High School DxD:Volume 14 Maverick Magician

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Maverick Magician[edit]

“Did you check the ranking made by the association? Starting from that shitty geezer Mephisto, everyone started talking about it ever since the ranking for this generation’s youth Devils was announced.”

“Yeah, I heard that the youth Devils of this generation are a bunch of excellent ones and that they aren’t comparable to anyone in the past several decades.”

“They aren’t even comparable and they are in a league of their own. Two younger sisters of the Maou, the next heir of the Great King and the King of Lion, the next heiress of the Archduke, the daughter of the new Vice Governor of Grigori, Sekiryuutei of the Heavenly Dragons, Holy Demonic Sword, the Durandal wielder, and the host of the Dragon King Vritra. Just listing them up frightens me. Even the other group members are monsters.”

“Of course, the association will come together to give them the documents to make a pact with them.”

“...The spell casters from the Khaos Brigade did say this. That the leaders who got involved with them were taken down and their organisation was almost forced into disbandment. But we are still going through with it, right?”

“Yeah. Since we received the request from the Khaos Brigade that you mentioned about, we will also go along with it. I hear that the spell casters from their side are also willing to do this. After all, just getting the Phoenix will be boring.”

“The level of their strength. Boss lady Shien is looking forward to our impression of them.”

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