High School DxD:Volume 13 Life 5

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Life.5 Armageddon at Sports Day![edit]

Part 1[edit]

It happens right after my mountain training with Raiser.

On my way home from school, this is the first thing Azazel-sensei says after catching me.

“Yo~, Ise! Don’t you want to move your body around, and I mean body! There's a good event coming up!”

He had a mischievous smile….

He’s up to something…..

Even looking back at what happened in the past, when he had a smile like that, the majority of them were bad news.

“I don’t want to. It’s something worthless again right? I’m making everyone wait, so I will be leaving--”

“Now, hold on! It’s a sports event! Don’t you want to participate in a sports event?”

Sensei asks while pulling my arm.

“S…Sports event……you say?”

I looked at him dubiously and he pulls something out of his pocket.

“Yeah, an event will be held among my organisation soon. So I want to call you in as a guest.”

The organisation……so the Grigori huh? And you will be doing sports for that event? And I’m the guest…… Does that mean he’s inviting me as the Oppai Dragon?

“E...Even if you say that all of a sudden…”

“Remember how you said you wanted to meet Fallen Angel beauties? ……Hey Boss, there are some girls with huge oppai with us, you know……?”

Sensei shows me several photos.

Wow! There are beautiful older women with black wings, who are doing seductive poses and wearing costumes!

“F...For real!? W-What should I do….”

I received the photos and started staring at them! Oh man, everyone sure has nice bodies…. Holy, this girl over here has oppai which are too massive! But she still has nice curves on her hips! I can’t hold it…..!

If I participate in that so-called sports event, I wonder if he will introduce me to them? If that’s the case, I don’t mind signing this contract….

As I was about to receive the contract from him….

“Mgh! Azazel! I have told you! Ise-kun belongs to our side!”

A crimson-haired man came out from the shadows! Uwaa! S...Sirzechs-sama!? Why is he in a place like this!? I was perplexed by his sudden appearance, but Sensei made a noise with his tongue!

“Chi! Looks like the Maou-sama came! Fuhahahahahaha! Farewell!”

Sensei leaves the scene immediately after saying a phrase that sounded villainous!

Sirzechs-sama put his hand on my shoulder and breathed out.

“……..He sure is a man I can’t take my eyes off. My brother was almost going to turn into a participant for the Fallen Angels.”

…….I-I don’t get it! Why did Sirzechs-sama come here and why did Sensei run?

Does it have something to do with the sports event of the Grigori?

I questioned Sirzechs-sama.

“U...Umm, Sirzechs-sama. W…What’s going on?”

“Yes, I will explain it to you, once Rias' entire group assembles.”

The Maou-sama suddenly showed up in the human world. It was decided that he will come to my house along with Buchou and the others, who we met up with.

[A sports day among the Three-Great-Powers!?]

In a guest room of the Hyoudou residence, the Rias Gremory Group, including myself, exclaimed.

Sirzechs-sama, who just explained the details, drinks his tea and then nods.

“Yes. To be on friendlier terms with the other members of the Three Great Powers, it was decided that we will use sports to achieve greater cohesion. So we will be having a sports event, or in other words an athletics day.”

So we are doing an athletics day as a gathering for the Three Great Powers…… Oh, so is this the athletics day which Sensei was talking about earlier? But why did Sensei lie, calling it an event for the Fallen Angels, then run away from Sirzechs-sama?

“Ah, I was told about the athletics day earlier, from Heaven.”

Irina who is a reincarnated Angel says while putting her hand up. Oh yeah, Irina is part of Heaven after all. Of course she will be informed about events like this.

Sirzechs-sama continues while smiling.

“Of course, I want all of you to take part as participants for the Devils. This is an important exchange of culture. So I really wish for the cooperation of Rias Gremory’s group. Having Ise-kun at the top as the Oppai Dragon, all of you are popular in the Underworld.”

Hearing that, everyone seemed to have a good impression of it so they were saying “Athletics day, huh?” and “Seems interesting”. I don’t think that things like this are bad. It’s good to have interaction between the Three Great Powers. Since it’s been about terrorists targeting the Underworld and Heaven lately, it certainly seems that having this event between the members of the alliance will lead to an improvement in the relations between them.

But there is one thing I don’t get. I put my hand up and ask Sirzechs-sama.

“U...Umm, what was the reason Sensei was asking me to join him?”

Sirzechs-sama tells me while laughing.

“……Most likely, he was trying to lure you to their side and make you take part as a participant for the Fallen Angels. Your popularity and Sacred Gear seem like they will give influence to the activities after all. …….Geez, that Governor sure acts fast at strange points. Grayfia told me that something might happen, so I came to check on you on my day off. And she was right.”

I…Is that right? So I was almost put down as a participant for the Fallen Angels! ……Nggh, he sure is a sneaky Governor at these kinds of things! But I sure wanted to meet those erotic women!

“……..You were imagining something lecherous just now weren’t you?”

Koneko-chan who is on my lap started to pinch my cheek. …….It hurts, Koneko-chan.

Then Buchou got up and told Sirzechs-sama.

“I understand, Onii-sama. If you are alright with having us, then we will happily accept and participate!”

With that, it was decided that we, the Gremory Group, will be participating in the athletics day for the Devils and will compete with the Angels and Fallen Angels!

Since we don’t have that much interaction with the Angels and Fallen Angels, I’m looking forward to the event!

Part 2[edit]


The fireworks for the athletics day were fired.

We, the Gremory Group, have come to the stadium where the event for the Three Great Powers will be held! The place we will be using is the same game field used for Rating Games, so it’s quite spacious.

Wow! Just like Irina, there are Angels with white wings and a ring above their heads; there are also Fallen Angels with black wings!

Of course there are many Devils here, but since we don’t meet Angels and Fallen-Angels that often, it feels new and I’m getting nervous! Everyone is wearing a jersey.

The Angels are white, the fallen angels are black, and the Devils are red. That’s why we are also wearing red jerseys.

Since Sensei is the representative of the Fallen Angels and Irina is a participant for the Angels, they are not here. So just for today, we are enemies.

“Ah, that’s the Oppai Dragon. Switch Princess is so cute~.”

“That’s the Sekiryuutei and Princess Rias.”

“Hellcat-chan. I’m getting so turned on!”

Just walking a bit makes us get attention from different people positively. ……It appears that we are well recognised by those among the Three Great Powers. This is also thanks to the tokusatsu programme, Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon, huh?

I found Irina! She’s talking to a person with golden wings and a noble atmosphere……but if I remember correctly that Angel-sama is…….

Irina realises and she approaches us with the man while waving her hand at me.

“Ah, Rias-san, Ise-kun and everyone! You all came!”

The man smiles at us.

“It’s been so long, everyone. It is I, the chief Angel Michael. The last time we met was the negotiations between the Three Great Powers.”

Yes! It is Michael-san who currently stands at the top of Heaven! Wow, I’m seeing the legendary Angel-sama once again! He looks so divine; it feels as though he will give us a large amount of damage just by looking at him!

“S-Same to you too and I’m sorry for greeting you so late! Hello!”

“It’s been so long, Michael-sama. Thank you for taking care of us back then.”

“ “ “ “ “ “Hello.” ” ” ” ” ”

Buchou, everyone, and I greet him at the same time. Oh man, greeting the person at the top of Heaven sure makes me nervous!

“I’m so fortunate that I get to meet the Michael-sama! I’m so glad I joined the Gremory Group!”

Rossweisse-san who is meeting Michael-san for the first time is deeply moved.

“Yes, let's play fair and square, and enjoy ourselves today.”

There isn’t even a slight sense of evil intent in his expression, he looks so bright. So this is the smile of the top Seraph….! It's as if we are being blessed by him!

“Michael-sama~. The opening ceremony is about to start~.”

A sudden voice, when I looked in that direction…a gentle looking Angel Onee-san with curly blonde hair approaches us! It’s an Angel-sama with lots of wings growing from her back!

Uoooooooo! She’s a super-beautiful Onee-san! Her figure is super excellent! And her oppai are huge! It’s great that she has huge oppai while she’s an Angel and she looks so divine!

Michael-san put his hand on his chin, it's as though he completely forgot about it.

“Oh, is that so? Time sure does fly quickly only by greeting other leaders. Oh, I still haven’t introduced her yet. The one over here is also one of the Four Great Seraphs, like me and--”

“How do you do? I am one of the Four Great Seraphs and my name is Gabriel.”

The beautiful Onee-san introduced herself, while smiling at us!

She looks so gentle and her smile is top notch! She’s one of the Four Great Seraphs! Woooow!

“She is the most beautiful and also the strongest woman in Heaven, the Gabriel-sama! She happens to be very popular in the Underworld as well!”

Irina explains to us with pride and enthusiasm. Hmm, so she’s also popular in the Underworld, huh? Well, if she’s this beautiful, then of course she will be popular.

“Not only Michael-sama, but Gabriel-sama is also here….”

“Yeah, it really is a magnificent day today……”

Asia and Xenovia had their eyes sparkling with light and they had an expression of being really hyped, while holding their hands together.

For the two of them, who were related to the Church, both Michael-san and Gabriel-san must have been existences that were far from their reach, living high up in the sky.

W-Well, they really are people that are actually living above the sky……

“…….The one who Serafall Leviathan-sama secretly views as her rival is Gabriel-sama.”

Buchou whispers in my ear.

For real!? So Leviathan-sama sees her as her enemy huh.

“If it isn’t Ise. Oh, and Michael is also here.”

Azazel-sensei in a black jersey comes over, while bringing a man with good build.

“Oh, if it isn’t Azazel. It’s been so long. You look energetic, as always.”

“I will say that should be my line.”

Oh, Sensei and Michael-san are shaking hands while smiling, but they are releasing intense pressure to the surroundings…. The space between them started to get distorted with their intense pressure. Please don’t start a fight between the last bosses in a place like this! It feels like this field will get blown away easily!

More like the clashes between the organisations' has already begun!



There is a weird vibe between Barakiel-san and Akeno-san…… From their stand points, the father is a leader of the Fallen Angels while the daughter is on the Devils' side, so it means they would be competing against each other in the activities.

They had some issues before, but that should have been dealt with in a prior incident…..


Akeno-san looks away without saying a word. Barakiel-san, who saw that, appears to be in deep shock and has his mouth wide open. Akeno-san made a naughty face while smiling and sticking her tongue out, so only we could see it.

Ah, so she’s just teasing her father. I’m relieved that both father and daughter are getting along well.

[To all the participants from each faction, the opening ceremony will commence at the centre of the grounds, so please gather. I repeat, will the--]

Oh, it’s the announcement. The opening ceremony for the sports activities is going to start now.

All participants from each faction gathered in the centre of the field. We are split into three teams of Angels, Fallen-Angels, and Devils; we were lined up in the line for the Devils.

[Umm, I hereby declare and promise that I will compete against others fairly and will follow the spirit of sportsmanship.]

The person representing all the participants gave an oath and the opening ceremony was about to end.

If I remember correctly, they are following the sports events of the Japanese system, so each of the programmes are adjusted into similar procedures.

…….Hmm, looking through the booklet, it sure does have Japanese activities, such as “Item-borrowing runs” and “Bread-eat and runs”……

I’m finding it a bit weird and am tilting my head, so Kiba explains.

“They are doing these activities because they found the activities of Japanese sports events interesting. Remember how there was a sports festival at Kuou Academy? People affiliated with the alliance were secretly there. Apparently they had lots of fun watching it.”

Hmm, so there were people related with the Three-Great-Powers there huh.

The opening ceremony finished and we moved to the cheering seats for the respective teams. The activities that I will be participating in solely by myself are the “Obstacle race” and “Item-borrowing runs”.

They are also asking me to participate in the in the “Team relay”, you know? Sirzechs-sama told me that he wants me to participate and said I can even use Balance-Breaker.

The ones I’m participating in as a team are the “Ball-toss game” and the “Cavalry battle”.

On my way towards our seating area, I went past the Fallen Angel team and….

Azazel-sensei in a black jersey gave a strong speech to his Fallen-Angel teams.

“Listen, all of you. This is a war also known as the exchange programme. So I won’t complain even if you guys go nuts. Even if we formed an alliance, you guys must have so much stuff you wanted to tell the Angels and Devils; Such as, the items in Heaven are too expensive and those equal trades that Devils follow are frickin' noisy and so on. You must be keeping so much stress within you, so go as crazy as you want today. I will allow it!”


…….Along with energetic shouts, I also heard some anguished roars! I mean the fallen Angels have their eyes glowing very mysteriously! So do they have so much stuff inside them that they want to express to the Angels and Devils?

The Angel team, in white jerseys are gathered next to the Fallen Angel's team.

“Hahaha, the Fallen Angels sure are energetic.”

There were some negative responses from the Angels who were watching the Fallen Angels' team talk.

“We might become “fallen” if we were to go along with their flow……!”

“It will be over if we “fall” even once, so I hope the Fallen Angels and Devils understand that…...!”

From the sounds of it, the Angels also have things they want to say to the Fallen Angels…..

“Listen well, everyone.”

Michael-san was emitting a dangerous golden-aura from his body while smiling.

“It’s our usual teaching. Give divine punishment to the heretics. We have a duty to follow the job of the now-deceased God. Give them “Lights”.”

[Sir! Give them their judgment!]

Didn’t all of you just say li…lights and…judgment…..? It’s too scary! Isn’t this sports event turning into a representative War between the factions now……?

Since the Devils gathered around Sirzechs-sama, we went there as well.

“Ara, Sona. I finally found you.”

“Rias, let's do our best today.”

We encountered Sona-kaichou. Oh yeah, Sona-kaichou is also the next heiress of the House of Sitri who are High-class Devils. So it won’t be weird if they were called here. They did say that those from famous households are participating. It seems like Buchou knew that Sona-kaichou was participating.

Ah, found Saji! He also recognises me and comes to talk.

“Let’s both work hard for the Devils today, Hyoudou.”

“Yeah, let's do our best.”

During our conversation, Sirzechs-sama's speech began.

“From appearances, Heaven and the Grigori are all full of energy. We also have to do our best so we don’t lose. Even if these are activities to improve our relations, it will be rude to hold back. So go all out.”

Sirzechs-sama had a refreshing smile. B-But we have to go all out, huh….


All the Devils shout at once!

Why is the shout “Armageddon”!? It sounds really dangerous!

After hearing Sirzechs-sama’s speech, all of the Devils became very enthusiastic….

……But I realised that I was thrown into a dangerous position even though the Maou has the most peaceful smile.

……I have a bad feeling about this…….

Part 3[edit]

That’s what I thought, but the sports day started smoothly.

“Maybe something will act as the catalyst for a War….?”, that’s what I thought at first while being scared, but now I can give cheers to the Devils without any worries.

We were cheering for the Devils who are running in the grounds. A mat was put down in our cheering area, where we are resting. My comrades who will be participating in the activities are either warming up or relaxing their bodies.

I also started to stretch my body with Kiba. By the way, Asia isn’t here. Asia who has the power to heal is on standby, at her personal tent, to heal any injuries that occur.

[Go~ Go~ D-E-V-I-L-S☆]

The one who is doing a cheering performance at the front is the Maou, Serafall Leviathan. She was cheering for the Devils dressed as a magical girl, while her assistants are dancing behind her.

Now, it’s about time for the “Obstacle race” which I will be participating in.

[Will those who will be participating in the Obstacle race, gather in the allocated area please.]

I just heard the announcement that was made.

“Alright, I'm off then.”

I tell everyone.

“Yes, do your best.”

“I will be cheering for you.”

After being encouraged by Buchou and Akeno-san, the Two Great Onee-samas, I walked towards the allocated location.

Obstacle Race

I lined up along with all the other participants. Hold on……I’m in the first row!

So I will be one of the first ones running huh….. I’m feeling insecure.

[We will now be commencing the Obstacle race!]

Oh, so it’s finally starting. I made the stance to run.

[On your marks, get set………BANG!]

I ran just after hearing the bang! It seems like I did well with my starting dash! There are two people from each faction, in total six people are running towards the finish line!

The obstacles were fairly simple. We had to cross a balance beam, go under a net, and kick certain kinds of balls.

We progressed normally and finally reached the last obstacle….




What appeared, while making such dangerous cries, were:…….a nine-headed enormous snake, a monstrous dog with three heads and an ominous bird which is spreading its wings!

What is that!? Is it some kind of monster trade fair!? I am so shocked, that my eyes pop out! When I looked, the other participants were stunned! Me included!

Wait, that three-headed dog! Wasn’t that the hell dog called Cerberus!? I remember very well since I’ve fought it before!

[For the last obstacle we positioned each of the monsters☆: A serpent with deadly poison that can kill Angels and Devils with ease, Hydra! The gate dog of hell, Cerberus! And the ominous bird, Ziz, is also present! So please try to break through the monsters!]

"We positioned each of the monsters☆" my aaaaaaaaaassss!

“Oh, if it isn’t Hyoudou Issei.”

One of the monsters talks to me. I thought "I don’t have any acquaintance with a monster", but it was a giant Dragon…. It was the former Dragon King, old man Tannin!

“O..Old man! Why are you here?”

The old man answers my question while scratching his head.

“Well, I was asked to help in the sports day for the Three Great Powers…….but it seems they wanted me to do this role.”

You mean to act as a monster!? C..Certainly a Dragon is a monster….but what kind of obstacle is there to make the old man, who is a former Dragon King and an Ultimate-class Devil, become the last obstacle!?


High school dxd v13 189.jpg


“Help meeee!”

There are cries!

When I looked, there is a Fallen Angel who is tangled by the serpent, an Angel who is being taken somewhere by the ominous bird! And there is a Devil who has been swallowed by Cerberus, head first! They are all in a serious situation!

[Ooooh! Looks like all the participants are playing cheerfully with the monsters! It sure is a peaceful view!]

Shut up! It ain’t fun! No matter how you look at it, all the participants are being drawn to their doom!

“Alright, you come at me as well!”


Receiving a huge fire breath which has the same shock as a comet, I get wrapped in an explosion and blown up into the air…..

Item-Borrowing Race

I was already battered when I returned to my seat, after being healed by Asia……

Somehow, I was able to get first place, but it’s not like I beat the old man; I crossed the finishing line by running away from him….. Even after that, it turned into an outrageous activity due to the participants continuing to retire.


It seems that each side was under the pressure of being nervous, as well.

All the teams became bloodthirsty after the obstacle race and all participants have sharper eyes now. Rather, they are filled with fighting spirit, after the encounter with the monsters.

I’m positive this will turn into a storm……

[Will those participating in the item-borrowing run gather in the allocated location--]

Oh, it’s the announcement for the item-borrowing run.

“Alright then, I'm off again.”

“…….Please do your best.”

“Ise-senpai, please win~!”

Receiving encouragement from my adorable juniors, Koneko-chan and Gasper, I head towards the so-called location which will become a battlefield.

Please make it a peaceful competition this time. I lined up and waited for my turn. It became my turn; I stood at the starting line and readied myself to dash.

[On your marks, get set…….BANG!]

Hell yeah! I succeed in my starting dash!

I went ahead marvellously and picked up an envelope.

“Who the heck is Yakitori-sensei!?”[1]

“Which one of you is the Tasogareiro no Utatsukai here!?”[2]

It looks as though the criteria of other participants is very hard.

Now, what about mine? I opened the envelope and read what was written on the paper.


My brain stopped for a moment when I checked what was written.

It simply says [Siscon[3]]. I gulped and then headed towards the VIP seats, looking for a certain someone!

“Sirzechs-sama! Please come with me!”

“Mu! So I’m the item! Okay, I got it!”

I ran towards the goal while holding hands with Sirzechs-sama!

[The participant from the Devil team got first place!]

Yeah, I got first place again! I did the victory pose and Sirzechs-sama asks me with a lively face.

“By the way, Ise-kun. What was the item you needed to borrow? [Maou]? [A person with crimson-hair]? Or maybe it’s [Onii-san]? Oh my, I’m feeling embarrassed.”

“……….W-Well, that’s basically it.”

I answered him while looking to the side.

“Hahahaha, I feel honoured.”

Sirzechs-sama seems very happy!

I can’t tell him! There is no way I can tell him! There is no way I can tell him that [Siscon] was written! Serafall-sama also would have been fine, but I ended up asking Sirzechs-sama! That’s because…… he is a siscon! He adores Rias-buchou after all!

But there is no way I can tell him that! I decided, I will take this paper to my grave with me.

Ball-toss Game

This time it is the ball-toss game where it requires all the participants from each team to participate.

There is a basket placed on a very long rod and we throw balls, with our team’s colour, into it.

All participants were on stand by, waiting for the start.

[Now the ball-toss game which has all the Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels will begin!]

I picked up many balls from the ground at the same time the signal was given and I threw them into the basket! I started picking them up, together with Buchou and when I was about to throw them again….

“Throw the lights towards those deeeeeevils!”


“These are our grudges from the past!”


“It’s Armageddon, god damn iiiiiit!”

“You want us to play the flute of Gjallarhorn, huh?!”


The sound of explosions can be heard everywhere and instead of the ball game, a battle started! What are all of you doing!? Instead of throwing the balls meant for the basket, the Angels and Fallen Angels are throwing balls of light at the Devils! The Devils retaliate by using their demonic powers! The Fallen Angels even started to sneakily attack the Angels!

[Will the Angels and Fallen Angels please stop throwing lights at the Devils! They'll perish! Hey, you! Don’t start throwing spears of light as if you are doing a javelin throw! That is a totally different activity! And can the Devils also stop attacking! Are you guys idiots!? Are all of you actually daft!?]

From the sound of it, the announcer has lost their wits! It’s turning into an outrageous situation!

“This is fun, isn’t it Ise!”

Buchou’s really into it!

I was in shock and two leaders appear before my eyes.

“Yo, Michael. This is your end for meeting me here.”

“Fufufu, today you have the same eyes from a certain War. It’s only filled with evil.”

It’s Azazel-sensei and Michael-san! They are in front of each other and glaring as well! They look like they are about to explode!

“Yeah, it makes me remember about the past. You…..how dare you! Announcing the report I wrote, when I was in Heaven, in front of everyone!”

Sensei says while throwing a ball at Michael-san! Sensei, that ball isn’t meant to be used for throwing at the Angels; it’s something you throw into the basket!

Michael-san dodges it, and made a provoking smile.

“Oh, you are talking about that. It’s the compilation of your data reports, correct? Not only did it have a long title and explanation which was written as 'The compilation report of the Ultimate Sacred Gear that I thought of', you also included your own illustrations of it. I do think you have a wonderful talent. So I ended up passing it to everyone in the form of a leaflet during the War. I really wanted everyone to see it. I think the name of it was [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade], correct? That was an excellent idea.”

Hearing that, Sensei's face turned red and he started throwing more balls!

“Shut up! Because of that, I had the frickin' leaders of my group call me [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade Governor] for a while you know!? They were saying, 'Hey Azazel, can you send the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] as the secret weapon?' and 'You are going to eliminate the enemies using the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] now, right?' and also 'Azazel-san, where is your dinner knife, also known as the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]?', god damn iiiiiit!”

“Hahaha, that was rude of me!”

Dodging the balls thrown by Sensei, Michael-san also threw a ball!

…….Somehow it seems he has had a huge grudge and a lot of pain, for a long time. So there was also a time when Sensei was young, huh?…….. But both of them looked like they are enjoying it.

Then Akeno-san was confronting Barakiel-san!


Towards Barakiel-san who didn’t know what he should do, Akeno-san tells him, while holding her hands together, with tear filled eyes.

“……Tou-sama! Please help us!”

That was such a sad-looking, cute expression! Barakiel-san, who heard that……….


He took hold of many red balls, belonging to the Devils team, and threw them to the basket while shouting!

Sensei becomes shocked seeing that!

“Barakiel!? H-Hey! What have you done! Throw the black balls!”

“I’m sorry Azazel! My daughter…! Akeno….! This is all for the only daughter I haaaaaaave!”

Barakiel-san brushed off the Governor’s words and he started working hard for his daughter!


Akeno-san herself, was throwing the balls together with her father happily. It must be Akeno-san’s prank, but it seems she’s enjoying the fact that she is participating in the activity with her father.

“…….The Three Great Powers appear to be getting carried away.”

Rossweisse-san says while sighing. Yes, this is truly troublesome.

Cavalry Battle

The next activity was also a team match, a cavalry battle.

Some participants formed a group to become the "horse" and another participant, the "rider" goes on top. The tension of everyone within the Three Great Powers became weird and now it has turned into a battlefield, with hostility and killing intent everywhere. We made two teams: Buchou who is a rider, with Akeno-san carrying Buchou, while Rossweisse-san and Koneko-chan are supporting them from the rear and me who is a rider, with Kiba carrying me, while Gasper and Xenovia are supporting us from the rear.

[We will now start the cavalry battle!]

Along with the signal from the announcer, all the riders go forward towards the battlefield!

“Oryaaaaaaah! I will make it a catastrophe! Die, Angels!”

“Don’t look down on angeeeels! We will give you the Last Judgement!”

“Angels and Fallen Angels, perish!”

Everyone is fighting while using powers of light and demonic powers!? This is a War! This is supposed to be an activity where you can win by taking the hat from the rider, you know!?

“Reincarnated Angels, make a formation! We can unleash our power when we have the right cards! Formation Full House!”

“Like hell we would allow that! This is an all out battle between reincarnated Devils and reincarnated Angels!”

“Reincarnated this, and reincarnated that! All of you increased your numbers like that! Why don’t a few of the Angels “fall” down to us, huh!?”

………Uwaa, it really is turning into a War! Balls of light, spears of light, fire and lightning, created from demonic powers, are being thrown around everywhere!

“Hmph! I won’t lose to Angels and Fallen Angels!”

The one who is blasting away several Angels and Fallen Angels is….the next heir of the House of Great King, Sairaorg Bael-san. …….The way he uses his strength is amazing….

“W-W-Where should we attack them from!? We need to take them down before they take us down!”

“Please calm down, [Ace] Irina!”

The horse on which Irina is the rider was having a hard time, trying to think of how to attack, in the ground which had turned into chaos.

[Everyone, please don’t continue that War here! It’s coming back! That War is coming back completely! I’m telling you to stop, damn iiiiiiit! Hyahaha--!]

Looks like the announcer is also into it while making a scream!

“There! I’ve got her hat!”

The one who took the hat from a female Angel elegantly is Buchou. Only around Buchou, it’s like a peaceful cavalry battle….

“Oh, Ise! So you were here!”

Sensei approaches.

“What is it, Sensei? A-Are you planning to fight me?”

I became cautious, but Sensei shakes his head and tells me to come closer.

I approached him, and listened to what he said…

--! W-What did you just say…..? I was completely unaware of that! Wait, I’m allowed to do that!? What Sensei said came to me as a bolt from out of the blue!

“It’s like that, so I’m depending on you, Ise.”

Sensei sends me off after putting his hand on my shoulder.

“……Ise-kun, what did he tell you?”

The horse, Kiba, asks me……but I ignored him! I just shouted!

“Charge ahead, Kiba! Trust me!”

“O..Okay! But why do you have a nosebleed? Did he tell you something improper again?”

Fufufu! He sure has good intuition! The single word Sensei said to me made my brain fill with my greed!

“I don’t know what’s going on, but let’s believe in Ise.”

“I..I will also believe in him and follow him to the end!”

Gasper and Xenovia, are willing to follow me! You guys are great!

I increased my demonic powers, and made the imagination in my head stronger! I then put both my hands forward, and charge towards the Angels and Fallen Angels!

But the ones I will be taking on is just the women!

“Sorry for stripping you!”

Even though I apologised to them, I started touching the bodies of the female riders! I then shouted out, while making a cool pose and unleashing my demonic powers!

“Dress Break!”


The jerseys of the women I touched started to blast and it became a parade of naked bodies!



NOSEBLEED! My nosebleed started to burst forth! A-Amazing! Not only the innocent-looking Angels, but also the seductive-looking Fallen Angels are naked! They are all fully naked! Oppai, asses and thighs are all observable!


Seeing that, the men from the Devils side and Fallen Angels side became overjoyed and were having nosebleeds! On the other hand—

“Uoooo! A nak….naked body of a woman…….! This is bad! If we think improper things……we will fall!”

“Oppai……..butts……thighs…….uuu! We are going to fall~! But those white skins are so radiant!”

The male Angels started to become hesitant and painful at this erotic situation and their wings kept on turning black and white! I see, that’s because there are many pure people among the Angels and they have a possibility to turn into Fallen Angels when they see something erotic like this! The same phenomenon that occurs to Irina, when she gets tormented, is happening to them!

It sure is tough being an Angel! So they fall into the dangerous state of becoming a Fallen Angel by seeing a single boob!

I’m glad I’m a Devil! I’m okay no matter how many oppai I see! Oppai are the best after all!

Seeing that, Azazel-sensei laughs loudly.

“Make the Angels fall! Make them fall, I tell ya! Fuhahahaha! Falling with just seeing a woman’s naked body proves that you guys are keeping so much inside ya!”

What an evil person! Sensei urged me to do this because he was aiming for this? He really is an evil last boss Sensei! ……I was just used by him! I..It isn’t my fault! I think!?

“We Fallen Angels can’t fall nor are we scared of lights! We have the least number among the Three Great Powers, but we are superior to Angels and Devils in this situation! Fuhahaha! Now, Ise! Your next target is her!”

Sensei points at a certain beauty.

-It was the Seraph, Gabriel-san!

“Don’t you want to see the naked body of the most beautiful woman in Heaven?’

Sensei urges me once again! I—

“I do want to see it~!”

I turned into a beast faithful to my lust and charged towards Gabriel-san, by making my horse go towards her! The naked body of the most beautiful woman in Heaven~! Oppai belonging to a Seraph~! An Angel’s oppaaaaaaaiiiii!

“This is definitely wrong!”

“Aah, what are we doing! Amen!”


Even though they are in confusion, Kiba, Xenovia and Gasper are following my lead!

“A..Ara? The Sekiryuutei gentleman is coming this way….”

Gabriel-san tilts her head while gazing this way with her innocent eyes! Aaaah, I want to see the oppai of that beauty! I then got ready to use Dress Break once again and—


--! I received an unexpected punch to my face……. Our horse became unbalanced with that impact, and I also fell on the ground…….

“……..Any shameless behaviour further than this is forbidden. Hentai Dragon-senpai.”

Koneko-chan steps on my head while making noises with both her hands.

……K..Koneko-chan’s punch really does work……

In this way, the cavalry battle also ended like a war.

Decisive Battle! Baton Relay!

The joint sports activity has finally entered the last activity. It’s going to be the baton relay.

[For each team, the chosen participants are waiting at designated points! Now, the sports day which has been going on for a long time has finally reached the climax!]

The announcer stirs the field with his announcement. The points each team has is quite close, and it became a situation where this last baton relay will determine the winners.

I became the anchor for this relay. I’m already on standby in my Balance Breaker state.

“Fufufu, so you are my opponent, huh, Ise?”

“P..Please take it easy on me….”

The anchor for the Fallen Angels is Sensei. …….I only have a bad feeling about this!

“Let’s do our best~”

The anchor for the Angels is Gabriel-san.

I’m in grief that I couldn’t use Dress Break on her at the cavalry battle earlier.

Rather, I was scolded strongly by Buchou and Koneko-chan after the cavalry battle…..

[Now, the final match is about to begin!]


The pistol for the relay was shot and along with rhythmical BGM, the participants of each team ran. The first runner for the Devils team is Kiba! With his god speed, he should be able to pull it off! That’s what I thought, but the participant from the Fallen Angels shot lights towards Kiba! Kiba evades it swiftly, but what a cowardly act!

“Is that even allowed!?”

I protested to Sensei, but…

“Can’t see anything~”

He ignored me! What a horrible Sensei! He’s such a lousy Governor!

Even so, the relay was going on and the participants were running around the field! Finally the participant before me……Sirzechs-sama ran! So faaaaaast! The Maou is also serious!

“Uooooooo! I won’t lose! I won’t lose in front of my daughter Akeno!”

“It won’t be allowed for I, Uriel, the “Flame of God” to lose against a Maou!”

Barakiel-san is covered with holy lightning and Uriel-san is covered with an enormous amount of holy flames! Their intense speed wasn’t behind Sirzechs-sama! There is an ultimate battle between the last bosses in a place like this!

And Sirzechs-sama finally reaches me!

“I leave the rest to you, Ise-kun!”


I took the baton, and flew ahead while igniting the boosters on my back!


I head towards the finishing line with insane speed! But--!

“Toryaaaaah! Here is the weapon which I have been preparing for in a situation like this!”

Sensei catches up with me from the behind! In his hand, he was holding onto a sword which looks like a mixture of light and darkness!

“This is the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] that all of you were picking on me about!”

Sensei started wielding the sword while blowing away the scenery of the field with it! Seeing that, the leaders of each faction were in shock!

“What!? So the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade] was completed!?”

“Mu! So that’s the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]!”

Sensei starts attacking me with the [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]! I somehow dodged it! The strike which missed me carves deeply into the ground! What power!

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me!? Can you even call yourself a Governor and a Sensei!? Isn’t this supposed to be a sports day!?”

“It’s waaaaaaar! I won’t lose to a Maou and Chief Angel! I’m number 1!”

This is bad! Sensei's tension is at his max and his brain is working the wrong way!

Sensei and I started facing each other in front of the goal, and we started battling with fist and sword!

[Oo! Governor Azazel and the Oppai Dragon started battling in front of the goal!]

Even the announcer stirs it up!

“This is a good opportunity! I shall test Ise’s strength! Come, my student!”

“What the heck are you saying!? I will punch you, last boss-sensei!”

I hit Sensei without hesitation when I said that!

“How dare you, for you to hit me! You! You should treat your elders with a bit more respect!”

Sensei’s sharp kick hits precisely on my head!

“Ow! Are you even in the situation to say that!?”

While Sensei and I were hitting each other…..

“I will be going first then~”

Gabriel-san goes past us and she crossed the finish line!

[Gooooooal! The one who conquered the baton relay is the Angels team!]

“ “Aaaaagh!” ”

Seeing that, both Sensei and I become shocked! See, look what happened! Because I tagged along with Sensei, she crossed the goal before us!

“It’s your fault, Sensei!”

“No, it’s your fault for not being taken down by me much sooner!”

Sensei and I glare at each other! This person is definitely the bad one! He is the Governor of the Fallen Angels after all!


A mysterious pressure surrounds me and Sensei. When I looked….the Fallen Angels were surrounding Sensei….. All of them were releasing killing intent from their body and they were glaring at Sensei sharply…… I thought I shouldn’t be here and sneak out quietly, but Buchou was there!

“Ise! What have you done….”

I had my head poked by Buchou who was sighing. Uu, I’m really sorry. I was lured in by Sensei and showed everyone something pathetic…… I’m filled with so much guilt towards my comrades and Sensei.

Besides me, Sensei tries to run away quietly, but….

“…….Azazel, let’s talk for a bit.”

Being caught by the Vice-Governor Shemhaza, he gets dragged towards the Fallen Angels team.

“I..I’m sorry, Shemhaza! I…I got a bit too cocky! Hahaha, forgive me. ……..Please?”

Sensei apologises, but Shemhaza says with a smile.



At the centre of the Fallen Angels team, a certain Governor made a scream. Sensei, please reflect on your actions with this.

Buchou then pats my cheek.

“You will also have to reflect on your actions once we get home, okay? But you did very well today.”

“Yes, thank you very much!”

Ah, Buchou! You really do watch over me!

That alone was worth working hard today!

Like that, the Great Sports Day ended with the victory of the Angels team. Maybe everyone from each faction was able to release their stress, so they all had a satisfied looking face by the end of it.

Seeing that, there was a discussion of “Let’s do it again next year”……

It was a fun sports day, but I don’t want to be involved in a dangerous event like this ever again!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Yakitori-sensei (ヤキトリ先生): This is the nickname of Ishibumi’s friend and fellow author, Dairaku Kenta. Dairaku Kenta is also a light novel author who also publishes his work in Fujimi Shobo under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label. He is currently the author of the light novel “BIG‐4”. Ironically, even though his name is Yakitori-sensei, he doesn’t like yakitori that much.
  2. Tasogare-iro no Utatsukai (黄昏色の詠使い): It is translated as “The User(Singer) of the Colour of Dusk”. This is a light novel title which was published by Fujimi Shobo between 2007 and 2009. In total there are 10 volumes.
  3. Siscon: Sister complex.

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