High School DxD:Volume 14 Life 1

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Life.1 I’m Also Doing a Devil Today[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Lately, I’ve started to enjoy my school life. It might be because we get assaulted by strong foes so often. I also think going through the experience of losing my body, which was something you don’t quite go through at all, also had something to do with it. After all, I’m feeling at peace from just ordinary lessons. Before reincarnating, I was thinking ‘End quickly~’. No, seriously, peace was the best. I wanted to spend my days just having a normal school life at noon, and doing a Devil’s job late at night. ...Well, a Devil’s life was something out of the ordinary if I compared it to last year...but I went through something beyond that... What was it with all those Evil Gods, descendants of the Old Maou and Longinus!? Give me a break! I’m okay with just enjoying my life with Rias, Asia and the others while going through ecchi moments at times! Having a battle in the Rating Games was already enough! ...Well, the reason why I was able to promote to a Middle-class Devil this quickly was thanks to the assaults... ...So it won’t just be a dream to become a High-class Devil at this rate, huh. Even Azazel-sensei told me that I should think about ‘Having the mind of becoming a High-class Devil and your career after getting promoted’.

It’s break time and I’m looking at the sky through the window. ...My career, huh. He’s right. I’m a second year high school student, and it’s already winter. There's already a career meeting with my parents, and I've already filled out the form I was given about my desired career. My career as a human—that is to advance to the college of Kuoh Academy. This won’t be a problem as long as I don’t make any seriously big mistakes. Next is my career as a Devil... A Harem King! That’s obvious, but maybe I should think of a more realistic way of living. First is to make Rias’s dream come true, and I will be putting my all into doing it! Rias wants to become the Champion of the Rating Game. In order to support her, I will fight with all I have once Rias officially begins participating in the games. That will be my life as Rias’s servant. And one other thing. What will I do when I become a High-class Devil...?

I will attain the Evil Pieces and become independent. That is my main idea...but I haven’t thought about the details so much, and I only have a faint idea about it... I was told by Azazel-sensei that I should start preparing the campaign funds for when I go independent. I was also told that if I were to have my own servants, as well as my own territory, then I had to be ready to look after them properly or there would be no point. Funds. It’s not like I don’t have them. Some of the money the House of Gremory makes from the Oppai Dragon gets deposited into my account. It’s just some of the profit from the copyrights. My Devil’s bank account. It’s something Rias prepared when I turned into a Devil. This is something everyone in the group has. The money earned from doing the Devil’s job gets deposited there. In my case, the funds from the Oppai Dragon get added to it. And the figures of the funds are insane... Since it’s too early for a high school student to use, Grayfia-san is managing it for me. I also feel that I will go crazy on how I use the money when I see just how much it is, so having Grayfia-san manage it is a great help. When I go independent, I will use it as my campaign fund! I don’t know if it’s enough, but I should earn as much as possible right now!

However, Kiba’s sword master, Okita-san, taught me the ways of the Reincarnated Devils. He said that humans that reincarnate into a Devil tend to rush how they live. Since we live for a long time, it seems like they get troubled when they aim for their goals in early stages and accomplish them. It seems like they go through a syndrome where they burn out, and it may become possible for them to become less emotional. So he’s saying that working while enjoying the life of a Devil very slowly will result in a good way of living as a reincarnated Devil. So if I become a Harem King early, will I also burn out...? I still don’t know that, but even if I was to live for ten thousand years, and if I was to become a Harem King in a hundred or in a thousand years, I... ...Yeah, my remaining years might feel longer. In order to make sure that didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be bad to have many dreams. I want to participate in a Rating Game, and also attain some titles! But first, it wouldn’t mean a thing if I didn’t become a Harem King. It feels like I couldn’t have my new dreams and ambitions unless I made the things in front of me a reality. If I live on, I may be able to find something else I want to accomplish! No, I will find it! Yup! I think I know what my current aim is vaguely! I will live on as Rias’s servant! Also, I will earn even a single yen for my dream in the future! This should be fine! Yeah! Since I know what I have to do, I will spend my school life in peace! While I was making a victory pose by myself, someone hit my head really hard!

“Ouch! Who did that!?”

When I turned around, Matsuda and Motohama were standing there! I didn’t know why, but their bodies were shaking with anger.

“You! I hear that you also get along with Ravel Phoenix-san from the first year!”


“Huh? Yeah, well, I knew her before she transferred to this school. I was also asked by her family to look after her, so that’s why I keep an eye on her.”

I had been seeing Ravel every time I went to the Underworld, and I was also asked by the Phoenix’s mother to look after her. She was my junior, so I had to look after her. Wait, right now, Ravel, who is my manager, was the one taking care of me instead. Upon hearing my words, Motohama’s whole body began to shake.

“S-So it’s acknowledged by her parents... What is going on...? Asia-chan, Rias-senpai, Himejima-senpai, Toujou Koneko-chan, Xenovia-chan and Irina-san... They are all the Madonnas and the idols of this school...! O-On top of that, even Ravel Phoenix-san...!”

“You two, can you stop it already with that reaction? Even watching you from the sides is getting old.”

The one who appeared while saying that was the Perverted Glasses also known as Kiryuu. Kiryuu continued talking with her eyes half closed.

“It’s wrong for me to say this, but you know that beautiful people tend to fall for weird guys, so there was that part of Hyoudou they were attracted to.”

High school dxd v14 031.jpg

What do you mean by that part...!? W-Well, the incidents I tend to get involved with have a lot of crazy stuff happening!

“ “Ah, I see.” ”

The two idiots pounded their fists into their palms and came to understand it! Shit! What was it with that weird way of understanding!? But Matsuda held his head down.

“No, like I thought, this isn’t fair! If that were true, even me and Motohama, who are also perverted idiots, should be able to have miracles happen as well!”

“That’s right! You know, me and Matsuda don’t even get a single flag with a beautiful girl!? What is the meaning of this!? What is going ooooon!?”

Motohama also argued while shedding tears.

“Calm down. Hyoudou must have attained all those flags. It means that he is more of a perverted idiot than both of you, so give up. Okay?”

Kiryuu comforted Matsuda and Motohama by patting their heads. This damn Kiryuu! I never knew that you could possibly comfort people like that! So you’re telling me that I’m a perverted idiot!? ...D-Disagreeing with it was something I couldn’t do! If I was able to get along with Rias and others due to that, then I am honoured!

“It will be good if Matsuda and Motohama get a blessing from God as well...”

Xenovia’s eyes were filled with sadness.

“Next time, I might discuss it with Michael-sama.”

Are you okay with that, Irina!? Are you telling me it’s okay to give Michael-san’s grateful blessing to these two!?

“Matsuda-san, Motohama-san, do you want to attend mass next time? Even if you are going through sadness, I’m sure you will feel better if you have a fun time with everyone.”

Asiaaaaaa! You are acting like those people from the Church without realising it! When I was looking at the culture differences that the Church Trio have, Kiryuu’s eyes grasped hold of me. Her glasses shone.

“By the way, Hyoudou. Is the rumour true?”

“W-What rumour?”

“I hear that you address Rias-senpai without honorifics and call her ‘Rias’.”

The words Kiryuu just said immediately gathered the attention of everyone in the class! Everyone looked at me with keen eyes and began saying things like, ‘Now that you mention it, there was a rumour like that going around’, and ‘Good job on asking him something I wanted to ask as well!’. F-For real!? So rumours like that were going around the school!? Ah, I think I did call Rias ‘Rias’ within the school without thinking about it! Someone saw that...? I couldn’t even let my guard down for a bit! I’d discussed with Rias that I would call her ‘Buchou’ during school and at places where normal students would be present, but did I make a mistake!? I was thinking hard about what I should do, and then—

“Ise-kun, Asia-san, Xenovia, Irina-san, I came to discuss about after school—”

Kiba appeared at the entrance of the classroom! Nice timing!

“Y-Yeah! Kiba! I will come now! Hey, let’s go as well all of you!”

I left the classroom while pushing Asia and the others out!

“Hey, Hyoudou! So, what’s the truth then?”

Kiryuu, I can’t answer that! I wanted to, but if I did, I would be seen as an enemy by the whole student body! Let me date her quuuuietly~!

Part 2[edit]

After school on the same day—

All of us of the Occult Research Club gathered in the clubroom. Rossweisse-san, who came late from the staff meeting, joined us. Confirming that we were all sitting on the sofa, Rias stood up and spoke while looking at us.

“Now, everyone, there is only one reason why I called all of you here today. –From today on, we will be entering the time where we will start the work that we have been talking about, the pact with the Magicians.”

–The pact with a Devil. I swallowed my saliva, and then remembered. The relationship between Devils and Magicians was old and deep. It’s a totally different thing compared to the one where a human makes a wish to a Devil by making a pact. People that were Magicians were basically those that polished their research on magic for their entire lives. There was magic such as black magic, white magic, summoning magic, spirit magic, rune symbols, casting from different locations, and many others. They chose the theme of their magic among them, and put everything they had in there for the rest of their lives. Each person had different ways of attaining it and mastering it. Now, the relation of such Magicians and Devils was... Rias then said.

“There are three main reasons why a Magician makes a pact with a Devil. One is to use them as their bodyguard. When the time comes, having a powerful Devil behind their back will allow them to talk with opponents if they are caught up in a quarrel.”

“They sound like yakuza.”

When I said that, Rias answered by saying ‘I agree’ while smiling.

Rias then put two fingers up.

“Secondly, they make a pact because they want to attain the techniques and knowledge of Devils. To make it clear, the technique standards of the Underworld. These things will play a big role when Magicians do their research.”

If that’s the reason, they could just go to the Underworld personally to get the things they want, or they could also get it through different routes. However, it seems like those methods had high risks. For the former one, it’s risky because there were very limited ways to go to the Underworld. Those like me can go to the Underworld easily, but that’s because I’m a servant of the ‘High-class Devil Gremory’. Going to the Underworld was not an easy journey for Magicians, who weren’t Devils. You could go between the Underworld and the human world if you were the servant of a Devil, though it would be a problem if Stray Devils did it. I registered myself inside the train when I went to the Underworld for the first time during summer, but I heard that Magicians will be asked something with high risks. I hear that those who can leave their name in the history of Magicians can attain a pass to the Underworld, but that will also have quite a lot of requirements. In other words, those that weren’t a Devil or a Fallen Angel couldn't go to the Underworld that easily. ...The reason why Vali and his team could appear in the Underworld like nothing was because they are insanely strong. If we are talking like that, then there were Magicians who trespassed to the Underworld by using their own powerful teleportation magic... Though those were people who were seen as a threat from both the Devils and the Magician association. Vali was the same, so entering without permission was bad.

And as for the later one about ‘How about getting what they want using different routes through another faction’, that route would cost money, and I heard the money they charge would skyrocket. Depending on what you wanted, it could even cost all of the fame and fortune that a Magician had earned through their research. For example, the Phoenix Tears. It’s also an expensive item in the Underworld, but for a Magician, it’s so rare that it wouldn’t even be enough to add the word ‘super’ ten times in front of the word ‘rare’. For those reasons, making a pact with a Devil would allow them to get it cheaper by having an equal exchange, though that would also be an expensive trade. Rias then put her third finger up.

“The last reason is a simple one. They make a pact with a Devil for their own status. Making a pact with a powerful Devil will be a big fortune for them. My Otou-sama and Okaa-sama also have a pact with a Magician, you know? If something happens, they will respond to being summoned to hear their words. For a High-class Devil and their servants, that is one of their duties.”

Yes, since Rias, who is the daughter of the High-class Devil Gremory, has reached the appropriate age, it was decided for the Gremory group lead by Rias to enter the time for making a pact with a Magician. Xenovia tilted her head with a complicated expression.

“Life sure is interesting. I never thought I would be summoned by a Magician.”

You are right. I also think the same. I never thought I would become someone who was going to say something like ‘Fufufu, are you the Magician that summoned me?’ even in the slightest. Rias chuckled.

“Yes, if you are a human that is related to special powers, then normally you will be the one summoning. The ones who will get summoned are Devils and monsters after all. That is the reason why I want all of you to take importance with this pact. You won’t be able to break off a pact that easily once you make one. If you make a pact, then you will have to work seriously. But if you make a pact with someone with low calibre, then people will question our quality. So choose the best trading partner there is. For Magicians, this is something to further improve their research on special powers, but for us Devils, this is business. The pact with a normal human and the pact with a Magician, doing both of them makes us Devils.”


We nodded our head to our master’s words. Yeah, it’s a must for being able to do this. This is business. Aiming to become a High-class Devil who can’t even accomplish this is out of the question. A pact with a Magician... I will find the best partner there is! ...However, I hope I can get a beautiful witch-sama if possible!

[Devil-chan, will you listen to my w~i~s~h?]

[Of course. Except, I will be groping your oppai as the price for it like always.]

[Iyaan, Devil-chan, you sure are naughty♪]

...Wonderful. It’s a wonderful thing to have a business partner like that...!

“...You were thinking something naughty, right?”

Koneko-chan, who is sitting on my lap, pinches my thigh! Koneko-sama is really strict! While we were doing things like this, Rias looked up at the clock in this room.

“It’s about time. Everyone, the person standing at the top of the Magician association will be contacting us through the magic circle. So behave well.”

Oh, I have to be careful. Koneko-chan, who was sitting on my lap, got off and sat next to me. Once all of us sat on the sofa in a well mannered way, a huge magic circle appeared on the floor of this room. The shallow lights formed a circle.

“...The symbol of Mephisto Pheles.”

Kiba said that. ...Mephisto Pheles? Wasn’t he the legendary Devil who belongs to the Extra Demon group, and the one who made the pact with the ancestor of the mist user Georg of the Hero Faction...? While I was remembering about that, the magic circle that appeared showed a holographic image. The holographic image of a middle-aged man sitting elegantly on a chair appeared in front of my eyes. ...He had his mixture of red and blue hair held firmly with gel. He had sharp, odd-coloured eyes where the right eye was red and the left eye was blue. This man was giving off a mysterious atmosphere similar to that of Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. He had a bit of a fierce look. His terrifying face then changed by making a smile.

[Oh, Rias-chan. It’s been a while.]

He had a light tone. ...I thought he would have more of a frightening tone, so I loosened up right away. Rias responded to his greeting.

“It sure has been a while, Mephisto Pheles-sama.”

[Oh my, you sure are becoming beautiful just like your mother. Your grandmother and great-grandmother were all beautiful people.]

“Thank you very much.”

Rias introduced this person to us.

“Everyone, this person here is an Extra Demon, and also the chairman of the Magician association, Mephisto Pheles-sama.”

[Hey, hello all of you. I’m Mephisto Pheles. Please refer to the books to know more about me. Books written about me are overflowing in the world.]

……He said something metaphorical from the start. But, I understand now. So this person is the boss of the magicians. I never thought a Devil would be standing at the top.

Ravel, who was sitting next to me, told me quietly.

(...After he made a pact with the first Georg Faust, he remained in the human world even after the death of Georg Faust, and he took the position of the top of the association right away.)

Hmm, so did he come to like the human world?

“You are independent, right? Nothing like household and stuff.”

I questioned him since I was concerned about it. I haven’t heard of something called the House of Pheles, so I wondered if he was just an individual. Rias explained.

“Mephisto Pheles-sama is one of the oldest among the Devils, and he spends most of his time in the human world. Also, he happens to be Tannin-sama’s King.”

—! I got shocked upon hearing Rias’s words! Oh, so this person was old man Tannin’s King, who was a mystery till now!

[I gave my Queen piece to Tannin-kun. He came and said that he wanted to save the Dragon tribes which were almost near extinction. Yeah, he is the role model for all Dragon Kings. Well, I don’t participate in the game and involve myself in the Underworld’s riot, so I basically allow him to roam free.]

So old man Tannin is a Queen! That’s why the overall balance of his ability is good. Oh man, you sure do learn things you wanted to know in unexpected places. I started to think he was cute since he was a Queen despite being an old man. Ravel gave me additional information.

(Apparently Mephisto Pheles-sama is from the same generation as the original Yondai Maou. Though it seems like they didn’t get along. That’s why he had differences with the old government and hid himself in the human world.)

So there was a reason like that. Wait, the same generation as the original Yondai Maou!? How long has he been living!? Even though he looks like a middle-aged man, he’s lived that long!? No, Devils can change their appearance, and those like Azazel-sensei and Michael-san, who seem like they have been living just about the same time as him, have young appearances. There are many of those who look like young or middle-aged men, but have the personality of a geezer! It seems like he heard her whispers, so Mephisto Pheles-san nodded his head.

[Yeah, that’s exactly right. I hated those guys a lot. That’s why I really like the current ones like Sirzechs-kun and Serafall-chan. After all, they acknowledge most of the things I do, unlike those old Maou who were giving me orders telling me to do this and that, so I got fed up with them. Well, out of the current Maous, I have a different way of thinking compared to Ajuka-kun and have different views from him, but it’s not like I hate him or anything.]

That means that he is getting along with the current government.

[Rias-chan, who will listen to the story of this old man right here, sure is a good girl. From the Gremory, even your grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather were easy to talk with. So, are your grandfather and others doing okay? It has been a while since they retired.]

“Y-Yes. They are living quietly within the Gremory territory.”

Rias answered like that... I see, so Rias also had a grandfather. Of course she does. Rias told me before that the current Head of the household would leave everything to the next heir and enter retirement after passing the household to them. Rias has already planned what to do after retirement, and she was saying that she will be living in Japan. It seems like she has already thought ahead about a majority of things despite not being Head of the household yet. Of course, it will be something she will do after becoming the Head and fulfilling all her dreams. Actually, I wonder after how many hundred or thousand of years that will be... I wonder what Japan will be like then? I can’t even imagine it. Then, Rias and Mephisto Pheles-san continue to talk about the story of the past, the society, and about the recent business world of the Magicians.

“So, Mephisto Pheles-sama, have you already talked to Sona?”

[Nope, unfortunately, I will have to talk to her afterwards, Rias-chan. It seems like she is going to have new servants and she wants to talk to me after they join. That’s why I’m talking to all of you first. By the way, I have already spoken with Sairaorg Bael-kun and Seegvaira Agares-chan.]

“I see. Sona’s new servants. I have already heard about it.”

—! I got shocked when I hear their conversation. So Kaichou was getting new servants! I had heard that she had someone in mind, but it’s finally going to happen! I’m looking forward to this! According to what I heard, the Rook and the Knight will be joining as their additional members. Were they from the same academy as us? After all, there were students studying in this school that were from the supernatural world, which was why I thought like that.

[Oh my, all of you, the Rookies Four, sure are very popular in our industry and in the industries of other factions. I had so many of my subordinates telling me to settle this matter with all of you quickly.]

(W-What is this Rookies Four?)

I couldn’t help myself but ask Ravel about the words I heard for the first time.

(It’s the title that was given recently to the four young Devils consisting of Sairaorg Bael-sama, Seegvaira Agares-sama, Rias-sama and Sona-sama. Even looking back at recent years, it’s called a generation filled with promising rookies that are in the exceptional level. Did you know that even looking throughout the history of the Underworld, the generation you and Rias-sama belong to is something which is out of the ordinary for a rookie who still hasn’t matured?)

I-Is that so...? So we are among such an amazing generation... Well yeah, Sairaorg-san and Kiba’s strength was insanely crazy after all. Then, someone entered the room. It was Azazel-sensei.

“My bad, I was the only one who had to stay longer for the meeting. Oh, if it isn’t Mephisto!”

Seeing the holographic vision from the magic circle, he responded by making a smile right away. Mephisto-san also raised his hand gently when he saw Sensei.

[Hey, hey, Azazel. It hasn’t been that long since we last met. I had myself talk to Rias-chan first.]

“Yeah, the Magician association must be having a rough time after all. More than that, do you want to go drinking over here next time? I got my hands on some good alcohol.”

I have the impression that they have known each other for a long time.

“Do you know him?”

I asked Sensei.

“Yeah. We go way back. When Mephisto distanced himself from the old government of the Devils, we, the Grigori, allowed ourselves to contact him personally.”

Hee, he sure was a former Governor-sama who knew his own way. Rather than that, this person really had many connections with other places.

[Grigori’s information was a great help, Azazel. After all, I’m still getting assistance from Grigori even now.]

“Same goes to us, Mephisto. Well, there isn’t any disadvantage for the Fallen Angels to have connections with the association of the Magicians in secret after all. And we don’t have to keep that as a secret now since the Three Great Powers made an alliance.”

From there, the two of them talked about this and that about the business world while leaving us behind.

“What!? Seriously!? That mythology which has been declining to make an alliance came for a negotiation?”

[Rather than that, it seems like there are those investigating the Dragon’s incident that was mentioned previously. So you shouldn’t be expecting for the alliances. They have basically been cutting ties with us. Thanks to that, we can’t obtain proper information on the mythologies which have isolated themselves.]

“...That matter, huh. Well, the old mythology faction has been completely ignoring the other factions. Even if the rebels from their factions turn their fangs on us, they will probably continue to play dumb about it.”

[That proves just how much they have shunned themselves towards us who have stolen their believers. Especially us Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels who are recorded in the holy Bible are hated so much by the other factions. Just how many mythologies have we crushed, and just how many legends and believers have we spread. You can’t even tell what’s going through the minds of the factions who have responded to the negotiations. I guess we can only depend on the leadership of the Chief Gods of those factions. Naturally, we have lost the real Maous and God, so our mythology is horribly weak from the truth. It wouldn't even be weird if the history that we are currently making is thought to be a fake.]

“...Even so, we have to continue on living. Even if God and the Maous don’t exist, we are still alive.”

“Well, I also like the current Maous, so I have no problem.”

...The discussion of these two was at such a high level that I couldn’t understand it! Maybe they realised it, so Sensei and Mephisto Pheles-san stopped their conversation and went into the main discussion.

[I’m sorry for taking a long time, Rias-chan. Now, I will send the data about the Magicians that want to make a pact with all of you through the magic circle.]

Upon saying that, Mephisto Pheles-san swirled around his finger from the vision, and pointed it to us. A new magic circle appeared in the air of this clubroom, and lots of documents come falling down from it! Akeno-san and Kiba picked them up. Me and the other members help move the mountain of documents elsewhere. There was no stop to the documents falling down from the magic circle, and it kept on piling up! When I took a glance, a document that seemed to be a resume appears to my eyes. ...I could see their faces from the photo or the portrait of them. The other thing visible was...the entries written in Devil letters or magical letters that I had never seen before. ...This was a written document to appeal themselves! The other things written were their previous experiences and their households. This really was a resume! There were also many documents attached to it! Kiba said to me while I was looking through the documents.

“Putting the past aside, the pact that Magicians make with a Devil now starts from having their documents being selected. The selection which will come after that will be selected by us.”

Document selection! Wow! For real? ...It’s like a job hunt in the human business world.

“Instead of a job hunt, it’s more of a pact hunt. This is the mainstream right now. There was also an era where they fought to make a pact with a certain Devil first.”

Rossweisse-san said that while carrying loads of documents. So there was a war between Magicians fighting over a pact with a Devil...! So having a pact with such a powerful Devil becomes their status, huh... It means that this will have a big meaning for their background. While I was thinking like that, we split the mountains of documents between us. The one who has the most documents was—Rias! She had mountains of documents! Sensei had an expression that seemed to convey that this was an obvious result.

“Well, obviously. Rias is the King of the Gremory group. They must have thought that having a pact with Rias will allow them to control all of you who are her servants. Since there is also a possibility where they can have a good relationship with the House of Gremory, it’s obvious that Rias will be the most popular one within the ‘Gremory group’ category.”

It’s just like Sensei said. Making a pact with Rias will have many benefits. Sensei then continued.

“For that reason, Rias will have to choose a partner very carefully, and the Magician also has to be very powerful.”

If it’s a Magician that Rias will be choosing, then it definitely will be someone famous. Then, the one who had the second most was Rossweisse-san! Oh! Is it because she is a spell caster?

“I see, on top of researching on their magic, they craved for the wisdom I obtained in the Norse and the information regarding the world tree Yggdrasil.”

Rossweisse-san analysed her value calmly. It means that there were many Magicians that wanted to obtain the truth and the wisdom of the Norse mythology. I do hear that the Norse was one of the central factions for magic. So Rossweisse-san, who is a half-God, must have a big role.

“A Valkyrie who is a Devil isn’t merely rare.”

Sensei also added that. Certainly, that must be true. Now then, the one who has the most after her is—Asia! This was quite unexpected... No, if I think about it, she has a Sacred Gear which can heal anyone, so it would be natural for her to get many offers.

“...H-Having this many documents... Are they really okay with it being me?”

Asia was feeling timid. She probably didn’t think even in the slightest that she was being sought for this much. Mephisto Pheles-san then said.

[There is a big merit in having the ability to heal. The power to heal is always one of the ultimate themes in whatever era or person. Making a pact with you and getting blessed with the power of healing. Using that to obtain fame is easily possible.]

Yeah. There were people who were seeking the power to heal all over the world. It could be a good business to make fortune, and it could be used for many trades.

“Asia! Choose your partner carefully! Don’t get caught by a vicious guy! No, I will choose the person together with you!”

I’m concerned about Asia that I protect her too much. That’s because I’m feeling scared!

[Well, they are the people that we, the association, picked, so there shouldn’t be any cruel people.]

Mephisto Pheles-san said that... I didn’t want Asia to go through a painful experience...

“Don’t worry. Akeno and I will also consult with Asia, so we won’t allow her to go through troublesome trades.”

Rias smiled. If our King and Queen were there for her, then I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I hope she makes a good pact. ...If it’s possible, I want Asia’s partner to be a female. I will be worried if it’s a bastard! The order after Asia went as such; Me→Kiba→Akeno-san→Xenovia→Koneko-chan→Gasper. Gasper had the least.Sensei then said thiss after seeing the result.

“Well, it was predictable that Rias, who is the King, would receive the most. The majority of the Magicians think that they will be able to pull all of you out by making a pact with Rias. Rossweisse the spell caster, Asia who possesses Twilight Healing, Ise the Sekiryuutei, Kiba of the Holy Demonic Sword, Akeno who is the daughter of Barakiel, and Xenovia the Holy Sword Wielder. These members would be nominated the most. Koneko and Gasper, who still haven’t unleashed their own powers, didn’t get solicited that much, but they might be Magicians with higher quality rather than quantities. To begin with, a majority of the ones who solicited Rias and the rest could be thought of as small fry. Only very few numbers of them among these piles of documents are exceptional.”

Sensei sure knew how to say it. Well, I didn’t think all the Magicians in these documents were amazing either. Then, the reason why not many people choose Gasper was because they haven’t seen his real powers? Well, I haven’t witnessed it either. Upon hearing Sensei’s words, Mephisto, who was the chairman of the association—

[Hahahaha, well, the majority of them are small fry.]

He said something like that! Was it okay for the chairman to say things like that!?

[Even so, Sekiryuutei-kun who is popular in the Underworld and who has made meritorious deeds didn’t have that much of an increase for his solicitation as I expected. Even still, you were solicited a lot. Maybe the young ones from my side aren’t into the popular ones.]

“The Magicians take importance in their status, but more than that, they value how they are seen within the industry. They are especially a bit strict on things which aren’t elegant. They must have thought that the popularity of Ise is too vulgar. Even Ise himself has perverted techniques. Well, that’s the difference of our culture and the values we have.”

Mephisto Pheles-san and Sensei said such things... No, please allow me to say this. I think the Underworld is the weird one since something like Oppai Dragon is popular! Mephisto Pheles-san continued after making a cough.

[Anyway, I have sent all of the documents I received this time. It will be great if you contact us if you see anyone who lives up to your standards.]

...This time? I started to feel suspicious about Mephisto Pheles-san’s words.

“When you say this time, does that mean there’s more?”

When I asked, Rias answered me.

“Yes, of course. It doesn’t mean that we will choose from these ones, and even if we do make a pact, that Magician will not live long like a Devil, and there’s no way that they will be able to live for eternity. If there isn’t any suitable partner this time, we can just ask for newer documents. Also, even if we make a pact, we will become free again if the person we make a pact with passes away due to their age or by an accident. Then we will have to make a new pact.”

Ah, I understand now. So that’s what it is. So we don’t have to force ourselves to choose this time. Even if we did choose our partner, we could find a new partner if they died. Kiba gave additional information.

“And even if you do make a pact, there are times when it’s for a certain time only. For example, a year long pact due to the partner’s circumstances, or the pact can also be cancelled if they can’t pay us the price.”

A temporary pact, and cancellation due to receiving unfair payment. ...It’s really like a business. So this was also one of the jobs of a Devil. ...The pact between a Devil and a Magician that I imagined before was more dark and fantasy-like. Something where they performed a creepy ritual in a dark laboratory and they summoned a Devil through the magic circle to make an evil pact. It looks like reality is more of a business-like thing. Since we couldn’t carry all these piles of documents, we decided to send them to my house through the magic circle. While we were doing that, Mephisto Pheles-sama spoke to Ravel, who was helping everyone.

[Is the lady over there a Devil from the House of Phoenix?]

“Y-Yes. My name is Ravel Phoenix.”

Ravel introduced herself politely. Yup, she’s acting like a girl who was raised in a good house. Mephisto Pheles said it while rubbing his chin.

[Yup...the thing I’m about to tell you is a top secret which is only known in our organisation. It seems like a group of Stray Magicians have joined forces with remnant Magicians from the Khaos Brigade, and they have continued to make contacts with those related to the House of Phoenix.]

—! ...That sure was creepy information. Rias questioned him.

“...What do you mean by that?”

[You do know that the Phoenix Tears has been passing around to the terrorists in secret, right?]

Ravel nodded.

“Yes. I heard that one group of distributors were making trades in secret. But that has been dealt with, and I have heard that it’s now back to normal—”

[No, in the black market, tears which aren’t produced by the House of Phoenix are being sold now.]


Everyone got shocked at that information! Seriously!? So tears which aren’t made by the House of Phoenix are going around now!? Rias’s eyebrows twitched.

“If it isn’t a genuine one, then I think it’s something without any effect, a fake—! Don’t tell me...”

Mephisto Pheles-san shook his head to Rias, who seemed to have realised something.

[That’s right, Rias-chan. Tears that have an effect close to the genuine one are being distributed in secret. Here, this is it.]

A small bottle appeared in Mephisto Pheles-san’s hand. ...So this was the fake tear?

[I don’t know how they are doing it, but the Phoenix Tears which aren’t made by the House of Phoenix are being distributed, and the Stray Magicians are trying to get contacts with those related to the Phoenix as if they are related. Well, they must be related. That’s why I wanted that lady over there to be careful because she might be targeted.]


Ravel put on a bit of a gloomy face at Mephisto Pheles-san’s words.

“I will also ask the Grigori to find out what’s happening. Oh, and don’t worry. A strong prince is behind Ravel. There won’t be a problem. Also, there are powerful barriers put on this area, the place related to the alliance of the Three Great Powers. They won’t be able to pass through that easily. If Ravel stays here and has her prince by her side, she will definitely be safe.”

Sensei pat my head. Was I the strong prince that he’s referring to? W-Well, I will certainly protect Ravel at all cost if anything happens. That’s obvious. Sensei then gave information which makes me feel uneasy.

“Not just that. It seems like there is someone who is trying to unify the remnants of the Old Maou Faction, the remnants of the Hero Faction and the Magicians that are hiding themselves. I hear that he’s the official person standing at the top. I will be getting more detailed information from now on, but...I feel really uneasy about this. It’s certain that their forces are dying out. But what are they planning to do while their forces are weakening?”

Please stop saying that... Your bad feelings basically turn out to be true... Rather, who was the person trying to unify those guys who have already collapsed? I also wonder about Ophis’s stolen power... Ah, am I going to get involved with this again...? I sure hate this. Mephisto Pheles-san then said.

[I’m sorry that we went off topic. Anyway, I will leave my Magicians to all of you. I’m hoping that all of you will be able to make a good pact with someone~.]

Like this, the talk with the chairman of the Magician association, Mephisto Pheles-san, ended. I was concerned about the case involving the house of Phoenix, but I will have to look through the documents given to me. It seems like it will be a long night today...

Part 3[edit]

“Ugh, I feel dizzy...”

On the night after a few days had passed, I, who had finished my job for the day, was looking through the mountains of documents on the upper floor of the Hyoudou residence.

“Ise-sama, I have finished decoding this magical symbol. Please read it.”

The one who sat besides me was my talented manager, Ravel-chan. It’s late at night. Ravel and I lined up the documents on the floor, and we were going through each document one by one. In the other room, everyone was looking in their own way at the Magician-style resume. Asia, Koneko-chan, Xenovia and Gasper were looking through the documents while listening to Rias and Akeno-san’s opinions. I also went downstairs to get Rias and Akeno-san’s opinions, but I’m mostly looking through the documents while discussing it with Ravel. Yup, rather than depending on Rias, who is our King, I have decided and thought that it will be a good experience to choose for myself while getting the advice of my manager Ravel. Of course, I will get the final check from Rias, but I decided to do this with Ravel until then. I can’t describe how happy Ravel was when I told her that.

“Leave it to me! I will choose a person who will be the most fitting for Ise-sama!”

She was really eager to do it. Even now, she was checking this and that while looking through each document while holding the dictionary and books in one of her hands. Even I’m eager to do this when I see how hard she is working. Ravel looked for certain standards when she is checking the documents, mainly if the person was beneficial for the Gremory or me, she then cut off those who hadn’t satisfied those standards without any hesitation, and then she checked on the remaining ones very carefully. Of course, she had finished checking the standards of those she cut off. You are working too much, Ravel! B-But I think it’s a bit of a waste that she cut off witches who were beautiful and had superb styles...

“This Magician is a man who is researching on a rare topic of alchemy, the ways of using rare metals for magical use. This woman over here is—”

She broke down the information so even I can understand it. She explained it to me while thinking about the benefit I would get from these pacts. From Koneko-chan’s story, it seems like she was also researching it during break time while avoiding being seen... I won’t be able to raise my head to her. It seems like she received the information from the House of Phoenix regarding those people who were related to the Phoenix which we learned about a few days ago. She said that Riser was really worried about her. I then said it.

“Ravel sure knows more than me.”

Ravel put her chest forward.

“Of course. Despite looking like this, I have a longer history of being a Devil than you, Ise-sama.”

“You were also observing the Game by standing next to Riser, right?”

She was working as her brother’s servant after all. It’s normal for her to have experienced many Games. You could say that she had more experience in the Game than us.

“Of course. ...My brother made me avoid participating in the actual battle, but I have experienced the atmosphere of the actual Game with my own body.”

“From your eyes, Ravel, how would you judge the Gremory group?”

Upon hearing my question, Ravel put down the documents she was holding onto and sat formally.

“If I had to say it in one sentence, then it’s a super-high offensive team. It’s so overwhelming that it basically doesn’t need any commands.”

Yup, I also felt the same way.

“But it also has many weaknesses. It seems like we would have the tables turned if we fell into the trap of a technique-type.”

Yeah, we had many weaknesses. A group which would crumble immediately once we fall into a trap. Sensei also pointed that out, and we actually fell for a trap in the Sitri match. We also went through hell against Cao Cao. But Ravel showed a different reaction.

“Even if you say that, it will be normal for every team to worry about those things. Anyone will be frightened if there is a person who is a superior technique-type. You can also say that the team that has to take on the super-high offensive Gremory group is a team which will be very frightened as well.”

—! ...This was a new opinion. Ravel continued.

“Also everyone in the Gremory group, including you, Ise-sama, is working very hard to cover their own weaknesses. The truth is, the professionals have too much pride in their ability and their tactics, so they don’t do such a thing as training themselves. Basically, the High-class Devils are beings who don’t like to work hard and train, and they move accordingly by relying on the trait of their household and the talent running through their blood. If they feel that their servant is lacking in power, they try to solve it by trading. Of course there are many High-class Devil players who have pride in the servants they chose. But trading is something which occurs often among the players.”

Hmm, so the professional players made a trade if they were lacking in strength. That’s why they didn’t have the ideas to train for the Game. So they solved the problems by trading their servants that they felt were weak. I could only say that they had no affection towards their servants. Well, I might feel like that since I belong to the Gremory who have strong affections. After all, Devils were logical. Now that I remembered it, that bastard Diodora tried to make a trade easily. I was listening to Ravel’s words really seriously, and her opinion continued.

“Among them, Rias-sama’s group are all personally training themselves. In terms of that, the Sitri group and the Bael group are doing the same, but these actions are unheard of even if you look back into the history of Devils. And these actions are actually giving results.”

She was right. The Sitri group, Bael group and I have shown results by having the terrorists as our opponents. Unlike Sirzechs-sama’s intention of not wanting to send the young ones to the battlefield, our strength has become of use for the Underworld. Ravel then said this while having her eyes shine with light.

“The way of the Gremory group that I imagine, is a group where each individual trains themselves and increases the strength of their overall team balance rather than relying on tactics, and I think that alone is enough. If the group can’t use their full potential because you have concerns about lack of tactics, then isn’t it better to just polish the current stance? Relying heavily on power is also good. If you train enough to overcome your weaknesses, then I think your strong points can cover your weaknesses.”

—! She has a different opinion than Sensei and Rias. Yeah, I think her suggestions are also good. No, for certain members of our group, this method will make it easier for them to get stronger. ...She is thinking more seriously despite having a small body. Man, she sure is an impressive junior.


I got taken aback by Ravel’s words. Ravel then came back to her senses, and started to act nervous.

“...I-I’m sorry. It was rude of me to say such things...”

“N-No, I was just impressed by you. You really are amazing, Ravel. You think about things more than Xenovia and me. You might become a good tactician.”

She definitely was a Devil who used her brain. She was a girl who was the opposite of Xenovia and I, whose brains were also made up of muscle! Upon hearing my compliment, Ravel’s face turned red.

“T-Tactician might be too much of a compliment, but I study a lot daily despite being like this! So I think about many things.”

Yeah. You are exactly right. Instead, it means that I lack knowledge...

“I also have to work hard as well. However, I feel bad that I can’t do a single thing to show my gratitude towards you.”

I couldn’t help but feel this way. I couldn’t do anything at all for this girl who was working really hard as my manager. Then, Ravel’s face became more red, and she muttered a few words.

“...T-Then, p-please pat my head...”

...T-This was a request I didn’t see coming.

“I-Is just patting your head enough...? Don’t you have anything else you want? You do know that I feel really grateful to you?”

But Ravel shook her head to the side. She then told me upfront.

“I feel proud just being your manager. That’s why having you pat my head will allow me to work hard at anything.”

—! ...Yeah. Aaaaaaaaa! Sirzechs-sama! This girl was a really good child! Thank you very much for assigning her to me! I started to pat Ravel’s head while holding back my urge to hug her!


Ravel responded by making a big smile. Yeah, I’m thinking of working hard from now on together with this manager. Then, Ravel took out the schedule list as if she suddenly remembered about it.

“Ah, yes. After this, I will also adjust the work for Oppai Dragon as well. There are also many requests for you to show up to hold a charity event for the children who went through the shocking experience of the monster crisis in various areas of the Underworld, and that number has already exceeded the dozens—”

...She is so capable at doing her work that she isn’t allowing me to rest!

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