even my vision is blurry……. Rubbing my eyes isn’t helping with the blurriness…..

Now staggering forward, I began to feel light-headed and stumble backwards……

…….Just as I was about to fall, someone stops and holds me from behind. When I turned around, it was Xenovia.

“Hey, Ise. Are you okay? Your face is red.”

“………Oh, Xenovia……. Thanks.”

Asia approached me and put her hand on my forehead. Aaah, Asia’s palm is cold and it feels so good…..

“--! He has a high temperature!”

Hearing Asia’s shocked voice, the expression of everyone at the table changed.

……..I see. So my temperature is high…… Even my consciousness is starting to drift away……..

“Ise! Did you perhaps catch the flu?”

Buchou also rushed to me, after putting a plate on the table.

“Devils can also catch the flu? Rather, do they even catch a flu that a human catches?”

“…….No, in this case it is a Devil's…….”

Irina and Koneko-chan are chatting quietly…… After all, the things about Devils are kept a secret from my parents.

Rossweisse-san takes my hand and examines my pulse.

“Your pulse is fast, it might be better to consult a medical institute.”

“Let’s contact the hospital Rias.”

“You are right, Akeno. I will contact the hospital belonging to the House of Gremory right away!”

……Ho…..Hospital….. …….One in the Underworld?

“Hey hey hey, Ise, do you have a cold?”

“But he looks bad! Hello, Ise?”

Dad and mum are also worried about me……

While everyone called out my name, I lost consciousness.

………I was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling after waking up.

Lying on a bed, my arm is connected to an IV drip. It appears I’m in a hospital…..inside a room.

…….Huh? I was preparing to go to school, while I wasn’t feeling well, and then went downstairs….. I remember, I went down to the living room and……. Is it me or is my body feeling better…..? Is it thanks to this IV?

While I was having a cloudy recollection, the colour of crimson appears in front of me.

“Ise, you are awake.”

Buchou looked into my face, she seemed relieved.

“Ise-san! I’m so glad!”

“I was shocked when you fell unconscious.”

…….Asia and Akeno-san are also here. Asia's eyes are swollen and red.....was she crying? …….I made Asia worry about me again.

“…..Umm, this place is…..?”

When I asked….

“You fainted at home, so you were transported to this hospital. Do you remember it?”

Buchou explained to me. …..I see, I was brought to the hospital after fainting…. The Underworld, huh? Yeah, I can’t go to a hospital in the human world because I’m a Devil.

So this is my room, huh? Am I in such a serious condition….? I don’t want to die……I still haven’t had sex with Buchou…… I c-can’t die yet!

Wait, since I’m having those thoughts in this situation, maybe my condition isn’t so bad that I would be dying.

“I will inform the doctor that he woke up.”

After saying that, Rossweisse-san left the room.

I looked around the room by just moving my head.

Koneko-chan and…..Gasper were sleeping together on a chair. Did Gasper, who doesn’t live with us, come all the way to the hospital in the underworld, for me?

They must have been waiting for me to wake up and went to sleep after getting tired. If that is the case, then I’m sorry Koneko-chan, Gasper.

“It seems it's easy to get the flu if you are a reincarnated Devil. Xenovia, you should be careful too.”

“Yeah. I haven’t caught a cold that often, but I will be careful.”

“Yes, you don’t seem to catch a cold that often. You are always full of energy, and it seems you can endure viruses. Maybe being a simpleton is a good thing.”

“I feel like I was looked down on a lot, but that doesn't matter. You have to look after your health everyday, and that is the cure to everything.”

…….Irina and Xenovia are talking while reading a thick book. ……Is that book related to medicine? Uuu, am I sick? This is a situation where I don’t understand what is going on, while my head is spinning around and then—

KNOCK KNOCK. Someone knocks on the door.

“Buchou, the doctor is here.”

Kiba and Rossweisse-san enter with a man in a white coat. So Kiba also came…… I've started to think of Kiba as my friend now.

A man…. A person who seems to be a doctor comes in, while bringing a young nurse with him. ……Wow, so nurses also wear white clothing even in the underworld, huh.

“This medical institute is originally a hospital for reincarnated Devils, who were previously human, so the style of those working in the hospital is adjusted to the former human’s standard.”

Buchou whispers in my ear.

……I see, so there are hospitals for reincarnated Devils in the underworld. Well, that’s obvious. In the current Devils' society, there are many reincarnated Devils who were previously human. Maybe reincarnated Devils would feel safer if the hospital is made similar to the ones in the human world.

The nurse took my hand, then started to check my pulse and blood pressure. Looks like even Devils are checked in similar ways to humans for these things. Or is it just limited to reincarnated Devils?

The male doctor looked at me and said,

“Well, to say it in one word, you have a 'cold'. Though it’s a type that only Devils get.”

……You are telling me that it is a Devil-type cold?

The doctor continued while I have many doubts about it.

“Except you also have a flu that Dragons catch, and the two viruses have merged showing stronger symptoms. Since your body base is human, having these two viruses occur at once caused your body to become very weak.”

I also have a dragon flu….? I get a dragon flu because I’m also the Sekiryuutei, huh. Getting two viruses isn’t something I can joke about…..!

“And how is his condition?”

Buchou asks the doctor.

“His flu should be lighter due to the IV drip.”

Yup. My body does feel better, than when I was at home.

“I do have antipyretic, so lets inject it into him. With that, his fever will lighten for the time being. I will also give you medicine, so please rest at home for 2 or 3 days. Even if your fever disappears, please refrain from doing intense exercises and no masturbation. ~I’m just joking~~”

“……..Vulgar conversation is forbidden.”

Koneko-chan, who suddenly woke up, replied to the doctor’s dirty joke.

…….Looks like I have to rest for a while. Including “that” as well.

W..Well, in this condition my sexual desire won’t be coming out. I don’t even have the energy to stand up after seeing a nurse you know? This is quite serious for someone as perverted as me.

“Those who are also living in the same house he is need to be injected with a vaccine as well. It does get passed onto other Devils.”

The doctor gave his instructions to the nurse, and she gives an injection to the club members.

Then it was my turn.

“Now, for you—“



My eyes were about to pop out after seeing the giant object in front of me……..!

“It’s this injection.”

The so-called injection was clearly as big as my body!

“…..I-I-Injection!? No no, no matter how you look at it, it’s clearly some kind of weapon, isn’t it!? I've only seen something like those in comedy manga!”

“You need to be injected with this much vaccine for the dragon flu…… It’s okay. Look, the needle is very thin and it will somehow stick in.”

No no no! That’s impossible! I'll die if I get injected with something like that!

“It’s okay~. You will only feel pain for just a moment~.”

Aaah, the nurse lifted up the injection easily, and showed me a fearless smile~….. Her gentle voice made me even more scared instead!

“I will break if I get injected with that much fluid! Gough gough! ……..Shit! …….My eyes are getting blurry because of many reasons now!”

“Well, things like this are bound to happen in a story.”

The doctor said something mysterious!

“You're doing this for a reason like that!? Nooooooo~….. S….Save me…..”

I tried to escape from my bed with the last of my strength, but….

“Endure it! You are a boy, aren’t you!?”

“I’m sorry, Ise-kun.”

“Endure it, Ise. Isn’t it better than being stabbed by me?”

My body was pushed down by Buchou, Kiba, and Xenovia. Wait, didn’t Xenovia just threaten me….!?


Aaan! I then get my ear breathed into by Akeno-san, whilst I had my guard down.

“Ufufu, this is the best way to handle Ise-kun.”

I lost my strength with an erotic attack…… T-That’s cheating, Akeno-san……

“Looks like you have relaxed. Now, please show me your butt.”

Then the nurse’s eyes shone!

The club members take my pants off very quickly when I lost my strength. Then my arse gets exposed in front of everyone!

“…….No, I can’t become a 'groom' any more!”

I covered my face with both my hands, as I couldn’t endure the embarrassment of the situation I'm in!

“Ise-san’s bottom looks very c-cute!”

“Good job!”

Asia and Irina gave me weird cheers! So my arse is cute, on top of doing a “good job”!?

“Relax. I will personally do something about you becoming a groom!”

When I was about to turn around, after hearing Buchou’s words, to say “Are you serious!?”….

“Okay, here it comes!”

I saw the injection approaching my arse!



That day, I had a huge injection, injected into my arse in front of everyone.

Part 2[edit]

………That is how I was injected with antipyretic. I returned home and am sleeping quietly on my bed, alone. I also drank the medicine given to me as instructed.

Compared to how I felt before going to the hospital, I’m feeling much better. However, my body still feels heavy.

Uggh, just lifting my body up a bit makes my head spin, and going to the toilet takes a lot of effort….. My sexual desire also isn’t increasing. Well, if I was having an ecchi feeling even in a situation like this, that would be a problem in it’s own way…..

“Cough cough.”

…..Uggh, I’m still coughing. It’s a bit different from the cold I had when I was a human. A Devil's fever has similar symptoms to a human’s fever, but there is one critical difference: we can’t use our demonic powers.

The aura which is the source of demonic power doesn’t come out from our body. Apparently a fever also affects whatever creates our demonic powers, and once we get sick that process is stopped.

I barely have any demonic powers, but I can still sense coldness, which is one of its traits. Unlike a human’s fever, our "sixth sense" becomes unstable and I am feeling insecure as a result.

It’s similar to the uneasiness of being unable to go to the toilet alone after watching a horror film. Apparently reincarnated Devils, who suddenly gained demonic power, get this feeling when they suddenly lose their demonic powers.

So I am having this cold, scary feeling….. Maybe it’s because of my sickness, but I really want someone with me because, I feel very lonely right now…..

Apparently, the dragon flu causes an inability to breathe fire and the loss of special abilities, but since my body is human-based, I don’t suffer those effects. Only my body feels exhausted.

Oh yeah, from today until my fever gets better, I have to sleep by myself.

Uggh, I usually sleep with Buchou and Asia, so I really feel lonely at these times.

……..I’m missing Buchou’s warmth. Having Buchou embrace me, I go to sleep while feeling the sensation of women’s soft skin. That is really the best……

Aaaah, I really am missing Buchou’s oppai…….

While thinking my feelings towards Buchou.

GACHA. The sound of the door being opened. When I looked that way….

“Ise, are you resting properly?”

It was Buchou in white clothing!

Buchou in a nurse costumeeeeee! She’s showing her legs that much!



I got so excited that I coughed. I don’t know why but my chest was filled after seeing Buchou in a nurse’s costume. I think my pulse became faster as well…..

“………..Haahaa……, Bu-Buchou, that’s the best…… I’m in p-pain, but it’s making me excited…..”

Even though my body is getting worse, I was shedding tears of gratitude at Buchou’s appearance.

Aaaah, like I thought, my perverted core still remains even though I’m sick.

“H-Hey, Ise. Are you okay? You look like you are in pain. Maybe this costume failed? I wanted you to get better even by a bit, so we decided to do this together…..”

Buchou approaches me in her nurse costume and extends her hand towards my cheek. ……Aaaah, maybe I don’t mind dying today……

“Ise-san, are you okay?”

--! Asia’s voice. When I looked that way, there was…..!

My eyes were glued to the goddess in white clothing.

“D-Did something happen…..?”

Asia had a question mark above her tilted head.

…….For the innocent Asia to wear a nurse’s costume which is a symbol of purity. I was gazing at her with fascination, because there isn’t any combination that surpasses this combo existing in this world.

Asia in a nurse’s outfit. It’s not something which merely fits her! She is one of those types of girls who heals your heart! She has the ability to heal! Asia, who has all those criteria is, wearing a nurse’s outfit! Of course it will suit her! It’s not something you can express, but it simply suits her!

I started feeling as if a goddess truly exists now!

……..I’m going to keep this image of her, along with the current Buchou, within the photo album inside me. This is the best……

“Guha! …….Bu-Buchou, and Asia…….it suits you both…… It’s the best….. You haven’t failed at all….. Just seeing this makes me happy that I am alive……”

I gave them a forced smile while pressing on my chest, and gave them my gratitude. I even started to get a nosebleed. I don’t know whether I got this nosebleed because I got excited, or because of my sickness, but I understand this is a serious condition for me right now……

I smiled at both of them while shedding tears.

“Ise! Hey! We only came to bring water and soup!”

“Ise-san, please don’t die!”

Both of them hold my hand….. I am being watched over by two beauties in nurse outfits…… I can’t ask for more…..

“……..I leave my porno-mags to you. Seriously…..please dispose of them……and my DVD’s.......you can’t keep them as a memento of me, okay……?”

“What are you saying! Here, at least drink some water!”

“Ueeeen! Ise-san is….!”

“Asia, don’t cry. You know this boy won’t die from something like this, right?”

I took some water and went to sleep after having some broth.

….....The next time I opened my eyes, it was already night.

Around this time, the job of a Devil should be over. …….I ended up taking a day off. Even though I’m like this, I have customers as well, you know?

Today Buchou and Asia aren’t in my bedroom. As I thought, it’s lonely.

…….Huh, I feel some weight on me. It’s not from the fever. There is clearly something on my body. When I touched it, I felt something very soft.

When I looked…..there was Koneko-chan, in a white costume, while having cat ears and a tail!


She’s asleep, and her breathing is gentle.

……..Hmm? Actually, my body is feeling warm. Perhaps she was using senjutsu to make my ki flow better? For quite some time, as well.

……..Koneko-chan. She must have healed my body, on top of finishing her job as a Devil……

This girl really cares about her comrades, huh. Even though she is usually a sharp tongued loli girl.

I pat Koneko-chan’s head.

“……..Nya. Please get….better quickly…..”

Koneko-chan says, in her sleep.

Sob, my tears are flowing because of Koneko-chan, who cares deeply for her senior!

Where did I catch my cold from? I’m not Xenovia, but was it because I didn’t pay enough attention to my health?

“…….Maybe there was a source where I caught my flu.”

While I was muttering.

“We think that it may be the virus which the salesman, who came to do some trading with Rias, had. You know how we sometimes call salesmen into the basement and do some shopping?”

Aaah, you sure do those kinds of things sometimes. Wait!

Akeno-san was there, and appeared to agree with my suspicion in a small voice!

She was sitting on the chair next to the bed without me realising it……!

As I thought, she is also wearing a nurse’s costume! On her legs she is wearing fishnet stockings, which are exposed under her small skirt……! Ooooooo……. Nurse costume and fishnet stockings…….! That’s the best combination there is!

She has her legs crossed! Akeno-san! Please cross your legs again! Your thighs are so bright!

Akeno-san, your erotic gesture is very bad for my body right now! But thank you!

There isn’t any better pain than this, huh! …….Ugh, actually my pulse is racing….

“Ara ara. Are you okay? Koneko-chan and I are in charge of you from midnight, you know? So I will be giving you service until morning♪”

S-Service! I’m able to receive services from Akeno-san in a nurse’s outfit!

Aaah, if I was healthy at times like this, then I could probably have made a naughty request…..

No, probably because I am sick, I was able to see everyone in nurse outfits.

Akeno-san’s face gets closer. …….My heart is beating faster…..

Akeno-san whispers in my ear.

“I will wipe your face now.”

Saying that Akeno-san raised the level of my pillow and then she raised my head. She starts to wipe my face with a wet towel. ……The wet towel feels good.

……But my eyes were glued to the phenomenon occurring right in front of me…..! Every time Akeno-san, who is bending forward, wipes my face…….her oppai are jiggling right in front of my eyeeees~…..!

“How is it?”

Akeno-san asked me if she wiped my face correctly. But I’m not concerned about that right now……..I’m more focused on the breasts which are bouncing right in front of me!

“……Y-Yes! To the r-right and the left……”

“Right? Left? So you want me to wipe your cheeks more then? Ara ara, you started to bleed from your nose….”

Akeno-san even wiped my nosebleed…… I sure had my eyes filled. Now I’m shedding tears of gratitude at the oppai which are bouncing in every direction……! Maybe becoming sick is the best thing ever!

That’s what I thought; Akeno-san made a sensual smile and then says to me.

“After Ise-kun gets better, maybe playing “doctor” would be a good thing.”

“D-Doctor you say…….?”

“Yes, like this—”

I don’t know where she got it from, but Akeno-san took out a stethoscope.

She then put the stethoscope to her oppaaaaaai!


Seeing the stethoscope stick to her oppai, my nosebleed spurted out, very strongly.

“A situation where I get examined by Doctor Ise….”

My brain was destroyed with her lustful voice….! That is one of those scenes which comes up in a naughty DVD……!

Then I started to imagine a scenario in my mind!

[Oh, Himejima-san. Is there something wrong with you today?]

High school dxd v13 103.jpg

[Doctor, my chest hurts so much…… I definitely must have come down with a very bad disease…..]

[Now, don’t say that. Let’s check you out using my stethoscope. Oppai….. Show me your breasts.]

[Y-Yes. Please do.]

[Hmm. Now, is it over here?]

[Ann! T-That isn’t the place…. Geez, Doctor~]

[Hahahaha, I’m sorry about that!]

…….I can’t. I started to breathe harder if I imagine an erotic situation. I should be resting, but why am I feeling more pain, just by imagining such classic erotic things….!?

That’s because of the way Akeno-san is acting! Of course it would turn out like this!

“Akeno…… What are you doing…..?”

The sudden voice of Buchou! When I looked, Buchou had come in, without me realising she was there! She looks really mad…… S-Scary…… She’s even covered in aura……

“Ara, Rias, you came. Rather than that, you have become very good at entering a room without making your presence felt lately.”

“Of course. If I didn’t attain a skill like this, I have a feeling that Ise would've been eaten by you. I don’t know the reason behind it, but you also learned a technique which allows you not to be caught by Koneko’s senjutsu technique of searching, right?”

“Oh my, you say it as if I’m some kind of beast. So rude. It’s a simple thing for a maiden in love to make the impossible possible. …….But eating Ise-kun deliciously would definitely be dreamy.”

……….Both of them glare at each other with intensity. …….I feel a different kind of coldness piercing through my skin….. I really think the atmosphere in this room is the worst type there is….. It’s bad for my b-body……

“…….Koneko is sleeping, and the condition of Ise’s body is important. Let’s head to the rooftop then.”

“Yes, deciding who is the better nurse tonight might be a good thing.”

Both of them, sparking with hostility against each other, left the room……

A bit later, I heard noises of lightning and something loud from the window……so I acted as if I didn’t hear anything.

I sighed at the usual battle between the Onee-sama.

Then there was someone else who entered the room….. It was the silver haired nurse, Rossweisse-san.

“So you woke up? Did you receive your medicine from Rias-san and Akeno-san?”

I shook my head at her question. Confirming that, it seems like Rossweisse-san felt down. Rather than that, you also came wearing a nurse’s outfit so faithfully, huh Rossweisse-san. I’m quite moved.

“That’s what I thought. When I went past them in the corridor, they were releasing very strong auras, so I thought it might have turned out like this.”

Saying that, she approaches me, takes medicine from a bag and gives it to me along with a cup of water.

“Taking the medicine with an empty stomach isn’t recommended, so here you go.”

Rossweisse-san hands me several small pieces of solid food which look like biscuits.

“It’s a Valhallan, nutrient-rich food. You can eat it easily, and also get all the necessary nutrients with only this small portion. Normally it would be better to take proper food, but this will be the better for you right now.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

I said my thanks and then put the biscuit into my mouth.

Ah, it isn’t that hard. It’s quite soft, and also sweet.

“I think it will be easy to eat since I added a little bit of sugar.”

“You did all this for me?”

I asked, and Rossweisse-san replies with a unpleasant face.

“Everyone seems depressed if you don’t recover. The team’s mood maker should get better immediately.”

She says that to me strictly, but her cheeks are a bit red. ……..So Rossweisse-san is also worried about me. ………I really need to recover quickly.

I don’t know how much of a mood maker I am but, for my comrades, I can’t stay like this any longer.

“…………Senpai……..please get better…….”

I felt like I would be healed with the words from Koneko-chan, who was sleeping right next to me.

Part 3[edit]

When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t see Koneko-chan. She must have woken up before me.

…….Yup. Within just a night, I feel much better than when I was carried to the hospital.

I feel I can go to the toilet on my own now, without a problem. My fever……has gone down quite a bit. Well, they say that the most crucial time is when your fever is recovering the most, so I can’t let my guard down yet.

When I was thinking of taking a nap, someone entered my room.

“Oh, Ise. You're awake?”

“Yahoo, Ise-kun! We brought your meal!”

The ones who entered were……Xenovia and Irina in nurse outfits. …….So the girls in our home are actually going to nurse me, wearing a nurse’s outfit, huh.

“Does it suit me?”

Xenovia asks me while giving me a peace sign.

“……Yeah, both you and Irina look good.”

Both of them did a high five, after hearing my reply. The two of you sure have high tension this morning…..

Though, in exchange for being happy at seeing them in nurse outfits, it feels like my fever will worsen from being excited……

But since I want to save them wearing nurse outfits in my memory, I must see them wearing nurse outfits even if I have to force myself!

Especially Irina, who is a reincarnated Angel, is actually an “Angel in white nurse’s clothing”! A real Angel being a nurse sure is good!

I took a single deep breath. Xenovia and Irina brought a tray, and put it on the stand which is next to my bed.

…….There is an ominous-coloured soup and juice with the same colour……

D-Don’t tell me these two made this…….? When I looked at them timidly, both of them were looking at me with keen eyes!

“Irina and I checked up on medicinal plants, that are said to be good for the body. We gathered as much as we could.”

“It has perfect marks for nutrients! It’s a soup and juice, that will make you recover immediately!”

…….What a bright smile. They must have made it with great effort. But, I haven’t seen either of you cooking before you know…….?

I only feel uneasy about thiiiiiss!

Rather, this soup! Something unknown is appearing in the soup! Is this a leg……? And it seems like there is an eyeball as well…… You must be joking, those aren't medicinal plants…..!

This is something you are not allowed to see…… If this was a television programme, they would definitely be censoring this!

I also wonder what kind of ingredients you need, to make juice like this with bursting noises……. Both of them definitely have ingredients that aren’t medicinal plants!

“ “…………” ”

Both of them are looking at me worriedly!

[As I thought, my cooking isn’t…….. So I can’t even do a single household chore after all……]

[I’m so worthless….. This makes me a failure as an Angel…… Michael-sama, please give divine punishment to me…..!]

……It feels like that is what’s going through their minds.

……Okay. Okay then! I just have to drink it, right!?

I cannot decline it and betray their expectations!

I made up my mind and put the spoon in the soup.



The moment I put the spoon in, a mysterious gas was coming out from the soup……

Ugh! What is this! It’s getting in my eyes! My tears won’t stop! This is a hazardous substance! This definitely isn’t something with perfect marks for nutrients!

I swallowed and was just about to lift up the spoon…..


The one who entered was Gasper in a nurse’s outfit! Even you wear nurse outfits at times like this!? W-Well, it does suit you……

“W-What’s wrong?”

When I asked, Gasper answers with a frightened voice.

“A G-G-G-Guest is hereeee~! Senpai’s friend came here to see how you are doing, after finding out you got a cold~!”

What? Came to see me? My friend? Who is it? Is it my evil buddies, Matsuda and Motohama? Or is it Saji? I started to imagine my friends in my head, but dropped the spoon on the floor when I saw ‘the being’ which entered while saying “Nyo”.

“Devil-san, I came to see you –nyo.”

Thick arms! Thick chest! There was a large man in a nurse’s outfit with an unbelievable amount of muscle!


Yes, he(she?) is my regular customer from my job as a Devil! And her name is Mil-tan! A “girl born from a man” with overwhelming muscles who desires to become a mahou shoujo!

Rip Rip Rip……

Look look look look! Mil-tan’s nurse outfit, which isn’t fitting her size, is screaming because of being pushed back by her muscles!

Gasper led Mil-tan in and then ran to the corner of the room saying “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die…….”, while his body is trembling.

Xenovia and Irina are shocked at the entrance of Mil-tan.

“…..Who is this guy? I feel unbelievable pressure coming from him….. I can tell that he is a famous warrior….. No, when I was at the Vatican, I think I saw a similar warrior when there was a plan to fight a certain Vampire tribe……”

“……He has an atmosphere I haven’t seen in the database in heaven as well…… He seems like he is a nurse who has been through many battles….. Ummm, he’s a human…..right?”

Both of them looked serious.

You two are thinking too much about her! He’s just a hentai……in other words, a girl born from a man! You can say that he is the same type as Gasper, who is also a girl born from a man…..but Gasper himself has lost his will to fight after being taken out by Mil-tan’s ‘haki’……..

Seeing me, Mil-tan starts to shed many tears.

“……..Devil-san certainly must have fallen sick because Mil-tan was calling you every night –nyo…….”

Somehow, he seemed to have a misunderstanding….. Mil-tan, even though he looks like that he has the heart of a maiden so it’s difficult if he gets a misunderstanding…..

He seems to be shaking, but his muscles appear to be tensing, can you please stop!? Look! Even Xenovia and Irina got into their battle stances after sensing danger!

“M-Mil-tan….. I’m okay. It’s just a fever. I will get better if I rest a bit. After that, lets watch some Milky DVDs once again and--”


All the furniture in my room shook at the voice released by Mil-tan, and an unknown pressure pressed against me as well!

When Mil-tan put her hand in her bag….

“I made a magical drink using the data collection from Milky –nyo.”

He gives me a bottle.

Inside it is an ominous coloured liquid…..

I started to feel my consciousness going far away. It would have been better if I just lost my consciousness right now……

From morning I drank poisons……I drank large amounts of drinks, that have "medicinal plants" in them.

Part 4[edit]

I, who have drunk outrageous things since morning, am laying down on the bed.

……..After that, I expelled many things from inside me, in the toilet……. Were there really any medicinal plants inside them? The soup and juice made by Xenovia and Irina, then on top of that a special drink made by Mil-tan. I want to praise myself for surviving after drinking those.

Anyway, I didn’t want to eat anything for lunch. After drinking something like that, my stomach can’t take anything. I was killing time, watching TV by myself.

I took a break from school today. I’m listed as being on sick leave. Checking on my condition, it was decided that I will take a break for three days.

It seems like the other Devils at school, the Sitri group, were injected with a vaccine. I did go to school before falling ill after all. Being cautious about it, isn't a bad thing.

……..So everyone is at school, huh? Oh yeah, I received an email from the two idiots.

[You're telling me an idiot can also get sick!? No, maybe you can fall ill if you are a big pervert!]

[You aren’t possibly having a video marathon, by watching the treasured DVDs you have, are you!? Also return the DVD “The Legend of the Secret Bath Discovery IV: Welcome to the Spa for the Big-breasted!”, I let you borrow before.]

Yeah, they sure are rude guys. When I recover, I’m gonna punch Matsuda and Motohama. Also, I won’t give that DVD back to you yet, Motohama!

When I looked at my wrist watch, it was already time for club. Right about now, they should be eating snacks while having a laugh.

So no Devil’s job for me today as well, huh. …….Since I have been working the whole time moving my body, it’s been a while since I rested like this. Something like this isn’t bad at times.

However, I feel lonely, so I would rather stay with everyone instead.

……I should get better as soon as I can.

As I thought that, there was a knock on the door.


When I respond, only one person entered the room.


A single bishoujo enters my room.

Her hair is long, her body is slim, though she has some curves. She is a girl who looks to be about the same age as me and looks pure. The mole under her eye left an impression on me. Most of all, she was also wearing a nurse’s outfit.

High school dxd v13 002.jpg

…….I’m familiar with this person.

It became a hot topic in the clubroom when Azazel-sensei created an item not so long ago.

“……..Are you Kiba?”

The bishoujo nods shyly at my question and says “Yes”.

Yeah, the gender-changing ray gun that sensei created as a joke. If you get hit by that ray, your gender changes. If you are a guy, then you get changed into a girl. If you are a girl you get changed into a guy. It’s possible to transform for a bit.

The clubroom became a disaster when Buchou and the other girls changed into handsome guys.

Back then, I used the ray on Kiba as a joke and made him into a girl. I was really shocked when Kiba turned into the type of girl I like……

By the way, Gasper was also hit by the ray and his appearance didn’t change. It seemed like he lost something important as a guy.

……I pinched my cheek thinking this is a dream, but…….ouch. It isn’t a dream!

I pointed my finger at him while my heart is racing.

“Y-You, why did you return to that form again? More than that, why are you here? Why am I-I-I getting confused this much……?”

Of course I would become confused if this guy enters my room, while being a “bishoujo in a nurse outfit”!

Why is this guy here at a time like this!? It should still be time for the club!

Kiba says while wriggling.

“…….The story about wearing a nurse’s outfit was becoming popular in the club. Then Sensei called me all of a sudden and….”

[How about you also meet Ise in a nurse’s outfit? He was really interested in you when you became a girl, so maybe he would be happy, perhaps? To cheer him up, how about you do this as his friend?]

Is what he said to him.

What did he do?! Damn Sensei! ……W-Well, certainly this guy looks cute when he turns into a girl! Since he originally was a handsome guy, of course he will turn into a bishoujo! And he sent him like this on purpose!

I’m happy, but I feel this wasn’t needed, but I also feel Kiba being a bishoujo isn’t a bad thing and…..

I was filled with complicated feelings and Kiba asks me, with a red face.

“…….D-Do I look good in it?”

……The nurse’s outfit certainly does look good on her! I could say that with my mouth and tell her, but it feels like I would lose if I actually do that! It really feels like I would lose if I admit it!

I should act, since my heart is beating fast because of my flu. Let’s do that. If I don’t, it feels like something important inside me will break!

……Ugh, somehow I’m feeling dizzy.

I urge Kiba to sit on the chair next to the bed.

“…….Take a seat. First of all, tell me if anything changed at school today. You will also tell me what you guys talked about at the club as well, right?”

When I asked him roughly, he responds to me happily by looking at me and saying “Yeah!”.

So this guy was also worried about me in his own way, huh? Well, he is my friend after all. When I was thinking about the friendship between us….


Because of wearing heels he isn’t used to wearing, he trips on his legs and falls this way!

High school dxd v13 117.jpg

Kiba falls onto my chest where I had my upper body up!

“H-Hey, are you okay?”

When I looked into his face, the face of a bishoujo is right in front of me.

“ “…………..” ”

We stare at each other for a while…..


Kiba gazes elsewhere and he seems to be enduring something while putting on a red face.

Hmm? I was in wonder, but I feel a soft sensation in my hands….

When I looked…….my hands are touching Kiba’s breaaaaassssts!

“Ah, sorry!”

I said sorry and moved my hands! …….The sensation of the oppai in my hands! There was no doubt that it was the same, as that of a girl!

…….Kiba’s oppai was soft.

“No no no no!”

I shook my head hard, and rejected what was in my mind just now!

He's a guy! He’s a girl right now, but he’s usually a guy and he’s my comrade who is also my friend!

Shit! Why is my heart beating this fast!?


Kiba, whose face is red, was holding his chest. Why are you reacting like that!? Can you please laugh it off with your usual handsome face by saying “Oh, my. Looks like I had my breast groped”!

Does that ray also make the person’s heart into that of a maiden!? Please stop! At this rate, I will also start to develop a thing for ‘those’ kind of things as weeeeeeell!

I’m already in pain with my fever, so please don’t make me have a new turning point in my life here!

“……Ise-kun, I…..”

When Kiba was about to say something with soggy eyes…..

“Ise, we came back early because we were worried about you.”

Buchou and others have come home!

“So we will make something good for your body--”


When Buchou saw the situation in my room, she drops her school bag silently while smiling.

“Rias-oneesama, what’s wrong?”

Asia pops her head out from behind Buchou, with a puzzled expression. She then sees me on the bed and Kiba.

“………….Hauuu, Ise-san and……..Kiba-san!?”

Asia trembles while the lights in her eyes are turning on and off!

After that, each of the girls become astonished at the situation in my room. After a pause they shout at once,

“ “ “ “ “What is the meaning of this!?” ” ” ” ”

I am cornered by the girls, but I tell them while protecting Kiba, who is panicking.

“Umm, this is…..”

“I never thought Ise-kun and Yuuto-kun would develop a relationship like this without noticing it…….”

Akeno-san has a complicated expression.

“No, that definitely isn’t the case here……”

“I-I came here by my own decision.”

Kiba also says.

“…..Came here by his own decision. So their relationship has progressed that far already….”

Koneko-chan is thinking too far ahead!

“Kiba-san is a man……and I’m a woman, yet……”

Asia's eyes are full of tears! Holding her shoulder, Xenovia tells her,

“Asia, Ise might be trying to master a path we can’t possibly come to understand.”

“You are right, I think they call this the “Dual Blade”…… Aaaah, this is so corruptive and heretical!”

Irina was nodding her head a couple of times. No, don’t confirm it!

“I-I should also become a girl to do things with Senpai….”

Please don’t, Gasper! Please don’t show me any more wrong ideas than this!

Rossweisse-san hasn’t returned yet because she’s a teacher…….but this situation is very hard to endure!

……Ah, my heartbeat is getting fast and I started to get dizzy…… Did I perhaps get worse…..?

Even so, I continued to give my excuses. At this rate I would end up living with them while they have the wrong idea! Absolutely not thaaaaaaat!

“…….A-As I was saying, Kiba and I aren’t in that sort of relationship and……. Rather, Kiba was the one who was concerned about my well being and….. Cough, cough.”

……Oh yeah, today I only took in those poison like things, so I don’t have any stamina…..

……I think I’m getting hungry as well. I also expelled all the things I took in this morning, so there is nothing inside my stomach……

“……I understand that Azazel is the cause of all this, but it is also Yuuto’s fault. You should have told us. If this was the case, I wouldn’t have said no, you know?”

Buchou’s gentle words.

“I’m deeply sorry. I was wondering if I could do something for the sick Ise-kun….”

Kiba was also reflecting on his action. …….This isn’t Kiba’s fault.

…….Huh? My mind started to go far off…..

“Either way, we need Ise to recover or everyone won’t act like they usually do. Geez, you really are a popular--”

My consciousness disappeared as Buchou spoke.

Part 5[edit]

“When he’s feeling ill, this is the best thing for Ise. A miso soup with crushed ginger inside.”

I was drinking the miso soup mum brought to my room.

“Aaaah….. It’s spreading around to every part of my body.”

Yeah, this is the thing. Since I was a kid, mum always made this when I fell ill. I don’t know how much of the Devil flu it will cure. But after having my body and heart warmed, my body feels lighter. A mysterious feeling of security. I think I wouldn’t feel like this if it wasn’t mum’s miso soup.

The taste of a mother, I felt my heart was healed with it. Mum, I really thank you.

After that, it seems like I lost consciousness for a bit. I regained consciousness right away, but I was in a weak condition due to an empty stomach. Then mum appeared, and brought this miso soup. Everyone was looking at me seriously.

“……Okaa-sama! Please teach me how to make that!”

Buchou approaches mum with a serious expression. Mum was in confusion, with her eyes opened wide.

“Even if you ask me how I made it, it’s really simple you know? W-Well, I did alter it to my style a bit….”

“T-That is it! Okaa-san, please teach me the taste of the Hyoudou residence! For my future, I have to learn it!”

This time it’s Asia!

“Of course, I will be learning it as well.”

“……..Yes. Please teach me the hidden taste of the Hyoudou residence as well.”

Also Akeno-san and Koneko-chan! Even I don’t know the so-called taste. Is there even such a thing in this Hyoudou family?

“So this will also be part of bridal training, I see. I’m good at cutting.”

“Yes, Xenovia should learn a bit of cooking. Oba-sama, will you also teach me as well please!?”

Even Xenovia and Irina! Yeah, Xenovia should learn something a bit girlish.

“Then we should learn it as well, Gasper-kun.”

“Yes! I will learn it and make cooking filled with love for Ise-senpai!”

Kiba! Gasper! What’s the point of you guys trying to raise my opinions of you!?

“Ara ara. Seems like it turned into a serious situation. Anyway, shall we learn this miso soup first?”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Mum went downstairs while taking Buchou and others with her.

Leaving me behind, the cooking lesson of the Hyoudou residence began.

…….This time it feels like there will be the same number of miso soups, as the number of them making it…… That will be very hard for me.

After a bit, from the first floor…..


I heard explosive sounds, which shouldn’t be heard in a kitchen, along with “Kyaa!” and “Waaah!” like screams.

Can something like this happen just by making a soup!? Don’t tell me this is the hidden taste of the Hyoudou family!?

Dinner time. There were different types of miso soup on the table. From tasty looking ones made by Buchou, Akeno-san and Asia, to those with an evil presence coming out made by Xenovia, Irina and Gasper. There are many varieties of them.

Mum, so you really taught them how to make the miso soup!? Rather than a secret taste, it has colour and smells which shouldn’t be passed on! What kind of miso do you have to use for it to turn out like this…….

There is too much freedom in the food of our family…….

Even if I drink a tasty miso soup, it would be a negative thing for my stomach thanks to the “Dark miso soup”!

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Please dig in!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Everyone says, with a smile.

Yeah, I’m a fortunate guy. Everyone is worried about me after all. But if it continues like this until I get better, it feels like my body won’t last for real!

So I had no other choice but to drink the miso soup thinking “Heal quickly! Heal quickly!” inside my head.

Later that day, the gender-swap ray-gun was sealed.

Well, having that will be a source of trouble, so it’s a natural thing…… however I think that changing the enemy that come to attack me, into girls using the ray-gun, might be a good thing!

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