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Now, I will show you the powers of the young Devils.

Yes, I will make you regret turning the Devils of Kuoh Academy into your enemies.


On a morning after quite some days had passed since the monster crisis in the Underworld...

“...This is my room, right?”

I was in a position where I had to ask myself that question.

“...Suu~, Suu~.”


Rias’s breathing and Asia’s sleep-talking that I could hear from my bed. A view that wasn’t different from usual. After all, I slept with Rias and Asia all the time. The problems started from there.

“...Ise-kun...do it more roughly...”

Akeno-san was saying seductive words in her sleep.

“...Guu, guu...”

Xenovia was sleeping with her stomach exposed.

“...The manjuu[1]of Heaven is so delicious...”

Irina was drooling and using Xenovia like a hug-pillow. On top of that—


Koneko-chan was sleeping like a cat.


And Ophis was sleeping while putting her hand above her chest like a dead person.

So a situation like that was happening on my bed with those members. ...Yeah, even if my bed was huge, I wouldn’t be able to sleep here with this many people... So there was a magnificent view of my bed full of girls. I’m already out of bed. Rather, I woke up on the floor. Most likely, I was kicked out by Xenovia in her sleep. That’s because Xenovia was in a position where she was sticking her left foot forward! There are many girls on my bed! This should be a happy situation for me...but I suddenly became sad and lonely because there isn’t any space for me! I breathe out while sitting on the chair. Since that monster crisis ended, it’s been like this every morning. My bed was dominated by the girls before I realised it. It seems like the other girls sneak into the room while Rias, Asia and I were sleeping. It seems like the actions of the girls of our group got more daring since the incident about my life and death thing... They started to seek strongly for me. It’s not anything sexual, but more of a daily life thing. For example, on our walk towards school in the morning, the girls started to fight over the position of walking beside me...

“Standing beside Ise is a position that belongs to me, Akeno. This is something which won’t ever change.”

“I won’t allow that, Rias! Ufufu, if it’s next to him, there is his right side and his left side. If Rias is taking his right side, then I will be taking his left side.”

The Onee-samas take both my sides immediately!

“Hauu~! Both of Ise-san’s arms are already full, Xenovia-san!”

“Asia, it becomes a fatal blow when a single guard is let down. If it’s like this, then we have to take the position on his back. What do you think, Irina?”

“I think riding on his shoulders can be used as a last resort!”

The Church Trio of Asia, Xenovia and Irina had begun to research about this since the Onee-sama duo always made the first move. Having both my arms taken, while doing a piggyback-ride and carrying someone on my shoulders! There’s no way I could go to school in a state like that! There was also some ruckus during the time of the club activity. Watching Koneko-chan who was sitting on my lap, Ravel finally took action.

“I will also sit there! It’s not fair for Koneko-san to be sitting there all the time!”

Ravel comes to me and sits on my lap! It’s a wonderful sensation of being able to feel her buttocks with my thighs, but—

“—! ...Ravel. This position belongs only to me...!”

“I-I also want to sit here. I couldn’t help myself from being jealous of Koneko-san who always sits here!”

My two juniors started fighting while sitting on my lap. And—

“I-I think I also want to sit on Ise-senpai’s lap...”

“I too want to sit.”

Even Gya-suke and Ophis, who always appear in the clubroom through the magic circle, seemed like they were interested in sitting on my lap! I’m super happy with the actions of the girls who want to get along with me even more! But it’s a bit difficult! I can’t respond to all of them since I only have one body. When I went to Azazel-sensei and Rossweisse-san to consult them regarding this matter—

From Sensei—

“Well, since they went through the incident of losing you, which was devastating for them, they must be seeking you as a feedback of that experience. I’m sure it’s something which will be temporary, so just tag along with them until they settle down. You should train your manliness with this.”

And from Rossweisse-san—

“I think this is the part where Ise-kun’s capability is being tested. Rather, if you are aiming to become a Harem King, isn’t this a good opportunity to get used to a situation where you take on many women? If you don’t have a good balance of getting along with them, then there will be girls who will go through sad experiences. –Oh, why am I answering something lewd like this seriously? Maybe it’s the influence of Ise-kun and the other girls... What I want to say is, from a teacher’s perspective, this is something that isn’t good for education. It’s the private life of the Oppai Dragon that can’t be shown to the children who are your fans.”

She talked about it for a long time... I’m feeling doubts about the raising and education of the Underworld since the name of Oppai Dragon is so popular...! ...However, I started to see the rough road towards becoming a Harem King. After all, I get lost when I’m dragged into the girls’ competition. When I discussed this with my friend Kiba, who is dragged into the fight of the common girls—

“Get used to it...I guess. This might be an example that may not be too helpful, but you do get confused when many girls start saying ‘Me, me, me!’ right? But I think you will come to see the way to solve it little by little when you encounter that situation many times, you know? I decided to do things which I’m capable of, but decline things I’m not capable of. That’s because that will be better for me and those girls rather than giving them unclear answers.”

He gave me advice like that! Too handsome! He even thinks like a handsome guy! A guy who has been confessed to by girls so many times and declined them politely sure does have a different opinion! I also want to decline them, but...when I see the gloomy faces of the girls of the Occult Research Club...I can’t come to reject them! I end up thinking that I have to do something! But, after that, Kiba added this line.

“By the way, Ise-kun. How about having lunch with me...? I made some side dishes which will be good for our lunch. I really want you to eat it...”

—Damn! A guy shouldn’t decline a girl’s invitation and invite me for luuuuuunch! Don’t choose me over girls! Please stop! Lately, I’m getting scared because the number of guys around me has increased! More than that, I will respond back to the girl on my right side that is in trouble, and I will also respond back to the girl on my left side that is also in trouble! I will do it even if my body can’t endure it! Though I’m a useless guy who can’t solve their problems! It also happens because the girls have so much power in them! What will I do if the balance of this state that Rossweisse-san mentioned goes down...!? A courage where I can decline them at times! Is something like that also necessary for a Harem King!? I hold my head down while looking at the army of girls on my bed! There are too many obstacles ahead!

But the bed which is only filled with girls, this situation sure was a treat... Akeno-san and Xenovia had their sleeping clothes coming off and their breasts were half exposed, while their thighs were so exposed that they were basically telling me to stare at them! More than that, Rias and Akeno-san were wearing see-through negligee, so their nipples could be seen! Thank you very much! Usually, Akeno-san wore yukata during her sleep, so seeing her wear a see-through negligee sure was amazing! It suits you! Like I thought, a woman with enormous breasts wearing a negligee sure had an enormous effect! More than that, Xenovia was wearing a t-shirt on the top and...pants! Xenovia’s pants! Thanks for allowing me to see something good this morning. Irina was wearing normal pyjamas. It’s the same as Asia. Like I thought, those connected with the Church normally wear pyjamas. She also looked cute in her own way. Koneko-chan was also wearing pyjamas today! She was wearing lovely pyjamas with cat marks on it. Last was Ophis. She was also wearing black pyjamas, but...I think the reason why she came here to sleep was because she was copying the other girls. Ever since Ophis started living here, she followed behind me and everyone, and copied everything we did. She was like a toddler with no knowledge. She must be pure after all. That’s why she was easy to deceive. I can understand why Vali tried to protect her. She was strong, pure and easy to deceive. If she was deceived and used by the terrorists, it wouldn’t be weird for the balance of the world to collapse. That’s why I think the reason she was sleeping on my bed was because the other girls are sleeping on my bed. Well, it’s also because she was attached to me...

Knock, knock

Then, someone knocked on the door.

“Good morning, Ise-sama, Rias-sama, Asia-sama. Are all of you awake?”

This was Ravel’s voice. If I look carefully, Ravel wasn’t on my bed.

“Yeah, come in.”

Ravel came in when I answered her. She stared in wonder when she saw the situation of my bed.

“...A-Amazing things are happening. Last night, everyone didn’t show any sign of doing this... I also wanted to join...”

It seemed like she was regretting it a bit, as well as being shocked. The thing is, the bed was already overloaded with people! Where was I supposed to sleep!? The floor!? Rather than feeling alive, this was a new feeling of having to watch my bed full with girls from the floor when I was the owner of this room, so I didn’t know how to respond to this! The fact is, I was actually in trouble!


Looks like Rias woke up with Ravel’s entrance. She looked at me, Ravel...and the situation of the bed.

“...It seems like amazing things are happening on the bed.”

She was making a bitter smile while looking at her servant girls sleeping on the bed. Ravel made her way into the room, and she spoke as if she had remembered something while shaking Koneko-chan, who was sleeping on the bed.

“By the way Rias-sama. Didn’t you mention that it’s about time everyone makes a pact with the Magicians, and that the time when the Vampires will show up approaches?”

Yeah, that’s right. Rias did say before that, ‘It’s about time we discuss the pact with Magicians. Also, we will be getting a visit from a Vampire’. Putting the pact with Magicians aside, the main concern was the visit from the Vampires! ...Was it the House of Vladi that Gasper belonged to? While I tilted my head filled with doubts, Rias, who was beside me, said this.

“Ravel, I will leave the support of Ise in regard to the Magicians to you. Manager, I will be relying on you.”

Ravel nodded her head while puffing her chest forward at Rias’s words.

“Leave it to me! This Ravel Phoenix, the manager of the Sekiryuutei, will definitely choose a Magician who is fitting for Ise-sama!”

Oh, it sure did make me happy seeing my small-built junior stepping forward and declaring that she would work hard for me! For me, who has only been a Devil for a short period, having a manager was a great help. The truth is, the support I got from Ravel when I was studying for the Middle-class promotion test was a great help. But Ravel, who was putting her chest forward, and her oppai... They were growing very well despite her having a small build, and it was wonderful! Rias said it while ignoring me, who was fascinated with my junior’s breasts.

“First, we need to wake everyone up, and then have breakfast.”

Our day begins like this. When I thought that, someone I didn’t expect showed up from behind Ravel. It was a black-haired beauty wearing a kimono.

“Ciao♪. I invited myself in, nyan.”

—! It was the Nekomata Onee-san!

“K-Kuroka!? W-Why are you here!?”

Even Rias was shocked at the appearance of Kuroka. Ravel, who was taken from behind, was also shocked as she said ‘W-When on earth!?’.

“Ah, hello. I also came as well.”

The one who appeared behind Kuroka was the Magician wearing a pointy hat,Le Fay. Hey, hey, the girls of the Vali team came over to my house! T-Then, were Vali and others also here...?

“Vali and the others aren’t here.”

Kuroka said it as if she read my mind. Ah, so they were not here. I didn’t want to see the face of my rival in the morning. After all, that guy had started to crave for me even more! Just like Kiba, just like Sairaorg-san, just like Cao Cao, and also Vali, why did I have to get popular with guys!? I don’t need guys! Just give me girls~!

“...N-Nee-sama. Why are you here?”

Koneko-chan woke up as if she responded to Kuroka’s voice, and she then crawled out from the bed while wiping her eyes.

“Even if you ask me why, I came here because you said you wanted me to teach you ‘jutsu’. I wish you would be more grateful to me, nya. Ah, also, the room which isn’t being used, I went ahead and took possession of it. So let’s get along~♪.”

Let’s get along~, my ass! She took the empty room!? W-Well, certainly, we do have many empty rooms left since our house is six storeys tall! But don’t just live in the Hyoudou residence without permission! I held my head down. Le Fay puts her hands up timidly.

“A-Also, it seems like you are going to negotiate with the Magicians, so I was wondering if I can also stay here as an adviser~. ...Am I troubling you?”

T-That certainly is helpful... Rias spoke while making a sigh.

“Trouble or not, why are you two, who are on the Hakuryuukou’s side, here in our house? You do know that this place is basically your enemy’s base?”

Kuroka walked into the room and pat Rias’s head.

“Swi-chan thinks too much about complicated things, nya. That’s why the energy which is supposed to go to your brain ends up coming out from your breasts, you know?”

Kuroka said that while bouncing Rias’s breast with her hand. Rias shook Kuroka’s hands away.

“That is none of your business... More than that, what is up with that Swi-chan...!? ...Huh! Don’t tell me that you put the marking for the magic circle in this house when you came here last time!?”

“Bingo♪. Thanks to that, I was able to come here right away, nya. So that means I can use the big bath tub of this house anytime.”

So Kuroka did a thing like that when she came to my house last time. I-It was scary since it feels like she did the same thing when they were allowed to hide in the House of Gremory... Well, I want to believe that they wouldn’t do the worst thing possible with it. While we were confused, Le Fay handed me a letter.

“U-Umm, this is a letter from the former Governor Azazel.”

From Sensei? I received the letter from her, and then checked inside by cutting open the letter.

[Kuroka and Le Fay from the Vali team will be showing up at your place sometimes, so look after them~♪. Well, they probably won’t do anything bad, so get along with them. From Azazel who all of you look up to.]

“Geez! He acted on his own again!!”

I could only sigh and throw the letter on the floor. Sensei was pretty kind to the Vali team after all... By the way, you do realise that we are rivals?

“We will only come here occasionally, so you don’t have to worry about us. Okay, Swi-chan? I will train Shirone very well♪.”

Kuroka, who was begging while putting her hands together, gave us a wink. Rias then said this while putting her hand on her forehead.

“...Do as you please. In exchange, I will leave Koneko to you, okay? Also lend us your strength when we need it. It’s a give and take, just like how a Devil does things.”

So these two will be coming here sometimes, huh... It seems like the Hyoudou residence will get even noisier.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Manjū: traditional Japanese confection(confection: dish or delicacy made with sweet ingredients.)

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