High School DxD:Volume 13 Life 4

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Life.4 The Unressurected Phoenix[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It is Autumn, and a rare visitor has come to my house on a day off.

“H-How do you do.”

A pretty girl, with drill-like roll hair on both sides of her head, came to visit my house.

I was surprised at the arrival of this visitor, whilst dealing with her at the entrance. Buchou, who is beside me, is also surprised.

“How do you do, Ravel. Did something happen for you to come to this house?”

“Yes, Rias-sama. I’m very sorry for the sudden visit.”

Yes, this girl who just greeted Buchou is Ravel Phoenix, a High-class Devil and a daughter from the House of Phoenix.

I see her at times when I go to the Underworld, but I never thought I would meet her in the human world; especially not at my house.

Judging from Buchou’s attitude, it appears she didn’t receive any notification of this visit beforehand. It really is an unexpected visit.

Ravel was wearing a cute-looking one-piece dress. After she wiggled her body shyly, she spoke as if she had made up her mind.

“The truth is, I would like to consult you about my brother….”

When Buchou and I heard that, we looked at each other.

This could be a bit complicated.

The scene changes to the living room. It would be weird to talk to her at the entrance; the discussion might become a bit complicated after all.

Akeno-san gave tea to Ravel.

“About Raiser?”

When Buchou asks, Ravel nods.

“Yes. I’m sure you have heard that my brother fell into depression after that incident…..”

During the first semester, we got involved in the matter of Buchou’s engagement. Due to the arranged marriage decided by their parents, Buchou and Ravel’s brother, Raiser Phoenix, were fiancés.

Buchou, who wanted to marry because of love and not some arrangement, decided to break off their relationship by competing against Raiser in a Rating Game.

A lot happened, and the marriage proposal was revoked. So Buchou’s engagement, is no more.

……..That story became quite a topic among the upper echelons of society in the Underworld, and it left quite a complicated impression on them. Since the important thing between the High-class Devils which has been passed on for generations was involved, it became a scandal for the pure Devils who take importance in their traditions.

I was greatly involved in that incident. After all, I was the one who bashed up Raiser and took Buchou from the engagement party!

Regarding that, I don’t regret my actions. Since Buchou who I like very much, didn’t want that, I risked my life to stop it. Even now I feel proud for having rescued Buchou……but to the house of Phoenix, I might be their sworn enemy…… I need to accept that fact.

A weird tension rises between Buchou and Ravel. The revocation of the engagement has already been settled by their parents, who are the current heads. They should be able to talk normally; however the discussion is complicated as it’s about Raiser, who I beat up.

Raiser and his family, the House of Phoenix, have the regeneration ability of the Phoenix, an immortal bird. I used the power sleeping within me…..the power of Sekiryuutei to defeat him.

After that, Raiser became seriously depressed from losing to me and for losing Buchou. Even six months after the incident, that hasn’t changed.

Along with tasting the first defeat in his whole life, women also left him. For a guy, there might not be anything more depressing than this.

I was watching over their conversation with Asia and the others from the corner of the room.

“Raiser huh. I have heard stories about him……”

“What kind of person is he?’

Xenovia and Irina never met him after all.

“Umm, he’s from the house of Phoenix and…..”

Asia started explaining to the two of them. Oh yeah, that incident happened almost immediately after Asia joined us.

“The world of High-class Devils sure is complicated. But I look up to the society of the nobles. …..I wonder if I can find a rich man.”

Rossweisse-san is up to something.

“…..The little sister came all the way to visit the house belonging to the Gremory…. Maybe they really are having troubles with it.”

You are right, Koneko-chan. Maybe it really is like that.

I don’t know how things got this way, but Ravel came here after many things happened, huh.

Ravel is hiding her usual tsun-tsun attitude towards me. When I first met her, not only was she a tsun-tsun but she was a rich-girl with an uptight attitude. But today she’s quiet.

Buchou speaks to break this silent atmosphere.

“So Raiser….hasn’t recovered since then.”

Ravel nods at Buchou’s words. It wouldn’t have been unusual for Ravel to say “It’s your fault!” in terms of the position we are in, but it doesn’t seem like she is going to say that.

Well, that’s something I have been thinking every time I met her in the Underworld, but it seems like Ravel doesn’t blame us for it. Instead, she even told me that it’s a good lesson for her brother Raiser. Even though she said that, it’s an obvious thing to worry about your family.

Ravel then says, after drinking her tea.

“……..Naturally, it might be wrong for me to come here. But when I asked for opinions in different places, there were suggestions that I should consult with Rias-sama. Even treatments that have been tried, didn’t give any results……”

“With me? What do you mean?”

Ravel clearly answers Buchou’s question.

“To fix my brother’s heart………my brother’s mentality, I received suggestions that…… 'Maybe it’s better to learn the thing called ‘guts’ that the servants of Rias-sama have?'”

All of us and Buchou made a dumb face for a moment when we heard the answer "guts", but soon there were a couple of laughs in the living room.

Hahaha….....Guts huh. Certainly everyone in our group, including me, all have guts.

Wait, why is everyone looking at me? Yeah yeah, I just move ahead with only guts!

Under this lightened atmosphere, Ravel spits out all the things she kept within herself.

“The fact is, my brother is pathetic! For him to stay depressed for six months after a single defeat…..! It seems like he’s afraid of Dragons you know? He hasn’t participated in a Rating Game since then, and he’s been written about in a gossip magazine where they wrote things however they wanted! He has trauma after being defeated by Ise-sama, and he doesn’t talk about anything related to Dragons. I would understand if he holds a grudge instead. But he’s scared you know? If he’s a man, he should learn from his defeat and move on! He’s really pathetic, just pathetic!”

…….Everyone opened their eyes wide at her super machine-gun talk.

She has so much stress huh. So is that guy Raiser in such a bad state?

“…….Though, he’s still my brother.”

So deep in her heart, she’s actually very worried about him.

Buchou, who is being consulted, must feel quite complicated. The first thing is, she won’t be able to decline it and Ravel didn’t come to push the responsibility on us; she came, purely because she is worried about her brother.

……..Yeah. As I thought, that’s the only way. I decided to say what was on my mind.

“Leave it to me, Ravel. I will do something about it.”

Ravel, and everyone else, looked at me.

I continued while scratching my cheek.

“W-Well, it’s something that I did, so I think I have to fix it as well. And you want ‘guts’ right? Leave it to me. If you say guts, then I’m your man. Even though I’m a Devil, I do things like living in the mountains and I’ve been through a lot of harsh things. I’m used to those kinds of things.”

“…….He’s an embodiment of guts both in a good and bad way.”

That’s exactly right, Koneko-chan!

“Ise, this is my…”

It sounded like Buchou was going to say “I will do it”, so I stopped her with my hand.

“It’s okay. I have a plan.”

It's not a bluff. I actually do have an idea. There was something which crossed my mind, that can put "guts" inside him and also train both his body and soul. Hahaha, since I’ve just been training, my mind has adapted to think like that. Not having any talents can be useful at times.

When I looked at Ravel, she had a very bright expression, but she coughed after she realised it.

“I-I-It can’t be helped then. I don’t mind asking Ise-sama. So please work hard for the High-class Devils. …….I-I will give my thanks in advance.”

Yeah yeah. I’ll do my best then. Buchou took a breath, then nodded her head.

“I understand. We will start the strategy to make Raiser stand up again, by having Ise act as his therapist.”

Hence it was decided, that we will fix that Yakitori-bastard.

Part 2[edit]

“Haaa……….It’s huuuuuuuuuge~.”

I was overwhelmed by the big castle which stands right in front of my eyes.

Right now we, "the Gremory Group + Irina", have come to visit the residence of the House of Phoenix.

When we transferred to Gremory territory from the human world, we arrived here through a magic circle by doing many 'jumps'….. The castle is huge! Buchou’s house is also big but there is no comparison.

I heard that they made lots of profit from the healing items “Phoenix Tears”, and judging from this they sure have been making lots of money!

The castle’s gate opens while making a heavy sound, and all of us went inside.

After we went past the garden of the castle, we arrived at the residential area where the people from the House of Phoenix live. In front of a gorgeous looking door Ravel, who is wearing a dress, and several servants were waiting for us.

“How do you do, welcome to the House of Phoenix.”

“How do you do, Ravel. If I remember, Raiser lives here right?”

Buchou asked her. I see, it appears Buchou came here when she was a child, so she’s familiar with the inside of the castle.

“Yes, we can go straight to his room from here.”

With Ravel’s guidance we proceed inside, passing through the door.

Oh, the ceiling is so high up! And the chandelier looks amazing! There are expensive looking statutes and paintings everywhere! It sure doesn’t lose to Buchou’s house.

“If this isn’t Rias-sama. It has been a very long time. And it’s been a while since we last met, Sekiryuutei.”

A new voice. When I looked, a person I am familiar with was standing in front of some stairs.

It’s the woman who has a half mask on her face, Isabela-san, she’s Raiser’s servant.

“It’s been a while, Isabela-san.”

“I have heard many rumours. Even if I fight again seriously, I won’t be able to win.”

Didn’t she say the same thing before? This person is the only one among Raiser’s servants who has a good impression of me.

“My master is over here, please follow me.”

We followed Isabela-san up the stairs, and progressed through the spacious building.

“So what does Raiser…..-san usually do?”

I ask while we are walking. Isabela-san answers while making a sigh.

“He hides himself in his room and he either does a virtual Rating Game, or he calls some commoners who are good at chess, all the way here, so he can have a chess match against them.”

So he’s a hikikomori.

For that show off, good-looking guy to become a hikikomori. I really can’t imagine it.

We walked for ten minutes. It’s huge, it’s too huge! I also thought the same thing at Buchou’s house, but the houses of High-class Devils are too huge! And the number of rooms is insane! I don’t even have the slightest confidence that I can find my way back, once I get lost in here!

While I was thinking that, Isabela-san and Ravel stop in front of a door.

It’s a huge door. A splendid looking relief of a fire bird is engraved on it.


Ravel knocks on the door.

“Onii-sama, I have some guests for you.”

…….No response. Is he sleeping? After thinking that, I heard a voice from inside.

[……So it’s you Ravel. I don’t want to meet anyone today. I saw a bad dream….. I’m not in the mood to meet anyone.]

Hearing that, Ravel made a sigh. Then she tells him.

“-It’s Rias-sama.”

After a pause…… GASHAAAAN! The sound of something being dropped on the floor echoes within his room.

[--! ……..Ri-Rias……you say……?]

He was really panicked. It must have been an unexpected guest for him.

Buchou stood in front of the door and speaks to him.

“Raiser. It’s me.”

[…..What do you want with me now, Rias? Did you come to laugh at me? Or did you come to tell me about your intimate relationship with the Sekiryuutei?]

The tone of his voice is low. Rather, it sounds like he holds a grudge.

“……Let’s talk for a bit. Let me see your face.”

After Buchou said that, we heard rough footsteps approaching this way and the door was opened violently.

The one who came out was Raiser who had messy hair and untidy clothes.

“What do you want to talk about, with the guy who you rejected……..?”

He had glassy eyes and there was anger within his speech; but his expression changes when he sees me.


He points at me and shrieks.

“H-Hey, hello.”

I smiled, and greeted him by putting my hand up.




Raiser screamed and ran into his room! Are you serious!? What’s going on!?

He then shouted, after he ran into his expensive bed that has a canopy.

“P-Please leeeeeeeave~! I don’t want to remember about back then! I don’t want it any more! I don’t want to experience a shabby feeling like that ever again~!”


Everyone was obviously shocked, but also confused by Raiser’s attitude.

……..T-This is….

That guy, who looked down on me with his high and mighty attitude, got scared the moment he saw me and he hid himself inside the bed.


“It’s alright~”

Raiser’s servants, the twins with the chainsaws, were calming Raiser down.

But Raiser just shook timidly inside his bed.

“Raiser hasn’t lost in a proper fight since he was born.”

Buchou explains. Ravel also nods.

“Yes. It seems like losing to Ise-sama, head on, left a deep scar in both his body and soul.”

“But, Raiser-san was also strong. If it’s now……I wonder which one of us is stronger?”

Kiba answers my question.

“If it’s the current Ise-kun, then you will be comparable to Mr. Raiser Phoenix even at his full power. No, most likely you can beat him. In terms of spirit…the guts you have is superior to him. The pressure of taking on a Heavenly Dragon will drain their spirit, and it will also hinder the traits of the immortal bird. Being immortal is the biggest factor for the power of the Phoenix, so having that hindered will give a big blow to him.”

Ho, if this guy says that, then it must be true. In regards to battle, Kiba calculates calmly after all.

“…….Is it that scary to fight me?”

I ask Kiba once again, pointing at myself. Kiba nodded his head while making a bitter smile.

“It’s scary enough with you being a legendary Dragon, but also we never know what you might do.”

Is that so? W-Well, even I’m also scared of the unknown factor which will cause something to happen as well. But taking on an immortal is also scary. It’s scary to see someone who will regenerate again once you beat them down.

High school dxd v13 143.jpg

“Onii-sama. Since Rias-sama and her group came all the way here, please get out of the bed!”

Ravel works hard to take the blankets off him, and make him leave his bed.

“G-Go home! Please go hooooooome~!”

Is all Raiser shouted.

“Umm, to begin with, let’s take Raiser-san outside by force.”

After that, we cooperated with Raiser’s servants and succeeded in pulling Raiser out of his room by force and into the garden of the castle. ……..Though it took some time to do that.

I pack my things in the garden. Alright, with this I’m all set.

“So what kind of plan is it?”

To Buchou’s question, I pointed at the sky.

“He will be here soon.”

When I called him before, he said he will be here immediately.

-Then a big shadow comes flying from far away.

“Ah, here he is.”

There is a giant shadow above us!


The giant Dragon landed in the garden while causing the ground to shake violently.

“It hasn’t been that long since we last met, all of you.”

The giant Dragon is……the former Dragon-King, Tannin!

“Old man, thanks for coming.”

I gave my thanks, and Raiser screams.

“Ta, Ta, Ta, T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Tannin! Ultimate-class Devil…… L-legendary Dragon!”

……Ah, so he can’t even see a Dragon, huh? He’s really scared huh….. Well, the old man IS a "Dragon" after all.

The old man’s giant eyes grasps sight of Raiser.

“Raiser Phoenix, huh. I’ve seen a couple of your Rating Game matches. I had my attention on you as a potential [King] in future games, but…… Judging from how you are right now, it seems like you have some problems.”

I gave a simple explanation to the old man. Even the old man just said "Pathetic".

“Do you think you can do to him what you did with me? His family is saying they want him to get some guts.”

The old man made a big smile at my words.

“I see, guts huh. That sounds good. Are you saying you want to go to the mountains then?”

“Yeah, I think that would be good. I have already packed our stuff.”

“You are well prepared.”

“Rather, this is the only thing that came to mind. So that's how it is Buchou. I’m taking this person with me, and I’m going to the mountains with the old man to train.”

This is my plan, I will put aside all the simple stuff. I think we can train him by forcing him to go to the mountains and change his environment.

I was also taken to the mountains by force during summer, and was trained quite a lot…… Uuu, I’m getting a flashback of those harsh memories….

“Mountains are good. Yeah, it will somehow succeed.”

“It’s like a fantasy for a Dragon and phoenix to train in the mountains!”

Xenovia and Irina were saying such things. No, this is actually quite bothersome you know? But this is all for Buchou and Ravel, so I will take this guy to the mountain with me.


Raiser spreads his wings of fire and tries to escape, but—


The old man quickly catches Raiser with a huge hand.

“Don’t run. If you are a man, then prepare yourself.”


If you look from the sides, he looks like a bird that is about to be eaten by a Dragon!

“Buchou, Asia, I’m off then!”

I got on the old man’s back quickly, and gave my goodbyes to Buchou and Asia.

Buchou then asks me while looking up at me.

“Ise, can I really leave this to you?”

“Of course!”

“Please call me when you are in trouble.”

“Yes, Buchou!”

“Please don’t push yourself!”

“Okay, Asia!”

“I will also go with you!”

When I gave my farewells to my comrades, Ravel steps forward and declares with determination, that she would be going too. What, she wants to come with me!? But I feel bad taking a girl to the mountains with me.

I was confused and Ravel tells me.

“My brother….I want to fix him together with you!”


She has determined eyes. She must be really worried about her brother.

“She has good eyes. Hyoudou Issei, it won’t be a problem if you protect her.”

The old man said with a lively smile.

“Sure, okay then. Let’s go together, Ravel.”

Ravel's response to my words is lively and she happily says “Yes!”, then used her demonic-powers to change her clothes into something she can easily move in. She dressed like an adventurer and was wearing a safari jacket.

“Ise, take care of Ravel as well.”

“Yes, Buchou!”

On the other hand, her brother was…..

“N-No! Why do I have to go to the mountain!?”

Raiser was going crazy within the old man’s hand. ……For you to show such a pathetic attitude, when your sister just showed such courage…….

“This is all for you. Discard your rich-boy attitude, and let’s go to the mountain. Both your body, and soul will be cleansed when you inhale some fresh air.”

He glared at me, rather than looking at me with fear. That seems more like him.

“My servants! Save me! This is an order!”

Raiser demands help from his girls who are below him…..

“Raiser-sama, please endure it.”

“ “Go for it!” ”

They were just cheering him, while waving their hands. Seeing that, Raiser became so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out.

“Y-You girls! You are all heartleeeeeeess!”


Finally, the old man flies away from the garden. Ravel held onto me tightly.


When I saw Raiser, I thought it was déjà vu of me back in Summer.

Yeah, being taken away by a Dragon sure is scary!

Azazel-sensei thought of this plan first. As I thought, you are cruel!

“Hyoudou Issei, if we are going to the mountains, then there is a good place. How about we go there?”

The old man gives me a suggestion. Hmm, where is that?

“Where are we going?”

When I asked, the old man answers with a bit of a happy voice.

“My territory.”

Part 3[edit]

“Wow, amazing!”

I was astonished at the scene in front of me.

There are many monsters like Dragons in front of me!

The place the old man took me, Ravel, and Raiser was his territory, where there are many huge Dragons!

There were big holes on various parts of the cliffs of a canyon, and there were Dragons which exceeded 10 metres popping their heads out of them. Many Dragons were spreading their wings and flying within the valley. It appears many Dragons are living within this valley.

Raiser, Ravel, and I were dropped on a section of cliff, where it was just possible for a person to stand.

The spacious canyon is right in front of my eyes! For someone like me, who can’t fly by myself, it would be dangerous if I fell from here.

The Dragons look at us from their nest holes as if they find us rare. Amazing, it feels like there are so many monsters here! I did hear that Dragons also live in the Underworld, but it’s my first time seeing their habitat.

“This is the nest of the Dragons, where my people live. This area is only a section of our habitat, but you can say this is the borderline, that humanoid Devils like you guys will just be able to survive. Also these Dragon tribes are the ones which are able to communicate with others.”

The old man explains.


Raiser, who is next to me, has a blue face after seeing the herd of Dragons in front of him. The traumatic experience he had must really have been great, huh……


Along with the voice I never heard before, two Dragons appear in front of us.

“Did you summon us?”

A blue-scaled Dragon, and light blue-scaled Dragon appear in front of us.

“Yes. Hyoudou Issei, these two are High-level Dragons that serve under me. I’m thinking of leaving Raiser Phoenix to these two.”

Saying that, the old man explains the situation to the two Dragons.

“Roger that.”

“It’s seriously okay~.”

Both of them replied immediately. It seems like the blue-scaled Dragon replied quite light heartedly though……

“Raiser Phoenix.”

The old man said a single sentence after calling Raiser.

“We are going to train both your body and soul near this Dragon canyon!”

“……Uuu, how can this happen….”

Raiser shook his head while covering his face with both his hands. Please be resolved. It’s nothing, even if you have a death-like experience, you won’t die since you are immortal! While nodding my head….

“Hyoudou Issei, you should train as well. Go and run first.”

The old man even said that to me.

I knew you would say that……. I also made up my mind and changed into mountain climbing gear that I prepared.

“Hey, hey, you are too slow!”

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaah! It’s going to freeze! My fire is going to freeeeeeeze!”


On a snowy part of the mountain, the Yakitori-san was being chased by a Dragon. The light blue Dragon was breathing out ice from its mouth, as it was chasing Raiser who had also changed into mountain climbing gear.


“Raiser-dono! The shout you have to say during this training is [Dragon]! Repeat after me, Dragon!”


I was running on the snowy mountain a bit away from him at the back. The place we were running around isn’t piled up with snow and it wasn’t so cold that we would be shaking. It’s daytime so it isn’t snowing violently.

The light-blue Dragon is a High-level species called the "Blizzard Dragon".

But, man~. Please look everyone. It looks like a tragedy from back here. After all, he only looks like an adventurer who is being chased by a large Dragon in the mountains.

“Onii-sama! How can you make a fuss with something like this!?”

Ravel, on top of the light-blue Dragon, was trying to put some spirit into Raiser from up high.

The training started by doing some running first.

It’s quite hard to run since I have to step onto the snow which I’m not familiar with. But it seems this will train my legs and hips a lot. It’s hard, but I was able to run thinking that this is all training.

Above me is a blue-scaled Dragon. …….It’s flying up in the sky while playing around with a super-giant touch screen monitor, and he’s singing with his nose. He sure is different to the light-blue Dragon in front of me. It might be prejudice, but seeing a big Dragon playing with a modern device sure does make my imagination crumble.

While I was thinking such a thing, the blue Dragon above me spoke.

“Sekiryuutei-dono, how is the rich boy from the House of Phoenix doing?”

“Eh? Ah, well, he seems to be having a hard time.”

“But it sure is crazy~. He really is weak. I thought rich boys who are High-class Devils were a bit more elegant, but they seem to be much weaker than I thought. It’s quite crazy.”

……..He sure speaks in a light manner. Why is he so flashy!? It seems like he’s an ace of the Dragon-tribe called "Sprite Dragon". Asia’s familiar, the small Dragon, is also part of this tribe. Will it also become a flashy Dragon like this in the future……?

After running for an hour, we took a break and I was drinking some water. Next to me, Raiser was on the ground breathing heavily.

“…….I’m going to die……”

His voice was weak. Hey, hey, even I can still run more, he sure doesn’t have any stamina.

“You know that you haven’t been running for that long?”

When I asked, he replies with an unpleasant voice.

“S-Shut up! Doing training by living in the mountains is something barbarians do! That’s why reincarnated Devils know nothing!”

“What are you saying? Even Devils can become stronger by training, so there is no loss by doing this you know?”

“I’m a pure High-class Devil you know? High-class Devils have to live like a noble, by taking importance in our blood and our talent! My house is so great that I can take someone from the house of Gremory, who produced a Maou, as my fiancée! For me to do something so filthy like this…….!”

Ah, that sure is the attitude of a genuine rich boy. It’s still the first day you know? It’s still too early for you to be whining. Well, I was also troubled and scared at the beginning when I started living with a Dragon like this.

Thus, the training in the mountains started.

…..Looks like there is lots of trouble waiting ahead.

Part 4[edit]

On the third day since we started living in the mountains.

Ravel appeared while bringing a basket of food.


Far away, Raiser was screaming while running on the snowy mountains being chased by a Dragon. Do your best, Raiser.

Ravel and I sat on a rock, jutting out of the snow and we started taking a break.

“……..How is my brother doing?”

Ravel asks me worriedly.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. But even though he’s complaining, he’s doing what he has to do. Even I was like that when being trained by old man Tannin, so I think he will manage after he gets used to it. The reason why he couldn’t stand up on his own two feet may be because he’s spoiled.”

“I see….. I’m a bit relieved.”

Hearing that, Ravel’s expression softened.

“This pancake sure is good.”

I gave my feedback on the pancake I took out of the basket.

“R-Really……? I received ingredients from the Dragon-san around here, and there were ingredients that I didn’t have….. So I couldn’t bake it to my satisfaction…..”

“Yeah, why is there a need for me to lie about it? It really is good. Ravel sure is good at making cakes.”

The moment I put it in my mouth, the sweet taste spreads around, along with a good sensation from it.

Hearing my feedback, she smiles with confidence by putting her hand on her mouth.

“O-Of course! Ise-sama sure is lucky to be able to eat the pancake I made! I wish you taste it while being grateful to me!”

“Yeah yeah.”

“W-What’s with that response!? Geez! I woke up very early in the morning and……”

“Early in the morning?”

“N-No! I can make things like this in a short time! I just happened to wake up early today!”

This girl seems like she’s acting high with so much rich-girl quality, but there is a pure part deep inside her.

“By the way Ravel…In terms of school in the human world, which year are you in?”

I asked something I wanted to ask her for a long time. It’s regarding her age. I thought it would be rude to ask her directly, so I ask her in terms of school years.

“Then I will specially answer your question. In Japanese high school, I would be a first-year.”

“First-year!? Seriously!? You are my junior then!”

This is a surprise! So she’s a first-year! She’s the same as Koneko-chan and Gasper! Compared to Koneko-chan, she is better developed and in some areas, she has more growth than Asia who is a second-year…..

I then looked at Ravel’s body a bit lecherously! No, no! A feeling of guilt was created inside me, after finding out that she is my junior!

“Next time, I would like to wear Kuou Academy’s uniform.”

“O, try it. It will suit you.”

“Of course! I will definitely wear it! ……C-Can I also come and visit your home next time?”

“Sure. Come whenever you want.”

“Th-Then, I will come and visit without any hesitation! It’s also the duty of a High-class Devil to understand the living style of a commoner in the human world!”

I decided it by myself, but Buchou won’t get mad at me……..will she? But seeing Ravel’s reaction, there’s no way I can decline!

Ravel then tells me.

“Oh yes, tonight Rias-sama and the others will be coming to this mountain.”

“Buchou and the others?”

“Yes, it seems there is a good hot spring near here.”

Hot spring! So Buchou and the others will go to the hot springs, while coming to check us out huh……


Ah, that was Raiser’s scream. So he received an attack from the Dragon again, huh.

With that, another day of training ended safely.

Part 5[edit]

That night. I was inside my sleeping bag, in the cave that we are using as our sleeping area and I couldn’t go to sleep.

-Hot springs! Buchou and others will take a bath!

………Gufufu. My brain is turning into a paradise! Hot springs! Not just Buchou, but also Akeno-san and everyone else as well!

So I get to see oppai dancing around on this mountain!? I held onto my sexual desire for three days and I’m now unable to control myself! You know that I’m at my delicate age right? If I don’t see oppai soon, then I won’t be able to remain normal! I came here thinking seriously about fixing Raiser, but after hearing the words "hot springs", my thoughts were changed into lecherous thoughts!

Yeah, that’s right! This is how I am! This is me!

-I have to go! To the hot springs!

…….If that’s the case, I have to leave this cave without Raiser realising it.

I glanced in Raiser's direction. I don’t know why, but he’s quiet. Since we came here, he’s been complaining and saying things like “How can a noble sleep in a cave!” and “Sleeping in a sleeping bag is the worst!”, but tonight he’s quiet. ……This is strange.

I got out of my sleeping bag and checked on Raiser.

-! What appeared from his sleeping bag is a fake face! It has a crappy drawing of a face on it! Shit! Don’t tell me he…..! Was he listening to my conversation with Ravel while he was running!? What ears! I totally forgot about it!

--He's a perverted bastard who has made a harem!

“Fuck! Buchou! Asia and Akeno-san! I won’t let you look at everyone's naked bodies!”

I was burning with rage. I got into Balance Breaker on the spot, and I flew out of the cave while covered in red armour.

That night on the mountain, where the snow falls silently, I had my Dragon wings spread and was chasing after Raiser at full speed.

Bastard…….! Where did he go!? I already know the basic location of the hot springs, since I asked a Dragon I met as soon as I left the cave.

Several minutes have passed since I started flying. Then something that looks like a fire swaying appears within my sight.

-Wings of fire! Raiser is flying!

I approached him immediately! He turns around as if he noticed me.

“Chi! So I was caught!”

“Ah! The way you spoke! You really were trying to peek into the hot springs!”

“What’s wrong with me taking peek!? If there are women going into hot springs, then it’s a man's duty to peek!”

“Is that something a noble should be doinnnnnnnnng!?”

I won’t forgive him! This perverted Yakitoriiiiiii! I will protect the oppai of the girls in my group! I went at him to stop him!

My charge was easily evaded! In an air battle, the Yakitori has the advantage!

“Your attack is sharper than it was in the past! But I just want to see Rias’s breasts! It’s not forgivable that you are the only one who can enjoy it!”

The bastard said some rubbish like that, and released an enormous fire from his wings of flame!

“Are you an idiot!? There’s no way I will let you see them! She’s my Buchou!”

I dodged the fire, and send my demonic powers at him! But that was also dodged! Both of us had the attacks we released hitting the mountains, and made the snow fall along with an explosive sound.

“I’m her former fiancé! Do you think I can give up without seeing those huge oppai even once!? Stand in my position and think!”

I then started thinking for a moment……. Certainly, it might be hard to give up! But! That is that, and this is this! More than that, how lecherous are you to revive just because you want to see breasts!? You have high tension which is the total opposite of the time you were training! Why don’t you train with that enthusiasm!

They said that he doesn’t have any guts, but he does! Something which doesn’t lose to me called “Perverted guts”!

“And I also want to see the breasts of the Priestess of Thunder! They're also big, right!?”

“Akeno-san’s oppai!? I’m not going to forgive you now! Now I’m pissed! Those huge oppai only belong to meeeeeeeee!!”


The whirls of flames, and the aura of a Dragon go crazy on the mountain where snow is falling!

Raiser and I were redoing that battle of the past in mid-air, and we were approaching the hot spring little by little.

After more than ten minutes had passed, since we started battling in mid-air.



Raiser and I became tired. ……Since the opponent is immortal, he comes back up no matter how many times I beat him. He sure is persistent for a guy who was a hikikomori. ……I kind of know the reason why. He’s continuing to have a strong spirit, by thinking about erotic things.

Do you want to see Buchou’s breasts that much!? Of course you do! I also want to look! There aren’t many magnificent breasts like that! I don’t want this guy to know that!

“…….You sure have become quite strong. You can stay like that even in a mid-air battle which is an advantage for me. Man, you are indeed terrifying, Sekiryuutei!”

Raiser says it while puffing.

I trained like crazy after that! So I won’t lose badly to you ever again! The regeneration of the opponent is scary, so I was also being persistent on beating him due to fear. Raiser’s regeneration has also gone down considerably. I think I can win if I drag him into a stamina match.

It’s a bit far, but I can see lights from the snow mountain. Looks like we can’t do a noisy battle now. It seems like Buchou and the others will get out of the hot spring after being startled. I also want to peek after all!

……..Then I had an idea. The way to defeat this guy. I thought of it because he’s also a pervert and it will definitely work.

“Ah, Buchou's raw oppai!”

I looked towards the hot springs.


Raiser fell for the bait and looked that way. It’s a lie. ……He really fell for it.

“Your guard's dowwwwwn!”



I kicked Raiser on his medulla oblongata and he was blown away……but! Aaaaaaaaah! He went flying towards the hot springs! I kicked him with too much force!

I then flew in the direction he went.


Raiser fell into the spa head first. His foot was coming up! It seems like he really is knocked out.

I deactivated my armour and did a victory pose.

Oh! I...I beat Raiser! …….W-Well, even if this guy was able to fight with perverted guts, he wasn’t in his best condition so I don’t know how much joy I can feel with this. I did realise that I am stronger than I was six months ago! More than that, I saved Buchou from him, again!

……..Huh? Didn’t I come to this mountain to fix Raiser?

But I ended up beating him……. Y-Yeah! It can’t be helped since this was to protect Buchou!

“…………I thought I heard a loud noise, so it was you Ise.”

A familiar voice. When I turned around, a fully-naked Buchou was there!

High school dxd v13 165.jpg

I started to get a nosebleed after seeing her soft breasts! Yeah, those are my oppai!

“Ara ara, Ise-kun?”

“Ise-san, you were also here?”

“To be expected from Ise. So you’ve come to peek at us.”

Akeno-san! Asia! Xenovia! It’s a raw oppai parade! I started to shed tears of joy at seeing the girls in my group naked. And…

“……Ise-sama? Onii-sama?”

Ravel’s voice!? When I looked…a fully-naked Ravel was standing there. So Ravel was also in the hot springs!

…….She has quite the oppai, actually this is…….!

I stared at her breasts while having a nosebleed. Ravel realised that, and hid her breasts immediately, as her face went red!

Then wings of fire appeared from her back! T-This is…..!

“Ise-sama you ecchiiiiiiiiiii!”



Having been shot with a massive fire from Ravel, Raiser and I ended up burning in the snow mountain!

We somehow returned from the hot springs, where I was lying down all burned and Raiser was exhausted.

I’m glad Raiser didn’t see Buchou and everyone’s oppai. That alone is a good result.

Then Raiser says to me.

“I will give up on Rias. So please let me see Rias’s oppai next time.”

“Fuck you! Yakitori bastard!”

As I thought, this guy is my enemy! Raiser and I started our second battle that day.

After that, Raiser was cured quite a lot with this incident and it appears he overcame his fear of Dragons.

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