High School DxD:Volume 14 Romania

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The territory of the Vampires. I, Azazel, had entered there. We borrowed a car when we arrived in Romania, and were progressing through the mountain road. The road without any surface was bumpy, and the car had jumped several times. The fog was quite thick. We did receive a map from the Vampire who belonged to the Carmilla Faction just in case. It was planned for me to separate from Rias and Kiba, who were also riding in the car with me. I would be going to Carmilla. Rias and Kiba would be going to the House of Tepes. We would be moving there together, and I would join back with them after talking to Carmilla. I hope it didn’t turn into a situation where we had to call Ise and the others... Now then, I wondered what Asia was doing with Fafnir, whom she was looking after. Even if Ophis acted as the mediator, her talent to make a pact with monsters, no, Dragons and make them obey her was terrifying. ...Rassei, Ophis and Fafnir. I could only think that she was born with something which allowed her to grasp hold of Dragons. It might have been unavoidable for her to meet Ise as soon as she entered Japan. —Then, I caught sight of Rias, who was thinking about something, in the mirror. I spoke to Rias, who was sitting in the back seat.

“Are you worried about your boyfriend whom you left in Japan?”

“...I would be lying if I say that I’m not. He...no, those girls who love him have a more daring approach than me.”

“It seems like your husband will bring more storms from now on as well.”

“I am prepared. Since I decided to love that person, I will accept everything.”

I teased her, but Rias answered normally. Oho, your dignity as the legal wife sure was showing up. She didn’t panic even though I said the word husband. There was no doubt. They were a husband and wife that looked good together like the people around them said.

“...Looks like we will be arriving at the area where the local staff from the Vampires’ side are waiting for us.”

Kiba, who was sitting in the passenger seat, had the map opened, and was staring at the compass used by Devils. Rias then asked.

“What happened to Cao Cao? You did receive a call yesterday, correct?”

Ah, that. I received the report of the aftermath from that bastard Śakra.

“It seems like Indra punished all of the Longinus possessors from the Hero Faction. That includes Cao Cao, Georg, and Leonardo. But according to Indra, he confiscated the spear and sent those three to Hades.”

Though, he didn’t hand us the Holy Spear. That bastard Śakra is probably in possession of Dimension Lost and Annihilation Maker as well. It would make him look like the one who finished off the Hero Faction. Even though he lent his strength to them. He used them to the very end, and he attained a reason for being in possession of the Longinus.

[It can’t be helped for Śakra, who punished the Hero Faction, to be in possession of the Longinus for a temporary time.]

He attained a very good excuse. So we were in a situation where it was hard for us to complain. Heracles and Jeanne that we captured had given up their connection with Śakra...but I wondered how deep they were connected with that cunning Śakra. ...Damn, the one who defeated them were the young Devils, you know? He stole the good parts at the very end!

“...For him who was aiming to become the poison against supernatural beings.”

Kiba muttered. Indra’s voice came back to my mind. He did speak about Cao Cao.

[Hahaha, that brat moved around without thinking about what he wanted to become. That’s why he failed. If he wanted to become strong as a human, then he shouldn’t have relied on Medusa’s eye. Since he spoke of being a hero while being half-assed, that made him fail. As the result, that eye became fatal. Laughable, right? Laugh at him. At the end, he turned into a clown.]

Yeah, if he had continued to fight as a simple human, then the Holy Spear would have lent its strength to his will.

So it ended for him because the ‘will of the God from the Bible’ determined that ‘Rather than the ambition of the host, the dream of the Sekiryuutei who is a Devil and a Dragon is better’, huh.

[——The ones who will hunt monsters are human heroes. So there was nothing that the shitty brat who went beyond a human to become a snob could do.]

Regarding that, I agreed. Having Indra say that was the end for him. But, just like Ise, there was a young side to Cao Cao. Wanting to become someone was the part of being young. And wasn’t the one who put such ambition in that youth of wanting to become a hero you, eh, Śakra-sama? Śakra said this to me after that.

[Well, to me, the Oppai Dragon, who is a Devil and is calling himself a hero, is also quite a clown, you know? What’s the point of a Devil being a hero? Isn’t it the desire of the Devils to deceive humans and control them from the shadows? No matter how much he lives on by saying innocent things, the group of those young Devils on your side are also evil and vicious Devils that live on by using humans, you know? No matter how far he goes, he is still far off from being a real hero. It’s just child’s play.]

...I wouldn’t deny all of that. But the Devils, the Underworld was changing as well. That was why they would collapse if they continued to have the old structure of the world of Devils. ...But forcing him to become a hero, huh. Was I doing the same as well...? Rias then asked.

“What is Śakra trying to do? The God of War who let Cao Cao loose, who taunted Hades indirectly, and who brought chaos to each faction. Azazel, did you ask about his true ambition?”

“Yeah, that guy wants to create people who can oppose the God of Destruction, Shiva. He believes that wars will give birth to strong people.”

...Though I didn’t know how much of that was the truth... It seemed like Indra would do anything in order to win against Shiva.

–Then a communication-type magic circle came to me. It appeared automatically next to my ear. I then received a call from the other side. This was just a call I received at fixed times. I would communicate with them directly afterwards. —! ...I couldn’t believe my own ears at the information I was getting.

“...Grendel...and Lucifuge...?”

...W-What was going on...? So something insane was going on in Japan again! Grendel!? Shouldn’t that guy have already been eliminated!? And the Khaos Brigade? This matter went around inside my head. The Vampires that got possession of the Holy Grail, Stray Magicians, the Khaos Brigade that was reorganising itself, the members of the Khaos Brigade that were appearing at the places Vali was investigating, the survivor from Lucifuge, and the appearance of the legendary Dragon that was supposed to have been eliminated. ...Maybe they were all connected? The timing was too perfect. A situation which made me think that it was something that couldn’t be avoided. If everything tied into one thing...then there wasn’t anything more dangerous...!

And Euclid Lucifuge... I had browsed through a bit of data about him before. The rebellion that happened between the Devils in the past, the internal conflict between the old government and the anti-government which had Sirzechs as their ace. Grayfia’s real brother’s living or dead status became unknown during that time. That was Euclid Lucifuge. Officially, he was said to be dead, and I had heard that Grayfia said that she didn’t think her brother was alive. He happened to be alive, and he was the one who was leading the organisation...? No, even if he had the strength to do so, there was something missing from him which would allow him to become the head of those crazy bastards. That was charisma. Even if they weren’t as famous as Ophis, they still needed a person who deserved the place of being a Boss. It was the Lucifuge who had been standing next to those who stood at the very top since their birth. So I couldn’t think that Euclid was the new Boss.

...So who was the mastermind behind it? Who was the core member that brought the Khaos Brigade together within this short time...? Did they make a new Ophis from the power of Ophis that they stole? That’s possible, but that would mean they needed someone very strong who could manipulate the new Ophis. The strong person, that was the new Boss. Hades and Śakra...no, they couldn’t be. The former would definitely get exiled by the Chief God Zeus if he caused another stir. The latter...Indra’s main objective was the battle against Shiva. Even if they were plotting something between them, there would be no merit for them to become the Boss of the terrorists. The Khaos Brigade that was hated by each faction, and was the gathering of the hated ones from each faction... The one who would be at the top was either someone strong who was turned into a puppet, or simply a bastard who was insanely crazy. I hit my own knee to release the ill feelings that I was carrying. Khaos Brigade... The organisation of terrorists that had gathered those who were dissatisfied with the current structure of each faction. The Bosses who had actually been controlling them had changed several times. Shalba Beelzebub from the Old Maou Faction, and Cao Cao from the Hero Faction. They were still active even after losing Ophis. No matter how it changed inside, the existence of the Khaos Brigade was going to stand in our way. The organisation itself would continue to be active, no matter how many times we crushed them...

“Rias, Kiba looks like something troublesome is going to happen.”

While driving through the mists which you couldn’t see through, I started my discussion with them about what happened in Japan, and how we would be coping with it from now on...

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