High School DxD:Volume 14 Afterword

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It’s been awhile. While I was writing this, I had been going through the constant experience of suffering due to my throat being sick and having caused inflammation→hitting my shoulder really hard on the door of the train and having a crack on my collarbone→and having a stop call from my doctor because of herpes zoster. ...I really went through a lot.

So the fourth story arc has started! Since it’s a new expansion, I have used Volume 14 as a start. Like always, it has that passionate shounen manga taste to it. Since Volume 12 had intense development, the first half of this volume was the daily life of the characters while digging into the setting and explanation of the world, and the second half became the usual battle part. The fourth story arc that started to explain about Magicians and Vampires. Since I didn’t touch about Magicians and Vampires until now, I had myself explain it in this volume. But Ise and others received a shock they didn’t anticipate. Looks like the enemy force this time will also be troublesome. Having lost their leader several times, the Khaos Brigade started going wild because they couldn’t control the lower members. The new leader is...I will be introducing that person next time.

This was a story where the female members of the Gremory group and the Sitri group played a big role. I also couldn’t make the Occult Research Club become active in the last volume, so I made it turn out like this because I wanted them to team up with the Sitri group. And I wanted to use Sona as King since I don’t have that much occasion to do it. So the active role of Rias and Koneko will be showing up next time. In this volume, she was experimenting on her special move, so I’m hoping I can show that soon. For this fourth story arc, I’m thinking of digging into more depth about the heroines such as Xenovia, Irina, Ravel and Rossweisse, who didn’t get that much spotlight. For the start, it was Ravel. It seems like the story ended where they promised each other about their future, so I’m sure Ise and Ravel will become good partners. However, Ravel sure is a strong girl. Now then, I’m thinking of making Xenovia and others take the main role after this, but I’m thinking of having Gasper take the main part next time. Kiba also had the main role in Volume 3, so I will be using this opportunity to talk about his story since it will be unfair if Gya-suke doesn’t have one as well.

And about the other settings.

●The Rook and Knight that have been newly added to the Sitri group! Those two will also become sub-characters just like the other Sitri members, but please love them as well. They will be showing up every now and then with the rest of the Student Council members. And about that Rook, I’m sure people who know what his name means will know what his identity is.

●A loli girl Grim Reaper Bennia has appeared on the Sitri side! Possibly because of the Warlock from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, something has happened inside me.

●I will now be introducing the artificial Sacred Gears of the Sitri group which didn’t get their names revealed during the story here. Bishop Hanakai-san’s barrier-type Sacred Gear is [Applause Wall], which activates an enclosed barrier immediately. Kusaka-san, who is also a Bishop, has the Sacred Gear [Scouting Persona] which gathers information and searches for enemies. And Pawn Nimura-san has the equipment-type Sacred Gear [Procellarum Phantom] which is used for close-range battles. Since all of these are artificial Sacred Gears, the one who gave them their names was Azazel-sensei.

●Near the end of the battle, Saji’s lines were connected to Ise and the rest of the other members that were battling, and I am sure all of you are thinking that ‘Won’t the lines tangle with each other when everyone moves around during the battle?’, but at times like this, the lines won’t interfere even if they touch each other. That’s the excuse I came up with.

●The O-panty Dragon also known as Fafnir makes his appearance! The Dragon King who has been following Azazel silently makes his formal appearance by making a pact with Asia. When Sensei wears his armour during the anime, I will be very happy if you say, ‘Ah, it’s the Pantsu Armour!’.

●Next is Ophis. She hides in the closet quite often since she is a mascot.

●We have found out that the former Dragon King Tannin is Mephisto Pheles’s Queen, but since Mephisto doesn’t have that much interest in how much the pieces are worth and the Evil Pieces themselves, he gives his pieces as he feels. I think it’s his small joke of making the grand Dragon King into a Queen.

●Something like an Evil Dragon smells like they were added in quite late! Maybe you might be thinking like that when you were reading it, but I just used the secret setting which I thought I wasn’t going to use. That’s because I didn’t expect it to continue this far... But please rest assured. Even if the Shiva arc doesn’t become possible, the fourth story arc will end properly like how it should. I have already decided on the last part of the fourth story arc. If I was able to write the Shiva arc, please think of it as the extra stage. At the end, it will depend on the support of all of you...so I will continue to write.

●I have been writing a poor piece of writing like this for every afterword, but are all of you enjoying it?

Now for the thanks. Miyama Zero-sama, Supervisor H-sama, I am always under both of your cares!

And! The second season of the anime has been decided! It has been decided because the first season had favourable reputation from the light novel fans and the new fans. Finally, Xenovia and Gya-suke will be making their appearance! The staff will be the same as the one in season 1, so please rest assured. It may be insolent for me to do it, but I am also participating in their meeting just like how I did for season 1. Thanks to that, I have so much work! But I will be working hard to please as many fans as possible! Also, I think the manga version will have Xenovia and others appear first. Please support the manga as well.

Next volume is Gasper’s story! That’s what I would like to say, but it has been decided that we will be introducing the story which hasn’t been explained yet for Volume 15. When I discussed it with the supervisor editor, he said ‘Since it’s a good opportunity, we should explain about it around here’. Rather, in terms of timing, this is the only part where we can put this in. There is a limited edition prepared for Volume 15 which includes episode 14 of the anime. Anime episode 14 will be written by me, just like episode 13.

That’s how it is, so please look forward to the fourth story arc of the main story and second season of the anime!

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