High School DxD:Volume 14

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Novel Illustrations

Now, I will show you the powers of the young Devils.

Yes, I will make you regret turning the Devils of the Kuou Academy into your enemies.


On a morning after quite some days had passed since the monster crisis in the Underworld—

“…………This is my room, right?”

I’m in a position where I have to ask myself that question.

“……Suu~ Suu~.”


Rias’s breathing and Asia’s sleep-talking that I can hear from my bed. A view that isn't different from usual. After all, I sleep with Rias and Asia all the time.

The problems start from here.

“……Ise-kun……do it more roughly……”

Akeno-san who is saying seductive words in her sleep,

“……Guu guu……”

Xenovia who is sleeping with her stomach exposed,

“……The manjuu[1]of the Heaven is so delicious……”

Irina who is drooling and using Xenovia like a hug-pillow. On top of that—


Koneko-chan who is sleeping like a cat,


and Ophis, who is sleeping while putting her hand above her chest like a dead person.

So a situation like that is happening on my bed with those members.

……Yeah, even if my bed is huge, I won’t be able to sleep here with this many people…… So there is a magnificent view of my bed full of girls.

I’m already out of bed. Rather, I woke up on the floor. Most likely, I was kicked out by Xenovia in her sleep. That’s because Xenovia is in a position where she is sticking her left foot forward!

There are many girls on my bed! This should be a happy situation for me……but I suddenly became sad and lonely because there isn't any space for me!

I breathe out while sitting on the chair.

Since that monster crisis ended, it’s been like this every morning. My bed is dominated by the girls before I realise it. It seems like the other girls sneak into the room while Rias, Asia, and I are sleeping.

It seems like the actions of the girls of our group got more daring since the incident about my life and death thing…… They start to seek strongly for me. It’s not anything sexual but more of a daily life thing. For example, on our walk towards school in the morning, the girls start to fight over the position of walking beside me……

“Standing beside Ise’s position belongs to me, Akeno. This is something which won’t ever change.”

“I won’t allow that Rias! Ufufu, if it’s next to him, there is his right side and his left side. If Rias is taking his right side, then I will be taking his left side.”

The Onee-samas take both my sides immediately!

“Hauu~! Both of Ise-san’s arms are already full, Xenovia-san!”

“Asia, it becomes a fatal blow when a single guard is let down. If it’s like this, then we have to take the position on his back. What do you think, Irina?”

“I think riding on his shoulders can be used as a last resort!”

The Church-trio of Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, have begun to research about this since the Onee-sama duo always make the first move. Having both my arms taken, while doing a piggyback-ride, and carrying someone on my shoulders! There’s no way I can go to school in a state like that!

There is also some ruckus during the time of the club activity. Watching Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap, Ravel finally took action.

“I will also sit there! It’s not fair for Koneko-san to be sitting there all the time!”

Ravel comes to me and sits on my lap! It’s a wonderful sensation of being able to feel her buttocks with my thighs, but—

“——! ……Ravel. This position only belongs to me……!”

“I-I also want to sit here. I couldn't help myself from being jealous of Koneko-san who always sits here!”

My two juniors started fighting while sitting on my lap. And—

“I-I think I also want to sit on Ise-senpai’s lap……”

“I too want to sit.”

Even Gya-suke and Ophis who always appear in the clubroom through the magic-circle seem like they are interested in sitting on my lap!

I’m super happy with the actions of the girls who want to get along with me even more!

But it’s a bit difficult! I can’t respond to all of them since I only have one body.

When I went to Azazel-sensei and Rossweisse-san to consult with this—

From Sensei,

“Well, since they went through the incident of losing you which was devastating for them, they must be seeking you as a feedback of that experience. I’m sure it’s something which will be temporary, so just tag along with them until they settle down. You should train your manliness with this.”

And from Rossweisse-san,

“I think this is the part where Ise-kun’s capability is being tested. Rather, if you are aiming to become a Harem-King, isn’t this a good opportunity to get used to a situation where you take on many women? If you don’t have a good balance of getting along with them, then there will be girls who will go through sad experiences. –Oh, why am I answering something lewd like this seriously? Maybe it’s the influence of Ise-kun and the other girls...... What I want to say is, from a teacher’s perspective, this is something that isn’t good for education. It’s the private life of the [Oppai Dragon] that can’t be shown to the children who are your fans.”

She talked about it for a long time…… I’m feeling doubts about the raising and education of the Underworld since the name of [Oppai Dragon] is so popular……!

……But, I started to see the rough road towards becoming a Harem-king. After all, I get lost when I’m dragged into the girls competition.

When I discussed this with my friend Kiba who is dragged into the fight of the common girls,

“Get used to it……I guess. This might be an example that may not be too helpful, but you do get confused when many girls start saying “Me, me, me!” right? But I think you will come to see the way to solve it little by little when you encounter that situation many times, you know? I decided to do things which I’m capable of, but decline things I’m not capable of. That’s because that will be better for me and those girls rather than giving them unclear answers.”

He gave me advice like that! Too handsome! He even thinks like a handsome guy! A guy who has been confessed to by girls so many times and declined them politely sure does have a different opinion!

I also want to decline them but……when I see the gloomy faces of the girls of the Occult Research Club……I can’t come to decline them! I end up thinking that I have to do something!

But, after that, Kiba added this line.

“By the way, Ise-kun. How about having lunch with me……? I made some side dishes which will be good for our lunch. I really want you to eat it……”

——Damn! A guy shouldn’t decline a girl’s invitation and invite me for luuuuuunch! Don’t choose me over girls! Please stop! Lately, I’m getting scared because the number of guys around me has increased!

More than that, I will respond back to the girl on my right side that is in trouble, and I will also respond back to the girl on my left side that is also in trouble! I will do it even if my body can’t endure it! Though, I’m a useless guy who can’t solve their problems! It also happens because the girls have so much power in them!

What will I do if the balance of this state that Rossweisse-san mentioned goes down……!?

A courage where I can decline them at times! Is something like that also necessary for a Harem-King!?

I hold my head down while looking at the army of girls on my bed! There are too many obstacles ahead!

But the bed which is only filled with girls, this situation sure is a treat…… Akeno-san and Xenovia have their sleeping clothes coming off and their breasts are half exposed, and their thighs are so exposed that it’s basically telling me to stare at them!

More than that, Rias and Akeno-san are wearing see-through negligee! So their nipples can be seen! Thank you very much!

Usually, Akeno-san wears yukata during her sleep, so seeing her wear a see-through negligee sure is amazing! It suits you! Like I thought, a woman with enormous breasts wearing a negligee sure has an enormous effect!

More than that, Xenovia is wearing a t-shirt on the top and…… pants! Xenovia’s pants! Thanks for allowing me to see something good this morning.

Irina is wearing normal pyjamas. It’s the same as Asia. Like I thought, those connected with the Church normally wear pyjamas. She also looks cute in her own way.

Koneko-chan is also wearing pyjamas today! She is wearing lovely pyjamas with cat marks on it.

Lastly Ophis. She is also wearing black pyjamas, but…… I think the reason why she came here to sleep is because she is copying the other girls.

Ever since Ophis started living here, she follows behind me and everyone, and copies everything we do.

She is like a toddler with no knowledge. She must be pure after all. That’s why she was easy to deceive. I can understand why Vali tried to protect her.

She is strong, pure, and easy to deceive. If she gets deceived and used by the terrorists, it won’t be weird for the balance of the world to collapse.

That’s why I think the reason she is sleeping on my bed is because the other girls are sleeping on my bed. Well, it’s also because she is attached to me……

KNOCK KNOCK. Then someone knocks on the door.

“Good morning, Ise-sama, Rias-sama, Asia-sama. –Are all of you awake?”

This is Ravel’s voice. If I look carefully, Ravel isn’t on my bed.

“Yeah, come in.”

Ravel comes in when I answer her. She stares in wonder when she sees the situation of my bed.

“……A-Amazing things are happening. Last night, everyone didn’t show any sign of doing this…… I also wanted to join……”

It seems like she is regretting it a bit as well as being shocked. The thing is, the bed is already overloaded with people! Where am I supposed to sleep!? The floor!? Rather than feeling alive; this is a new feeling of having to watch my bed full with girls from the floor when I am the owner of this room, so I don’t know how to respond to this! The fact is, I’m actually in trouble!


Looks like Rias wakes up with Ravel’s entrance. She looks at me, Ravel, —and the situation of the bed.

“……It seems like amazing things are happening on the bed.”

She is making a bitter smile while looking at her servant girls sleeping on the bed. Ravel makes her way into the room, and she says it as if she has remembered something while shaking Koneko-chan who is sleeping on the bed.

“By the way Rias-sama. Didn’t you mention that it’s about time everyone makes a pact with the magicians, and that the time when the Vampires will show up?”

Yeah, that’s right. Rias did say before that, “It’s about time we discuss the pact with magicians. Also we will be getting a visit from a Vampire”. Putting the pact with magicians aside, the main concern is the visit from the Vampires! ……Is it the House of Vladi that Gasper belongs to?

While I tilt my head with doubts, Rias who is beside me says this.

“Ravel, I will leave the support of Ise in regard to the magicians to you. Manager, I will be relying on you.”

Ravel nods her head while puffing her chest forward at Rias’s words.

“Leave it to me! This Ravel Phoenix, the manager of the Sekiryuutei will definitely choose a magician who is fitting for Ise-sama!”

Oh, it sure does make me happy seeing my small built junior stepping forward and declaring that she will work hard for me! For me, who has only been a Devil for a short period, having a manager is a great help. The truth is, the support I got from Ravel when I was studying for the Middle-class promotion test was a great help.

But Ravel who is putting her chest forward, and her oppai…… They are growing very well despite her having a small build, and it is wonderful!

Rias says it while ignoring me who is fascinated with my junior’s breast.

“First, we need to wake everyone up and then have breakfast.”

Our day begins like this. –When I thought that, someone I didn’t expect shows up from behind Ravel. A black haired beauty wearing a kimono.

“Ciao♪ I invited myself in –nyan.”

——! It’s the Nekomata Onee-san——!

“K-Kuroka!? W-Why are you here!?”

Even Rias is shocked at the appearance of Kuroka. Ravel who was taken from behind is also shocked and says “W-When on earth!?”.

“Ah, hello. I also came as well.”

The one who appears behind Kuroka is the magician wearing a pointy hat, —Le Fay. Hey hey, the girls of the Vali-team came over to my house! T-Then are Vali and others also here……?

“Vali and others aren’t here.”

Kuroka says it as if she read my mind. Ah, so they are not here. I don’t want to see the face of my rival in the morning. After all, that guy has started to crave for me even more! Just like Kiba, just like Sairaorg-san, just like Cao Cao, and also Vali, why do I have to get popular with guys!? I don’t need guys! Just give me girls~!

“……N, Nee-sama. Why are you here?”

Koneko-chan wakes up as if she responded to Kuroka’s voice, and she then crawls out from the bed while wiping her eyes.

“Even if you ask me why, I came here because you said you wanted me to teach you “jutsu”. I wish you would be more grateful to me –nya. Ah, also the room which isn’t being used, I went ahead and took possession of it. So let's get along~♪”

Let's get along~, my ass! She took the empty room!? W-Well, certainly we do have many empty rooms left since our house is six storeys tall! But don’t just live in the Hyoudou residence without permission!

I hold my head down. Le Fay puts her hands up timidly.

“A-Also, it seems like you are going to negotiate with the magicians, so I was wondering if I can also stay here as an adviser~. ……Am I troubling you?”

T-That certainly is helpful……

Rias says it while making a sigh.

“Trouble or not, why are you two; who are on the Hakuryuukou’s side here in our house? You do know that this place is basically your enemy’s base?”

Kuroka walks into the room and pats Rias’s head.

“Swi-chan thinks too much about complicated things –nya. That’s why the energy which is supposed to go to your brain ends up coming out from your breasts, you know?”

Kuroka says that while bouncing Rias’s breast with her hand. Rias shakes Kuroka’s hands away.

“That is none of your business…… More than that, what is it with that Swi-chan……!? ……Huh! Don’t tell me that you put the marking for the magic-circle in this house when you came here last time!?”

“Bingo♪ Thanks to that I was able to come here right away –nya. So it means I can use the big bath tub of this house anytime.”

So Kuroka did a thing like that when she came to my house last time. I-It’s scary since it feels like she did the same thing when they were allowed to hide in the House of Gremory…… Well, I want to believe that they won’t do the worst thing possible with it.

We are confused and Le Fay hands me a letter.

“U-Umm, this is a letter from the former Governor Azazel.”

From Sensei? I receive the letter from her, and then checked inside by cutting open the letter.

[Kuroka and Le Fay from the Vali-team will be showing up at your place sometimes, so look after them~♪ Well, they probably won’t do anything bad, so get along with them. From Azazel who all of you look up to.]

“Geez! He acted on his own again!!”

I can only sigh and throw the letter on the floor. Sensei is pretty kind to the Vali-team after all…… By the way, you do realise that we are rivals?

“We will only come here occasionally, so you don’t have to worry about us. Okay, Swi-chan? I will train Shirone very well♪”

Kuroka who is begging while putting her hands together gives us a wink.

Rias then says it while putting her hand on her forehead.

“……Do as you please. In exchange, I will leave Koneko to you, okay? Also lend us your strength when we need it. It’s a give and take, just like how a Devil does things.”

So these two will be coming here sometimes huh……

Seems like the Hyoudou residence will get even noisier.

Life.1 I’m Also Doing a Devil Today

Part 1

Lately, I’m starting to enjoy my school life.

It might be because we get assaulted by strong foes so often. I also think going through the experience of losing my body, which is something you don’t quite go through at all, also has something to do with it.

After all I’m feeling at peace from just ordinary lessons. Before reincarnating, I was thinking “End quickly~”.

No, seriously, peace is the best. I want to spend my days just having a normal school life at noon, and doing a Devil’s job late at night.

……Well, a Devil’s life is something out of the ordinary if I compare it to last year……but I went through something beyond that……

What is it with all those Evil-God, descendants of the Old-Maou faction, and Longinus! Give me a break! I’m okay with just enjoying my life with Rias, Asia, and the others, while going through ecchi moments at times! Having a battle in the Rating Games is already enough !

……Well, the reason why I was able to promote to a Middle-class Devil this quickly was thanks to the assaults……

……So it won’t just be a dream to become a High-class Devil at this rate, huh.

Even Azazel-sensei told me that I should think about “Having the mind of becoming a High-class Devil and your career after getting promoted”.

Its break time and I’m looking at the sky through the window.

……My career. But he’s right. I’m a second year high school student, and it’s already winter. There's already a career meeting with my parents, and I have already filled in the form I was given about my desired career.

My career as a human—that is to advance to the college of Kuou academy. This won’t be a problem as long as I don’t make any seriously big mistakes. Next is my career as a Devil……

A Harem-king! That is obvious, but maybe I have to make a more realistic way of living.

First is to make Rias' dream come true, and I will be putting my all into doing it! Rias wants to become the Champion of the Rating Game. In order to support her, I will fight with all I have when Rias officially begins participating in the games.

That will be my life as Rias’s servant. And one other thing. What will I do when I become a High-class Devil—

I will attain the Evil-Pieces and become independent. That is my main idea……but I haven’t thought about the details so much, and I only have a faint idea about it……

From Azazel-sensei, I was told that I should start to prepare the campaign funds for when I go independent. I was also told that if I were to have my own servants, and my own territory, then I have to be ready to look after them properly or there will be no point.

Funds. It’s not like I don’t have them. Some of the money the House of Gremory makes with the [Oppai Dragon] gets deposited into my account, just some of the profit from the copyrights.

My Devil’s bank account. It’s something Rias prepared when I turned into a Devil. This is something everyone in the group has. The money earned from doing the Devil’s job gets deposited there. In my case, the funds from the [Oppai Dragon] get added to it.

And the figures of the funds are insane…… Since it’s too early for a high school student to use, Grayfia-san is managing it for me. I also feel that I will go crazy on how I use the money when I see just how much it is, so having Grayfia-san manage it is a great help.

When I go independent, I will use it as my campaign fund! I don’t know if it’s enough, but I should earn as much as possible right now!

But Kiba’s sword master Okita-san, taught me the ways of the reincarnated Devils. He said that humans that reincarnate into a Devil tend to rush how they live.

Since we live for a long time, it seems like they get troubled when they aim for their goals in early stages and accomplish them.

It seems like they go through a syndrome where they burn out, and it may become possible for them to become less emotional. So he’s saying that working while enjoying the life of a Devil very slowly will result in good way of living as a reincarnated Devil.

So if I become a Harem-King early, will I also burn out……? I still don’t know that, but even if I was to live for ten thousand years, and if I was to become a Harem-King in a hundred or in a thousand years, I……

……Yeah, my remaining years may feel longer. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, it won’t be bad to have many dreams. I want to participate in a Rating Game, and also attain some titles!

But first, it won’t mean a thing if I don’t become a Harem-King. It feels like I can’t have my new dreams and ambitions unless I make the things in front of me a reality. If I live on, I may be able to find something else I want to accomplish! No, I will find it!

Yup! I think I know what my current aim is vaguely!

I will live on as Rias’s servant! Also I will earn even a single yen for my dream in the future!

This should be fine! Yeah! Since I know what I have to do, I will spend my school life in peace!

When I was making a victory pose by myself, someone hits my head really hard!

“Ouch! Who did that!?”

When I turn around, —Matsuda and Motohama are standing there! I don’t know why but their bodies are shaking with anger.

“You! I hear that you also get along with Ravel Phoenix-san from the first year!”


“Huh? Yeah, well, I knew her before she transferred to this school. I was also asked by her family to look after her, that’s why I keep an eye on her.”

I had been seeing Ravel every time I went to the Underworld, and I was also asked by the Phoenix’s momma to look after her. She is my junior, so I have to look after her. Wait, right now Ravel, who is my manager, is the one taking care of me instead.

Hearing my words, Motohama's whole body began to shake.

“S-So it’s acknowledged by her parents……what is going on…… Asia-chan, Rias-senpai, Himejima-senpai, Toujou Koneko-chan, Xenovia-chan, and Irina-san…… They are all the Madonna’s and the idols of this school……! O-On top of that even Ravel Phoenix-san……!”

“You two, that reaction, can you stop it already? Even watching you from the sides is getting old.”

The one who appears while saying that is the Perverted Glasses also known as Kiryuu. Kiryuu continues talking with her eyes half closed.

“It’s wrong for me to say this, but you know that beautiful people tend to fall for weird guys, so there was that part of Hyoudou they were attracted to.”

High school dxd v14 031.jpg

What do you mean with that part……!? W-Well, the incidents I tend to get involved with have a lot of crazy stuff happening!

“ “Ah, I see.” ”

The two idiots pound their fists into their palms and come to understand it! Shit! What is it with that weird way of understanding!?

But Matsuda holds his head down.

“No, like I thought, this isn’t fair! If that were true even me and Motohama, who are also perverted idiots, should be able to have miracles happen as well!”

“That’s right! You know, me and Matsuda don’t even get a single flag with a beautiful girl!? What is the meaning of this!? What is going ooooon!?”

Motohama also argues while shedding tears.

“Calm down, Hyoudou must have attained all those flags. It means that he is more of a perverted idiot than both of you, so give up. Okay?”

Kiryuu comforts Matsuda and Motohama by patting their heads.

This damn Kiryuu! I never knew that you could possibly comfort people like that! So you're telling me that I’m a perverted idiot!? ………… D-Disagreeing to it is something I can’t do! If I was able to get along with Rias and others due to that, then I am honoured!

“It will be good if Matsuda and Motohama get a blessing from God as well……”

Xenovia's eyes are filled with sadness.

“Next time, I might discuss it with Michael-sama.”

Are you okay with that, Irina!? Are you telling me it’s okay to give Michael-san’s grateful blessing to these two!?

“Matsuda-san, Motohama-san, do you want to attend mass next time? Even if you are going through sadness, I’m sure you will feel better if you have a fun time with everyone.”

Asiaaaaaa! You are acting like those people from the Church without realising it! When I was looking at the culture differences that the Church-trio have, Kiryuu’s eyes grasp holds of me. Her glasses shine.

“By the way Hyoudou. Is the rumour true?”

“W-What rumour?”

“I hear that you address Rias-senpai without honorifics and call her “Rias”.”

The words Kiryuu just said immediately gathers the attention of everyone in the class!

Everyone looks at me with keen eyes and begins saying things like, “Now that you mention it, there was a rumour like that going around’, and “Good job on asking him something I wanted to ask as well!”.

F-For real!? So rumours like that are going around the school!? Ah, I think I did call Rias “Rias” within the school without thinking about it! Someone saw that……? I can’t even let my guard down for a bit!

I'd discussed with Rias that I will call her “Buchou” during school and at places where normal students will be present, but did I make a mistake!?

I’m thinking hard about what I should do, and then—,

“Ise-kun, Asia-san, Xenovia, Irina-san, I came to discuss about after school—”

Kiba appears at the entrance of the classroom! Nice timing!

“Y-Yeah! Kiba! I will come now! Hey, lets go as well all of you!”

I leave the classroom while pushing Asia and the others out!

“Hey, Hyoudou! So, what’s the truth then?”

Kiryuu, I can’t answer that! I want to, but if I did I will be seen as an enemy by the whole student body! Let me date her quuuuietly~!

Part 2

After school on the same day—

All of us of the Occult Research Club gathered in the clubroom. Rossweisse-san, who came late from the staff meeting, joins us.

Confirming that we are all sitting on the sofa, Rias stands up and talks while looking at us.

“Now, everyone, there is only one reason why I called all of you here today. –From today, we will be entering the time where we will start the work that we have been talking about, the pact with the Magicians.”

–The pact with a Devil.

I swallowed my saliva and then remembered. The relationship between Devils and magicians are old and deep.

It’s a totally different thing to the one where a human makes a wish to a Devil by making a pact.

People that are magicians are basically those that polish their research on magic for their entire lives.

There is magic such as black magic, white magic, summoning magic, spirit magic, rune symbols, casting from different locations, and many others. They choose the theme of their magic among them, and put everything they have in there for the rest of their lives.

Each person has different ways of attaining it and mastering it.

Now, the relation of such magicians and Devils is—

Rias then says.

“There are three main reasons why a magician makes a pact with a Devil. One is to use them as their bodyguard. When the time comes, having a powerful Devil behind their back will allow them to talk with opponents if they are caught up in a quarrel.”

“They sound like yakuza.”

When I say that, Rias answers me by saying “I agree” while smiling.

Rias then put two fingers up.

“Secondly, they make a pact because they want to attain techniques and knowledge of Devils. To make it clear, the technique standards of the Underworld. These things will play a big role when magicians do their research.”

If that’s the reason, they can just go to the Underworld personally to get the things they want, or they can also get it through different routes.

But, it seems like they have high risks. For the former one, it’s risky because there are very limited ways to go to the Underworld. Those like me can go to the Underworld easily, but that’s because I’m a servant of the “High-class Devil Gremory”. Going to the Underworld is not an easy journey for magicians, who aren’t Devils.

You can go between the Underworld and the human world if you are the servant of a Devil, though it will be a problem if “Stray Devils” do it.

I registered myself inside the train when I went to the Underworld for the first time during summer, but I heard that magicians will be asked something with high risks. I hear that those who can leave their name in the history of magicians can attain a pass to the Underworld, but that will also have quite a lot of requirements.

In other words, those that aren’t a Devil or a Fallen Angel cannot go to the Underworld that easily. ……The reason why Vali and his team can appear in the Underworld like nothing is because they are insanely strong.

If we are talking like that, then there are magicians who trespass to the Underworld by using their own powerful teleportation magic…… Though those are people who are seen as a threat from both the Devils and the magician association. Vali is the same, so entering without permission is bad.

And for the later one about “How about getting what they want using different routes through another faction”, but that route will cost money, and I hear the money they charge will sky rocket. Depending on what you want, it can even cost all of the fame and fortune that a magician has earned through their research.

For example the Phoenix’s tear. It’s also an expensive item in the Underworld, but for a magician it’s so rare that it won’t even be enough to add the word “super” ten times to the front of the word “rare”. For those reasons, making a pact with a Devil will allow them to get it cheaper by having an equal exchange. Though that will also be an expensive trade.

Rias puts her third finger up.

“Lastly. It’s simple. They make a pact with a Devil for their own status. Making a pact with a powerful Devil will be a big fortune for them. My Otou-sama and Okaa-sama, also have a pact with a magician you know? If something happens, they will respond to being summoned to hear their words. For a High-class Devil and their servants, that is one of their duties.”

Yes, since Rias, who is the daughter of the High-class Devil Gremory, has reached the appropriate age, it was decided for the Gremory group lead by Rias to enter the time for making a pact with a magician.

Xenovia tilts her head with a complicated expression.

“Life sure is interesting, I never thought I would be summoned by a magician.”

You are right. I also think the same. I never thought I would become someone who is going to say something like “Fufufu, are you the magician that summoned me?” even the slightest. Rias chuckles.

“Yes. If you are a human that is related to special powers, then normally you will be the one summoning. The ones who will get summoned are Devils and monsters after all. That is the reason why I want all of you to take importance with this pact. You won’t be able to break off a pact that easily once you make one. If you make a pact, then you will have to work seriously. But if you make a pact with someone with low calibre, then people will question our quality. So choose the best trading partner there is. For magicians this is something to further improve their research on special powers, but for us Devils, this is business. The pact with a normal human and the pact with a magician, doing both of them makes us a Devil.”


We nod our head to our master’s words. Yeah, it’s a must for being able to do this. This is business. Aiming to become a High-class Devil who can’t even accomplish this is out of the question.

A pact with a magician—

I will find the best partner there is!

……But, I hope I can get a beautiful witch-sama if possible!

[Devil-chan, will you listen to my w~i~s~h?]

[Of course. Except, I will be groping your oppai as the price for it like always.]

[Iyaan, Devil-chan, you sure are naughty♪]

…………Wonderful. It’s a wonderful thing, to have a business partner like that……!

“……You were thinking something naughty right?”

Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap pinches my thigh! Koneko-sama is really strict!

While we're doing things like this, Rias looks up at the clock in this room.

“It’s about time. Everyone, the person standing at the top of the magician association will be contacting us through the magic-circle. So behave well.”

Oh, I have to be careful. Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap gets off and sits next to me. Once all of us sat on the sofa in a well mannered way, a huge magic-circle appears on the floor of this room.

The shallow lights form a circle.

“……The symbol of Mephisto Pheles.”

Kiba says that. ……Mephisto Pheles? Isn’t he the legendary Devil who belongs to the Extra Demon group, and the one who made the pact with the ancestor of the mist-user Georg of the Hero-faction……?

While I was remembering about that, the magic-circle that appeared shows a holographic image.

The holographic image of a middle aged man sitting elegantly on a chair appears in front of my eyes. …… He has his mixture of red and blue hair held firmly with a gel. He has sharp, odd coloured eyes where the right eye is red and the left eye is blue. This man is giving off a mysterious atmosphere similar to that of Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. He has a bit of a fierce look. His terrifying face then changes by making a smile.

[Oh Rias-chan. It’s been a while.]

He has a light tone. ……I thought he would have more of a frightening tone, so I loosened up right away.

Rias responds to his greeting.

“It sure has been a while, Mephisto Pheles-sama.”

[Oh my, you sure are becoming beautiful just like your mother. Your grandmother and great-grandmother were all beautiful people.]

“Thank you very much.”

Rias introduces this person to us.

“Everyone, this person here is an Extra Demon, and also the chairman of the magician association, Mephisto Pheles-sama.”

[Hey, hello all of you. I’m Mephisto Pheles. Please refer to the books to know more about me. Books written about me are overflowing in the world.]

……He said something metaphorical from the start. But, I understand now. So this person is the boss of the magicians. I never thought a Devil would be standing at the top.

Ravel who is sitting next to me tells me quietly.

(……After he made a pact with the first Georg Faust, he remained in the human world even after the death of Georg Faust, and he took the position of the top of the association right away.)

Hmm, so did he come to like the human’s world?

“You are an independent right? Nothing like household and stuff.”

I questioned him since I was concerned about it. I haven’t heard of something called the House of Pheles, so I wondered if he is just an individual.

Rias explains.

“Mephisto Pheles-sama is one of the oldest among the Devils, and he spends most of his time in the human world. Also, he happens to be Tannin-sama’s [King].”

——! I get shocked hearing Rias’s words!

Oh, so this person is old man Tannin’s [King] which was a mystery till now!

[I gave my [Queen] piece to Tannin-kun. He came and said that he wants to save the Dragon-tribe’s which is almost near extinction. Yeah, he is the role model for all Dragon-Kings. Well, I don’t participate in the game and involve myself in Underworld’s riot, so I basically allow him to roam free.]

So old man Tannin is a [Queen]! That’s why the overall balance of his ability is good. Oh man, you sure do learn things you wanted to know in unexpected places. I started to think he is cute since he is a [Queen] despite being an old man.

Ravel gives me additional information.

(Apparently Mephisto Pheles-sama is from the same generation as the original Yondai-Maou. Though it seemed like they didn’t get along. That’s why he had differences with the old government and hid himself in the human world.)

So there was a reason like that. Wait, the same generation as the original Yondai-Maou!? How long has he been living!? Even though he looks like a middle aged man, he's lived that long!?

No, Devils can change their appearances, and those like Azazel-sensei and Michael-san who seem like they have been living just about the same time as him have young appearances. There are many of those who look like young or middle-aged men but have the personality of a geezer! It seems like he heard her whispers, so Mephisto Pheles-san nods his head.

[Yeah, that’s exactly right. I hated those guys a lot. That’s why I really like the current ones like Sirzechs-kun and Serafall-chan. After all, they acknowledge most of the things I do. Instead of those old Maou who were giving me orders telling me to do this and that, so I got fed up with them. Well, out of the current Maous, I have a different thinking with Ajuka-kun and have different views, but it’s not like I hate him or anything.]

That means that he is getting along with the current government.

[Rias-chan who will listen to the story of this old man right here sure is a good girl. From the Gremory, even your grandfather, great grandfather, and great-great grandfather were easy to talk with. So are your grandfather and others doing okay? It has been a while since they retired.]

“Y-Yes. They are living quietly within the Gremory’s territory.” Rias answers like that…… I see, so Rias also has a grandfather. Of course she does. Rias told me before that the current Head of the household will leave everything to the next heir and enter retirement after passing the household to them.

Rias has already planned what to do after retirement, and she was saying that she will be living in Japan. It seems like she has already thought ahead about a majority of the things despite not being Head of the household yet. Of course, it will be something she will do after becoming the Head and fulfilling all her dreams. Actually, I wonder after how many hundred or thousand of years that will be…… I wonder what Japan will be like then? I can’t even imagine it.

Then Rias and Mephisto Pheles-san continue to talk about the story of the past, the society, and about the recent business world of the magicians.

“So, Mephisto Pheles-sama, have you already talked to Sona?”

[Nope, unfortunately, I will have to talk to her afterwards, Rias-chan. It seems like she is going to have new servants and she wants to talk to me after they join, that’s why I’m talking to all of you first. By the way, I have already spoken with Sairaorg Bael-kun and Seegvaira Agares-chan.]

“I see. Sona’s new servants. I have already heard about it.”


I get shocked when I hear their conversation. So Kaichou is getting new servants! I have heard that she has someone in mind, but it’s finally going to happen! I’m looking forward to this!

According to what I heard, the [Rook] and the [Knight] will be joining as their additional members. Are they from the same academy as us? After all, there are students studying in this school that are from the supernatural world, that’s why I think like that.

[Oh my, all of you, the “Rookies Four”, sure are very popular in our industry and in the industries of other factions. I had so many of my subordinates telling me to settle this matter with all of you quickly.]

(W-What is this Rookies Four?)

I can’t help myself but ask Ravel about the words I heard for the first time.

(It’s the title that was given recently to the four young Devils consisting of Sairaorg Bael-sama, Seegvaira Agares-sama, Rias-sama, and Sona-sama. Even looking back at recent years, it’s called a generation gathered with promising rookies that are in the exceptional level. Did you know that even looking throughout the history of the Underworld, the generation you and Rias-sama belongs to is something which is out of the ordinary for a rookie who still hasn’t matured?)

I-Is that so……? So we are among such an amazing generation…… Well yeah, Sairaorg-san and Kiba’s strength are insanely crazy after all.

—Then someone enters the room. It’s Azazel-sensei.

“My bad, I was the only one who had to stay longer for the meeting. Oh, if it isn’t Mephisto!”

Seeing the holographic vision from the magic-circle, he responds by making a smile right away. Mephisto-san also raises his hand gently when he sees Sensei.

[Hey hey, Azazel. It hasn’t been that long since we last met. I had myself talk to Rias-chan first.]

“Yeah, the magicians association must be having a rough time after all. More than that, do you want to go drinking over here next time? I got my hands on some good alcohol.”

I have the impression that they have known each other for a long time.

“Do you know him?”

I ask Sensei.

“Yeah. We go way back. When Mephisto distanced himself from the old government of the Devils, we, the Grigori, allowed ourselves to contact him personally.”

Hee, he sure is a former Governor-sama who knows his own way. Rather than that, this person really has many connections with other places.

[Grigori’s information was a great help, Azazel. After all, I’m still getting assistance from Grigori even now.]

“Same goes to us, Mephisto. Well, there isn’t any disadvantage for the Fallen Angels to have connections with the association of the magicians in secret after all. And we don’t have to keep that as a secret now since the Three Great Powers made an alliance.”

From there, the two of them talk about this and that about the business world while leaving us behind.

“What!? Seriously!? That mythology which has been declining to make an alliance came for a negotiation?”

[Rather than that, it seems like there are those investigating the Dragon’s incident that was mentioned previously. So you shouldn’t be expecting for the alliances. They have basically been cutting ties with us. Thanks to that, we can’t obtain proper information on the mythologies which have isolated themselves.]

“……That matter huh. Well, the old mythology faction has been completely ignoring the other factions. Even if the rebels from their factions turn their fangs on us, they will probably continue to play dumb about it.”

[That proves just how much they have shunned themselves towards us who have stolen their believers. Especially us Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels, who are recorded in the holy Bible are hated so much by the other factions. Just how many mythologies have we crushed, and just how many legends and believers have we spread. You can’t even tell what’s going through the minds of the factions who have responded to the negotiations. I guess we can only depend on the leadership of the Chief God of those factions. Naturally we have lost the real Maous and God, so our mythology is horribly weak from the truth. It wouldn't even be weird if the history that we are currently making is thought to be a fake.]

“……Even so, we have to continue on living. Even if God and the Maous don’t exist, we are still alive.”

“Well, I also like the current Maous, so I have no problem.”

…………The discussion of these two is at such a high level that I can’t understand it!

Maybe they realised it, so Sensei and Mephisto Pheles-san stop their conversation and go into the main discussion.

[I’m sorry for taking a long time, Rias-chan. Now, I will send the data about the magicians that want to make a pact with all of you through the magic-circle.]

Saying that, Mephisto Pheles-san swirls around his finger from the vision, and points it to us. A new magic-circle appears in the air of this clubroom, and lots of documents come falling down from it! Akeno-san and Kiba pick them up. Me and the other members help move the mountain of documents elsewhere.

There is no stop to the documents falling down from the magic-circle, and it keeps on piling up! When I took a glance, a document that seems to be a resume appears to my eyes.

……I can see their faces from the photo or the portrait of them. The other thing visible is……the entries written in a devil’s letters or magical letters that I have never seen before.

……This is a written document to appeal themselves! The other things written are their previous experiences and their households. This really is a resume! There are also many documents attached to it!

Kiba says to me while I’m looking through the documents.

“Putting the past aside, the pact that magicians make with a Devil now starts from having their documents being selected. The selection which will come after that will be selected by us.”

Document selection! Wow! For real? ……It’s like a job hunt of the human’s business world.

“Instead of a job hunt, it’s more of a pact hunt. This is the mainstream right now. There was also an era where they fought to make a pact with a certain Devil first.”

Rossweisse-san says that while carrying loads of documents. So there was a war between magicians fighting over a pact with a Devil……! So having a pact with such a powerful Devil becomes their status huh…… It means that this will have a big meaning for their background.

While I was thinking like that, we split the mountains of documents between us.

The one who has the most documents is —Rias! She has mountains of documents!

Sensei has an expression that seems to convey that this is an obvious result.

“Well, obviously. Rias is the [King] of the Gremory group. They must have thought that having a pact with Rias will allow them to control all of you who are her servants. Since it is also a possibility where they can have a good relationship with the House of Gremory, it’s obvious that Rias will be the most popular one within the “Gremory group” category.”

It’s just like Sensei says. Making a pact with Rias will have many benefits.

Sensei then continues.

“For that reason, Rias will have to choose a partner very carefully and the magician also has to be very powerful.”

If it’s a magician that Rias will be choosing, then it definitely will be someone famous.

—Then the one who has the second most is Rossweisse-san! Oh! Is it because she is a spell caster?

“I see, on top of researching on their magic, they craved for the wisdom I obtained in the Norse and the information regarding the world tree Yggdrasil.”

Rossweisse-san analyses her value calmly.

It means that there are many magicians that want to obtain the truth and the wisdom of the Norse mythology. I do hear that the Norse is one of the central factions for magic. So Rossweisse-san who is a half-God must have a big role.

“A Valkyrie who is a Devil isn’t merely rare.”

Sensei also adds that. Certainly, that must be true.

Now then, the one who has the most after her is, —Asia! This is quite unexpected…… No, if I think about it she has a Sacred Gear which can heal anyone, so it will be natural for her to get many offers.

“……H-Having this many documents……are they really okay with it being me?”

Asia is feeling timid. She probably didn’t think even the slightest that she is being sought for this much.

Mephisto Pheles-san then says.

[There is a big merit in having the ability to heal. The power to heal is always one of the ultimate themes in whatever era or person. Making a pact with you and getting blessed with the power of healing. Using that to obtain fame is easily possible.]

Yeah. There are people who are seeking for the power to heal all over the world. It can be a good business to make fortune, and it can be used for many trades.

“Asia! Choose your partner carefully! Don’t get caught by a vicious guy! No, I will choose the person together with you!”

I’m concerned about Asia that I protect her too much. That’s because I’m feeling scared!

[Well, they are the people that we, the association, picked, so there shouldn’t be any cruel people.]

Mephisto Pheles-san says that…… I don’t want Asia to go through a painful experience……

“Don’t worry. Akeno and I will also consult with Asia, so we won’t allow her to go through troublesome trades.”

Rias smiles. If our [King] and [Queen] are there for her, then I won’t have to worry about it. I hope she makes a good pact. ……If it’s possible, I want Asia’s partner to be a female. I will be worried if it’s a bastard!

The order after Asia went by: Me→Kiba→Akeno-san→Xenovia→Koneko-chan→Gasper. Gasper has the least.

Sensei then says it after seeing the result.

“Well, it was predictable that Rias who is the [King] would receive the most. The majority of the magicians think that they will be able to pull all of you out by making a pact with Rias. Rossweisse the spell caster, Asia who possesses the Twilight Healing, Ise the Sekiryuutei, Kiba of the holy-demonic sword, Akeno who is the daughter of Barakiel, and Xenovia the holy-sword wielder. These members would be nominated the most. Koneko and Gasper who still haven’t unleashed their own powers didn’t get solicited that much, but they might be magicians with higher quality rather than quantities. To begin with, a majority of the ones who solicited Rias and the rest could be thought of as small fry. Only very few numbers of them among these piles of documents are exceptional.”

Sensei sure knows how to say it. Well, I don’t think all of the magicians in these documents are amazing either. That's the reason why not many people choose Gasper because they haven’t seen his real powers? Well, I haven’t witnessed it either.

Hearing Sensei’s words, Mephisto Chairman who is the chairman of the association—

[Hahahaha, well, the majority of them are small fry.]

He is saying something like that! Is it okay for the chairman to say things like that!?

[Even so, Sekiryuutei-kun who is popular in the Underworld and who has made meritorious deeds didn’t have that much of an increase for his solicitation as I expected. Even still, you were solicited a lot. Maybe the young ones from my side aren’t into the popular ones.]

“The magicians take importance in their status, but more than that, they value how they are seen within the industry. They are especially a bit strict on things which aren’t elegant. They must have thought that the popularity of Ise is too vulgar. Even Ise himself has perverted techniques. Well, that’s the difference of our culture and the values we have.”

Mephisto Pheles-san and Sensei say such things…… No, please allow me to say this. I think the Underworld is the weird one since something like [Oppai Dragon] is popular!

Mephisto Pheles-san continues after making a cough.

[Anyway, I have sent all of the documents I received this time. It will be great if you contact us if you see anyone who lives up to your standards.]

……This time? I started to feel suspicious about Mephisto Pheles-san’s words.

“When you say this time, does that mean there’s more?”

When I ask, Rias answers me.

“Yes, of course. It doesn’t mean that we will choose from these ones, and even if we do make a pact, that magician will not live long like a Devil, and there’s no way that they will be able to live for eternity. If there isn’t any suitable partner this time, we can just ask for newer documents. Also even if we make a pact, we will become free again if the person we make a pact with passes away due to their age or by an accident. Then we will have to make a new pact.”

Ah, I understand now. So that’s what it is. So we don’t have to force ourselves to choose this time. Even if we do choose our partner, we can find a new partner if they die.

Kiba gives additional information.

“And even if you do make a pact, there are times when it’s for a certain time only. For example, a year long pact due to the partner’s circumstances, or the pact can also be cancelled if they can’t pay us the price.”

A temporary pact, and cancellation due to receiving unfair payment. ……It’s really like a business. So this is also one of the jobs of a Devil.

……The pact between a Devil and a magician that I imagined before was more dark and fantasy-like. Something where they perform a creepy ritual in a dark laboratory and they summon a Devil through the magic-circle to make an evil pact. It looks like the reality is more of a business-like thing.

Since we can’t carry all these piles of documents, we decided to send them to my house through the magic-circle.

While we are doing that, Mephisto Pheles-sama talks to Ravel who is helping everyone.

[Is the lady over there a Devil from the House of Phoenix?]

“Y-Yes. My name is Ravel Phoenix.”

Ravel introduces herself politely. Yup, she’s acting like a girl who was raised in a good house.

Mephisto Pheles says it while rubbing his chin.

[Yup……the thing I’m about to tell you is a top secret which is only known in our organisation. It seems like a group of “Stray Magicians” have joined forces with remnant magicians from the “Khaos Brigade”, and they have continued to make contacts with those related to the House of Phoenix.]

—! ……That sure is creepy information. Rias questions him.

“……What do you mean by that?”

[You do know that the Phoenix’s tear has been passing around to the terrorists in secret, right?]

Ravel nods.

“Yes. I heard that one group of distributors were making trades in secret. But that has been dealt with, and I have heard that it’s now back to normal—”

[No, in the black market, tears which aren’t produced by the “House of Phoenix” are being sold now.]


Everyone gets shocked at that information! Seriously!? So tears which aren’t made by the House of Phoenix are going around now!?

Rias twitches her eyebrows.

“If it isn’t a genuine one, then I think it’s something without any effect, a fake……——! Don’t tell me……”

Mephisto Pheles-san shakes his head to Rias who seems to have realised something.

[That’s right, Rias-chan. Tears that have an effect close to the genuine one are being distributed in secret. Here, this is it.]

A small bottle appears in Mephisto Pheles-san’s hand. ……So this is the fake tear?

[I don’t know how they are doing it, but the Phoenix Tears which aren’t made by the House of Phoenix are being distributed, and the stray magicians are trying to get contacts with those related to the Phoenix as if they are related. Well, they must be related. That’s why I wanted that lady over there to be careful because she might be targeted.]


Ravel puts on a bit of a gloomy face at Mephisto Pheles-san’s words.

“I will also ask the Grigori to find out what’s happening. Oh, and don’t worry. A strong prince is behind Ravel. There won’t be a problem. Also there are powerful barriers put on this area, the place related to the alliance of the Three Great Powers. They won’t be able to pass through that easily. If Ravel stays here, and has her prince by her side, she will definitely be safe.”

Sensei pats my head. Am I the strong prince that he’s referring to? W-Well, I will certainly protect Ravel at all cost if anything happens. That’s obvious.

Sensei then gives information which makes me feel uneasy.

“Not just that. It seems like there is someone who is trying to unify the remnants of the Old-Maou faction, the remnants of the Hero-faction, and the magicians that are hiding themselves. I hear that he’s the official person standing at the top. I will be getting more detailed information from now, but……I feel really uneasy about this. It’s certain that their forces are dying out. But what are they planning to do while their forces are weakening?”

Please stop saying that…… Your bad feelings basically turn out to be true……

Rather, who is the person trying to unify those guys who have already collapsed? I also wonder about Ophis’ stolen power…… Ah, am I going to get involved with this again……? I sure hate this.

Mephisto Pheles-san then says,

[I’m sorry that we went off topic. Anyway, I will leave my magicians to all of you. I’m hoping that all of you will be able to make a good pact with someone~.]

Like this, the talk with the chairman of the magician’s association, Mephisto Pheles-san, ended.

I’m concerned about the case involving the house of Phoenix, but I will have to look through the documents given to me.

It seems like it will be a long night today……

Part 3

“Ugh, I feel dizzy……”

On the night after a few days had passed, I, who had finished my job for the day, am looking through the mountains of documents on the upper floor of the Hyoudou residence.

“Ise-sama, I have finished decoding this magical symbol. Please read it.”

The one who sits besides me is my talented manager, Ravel-chan. It’s late at night. Ravel and I lined up the documents on the floor, and we are going through each document one by one.

In the other room, everyone is looking in their own way at the magician-style resume. Asia, Koneko-chan, Xenovia, and Gasper, are looking through the documents while listening to Rias and Akeno-san’s opinions.

I also go down stairs to get Rias and Akeno-san’s opinions, but I’m mostly looking through the documents while discussing it with Ravel.

Yup, rather than depending on Rias who is our [King], I have decided and thought that it will be a good experience to choose for myself while getting the advice of my manager Ravel.

Of course, I will get the final check from Rias, but I decided to do this with Ravel until then. I can’t describe how happy Ravel was when I told her that.

“Leave it to me! I will choose a person who will be the most fitting for Ise-sama!”

She was really eager to do it. Even now she’s checking this and that while looking through each document while holding the dictionary and books in one of her hands. Even I’m eager to do this when I see how hard she is working.

Ravel looks for certain standards when she is checking the documents (mainly if the person is beneficial for Gremory or me), she then cuts off those who haven’t satisfied those standards without any hesitation, and then she checks on the remaining ones very carefully. Of course, she has finished checking the standards of those she cut off. You are working too much, Ravel!

B-But I think it’s a bit of a waste that she cut off witches who are beautiful and have superb styles……

“This magician is a man who is studying researching on a rare topic of alchemy, the ways of using rare metals for magical use. This woman over here is—”

She breaks down the information so even I can understand it. She explains it to me while thinking about the benefit I will get from these pacts. From Koneko-chan’s story, it seems like she was also researching it during break time while avoiding being seen…… I won’t be able to raise my head to her.

It seems like she received the information from the House of Phoenix regarding those people who are related to the Phoenix which we learned about a few days ago. She says that Raiser is really worried about her.

I then say it.

“Ravel sure knows more than me.”

Ravel puts her chest forward.

“Of course. Despite looking like this, I have a longer history of being a Devil than you, Ise-sama.”

“You were also observing the Game by standing next to Raiser, right?”

She was working as her brother’s servant after all. It’s normal for her to have experienced many Games. You can say that she has more experience in the Game than us.

“Of course. ……My brother made me avoid participating in the actual battle, but I have experienced the atmosphere of the actual Game with my own body.”

“From your eyes, Ravel, how would you judge the Gremory group?”

Hearing my question, Ravel puts down the documents she is holding onto and sits formally.

“If I had to say it in one sentence, then it’s a super-high offensive team. It’s so overwhelming that it basically doesn’t need any commands.”

Yup, I also feel the same way.

“But it also has many weaknesses. It seems like we would have the tables turned if we fell into the trap of a technique-type.”

Yeah, we have many weaknesses. A group which will crumble immediately once we fall into a trap. Sensei also pointed that out, and we actually fell for a trap in the Sitri-match. We also went through hell against Cao Cao.

But Ravel shows a different reaction.

“Even if you say that, it will be normal for every team to worry about those things. Anyone will be frightened if there is a person who is a superior technique-type. You can also say that the team that has to take on the super-high offensive Gremory group is a team which will be very frightened as well.”


……This is a new opinion. Ravel continues.

“Also everyone in the Gremory group including you, Ise-sama, are working very hard to cover their own weaknesses. The truth is, the professionals have too much pride in their ability and their tactics, so they don’t do such a thing as training themselves. Basically the High-class Devils are beings who don’t like to work hard and train, and they move accordingly by relying on the trait of their household and the talent running through their blood. If they feel that their servant is lacking in power, they try to solve it by trading. Of course there are many High-class Devil players who have pride in the servants they chose. But trading is something which occurs often among the players.”

Hmm, so the professional players make a trade if they are lacking in strength. That’s why they don’t have the ideas to train for the Game. So they solve the problems by trading their servants that they feel are weak. I can only say that they have no affection towards their servants.

Well, I might feel like that since I belong to the Gremory who have strong affections. After all, Devils are logical. If I remember now, that bastard Diodora tried to make a trade easily.

I’m listening to Ravel’s words really seriously, and her opinion continues.

“Among them, Rias-sama’s group are all personally training themselves. In terms of that, Sitri-group and Bael-group are doing the same, but these actions are unheard of even if you look back into the history of Devils. And these actions are actually giving results.”

You are right. The Sitri-group, Bael-group, and I, have shown results by having the terrorists as our opponents. Unlike Sirzechs-sama’s intention of not wanting to send the young ones to the battlefield, our strength has become of use for the Underworld.

Ravel then says this while having her eyes shine with light.

“The way of the Gremory group that I imagine, is a group where each individual trains themselves and increases the strength of their overall team balance rather than relying on tactics, and I think that alone is enough. If the group can’t use their full potential because you have concerns about lack of tactics, then isn’t it better to just polish the current stance? Relying heavily on power is also good. If you train enough to overcome your weaknesses, then I think your strong points can cover your weaknesses.”


She has a different opinion than Sensei and Rias. Yeah, I think her suggestions are also good. No, from certain members of our group, this method will make it easier for them to get stronger.

……She is thinking more seriously despite having a small body. Man, she sure is an impressive junior.


I got taken back by Ravel’s words. Ravel then came back to her senses, and starts to act nervous.

“……I-I’m sorry. It was rude for me to say such things……”

“N-No, I was just impressed by you. You really are amazing, Ravel. You think about things more than Xenovia and me. You might become a good tactician.”

She definitely is a Devil who uses her brain. She is a girl who is the opposite of Xenovia and I, who's brains are also made up of muscle!

Hearing my compliment, Ravel's face turns red.

“T-Tactician might be too much of a compliment, but I study a lot daily despite being like this! So I think about many things.”

Yeah. You are exactly right. Instead, it means that I lack knowledge……

“I also have to work hard as well. But, I feel bad. I feel bad that I can’t do a single thing to show my gratitude towards you.”

I can’t help myself but to feel this way. I can’t do anything at all for this girl who is working really hard as my manager.

Then Ravel's face becomes more red, and mutters very few words.

“……T-Then, p-please pat my head……”

…………T-This is a request I didn’t see coming.

“I-Is just patting your head enough……? Don’t you have anything else you want? You do know that I feel really grateful to you?”

But Ravel shakes her head to the side. She then tells me upfront.

“I feel proud just being your manager. That’s why having you pat my head will allow me to work hard at anything.”


……Yeah. Aaaaaaaaa! Sirzechs-sama!

This girl is really a good child! Thank you very much for assigning her to me!

I start to pat Ravel’s head while holding back my urge to hug her!


Ravel responds by making a big smile.

Yeah, I’m thinking of working hard from now on together with this manager.

Then Ravel takes out the schedule list as if she suddenly remembered about it.

“Ah, yes. After this, I will also adjust the work for [Oppai Dragon] as well. There are also many requests for me to show up to hold a charity event for the children who went through the shocking experience of the monster crisis in various areas of the Underworld, and that number has already exceeded the dozens—”

……She is so capable at doing her work that she isn’t allowing me to rest!

Maverick Magician

“Did you check the ranking made by the association? From that shitty geezer Mephisto, everyone started to talk about it since the ranking for this generation’s youth Devils was announced.”

“Yeah, I heard that the youth Devils of this generation are a bunch of excellent ones and that they aren't comparable to anyone in the past several decades.”

“They aren’t even comparable and they are in a league of their own. Two younger sisters of Maou, the next heir of the Great-King and the King of Lion, the next heiress of the Archduke, the daughter of the new Vice-governor of the Grigori, Sekiryuutei of the Heavenly Dragon, Holy-demonic sword, the Durandal wielder, and the host of the Dragon-King Vritra. Just listing them up frightens me. Even the other group members are monsters.”

“Of course the association will come together to give them the documents to make a pact with them.”

“……The spell casters from the Khaos Brigade did say this. That the leaders who got involved with them were taken down and their organisation was almost forced into disbandment. –But we are still going through with it, right?”

“Yeah. Since we received the request from the Khaos Brigade that you mentioned about, we will also go along with it. I hear that the spell casters from their side are also willing to do this. After all, just getting the Phoenix will be boring.”

“The level of their strength. Boss-lady Shien is looking forward to our impression about them.”

Life.2 The Rulers of the Late-Night

Part 1

Using your head is fine, but having to train your body is also the harsh reality of being a part of the Gremory group.

Besides the selection of the resume of the magicians and the job of a Devil, we, the Gremory group plus Irina changed into our jerseys, and are continuing to train in the battlefield located underground the Gremory’s territory.

We are training in two groups within this spacious battlefield. In this location there are the warrior-types that consists of me, Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina.

My mock battle for today, which was my match against Kiba, ended just now. Kiba who has attained different types of demonic-swords including Gram and who is also using dragon-slayer holy-demonic swords is starting to become an opponent who is hard to take on with my normal Balance Breaker. It would have been easier if I could wear my crimson armour.

……Ddraig has increased the time he needs to sleep since the battle with Cao Cao. There are times when he doesn’t respond for a whole day. And currently I’m in a state where I can’t promote to use Triaina and true [Queen].

According to Azazel-sensei,

“He must have used too much of his power to revive you. It’s a body given from Great-Red’s flesh with Ophis’s power added to it, so you can’t calculate how hard he worked for it. His soul didn’t wear down nor did he lose his power, but his exhaustion must be really bad. He will probably sleep longer for a while, so let him sleep without stimulating him.”

That’s what he said.

……My partner, the Heavenly Dragon who used a lot of his power to resurrect me. Ddraig doesn’t have a body, and he is in a state where only his soul remains. Even so, he did all that for me…… I just can’t thank him enough. If having a sleep will bring Ddraig back to his old self, then I want him to take a rest.

Though, do come back before strong foes appear. An opponent whom I may need to use my Triaina and true [Queen] against may appear. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to give my all in terms of battle since those who appear in front of me are getting stronger and stronger……

When I was drinking a sports drink after finishing the battle, Kiba appeared within my sight.

He’s staring at Gram. He says this after taking a breath.

“……Like I thought, finding the right time to use Gram is hard.”

“Is it a level where even you find it hard?”

When I ask, Kiba narrows his eyes.

“It also has to do with the technical part. Either way, the consumption is really bad. Just swinging this drains a lot from my stamina, demonic-power, and other departments. If I use it continuously for one single battle, it probably will also trim down my life. It certainly is a master piece fitting to be called the demonic-sword of the Emperor.”

That bad huh. Certainly, Kiba who is using Gram looks like he is searching for a way to use it.

Though the pressure I’m getting from Gram, which is a dragon-slayer, is insane! Just standing in front of it when he isn’t wielding it gave me the chills. Even now, just looking at it from here when he isn’t making a stance with it makes me sweat a lot.

That’s how much the trait of dragon-slayer of that demonic-sword is a deadly poison for me. I just can’t stop but feel the killing intent that sword has towards me. It isn’t Kiba’s will. I can feel the will of that sword with my own skin.

Just having it near me will have an effect, so Sensei gave an order to Kiba to have him put it in a different space during usual times.

Kiba makes the space at the tip of his right hand distorted, and he puts Gram inside it. It’s the same logic behind how Xenovia keeps Durandal in another space. I hear that Kiba also puts each of the demonic-swords he took from Siegfried inside it.

“I wonder how that bastard Siegfried was able to use it.”

When I ask, Kiba answers.

“No, I think that was also the reason why he couldn’t use Gram to the fullest that easily. I think the only reason he couldn’t use it to the fullest was because of the dragon trait of his Sacred Gear. You need determination to use this. I’m not Xenovia, but if I have to use it, then it will be when I have to finish someone off with a single strike.”

“How about the other demonic-swords?”

“They all are good demonic-swords. Except, since they are all demonic items, there are risks using them. Each of them either makes the wielder get cursed, or it trims a certain thing down every time you use it. Siegfried……I don’t think he was planning to live long. Or it could mean that his life was played around with when he was at the warrior raising institute.”

A demonic-sword wielder who went so far as to trim his own life huh. That bastard Freed also might have received excessive training from the institute. Did his personality turn out like that because of it? No, it’s pointless to think about it now.

Kiba says while gulping down his sports drink.

“Either way, rather than wielding it myself, there will be less demerits by having my dragon-knights carrying and wielding it.”

If you mention it, he did have a mock battle against Xenovia using that fighting style.

“……I couldn’t even touch Kiba since the dragon-knights that were wielding the demonic-swords stopped me. Fufufu, it proves how a power idiot like myself is weak against attacks from out of my range.”

The one who is acting weak is Xenovia, and she is sitting down while grasping her knees.

Xenovia who is receiving technique training from Kiba is receiving harsh comments from him. Not using Durandal cannon and relying on destroying as much as possible, she had a mock battle against Kiba while using the traits of the other Excaliburs……

The more she tries to take in techniques, the more she comes to realise the huge difference between her and Kiba.

Kiba then says.

“If it’s you who doesn’t have a power restraint, then you will be able to destroy the dragon-knights who are wielding the demonic-swords with ease. Also it will be the end for me if I were to receive your attack. But, not learning how to use the seven traits of the Excalibur will be a waste. If you come to use them to their fullest, you will be able to become a swordswoman that will surpass me.”

The seven abilities of the Excalibur are a threat. Xenovia can only use Destruction’s destructive force as her main, but there is no loss for her to at least learn how to use Mimic which has the ability to transform, and Transparency which gives the ability to go invisible. Actually, even Freed was able to use it. So I think it will be natural for Xenovia to master using it too.

In fact, she is learning how to use it……but it’s also true that there is a gap between her and Kiba. Increasing your strong points to cover your weakness like Ravel said may also be good. But if we are talking about Xenovia, then I think she will definitely become stronger if she learns several abilities of the Excalibur. She knows it herself, that’s why she asked Kiba to become her opponent for her training.

Kiba was happy when he was asked to become her opponent.

“……Xenovia is finally starting to do training as a technique-type……!”

He was shivering with happiness back then. He must have many concerns regarding Xenovia.

Irina who is tagging along with the training takes the Ex-Durandal from Xenovia, and swings it. The blade starts to change by twitching, and it turns into a large Japanese sword.

“Look, this is how you use Mimic. What you need is imagination. If you come to master it, you can make it change into many things.”

To be expected from the former wielder of Mimic. In terms of using Mimic, she is more skillful than Xenovia who is the current wielder. Even if it was just for a temporary amount of time in the match against Bael, Rossweisse-san also showed an impressive technique with it.

Excalibur was separated into seven different swords. Each of them has a unique ability of their own. Those abilities still remain even after fusing with Durandal.

Excalibur Destruction. Just like its name implies, it's ability specialises in attacking. It has overwhelming destructive force, and Xenovia was originally the wielder of that holy-sword. For that reason, she specialises in wielding it the most. It has the best compatibility with Xenovia who is seeking more power.

Next is Excalibur Mimic. This is a holy-sword that Irina originally had. It has the ability to change its shape into anything. Irina originally had it take the form of a rope, but changed its shape to a Japanese sword when she was battling. It seems like this one also shows many traits depending on its wielder.

The third one is Excalibur Rapidly. It’s the holy-sword that bastard Freed was using first. It enhances the speed of the wielder and the velocity of the sword also increases when you swing it.

Excalibur Transparency. Not just its blade, but it can also make the wielder become invisible.

Excalibur Nightmare’s ability seems to be mainly controlling illusion and dream. This seems to have good compatibility with those who specialise in using magic. Xenovia who isn’t good in that department is having a hard time mastering it. If you get used to it, you can use illusions to deceive your enemies. Or you can take control of the dream that the enemy is seeing when they are sleeping, and it seems like you can do many things with it……

Excalibur Blessing is related to your belief in the teachings of religion, and it’s said that it mainly shows its effect when you use it during holy rituals. For example it can do things like weakening Devils and Vampires during exorcism, strengthening an Exorcist’s power, and give blessings to those who are participating in the mass. Its ability will belong to the special category class. Mastering this also involves the talent of a certain kind of wielder, and Xenovia isn’t that good with it.

Lastly, Excalibur Ruler. It’s the one that Arthur from Vali-team had. It’s said that it has the ability to control all things as you wish……

“I probably won’t be able to control the legendary creatures like Arthur did. ……I can’t even make it activate properly.”

Just like Xenovia says, she is having difficulty mastering Excalibur Ruler.

Not just Xenovia, but also Rias is predicting that mastering the ability of Ruler will come last. Since Irina who is a former wielder of one of the Excalibur is supporting her, she will most likely master using Mimic.

By the way, Irina is tagging along with our training, and is also starting her own training. She is starting to create her own battle style while asking Kiba the way to use the holy-demonic sword that is mass produced for Angels. Irina is an Angel, but if I have to classify her as a Devil, I think she will be a technique-type who is closer to a wizard-type. I hear that she is asking about magic from Rossweisse-san and is learning how to use it.

“At this rate, you will become a self-proclaiming swordswoman, Xenovia.”

Having Irina say that to her, Xenovia seems to be in shock. It seems like she is opening her mouth wide and is saying “Gaan!”. Xenovia talks back with teary eyes.

“……Damn self-proclaiming Angel.”

That is basically a taboo to Irina, and she suddenly gets mad while putting on a weird face.

“I am an Angel! Right, Ise-kun? If it’s Ise-kun who is my childhood friend, you will understand that I’m a real Angel, right?”

She drags me into their quarrel! ……Oh man. When these two start an argument, they start with a horrible insult to each other and even I find them childish. But, she’s right. So Irina and I are childhood friends huh.

“Oh, if I think back, it certainly makes me and Irina childhood friends. I start to forget at times.”

Soon as I say that, Xenovia starts to chuckle.

“I see, so Irina is a self-proclaiming childhood friend. I see, I see.”

Ah, Xenovia attained a new word which she can use to tease Irina! Looks like I made a mistake! Irina makes a weirder face while having teary eyes.

“I am an Angel! I am his childhood friend! You are horrible!”

“Yay, a self-proclaiming childhood friend~.”

“Look who’s talking, self-proclaiming swordswoman! Even your brain is made up of muscles!”

……Ah, it makes me think that they are stupid and cute.

Everyone, can you believe it? Did you know that these two were swordswoman sent from the Church, and they had a dangerous vibe to them?

Particularly Xenovia, who was a calm and collected holy-sword wielder, and she gave an impression that she will cut you down just by touching her. Irina is bright, but she was a messenger from Heaven who doesn’t give in towards her teachings and job.

And now they are simply a power-idiot and a self-proclaiming Angel. Seriously, you can’t tell how your impression of a person changes. Actually, this is the attitude of those who are the same age as them. Showing this side of them proves that they have opened their hearts to us.

Anyway the warrior-types which consist of me, Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina, often gather at one point of this field and practice together.

A bit away from us, the wizard-types which consist of Rias, Akeno-san, and Asia, are doing their own kind of training.

“I think the actual battles are the best after all. I’m hoping there is another mission to capture a “Stray Devil”.”

Xenovia complains.

Yes, since the matter with the Hero-faction ended, there are many incidents where Sacred Gear possessors who were made into a servant of a High-class Devil with unfair trades awakened their powers and “strayed”.

It’s because Cao Cao and his group leaked out the information of using Balance Breaker. Thanks to that, we are given hunt orders from the House of Archduke Agares quite often.

Those who ran away after going through painful experiences get arrested by us after we talk to them, but those who go berserk after being too proud of their own power……even though it may be harsh, there are times we take them down.

But there are cases where they are using Balance Breaker, and our missions can become quite severe at times. If it’s a special type of ability within a technique-type, we might fall for their trap and receive a fatal blow if we aren’t careful.

It’s made so that we, the Gremory, have to handle those who escape into Japan. I hear that Sairaorg-san is also dispatched for a hunt in the Underworld.

……Attaining true peace is harder than I expected. They say that the reconstruction of towns and villages destroyed by the gigantic monsters have begun, but I don’t think their hearts will come to peace that easily……

……We can only train ourselves to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Now then, how about we stop here and go over there?”

When I ask everyone, they nod.

Anyway that’s how it is, and we head towards the area Rias and others are training.

While heading towards the area where Rias and others are at, I’m thinking about a certain thing.

I have studied many things since I became a Middle-class Devil. For example the High-class Devils from the 72-pillars—about the situation of their household, the trait of each household, and their speciality. I have started studying about them in more detail than before.

The reason for doing this is because my dream to become a High-class Devil isn’t something far out of my reach. No, obviously the road for becoming a High-class Devil is long and hard. But it became a goal which isn’t reckless or impossible.

Rating Game is among one of the things I’m studying.

There are many things I’m unaware of despite participating many times. For example the information about things regarding the match.

“I thought that we will be told the rules of the game on the day we have the match.”

I say that while walking. Kiba answers.

“Actually that is quite rare. Usually they tell the rules of the game before hand to both teams. Without it, you can’t build tactics for it at all. Well, maybe they were seeing what kind of tactics the young Devils can come up with by having them clash against each other without knowing it. As a result, I think the young Devils that were able to show sufficient potential were the Sitri.”

“We are the “Brain-muscle Team” after all. Rather than thinking, acting on the spot and finishing the battle suits us better.”

Xenovia says this while eating onigiri and walking…… You know the one who is setting that example is none other than you? Though I’m not in a situation where I can tell people off……

“But I was wondering, Kiba. How come we aren’t told anything before hand and have to wait until the actual match?”

“It seems like the higher-ups were the ones who decided that, Ise-kun. The youth, especially the matches we participate in somehow had rules told to us at the actual match. The matches like Bael vs Glasya-Labolas and Sitri vs Agares had the rules told to them a few days before the match.”

I didn’t know that! So Sairaorg-san and Saji had matches where they knew the details beforehand!

“Why were we the only ones given those kinds of situations which made us become nervous!? This is unreasonable, and it isn’t fair!”

“For our first match against Sitri, we were told about the rules beforehand, but for the matches after that, there are rumours that the higher-ups decided to purposely tell us when the match takes place.”

“What the hell, are we being played with?”

“I hear that the higher-ups put us in an irregular situation on purpose. I hear that they were trying to have both sides which include us and the group of the player we are put against go through a different type of growth. –And that actually did happen.”


……It’s just like Kiba says. We did attain a certain something through the game. It happens either during the game or after the game.

Those things can be like when I awakened my new power, and it can also connect to the growth of those in our group. I even think it can also have Saji and Sairaorg-san go through a change or evolution. No, maybe each member of the Gremory, Sitri, and Bael group, has attained some kind of special growth?

“……So you are saying that the sudden situation of having a game where we don’t know the rules is having us go through growth……?”

Kiba puts on a frowned expression to my question.

“You can say “Yes”, and you can also say that it was a coincidence. This will be a hindsight opinion, but we learned many things through the youth battles.”

……You might be right…… But I feel like we were controlled by someone to their liking and I don’t feel good about it. Well, we are still young and don’t have the right to say that. ……But I certainly don’t feel good about it. It’s true that we fought while having our dream on the line.

But who among the higher-ups did that…… It certainly won’t be Sirzechs-sama. I don’t think that person will do such a thing.


Then a single person comes to my mind.

Ajuka Beelzebub-sama.

……I heard that he created the basic theory behind the Rating Game, and that many technical researchers are among his faction. ……If it’s that person……then isn’t it possible?

While I’m thinking about that, we reach the area where our wizard-type comrades are training.

Really, this place is seriously spacious. Since there are spaces without anything, no matter how much we walk forward. The only thing inside here is the light above our head which is located high up. Just how many times is this underground bigger than the Tokyo Dome?

Rossweisse-san and Le Fay are standing on top of the glowing magic-circle and are speaking.

The ones who are sitting down crossing their legs while concentrating are Koneko-chan and Gasper. Koneko-chan is silently enveloping herself with touki. Kuroka is watching over her.

Le Fay and Kuroka are also helping out with our training.

From afar, a crimson demonic-power and lightning are swirling violently. Rias and Akeno-san must be training their demonic-power and magic over there.

It seems like Asia is talking with Ophis and Rasse.

The reason why Ravel isn’t here is because she remained in the Hyoudou residence by herself and is continuing the selection of the documents of those who will be my partner as a magician.

“Ise-sama, please go for training. I will continue researching like I always do.”

–So, I’m always being sent off to train like this. Seriously, while I’m feeling thankful for her, I also feel bad. I’m sorry for being useless. But, I will have myself depend on you.

Asia realises that the warrior-group which consists of me, Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina, have arrived and rushes towards us.

“Ise-san, everyone! So have you finished your training?”

“Yeah, we are done for today. So what were you doing Asia?”

When I ask, Ophis approaches me while carrying Rasse on her head.

“I, have been teaching Asia, the way to socialise with Dragons.”

Socialising with Dragons? I become a little confused so Asia explains it to me in detail.

“Before, I was told by Azazel-sensei that making a pact with monsters and using summoning magic might suit me, so I had Ophis-san teach me how to socialise with Dragons.”

Irina speaks while stroking Rasse’s back who is on top of Ophis’s head.

“Even if you say you want to make a monster obey you, there are many ways, like a pact as a “familiar” which makes them your servant, and a “give and take” pact which requires giving them a price.”

Ah, I was also told that after making a pact with a familiar.

I hear the level of complexity of making a pact differs depending on the practitioner’s skills to make a monster obey them, and also whether they are a person who gets a liking from monsters.

Those who have high skills and are people who are liked by monsters can make pacts with different monsters easily.

The more powerful the monster is, the more they seek for a “give and take” pact rather than becoming their servant.

It also has to do with their compatibilities. I made a master and servant relationship with the familiar, Skithblathnir, that I got a few days ago without any problem. It didn’t ask me for a particular price.

Putting their usefulness during the actual battle and their abilities aside, these familiars can be quite troublesome in the game.

Asia then says.

“Oh yes, I got shocked when I was studying together with Ise-san about the game. –It’s regarding the familiars.”

I nod my head and continue after her.

“Won’t it be easier to make a pact with a strong familiar and keep on using them during the game? That’s what I thought first, but it looks like that isn’t possible. It says that there is a certain degree of restriction. Especially the very powerful monsters, they come with a restriction during the game.”

Kiba nods to my question.

“If they don’t put a restriction on using the familiars, both sides will just have a battle of familiars during the game. A game where they don’t stand in the frontline and instead have their familiars battling for them……which will turn into a simple battle between familiars rather than a battle between servants.”

He’s exactly right. If the usages of familiars are unrestricted, then they can just summon them from the safety zone and attack the opponent by giving orders.

Kiba continues on.

“That’s why, for most times, familiars that are only handy can be used during the game. Of course that isn’t everything to it. Depending on the rules, it’s not like you can’t use powerful familiars. Except there will be a restriction on using it, and you can say that it might be easier to use them to their fullest by making them your servant. You can also use the power of the piece to enhance their ability. It’s also true that the importance of the monsters have risen instantly, ever since the game and evil pieces were created. Because of that, occupations as instructor called familiar trainers were created.”

Devils that have monsters as their servant instead of their familiar must have thought that it will be more beneficial that way. Instead of just using a powerful monster as a familiar, they made them into their servant to enhance their ability and to command them.

Though there will be those who think using them as their familiars will be easier and more of a bargain.

Maybe making a rare and powerful monster into your servant instead will be better. The “give and take” relationship means that it can be revoked if there isn’t any benefit for the monsters in the pact. Though each person will have a different opinion and there will be differences in how people think. It seems like there are times when the monsters approach them personally to become their servant to have their ability enhanced.

I, myself, would be troubled to choose between making a monster into my familiar or my servant if I was to encounter that situation.

Just like that, Asia wants to make pacts with many monsters and to strengthen her power to summon, and so she is finding her own direction of getting stronger.

Xenovia then says.

“Summoning demonic-power, or summoning magic. The moment you choose to aim higher with it, and even comparing it with other magic and battle-style, it is a world where your talent is everything, and there are only few experienced users in this department. –But.”

“You are right. Azazel-sensei is saying that Asia may have some talent in it.”

While saying that, I look towards Rasse and Ophis. Asia made a master and servant relationship with a Sprite Dragon (Even if it’s a small Dragon) which is said to be hard to make a pact with.

No, for Asia it may have been more of a pact as friends, but at least they aren’t in a “give and take” relationship. It’s a pact formed by their bond. This was something where the familiar master Satooji-san was shocked about.

“……I have asked Rossweisse-san about the summoning magic just in case……but I still haven’t shown any remarkable results yet……”

Asia looks as if she feels bad about it.

“No no, you will start from here. Wait, Rossweisse-san can use summoning magic?”

When I ask, Rossweisse-san approaches us as if she finished talking with Le Fay above the magic-circle.

“I’m not that good at it, but I’m teaching her at least the basic theory behind it.”

Ah, is that right? To be expected from the genius girl from the Norse! I think there won’t be any problems if Rossweisse-san and Ophis stay with Asia……

—And, when I look around the area, I witness Kuroka who is making Koneko-chan and Gasper sit down while having their legs-crossed a bit further away from us, wave her hand at me.

……Me? When I point at myself, Kuroka nods her head.

I went towards Kuroka after telling everyone that “I will be gone for a bit” and leave the discussion.

“What is it?”

I ask Kuroka while stepping into the location where everyone is concentrating their mind.

Kuroka has a big smile on her face.

“Nyahaha, right now, I’m having Shirone and Gya-kun make their minds go blank.”

The reason why not only Koneko-chan but Gasper is doing this as well is so he can find the power hidden inside him. It’s similar to the time I sent my thoughts deep within my Sacred Gear. Though it seems like there hasn’t been any progress……

By having her mind go blank, Koneko-chan is trying to become one with nature which is the basics of senjutsu.

Rather than that, this bad cat is also calling Gasper, “Gya-kun”. Well, I also call him “Gya-suke” after all.

“Help me out, Sekiryuutei-chin.”

Even if she says that, what am I supposed to do?

When I twitch my neck at Kuroka’s words, she takes my hand and—


My hand is sinking down into her oppai which has been visible through the gap of her kimono since beeeefore~!

My hand is in joy with this extreme softness, this feeling, and the volume of the flesh in my haaand~!

This breast is like a collection of the good parts of Rias and Akeno-san’s ones and it bounces, it’s tender, and it has a smooth sensation to it……and I’m so delighted! I have experienced the wonderfulness of an older girl!

Maybe she sensed this scenery, so Koneko-chan opens her eyes and is putting on a face.

“N, Nee-sama! Please get away from Ise-senpai! If Ise-senpai were to feel Nee-sama’s skin before my body gets bigger……!”

The big sister cat smacks Koneko-chan’s head who is arguing against her.

“Yup, you fail -nya. You can say that you're still an amateur since you stopped your training and disrupted your Ki with something like this, aren’t I right, Shirone?”


Having Kuroka warn her, it seems like Koneko-chan can’t say anything back to her. She seems to be regretting it, but she shakes her head to get her head straight, and she crosses her legs once again.

Gasper on other hand didn’t break his posture even with the thing now. Oh, this guy sure is showing a splendid side of him in weird situations.

It seems like Gasper got the upper hand against Koneko-chan for the mind concentration of this day.

But Kuroka’s oppai……sure is good!

Thirty minutes passed, and everyone has finished their training for today and is gathering here.

The only ones who aren’t here yet are Rias and Akeno-san. It seems like they are having training using demonic-power and magic away from here……

“I’m sorry, I got more into it with Akeno than I expected today.”

“Ufufu, Buchou, you were rougher than usual.”

A bit later, both of them finally show up. It seems like they did quite a lot of training, so both of them have their jerseys worn out and their skin is visible.

Yup! Rias and Akeno-san’s lower part of their breasts are superb!

—Then, I gulp down my spit when I witness the object which came travelling with them.

……The gigantic sphere floating above Rias. A crimson and black aura is going wild inside the sphere.

……Even I can tell. It’s something which is a compression of unimaginable amount of demonic-power.

I ask both of them while pointing at the sphere.

“……What is that thing which has been giving abnormal pressure since before……?”

“It’s Buchou’s new special move. ……Like I thought, you can tell?”

Xenovia nods at Akeno-san’s words while having sweat fall down from her cheek.

“Yeah. It’s quite a dangerous thing, isn’t it? It’s one of those demonic-power attacks which you don’t want to be hit with.”

Yeah. I can tell that it’s something which is concentrated on destruction only. It’s something which she used by strengthening her power of destruction, right?

No, since it’s Rias that we are talking about, that isn’t the only thing. Except, if it’s only used for shooting it, a demonic-power attack which is that big can be dodged easily. It seems like it isn’t just mainly power.

Rias then says.

“……This crimson sphere will definitely become a forbidden move for the game. I was too naïve until now. After all, I was thinking of an attack which can be used for the game…… But after receiving an assault from the terrorists, and losing Ise once, I changed my view. –What I need in the actual battle is a power which will completely annihilate the enemy.”

“Then, that means……”

Kiba continues after me.

“It must mean that it has a power where even the retiring system of the Rating Game can’t avoid.”

Everyone put on a frightened expression with Rias’s new special move which is filled with mysteries.

Rias is a wizard-type, but she’s closer to a power-type. Her brother Sirzechs-sama is also a wizard-type, but since he is closer to a technique-type, there are differences between their power of destruction despite being siblings. Unfortunately, it seems like Rias doesn’t have a high level of talent like Sirzechs-sama in the technique department. But they say it’s different if she is seeking for more power for the power of destruction.

……I see, so it means that she is increasing the destructive power for it. The powerful energy I can feel from that sphere explains it.

Rias and Akeno-san fix their worn out jerseys back to normal state using their demonic-power, and they put on a smile.

“Now, let’s go home everyone.”

Like this, the training for everyone for today ended.

……We have to get even stronger together.

In order for all of us to live on, whether anything happens—

Part 2

“Ah~, I’m at peace.”

I took a bath after finishing my training, and now I’m eating the ice block “garigari-kun” while relaxing on the sofa at the living room.

This is good. Doing this heals me……

“……Senpai, do you want some chocolate mint?”

Koneko-chan who is sitting on my lap gives me her ice cream.

“Okay, I will have a bite then.”

I eat some while opening my mouth saying “Aaan”!

Man, this is the best! Getting “Aaan” from my junior.

It’s like we are having an indirect kiss since I’m eating from her spoon. Koneko-chan wouldn’t have done this if it was back when she hadn't opened her heart to me, but now she’s okay to have an indirect kiss with me as if it’s a natural thing!

When I was feeling at peace, Ravel stands in front of me.

“……K, Koneko-san, I have been thinking this for the whole time, but it’s bad manners to sit on Ise-sama’s lap in front of everyone.”

Oh, she has been scolded. But, Koneko-chan continues to sit normally.

“……This is a special seat which only belongs to me.”

“S-Special seat!? Ise-sama, please tell her off as well!”

“W-Well, Ravel. It’s not like I’m troubled by it. Koneko-chan is light.”

Actually, she’s really light. It’s also because she has a small body. And I have got used to this posture. It became part of my living style.

Koneko-chan then sits in a posture of hugging me.

“……I’m going to become Senpai’s bride in the future, so I’m going to keep this place.”


Hearing that, Ravel puts on a very envious expression. Even though Ravel said that, there are times when she says she wants to sit on my lap when we are alone, so I let her. Koneko-chan who saw that put on an unpleasant face.

Lately, Koneko-chan has been taking this spot immediately. It’s as if she’s trying to say that “This will always be my seat”. ……I was told by someone that she has attachment to her territory since she is a cat. In other words my lap is like territory for Koneko-chan.

Ravel gradually starts to have teary eyes, and starts to protest.

“N-Not fair! Not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair!”

—! The capable girl Ravel is……stamping on the ground like a child!

“It’s not fair for Koneko-san to be sitting there all the time! Ei!”

Ravel pushes Koneko-chan off!

“I will also sit here! No, I will be taking possession of it!”

On top of my lap which is now free……Ravel sits there like a rock!

Koneko-chan who was pushed is twitching her eyebrows and her mouth looks unpleasant.



She then pushes Ravel. This time Koneko-chan sits on my lap!

“……This is my seat! I won’t give it to you……!”

Koneko-chan who is clinging onto me seems like she won’t hand this place over to her at all cost.

“I won’t allow you to take it all for yourself! I also want to sit~!”

Ravel who pushes Koneko-chan is also in a rage!

It feels as if I can see a cat and a fire bird which are glaring against each other behind them!

O-Oh yeah, there was a time when I talked to Raiser on a private line, and he did say this.

[That Ravel. She is well mannered and humble in front of those she is close with…… She is basically on the same level of being a selfish princess like Rias. She has a habit of wanting other people’s things especially. ……You might be able to see that side of her since you are living with her, you know?]

It’s just like Raiser said.

But having a fight between friends isn’t good!

I somehow was able to calm both of them. And as a result—



Koneko-chan is sitting on my left thigh, and Ravel is sitting on my right thigh. Since they were fighting just now, they aren’t looking at each other's eyes.

W-Well, there is a wonderful thing going on with the soft flesh of their buttocks that I can feel from both my thighs! My lap isn’t a battle ground, so I wish they would settle down on the fighting.

But, mysteriously Koneko-chan and Ravel are confronting each other normally the next morning.

Like I thought, although both of them like to argue with each other, however I do think they are friends after all.

Part 3

There was a day when I had a night like that, but during lunch time the next day, I went to the Student Council’s room to play.

Only me and Saji are inside the room.

It’s a rare thing since we are playing a board game.

“You are still naïve~, Hyoudou♪”

……Saji checkmates me! On top of that, this is my fifth defeat in a row!

“Shit! You wait a bit! I will find a way to defeat you and increase my win rate!”

The thing we are playing now is a board game based on one of the types of Rating Game, Scramble Flag.

If I had to explain the rule of the board game type Scramble Flag in few words, it is a game where several flags are put down within the game field, and each player has to move their pieces to take each other's flags.

You win if you take all their flags within the time limit, or by having more flags than the opponent. You can also take back flags that were taken. Though you will have to use dice for that. Depending on the number you roll, it will determine whether you defend your flag or have it taken.

In the actual game, it seems like you may or may not use the dice depending on the rule……

It’s alright as long as you don’t have more than half of your flags taken. So in the actual game you can use any method to protect your flags by hiding them in the field, luring your enemies by using them as bait, and by discarding one of your flags to fix the formation of your team. So there are many ways you can battle in it.

Certainly, this is a rule which is favourable for the Sitri and Agares who are tactics type.

If we do this, then we may lose by a margin. No, maybe using force to take it is…… Ah, they will just use traps and reduce the number of people in our group! ……This certainly is a complex game.

When I was staring at the game board while thinking hard, Saji speaks to me quietly.

“……By the way, you……”

“Why did you suddenly put on a gloomy face?”

Yeah, his face looks gloomy. The lights in his iris are gone!

Saji then says it to me.

“I hear that you are dating Rias-senpai huh!”


S-So it’s thaaaaat! C-Certainly, I haven’t told him about that!

Saji continues to speak while making a big sigh.

“……You know there was a monster crisis we had a while ago? You know how you showed up then? You kissed Rias-senpai as if you two were lovers just before fighting the leader of the Hero-faction, Cao Cao, remember? Seeing that, I was really shocked. So when I asked Kaichou—”

[Yes, both of them have been lovers since the school festival. ……Saji, you didn’t know about this?]

That’s how Kaichou answered him.

Then Saji suddenly approaches me, and shakes my shoulder!

“I didn’t know about it! Hyoudou, yoooooou~! You and I are friends, right!? Why didn’t you tell me!? Kiba knew about this right!?”

“……W-Well, you know, there wasn’t a chance to tell you……”

“No, there was! You had a chance, right!? Like the time you consulted me about Ddraig!”

Oh, certainly there was a time like that, just before the Middle-class promotion test.

“Ah. Y-Yeah.”

I look away from him, and scratch my cheek.

Of course, I can’t tell him! Saji and I are buddies who have fallen in love with our masters. I can’t tell him that “I made my master fall for me first”!

Saji is saying that he doesn’t even have a close relationship with her……

He asks me with an envious look.

“……So how does it feel to make your master fall for you?”

I say it to him cheerfully, while making my face bright and putting my thumb up.

“I’m so happy being alive~. Something like that.”

Yup, I’m serious. I’m happy being alive.

Try to sleep together and eat your lunch together with the woman you love while knowing that she understands your feelings. You will be so happy that you will cry! It’s a super-super happiness which goes beyond normal happiness which also goes beyond super happiness!

Saji cries while holding his head down!

“Damn it! I will curse yoooou~! I will curse you with Vritra’s cuuuurse~! The only progress I made was going to the cinema with Kaichou! On top of that we watched it together with other group members! When on earth did this gap between us happen!? Like I thought, is it the gap between a Dragon-King and a Heavenly-Dragon!?”

No, even I don’t know that…… Sorry, Saji. I will have myself go a few million light years ahead of you.

“Saji, what are you shouting? I heard you from all the way outside. Quiet down.”

—Then Kaichou and the other members who belong to the Student Council appear.


Saji wipes his tears and stands straight.

Sona-kaichou eyes grasp hold of me, and then she smiles at me.

“Ara, Ise-kun. How do you do? So you came to play in the Student Council’s room.”

“Yes. I thought I would just allow myself in here for a bit.”

“I see. There’s nothing much here, so I don’t mind you staying until the Student Council meeting begins.”

“Thank you very much.”

Lately, Sona-kaichou has been showing her smile to me. Did she start to feel comfortable with me due to my relationship with Rias.

Though I still feel timid on calling her “Sona”……

When I was feeling a little bit embarrassed about it, Saji starts to shiver his whole body while putting on an even more serious face than before.

He puts his arm around my neck, and then whispers into my ear.

(…………Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,YYYYYYYY, Yoooooou. What’s with this “Ise-kun” from Kaichou!? What is the meaning of this!?)

Oh, that. Ah, yeah. Certainly this will be a problem for him.

(W-Well, the thing is it turned out like this……)

Saji then strangles my neck! I give up! He’s strangling me for real!

(I’m asking you why! I-I-I haven’t been called by my name yet……!)

Next to Saji who is shedding tears, the [Bishop] Hankai-san gives me thumbs up and then says it.

(Good job, Hyoudou-kun. Gen-chan, giving up might be good.)

Did you hear our chat just now!?

The first year student, the [Pawn] Nimura-san, also nods her head and continues after her.

(Hyoudou-senpai, please continue to make Kaichou fall for you as well. Genshirou-senpai, you aren’t suited for older woman you know? If you want to make a princess who is older than you fall in love with you, you have to become more aggressive like Hyoudou-senpai.)

……It seems like this is good information for these two who are after Saji.

(Heeey! Hankai! Nimuraaaa~!)

I talk back at them……but Hanakai-san and Nimura-san are also beauties. He should at least go on a date with them! Well, I’m not in a position where I can say that!

Then the vice-president—Shinra-senpai approaches me and then says it in a low voice.

(……There is no way Kaichou will fall easily like that. Hyoudou-kun, don’t pay attention to these girls.)

(Ah, yes, Shinra-senpai.)

Putting that aside, Shinra-senpai, can you please make Kiba fall for you quickly? I can’t endure it since he has been looking at me with even more passionate eyes lately! You know that he even makes a lunch box for me!?

It’s so serious that I’m starting to feel that I need to protect my chastity at all cost! Gya-suke is also sitting on my lap when Koneko-chan and Ravel aren’t there! I’m also receiving calls from Raiser every now and then through the magic-circle! I’m also receiving gifts from Sairaorg-san!

Even with Le Fay and Kuroka, I’m feeling scared that Vali might be up to something in the shadows! I’m scared about the increase in the number of guys around me!

I admire those kind of naughty and erotic lifestyle with girls!

But why am I receiving macho-kind of relation from guuuuuys!?


I was screaming inside myself, and Sona-kaichou calls me.


A small communication-type magic-circle is floating above Kaichou’s hand—

Did something happen?

Kaichou then says it.

“I received a call just now. I think you will be receiving a call soon as well, but…it seems like the date for the meeting with the Vampires will be tomorrow night.”


Oh yeah, I forgot about it due to the things with magicians and my training, but Rias also was telling me about that.

That we will be receiving contact from the Vampire’s side.

Vampire. It’s a being which is the closest to us, yet it is also a being the furthest away from us.

I, who only know Gasper, will be having a real meeting with the Vampire from here.

Part 4

Late at night, the day after—.

In other words, today is the day of the meeting with the Vampires.

I’m currently at the Occult Research Club’s clubroom.

The ones who have gathered here from the Gremory side are all of the Occult Research Club’s members, Sona-kaichou and Shinra-senpai from the Sitri side, Azazel-sensei as the representative of the Fallen Angels, and one Sister from the Heaven side—

A Sister who is wearing her veil down. She is a beauty who looks like she is from Northern Europe and she has features that are standing out like an actress. She looks to be in her late 20's, and she has a soft smile with a gentle atmosphere.

The truth is I have met this Sister before.

The Sister looks around and greets everyone here.

“I still haven’t introduced myself. My name is Griselda Quarta, and I am supervising the staff members from Heaven in this region. I have introduced myself to Sekiryuutei-san and Sister Asia before, and I’m hoping I can get along with the rest of you whom I haven’t met.”

“She is my Boss-sama!”

Irina says that.

Sensei exchanges a handshake with Sister Griselda.

“Oh, I have heard about you. Gabriel’s Queen! Sister Griselda, the exorcist who will be among the top 5 women exorcist.”

“Thank you for your words. Having my name known to the former Governor of the Fallen Angels……I’m honoured.”

This Sister is Griselda Quarta.

A reincarnated Angel that supervises the staff from Heaven in this region.

She is the Queen of Gabriel-san who is one of the Four Great Seraph, boss of Irina, and also someone that knows Xenovia from her country. I have met her before and she has already introduced herself to me. Gabriel-san governs the card suit of Hearts. This Sister is Heart’s Queen! It seems like she is called “Queen of Hearts”.

She can’t easily show up in the headquarters of this region because she is going between Heaven and the Vatican, so we were only able to meet her recently.

The way that Xenovia was panicking back then was abnormal. Since they are from the same institute and since she has been under her care since she was little, she tells me this Sister is one of the people she can’t act mighty against. It seems like it was quite a shock for this Sister when she found out that Xenovia who is a devout believer of their religion became a Devil, but she did say she was more sad about Xenovia not contacting her.

This is the first time the members here besides me, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, will be meeting this person.

Sister Griselda apologises.

“I apologise. I should have come and greeted you all much earlier……but it didn’t fit my schedule, and I am regretting how incapable I am.”

She really is polite. But, in terms of how she acts towards one person—

“Oh my? Xenovia, you don’t look well?”

Irina asks a question to Xenovia which has a meaning behind it.

“……Don’t tease me, Irina.”

Xenovia puts on a stiff face and tries not to be within the Sister’s sight, but—

The Sister grabs hold of Xenovia’s face with both her hands!

“Xenovia? Do you hate seeing me that much?”

“……N-No. It’s just……”


“……S-Sorry I couldn’t answer your calls.”

So the phone call that Xenovia was ignoring was a call from this Sister huh.

Receiving the apology from Xenovia, Sister Griselda lets go off her face.

“Yes. Very well done. Since I gave you my number, you should at least give me a call. Understood? You can at least have dinner with me, right?”

“Of course. I would be concerned about you since we are in the same region once again.”

It seems like they are a troubled little sister and a capable older sister. Rather, this is a new view, since Xenovia who is always acting so mighty is showing a cute reaction like this. I have witnessed an unexpected thing once again.

We finished our introductions like this, and now we only have to wait for the Vampire guests to arrive.

The night gets even darker—

It became completely silent outside, and we felt something abnormally cold from outside by the time everyone exchanged a few words. Every one of us sensed it, and we looked out the window towards the direction where the entrance of the old school building is.

Rias stands.

“Looks like they are here. ……The presences of Vampires are cold like always.”

Rias looks at Kiba. Kiba stands, and then leaves the room after bowing to us.

……He must have gone to welcome the Vampires.

I then remembered about the information that everyone told me about Vampires earlier.

Vampires are beings that can’t enter a building which they haven’t been invited to come into. They don’t appear in mirrors, and they don’t have shadows.

They can’t cross running water, they hate garlic, and they are weak against the symbols of the Church—the cross and holy water.

And they can’t heal themselves unless they sleep in their coffin.

Gasper who is a half Vampire is a bit different from that description. He has a shadow, and he appears in the mirror. He can walk across rivers, he is overcoming garlic, and it isn’t like he has to sleep in his coffin.

Apparently it’s because the human blood inside Gasper is stronger. ……That’s why he can sleep inside the box.

The reason why Kiba went downstairs is because the guest Vampires are purebloods, and they won’t be able to come in without being invited.

We, the servants of our [King] Rias, stood up from our seats and lined up next to her to welcome the guests. Shinra-senpai also stands behind Sona-kaichou.

Irina is also standing behind Sister Griselda who is sitting on the chair. Akeno-san is on standby in front of her personal push cart so she can serve them anytime. Azazel-sensei is basically the only one who is sitting down casually.

We wait for the guests in a posture where the [Kings] and Boss-class people are sitting down, and their subordinates are standing upright.

And our Vampire-kun, Gya-suke is……


He’s putting on a very complicated expression. Of course. Since the real Vampires that chased him out are coming here.

It seems like the Vampires coming here aren’t from Gasper’s family, but he still can’t hide the fact of being nervous.

After a while, there is a knock on the door.

“I have brought the guests.”

Kiba opens the door and brings in the guests in a gentleman’s manner.

The one who comes in is a doll-like little girl who is wearing a dress worn by those princesses back in the Middle ages. The reason why I thought she is like a doll is because she has a very beautiful face.

Her eyes, nose, and even her mouth look like those western dolls where she doesn’t seem like a human, and her beauty seems like it was made by someone. You can say that she is flowing with a very mysterious atmosphere. She has long wavy blonde hair, and it makes her look like a doll even more. And the colour of her face is really bad that she looks like a corpse.

Unlike Gasper who is pale because he has been staying inside hiding, she has a skin colour which doesn’t seem alive.

Her very red eyes are darker than those of Gasper.

Can I presume she is the same age as us from her appearance? Like Devils, Vampires also have a long lifespan, and I hear that they can change their appearance to their liking……


I open my eyes wide after looking at her feet.

—There are no shadows.

……So she is a real Vampire then. No, that’s obvious. It just reminded me once again.

There is a man and woman wearing a suit behind the girl. Her escorts. Are they her bodyguards?

Both of them have a bad skin colour, so they must also be Vampires. I can sense a cold and sharp presence from them.

Ah, I also realised one more thing. I can’t feel even a glimpse of their aura. They don’t have any kind of lifeforce-like thing around them.

The girl—the guest Vampire greets Rias and us politely.

“How do you do, people of the Three-Great Powers. I’m especially honoured to meet two of the little sisters of Maous and the former Governor of the Fallen Angels.”

Being urged by Rias, the girl sits right across from Rias.

She introduces herself before sitting.

“I am Elmenhilde Galnstein. Please call me Elmen.”

……It certainly is a name which sounds so exaggerating. It certainly has a noble ring to it.

Sensei puts his hand on his chin.

“……Galnstein. If I’m correct, it’s one of the two big factions of Vampires, and it’s a household which is ranked one of the highest among the Carmilla-faction. It’s been awhile meeting a pureblood and noble Vampire……”


Yes, I had Rias and Sensei teach me about the world of Vampires to a certain degree beforehand.

Vampires are a resident of darkness that have existed since ancient times. They have similar rankings and weaknesses like High-class Devils. But, Devils are residents of the Underworld. Vampires are beings that live in the darkness of the human’s world. They may seem similar, but their views and culture differ a lot.

Devils and Vampires have continued living by using humans while not stimulating each other’s territory. The Heaven—the part where the servants of God being our natural enemies are the same, but both sides have distanced themselves from each other while not fighting together.

The Devils have settled down on the three-side battle this summer by agreeing to the alliance of the Three Great Powers, but the Vampires aren’t even trying to sit down for negotiation.

Because of that, they still have quarrels with the Heaven—the warriors of the Church.

—Well, I will end my basic information about Vampires here, but the problem is about the two big factions.

Apparently, an incident which split the world of Vampires occurred several hundred years ago.

That gave birth to the Tepes-faction and Carmilla-faction. Tepes have the principals of men standing above women, and Carmilla-faction have the principal of women standing above men.

I don’t understand it that well, but in order to leave pureblood Vampires, the ones who have been arguing a very long time between choosing a female true ancestor and a male true ancestor have finally split into two groups several hundred years ago after their sides have been splitting away.

If it’s just like how Sensei explained, then it makes her, Elmenhilde, a Vampire from the Carmilla-faction who has the principal of woman standing at the top.

Elmenhilde who is sitting on the chair. After confirming that Akeno-san has given her tea, Rias asks her a very straight forward question from the beginning.

“Elmenhilde, I feel bad asking you this from the beginning, but I will ask you. –Can you tell us your reason for wanting to meet us? What is the reason for the Carmilla-faction, who has avoided contact with us, to suddenly come out in front of the Gremory, Sitri, and former Governor Azazel?”

Elmenhilde closes her eyes, and opens her hide slowly after nodding her head.

“—I would like to borrow the Gasper Vladi.”


…………We became speechless at the answer we didn’t expect, and can only be shocked about it. Everyone’s gaze gathers at Gasper.

……Gasper is trembling over his whole body. It seems like he didn’t expect himself being appointed. No, we also didn’t expect that they are after Gasper.

—Then the thing which appears immediately to my head is Gasper’s ability which has just awakened…… No no, even so, why are they seeking for it?

I have many questions about it, but Sensei asks Elmenhilde.

“A straightforward answer to a straightforward question. Sorry, but I will have you explain to us by steps. —What happened in the world of Vampires?”

Elmenhilde speaks.

“A certain incident happened in our world of Vampires which can cause the sense of our values to crumble. You may already know it because of the information being leaked out, but a half appeared from the Tepes’s side that possesses a Longinus.”

……Ah, that. If I remember right, I was told that a Longinus possessor appeared in the world of Vampires and that it’s causing a stir……

So it has to do with that. This will be more complicated than I thought. So it didn’t appear within the Carmilla-faction that she belongs to, but from the Tepes-faction huh.

So the half-Vampire from the Tepes’s side is a Longinus possessor. But the one who came to talk to us is Carmilla’s side. ……This is troublesome, this definitely is troublesome!

Sensei asks while narrowing his eyes.

“So what is the Longinus that the Tepes’s side is in possession of?”


After the monster crisis, I was told about Longinus from Sensei.

Among the total 13 Longinus where the locations are known are the two of them of [Boosted Gear] and [Regulus Nemea] from the Devil’s side. In other words that will be me and Sairaorg-san’s [Pawn], Regulus.

And in the Heaven’s side there is the Joker who is said to be in possession of the second strongest Longinus [Zennith Tempest], and from the Fallen Angel’s side there is the [Canis Lycaon] also known is “Slash Dog” who is under Sensei.

And in the magician’s association—there is the [Absolute Demise] who is within the organisation of Mephisto Pheles who has a good relationship with the Three Great Powers. Among the group of outlaw stray magicians who have distanced themselves from the Three Great Powers and who are seen as threats from many magicians, there is the [Incinerate Anthem].

Besides that there is the [Divine Dividing] that Vali possesses, and there are the three-types of [True Longinus], [Annihilation Maker], and [Dimension Lost] from the Hero-faction of Khaos Brigade. Except, since the Hero-faction has ceased their actions, the whereabouts of those three are unknown. ……What’s creepy is that those three Longinus haven’t reached the stage where it transfers to a new host despite leaving their bodies……

Those are the ones which are currently known. Even so, they say that they have confirmed the ones mentioned recently, so you can tell how hard it is for them to find the whereabouts of the possessors.

There are three of them where the whereabouts are unknown.—Even the Three Great Powers are having a hard time finding the [Sephiroth’s Grail], [Innovate Clear], and [Telos Karma].

……From what I have heard, it seems like Ajuka Beelzebub-sama has found the whereabouts of [Innovate Clear]……but, he’s still investigating for more accurate information.

With that, there will be two of them that the Three Great Powers don’t know about its whereabouts. The [Sephiroth’s Grail] or the [Telos Karma]. The ones that the Vampires have in possession will be either of them.

Then Elmenhilde answers like this.

“——It’s the [Sephiroth’s Grail].”

The moment we heard her answer, Sensei makes an even more serious eyes.

“Out of all things, it had to be the one of the relics, the Holy Grail huh.”

Relics—. The holy-spear that Cao Cao possessed is that.

Among the Longinus, there are other relics, and I hear that [Sephiroth’s Grail] and [Incinerate Anthem] are one of them as well. The former is the Holy Grail. The latter is the holy cross.

Sensei continues.

“The one used in the Last Supper, the one which received the blood of Jesus. Holy Grail has many legends. But that one which is a Sacred Gear isn’t a normal Holy Grail. It’s a Longinus, and a masterpiece which can turn around the principal of life. ……I think your name was Elmenhilde, but what are the immortal Vampire seeking for by using that?”

“A body which will absolutely not die—. Even if they have their hearts nailed, even having a holy cross put in front of them, even if they don’t sleep in their coffins, even if they walk under the sun, those from Tepe’s side have gained a body which can’t be destroyed. No, to say it more precisely, they have gained a body which is hard to destroy. It seems like the power of the Holy Grail is still incomplete.”

She also continues by saying this.

“They are trying to become a being with no weaknesses. They have abandoned their pride as Vampires. Not only that, they are also attacking our side. There have already been casualties. We will not be forgiving their actions. We are planning to execute them as fellow Vampires.”

Elmenhilde’s irises are dark, and were filled with hatred.

It seems like she finds it really annoying that the actions of the Tepes’s side, which rejected the way Vampires have to live, and their assaults. Well, it’s an appropriate response since they were attacked.

“So the Carmilla’s side doesn’t like the ways of the Tepes’s side which rejected the living ways of Vampires and the assault they started. Well, anyone would get pissed if they are attacked.”

Elmenhilde nods to Sensei’s words.

“Yes, that’s exactly correct. And our aim is—”

She then moves her gaze to Gasper. The red eyes and red eyes meet with each other.

“To stop the Tepes’s side which is causing ruckus by borrowing the power of Gasper Vladi who is standing over there.”

…………Like I thought, it’s getting messy.

So they are planning to make our Gya-suke take part in the war between Vampires……!

Rias asks calmly.

“……Does that have to do with how Gasper is a Vampire from the House of Vladi—the Tepes’s side?”

……She says it in her usual elegant manners, but I can tell. Rias is getting furious about this inside her, bit by bit.

She was asked to have her adorable servant borrowed for the war of the Vampires who never responded to her negotiation. For Rias who has strong affection, there is no way she will keep quiet about this.

But in order to get their true intentions, she is acting calm on the outside to understand about Gasper and so, is trying to ask them about it. Having seen her up close till now, even I started to realise her changes.

Elmenhilde puts on a meaningful smile at Rias’s question.

“That will also be a part of it, Rias Gremory-sama. But what we are truly craving for is Gasper Vladi’s power. We have heard that the power sleeping inside him has awakened.”


From where did they hear that Gasper unleashed an insane power?

No, I still haven’t seen it myself, but it must be amazing right? He defeated Georg of the Hero-faction who is a possessor of a high-tier Longinus, who is also a magic user. It’s certain that his power is on a different level. They must have thought that they can make Gasper take on the enemy’s Longinus possessor.

Elmenhilde continues.

“We are planning to solve the dispute between Vampires by using the strength of Vampires only. For that reason, we would like to borrow the power of Gasper Vladi.”

They want to stop the dispute of the Vampires using Gasper’s power? I know that they are going through difficulties……but speaking honestly, there is no direct connection to us.

Gasper is formerly from House of Vladi, but now he is part of the Gremory after being kicked out of his home, and we don’t want to get involved in the conflict between Vampires either.

……Peace is the best. If Gasper will be in danger, then it’s a different story. No, judging from this flow, it seems like it will also make Gasper involved……

Maybe instead of the Carmilla’s side, the Tepe’s side will come and say “Gasper is originally from our household. Return him. We will use him in the dispute!”……?

……Since battles which gave me bad impressions have been continuing, my brain has adapted to think in a negative way.

Rias asks while narrowing her eyebrows.

“……What is that power? Do you know what that is?”

She got right to the point. The truth we want to know. Now, how will you answer?

Our gaze gathers at the Vampire girl.

“……There are very rare times when those born from our kind are born with the ability to surpass that of normal Vampires. We mostly see this from the half Vampires in this era. Gasper Vladi will also be one of them. We, who are from the Carmilla, don’t have enough information to investigate about it. But there may be information which may become a hint in the Tepes’s side.” .”

So even from the Vampires, Gasper’s ability is abnormal.

Rather, if we want to know more about it, looks like we have to visit the House of Vladi.

Elmenhilde continues.

“Now, about the Holy Grail which is the problem. Of course the possessor is those we despise—a half, but her name is Valerie Tepes. She was born from the House of Tepes.”

Hearing that name, one person makes a response. –It’s Gasper.

He has a face where he looks like he is about to cry.

“……Valerie……? L-Lies! Valerie wasn’t born with a Sacred Gear like I was!”

Gasper who has been trembling with fear until now, argues against Elmenhilde as soon as he heard the name Valerie like a different person.

……Is it an important person for this guy?

Elmenhilde answers.

“Even if it doesn’t activate when you are born, Sacred Gear can activate with a certain trigger. You should also know that, correct? Valerie—she was no different. We can presume that she awakened her powers recently, and attained the ability.”

Certainly. I also had my Sacred Gear activate this year. Sacred Gear can be a thing which awakens without you realising it, and I heard that the age of the time it awakens will differ by each person.

Sensei narrows his eyes, and crosses his arm.

“I can presume that they hid it before we and the Heaven’s side have observed and confirmed it. Geez, they are pathetic. For the Vampires who detest holy power to not abandon the relic Longinus, the Holy Grail, and not even handing it to us but hiding it.”

“I also have the same opinion.”

Elmenhilde agrees to Sensei’s words.

Elmenhilde looks at Gasper. This time Gasper looks straight at her while feeling scared.

“Gasper Vladi, don’t you hold a grudge against the House of Vladi—the Tepes’s side which exiled you? With your current power, I think it will be possible.”

“……I-I’m satisfied just being able to stay here. Just being able to stay with Buchou and everyone—”


Soon as he heard that, Gasper starts to gradually put on a gloomy face. Seeing that, Elmenhilde continues.

“—Mixed breed, the hated child, a fake, what kind of name were you called when you were living in Vladi’s household, I wonder? The only one you were able to exchange your emotions with is the half from House of Tepes, Valerie, correct? Inside the castle where the House of Tepes imprisoned the half they have gathered for a temporary amount of time, I was told that you and Valerie worked together, and helped each other. Don’t you want to stop Valerie?”

Sister Griselda who was silent till now speaks.

“Your kind detests and hates the children who are half, but wasn’t it the selfish action of Vampires that originally took humans, used them as their pleasure, and made them bear a child? The ones who had our people eaten, and made counter measures for it while having regrets were us, the people from the Church. If it’s possible, I will prefer for your kind to not get involved with humans as mere hobbies.”

Even though she is saying it in a gentle manner, her words have so much hate in them. She’s saying it without breaking her smile! To be expected from Irina’s boss and Xenovia’s former guardian!

Elmenhilde puts her hand to her mouth, and smiles.

“I’m sorry about that. But hunting humans is the true nature of our kind, Vampires. I think Devils and Angels are the same, correct? To attain a price by granting human’s wish, and having the need for the beliefs of a human. Aren’t we supernatural beings, “the weak”, which can only live by using humans as our source?”

Yes, Devils aren’t justice. Since there are those who are made into a servant by unreasonable trade.

But I quit being a human. I can only live as a human. ……But I’m going and coming back between the life of a human and Devil.

This Vampire girl is completely from the supernatural being’s side. She’s very sure that humans are sources. So it’s not an equal trade, but a one-sided slaughter!

……I don’t like this girl’s eyes. The eyes she is looking to other beings with besides them looks very discriminating.

She even calls Gasper who is a half, “a hated child” and “mixed breed”……

If I remember right, pure Vampires have stronger obsession towards bloodline and rankings than Devils. I see, I can understand that very well by looking at this Elmenhilde.

—To them a world is a place where there are only two species of “Pure Vampires” and “others”.

Elmenhilde calls the Vampire who is acting as her bodyguard standing behind her, and she takes out something that looks like a document.

“I didn’t come here empty handed. I have prepared a document.”

Elmenhilde hands the document to Sensei.

Sensei who received the document, sighs after looking through the document.

“……A peace conference with the Carmilla’s side, huh.”


Everyone who is gathered in this place become shocked with Sensei’s words!

……So they brought a trump card up their sleeve for having a diplomatic relation……! They didn’t respond until now, and they make an action like this at this timing!

Sensei puts the document on the table, and then asks Elmenhilde.

“So then. This meeting today is for diplomatic reasons, and you were dispatched to us as a special envoy, right?”

Elmenhilde shows her smile at Sensei’s question.

“Yes. Our Queen, Carmilla-sama, is saddened with the war we have been having with the Governor-sama of the Fallen Angels and the Church that has been going on for a long time, and she is saying that she wishes to have a truce.”

Sensei has veins appearing from his cheek because of the way Elmenhilde is handling this.

“You are getting the steps wrong, Missy. Normally the treaty for the peace comes first, and the thing about Longinus comes after that. This just seems like you are saying that you won’t agree to peace unless we help you out.”

Sister Griselda who narrowed her eyes mysteriously continues after that with a calm behaviour.

“We, the Three Great Powers that have been asking and agreeing for peace with each faction without any discrimination will certainly have a weaker persuasive power towards other factions if we don’t agree to this term. They will think that “So even if they are asking for peace with each faction, they untie the tension with those they choose”. And instead of ceasing war, it’s to have a truce. It feels like they have come under our weakness.”


W-What a bunch of cowardly guys……! They came to ask for Gasper by using the negotiation as their shield……! If we don’t agree, not just Rias, but her brother Sirzechs-sama will also lose trust from others! Rias has increased her meritorious deeds by being a Switch-princess and by fighting terrorists. If she is to decline this offer, won’t it be weird if it affects our actions from now!?

Rias' body is shaking with rage. Sona-kaichou holds Rias’s hand, and she shakes her head to calm her down.

Elmenhilde says it while lifting her mouth as if she is truly happy.

“Please be rest assured. The fight between Vampires will be solved only with Vampires. If you lend us Gasper Vladi, we won’t ask for more. We will also prepare a connection with you and the House of Vladi along with taking part in the truce.”

I wasn’t able to hold myself, so I ask.

“Hold on. Even if we hand Gasper over to you, are you even going to return him back to us safely? No, we still haven’t said we will hand him over to you! But still, I want to ask about that!”

Of course. If there isn’t any insurance that they are planning to return Gasper safely after we send him to the dispute, I won’t……there’s no way I will allow that……! He’s my precious junior, damn it……!

Elmenhilde looks at me with discriminating eyes.

“You are the servant of the High-class Devil Rias Gremory-sama, ―Sekiryuutei, correct? Do you have the right to speak to me who is a special envoy? Even if you are the Sekiryuutei, a mere servant that doesn’t have any qualifications has no right to question me, correct?”


My rage explodes inside me. I want to shout out “Don’t screw around!” right this moment! But if I do that, everything will be a waste……!

S-Shit! This bitch……! Just how much……! Well, I don’t have any qualifications! But Gasper is……!

―They are saying “We will agree with the truce, so hand Gasper over!” while looking down on us, you know!?

Kiba stops me with his hand, and looks at Rias. Rias makes a deep sigh, and is trying to calm herself down. Sensei says it on behalf of Rias.

“Having a truce with the Vampires by sacrificing one of the servants of the next heiress of the House of Gremory, huh. If I have to sum up what you guys from the Carmilla’s side are trying to say, this is what you are saying, right?” Sensei says what Rias wants to say by understanding how she is feeling about all of this.

“It’s not decided that he will be sacrificed. There is nothing better but to have this settled immediately.”

Elmenhilde starts saying some crap.

“You don’t want us to interfere right? How about acting as the middleman or helping one of the sides? You need Gasper because you are lacking power, right?”

Elmenhilde shakes her head to Sensei’s suggestion and answers.

“No, we will settle our problem with our own hands. If you want to be an advisor, then be my guest.”

……They are doing as they please. They really are selfish. So this is a pureblood Vampire. They don’t care about the world besides theirs. And if it’s a half, they will even use them despite being someone born from the enemy’s side. Even if they persecuted them, they will still use them if they are half Vampires.

……They are so consistent. It’s unfair……!

She looks around us, and Elmenhilde stands.

“This is all I have to say. It was fortunate that I was able to meet you tonight. Above all else, I thank your great kindness of allowing a Vampire into your territory, Rias Gremory-sama.”

Rias puts on a mad expression at Elmenhilde’s cold smile which looks so fake. Her eyes are filled with rage.

“……Yes, I’m glad that I was able to have this precious meeting. After all, I understood very well about your kind.”

“Then, farewell. I will leave my servant in this area. If something happens, please consult that person. ―Now then, I will be waiting for your good reply.”

She didn’t even flinch with Rias’s last sarcasm, and the resident of darkness left this old school building――

Part 5

The meeting ended, and about 10 minutes have passed—

The one who bursts out by smacking the table is Xenovia.

“……I sure can’t come to like the Vampires like always……”

She endured it well, Xenovia that is. She was clearly giving out hostility towards them besides me.

Sister Griselda drinks from the cup, and then says it.

“If it was you in the past, you would have gone cutting at them with Durandal. You endured it well. You sure have grown.”

Having the Sister praise her, Xenovia puts on a complicated expression.

But what Xenovia said is appropriate. Vampires, I can’t come to like them! What, is that! I can’t think of them as the same beings as Gasper! This guy is a lively guy who spends his time with a box brightly, but they……are just an embodiment of weird pride and sarcasm!

Sona-kaichou who was the only one capable of remaining calm asks Buchou.

“What will you do? You probably won’t be able to ignore their cooperation. If that happens, you will end up having to send Gasper-kun off. If that happens……at the worst case, you might lose him.”

Gasper puts on a complicated expression towards Sona-kaichou’s clear answer.

Of course. He probably didn’t think that he will be used for a diplomatic reason. But it’s a situation where it is hard to decline. I don’t want to say it but since we are spreading word about making peace, we can’t possibly decline the offer of the Vampires that are willing to take part in it.

Even from the world’s perspective, being able to have a truce with half of the Vampires by having Gasper alone as the requirement for it, it must be a bargain which is cheap and yet still gives a substantial benefit……

I’m feeling mortified, and if possible I want to decline this. But this happens to be the worst situation for the Gremory since there isn’t a reason to decline this.

Gasper takes a big breath, and spits it out with trembling voice.

“I-I’m going.”


For this guy to say that he’s going by himself…… But his eyes are filled with determination.

Gasper continues.

“……I’m not planning to return to the world of Vampires once again, because to me this is my home. B-But I want to save Valerie! She……I am indebted to her. Thanks to her, I was able to escape from the castle and was able to reach this place. ……I have died once, but even so I have a kind master, a senpai I can rely on, and friends whom will play with me…… I was able to become this happy, but thinking that she is the only one continuing to receive a painful experience is…… I am sure she is receiving unreasonable treatment!”

Gasper puts on a manly face, and then tells Rias.

“I want to save Valerie! And I will not die! I will save Valerie, and come back here!”

……Good reply. He has a manly look in his eyes and face, this Danball Vampire that is.

He knows how to finish it in a good way now.

I pat Gasper’s head without saying anything.

My junior. Like I thought, you are a guy from the Gremory.

Hearing Gya-suke’s determination, Rias stands up.

“—I will be going there. This time I will be planning to sit down and talk with those from the House of Vladi. First I will go personally and see the situation over there with my own eyes. I think it won’t be late if the dispatch of Gasper comes after that.”

There are flames inside Rias’ iris. So our master will be visiting them personally huh.

Gasper’s words must have lit a flame inside her. Yeah, a fire lit inside me as well! To save a girl who took care of him in the past! For a guy, there isn’t a more serious situation than this!

“Then we will also—”

I try to make a suggestion, but Rias shakes her head.

“No, I want Ise and everyone to stay on standby. There might be a case if something happens.”

“……And what do you mean by that?”

Rias puts two fingers up to my question.

“For the precondition, it’s appropriate for me who is Gasper’s master to visit them personally, and it won’t be rude towards the other party. And there will be two main reasons why I’m having all of you stay on standby here. First reason is having all of you being able to take action without me if an incident were to occur. There might be those who would attack this place so members who can handle them should stay here. For the second reason……”

Rias looks at all of her servants.

“If something were to happen to me over there, I will need reinforcements.”

Kiba asks.

“So Buchou, you are predicting that something might occur or that you might get dragged into something over there, correct?”

“That’s right, Yuuto. It will be the best if nothing happens, but judging from the past events, there is a chance that we will get dragged into it judging from the problems the Vampires are having. So it won’t be weird to take actions while anticipating it.”

“Then isn’t it better for all of us to go with you from the start……?”

I ask her once again, but like I thought, Rias didn’t shake her head vertically.

“They will be on alert if we were to go there with all of us. Are they trying to solve it by using force? –They will think like that and it will be harder to negotiate with them, so it will be appropriate for me to go there first. ……It was them who didn’t even try to listen to our words, so it is a must for me to go there. ……Am I being naïve?”

She tries to get confirmation from Azazel.

“No, it’s not a bad way of thinking for a [King] from the brute-power group. Except, I feel uneasy if you are going there alone. For this incident, it seems like the secrets of both the Tepes and Carmilla’s side will be connected. And the discussion we had before had many unexplained parts.”

“Of course, I will keep as minimal a force for my guards as I can. I’m planning to take only my [Knight]. Okay, Yuuto?”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

So Kiba will be escorting her. Yeah, then it won’t be a problem.

“I can feel relieved if Kiba is going.”

That’s my answer. I know this guy’s strength more than anyone. I have exchanged fists with Kiba many times, you know? He is Rias’s genuine knight.

Sensei says it while making a sound with his neck.

“—I will also go then. I will meet Carmilla first. I will at least make sure that we can dispatch several members of the Gremory group for the dispute of the Vampires. I’m planning to take several souvenirs. Instead Rias should head to the House of Vladi directly. If Rias shows up in the Carmilla’s side, they will be on more alert.”

He’s trying to grant their requirement by taking a souvenir with him. To be expected from Sensei. He won’t fall without doing anything!

If several of us are able to take action, then this will become a different story. We can reduce the danger that will fall on Gasper, and we might be able to save that Vampire woman who has the Holy Grail.

“But won’t they become more cautious if Sensei were to meet them personally? You are an important person from the Fallen Angel’s side.”

Shouldn’t you bring someone with you? –That’s what I thought.

“It will be much better than to have the Heaven and the Church—the Angels, who are still fighting against them go. Rather, for me who is knowledgeable about Sacred Gear going there will be a better key for the negotiation.”

“Ah, you mean about the Holy Grail!”

“Yeah, that’s it. Even for the guys who came today, the main person they came to talk to is me.”

Sensei then tells the Sister and Irina, the staff from the Heaven.

“Irina, Sister Griselda, tell Michael what happened here. The Holy Grail and the Vampires, it smells too fishy.”

Sister nods.

“Yes, I understand. Michael-sama said we will be sending our Joker if something happens, and I hope we can avoid the worst case scenario.’

Sensei becomes a bit shocked at Sister Griselda’s words.

“……The Joker, can you send him off so easily like that? Rather, the way you cope with us has increased. Well, it’s normal since outrageous guys have been after us. Since the Holy Grail will be involved, we might ask help from the Joker. The Holy Grail and Vampires. Normally, it’s the holy and darkness which can’t coexist. Most likely, something not good will happen. I want to make sure the casualty rate remains as low as possible.”

“Yes, for that reason it is the intention of the Four Great Seraph-sama wanting to use the man of leisure, Joker, as much as possible. Seriously, that child always wanders off somewhere when he has time to find delicious cuisines and we can’t contact him at all. He is a child who is more troublesome than Xenovia who is standing over there.”

The Joker, I haven’t met him, but is he an acquaintance of Sister?

Well, leaving that aside, I need to put everything that happened together in my head.

It’s decided that Rias, Kiba, and Sensei, will be going to the Vampires side. The other members including Gasper will be on standby in this town. If something happens to Rias’s side, it’s made so that we will join them.

Though I hope nothing happens…… From what Sensei said, it seems like a battle will occur. And we will be placing ourselves in there……?

I’m hoping there will be no casualties, but it seems like it won’t be that easy……

What I can do is to shake off all the danger which will fall on Rias and my comrades with all my strength.

My spirit is heating up, but it’s a meeting which took place late at night which I have started to feel uneasy about—

Part 6

Finishing the meeting, I’m having Azazel-sensei look at my gauntlet in another room of the old school building after everything ended.

After the battle against the Hero-faction in the Underworld, Ddraig has increased his time to sleep, and the true power of my Sacred Gear can’t be unleashed.

Just like this, I’m having Sensei look at the condition of my Sacred Gear regularly.

“……The glow of the gauntlet’s jewel is still lacking. It means he used that much power to recreate your body.”

“……U-Umm, Sensei. Will his condition continue to stay like this?”

“No, if he can recover the power which he used to resurrect you, he can revert back to his former self. It will be okay to think that he is just sleeping and is replenishing his stamina. More than that, I need to talk to you about your life force.”

“……You said something which isn’t comprehensible is occurring right?”

Sensei nods to my words.

Yes, by using the section of Great-Red’s body and the power of Ophis and Ddraig, I have attained a new body.

Because of that, it seems like my life force which had been reduced on my old body can’t be analysed with the current data.

“The power of the two; Great-Red and Ophis who are the legendary Dragons among legendary dragons has been mixed after all. The response of your life force either becomes zero or turns into infinite which isn’t measurable is happening, so I can’t tell what is going on at all. The zero probably represents illusion, —Great Red. The infinite will obviously means infinite which is Ophis.”

“Does that mean my life force is going back and forth between dying and reviving?”

“Even that isn’t known. There has never been a case like this. The current you is a reincarnated Devil who reincarnated from a humanoid Dragon. Except, there is a way to stabilise it. Rather, there has been result. You understand that yourself, right?”

Like Sensei says, I’m still having Rias and Akeno-san scatter the Dragon’s power inside me and am still receiving the healing treatment with a senjutsu from Koneko-chan, and for an unknown reason the response of my life force returns to normal for a temporarily time.

Sensei continues.

“Anyway, I’m not sure what will happen with the response of zero and infinite. Suddenly your life force can become empty and it can even overheat by increasing drastically. In other words. Having Rias and others bringing back your life force to normal is the best.”

In other words, I have to get treatment from the girls like before.

Gufufu! I’m so glad! I’m glad that a wonderful time like that won’t have to disappear! Yeah, having Rias and Akeno-san suck it with their mouths, and hugging the small Koneko-chan. I even want to thank the True-Dragon and Dragon-God because I won’t have to lose that time of happiness! No, I will put my hands together and pray in front of Ophis once I return home!

The sucking techniques of Rias and Akeno-san are improving daily……and Koneko-chan also became daring since she says “Not wearing clothing and having our bodies directly touching each other might improve the effect”!

—! Then that phrase comes back to my mind…… Great-Red-sama, please give me a break! Will it make a similar cry when I see it again!? It will be embarrassing!

Sensei is making a bitter smile when he is looking at me who is having a hard time with hallucination.

“You have to stay even more calm and fight. You can do it if you try, you know? It’s your weak point to lose your calm and act differently. You know how you did a thing which totally wasn’t like you in the Bael-match against that [Queen] by being pissed? If it was the usual you, wouldn’t you have used Dress Break on her and observed her naked body? You probably got heated up with having your comrades being taken down……but if you do that against someone who is stronger than you, you know that you’ll get killed?”

I got a warning from Sensei. ……Yeah, I have a habit to lose my calm and go forward sometimes. It’s my bad habit. ……So I should have defeated the Bael’s [Queen] with Dress Break? When I think like that, I suddenly got depressed because I couldn’t see her naked body…… That was the best thing I was capable of doing at that time.

“Well, you are a kid who’s only 17 years old. Rias, you, and everyone else in the group are still young. If you say it’s normal for you guys to still be incomplete, then it’s a normal thing.”

So will I be able to calm down if my sexual desire also becomes that of an adult? I can’t even imagine it! I also want to be lecherous even ten years or hundred years later! It’s certain that Rias’s breast will become beautiful after ten years!

Ugggh. I should think about that later and ask Sensei.

“Sensei, when are you planning to leave?”

“For now, I will discuss it with Rias first. This is a good opportunity, so I will negotiate with the Vampires side or else it will become troublesome.”

If it’s possible, I want to pray that nothing will happen.

Since Kiba and Sensei will be with her, Rias probably won’t be dragged into the worst situation…… Even so, I’m still worried.

Rather, I hope this meeting with the Vampires will head towards the most peaceful direction there is.

Actually, we still have the thing about the pact with magicians, but it seems like the Gremory group always encounter troubles.

……Ddraig, please return to your usual self. Like I thought, I won’t be able to give my all without you.

My partner—. Let’s go straight ahead together again!

When I was staring at my gauntlet as if I’m speaking to it, Sensei sighs.

“Take care of the legendary Dragon, okay? Even if what’s left is his soul, you do know that he is a valuable legendary Dragon-sama right? Do you know just how many Dragons there are that haven’t even been sealed into a Sacred Gear and even the whereabouts of their soul is unknown?”

E-Even if you say that…… Of course, I will take care of Ddraig! W-Well, I did trouble him quite a lot with all that Oppai Dragon stuff!

Sensei pounces his fist on the palm of his other hand as if he remembered something.

“……Oh, I should tell you this as well. I received some information from Vali.”

“From Vali?”

“You do know that he is travelling around the world investigating mysterious things right?”

Just like Azazel-sensei who raised him, I hear that the Hakuryuukou-sama who takes interest in and investigates things is travelling around the world and looking at mysterious things.

“It seems like he encounters the members of the Khaos Brigade quite often at his destinations.”

“But that isn’t to execute the Vali-team who became “wanted” right?”

Vali is in a situation where he is being chased from the Khaos Brigade for the crime of sending Ophis to us without any permission. Rather, he was originally on bad terms with the other factions of Khaos Brigade, and I heard that they didn’t like him.

Sensei continues.

“What Vali was searching for was……a variety of brutal monsters that are thought to be extinct. It seems like he was searching for them with uncertain evidence of them being alive. If his journey to find strong foes even exceeds to that level, even I start to think of them as a group who is very bored with nothing to do. –And this is where it starts. Among the extinct monsters, it seems like besides Vali and his group, the members of Khaos Brigade who are the groups of magicians seems to be mainly coming to the region where the extinct Dragons originally lived. ……It’s not once or twice that they encounter each other, so it isn’t a coincidence.”

“The extinct Dragons…… What kind of famous Dragons are there among them?”

“I’m not sure if you know them, but I guess it would be the “Crescent Circle Dragon” Crom Cruach, “Diabolism Thousand Dragon” Aži Dahāka, and the “Eclipse Dragon” Apophis. It sure brings back memories. They were quite dangerous. –They were either sealed or killed for being too brutal. Other than them there are Níðhǫggr from the Norse, and the ferocious Grendal that is said to be slain by the original Beowulf. There was Ladon who was protecting the legendary fruit who was also a Dragon but was defeated by the original Heracles. And in Japanese there was Yamata-no-Orochi.”

They are mostly names which I haven’t heard before. The ones I have heard of are Yamata-no-Orochi and Crom Cruach though I've only heard the names. So there are that many extinct strong Dragons huh.

“……Especially Crom Cruach, Aži Dahāka, and Apophis, whom are “Evil Dragons” that are now extinct. Vritra is also an Evil-Dragon, but he’s cute if you compare him to the three I just named.”

Evil Dragons—. Just hearing it scares me. But they are extinct huh.

“Those three, were they that dangerous?”

“Even Vritra had his soul cut into many pieces and was sealed into the Sacred Gears right? Evil-Dragons were so powerful where you would have to do at least that much in order to completely annihilate their existence. Vritra regained consciousness by having the Sacred Gears merge. It makes me wonder just how tough those Evil-Dragons are. And among them, the ones which were the most brutal and were standing at the top were Crom Cruach, Aži Dahāka, and Apophis.”

Wow, even Vritra-san gives me the creeps but they are above him huh. ……They seem scary.

“……Are they stronger than the Two-Heavenly Dragons?”

“The red and the white one in their primes will definitely be stronger. But all of the Dragons did try to avoid fighting the Evil-Dragons as much as possible. I heard that they found it really troublesome to fight the Evil-Dragons and those affiliated with them. So that means they are bad news if you confront them.”

……Touching an Evil-Dragon will bring misfortune huh. Sensei continues while putting his hand on his chin.

“But it’s been a while talking about the extinct Dragons, especially the “Evil-Dragons”. But you understand it right? –Dragons that have strength and that like to go around wild were eliminated without exception. Tiamat who is said to be the strongest among the Five Great Dragon-Kings must have a good point then. It seems like she has blended in well with the current world and is living as she likes.”

Dragons which go wild huh. Ddraig and Albion were also one of them. And they went around too wild that they were taken down by the Three Great Powers.

“I prefer a Dragon to stand tall and with dignity like old man Tannin. He seems like a Dragon-King, and I think he looks cool.”

Yeah, old-man Tannin seems like the king of Dragons the most out of all the Dragons I have met. I have respect towards him when I see his posture of using his body to protect those Dragons!

Sensei also agrees to my opinion.

“Yeah, you are right. It won’t be a waste to hang around with that guy among the currently active Dragons. That’s what a king of Dragons is supposed to be. A Dragon like that doesn’t exist anywhere else, so observe him very well.”

Yes sir! In the future I will become a splendid Dragon like old man……no no, I will become a Harem-King Dragon!

“Either way, it seems like the terrorist group is plotting something behind the scenes. ……Something bad might happen again, so just be prepared.”


Sensei then rests his hand on my head.

“Sorry. I might end up having you guys get the bad end of the bargain again.”

“Seriously, it sure does tire me out. But if they are to come at us, we will have to overcome them. We have always been going straight ahead like that.”

I’m not Koneko-chan, but we will just have to defeat them if they are to come at us. In order to survive, we will get even stronger, and I feel that we have to continue breaking all obstacles. That is the Gremory group! No, that is the Occult Research Club of Kuou Academy!

“Well, I’m also busy with my own business in the Underworld as well.”

“Did you start something?”

When I asked, Sensei suddenly puts on a lecherous smile. Ah, that’s the expression when he is plotting something.

“Yeah, I’m selling some territories.”

Territories huh.

“Even you know that the Underworld is split into two sides of the Devils and Fallen Angels right?”


“The truth is, comparing the Fallen Angels side to the Devils side, there are many free areas if you were to compare it with the number of residents. The ones living in the Fallen Angels sides are the pure Fallen Angels, the races which have a relation to the Fallen Angels, and the halves born between Fallen Angels and other races.”

That’s right. Sensei and others who are the part of the Grigori decided not to make the reincarnation system intentionally. They can make one if they try, but they chose not to.

According to Sensei, “The evil Angels can just end with us”.

“—And, so. By using the free lands, I’m making a resort area for the factions who made an alliance with us. We have a major plan for building businesses and casinos as well. We have already received an order from celebrities of different factions that want to have a mansion. I’m sure this will turn into quite a big industry. Well, the Fallen Angels also need a budget, the money, for many things so we have to make business.”

I-I see…… The Fallen Angels, the Grigori, have started to do business huh. I also hear that the majority of the source of income for the current Grigori comes from their research.

Sensei seems like he will be suited to becoming a sales person.

—Then there is a knock on the door. The one who enters is Rias.

“Azazel? Did you finish examining Ise? Let’s make a schedule for leaving Japan.”

“Oh, that’s right. Rather, if we are going afar, there’s something I have to tell Asia personally…… Can Asia join?”

“Yes, I don’t mind. It’s about that right? I’m glad it’s going smoothly. Looks like having Ophis acting in the middle of it made it succeed.”

Asia’s case……? It really makes me wonder. Is Ophis related to it?

Like this, the discussion about the departure of Rias, Sensei, and Kiba begins.

Part 7

“……“Even if you are the Sekiryuutei, a mere servant that doesn’t have any qualification has no right to question me, correct?” huh.”

On the morning when the sun still hasn’t risen.

I’m having a shower in the big bathroom located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence. I, who have woken up early, left my room and came here without waking up Rias and Asia.

What I was recollecting in my head is the thing the Vampire from the Carmilla faction, Elmenhilde, said to me yesterday.

……A mere servant, the Sekiryuutei who doesn’t have the right to speak……

She’s right. Despite being called “Oppai Dragon” in the Underworld, I am just seen as the “Sekiryuutei who is the servant of Rias Gremory” from the other factions. That is the reality and I have no comment regarding it.

But when a diplomatic thing like this is involved, I’m useless.

I made a good relationship with Odin the geezer from the Northern Europe and the Youkai in Kyoto, but they are special. Normally, from the perspective of those from the other factions, I’m just a mere Middle-class Devil that doesn’t have any right to speak.

……It’s not like I was getting elated. But I’m really frustrated that I can’t become of any use for Rias and Sensei in situations like that.

……Damn it.

My precious junior……even if I want to protect my precious Gasper from the front, I need something besides strength.

……No, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I……should just protect my comrades when I have to. The diplomatic affairs are Sirzechs-sama and Sensei’s job. I should just do what I can do.

I bite my teeth due to frustration. The warm shower makes me comfortable.

“I’m such a small guy. ……Shit, I will definitely become a High-class Devil…… No, I made a promise with Kiba.”

That’s right. He and I made that promise before the Middle-class Devil test.

—That we will become Ultimate-class Devils.

“He will become the strongest [Knight], and I will become the strongest [Pawn]—.”

When I said the words of my determination.

The door to the bathtub opens. When I turned around—Ravel who just entered and is naked is standing theeeeeeeeeere!

High school dxd v14 149.jpg


“Ah, sorry! Since it’s early in the morning, I didn’t think anyone was going to use it!”

I can’t do anything to help myself but apologise! That’s because the girls are basically using this bathtub! I use it as well, but I have the girls use it first! Of course, I do encounter them at times and bath together!

This will be rude to Ravel who is a guest and who is also my junior! I should get out now!

B-But the naked Ravel! Even though she has a small body, I can only say that she has a proper body of a woman……! Her oppai are quite big! Since she has her usual drill-like hair down, I have a different impression of her! No, this isn’t the time for it!

I was thinking hard and Ravel says to me.

“……I-I will wash your back!”


My mind went blank at the words I didn’t expect to hear.

“……How is it?”

“Ah, yeah. I think it’s okay……”

Like that, I’m having my back washed by Ravel. I’m having her rub my back with a towel.

……I thought she would have burned me with her wings of fire while saying “Ise-sama you ecchi!”…… And she happens to be quite daring this morning! I’m getting confused!

I didn’t want it to be silent while she’s washing my back, so I started a conversation about the Vampires from yesterday.

“……That was my first time meeting a pure-blood Vampire……but there are still things I’m not sure about…… I was able to become friends with Gasper-san right away……”

Ravel must have mixed feeling as well.

“……It’s also because they appointed Gasper-san who is my friend as the requirement for the deal, but also their ways of not caring about anyone besides them…… But this may also be part of their politics. ……This certainly is a hard issue. Of course, I think it’s not a good idea to hand over Gasper-san recklessly to them. ……But Devils are also logical, and we put purebloods above everything else. I’m also a pureblood Devil.”

That’s right. Ravel is a princess from the House of Phoenix. She’s also the only daughter. She is a pure High-class Devil who has been living in the upper echelons of society.

“Even pureblood Devils are able to choose their own friends. Koneko-san, Gasper-san, and my classmates, are also treating me well. Though, I’m sad that I have to hide my identity from them…… I think it will be a wonderful thing if you can choose friends despite being from a different race.”

She usually acts sharp, but she is actually an innocent good girl.

But hiding your identity, huh.

I can’t tell Motohama and Matsuda that I became a Devil, and telling them will bring them into danger. At least, I want a peaceful time while I’m at Kuou academy.

“But I realised just how small a person I am. I’m frustrated that I wasn’t able to talk back. I will become a more splendid Devil and make them acknowledge me. That is what I have started to think this time.”

I thought of aiming for the top once again. I won’t allow it to end with them looking at me with those scornful eyes.

After having my back washed away with hot water, Ravel asks me.

“Ise-sama……h-have you decided about your future servants?”

“Servants? Ah, you mean when I become a High-class Devil? No, I still haven’t decided yet.”

You can have 15 servants at most with Evil Pieces right? I might end up using several of them depending on the person.

“Asia and Xenovia are saying that they will follow me, so there is a talk about having a trade with Rias, but even doing that isn’t decided. When I become independent, taking Asia and Xenovia with me will allow me to take actions right away, and it will become easier to do our job. But that will mean that 3 members will leave from Rias’s group right? How to fill those missing holes, even those parts aren't clear yet.”

I then have a thought after saying that much.

That having Ravel remaining as my manager even in the future will be a strong support.

Ravel says it as if she responded to what I was thinking.

“……I want to continue being Ise-sama’s manager.”

“Yeah, I’m happy. That will sure be reliable.”

It happens when the atmosphere became good.

Splash! There is someone who got out from the bath!

“I, went under for 30 minutes.”

……It’s Ophis. Dragon-God-sama got out from the bath. And did you go under there for 30 minutes!?

And Ophis’s clothes weren’t in the changing room, you know!?

Did you perhaps come from your room fully naked!?

Give me a break, Dragon-God-sama! Being naked inside the house isn’t also allowed! You are a former Uroboros Dragon after all~!

“Fufufu, I can never win against Ophis-san.”

Ravel is also laughing.

You are right. We sure are no match against our Mascot-sama, also known as Ophis-chan.

Magician for Khaos Brigade

“How is the final confirmation with the stray magicians?”

“There’s no problem. It seems like they will enjoy themselves as well. That’s why they were exiled from the association.”

“Hahaha, we are magicians who are placing ourselves among the terrorists, so we aren’t in a situation where we can say that. —Anyway, is our leader really serious about doing this?”

“If that is the will of the ones at the top, then it can’t be helped.”

“This is crazy. Shalba and Cao Cao were also crazy, but the thing we are about to do this time is also insane.”

“The things that we always do are insane. We can’t turn back anymore.”

“The leader called and said that the preparations are set. Well, if they weren’t here, not just the organisation but even we would have been finished. So we can only follow them. —We can’t have a proper life. Then we have to enjoy it to our liking.”

“I’ve felt fate since we have encountered Vali and his group in the places we go to.”

“Dragons that is said to gather strong foes. Then they should just dance with each other. —Among Dragons that is.”

Life.3 Maverick Magicians

Part 1

Several days have passed since the Vampire guests came.

It’s planned for Rias to leave Japan late at night today. I hear that their destination is deep within the mountains of Romania.

After finishing school, I thought of doing muscle training in the training room located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence until Rias finishes packing. I thought I should train even a bit when I have time.

The girls will be helping Rias to prepare her things, so that will make me a nuisance since I’m a guy. Since I became bored, I’m thinking of doing some training.

The joint training I had with Kiba and the others got halted ever since the meeting with the Vampires. Since the situation turned out like this, it got even harder to proceed with the selection of the magician’s resume.

……Man, we really are busy. On top of that we still have school during the day. We have a hard schedule. But I should at least do some muscle training so I won’t get dull.

Actually, I’m thinking about training my familiar as well. The magical airship which is flying around me, Skithblathnir!

I gave its name just recently. Fufufu, you know I gave it a cool name?

And, when I entered the training room, Kuroka and Le Fay are already there before me.

Both of them are sitting on the floor, and have thick books opened out.

“What the, you guys were here?”

I say.

These two really have been showing up sometimes at the Hyoudou residence ever since that day. She opens the fridge without our permission and has been drinking our milk and such!

Mum gets shocked, Rias gets mad, and it turns into a mess all the time…… Every time Kuroka does as she likes, Le Fay always bows her head down desperately and apologises.

“Hello, we have excused ourselves in here.”

Le Fay, who can greet people properly, is a good girl!

“Nyahaha, we have excused ourselves in here -nyan.”

It isn’t nyahaha…… My house really is a nest place of the dark residents. There are so many varieties of races which include different-types of Devils, an Angel, and the Dragon-God-sama. It’s too much of a chaos…

I approached both of them, and what I observed was the books that are open, and there’s a diagram of a human body which has its hand emitting what looks like an aura.

“What is this?”

When I ask, Kuroka says it while smiling.

“It’s a book regarding life. It has things about aura, senjutsu, touki, and such.”

Hmm, so it’s a book like that. But why is she reading it? Kuroka is an expert at those kinds of things, so isn’t it pointless reading those things now……

I tilt my head and Le Fay says it while giggling.

“She’s researching so she can teach her so-called sister more efficiently.”

Oh, what was that! So she’s doing her role as the older sister!

Kuroka says it while stroking the book’s cover.

“The basic of senjutsu is to understand the ways of your own self, others, and the nature’s ki. First of all she needs to concentrate her mind, making a zazen posture quietly to release her ki, and then confirm the surrounding ki. It’s the most basic of basics, and this is the best way to develop further. That’s why I’m having her make a zazen posture first~.”

“I thought you would make her do things which don’t make any sense since this is you that we are talking about, but you are doing it more seriously than I expected.”

When I teased her, Kuroka makes an unpleasant face.

“Boo, you are so rude –nya. I’m a woman who does things seriously at proper times.”

“Look who’s talking, since you tried to take me and Koneko-chan down with a poison mist before.”

Her evilness was quite the thing when I first met her in the Underworld. She tried to defeat me, Rias, and Koneko-chan, without any mercy.

Kuroka makes a wink at my claim, and she tries to avoid it by acting cute.

“You know, I just became naughty because I was happy with my reunion with Shirone♪ Oops, lick, nyan♪ You know how you would get a heartbeat when a vicious person shows their kindness to you? Now then, has Sekiryuutei-chin got a heartbeat from me~?”

……I won’t deny it, but it’s certain that you are a bad cat!

And it isn’t “Oops, lick, nyan”…… You know that you had so much murderous intent back then? No, the thing is, telling this to her is useless. Actually, it makes me think she acted like that with the flow of things and the atmosphere.

“You definitely have to reconcile your relationship with Koneko-chan.”

Kuroka makes sad eyes at my words. ……Stop that, you become just a normal beauty when you put on a serious face like that and it makes my heart take a beat……

“You are right…… But, it might be impossible. Even if it’s something I did because of my concern for her, Shirone was cornered to a wall as a result because of what I did.”

Just like Kuroka said, Koneko-chan received the guilt of the crime her sister did which was killing her master. As a result, there was even a suggestion to execute her. The matter was solved because Sirzechs-sama defended Koneko-chan but……after that, I heard that it took a long time for her to heal mentally and for her to resume living normally.

Koneko-chan who had a scar in her heart must be thinking that “I was betrayed by my sister, and I was blamed for it by many adults”. And half of that is right.

“I don’t know any hard stuff. But if that time comes, I will help you out to fix your relation with her.”

They only have themselves as two sisters in this world. If they are going to get back together, then I won’t hold back from helping them.

After all, I think having Koneko-chan smile is the most important.

Kuroka stares at me in wonder when I told her my thoughts.


She laughs as if she finds it funny.

“Nyahahaha. Yup yup, I see now. I think I understand now –nya. Of course everyone will fall for you. Sekiryuutei-chin, you are more charming than normal handsome ones, you know?”

“Well, thank you for that. Though, I would have preferred to be a normal handsome guy. Did you know that it’s quite hard being a Sekiryuutei?”

It’s like going through a death experience because so many strong foes attack us. No, I actually have lost my body once because of it.

Le Fay asks as if she’s trying to change the subject.

“How is your negotiation with the magicians going?”

“Well, so-so, I guess. There’s such a huge number of them, and I'm taking some of them down by selecting them through their documents.”

“I hear that the Sekiryuutei-sama is very popular.”

Rias seems to be the busiest, but she’s continuing to do things about the Vampires and magicians while doing her usual job, school affairs, and her role as our [King].

……I really can’t win against Rias. That person is carrying the most and the biggest burden out of all of us.

Becoming a High-class Devil and the [King] is the same thing as carrying about the issues of all of your servants on your back. ……Will I be able to manage it when I become a High-class Devil? I’m feeling uneasy about it, but I can only support Rias, and charge forward for now.

Talking about charging forward, there is the thing about Skithblathnir.

“Hey, if I was to learn magic from you, Le Fay, will I be able to acquire the ability to use it?”

I ask Le Fay. My familiar, the Skithblathnir, is a magical ship. I should also put some knowledge about magic into my head even if it's only a bit. Even more so if I am to have a relationship with a magician.

Le Fay nods.

“I don’t know what kind of magic you want to use, but if you are a Devil, you are adapted to use special powers more than average people, so I think it is possible for you to acquire them depending on how hard you work. By the way it’s the basics, but you do know the differences between demonic-power and magic, yes?”

“Yeah, demonic-power is something which you use to turn your imagination into actual form, and magic is something where you use equations to make supernatural phenomenon occur, right?”

“If you have to separate them simply, yes, that is correct. Demonic-power requires the power to use imagination and the power to create, and it requires having good sense. Magic is just knowledge to control equations, and you need to use your head and need calculations, so they are different even though it may seem similar.”

“Ah, for an idiot like me, that will be hard.”

I can’t calculate at all! Having control over the equations high enough to control supernatural phenomenon will be something I’m bad at since I’m only capable of controlling my demonic-power to use dress-break and pailingual.

Le Fay continues.

“I think it’s possible to acquire something which doesn’t need that much calculation. For example, a magic to warm up cold coffee, and also a simple magic to see through things.”


Magic to see through!? T-That’s something which makes me very interested in!

If I acquire it properly, will I be able to see through wo-woman’s clothing!?

My head is filled with seeing through clothes and Kuroka adds extra information.

“In other words. Magic is something where you need knowledge and calculations to know “If I do this, this will happen” -nya. There are phenomenons even I don’t understand, and you can’t make things like that occur using magic -nya. Though there are spell casters who can use magic which isn’t properly solved with their senses and talents. They are special people where you need to add the word “super” ten times in front of the word “rare”.”

So the reason why Rossweisse-san uses magic over demonic-power as first priority is because it’s easier for her to calculate rather than imagining. She certainly seems like that type of person.

Unng, it seems like I can acquire them more than I expected.

I won’t be able to use magic to the highest level. But, I might be able to acquire one or two things!

Maybe I should seriously learn about magic by listening to the words of Rossweisse-san and Le Fay.

As the result of it, it will be awesome if I can understand more about this Skithblathnir.

Seeing the Skithblathnir which is flying around me, Kuroka asks.

“By the way, has the name for this child been decided yet?”

Oh! I’m glad you asked!

“Yeah, this guy’s name is Ryuuteimaru! You know how ships have names like that? And look at this thing over here!”

I have both of them look at the flag. It has the name “Ryuuteimaru” written on it. Yeah, I wrote it using a brush! How’s that, awesome right!?


Kuroka rejects it right away!

Shiiiiiiiiiit! I thought really hard about it! No, this guy’s name is Ryuuteimaru! I will definitely go with this! First inspiration is important!

It happens just before I was about to argue back. Asia comes into the training room.


“Oh, what’s wrong Asia?”

“It seems like Rias-oneesama will be leaving Japan now.”


It’s several hours earlier than I expected. I did hear that they will be leaving tonight, but I never thought it would be this quickly. It’s still evening.

“It seems like the weather is good again, and the small jet plane is able to fly now.”

I see. So that’s why they are going earlier.

I told Kuroka and Le Fay, “I will be away for a sec”, and left the place together with Asia.

The giant teleportation magic-circle located in the basement of the Hyoudou’s residence.

All the members of the Occult Research Club and Sona-kaichou are gathered here.

To send off Rias, Kiba, and Azazel-sensei.

To visit the Vampires, the House of Vladi, they first have to go through many magic-circles in Japan by starting from the Hyoudou residence, and then they must fly to Europe. Then they must charter a small jet-plane.

The Vampires have their own barriers activated, and it seems like they have to use several transport methods in order to enter their Kingdom.

From what I heard, they will use magic-circle to go to Europe, Romania. From there they will use a small jet-plane, and then they have to transport using a car to drive up the mountain.

It must be located in a very remote place. So it’s a world hidden from the town belonging to a human.

The reason why they are leaving earlier is because the weather was bad before and therefore it wasn’t possible to fly the jet-plane, but the weather is good now. Since the weather became better earlier than expected, they decided to fly while it’s still good.

Unlike the magic-circle which can be used to travel immediately, the weather will affect aeroplanes. So it can’t be helped if the jet-plane can’t fly because of it.

Rias, Kiba, and Azazel-sensei, walk to the centre of the magic-circle while carrying their luggage. The ones who will be visiting the House of Vladi directly are Rias and Kiba. The one who will be going there after contacting the Carmilla’s side is Sensei.

Rias hugs Gasper.

“……I will be the one to protect you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. I will also settle the matter with the House of Vladi.”

“Yes, Buchou……”

Gasper also relaxes with Buchou’s embrace.

——The motherhood! Rias’s motherhood is working!

Rias looks at Akeno-san.

“Akeno, I will leave the rest to you.”

“Yes, Rias.”

I exchange knuckles with Kiba.

“I will leave Rias to you.”

“Of course.”

Yeah, it won’t be a problem if I leave it to this guy. Even if they get dragged into something troublesome, he will definitely protect Rias.

Sensei on the other hand, is giving his smiles to Sona-kaichou and Rossweisse-san.

“Then, I will leave the school to you two. President Sona♪ Ms. Rossweisse♪”

“ “Please come back quickly since we are busy.” ”

“Man, what a dull reaction.”

Azazel-sensei seems dissatisfied with the dull response of the two.

It’s almost the end of the year, and the school’s schedule is packed with preparing for the end of the year as well. Since one of the teachers will be gone during this time, maybe for the both of them who are deeply connected with school affairs, they can’t be that happy to send Sensei off even if it’s for diplomatic reasons.

And it’s this former-Governor that we are talking about. It’s possible that he will be having fun while he’s gone……

Sensei then tells all of us.

“Those magicians that are targeting those related to the Phoenix seem suspicious. Be careful.”


We reply back to him. Yeah, we will be cautious about that!

“Asia, Ophis.”

Sensei calls Asia and Ophis.

“Asia, it’s about that thing but what’s left will depend on you. Go through with it while getting advice from Ophis. Ophis, I will leave it to you. If you who is the Dragon-God is beside her, then it should be okay. I will leave the so-called blessing of Dragon-God, okay?”

“Yes, I am really embarrassed about it, but I will do my b-best.”

“I, about Asia, will look carefully.”

Asia and Ophis respond back to Sensei’s words. What’s this about? Asia, you have a really red face, you know? I’m really anxious about it!

After that the three of them, Rias, Kiba, and Sensei, have the last check with everyone and bid them farewell, and they are finally leaving—.

The ones who were looking at each other were me and Rias.

Rias takes a step forward, and closes in on me.

“……I will be going then.”

“Yes, I will be waiting for the good news. If something happens, I will definitely come to your aid.”

“Yes. I know.”

We looked at each other, took our hands, and spent a few seconds together before separating.

But we smiled immediately, and let go off our hands. No matter where Rias and I are, our souls will always be connected—

The three of them, who are lining up at the centre of the teleportation magic-circle. The glow of the magic-circle gets stronger.

After Akeno-san makes the last check for the teleportation magic-circle, the glow of the teleportation spreads throughout the room, and the next moment—

Rias and the other two were gone when I opened my eyes. The teleportation succeeded.

……Rias, Kiba, Sensei, good luck.

While the three of them are gone, the rest of us who are left behind will look after here!

“Uuu, I’m so lonely.”

Even if I said that earlier, not seeing Rias on my bed……is very painful!

It’s sleeping time, and I’m fighting with loneliness on top of my bed!

I sent her off just before, and I’m already craving for Rias’s warmth!

That’s because I always, always, have been sleeping with the three of us of me, Rias, and Asia! And that Rias isn’t here……!

“Rias……uu, I miss the oppai.”

It’s my healing source to sleep by sinking my face in that voluptuous oppai. Rias also welcomes me by saying “Come here” and sleeps by embracing me!

Aaah, Rias’s oppai! Aaah, Rias’s oppaaaai~!

I’m so sad that I’m hugging on Asia.

“……Asia, from tonight can I sleep like this for a while?”

“Yes, Ise-san sure is a spoiled child.”

That’s right. It’s okay. I have Asia with me. I can endure it since Asia is with me! Aaah, Asia-chan! I always spoil Asia, but I can have her spoil me sometimes, right? I can’t sleep by myself anymore! I’m such a weakling! But! It can’t be helped!

Since I know the taste of sleeping together with Rias and Asia, I can no longer sleep by myself!

When I was about to sleep while hugging onto Asia, there is a knock on the door.

Asia and I look that way. Then, the one who enters by opening the door is—.

“Ufufu, I will excuse myself in here for a while from tonight.”

It’s Akeno-san who is wearing a see through negligee!

“A-Akeno-san! W-What’s wrong?”

“I thought I should replace Rias, so I came here.”

Replacing Rias!? D-Does that mean she will be sleeping with Asia and I?

Akeno-san walks towards the bed—,

“Then, let’s start—”

and starts to undress her negligee while saying thaaaaaat!

“……I-It’s my first time, b-but please be gentle…… ……It’s embarrassing doing it front of Asia-chan, but I will be happy if you turn the lights off……”

Akeno-san who becomes fully naked! And what are you saying while making your face red!? W-What’s going on!? Is something about to happen!?

“P-Please wait, Akeno-san! W-What are you getting so serious about!?”

Akeno-san tilts her head suspiciously when she sees me panicking.

“Eh? That’s because I’m going to replace Rias from tonight so……is it wrong?”

She has a big misunderstanding about something!

Asia also gets shocked at Akeno-san’s action.

“Hauuu! Akeno-san! What were you trying to do!?”

“But, Asia-chan. If a man and a woman sleep together on the bed…..it can only mean one thing, correct?”

I knew it! She took the meaning of sleeping together in that direction! No, apparently that’s how it is normally! Even I would prefer to have it that way and……no no!

“N-No! No, that may be it normally, but Rias, Asia, and I, are sleeping together peacefully, you know!?”

Suddenly Akeno-san puts on a confused look. Just how prepared were you about doing this!?

“Ara ara, this is troublesome. I waited for this day by preparing myself and being ready for it……and I was looking forward to my precious first night.”

“F-First night……?”

T-There’s a wonderful ring to those words! I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s a sense of language that echoes throughout my body and mind……!

While ignoring me who is paralysed by the wonderful Japanese words in my head, Akeno-san tries to enter the bed while naked!

The finest quality of a woman’s body is right in front of me! Her breasts are bouncing in every direction right in front of my eyes! I can’t help myself but to follow the movements with my eyes!

Akeno-san gets inside the bed, and then makes a posture of welcoming me into her arms by spreading her arms!

“Then, shall we sleep normally♪”

You aren’t planning to sleep normally, are you, Akeno-san!? So I will be doing it with Akeno-san when Rias isn’t here……and while Asia is looking! I-Is this what you call an affair!? I have expressed my feelings to Rias, but I’m thinking of digging right into the woman’s body which is right in front of me!

Akeno-san takes my hand as if she is enjoying it, and moves it towards her breast!

Munyuu~, my hand gets sucked onto her breast!

Yeah, this is the thing! Akeno-san’s breast! My hand is in joy from the different sensation to that of Rias! This works well on my brain!

Suddenly Akeno-san puts on sorrowful eyes.

“……When I thought you died, I felt that everything ended. My mind went blank……and I kept on remembering Ise-kun that remained in my memory, I was escaping from the reality……”

I was told about that situation from Kiba. It seems like she was in a horrible state. I heard that she was in a state even more serious than Rias, and that she probably wouldn’t have regained her consciousness if her father, Barakiel-san, didn’t come.

……I made Akeno-san become that depressed just because I may have been dead.

I’m glad being a man, but even I won’t be able to endure seeing Akeno-san in that state.

I then remembered Azazel-sensei’s words.

[Once she removes her mask of being an Onee-sama, what’s left is her true side of “depending” on a man. That can be her father Barakiel, and you. If danger arises to you two, she will become depressed once again. But, you can also say that it can be used to rise her tension up. You just have to show manliness. Listen up; this is what you have to say.]

Umm, I think Sensei said—


“——! Y-Yes.”

It seems like she is shocked to have me suddenly call her name.

I’m not sure if I’m actually allowed to say this and I feel scared. Sensei, I will believe in you, okay?

“……I-I will definitely not die. I will de-definitely return to your side. Can you believe in me and Rias, and live for my sake?”

……I’ve said it, Sensei! I’ve said it despite being super embarrassed and daring!

And from here isn’t Sensei’s words but my own words! I must say my true feelings! I take my hand off her oppai, and place it on her shoulder!

I took a deep breath, and then said it!

“Let’s become stronger together! Let’s live on together with me and everyone!”

She’s from the same group, she is my important senior, and she is Akeno-san who I like very much. If we are weak, if there is a part of us being weak, then we have to overcome them! I’m……still really weak! That’s why, I think we can just get stronger together and live on!

Now, what is her answer!?

Akeno-san, has lots of tears falling and—

“……Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay now. I will live on for the sake of you, Rias, and everyone else. I will become stronger with you, Ise. I will be with you forever.”

—she nods! Since she breaks down her attitude and voice of Onee-sama like this, and since she turns into a normal girl like this, Akeno-san……becomes deadly cute……!

I then remembered the other thing Azazel-sensei said!

[But, you will have to take responsibility till the end if you say that, okay? Akeno is delicate and is easy to get depressed, so once you say that, you know the relationship will become solid? If you actually die next time, she will be done for. That’s why you can not die at all costs, okay? If you die, it will be a disaster, you know? But if you don’t die, Akeno will become even stronger.]

…………I have a big responsibility now! I’m not allowed to encounter a situation where I will die now! If this person sees that……won’t she break!?

It seems like I just cornered myself……but yeah! I have to do it! I have destroyed the path of turning back by myself!

Akeno-san wipes her tears, and then puts on her usual smile. She then says this in that state.

“Yes. Now, I will leave my body under the care of Ise-kun♪”


W-What kind of keywords are that!? She will leave it to me!? She’s going to allow me to touch her breast and have me take care of her body while Rias isn’t here!? T-Things like that are possible!? No, it’s something which is becoming possible right now!

W-What should I do!?

The Devil and another Devil inside me are saying “Go for it” and “No, also take Asia as well!”! Gufufu, I’m so lost right now!

It happens when I was thinking of what to do. The door opens once again.


This time Koneko-chan appears! She is in a maniac fashion where she is only wearing a white shirt on top!

“K-Koneko-chan? W-What’s wrong?”

“……I will also sleep with Ise-senpai and everyone.”


Koneko-chan walks towards me and then hugs onto me.

“……Since I had Ravel steal my position on Ise-senpai’s lap, I will protect the position of being lifted up by Senpai at all cost.”

Oh my! Even Koneko-chan is acting this way!

What are all of you doing when your master isn’t here……!? Though I’m not in the position where I can say that!

“It’s not fair that Koneko-chan is the only one being treated like this!”

Even Asia is hugging me from my back!


Then those two appear while my brain was being affected with Koneko-chan’s sweet voice.

“And I was thinking of taking action while Rias-buchou isn’t here……”

“I-I was dragged here by Xenovia by force! S-Sneaking into a boy’s room to make love is something the lord won’t forgive!”

“That’s wrong, Irina! We have to take action while Rias-buchou isn’t here!”

It’s Xenovia and Irina! They enter my room while dressed in pyjamas! And both of them happen to be standing near the door while making weird poses! What’s up with that totally wrong posing-style of a squadron of heroes!? Are they trying to make the whole world laugh with that!?

Why is everyone suddenly coming to my room after Rias departed!?

No, they are usually like this as well, but aren’t they being aggressive today!?

I feel like I will be going along with the flow at this rate! It seems like by having our master, [King] Rias, absent, it’s going to go wild because there isn’t any control in this!

I then thought of starting a conversation.

Ah, that’s right. There is one thing that has been bugging me for a long time. How can Irina who is always encountering the situation of falling say things like making babies with me? That’s what has been bothering me.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but how can an Angel make babies with humans without falling? There are those people right? Half Angels that is.”

Yes, just like how a child can be born between a human and a Fallen Angel, people say that a child can be born between an Angel and a human as well. During that procedure, the Angels won’t fall, and the child that is born between them isn’t a Fallen Angel either.

Xenovia and Irina look at each other. Xenovia opens her mouth. –And at the same time she takes her top pyjama off~!

“Yeah, there are very few numbers of them, but there are half Angels.”

“Yup, there certainly are. I also have met them.”

Just like I thought, Irina starts to take off her pyjamas with Xenovia’s words!

“But, I’m sure there are many restrictions for Angels when they make babies. Isn’t it?”

Xenovia who has taken off her lower pyjamas tries to get confirmation from Irina. Irina says it while also taking off all of her pyjamas!

“Yup. In order to start that procedure, there are quite a lot things that have to be prepared beforehand. You have to put a barrier on that location, you also have to pray the night before doing it to purify your body, and it’s obviously wrong to have lecherous thoughts while doing it. You have to remember the teaching at all times, and you have to do it while having the mind of a Saint. You will be out if you get drawn into the greed even once. And it must be pure love!”

That’s a situation which is totally impossible for me! I’m sure the human’s side will be full with lust if they knew they can have sex with a beautiful Angel. Even if it’s the Angel’s side, I think they will also fall just like how Sensei did, if they find out they can have sex with a cute human woman. I can say that with confidence!

Rather than that, both of you are wearing your underwear only! What kind of situation are you two making while talking about something serious!?

I’m grateful, but the current me isn’t capable of taking 5 girls at once!

“……Somehow, not allowing to have lust while being in love, and to make babies while having the mind of a Saint……sounds so impossible that it seems hard.”

When I mutter that out while wiping my nose, Xenovia nods.

“That’s why only the chosen one can become one with an Angel. At the same time, the Angel also has to finish till the end without being drawn to their greed. They will fall the moment they get drawn to their greed.”

So it means it’s a sex which has such a high level of difficulty. Oh man, that will be impossible for me. I will be all hyped the moment I see their breasts. I’m glad I’m neither an Angel nor a believer! Looks like Devils are the best!

Ah, then it looks like it will be hard for Irina. That’s because she is in danger of falling when she encounters a situation which is sex-related. —Despite that, this Angel-san is only wearing her underwear!

“So it’s impossible for you, Irina?”

Xenovia says it to Irina as if she is speaking for me.

Irina puts on an unpleasant face.

“……S-Since we are childhood friends, I’m sure there are obstacles we can overcome together!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot you two are childhood friends.”

“Geez, Xenovia! I decided to challenge the limits of an Angel!”

“To begin with, why are you approaching Ise? Ever since the peace meeting of the Three Great Powers, I decided inside my heart that this guy is the one. He talked to Michael-sama directly for my prayers! You do know it’s something which isn’t capable for a normal guy, right?”


“Irina, you won’t deny that you started to like him with the flow and influence, right?”

“T-That isn’t it! It’s because he looks cool!”

“Your reason is weak! I can only think that you started to like your friend’s partner!”

“I remembered it just recently! When we were little, Ise-kun promised me!”

I put a “?” above my head when Irina says that. Did I promise you something……?

“Anyhow, Irina, I want you to emit your power of light behind me and Ise! I’m going to do this by showing my right breast, and then also my left breast!”

“Xenovia you dummy! I’m not a light bulb! This time it’s different compared to the time at the school trip!”

Ah ah, these two started again……

“Ufufu, I’m a Devil and a Fallen Angel. So you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Akeno-san! Please stop taking my hand towards your breast again! I won’t be able to endure it any loooooonger~!

“Koneko-san! I knew you would come here!”

Even Ravel has finally come! She walks towards the bed and I can sense anger in her footsteps.

“……Excuse me!”

She then sleeps on the corner of my bed! Hey hey hey, Ravel!?

“……I may be inexperienced, but I will have myself stay at the corner of the bed! I am your manager after all! I must protect Ise-sama from this cat!”

Ravel, who threatens Koneko-chan while making a face. Koneko-chan who has eyes sparkling as if she is fighting back! Damn it! No matter what they do, my two juniors are cute!



……It’s not a situation where it’s about sex or making a child, is it? My room is too chaotic!

“Ise-senpai! I have come because I’m too lonely~!”

The one who enters my room last while having teary eyes is Gya-suke! He makes his appearance while bringing a box! I see, so he became lonely since Kiba who is living with him left!

“As you can see, my bed is already full! If the corner of the room is okay, then sleep over there!”

When I say that, Gasper actually makes a base at the corner of my room and opens his box! Danball Vampire can sleep anywhere as long as he has a box!

Akeno-san also takes my hand off her oppai as if she has given up. Ah, such a waste!

“Ara ara, looks like Ise-kun’s bed is full with people now. At this rate, I won’t be able to have an affair for a while.”

……Yes, it’s very regrettable but……it’s not possible in this situation…… Actually, I don’t think tonight will be the only day it will be like this…..

Then the closet opens roughly. Ophis appears as if it’s the last part of the night.

“I, appear from the closet. Ehem.”

What’s with those words full with confidence!? Rather, since when have you been hiding there!?

……Haa. It’s finalised with the appearance of our Ophis-sama.

So I will sleep peacefully with everyone today as well.

Part 2

After a few days since Rias left Japan―.

I am having a school life which is no different than usual.

Apparently, Rias and the others arrived in Romania safely, and are currently heading towards their destination.

Except, the territory where the Vampires live is located away from the area where humans live as I predicted, and I hear it’s very difficult to travel to that location. I have been receiving calls periodically and it seems it will take a lot of time to get there.

……We can only believe in Rias, and wait for the good news while waiting here.

“Why are you putting on such a serious face?”

I have my head poked by Matsuda.

……It’s about time for our physical education class, so I have changed into my jersey and I am about to head towards the sports ground.

It’s already winter. So moving my body in the sports ground is becoming more tiring. No, I also hate it in summer since its hot!

“Lately the physical education class has been you soloing it, Ise. It’s alright if I team up with you, but I hate it if I have to take you on.”

Motohama says that while making a sigh.

I’m sorry. Since I became a Devil, my stamina and such has improved due to training and fighting strong foes. ……If I don’t hold back I will surpass that of a human’s level, so you do realise that I’m taking the physical education class while holding back?

My power has spurred ever since I got my body renewed, so not just me but also these guys get shocked because outrageous power comes out at times when I’m not expecting it. ……Since I’m a humanoid Dragon, the way to suppress my power is different from before.

I was shocked at my inhuman level ability when I first became a Devil, but I got a complicated feeling soon as I thought that “I became a being that is different from Matsuda and Motohama”.

……How long will I be able to remain friends with these guys? If it’s possible, I want to remain friends with these guys for the rest of my life.

But Devils lives are long and they can control the age of their appearance. When Matsuda and Motohama become old men, do I have to make myself look like an old man despite having an appearance of a young man when I’m fulfilling my life as a Devil? It seems like hanging out with these guys will be even harder. W-Well, there’s no point thinking about that now. I will just concentrate on physical education class.

Matsuda then says it when we were about to reach the sports ground.

“You know how there was a guy called Taoka during junior high school?”

“Ah, that guy who had so much passion towards girls body hair. He sure was a maniac.”

I remember him. Yeah yeah, he was going on about hairs. He apparently likes the leftover shaved hairs. ……It’s a bit hard for me to understand that feeling. Does it mean I’m still young?

Matsuda continues.

“It seems like his brother is going to become independent and have his own shop. And his partner who is doing business together with him is the manager of his club during his years as a student whom he got along with.”

“Hmm hmm, so he’s going to have his own shop together with the female manager? You sure can see the relation between a guy and a girl from that story.”

Motohama says that with a lecherous face. Well, it’s natural that he will think that way.

Matsuda shrugs his shoulder.

“Well, I’m not sure about that. But it seems like she supported him since they were students. Apparently he persuaded her since they were students by saying, “I will become independent by having my own shop one day, so I want you to come with me”. It seems like that manager is capable of doing things and other guys also have been asking her to come with them, but she decided to follow Taoka’s brother since they had the strongest trust between them.”

“Hmm, so he already thought about having a shop since he was a student. That is passionate in its own way.”

So it's something like how Ravel tags along with my business.

……Starting my own business huh. Being independent. So it’s necessary to have a partner. In other words, having a manager is a must.

Matsuda nods at my comment.

“Right? But having a promise about the future sure seems nice. I also want a manager like that who I can make a promise with!”

I do have one. It’s Ravel.

Even now she is selecting the magicians together with me.

Making a promise about the future with Ravel? So when I become a High-class Devil and become independent, I should tell her to follow me as my manager?

……Not bad. Instead, it sounds good. I can truly feel that way when I look at how Ravel is doing now.

“You are right. And if it’s possible, the manager has to be a girl.”


“Of course!”

The two bastards agree to my comment. Yeah!

Making a promise with a very capable manager huh. It’s something you can’t declare to a person unless you have enough ambition, strength, and confidence in you.

That’s because you will have to live on together with them by having that person’s life and way of life in your hands. ……So there is a risk that you might ruin that person’s life. And it is something very very important.

I also have a girl that I want to fulfill my dream……my life with. I am blessed.

I have started to think that I want to work together with Ravel more seriously. That’s because she is reliable when I see her supporting me who is still lacking. I also want her to be my manager from now on.

It happens when I was thinking about it.

“……Hey, look. There are guys who are cosplaying.”

Matsuda pointed at a certain direction.

“Oh oh, what is that? Are they something like a magician?”

Hearing Motohama’s words, I look towards that direction right away.


……I thought my daily life is something that wouldn't be destroyed somewhere in my heart.

For example, the Hyoudou residence will be safe and peaceful, and the Kuou academy during the day is a school that I can attend normally.

I thought it won’t be different. –From the not normal daily life.

There are several people wearing the magician’s robes in front of me, and they have their hands aimed towards me. ……A magic-circle is glowing below their feet. They take off their hood. Three guys! They look like foreigners.

……Those guys are clearly sending out hostility towards me.

“Matsuda, Motohama, run.”

Both of them put on a serious expression at my serious advice.

“Ah, what’s wrong?”

“You look pale, Ise. Did something happen between you and that group of cosplayers?”

The two of them who can’t understand this situation! This situation must be kidding me! Those guys have activated a magic-circle on their hands!

At this rate, they will throw magical attacks this way!

I sprinted from the location so I can change the direction of where they will attack!

“Matsuda, Motohama! Run away! Just go behind the building! Quickly!”

I shouted while running, so I can lure the magicians to the area where there is no one!

It’s fortunate that their target is me, so they came after me!

Matsuda and Motohama are shouting something from afar……but this isn’t the time for it! I need to do something about these guys……or my friends will get hurt!

“So you are defending your comrades, Sekiryuutei!”

“Haha! It’s just like what is written on the report! You are soft!”

“But the ranking of his power in the youth Devils that the association gave him is SS! He isn’t just exceptional!”

What kind of nonsense are they saying!?

Association? Magic? Is it Mephisto Pheles-san? No, that isn’t it. I only met him once, but I don’t think a good-humoured person like that would send magicians with so much hostility to this school!


……Stray magicians. I remember that I heard the story about irresponsible guys who weren’t acknowledged by the association and who have been repeating offences by destroying things.

But why are the stray magicians here!? During noon at Kuou Academy! This area is within the territory of the alliance of Three Great Powers. A strong barrier was built here, and it’s made so bad guys won’t be able to enter that easily!

In order to pass through, you need a certain level of qualification and also by passing the examination!

No, to begin with…there’s no way someone would let terrorists come in!

I somehow manage to lure these guys into the forest area within the school’s campus while having many doubts.

Several magicians and I confront each other.

They activate the magic-circle once again, and they have the magical aura gather to their hands.

Now, since there isn’t anyone here, I will make my gauntlet appear!

“Boosted Gear!”

A red gauntlet appears on my left arm!

……But there is no response from it. The jewel……isn’t glowing!

……Oh man. Looks like I made it appear within the time when Ddraig isn’t feeling well.

Oh man. With this, the only way I can use my gauntlet is for defending!

The magicians who are looking at me suspiciously because I haven’t used my ability despite making my gauntlet appear.

“……Isn’t he going to activate his Sacred Gear?”

“No, maybe he can’t activate it.”

“Hey hey, we came here to challenge the power of Sekiryuutei, you know?”

They were having a conversation like that. A challenge? They came here for a reason like that?

“You guys, what is your motive for coming here?”

I ask. They just laugh happily.

“The association of the chairman Mephisto has given ranks to you young Devils.”

I know about that. That they have given ranks to the groups of what they are calling “Rookies Four”. Thankfully, I’m also given a rank. And it’s a very high rating. They rated my achievement of taking down the terrorists.

……Well, the real fact is that I’m not the most popular one since the magicians that sent their resume compared my history with the how useful I will be for their research about magic.

One of the magicians shows a fearless smile.

“That’s why we felt like testing you while going along with the plan.”

Plan? Plan for what?

I became filled with doubts and then I hear the sound of an explosion. ……It came from the new school building! The ground also makes a small shake, and it makes me realise how serious this situation is! Does it mean they did quite a large-scale magical attack!?

The new school building! Is someone taking on the magicians!? Both the guys and girls of our class are having physical education right now. The guys are at the sports ground and the girls are at gymnasium. So it’s Akeno-san who is a third-year or Rossweisse-san who is a teacher. Or it’s the members from the Student Council.


Then a bad premonition came to my mind after I thought about it!

……The first year’s classroom. Koneko-chan, Gya-suke, and Ravel.

The magicians……who are after those related to the Phoenix. The plan these guys spoke of……

“You guys! So you are after Ravel!”

Three of them laugh after hearing my shout.

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“As a start, I want you to play along with us so that we can make time.”

They activate a magic-circle to their hands, and they release a fire attack at me!

I dodged it by jumping backwards, and then leap forward the moment my feet land on the ground!

“You can’t be serious!”

I promote to [Queen] right away, I then shortened my distance, and then went attacking towards one of the magicians! I can still beat down all of you barehanded even if my Sacred Gear isn’t activated!

My attack is stopped by the defence magic-circle which appears right before hitting him. The hard impact that I can feel from my fist. ……Shit! I can’t break through the defence magic with a mere punch! It seems like I can take them down even barehanded if my attack lands on their face!

“You are full of openings!”

From the side, lots of stone-sized ice gets released from the magic-circle!

I block them with my gauntlet but……it’s not good! Blocking all of it will be hard! Shards of ice hit deeply and heavily all over my body! My whole body hurts, but there isn’t the time for it!

My junior is being targeted! I can’t stay here like this!

I……then concentrated my thought to my right arm. Aura gathers to my right fist. No, this isn’t a punch which has aura concentrated in it.

My right arm thickens, and it shows itself while ripping apart my jersey.

―My right arm that has dragonified.

With my newly tuned body, it is now possible to have a part of my body turn into that of a Dragon depending on how much thought I put into it.

Dragonification turns my mind into battle-mode, and I don’t want to use it much as possible because my body gets dull after its use…… But I’m in a situation like this. Since I’m in the situation where I can’t use my Sacred Gear, this is the only option I have!

And also by dragonifying, that part of my body also gets enhanced! I can’t dragonify my whole body, but I have learned how to make one part of my body like my arms and legs transform!

I made a stance with my dragonified right arm, I took a step to my right, and went hitting towards the magician who is standing there.

The opponent activates a defence magic-circle in front of him―


―But it gets destroyed with my strike while making a hopeless sound.

Yeah! I can do it with this arm!

I used the momentum to follow through and hit the magician squarely in the face!


That magician went flying backwards, and he collapses on the ground after hitting his back on the tree.

There are still explosive sounds coming from the new school building. ……Looks like I can’t be wasting my time here!

“You are quite the thing. I never thought you would attack with a Dragon’s arm.”

“Well, it’s okay. It starts from here.”

The remaining two still have fighting spirit in them. Shit! I can’t take my time fighting you guys!

But when I was about jump at them, a small magic-circle appears to the rear of both magicians.

……Is that a communication-type? Both of them are listening to the information being told to them, and break their stances while putting on a disturbing smile.

They continue to carry the magician who is on the ground, and activate the magic-circle below their feet.

―They're planning to run away!


I try to capture them, but they disappear within the teleportation light while leaving disturbing words, “Let’s play again!” ――.

After my battle with the magicians ended, I went running towards the new school building. Since I need to have Akeno-san scatter the Dragon’s power to fix my right arm, I wrap the jersey around my arm and hide it. ……I can’t show an arm like this to the other students after all.

……I checked while coming here, but several locations of the building have been destroyed. The window-side of the building has been destroyed very badly, and there are holes at the school garden. ……I only have bad feelings about this!

I head towards the first year’s classroom, ―to where Koneko-chan and others are.

At the corridor, in front of the classroom. It has been destroyed violently, there are holes at the window-side of the building, and it changed so much that you can view outside. The wind breeze comes in.

There is one girl who seems to be Koneko-chan’s classmate sitting on the floor. The other first years are looking at the situation of the corridor from their classroom’s door fearfully.

I walk towards one of the first year student sitting on the floor of the corridor, and then speak.

“Are you okay?”

This girl is looking with daze as if she has just experienced a very terrifying moment, and she has her body stiff.

It seems like my words haven’t reached her ears. ……She must have gone through a scary experience by being attacked from the magicians.

I shake her shoulders, and then look towards the classroom……but I don’t see Koneko-chan, Gasper, and Ravel. They escaped? It will be good if they did…… But, that probably isn’t it. It’s those kids who think a lot about their comrades. They will take actions to protect their comrades.

Even though she hasn’t come to her senses, the first year girl mutters.

“……I was caught by suspicious looking people……and Koneko-san, Gasper-kun, and Ravel-san, saved me and……”

――! Koneko-chan, Gasper, Ravel! So this girl was taken hostage and……!

“Koneko-chan and the other two were covered by lights along with those weird people who were cosplaying as magicians, and then disappeared!”

A student who is observing the situation of the corridor from the classroom’s door tells me.

……So they were taken hostage and got taken away……!


I banged my left fist at the corridor while having ill feelings.

……Shit. Protecting her my ass……! I couldn’t even protect Ravel while Rias is gone……!

I bite my teeth with frustration……!

After a while, my comrades and the Student Council members appear. It seems like everyone besides the first year trio are safe.

……Those magicians, what are they planning to do with my juniors……!?

Life.4 Go, Occult Research Club & Student Council!

Part 1


We, the Occult Research Club, and the Student Council members are gathered in the old school building. The [Bishop] Kusaka-san from the Student Council is on standby in a different room so she can exchange information with the staff from the alliance.

Shinra-senpai gives her report to everyone.

“The repair of the damage done to the school will commence now. All students have been sent home. Regarding the ones who attacked this school, the staff from the Three Great Powers who are working in this territory are searching for them now.”

Kaichou speaks right after Shinra-senpai.

“……The device that Azazel-sensei left behind which can control the memories of the students came in handy. The memories of the students who have been attacked by the magicians have been changed into the fact that “trespassers came onto the campus, and the school has been suspended temporarily”.”

So it’s the device they used to alter the memories of the students when 300 of my doppelgangers were going wild on the campus. In that incident, we thought it may not be a good idea to leave those memories in the students, so we used the special device from the Fallen Angels to alter them.

The Fallen Angels have the technology to erase the memories of commoners who get involved with abnormal powers and other beings. Just like how they erased the memories about Amano Yuuma, Raynare, from Matsuda and Motohama.

Except, using that often will have a negative influence on their memories, so it’s better to use it while having certain restrictions to it. That’s why we changed their memories to “trespassers came onto the campus”.

“How about the memories regarding the places that were destroyed?”

Xenovia asks Kaichou.

“We have altered the memories of the students and made it so that the sudden repairing construction happens to overlap with this day. ……It was fortunate that there wasn’t a single person who left the school even though we had such crisis. It also seems like we can do something about those who took recordings of this incident on their mobile phones with the Fallen Angels support.”

That means the identity of the other beings—the truth of this academy hasn’t been revealed.

But Shinra-senpai puts on a frustrated expression.

“Except, the hearts of those students who went through such shock during this incident won’t be completely healed. I’m sure the memories of “encountering something terrifying” will remain with them for eternity. Thinking that they will spend their life without knowing the cause of it…… the ones who attacked us, I won’t forgive them!”

The female student who was used as a hostage……

The memories about the magicians have been altered. But the trauma of being attacked by a scary person might remain in her heart. And she will spend the rest of her life not knowing why that is……

It’s the fault of the magicians. But, isn’t it also our fault?

……It’s because we couldn’t stop them…… To begin with, this school itself is—

Saji rests his hand on my shoulder. He is shaking his head.

“Hyoudou. Are you perhaps thinking that “This school itself is operating while deceiving common people”? I understand your feelings, but right now I’m more concerned about Toujou Koneko-san and the other two who were abducted. Right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Yeah, rescuing those three who were abducted is our first priority. But……I can’t hide how shocked I am. The Kuou academy at noon, which I thought was absolutely safe. There was a time when Kuou academy became the battlefield in the fight against Kokabiel at night, but I never thought I would encounter terrorism during my normal school life.

……With a little mistake, there was a chance that Matsuda and Motohama may have become victims. Since they are related to us who are Devils, I come to realise once again that they are standing next to the possibility of danger. That’s why I thought about the Kuou academy itself once again……

By the way, I tried to tell Kuroka and Le Fay who are at the Hyoudou residence about this case……but I couldn’t contact them. I thought I should inform them about Koneko-chan who was abducted, but the one who answered the personal communication magic-circle in our house was Ophis who is looking after the house, and according to Dragon God-sama—,

“Kuroka and Le Fay, they returned after being called by Vali.”

That seems like what happened. They sure aren’t present at crucial times, those half-lodger girls!

……Huh? Called by Vali? Did something happen? We got assaulted, and they got assaulted as well? No, it can’t be…… Actually, Vali isn’t important right now!

When I tried to calm my mind, Xenovia says this next to me.

“So are the culprits the “Stray Magicians” who are targeting those related to the Phoenix together with those from the“Khaos Brigade”?”

“Must be.”

Irina says. Yeah, I also think the same.

“What do you think, Rossweisse-san?”

I try to get the opinion of Rossweisse-san who is a magic user.

“Yes, judging from the analysis of the traces of magic—”

She is interrupted when the ring tone of a mobile phone echoes within the room.

It seems like the ring tone is coming from Rossweisse-san.

“Cough, I’m sorry. Hello……”

Rossweisse-san answers it by making a cough. ……Who is it from? When I became curious—

“O,Oba-chan! Whatz wrong? Did something happen?”

G-Granny? Also it seems like her words have some accent in it…… That wasn’t just my ears, and Rossweisse-san continues to speak in countryside dialect!

“Ya, me in important meeting now. Wha? Job? No worry, me, doing well. Oba-chan no need to worry, ya know?”

The meeting has been halted because of Rossweisse-san’s dialect, and it became a situation where everyone has shock in their eyes!

That’s because she was a cool beauty (100 yen maniac) who seems to match well with the city, but now she’s speaking in a countryside dialect!? Of course we will be shocked!

“Boss of me place me work now, she is important person, and ya know me salary is better than me earlier job ya? So, me can send me money over there, ya know. No prob, no prob! Nothin' is in the countryside, ya? Buy somethin' with the money me send ya, and if ya doing well, me is happy with that, ya know?”

I open my eyes wide, and Asia tells me.

“I heard this a while ago, but it seems like Rossweisse-san is sending her money back to her homeland and……”

Xenovia continues after her.

“I heard her homeland is a place where there is nothing. Since her grandmother is living there alone, it seems like she is sending the money she earned from her job as a Devil.”

Irina also explains.

“Since her parents are warriors who serve the Norse Gods, they rarely come home, so she told me that she was mostly raised by her grandmother. That’s why she is a granny’s girl. Her dream is to build a discount store in her homeland which has every good imaginable.”

Seriously? It’s my first time hearing about this. She’s a granny’s girl, a countryside girl, and she is also sending her an allowance……! That’s why she is so attached to money!

More importantly, she wants to build a discount store in her homeland…… So the reason why she is fixated with 100 yen is due to that reason.

“……I found out about this for the first time. Rossweisse-san’s dream.”

While muttering it, I can’t help myself but to feel fellowship from the former Valkyrie who is showing more of her character.

Damn you, geezer Odin! For you to leave such a good person like her……! But, it’s certain this is an unfortunate side of her! They can settle the problem by saying that the one who was ditched was just “Rossweisse-san”! But she is a good person!

Rossweisse-san who has finished talking on the phone coughs.

“……I’m sorry. I never thought I would suddenly receive a call from home…… Also, I asked my grandmother, who was a magic user, about a spell which could break through powerful security……and she gave me quite a severe opinion. I did think that it is a possibility as well……”

“What would that be?”

When I ask Rossweisse-san,

“—a traitor.”

Sona-kaichou answers instead. Everyone’s gaze concentrates at Kaichou.

……So a traitor huh.

“This whole region is under the jurisdiction of the alliance of Three Great Powers, and there are many staff members here besides us. There is a powerful barrier within the whole town while having this school as the focal point, and it’s made that anyone can be notified if someone suspicious steps foot in this area. There is a factor where it is hard to find them if they enter by hiding themselves, but it will be restricted by the few possible ways of coming inside here. First is to enter by force. This is possible for those with strong enough powers. But this method of entering will give them away immediately, so that's not what happened in this incident.”

Yeah, if someone dangerous like that comes in, even we will notice their presence.

Sona-kaichou continues.

“The second method is a case where the person who lives in this town or one of the staff leaves the barrier and gets captured where they get controlled to enter here. Regarding this method, we didn’t get any response from the civilians, the students, and staff. If that’s the case, then it means the traitor became the middle person to allow them to enter the school.”

“Is such a thing possible?”

Sona-kaichou narrows her eyebrows. It certainly seems like it is a severe opinion.

“It will be possible if it’s the core members who can pass the barrier without a problem. In other words, only the core members from the Gremory group, Irina-san, Ravel-san, we the Sitri-group, and Azazel-sensei, are the ones that can arrange such a large scale assault.”

“Are you saying there is a traitor among us!?”

Saji shouts. His face says that he can’t believe it. Me too, Saji. There’s no way I can believe it. For there to be a traitor among us who went through life and death situation together——.

Kaichou who heard Saji’s shout, puts on a gentle expression.

“I also don’t believe there is a traitor. But the culprit is someone we can’t let our guard down against. We also don’t know whether their target is Ravel Phoenix-san. Though, we are not so naïve that we will let this go through. Now, about Toujou-san and the other two who were taken away—.”


The [Bishop] Kusaka-san appears while interrupting Kaichou who stops her explanation there.

Kusaka-san who has the attention of everyone says while feeling nervous.

“……We have received contact from those who abducted the first years of the Occult Research Club.”

The situation starts to move!

Part 2


We, the Occult Research Club, and the members of the Student Council have come to the station nearest here.

The reason for this is that the culprits have contacted us and told us to come here.

What they said was,

[If you want to take back Toujou Koneko, Gasper Vladi, and Ravel Phoenix, come to the underground station with only the members of the Gremory-group, Shidou Irina, and the Sitri-group.]

That’s what they said. ……It was a message which specifically told us to come.

Underground station. That must be the station connected to the Underworld located under the basement of the station nearest to here. During summer holidays, we entered the Underworld using the train located in the basement of this station. ……I never thought they would be there.

Kaichou mutters in front of the station.

“I never thought they would choose this place. The staff are investigating the other underground spaces used specifically by Devils……and there has been several traces of magic. There have been traces that they have been using it to hide themselves temporarily.”

“So they have been digging into the underground from the land and then trespassed by coming from the underground? Or did they trespass from the Underworld side—the train route? By passing through the dimensional gap……?”

I ask but Kaichou shakes her head to the side.

“No, it probably wasn’t either method. Just like I thought, was someone used by them……? I don’t think this area was trespassed because of a traitor……”

It seems like Kaichou is thinking hard while putting on a serious face.

……Well, if they trespassed from the Gremory territory of the Underworld, then that will mean that the Gremory allowed the trespass of the culprits and it seems like the situation will become more complicated.

We gather in front of the elevator. Kaichou says while looking at all of us.

“The staff of the Underworld and Heaven have surrounded the area around this station. We also have closed the dimensional gap for the train located in the Gremory territory of the Underworld. We still haven’t found out the true intentions of the enemy and what they are planning……but what’s left is for us to meet them in person.”

So it means the preparations are set. The enemies are already caught like a rat in a bag. I don’t know what they are planning to do, but we have closed their escape route. ……No, they are people who can trespass into this area, so they may have prepared an alternate escape route…… But if they are waiting for us, it means they aren’t thinking that much about escaping.

Either way, my objective is to retrieve our abducted juniors!

“Who will be taking leadership of the Gremory group?”

Xenovia asks. Then Kaichou fixes her glasses.

“That won’t be a problem. Due to the emergency, I will be taking leadership of both the Student Council and the Occult Research Club. Rias also has left the command to me.”


Sona-kaichou will be taking leadership! Oh, somehow, I feel that I have a strong support now!

“You may feel confused with your [King] being absent, but all of you will obey my command, yes?”


We, the Gremory group, answer her at the same time! Of course! If it’s Sona-kaichou, then we don’t have any problems!

Kaichou asks Xenovia.

“First, Xenovia-san. Out of the seven abilities of your holy-sword, how many of them can you use?”

“I don’t have problem with Destruction. Thanks to the training, I can also use Mimic, Transparency, and Rapidly. But, I'm not at a level where I have mastered using them. Using Nightmare and Blessing will be hard since they have bad compatibility with me in terms of their abilities. Ruler which is the hardest difficulty to use is even harder. I can’t rule others at all.”

“This time, there will be restrictions to our battle since we will be fighting underground. The influence of severe destruction will collapse the building and land subsidence. We have to avoid doing our strong and flashy attacks. ……The situation is different, but it's similar to the game of Sitri VS Gremory. We have to avoid causing destruction as much as possible. So please refrain from causing unnecessary impact as much as possible. If it is needed, I will give the order.”

Yeah, it’s just as Kaichou said. We can’t cause that underground station to be destroyed. So it means we can’t do excessively powerful attacks. It certainly is like that match against Sitri.

After that Kaichou asks the condition of us, the Gremory group. It seems like she will be planning some improvised tactics.

―But, there is one thing that has been in my mind.

There is one unfamiliar man with large build standing at the Sitri’s side. He is a foreign man. He has grey hair where his fringe is long, and his eyes are hidden. But he kinda has a handsome face. He is really strongly built. It’s about the same as Sairaorg-san.

I ask Shinra-senpai timidly.

“U-Umm, who is that huge man standing there……?”

“Oh, this person is a student enrolled in the college department of Kuou academy, and he is Sitri’s new [Rook].”

Sitri’s [Rook]!? Seriously, a new servant!? I got shocked since I found out about it so suddenly!

On top of that he is a person from the college section of Kuou academy! So there is a person with such a good build. Hmm, there are so many things I’m not aware of!

The man says it in few words with a boorish response.

“……Call me Loup Garou.”

He mutters like that. Shinra-senpai continues.

“We call him Rugal-san. So please call him the same as well, Hyoudou-kun. Rugal-san, we will leave the backup of the outside area to you for this one.”


The person called Rugal leaves this area after that.

……I-I see, so he will be taking care of the outside in this case. That is also a proper task. There may be enemy reinforcement coming from the outside.

《Master, it seems like the preparations for the surrounding area have been completed.》

I hear an unfamiliar voice! When we, the Gremory group, look around finding for the person whom the voice belongs to, we stop our sight at the ceiling of the station!

Sitri’s magic-circle appears on the ceiling of the station, and a head appears from there upside down!

And that person is—

A small built person wearing a skull mask dressed like a Grim Reaper! Hey, that clothing, that’s definitely a Grim Reaper!

“G-Grim Reaper!”

When I shout while pointing at the ceiling, Kaichou says it.

“This one is my new [Knight]—.”

《……My name is Bennia. ……I’m a former Grim Reaper.》

A small built Grim Reaper falls down from the ceiling, and lands on the ground perfectly!

At the same time Grim Reaper-san takes the mask off! And the face of a girl that seems to be in junior high school appears! A cute girl with sleepy eyes! She has long dark purple hair and golden eyes.

And the symbol of a Grim Reaper in her hand, the scythe, has cute looking decorations on it!

A loli! A loli Grim Reaper holding a scythe!?

“G-Grim Reaaaaper~!? And it’s a giiiiiirl!?

Kaichou nods to me, who is currently in shock.

“Yes, Bennia is a Grim Reaper. Even though I said that, she is a Demigod. Half Grim Reaper and half human.”

“She says that she is the daughter of one of the Ultimate-level Grim Reaper, Orcus. Shocking, right?”

Saji adds an extra bit of information. ……E-Even if you suddenly say that, I don’t get it!

“……I did hear you have someone in mind for [Knight] and [Rook], but a Grim Reaper……”

Rossweisse-san also stares in wonder at the appearance of the small built girl Grim Reaper.

Yup, I’m also in shock. Who would ever think that Sitri’s new [Knight] would end up being a Grim Reaper!

Shinra-senpai shakes her head to the side.

“No, we had someone else in mind for our [Knight]. But, we couldn’t arrange for a meeting with that person. And then she appeared and—”

《I’m changing sides because I can’t follow Hades-sama’s way of doing things anymore. Will you consider making me your servant?》

—She came negotiating it like that.

It seemed that for a moment Kaichou thought she might be a spy from Hades’s side, but Kaichou tilted her head thinking there wouldn't be such a daring spy like her.

“I had so much suspicion towards her, but I decided to trust her because of one fact.”

I ask Kaichou.

“O-One fact……?”

Then the loli Grim Reaper pushes an autograph paper toward me.

《Boss Oppai Dragon. I’m a big fan of yours, Boss. Look, I have so many embroideries of Oppai Dragon behind my cape. Can I ask you to give me one of your signatures? 》

E-Even if you show me embroideries like that…… Ah, there really are many embroideries of me wearing armour!

Wait, she is a fan of mine!? I have another one after Le Fay!

“My fan……?”

I ask while signing.

《Yes, plus I didn’t like the ways of my shitty dad and Hades-sama so I left home.》

So that means there are many types of Grim Reaper? It seems like the God of the realm of the dead also has many house issues.

“It was fortunate that it was enough with a single [Knight] piece.”

Kaichou says it like that. Truly, that was a bargain.

《My blood from mother’s side is stronger, so I’m that amazing.》

Loli-girl says that but……it seems like her character is strong. In terms of both her characteristic and ability.

Kaichou then says to the loli Grim Reaper.

“Bennia, just like Rugal, can I leave the backup of the outside area to you?”

“Yes sir, master. I will be on standby outside with that brother who joined in at the same time as me.”

Saying that the loli Grim Reaper, Bennia, activates the magic-circle below her feet and disappears by sinking into it like that. ……She sure does use an amusing way of passing through the magic-circle. So instead of teleporting when the light bursts, she goes through it by sinking into it.

Kaichou makes a small sigh.

“I’m very sorry that it turned into an introduction of my new servants right before our important plan…… Things like these sure do happen at bad times.”

“No, it was actually a good thing, it helped me loosen up a bit.”

That’s how I truly feel. I didn’t have that much confidence because I have to retrieve my juniors from enemies whose identities are unknown, but my tension softened in a good way from being introduced to the additional members of the Sitri.

So does this mean that the only pieces of the Sitri’s side left are the 3 [Pawn] pieces? I did hear that Saji is worth 4 pieces, and Nimura-san is worth 1 piece.

Kaichou then asks me.

“Now, Ise-kun. How is Ddraig’s condition?”

“The truth is, not so good. He wakes up at times, but he sleeps most of the time. He’s sleeping right now, and he isn’t giving me any response. I can make the normal gauntlet appear, but I’m not in my best condition.”

Rather, I was finally able to have the gauntlet’s ability work just before. So I’m able to double my power and use Gift. I was able to use my armour form during the training, but it seems like I can’t use it right now…… Since Ddraig hasn’t recovered completely, my power is too unstable……

“So, it means Balance Breaker is impossible right now. Understood. Then let’s go with a plan where Boosted Gear Scale Mail isn’t involved.”

“I’m sorry.”

……Shit, I’m so ashamed at myself since I’m useless at such a crucial time. I was asked to take care of home while Rias is absent, but I have been feeling ashamed at myself continuously……

Kaichou smiles at me who is feeling down.

“There isn’t a single reason for you to be apologising, Ise-kun. You are the hero who saved the Underworld. For the part where you can’t give your all, we will just have to make up for it. Also, you worked too hard within this short period of time. Truly, you worked so hard that I am ashamed at myself and feel that we were lacking in strength.”

Not just Kaichou, but the members of the Student Council are also nodding.

“You should rely on us at times, Hyoudou. We are rivals during the game. But we are comrades during real battles. We want to protect the Underworld and Kuou academy as well after all.”

Saji makes a big smile. ……Yeah, you are right. You are exactly right.

Sona-kaichou takes my hand.

“That’s why, we will lead you today. I’m not Rias, but please trust me for now.”

[Yes, of course!]

Everyone in the Gremory group responds! Yeah, the enemies shouldn’t be looking down on us who are from the Kuou academy!

Kaichou asks me once again.

“By the way, how many times can you use Gift?”

“It will change by the strength of how much my power has doubled, but if its 20 times then I can do it with ease.”

Hearing that, Kaichou says it to me after thinking for a while.

“Very well. Then Ise-kun will—”

Being given the details of the plan, we go down to the basement using the lift—.

We reach the basement, and progress through the station made specifically for the trains which head to the Underworld.

We passed through the spacious atmosphere, and when we went to the right and to the left through the passage—.

I can suddenly feel a dangerous presence. ……There must be enemies waiting for us once we reach the end of the passage we are walking in right now.

We confirm it with each other with our eyes, and make the formation of charging in.

For the offence—the vanguards are Xenovia, Irina, Saji, [Knight] Meguri-san, and [Rook] Yura.

The middleguards are me, Akeno-san, Rossweisse-san, Shinra-senpai, and [Pawn] Nimura-san.

The rearguards are Sona-kaichou, Asia, [Bishop] Kusaka-san and Hanakai-san.

The formation is set so the close-range type members are positioned as vanguards, the members who fight from long-range are positioned as middleguards, and the rearguards consist of members of support-types and the person giving commands as the centre pillar.

Since I can promote without Rias’s authorisation, I promote to [Queen]. Saji and Nimura-san also promoted to [Queen] with Kaichou’s authorisation.

After the team’s formation was set, everyone puts the Underworld’s communication item into their ears. It’s something which replaces the earphone and microphone. It’s used mainly in Rating Games. Using this will make it easier for us to communicate between each other.

Once we signalled each other for the final confirmation with our eyes, we progressed through the passage—.

The place we set foot into is an open space of the basement we entered for the first time.

It’s a spacious place as large as the underground station. And the ceiling is also located up high. ……I never thought there was such a place like this. I wonder just what kinds of territory are hidden within this basement.

Then when I looked ahead, there are so many of them, the groups of magicians that is!

Every one of them are wearing magician’s robe. There are many varieties of robes, but I have confirmed the robes worn by the ones who assaulted the school.

We took our distance, and confront them.

……Just from a simple look, aren’t there more than a hundred of them? There are quite a number of monsters which seem to have been summoned. Just how many of you have gathered here!?

Rather, we allowed this many enemies to trespass into this town. ……It’s quite problematic.

The female magicians—witches, can’t be confirmed with a simple glance! It’s just guys. Yeah. They won’t be included in their formation if they know the power of my pailingual. Their plans will be revealed after all.

I say it while pointing at them.

“We came like you told us. Where are my juniors?”

My voice echoes through the basement. They are either laughing or shrugging their shoulders. ……A response which is looking down at us. My mind is filled with rage, but I need to be calm. My weakness is that I charge ahead without being calm when my comrades are in danger. Sensei also pointed that out to me just recently as well.

One of the magicians steps forward.

“Oh my, if this isn’t everyone from the Devils. For everyone from the Gremory and Sitri of the “Rookies Four” to come here for us, it’s such an honour.”

Kaichou asks.

“What are your objectives? Phoenix? Or is it us?”

“Both of them. Well, we are treating the lady from the Phoenix with care. We were ordered by our leader to do so.”

Leader? Who might that be?

Leaving me who is feeling dubious, the magician continues.

“The issue regarding the Phoenix is done, and what’s left is the thing with all of you. –We can’t help ourselves but become concerned about it. The strength of all of you that were rated by that shitty chairman Mephisto and the shitty association. This feeling, can you understand it? You can’t right? Well, it’s natural of us, wanting to test ourselves and see if there are strong young Devils, right? For those who use magic in such rough ways like us.”

That magician clicks his fingers.

Then, every one of the magicians activates a magic-circle for attack-type magic!

“Let’s start! Devils! The decisive battle of demonic-power VS magic that is!”

That became the signal for the start of the battle! The many magical attacks with different attributes of fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, light, and darkness, are released towards us! The herd of monsters they have under them also come charging at us!

While being under the violent rains of an immeasurable number of magical attacks, Kaichou orders us through the communication device.

[—Now, let’s show them. The power of the young Devils—. Let’s make them regret turning the Devils of the Kuou academy into their enemies.]

Hearing such a declaration, Xenovia leaps forward!

She makes a big swing with Ex-Durandal, and she slams down the many magic attacks headed this way with the holy aura!

Rossweisse-san who is the middle-guard also shoots her fullburst, and supports Xenovia’s attack! The herd of monsters that are charging this way are vaporised in one hit from Rossweisse-san’s attack!

With the combo attack of Xenovia and Rossweisse-san, most magical attacks and several monsters are taken down, but the magical attacks that have escaped the attacks are still coming this way!

[Rook] Yura who is the vanguard stands in front of me. She makes something appear in her hand—.

A huge shield! Yura shouts!

“Expand! My shield, [Twinkle Aegis]!”

That moment, the glow spreads from the shield and changes into a giant shield of light! It’s a giant shield of light that takes half of the space we are in! It’s like a beam shield!

The magical attacks that got through our counter attack pierced the shield—but it’s unscratched!

Quite a number of magical attacks have got to us, but the shield doesn’t crumble even though it withstood them! It’s a really hard shield!

I then get a call from Sona-kaichou.

[That is the artificial Sacred Gear we received from Azazel-sensei. By making a pact with a fairy, then having it reside in the shield, it is able to change its ability.]

Making a pact with fairy, and changing the ability of the shield! More importantly, it’s Sensei’s artificial Sacred Gear huh! Thinking now, the Student Council members did say they would be receiving artificial Sacred Gear!

By combining it with the defence of a [Rook], it does seem like it will pull out an insane amount of defence!

Having the many magical attacks and monsters which came charging at us stopped, a certain commotion arises from the group of magicians. They probably didn’t think all of their attacks would have been stopped with only few moves.

[—We will be moving into offence.]

With Kaichou’s merciless command, we begin our advance!

[Ise-kun, please move around the battlefield all the time with the Skithblathnir just like I told you before.]

I receive the order from Kaichou. Yes, that is what she told me to do before we came down here.

If I can’t use Balance Breaker, then I will fight in a different way! What I can do right now is to use Gift on my comrades!

[Once I give you an instruction, it will be very helpful if you use Gift to that location.]


I make the magical ship—Ryuuteimaru appear, and grab onto it. Ryuuteimaru continues to fly around while having me hang onto it. Oh, it has amazing horsepower and strength despite having me hanging onto it! I’m ashamed I can’t fly with my Devil wings in my base form……but I will leave my support to you, Ryuuteimaru!

So I will start doubling my power so I can use Gift any time! Ddraig, I hope you will be awake soon!


The Vanguards, which consists of Xenovia, Saji, and [Knight] Meguri Tomoe-san, charge forward. Xenovia demolished the magical attack along with the magicians with a strike with destructive power! The thing Meguri-san is carrying is……a Japanese sword type artificial Sacred Gear? It looks like the light and darkness are blended!

[Tomoe’s artificial Sacred Gear is a katana-type version of “Blazer Shining and Darkness Blade”. I think the formal name of it is “Blazer Shining and Darkness Blade Samurai-sword”.]

Kaichou tells me while muttering like that! Seriously!? So Meguri-san’s Sacred Gear is from the Black-history! But that has a very high attack power, it can even cut down spirits that don’t have physical form as well.

“Geez! Kaichou! Please don’t use that name! But, this is really strong!”

Meguri-san uses the sword which has a mixture of light and darkness to take down the magicians from above their defensive magic!

Meguri-san, why did you pick that one!? Because of its features? W-Well, it has incredible destructive power, and it can even cause the wall and the floor to be grazed from the wave of the slash! Like I thought that artificial Sacred Gear is strong!

If I remember correctly, the godfather for all of the names of the artificial Sacred Gears is Sensei! He is a former Governor who still can’t forget the mind of an eighth grader!

“I won’t lose to Xenovia!”

The one who is wielding the mass-produced holy-demonic sword, while gliding in the air by spreading her pure white wings is the other vanguard, Irina. She is also shooting out a laser filled with the power of light.

Next is Saji. He is making the enemies bathe inside the black flames which is hard to de-curse, the Blaze Black Flare.

“Just stay there all together!”

He covers several magicians with a wall of black flames! Yeah, the black flames appear from every direction, and stop the magicians like a wall that surrounds them. The activation requirement will be fulfilled when they come within Saji’s range, and wall of flame appears around the place enemies are standing.

One of the Vritra-type Sacred Gear, [Shadow Prison]—.

Vritra’s curse of fire swirls inside it, and they will have their movement sealed. And it makes those who have been captured suffer gradually by the fire’s heat—. On top of that the [Delete Field] will be added onto it, and they will have their magical-power taken away.

Once you get captured within that prison, you will continue to be captured until all of your power gets taken away—.

Saji also sends many lines, and connects them to the magicians!

“I will transform all of your magical-powers into demonic-powers!”

Yeah, Saji’s original ability will play a big role in this. He originally connected the [Absorption Line] to his enemy, and absorbed their powers away. He even absorbed their blood—

There are already more than ten lines. The magical-powers flow into Saji through the lines!


“Something like this!”

The magicians try to cut the line attached to them with magic, but it didn’t have any effect. His line is tough after all. You won’t be able to cut it so easily!

Then the black flame passes through the lines and attacks the magicians!

……So you will be out of options once you get caught by Saji, huh. The line and the prison, if you don’t have the strength to slip out of it, then you are completely sealed. On top of these abilities he still can transform into a Dragon-King……

He really is getting powerful as a technique-type, that guy Saji!

[Ise-kun, can you hear me? Please transfer your powers to Saji!]

Kaichou’s command, that’s what I have been waiting for!


I am flying around in the air while holding onto Ryuuteimaru, then I dropped down to where Saji is and transferred my multiplied power into the lines!

Saji let go of the lines which were connected to him, and then connects it to the middle-guard, Rossweisse-san! The lines are linked between the magicians and Rossweisse-san!


Several lines make a violent motion the moment I transferred my powers, and the magicians magical powers flows rapidly into Rossweisse-san!

Magicians that had their magical powers absorbed faint and just drop to the floor! Instead overwhelming aura is pouring out from Rossweisse-san’s body!


When I get shocked by the way the lines were used, Kaichou says this.

[The lines ability to absorb magical powers has been enhanced. At the same time the line will be connected to Rossweisse-san. –We also have magic users on our side, so we should utilise this situation.]

She sure understands the traits of me, Saji, and Rossweisse-san very well!

[Originally the line could have been also connected to Gasper-kun. We could have absorbed the blood from the opponent by connecting the line to the opponent and Gasper-kun. After all, the line can also absorb blood. The opponent will suffer blood loss and Gasper-kun will power up by absorbing blood. There were also such methods as well. The problem will be Gasper-kun’s lung capacity……so I will ask him next time.]

Kaichou! Just how many ways to fight have you researched!? Aren’t you too good at using our group!?

“Nimura! I will leave my back to you!”

“Please leave it to me! Genshirou-senpai!”

Having Saji say that, the one who is using swift footwork to punch and kick the magicians bare-handed is the middle-guard, [Pawn] Nimura Ruroko-san. She moves in to support Saji.

Nimura-san has armour only on her legs. And a strong aura jets out from there, it seems like it’s giving her incredible speed and kicks. An artificial Sacred Gear equipped on her legs!

Nimura-san goes within the enemies range and makes a swift body movement. It’s a dancing-like attack-style!

“Chi! It’s harder than we thought!”

The magicians are also astonished with the variety of Saji’s attacks, and they change their target.

The magicians have directed their hands towards Xenovia who is attacking heroically.


They summon several Chimeras with summoning magic, and they start to attack Xenovia! The giant bird type Chimera which is flying in the air, and the snake type Chimera which is crawling on the ground! Xenovia makes a stance with her holy-sword, and increases the holy aura.

—Then, the third Chimera appears by breaking through the floor! A turtle-like Chimera with a shell! Xenovia takes down the turtle-type Chimera with an attack using Excalibur Destruction!

—But, its shell is harder than expected, and possibly because its shell is more complicated due to it being a Chimera, the sword is stabbed deep within and it doesn’t seem like it can be pulled from it anytime soon!

—She has her sword sealed!

Then the Chimera which is flying in the air and the Chimera which is crawling on the ground attack her!

Xenovia makes the shape of Ex-Durandal change just before being hit! It’s the power of Mimic!

Xenovia swings up the holy-sword which is like a whip, and cuts the Chimera that is flying in half! The moment when it makes an impact, a shock which feels like an additional destruction follows after it!

But the snake-type Chimera is still remaining!

Xenovia changes the blade from a whip to its original shape, and increases the speed of her sword! She cuts the snake-type Chimera in half with its incredible speed! It seems like additional destruction is also added to that swing just now, and a crater is formed in the floor from the wave caused from her swing!

A rapid succession of Mimic, Rapidly, and Destruction. Xenovia has just used three of the characteristics of her holy-sword.

The magicians are in shock seeing that!

[She isn’t a power-idiot!?]

They shout that at the same time! Xenovia, just how is she rated in the world of magicians!? No, she was a power-idiot! But even she is also growing!

“Ku! Then I will strike with magic!”

One of the magicians creates a fireball using magic, and releases many of them! The herd of fireballs is moving through the air freely as if it has a mind of its own!

Xenovia tries to vaporise it with her holy-sword, but the fireballs dodge just before being hit, so she couldn’t take it down. Ah, that’s an attack-type that Xenovia is weak against!

Then Kaichou gives her command.

[Xenovia-san, use the power of Ruler.]

“But, Kaichou. I can’t activate the ability of Ruler that well. And what are you planning to do by controlling the magicians?”

[No, you are wrong. Ruling doesn’t necessary mean that you can only control living things.]

……What does she mean? Even I don’t get it!

Kaichou says it to Xenovia who looks like she will be hit with the fireballs which are flying in the air!

[Xenovia-san! Direct the ability of Ruler towards those magical fireballs! Think strongly. That, you want to stop those fireballs! If my prediction is right, the aspect of your sword will go one more rank up!]


It seems like Xenovia is concentrating on something as Kaichou commanded while putting on a serious expression! Then the holy-sword glows as if it is responding to her!

Next moment, the fireballs which were heading towards Xenovia stop their movements, and remain still in their position!

……Did she stop it with the power of the holy-sword? She stopped it by ruling over the magic!

Xenovia is also in shock with its result.

“……There is also a way to use the power of Ruler like this…… Kaichou, what does this mean?”

[It’s just as I thought. Most likely, the things you can rule over aren’t just limited to living things. You were able to rule over the magic for a bit just now, but that isn’t the only thing that it is capable of. Depending on the way you use it, you should be able rule over any phenomenon. If that is hard, then at least think of controlling the attacks from your enemies. Or you can support your comrades when their attacks miss.]

“……So I can disturb the enemies attack with it, and support my comrades.”

[Yes. Looking at the abilities straightforwardly is good. But, depending on how you use it, you can use it in many ways. The way you used the power of Ruler just now is a good example.]


I'm still shocked at the way Sona-kaichou’s commands are working.

You are amazing, Kaichou. She even thought up of a new move for our group. ……This battlefield, just what kind of imagination is she using inside her head?

“Also target the leader of the Sitri!”

The magicians also concentrated their attacks on Kaichou! They are trying to take down the brain!

But, around Kaichou—and also the other rearguards, a strong blue barrier comes out. –The one who activated that is [Bishop] Hanakai Momoe-san!

“I won’t let you take down Kaichou and the rearguards.”

Bracelets appear on both her arms. And those bracelets are emitting auras.

A barrier-type artificial Sacred Gear! It seems like it has a wide range since it can cover the whole group of our rearguards!

So it means the rearguards won’t go down without a fight huh. Haha, with this, the vanguards will be able to fight without any worries!

But the magicians don’t care whether the barrier is up and resume their attacks! Several magicians appear and disappear instantly, and keep on using simple teleportation by appearing and disappearing! They went through our formation and close the distance to Kaichou!

“Heh! Here, eat thiiiis!”

The magic-circle appears in the air upside down, and a giant rock appears from it! It’s huge! If something like that drops on the rearguards, even Hanakai-san’s barrier won’t last!

“Ara ara, I won’t allow that.”

While making a fearless laugh, that person shoots demonic-power towards the falling rocks—.

An enormous thunder and light attack in the shape of an eastern dragon pierces the rocks!

Flashes of lightning and the sound of an explosion occurs, the rocks easily break in every direction! A large fragment of rock is about to fall from above our head, but the Raikouryuu moves around the air as if it has its own mind, and it devours the fragments into it!

Akeno-san is smiling while having electricity running through her fingers! The things growing from her back are the six wings of a Fallen Angel. She has a golden bracelet with magical symbols equipped on both her arms.

“—Raikouryuu. Because I have been taking in Ise-kun’s ki with my own body, I have become able to use a special technique like this.”[2]

Seriously!? So since you were sucking in a Dragon’s ki, the thunder and light changed to a Dragon!? And didn’t it just move as if it has its own thoughts!?

“That [Queen] has openings in her defence!”

The magicians haven’t flinched even if the rocks have been destroyed, and they release their next attack!

They shoot out many lights in the shape of an arrow! Light is poisonous to Devils! And it seems like the density of the lights is strong! Being directly hit by it is bad!

Without any worries, Akeno-san uses defence……by activating a magic circle, and blocks all of the enemy attacks! Oh, instead of a magic-circle from demonic-power, it’s a magic-circle with magical symbols and marks on it! Akeno-san used magic just now!

“Ufufu, it’s a defence spell taught directly from Rossweisse-san. I will enhance my trait as [Rook] with this.”

So she increased her trait as a [Rook] like Rossweisse-san by having defensive magic spells. Normally, Devils that are [Rook]s increase their traits with demonic-power and magic defence spells.

Koneko-chan also has been defending by using demonic-power, but since she hasn’t mastered those areas yet, she can’t make up for it that well. Akeno-san is the same, and since she is better in attacking, she found out that she lacks defence from her fights with strong foes.

Akeno-san is [Queen]. She has the abilities of [Rook], [Knight], and [Bishop]. But, a [Queen] will have their strong points and weak points when they are using the traits of the 3 pieces, and there seems to be compatibility with them as well, so the ability they are good at using will differ by each person.

For example when I use Triana, [Rook] will be the one with the best compatibility with me, and my compatibility with [Bishop] is bad. That’s why it turned out to be just a mere type which specialises in gunfire. This is also the same when I turn into True-[Queen].

Akeno-san is the opposite of me and isn’t good with the trait of a [Rook]. For that reason, she had many disadvantages in terms of defence. Of course, the trait she is the best at using is the [Bishop].

But since we have had many battles with strong foes, she has started to overcome her weak points and has started to get stronger by learning defence-type magic! She made up for her lack of defensive demonic-power by acquiring magical spells!

“Now then, I have to punish the children who have done naughty things!”

Akeno-san puts on her sadistic face, and she defeats the bunch who tried to attack Kaichou by using fire and ice demonic-powers! The fire and ice also have the shape of a dragon! So sucking in a Dragon’s ki will give people such effects huh! Or is it because it was Sekiryuutei’s ki?

[Those magicians are experts who were able to pass through our formation……but it seems Akeno has improved herself by using the experience of her losses in the Rating Game.]

Kaichou says. Yeah, Akeno-san worked so hard after all! Even her overall score in the Rating Game was rated quite badly, so she was feeling depressed. It seems like she was thinking of ways to improve herself daily by discussing together with Rias.

Kaichou then gives her command!

[—Oh, Ise-kun! The next step! Please transfer your powers to Rossweisse-san!]


My role is to fly around in the battlefield by using Ryuuteimaru while Kaichou gives her command, and transfer my power of Sekiryuutei to my comrades! Then Rossweisse-san released her Fullburst of magic the moment she received my powers!

The magicians in the front line are quite exhausted! We can pull this off!

“Aim for Sekiryuutei!”

There are magical attacks that are released towards me who is currently flying in the air—. But many masks appear and act as a shield as if supporting me. There are many masks with different shapes floating in this whole space.

“Look, and then protect. That is my Sacred Gear.”

The one who says that is the [Bishop] Kusaka Reya-san.

[Those masks that Reya is using is an artificial Sacred Gear that can be used for searching for the enemy, gathering information, and to act as a shield.]

Kaichou gives an explanation like that. Oh, it feels like I can fly around the battlefield while feeling safe! More than that, the members of the Sitri-group have quite the variety of abilities!

[Ise-kun, please transfer your powers to Tsubaki this time!]

I received the next order! I went flying towards Shinra-senpai! –But a giant mass of ice which takes up one third of this field gets released from the enemy’s side!

When I saw the mirror that Shinra-senpai has activated, I understood what our next move will be.

—A counter! Shinra-senpai’s Sacred Gear can return the attack received by the enemy with double of its impact!

[An enhancement of a counter. By having the power of Sekiryuutei added, it can even counter back that magical attack!]

I transfer my power to Shinra-senpai just like Kaichou commanded!

The mirror of her Sacred Gear makes a glow, and changes its size enormously!

[Tsubaki! Please counter it back to them with an impact which won’t affect this basement!]

“Yes, Kaichou!”

The huge iceberg collides with the mirror which has now become bigger! A huge explosive sound echoes throughout the battlefield, but the destructive power of the ice returns back to the magicians right away!

The mass of ice that has been shattered falls on top of the enemy’s formation by turning into large fragments!

“Shit! The ice!”

“It’s useless! They are piercing through the magical defence because the power has increased from the Sacred Gear’s ability!”

There are many screams from the magicians.

All the fragments of ice falling down on them have Shinra-senpai’s Sacred Gear ability applied onto it and the attack power of it has been increased.

The group of magicians are basically annihilated after receiving the counter attack just now. Many of them have been blown away towards the wall and floor, and they have become unconscious.

“Kaichou, it’s completed!”

Saji shouts! What’s appearing from his right arm is a thick line.

[Well done, Saji. Connect it to Ise-kun, and scatter them!]

Just like how Kaichou orders him, Saji throws the line at me. It attaches to my gauntlet, but what is he going to connect it with? The line connected to my gauntlet gets disconnected from Saji.


It responds just like Saji orders, and thick line scatters into many lines! More than a dozen lines twitch as if they are alive, and spread to every direction as if finding something to attach themselves to!

The direction where the lines head towards to is—all of my comrades in our formation! They connect with each and every one of them, and my gauntlet is connected to everyone through the lines!

Kaichou then says.

[With this, Ise-kun’s power to transfer can be passed to everyone through the lines. Ise-kun, please step back to the rear. Your last job is to transfer your powers to everyone once you have doubled your own powers.]

Gift using the line! T-This certainly will be easy! Since I’m connected to them, I don’t have to move around anymore! Once I have finished doubling my power, I just have to flow it into them. It’s alright for me to step back now!

Kaichou continues.

[It would have been better if we used this method from the start……but it took time to make sure the line will be strong enough to receive the power of the Sekiryuutei, who is also going through evolution. If we make an unreliable line, there will be nothing left if your power explodes while transferring to everyone. The strength of the line has been shown when you transferred your powers to the line when it was connected to Rossweisse-san and the magicians. And the only thing left was to make enough lines for everyone in our group.]

—Kaichou is coming to understand the way to use my powers!

I became speechless, and Kaichou says it to me with a bright voice.

[The compatibility between Ise-kun and Saji is too good. It was really fun building tactics for it.]

Sona-kaichou, you are very reliable when you are on our side!

[Looks like it is our win for the first battle.]

Just like Kaichou says, the magicians are almost annihilated with the first battle against us.

Part 3

“You will be okay with this!”

“Thank you very much, Argento-senpai.”

Asia who has finished healing Nimura-san starts to heal the next person!

The battle is overwhelmingly in our favour. You can count the numbers of enemies who are still standing, and since we are at an advantage we are moving into a phase where our injured comrades are getting healed.

I was standing at the rear after that. I doubled my power while being in safety, and have transferred my powers through the lines.

“Let’s go, Irina!”


Xenovia and Irina who are the vanguards aren’t flinching even with their wounds, and are continuing to go on a rampage.

The magicians can’t stop Xenovia who has learned how to use the traits of her holy-sword.

Irina is also fighting very well with her holy-demonic sword. From the strength of the wielder of that holy-demonic sword, it can have attributes added to it, just like Kiba.

Maybe it’s because Irina has come to master using it because she has been training with us, so she has attributes like fire, ice, lightning, and such added on to her holy-demonic sword, and now she is fighting advantageously against the magicians’ magic.

“Ara ara, even I strengthened many of my traits.”

“Well, this is still nothing.”

Then Akeno-san’s demonic-power attack and Rossweisse-san’s magical attack hits! An enormous explosion and bomb blast occurs, and it blasts away the defence magic-circle and defence-type Golems!

“Leave the defence to me!”

[Rook] Yura of the Student Council also uses that shield-type artificial Sacred Gear, and she is protecting her comrades by defending them from the enemies’ attacks! That shield can be released towards the enemies while spinning like a yo-yo. During then, it’s also possible to have fire and lightning appear from the shield to do attacks with attributes. A yo-yo which has fire and lightning surrounding it!

Kaichou who has been looking at this then mutters.

[……I see, no wonder I thought Rias’s tactics were naïve. The opponents we are fighting right now are a group of magicians who are stronger than average magicians……]

Kaichou breathes out.

[Gremory-group is too powerful. I came to realise this once again by commanding them. Rather than giving orders, your group is powerful enough where all of you can just charge forward. And normally, you who is in Balance-Breaker state and Kiba-kun will be added to them, so it makes me think you don’t need tactics. It can’t be helped if Rias starts to think that it will be better to just charge forward.]

I’m sorry! For being a muscle-brain team! Yes, we have been using simple power to charge forward!

I thought we have become a bit better after learning some techniques, but it seems like it turned into a super-power team that knows some techniques!

[Being able to fight advantageously when you are not in Balance-Breaker state, while the destructive force of Durandal can’t be used, and while Kiba-kun isn’t here…… Like I thought, what is needed for the Devils from now on are the training of our servants. We will also increase the time needed for training.]

Ah, Kaichou's glasses are glowing. Looks like harsh training will be waiting for the Sitri-group!

“I don’t want to fight the Gremory group ever again.”

“Me too. We will die if we fight them again.”

Hanakai-san and Kusaka-san says while muttering such things! Kaichou also sighs hearing that. ……No, I don’t want to fight Sitri either. After all, I found out that Kaichou’s brain is like a mysterious zone for me. And this battle happens to end while obeying Kaichou’s commands…… I think it’s a huge feat of being able to use two different teams to their fullest!


Then the magicians put their hands up as if they are giving up.

“……Alright, alright. It’s our loss. Rather, our leader is asking for you guys to come.”

The light occurs in the direction they are looking at, and a teleportation-type magic-circle appears.

“At the destination, the leader behind this assault and your juniors are waiting for you. Go already. Except, the leader is saying that Sekiryuutei, Vritra, Durandal wielder, Priestess of Thunder and Light, Holy-woman of Healing, Valkyrie, and Michael’s Ace, definitely have to come.”

The magician says it while becoming sulky.

……They had such high spirits before the battle began, but what’s with that attitude…… Well, it’s okay. Nothing will start even if I complain to them.

Kaichou takes the device out from her ear, and activates a communication-type magic-circle.

“We will call the people who are on standby above here, and capture all of the magicians.”

“Ge! You are trying to capture us!? I-It was just a joke! Just take the spellcasters of the Khaos Brigade!”

The magicians who are showing foolish behaviour. Was it the “Stray Magician” who just said that?

……No, we have casualties on our side. I can’t let it slip as just a joke! So they are telling me they assaulted us as if they were having a game……!?

Saji grabs onto the magician who just said that by his collar. I remember his face very well. It’s one of the guys who assaulted me back at the academy. Saji gives an intense glare at him.

“……Don’t fool around! Our students went through hell because of you guys……”

Saji suddenly shook his head, and let go of the guy’s collar.

“……If I act like this, I will look uncool when I said that to Hyoudou earlier. But. But……”

Saji has his fist shaking with frustration.

Before coming here, Saji told me calmly that, “Rather than thinking about the way the is school right now, you have to concentrate on rescuing Toujou-san”. But, Saji must have so much anger inside him as well.

Yeah, this guy is also one of the Student Council members who are going around the school doing his best for other students—. It’s normal for him to love the school more than anyone.

I rest my hand on Saji’s shoulder, I smile at him, and then punch the magician who was released by Saji in the face.

“If you are after someone……then come after us! Normal students have nothing to do with this!”

The magician guy is looking at me in confusion.

Yeah, Sensei, looks like I can’t stay calm if my comrades get involved in it. ……I’m sorry. But this time I feel a bit relived.

Saji makes a bitter smile.

“……Hyoudou, you are such an idiot.”

“We both are, pal.”

Seriously, Kiba, Gasper, you, and I, should have a meeting with only the male Devils of Kuou academy.

The ones who went through the new magic-circle are the Gremory-group, Irina, and Kaichou and Saji from the Sitri side. It’s just like how they wanted.

The Student Council members that remained are transporting the magicians we caught together with the staff of the Three Great Powers that are on standby above.

It seems like a battle occurred above between the staff and the magicians. It seems like the witches were using teleportation magic-circles to send rocks, earth Golems, and the monsters they have summoned to the basement. Looks like the witches that avoided my ability were supporting the magicians from the outside. Those witches were also defeated and caught.

We are heading towards the so-called “leader” while we stop feeling gloomy.

And what appears in front of us after we pass through the magic-circle they prepared is—

……Is a spacious white place.

There is nothing, just a normal white space. It’s a rectangle place where it is white above, below, left, and right.

……The ceiling is quite high. It isn’t big like the battlefield we use for our training, but it’s spacious enough that we can fight quite recklessly here.

“This place is a “factory” that we made in the dimensional gap. It’s a technique adapted from what Devils use for the battlefield in the Rating Game.”


A sudden new voice. When I look that way……

A shadow which wasn’t there when I looked around this space before is present.

There is someone wearing a silver robe with detailed accessories while being away from us. The voice belongs to a young man.

He’s also quite tall. I can’t tell what he looks like because he is wearing his hood.

……Judging from his appearance, is he a magician? When I pay attention to his move—


This time its Ravel’s voice! When I look towards the direction where the voice came from, Ravel and Koneko-chan are standing in the far right side of us! ……Koneko-chan is carrying Gasper! He seems to be down, and it’s obvious they did something to him.

Ravel and Koneko-chan aren’t held captive or anything, and they are still wearing the same Kuou academy’s uniform when they were kidnapped. ……Besides Gasper, there aren’t any visible wounds from one look at them.

“You can have them back.”

The man in the robe says that.

While paying attention to him, we wave our hands to Koneko-chan and Ravel, and urge them to come to us.

The man wearing the robe didn’t do anything while we reunited with these three.


Ravel has teary eyes.

“Ravel, did they do something to you? I heard they are searching about the Phoenix……”

When I ask, Ravel makes her body shake silently. I can see that instead of physical damage, she has received emotional damage.

Koneko-chan drops down Gasper whom she was carrying, and leaves it to Asia to cure him.

Koneko-chan bites her lips with frustration.

“……Ravel, Gya-kun, and I, had ourselves checked for something with a magic-circle. They didn’t do anything that much to our body. Except, Gya-kun……”

Gasper has his face beaten so much that it is swollen. It’s swollen in blue colour, and I can’t see that adorable face of his—.

“……Gya-kun tried to protect us and……”

Koneko-chan makes teary eyes.

Seeing Gasper’s swollen face……

The man wearing a robe says it.

“It was our mistake regarding that boy. Since he stood in front of us to protect those two, it seems like my underlings used their fists instead. Other than that, we treated them well.”

……I see, so Gasper was trying to protect Koneko-chan and Ravel.

You do show how much of a man you really are.

Everyone in our group including me changed the density of the aura around our bodies after seeing Gasper’s appearance.

They turned our adorable junior into this state, so we can’t let them get away with it……!

Sona-kaichou stops me using her hand who is emitting an aura of rage, and then she speaks.

“Are you the mastermind behind this incident?”

“Yes, I am.”

He answers immediately to Kaichou’s question. Like I thought, this man is the “leader” that the magicians were talking about.

Kaichou asks once again.

“Are you part of the Khaos Brigade? Then, what are your reasons for these assaults?”

“Yes, I have myself become part of the Khaos Brigade right now. There are several reasons for our assaults. The reason why the magicians assaulted all of you is because of their curiosity. The ones who originally belong to the Khaos Brigade—.”

Kaichou continues after the man.

“They made an alliance with the groups of stray magicians, correct? Those magicians from before are a team made up of a mixture of the magicians who were exiled from the association and the magicians that belong to the Khaos Brigade. After all, the spells they used had identical symbols on their magic-circle with those magicians who interfered in the peace meeting of the Three Great Powers.”

“Yes, it seems like they were interacting with each other quite often.”

“Does the assault also have to do with the ratings of the youth Devils that the association announced? I hear that the magicians that assaulted Hyoudou Issei-kun were attacking him while referring to the rankings, and they were also taking great interest in our powers in the group battle just now.”

“Fufufu, looks like I don’t have to explain myself. Yes, that is correct. It seems like they were interested in the rankings that the association announced for the young Devils, and it seems like they wanted to test whether their powers will work against you all.”

The ratings given by the association where Mephisto Pheles-san is working as their chairman. So they assaulted us because they became interested in it—. I know it’s too late for me to say this, but they are too selfish!

The man continues.

“Since there are many young magicians on our side, they can’t control themselves that well.”

Kaichou agrees by saying, “Ah, I see”.

“The Old-Maou faction was the biggest faction within the Khaos Brigade, and the Hero-faction that stood at the top after them. With these two great factions now gone, the organisation structure fell into a mess, and it became easier for their opinions to go through, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct. Now, that Shalba Beelzebub and Cao Cao who had influence and power are gone. I am leading one part of their organisation……but this is quite difficult. So this incident occurred because we allowed their selfishness. It’s also because there were many comments from the top, where they said “First of all, let them do what they like”.”

……That’s the reason!? So we were dragged into the magicians fuss? This isn’t a joke! ……Wait, the top? I see, so there is a person who the man in front of me is obeying. So is that the person that is leading the remnants of the Khaos Brigade that Sensei spoke of?

The man continues to talk.

“That is one of the reasons for this assault, and the second reason is this.”

The man clicks his fingers. Then the wall at the right-side moves, and sinks down.

I can see the other side of the wall. What’s over there is—a scenery which looks like an experiment room where there are many capsules.

The many capsules which are connected to a device. And inside—there is something.

Ravel looks away. When we observe inside—it’s filled with liquids, and is that a person which is floating inside……?

We find it suspicious. The man then says.

“Do you know the methods of how Phoenix tears are produced? The purebloods from the House of Phoenix go inside the magic-circle which went through a special ritual, they also prepare a cup which went through a special ritual, and they drop their own tear inside that cup which is filled with water. The water inside the cup which has the tear drop added turns into “Phoenix Tears”. During that procedure, they say that it won’t become a “Phoenix Tears” if it isn’t a tear shed while having an empty mind. It seems like tears with emotions are “That person’s own tears”. So there won’t be any effects if it’s tears they shed for themselves or others.”

The man points at the capsules.

“The reason why I said this place is a “factory” is because the magicians were mass-producing them. They created many clones of the High-class Devils Phoenix, and they produce “Phoenix Tears” inside the capsules—. Since it’s planned for this “factory” to be abandoned, those ones inside have stopped functioning.”

The ones inside are the clones of High-class Devil Phoenix!? Hey hey, what kind of things did you guys make!? The fake “Tears”, they were produced by using these clones!

So Ravel was shown this! That’s why she looks so depressed! She is the daughter of the House of Phoenix, you know!? And you guys abandoned it……! Of course she will be depressed after seeing this……!

Kaichou narrows her eyes, and speaks with disgust.

“……So they have been sending the things they have produced here to the black market to gather enormous funds. The idea itself is repulsive. So the reason why your people were laying your hands on those from House of Phoenix is to improve the accuracy of its production, correct?”

“It’s helpful that you can understand the situation quickly, heiress of the House of Sitri. It seems like there are limits of copying the traits of the Phoenix even with use of the magicians studies, so they used the last resort of kidnapping those related to the Phoenix and taking the information directly from them. In the end, it seems like there were things they can only obtain directly from those carrying the blood of Phoenix, that’s why they kidnapped Ravel Phoenix. Ah, you don’t have to worry. We didn’t do anything to Ravel Phoenix’s body. We only took detailed data of her demonic-power to improve the accuracy of the “Tears”.”

But these guys hurt Ravels heart……!

“……It’s horrible……it’s so horrible……why……why did you make something like clones……”

Ravel who is staring at the capsule is shedding tears while looking sad. ……Seriously, what on earth have they done……! So the guys who had been getting “Tears” in the shadows have started researching on their own because the distribution of them was stopped.

The man says it uninterestingly.

“The information regarding Gasper Vladi was something we didn’t expect.”

His words have been bland since before. Even though he talks long about it, there are no emotions in his words. He is speaking as though it isn’t his problem.

The man wearing the robe turns around, and says it with a different vibe.

“—Now, for the last demand we are seeking from all of you. There is a certain someone that is wishing to fight strong people like you, so can you become his opponent? The truth is, this is the main objective for this assault. The reason why I granted the wish of the magicians was just an “extra” for this.”

The man who just says that creates a gigantic circle between us. The light runs through the floor, and it glows while forming a circle.

Wait, our opponent? Who is he trying to make us fight? And this is their main objective……

So the reason why he made us come here is mainly for this!

……Rather, that magic-circle, I have seen it before. Yeah, it’s identical to the thing we used to summon the gigantic Dragon-King, Midgardsormr.

Saji mutters.

“—The Dragon Gate?”

Yeah, it’s the Dragon Gate! The one which calls the powerful Dragons! When I remained in the dimensional gap, I was originally meant to be summoned through this!

The Dragon Gate is emitting a green colour. Doesn’t the Dragon Gate give out the colour of the Dragon which is being summoned?

I heard that Ddraig is red, Albion is white, Vritra is black, Fafnir is gold, Yu-Long is green, Midgardsormr is grey, Tiamat is blue, and old-man Tannin is purple.

“……Ehm, green? If I remember right, the Dragon that governs green is one of the Five Great Dragons, Yu-Long! Why is Yu-Long here!?”

The easy going Dragon-King that I met in Kyoto! The aura around him was green! Then the one who is appearing from here is Yu-Long? W-Why?

I became suspicious, but Kaichou shakes her head.

“……No, that colour isn’t green…… It’s a darker……green colour……”

It certainly is dark. It’s dark green. ……It’s not Yu-Long?

“Was there a Dragon that governs dark green……?”

Irina mutters.

“—There was. In the past, a Dragon which represents dark green.”

The man wearing the silver robe says that, then the glow from the Dragon Gate gets brighter, and then spreads!


The sound—a roar, which shakes the whole white field comes out from the mouth of the thing.

What appears in front of us is a gigantic monster with darkish scales which is standing on two legs. Thick arms and legs. Sharp claws, fangs, and horns. It’s spreading its enormously large wings, and it has a thick and long tail.

Maybe it's more accurate to say that it’s a giant which has the features of a Dragon. A form which is close to a human. But it has wings, a tail, and its head is completely that of a Dragon.

“—The legendary Dragon, “Crime Force Dragon” Grendel.”

The man wearing the robe says that, and the giant Dragon with sharp fangs opens its jaw. Its eyes glowing in silver colour are bright and sharp, and it's filled with hostility and killing intent.

[Guhahahaha. It's been a while since going through the Dragon Gate! So, who is my opponent? He’s here, right? The insanely strong guy that I love so much!”

We become speechless at the sudden appearance of the mysterious Dragon. The size of its body rivals that of old-man Tannin.

Except, there is a major difference with old-man Tannin. It’s not about its appearance.

——The quality of the aura around its body is very ominous.

It has a black aura where you can see its evilness from just one look.

A human-size black snake, Vritra, appears from Saji’s shadow.

Vritra makes the brightness of its iris darker, and releases a shocking voice.

[……! Grendel……!?]

Yeah, I remember now.

Sensei spoke of this guy few days ago. B-But……I was told that he was already terminated……! What’s going on……?

Vritra continues.

[……Impossible. This guy was terminated by the first Beowulf where there was nothing left after ending its tyranny.]

The giant Dragon, Grendel, looks at me and Vritra.

[——! This is interesting. The Heavenly Dragon, the red one! Vritra is also here! What’s with that look?]

The Dragon narrows its silver eyes while taking interest.

“The Two Heavenly Dragons have already been terminated, and are now sealed into the Sacred Gears.”

Hearing the words of the man wearing the robe, the Dragon laughs loudly.

[Guhahahahahaha! What the, so you guys were taken down as well! Pitiful! Pitiful indeed! Heavenly Dragons, my ass! You guys were also terminated! Oh well, this certainly is it! An opponent who is good for my awakening!]

The Dragon spreads its wings to the side after making a laugh, and lowers its posture!

H-He’s coming……! This is bad! The quality of its aura is that of a Dragon with quite a threat!

I’m not in my usual state, and we don’t have all our members here!

Xenovia and Irina make a stance with their sword.

“……Are we fighting him?”

“B-But, it’s my first time fighting a legendary Dragon!”

“It’s the same for me. I fought against those fake Midgardsormrs and baby Fenrirs in the battle against Loki……but no matter how you look at him, he is a Dragon-King class or higher!”

Yeah, it's exactly like what Xenovia said. This Dragon, it’s emitting an aura of a Dragon-King or higher.

The man wearing the robe says it under this tense atmosphere.

“……Sekiryuutei, are you not going to wear your armour?”

“Sorry. I’m not feeling well.”

“……This is a problem. One of the main objectives is the battle between you and Grendel.”

E-Even if you say that……

I also want to use it if I can! No, I should try call calling Ddraig again.

“……Ddraig. Can you hear me, Ddraig? It seems like we have a little problem here. The Dragon called Grendel is our opponent. Hey, Ddraig!”

I shout towards the jewel.

……There’s no response. Is he still sleeping?

When I thought like that—


Oh, somehow, it seems like there is a response.

“Ddraig, hey, what’s wrong?”

I ask once again. And then—

[……Onii-chan, who are you?]

………… Huh? I think I heard a weird phrase with Ddraig’s voice……


I ask once again. Then, he replies like this.

[Yup, my name is Ddraig. I’m a baby Dragon.]



“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?” My eyes pop out, and I can only scream at this!

What’s with the “My name is Ddraig, I’m a baby Dragon”!? What happened!? What occurred!?

Kaichou then says it to me who is confused. Ah, so everyone heard what Ddraig said just now.


“Sona-kaichou, do you know what’s happening?”

Sona-kaichou answers Akeno-san’s question.

“……This is just my assumption, but Sekiryuutei Ddraig was mentally cornered by the influence of Ise-kun’s “Oppai Dragon” and things related to it. On top of that, Ddraig used his power to resurrect Ise-kun back in the incident with monsters, and therefore has started to sleep more often. As the result of using too much of his powers, he hasn’t healed completely, and therefore might have reverted back to being a child.”

Reverted back to being a child……!? Is that those things which comes up quite often in manga and television!?

Koneko-chan then says.

“……It seems like he simply reverted back to being a child because of the oppai related things of Ise-senpai……”

Seriously!? So Ddraig who was all worn-out because of my Oppai-Dragon thing……made his mentality go back to that of a child?

Suddenly, Ddraig makes a shivering sound.

[……Oppai……oppai, I’m so scared……]

—He’s scared of the keyword, “Oppai”!

How can this be!? That much!? Do you hate oppai that much!?

Did you run away from reality because you hate oppai!?

I say it to calm him down.

“Ddraig! No, Ddraig-kun! Oppai aren’t scary! Oppai are something which is very soft and good!”

Yes, Oppai are miracles! Yeah, we were saved many times thanks to them!

[……Zoom zoom iyaan, that phrase is burned deep into my heart……]

It’s horrible! His trauma is too horrible! Something outrageous is going on!

"The Heavenly Dragon reverted back to being a child!? What the heck does that mean!? Just what do you have to do, in order to corner the legendary Dragon to that state!?”

It seems like Saji is in shock.

No, I’m the one who wants to ask him that! What is this!? What am I supposed to do!?

“Vritra, can you do something about it?”

Saji asks. The black Dragon-King answers like this.

[If there was another Dragon-King, then we may be able to bring Ddraig’s consciousness back.]

Another Dragon-King? There is the guy in front of us who seems to be in the same level, but he doesn’t seem like he would help us.

[Hey, I still can’t fight? Rather, what happened to that shit, Ddraig?]

Grendel asks the man wearing the robe.

“Heavenly Dragons also must feel difficulty at living sometimes. Let’s see how it will go for now.”

Heavenly Dragons feeling difficulty to continue living! Don’t take it like that! It’s all my fault!

“Please leave it to me!”

We are all puzzled, but someone unexpected steps forward. –It’s Asia.

Kaichou says it while looking at Asia who seems to have made up her mind.

“Looks like Asia-san’s preparations are all set. Then, I will leave it to you, Asia-san.”

……What does she mean? Asia, did she learn something?

While I’m finding this suspicious, Asia starts to make powerful chants! A golden magic-circle appears in front of Asia!

“—Answer my voice, Golden King. Crawl on the ground, and you shall receive my reward.”

With that chant, the golden magic-circle glows even stronger!

The Dragon Gate opens once again. I have seen that golden glow before!

“Please come out! Gigantis Dragon! Fafnir-san!”

The moment Asia finishes her chants, the one who responds to her call appears!

The one who appears from the golden magic-circle is—a giant four legged Dragon with golden scales.

It’s emitting a magnificent aura from its body. This one here is also more than ten metres tall, just like Grendel. It’s a Dragon without any wings.

……There is something which looks like a cloth wrapped around on its horn of its head…… Is it some kind of charm?

……Wait, Fafnir!? Fafnir, you mean that Dragon-King who is one of the Five-Great Dragon-Kings who made a pact with Sensei and had the form of an armour!? It’s natural for me to be familiar with that golden glow!

Kaichou explains it to me who is in shock.

“Azazel-sensei did step back from the frontline after all. It seems like he cancelled his pact with the Dragon-King. Except, he thought it would be a waste, so he urged a pact with Asia-san.”

……I did hear about Sensei stepping back from the frontline. But I never thought he would hand Fafnir to Asia!

I see, Sensei did certainly pay attention to Asia’s talent as a monster tamer. He did give her advice to make a pact with legendary creatures. He said she should prepare someone to act as her shield, so it will be okay even if she is to be targeted by the enemy when she is healing. But a Dragon-King!?

Kaichou continues.

“Just like what I heard from Rias, it seems like she was able to make a pact. I can understand why she got a blessing from the Dragon-God Ophis, as well.”

“……Ophis’s blessing? Ah! Sensei did say that before leaving!”

Yeah, Sensei certainly said something like that to Asia and Ophis! So, this is the reason why Asia has been talking to Ophis in secret lately!

Kaichou shakes her head.

“It seems like Asia-san’s aura has started to show Ophis’s divine power. After checking her, she didn’t have any direct enhancement of her ability, but her luck and compatibility with Dragons has increased greatly because of the blessing. It seems like Ophis herself doesn’t notice that she gave her blessing to her, so she must have sent her gratitude to Asia-san without realising it. Likewise, Irina-san is also receiving a blessing from her.”

“My luck has increased! Last time, I got the second prize in a lottery!”

Irina puts her thumb up! The “second” prize is kinda awkward!

“Kaichou, do I also have a blessing of Ophis……? Isn’t she giving me one even though she always follows behind me?”

“……In your case, it will be more accurate to say that you have been possessed. Most likely, you have shouldered a karma that no God can purify.”

So it went past her being attached to me that I’m possessed!? And even a God can’t purify it!

“With Ophis acting as the mediator, Fafnir made a pact with Asia-san. He’s a legendary Dragon that has been gathering treasures from the world for his collection. Asia-san needed to prepare a treasure which is enough to satisfy him to complete the pact. ……It seems the price she paid was great.”

“What did she have to pay in order to complete the pact?”

“……T-That is……it’s a bit too strong for me to say……”

Kaichou becomes hesitant to say it when I asked her. W-Why? Is it something she can’t say?

“No, I’m worried about it! I want to know what my important family member had to sacrifice to make a pact with a Dragon-King! I must ask her!”

You know she’s my important Asia, right? What did Asia have to give in order to make herself stronger!? Since she is my family, I have to ask!

Kaichou mutters it embarrassingly while making her cheek go red.


I can’t hear her! I ask her once again.

“Eh? I can’t hear you! Please say it more clearly!”

Then Asia shouts very embarrassingly!

“My panties!”



I immediately realised the cloth wrapped around its horn!

—That’s a panties! A girl’s panties!

Fafnir opens its heavy jaw.

[——Treasure, O-panties, I have received. I, panties, happy.]


……Ah, how can this be?

This guy is a perv……!

A Dragon-King that responds to a pact by having panties as a price!? Hold on! Then what kind of pact did Sensei have in order to make a pact with this “O-pantsu Dragon”!? Pants!? Did Sensei also bring some panties from somewhere?

“I think Sensei gave him a proper treasure.”

Kaichou says it as if she answers my suspicions.

I, I see~! So that makes me an idiot for thinking that it must be panties!

My impression of Fafnir is horrible! He turned into Sensei’s cool looking armour, but he happens to be like this……!

While enduring embarrassment, Asia asks the Panties Dragon-King.

“Fafnir-san! Ddraig-san’s mentality is weakening! As the fellow legendary Dragon-King, is there any way for you to help him!?”

[——I can.]

Oh, seriously? Asia begs.

“——! Is that true!? Please! Please return Ddraig-san back to normal!”

[Treasure, give me.]

——! He started begging for it!

“……I-I understand. It’s the price for the pact……”

While enduring such embarrassment, Asia takes out a cute looking light blue coloured panties from her pocket.

Seeing that, Xenovia and Irina shouts!

“T-That is Asia’s favourite panties!”

“Asia-san, you are going to give that to him!?”

It seems like it’s her favourite one!

“Stop, Asia! There’s no reason for you to go that far! Hey! Dragon-King! What do you want panties for!?”

I ask! He answers without changing his expression.

[O-panties, treasure.]

——I know that! It certainly is a treasure! It’s too much of a treasure!

“Hey, Vritra! You are the same Dragon-King as him! Do something! Persuade this guy!”

Vritra-san! Please do something about this panties bastard!

[Not my problem.]

You will just ignore it!? Xenovia shouts.

“Wait! There’s no reason for Asia to give him that! I will give you mine!”

Irina tries to stop Xenovia.

“What are you saying, Xenovia! You don’t wear any panties under that battle costume!”

“Ku……! Fafnir! Is my battle costume not enough!?”

Xenovia who is trying to take her battle costume off! Xenovia’s friendship towards Asia is great! She must be thinking it's better than having Asia give her panties to this Dragon.

[I, prefer blonde beauty’s panties. I want the treasure of Panties-Sister.]

“Our Asia-chan isn’t a Panties-Sister!”

I approach Fafnir and smack his head! Though he hasn’t flinched!

I can’t forgive this Dragon-King! He called our Asia-chan a Panties-Sister!

Shit! Rias is the Switch-Princess, and Asia is the Panties-Sister! What the hell!

The giant Dragon asks the man wearing the robe.

[Hey, what’s going on? Is Fafnir my opponent? Can I start my attack now?]

“No, please wait a bit. The Two-Heavenly Dragons and their comrades go through irregular evolution with woman’s breasts and buttocks. ——They have entered their preparation phase. The real battle starts from here.”

Don’t answer him so seriously! What’s with that phrase filled with anticipation!? Rather, the Vali-team are thought to be the same as us! Please don’t bully Albion as well!

“I will give it to you!”

Asia makes her face red, and puts the light blue coloured panties on the horn located on the Dragon’s nose.

High school dxd v14 267.jpg

Seeing that, her best friends, Xenovia and Irina cry.

“Uu, Asia! What amazing resolution……!”

“Ah, lord! Please give your blessing to Asia-san who has sacrificed herself!”

While having her best friends watch over her, the ritual of handing out the offering ends.

That moment——

The golden Dragon expands its nostril, and breathes in!

Is it trying to release its Dragon’s power by taking a breath……!?

While watching him with anticipation, the golden Dragon-King——

[Asia-tan’s panties, sniff sniff.]

It starts to sniff hard on the smell of the panties——

“Don’t sniff sniiiiiiiiiff!”

I say it back to him! It’s my second time talking back to this Dragon-King!

And you can’t call her “Asia-tan”~!

This guy is really enjoying Asia’s panties which are on its horn! He’s greatly enjoying the smell of it! What a Dragon! What a perverted bastard!

“I can’t become a bride anymore!”

Asia who can’t endure this embarrassment can only scream by covering her face with both her hands.

[O-panties, I have received. Ddraig, heal!]

Fafnir releases a golden aura towards my gauntlet.

[Ku! Such embarrassment!]

Responding to Fafnir’s aura, Vritra also releases its black aura to my gauntlet while complaining.

After a pause, my gauntlet starts to emit the usual red glow.

[——! ……Huh! W-What was I doing!? Ah, partner!]

Aaaaaaah, its Ddraig! The usual Ddraig has returned!

“Uu, I’m so glad you came back, Ddraig…… The sacrifice we paid in order to bring you back was too great……!”

Asia……lost her panties and something important……! You came back from the power of her panties! But I can’t tell that to the delicate Ddraig! I can’t tell him that at all!

I shout towards Asia!

“Asiiiiiia! It’s not like you can’t become a bride anymore! I will take full responsibility, so rest assured!”

Asia cries out while putting her hand on her mouth.

“Uu, Ise-san! I’m inexperienced, but please take care of me!”

“Yeah, leave it to me! God dammit! It’s such a cruel destiny!”

[Sniff sniff.]

Damn Panties Dragon, he’s still enjoying the smell!

“I keep on telling you, stop sniffing, you perverted Draaaaaagon!”

——Now, let's start since I’m back to my usual self.

“I won’t let Asia’s sacrifice go in vain! Balance Break!”

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!!!]

The red aura that is wrapped around my body shapes into armour!

——! I realised it after doing Balance Break. I can Balance Break without any countdown!

……Is it the influence of Great Red and Ophis? Well, it’s okay. This is good. I can fight without any time loss!

I stand in front of the giant Dragon, Grendel, while wearing my armour.

[——! Grendel……? What’s going on? This guy was supposed to have been terminated before I was.]

Ddraig makes a shocked voice.

[Guhahaha, man, you look awful. Well, it’s okay. Ou! Come, Ddraig. Shall we start a fight to the death, again?]

The Dragon lifts its mouth while making a fearless smile. Ddraig asks.

[It seems like you weren’t sealed into the Sacred Gear like I was.......How did you come back to this world?]

[Let’s leave the simple matter aside. The thing is, there is the strong me, and there is the strong you. Then, let’s start killing each other!]

It lowers its posture once again, and Grendel is now set on attacking me.

[Partner, that guy is an insane Dragon that only thinks of going wild. ……If you are going to do it, go through it to the end. Don’t feel even a bit of sympathy.]

I never thought Ddraig would say this. So it means he’s that much of a crazy Dragon huh.

Hearing Ddraig’s words, Grendel says it with joy.

[You sure can say it, you sure can say it indeed! Being called a Heavenly Dragon! There isn’t Heaven, God, or Truth among Dragons!]

Oh, scary. He has such an amazing intensity and pressure. It’s different to the magnificent aura of old-man Tannin.

[That’s right. This will be the first time for you to be fighting a legendary-class Dragon for real.]

Yeah, I had a survival camp with old-man Tannin, but I never had a real battle with him putting our life on the line. It was just training.

Grendel then says.

[Hey, all of you, I changed my mind. Let me fight Ddraig one on one.]

……So that’s how you want to play. But that will be good for me.

I also……have something built up in me……! I can release it since I can finally wear this armour.

The thing about Ravel, the thing about the assault at Kuou academy, I've already had enough!

“That’s alright with me. Everyone, can you leave this to me?”

I ask everyone.

Kaichou smiles.

“You are our greatest force. May I say it on behalf of Rias? ——Do it, Ise-kun!”

That’s the best word for sending me off, Sona-kaichou!

For this incident, you guided us on behalf of Rias! So please watch over me till the end over there! I will finish this!

I spread my Dragon wings, and went forward!


I went straight ahead at high speed. Grendel smiles happily when he sees me.

[Oho! That’s iiiiiit! Head on huh! Yeah, that’s what I want!]

Grendel’s enormous fist comes flying at me! I can feel an aura which seems like it will crush me down if I get hit by it! I won’t get hit with it!

I changed my direction in the air, and dodged his punch! Even though he has a huge fist, it’s fast! So being a Dragon-King class isn’t a joke huh!

I went within his range, and change the evil piece inside me!


[Welsh Dragonic Rook!]

[Change Solid Impact!!!!]

The shape of my armour fattens and thickens, and the form of both my arms changes into something which specialises in both attacking and defending.

I nail my fist which has increased its size towards his face!

Grendel gets thrown back and was about to fall down, but he manages to stay on his feet!

At the same time I land on the ground, I deactivated Triana [Rook] to return my armour to the normal state, and stepped back.

Grendel who was punched in his face from the front strokes his cheek.

[………… What was that? Hey hey hey.]


I’m in shock. That was Triana [Rook] which specialises in attacking, you know?

He got hit by it directly, but he seems as if nothing happened. The only change is that there is a bit of his blue coloured blood coming out from his mouth. That’s the only damage I gave him?

Grendel breathes violently from his nose, and then complains.

[Is this it? Isn’t your host too weak? You were crazy strong before, Ddraig. Seriously, pitiful!]

……Oh man. So Triana won’t work.

[Partner, lets transform into True-Queen. I also can’t ignore the words he said just now.]

Yeah, Ddraig. You are right. I still haven’t punched enough for Gasper, Ravel, and Koneko-chan’s sake!

I then read out a powerful chant.

“—I, who is about to awaken, am the Sekiryuutei who holds the truth of King up high! Holding the infinite hopes and unbreakable dreams and walking the path of righteousness! I will become the Emperor of the Crimson dragon—”

If I lose here, I won’t be able to face up to my seniors who have perished!

I can’t continue to be beaten like this!

“ “ “ “ “And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in deep crimson light!” ” ” ” ”

[Cardinal Crimson Full Drive!!!!]

Bright crimson aura envelops my body, and it dyes my armour a deep crimson colour!

Seeing the change in my armour, Grendel laughs once again.

[Crimson? What the? Interesting! That’s really interesting, Ddraaaaig! You are clearly stronger than before!]

Grendel jumps forward! Fast! It doesn’t seem like he has a huge body at all!

He shortens the distance between us immediately, and slashes down with his claws! I fly and dodge it at high-speed, and nail my right fist into his face as a counter!

……Shit! I also felt it before but...... The hit just now is perfect in terms of its impact and timing. But, it’s heavy! It’s thick! It’s hard! What is it with this guy’s defence……!

I don’t have any sensation where I can hit him away when my punch lands on him! It’s thick and heavy! It makes me think what his scales and skin are made from.

[Grendel had one of the hardest scales among the extinct Dragons. A half-hearted attack won’t work, partner.]

“But on the other hand, we can’t use Dragon Blaster nor Crimson Blaster here.”

They have high attack powers, but they are attacks which can also blow away the surroundings right away. I won’t be able to shoot them here since I don’t know how strong this place is built. If I shoot them without thinking, this field may perish.

[I’m sorry, but right now you won’t be able to use them anyway. Since they may explode since I got my consciousness back.]

After all, the True-Queen is still unstable to begin with. But I’m in the situation where I want one powerful attack.

[Partner, what is installed in your left gauntlet?]

Having Ddraig say, I remembered about that. ……Yeah. I have this. It’s something too good for me, but it won’t be a waste to use it here!

[Here I coooome! Ddraig-chaaaan!]

When Grendel shouts that out, his stomach fattens! He’s trying to spit out something!

What Grendel spits out is—huge fireball! Fires are Dragons special attacks after all!

I dodge them by spreading my wings and moving to the sides—but Grendel who has moved to that spot out of nowhere is present! This Dragon moves too fast!

……So the fireball is a bluff huh!

He puts his fist towards me! And I don’t have the time to dodge it!


The strike from his giant fist hits my whole body! And the shock passes through my whole body……! Shit……what insane attack power……! It’s just a normal punch, but it carries more power than Sairaorg-san when he’s wearing the lion’s armour……!

I break my balance up in the air, and Grendel swings his hand down to slam me to the ground!

I got hit by it directly from my back, and I get slammed to the ground violently!


Because of the motion and force of being slammed down, I cough blood from my mask! Intense pain runs throughout my body!

……Like I thought, his power is insane! T-This guy’s strength isn’t just that of a Dragon-King……!

[Guhahahahaha! Get squashed!]

I then see a giant foot that is coming down at me! I will get squashed! I can’t let that happen!

I roll my body to the side to avoid being stomped by the enemy, and fix my posture right away. The stomp from the giant body misses and cracks the ground, which then shakes the whole field!

I fly up to the sky immediately! Along with flying up to the sky, I kick towards the enemy’s jaw!


I kicked Grendel’s jaw really hard!

It was a clean hit, and I felt some resistance. ……But the sensation I felt is hard and thick!

He’s so heavy that it's impossible to kick him away! This isn’t only because he is big! His defence is really high! And he has quick movements……!

[Dragons are the strongest creatures. Among them, the Dragon-Kings, and those in classes which surpass them are such powerful foes that they will become a threat. Don’t forget that. ……Especially the “Evil-Dragons” and those close to it are violent as well as being tough!]

Yeah, I really do think that is the case here, Ddraig!

Even after being hit on his jaw, Grendel continues to throw his punches normally!

I block them by thickening the armour on my arms to the state of [Welsh Dragonic Rook]……but the force of his punches are overwhelming, and I get smashed to the wall!

……The damage on my back! Because of the pain of clashing to the wall, it’s hard to breath! Rather, I have been receiving insane shock even through the armour!

[His attack power and defence are insanely high!]

You are exactly right, Ddraig……

Grendel and I then start a fist fight! This Dragon which throws swift punches and kicks which you can’t believe it's coming from someone with a huge body! I can’t let my guard down since he will attack me from the blind spot with his tail when he sees the chance!

……So being a giant-type Dragon allows him to have this many movements huh! There is an overwhelming difference in terms of our body size! Being hit by his heavy blow makes me fall down like a fly being smacked down with a fly swatter! ……I can feel dull pain every time that happens.

[I’m enjoying this! You can exchange hits with me despite being small! I can’t get enough of thiiiiiis!]

Having the expression of ecstasy on his huge face, he starts to attack happily!

……I’m attacking him with my best punches, kicks, and dragon-shots, but he’s still coming ahead to me without feeling a thing!

[The damages are definitely going through to him, partner! But, that guy……was originally a broken Dragon who had nails missing in his head from the beginning. He even enjoys receiving damage!]

……It only makes me feel chills and creepiness, Ddraig……!

The one who fought equally against this armour is, Sairaorg-san. The one who surpassed it is Cao Cao.

This Grendel……I wonder how his power will rank. A bit higher than being equal to me huh. He’s more troublesome than Cao Cao in a different way. Rather than Cao Cao who will end after being hit, I started to get tired fighting this guy who seems like he won’t be ending no matter how much I hit him……

But I will return a hit which is strengthened to the max back to you. I can’t be getting cornered one-sidedly after all!

After taking a breath, I shorten the distance to Grendel!

At the same time I gather the Dragon’s aura to the Ascalon that is installed in the left gauntlet!


No Dragon can withstand this! If it hits—, then it’s my win!

Grendel repeatedly releases the fireballs to me! Three shots!

I dodge the first shot in the air, and I evade the second one by flying in a low altitude closely to the ground! The third one—.

[Guhahahahaha! Here I come, Ddraig!]

He appears before the third shot comes at me, and he’s flying above me. He also releases flames from above me! A wide-range flame from above! And the third shot of the fireball which he released before is coming at me from the front!

I put strength into my right arm, and shot out a large block of demonic-power! Dragon-shot!

The flames from above……seems like I have to fly into it!

I will charge forward within the flames……and then defeat him!

After my Dragon-shot cancels the fireball which is coming from the front, I went flying above like that! I jump into the flames which are coming from above me! Huge amount of flames burns me without mercy! Hooooot! I would have turned into dust if I didn’t wear my armour!

[It’s clearly more powerful than the one Grendel breathed out in the past!]

But, Ddraig! I just need to overcome this!

Grendel gets happy from the bottom of his heart when he sees me charging forward within his flames!

[For real!? You, you really are the beeeest! I love idiots like yoooou!]

I passed through the flames—!

“I will pay back the debts of my juniors to yoooooou!”


I nail my right fist which has the power of Ascalon’s dragon-slayer ability working on it to Grendel’s stomach that has an expression of ecstasy on his face!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]


A low-ditch sound comes from my heavy blow! That blow creates a sound of collision which echoes throughout the field.

Grendel who receives the blow directly coughs a lot of blue blood from his mouth while falling on the ground. The whole field shakes by the impact of having a giant body fall.

……I felt that the attack went through. I also used the ability of dragon-slayer on it. With this—.

……But an unbelievable thing happens before my eyes.

——Grendel starts to stand up.

After taking a breath, he spits his blood on the ground, and then moves his neck while making noise.

My blow of [Welsh Dragonic Rook] that has the power of Ascalon’s dragon-slayer……doesn’t have that much effect on him!?

Grendel gives an evil smile to me who is in shock.

[That hurts! It hurts to the maaaax! But, that was a good punch! Guhahahahaha! Interesting, it sure is interesting! This pain makes me realise that I am alive! The real thing will start from here! Fine! Fight to the death, fight to death I tell ya! You and I! Let’s fight until one of us dies by having our body shattered! Ddraaaaaaaaaaig!]

……So this guy is this tough huh……! Even I started to have sweat coming out from me.

His toughness surpasses the word of being “tough”……! Just how much do I have to do in order to defeat him!?

[He still stands with joy even with that damage he got right now!? Damn crazy Dragon……!]

Ddraig also says it with disgust.

Then Grendel makes his stomach three times bigger! Another fireball! I became cautious, but the giant Dragon changes the direction of his body and—

[But before that, there’s a change of plan! All of you, it’s decided all of you will die!]

He shot several fireballs towards my comrades!

Bastard! Wasn’t this supposed to be one on one!?


“I won’t let you!”

Rossweisse-san stands at the front, and makes lots of defence-type magic-circles appear!

Akeno-san also has the wings of a Fallen Angel appear, and creates the thunder and light that has the shape of a dragon!

“——Water.” Kaichou envelop a silent, but a strong blue coloured aura around her. Water appears and gathers around her! Enormous amounts of water that Kaichou is controlling with her demonic-power acts as a wall and covers our comrades.

The fireball released by Grendel gets stopped by Rossweisse-san’s magic-circle of the defence-magic, and then gets erased by Akeno-san’s Raikouryuu! The explosion and heat spreads throughout the field, but the wall of water that Sona-kaichou created blocks them!

——! There are still two fireballs left! The giant fireballs are heading towards my comrades once again!

“——Alright, let’s begin! You will be fighting as well, Fafnir!”

Saji makes a magic-circle made from black flames appear in front of him, it captures Grendel’s fireball once it goes into it!


He starts to trim away the power of the fireball with Vritra’s ability. The black flame is eating away Grendel’s fireball and it’s trying to weaken its impact.

[Asia-tan, protect.]

Fafnir releases a block of aura shining in gold from his mouth, and he completely erases Grendel’s fireball that Saji was stopping! Wow, a combination attack between Dragon-Kings!

It’s a bit regretful that I’m feeling it's okay to leave Asia in Fafnir’s hands who has just done a job which was worth the price!

And, for the last fireball, the duo of Xenovia and Irina—.

“I will cut it down with Durandal!”

She cuts the Dragon’s fireball with a single slash by combining the power of Destruction and Rapidly which enhanced its speed and power! She then continues to cut the fireball into pieces. Despite being cut into pieces, the force acting on Grendel’s fireball hasn’t died!

“Looks like I will be the one to finish it!”

To finish it, Irina uses the mass-produced holy-demonic sword which seems to have the element of ice added to freeze all of the fireball which has been cut into pieces.

All of Grendel’s fireballs which went heading towards my comrades have perished! He did take us by surprise, but he shouldn’t look down on my comrades!

But the action right now is such a cowardly act!

“You! You said this was a one on one! Why did you attack my comrades!?”

I punch his face while shouting that out, but he wipes the blood from his nose with his hand and then puts on an evil grin.

[My bad, I just like killing after all. I can’t maintain my tension if I don’t kill every now and then. But, looks like I failed. They are strong, your comrades that is. —So I will kill all of you! Hit! Torment! Stomp! Bite! Then I will make all of you into asssssshes!]

......He’s pissed to the max! His silver eyes are glowing so brutally with hostility and killing intent!

Grendel’s hostility is directed towards me—and my comrades.

“Hyoudou-kun! We don’t have to tag along with fighting him one-on-one anymore! Let’s attack him together!”

It’s just like Kaichou said. It’s a different story if that guy doesn’t want to fight one-on-one. We will beat him together!


……Even though I said that, I’m at my limit at maintaining this crimson armour. It’s a form where it’s hard to stabilise its power to begin with. And since Ddraig has just come back, it seems like it won’t last long……!

[Then let’s start the second round, the red one. —No, the crimson Ryuutei-chaaaaaan!]

It happens when Grendel spreads his wings and was about to come at me——.

His body stops. We come to know that reason right away.

——That’s because something that looks like a black shadow is wrapping around Grendel’s foot.

I became suspicious, then I look towards the shadow, —no, I look towards the place where the darkness is coming from.

……Gasper is standing there who has creepy shadows appearing around him.

He has his red eyes glow bewitchingly, and his body looks powerless.

The darkness wriggles, and is heading towards Grendel. ……So that’s Gasper’s hidden power…… He’s emitting a very terrifying aura. The darkness spreads even further, and it seems like it's trying to devour this whole space.

[……What is that? Never mind. Is it okay for me to kill that as well? It’s okay right!? There are so many strong shitty brats here! This is a good era! It’s worth destroying it!]

Grendel is taking this situation with great joy! Shit! Damn battle-maniac! I won’t let you lay a finger on my junior!

It happens when I try to get Grendel’s attention back to me.

“——No, Grendel. Please stop right there. It seems the experiment has been a success. We could have had a better investigation if Kiba Yuuto was also here, but this should be enough.”

The man wearing the robe stops Grendel.

Grendel then makes a shout of dissatisfaction.

[Don’t stop me! It starts from here! I will slaughter them all! The real thing starts when both sides become high to the max! Let me battle them! I’m going to discard my regret from back then! This time I will finally eat, get eaten, break, get broken, and kill!]

……He really is brutal. So there was a Dragon like him huh.

It’s my first time seeing a Dragon who is attached to battling this much. It makes Vali look innocent instead! Not just to me, but he is also giving out hostility and killing intents to both his enemies and ally.

The man wearing the robe then says it to Grendel with cold words.

“—Do you want to return to being a corpse? You are still in the tuning stage. If you overdo it……”

Grendel makes a noise with his tongue when he hears that, and he puts his fist down.

[……Chi, damn, can’t help it then. Since you brought that up. Then I only have the option to stop.]

……He put his fist down. ……“Corpse”? What does that mean? Tuning stage? There are so many questions……

A communication-type magic-circle appears immediately near the ear of the man wearing the robe. The man listens to it, and then nods his head.

“……Good news, Grendel. It seems like they are having a really tough time against the white one. Let’s go to their side this time.”

[Oho! So it’s Albion this time! I can’t get enough of this!]

Hearing the man wearing the robe, Grendel puts on a grin.

Albion? White one? It’s Vali! Don’t tell me the reason why Kuroka wasn’t at my house is because—.

Grendel points at me.

[Ddraig the shit, Vritra the gloomy, and the panty-bastard. My playtime with you will be on hold. Next time. Next time, it’s that. I will kill you all. I will kill all three of you together, okay? Guhahaha!]

The Dragon Gate opens, and it envelops Grendel while having the circle emit dark green colour.

When the light stops—the giant Dragon is gone.

Confirming that, the man wearing the robe takes off his hood.

The one who appears under it is a youth with silver hair—. But, the youth’s face looks familiar. ……It seems like I saw him somewhere before…… I then remember the face of the strongest [Queen] who always takes care of me.

The silver-haired man then says.

“I am Lucifugus. Euclid Lucifugus.”


L-L-Lucifugus……!? What’s that supposed to mean!? No, that’s right! It’s natural for him to look similar! He looks like Grayfia-san!

“You aren’t their boss, right? Then, who is unifying the remnants of the Khaos Brigade!?”

Saji asks. The man just narrows his eyes.

“You will come to know the identity of the current boss of the Khaos Brigade very soon.”

It seems like Kaichou realised something after hearing the man, Euclid.

“……I see, so the one who intruded into this town and brought the magicians inside is you, correct? If it’s someone with the same aura as Grayfia-sama, then it may not be weird for you to pass through the barrier.”

Hearing that, Euclid says it with a cold voice.

“Please tell this to my elder sister, Grayfia Lucifugus, who went so low as to become a servant of the Gremory. —If you are living as you like by abandoning the role of Lucifugus, then I also have the same right to do so—.”

……Elder sister……? T-Then, this guy is—

The man who named himself as Euclid Lucifugus disappears within the teleportation magic-circle—.

——At the same time, this field starts to collapse as if it has fulfilled its duty.

The space crumbles as if a piece in a puzzle is missing. The kaleidoscope view which is a trait of the dimensional gap becomes visible. This place won’t last long.

Gasper who unleashed his mysterious power has collapsed on the floor.

“It looks like this place will collapse! Let’s evacuate through the teleportation magic-circle!”

Under Sona-kaichou’s command, Akeno-san activates a magic-circle which will let us return to that underground space. Everyone gathers at the centre of the magic-circle after retrieving Gasper.

Then Ravel activates a small magic-circle to her hand, and releases it towards the capsule. The magic-circle which was released hits the capsule, and then disappears after making a single glow.

“……I will at least have myself do this.”

She mutters something which I couldn’t understand.

“I see. So that’s what you mean.”

It seems like Kaichou notices something when she saw that. She also does the same and releases the magic-circle towards the capsule.

While finding their action suspicious, I also couldn’t hide myself being disturbed at the identity of the man wearing the robe.

……Grayfia-san’s brother and a Dragon that was supposed to be terminated. ……What is going on?

What is about to happen, Grayfia-san……Sirzechs-sama……

New Life

It’s almost sunrise.

Having finished the battle, we returned from that field after retrieving Ravel and the others.

We went back up, and are resting in the station.

I am dead tired after using Gift several times, promoting to True-Queen, and also from fighting Grendel. I went to sit on the chair alone at the resting area of the station after receiving treatment from Asia.

Kaichou and the others left the station to give a report about the matter, and are speaking to the staff. Gasper was taken away by the rescue team. Asia and the others went with him.

It seems like Gasper isn’t in a life threatening situation……but the hidden power within him that I'd witnessed for the first time was creepy. Just what on earth is happening inside Gya-suke’s body?

……But, the defence of that Grendel. The dragon-slayer was supposed to have worked.

Kaichou did say this.

“……I don’t know the truth about their experiment, but that Grendel……withstood a dragon-slayer. There’s no doubt that his defence is exceptional. –But it’s certain that he has some kind of power added to him. Receiving so little damage from the crimson armour state Ise-kun with a dragon-slayer is impossible.”

Did he attain a resistance to dragon-slayer? Is such thing even possible?

Ddraig has come-back, so there won't be any downsides to start developing a Dragon-Blaster and Crimson-Blaster with the dragon-slayer ability from Ascalon added, which was suggested by Rias and Kiba…… I'll need a technique which can take down that brutal Dragon——.

But, their “experiments”. The thing about the Phoenix was just the sub-experiment, and their true purpose was to have Grendel clash against us.

And the one who brought that Dragon was—Lucifugus. He introduced himself as Grayfia-san’s younger brother. ……There certainly were some similarities. The aura he emitted after taking off his hood was the same as hers. With that aura, he can intrude here, and it may be possible for him to let the magicians do so as well.

In the end, we couldn’t retrieve the interior of the thing which produced the “Fake Phoenix Tears”. Looks like we have to get information from the magicians we caught.

……Unbelievable things certainly have occurred during Rias’s absence. And the things about the Vampires and the pact with magicians are still waiting for us……

So the Khaos Brigade will be standing in our way once again huh——.

I look up at the ceiling.

Shalba, Cao Cao……and this time its Lucifugus and the Dragon that was supposed to have been exterminated.

“Ise-sama……I have brought your tea.”

Ravel hands me a can of tea which seems to have been bought through a vending machine. Koneko-chan is also next to her.

I take it from her. Ravel and Koneko-chan sit next to me.

A moment of silence. A bit later, Ravel says.

“……I, won’t forgive them.”

She says it clearly. Ravel’s eyes are glowing so strongly that I can’t believe she was crying a moment ago when she saw the “factory” made by the magicians.

“I won’t forgive an act like that.”

Koneko-chan takes Ravel’s hand.

“……Me too. That’s why, be strong, Ravel.”

Koneko-chan says that while putting on a smile, and then leaves.

Ravel suddenly blushes.

“……Ise-sama, can I talk a bit about something which happened a long time ago?”

She then says it as if she has made up her mind.

“I had my heart shaking with excitement when my butler told me a story about heroes. I had my young heart filled with the dream of wanting to become a woman who can support such a hero. But as I gradually got older, I forgot about it without realising it……”

Ravel then looks straight at me.

“But that dream came back naturally. His master,—seeing Ise-sama who fought Raiser-onii-sama for the sake of the woman he likes, the dream that I had when I was young came back to me gradually……and when I realised it, I was researching every single piece of information about Ise-sama. You are very straight forward, curious about girls, and are very honest about your own desires. But you are passionate, very thoughtful of your comrades, and keep on walking forward to pursue your dream. That shine is something which isn’t present around me, in the upper echelons of society.”

I……was shining? Ravel continues.

“—I want to stand beside and watch over Ise-sama’s dream. That’s the dream I started to have from a single thought. My selfish illusion…… The reason why I came here is because of my own selfish thoughts…… But, I was really happy when I was appointed Ise-sama’s manager…… And I also hope that I can remain working beside you from now on as well……”

But I wasn’t able to protect this girl back at Kuou academy……

“……I wasn’t able to protect you at Kuou academy.”

I shake my fist with frustration. Ravel shakes her head.

“You did come to rescue me. Ise-sama, you came to rescue us, even going so far to fight that enormous Dragon. I am safe. I am alive. ––I believed in you.”

Ravel takes my hand, and shows me her bright smile.

“––I believed that my hero would come to rescue me. I was very happy. I just wanted to tell you this……”

……Ravel. You believed in me that much……

It makes me happy. Seriously. I’m starting to think how wonderful it will be if she continues to come with me. If she remains my manager, I can’t tell how helpful that will be.

I say this with a different attitude.

“––Ravel, I will get even stronger. ……Looks like my objective is getting bigger again. ––If it’s okay with you, will you continue to be my manager from now on as well?”

“I also have the ambition of wanting to stir up the heat with you as well!”

She really knows how to say it. That’s why she feels reliable, this small built Ojou-sama that is.

“Yeah, I got it. It will be helpful if you can support my brain, which is quite lacking. But first, we need to beat up those guys who made a fool out of the Phoenix! A “factory” like that isn’t allowed to exist!”

“Yes! I won’t stand down without doing anything!”

Ravel takes out a single sheet of paper from her pocket. There are several magic-circles and magical symbols written there.

“These are the symbols that were on the capsules and the devices in that field, and the shape and symbol of the magic-circle they activated to investigate about me. I also have confirmed this with Koneko-san, so there is no mistake.”

……Every little detail such as the magical symbols for the spells are written on it. So Ravel memorised this much just by seeing it once.

Ravel says this while putting on a strong smile.

“I have already informed the staff of the Underworld and Heaven about these magical symbols and magic-circles. I’m also planning to send this back to the House of Phoenix. We can find out quite a lot from this information. We, the House of Phoenix, will be pursing what they are trying to do with these “fake” Phoenix tears! In addition, things like those capsules may be floating within the dimensional gap after the destruction of that field. Also Sona-sama and I put a marking on them with our demonic-powers at the very end, so if they are still safe, then I’m sure they can find it by relying on the demonic-powers of the Sitri and I. I have informed the research team of the Underworld about this. Even if it takes time, we will retrieve as much information about them as we can. ––I will make them realise that it’s the end of their luck by capturing me!”

So those small magic-circles that Ravel and Sona-kaichou released at the end had the role of acting as a marking huh. This girl and Sona-kaichou sure are shrewd!

The Khaos Brigade and the “stray” magicians still don’t know about this.

This girl is the immortal Phoenix––.

Even her mentality is getting stronger just like her immortality––.

Looks like having captured Ravel will return back to them big time.

After a while, Raiser shows up.

“Ravel! Are you okay!? It took me some time coming here, but I came to aid all of you while bringing my servants and……eh, what!? I-It already ended!?”

It seems like he was worried about Ravel after hearing the report.

Man, Ravel sure has a good brother!


The territory of the Vampires. I, Azazel, have entered there.

We borrowed a car when we arrived in Romania, and are progressing through the mountain road. The road without any surface is bumpy, and the car has jumped several times.

The fog is quite thick. We did receive a map from the Vampire who belongs to the Carmilla’s faction just in case.

It’s planned for me to separate from Rias and Kiba who are also riding in the car with me. I will be going to Carmilla. Rias and Kiba will be going to the House of Tepes. We will be moving there together, and I will join back with them after talking to Carmilla. I hope it doesn’t turn into a situation where we have to call Ise and the others……

Now then, I wonder what Asia is doing with Fafnir, whom she is looking after. Even if Ophis acted as the mediator, her talent to make a pact with monsters—no, Dragons and make them obey her is terrifying.

……Rasse, Ophis, and Fafnir. I can only think that she was born with something which allows her to grasp hold of Dragons. It may have been unavoidable for her to meet Ise as soon as she entered Japan.

——Then, I witness Rias who is thinking about something in the mirror.

I speak to Rias who is sitting in the back seat.

“Are you worried about your boyfriend whom you left in Japan?”

“……I would be lying if I say that I’m not. He……no, those girls who love him have a more daring approach than me.”

“It seems like your husband will bring more storms from now on as well.”

“I am prepared. But, since I decided to love that person, I will accept everything.”

I tease her, but Rias answers normally. Oho, your dignity as the legal wife sure is showing up. She doesn’t panic even if I say the word husband. There is no doubt. They are a husband and wife that look good together like the people around them say.

“……Looks like we will be arriving at the area where the local staff from the Vampire’s side are waiting for us.”

Kiba who is sitting in the passenger seat has the map opened, and is staring at the compass used by Devils.

Rias then asks.

“What happened to Cao Cao? You did receive a call yesterday, correct?”

Ah, that. I received the report of the aftermath from that bastard Śakra.

“It seems like Indra punished all of the Longinus possessors from the Hero-faction. That includes Cao Cao, Georg, and Leonardo. But according to Indra, he confiscated the spear, and sent those three to Hades.”

Though, he didn’t hand us the holy-spear. That bastard Śakra is probably in possession of Dimension Lost and Annihilation Maker.

It will make him look like the one who finished off the Hero-faction. Even though he lent his strength to them. He used them to the very end, and he attained a reason for being in possession of the Longinus.

[It can’t be helped for Śakra who punished the Hero-faction to be in possession of the Longinus for a temporary time.]

He attained a very good excuse. So we are in a situation where it’s hard for us to complain. Heracles and Jeanne that we captured have given up their connection with Śakra……but I wonder how deep they are connected with that cunning Śakra.

……Damn, the one who defeated them are the young Devils, you know?

He stole the good parts at the very end!

“……For him who was aiming to become the poison against supernatural beings.”

Kiba mutters.

Indra’s voice comes back to my mind. He did speak about Cao Cao.

[HAHAHA, that brat moved around without thinking about what he wanted to become, that’s why he failed. If he wanted to become strong as a human, then he shouldn’t have relied on Medusa’s eye. Since he spoke of being a hero while being half-assed that made him fail. As the result, that eye became fatal. Laughable, right? Laugh at him. At the end, he turned into a clown.]

Yeah, if he had continued to fight as a simple human, then the holy-spear would have lent its strength to his will.

So it ended for him because the “The will of the God from the Bible” determined that “Rather than the ambition of the host, the dream of the Sekiryuutei who is a Devil and a Dragon is better” huh.

[——The ones who will hunt monsters, are human heroes. So there’s nothing that the shitty brat who went beyond a human to become a snob can do.]

Regarding that, I agree. Having Indra say that is the end for him.

But, just like Ise, there was a young-side to Cao Cao. Wanting to become someone is the part of being young. And isn’t the one who put such ambition in that youth of wanting to become a hero you, aye Śakra-sama?

Śakra said this to me after that.

[Well, to me, the “Oppai Dragon” who is a Devil and is calling himself a hero is also quite a clown, you know? What’s the point of a Devil being a hero? Isn’t it the desire of the Devils to deceive humans and control them from the shadows? No matter how much he lives on by saying innocent things, the group of those young Devils on your side are also evil and vicious “Devils” that live on by using humans, you know? No matter how far he goes, he is still far off from being a real hero. ––It’s just child's play.]

……I won’t deny all of that.

But the Devils, ––the Underworld is changing as well. That’s why they were about to collapse if they continued to have the old structure of the world of Devils.

……But forcing him to become a hero, huh. Was I doing the same as well……?

Rias then asks.

“What is Śakra trying to do? The God of war who let Cao Cao loose, who taunted Hades indirectly, and who brought chaos to each faction. Azazel, did you ask about his true ambition?”

“Yeah, that guy wants to create people who can oppose the God of destruction, Shiva. He believes that wars will give birth to strong people.”

……Though I don’t know how much of that is the truth…… It seems like Indra would do anything in order to win against Shiva.

––Then a communication-type magic-circle comes to me. It appears automatically next to my ear. I then receive a call from the other side. This is just a call I receive at fixed times. I will communicate with them directly afterwards.

––––! ……I couldn't believe my own ears at the information I am getting.

“……Grendel……and Lucifugus……?”

……What, what is going on……? So something insane is going on in Japan again!

Grendel!? Shouldn't that guy have already been eliminated!? And the Khaos Brigade?

This matter goes around inside my head.

The Vampires that got possession of the Holy Grail, stray magicians,the Khaos Brigade that is reorganising itself, the members of the “Khaos Brigade” that are appearing at the places Vali is investigating, the survivor from Lucifugus, and the appearance of the legendary Dragon that was supposed to have been eliminated.

……Maybe they are all connected? The timings are too perfect. A situation which makes me think that it’s something that couldn’t be avoided.

If everything ties into one thing……then there isn’t anything more dangerous……!

And Euclid Lucifugus—.

I have browsed through a bit of data about him before.

The rebellion that happened between the Devils in the past, the internal conflict between the old government and the anti-government which has Sirzechs as their ace. Grayfia’s real brother's living or dead status became unknown during that time. That is Euclid Lucifugus. Officially, he’s said to be dead, and I have heard that Grayfia said that she doesn’t think her brother is alive.

He happens to be alive, and he’s the one who is leading the organisation……?

No, even if he has the strength to do so, there is something missing from him which would allow him to become the head of those crazy bastards.

That is charisma––.

Even if you aren’t as famous as Ophis, they still need a person who deserves the place of being a Boss.

It’s the Lucifugus who has been standing next to those who stand at the very top since their birth. So I can’t think that Euclid is the new Boss.

……So who is the mastermind behind it?

Who was the core member that brought the Khaos Brigade together within this short time……?

Did they make a new Ophis from the power of Ophis that they stole? That’s possible, but that would mean they need someone very strong who can manipulate the new Ophis. The strong person, that is the new Boss.

Hades and Śakra……no, they can’t be. The former will definitely get exiled by the Chief-God Zeus if he causes another stir. The latter……Indra’s main objective is the battle against Shiva.

Even if they were plotting something between them, there would be no merit for them to become the Boss of the terrorists.

The Khaos Brigade that is hated by each faction, and is the gathering of the hated ones from each faction——.

The one who will be at the top is someone strong who is turning into a puppet, or simply a bastard who is insanely crazy.

I hit my own knee to release the ill feelings that I am carrying.

“Khaos Brigade” ——.

The organisation of terrorists that has gathered those who are dissatisfied with the current structure of each faction.

The Bosses who have actually been controlling them have changed several times.

Shalba Beelzebub from the Old-Maou faction, and Cao Cao from the Hero-faction——.

They are still active even after losing Ophis——.

No matter how it changes inside, the existence of the “Khaos Brigade” is going to stand in our way. The organisation itself will continue to be active, no matter how many times we crush them——.

“Rias, Kiba looks like something troublesome is going to happen.”

While driving through the mists which you can’t see through, I start my discussion with them about what happened in Japan, and how we will be coping with it from now——.


It’s been awhile. When I was writing this, I have been going through the constant experience of suffering due to my throat by being sick and having caused inflammation→hitting my shoulder really hard on the door of the train and having a crack on my collarbone→and having a stop call from my doctor because of herpes zoster. ……I really went through a lot.

So the fourth story arc has started! Since it’s a new expansion, I have used Volume 14 as a start. Like always, it has that passionate shounen manga taste to it.

Since Volume 12 had intense development, the first half of this volume was the daily life of the characters while digging into the setting and explanation of the world, and the second half became the usual battle part.

The fourth story arc that started to explain about magicians and Vampires. Since I didn’t touch about magicians and Vampires until now, I had myself explain it in this volume.

But Ise and others received a shock they didn’t anticipate. Looks like the enemy force this time will also be troublesome. Having lost their leader several times, “Khaos Brigade” started from going wild because they couldn’t control the lower members. The new leader is……I will be introducing that person next time.

This was a story where the female members of the Gremory-group and the Sitri-group played a big role. I also couldn’t make the Occult Research Club to become active in the last volume, so I made it turn out like this because I wanted them to team up with the Sitri-group. And I wanted to use Sona as [King] since I don’t have that much occasion to do it.

So the active role of Rias and Koneko will be showing up next time. In this volume she was experimenting on her special move, so I’m hoping I can show that soon.

For this fourth story arc, I’m thinking of digging into more depth about the heroines such as Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, and Rossweisse, who didn’t get that much spotlight. For the start, it was Ravel. It seems like the story ended where they promised each other about their future, so I’m sure Ise and Ravel will become good partners. But, Ravel sure is a strong girl.

Now then, I’m thinking of making Xenovia and others take the main role after this, but I’m thinking of having Gasper take the main part next time. Kiba also had the main role in Volume 3, so I will be using this opportunity to talk about his story since it will be unfair if Gya-suke doesn’t have one as well.

And about the other settings.

●[Rook] and [Knight] that has been newly added to the Sitri-group! Those two will also become a sub-character just like the other Sitri members, but please love them as well. They will be showing up every now and then with the rest of the Student Council members. And about that [Rook], I’m sure people who knows his name will know what his identity is.

●A loli girl “Grim Reaper” Bennia has appeared on the Sitri-side! Possibly because of the Warlock from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, something has happened inside me.

●I will now be introducing the artificial Sacred Gear of the Sitri-group which didn’t get its name revealed during the story here. [Bishop] Hanakai-san’s barrier-type Sacred Gear is “Applause Wall” activates a enclosed barrier immediately. Kusaka-san who is also a [Bishop] has the Sacred Gear “Scouting Persona” which is gathers information and searches for enemies. And [Pawn] Nimura-san has the equipment-type Sacred Gear “Procellarum Phantom” which is used for close-range battles. Since all of these are artificial Sacred Gears, the one who gave its names are Azazel-sensei.

●Near the end of the battle, Saji’s lines were connected to Ise and the rest of the other members that were battling, and I am sure all of you are thinking that “Won’t the lines tangle with each other when everyone moves around during the battle?”, but at times like this, the lines won’t interfere even if they touch each other. That’s the excuse I came up with.

●Opanty-Dragon also known as Fafnir makes his appearance! The Dragon-King who has been following Azazel silently makes his formal appearance by making a pact with Asia. When Sensei wears his armour during the anime, I will be very happy if you say, “Ah, it’s the Pantsu Armour!”.

●Next is Ophis. She hides in the closet quite often since she is a mascot.

●We have found out that former Dragon-King Tannin is Mephisto Pheles’s [Queen], but since Mephisto doesn’t have that much interest in how much the pieces are worth and the evil pieces itself, he gives his pieces as he feels. I think it’s his small joke of making the grand “Dragon King” into a [Queen].

●Something like an Evil Dragon smells like they were added in quite late! Maybe you might be thinking like that when you were reading it, but I just used the secret setting which I thought I wasn’t going to use. That’s because I didn’t expect it to continue this far…… But please be rest assured. Even if Shiva arc doesn’t become possible, fourth story arc will end properly like how it should. I have already decided on the last part of the fourth story arc. If I was able to write the Shiva arc, please think of it as the extra stage. At the end, it will depend on the support of all of you……so I will continue to write.

●I have been writing a poor piece of writing like this for every afterword, but are all of you enjoying it?

Now for the thanks.

Miyama Zero-sama, Supervisor H-sama, I am always under both of your cares!

And! The second season of the anime has been decided! It has been decided because the first season has favourable reputation from the light novel fans and the new fans. Finally Xenovia and Gya-suke will be making their appearance!

The staffs will be the same as the one in season 1, so please be rest assured. It may be insolent for me to do it, but I am also participating in their meeting just like how I did for season 1. Thanks to that I have so much work! But I will be working hard to please much fan as possible!

Also I think the manga version will have Xenovia and others appear first. Please support the manga as well.

Next volume is the Gasper’s story! That’s what I would like to say, but it has been decided that we will be introducing the story which hasn’t been explained yet for Volume 15. When I discussed it with the supervisor editor, he said “Since it’s a good opportunity, we should explain about it around here”. Rather, this is the only part where we can put this in, in terms of timing.

There is a limited edition prepared for Volume 15 which includes episode 14 of the anime. Anime episode 14 will be written by me, just like episode 13.

That’s how it is, so please look forward to the fourth story arc of the main story and second season of the anime!

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Manjū: traditional Japanese confection(confection: dish or delicacy made with sweet ingredients.)
  2. Raikouryuu - Translates to "Thunder and Light Dragon"

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