High School DxD:Volume 14 Life 4

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Life.4 Go, Occult Research Club & Student Council![edit]

Part 1[edit]

Evening. We, the Occult Research Club and the Student Council members, had gathered in the old school building. The Bishop Kusaka-san from the Student Council was on standby in a different room so she could exchange information with the staff from the alliance. Shinra-senpai gave her report to everyone.

“The repair of the damage done to the school will commence now. All students have been sent home. Regarding the ones who attacked this school, the staff from the Three Great Powers who are working in this territory are searching for them now.”

Kaichou spoke right after Shinra-senpai.

“...The device that Azazel-sensei left behind, which can control the memories of the students, came in handy. The memories of the students who have been attacked by the Magicians have been changed into the fact that ‘trespassers came onto campus and school has been suspended temporarily’.”

So it was the device they used to alter the memories of the students when three hundred of my doppelgangers were going wild on the campus. In that incident, we thought it might not be a good idea to leave those memories in the students, so we used the special device from the Fallen Angels to alter them. The Fallen Angels had the technology to erase the memories of commoners who got involved with abnormal powers and other beings. Just like how they erased the memories about Amano Yuuma, Raynare, from Matsuda and Motohama. Except, using that often would have a negative influence on their memories, so it was better to use it while having certain restrictions to it. That was why we changed their memories to ‘trespassers came onto the campus’.

“How about the memories regarding the places that were destroyed?”

Xenovia asked Kaichou.

“We have altered the memories of the students and made it so that planned repair work happens to overlap with today. ...It was fortunate that there wasn’t a single person who left the school even though we had such crisis. It also seems like we can do something about those who took recordings of this incident on their mobile phones with the Fallen Angels’ support.”

That means the identity of the other beings, the truth of this academy, hadn’t been revealed. But Shinra-senpai put on a frustrated expression.

“Except, the hearts of those students who went through such shock during this incident won’t be completely healed. I’m sure the memories of ‘encountering something terrifying’ will remain with them for eternity. Thinking that they will spend their life without knowing the cause of it...the ones who attacked us, I won’t forgive them!”

The female student who was used as a hostage... The memories about the Magicians had been altered. But the trauma of being attacked by a scary person might remain in her heart. And she would spend the rest of her life not knowing why that was... It was the fault of the Magicians. But, wasn’t it also our fault? ...It was because we couldn’t stop them... To begin with, this school itself was... Saji rested his hand on my shoulder. He was shaking his head.

“Hyoudou. Are you perhaps thinking that ‘This school itself is operating while deceiving common people’? I understand your feelings, but right now, I’m more concerned about Toujou Koneko-san and the other two who were abducted. Right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Yeah, rescuing those three who were abducted was our first priority. But...I couldn’t hide how shocked I was. I thought Kuoh Academy during the day was absolutely safe. There was a time when Kuoh Academy became the battlefield in the fight against Kokabiel at night, but I never thought I would encounter terrorism during my normal school life. ...With a little mistake, there was a chance that Matsuda and Motohama might have become victims. Since they were related to us who were Devils, I realised once again that they were standing next to the possibility of danger. That’s why I thought about Kuoh Academy itself once again... By the way, I tried to tell Kuroka and Le Fay, who were at the Hyoudou Residence, about this case...but I couldn’t contact them. I thought I should inform them about Koneko-chan who was abducted, but the one who answered the personal communication magic circle in our house was Ophis, who was looking after the house, and according to the Dragon God-sama—

“Kuroka and Le Fay, they left after being called by Vali.”

They sure weren’t present at crucial times, those half-lodger girls! ...Huh? Called by Vali? Did something happen? We got assaulted, and they got assaulted as well? No, it couldn’t be... Actually, Vali wasn’t important right now! When I tried to calm my mind, Xenovia said this next to me.

“So, are the culprits the Stray Magicians who are targeting those related to the House of Phoenix together with those from the Khaos Brigade?”

“Must be.”

Irina said. Yeah, I also thought the same.

“What do you think, Rossweisse-san?”

I tried to get the opinion of Rossweisse-san, who was a magic user.

“Yes, judging from the analysis of the traces of magic—”

She was interrupted when a phone ring echoed within the room. It seemed like it was coming from Rossweisse-san.

“Cough, I’m sorry. Hello...”

Rossweisse-san answered it by making a cough. ...Who was it from? When I became curious—

“O-Oba-chan! Whatz wrong? Did something happen?”

G-Granny? Also, it seemed like her words had some accent in it... It wasn’t just my ears, Rossweisse-san continued to speak in countryside dialect!

“Ya, me in important meeting now. Wha? Job? No worry, me, doing well. Oba-chan no need to worry, ya know?”

The meeting had been halted because of Rossweisse-san’s dialect, and it became a situation where everyone had shock in their eyes! That was because she was a cool beauty (100-yen shop maniac) who seemed to match well with the city, but now, she was speaking in a countryside dialect!? Of course we would be shocked!

“Boss of me place me work now, she is important person, and ya know me salary is better than me earlier job ya? So, me can send me money over there, ya know. No prob, no prob! Nothin’ is in the countryside, ya? Buy somethin’ with the money me send ya, and if ya doing well, me is happy with that, ya know?”

I opened my eyes wide, and Asia told me.

“I heard this a while ago, but it seems like Rossweisse-san is sending her money back to her homeland and...”

Xenovia continued after her.

“I heard her homeland is a place where there is nothing. Since her grandmother is living there alone, it seems like she is sending the money she earned from her job as a Devil.”

Irina also explained.

“Since her parents are warriors who serve the Norse Gods, they rarely come home, so she told me that she was mostly raised by her grandmother. That’s why she is a granny’s girl. Her dream is to build a discount store in her homeland which has every good imaginable.”

Seriously? It was my first time hearing about this. She was a granny’s girl, a countryside girl, and she was also sending her an allowance...! That’s why she was so attached to money!

More importantly, she wanted to build a discount store in her homeland... So the reason why she was fixated with 100-yen shops was due to that reason.

“...I found out about this for the first time. Rossweisse-san’s dream.”

While muttering it, I couldn’t help but feel fellowship from the former Valkyrie, who was showing more of her character. Damn you, geezer Odin! For you to leave such a good person like her...! However, it was certain this was an unfortunate side of her! They could settle the problem by saying that the one who was ditched was just ‘Rossweisse-san’! But she was a good person! Rossweisse-san, who had finished talking on the phone, coughed.

“...I’m sorry. I never thought I would suddenly receive a call from home... Also, I asked my grandmother, who was a magic user, about a spell which could break through powerful security...and she gave me quite a severe opinion. I did think that it is a possibility as well...”

“What would that be?”

When I asked Rossweisse-san—

“...A traitor.”

—Sona-kaichou answered instead. Everyone’s gaze concentrated at Kaichou. ...So a traitor, huh.

“This whole region is under the jurisdiction of the alliance of the Three Great Powers, and there are many staff members here besides us. There is a powerful barrier within the whole town, having this school as the focal point, and it’s made so that anyone can be notified if someone suspicious steps foot in this area. There is a factor where it is hard to find them if they enter by hiding themselves, but it will be restricted by the few possible ways of coming inside here. The first one is to enter by force. This is possible for those with strong enough powers. But this method of entering would give them away immediately, so that’s not what happened in this incident.”

Yeah, if someone dangerous like that came in, even we would notice their presence. Sona-kaichou continued.

“The second method is a case where someone who lives in this town or one of the staff leaves the barrier and gets captured and controlled to enter here. Regarding this method, we didn’t get any response from the civilians, the students or the staff. If that is the case, then it means a traitor became the middle person to allow them to enter the school.”

“Is such a thing possible?”

Sona-kaichou narrowed her eyebrows. It certainly seemed like a severe opinion.

“It will be possible if it’s the core members who can pass the barrier without a problem. In other words, only the core members from the Gremory group, Irina-san, Ravel-san, we the Sitri group and Azazel-sensei are the ones that could arrange such a large scale assault.”

“Are you saying there is a traitor among us!?”

Saji shouted. His face said that he couldn’t believe it. Me too, Saji. There was no way I could believe it. For there to be a traitor among us who went through life and death situations together... Kaichou, who heard Saji’s shout, put on a gentle expression.

“I also don’t believe there is a traitor, but we can’t let our guard down against the culprit. We also don’t know whether their target is actually Ravel Phoenix-san or not. Either way, we are not so naïve that we will let this go. Now, about Toujou-san, Phoenix-san and Vladi-san who were taken away—.”


The Bishop Kusaka-san appeared while interrupting Kaichou who stopped her explanation there. Kusaka-san, who had the attention of everyone, said while feeling nervous.

“...We have received contact from those who abducted the first years of the Occult Research Club.”

The situation started to move!

Part 2[edit]

Midnight. We, the Occult Research Club and the members of the Student Council, had come to the nearest station. The reason for this was that the culprits contacted us and told us to come here. What they said was,

[If you want to take back Toujou Koneko, Gasper Vladi and Ravel Phoenix, come to the underground station with only the members of the Gremory group, Shidou Irina and the Sitri group.]

That’s what they said. ...It was a message which specifically told us to come. Underground station. That must be the station connected to the Underworld located under the basement of the nearest station. During the summer holidays, we entered the Underworld using the train located in the basement of this station. ...I never thought they would be there. Kaichou muttered in front of the station.

“I never thought they would choose this place. The staff are investigating the other underground spaces used specifically by Devils...and there have been several traces of magic. There have been traces that they have been using it to hide themselves temporarily.”

“So they trespassed by digging into the underground basement’s from below? Or did they trespass from the Underworld side through the train route? By passing through the Dimensional Gap...?”

I asked, but Kaichou shook her head to the side.

“No, it probably wasn’t either method. Just like I thought, was someone used by them...? I don’t think this area was trespassed because of a traitor...”

It seemed like Kaichou was thinking hard while putting on a serious face. ...Well, if they trespassed from the Gremory territory of the Underworld, then that would mean that the Gremory house allowed the trespass of the culprits, and it seemed like the situation would become more complicated. We gathered in front of the elevator. Kaichou said while looking at all of us.

“The staff of the Underworld and Heaven have surrounded the area around this station. We also have closed the Dimensional Gap for the train located in the Gremory territory of the Underworld. We still haven’t found out the true intentions of the enemy and what they are planning... All that’s left is for us to meet them in person.”

So it meant the preparations were set. They were already caught like a rat in a bag. I didn’t know what they were planning to do, but we have closed their escape route. ...No, they were people who could trespass into this area, so they might have prepared an alternate escape route... But if they were waiting for us, it meant they weren’t thinking that much about escaping. Either way, my objective was to retrieve our abducted juniors!

“Who will be taking leadership of the Gremory group?”

Xenovia asked. Then, Kaichou fixed her glasses.

“That won’t be a problem. Due to the emergency, I will be taking command of both the Student Council and the Occult Research Club. Rias also has left the command to me.”


Sona-kaichou will be taking leadership! Oh, somehow, I feel that I have a strong support now!

“You may feel confused with your King being absent, but all of you will obey my command, yes?”


We, the Gremory group, answered her at the same time! Of course! If it was Sona-kaichou, then we didn’t have any problems! Kaichou asked Xenovia.

“First, Xenovia-san. Out of the seven abilities of your Holy Sword, how many of them can you use?”

“I don’t have problem with Destruction. Thanks to the training, I can also use Mimic, Transparency and Rapidly. However, I’m not at a level where I have mastered using them. Using Nightmare and Blessing will be hard since they have bad compatibility with me. Ruler is even harder with its inherent difficulty. I can’t rule others at all.”

“This time, there will be restrictions to our battle since we will be fighting underground. The influence of severe destruction will collapse the building and cause land subsidence. We have to avoid doing our strong and flashy attacks. ...The situation is different, but it’s similar to the game of Sitri vs Gremory. We have to avoid causing destruction, so please refrain from causing unnecessary impact as much as possible. If it is needed, I will give the order.”

Yeah, it was just as Kaichou said. We couldn’t cause that underground station to be destroyed. So it meant we couldn’t do excessively powerful attacks. It certainly was like that match against Sitri. After that, Kaichou asked about the condition of us, the Gremory group. It seemed like she would be planning some improvised tactics. However, there was one thing that had been in my mind. There was one unfamiliar man with a large build standing at the Sitri’s side. He was a foreign man. He had grey hair where his fringe was long, and his eyes were hidden. But he kinda had a handsome face. He was really strongly built. He was about the same as Sairaorg-san. I asked Shinra-senpai timidly.

“U-Umm, who is that huge man standing there...?”

“Oh, this person is a student enrolled in the college department of Kuoh Academy, and he is Sitri’s new Rook.”

Sitri’s Rook!? Seriously, a new servant!? I got shocked since I found out about it so suddenly! On top of that, he was a person from the college section of Kuoh Academy! So there was a person with such a good build. Hmm, there were so many things I wasn’t aware of! The man said it in few words with a boorish response.

“...Call me Loup Garou.”

He muttered like that. Shinra-senpai continued.

“We call him Rugal-san. So please call him the same as well, Hyoudou-kun. Rugal-san, we will leave the backup of the outside area to you for this one.”


The person called Rugal left this area after that. ...I-I see, so he would be taking care of the outside in this case. That was also a proper task. There might be enemy reinforcements coming from the outside.

《Master, it seems like the preparations for the surrounding area have been completed.》

I heard an unfamiliar voice! When we, the Gremory group, looked around for the person the voice belonged to, we stopped our sight at the ceiling of the station! Sitri’s magic circle appeared on the ceiling of the station, and a head appeared from there upside down! And that person was...a small-built person wearing a skull mask dressed like a Grim Reaper! Hey, that clothing, that was definitely a Grim Reaper!

“G-Grim Reaper!”

When I shouted while pointing at the ceiling, Kaichou said it.

“This one is my new Knight.”

《...My name is Bennia. ...I’m a former Grim Reaper.》

A small-built Grim Reaper fell down from the ceiling and landed on the ground perfectly!

At the same time, Grim Reaper-san took the mask off! And the face of a girl that seemed to be in junior high school appeared! A cute girl with sleepy eyes! She had long dark purple hair and golden eyes. And the symbol of a Grim Reaper in her hand, the scythe, had cute-looking decorations on it! A loli! A loli Grim Reaper holding a scythe!?

“G-Grim Reaaaaper~!? And it’s a giiiiiirl!?

Kaichou nodded to me, who was currently in shock.

“Yes, Bennia is a Grim Reaper. Even though I said that, she is a Demigod. Half Grim Reaper and half human.”

“She says that she is the daughter of one of the Ultimate-level Grim Reapers, Orcus. Shocking, right?”

Saji added an extra bit of information. ...E-Even if you suddenly say that, I don’t get it!

“...I did hear you had someone in mind for the Knight and Rook position, but a Grim Reaper...”

Rossweisse-san also stared in wonder at the appearance of the small-built Grim Reaper girl. Yup, I was also in shock. Who would ever think that Sitri’s new Knight would end up being a Grim Reaper!? Shinra-senpai shook her head to the side.

“No, we had someone else in mind for our Knight. However, we couldn’t arrange a meeting with that person. And then she appeared and—”

《I’m changing sides because I can’t follow Hades-sama’s way of doing things anymore. Will you consider making me your servant?》

She came negotiating like that. It seemed that, for a moment, Kaichou thought she might be a spy from Hades’s side, but Kaichou tilted her head thinking there wouldn’t be such a daring spy like her.

“I had much suspicion towards her, but I decided to trust her because of one fact.”

I asked Kaichou.

“O-One fact...?”

Then, the loli Grim Reaper pushed an autograph paper toward me.

《Boss Oppai Dragon. I’m a big fan of yours, Boss. Look, I have so many embroideries of Oppai Dragon behind my cape. Can I ask you to give me one of your signatures?》

E-Even if you show me embroideries like that... Ah, there really are many embroideries of me wearing armour! Wait, she is a fan of mine!? I have another one after Le Fay!

“My fan...?”

I asked while signing.

《Yes, plus I didn’t like the ways of my shitty dad and Hades-sama, so I left home.》

So that means there were many types of Grim Reapers? It seemed like the God of the realm of the dead also had many house issues.

“It was fortunate that it was enough with a single Knight piece.”

Kaichou said it like that. Truly, that was a bargain.

《My blood from my mother’s side is stronger, so I’m that amazing.》

The loli-girl says that but...it seems like her character is strong in terms of both her characteristic and ability. Kaichou then said to the loli Grim Reaper.

“Bennia, just like Rugal, can I leave the backup of the outside area to you?”

《Yes sir, master. I will be on standby outside with that brother who joined in at the same time as me.》

After saying that, the loli Grim Reaper, Bennia, activated the magic circle below her feet and disappeared by sinking into it like that. ...She sure did use an amusing way of passing through the magic circle. So instead of teleporting when the light burst, she went through it by sinking into it. Kaichou let out a small sigh.

“I’m very sorry that it turned into an introduction of my new servants right before our important plan... Things like these sure do happen at bad times.”

“No, it was actually a good thing. It helped me loosen up a bit.”

That’s how I truly felt. I didn’t have that much confidence because I had to retrieve my juniors from enemies whose identities were unknown, but my tension softened in a good way from being introduced to the additional members of the Sitri. So did that mean that the only pieces of the Sitri side left are the three Pawn pieces? I did hear that Saji was worth four pieces, and Nimura-san was worth one piece. Kaichou then asked me.

“Now, Ise-kun. How is Ddraig’s condition?”

“The truth is, not so good. He wakes up at times, but he sleeps most of the time. He’s sleeping right now, and he isn’t giving me any response. I can make the normal gauntlet appear, but I’m not in my best condition.”

Rather, I was finally able to have the gauntlet’s ability work just before. So I was able to double my power and use Gift. I was able to use my armour form during the training, but it seemed like I couldn’t use it right now... Since Ddraig hadn’t recovered completely, my power was too unstable...

“So, it means Balance Breaker is impossible right now. Understood. Then let’s go with a plan where Boosted Gear Scale Mail isn’t involved.”

“I’m sorry.”

...Shit, I was so ashamed of myself since I was useless at such a crucial time. I was asked to take care of things at home while Rias was absent, but I had been feeling ashamed at myself continuously... Kaichou smiled at me, who was feeling down.

“There isn’t a single reason for you to be apologising, Ise-kun. You are the hero who saved the Underworld. For the part where you can’t give it your all, we will just have to make up for it. Also, you worked too hard within this short period of time. Truly, you worked so hard that I am ashamed at myself and feel that we are lacking in strength.”

Not just Kaichou, but the members of the Student Council were also nodding.

“You should rely on us at times, Hyoudou. We are rivals during the game. But we are comrades during real battles. We want to protect the Underworld and Kuoh Academy as well after all.”

Saji made a big smile. ...Yeah, you are right. You are exactly right. Sona-kaichou took my hand.

“That’s why, we will lead you today. I’m not Rias, but please trust me for now.”

[Yes, of course!]

Everyone in the Gremory group responded! Yeah, the enemies shouldn’t be looking down on us who were from Kuoh Academy! Kaichou asked me once again.

“By the way, how many times can you use Gift?”

“It will change by the strength of how much my power has doubled, but if it’s twenty times, then I can do it with ease.”

Upon hearing that, Kaichou said it to me after thinking for a while.

“Very well. Then Ise-kun will—”

After being given the details of the plan, we went down to the basement using the lift. We reached the basement, and progress through the station made specifically for the trains which head to the Underworld. We passed through the spacious atmosphere, and when we went to the right and to the left through the passage...I could suddenly feel a dangerous presence. ...There had to be enemies at the end of the passage we were walking down. We confirmed it with each other with our eyes, and made the formation of charging in. For the offence, the vanguards were Xenovia, Irina, Saji, Knight Meguri-san and Rook Yura. The middle-guards were me, Akeno-san, Rossweisse-san, Shinra-senpai and Pawn Nimura-san. The rearguards were Sona-kaichou, Asia, Bishop Kusaka-san and Hanakai-san. The formation was set so the close-range type members were positioned as vanguards, the members who fight from long-range were positioned as middleguards, and the rearguards consisted of members of support-types and the person giving commands as the central pillar. Since I could promote without Rias’s authorisation, I promoted to Queen. Saji and Nimura-san also promoted to Queen with Kaichou’s authorisation. After the team’s formation was set, everyone put the Underworld’s communication item into their ears. It was something which replaced the earphone and microphone. It was used mainly in Rating Games. Using this would make it easier for us to communicate with each other. Once we signaled each other the final confirmation with our eyes, we progressed through the passage.

The place we set foot into was an open space of the basement we entered for the first time. It was a spacious place as large as the underground station. And the ceiling was also located up high. ...I never thought there was such a place like this. I wondered just what kinds of territories were hidden within this basement. Then, when I looked ahead, there were so many of them, the group of Magicians that was! Every one of them were wearing Magician robes. There were many varieties of robes, but I confirmed the robes worn by the ones who assaulted the school. We took our distance, and confronted them. ...Just from a simple look, weren’t there more than a hundred of them? There were quite a number of monsters which seemed to have been summoned. Just how many of you have gathered here!? Rather, we allowed that many enemies to trespass into this town. ...It was quite problematic. The female Magicians, witches, couldn’t be confirmed with a simple glance! It was just guys. Yeah. They wouldn’t be included in their formation if they knew the power of my pailingual. Their plans would be revealed after all. I said it while pointing at them.

“We came like you told us. Where are my juniors?”

My voice echoed through the basement. They were either laughing or shrugging their shoulders. ...A response which was looking down at us. My mind was filled with rage, but I needed to be calm. My weakness was that I charged ahead without being calm when my comrades were in danger. Sensei also pointed that out to me just recently as well. One of the Magicians stepped forward.

“Oh my, if this isn’t everyone from the Devils. For everyone from the Gremory and Sitri of the Rookies Four to come here for us, it’s such an honour.”

Kaichou asked.

“What are your objectives? Phoenix? Or is it us?”

“Both of them. Well, we are treating the lady from the Phoenix with care. We were ordered by our leader to do so.”

Leader? Who might that be? Leaving me, who was feeling dubious, the Magician continued.

“The issue regarding the Phoenix is done, and what’s left is the thing with all of you. We can’t help ourselves but become concerned about it. The strength of all of you that were rated by that shitty chairman Mephisto and the shitty association. This feeling, can you understand it? You can’t, right? Well, it’s natural of us, wanting to test ourselves and see if there are strong young Devils, right? For those who use magic in such rough ways like us.”

That Magician clicked his fingers. Then, every one of the Magicians activated a magic circle for attack-type magic!

“Let’s start, Devils! The decisive battle of demonic power versus magic!”

That became the signal for the start of the battle! The many magical attacks with different attributes of fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, light and darkness were released towards us! The herd of monsters they had under them also came charging at us! While being under the violent rain of an immeasurable number of magical attacks, Kaichou ordered us through the communication device.

[—Now, let’s show them the power of the young Devils. Let’s make them regret turning the Devils of the Kuoh Academy into their enemies.]

Hearing such a declaration, Xenovia leapt forward! She made a big swing with Ex-Durandal, and slammed down the many magic attacks headed this way with the holy aura! Rossweisse-san, who was the middle-guard also shot her full burst and supported Xenovia’s attack! The herd of monsters that were charging this way were vaporised in one hit from Rossweisse-san’s attack!

With the combo attack of Xenovia and Rossweisse-san, most magical attacks and several monsters were taken down, but the magical attacks that had avoided the attacks were still coming this way! Rook Yura, who was the vanguard, stood in front of me. She made something appear in her hand. A huge shield! Yura shouted!

“Expand! My shield, [Twinkle Aegis]!”

That moment, the glow spread from the shield and changed into a giant shield of light! It was a giant shield of light that took half of the space we were in! It was like a beam shield! The magical attacks that got through our counter attack struck the shield—but it was unscratched! Quite a number of magical attacks had got to us, but the shield didn’t crumble even though it received all of them! It was a really hard shield! I then got a call from Sona-kaichou.

[That is the artificial Sacred Gear we received from Azazel-sensei. By making a pact with a fairy, then having it reside in the shield, it is able to change its ability.]

Making a pact with a fairy, and changing the ability of the shield! More importantly, it was Sensei’s artificial Sacred Gear, huh! Thinking now, the Student Council members did say they would be receiving artificial Sacred Gears! By combining it with the defence of a Rook, it did seem like it would pull out an insane amount of defence! Having the many magical attacks and monsters which came charging at us stopped, a certain commotion arose from the group of Magicians. They probably didn’t think all of their attacks would have been stopped with only few moves.

[—We will be moving into offence.]

With Kaichou’s merciless command, we begun our advance!

[Ise-kun, please move around the battlefield all the time with the Skithblathnir just like I told you before.]

I received the order from Kaichou. Yes, that was what she told me to do before we came down here. If I couldn’t use Balance Breaker, then I would fight in a different way! What I could do right now was to use Gift on my comrades!

[Once I give you an instruction, it will be very helpful if you use Gift as ordered.]


I made the magical ship, Ryuuteimaru, appear, and grabbed onto it. Ryuuteimaru continued to fly around while having me hang onto it. Oh, it had amazing horsepower and strength despite having me hanging onto it! I was ashamed I couldn’t fly with my Devil wings in my base form...but I will leave my support to you, Ryuuteimaru! I will start doubling my power so I can use Gift any time! Ddraig, I hope you will be awake soon!


The vanguards, which consisted of Xenovia, Saji and Knight Meguri Tomoe-san, charged forward. Xenovia demolished the magical attacks along with the Magicians with a strike with destructive power! The thing Meguri-san was carrying was...a Japanese sword-type artificial Sacred Gear? It looked like the light and darkness were blended!

[Tomoe’s artificial Sacred Gear is a katana-type version of [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade]. I think the formal name of it is [Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade Samurai Sword].]

Kaichou told me while muttering like that! Seriously!? So Meguri-san’s Sacred Gear was from the Black History! But it had a very high attack power, since it could even cut down spirits that didn’t have physical form as well.

“Geez, Kaichou! Please don’t use that name! However, this is really strong!”

Meguri-san used the sword which had a mixture of light and darkness to take down the Magicians from above their defensive magic! Meguri-san, why did you pick that one!? Because of its features? W-Well, it had incredible destructive power, and it could even cause the wall and the floor to be grazed from the wave of the slash! Like I thought, that artificial Sacred Gear was strong! If I remembered correctly, the godfather for all the names of the artificial Sacred Gears was Sensei! He was a former Governor who still couldn’t forget the mind of an eighth grader!

“I won’t lose to Xenovia!”

The one who was wielding the mass-produced Holy Demonic Sword while gliding in the air by spreading her pure white wings was the vanguard Irina. She was also shooting out a laser filled with the power of light. Next was Saji. He was making the enemies bathe inside the black flames which were hard to de-curse, the Blaze Black Flare.

“Just stay there all together!”

He covered several Magicians with a wall of black flames! Yeah, the black flames appeared from every direction and stopped the Magicians like a wall that surrounded them. The activation requirement would be fulfilled when they came within Saji’s range, and a wall of flame appeared around the place enemies were standing. One of the Vritra-type Sacred Gears, [Shadow Prison]. Vritra’s curse of fire swirled inside it, and they would have their movement sealed. It also made those who had been captured suffer gradually by the fire’s heat. On top of that, the Delete Field would be added onto it, and they would have their magical power taken away. Once you got captured within that prison, you would remain trapped until all of your power got taken away. Saji also sent many lines and connected them to the Magicians!

“I will transform all of your magical powers into demonic powers!”

Yeah, Saji’s original ability would play a big role in this. He originally connected the Absorption Line to his enemy, and absorbed their powers. He even absorbed their blood. There were already more than ten lines. The magical power flowed into Saji through the lines!


“Something like this!”

The Magicians tried to cut the line attached to them with magic, but it didn’t have any effect. His line was tough after all. You wouldn’t be able to cut it so easily! Then, the black flame passed through the lines and attacked the Magicians! ...So, you would be out of options once you got caught by Saji, huh. The line and the prison, if you didn’t have the strength to slip out of it, then you were completely sealed. On top of these abilities, he still could transform into a Dragon King... He really was getting powerful as a technique-type, that guy Saji!

[Ise-kun, can you hear me? Please transfer your powers to Saji!]

Kaichou’s command! That’s what I had been waiting for!


I was flying around in the air while holding onto Ryuuteimaru, and then I dropped down to where Saji was and transferred my multiplied power into the lines! Saji let go of the lines which were connected to him, and then connected them to the middle-guard Rossweisse-san! The lines were linked between the Magicians and Rossweisse-san!


Several lines made a violent motion the moment I transferred my powers, and the Magicians’ magical powers flowed rapidly into Rossweisse-san! Magicians that had their magical powers absorbed fainted and just dropped to the floor! Instead, overwhelming aura was pouring out from Rossweisse-san’s body!


When I got shocked by the way the lines were used, Kaichou said this.

[The lines’ ability to absorb magical powers has been enhanced. At the same time, the line will be connected to Rossweisse-san. We also have magic users on our side, so we should utilise this situation.]

She sure understood the traits of me, Saji and Rossweisse-san very well!

[Originally, the line could have also been connected to Gasper-kun. We could have absorbed the blood from the opponent by connecting the line to the opponent and Gasper-kun. After all, the line can also absorb blood. The opponent will suffer blood loss and Gasper-kun will power up by absorbing blood. There were also such methods as well. The problem will be Gasper-kun’s lung capacity...so I will ask him next time.]

Kaichou! Just how many ways to fight have you researched!? Weren’t you too good at using our group!?

“Nimura! I will leave my back to you!”

“Please leave it to me, Genshirou-senpai!”

Having Saji say that, the one who was using swift footwork to punch and kick the Magicians bare-handed was the middle-guard Pawn Nimura Ruroko-san. She moved in to support Saji.

Nimura-san had armour only on her legs, and a strong aura jetted out from there. It seemed like it was giving her incredible speed and kicks. An artificial Sacred Gear equipped on her legs! Nimura-san went within the enemies range and made a swift body movement. It was a dancing-like attack style!

“Chi! It’s harder than we thought!”

The Magicians were also astonished with the variety of Saji’s attacks, so they changed their target. The Magicians have directed their hands towards Xenovia, who was attacking heroically.


They summoned several Chimeras with summoning magic, and they started to attack Xenovia! The giant bird type Chimera which was flying in the air, and the snake type Chimera which was crawling on the ground! Xenovia made a stance with her Holy Sword and increased the holy aura. —Then, the third Chimera appeared by breaking through the floor! A turtle-like Chimera with a shell! Xenovia took down the turtle-type Chimera with an attack using Excalibur Destruction! However, its shell was harder than expected, and possibly because its shell was more complicated due to it being a Chimera, the sword was stabbed deep within and didn’t seem like it could be pulled from it anytime soon! She had her sword sealed! Then, the Chimera which was flying in the air and the Chimera which was crawling on the ground attacked her! Xenovia made the shape of Ex-Durandal change just before being hit! It was the power of Mimic! Xenovia swung the Holy Sword which was like a whip and cut the Chimera that was flying in half! The moment when it made an impact, a shock which felt like an additional destruction followed after it! But the snake-type Chimera was still remaining! Xenovia changed the blade from a whip to its original shape and increased the speed of her sword! She cut the snake-type Chimera in half with its incredible speed! It seemed like additional destruction was also added to that swing just now, and a crater was formed in the floor from the wave caused from her swing! A rapid succession of Mimic, Rapidly and Destruction. Xenovia had just used three of the characteristics of her Holy Sword. The Magicians were in shock after seeing that!

[She isn’t a power idiot!?]

They shouted that at the same time! Xenovia, just how was she rated in the world of Magicians!? No, she was a power idiot! But even she was also growing!

“Ku! Then I will strike with magic!”

One of the Magicians created a fireball using magic and released many of them! The herd of fireballs was moving through the air freely as if it had a mind of its own! Xenovia tried to vaporise them with her Holy Sword, but the fireballs dodged just before being hit, so she couldn’t take them down. Ah, that was an attack type that Xenovia was weak against! Then, Kaichou gave her a command.

[Xenovia-san, use the power of Ruler.]

“But, Kaichou. I can’t activate the ability of Ruler that well. And what are you planning to do by controlling the Magicians?”

[No, you are wrong. Ruling doesn’t necessary mean that you can only control living things.]

...What did she mean? Even I didn’t get it! Kaichou said it to Xenovia, who looked like she would be hit by the fireballs which were flying in the air!

[Xenovia-san! Direct the ability of Ruler towards those magical fireballs! Think strongly that you want to stop those fireballs! If my prediction is right, the aspect of your sword will go one more rank up!]


It seemed like Xenovia was concentrating on something as Kaichou commanded while putting on a serious expression! Then, the Holy Sword glowed as if it was responding to her! The next moment, the fireballs which were heading towards Xenovia stopped their movements and remained still in their position! ...Did she stop it with the power of the Holy Sword? She stopped it by ruling over the magic! Xenovia was also in shock with its result.

“...There is also a way to use the power of Ruler like this... Kaichou, what does this mean?”

[It’s just as I thought. Most likely, the things you can rule over aren’t just limited to living things. You were able to rule over the magic for a bit just now, but that isn’t the only thing that it is capable of. Depending on the way you use it, you should be able to rule over any phenomenon. If that is hard, then at least think of controlling the attacks from your enemies. Or you can support your comrades when their attacks miss.]

“...So I can disturb the enemies’ attack with it, and also support my comrades.”

[Yes. Looking at the abilities straightforwardly is good. However, depending on how you use it, you can use it in many ways. The way you used the power of Ruler just now is a good example.]


I was still shocked at the way Sona-kaichou’s commands were working. You were amazing, Kaichou. She even thought up of a new move for our group. ...This battlefield, just what kind of imagination was she using inside her head?

“Target the leader of the Sitri!”

The Magicians concentrated their attacks on Kaichou! They were trying to take down the brain! However, around Kaichou, and also the other rearguards, a strong blue barrier came out. The one who activated that was Bishop Hanakai Momo-san!

“I won’t let you take down Kaichou and the rearguards.”

Bracelets appeared on both her arms. And those bracelets were emitting aura. A barrier-type artificial Sacred Gear! It seemed like it had a wide range since it could cover the whole group of our rearguards! So it meant the rearguards wouldn’t go down without a fight, huh. Haha, with this, the vanguards would be able to fight without any worries! But the Magicians didn’t care whether the barrier was up and resumed their attacks! Several Magicians appeared and disappeared instantly, and kept on using simple teleportation by appearing and disappearing! They went through our formation and closed the distance to Kaichou!

“Heh! Here, eat thiiiis!”

The magic circle appeared in the air upside down, and a giant rock appeared from it! It was huge! If something like that dropped on the rearguards, even Hanakai-san’s barrier wouldn’t last!

“Ara ara, I won’t allow that.”

While making a fearless laugh, that person shot demonic power towards the falling rocks... An enormous thunder and light attack in the shape of an eastern Dragon pierced the rocks! Flashes of lightning and the sound of an explosion occurred, and the rocks easily broke in every direction! A large fragment of rock was about to fall from above our head, but the Raikouryuu moved around the air as if it had its own mind, and it devoured the fragments into it! Akeno-san was smiling while having electricity running through her fingers! The things growing from her back were the six wings of a Fallen Angel. She had a golden bracelet with magical symbols equipped on both her arms.

“—Raikouryuu. Because I have been taking in Ise-kun’s ki with my own body, I have become able to use a special technique like this.”[1]

Seriously!? So since you were sucking in a Dragon’s ki, the thunder and light changed to a Dragon!? And didn’t it just move as if it had its own thoughts!?

“That Queen has openings in her defence!”

The Magicians didn’t flinched even though the rocks had been destroyed, and they released their next attack! They shot out many lights in the shape of an arrow! Light was poisonous to Devils! And it seemed like the density of the lights was strong! Being directly hit by it was bad! Without any worries, Akeno-san defended...by activating a magic circle, and blocked all of the enemy attacks! Oh, instead of a magic circle made from demonic power, it was a magic circle with magical symbols and marks on it! Akeno-san used magic just now!

“Ufufu, it’s a defence spell taught directly from Rossweisse-san. I will enhance my trait as a Rook with this.”

So she increased her trait as a Rook like Rossweisse-san by having defensive magic spells. Normally, Devils that were Rooks increased their traits with demonic power and magic defence spells. Koneko-chan also had been defending by using demonic power, but since she hadn’t mastered those areas yet, she couldn’t make up for it that well. Akeno-san was the same, and since she was better in attacking, she found out that she lacked defence from her fights with strong foes. Akeno-san was Queen. She had the abilities of Rook, Knight and Bishop. However, a Queen would have their strong points and weak points when they were using the traits of the three pieces, and there seemed to be compatibility with them as well, so the ability they were good at using would differ by each person. For example, when I used Triana, Rook was the one with the best compatibility with me, while my compatibility with Bishop was bad. That’s why it turned out to be just a mere type which specialised in gunfire. This was also the same when I turned into True Queen. Akeno-san was the opposite of me and wasn’t good with the trait of a Rook. For that reason, she had many disadvantages in terms of defence. Of course, the trait she was the best at using was the Bishop. But since we have had many battles with strong foes, she had started to overcome her weak points and had started to get stronger by learning defence-type magic! She made up for her lack of defensive demonic power by acquiring magical spells!

“Now then, I have to punish the children who have done naughty things!”

Akeno-san put on her sadistic face, and she defeated the bunch who tried to attack Kaichou by using fire and ice demonic powers! The fire and ice also had the shape of a dragon! So sucking in a Dragon’s ki would give people such effects, huh! Or was it because it was Sekiryuutei’s ki?

[Those Magicians are experts who were able to pass through our formation...but it seems Akeno has improved herself by using the experience of her losses in the Rating Game.]

Kaichou said. Yeah, Akeno-san worked so hard after all! Even her overall score in the Rating Game was rated quite badly, so she was feeling depressed. It seemed like she was thinking of ways to improve herself daily by discussing together with Rias. Kaichou then gave her command!

[—Oh, Ise-kun! The next step! Please transfer your powers to Rossweisse-san!]


My role was to fly around in the battlefield by using Ryuuteimaru while Kaichou gave her command and transfer my power of Sekiryuutei to my comrades! Rossweisse-san released her Full Burst of magic the moment she received my powers! The Magicians in the front line were quite exhausted! We can pull this off!

“Aim for the Sekiryuutei!”

There were magical attacks that were released towards me, who was currently flying in the air. But many masks appeared and acted as a shield as if supporting me. There were many masks with different shapes floating in this whole space.

“Look, and then protect. That is my Sacred Gear.”

The one who said that was the Bishop Kusaka Reya-san.

[Those masks that Reya is using is an artificial Sacred Gear that can be used for searching for the enemy, gathering information and acting as a shield.]

Kaichou gave an explanation like that. Oh, it felt like I could fly around the battlefield while feeling safe! More than that, the members of the Sitri group had quite the variety of abilities!

[Ise-kun, please transfer your powers to Tsubaki this time!]

I received the next order! I went flying towards Shinra-senpai! But a giant mass of ice which took up one third of this field got released from the enemy’s side! When I saw the mirror that Shinra-senpai had activated, I understood what our next move would be. —A counter! Shinra-senpai’s Sacred Gear could return the attack received by the enemy with double the impact!

[An enhancement of a counter. By having the power of Sekiryuutei added, it can even counter back that magical attack!]

I transfered my power to Shinra-senpai just like Kaichou commanded! The mirror of her Sacred Gear made a glow and changed its size enormously!

[Tsubaki! Please counter it back to them with an impact which won’t affect this basement!]

“Yes, Kaichou!”

The huge iceberg collided with the mirror which had now become bigger! A huge explosive sound echoes throughout the battlefield, but the destructive power of the ice returned back to the Magicians right away! The mass of ice that had been shattered fell on top of the enemy’s formation by turning into large fragments!

“Shit! The ice!”

“It’s useless! They are piercing through the magical defence because the power has increased from the Sacred Gear’s ability!”

There were many screams from the Magicians. All the fragments of ice falling down on them had Shinra-senpai’s Sacred Gear ability applied onto it and the attack power of it had been increased. The group of Magicians were basically annihilated after receiving the counter attack just now. Many of them had been blown away towards the wall and floor, and they had become unconscious.

“Kaichou, it’s completed!”

Saji shouted! What appeared from his right arm was a thick line.

[Well done, Saji. Connect it to Ise-kun and scatter them!]

Just like how Kaichou ordered him, Saji threw the line at me. It attached to my gauntlet, but what was he going to connect it with? The line connected to my gauntlet got disconnected from Saji.


It responded just like Saji ordered, and the thick line scattered into many lines! More than a dozen lines twitched as if they were alive and spread to every direction as if finding something to attach themselves to! The direction where the lines head towards was—all of my comrades in our formation! They connected with each and every one of them, and my gauntlet was connected to everyone through the lines! Kaichou then said.

[With this, Ise-kun’s power to transfer can be passed to everyone through the lines. Ise-kun, please step back to the rear. Your last job is to transfer your powers to everyone once you have doubled your own powers.]

Gift using the line! T-This certainly would be easy! Since I was connected to them, I didn’t have to move around anymore! Once I had finished doubling my power, I just had to flow it into them. It was alright for me to step back now! Kaichou continued.

[It would have been better if we used this method from the start...but it took time to make sure the line will be strong enough to receive the power of the Sekiryuutei, who is also going through evolution. If we make an unreliable line, there will be nothing left if your power explodes while transferring to everyone. The strength of the line has been shown when you transferred your powers to the line when it was connected to Rossweisse-san and the Magicians. And the only thing left was to make enough lines for everyone in our group.]

—Kaichou was coming to understand the way to use my powers! I became speechless, and Kaichou said it to me with a bright voice.

[The compatibility between Ise-kun and Saji is too good. It was really fun building tactics for it.]

Sona-kaichou, you are very reliable when you are on our side!

[Looks like it is our win for the first battle.]

Just like Kaichou said, the Magicians were almost annihilated with the first battle against us.

Part 3[edit]

“You will be okay with this!”

“Thank you very much, Argento-senpai.”

Asia, who had finished healing Nimura-san, started to heal the next person! The battle was overwhelmingly in our favour. You could count the numbers of enemies who were still standing, and since we were at an advantage, we were moving into a phase where our injured comrades were getting healed. I was standing at the rear after that. I doubled my power while being in safety, and had transferred my powers through the lines.

“Let’s go, Irina!”


Xenovia and Irina, who were the vanguards, weren’t flinching even with their wounds, and were continuing to go on a rampage.

The Magicians couldn’t stop Xenovia, who had learned how to use the traits of her Holy Sword. Irina was also fighting very well with her Holy Demonic Sword. From the strength of the wielder of that Holy Demonic Sword, it could have attributes added to it, just like Kiba. Maybe it was because Irina had come to master using it because she had been training with us, so she had attributes like fire, ice, lightning and such added on to her Holy Demonic Sword, and now she was fighting advantageously against the Magicians’ magic.

“Ara, ara, even I strengthened many of my traits.”

“Well, this is still nothing.”

Then, Akeno-san’s demonic power attack and Rossweisse-san’s magical attack hit! An enormous explosion and bomb blast occurred, and it blasted away the defence magic circles and defence-type Golems!

“Leave the defence to me!”

Rook Yura of the Student Council also used that shield-type artificial Sacred Gear, and she was protecting her comrades by defending them from the enemies’ attacks! That shield could be released towards the enemies while spinning like a yo-yo. During then, it was also possible to have fire and lightning appear from the shield to do attacks with attributes. A yo-yo which had fire and lightning surrounding it! Kaichou, who had been looking at this, then muttered.

[...I see, no wonder I thought Rias’s tactics were naïve. The opponents we are fighting right now are a group of Magicians who are stronger than average Magicians...]

Kaichou breathed out.

[The Gremory group is too powerful. I came to realise this once again by commanding them. Rather than giving orders, your group is powerful enough where all of you can just charge forward. And normally, you who is in Balance Breaker state and Kiba-kun will be added to them, so it makes me think you don’t need tactics. It can’t be helped if Rias starts to think that it will be better to just charge forward.]

I’m sorry for being a muscle-brained team! Yes, we have been using simple power to charge forward! I thought we had become a bit better after learning some techniques, but it seems like we turned into a super-power team that knows some techniques!

[Being able to fight advantageously when you are not in Balance Breaker state, while the destructive force of Durandal can’t be used, and while Kiba-kun isn’t here... Like I thought, what is needed for the Devils from now on are the training of our servants. We will also increase the time needed for training.]

Ah, Kaichou’s glasses were glowing. Looks like harsh training would be waiting for the Sitri group!

“I don’t want to fight the Gremory group ever again.”

“Me too. We will die if we fight them again.”

Hanakai-san and Kusaka-san muttered such things! Kaichou also sighed hearing that. ...No, I don’t want to fight the Sitri group either. After all, I found out that Kaichou’s brain was like a mysterious zone for me. And this battle happened to end while obeying Kaichou’s commands... I think it was a huge feat of being able to use two different teams to their fullest! ―! Then, the Magicians put their hands up as if they were giving up.

“...Alright, alright. It’s our loss. Rather, our leader is asking for you guys to come.”

The light appeared in the direction they were looking at, and a teleportation-type magic circle appeared.

“At the destination, the leader behind this assault and your juniors are waiting for you. Go already. Except, the leader is saying that Sekiryuutei, Vritra, the Durandal wielder, the Priestess of Thunder and Light, the Holy Woman of Healing, the Valkyrie and Michael’s Ace definitely have to come.”

The Magician said it while becoming sulky. ...They had such high spirits before the battle began, but what’s with that attitude...? Well, it was okay. Nothing would start even if I complained to them. Kaichou took the device out from her ear and activated a communication-type magic circle.

“We will call the people who are on standby above here and capture all of the Magicians.”

“Ge! You are trying to capture us!? I-It was just a joke! Just take the spellcasters of the Khaos Brigade!”

The Magicians were showing foolish behaviour. Was it the Stray Magician who just said that? ...No, we had casualties on our side. I couldn’t let it slip as just a joke! So they were telling me they assaulted us as if they were having a game...!? Saji grabbed onto the Magician who just said that by his collar. I remembered his face very well. It was one of the guys who assaulted me back at the academy. Saji gave an intense glare at him.

“...Don’t fool around! Our students went through hell because of you guys...”

Saji suddenly shook his head, and let go of the guy’s collar.

“...If I act like this, I will look uncool when I said that to Hyoudou earlier. But, but...”

Saji had his fist shaking with frustration. Before coming here, Saji told me calmly that, ‘Rather than thinking about the way the is school right now, you have to concentrate on rescuing Toujou-san’. However, Saji must have so much anger inside him as well. Yeah, this guy was also one of the Student Council members who were going around the school doing his best for other students. It was normal for him to love the school more than anyone. I rest my hand on Saji’s shoulder, smiled at him, and then punched the Magician who was released by Saji in the face.

“If you are after someone...then come after us! Normal students have nothing to do with this!”

The Magician guy was looking at me in confusion. Yeah, Sensei, looks like I couldn’t stay calm if my comrades got involved in it. ...I’m sorry. But this time, I felt a bit relived. Saji made a bitter smile.

“...Hyoudou, you are such an idiot.”

“We both are, pal.”

Seriously, Kiba, Gasper, you, and I, should have a meeting with only the male Devils of Kuoh Academy. The ones who went through the new magic circle were the Gremory group, Irina, and Kaichou and Saji from the Sitri side. It was just like how they wanted. The Student Council members that remained were transporting the Magicians we caught together with the staff of the Three Great Powers that were on standby above. It seemed like a battle occurred above between the staff and the Magicians. It seemed like the witches were using teleportation magic circles to send rocks, earth Golems and the monsters they had summoned to the basement. Looks like the witches that avoided my ability were supporting the Magicians from the outside. Those witches were also defeated and caught. We were heading towards the so-called ‘leader’ while we stopped feeling gloomy. And what appeared in front of us after we passed through the magic circle they prepared was...a spacious white place. There was nothing, just a normal white space. It was a rectangle place where it was white above, below, left and right. ...The ceiling was quite high. It wasn’t big like the battlefield we used for our training, but it was spacious enough that we could fight quite recklessly here.

“This place is a ‘factory’ that we made in the Dimensional Gap. It’s a technique adapted from what Devils use for the battlefield in the Rating Game.”

―! A sudden new voice. When I looked that way... A shadow which wasn’t there when I looked around this space before was present. There was someone wearing a silver robe with detailed accessories while being away from us. The voice belonged to a young man. He was also quite tall. I couldn’t tell what he looked like because he was wearing his hood. ...Judging from his appearance, was he a Magician? While I paid attention to his move—


This time, it was Ravel’s voice! When I looked towards the direction where the voice came from, Ravel and Koneko-chan were standing in the far right side of us! ...Koneko-chan was carrying Gasper! He seemed to be down, and it was obvious they did something to him. Ravel and Koneko-chan weren’t held captive or anything, and they were still wearing the same Kuoh Academy uniform when they were kidnapped. ...Besides Gasper, there weren’t any visible wounds from one look at them.

“You can have them back.”

The man in the robe said that. While paying attention to him, we waved our hands to Koneko-chan and Ravel, and urged them to come to us. The man wearing the robe didn’t do anything while we reunited with these three.


Ravel had teary eyes.

“Ravel, did they do something to you? I heard they are searching about the Phoenix...”

When I asked, Ravel’s body shook silently. I could see that instead of physical damage, she had received emotional damage. Koneko-chan dropped down Gasper whom she was carrying, and left it to Asia to cure him. Koneko-chan bit her lips with frustration.

“...Ravel, Gya-kun and I had ourselves checked for something with a magic circle. They didn’t do anything that much to our body. Except, Gya-kun...”

Gasper had his face beaten so much that it was swollen. It was swollen in blue colour, and I couldn’t see that adorable face of his...

“...Gya-kun tried to protect us and...”

Koneko-chan made teary eyes. Seeing Gasper’s swollen face... The man wearing a robe said it.

“It was our mistake regarding that boy. Since he stood in front of us to protect those two, it seems like my underlings used their fists instead. Other than that, we treated them well.”

...I see, so Gasper was trying to protect Koneko-chan and Ravel. You did show how much of a man you really were. Everyone in our group, including me, changed the density of the aura around our bodies after seeing Gasper’s appearance. They turned our adorable junior into this state, so we couldn’t let them get away with it...! Sona-kaichou stopped me, who was emitting an aura of rage, using her hand, and then she spoke.

“Are you the mastermind behind this incident?”

“Yes, I am.”

He answered immediately to Kaichou’s question. Like I thought, this man was the ‘leader’ that the Magicians were talking about. Kaichou asked once again.

“Are you part of the Khaos Brigade? Then, what are your reasons for these assaults?”

“Yes, I had myself become part of the Khaos Brigade right now. There are several reasons for our assaults. The reason why the Magicians assaulted all of you is because of their curiosity. The ones who originally belong to the Khaos Brigade—.”

Kaichou continued after the man.

“They made an alliance with the groups of Stray Magicians, correct? Those Magicians from before are a team made up of a mixture of the Magicians who were exiled from the association and the Magicians that belong to the Khaos Brigade. After all, the spells they used had identical symbols on their magic circle with those Magicians who interfered in the peace meeting of the Three Great Powers.”

“Yes, it seems like they were interacting with each other quite often.”

“Does the assault also have to do with the ratings of the youth Devils that the association announced? I hear that the Magicians that assaulted Hyoudou Issei-kun were attacking him while referring to the rankings, and they were also taking great interest in our powers in the group battle just now.”

“Fufufu, looks like I don’t have to explain myself. Yes, that is correct. It seems like they were interested in the rankings that the association announced for the young Devils, and it seems like they wanted to test whether their powers will work against you all.”

The ratings given by the association where Mephisto Pheles-san was working as their chairman. So they assaulted us because they became interested in it... I know it was too late for me to say this, but they were too selfish! The man continued.

“Since there are many young Magicians on our side, they can’t control themselves that well.”

Kaichou agreed by saying, ‘Ah, I see’.

“The Old Maou Faction was the biggest faction within the Khaos Brigade, and the Hero Faction that stood at the top after them. With these two great factions now gone, the organisation structure fell into a mess, and it became easier for their opinions to go through, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct. Now that Shalba Beelzebub and Cao Cao, who had influence and power, are gone, I am leading one part of their organisation...but this is quite difficult. So this incident occurred because we allowed their selfishness. It’s also because there were many comments from the top where they said ‘First of all, let them do what they like’.”

...That was the reason!? So we were dragged into the Magicians’ fuss? This wasn’t a joke! ...Wait, the top? I see, so there was a person who the man in front of me was obeying. So was that the person that was leading the remnants of the Khaos Brigade that Sensei spoke of? The man continued to talk.

“That is one of the reasons for this assault, and the second reason is this.”

The man clicked his fingers. Then, the wall at the right side moved and sank down. I could see the other side of the wall. What’s over there was...a scenery which looked like an experiment room where there were many capsules. The many capsules were connected to a device. And inside...there was something. Ravel looked away. When we observed inside...it was filled with liquids, and was that a person which was floating inside...? We found it suspicious. The man then said.

“Do you know the methods of how Phoenix Tears are produced? The Pure-Bloods from the House of Phoenix go inside the magic circle which went through a special ritual, they also prepare a cup which went through a special ritual, and they drop their own tear inside that cup which is filled with water. The water inside the cup which has the teardrop added turns into Phoenix Tears. During that procedure, they say that it won’t become a Phoenix Tear if it isn’t a tear shed while having an empty mind. It seems like tears with emotions are ‘that person’s own tears’. So there won’t be any effects if it’s tears they shed for themselves or others.”

The man pointed at the capsules.

“The reason why I said this place is a ‘factory’ is because the magicians were mass-producing them. They created many clones of the High-class Devils Phoenix, and they produce Phoenix Tears inside the capsules. Since it’s planned for this ‘factory’ to be abandoned, those inside have stopped functioning.”

The ones inside were the clones of High-class Devil Phoenix!? Hey, hey, what kind of things did you guys make!? The fake Tears, they were produced by using these clones! So Ravel was shown this! That’s why she looked so depressed! She was the daughter of the House of Phoenix, you know!? And you guys abandoned it...! Of course she would be depressed after seeing this...! Kaichou narrowed her eyes and spoke with disgust.

“...So they have been sending the things they have produced here to the black market to gather enormous funds. The idea itself is repulsive. So the reason why your people were laying your hands on those from the House of Phoenix was to improve the accuracy of its production, correct?”

“It’s helpful that you can understand the situation quickly, heiress of the House of Sitri. It seems like there are limits of copying the traits of the Phoenix even with use of the Magicians’ studies, so they used the last resort of kidnapping those related to the Phoenix and taking the information directly from them. In the end, it seems like there were things they can only obtain directly from those carrying the blood of Phoenix, so that’s why they kidnapped Ravel Phoenix. Ah, you don’t have to worry. We didn’t do anything to Ravel Phoenix’s body. We only took detailed data of her demonic power to improve the accuracy of the Tears.”

But these guys hurt Ravel’s heart...!

“...It’s horrible... It’s so horrible... Why...why did you make something like clones...?”

Ravel, who was staring at the capsule, was shedding tears while looking sad. ...Seriously, what on earth had they done……!? So the guys who had been getting Tears in the shadows had started researching on their own because the distribution of them was stopped. The man then spoke in a disinterested tone.

“The information regarding Gasper Vladi was something we didn’t expect.”

His words had been bland since before. Even though he talked long about it, there was no emotion in his words. He was speaking as though it wasn’t his problem. The man wearing the robe turned around, and said it with a different vibe.

“Now, for the last demand we are seeking from all of you. There is a certain someone that wishes to fight strong people like you, so can you become his opponent? The truth is, this is the main objective for this assault. The reason why I granted the wish of the Magicians was just an extra for this.”

The man who just said that created a gigantic circle between us. The light run through the floor, and it glowed while forming a circle. Wait, our opponent? Who was he trying to make us fight? And this was their main objective... So the reason why he made us come here was mainly for this! ...Rather, that magic circle, I had seen it before. Yeah, it was identical to the thing we used to summon the gigantic Dragon King, Midgardsormr. Saji muttered.

“...The Dragon Gate?”

Yeah, it was the Dragon Gate! The one which called the powerful Dragons! When I remained in the Dimensional Gap, I was originally meant to be summoned through this! The Dragon Gate was emitting a green colour. Didn’t the Dragon Gate give out the colour of the Dragon which was being summoned? I heard that Ddraig was red, Albion was white, Vritra was black, Fafnir was gold, Yu-Long was green, Midgardsormr was grey, Tiamat was blue, and old man Tannin was purple.

“...Ehm, green? If I remember right, the Dragon that governs green is one of the Five Great Dragons, Yu-Long! Why is Yu-Long here!?”

The easy-going Dragon King that I met in Kyoto! The aura around him was green! Then, the one who was going to appear from there was Yu-Long? W-Why? I became suspicious, but Kaichou shook her head.

“...No, that colour isn’t green... It’s a darker...green colour...”

It certainly was dark. It was dark green. ..It wasn’t Yu-Long?

“Was there a Dragon that governs dark green...?”

Irina muttered.

“There was. In the past, there was a Dragon which represented dark green.”

The man wearing the silver robe said that. Then, the glow from the Dragon Gate got brighter, and then spread!


The sound,a roar, which shook the whole white field came out from the mouth of the thing. What appeared in front of us was a gigantic monster with darkish scales which was standing on two legs. Thick arms and legs. Sharp claws, fangs and horns. It was spreading its enormously large wings, and it had a thick and long tail. Maybe it was more accurate to say that it was a giant which had the features of a Dragon. A form which was close to a human. But it had wings, a tail, and its head was completely that of a Dragon.

“—The legendary Dragon, Crime Force Dragon Grendel.”

The man wearing the robe said that, and the giant Dragon with sharp fangs opened its jaw. Its eyes glowing in silver colour were bright and sharp, and they were filled with hostility and killing intent.

[Guhahahaha. It’s been a while since going through the Dragon Gate! So, who is my opponent? He’s here, right? The insanely strong guy that I love so much!]

We became speechless at the sudden appearance of the mysterious Dragon. The size of its body rivaled that of old man Tannin. Except, there was a major difference with old man Tannin. It wasn’t about its appearance. The quality of the aura around its body was very ominous. It had a black aura where you could see its evilness from just one look. A human-size black snake, Vritra, appeared from Saji’s shadow. Vritra made the brightness of its iris darker, and released a shocking voice.

[...! Grendel...!?]

Yeah, I remembered now. Sensei spoke of this guy few days ago. B-But...I was told that he was already terminated...! What’s going on...? Vritra continued.

[...Impossible. This guy was terminated by the first Beowulf where there was nothing left after ending its tyranny.]

The giant Dragon, Grendel, looked at me and Vritra.

[——! This is interesting. The Heavenly Dragon, the red one! Vritra is also here! What’s with that look?]

The Dragon narrowed its silver eyes while taking interest.

“The Two Heavenly Dragons have already been terminated, and are now sealed into the Sacred Gears.”

Hearing the words of the man wearing the robe, the Dragon laughed loudly.

[Guhahahahahaha! What the, so you guys were taken down as well! Pitiful! Pitiful indeed! Heavenly Dragons, my ass! You guys were also terminated! Oh well, this certainly is it! An opponent who is good for my awakening!]

The Dragon spread its wings to the side after making a laugh and lowered its posture! H-He was coming...! This was bad! The quality of its aura was that of a Dragon with quite a threat! I wasn’t in my usual state, and we didn’t have all our members here! Xenovia and Irina made a stance with their swords.

“...Are we fighting him?”

“B-But, it’s my first time fighting a legendary Dragon!”

“It’s the same for me. I fought against those fake Midgardsormrs and baby Fenrirs in the battle against Loki...but no matter how you look at him, he is Dragon King-class or higher!”

Yeah, it was exactly like what Xenovia said. This Dragon, it was emitting an aura of a Dragon King or higher. The man wearing the robe said it under this tense atmosphere.

“...Sekiryuutei, are you not going to wear your armour?”

“Sorry. I’m not feeling well.”

“...This is a problem. One of the main objectives is the battle between you and Grendel.”

E-Even if you say that... I also want to use it if I can! No, I should try call calling Ddraig again.

“...Ddraig. Can you hear me, Ddraig? It seems like we have a little problem here. The Dragon called Grendel is our opponent. Hey, Ddraig!”

I shouted towards the jewel. ...There was no response. Was he still sleeping? When I thought like that—


Oh, somehow, it seemed like there was a response.

“Ddraig, hey, what’s wrong?”

I asked once again. And then—

[...Onii-chan, who are you?]

...Huh? I thought I heard a weird phrase with Ddraig’s voice...


I asked once again. Then, he replied like this.

[Yup, my name is Ddraig. I’m a baby Dragon.]




My eyes popped out, and I could only scream at this! What’s with the ‘My name is Ddraig, I’m a baby Dragon’!? What happened!? What occurred!? Kaichou then said it to me who was confused. Ah, so everyone heard what Ddraig said just now.


“Sona-kaichou, do you know what’s happening?”

Sona-kaichou answered Akeno-san’s question.

“...This is just my assumption, but Sekiryuutei Ddraig was mentally cornered by the influence of Ise-kun’s Oppai Dragon and things related to it. On top of that, Ddraig used his power to resurrect Ise-kun back in the incident with monsters, and therefore has started to sleep more often. As the result of using too much of his powers, he hasn’t healed completely, and therefore might have reverted back to being a child.”

Reverted back to being a child...!? Was that those things which come up quite often in manga and television!? Koneko-chan then said.

“...It seems like he simply reverted back to being a child because of the oppai-related things of Ise-senpai...”

Seriously!? So Ddraig, who was all worn-out because of my Oppai Dragon thing...made his mentality go back to that of a child? Suddenly, Ddraig made a shivering sound.

[...Oppai...oppai, I’m so scared...]

—He’s scared of the keyword Oppai! How can this be!? That much!? Do you hate oppai that much!? Did you run away from reality because you hate oppai!? I say it to calm him down.

“Ddraig! No, Ddraig-kun! Oppai aren’t scary! Oppai are something which is very soft and good!”

Yes, Oppai were miracles! Yeah, we were saved many times thanks to them!

[...Zoom zoom iyaan, that phrase is burned deep into my heart...]

It was horrible! His trauma was too horrible! Something outrageous was going on!

"The Heavenly Dragon reverted back to being a child!? What the heck does that mean!? Just what do you have to do in order to corner the legendary Dragon to that state!?”

It seemed like Saji was in shock. No, I was the one who wanted to ask him that! What was this!? What was I supposed to do!?

“Vritra, can you do something about it?”

Saji asked. The black Dragon King answered like this.

[If there was another Dragon King, then we might be able to bring Ddraig’s consciousness back.]

Another Dragon King? There was the guy in front of us who seemed to be in the same level, but he didn’t seem like he would help us.

[Hey, I still can’t fight? Rather, what happened to that shit, Ddraig?]

Grendel asked the man wearing the robe.

“Heavenly Dragons must also feel difficulty at living sometimes. Let’s see how it will go for now.”

Heavenly Dragons feeling difficulty to continue living! Don’t take it like that! It’s all my fault!

“Please leave it to me!”

We were all puzzled, but someone unexpected stepped forward. It was Asia. Kaichou said it while looking at Asia, who seemed to have made up her mind.

“Looks like Asia-san’s preparations are all set. Then, I will leave it to you, Asia-san.”

...What did she mean? Asia, did she learn something? While I was finding this suspicious, Asia started to make powerful chants! A golden magic circle appeared in front of Asia!

“—Answer my voice, Golden King. Crawl on the ground, and you shall receive my reward.”

With that chant, the golden magic circle glowed even stronger! The Dragon Gate opened once again. I had seen that golden glow before!

“Please come out! Gigantis Dragon! Fafnir-san!”

The moment Asia finished her chants, the one who responded to her call appeared! The one who appeared from the golden magic circle was...a giant four-legged Dragon with golden scales. It was emitting a magnificent aura from its body. This one here was also more than ten meters tall, just like Grendel. It was a Dragon without any wings. ...There was something which looked like a cloth wrapped around its horn... Was it some kind of charm? ...Wait, Fafnir!? Fafnir, you mean that Dragon King who was one of the Five Great Dragon Kings who made a pact with Sensei and had the form of an armour!? It was natural for me to be familiar with that golden glow! Kaichou explained it to me, who was in shock.

“Azazel-sensei did step back from the front lines after all. It seems like he cancelled his pact with the Dragon King. Except, he thought it would be a waste, so he urged a pact with Asia-san.”

...I did hear about Sensei stepping back from the front lines. But I never thought he would hand Fafnir to Asia! I see, Sensei did certainly pay attention to Asia’s talent as a monster tamer. He did give her advice to make a pact with legendary creatures. He said she should prepare someone to act as her shield, so it would be okay even if she was to be targeted by the enemy when she is healing. But a Dragon King!? Kaichou continued.

“Just like what I heard from Rias, it seems like she was able to make a pact. I can understand why she got a blessing from the Dragon God Ophis as well.”

“...Ophis’s blessing? Ah! Sensei did say that before leaving!”

Yeah, Sensei certainly said something like that to Asia and Ophis! So, this was the reason why Asia had been talking to Ophis in secret lately! Kaichou shook her head.

“It seems like Asia-san’s aura has started to show Ophis’s divine power. After checking her, she didn’t have any direct enhancement of her ability, but her luck and compatibility with Dragons has increased greatly because of the blessing. It seems like Ophis herself doesn’t notice that she gave her blessing to her, so she must have sent her gratitude to Asia-san without realising it. Likewise, Irina-san is also receiving a blessing from her.”

“My luck has increased! Last time, I got the second prize in a lottery!”

Irina put her thumb up! The second prize was kinda awkward!

“Kaichou, do I also have a blessing from Ophis...? Isn’t she giving me one even though she always follows behind me?”

“...In your case, it would be more accurate to say that you have been possessed. Most likely, you have shouldered a karma that no God can purify.”

So it went past her being attached to me, to the point that I was possessed!? And even a God couldn’t purify it!

“With Ophis acting as the mediator, Fafnir made a pact with Asia-san. He’s a legendary Dragon that has been gathering treasures from the world for his collection. Asia-san needed to prepare a treasure which was enough to satisfy him to complete the pact. ...It seems the price she paid was great.”

“What did she have to pay in order to complete the pact?”

“...T-That is... It’s a bit too strong for me to say...”

Kaichou became hesitant to say it when I asked her. W-Why? Was it something she couldn’t say?

“No, I’m worried about it! I want to know what my important family member had to sacrifice to make a pact with a Dragon King! I must ask her!”

You know she’s my important Asia, right? What did Asia have to give in order to make herself stronger!? Since she was my family, I had to ask! Kaichou muttered it embarrassingly while making her cheek go red.


I couldn’t hear her! I asked her once again.

“Eh? I can’t hear you! Please say it more clearly!”

Then, Asia shouted very embarrassingly!

“My panties!”


...Whaaat!? I immediately realised what the cloth wrapped around its horn was! Those were panties! A girl’s panties! Fafnir opened its heavy jaw.

[——Treasure, O-panties, I have received. I, panties, happy.]

——O-panties. ...Ah, how could this be? This guy was a perv...! A Dragon King that responded to a pact by having panties as a price!? Hold on! Then, what kind of pact did Sensei have in order to make a pact with this O-pantsu Dragon!? Pants!? Did Sensei also bring some panties from somewhere?

“I think Sensei gave him a proper treasure.”

Kaichou said it as if she guessed my suspicions. I-I see~! So that made me an idiot for thinking that it had to be panties! My impression of Fafnir was horrible! He turned into Sensei’s cool looking armour, but he happened to be like this...! While enduring embarrassment, Asia asked the Panties Dragon King.

“Fafnir-san! Ddraig-san’s mentality is weakening! As the fellow legendary Dragon King, is there any way for you to help him!?”

[...I can.]

Oh, seriously? Asia begged.

“——! Is that true!? Please! Please return Ddraig-san back to normal!”

[Treasure, give me.]

——! He started begging for it!

“...I-I understand. It’s the price for the pact...”

While enduring such embarrassment, Asia took out a cute-looking light blue-coloured panty from her pocket. Seeing that, Xenovia and Irina shouted!

“T-That is Asia’s favourite panty!”

“Asia-san, you are going to give that to him!?”

It seemed like it was her favourite one!

“Stop, Asia! There’s no reason for you to go that far! Hey, Dragon King! What do you want panties for!?”

I asked! He answered without changing his expression.

[O-panties, treasure.]

——I know that! It certainly is treasure! It’s too much of a treasure!

“Hey, Vritra! You are the same Dragon King as him! Do something! Persuade this guy!”

Vritra-san! Please do something about this panties bastard!

[Not my problem.]

You will just ignore it!? Xenovia shouted.

“Wait! There’s no reason for Asia to give him that! I will give you mine!”

Irina tried to stop Xenovia.

“What are you saying, Xenovia!? You aren’t wear any panties under that battle costume!”

“Ku...! Fafnir! Is my battle costume not enough!?”

Xenovia was trying to take her battle costume off! Xenovia’s friendship towards Asia was great! She must be thinking it was better than having Asia give her panties to this Dragon.

[I, prefer blonde beauty’s panties. I want the treasure of Panties Sister.]

“Our Asia-chan isn’t a Panties Sister!”

I approached Fafnir and smacked his head! Though he didn’t flinch! I couldn’t forgive this Dragon King! He called our Asia-chan a Panties Sister! Shit! Rias was the Switch Princess, and Asia was the Panties Sister! What the hell!? The giant Dragon asked the man wearing the robe.

[Hey, what’s going on? Is Fafnir my opponent? Can I start my attack now?]

“No, please wait a bit. The Two Heavenly Dragons and their comrades go through irregular evolution with woman’s breasts and buttocks. They have entered their preparation phase. The real battle starts from here.”

Don’t answer him so seriously! What’s with that phrase filled with anticipation!? Rather, the Vali Team are thought to be the same as us! Please don’t bully Albion as well!

“I will give it to you!”

Asia’s face became red, and she put the light blue-coloured panties on the horn located on the Dragon’s nose. Upon seeing that, her best friends, Xenovia and Irina, cried.

High school dxd v14 267.jpg

“Uu, Asia! What amazing resolution...!”

“Ah, lord! Please give your blessing to Asia-san who has sacrificed herself!”

While having her best friends watch over her, the ritual of handing out the offering ended. At that moment...the golden Dragon expanded its nostrils and breathed in! Was it trying to release its Dragon’s power by taking a breath...!? While watching him with anticipation, the golden Dragon King——

[Asia-tan’s panties, sniff sniff.]

It started to sniff hard on the smell of the panties...

“Don’t sniff sniiiiiiiiiff!”

I said it back to him! It was my second time talking back to this Dragon King! And you can’t call her ‘Asia-tan’~! This guy was really enjoying Asia’s panties which were on its horn! He was greatly enjoying the smell of it! What a Dragon! What a perverted bastard!

“I can’t become a bride anymore!”

Asia, who couldn’t endure this embarrassment, could only scream by covering her face with both her hands.

[O-panties, I have received. Ddraig, heal!]

Fafnir released a golden aura towards my gauntlet.

[Ku! Such embarrassment!]

Responding to Fafnir’s aura, Vritra also released its black aura to my gauntlet while complaining. After a pause, my gauntlet started to emit the usual red glow.

[——! ...Huh! W-What was I doing!? Ah, partner!]

Aaaaaaah, it’s Ddraig! The usual Ddraig has returned!

“Uu, I’m so glad you came back, Ddraig... The sacrifice we paid in order to bring you back was too great...!”

Asia...lost her panties and something important...! You came back from the power of her panties! But I couldn’t tell that to the delicate Ddraig! I couldn’t tell him that at all! I shouted towards Asia!

“Asiiiiiia! It’s not like you can’t become a bride anymore! I will take full responsibility, so rest assured!”

Asia cried out while putting her hand on her mouth.

“Uu, Ise-san! I’m inexperienced, but please take care of me!”

“Yeah, leave it to me! God damn it! It’s such a cruel destiny!”

[Sniff sniff.]

Damn Panties Dragon, he was still enjoying the smell!

“I keep on telling you, stop sniffing, you perverted Draaaaaagon!”

Now, let’s start since I was back to my usual self.

“I won’t let Asia’s sacrifice be in vain! Balance Break!”

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!!!]

The red aura that was wrapped around my body shaped into armour! ——! I realised it after doing Balance Break. I could Balance Break without any countdown! ...Was it the influence of Great Red and Ophis? Well, it was okay. This was good. I could fight without any time loss! I stood in front of the giant Dragon, Grendel, while wearing my armour.

[——! Grendel...? What’s going on? This guy was supposed to have been terminated before I was.]

Ddraig made a shocked voice.

[Guhahaha, man, you look awful. Well, it’s okay. Ou! Come, Ddraig. Shall we start a fight to the death again?]

The Dragon lifted its mouth while making a fearless smile. Ddraig asked.

[It seems like you weren’t sealed into a Sacred Gear like I was... ...How did you come back to this world?]

[Let’s leave the simple matter aside. The thing is, there is the strong me, and there is the strong you. Then, let’s start killing each other!]

It lowered its posture once again, and Grendel was now set on attacking me.

[Partner, that guy is an insane Dragon that only thinks of going wild. ...If you are going to do it, go through it to the end. Don’t feel even a bit of sympathy.]

I never thought Ddraig would say this. So it means he was that much of a crazy Dragon, huh. Hearing Ddraig’s words, Grendel said it with joy.

[You sure can say it, you sure can say it indeed! Being called a Heavenly Dragon! There isn’t Heaven, God or Truth among Dragons!]

Oh, scary. He had such an amazing intensity and pressure. It was different to the magnificent aura of old man Tannin.

[That’s right. This will be the first time for you to be fighting a legendary-class Dragon for real.]

Yeah, I had a survival camp with old man Tannin, but I never had a real battle with him putting our life on the line. It was just training. Grendel then said.

[Hey, all of you, I changed my mind. Let me fight Ddraig one on one.]

...So that’s how you wanted to play. But that would be good for me. I also...had something built up in me...! I could release it since I could finally wear this armour. The thing about Ravel, the thing about the assault at Kuoh Academy, I’ve already had enough!

“That’s alright with me. Everyone, can you leave this to me?”

I asked everyone. Kaichou smiled.

“You are our greatest force. May I say it on behalf of Rias? ——Do it, Ise-kun!”

That’s the best word for sending me off, Sona-kaichou! For this incident, you guided us on behalf of Rias! So please watch over me till the end over there! I will finish this! I spread my Dragon wings and went forward!


I went straight ahead at high speed. Grendel smiled happily when he saw me.

[Oho! That’s iiiiiit! Head on, huh! Yeah, that’s what I want!]

Grendel’s enormous fist came flying at me! I could feel an aura which seemed like it would crush me down if I got hit by it! I wouldn’t get hit with it! I changed my direction in the air and dodged his punch! Even though he had a huge fist, it was fast! So being Dragon King-class wasn’t a joke, huh! I went within his range, and then changed the Evil Piece inside me!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

[Welsh Dragonic Rook!]

[Change Solid Impact!!!!]

The shape of my armour fattened and thickened, and the form of both my arms changed into something which specialised in both attacking and defending. I nailed my fist, which had increased its size, towards his face! Grendel got thrown back and was about to fall down, but he managed to stay on his feet! At the same time I landed on the ground, I deactivated Triana Rook to return my armour to the normal state and stepped back. Grendel, who was punched in his face from the front, stroke his cheek.

[...What was that? Hey, hey, hey.]


I was in shock. That was Triana Rook which specialised in attacking, you know? He got hit by it directly, but he seemed as if nothing happened. The only change was that there was a bit of his blue-coloured blood coming out from his mouth. That was the only damage I gave him? Grendel breathed violently from his nose, and then complained.

[Is this it? Isn’t your host too weak? You were crazy strong before, Ddraig. Seriously, pitiful!]

...Oh man. So Triana won’t work.

[Partner, let’s transform into True Queen. I also can’t ignore the words he said just now.]

Yeah, Ddraig. You are right. I still hadn’t punched enough for Gasper, Ravel and Koneko-chan’s sake! I then recited a powerful chant.

“...I, who is about to awaken, am the Sekiryuutei who holds the truth of King up high! Holding the infinite hopes and unbreakable dreams and walking the path of righteousness! I will become an Emperor of the Crimson dragon—”

If I lost here, I wouldn’t be able to face my seniors who have perished! I couldn’t continue to be beaten like this!

“And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in deep crimson light!”

[Cardinal Crimson Full Drive!!!!]

Bright crimson aura enveloped my body, and it dyed my armour a deep crimson colour! Seeing the change in my armour, Grendel laughed once again.

[Crimson? What the? Interesting! That’s really interesting, Ddraaaaig! You are clearly stronger than before!]

Grendel jumped forward! Fast! It didn’t seem like he had a huge body at all! He shortened the distance between us immediately, and slashed down with his claws! I flied and dodged it at high-speed, and nailed my right fist into his face as a counter! ...Shit! I also felt it before, but... The hit just now was perfect in terms of its impact and timing. However, it was heavy! It was thick! It was hard! What was it with this guy’s defence...!? I didn’t have any sensation where I could hit him away when my punch landed on him! It was thick and heavy! It made me think what his scales and skin were made from.

[Grendel had the hardest scales among the extinct Dragons. A half-hearted attack won’t work, partner.]

“But on the other hand, we can’t use Dragon Blaster or Crimson Blaster here.”

They had high attack power, but they were attacks which could also blow away the surroundings right away. I wouldn’t be able to shoot them here since I didn’t know how strong this place is built. If I shot them without thinking, this field might perish.

[I’m sorry, but right now, you wouldn’t be able to use them anyway. They may explode since I got my consciousness back.]

After all, the True Queen was still unstable to begin with. But I was in a situation where I wanted one powerful attack.

[Partner, what is installed in your left gauntlet?]

Having Ddraig say it, I remembered about that. ...Yeah, I had this. It was something too good for me, but it wouldn’t be a waste to use it here!

[Here I coooome! Ddraig-chaaaan!]

When Grendel shouted that out, his stomach fattened! He was trying to spit out something! What Grendel spat out was—a huge fireball! Fire was a Dragon’s special attack after all! I dodged it by spreading my wings and moving to the sides...but Grendel, who had moved to that spot out of nowhere, was present! This Dragon moved too fast! ...So the fireball was a bluff, huh! He put his fist towards me! And I didn’t have the time to dodge it!


The strike from his giant fist hit my whole body! And the shock passed through my whole body...! Shit...what insane attack power...! It was just a normal punch, but it carried more power than Sairaorg-san when he was wearing the lion’s armour...! I lost my balance up in the air, and Grendel swung his hand down to slam me to the ground! I got hit by it directly from my back, and I got slammed to the ground violently!


Because of the motion and force of being slammed down, I coughed blood from my helmet! Intense pain run throughout my body! ...Like I thought, his power was insane! T-This guy’s strength wasn’t just that of a Dragon King...!

[Guhahahahaha! Get squashed!]

I then saw a giant foot that was coming down at me! I would get squashed! I couldn’t let that happen! I rolled my body to the side to avoid being stomped by the enemy, and fix my posture right away. The stomp from the giant body missed and cracked the ground, which then shook the whole field! I flied up to the sky immediately! Along with flying up to the sky, I kicked towards the enemy’s jaw!

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

I kicked Grendel’s jaw really hard! It was a clean hit, and I felt some resistance. ...But the sensation I felt was hard and thick! He was so heavy that it was impossible to kick him away! This wasn’t only because he was big! His defence is really high! And he had quick movements...!

[Dragons are the strongest creatures. Among them, the Dragon Kings and those in classes which surpass them are such powerful foes that they will become a threat. Don’t forget that. ...Especially the Evil Dragons and those close to it are violent as well as being tough!]

Yeah, I really do think that is the case here, Ddraig!

Even after being hit on his jaw, Grendel continued to throw his punches normally! I blocked them by thickening the armour on my arms to the state of Welsh Dragonic Rook...but the force of his punches was overwhelming, and I got smashed to the wall! ...The damage on my back! Because of the pain of clashing to the wall, it was hard to breath! Rather, I had been receiving insane shock even through the armour!

[His attack power and defence are insanely high!]

You are exactly right, Ddraig...

Grendel and I then started a fist fight! This Dragon threw swift punches and kicks which you couldn’t believe were coming from someone with a huge body! I couldn’t let my guard down since he would attack me from the blind spot with his tail when he saw the chance! ...So being a giant-type Dragon allowed him to have this many movements, huh! There was an overwhelming difference in terms of our body size! Being hit by his heavy blow made me fall down like a fly being smacked down with a fly swatter! ...I could feel dull pain every time that happens.

[I’m enjoying this! You can exchange hits with me despite being small! I can’t get enough of thiiiiiis!]

Having the expression of ecstasy on his huge face, he started to attack happily! ...I was attacking him with my best punches, kicks and Dragon Shots, but he was still coming ahead to me without feeling a thing!

[The damage is definitely going through to him, partner! However, that guy...was originally a broken Dragon who had nails missing in his head from the beginning. He even enjoys receiving damage!]

...It only makes me feel chills and creepiness, Ddraig...!

The one who fought equally against this armour was Sairaorg-san. The one who surpassed it was Cao Cao. This Grendel...I wonder how his power would rank. A bit higher rather than being equal to me, huh. He was more troublesome than Cao Cao in a different way. Rather than Cao Cao, who would go down after being hit, I started to get tired fighting this guy who seemed like he wouldn’t be going down no matter how much I hit him... But I will return a hit which is strengthened to the max back to you. I can’t be getting cornered one-sidedly after all! After taking a breath, I shortened the distance to Grendel! At the same time, I gather the Dragon’s aura to the Ascalon that was installed in the left gauntlet! Dragon Slayer... No Dragon could withstand this! If it hit, then it was my win! Grendel repeatedly released the fireballs to me! Three shots! I dodged the first shot in the air, and I evaded the second one by flying in a low altitude close to the ground! The third one—

[Guhahahahaha! Here I come, Ddraig!]

He appeared before the third shot came at me, and he was flying above me. He also released flames from above me! A wide-range flame from above! And the third shot of the fireball which he released before was coming at me from the front! I put strength into my right arm, and shot out a large block of demonic power! Dragon Shot! The flames from above...seems like I had to fly into them! I would charge forward within the flames...and then defeat him! After my Dragon Shot cancelled the fireball which was coming from the front, I went flying above like that! I jumped into the flames which were coming from above me! A huge amount of flames burned me without mercy! Hooooot! I would have turned into dust if I didn’t wear my armour!

[It’s clearly more powerful than the one Grendel breathed out in the past!]

However, Ddraig! I just need to overcome this!

Grendel got happy from the bottom of his heart when he saw me charging forward within his flames!

[For real!? You, you really are the beeeest! I love idiots like yoooou!]

I passed through the flames!

“I will pay back the debts of my juniors to yoooooou!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!]

I nailed my right fist, which had the power of Ascalon’s Dragon Slayer ability working on it, to the stomach of Grendel, who had an expression of ecstasy on his face!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]


A low-ditch sound came from my heavy blow! That blow created a sound of collision which echoed throughout the field. Grendel, who received the blow directly, coughed a lot of blue blood from his mouth while falling on the ground. The whole field shook by the impact of having a giant body fall. ...I felt that the attack went through. I also used the ability of Dragon Slayer on it. With this... ...But an unbelievable thing happened before my eyes. —Grendel started to stand up. After taking a breath, he spat his blood on the ground, and then moved his neck while making noise. My blow of Welsh Dragonic Rook that had the power of Ascalon’s Dragon Slayer...didn’t have that much effect on him!? Grendel gave an evil smile to me, who was in shock.

[That hurts! It hurts to the maaaax! But, that was a good punch! Guhahahahaha! Interesting, it sure is interesting! This pain makes me realise that I am alive! The real thing will start from here! Fine! Fight to the death, fight to death I tell ya! You and I! Let’s fight until one of us dies by having our body shattered! Ddraaaaaaaaaaig!]

...So this guy was this tough, huh...! Even I started to have sweat coming out from me. His toughness surpassed the word of being ‘tough’...! Just how much did I have to do in order to defeat him!?

[He still stands with joy even with that damage he got right now!? Damn crazy Dragon...!]

Ddraig also said it with disgust. Then, Grendel made his stomach three times bigger! Another fireball! I became cautious, but the giant Dragon changed the direction of his body and—

[But before that, there’s a change of plans! All of you, it’s decided all of you will die!]

He shot several fireballs towards my comrades! Bastard! Wasn’t this supposed to be one on one!?


“I won’t let you!”

Rossweisse-san stood at the front and made lots of defence-type magic-circles appear! Akeno-san also had the wings of a Fallen Angel appear, and created the thunder and light that had the shape of a Dragon!


Kaichou enveloped a silent, but a strong blue-coloured aura around her. Water appeared and gathers around her! Enormous amounts of water that Kaichou was controlling with her demonic power acted as a wall and covered our comrades. The fireball released by Grendel got stopped by Rossweisse-san’s defence magic circle, and then got erased by Akeno-san’s Raikouryuu! The explosion and heat spread throughout the field, but the wall of water that Sona-kaichou created blocked them! ——! There were still two fireballs left! The giant fireballs were heading towards my comrades once again!

“——Alright, let’s begin! You will be fighting as well, Fafnir!”

Saji made a magic circle made from black flames appear in front of him that captured Grendel’s fireball once it went into it!


He started to trim away the power of the fireball with Vritra’s ability. The black flame was eating away Grendel’s fireball and was trying to weaken its impact.

[Asia-tan, protect.]

Fafnir released a block of aura shining in gold from his mouth, and he completely erased Grendel’s fireball that Saji was stopping! Wow, a combination attack between Dragon Kings! It was a bit regretful that I was feeling it was okay to leave Asia in Fafnir’s hands who had just done a job which was worth the price! And, for the last fireball, the duo of Xenovia and Irina—

“I will cut it down with Durandal!”

She cut the Dragon’s fireball with a single slash by combining the power of Destruction and Rapidly which enhanced its speed and power! She then continued to cut the fireball into pieces. Despite being cut into pieces, the force acting on Grendel’s fireball hadn’t died!

“Looks like I will be the one to finish it!”

To finish it, Irina used the mass-produced Holy Demonic Sword, which seemed to have the element of ice added to it, to freeze all of the fireball which had been cut into pieces. All of Grendel’s fireballs which went heading towards my comrades have perished! He did take us by surprise, but he shouldn’t look down on my comrades! But the action right now was such a cowardly act!

“You! You said this was a one on one! Why did you attack my comrades!?”

I punched his face while shouting that out, but he wiped the blood from his nose with his ,and then put on an evil grin.

[My bad, I just like killing after all. I can’t maintain my tension if I don’t kill every now and then. But, it looks like I failed. They are strong, your comrades that is. So I will kill all of you! Hit! Torment! Stomp! Bite! Then I will make all of you into asssssshes!]

...He was pissed to the max! His silver eyes were glowing so brutally with hostility and killing intent! Grendel’s hostility was directed towards me and my comrades.

“Hyoudou-kun! We don’t have to tag along with fighting him one-on-one anymore! Let’s attack him together!”

It was just like Kaichou said. It was a different story if that guy didn’t want to fight one-on-one. We would beat him together!


...Even though I said that, I was at my limit at maintaining this crimson armour. It was a form where it was hard to stabilise its power to begin with. And since Ddraig had just come back, it seemed like it wouldn’t last long...!

[Then let’s start the second round, the red one. No, the crimson Ryuutei-chaaaaaan!]

It happened when Grendel spread his wings and was about to come at me. His body stopped. We came to know that reason right away. —That’s because something that looked like a black shadow was wrapping itself around Grendel’s foot. I became suspicious, and then I looked towards the shadow, no, I looked towards the place where the darkness was coming from. ...Gasper, who had creepy shadows appearing around him, was standing there. He had his red eyes glow bewitchingly, and his body looked powerless. The darkness wriggled and was heading towards Grendel. ...So that was Gasper’s hidden power... He was emitting a very terrifying aura. The darkness spread even further, and it seemed like it was trying to devour this whole space.

[...What is that? Never mind. Is it okay for me to kill that as well? It’s okay, right!? There are so many strong shitty brats here! This is a good era! It’s worth destroying it!]

Grendel was taking this situation with great joy! Shit! Damn battle maniac! I won’t let you lay a finger on my junior! It happened when I tried to get Grendel’s attention back to me.

“——No, Grendel. Please stop right there. It seems the experiment has been a success. We could have had a better investigation if Kiba Yuuto was also here, but this should be enough.”

The man wearing the robe stopped Grendel. Grendel then made a shout of dissatisfaction.

[Don’t stop me! It starts from here! I will slaughter them all! The real thing starts when both sides become high to the max! Let me battle them! I’m going to discard my regret from back then! This time, I will finally eat, get eaten, break, get broken, and kill!]

...He really was brutal. So there was a Dragon like him, huh. It was my first time seeing a Dragon who was attached to battling this much. It made Vali look innocent instead! Not just to me, but he was also giving out hostility and killing intents to both his enemies and ally.

The man wearing the robe then said it to Grendel with cold words.

“Do you want to return to being a corpse? You are still in the tuning stage. If you overdo it...”

Grendel made a noise with his tongue when he heard that, and he put his fist down.

[...Chi, damn, can’t help it then. Since you brought that up, then I only have the option to stop.]

...He put his fist down. ...‘Corpse’? What did that mean? Tuning stage? There were so many questions... A communication-type magic circle appeared immediately near the ear of the man wearing the robe. The man listened to it, and then nodded his head.

“...Good news, Grendel. It seems like they are having a really tough time against the white one. Let’s go to their side this time.”

[Oho! So it’s Albion this time! I can’t get enough of this!]

Hearing the man wearing the robe, Grendel put on a grin.

Albion? White one? It’s Vali! Don’t tell me the reason why Kuroka wasn’t at my house was because... Grendel pointed at me.

[Ddraig the shit, Vritra the gloomy, and the panty bastard. My playtime with you will be on hold. Next time. Next time, it’s that. I will kill you all. I will kill all three of you together, okay? Guhahaha!]

The Dragon Gate opened, and it envelops Grendel while having the circle emit dark green colour. When the light stopped...the giant Dragon was gone. Confirming that, the man wearing the robe took off his hood.

The one who appeared under it was a youth with silver hair. However, the youth’s face looked familiar. ...It seemed like I saw him somewhere before... I then remembered the face of the strongest Queen who always takes care of me. The silver-haired man then said.

“I am Lucifuge. Euclid Lucifuge.”


L-L-Lucifuge...!? What was that supposed to mean!? No, that was right! It was natural for him to look similar! He looked like Grayfia-san!

“You aren’t their boss, right? Then, who is unifying the remnants of the Khaos Brigade!?”

Saji asked. The man just narrowed his eyes.

“You will come to know the identity of the current boss of the Khaos Brigade very soon.”

It seemed like Kaichou realised something after hearing the man, Euclid.

“...I see, so the one who intruded into this town and brought the Magicians inside is you, correct? If it’s someone with the same aura as Grayfia-sama, then it may not be weird for you to pass through the barrier.”

Hearing that, Euclid said it with a cold voice.

“Please tell this to my elder sister, Grayfia Lucifuge, who went so low as to become a servant of the Gremory. ‘If you are living as you like by abandoning the role of Lucifuge, then I also have the same right to do so’.”

...Elder sister...? T-Then, this guy was... The man who named himself as Euclid Lucifuge disappeared within the teleportation magic circle. At the same time, this field started to collapse as if it had fulfilled its duty. The space crumbled as if a piece in a puzzle was missing. The kaleidoscope view which was a trait of the Dimensional Gap became visible. This place wouldn’t last long. Gasper, who unleashed his mysterious power, had collapsed on the floor.

“It looks like this place will collapse! Let’s evacuate through the teleportation magic circle!”

Under Sona-kaichou’s command, Akeno-san activated a magic circle which would let us return to that underground space. Everyone gathered at the centre of the magic circle after retrieving Gasper. Then, Ravel activated a small magic circle in her hand and released it towards the capsule. The magic circle which was released hit the capsule, and then disappeared after making a single glow.

“...I will at least have myself do this.”

She muttered something which I couldn’t understand.

“I see. So that’s what you mean.”

It seemed like Kaichou noticed something when she saw that. She also did the same and released the magic circle towards the capsule. While finding their action suspicious, I also couldn’t hide myself being disturbed at the identity of the man wearing the robe. ...Grayfia-san’s brother and a Dragon that was supposed to be terminated. ...What was going on? What was about to happen, Grayfia-san...Sirzechs-sama...?

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Raikouryuu - Translates to "Thunder and Light Dragon"
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