High School DxD:Volume 15

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Novel Illustrations

Episode Issei.1

Several days had passed since the assault by the groups of magicians. I, Hyoudou Issei, am currently at my house, inside my room, waiting to receive good news from Rias, while continuing with the selection of a magician whom I will make a pact with.

“——For that reason, this person——and so that’s how it is——and if I may add——.”

Ravel explains it for me while reading the documents next to me.

……To be honest, Ravel’s words aren’t reaching my ears since there are so many things that I’m concerned about

I received a report that Rias’s meeting with the House of Vladi is progressing well, so I’m not that worried regarding that. I will go to her aid if something happens. The problem is……

——Euclid Lucifugus.

He was the mastermind behind the assault the other day. ……Lucifugus. Yeah, he’s someone related to Grayfia-san. What’s shocking is that he’s her actual brother.

……The higher-ups of the Devil’s side are in a stir due to his appearance.

After all, there’s someone else besides Grayfia-san who is a survivor from the House of Lucifugus that directly served the former Lucifer.

I heard that Grayfia-san is currently being asked questions. ……It’s regarding about how Euclid is alive. So that must mean that the higher-ups are suspicious of Grayfia-san and thinks that she lied about his death.

……There’s no way that Sirzechs-sama will doubt Grayfia-san, however the higher-ups are different. They must be feeling uneasy so that’s why they are questioning Grayfia-san.

Especially, cases regarding “Lucifer” are treated as a totally different story in the Underworld, regardless of the “Old” or the “New” one.

Yeah, for example, someone like Vali who is a descendant of the former Lucifer and who is also the Hakuryuukou. And the current Lucifer, Sirzechs-sama, who is said to be the strongest being in the Underworld.

If the survivor from the House of Lucifugus besides Grayfia-san that was the closest to the former Lucifer still exists, and he happens to be a member of the terrorist group “Khaos Brigade” on top of that, then I can only say that it’s natural for the higher-ups to start panicking about it.

The civil war of the past, the treatment towards the Old-Maou faction after that, and the monster crises that happened recently due to those incidents. It was something that the internal anatomy of the Devils created.

……Akeno-san tried to pass on the message of what Euclid said to Grayfia-san, but it seems like the way Grayfia-san panicked wasn’t normal.

She probably never imagined or even predicted it. That’s how much Grayfia-san thought her little brother whose status was unknown was dead.

Why did Euclid appear now? Something like the ideology of the Old-Maou factions……no, it doesn’t seem like it. I didn’t sense the aura of hatred and rage that Shalba carried in Euclid. Rather than hatred, he seemed like he had an eye of someone who has a new ambition in him—.

Ravel who looks curious speaks to me who has my mind off to somewhere else.

“……Were you thinking about Grayfia-sama?”

She’s a sharp girl. Not many days had passed since she became my manager, but it seems like this girl knows what I’m thinking about just from my expression.

……No, maybe I’m the sort of person who shows what’s in his mind through his expression.

“You can tell?”

“I am your manager after all.”

Ravel says that while being proud. She sure can’t be taken lightly. It seems like she will not only look after my allowance, but eventually what I will be eating for my dinner as well.

Ravel takes a breath and then says it formally.

“To be honest, this is something that will involve politics. It isn’t something we can get involved in. Situations that involve the previous government are to be taken delicately, so I’m sure the higher-ups are in a panic.”

Politic isn’t part of my job. Well, I do get requests from the government to do an “Oppai Dragon” show, but we are basically the servant Devils of Rias Gremory. We usually have to continue with our job as a Devil. Though we do have to fight for the Underworld as the youth Devils by the order of Sirzechs-sama.

All right, I need to think about something else. I have to select the magician first. I need to choose the magician who’ll become my partner after all!

From Ravel’s perspective, if there isn’t any outstanding magician, then she’s thinking of declining all of them. In other words we will be moving to the next opportunity for the selection.

“What’s your thought about this, Ravel?”

I ask Ravel about the selection of the documents we are currently doing.

Ravel makes a sour look on her cute face.

“To be honest……I’m starting to think it would be a good idea to move onto the next opportunity for the selection. Saying that, the majority of the magicians that chose Ise-sama are people that can’t get a passing mark from me. ……There are parts we can’t come to know unless we do the test which comes after selection of the documents, however judging from their experience and what kind of ability they have attained, then I don’t see any remarkable person that can live up to being a partner of the “Heavenly Dragon”, the “Sekiryuutei”.”

It’s Ravel who has researched them down to every last detail, so her ratings towards them will mostly be accurate. There’s also the side of her where she lifts me up high, however there must be aspects which only bring dissatisfaction to her if we are talking about my long-term partner.

She’s certainly right since I also looked through the documents, but there isn’t any person that actually stands out. Though there are magicians that I thought may be good or that are erotic!

Instead, if we are talking about short term (Several months to a year), then there are several of those who I think I don’t mind making a pact with. Ravel also knows about those aspects as well.

Even regarding other group members, there aren’t just a few of them that are thinking of making a short-term pact.

They must want to get familiar with it by having a short-term pact first. I have also heard that there were magicians that made a profit from a short-term pact.

“Hmm, then should we just make a short-term pact after all?”

I ask Ravel while tilting my head. Ravel doesn’t object to it strongly, and instead makes a serious face with her cute face.

“……If we make a short term pact and make a beginner's mistake since we are new to this, we may get a bad rating and have bad rumours going around in their society, so I do think that will be full of risks…… As your manager, I certainly would be sad if you don’t have a partner who will make a pact with you in your next occasion to form a pact.”

So she’s even thinking that far ahead. ……Yup, I’m scared that I might make a stupid mistake…… I’m trying to be serious regarding this issue, however if I compare myself to Rias and Kiba, then it feels like I will make more mistakes than them.

That’s part of it, but I’m starting to feel doubts about certain things. I’m thinking about asking Ravel about those things as well. Since I’m leaving most of the things to Ravel, there are still things I haven’t asked Ravel.

When both of us are thinking while saying, “Hmm……”, the door opens.

The one who enters the room is Akeno-san who came to bring us tea.

“Ara ara, are you still having your discussion?”

“Well, thank you for that—, ah!”

I get shocked at the person standing behind Akeno-san.

“Excuse me.”

It’s Sona-kaichou! Wow, this is rare!

“Kaichou! What business do you have today?”

When I ask, Kaichou lifts the edge of her glasses. Ah, Kaichou in her casual clothes looks cute. She’s wearing a light-blue coloured lace blouse and denim jeans. She is carrying a deep blue coloured coat in her hand.

Just like us, Kaichou and Akeno-san also sit on the cushion placed on top of the carpet.

“Yes, I’m thinking of discussing what we should do from now on with Akeno and everyone else. Tsubaki will also come here afterwards. I may be a hindrance to you, but please give me a bit of your time so I can talk with all of you.”

So the vice-president will also be coming here. I don’t know why, but having those from another group coming to my house sure does have a different taste to it!

《I’m also pardoning myself for being in here.》

I heard a voice saying that from the ceiling! When I look up, there is a magic-circle on the ceiling, and there is a small built Grim Reaper that is showing her face from the magic-circle while being upside down! It’s the new member of the Sitri-group, Bennia!

Wow! Since she’s wearing a skull mask, it feels a bit like a horror scene!

“I’m sorry Ise-kun. This girl was begging me as she wanted to come over to your house so I brought her with me.”

The Grim Reaper girl perfectly lands down next to Kaichou who is apologising. She then sits down next to Kaichou immediately.

《Oppai Dragon’s residence……this is basically like a Shangri-La for me.》

Bennia then looks around my room while having her eyes sparkle.

Well, putting that aside, I don’t mind for the Sitri-group to come over to my house!

I then say it to Sona-kaichou with a smile.

“No no, if you are okay with my house, then come over whenever you like! Though, I’m not the owner of this house.”

The owner of this house is supposed to be my dad……however I’m starting to think lately that it’s Rias…… The ones who renovated this house were the Gremorys’ after all!

—Then Kaichou moves her gaze towards the documents that Ravel and I scattered on the floor.

“My servants are also on-going with their selection right now. Today, apart from Tsubaki and I, they should be together having a hard time in deciding. I’m also giving advice to them, however I want them to decide on their own.”

Looks like Saji and the others are also having a hard-time being popular. And it seems like they are more independent than the Gremory members.

Oh yeah, this is a good occasion. I will ask about the thing that has been on my mind lately to these members.

“By the way, what do you benefit in the most by making a pact with a magician?”

It’s something anyone will be in doubt about. It’s something I should have asked at the beginning, however I forgot to ask. Actually, I was going to ask Ravel about it.

For a magician, a pact with a Devil is full of benefits. Then, are there any merits for a Devil to make a pact with a magician apart from the teachings they were taught since ancient times?

That’s what I’m curious about. If it’s simply about earning money, then there are many industries in the Underworld.

Kaichou says it after drinking the tea that she received from Akeno-san.

“That will be the result they will achieve by researching about magic.”

Magic, huh. Kaichou continues.

“Demonic-powers are the power of Devils, and magic is the power born by researching about the Devil’s power which also became a power that humans can control. Other than that, there is also fairy magic, Norse magic, and different types of magic with different equations. Among them, there is also magic that was created by the Gods, however it is said that the majority of magic that is used by the ordinary magicians are those created by the Great Magician Merlin Ambrosius which involves reading the flow.”

Yeah, I have heard that before. Sona-kaichou continues.

“Those magic have separated from the Devils, and while it goes through its own evolution and changes, there were powers created that can’t be used by the Devils. Those magic are continuing to change even now, and it’s a territory where you can’t see the end of it. Finally, those magic can be used to contribute to the technological development of the Underworld.”

Ah, if I remember correctly, I heard that Sirzechs-sama’s servant, the [Bishop] MacGregor Mathers-san, also has contributed to the Underworld with the research of magic.

Kaichou looks at me and points to her glasses.

“The truth is, these are special glasses that were created due to the researching of magic. Though they don’t have any impressive powers at all.”

She reveals the truth now! So they aren't normal glasses……

“Even if it’s a magic that isn’t impressive in the human’s world, it can have ground-breaking traits for the Devils. Those types of magic have a high value, so they can be used for trade. You can say that we rate the talents of the magicians highly. For that reason, there are cases where we give priority investment to the magicians. That is why it is important for us to select them very carefully. There is a high chance that we may not benefit from them after all.”

So it means that the magician’s research can be a plus for a Devil. I sure do feel something like a karma since magic that was born from investigating the Devils powers became something that is involved with the Underworld in such a way.

Kaichou then says it as if she’s warning me.

“However, you must not forget this. The pact with a magician is merely one of a Devil's roles. This is not everything. The pact with a human, the pact with a magician, the Rating Game, the business in the Underworld, there are many things you need to achieve in order to aim high as a Devil.”

……It’s just like Kaichou said. During the long life of a Devil, it’s not enough to only master one of those areas. So being able to achieve several of them is what High-class Devils can do.

It sure does make me remember what Kiba’s master said. A reincarnated Devil should have many aims. So it means that if we are going to live long, it’s necessary for us to have a life-style which would suit us.

……B-But, what will a life-plan that includes thousands of years look like? So we have to make something like an annual plan which goes up to thousands of years!? It sure does make me feel overwhelmed just by thinking about it……

W-Well, I will just take my time doing it by talking to Rias and my manager.

First, I need to continue my conversation with Kaichou who came all the way to my house.

“If I remember now, you rarely come over to my house, right Kaichou? ……You came over twice, right?”

“Yes. Last time, I came over and played a video game with you and everyone else. The other time was……well, with my sister…..”

Oh yeah, those things certainly happened. At the exact time when I was playing a game with the trio of Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, Kaichou showed up in my room with Rias and Akeno-san and we started a game tournament.

Kaichou’s game technique back then was amazing! She learned how to play a game she never played in a short time, and she even overwhelmed me who had been playing that game a lot!

When I lost in a racing game that I’m good at, I thought I will never beat Kaichou in those kinds of games.

And the other time she came over was during “that” matter. That certainly was an insane incident.

——Then Akeno-san suddenly starts to laugh. Sona-kaichou puts on a suspicious expression beside her.

“Akeno, what’s wrong?”

“Ufufu, Sona, I just remembered that you went through so much trouble in that incident involving magicians. When Serafall-sama auditioned in that—.”

Hearing that story, Kaichou suddenly turns red.

Yeah, that incident. I was also remembering about the same thing. It was an incident which has to do with the part where Kaichou said, “with my sister……”.

Yeah, that was——a thing that happened before I went on the school trip.

Life.1 Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?

Part 1

“Magical Girl Ria! I’m going to annihilate the heinous villains all at once with my twinkling magic☆”

Right in front of me, the crimson-haired Onee-sama is dressed up like a magical girl and is making a pose so adorably.

The crimson-haired Onee-sama — I’m talking about Rias-buchou.

That princess, who always has a splendour and noble atmosphere around her, is now cosplaying as a magical girl with her crimson hair tied up to make twin-tails, and has a magical stick (which is a toy) in her hand.

This definitely works for me! However, if you look at her from an another person’s perspective, her age and height are too high for such an appearance! Even I, someone who is close to her, think this is too much!

However……, I! I have my stomach full just from being able to see Buchou cosplaying as a magical girl……!

There’s a reason that Buchou, who is a third-year high school student, is wearing a pretty costume and acting as a magical girl.

This is something which happened a few days ago—.

On a certain weekend. A pair that I don’t see often came to visit my house. One of them was Sona-kaichou — the student president of Kuou academy. And the other person was —.

“I want to appear in the Magical Girl Milky’s film☆”

The one who showed up in front of us while saying that was one of the Yondai-Maou — Serafall Leviathan-sama.

……I had a bad feeling from the first thing she said, but it sure did seem like Leviathan-sama.

When we asked her about what she meant while at the highest floor of the Hyoudou residence, the VIP room —.

“……A-Audition for the role as a magical girl……?”

Buchou, who didn’t know how to respond, said that. Leviathan-sama gave a big nod, and she spun the magical stick in her hand and then lifted it up towards the ceiling.

“That’s right! The audition for the live-action film adaptation of the “Magical Girl Milky”! Not only are they recruiting celebrities for the acts, but they are even recruiting many civilians☆. If I pass, I will be able to star in the film as Milky!”

Leviathan-sama gave a big smile while having her eyes glitter. ……Leviathan-sama looks up to magical girls.

She seems to be the most fond of the “Magical Girl Milky” series which is an anime programme of the human world, so she wears a magical girl’s costume as her regular clothing.

Since she’s a super beautiful girl, she does look good in it, and people around her don’t know how to react due to her innocent personality.

So I’m allowing myself to call her “Maou Girl”. That’s because if you include everything about her, that’s what she is……

Even in the Underworld, she produces and stars in the tokusatsu programme, “Magical Girl Magical☆Levia-tan”.

In the past, we once had the experience of starring as the villains in her film.

……W-Well, Gasper made a great show by acting as the “Danball Vampire God”……

……But is she trying to enter the world of magical girls in the human world as well……? Leviathan-sama’s love towards magical girls sure is incredible.

Sitting next to her was Leviathan-sama’s little sister, Sona-kaichou, who was apologising to Buchou and Akeno-san by saying “……I’m sorry for having a sister like this……” while having her face turn red. ……Y-You sure are going through a lot.

There are lots of people who are so carefree and strange among the Yondai-Maou, but on the other hand, their families have lots of serious people. That’s how it is in Buchou’s and Sona-kaichou’s family……

“S-So what’s the reason for you to visit us?”

My question. I understood that Leviathan-sama wanted to participate in the audition, but what was the reason for her to visit my house and bringing Sona-kaichou with her?

“The reason is, I want all of you to—”

After stopping Leviathan-sama, who was about to speak while giving a wink, Sona-kaichou spoke.

“I ask you to be quiet, Onee-sama. ……Rias, I beg you. Please participate in the magical girl’s audition with me.”

That calm Sona-kaichou said that while her face turned really red.

Buchou, on the other hand, had her jaw dropped down and had stopped from responding due to the unpredictable request from her best friend. After a pause—.

“U-Umm…… W-What do you mean, Sona……?”

She listened to her request once again while trying hard to smile. Sona-kaichou then explained the situation.

Leviathan-sama, who is a Maou, found out about the audition for the live-action version of Milky in the human’s world and begged her little sister, Sona-kaichou, for an impossible request — she wanted to participate in the audition by using the short time off she was able to attain.

Sona-kaichou tried hard to persuade her otherwise, however, Leviathan-sama didn’t back down from her decision (and apparently complained like a little kid) and she was so stubborn that it might have ended up affecting her job. Kaichou, who made her mind up, decided to follow her by making Leviathan-sama promise that she will take her and her servants as her bodyguards (as well as her guardian and to keep her under their watch).

Leviathan-sama is a super VIP and it’s appropriate for her to have a bodyguard with her during her stay in the human world. For that reason, her little sister would be guarding her when she’s at the audition.

I understood up to that point. But why did she come to ask Buchou, “Please participate in the magical girl’s audition with me”? I thought she had nothing to do with this, however, I got shocked at the thing Sona-kaichou took out of her bag.

A flashy costume with frills. No matter how I looked at it, it was cosplay.

Kaichou then said, while looking as though she was desperately trying to endure the embarrassment:

“……I-It’s the magical girl’s costume……that my sister prepared for me……for the audition.”

What!? Cosplay meant for Sona-kaichou!? I could already see the new kind of fetish, simply from imagining Sona-kaichou wearing this magical girl’s costume!

Kaichou continued.

“……We, the Sitri-group, will guard Onee-sama who will be participating in the audition. In order for that to happen, I have to guard her up-close…… so it was decided that I will be participating in the audition together with Onee-sama……”

Kaichou said that while her whole body was trembling.

I-I see, so in order to guard her sister up-close, she decided to audition herself! For the calm Sona-kaichou, an audition for a magical girl is something from a different world! Actually, it’s something she must hate. Since she was sacrificing herself to participate in it, I could feel a strong pressure from her determination!

This was all to protect her sister! No, it must have been to keep an eye on her and as her guardian!

“I remember hearing a rumour that magicians within the Khaos Brigade and the “Maverick Magicians” — who were exiled from the magicians' association — are after Serafall-sama.”

Akeno-san said. Hmm, I’m hearing this for the first time. So Leviathan-sama is being targeted by the terrorists. Well, it’s natural since she is a Maou, an important person... but why is it only limited to magicians being after her?

“Why is that?”

When I asked, Sona-kaichou explained it for me.

“……My sister’s hobby is detested by the magicians, especially by the witches. ……If I have to explain it in one sentence, they are saying that “She may give a wrong impression to the world of what the existence of magicians is like”. ……I’m sure you can understand the situation if you look at how she is dressed……”

Oh, so from the view of real magicians, in this case the witches, this Maou is only seen as a troublemaker since she goes to diplomatic matters while dressed up as a fictional magical girl. Rather, won’t this be more like an insult to them?

She is a Maou after all. Since a Maou, who is a leadership figure, looks up to a magical girl so much that she even goes as far as to produce and broadcast a show, I can't even begin to understand how the real magicians are feeling. Though I do feel that they are being too concerned about it.

Kaichou continued after breathing out.

“Perhaps those magicians may come to assault my sister at the audition hall so we have to guard her. Though I don’t think my sister would be defeated that easily even if she was assaulted. However, she may cause serious damage to the human world by going wild, so we have the duty to keep her down in order to prevent that from happening.”

T-That’s certainly true…… If she tries, this person can destroy a whole island with a single shot of her demonic power! It would be a serious problem if the person who is in charge of diplomatic matters changes the map of the human world.

Leviathan-sama got teary-eyed due to her devoted sister, so she hugged Kaichou.

“Sob, Sona-tan sure does have a lot of concern about meeee! For her to come to the audition with me because she’s worried about me! Your Onee-san is emotionally mooooved!”

“…………If you are, then please stop participating right this instant.”

“I can’t do that☆. I did prepare a costume for you Sona-tan, so let’s have you become a magical girl together with your sister♪”

Leviathan-sama declined it right away by giving a wink and making a cute pose! She’s really into this! She’s in joy because she can have her little sister wear a magical girl’s costume!

“S-So, what do you mean by you want me to participate together with you?”

Buchou asked once again. Sona-kaichou held Buchou’s hands, and said:

“Rias. Please, I’m so embarrassed. ……Please participate in the audition together with me…… I won’t be able to endure it at this rate……! I can only ask you since you are my friend…… I’m sure I can endure it if I’m with you……!”

Sona-kaichou said that to her friend while her shoulders trembled. Yeah, I certainly do often hear that people ask their friends to also participate when they audition in events like this.

Buchou closed her eyes, and after taking a single breath she also held onto Kaichou’s hands.

“Sona. You and I have been friends since we were children. Sure. I will also participate in the audition. I will also cooperate with you in case the terrorists come, so rest assured.”

“……Rias. Thank you……”

Buchou and Kaichou stared at each other! Even the usually calm Kaichou had teary eyes. I’m sure that they are thinking that having a friend is wonderful.

Oh man, it feels like I’m witnessing a beautiful friendship!

“It’s a yuri-yuri! Sona-tan and Rias-chan are in a yuri-yuri relationship☆”

It seemed like Leviathan-sama was getting hyped at something, but I was hoping for her to soon realise the position she was in.

“……If that’s the case, then does it mean that we have to go the audition hall as well?”

“……Looks like it.”

While I and Koneko-chan, who was sitting on my lap, were having a conversation like that—.

“I have also prepared a costume for Rias-chan☆. Look, it even has a cute looking ribbon like this!”

Leviathan-sama took out a flashy costume for Buchou as well! Buchou hardened her expression.

“……S-So I have to wear it as well?”

“……I may be repeating myself, but I’m sorry for having a sister like this.”

“It’s all right, since I knew that from a long time ago…… However, this costume is……”

Both Buchou and Kaichou sighed at the really hyped Leviathan-sama.

“But, it seems like they will also be selecting by looking at your documents, so I think it’s too late now—”

I told them my concern…… Then Leviathan-sama took out piles of documents while saying, “Ta-dah♪”.

“I have already sent them the documents for Sona-tan, Sona-tan’s girls, Rias-chan, and Rias-chan’s girls☆. Since everyone is cute, all of you got a pass for the document selection!”

……I don’t know whether she was well prepared or not, but had she been thinking of dragging us along from the start!? It seems like she understands the nature of her sister Kaichou and Buchou, so maybe this audition is under Leviathan-sama’s hand.

Like that, it was decided that we would be tagging along with Leviathan-sama’s wish.

Part 2

Like that, on the day for the audition.

We, the Gremory-group, and the Sitri-group have gathered in the hall of a big building within the metropolitan area.

There are many girls within this spacious hall who will be participating in the audition. Everyone has a numbered plate on their clothes. I hear that there are about two hundred people here. So it means that two hundred people passed in the document selection. I wonder how many documents were sent…… It sure does make me realise just how popular Milky is.

In terms of age it’s mainly from upper grade school girls to junior-high girls.

“……The majority of them who came to this audition are those that are in their early 10’s…… Since Milky is around their age in the story. Though I won’t know what will happen for the live-action version……”

Koneko-chan who is wearing a magical girl’s costume while having her cat ears and tail grow out says that.

Hmm, is that right? Certainly, when I hear the word magical girl, I do imagine girls around that age. The truth is I have watched Milky as well, and the main character was a junior-high student.

More importantly, Koneko-chan. You are so damn cute! A cat-eared magical girl is on a level that is so lovely that it will make me fall down on the floor with fascination! If I say that in front of her, she will come and hit me while being embarrassed so I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Wow, there are even famous child celebrities in this hall! Actually, since they all passed the document selection, they are all cute…… Since the selection for today hasn’t started, there are also their guardians and relatives of the girls within this hall.

And those girls are looking at my direction with eyes filled with curiosity. I can even hear girls that are making a small laugh among them. The reason for that is simple.

“……This is a fight against yourself.”

Buchou mutters it out, enduring the embarrassment while wearing a costume with frills.

Buchou in magical girl’s costume! Tying her crimson-hair in twin-tails, and she has a cute looking ribbon on as well.

She’s super cute! That’s what I think…… But her age is a bit above the other participants around us. It seems like it’s quite hard for a third-year high school student to dress up as a magical girl, so it can’t be helped if her age has already exceeded the limits to be a magical girl from a third person’s perspective.

I also think that having a big oppai is contributing to the strangeness as well. A Magical girl normally has an image of a flat-chested girl after all……

E-Even so, I’m still emotionally moved by Buchou in her magical girl’s costume! Who cares whether a third year high school student is dressed up as a magical girl!

However, those curious eyes coming from the others aren’t due to her age, but because she is wearing a magical girl’s costume.

That’s because the other participants are wearing cute-looking normal clothes! The only ones who are cosplaying as a magical girl are Leviathan-sama, the Gremory girls, and the Sitri girls! Of course they will stand out in this hall! They will exceed the level of having high spirits for this audition, and instead they will look like enthusiastic believers.

“Oh well, let’s do our best today, Rias. Ufufu.”

The one who cheers up Buchou while standing next to her is Akeno-san in a miko costume! Is it me or does she look like she is enjoying this a bit?

Unlike the miko outfit that Akeno usually wears, the costume she is wearing now has quite a different design. It seems like Leviathan-sama designed it to make a Japanese-style magical girl. Since there isn’t that much clothing covering her skin, her hakama is insanely short, and her breasts are exposed quite a lot! And she’s holding onto a staff that you see often during purification!

Akeno-san is erotic after all! But she looks good in it!

“……I-If I get seen in this costume by those in my family, I will die due to embarrassment……”

Sona-kaichou who got changed into a magical girl outfit shows up in the hall, and the first thing she says while having her whole body shake was that.

The big ribbon on her chest! It’s a pretty costume that has an opposite image of her usual calm personality.


Saji who is next to me faints while bursting out blood from his nose!

“What’s wrong Saji!?”

I hold him. Saji who is in a hyperventilation state puts on a smile even though he’s suffering.

“……Haa-haa……K-Kaichou in a magical girl’s costume…… I’m infatuated…… I will die due to being infatuated…… H-Hyoudou……I, I’m starting to think that I don’t mind dying now……”

For Saji who is in love with Kaichou, it seems like having her in a magical girl’s costume is a critical blow to him!

“Get a hold of yourself, Saji! How can you die in a place like this!? The audition is going to start from now onwards!”

“……You do realise it’s a magical girl with glasses……? K-Kaichou is coming to kill me while being precise about it…… ……I do realise that she’s a bit too old for being a magical girl…… Even so, you do realise this is a magical and a logical critical blow to me, right……?”

“You have a fetish for glasses!? N-No, that’s not important right now! What’s the point for you to die right here!? Even I can continue to fight after seeing Buchou who is in the state, “the female high school student that is forcing herself to wear a magical girl’s costume while enduring the embarrassment”! So let’s go, my comrade! Our fight has only begun!”

“Well, I’m sorry……for being a high school student who is dressed up as a magical girl.”

Buchou says while smacking my head. I’m sorry, so you heard that huh! But I think you look fine in it!

When we were having such a conversation, Kiba who is behind us is making a bitter smile while saying, “Oh my”.

Shit, damn Kiba! He’s receiving cheers and passionate eyes from the girls where they are saying things like, “That person is so cool!”, and “Is he a celebrity?”!

“Hmph, looks like moving around in this costume is easy as well.”

“Hmm, for an Angel to become a witch……”

“This is a magical girl, Irina-san. But, it sure is embarrassing to wear this……”

The Church-trio of Xenovia, Irina, and Asia, show up while dressed up as a magical girls! Xenovia has an imitation sword on her hip, and she has a lovely looking ribbon on her head. Irina has her Angel’s white wings and halo grow out on top of wearing a magical girl’s costume.

And Asia-chan! While wearing a pink costume with frills, she has Rasse the Dragon sitting on her shoulder(it’s not a problem if they use the setting of a well-made doll!)! In her hand is a magical stick! Her appearance is no doubt a magical girl! And she has high specs due to her blonde hair and green eyes!

“……Like I thought, people like Koneko-chan and Asia-san will look good in them.”

It’s Rossweisse-san’s voice. When I look around, I witness Rossweisse-san in her Valkyrie gear.

“So you didn’t wear the magical girl’s costume?”

When I ask, Rossweisse-san breathes out.

“Rather than wearing something like that, I chose to wear this which I’m quite used to. ……I feel bad for being the only one not wearing it. So I hope everyone will forgive me with this.”

I see. So the magic user chose that outfit over the magical girl’s costume. And she possess a strong sense of duty! To be expected from the person who takes the role of being our sister!


This time I heard Gasper’s voice from behind me. When I turn around—my junior boy is standing there wiggling while wearing a magical girl’s costume!

Ooooooooi! Why is a dude such as yourself dressed like that!? No, it’s Gasper who loves wearing girls’ clothes, so I think that he may have a hobby like this!

The bastard says it while turning red.

“……L-Leviathan-sama apparently sent my document as well…… A-And it seems like I passed……”

How can this be!? So you passed the document selection! Hmm…… He is a girl born from a man after all…… Is that all right? Did she give them a false gender? No, it’s scary because it seems like he can pass just by being natural like always. More importantly, he sure does look good in the magical girl’s costume, this Gya-suke that is!

……Geez, so from our side everyone apart from me and Kiba are participating in this huh.

“……I-I’m so embarrassed. For me, the [Queen] of Sitri, to be dressed like this……Umm, even K-Kiba-kun is looking at me……”

“T-This is all for Kaichou!”

“We won’t be able to endure this if we don’t think like that……”

Next to me are the Sitri girls who have finished getting dressed, and they started gathering around Kaichou and Saji. Saji sure does have a lewd face…… He must love Kaichou wearing the magical girl’s costume.

When I’m looking at my friend like that—.

“……Devil-san, -nyo?”

……A familiar voice, a thick voice that is directed at me. ……T-This voice is……

When I turn around to the direction where the voice came from timidly——.

“It’s a coincidence meeting you here –nyo.”


I became speechless at the huge man, —no, at the magical girl I am familiar with.

His upper arms that are thick as a tree, and his magnificent chest that is about to rip his magical costume due to being the wrong size. From his skirt with frills, his legs that are thicker than a woman’s hips are shown. And he has cat-ears on his head……!

Each one of his fingers are thick, and the magical stick he is holding onto looks too small because of it.

His strong and dense face makes a smile.

“It’s Mil-tan –nyo. I came here to become Milky –nyo.”


Why is he here!? No, wait! Mil-tan is an innocent girl born from a man that looks up to magical girls! It won’t be weird for him to be here—.

No, it is wrong!

I look up while holding my head down! This is wrong! Wasn’t there a selection through a document!? Didn’t the people here check his photos and his history written on his document!?

Why did they give him a pass!? He isn’t a girl! He has the wrong gender! He’s a bulk of muscles! He’s a man! Why did they pass this man with such a dangerous face!? He’s really far off from being magical!

“……U-Umm, did you mistake the audition? This isn’t the gym for martial arts you know……?”

I say that. However, Mil-tan just smiles with his strong and dense face.

“What are you saying –nyo? Mil-tan came here to become a magical girl –nyo.”

“No, you have a body that has concentrated on kung-fu rather than using magic……”

I don’t want a magical girl that specialises in using kung-fu! Maybe this audition unexpectedly has a bad base for selecting!

When I was thinking like that, the hall gets noisier. When I start to wonder what’s happening, those who seem to be related to this film enter the hall.

“All right everyone. Thank you all for gathering here today.”

The man that looks like those old producers by putting his sweater over his shoulder says that to us who are in the hall. ……Wait, that’s the producer?

Standing next to that man is a scary looking man with a cap, sunglasses, and a small moustache, and a skinny man with long hair.

The man that looks like a producer uses the microphone to speak to everyone in this hall.

“I am the producer for the “Magical Girl Milky Movie”, Sakai. The one over here wearing a cap is the director Tooyama, and the one next to him with long hair is the scriptwriter Shouji!”



The director who didn’t say a word and the scriptwriter who gave a short greeting.

“Look, look, Sona-chan! That’s director Tooyama and Shouji who specialises in magical girl and tokusatsu films! It’s my first time seeing them with my own eyes☆”

Leviathan-sama is really excited. It seems like they are famous in those areas.

The producer speaks again.

“I’m hoping to select the cast for the film today together with the director Tooyama and Shouji. Let’s get along.”

[Let’s get along!]

The girls in the hall greet the judges all together.

—Then, the director makes a serious face, and starts to look at the girls in this hall. When the director nods his head, he calls the producer and whispers into his ear.

“Hmm, I see.”

When the producer agrees to it, he looks towards Buchou and Kaichou while he seems to be comparing them to the documents. After the producer takes a cough, he declares it.

“Umm, it may be too sudden, but the result for the first test has been decided here.”

Eeeeeeeeeeh!? Already!? That’s quick! Even the girls are in shock where they go “Eeeh!?”! Of course! It’s too sudden!

The producer starts to call out the names while being lead by the director.

“—san, Rias Gremory-san, Sona Sitri-san, Asia Argento-san—”

Among the names are Buchou, Kaichou, the Gremory girls plus Irina, the Sitri girls, Leviathan-sama,and even—.

“And also, “Mil-tan”-san.”

Even Mil-tan got his name called out! I don’t get it!

“The ones called out just now have passed the first test! Our director is someone who treasures his feelings, so I’m sorry but the first test ends here!”


The girls scream with dissatisfaction.

“Eeeeeeeeeeh!? Even though we are dressed like this!?”

Buchou and Kaichou also get so shocked that their eyes are about to pop out.

On our way here, Buchou said to me while smiling, “Since we are going to dress like that, well, including Leviathan-sama, all of us will get dropped early. The selection won’t be that easy.”

……D-Don’t tell me that they passed because they cosplayed……?

“Yay☆ Like I thought, those who knows our talent can tell us apart!”

Leviathan-sama, who is in high spirits. It’s a surprise that you all passed! M-Maybe this isn’t a normal audition……

……So the audition that is full of troubles is going to begin.

Part 3

The venue for the second test changed to the room in the spacious floor. All the girls that I know passed and went over there. So Kiba, Saji, and I open the door a bit to see inside the room.

Now then…… Umm, there are judges and several staff sitting at the long table. And the participants are sitting opposite of them on the pipe chairs.

There are about thirty people who survived till this round after the sudden announcement of those who passed, and among them are the Gremory girls, the Sitri girls, Leviathan-sama, and Mil-tan. ……It’s a weird view since about half of them are wearing a magical girl’s costume.

Then the producer says.

“Umm, congratulations for passing the first test. The reason all of you passed is because it matches with the concept of our film. Isn’t that right, Shouji?”

The scriptwriter who was asked that question says it in a showing off tone by flicking his long hair with his hand.

“That’s exactly right. The director and I are thinking of making a Milky’s film that is different from before. That’s right, we can’t seek for normal casts. Extreme! Splendorous! I want to dig out your potential and have you create a new Milky together with us. Right, director?”

This time the director is asked for his opinion.

“Nice ~”

……T-That’s it? I don’t know what he means by “nice”, however the test is going to start. It seems like the second test will be appealing yourself to the staff, hence it is an interview.

The girls that are called out stand in front of the staff, and start to appeal themselves while answering their questions.

The civilian girls and the Sitri girls answer the question normally. And when it became the Gremory girls and Irina’s turn……

Producer: “What’s your special skill?”

Xenovia: “To exorcise and then cut down. I’m confident in my sword technique.”

Director: “Nice ~.”

Producer: “Why did you want to become a magical girl?”

Rossweisse: “By that, do you mean why I learned magic? Well. It was handy in order to get a job in the place called Valhalla, and since magic is our status back there, I thought it was necessary and learned it. Not only do I know the Norse-style, but lately I have expanded my area of expertise into black magic, white magic, and summoning magic. I’m confident in my magic skills.”

Scriptwriter: “So you also made a setting for yourself. You are even wearing armour. You sure are into this role. Yup, yup.”

Producer: “Having a halo and wings on top of a magical girl’s costume! An Angel that is a magical girl sure is rare.”

Irina: “No, I am an Angel.”

Producer: “Oh my, you sure are confident to claim yourself as an “Angel” ~.”

Irina: “No, no, I really am an Angel. Look, it has the mark “Ace” on the back of my hand, right? This means that I’m the Ace of the Chief-Angel Michael-sama who is in Heaven~.”

Director: “Nice!”

…………That’s how it went, so this is just insane! All of you do realise that the others think that you are saying pretty weird stuff, don’t you!? There’s also something wrong with the director who is taking them seriously!

Rather, you have to keep those things as a secret to common people! W-Well, people who are here right now won’t take them seriously at all! For this day only, the girls I know have their tension going in a weird direction!

“There sure are unique girls today ~.”


Even the producer and the director seems to be having fun! Are there only weird staff in here!?

Though Akeno-san, Asia, and Koneko-chan answered them normally……

Then it became Leviathan-sama’s turn.

When Leviathan-sama walks to the front of the staff, she does a cute spin, and then gives them a wink.

“I’m Levia-tan☆. I love Milky so much that I came here today! Please take care of me♪. Yay☆.”

“That’s right. I even felt a strong passion from your document.”

“Yes, you are right about that, Producer-san! My first meeting with Milky was—”

Like this, Leviathan-sama starts to speak about the wonderfulness of Milky like an innocent fan girl while having her eyes sparkle with lights.

No matter how you look at her, she’s a passionate fan of Milky who is simply talking about the series, however the director and the scriptwriter are listening to her enthusiastically while nodding their heads. ……Well, it seems like Leviathan-sama is also having fun so never mind.

It seems like Leviathan-sama finished her appeal by getting a positive reaction from them.

“Mil-tan, will you please come next?”


At the same time as the producer’s voice, I can feel an indescribable type of force coming from the participants’ seat.

……A large shadow stands slowly from the seat. The one who walks before the staff while releasing a fighting will that can make me feel chills is—the giant girl born from a man, Mil-tan!

“Please take care of me –nyo.”

It seems like even the staff are pushed back by his overwhelming presence. Of course they will be! No matter how you look at him, that person is clearly a creature that shouldn’t be here!

“……W-What is that creature……?”

Saji, who is looking inside the room together with me, mutters that out.

“Saji, that is the strongest “girl born from a man” on Earth. Did you know that he doesn’t even let the current Hakuryuukou sense his presence? By the way, he’s my regular customer.”

“Are you serious!? It’s the first time in my life I heard the words, “Girl born from a man”. What’s with those words which describes the sort of person I should never meet with……? Is he a human? Seriously, is it just me or are there only abnormal people who gather around you?”

“……I don’t know what to say when you ask me that.”

While Saji and I had such a conversation, Mil-tan’s interview continues.

“……I will ask you just in case. What is your special skill?”

“I can make contacts with fairies and use different kinds of magic –nyo.”

“I see. Except, that will be the same as other participants you know?”

That’s what the scriptwriter says…… No no, this is turning into a crazy situation. Probably because our girls said similar things, the staff don’t even budge at Mil-tan’s words!

“Then I will show you all, Mil-tan’s magical power –nyo.”

Mil-tan lifts a pipe chair after saying that. Then all of the muscles in his body gets buffed! His arms! His back! While his muscles increase and gets larger, Mil-tan starts to bend, crushes and twists, the chair with ease!


A horrifying sound that you shouldn’t be hearing in the audition for the casting for a film echo within the hall!

What is that person doing!?

Everyone including us and those in the hall are in shock! Mil-tan continues to compress the chair! Eventually, the chair that starts to change its shape and is getting smaller becomes the size where it can fit Mil-tan’s palm!


As if he’s making sushi, the thing that is born within Mil-tan’s hands is the pitiful state of the pipe chair that has been compressed.

—It has changed into a distorted metal sphere.

Mil-tan shows that to the staff with a smile.

“It’s the magic where I can change the pipe chair into a metal sphere -nyo. My magical powers, do you believe it now –nyo?”

I keep on telling you that it isn’t your magical powers! That’s brute strength! I just witnessed a crazy alchemy!

“Mil-tan asks for a role where I can heal people’s hearts –nyo.”

You have the role where you destroy things! I don’t get healed by you even by a bit! The staff and the participants are all shivering in fear at Mil-tan’s strength!


The director raises his body up and is enjoying it! This person is useless!

Look carefully! Look! Glare at him! Where in this world is there a magical girl with muscles like thiiiiiiiis!?

Man, this is one crazy audition! I hold my head down since I’m tired at making tsukkomis inside myself!

Mil-tan’s appeal time ends, and the next person gets called.

“Then next is Rias Gremory-san.”

—! It’s Buchou’s turn! When I look towards Buchou—she has her face red while her whole body trembles.

There is a reason why she is trembling. By now, the costume she is wearing isn’t the problem……

After she passed the first test, she told me this while we were on our way to this hall.

“……I-I-I told Leviathan-sama that I will be making my appeal, if I pass even a single test, exactly the way Leviathan-sama told me to during my turn to make my appeal……”

It seems like Leviathan-sama prepared a script for Buchou and Kaichou for their time to make their appeal as well. Buchou and Kaichou assumed that they wouldn’t pass the audition that easily, so they made a promise with her light-heartily.

Since that actually happened, Buchou has been cornered to an extreme situation. Both of them have their faces stiff!

Buchou turns around to look at Leviathan-sama. Leviathan-sama is looking at Buchou with an expression that is filled with hope. ……What innocent eyes she has. She’s purely looking forward to it. For Buchou to do the magical girl appeal that she thought up of!

There’s no way Buchou can break the promise she made, so—. Buchou got up from her seat, and walks towards the staff.

She then takes a breath—. By making a cute voice, Buchou then says it.

“Magical Girl Ria! I’m going to annihilate the heinous villains all at once with my twinkling magic☆”

That’s how we go back to the current time……

Buchou, I think that you are cute!

“Magical Girl Sona! I’m going to eliminate many brutal villains with my dazzling magic☆”

After seeing Sona-kaichou who forcefully says that after her, Leviathan-sama and Saji both burst out blood from their noses and got into a dancing madly state.

At the end, Buchou, Kaichou, Leviathan-sama, and several participants including Mil-tan go through to the third test—.

Part 4

We are transported by bus that evening, and the test location changes.

“……I want to die.”

“…..Yes, me too.”

We are cheering Buchou and Kaichou who are feeling down inside the bus. Seriously, both of you worked hard. However, this audition which is a bit wrong continues on.

The place we arrived at by bus is one of the locations for filming and it’s an abandoned building which is near the port.

It seems like they will be checking on how they can act by filming style. They sure are putting lot of effort into this since they are using this filming location.

When I was thinking like that, several suspicious looking women who are wearing black robes appear from behind the building.

They direct their hostility and killing intent towards us, and then stand right in front of us. ……Who are they? They are clearly no average people.

“We are one of the faction within the Khaos Brigade, the magicians that belong to “Nilrem”. We came to protest against the Maou Leviathan who is insulting us who use magic.”

Khaos Brigade!? In a place like this!? And they are magicians!? So they are the rumoured bunch that are after Leviathan-sama! I never expected that they will make their move in a place like this! There are also civilians here you know! Actually, they won’t think about things like that since they are terrorists!

“Hmm? Is this a surprise show?”

Like that, the Producer-san and the others seem like they don’t know the situation we are in! It will be bad if we drag in civilians in a place like this! While the tension rises, the other participants and staff starts to dazzle.

“Huh……I’m getting sleepy……”

One after another, they start to collapse.

“I thought it will be bad for them to get dragged into this, so I had them go to sleep☆”

Leviathan-sama winks at me while having her finger glow with demonic-power.

Oh! Nice move! She put all the civilians to sleep with a single finger!

“Ise, everyone, take those who are uninvolved with this to a safe place!”

“Roger that!”

We, Buchou’s servants, move the staff that are laying on the floor to somewhere far as she had ordered!

“Now then, Sona-chan, Rias-chan! This is Magical Girls VS Magical Girls! Let’s make our magic sparkle! Okay? We will do it while saying those phrases we practiced yesterday!”

Even under this situation, Leviathan-sama asks for something reckless to Buchou and Kaichou. Both of them are in shock!

“Eeh!? In a place like this!?”

“O-Onee-sama! Please think of the place and time! Our opponents are the terrorists!”

Even though Leviathan-sama was told off by Kaichou who seems to be a bit mad, she doesn’t stop her fearless smile by saying “Ufufu”.

“The magical girl costume that the two of you are wearing is made in a special way such that you need to use the method we practised yesterday in order to unleash your demonic-power once you wear it! Now then, let’s shoot a magical☆demonic-power together!”

“I-It can’t be! You put a trick like that in this costume!?”

“Onee-sama! Geez! Why do you keep on doing things like this!?”

Both of them yell out their dissatisfaction, however our opponents aren’t kind enough to wait for them.

“Don’t look down on witches!”

“Die, Devils!”

By activating their magic-circles, they start to release attacks with different kinds of attributes such as fire, lightning, and water towards us!

We wait for Buchou’s command while dodging them!

“I won’t forgive evil magicians –nyo!”

Mil-tan grabs a drum barrel nearby, and throws it towards the witches! Hey, he’s fighting against the witches with his fists!

“Milkyyyyyyyy Spiraaaaaaaal Boooooooomb!”

He starts to destroy the fireball and ice-spear made from magic that was released by the witches with his fists!

“What is……just what on earth is he!?”

“Is this a new species in the Underworld!?”

Even the witches are in shock! Of course! He finally uses “that” stick to take down the witches attacks, so just who on earth is Mil-tan!?

Wait, why is Mil-tan awake!? Didn’t Leviathan-sama’s demonic-power work on him!?

Buchou has her whole body shaking, and yells out with tears in her eyes as if she had given up.

“Gremory Stiiiiiiiick!”

While releasing a lovely effect from the accessory on her chest, the magical stick appears!

“Sitri Stiiiiiiiick!”

Likewise, Kaichou also makes the magical stick appear while shedding tears of embarrassment.

Leviathan-sama also takes out her magical stick, and then calls out to Buchou, Kaichou, and the girls from both groups.

“Now then, let’s go, everyone! Levia-Beeeeeeeeam!”

“Ria Shining Love Fiiiiiiiire!”

“Sona Lightning Aqua Juuuuuuuustice!”

Having the Maou lead them, Buchou and Kaichou release a powerful magical attack!

On top of that, the attack from the girls of the Gremory-group and the Sitri-group are added to them. So the filming location gets blown by an incredible amount of demonic-powers! There are cute looking star marks and heart marks scattering everywhere the moment when Buchou and Kaichou released their demonic-powers!


It seems like the real witches aren’t able to stand up against the impact of their attacks. The terrorist witches are defeated by the attacks from the Devils that are cosplaying as magical girls.

I left the duty to take the civilians that are on the ground to Saji and Kiba, and use this opportunity to—.

“Take this, Dress Break!”


I blew away the witches clothing with my demonic-powers, and I am enjoying their naked bodies. Gufufu!


Koneko-chan’s karate chop hits me lightly on my back.

“……K-Koneko-chan, since when were you there……?”

“……Erotic action is forbidden.”

The battle ended while I was being caught, and the battle ends with our win.

Well, we are with Maou Leviathan-sama who is said to be the strongest female Devil, so we won’t lose easily like that.

“……Geez, I don’t want to get involved in such things like this ever again.”

“……You are right. I’m sorry for dragging you into this, Rias.”

Buchou and Kaichou take a breath while enduring the embarrassment, however—.

I hear a light sound which went, “pon”. Apart from Leviathan-sama and Rossweisse-san, the girls that are cosplaying as magical girls including Buchou and Kaichou have their costumes disappear and they are all fully naaaaked!

“Huh, maybe the spell on the costume lost its effect due to having a battle?”

Leviathan-sama says that while tilting her head, however—.


Most of the girls scream out while hiding their body. Though there are people like Xenovia and Akeno-san who are still calm even if they are naked!

My nose bursts out loads of blood due to the naked body festival! Wow! Everyone's in the nude! Especially the naked bodies of the Sitri girls are rare! This is the best! I need to save them in my brain on behalf of Saji as well!

When I was staring at their naked bodies with really keen eyes, several of the girls directed their gazes at me which carried dangerous intensity.

They have dangerous amounts of demonic-power glowing in their hands. ……Eh, is that perhaps……

[Don’t look!]

Powerful demonic-power attacks are released towards me!


I got dragged into an explosion, and screamed out loud!

While I fall on the ground, I thought, “……I don’t need a magical girl for a while”.

Later that day. Obviously the audition got cancelled. We had the director and the other civilians lose their memory regarding this incident, and made it as though Buchou and the others never participated.

Leviathan-sama was really sad, but we need her to endure it. Rather, what will she do if she actually passed……

Mil-tan……had disappeared before we realised it after that. You sure are full of mysteries, Mil-tan!

Leviathan-sama also said this after seeing Mil-tan;

“That child had pure and powerful eyes. Maybe that child was a magical girl that had an equal or greater Milky power than me. I still have spare evil-pieces, so I really want to scout that child into my group☆”

There are so many comments I can say regarding that, so I didn’t know how to answer her!

“……Fuu, I don’t want to think about magical girls for a while.”

Buchou makes a sigh at the clubroom.

“But I thought you were cute when you were dressed as a magical girl, Buchou.”

When I said that, Buchou says this while having her cheeks go red.

“Thank you. If I was able to make you say that to me, then I’m starting to think a little that it was a good thing.”

No I’m serious, you were seriously cute!

Episode Issei.2

——Like that, such a thing happened.

We moved our location from my room to the underground pool where we continued our discussion at the table by the poolside.

We were looking through the documents, but came to the pool to take a break. Since its winter, we were using hot water for the pool!

I’m just wearing a single swimwear. Maybe Ravel isn’t going to swim, so she’s wearing a shirt above her swimsuit……but even then, I can still tell how massive her breasts are even though she’s wearing a shirt!

Akeno-san is wearing a swimsuit which reveals a lot of her skin! Like always, there isn’t anything much covering her skin so I’m grateful for that!

Sona-kaichou is wearing a one piece type swimsuit with cute patterns on it. This is simply something you would say is rare! Isn’t Kaichou in a swimsuit something you wouldn’t be able to see so often!?

“I’m sure Ise-kun is the first man to see me in a swimsuit besides my family.”

Kaichou says something like that! Seriously!? Saji, I’m sorry! I think I stole another first-time thing from you again! It feels like I will be cursed to death by him for real……

The Grim Reaper girl, Bennia, doesn’t even change into a swimsuit, and—.

《This place here calms me the most.》

She is hiding under the table. She’s drinking her tea under us. ……She’s a weird girl.

Now then, the ones who are swimming in the underground pool that has a length of 100 metres are—.

“I won’t lose to Irina!”

“I won’t lose to Xenovia!”

Xenovia and Irina who were in here before us were having an extreme swimming competition. Along with the loud sound of water splashing, they are splashing huge quantities of water.

“Please don’t lose both of you!”

The one cheering them both is Asia wearing her swimsuit.

……And the one who is inside the pool right next to her is a golden creature! Fafnir! There is a huge Dragon that is inside the warm pool!

[Asia-tan in her school swimsuit. I, want to drink the pool water that Asia-tan swam in.]

……He’s too much of a perv…… There is Ophis sitting on his head. And there is Rasse that is sitting on Ophis’s head……seriously, what is it with this three layers of Dragons!?

“I, with this three-combination, think, can challenge Great-Red.”

That’s not combining! It’s only three Dragons that are sitting on top of each other!

By the way Ddraig-san, what do you think of the Pantsu Dragon-King?

[I, don’t see anything.]

This is useless. He’s already broken. He even copied the manner in which Fafnir talks…… You must be tired, rest quietly for today Ddraig…… My partner is becoming even more of a lively Heavenly-Dragon.

Returning back to the story, Rias in her magical girl’s costume was cute. I have it saved permanently inside the folder in my head……gufufu!

……More importantly, did Mil-tan get an offer from Leviathan-sama after that? I’m so scared that I can’t ask them…… I’m so frightened because it seems possible that he would be the servant of a Maou the next time I see him since its Mil-tan!

Anyway, I wonder if those witches from the Khaos Brigade that attacked us at that audition are the same as those group that intruded into this town several days ago.

“I wonder if the group called [Nilrem] from the Khaos Brigade are the ones that attacked us earlier.”

When I said that, Akeno-san nods.

“There are quite a number of groups of magicians.”

Like Akeno-san said, there are other magicians associations.

Except, the one that has a deep connection with the Devils right now is the organisation where Mephisto Pheles is acting as the chairman. Their official name is [Grauzauberer]. So it means that the ones who sent their documents to us is them.

There are other organisations such as the “Golden Dawn” that MacGregor Matters-san from the Lucifer-group co-founded, and they are famous for being an organisation that uses modern magic.

Also, the organisation called [Rosenkreuzer] that Rudiger Rosenkreuz-san (one of my aims!), the one who became a reincarnated Devil from being a human and the one who rose up to become the Ultimate-class Devil, previously belonged to is also a famous magicians’ organisation.

Since Devils and magicians are close, I memorised the famous organisations in my head and kept repeating them in my head many times.

It happens when I was recalling about the information on the magicians’ organisations in my head. There are those that came down to this underground pool.

“Nya, I’m so tired.”

An erotic Onee-san in a black kimono! It’s Kuroka!

She came down to the poolside while being listless. Le Fay is following behind her and politely bows her head to us saying, “H-Hello”.

The reason why Sona-kaichou and Akeno-san put on a bit of a stern look is probably because they still have doubts about Kuroka. More importantly, is the reason why Sona-kaichou isn’t shocked to see Kuroka and Le Fay because she was informed about it by Rias beforehand?

“I’m back nya~.”

Kuroka approaches me and hugs onto meeeeee!

The soft “Boin” sensation passes through to my whole body! Her huge, white, and smooth oppai are so exposed from her loose kimono!

She then rubs her cheek against mine.

“Sekiryuutei-chan♪ I want you to heal me since I’m tired~.”

……I can smell something really good from her black hair…… It feels like my brain will melt from the aroma of an older woman!

E-Ever since she started lodging at my house, she clearly is increasing the number of times she is getting close to me! I’m happy though!

Hey, Akeno-san will put on an unpleasant face so stop that!

Do you even know that Akeno-san acts listless and doesn’t act like her age when girls that aren’t close to me come near me!? Though that’s also a cute side of hers!

“K-Kuroka! D-Didn’t you go to Vali’s side after being called out by him?”

I say that to Kuroka who is rubbing against me. When we fought the group of magicians in order to save Koneko-chan, Gasper, and Ravel, these two left us and went to the place where Vali was. It’s certain that something happened there.

Kuroka says it while sighing.

“That’s right~. The thing is, Aži Dahāka came and attacked us~.”


Everyone here (me, Akeno-san, Ravel, and Sona-kaichou) are in shock because of what Kuroka said.

Of course! Aži Dahāka!? That’s one of the Evil-Dragons that Sensei mentioned!

“……That’s one of the Evil-Dragons that died. If I remember correctly, it was said to be one of the fiendish Dragons……”

When Ravel said that, Sona-kaichou continues.

“A wicked Dragon that controlled one thousand magic and pointed his fang against the army of the good Gods of the Zoroastrianism. It was said that it was killed by the hero Θraētaona and left in a state where it was basically sealed. ……If that Dragon was also resurrected in this world, similar to Grendel, then that means……”

……Something insane is happening right now.

So does that mean Khaos Brigade and Grayfia-san’s brother are trying to resurrect the Evil Dragons that were dead……?

Even Grendel was brutal and strong. I wonder how strong Aži Dahāka is, who is more evil than Grendel!

[……You can say this is our do or die moment. As a Sekiryuutei that is.]

Even Ddraig is saying that with a tone that carried his determination. ……That means that I should prepare myself to face them in the worst situation there is, right……? Geez, so I don’t even have the time to rest.

Kuroka takes her cheek away from me and puts on a bit of a serious look.

“……We were travelling around the world, seeking for strong foes like them and the hidden mysteries of the world, however……that was clearly the strongest foe we ever faced.”

After Kuroka takes my teacup without my permission and drinks it, she continues.

“……That Evil Dragon came at us while laughing, even if we punched, kicked, or cut him. And that’s while spurting blood from all over his body, you know? He didn’t show any sign of going down at all. ……That thing was broken. It wasn’t normal. I personally think it’s the kind of monster you shouldn’t fight –nya. He was so tough that it convinces me why the hero whatever his name was, was only able to seal him.”

……So it was tougher than Grendel…… Just the fact about that Dragon not going down against her full team basically proves how broken that Dragon is……!

Ddraig says it with a low tone.

[……If it’s possible, I don’t want to fight it. Most likely, Albion feels the same. You should avoid those who have both the desire to destroy everything and themselves, partner.]

Even Ddraig who is courageous and has a sturdy spirit is against fighting the Evil Dragons……

Le Fay continues after Kuroka.

“After that, the other deceased Dragon, Grendel, and a man wearing a robe appeared front of us……then Aži Dahāka and Grendel started fighting amongst themselves to decide which one of them will fight us. We only found it as a disastrous situation, so we decided to take our leave temporarily.”

Yeah, Euclid and Grendel were certainly saying something like that before leaving. I see, so they fought against each other at the location where they teleported to.

No, maybe Evil-Dragons don’t have the sense of being comrades? ……I can feel the chills because it’s basically showing what Ddraig said about Evil-Dragons not having proper brains.

“Even Vali who happily fought that was an incredible idiot –nya.”

Kuroka says that as if she finds it astonishing. I agree. That guy needs to have a hobby besides fighting.

“May I ask you several questions regarding that afterwards?”

Sona-kaichou asks Le Fay. Even the magical girl responds honestly by saying, “Yes”.


Kuroka then says it while holding my nose.

“You shouldn’t become a Dragon like that, okay? I’m definitely positive that you have to stay being an Oppai Dragon –nya.”

“I—don’t want to become like Vali and the Evil-Dragons.”

That’s what I strongly believe. Even Kuroka nods her head saying, “Good boy”.

Then Kuroka asks to change the subject.

“So, what were you talking about?”

“Regarding the magicians and their organisations.”

When I said that, Ravel explains the situation to Kuroka and Le Fay. Then Le Fay puts her hand up and says it timidly.

“The truth is, I was originally in “Golden Dawn”. Over there I acquired modern magic, and spells that were forbidden by the magician organisations.”

Oh, so that’s why she was using those rare magic. During the Mid-class promotion, we were sequestered into a dimension field at the Underworld by Cao Cao, and Le Fay’s teleporting spell played a big role back then.

Ravel says it while blowing her cheeks.

“Regarding the name of the organisations, the group of Maverick Magicians that attacked us in the incident the other day, —[Hexennacht]! I won’t forget the name of those outlaws!”

And it seems like the possessor of [Incinerate Anthem] which is one of the Longinus, is within that group called [Hexennacht]. And I hear that the possessor is one of their leaders. ……A Longinus possessor who is a leader of the group of ruffians. It sure is a troublesome mix. If it’s possible, I don’t want to get involved with them……

Akeno-san says it after nodding her head.

“Certainly, those are the famous magicians’ organisations. Though the main magicians we, the youth Devils, deal with are those from Mephisto-sama’s organisation.”

Well, even Rias and Sensei told me that it won’t be a problem if I only remember the name of [Grauzauberer] at my current situation.

Maybe it will be okay if I am cautious of the group of Maverick Magicians, [Hexennacht], and the magicians’ faction of Khaos Brigade, [Nilrem].

“There sure are many things I need to remember…… The road to becoming a High-class Devil sure is hard.”

I take a breath. There are many things I need to remember, but I won’t be able to walk ahead unless I remember all of them. I am a Mid-class Devil after all, so I have to be aware and hold responsibility. It’s an unforgivable thing……if I don’t know anything during crucial times.

“It sure is tough aiming to become a High-class Devil –nya. Though I think Sekiryuutei-chin is alright to be an Ultimate-class Devil in terms of strength. It’s a cruel reality that your brain has to catch up to that level.”

Kuroka sits on my lap. This Onee-san sure does acts like however she wants to!

Sona-kaichou then says it while smiling.

“However, you may be right. If you get promoted, then you will be able to attain evil-pieces which will allow you to have servants that will support you, and depending on the way you use them, things may become easier for you in the future. Except, it means you will have greater responsibility by becoming a [King].”

That certainly is true. Just like how Rias does her job with us, I may be able to split the amount of work if I get my servants in the future.

Ah, now I have a question. Actually, it has been bugging me for a while.

“By the way, who did you make your servant first, Kaichou?”

Yeah, it’s regarding the circumstances of the Sitri group. Who did she make her servant first? I want to use that as a reference for the future.

“Me? It was Tsubaki. I met her as soon as I came to Japan and made her my servant.”

So she made the vice-president her servant first. Well, it does seem like they have known each other the longest.

Akeno-san continues while putting on sad eyes.

“Tsubaki……also went through many things. I’m sure it was fortunate for her to have met Sona.”

“Yes, I’m also glad I met her as well.”

……I have heard a bit about Tsubaki-senpai before. She was born in the Shinra-clan that has an ancient and honourable origin that purifies evils, but due to her trait that calls out to abnormal beings through her mirrors, she was in a state which was basically isolation.

She overcame that by becoming a Devil, and changed it to her own powers. That was Tsubaki-senpai’s Sacred Gear, [Mirror Alice].

I then ask Akeno-san.

“You were Rias’s first servant, right Akeno-san?”

I was told that before.

“Yes, that’s correct. I am Rias’s first servant.”

Akeno-san puts her cup away and then started speaking.

“This is a good occasion, so let me talk a bit about it. My first meeting with Rias—”

That is a story about the beginning of the two little girls—.

Life.2 Scarlet and Crimson

Part 1

—Who am I?

When I, Himejima Akeno, was young, I kept on asking myself that question.

I, who had lost my mother by the hands of those who detest the Fallen Angels, disagreed with my father Barakiel, and continued to have a lifestyle where I travelled to different places by myself when I was ten years old. It’s an age where it was practically impossible to live on one's own.

I even remembered how my younger self believed strongly that I still have to keep on living on my own. I definitely can’t rely on my father. If I do……I feel like my heart will break from the sorrow of losing my mother and being scared at the hatred others had towards my father.

What I had in my hand was my pocket money with only a bit of savings in it. ……I was thinking of buying a present for my mother on her birthday using that money.

I did my best to not use that money, but I couldn’t overcome my empty stomach that had reached its limit, and I ended up using it while I kept on apologising to my mother inside myself. The memory of that time is still buried strongly in me.

There is a limit to money. It’s not infinite. I didn’t have my father and my mother. I needed to somehow make some money despite being a child.

However, there was no way that there were places that would hire a child that was merely ten years old.

……My merit is the ability to control lightning that was passed down from my father and the power to purify spirits that I learned from my mother.

It happened on a certain day. I helped a child that was possessed by an evil spirit by chance. Then the child’s parents gave me a small quantity of snacks.

I thought that this was it. That this was the only thing I was able to do—.

From then on, I started to talk to the people that were possessed by evil spirits, purified them, and had a lifestyle where I received a bit of money and food from them.

I couldn’t have a luxurious life. I didn’t have any place to live. However, I was able to survive.

—Akeno, I will teach you how to drive away scary ghosts.

……What my mother taught me helped me to survive. It was lonely to sleep by myself……however I didn’t want to die yet.

After that, I travelled around Japan, I started to learn how to communicate with abnormal beings, and was able to take my distance from humans.

If I had to be grouped, then I would be grouped with the abnormal beings. Even though I have an appearance of a human, I carry the blood of a Fallen Angel. So it isn’t wrong for me to be classified as a non-human being.

I had realised that despite being only ten years old. It was easier not to be hurt when I interact with others while telling myself that.

There were those that wanted to take me in from the people who I had saved from the evil spirits. If there were people who actually mean it, there were also people who had other intentions. I was even able to realise that.

I even found myself being chased. I was also targeted many times, like the time I stepped foot on the territory under the jurisdiction of the Church that detests Fallen Angels, and also by trainee monks who saw me as a hindrance to their job.

A year and a half had passed since I had a lifestyle like that—.

Around the time I had started to become familiar with travelling around the country purifying evil spirits, I had become friends with small Oni, and was able to control them.

It happened when I sneaked into this certain town located in the T-prefecture. I had contact with a human that was capable of talking to spirits for a temporary time due to making a pact with a Devil. That person accidentally spoke to an evil spirit, got possessed by it, and almost got killed by it. I ended up saving that person.

I should have ignored that person, but I didn’t have any choice since that person muttered out, “Save me”. By the time I realised it, I had saved that person from the evil spirit.

It was only afterwards that I would come to know that he was someone that had been making a pact with the servant Devil of the current Head of the House of Gremory. But at that time, I realised it was my mistake for stepping foot into the Devil’s territory.

The fact about the Devils fighting against the Fallen Angels was knowledge that I attained during my journey. I am a being that carries the blood of a Fallen Angel. If I step my foot into their territory, it wouldn’t be weird for me to become their target.

There was a high possibility that the Devils knew that I got into contact with one of the humans they have a pact with.

……There are many Devils that have strong pride. If they come to find out about a mere Fallen Angel girl getting in contact with their client…… They will come to eliminate me to get rid of their disgrace.

I hid myself in the abandoned temple within that city, and decided to observe silently for a while. It was best to not get involved if you get wrapped into such cases.

For a child like me it was impossible to fight a grown up Devil.

It happened several days after I hid myself in the temple.

I sensed a presence that was coming closer to me. I tried to look outside timidly from the broken door. And what appeared in front of my eyes was—a crimson.

A beautiful crimson hair. A girl who looked like she was the same age as me. That girl who has an aura of someone who isn’t a human like myself, was looking around the surroundings.

I hid my presence, and hid myself behind the tree after exiting the temple without making a sound.

Staying inside the temple won’t be a good idea. A location that is known is the same as an easy target for them, and there won’t be anything left of me if I were attacked first.

The crimson haired girl says it with a loud voice.

“If you are here, then please come out. If you are willing to talk seriously about the reason for you to enter the territory of someone close to me, then I won’t do anything like blaming you for it.”

……I can’t trust what a Devil would say. Like I expected, it seems like they found out about me who purified the evil spirit.

She’s a Devil despite having a cute face like that. And from what I can understand by searching through her aura, I can see that she is a child from a high quality Devil. ……I probably won’t be able to stay alive if I go against her.

Even after that, she starts to talk in a persuasive manner, however I did not show myself in front of her. I simply have to turn my presence off and wait for her to leave. However, since she has found out about this place, then it will be good for me to leave here right away. I will need a new place where I can hide myself.

When I was thinking about the dangerous situation I was in, the crimson haired girl sighs, probably because I didn’t show myself.

She then says this.

“……The truth is, there are mountaineering ascetics that are looking for you. Those humans came to negotiate with us. They said, “Can you leave the Fallen Angel girl to us?”—.”


Hearing that, my body shivered. It’s most likely them.

The group of mountaineering ascetic that started appearing in places where I visited since a year ago. They aren’t after me because I’m a hindrance to their job—.

The crimson haired girl then says this.

“……Before those people appear in front of you, come to my side. I won’t treat you badly. As long as you explain the situation to me, I will give you the most support I can.”

Her words were so gentle…..that it sounded like my deceased mother.

Yes, that girl was Rias—.

Part 2

—I had a dream. A carefree life from back then I dearly miss.

“Hey, Kaa-sama. Will Akeno also make a friend?”

“Yes, you definitely will. Akeno, what do you want to do with your friend when you make one?”

“Umm……Akeno wants to go to see different places, go to the same school, and join the same “club” as her.”

“……Do you want to go to school, Akeno?”

“It’s okay. Akeno will be alright as long as Akeno has Kaa-sama and Tou-sama.”

“……I hope that you make a kind friend.”

“Yup! And Akeno wants a husband who will be strong and kind like Tou-sama!”

“Ufufu, if your father hears that, then he will be troubled.”


“That’s because, your father—.”


When I open my eyes, I realise that there are tears in my eyes.

After packing my bag quickly, I left the abandoned temple that I was using as the place to sleep.

It’s exactly about time for the sunrise. While the morning mist is still up, I sprinted through the forest that is next to the highway.

The reason why I didn’t make my move during late at night is because the time during then is the active time for Devils. If it’s this time during the sunrise, then I will be able to leave this town safely—.

If it’s now, I can understand I had a naïve way of thinking due to being a child back then.

When I was about to exit the forest—.

Something covers me from the side while grasping hold of me.

I then had a feeling that the aura coming from my whole body is disappearing right away. –When I looked, there is a net around my body.

……It’s not a mere net. The more I struggle, the more it feels like it will drain that much of strength from me. It must be a net with a special spell on it.

RING RING ……Then a unique sound of a staff echoes throughout the forest creepily.

“—I have found you.”

There was a single low-voice of a man.

“—The cursed daughter born from our Himejima bloodline.”

From behind the trees,

“—The child that carries the blood of that black Angel.”

—Several mountaineering ascetics sedge-woven hat who are carrying a staff appears.

“—It has been a while, Akeno.”

A voice with dignity says that to me. I’m familiar with this voice.

The mountaineering ascetics make a path and the one who appears in front of me is man who has passed his middle age. He takes his sedge-woven hat off, and looks at me who is captured by the net. His eyes are filled with sadness.


Yes, this old man is someone from the Himejima. To me, he is my granduncle from my mother’s side.

Himejima are a clan that has been affiliated with Shinto since ancient times. My mother’s family is also entrusted with a Shinto shrine with history behind it. The other mountaineering ascetics must be the relatives of Himejima.

Granduncle says it to me while bending down.

“I won’t let you escape now. I must get rid of Himejima’s shame today. You understand me, right?”

—A shame.

For them, it’s said that the daughter from Himejima was taken and used by a Fallen Angel, and I……am known as a cursed child that was born from them. For that reason I am a shame to them.

Himejima is a Shinto clan with historical background. For that reason, breeding with another kind is an unforgivable act.

If it gets found out by the Japanese God they serve, they won’t know what kind of penalty they will receive.

……The oath and cleanness towards the rules of Himejima are absolute, and as a result, my mother died—.

I, who have lost my mother and have rejected my father, wandered throughout the country, and ended up being targeted by those from Himejima. A child that will taint the name of Himejima must be a being they can’t allow to exist.

“……I simply want to live.”

I said that while actually meaning that. There isn’t any falsehood behind that.

I……am an outcast who couldn’t go after my mother and couldn’t follow my father. However, it feels like I will be rejecting all the experience I had in that house if I were to die, and I simply hated the idea of that happening.

Granduncle breathes out in grief, and shook his head to the side.

“Do you really think a human with black wings will be able to experience the life of a normal person? In the past one year and six months, you should have realised it when you travelled to different areas. ……You are a smart child after all. For a monster to attain the living style of a human, did you not come to realise that it isn’t something you can achieve with an ordinary strength?”

……Yes, I have witnessed it. While I was travelling throughout the country, I came to understand that in order for someone who has an extraordinary power, you would need a strong determination and strength to live like a normal person.

I still don’t have a strong determination and strength. For that reason I became scared many times. I started to think that there isn’t any place for me in this world—.

—No, I am here!

I am living here! I still…..can’t die! I don’t want to die!

I make lightning within my hand and released it towards the Himejima mountaineering ascetics!

While making a bright flash, my lightning strikes between them. Possibly due to the power of my lighting being stronger than they imagined, it seems like I got them while they let their guard down, and they didn’t know where to aim their staff at.


Granduncle makes a loud voice. It seems like a strong spiritual power was released at the same time, and it disperses my lightning.

……It looks like my lightning won’t work on granduncle. Even though it ended like this, I did increase the power since the last time I fought him……

The mountain ascetics fix their stance, and increase their hatred toward me.

“Damn! The power of her “Light and Thunder” is getting more powerful as days pass!”

“If we don’t take her down quickly, we will be the ones getting killed eventually!”

The mountain ascetics direct their staff at me—.



The small Onis stands in front of me to protect me from the mountain ascetics.

No! All of you will be wiped out!


I desperately move my body despite being wrapped in the net, and use my whole body to protect the Onis.

“……So you will protect the Onis huh. Looks like you have also inherited the blood from that girl Shuuri.”

Granduncle points his staff at me cold heartedly, who is protecting the Onis. A powerful power gathers at the tip of his staff.

I will most likely die if I get hit by it.

“I’m sorry, but this is the end for you. It seems like the black Angels aren’t interfering. The least I can do is to send you off without any pain.”

……I hate men. I really hate adults. They were only worried about how they will appear to others, and didn’t forgive my mother at the end……! They also see me as a disgusting creature.

I hide my hatred towards them and tell my Granduncle my last wish.

“……Please spare these small Onis.”

“……Sure, very well.”

“One more. ……Please put my grave next to Kaa-sama’s……I beg you.”

“I cannot allow that. You are an existence that was not supposed to exist. I will only promise you the matter regarding the small Onis.”

……I didn’t have that much expectation for him to approve the latter wish. However, it was a faint hope I held that it was possible.

However, as long as the small Onis will be safe then it’s all right.


The small Onis are shedding tears because they are worried about me.

It’s all right. Thank you for serving me until now.

It’s okay. Live on behalf of me.

All of you shouldn’t hold a grudge against them.

It seems like the small Onis understood what I want to tell them without saying it to them.

Granduncle’s staff gathered even more powerful spiritual power, and it happens when he was about to unleash it towards me. When I close my eyes, I hear a voice.

“—Hold on.”

The light gathered around the staff disappears due to that voice.

The mountain ascetics and my eyes move towards the depth of the forest.

The one who appears from there is a crimson haired girl, —Rias Gremory. Next to her is a middle aged man wearing butler’s clothing who has a refined look.

Rias then says.

“There are some personal questions I want to ask that girl.”

Since the mountain ascetics know that the identity of this girl is a Devil, they point their staff at Rias.

Granduncle says it to Rias without getting that shocked.

“The Gremory’s daughter. I’m sure I had talked to you regarding this……”

Rias continues on while putting on a fearless smile.

“Yes, you sure did. I do think this problem is the matter of your clan. However, tell me one thing. What will you do with this girl? Are you planning to kill her?”

“……And what will you do if that’s what we are planning to do?”

She then says this to what my granduncle said.

“If you are planning to kill her, then I will be taking her.”

The mountain ascetics starts to stir up at her words.

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Damn Devil!”

“This is the problem of our Himejima clan!”

They start to say abusive words to her. Granduncle then calms them down.

“Calm down, all of you. ……Gremory’s daughter, are you planning to interfere in our problem?”

The two sides then glare at each other, and the man who was next to Rias gets in-between them and tells my granduncle while smiling.

“Now now, please calm down. I am the [Bishop] of the current Head of the House of Gremory, and the one that is in charge of this area, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. Please call me Agrippa.”

Yes, I entered the territory of this person called Agrippa who happens to be a servant of the current Head of the House of Gremory.

The man with noble atmosphere who called himself Agrippa points towards the depth of the forest and says it.

“How about we have a little chat over there? Don’t you think having the children listen to the circumstance of us adults will only make them learn unnecessary abusive words?”

Since he is able to say this in front of Rias who is the daughter of his Master, it proves how much faith she has in him.

“…………Very well.”

My granduncle and others, the mountain ascetics, disappear into the depth of the forest. Rias removes the net around my body right away.

“You will be fine now.”

She shows a smile to me like a girl of her age. Rias then says it after staring at my black hair.

“You sure have beautiful black hair. I love the black hair of the Japanese people.”


Why is it? Her words are making me feel happier.

Is it perhaps because she is calling me “Japanese”? Or is it because she praised my black hair?

No, maybe because I’m feeling as though I was rescued by her attitude that is speaking to me while accepting who I am.

After a while, the mountain ascetics and Sir Agrippa return.

Granduncle says this to me who got untied.

“……Promise me two things. I will swear to you that we won’t lay our hands on you if you keep those promises. First, you must not step foot into the territory that is under our surveillance. Second, to stay besides that girl with crimson-hair every time you do something. As long as you keep these two promises, we will swear to you that we won’t lay our hands on you ever again.”


Granduncle said something that makes me believe this isn’t real. It was certainly something that I didn’t predict.

The mountain ascetics leave silently from me who has my mouth opening wider by the seconds. I can’t help it, so I ask him one question.

“…………May I introduce myself as “Himejima” from now on?”

Granduncle says it without turning back.

“……There are many others that carry that surname. Do as you like.”

Saying just that, granduncle and the others leave from this place.

The only ones left are Rias, Sir Agrippa, and I. Then Sir Agrippa says it to Rias.

“Now then, princess. I will leave the rest to you.”

He says it cheerfully.

This is something I found out afterwards, which is that Sir Agrippa suggested an idea to my granduncle that the House of Gremory will carry on the existence of me and my past history.

Then if I do something from now on, they will make it that “The one who serves the House of Gremory did that”. It seems like there were other suggestions from their side, but I heard that Sir Agrippa accepted all of their suggestions.

As a result, I did not get myself targeted by them ever again.

“Was it okay, Agrippa? Didn’t you need to do something due to the issue about our territory?”

Rias tries to confirm with him. Yes, I purified the human who has a pact with this person on my own. However, Sir Agrippa smiles gently.

“I do not have a hobby to pass a judgement on a small lady after all. However, it was fortunate. I will be leaving from this area next month and it was planned for me to work in a different country. If the Devil from a different household that will be taking this territory were to meet with this lady……that Devil wouldn’t have been merciful.”

Yes, I was fortunate. If I came here a month late—I probably wouldn’t be alive.

Devils……I thought they were a scary existence. However, these people I met who are from the House of Gremory—are Devils that are kind and strict.

Sir Agrippa pats my head.

“I’m very sorry for the fact that we, the Gremory, took everything from you which includes your birth. You probably had your reasons and you even had the history of your life till now. However, this was the only way to save you.”

I shake my head to the side, and put on a smile that I couldn’t show for a long time.

“No, I’m grateful that I was able to be safe like this.”

At that time, I said that while actually meaning it.

Even if the Himejima-clan were to forget me, just my existence will be the biggest proof that my mother, Himejima Shuuri, existed.

This is something I found out afterwards by some connections, but when I was being chased by the ones from Himejima, the one who saved me when I was in danger……was Azazel who was secretly hiding himself.

The thing that granduncle said that time, “It seems like the black Angels aren’t interfering” must mean him.

It must be an action he took on behalf of my father who wasn’t able to show himself in front of me. That person watched over me simply because I’m the daughter of his war buddy—.

Maybe he can’t forgive himself by thinking that he was the one that killed the wife of his war buddy.

Except, he doesn’t say anything.

No matter what time, he simply shows a smile of a naughty child to me—.

Part 3

What I witnessed when I stepped foot into the Underworld by having Rias take me was—a gorgeous and luxurious castle.

The one I met right away was Venelana-sama who happens to be Rias’s mother.

“How do you do? You must be the Fallen Angel lady that Rias mentioned. It’s nice to meet you, I am Rias’s mother, Venerana. It’s okay for you to think of this house as your own.”

Just like she said, I was welcomed into the Gremory’s castle with a special treatment.

She even taught me the way a lady should act, different kinds of knowledge, and even studies.

I went into a brilliant world that makes me think that the life I had until now wasn’t real.

About six months had passed since I started living in the Underworld, it happened when I was reading the book about monsters together with Rias in her room. I asked her.

“Hey, why are you doing this much for me?”

“Why are you asking me now? We may have met by a chance, but we are family now, you know?”

I felt as though I was really saved by Rias who said that.

Rias says it while she takes the chess piece on the chessboard into her hand.

“That’s right, I will be receiving the [Evil Pieces] soon. That’s why there is a part of me that is thinking of gathering my servants.”

“……So you are asking me to become your servant because I carry the blood of a Fallen Angel?”

“You saved a person that was possessed by an evil spirit in that town right? Why did you do that?”

“……That person was asking for help so I couldn’t resist.”

She makes a big nod with her head and then smiles.

“Yes, that! “A kind Fallen-Angel”! It sure did make me want to turn you into my servant!”

……I’m astonished. The truth is I thought of her as a weird Devil girl.

That’s because she wants a “kind Fallen-Angel”.


When I started laughing with amusement, Rias made a strange look while tilting her head.

“D-Did I say something weird?”

“Yup, I’m sure you are quite weird.”

“A-Am I……? But I thought you were a kind girl, that’s why I wanted to rescue you back then.”

“—! ……Rias, thank you. I was really happy back then.”

I was so indebted to Rias that I can’t thank her enough—.

After that, I started to gain knowledge about the Underworld, the Devils, and the Fallen-Angels, while living in the Gremory castle.

I usually stayed beside Rias, and had a lifestyle where I go between the human world and the Underworld with her. Rias took me to many places. There were many places in this world I didn’t know about.

“Look, Akeno! That’s the Niagara falls! But the great falls we saw in the Underworld before was even more amazing!”

Rias showed me all sorts of her expressions. Like when she was angry, when she smiled, and when she cried after being lectured by her mother. I always stood by her side and at times I cheered her up, at times I laughed together with her, and at times I argued with her.

Without realising it, she became someone who is irreplaceable.

Sirzechs-sama, Grayfia-sama, and their servants even treated me well. It was around then when I met Sona.

And around the time when Rias entered junior high, she received her evil pieces from her father.

“Akeno, will you become my [Queen]? ……Will you become a Devil and support me by staying next to me?”

I gave my answer, yes, to Rias who asked me with anxiety. There was no reason for me to refuse by this time.

After that, Rias took in Koneko-chan who was moping due to the troubles her actual sister, Kuroka, caused and then made Yuuto-kun into her servant.

Around the time when we moved up to the high school division of Kuou academy, Rias said this to me.

“Akeno. I’m thinking of joining a club when I enter the high school division of this Kuou academy.”

“What will you be joining? Sports club? Cultural club?”

She opens the pamphlet for the entrance to the high school division of Kuou academy happily.

“Now, what should I do? Sports club does sound wonderful and so does the cultural club, so it sure does make it hard for me to choose. Ufufu, I can imagine Sona becoming the student president of the student council.”

It seems like she is really happy that she will be entering the high school division of Kuou academy. She then takes an interest in the book I’m carrying.

“Akeno, what is that book?”

“This is a human’s book written about monsters and mysterious phenomenon. It’s a book with occult taste in it.”

She then says it after hearing my answer while looking through the books.

“Occult…… Then, let’s join the Occult Research Club!”

“Occult Research Club? B-But I’m sure that I saw on the documents that the club got abolished because there weren’t enough members……”

Rias then says it boldly and fearlessly at my words.

“I will revive it! Yup! I’ve decided! I will join the Occult Research Club! Akeno will be the vice-president! The members will be……Yuuto and Koneko, and then I shall form the club with my servants I still haven’t met with yet!”

She then tells me her big aim.

“Ufufu. Sure. Why not. I will be the vice-president. Let’s graduate from high school together.”

“Oh, I’m planning to go to University as well, you know?”

“Then, I will be tagging along with you until then.”

When I said that, she suddenly says no.


Rias takes my hand, and says this to me face to face.

“Akeno will be my [Queen] and my friend for the rest of my life.”

Yes, I understand. I am your [Queen]. So I will be staying by your side all the time.

I will be your friend forever. So let me say this.

——Thank you, Rias. Please take care of me from now on as well.

Episode Issei.3


I, Hyoudou Issei, am man-crying after hearing Akeno-san's past.

I never imagined Rias and Akeno-san had a fated meeting like that! No wonder the two of them are always together! I can also understand how Rias left here while entrusting this place to Akeno-san! So they were living together while trusting each other since that age huh.


Kuroka, who moved away from my lap to the chair next to me, is sleeping with boredom. ……This damn naughty cat……! That was a good story! Ravel says it while wiping her tears.

“I never knew Agrippa-sama had done such deeds.”

Akeno-san nods at Ravel’s words.

“Yes, he is positioned as the vice-chief engineer of the Demonic Power Research Institute that was organised by Sirzechs-sama. It certainly is an abnormal position amongst reincarnated Devils.”

Oh, so Agrippa-san who saved Akeno-san has an important role in that organisation huh. Is he among the people that are supporting us?

More importantly, even a reincarnated Devil can get an important role in such institutes by how you make achievements huh.

“……Nya, I will be swimming –nya.”

Kuroka opens her eyes while being half asleep. When she walks to the diving board, she takes her kimono off very daringly, and then jumps into the hot pool while being naked!

I can’t help myself but to be fascinated at the real breasts that are bouncing in front of me! More importantly, doesn’t she wear anything under her kimono!?

“So Koneko’s sister went huh. Good timing. Haa, haa.”

The one who shows up while saying that is Xenovia in her swimsuit! Probably because she finished her swimming race with Irina, she returns to where all of us are at.

“Ise, I’m going to excuse myself.”

Saying that—,Xenovia sits on my lap!

The sensation of Xenovia’s soft thighs and buttocks that I’m feeling with my legs!

Xenovia who is sitting on my lap says it while playing around with her hair.

“I was having a bet with Irina in our challenge. The one who wins in the swimming race will be able to sit on Ise’s lap.”

You guys were swimming while making a bet like that!? And did you two ignore my opinion regarding that!?

Irina who is also in her swimsuit shows up while having teary eyes, and she then takes her swimming cap off. Her long hair shows up from underneath it. Yup, Irina who doesn’t have her long hair tied up also looks cute!

“You are so lucky! I also want to sit on Ise-kun’s lap!”

Irina says it while feeling really jealous about it.

Is it me, or has my lap been very popular lately!? What’s happening!? Why is everyone craving for it!?

—Then, Irina comes behind me and starts hugging me from behind while saying, “Ei!”! Irina’s breasts are pressing onto my baaaaack! For me to be able to feel this elastic sensation of an Angel’s breasts……I’m really grateful for it! Angel’s breasts sure do have some effect in them!

“I will be taking his back, Xenovia!”

“Hmm, you sure can’t be taken lightly.”

I find these two idiots who have a sense of victory in such mysterious things cute.

“Hau! Ise-san is in full-capacity mode! I’m also joining in!”

Asia rushes in while having teary eyes! These three are always close to each other at all times!

Yeah, there is a certain story involving these three.

Was that before or after the battle against the Evil-God Loki—


Part 1

My name is Shidou Irina! I’m a female high school student that attends Kuou academy!

I was formerly an agent affiliated with the Protestant church; however I am currently an Angel that reincarnated from a human due to many events!

“Eh? A present for Ise-kun?”

While holding the sandwich which happens to be my lunch, I’m listening to the opinion of my two friends who said that with a serious expression on their faces.

“Yes. I heard about it from my connections. That there is something that Ise-san wants.”

A beautiful girl with shiny and silky blonde hair, Asia Argento, says that while wriggling her body.

She is one of my friends, and she was formerly a Holy-maiden from the Vatican. Due to complicated matters, she is now living here in Japan as a Devil. However, it’s a waste to leave her as a Devil; she is really honest, pure, and cute!

“I’m thinking of tagging along with Asia because she said she wants to go shopping. I think it will be too much for Asia to go to a place far away by herself.”

The girl who is eating from a huge lunch box says that. The one who looks like she is quite active and the one who has a green mesh in her hair is Xenovia, my former colleague. She was formerly affiliated with the Vatican and was an agent from the Catholic side. We worked together quite a lot and eliminated monsters together where we overcame the teaching we both had.

However, like Asia-san, she is also a Devil now.

People will think that Devils and Angels won’t get along, but since our leaders formed an alliance, we can interact normally now.

By the way, the one called “Ise” is my childhood friend and the one Asia-san loves, Hyoudou Issei-kun!

It seems like Xenovia is also fascinated with him lately. In my case……I’m not really sure. He’s a lecherous boy, but it’s certain that he has some cool sides to him. I’m sure the part of him where he is passionate and so straight forward in everything is charming.

“We are planning to go and buy the thing that Ise wants this weekend, so how about you come along with us Irina?”

Xenovia says that.

Oh my! Is this an invitation to go shopping with them? I’m so happy. I never thought I would get invited!

“Yes, please do let me come along! It seems fun!”

I gave them a yes. Having friends sure is wonderful!

Like this, it’s decided that the trio of us related to the Church will be going out to buy a present for Ise-kun!

This time, it’s our time to shine!

Part 2

The next weekend.

We have eaten our breakfast, and left Ise-kun’s house where we are living in after taking some rest.

All of us are wearing our casual clothes. Asia-san is wearing a cute beige one piece dress whiel Xenovia looks cool with her jacket and jeans. I’m wearing a shirt and a skirt-type laced shorts.

I hear that we can’t buy the thing Ise-kun wants unless we go to Tokyo.

“So what is this thing that Ise-kun wants?”

I ask Xenovia while we are walking towards the nearest train station.

“It seems like it’s something called “eroge”. It might be an abbreviation for something.”

“Hmm, an “eroge”. I wonder what it is.”

I imagined lot of things in my head, however it doesn’t fit any of those things I come up with.

“By the way, among those “eroge”, the one Ise wants is called, “My Sacred Lifestyle with My Little Devil Onee-san 3”.

Xenovia says that while looking at the memo.

“……Is that a video? Or a film? Is that a DVD?”

Asia-san tilts her head adorably. Maybe it’s a film just like Asia-san said.

Xenovia declares it by having her eyes shine.

“Yeah. I’m feeling that the point lies in the title, “My Sacred Lifestyle with My Little Devil Onee-san”. The little Devil is most likely related to a Devil. I think the sacred lifestyle is referring to a ritual of the Church. And it even has a number in the title. It’s certain that it’s a video of some sort. Judging from these evidences, Ise wants a video documentary about an exorcist that is trying to exorcise his older sister that is possessed by a Devil, and this will be part 3 of it.”

“ “Oh~” ”.

Asia-san and I made a sound of admiration at Xenovia’s incredible judgement.

Y-You are amazing, Xenovia! You can pull out an answer like that from very few clues……

She was a naughty girl who did things using her strength when she was my partner, and now she grew up like this……

Ah, it may have been appropriate for Xenovia to have gone to Rias-san’s side. That’s because she’s maturing like this day by day.

Rias-san is a High-class Devil Onee-san who is the Master of Asia-san, Xenovia, and Ise-kun. She’s a perfect woman who has long crimson hair, a nice body figure, good family background, good looks, and a good personality. She’s even kind to an Angel like myself.

Even I admire Rias-san!

“But, to be expected from Ise. He’s usually not serious and is lewd; however, I have to admire how hard he works. For training not only his body but also his brain…… There are many sides of him that I need to use as an example.”

Xenovia nods her head while putting on eyes that are carrying her admiration towards him.

“Yes. Ise-san is training hard every day in order to become a splendid Devil. T-To be expected from Ise-san whom I like very much……”

Oh my, Asia-san. She has her face turn red, and her eyes are in a maiden’s mode. It seems like Xenovia is also remembering how she feels about Ise-kun since her cheeks are red. You sure are a sinful boy, Ise-kun!

“So then, where should we shop first? Is it sold in places that are related to the Church? If that’s the case, then it seems like it can be solved if I go there……”

Xenovia answers my question.

“No, it seems like this is a master piece that even the Church can’t obtain. It seems like we can find it in a place called the “Holy Land”. ”

Oh my! The Holy Land! It must be Mecca!

“So there is a Holy Land even in Japan? So where is this place, Xenovia?”


We then head towards Akihabara from the nearest station.

One hour passed since we got on the train. We exited out of the station from the Denkimachi exit.


All three of us are overwhelmed by the scenery! The numbers of electronic shops that are all lined up! A-Amazing! This place is packed with huge electronic shops! There are so many anime boards, and it seems like it’s a showy place!

T-There is a maid who is handing out leaflets! There’s also a car with anime paintings parked here as well! Somehow it seems like a view with all sorts of weird things all mixed up!

“……I thought that the cities in the Underworld were amazing……however this place is totally a different world.”

Even Xenovia who has been to the cities in the Underworld is so shocked that her eyes are open wide.

“Y-Yes! I-It’s amazing! There are electronic shops everywhere I look!”

Asia-san is already panicking so much that her eyes are spinning.

“I’ve heard rumours about this place, but it’s beyond what I imagined. So this is Akihabara……”

I said it like that. It’s amazing. I left Japan to move to England when I was an infant, so I haven’t seen the cities of Japan up-close. So Japan has been increasing in terms of technology while I was doing sacred work in England……

Looking at the people around us, Xenovia makes a serious face.

“Holy Land huh. So that means the people that are walking here are the pilgrims. We, who are related to the Church, will only embarrass ourselves if we don’t move around with the proper attitude.”


Asia-san stands straight once again at Xenovia’s words. I nod my head while being cautious of my movements. It may have been better if all three of us came here wearing sister’s uniform if it was going to turn out like this.

“You are right. I will also walk with pride as the messenger sent from Michael-sama! I won’t make an embarrassment of myself for Michael-sama’s sake as well!

“But first, let’s pray to the Heaven before stepping foot into the Holy Land.”

“ “ “Oh, Lord!” ” ”

The three of us prayed on the spot! Yup! Looks like I’m full of spirits now! Xenovia and Asia-san are Devils, but they are able to do their prayers as an exception.

Xenovia takes out her memos from her pocket.

“—Oh, when I mentioned about going to Akihabara to buy something, Ise’s parents, vice-president Akeno, and Koneko, also handed me their memo of the things they wanted me to buy for them.”

“From Otou-sama and Okaa-sama? I wonder what they are.”

If I remember correctly, it seems like Asia-san thinks of Ise-kun’s parents as her actual father and mother, and I heard that she made an oath towards Heaven that she will be living on as their daughter. It sure is a beautiful story!

“Umm……it seems like what Chichiue asked for is a TV cable. It seems like we can find it by showing what’s written on this memo to the shop clerk.”

“Then let’s head over to the electronic shop over there!”

Saying that, I use my finger to point at the huge electronic shop that appeared on my sights as soon as I exited the station.

Part 3

“……S-So this is what an electronic shop of Japan with economic power looks like.”

Xenovia mutters while having sweat on her forehead.

We are taking a rest on the bench at the uppermost floor of the building after entering the store and having looked through the building.

All of us are astonished and speechless at the unfamiliar scenery of this electronic shop, and we have our heads spinning because of it.

T-This is amazing…… There are big and thin televisions all lined up, and something that looks like speakers are emitting out sounds from every direction…… The small digital cameras, the washing machines with high specs, and the shiny lighting equipment that we see every day looks like something from a different world.

That’s right. We were raised in a Church since we were young. We lived in a world which is distant from a world like this with technology. W-Well, we use television and computers at Church, but if we compare it with Tokyo with the most advanced home technology……

I hear that tourists from all over the world come to Akihabara; however I did not expect this. I’m actually shocked. We are having a shock from their culture simply from having a look through a single store.

“D-D-D-Donki, Don Quijote……”

Asia-san starts to sing the song that was being played inside the shop while having her eyes spin!

“Asia, get a grip of yourself! This is only the first battle! How can you go down this quick!? We still haven’t finished our shopping yet!”

Xenovia tries to get Asia-san’s consciousness back by shaking her shoulders.

“……Donpen-kun is so cute. Donpen-kun……”

“Asia! Uuu! No, Asiaaaaaa!”

First, let’s drink some cold drinks to calm down.

Maybe Asia-san calmed down since she drank her juice, so she says it again.

“Let’s at least buy the thing for Otou-sama, or else it seems like we won’t last.”

What Asia-san said is appropriate. For Asia-san, Xenovia, and me that were raised in a Church, maybe this Holy Land is too sudden for us. It feels like we will be taken away by the mysterious power residing in this land if we don’t move more quickly.

We refreshed our attitude, and went downstairs once again. We head towards the area where there are many televisions in order to buy the product for Ise-kun’s father.

We accomplish one of our shopping tasks safely by showing the memo to the shop clerk. After that, we went to a lower floor, and each of us looks around the mysterious machines while being nervous.

“Look at this, Asia, Irina!”

Xenovia is looking at a box that seems to contain a small machine while having her whole body shake.

“W-What’s wrong, Xenovia?”

When we ask Xenovia suspiciously, she answers us while swallowing her saliva.

“T-Take a look at this…… It seems like you can bake bread……just by using this machine box!”


High school DxD v15 004.jpg

Asia-san and I became speechless at Xenovia’s words. ……Y-You must be joking! I can’t come to believe that so suddenly……

However, by looking at the panel where it is explaining about this machine, it really does seem like you can bake bread simply using this……

“I-It can’t be…… I can’t believe you can bake bread without using a pot…… The bakery will lose their jobs……”

Asia-san says it with a shivering voice while covering her mouth with her hands.

I check the name for it. –Home bakery!

A bakery in your home! Such a straightforward name!

“Home bakery! I never imagined for Japan that is so fixated in food will go this far……!”

“I-It seems like it will bake it if you simply put the ingredients in it!”

“I wonder how many lost sheep would be saved from this…… So this is the technology of Japan that is going far ahead in technology……! It far surpasses the technology of alchemy!”

Asia-san, Xenovia, and I, put our hands together at the spot.

“ “ “Oh, Lord! With this, many of our believers would be saved!” ” ”

I’m deeply moved that my mind went to the Heaven! So this is the Holy Land! Amazing! I really am starting to think that this is a Holy Land!

“I want this. The price is……ngh.”

Xenovia had her eyes sparkling, but she mumbles after she looks at the price.

The price is approximately thirty thousand yen. It’s expensive! We are basically high school students, so such prices like this will be too much for us.

I am an Angel, but my salary is no different than that of a female high school student that is working part-time. It also seems like Asia-san and Xenovia that are doing Devils job is no different from me.

The three of us check our wallets. All of us put on a stern look.

“……I bought new clothes and shoujo manga the other day, and more importantly, I don’t have that much money left……”

“I also bought equipment for my training……mu.”

It seems like we can’t rely on Asia-san and Xenovia’s budget.

I’m no different from these two, I think. I ended up buying the new goods in Heaven with my own expenses, and I also bought equipment that I can put on display for my room, so my money is gone……

Oh! T-That’s it! M-Maybe, this is it!

This magnificent idea flashes inside my head!

“I think I can buy this using this as the expenses for Heaven’s use! I’m sure Michael-sama would forgive me if I use it in order to save even a single lost sheep if possible!”

I use my mobile phone right away to call Heaven directly. After exchanging several words with the person in charge, I make peace sign towards the other two.

“They said I can use the Heaven’s credit card as an exception!”

Xenovia and Asia-san cry when they heard that!

“Is such thing possible!?”

“It must be Michael-sama’s compassion!”

I can only use the Heaven’s credit card when I need to buy something I really need, but I received an approval for today as an exception!

Oh, Michael-sama! Such a merciful heart he has!

I have tears running down, and then I pray towards the Heaven and Michael-sama.

Michael-sama, please watch! I will make many types of bread with this home bakery, and I will save the lost sheep!

After that, I received a harsh call from Heaven where they said, “I’m entrusting the expenses for the ingredients to you”.

The path for our faith is hard! However, I’m going to work hard for it!

Part 4

“Now then, next is the shopping for vice president Akeno.”

Xenovia looks at the memo while carrying the huge box for the home bakery so easily. I feel strong when I have someone with strength at a time like this. That’s because she can be of help when we suddenly buy something.

“Yup. It seems like she wants a cosplay costume.”

“Cosplay? Is Akeno-san fascinated with cosplay lately?”

I tilt my head at Xenovia’s words.

Akeno-san— that is referring to Himejima Akeno-san, and for Asia-san and Xenovia, she is their senior Devil who is in the same group as them. She is a Japanese beauty that has silky black hair, and she has magnificent proportions. It seems like she uses her charming body to approach Ise-kun every night.

Asia-san, Xenovia, it may be possible for Ise-kun to be eaten by her if you let your guard down!

“……M-Maybe it’s another naughty cosplay costume? Even the other day, she approached Ise-san by wearing a costume which revealed a lot of her skin……”

Asia-san is in worry. She’s probably thinking that Akeno-san will use that costume to make Ise-kun fall for her, so she’s really worried about it…… Hmm, Ise-kun truly is a sinful boy!

While asking the people we pass by, we enter the shop that sells cosplay costumes.

We are overwhelmed as soon as we got in. That’s because there are many rare looking costumes in every direction we look! If there’s a costume that looks like a sister’s costume, there’s also many costumes that look like school uniforms(?).

Wow, there are also many cute looking ones!

Since Asia-san and Xenovia are also girls, they are looking at the costumes with keen eyes.

Xenovia tries to look for the one Akeno-san wants by asking the shop clerk.

When she takes it to her hand, Asia-san and I make our faces go red!

“……It seems like it’s something called a bikini-armour. It seems like it’s something worn by female warriors that appears in a game.”

Xenovia looks at it with keen eyes while holding the bikini-type armour.

It’s a costume that barely hides your skin! Even the pants for it has a lewd shape! With Akeno-san’s breasts size, the top armour won’t be able to cover everything.

Oh! That’s her aim! A plan to fascinate Ise-kun by using her breasts that are falling out! If she approaches him with this lewd costume, it seems like the oppai-loving Ise-kun will jump on her with joy!

“……It feels like I have to wear this once as a swords-woman.”

While having her eyes glow, Xenovia puts on a provocative smile. She must be burning with rivalry towards Akeno-san who isn’t here!

“Yes! Then how about you try them over here?”

The woman shop clerk takes her to the dressing room!

“Yeah. Let me try them.”

Xenovia heads to the dressing room while holding the bikini-armour.

“E-Even I can wear them!”

While putting on a red face, Asia-san takes the same lewd costume from nearby, and also goes inside the same dressing room as Xenovia.

Oh my, Asia-san is also burning with rivalry towards Akeno-san. Should I also try something on as well? Oh, I think this one looks good. I always wanted to try something like this once.

I enter the dressing room next to theirs, and change my clothes.

[It’s made from a mysterious material, but it doesn’t feel bad. If it’s made strongly, then maybe you can use it in an actual battle.]

I hear Xenovia’s voice. It seems like she took a liking at the costume.

[……L-Like I thought, a costume like this won’t appeal unless you have a glamorous body like Xenovia-san. In my case, the volumes of my size are……]

Even though Asia-san tried them on, it seems like there are parts where she isn’t satisfied with when she contrasts it with her body figure. I do think that Asia-san has a slender and a beautiful body.

[Fufufu, that isn’t true. Look.]

[Afuun! ……Xenovia-san, I will be troubled if you start to fondle me so suddenly……!]

[I think you have a sufficient size as well, Asia. Do you think like that because you compare yourself with Buchou and vice-president?]

[……T-That’s because Ise-san loves big breasts, and it seems like he won’t be satisfied with my sizes......]

[That isn’t true. I heard this from Kiryuu. Apparently, the most important is the sensitivity. It seems like men would be satisfied as long as you have a good sensitivity. Even Ise would be happy if it’s yours, Asia.]

[I-Is that true……?]

[It is. Just like this.]

[I-Iyaaaan. Auun……]

[You sure make lewd sounds, Asia.]

[That’s because your fingers are…… I-I won’t lose! Ei!]

[Aaan! Asia……where did you learn this technique from……iyan……my breasts feels weird……]

[I just copied you, Xenovia-san! Did you know that you were playing around with my body using your fingers lewdly like this, Xenovia-san?]

[……I-I see…… So there was this much difference between doing that and having this done to you……aa, iyan……! Asia, my body is starting to feel even weirder……]

……Geez, what are those two doing inside the dressing room. If Ise-kun hears this, he will be bursting blood from his nose.

Like that, all of us got changed and got out from the dressing room.


The other female customers that are checking the costumes within this shop make a voice of admiration.

They are looking at the other two rather than me. Xenovia has worn the bikini-armour from before perfectly, and she is swinging around the imitation of a western sword on the spot.

Asia-san is wearing a costume of a dancer which reveals a lot of her skin, and even though she is acting embarrassed, there is a sense of sacred beauty in her. More importantly, since she has a beautiful body line, surprisingly, this dancer’s costume fits her.

Anyway, I’m wearing a devilish costume. It’s black, and it has a Devil’s wings growing out from my back, and there is a tail coming out from my buttocks. It isn’t that flashy compared to the other two, but I have my belly button exposed.

After having some fun with cosplaying, we finish the shopping for Akeno-san, and then move on for the next shopping—.

Part 5

“I was able to buy the book Okaa-sama wanted!”

Asia-san is overjoyed in her accomplishment at the bench of the park.

We also bought the book Ise-kun’s mother wanted at the big bookstore in Akihabara, and what’s left are Koneko-chan’s shopping, and the present for Ise-kun which is the main thing we came for.

So we decided to have a break, and were resting at the park we found by chance.

“It sure does tire me since this is a land I’m not familiar with.”

It seems like Xenovia is more exhausted than I expected, so she’s bending her neck while sitting on the bench. She did however eat the hamburger she bought in the burger shop nearby.

“Y-You are right. This is a place we are not familiar with, so no matter how far we go, we will get completely lost if we diverge from the main road.”

Asia-san is taking a break while drinking her tea with a straw.

What these two are saying is correct, and moving around in an unfamiliar environment is hard for our bodies. Xenovia and I are used to moving around in a unfamiliar places due to our missions, but that would also include having a battle, so it’s different from the situation we are currently in.

This Holy Land has more complicated factors than we imagined, so we can’t tell apart which shop is which. Xenovia knows the place to buy Koneko-chan’s shopping and also the present we are buying for Ise-kun, so it seems like we won’t have any troubles…… However, it’s certain that this land is making us unsettled.

I slap my cheeks to put some spirit in myself! You can’t whine, Irina!

I am an Angel that serves the Chief-Angel Michael-sama directly! I won’t be able to face those in Heaven if I become weak due to something like this!

“Alright, Xenovia, Asia-san! Let’s go for the next shopping!”

Both of them are dumbfounded at how energetic I am, so they nod their head immediately while smiling.



It happens when all three of us raised our spirits.

“Hey hey, you girls, are you all free right now?”

A group of three young men says that. They have their hair dyed; they have piercings, and have a flashy appearance.

“Huh, aren’t all of you foreigners? Maybe our words won’t get through to them.”

One of the men says that.

“No, we do understand what you are saying.”

Xenovia answers as such. Hearing that, it seems like the men are in joy. Devils can adjust with any language after all. Maybe they are shocked at her fluent Japanese. By the way, Angels also have the same ability regarding spoken languages!

“Oh, then this will be quick. So, wanna have some fun with us from now on?”

Oh, is this the act called picking up a girl? Wow, it’s my first time experiencing it! I’m a bit moved! However, I think I would like it if it was someone much cooler!

It seems like Asia-san is troubled. She’s hiding behind Xenovia shyly.

“The blonder girl is seriously adorable!”

“Damn! She seems really pure!”

It seems like her action is taken positively by them. She does have a cute gesture. However, from Asia-san’s perspective, she will be confused if she tags along with other man besides Ise-kun.

After Xenovia sees Asia-san who hides behind her, she says one thing.

“I will only obey a man who is stronger than me. So, if you defeat me, then I will play around with you.”

She says such provoking things.

The men smirk. If you look at her normally, Xenovia is slender, so they may think she’s fragile. However, she’s slim because she has trained herself. And since she is now a Devil, she has raw strength where no ordinary man can oppose her.

“Now now, don’t say that—”

The moment one of the men extends his arm over, Xenovia evades his arm swiftly, and trips him over by using her legs. She then releases a sharp kick towards his face, and stops it before hitting him.

High school DxD v15 005.jpg

“Still think you can win?”

“ “ “We are sorry!” ” ”

The men all shiver in fear and scatter at her cold words.

“Asia, it’s alright now.”

Xenovia smiles to calm her down.

“Yes! However, I think we've done terrible things to those people……”

Since Asia-san is kind, she’s worried about those men.

Xenovia says it while stroking Asia-san’s head.

“No, today I have the responsibility to protect Asia on behalf of Ise. I will protect you Asia, even if I have to push myself a bit.”


Asia-san and Xenovia hug each other! Oh my, such beautiful friendship!

And the place we head towards after this occurrence is the anime-shop.

What Koneko-chan wants is a product of the anime show called “Neo Neko-Neko Paradise”. Koneko-chan watches and knows a lot of things. She has a broad range of interests which include anime, drama, music, and comedy shows.

Among them, the programme Koneko-chan is fascinated by lately is apparently an anime programme about a cat human that starts to solve mysterious cases.

Koneko-chan is our junior, and she’s a fellow Devil of Xenovia and Asia. She’s small and adorable!

“Ah, this is the “The Green Dragon of the Eden”! It’s a shoujo manga that I’m very fond of. A Dragon with a big appetite solves many mysterious cases at the city of the sky.”

Asia finds the manga corner at the anime shop for the series she’s fond of, and she starts to become merry about it.

“Hmm. I wonder if the series I like is here.”

It seems like Xenovia is also looking for something in the manga corner.

“What can’t you find?”

“Yeah. I like the manga called “The Strike of the Student Council”. It’s a series where the five powerful warriors that were chosen by a vote from every student in the school continue to fight in the cramped student council’s room until they decided the strongest one among them. Right now, the vice-president died by the hands of the secretary from a poison, and it seems like a new vice-president will be showing up. The story is getting into the good parts. Perhaps, the president might create a new technique which will involve using his huge physique.”

It seems like Xenovia likes a shounen manga with battle themes.

It seems like the two of them are learning Japanese letters while enjoying the manga.

Huh? The series I stop my gaze at is the series Koneko-chan asked us to buy by a coincidence. There are anime goods besides the manga. This series alone has a single corner.

“Hey, Xenovia, Asia-san. Isn’t this the one?”

Both of them gather around me with my words and check it. Xenovia nods.

“This must be it. Koneko gave me a memo with a picture of it, so this merchandise must be it.”

What Xenovia takes into her hand is a doll of a cat. Hmm, so this is what Koneko-chan wanted. It’s a doll of a big cat who is wearing a butler’s suit.

“Alright, if we want to follow the schedule, then we have to leave Akihabara and head home by 3 o’clock, so once we buy this, let’s have a look around here and then leave this shop.”

Today, Xenovia is showing her leadership. Perhaps, since Rias-san and Ise-kun are absent, she must be thinking, “I will have to protect Asia!”. Xenovia sure has a strong sense of responsibility.

“However, since arriving in this Holy Land, we had our eyes glitter with light due to the home bakery, we bought a book in a bookstore, and it seems like I will be buying a manga in this shop again…… Lord, I’m such a greedy person who wastes money……”

Ah, looks like Xenovia started to repent again. She sure needs to fix this habit of hers.

Part 6

Since we have so many shopping bags with us, we are off towards our final shopping destination.

In order to buy a present for Ise-kun, we diverged from the main street, and are walking in the back alley.

We have turned left and right many times. I-I can’t tell where we originally came from now…… Xenovia leads us while looking at the map; however Asia-san and I are filled with anxiety.

Xenovia stops walking. She gazes towards a building that is made up of different shops at the direction towards the right. We arrived?

“X-Xenovia-san, are there shops in a place like this which is behind other buildings?”

Asia-san that seems to feel insecure asks her.

“Yeah. The thing called “eroge” that Ise wants is something we can’t buy in ordinary shops.”

“Oh? Is it something they can’t sell in normal places?”

I ask her doubtfully, but it seems like Xenovia also isn’t sure.

“Hmm, it’s what I heard from Kiryuu.”

Kiryuu-san is a girl with glasses who is also in our class. She’s a girl who says things clearly, and she’s filled with very lewd knowledge. E-Even I get troubled by her at times.

However, Asia-san and Xenovia tend to listen carefully to Kiryuu-san’s opinion most of the time. It seems like they are trying to build lewd knowledge for Ise-kun, but is that really okay……? I’m not really sure about it.

“She says that the shop in this building will even sell “eroge” to us. She says that it will be fine if we tell them we were told about this place from Kiryuu. Since it seems like a confined place, I will go in as our representative.”

Xenovia tries to go; however, Asia-san stops her.

“No, I will go!”

Oh, Asia-san has higher spirits than she usually does!

“T-This is a present for Ise-san……so I will……”

Asia-san mutters it while wriggling her body and putting on a red face. Yup, yup! She has her feelings towards Ise-kun opened out on full throttle!

Xenovia also smiles at Asia-san who is really serious about her feelings.

“I understand. However, you can’t push yourself, okay?”

Xenovia hands the memo to Asia-san, and pats her head.

“Yes! Asia Argento, going out!”

Asia-san raises her spirit energetically, and climbs the stairs of the building.


Several minutes after Xenovia and I wait outside the building—.


Suddenly, a group of men climbs down the stairs while putting on a red face. W-What’s happening……?

After that, Asia-san who has a red face climbs down the stairs lifelessly! It seems like something happened! She’s not in a normal condition!

When Asia-san arrives in front of us, she falls on the spot! Oh my, what’s wrong!? What happened!?

“Asia! Hey, Asia!”

Xenovia holds Asia-san.

Asia-san mutters with her shaking voice.

“……L-Lots of men……lots of oppai……funyaaaa……”

Saying only that, she faints while spinning her eyes!

“Lots of men!? Asia! Hey, Asia! Damn! Just what happened inside!?”

Xenovia glares at the building. She starts to emit a bit of battle aura from her body.

Xenovia must be shivering in rage for having Asia-san taken down!

“……I was naïve. This is the Holy Land. From how I see it, there are those in this land who hail from a different religion. From their eyes, we are heretics…… So it won’t be weird for them to oppress the heretics in here. ……Damn it; they must have oppressed Asia as a heretic…… And did she say there were lots of men? Did they embarrass Asia who has yet to marry!? I won’t forgive them, those heretics……!”

I don’t know what’s happening, however, I think majority of what Xenovia said is correct! This is the Holy Land. From what I know, there were many attacks by the heretics in places called the Holy Land if we look into the history.

–Asia-san received oppression as a heretic!

Xenovia and I understood what’s happening in here, so we nod our heads while looking at each other.

“Let’s go, Irina! This is payback for Asia!”


Xenovia and I climb up the stairs and head towards the depth of the building—.

It was fine until we went inside with such determination……

—However, the place we entered was filled with erotic things!

We are inside one of the shops of the building. It’s a shop which has erotic illustrations of girls shown to the extreme, so we became speechless when we got inside, and are standing there in a daze. So this must be a shop those customers that are after these kinds of things shop in……

Aaah, I’m so embarrassed! Asia-san must have gone past her limits when she saw this scenery filled with erotic illustrations!

“If an innocent looking beautiful girl like that comes in, of course our customers will exit the shop due to the embarrassment.”

The shop clerk says that. I wonder if those men that exited from this building couldn’t withstand their lewd thoughts when they saw the innocent looking Asia-san……

Xenovia and I thought that Asia-san received oppression from religious people in this Holy Land. Ugh, I can’t help myself but be embarrassed due to our lack of knowledge!

Xenovia hands over the memo to the shop clerk, and we bought the thing we are looking for.

On the package there is a title that reads as “My Sacred Lifestyle with My Little Devil Onee-san 3”. So this is “eroge”. Looks like it isn’t a “sacred lifestyle” at all. Looks like Ise-kun is Ise-kun after all.

“We have completed our shopping…… Let’s take a ride on the train towards home……”

“ “R-Roger that~” ”

Asia-san and I reply back with weak voices at Xenovia’s tired voice.

“It was fun today.”

Xenovia says that to me inside the train towards home that is shaking.

There is Asia-san who is all tired resting on Xenovia’s shoulder. Ufufu, you did well today, Asia-san. I say it while poking Asia-san’s cheek.

“Yes, it truly was. The Holy Land of Japan is filled with mysteries; however there are so many fun things in there.”

“Yeah. That’s true, but the shopping with you and Asia itself was more fun. I never had a lifestyle like this after all.”

Xenovia looks afar.

She’s right. We had our talents taken with high expectation, and ever since we were young we trained our bodies for the Lord and the Church. Even to the extent where we discarded the life of a normal girl.

However, right now due to many sequences of events, we can have a lifestyle like this just like normal girls.

I’m sure this is something very wonderful. I’m definitely sure that Asia-san is having fun as well. That’s because she can live with the boy she really loves on top of having a fun lifestyle like this.

Xenovia puts on a gentle eye.

“Let’s do some shopping like this again. I think shopping with only girls is also fun.”


Xenovia……you really did change. You have a smile that is too bright to my eyes. She must have learned fun things from people like Asia-san, Ise-kun, Rias-san, and others.

Am I able to continue having a fun lifestyle like this with Xenovia and others? ……I sure want to. No, I will!

“Yes, of course. Let’s go there again, to Akihabara, the Holy Land.”

Next time, I also want to go shopping with Koneko-chan, Rias-san, and Akeno-san!

“Now then, regarding this “eroge”……”

Xenovia takes it out from the plastic bag and starts staring at the package. On the back side of the package……it's full of erotic illustrations! There are so many illustrations of men and women doing those kinds of things!

High school DxD v15 006.jpg

“The shop clerk told me a bit about it. It’s apparently a lewd game. Damn Ise……, even though he’s surrounded by that many women, does he still crave for things like this? No, that isn’t the problem.”

It seems like Xenovia is shaking in rage.

“……Apparently this has the themes of Onee-sama types. Apparently you can do fake sexual experiences with the Onee-samas. You can say that his sexual lust is aimed towards Buchou and the vice-president. However, why can’t he play a bit of “making babies with the person formerly affiliated with the Church”!? Don’t Asia and I have that much appeal to him~?” Xenovia stands up on the spot, and has aura running through her whole body!

“Calm down, Xenovia! The passengers around us are looking at you!”

Geez! What kind of things is this girl blabbing while carrying the package of “eroge” with her hand!

“When we return, we will have an emergency meeting with all of us girls while using this as a topic!”

T-That seems like it will become very serious…… Ise-kun, rest in peace……

“……Ise-san……I have bought……your eroge……munya……”

I make a chuckle at Asia-san who sleep talks. It really is peaceful here.

Michael-sama, I have also experienced a fun day today as well!

Episode Issei.4

—Like that, apparently the Church trio had such events happen to them.

……After that, I had the girls ask me a lot of questions regarding “eroge”. And I even had an embarrassing experience of playing that game together with everyone!

So one of my fetishes got revealed. Tohoho……

“I have heard from Rias that Asia-san does get dazzled at times due to Xenovia-san and Irina-san becoming bolder towards Ise-kun…… It seems like Ise-kun himself is also going through a hard time.”

Kaichou says that calmly. It really is! All of you, don’t compete with each other while using me as the prize!

Sometimes Xenovia and Irina get too bold that even I go through a lot of pain! Basically these two are warriors so my body won’t last if they get serious!

“……Being a late comer sure is hard.”

Ah, Ravel is looking into the distance! It seems like my manager can’t say anything for having her senior take the position of my lap! I want to pat her head afterwards!

Kaichou says it while having her glasses shine.

“Make sure all of you don’t do such things at school. Lewd things are prohibited at school.”

Yes, I understand! I already have myself targeted by the students for being close with the school idols! Except, I can’t come to agree about one group of Kiba fangirls that are supporting me!

Xenovia asks after taking a bite off a cookie which is on the table.

“By the way, what were all of you talking about?”

When I reply back to her by saying that we were discussing about magic, she suddenly puts on a sour look.

“……I have always had a hard time against magicians as my opponents ever since I was at the Vatican.”

Yeah, it does seem like Xenovia will have bad compatibility with magicians judging from her fighting style. She did however break through magic by using the ability of Excaliburs very well in the battle that happened the other day.

Asia continues.

“Wasn’t there also an argument for the usage of magic at the Church?”

Xenovia and Irina both nod their heads and say “exactly”.

Like Asia said, it seems like there is also an argument regarding the usage of magic even till now in the Church. The general magic originated from the demonic powers of Devils, so it’s something that won’t please those people with high status with strong beliefs towards their teaching.

And since magic that comes from the other mythology is something outside the category of the God of Bible, it will bring more arguments. The way religious people think sure is complicated.

Though there are also Churches and exorcists that continue to use magic despite knowing that……

I ask Xenovia and Irina a question as a reference.

“That’s why I want to ask the two of you a question about what is necessary to break through magic.”

Since it seems like the terrorists this time will be involved with magic, I wanted to ask this question. Then the two of them—.

“No matter what people say, I reckon you need enough power to deflect magic!”

“That will be fine if you fight as a vanguard. Of course having a support from the rearguards will work as well.”

They give me similar answers. Well, in the previous battle, these two were going wild at the front-line.

—Then someone sighs.

“How should you be prepared against magic, you say? Very well, allow me to explain it a bit.”

It’s Rossweisse-san. She appears while wearing a jersey. She has been out this whole time shopping at the 100 yen shop, but it looks like she’s finally back.

……She’s beautiful but she wears jerseys for her usual life. It’s such a waste.

“Listen, anti-magic is—”

Rossweisse-san starts her theory regarding anti-magic where she teaches Xenovia and Irina as if she was teaching her students. Rossweisse-san is a teacher after all. She’s a civics teacher. By the way, Azazel-sensei is a chemistry teacher. That sure seems like Azazel-sensei.

“A magic attack can be countered by physical attacks and defence…… That’s right,I was told about that from Armaros-san who happens to be one of the leaders of the Grigori……”

Yeah, there was a time when I visited the Grigori’s institute, and I met someone with a crazy way of thinking over there. That happened after the game against Bael—.

Life.4 Lets Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~

Part 1

On a certain day after school, Akeno-san asks me for a favour at the clubroom when not many of the members are present.

“Ise-kun, can you come with me right now?”

“Eh? Yes, since I don’t have any plans, it’s not a problem……but where are we going?”

She is normally an Onee-sama who doesn’t lose her confident smile and gives her “Ara ara ufufu”, but Akeno-san is acting shyly.

“……The Grigori institute. I have a little business over there……”

Akeno-san says that in few words. If I look carefully, she is holding onto a paper bag.

……Grigori’s institute? Grigori is the organisation of the Fallen Angels. The advisor of the Occult Research Club, Azazel-sensei, is the Governor of that place. I hear they are investigating many things starting from research involving Sacred Gears, observing the Sacred Gear possessors, and such.

That institute……? I also have heard that their main headquarters is located in the Underworld, and that there are other institutes all over the world (including the Underworld).

And Akeno-san has business in a place like that? Is it related with Sensei? Or is it…… Two possible answers appear in my head…… Either way, the paper bag that Akeno-san is holding onto must be related to that business of hers.

“It’s okay if you can’t come. I’m sorry, suddenly asking you something like this…… The only ones I can ask such favours like this are Rias and you, Ise-kun……”

I won’t be able to decline it if you say it like that! Rather, there is no way that I would decline Akeno-san’s favour from the beginning!

I say it while banging my chest hard.

“No problem! I will follow you wherever it is, Akeno-san.”

The instant I say that, Akeno-san makes an adorable smile and says “Thank you”. Ku-! Akeno-san’s smile in her “Onee-sama” mode is good, but her adorable smile during her “normal girl” mode is also wonderful!

“U-Umm……may I come as well?”

The one who raises his hand timidly is Gasper.

“That’s rare. For you to wanting to leave here.”

This is a shocking thing since this guy basically shuts himself inside his room.

“Y-Yes. I’m also personally interested in the Grigori’s institute……”

Hmm, is that so? Oh well.

“Then let’s head towards the institute with the three of us.”

Like this, it’s decided that three of us consisting of Akeno-san, Gasper, and I, will be going to the Grigori’s institute.

The place we teleported to through our personal magic-circle is the Grigori’s research institute that was newly built in the Kanto region. The location is in the middle of the mountains which is away from where people live.

From Akeno-san’s story, it seems that Sensei wanted to build a research institute in the Kanto region, so he made a joint ownership institute by negotiating with each faction and spent the budget together.

This is the first time I heard about that! Man, Sensei sure is acting distant towards me.

We teleported directly inside the institute using the magic-circle. The interior has a new smell to it, possibly because it was made recently.

The three of us progress through the passage. The wall and the corridor are clean without even a single speck of dust or scratch.

At times, we walk past the people who seem to be the scientists of this institute since they are wearing white lab coats, and they seem to know us so they greet us by saying “Hello”.

“……Looks like they know us.”

“Yes, we are also affiliated with the Governor of this institute. We are famous.”

Akeno-san says that. Of course we are. We are directly related to the Governor of the Fallen Angels after all. From other people’s perspective, we will look like the last boss and his minions. There’s no way that those from the organisation won’t know us. ……More importantly, Gasper is still hiding behind me. Put your chest up!

But for a mysterious organisation to make an institute like this in a remote area…… In a story, it will usually be a place where the main character comes to sneak in and destroy.

“Huh? So you guys came. Who told you about this place?”

When I was thinking, someone speaks to me. ……And it happens to be a familiar voice…… When I turn around, Azazel-sensei is standing there!

“Ugh, Sensei.”

“Ugh, what was that “Ugh”……?”

Sensei seems unpleasant at my response.

“So you were here too, Sensei.”

Sensei scratches his cheek when I ask him.

“Yeah, this place is the new institute for the Grigori’s research department after all. Since it was just built, there are still many things needed to be done in here. So I show up here at times.”

Of course he will be here. Like I thought, he is the Governor of the Fallen Angels. It’s natural for him to be governing this place.

“—So, why did you guys come here?”

Sensei asks while looking at me and Akeno-san.

“Well, it seems like Akeno-san has some business here.”

“Is Barakiel, —Is my father here?”

Akeno-san says that. Ah, so she has business with her father after all.

Hearing that, Sensei shows a meaningful smile to Akeno-san.

“Hee, Barakiel huh~.”

Akeno-san gets irritated and speaks.

“Is there any problem? Please don’t look at me with disgusting eyes.”

She’s angry. That reaction of Akeno-san is adorable. It’s because she’s acting a bit shy.

Sensei possibly got the same reaction as me, so he’s smiling happily. Until recently, Akeno-san would have got mad simply by saying her father’s name, so she truly has changed in a good way. Though, Akeno-san has always been strict towards Sensei.

“So Ise is Akeno’s escort huh. –And you too, Gasper?”

Sensei moves his gaze to Gasper who is hiding behind me. Gasper answers him timidly while raising his hand.

“U-Umm……I kind of have an interest toward institutes like this one, so I came here to observe.”

Observing huh. What did he come to observe? It happens when I became suspicious about it.

“……Azazel, the documents we talked about are done.”

A person appears behind us and speaks to Sensei. When I turn around, a young man wearing a white lab coat and glasses is standing there.

He is shorter than me, and is wearing thick glasses. His hair is also messy. His appearance speaks for itself since he looks like a scientist or a researcher.

Sensei raises his hand with a smile as soon as he sees him.

“Yeah, thank you for that, Sahariel.”

“Umm, and this person is……?”

I ask Sensei about this man.

“Ah, that’s right. I still haven’t introduced him to you yet. This guy here with the thick glasses is Sahariel, one of the leaders. He mainly researches about the moon and various spells which involve the moon.”

——! I became shocked with his introduction! Of course! This man with the thick glasses and the white lab coat is one of the leaders!? For real!? I only met several leaders. Each person was unique, but since each of them had good physique and strong intensity to them, it’s quite shocking to meet someone like Sahariel-san who is more of a scientist! Sensei looks at my face suspiciously.

“Why are you getting shocked, Ise? Ah, all the leaders of the Fallen Angels you have met including myself are the ones who look like they are fighting at the front-line after all. But there are skinny ones like this guy over here. But did you know the members of the Grigori when it was just formed mostly consisted of guys who are passionate about their research?”

Hmm, is that so? I don’t feel that much intensity from him, but this person must also be quite strong when he battles…… They say you can’t judge people by their appearance.

“Sahariel, this guy is the Sekiryuutei. Oh, I probably don’t have to explain it.”

The man with thick glasses, Sahariel-san, nods his head after Sensei introduces him to me.

“Of course. Hello, Mister Hyoudou Issei of the Sekiryuutei. I have heard the rumours about your bravery.”

Since he put his hand forward, I bow my head down while shaking his hand.

“Y-Yeah, nice to meet you too! It’s an honour!”

So he knows about me huh. That would be obvious since he has known Sensei for a long time.

“—And this one here is Barakiel’s daughter, Akeno.”

Sensei then continues onto introducing Akeno-san. Akeno-san bows her head down politely.

“Thank you for looking after my father.”

It seems like Sahariel-san is in shock after seeing Akeno-san.

“Ah, Bara-san. Haa, I have heard rumours, but you are a beauty. No wonder he adores you so much.”

I agree. I have the same opinion as you, Sahariel-san.

Sensei takes the documents from Sahariel-san, and starts looking through the documents. After looking through them, he returns the document to Sahariel-san after signing the first page of the documents.

“Here you go. I have signed it, so I don’t mind it if you start your research as you like.”

Hearing Sensei’s words, Sahariel-san makes a creepy smile.

“Shishishi, thank you for that. With this, I can cut that, paste that, and crush that! Shishishi!”

One of the leaders of the Fallen Angels who is wearing glasses says something scary while making a unique laugh! And it seemed like he was emitting a very black aura from his body! Scary! Since he is one of the leaders of the Fallen Angels, he seems to be weird as well!

“Hmm? Is the lady over there a Vampire?”

Sahariel-san starts to stare at the lady, Gasper. He may look like a girl. But he’s a guy! He has that thing on him!

Gasper starts to panic after realising he has his attention. So I answer him instead.

“Yes, this guy is Gasper Vladi. He is a Devil, but he also has the power of a Vampire—”

While I was introducing him, Sahariel-san grabs Gasper’s hand and dashes away really fast!

“Good timing! I needed a Vampire! I will have you cooperate with me.”

“Hiiiiiiii! What do you mean!?”

The leader with glasses disappears to the end of the passage while taking Gasper with him!

Heeeey! Gya-suke has been taken away!

Sensei says it while taking a breath.

“Oh well, don’t worry about it, Ise. He won’t die if it’s Sahariel’s experiment. Probably.”

“Probably!? What kind of experimental ingredient is my junior getting changed into!? And he said horrifying things like cutting, pasting, and crushing!”

What kind of experiment is he going to start……? No, I shouldn’t ask. I’m sure it’s something which is beyond my imagination…… Gya-suke, I will come for you when we leave from here!

“Now then. You two are looking for Barakiel right? First, let’s move to the location where he may be at.”

We then went further into the institute while having Sensei lead us.

Part 2

The place that Sensei took us into is a conference room which is meant to be used by the leaders.

There is a round table, and there are two people that are sitting on chairs. ……I haven’t seen them before. One of them is a man with blond hair. He is tall, and he is wearing a robe with so many ornaments. He is also wearing a circlet on his head.

And the other one is a woman! She has eyes that look strong and long purple hair! Just from her appearance, it makes me think that she is a strict woman with charm! More than that, her oppai are huge!

“……Ufufufu, your gaze is a bit lecherous, Ise-kun.”

When I was looking at that Onee-san with lecherous eyes, —I started to feel a mysterious pressure from Akeno-san! It looks like her usual smile……but I think her intensity is stronger than before!

The blond man says it as soon as he sees Sensei.

“Azazel. The institution is functioning without a problem.”

“Yeah, it seems like it, Tamiel. Rather, I didn’t expect you two to be here.”

“Yeah, we came here for observation.”

He’s speaking to Sensei casually. Is this man perhaps……

I somehow started to get an idea of who this man is. This time, the woman looks at me and Akeno-san, and asks Sensei a question.

“Ara, this young couple……I’m sure I have seen them before.”

“Yeah, of course you would have. It’s the Sekiryuutei and Barakiel’s daughter, Penemue.”

Hearing Sensei’s words, the woman—Penemue, smiles.

“Hmm, don’t tell me the reason why these two young ones came here is to tell Barakiel, “Please let me marry your daughter”? Barakiel will surely cry!”

Oh, I don’t know why, but she started teasing us! Rather, this woman speaks in a lighter manner than she looks. This is new, since she looks like a calm and collective beauty on the outside, but is actually easy going on the inside.

Sensei then introduces the man and the woman to Akeno-san and me.

“These two are Tamiel and Penemue. They are also leaders just like Sahariel from before. Tamiel is in charge of the businesses department and Penemue is the chief secretary.”

I knew it! Both of them are also leaders, just like the man wearing glasses from before! Oh, this will make them the 2nd and 3rd ones I met today! And they happen to be the ones where one of them is in charge of the businesses department while the other one is the chief secretary! Looks like I came to an unthinkable place today.

“Geez, having all the leaders gather here will decrease the manpower of the headquarters.”

Sensei complains to Tamiel-san and Penemue-san with his eyes half closed.

Penemue-san replies while laughing.

“You sure can talk despite being a Governor who has been standing at the front-line. You really should give your thanks to Shamhaza who is acting as the Vice-governor.”

Yeah, please tell him off even more! I also think the same! Akeno-san who is standing beside me is also nodding her head while smiling. Right!

Without listening to his comrades, Sensei:

“I always tell him everything, so there isn’t any problem.”

He says something like that. ……Please understand the rough times that Vice-governor Shamhaza-san is going through even a bit.

Tamiel says it after collecting his documents.

“Since we finished our business, we were about to leave from here. There won’t be any problem if Armaros and Barakiel stay here after all.”

“Oh yeah, where are those two, Tamiel?”

“Those two are probably looking after the possessors right now.”

Sensei and Tamiel-san then started a conversation. They started discussing about complicated matters such as this institute, other research laboratories, and many more.

—Then Penemue-san waves her hands to us. Oh, am I being called over by a wonderful woman!? That’s what I thought—.

“I’m interested in Barakiel’s daughter. Come here for a bit. You seem to have the potential since you are the daughter of the human that Barakiel fell in love with.”


Akeno-san goes to Penemue-san while having doubts, and they start to have a discussion. After Penemue-san tells her a few things, Akeno-san also starts to listen to her while taking interest in what she was being told, and replies back by saying ”What do you mean by that?”. ……I don’t know why, but Akeno-san is showing a glimpse of her S side face…… What are they talking about?

I was the only one left aside, so I didn’t know what to do……but something appears to my eyes which draws my attention. There is a painting hung on the wall of this room. ……It’s a painting which is a portrait of someone. Several of them are hung on the wall.

Sensei looks at me, and then asks.

“Something wrong?”

“No, I was just looking at the picture hanging on this wall. I was wondering who the people on these paintings are.”

Sensei’s gaze moves to the painting, and replies back with an expression of looking back at old times.

“Yeah, it’s a picture of our comrades.”

“So, are these people that are on the painting working here as well?”

“……No, those guys have already died from the old war and such.”

—! I didn’t know how to reply back to Sensei after hearing that. So the ones in the paintings are Sensei’s comrades who had already passed away…… Sensei continues.

“The leaders who are still alive among the members of Grigori since its creation are the seven of us consisting of, me, Vice-governor Shamhaza, Barakiel, the glasses from before, Tamiel who is standing over there, Penemue, and Armaros.”

“……That idiot Kokabiel was sent to the Cocytus after all.”

Penemue-san says it depressingly while poking her cheek. ……Even that Kokabiel who did so many evil deeds must have been an important comrade to these leaders who fought alongside him for centuries.

“I also prepared this for Kokabiel as well.”

Tamiel-san takes out a photo of Kokabiel and hangs it on the wall.

Seeing that, Sensei takes out a bell used by Buddhists, and makes a sound with it.

“We sure have lost capable men.”

He says something like that! No, no, no!

“Making a ring while using the photo as a portrait of a dead person! Aren’t you following a different religion!? Isn’t everyone here including Sensei supposed to originate from the Bible!?”

It’s weird to see the leader of the Fallen Angels ring a bell for the dead people like Buddhists! Rather than that, are you going to continue to hang photos and ring that bell every time a leader dies!?

Sensei then says it while laughing loudly.

“Forget the simple stuff. Anyway, I have to talk to these guys, so you two can head to the place where Barakiel is. There’s a place called the training space, so head over there.”

“Now then, Ise-kun. Shall we go to the training space then? More importantly, I was told about an interesting story……ufufu.”

Is it me or does Akeno-san look like she is excited? It seems like Penemue-oneesan told her something. Akeno-san and I left the meeting room after saying our farewell to them.

Part 3

It happens when we were walking within the facility and went past the resting area. There is a man with a good physique sitting on a long chair near the vending machine. A face I have seen somewhere……actually that’s—!

“So you were here.”

Akeno-san responds immediately. Yes! This person is Akeno-san’s father, Barakiel-san! Even Barakiel-san himself is so astonished at Akeno-san’s appearance that he spits out the bottle of drink he was drinking where he went “Bubuuu!”.

Barakiel-san asks Akeno-san while coughing.

“A-Akeno! W-What’s wrong? For you to come here……”

I stroke Barakiel-san’s back who is coughing. I never thought this person who was so strict before would show a reaction like this…… Seems like a visit from his daughter was something so shocking that he never imagined it.

Akeno-san takes out a plastic container from the paper bag. When she opens the lid, delicious looking cooked food appears.

Oh, that is one of Akeno-san’s cooking that she specialises in, chicken stew with taro and vegetables. It’s an excellent dish that has a superb taste and it will make you eat many servings of rice with it! It’s my favourite!

If I remember now, Akeno-san was in charge of the dinner menu yesterday and she made chicken stew with taro and vegetables. So it’s leftovers from yesterday huh. She made more than she usually does, but was it because……

“I thought of making you a lunch box because I made too much chicken stew with taro and vegetables.”

While saying that, Akeno-san takes out a pack with rice inside and also a magical bottle. Maybe that magical bottle contains a miso soup?

We also sit on the long chair of the resting room. It seems like Barakiel-san is also having a hard time with maintaining the institute and so he hasn’t taken proper food for a while. Since this is a good timing, he eats Akeno-san’s cooking on the spot.

Barakiel-san is more astonished than ever, and every time Akeno-san hands him some food, he takes the food from his daughter while being nervous.

“Then, I will be taking this……”

Barakiel-san uses his chopsticks to take the chicken stew with taro and vegetables, and puts it inside his mouth to taste it. He then takes a sip from the miso soup. A moment of silence. After a pause, when Akeno-san and I watch over Barakiel-san’s reaction—. He starts to shed tears from both his eyes like a waterfall! He then stuffs the chicken stew with taro and vegetables, rice, and the soup, into his mouth!

“Yum…..it’s delicious……!”

Barakiel-san starts to eat it heroically while crying like mad! He looks up, and gives his response regarding the food.

“Sob, it’s such a delicious chicken stew with taro and vegetables……! I’m the happiest father in the world……! I have a daughter who would make such delicious cooked food for me……!”

He starts to stuff down the handmade food of Akeno-san. He seems like he’s seriously happy.

“……Geez, you are exaggerating too much.”

Akeno-san has her face red and has a bit of an angry-tone after seeing Barakiel-san’s reaction, though she does seem like she is happy as well. Seems like she doesn’t hate this reaction. Yeah. I seriously do think it’s good that these two made up.

“And this one is the print of the reason why I came here today.”

Akeno-san hands over a paper to Barakiel-san.

“There’s going to be a parents, children, and teachers meeting so this is the printout for it just in case.”

Oh, the paper for the parents and teachers meeting. So she came here today to hand him that paper. Barakiel-san who got handed the paper stood there dazzled for a moment, but he then realised what she means right away.

“V-Very well! This is an important meeting! I will obviously attend to it!”

He approved to attend while making a big nod. Seeing that, Akeno-san also makes a small smile and approves.

“My business here is done. Then I will be going since I was invited by her. Ise-kun, thank you for today. However, I’m sorry. I will be observing this institute for a while. Let’s meet again afterwards.”

Saying that. Akeno-san stands up and goes somewhere.

Oh, first Gasper was taken away, and Akeno-san also went somewhere because she received an invitation. That means most of my business here is done.

………… I ended up being alone with Barakiel-san. What’s with this weird atmosphere!? Maybe Barakiel-san also sensed the atmosphere we are in, so he then speaks.

“Are you still using women’s breasts as the source of your power?”

—!? He still has that misunderstanding!? How many times do I have to repeat myself that I’m not a Dragon that eats girl’s oppai!

“Please give me a break! That’s a lie made up by Sensei!”

“I was joking.”

“You were joking!?”

Is he a bit of a joker? But since he has a strong appearance, I can’t tell whether he’s joking or being serious! Barakiel-san coughs and asks me once again.

“By the way, how about it? There’s a training space ahead of here. How about you come to observe it.”

Training……observing? Barakiel-san explains it to me who is in doubt.

“There’s an area where we train Sacred Gear possessors.”

—! T-That certainly sounds interesting! I do know about how Grigori’s are looking after the Sacred Gear possessors. So they gathered the possessors to train them! I want to see it! I’m also a Sacred Gear possessor, and since there are many foes who are Sacred Gear possessors, I certainly am interested in it!

Like this, I decided to go to the training space.

“……I-Is this the place……”

Right in front of me who just swallowed down my saliva, there’s a huge door that has a big letter “G” on it. Is it the “G” for Grigori? While having Barakiel-san lead me, the door opens.

It happens when I take a single step inside.



Suddenly, multiple screams of pain comes to my ear from every direction! Eh? Eh? What’s going on……? While bringing me who is shocked at the sudden screams, Barakiel-san walks ahead.

We walked through a spacious corridor. I can observe what’s going on inside the room from the walls made from glass.

“Guooo! It’s not over yeeet!”

In one of the rooms, there’s a man who is crucified, and he’s being hit with a gigantic iron ball, and—

“What are you planning to do with me, Grigori!? Funuuuuu!”

In another room, there’s a man caught on an experiment table, and he’s desperately screaming while having a mysterious group of doctors surround him. ……W-What is this……?

I don’t know how to respond. Eh, isn’t this place supposed to be an area where they train the Sacred Gear possessors……? I come to witness the situation of each room as I progress through the corridor……

Just like the iron ball and the mysterious surgery, there are other rooms such as someone being drowned in water while carrying weights, and an operation room with drills and saws!

“U-Umm, Barakiel-san, what is this place……?”

I ask him timidly. That’s because I’m clearly stepping foot inside a place which doesn’t seem like the one he explained earlier!

“Yes, this is the training floor. You should take a look. In order to make themselves stronger, they came to receive training from the Grigori.”

They are receiving it!? Eeeeeeeh…… No, no matter how I look at it, it’s clearly a torture room and punishment room….. My uneasiness gets stronger, and there is a nasty sweat coming from all over my body. If I think about it, this is the institute that is being operated by Azazel-sensei’s organisation.

……Saji was also taken to the Grigori’s headquarters at that time against Loki, and I heard that he received training there…… Even if I ask Saji about back then, he simply says “I don’t want to remember it!”, and shivers……

For some reason my bad feeling increased. When these things happen, I always gets dragged into weird things and meet weird people.

Barakiel-san explains to me who has an unexplainable uneasiness.

“We invite or take in possessors that have no family and are left alone while having the power. This research institute is used to teach them how to use their powers.”

I see. ……But is this what the scenery where they are teaching them how to use their power should look like……? I only see it as a torture…… Oh, but if I think about it, I also received a training that was like torture from Azazel-sensei.

I think having a lifestyle where I was chased by a Dragon in the mountain is even harder.

That’s how I feel while putting on a fake smile. —Well, leaving that aside, I should ask Barakiel-san about my doubt since this is a good occasion.

“What will the people here do in the future when they learn how to use their power?”

My question. I think the Grigori’s research is something where they can lighten the suffering of Sacred Gear possessors they will be facing one day. However, are these people waiting for something to happen when that time comes? I’m concerned about it.

“Previously—before the alliance of Three Great Powers, we allowed experienced possessors to remain within the organisation in order to avoid other factions gaining powers. However, it’s different now. If there are those seeking to have a lifestyle of a normal person from the ones who can control their power, then we came to allow their desire, though it will come with several restrictions.”

That’s how Barakiel-san answers.

Putting the past aside, they can have a normal lifestyle now. It truly is an interesting circumstance.

I really do want to know more about it. I’m a Sacred Gear possessor myself, and there are also people around me who are also possessors. When I was thinking of asking a bit more about it, someone who speaks to Barakiel-san appears.

“Oh, if it isn’t Barakiel. Guhahahahaha!”

A thick voice with a heroic laugh. When I look towards the voice, there’s a man with a good physique that showed up from the room we just passed.

……But I can’t help myself but to put on a sour look after seeing the man’s appearance.

He’s wearing armour, helm, and a cape. He has an eye-patch and he has a wildish beard. But for some reason he has a shield on his left hand and an axe on his right hand! His helm seems like it has a motif of either a hawk or eagle, and his shield has the same mark on it!

Judging from his look, he looks like a leader from the enemy organisation in a tokusatsu hero programme! Except he has a design from the old generation! Rather, he’s just a weirdo!

“Oh, Armaros. So you were here.”

Barakiel-san welcomes the weirdo cheerfully! He knows him!? So he’s a staff member here despite looking like this! Barakiel-san introduces him.

“He’s one of the leaders of the Grigori, Armaros. He’s mostly researching about attacks against magic, the anti-magic.”

“Guhahahahaha! If it’s anti-magic, then leave it to me!”

So this weirdo is one of the leaders! Actually, their Governor is a weirdo himself!

Rather, this old man is wearing something that is so not anti-magic! Isn’t your fashion too far off from anti-magic!? I mean, he has an axe and shield!

“Armaros, this is Hyoudou Issei-kun, the Sekiryuutei.”

Barakiel-san introduces me to him. I also have to give my greeting to this tokusatsu leader as well.

“Umm, nice to meet you, I’m Hyoudou Issei—”

Saying it till there, the tokusatsu leader Armaros-san suddenly swings his axe at me! Owa! What’s this, all of a sudden!? I avoided it by instinct, but this old man suddenly attacked me! Armaros-san shouts while pointing his axe at me!

“I know about you, damn Oppai Dragon! So you finally came to destroy this institute, huh!”

Huh!? T-This person right here suddenly said something weird with a furious face while swinging his weapon!

“It’s been a hundred years since we last met! I will settle my score with you here!”

“Settle what!? What’s the relation between you and the Oppai Dragon!? Did I do something to make you hate me!? I really don’t remember!”

When Armaros-san points at me while being excited—, a weird shout which went “Guu!” comes from each room, and many of those wearing black tights which has a design or either an eagle or hawk appears! Guys who seem to be combatants judging from their looks surround Armaros-san and make their stance against me!

“Barakiel-san! What are those things!?”

When I ask Barakiel-san—,

“Yes, those are like Grigori’s combatants.”

“Seriously!? There are such people!? It’s been half a year since I got to know Fallen Angels, but it’s my first time finding out there are people like that!”

Do Fallen Angels become more of an idiot as they go up the ranks!? The one standing at the top is that Azazel-sensei after all! Maybe the reason why Vali left the Grigori also has to do with this!

Armaros-san makes a big laugh while being surrounded by combatants!

“Guhahahaha! Damn Oppai Dragon! I won’t let you destroy this base! This base belongs to the great Grigori that dominates the whole world! I won’t let anyone who walks in here return alive! Griiiiigoriiiiii!”

I still don’t get it even if you screamed out Griiiiigoriiiiii! Rather, he’s really saying something that an enemy organisation would say! I only came here to tag along with Akeno-san, but I’m having myself seen with great hostility where he said he “won’t let me leave alive”! Even the combatants are spinning on the spot saying “Guu!” as if they are going with the flow!

Barakiel-san explains it to me with a troubled face.

“I’m sorry, Hyoudou Issei-kun! Armaros is fascinated with the villains from Japanese tokusatsu hero programmes…… Even Azazel himself is going with this bad flow to communicate with Armaros, so he’s always like this.”

……S-So something like that happened. Wait, isn’t there something wrong with this!? For the so-called leader of Fallen Angels to be influenced by the villain of a tokusatsu hero programme!

“Armaros, the truth is I wanted to show this boy right here about the Grigori’s technique of training the Sacred Gear possessors. That’s why—”

Barakiel-san stops saying it there. That’s because he stops his gaze at one of the training rooms. After looking there twice while he was talking, his gaze got glued towards there. I found his actions suspicious, so I also look towards the direction he is looking at, and—.

[Ara ara, you sure do need training since you go down simply like this. Ufufu, I will train you even more with this lightning whip!]

Someone I know is dressed up as SM Queen and,

[Guha! Ah, Queen! Please train me even mooooore!]

—is whipping the Sacred Gear possessor with her lightning and whip!

While dropping his jaw wide open, Barakiel-san shouts while having an expression where his eyes are about to pop out.


Yes! That Queen is Akeno-san! She’s swinging the whip while wearing a SM design-like costume, but there's no doubt that it's Akeno-san! She’s continuing to whip the possessor! She is swinging her whip while looking lively like a fish in the water!

Her expression is completely that of a super-S, and the one getting whipped also has an expression of that of a super-M!

Armaros-san laughs heroically!

“That’s our female leader candidate that just joined recently. It seems like Penemue is behind this, but seriously, that’s a really good Queen-like behaviour. I sure am looking forward to her future! Guhahahaha!”

Eeeeeeeeh! This is the invitation that Akeno-san received!? Did her S-side come into play? When she heard the story from Penemue-san, she really seemed interested in it!

“M-My daughter is……hmm……”

Ah, Barakiel-san falls on the floor at the shock he received from the change of his daughter!

“Guhahahahaha! Alright then! Grab hold of Oppai Dragon!”


The combatants surround me!


While I’m thinking up of a plan, I got captured and carried away by the combatants! The place I got carried to is a spacious training room.

……What’s in front of me is a crucifixion stand and a crane with a gigantic iron ball. The memory of the man that was being hit with a crane before comes back to my head. It will be painful for even a Devil to be hit by this without any protection!

Armaros-san shouts while having the iron ball in front of him.

“This is the most efficient thing for the Sacred Gear possessors training! An iron ball! Overcoming this will lead you to awakening your powers! The tokusatsu hero also went through a power-up in the same way! Oppai Dragon, you shall taste this as well!”

“Normal people would die from being hit by an iron ball! And is this what you call training!? And this is how you awaken Sacred Gears!? And what do you mean……that tokusatsu hero did the same!?”

I’m so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out! How is the iron ball related to the Sacred Gear!? Are you telling me that you can reach Balance Breaker by enduring the iron ball!?

“Saji Genshirou of the Vritra also endured this iron ball and also received modification surgery!”

Armaros-san says that plainly!

Seriously!? So that guy endured this and received the modification surgery as well!? What kind of surgery did he receive with drills and saws…… Is that the reason why he didn’t want to talk about it because he received such a treatment at their headquarters……?

“Take a look. This is the proof.”

Armaros-san takes out a single photo. It seems like it’s a photo of Saji’s back. T-There’s a symbol [G] on his baaaaack!

“This is indeed the proof of those who received the modification surgery by us, the Grigori. Saji Genshirou was reborn as a Vritra-kaijin by the technology of Grigori!”

“Vritra-kaijin!? T-Then you are telling me “Vritra Promotion” is a result of this!?”

“He’s a kaijin that we, the Grigori, are proud of!”

A kaijin, that’s absurd! Seriously! So that guy attained the power of Dragon King by receiving the surgery and mark! And you are saying his real identity is a “Vritra kaijin”!?

Does he know that? No, since he never spoke about the mark on his back, it must have turned out that way without him noticing…… That guy became a product of the suspicious makers without him finding out……

See? You get turned into a “kaijin” if you get involved with Sensei!

Armaros-san says it while nodding his head.

“In order to have Sacred Gear possessors learn how to use their power, we have to use the iron ball first! Or we upgrade them with modification surgery! Or to have them go through a power-up by having them do a lot of training in the mountain with a Dragon! This has been proved scientifically and also theoretically!”

“So you only have those three options!? What’s up with the training options that only has an iron ball, modification surgery, and camping in the mountain with a Dragon! Are we Sacred Gear possessors such simple beings!? More importantly, is that the result of an organisation that has been researching about Sacred Gears!? Rather, aren’t you supposed to specialise in anti-magic!?”

“You need an overwhelming physical attack to stand against magic! You kill the magicians by punching them! Those guys are weaklings that only rely on magic! Hit them, and hit them again! Guhahaha!”

“Physical attack! Doesn’t hitting and killing have nothing to do with research!?”

Maybe the reason this person fell from the Heaven is because he is an “idiot”! That’s the only reason I can come up with!

“It seems like a modification surgery will be happening right about now in another room. Have a look!”

When Armaros-san says that, the gigantic monitor set inside this room shows the image of another room! What shows up on it is—someone that is tied up to the operating table! And a mysterious group of doctors surrounding the operating table! Wait, isn’t the one who’s tied to the operating table—

[U-Umm……will I really become a powerful Vampire with this? I’m interested in Grigori’s research so I came here today……]

—is Gasper who asks the group of doctors nervously! So that guy was taken to a place like that!

The leader with glasses, Sahariel-san, appears in the vision and lifts his glasses.

[Of course. If you receive this surgery you will attain absolute power theoretically. —This is what you call a modification surgery! Now, let’s have you reborn!]

When Sahariel-san clicks his finger, one of the doctors starts the engine for the chainsaw!

Giiiiiin! I can even hear the dangerous sound from the screen.

[Hiiiiii! A-Am I really able to become a powerful Vampire with this—]

Zaa-. The moment Gasper tries to say something, the monitor dies out and becomes blurry! ……I-Is that guy really all right……?

The monitor then shows a different image. When I look at the screen, there’s Barakiel-san who is crucified and Akeno-san who is dressed up as SM Queen!

“Looks like there the new candidate for the leader will perform her purge in this room!”

Armaros-san looks at the screen happily.

P-Purge….. What will happen to Barakiel-san……?

Akeno-san approaches Barakiel-san while holding the whip.

[A-Akeno! Look at how you are dressed! It’s shameless! I can’t face the deceased Shuuri for having you dressed like that!]

A father’s desperate plea. However, Akeno-san smiles.

[Tou-sama, I heard many things from Penemue-sama.]


[Yes. That you, Tou-sama, did these plays with Kaa-sama when she was alive!]


Akeno-san hits Barakiel-san by swinging her whip sharply! She just whipped her dad! E-Even Barakiel-san will get mad—

However, the thing which happens in front of my eyes is something beyond my imagination.

Barakiel-san who got whipped to the stomach shakes his whole body.


High school DxD v15 007.jpg

He mutters it while his expression carries ecstasy! Good!? Did he just say it was good!? Don’t tell me! I get shocked while looking at the monitor! Akeno-san swings her whip again!


A sharp sound echoes! Each time it hits him, unbelievable sounds comes put from that warrior’s mouth!

[Aaaaah! This! This whip! It makes me remember Shuuri from that day!]

From that day!? Then you are telling me Barakiel-san and his late wife—.

[For doing SM play with Kaa-sama basically every night! What a man! Certainly a Fallen Angel indeed!]

A shocking truth is revealed from Akeno-san’s mouth!

“Eeeeeeeeeh!? Barakiel-san did SM play with his wife!?”

Armaros-san who is next to me who am in shock answers.

“Yeah. At a glance, Barakiel looks like an honest and boorish warrior, and his wife looks like a pure Yamato Nadeshiko, but apparently they have a hidden side where the husband is a super-M and the wife is a super-S. It seems like they had hot nights doing those kinds of things every night. Guhahahaha! It means that Barakiel also carried a guilty heart that made him fall from Heaven!”

Are you serious……? Damn, I’m a bit shocked! I thought the serious Barakiel-san who is a warrior was the good part of the Grigori that has the tokusatsu leader and the naughty Governor that carries the name of being the leader!

—I never thought the man who has the nickname “Light and Thunder” ends up being a super-M leader of the Fallen Angels!

[Ah, Akeno! I never thought the way you whip would be the same as Shuuri! I! I’m such a lucky man—. Aaaaaah, there, it feels great! Greeeeat!]

I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to hear it! Why do the leaders that I have come to admire end up being pervs! Sirzechs-sama is a perverted Maou who has an insane sister complex! The higher-ups of the Underworld are filled with filth!

[Ufufufufu! Tou-sama! Instead of Kaa-sama, I will be whipping you so many times today! This! Damn super-M “Holy and Thunder”!]

Akeno-san has her S expression, but she seems to be enjoying it. ……S-So interactions between a father and daughter like this are okay……? I also want to do a bit of SM play with Akeno-san!

So Akeno-san carried her sadistic side from her mother! A super-M as a father and a super-S as a mother! Such an amazing bloodline!

Ah, even Azazel-sensei appears in the SM room within the monitor! He appeared in an unexpected place!

[All right! I’m a teacher from Kuou academy! Let’s have our meeting here! Daddy! Your daughter wants to advance to university, so what’s your opinion on it?]

Why the heck are you starting the meeting there!? It’s a horrible view of their meeting!

[I’ll obviously agree to it, Mr Azazel! Gaining more knowledge and increasing the choices for her future by advancing to university is uooooooo! It’s so woooooonderful!]

[Is that right, daddy! You sure have a strong passion to it! –Wait, gyafun!]

SLAP! Akeno-san’s whip also reaches Azazel-sensei! Sensei cries after receiving the whip!

[Uuuuun! This! Despite the pain, she finds the sensational part of us, and gives a whip with the excellent impact which then increases your masochism instinct! I sure feel her gifted talent! Shit! A parent and teacher meeting where we communicate by the whip! So there’s something like this huh! Being a teacher sure is deep!]

How the heck can I understand that! What perverted thing is he saying while putting on a expression that he realised something!

The monitor gets blurry and changes. It returns to the previous operation room. –On the operating table is Gasper who has his limbs and head coming out of the box.

[The operation has succeeded.]

The leader with glasses sighs by saying “Phew”, as if he just finished his job!

“Wait, even if he said he succeeded in the operation, it’s just a box that has limbs and a head growing out from it! Rather, isn’t he just wearing a box!? Just what kind of operation did he do to the Vampire!?”

The vision that appears in my doubtful eyes is—

—A box that opens and has missiles equipped inside!

[For some reason, I feel like a new person. So today is the turning point for me—]

Gasper starts to say weird things! Realise the situation! Right now you are in outrageous turning point!

Armaros-san who is looking at the monitor groans.

“Ngh! So that’s what you came up with, Sahariel! Equipping a Vampire with missiles! I don’t quite get it, but it’s a new experiment which allows me to feel the pressure and its strength! It’s indeed a Missile Vampire!”

“No, no! Anyone would get stronger if they get equipped with missiles! Rather, a Vampire with a box and missiles!? What kind of research does Sahariel-san do!?”

Sahariel-san talks to himself as if he’s answering me who is in doubt.

[Fufufu, I just finished a human experiment using the theme, “How would the enemy force move if they find out a monster is equipped with unpredictable equipment”. They won’t predict that the box that came to them is a Vampire, and the enemy will be even more shocked if it’s equipped with missiles. After testing this in the real battle, I can move onto the second plan, “How would the enemy force move if a Dragon combines with a tank”! I did get my hand on a Heavenly Dragon, so I’m definitely going to upgrade him!]

—Am I counted as his experimental material all of a sudden!?

[Kukuku……so I’m finally going to be docking with a tank. My tears won’t stop when I imagine about Oppai Dragon Tank.]

Is Ddraig crying!? Since he’s been fragile lately, he cries even at the tiniest thing!

At this rate, I will be customised into a Dragon Tank by Sahariel-san. Hell no! It will be a good idea to run away from here! I have to leave here even if I have to abandon Akeno-san and Gasper, or else the evil organisation will do horrible things to me!

Akeno-san is currently having a SM, teacher and parents meeting with her father! It’s bad if I butt in!

Gya-suke has reborn into a Missile Vampire, he sure was a good guy! I won’t forget him!

I try to leave here slowly—but someone puts his hand on my shoulder. When I turn around, the tokusatsu leader Armaros-san is smiling lively!

“Oppai Dragon, it’s about time we begin.”

When Armaros-san clicks his finger, the combatants’ bow by saying “Guu!”, and then captures me! Huh!? What’s going on!?

The crane moves, and the iron ball falls down to Armaros-san!

Armaros-san makes a sharp glare and cuts the gigantic iron ball in half with his axe!

“Offensive magic is powerful. You would get slaughtered instead if you went hitting towards them normally. Then what should you do? It’s simple! You have to train even more and get a body which can endure magic! Bodies that have been trained can reflect back any sort of magic with different attributes! Physical attack and physical defence are the basic theory of anti-magic! While enduring the magic, you punch them in the face and kill them! This is result of my research against magic! Now then, Oppai Dragon! You will be soaked in the colour of Grigori here! Train your body with the iron ball, and attain a body where magic won’t work on you! Guhahahahaha! The hero of the Underworld shall be controlled by Grigori today!”

This leader who has his brain made up of muscles smiles after saying things which doesn’t make sense for so long!

When Armaros-san clicks his finger, the combatants move to a different iron ball!

A crane with the iron ball falls down to me who is still trying to figure the relation between iron ball and anti-magic—.

“Iyaaaaaa! Save meeeeee!”

My scream echoes within the room—

Ah, if this tokusatsu leader and that mad scientist were the ones that attacked Kuou academy instead of Kokabiel, then—. I think it would have got more chaotic.

It may have been good that it was Kokabiel!

It’s something I find out afterwards, but this training space is more of a mental training which involves giving pain, and apparently there’s a different place for the Sacred Gear possessor’s training.

Introduce me to that one!! Those who are related to the Grigori are a bunch of weirdos and perverts!

Episode Issei.5

—Like that, I remembered about the leaders of Grigori from that day.

……Yup, Barakiel-san overdid it! I was having such a good time being emotional at Rias and Akeno-san’s meeting, but he killed it because I started remembering about the exchange between super-S daughter and super-M father!

Sona-kaichou who is drinking her tea elegantly next to Rossweisse-san who was talking about anti-magic says it.

“Well, maybe it means that it is acceptable to break through magic using power. If it’s extreme raw strength, that won’t be the only thing it can do. Sairaorg Bael can break through different types of magic with his fists. Likewise for Ise-kun as well.”

I……tend to think it's easier to use the dragon-booster to rush into the enemies group and finish them off at once.

If Kiba is with me, destroying the enemy by supporting Kiba isn’t a bad idea.

Regarding Sairaorg-san…… His power and speed breaks common sense, and he gets insane specs when he wears the lion’s truth. To be honest, I don’t have that much confidence to defeat Sairaorg-san who has combined with Regulus. That’s the kind of person he is.

Likewise with Cao Cao, it makes me think there is nothing scarier than power or techniques that have been heightened to the limits.

“W-Well, it’s possible to block them because it’s Sairaorg-san…… He may even get along with Armaros-san.”

That’s how I answered while scratching my cheek. It seems like they will definitely get along.

“Nee-sama! I’ve found you!”

Oh, it’s Koneko-chan’s voice. If I take a look, Koneko-chan and Gasper who have come to the poolside has captured Kuroka.

“Nyaa, if it isn’t Shirone and Gya-kun. Want to swim?”

Kuroka herself is taking a rest after having a swim. She’s in a state where she’s wearing the kimono over her and it’s just covering her private parts.

“I asked you to train us! That’s the main reason why you can stay here, Nee-sama!”

Koneko-chan, you sure are strict and say things clearly to your sister.

“K-Koneko-chan, I don’t mind doing training anytime, you know?”

“Gya-kun is just as kind to Nee-sama as Ise-senpai.”

A strict Koneko-chan! Though, Koneko-chan does somehow look happy during her training. Maybe she’s happy that she gets to spend time with her sister? I sure hope they get to reconcile for real soon.

Kuroka who is being taken away by her sister and Gya-suke says it as if she just remembered.

“Hey, hey, Sekiryuutei-chin. Can I ask you one thing -nya?”


Kuroka points at Le Fay.

“Can I recommend Le Fay to become a candidate for the magician who will make a pact with you, Sekiryuutei-chin?”


Everyone here gets shocked at Kuroka’s unexpected suggestion!

It’s natural for us to get shocked. Hold on, so Le Fay’s going to be my pact partner after coming to this point!?


Le Fay also gets shocked like us. Kuroka probably said something she didn’t predict. Kuroka continues while brushing her wet hair upwards.

High school DxD v15 002.jpg

“Well, the thing is, she’s an expert magician and comes from a well-known family, you know? And she’s also your fan, so I don’t think she’s lacking in becoming your pact partner, -nyaa?”

T-That certainly may be true……

Kuroka shrugs her shoulder and continues.

“Well, Arthur certainly is an outcast from the House of Pendragon. Not only did he take the Holy-King Sword which happens to be his family treasure, the national treasure, and the most valuable treasure, but he also came to this world seeking for strong foes. But you know, Le-Fay came after her brother who did such thing because she was worried about him. She was actually meant to accomplish her duty as the magician of House of Pendragon.”


So something like that happened huh. So she came to support her brother who left their house.

Le Fay says it hesitantly.

“Otou-sama and Okaa-sama were also worried about Onii-sama……”

So she has such circumstances. Certainly among the Vali-team, she was the only one who didn’t seem like she fits there.

She clearly has a personality which doesn’t suit her being a terrorist.

However, Ravel who happens to be my manager is the first one to make a claim.

“It’s very painful to say this……but all of you are terrorists. This is a fact that you can’t change. Even if you left the Khaos Brigade and are in a situation where they are after you, you should be aware that other factions are also after you for causing troubles, correct? I’m in a position……where I have to think about Ise-sama’s reputation as my highest priority, therefore I have to be strict with you.”


I’m touched at this girl’s words. She’s becoming this tender in order to support me…… I have the best manager there is……!

Kuroka also smiles.

“You are right. I sure can’t say anything back if you bring that in. And I’m guessing the magicians’ organisation this girl previously belonged to has excommunicated her from their list.”

Kuroka puts her hands together and begs.

“But you know, as a start, can you at least give her a simple interview, Little Birdy-chan?”

“My name is Ravel! Geez, I don’t even want to imagine Ise-sama’s pact partner being a terrorist!”

I say it to the angry Ravel.

“Well, I’m also interested in her, and she did take care of me as well. So listening to what she has to say for a bit should be okay.”

I’m sure Le Fay isn’t a bad girl, and I’m simply interested.

If she gets determined as being one of the candidates, what will happen?

Ravel makes a negative face and nods reluctantly while being unpleasant.

“……If Ise-sama says that, then I won’t be able to decline so easily. Understood. Le Fay-san!”


Ravel asks the scared Le Fay.

“Please answer my questions!”


Saying that, Ravel takes out a memo pad and asks several questions to Le Fay. Le Fay answers them while putting on a nervous look.

“……Yes, so you use black, white, Norse, and even fairy magic…… The ones you have a pact with are…..Fenrir!? G-Gogmagog!? It can’t be, it’s impossible……!”

Ravel’s questions continues despite being shocked every now and then, and she finally stops writing.

Her expression tells me that she can’t believe what she just heard.

“……How can this be?”

“W-What’s wrong?”

When I ask her timidly, Ravel answers.

“I have given a certain standard from the magicians that would have the factors Ise-sama would need in the future ahead. Le Fay-san has exceeded those standards by quite a margin. Actually, I can see that she has gifted potential in many areas than the magicians I have been choosing till now……”

Yes, yes. So she has an amazing rating. In other words, if she wasn’t part of Vali-team, then she has a status which would get her the spot right away! I see, this certainly is something I didn’t imagine; Le Fay being the magician for the pact!

She’s cute, and she’s talented in magic! It also seems like she can create magic that would make profit for Devils.

But the single point of her being a terrorist is preventing that from happening, huh.

“……The fact about how she supported The Khaos Brigade is certainly a big issue.”

Sona-kaichou says that calmly.

Seriously, that’s the only disappointment there is. It may be something she did because she was worried about her brother, and even if it was for a certain time, she did stay in the organisation that is seen as an enemy from each faction……


Le Fay also puts on a complicated expression.

Kuroka laughs as if she’s trying to change this heavy atmosphere.

“Well, that may change for the better very soon, and having a response like that is good enough for now –nya. By the way Shirone, your territory has been taken by your senpai. Are you okay with it -nya?”

Kuroka asks that way to Koneko-chan. Xenovia is sitting on my lap after all. It seems like Koneko-chan thinks of my lap as her important territory……

“……I would be sitting there afterwards so it isn’t a problem. That is also an independent territory after all.”

My lap has such an important role!? I can’t help but keep on getting shocked!

The Grim Reaper girl Bennia starts to take a memo of something.

《I see, so it’s an independent territory on top of Oppai Dragon’s lap…… I sure have learned new facts today.》

If I remember now, you are here as well. I almost forgot because you don’t stand out!

Then I hear the voice of a new visitor—.

“It sure does seem fun to have a pool in the basement.”

When all of us look that way — there is a person dressed up as a sister! It’s Sister Griselda! The person that governs the staff from Heaven within this area has shown herself! Sister Griselda walks towards us while having two men follow her.

“I’m sorry. When we came to visit your house, Hyoudou Issei-san’s mother came to welcome us where she brought us here.”

Oh man! We were so dazed that we didn’t notice the visitors!

Mum, thank you! Rather, mostly everyone who lives here has gathered here! Of course I won’t notice them!

“How do you do.”

Sister Griselda gives us a polite greeting and smile.

Xenovia who is sitting on my lap—makes her body stiff due to Sister’s appearance. Irina is already away from me while sitting in a proper manner! Sister Griselda pinches Xenovia’s cheek while smiling.

“For sitting on a gentleman’s lap at noon, it seems like you’ve grown to become a shameless girl.”

“Y-Yez, I’m zorry……”

Xenovia apologises while having tears in her eyes. I have witnessed her adorable side once again. She sure can’t act as she likes in front of Sister Griselda.

Then Sister Griselda coughs and bows her head.

“I’m very sorry. I heard that the Gremory and Sitri would be having a discussion so we were thinking if we could join all of you……”

Sona-kaichou and Akeno-san welcomes Sister Griselda while putting on a proper posture.

“Yes, we are honoured to have you here.”

“Please sit here. Here, please take some tea.”

“Thank you very much.”

Sister Griselda sits on one of the table chair, but I’m concerned about something else.

……The two men that Sister brought with her. One of the men in a priest’s outfit is a handsome youth with blond hair and green eyes. Is he three or four years older than me?

Another person is Japanese. He seems to have the same height as me. He looks like one of those Japanese guys who looks a bit handsome that you often see. Is he a year or two older than me? Except—.


He has a huge black dog next to him. It’s really black. It may be better to say that it has a jet black fur. Its golden eyes are sparkling.

……I can tell it’s no ordinary dog from the aura it has around its body.

A type of supernatural being—. No, I can sense a mysterious feeling from it……

I come up with a certain assumption……

While I start to come up with assumptions, the man who is dressed as a priest changes his expression and greets us.

“Howdy? Nice to meet you all, Devils of Kuou academy. I’m called Dulio Gesualdo. Let’s get along from now on~.”

—!? D-Dulio!? So that means—


Sona-kaichou says that quietly. Yes, that’s the name of the Joker from the Heaven side who has an unrivalled level of strength among reincarnated Angels! While all of us are shocked at the sudden appearance of the Joker, the man himself acts at his own pace and looks at our girls.

“Oh man, I heard that Sekiryuutei-dono has many beautiful wives, and it seems like it’s the truth. It sure makes me envious, it surely does.”

Sister warns the Joker who said that casually.

“Dulio? You do know that you are the Joker who is the trump card of Heaven? Do not say it in a rude way.”

Sister Griselda pinches Joker’s ear without mercy.

“Ouuuuch. ……Geez, I sure can’t do as I like in front of Griselda-neesan.”

So Sister Griselda not only controls Xenovia, but also Joker……

Sensei and Sister Griselda were saying whether they will send the Joker or not when the Vampire from Carmilla faction came, but I never expected to meet him so soon.

……So that’s how creepy The Khaos Brigade’s moves are……

“And this person here is……?”

Akeno-san moves her gaze to the other man, the man who has a black dog with him.

—But, before Sister Griselda can answer, Kuroka says it cheerfully.

“This is rare –nyan. Vali would be happy if he was here.”

“You know him, Kuroka?”

When I ask, Kuroka makes a big meaningful smile.

“—He’s Slash Dog. The possessor of [Canis Lykaon]. He’s the only other “human” besides Cao Cao to force Vali to use Juggernaut Drive.”

—!? T-This person!? Shocking things sure are happening continuously today!

After finding out that this man is Slash Dog after Joker, all of us are taken aback!

Today, the second Longinus possessor gives his greeting to us.

“Hello, my name is Ikuse Tobio. I came here on behalf of former Governor Azazel. This one here is Jin. Please think of him as a Longinus itself. Since my Sacred Gear is an independent avatar type, he has his own instinct. From now on, we will be supporting all of you while working behind the scenes.”

Even the dog is introduced to us…… I see, so this dog itself is a Sacred Gear—. Is it the same phenomenon as how Regulus acquired its beast form? No, it seems like this dog was in this state from the beginning.

Sacred Gear seriously sure have many forms…… I think there’s so many mysterious things behind it which makes me understand a bit why Sensei is fascinated with them.

However, this person is going to be the support member behind the scenes! There’s nothing more reliable than to have the rumoured Slash Dog-san to be supporting us behind the scenes!

“…..Hmm, this dog doesn’t have any guard down.”

“Yeah, he has a cute face but it seems the potential it has in him is immeasurable.”

Xenovia and Irina have serious faces due to the unique aura the dog, Jin, has.

Sona-kaichou lifts up her glasses.

“Oddly enough, each of the Longinus possessors within the Three Great Powers have gathered here.”

If Regulus from Sairaorg-san comes here, then all the Longinus will have gathered here.

Oh, for some reason something amazing is happening! Until now the Occult Research Club and Student Council has been settling matters together, but having support from the Heaven side and Grigori side is more than just being supportive!

If our opponents are the tough and brutal Evil Dragons, then it’s certain that it will be troublesome unless we have this many members. If the risk of our members getting killed is reduced, then we can’t ask for more. To be honest, if it’s only the Gremory group……then it will become a situation where it won’t be weird for any one of us to get killed at any time.

I want to get even stronger. In order to stop that sad situation from occurring.

—Then Slash Dog-san says it to me who is thinking of negative things inside myself.

“Sekiryuutei, will you be doing your personal training today as well?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. What about it?”

“I was asked by Azazel-san to take on you and this team on behalf of Kiba Yuuto, so would it be okay if I take this role?”

—! For real!? T-That certainly makes me happy! It’s more than being honoured!

I make a big nod with my head and grabbed Slash Dog-san’s hand.

“Please do! There aren’t any occasions to have a Longinus possessor as your opponent for training!”

This is a good opportunity. Being able to train with a Longinus possessor will become a great experience for me and also everyone in the Gremory group!

The Longinus possessors I have been fighting against have all been enemies after all…… That’s why you can’t have training with a Longinus possessor that easily.

Joker who is next to him also puts up his hand.

“Ah, I think Michael-sama ordered me to do the same as well. Sekiryuutei-dono, and the Gremorys’, how about having me as your training partner as well?”

Amazing! What’s with this sudden big opportunity!? Can such a thing even possibly happen!?

“Even Joker!? Please! I’ve heard from Sensei! You are as strong as Cao Cao, right?”

Joker tilts his head to my question.

“Hmm, I have all the requirements, I guess? Ah, that’s right; you don’t have to use honorifics when you are talking to me. I’m bad with those kinds of things. Just call me Dulio. I will also call you Ise-don.”

As such, Joker—Dulio, gives me a friendly handshake.

He acts light heartedly, but he doesn’t seem like a bad person. Likewise for Slash Dog.

Xenovia and Irina are burning with passion after seeing this situation.

“This will be good. Having several Longinus Possessors as your opponents for your training is something which doesn’t happen often. I’m kind of hyped!”

“You are right; I also want to heighten my power of an Angel as well!”

“Yeah, the self-proclaimed Angel should learn what an Angel should be from the Joker.”

“Geez! Xenovia, you should also learn how to use techniques from Slash Dog-san!”

“Both of you are really into this! I will also train my combination with Fafnir-san!”

A scene where Asia watches over Xenovia and Irina that are arguing with warm eyes. Yeah, the Church-trio are also being lively today as well.

Sona-kaichou then says it while raising her hand.

“If it’s okay with all of you, I also want to have our Vritra user participate, so how about it? I also want to have that child reach Balance Breaker soon, so there’s a high chance for him to reach it with these members.”

Joker nods while making a smile.

“It should be okay. Having Dragon King join that is.”

So his Balance Breaker training huh. After all, there are three Longinus possessors including myself.

Saji, rest in peace! I won’t hold back!

While everyone gets heated up with Joker Dulio and Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio-san’s favour, Sister Griselda says this.

“Since the terrorists are making even more mysterious actions than before, we must strengthen the power of the youth from each faction. ……Unfortunately, the majority of those with strength are those people who stand in the high positions, so they are also in a position where it’s hard for them to take action due to political issues. We can’t afford to lose the Gods and especially the Chief-God from each faction. That’s why we need people like all of you that are powerful youths that can be sent to any places. So please lend us your strength, not only for the Three Great Powers, but also for each of the factions and the humans. We will give you the most support we can offer you as well.”

Sister Griselda bows her head down. I then say it to Sister Griselda.

“Please raise your head, Sister Griselda. We will do it when the time comes. Peace is the best after all.”

Yeah, to be honest, it will be enough for me to have an erotic and peaceful lifestyle with these girls, but being a Sekiryuutei gets me dragged into many situations.

A road to becoming a Harem-King isn’t easy. But, I still have to do it.

……Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba, Xenovia, Gasper, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Ophis, Azazel-sensei, and the Student Council members. I can’t stand……seeing those close to me either being depressed or crying.

There may be a situation like that again in the future. But in order to live with everyone peacefully, I will do as much as I can and will do the most I can.

While making a new resolution, Joker Dulio takes the sweet on the table without asking and then says it.

“Well, having the youth of each faction like this meet together has been discussed recently. Michael-sama also said it’s heartbreaking to have Ise-don and everyone here fight all the time. So I guess it isn’t bad to have the youths to get to know each other.”

Sensei, Michael-san, thank you very much! Having Joker and Slash Dog as my training partners! It’s more than being supportive! It sure is an honour to have the Heaven and the Grigori send their youth fighters!

I then shout after increasing my spirit.

“All right! Let’s start the training right away with all of us!”


Xenovia and others say that after me, but Sona-kaichou says this calmly.

“No, before that we have to discuss about what we will be doing from now on.”

Oh, that’s right.

Well, that’s how it is like in the Hyoudou residence.

Now then, I wonder what Rias, Kiba, and Sensei, are up to at the Vampire’s territory.

I hope nothing happens to them.

Episode Azazel.1

This town is covered by dense fogs.

I, Azazel, am in the territory of the Vampire’s Carmilla faction. It’s the castle town of Carmilla faction which you can refer to as their central place where the Vampires of Carmilla faction live.

It’s thought that Vampires like and live in buildings that are based on the Middle Age Europe’s theme which is so old-fashioned way of thinking, but that’s not quite true.

This town has modern-like buildings built around Carmilla’s castle who is their ancestor. The civilians’ houses in the residential area are all modern-type houses as well. Though it seems like the pure Vampires who are the important people here still live in the old and huge mansions.

Obviously all the buildings have few windows as if they are rejecting the sunlight which is their weakness, and even if there are windows they have them covered.

Well, with a dense fog like this, sunlight won’t even reach this town even during noon.

It’s exactly noon right now. The Vampires who are the residents of night are sleeping right now. There are those moving around at noon; however they are wearing thick clothes in order to prevent their skin from being exposed. They must be scared of the sunlight, even though there’s a fog. There are even those that are travelling by car. The items carried by people and used for the town’s equipment are no different than the ones in the human world. It must be because the majority of civilians here are former humans. You can say it is similar to the reincarnated Devils living in the Underworld.

The fog which I’m referring to is the Vampire’s ability. Vampires can control fogs after all. If it’s a high level Vampire, than he can even create fogs which can cover a single town by himself.

Fogs are used to act as a barrier and to search for enemies. It probably doesn’t have that much traits as the mist user George’s fog, however the Vampire who can cover this whole town by using fogs must be someone strong.

I entered this place by myself after parting with Rias. The place where it’s located is in a mountainous region with a wide barrier, and is separated from the humans’ world. That is this place.

By the way, the main region which is used by the Tepes faction isn’t that far from here. Though it seems like both sides have created a boundary line, something which acts as national border, between them.

The air I breathe out is also white. Romania is a country which has the same seasonal occurrence as Japan. If it has just become winter in Japan, then likewise, it’s also winter here. However, this country is colder than Japan. With this temperature, it won’t be weird if there are places which has snow falling.

Now then, the reason why I’m observing the view so leisurely like this is……

“It sure is boring……”

I’m talking to myself. I’m in a café. I found a rare café which is open even at noon, so I’m drinking tea at the second floor terrace like this.

Even though I said tea, it truly isn’t blood. It’s black tea with a strong taste that even Vampires are fond of. It’s said that the denser the Vampire’s blood is, the more different they are to human regarding taste. Pure-bloods basically can’t take in anything besides blood. The ones that drink black tea must be the ones that changed from being human.

The truth is I asked for a meeting with Carmilla herself who is the Queen of Carmilla faction—but it seems like it was bad timing where the Queen-sama is in the middle of a meeting.

It seems like it’s been dragging on for quite some time, and several days have already passed since I got here. They welcomed me with VIP treatment at the castle, but I was so bored that I came down to the town.

It’s an unsightly view for me to act as someone who has nothing to do since I came here after making such a big declaration in front of Ise and others.

……Looks like there’s movement within the Tepes faction. The Carmilla faction must be making countermeasure against them. They must want to put the meeting with me after that.

It’s not like they’re ignoring me. The one who is sitting a bit away from me right now must be the one who is keeping his eye on me. He’s releasing such atmosphere like that after all.

Most likely, Carmilla must want to have all her trump cards within her hand so she can use them if the time comes.

I never thought she would have allowed her special envoy to speak as she liked that much and then leave me like this when I entered this country. Geez, it sure does amaze me how proudly the Vampires act.

I make a sigh since I’m in a position I can’t acknowledge. – Then I lost the presence of the one who was keeping an eye on me. When I take a glance, the one who was keeping an eye on me is down on the table.

I say it after making another sigh.

“Geez, what do you want with me after coming all the way here? – Vali?”

The one who approaches my table is Vali himself.

“Well, I sensed a presence I was familiar with when I came nearby.”

This guy appears while bringing Bikou, Arthur, and Fenrir.

“Ya~ya~, Govenor♪ Or do I call you Director now?”

“You never change, Bikou. ……Did you make him go to sleep?”

When I looked towards the guy keeping his eye on me meaningfully, the naughty monkey smiles happily.

He must have made that guy go to sleep with a certain type of senjutsu.

The reason why these guys can move freely within this fog is because they excel in sneaking in. After all, they are a bunch that appear in unexpected times and places, and also strong guys that won’t get caught by any organisation.

“So, do you have some business with me?”

When I ask, these guys sit down and start to talk.

“Yeah, it’s regarding the Evil Dragons.”

What Vali starts talking about is regarding the Evil Dragon these guys met with.

……I ask Vali after hearing all sorts of things.

“Was Aži Dahāka strong?”

While drinking his tea, Vali smiles and answers.

“……Looks like he will be more entertaining than Pluto at least.”

……So Aži Dahāka is at least stronger than Pluto.

Bikou continues.

“Rather, he’s strong, that crazy Dragon that is. He’s no doubt the strongest out of all the Dragons I fought. There’s nothing scarier than opponents that won’t go down.”

“Even Grendel looked quite tough as well.”

Arthur also continues like that.

Since these guys that are travelling the world seeking for strong foes are saying this, so it can be determined that those Dragons’ strength are remarkable.

I then say.

“Our young Devils also had a harder fight than expected. ……Having those guys who are going through an irregular growth have a “hard fight” is quite a bad situation.”

Vali asks while twitching one of his eyebrows.

“Like I expected, is the resurrection of Evil Dragons due to the Holy Grail? That alters lives, doesn’t it? Is it also possible to resurrect the dead?”

Well, it’s natural to have such doubts. Yeah, this is clearly a situation that is involved with the Holy Grail.

That Holy Grail which is a Longinus……can change the law of lives.

There’s no mistake that the top guys among the Carmilla faction are causing a ruckus due to it.

“The location of souls and the place they will head towards differ for each religion as well as the meaning and how they are handled…… But resurrecting completely is something that is impossible normally.”

Even Ise whose resurrection which was like a miracle lost his original body and had to get a new one.

Once your soul passes on, you can’t come back to the real world that easily. That’s how precious it is for souls that have fulfilled their duty and fate to leave the body.

Though it’s a different story if you have the technique, capacity, and existence where you can do something with your soul.

Again, there are resurrections by using the Devils and Angels reincarnation system. Well, both of them need to be in a state where you had just died.

Vali narrows his eyes.

“—The Evil Dragons are different then?”

……They are tough after all.

I then say it while piling up the sugar cubes.

“……Vritra that had his soul cut into that many pieces was able to resurrect. Guessing from that, if you have the prosperous bug called “Longinus” that was left by the God from the Bible, then……”

“And you can say that it’s on a totally different level if it’s a sub-species Balance Breaker.”

I nod my head at Vali’s words that continued after me.

Bikou says it while resting his chin.

“If that’s the case, does it mean the Vampire faction that has the Holy Grail is connected with the Khaos Brigade?”

It won’t be weird if the Carmilla faction knows about the Tepes faction’s circumstances beforehand. They must have thought that using Gasper who had a connection with Valerie Tepes who holds the Holy Grail is the most efficient one to use. They must have presumed that she would let her guard down if it’s Gasper.

In a round a bout, you can say that Valerie is such an existence.

We can take it that the reason they started negotiating with us whom they have refused till now as a nuisance is because the Vampires can’t handle Valerie and the Khaos Brigade that have a connection with her.

Did they come to us while looking down at us due to their pride, or are they planning to use us and take all the good parts from the sidelines?

There are many things I don’t know…… Gasper, speaking honestly, you can assume that the girl called Valerie whom you are feeling indebted to…… is wrapped in something really serious.

And the ruckus the Carmilla faction is causing since I got here must mean that there has been a change in Tepes.

I’m worried about Rias and Kiba. Like I thought, I probably should call Ise and others……

–I then notice the change in these guys.

Kuroka and Le Fay aren’t here.

“Hey, Vali. Where’s the bad-cat and the witch-girl?”

When I ask, Vali says it while shrugging his shoulder.

“They are at Hyoudou Issei’s place”

Hmm? What’s this?

“Were you dumped? Geez, this happened because you didn’t pay attention to them, you know?”

I say it jokingly but this guy replies by saying “That’s probably it” without being offended.

……It really seems like he isn’t bothered. Geez, I have to say that his lack of interest in women is extreme. He’s like this ever since he was a kid. He isn’t even interested in romance in the slightest.

……It’s not like he hates women. If he did, he won’t be having Kuroka and Le Fay with him.

He makes me worried in the opposite way to Ise.

Bikou starts laughing heroically

“It’s all right, Governor. Both Kuroka and Le Fay will come to us if something happens. Also, you know they said playing with Sekiryuutei is fun? So did you know that this brother of hers right here is feeling safe?”

Bikou gives a meaningful gaze at Arthur.

“Yes, to be honest, Le Fay will be safe if I leave her by his side after all. I think it will be good for her to return to the everyday world. Even if she can’t return completely, she would be able to have a life which is close to it if she stays at Sekiryuutei-dono’s side that can be said as a special zone. Even the former Governor seems like he will be considering it after all.”

So that’s how you respond huh. Geez, this swordsman has no flaws. But, it’s that. It seems like this guy adores his little sister despite being a battle maniac as well. I then say it to Arthur.

“I will make sure no one lays their hand on her while she’s there. Except, can you at least consider how Ise and everyone will appear to others? It will be troublesome if they get caught teaming up with you guys so openly.”

Arthur also nods at my words by saying “Yes”.

Well, Kuroka and Le Fay are already in a state where they are kinda free lodging there…… That guy Ise, just how many more lovers’ candidates does he has to have in order to be convinced? Though they are gathering around him before he realises it……

Maybe next time I should have a bet with Sirzechs in how many children that guy will have in the future.

When I’m thinking such things, Bikou takes out something from his luggage. –Its cup noodles.

And also a pot he has already prepared without me noticing. Bikou asks me while making preparation.

“Which one does the former Governor want? The red one? The green one? Or the yakisoba with lots of quantity in them?”

He sure does have quite a number of cup noodles with him. And they all happen to be Japan made. Certainly the cup noodles in Japan taste the best.

“Then give me that green one. I like soba after all.”

I’ll just tag along with them since I’m a bit hungry.

Bikou starts laughing again.

“Oh, looks like you are familiar with Japan’s taste. Fine. Vali, Arthur, which one do you guys want?”

I ask while watching these guys who are picking their noodles without being serious.

“I never thought Hakuryuukou-sama’s group that is travelling to various places has cup noodles as their meal. Can’t even a single one of you cook?”

Bikou waves his hand roughly.

“Le Fay was the one doing it after all. If that girl isn’t here, then our meals change to instant food right away. Well, I love noodles and both Vali and Arthur don’t complain about what they eat.”

I don’t know what to say after seeing Vali who is opening the packets of seasoning right beside me. Arthur is also saying that “I won’t complain as long as the black tea is first-class”, and has his tea pot ready.

Fenrir……has the cup noodle put in front of him rudely, so I can sense an unexplainable atmosphere coming from this beast. Even though he has got smaller than his previous large beast size form, you guys do realise that he is a legendary monster, right……? A cup noodle for Fenrir!

……Judging from only this situation, I’m starting to think that the Sekiryuutei who is eating three meals daily made by his beloved wives and lovers stands higher than him.

Geez, these guys don’t even carry the slightest fragment of being nervous. This is the Vampire’s territory. Maybe they don’t carry the self-awareness of being a wanted group?

No, they probably don’t. These guys are idiots after all.

However, Vali’s journey to find strong foes is quite a maniac hobby. I never thought it will also involve monsters that have been eliminated…… Is my influence on him too strong? I have a mixed feeling as the guy who raised him.

If I remember now, these guys were choosing someone to act as the counsellor for Albion by having the first generation Sun Wukong introduce them to someone. This is a story I heard afterwards, but these guys are truly—.

Life.5 Wolf’s Emblem

Part 1

I am the wolf that can even devour Gods. My name is Fenrir.

Right now, I find myself in a problematic situation.

The reason is due to the fact that two of my comrades got sealed away by the enemies that assaulted us soon as the battle started.

“Kakaka! He sure is a pathetic Sun Wukong! Right, brother?”

“Shishishi! You’re right! I never thought we can catch another one as well, brother!”

The two humanoid-type Youkai that are wearing armour that was worn by ancient Chinese warriors—. They are putting on an annoying smile.

After being assaulted by those enemies, two of my pathetic comrades were caught by them. Truly deplorable.

“What should we do, Fenrir-chan?”

My sworn friend, Lady Le Fay, is also a bit troubled.

How did it turn out like this?

Let me go back a bit to explain.

Battling strong foes, challenging the unknown or unsolvable phenomenon is one of the objectives of our adventure.

Today, we have once again set foot in a place away from where humans live within the Chinese mountains.

The scenery of the valley where there are mists around the stone pillars is giving out a unique atmosphere which makes me think it won’t be weird for a hermit to be living here. This scenery is only possible because we are in this country.

And beyond this place is the one we are seeking for this journey.

“Ah, it’s just mountains. The mists here are thick as well. Hey, can’t we just go past this place with your flying nimbus, Bikou?”

The woman who speaks her dissatisfaction, the nekomata called Kuroka. She has black hair and wears a black kimono.

She specialises in areas that are related to techniques such as demonic-powers, senjutsu, and youjutsu, therefore she has great potential. She has reincarnated into a Devil, however, she killed her master, and she apparently became affiliated with this group during her flee.

In my head, this nekomata has a complicated rating.

She does have potential. I will admit that. However, the way she thinks is too easy going and simple minded. On top of that she happens to be vulgar.

Inside me, this cat is ranked low in our hierarchy. There’s no way I can take her as someone equal to me. To see her as someone above me is impossible.

This hierarchy is strongly decided by me. My pride as a wolf overcomes my intelligence, and that’s how I base things.

Even if I was born in a rare way and even if I have intelligence, it still must mean I’m also a single wolf. I have no complaints about that and have accepted that as my way of living.

Hearing the cat’s complaint, the dumb looking (in fact, he is dumb) monkey youkai sighs.

“Man you are noisy. Our leader is saying that we are going to walk to the destination, so it can’t be helped. More than that, the one who’s putting this mist here is the hermit or whatever it is. If I use unnecessary jitsu, it will only be caught by some hermit somewhere.”

The one wearing the armour of ancient China, —Bikou. He only looks like a human man from his appearance, but he’s a youkai who inherited the blood of that famous Sun Wukong. —Though he doesn’t look like he inherited anything at all.

He’s always laughing, he gets influenced by the current culture, and on top of that he happens to be fond of those things. What he eats and the way he lives does not have any elegance at all. He’s a vulgar monkey that I don’t want anyone to see me as his comrade.

Obviously this monkey is ranked at the very bottom. I rate him below the cat. I don’t want to consider him as equal to me. I will be filled with hatred if someone even mentions that.

“Well, having a walk at times while enjoying this view may be good.”

The man who is dressed up as a gentleman, Arthur Pendragon. He’s a descendant of the hero, King Arthur, and is the possessor of the Holy King Sword, Collbrande. He’s wearing clothing which isn’t fitting for this environment since he’s wearing a suit and glasses even inside a mountain like here.

He’s always mild, and doesn’t even let me sense a bit of the atmosphere of King Arthur……but he has no guard down. Even when I communicate with him, I can’t help but sense the “nothingness” inside this man.

This man must not have the slightest interest in anything except what he’s interested in. However, in regards to battle he carries unmatched cruelness and accurateness. He approaches any situation with a calm mind. That makes him creepy, and also supportive as someone who takes action with me.

Inside me, this man is ranked quite high. As someone who travels with me, he has sufficient dignity and ability.

“Everyone, please wait for me……”

The one who arrives a bit late is the girl who specialises in magic, —Le Fay. She has a witch-like appearance with her pointed hat and cape.

She’s the younger sister of the Arthur who I introduced just before. Maybe it’s due to them being siblings, so they do resemble each other, however, you can say they are the complete opposite in terms of personality. She doesn’t have the cold atmosphere her brother carries at all, and she’s someone who’s always smiling among this group.

Unlike other members, she doesn’t have the slightest evilness in her. However, like her brother. She has a unique atmosphere where I can’t read what’s going inside her. Though she doesn’t have a vibe where she’s planning to do something bad.

The cooked meat and vegetables this girl solely makes for me are very delicious, and it's one of the valuable enjoyment I have while being in this group.

For that reason, I ranked her as my sworn friend inside myself. I often am asked to protect her, and you can say she’s someone I interact with the most.

……However, like what the monkey and cat said, the air in this valley is unresting, and is even dulling my senses. I’m feeling a lukewarm sensation on my body, and it feels like its enveloping my whole body. This area must be a territory belonging to someone.

I don’t smell anything that makes it so unnatural. However, someone’s gaze……isn’t what it is, but I can feel a disturbing feeling with my skin that I’m being observed and have myself caught.

I have my ability to sense dulled—. Everyone here must be moving while knowing that.

Usually, we won’t do such foolish things as to show up in places where we would get caught by others. We have our lives targeted by various factions after all.

Due to the battle the other day where we settled our differences with the Hero-faction, we became targeted by the Khaos Brigade which we were temporarily affiliated with. For that reason, our group specialises in hiding ourselves.

We have step foot in the valley today because we have a certain circumstance.

“I don’t hate the sensation I’m feeling with my skin in this valley.”

The one who says such fearless words is—.

A youth with a dark mixture of silver hair shows up behind me without making any sound.

“The atmosphere of this mountain where it isn’t weird if anyone assaults us from any place isn’t bad. There’s a unique trait in this mist……so it means that we’re already inside someone’s territory. The unexplored region of this country isn’t bad since it’s entertaining me simply with the atmosphere of this mountain and mist.”

The one who I’ll be introducing last among this group will be Vali. A powerful and unrivalled man who inherits the blood of the true Lucifer as well possessing the power of one half of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Hakuryuukou.

The atmosphere around his body, the pressure coming from his body, he shows he stands on a different place with the rest of the group that is made up of evil individuals. His iris that is seeking for battles is always burning with fire even if that flame is small or big.

The one who unleashed my instinct from the hands of the Evil-God Loki who happened to be my father is this man. I was my father’s fangs and claws. My fangs and claws are a forbidden technique that can give critical wounds to Gods.

I was an obedient son of my father Loki,—no, I was turning into his slave, I was nothing more or nothing less. I simply obeyed my father’s order; I tore apart my opponents, and bit them into pieces. That’s because I believed that was my purpose in life.

However, the one who changed that principle using the magical chain Gleipnir, Excalibur Ruler, and Juggernaut Drive is Vali.

What this man sought from me is—for me to accompany him. He wanted my fangs and claws for the fight he is seeking against Gods as his weapon to attack and to use it for negotiation.

I put my trust in him in this case as the leader of this group. At least, the only one capable of controlling the nosey cat and vulgar monkey is Vali.

I put myself within this group after leaving my father Loki’s place……

I lost a large portion of my strength and flesh due to Vali and the others……however……

The one who pats my head is Lady Le Fay.

“I won’t be able to call Go-kun here with this much mist”

Lady says that while looking around the dense fog.

That’s right. There’s one more individual in this group.

Gogmagog. An ancient weapon—a gigantic golem. Due to its gigantic body, it has limited places for where it can appear, so he’s usually in a different dimension which he shares with me. If we need him, it’s made where one of Vali, Lady Le Fay, or the cat can summon him.

He often functions by guarding Lady Le Fay who is sent or dispatched quite often……though I also have the same role.

The monkey walking ahead of me bends and sighs.

“But you know, I really wonder if he’s here. The guy we are looking for that is……”

The cat smacks that monkey’s head.

“What are you saying? This is your native land. Isn’t the person we’re looking for living in this valley?”

“You know that I only heard from the first generation geezer and I haven’t actually met him?”

Like how the monkey said, we met the first generation Sun Wukong and exchanged several questions.

Among them, we were told about someone due to a certain reason.

That certain reason is—.

Vali mutters as if he’s talking to himself.

“We’re almost there, Albion. How are you feeling?”

Then, a voice of someone who doesn’t have any physical form talks as if he’s directly saying it to our brain.

[……Yeah. The flow of ki I can sense from this mist feels unpleasant, but it doesn’t cause any problems.]

This voice belongs to the Heavenly Dragon resided in Vali’s body, the Hakuryuukou Albion. At times it responds to Vali’s voice and speaks where even we can hear him. Though he mostly communicates with Vali through their consciousness where we can’t hear them.

“The counsellor who the First introduced to us must be in the location past this mist.”

Vali looks towards the dense fog which he can't possibly see through.

Yes, we came here for that reason. We came to receive counselling for Albion.

Hakuryuukou Albion fought against Sekiryuutei Ddraig as it liked grandly in the past, and received the hatred from many beings such as the Gods and those affiliated with darkness. The reason why they were allowed to cause rampage was because they had strength that put them in the top ranks among the Dragons and didn’t let other superior beings come near them. For that reason they made the Three Great Powers work together where they were destroyed and sealed into things called Sacred Gears……

Albion’s voice is so weak that his words that carry dignity are lost.

That reason comes from his rival Sekiryuutei.

In the current era, the one who is the destined rival of Albion and Vali is an extreme pervert. A pervert who is chasing after women at all times is the current Sekiryuutei. Just how much did that reality tear the Hakuryuukou’s heart that was so prideful and noble, even imagining it terrifies me.

If someone that was destined to be my rival was a snob that only pays attention to women’s breasts and buttocks, then I…… Just thinking about it makes me filled with anger and sadness. Even I, who isn’t the one involved in this, am feeling that way. So it must be messed up very badly inside Albion who is called the Heavenly Dragon.

When I heard afterwards about how the girl from High-class Devil Gremory had lights beaming out from her breasts to replenish the current Sekiryuutei’s aura, even I couldn’t believe my ears.

As a fact, Albion who was in that scene to witness that—became so shocked that he fell into aphasia. Albion’s state of mind broke so much that Vali needed time to wear his Heavenly Dragon’s armour. I never heard of a Dragon falling into aphasia before.

Isn’t the reason why Vali lost against Cao Cao who was the head of Hero faction because of Sekiryuutei’s obscenity that made Albion lose his touch?—that is what the cat and monkey were saying jokingly. ……Even I think that may be a possible reason……or am I thinking too much about it?

While I’m being concerned about such a thing, the cat that has a tired look starts to complain to the monkey.

“To begin with, isn’t it your fault Bikou for having such weak senjutsu that made us walk inside the mist?”

“Hey, are you trying to praise that useless senjutsu of yours and blame it on me, Kuroka!? Why don’t you try using those huge breasts of yours like a certain Switch Princess by having a beam come out from them to get us out of this mist!?”

“What did you say!? Don’t even group my wonderful breasts with those things acting as an unknown power plant device!”

The two idiots, the cat and the monkey, start to argue and glare at each other. ……This happens all the time. These two argue about pointless things all the time and disrupt the atmosphere within our group.

[……B-Breasts……haahaa……is Rias Gremory nearby……?]

“Calm down Albion. Rias Gremory isn’t here. Is Rias Gremory a breast inside your head? Did you know your voice is shaking……?”

Albion, that was listening to the conversation of the cat and the monkey, starts to breathe hard all of a sudden. Even Vali has a bit of a serious expression due to the change in his partner.

It seems like Albion’s sickness is quite serious. It will be better if we show him to a counsellor as soon as we can.


……I then sense someone’s presence coming from in front of me. It’s not the uncertain and unresting one that is running within the mist, but a certain presence belonging to someone. Possibly everyone within this group sensed it, so they look towards one direction. I also look ahead quietly.

A shadow gradually appears from within the mist. The one who appears while getting rid of the mist is—an elderly man wearing Taoist clothing.

He asks with a soft expression.

“—Are all of you the ones? I have already heard from Victorious Fighting Buddha, Sun Wukong.”

It looks like the person we are looking for showed up first.

Part 2

The place we arrived at by the guidance of the man is a simple cabin made from stones. The interior is also made from simple materials, and there are only tools used for daily life and were of limited use.

Those tools are also quite old, and they are all made from materials such as wood and bamboo. The only metallic tools are scissors and a tea kettle.

“Please come this way.”

The man takes us into a room that has an examination bed. Vali sits in front of the man, and I move to the corner of the room. Lady Le Fay quietly stands next to me.

I then move my gaze to the ageing man. ……He’s a quiet man. His gesture is also calm where I can’t sense any hesitation but a peaceful atmosphere coming from him.

“Now then, shall we begin? Please show me your back. Heavenly Dragon-dono is over there, correct?”

The man puts the palm of his hand towards Vali’s back, the area where Wings of Light appears.

“I’ll ask for your help. –Zhantangongdefo-dono.”

Hearing Vali’s words, the man smiles.

“Oh, you don’t have to call my name so formally, you know?”

“Then Xuanzang Sanzang-dono—is that how I should call you?”

The man who was once called the monk Xuanzang Sanzang swings his head to the side at Vali’s words.

“Fufufu, you don’t need to add Sanzang. Simply call me Xuanzang.”

Xuanzang Sanzang who says that with a peaceful smile. No, it may be more accurate to call him the former monk Xuanzang Sanzang.

Yes, this man is the infamous monk that is recorded in “Journey to the West”. The high monk who sought for the sacred book, and reached Tianzhu by taking the first generation Sun Wukong, one of the Five Dragon-Kings Yu-Long, and his apprentices.

He is a being that successfully brought home the sacred book after that, and became a Buddha by making many achievements. Though I never expected him to be living alone quietly in a hidden mountain where this dense mist comes out……

This Buddha is the counsellor the first generation Sun Wukong referred us to for Albion.

[The Heavenly Dragon’s heart disease huh…… Oh, there’s one person who may be able to help. Anyway, I will mention this to him.]

Sekiryuutei Ddraig who is also receiving counselling elsewhere. It turned out like this since Albion requested to get a different counsellor to Ddraig.

“Now then, let’s have some discussion, Vanishing Dragon-dono.”

[……I’ll be under your care.]

“I will also be asking you the condition Heavenly Dragon-dono is in as his host as well.”

“Of course.”

Like this, the counselling with a weird mix of Xuanzang Sanzang and the Hakuryuukou begins.

First, Albion starts to explain why he isn’t feeling well lately and the reason behind it. He starts to explain plainly about how his arch-enemy is in that kind of condition and that he’s engulfed by great shock and sadness.

It’s hard to describe the condition he’s in. After all, the other half of the prideful Two Heavenly Dragons is explaining his concerns to someone else. It’s normally a scene which isn’t even possible to happen. The ultimate creature of this world that is said to be an embodiment of power and pride, a Dragon, is spitting out the things he’s carrying inside himself…… I really don’t know what to say about this.

Xuanzang Sanzang listens to Albion’s story and then nods.

“I see, so your arch-rival is in a situation where he’s related to women’s breasts, and it gets worse as each day passes. So you became sad and depressed.”

[……If that was the only thing, I could have simply ignored the red one. But that influence even reached me…… I had the Norse Chief-God call me a……K-Ketsuryuukou……uuuu, buoooooooon……]

……It’s so tragic that I can’t bear to look. The legendary Dragon, the Hakuryuukou is crying hysterically.

Even the current Hakuryuukou Vali is silent, and is simply closing his eyes. He must be having a hard time coming up with words to say to him.

To be honest, even I have mixed feelings. The cat and monkey look to the side and it seems like they’re enduring from laughing…… They sure don’t change in making vulgar responses.

Xuanzang Sanzang responds politely to each of Albion’s stories.

“Due to the time you lived which was close to an eternity, and since this is your first time experiencing such a thing, you probably don’t know how to cope with this situation. I also can’t recommend you to ignore your arch-rival Sekiryuutei as well. After all, he’s also carrying the same pain as you and that makes him your comrade.”

[……Carrying the same pain……comrade……Ddraig……]

“That’s right. From what I heard, that person has the same—no; he must be carrying more concerns than you. I also don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that he’s the only one who can come to understand you, you know? It may be a good idea to speak to him once with the Sekiryuutei regarding this.”

[……Speaking with Ddraig……huh. Regarding the same pain we share…… I never came up with that idea. If I think about it, he’s certainly the same as me. I even held a grudge against him, thinking that I got dragged into this because of him. But I was wrong…… He’s also a victim of the current Sekiryuutei—]

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s some life back into Albion’s words. It certainly seems like this conversation with Xuanzang Sanzang is working. It’ll be weird for me, Fenrir, to say this, but it’s hard to grasp hold of how the mentality of a Dragon is structured. They are prideful and have arrogance where they won’t obey the orders of anyone, but they also carry delicate parts as he is showing right now.

……My brother “Sleeping Dragon” Midgardsormr is also a Dragon that’s hard to come to understand. Despite being counted as one of the Dragon Kings, he carries no pride for it and is simply being a sloth. He must still be waiting for the end of the world in the depth of the ocean.

Vali sighs.

“Xuanzang-dono, I want to ask you since I have this opportunity. The truth is the residual thoughts of the past Hakuryuukous are arguing to make a “Victims of Sekiryuutei Association”……so what am I supposed to do?”

Vali asks Xuanzang Sanzang.

Victims of Sekiryuutei Association—. So there’s going to be establishment of such things inside the Sacred Gear of Hakuryuukou…… The relation between the Two Heavenly Dragons of this era sure is complicated.

“……Pupu! You heard that, Kuroka? What the heck is a "Victims of Sekiryuutei Association"!?”

“I-It’s interesting –nyan……! The relation between Sekiryuutei-chin and Vali isn’t that of a rival but a treasurer filled with jokes!”

The monkey and cat start to laugh because they can’t endure it anymore…… These two are laughing so much that I want to kick these two out of this cabin.

It seems like Xuanzang Sanzang is also a bit troubled in how to respond.

“Let me think. Going that far isn’t necessary, don’t you think? Either way, for today I will be listening to Heavenly dragon-dono’s story.”

Xuanzang Sanzang’s counselling continues for three hours after this.

“I will go and make some medication for you, so please wait a bit.”

The main discussion has ended and Xuanzang Sanzang took out bottles with medicine inside and dried herbs to start mixing them.

The way Xuanzang Sanzang spoke was magnificent. A Dragon—furthermore a Heavenly Dragon, he was able to consult him peacefully while knowing the characteristic of a Dragon that is a rare type to speak to.

Albion spoke out his concern to Xuanzang Sanzang without cutting his story midway from the beginning to the end. He was in a state where even Vali felt it was safe to leave the counselling to Xuanzang Sanzang.

Thirty minutes have passed since Xuanzang Sanzang started mixing the medicines. Vali received a paper bag from him containing the recently made medicine. Xuanzang Sanzang then explains about it.

“You have to put the brown powder after you dissolve it in water to the area where your Sacred Gear appears—in other words your back. I’m sure it will have effect with simply that. The burned brown leaf will have effect if you simply take it into your mouth by infusing it with water. It has an effect where it makes you feel peaceful and calms you down.”

“Will it be okay if I consume the infused drink?”

“Yes, that will be fine. Please come again once you use up the medicine.”

Vali says it after exchanging two or three words with him.

“I want you to listen to Albion’s story when we come here occasionally, but I won’t know if we can come here at a chosen time due to the mists.”

What Vali is saying is appropriate. I sure want to avoid being lost due to the mist and waste several hours walking because of it.

Xuanzang Sanzang then says.

“This is the interval that lies between the normal world and the hidden village where Youkai hermits reside. The mists around this area are made by a special technique to stop immature and evil hearted Youkai hermits from causing trouble to the human world. It will give effect to weak Youkai and practitioners to both their mind and body simply by touching this mist. For all of you to be capable of moving within these mists prove that all of you are quite powerful. I will also tell you the path which isn’t that easy for other hermits to notice your presence. So please go through that path afterwards.”

So there’s such effect in these mists. So it means our powers didn’t work that well due to that reason.

But I never expected there to be the world of Youkai hermits in the other side of the world…… I did hear that there’s such a world like that in the depth of the mountains, but I never thought this would be the place. This must be good information for this group that is seeking for strong foes. Even now, these members are filled with a bit of battle spirit just from hearing that.

“Isn’t this your native country? You should at least know that much –nya.”

The cat is poking fun at the monkey. The monkey scratches his head while putting on a smile to dodge what she said.

“Well~, there are many hidden places where Youkai hermits live in this world~. Rather, my homeland doesn’t have mists like this. My village was filled with idiots that became all peaceful, and I was the only one who stood out as a naughty brat. The Youkai hermits around here must be a bit brutal.”

Seeing Bikou’s reaction, Xuanzang Sanzang laughs quietly.

“You really do resemble the first. I have been thinking like that since before. Especially your face when you smile is identical to his.”

High school DxD v15 008.jpg

The monkey puts on a confused look upon hearing that.

“S-Seriously, Monk-sama!? Are you telling me I’m going to turn out like that monkey geezer……!?”

I think he actually praised him, but since this monkey is truly a fool, he is in shock at hearing Xuanzang Sanzang. This is the part where he should be moved.

—Then the cat has her ears stand up, and Arthur who was observing quietly looks toward the entrance with a grin.

……I can also feel it. There’s someone’s presence on the other side of the entrance. Two mysterious presences that are gradually approaching this cabin.

Everyone here noticed it, so we are all being alert.

Instantly, the two presences in front of the door makes a loud voice and breaks the silence.

“Come out”

“Come out!”

Voices of men belonging to two people. There are people outside who are trying to call out the owner of this cabin.

It seems like Xuanzang Sanzang knows who these voices belong to and he starts chuckling.

We also leave the cabin by following the monk who opens the door and goes outside. The ones waiting outside the cabin are—two humanoid type Youkai wearing armour worn by warriors back in ancient China. Both of them have the same face and appearance to each other. There is a horn growing out from both of their heads, their claws are long and sharp, they have huge eyes, and they have big mouths with fangs coming out from them. Their height is no different to the average height of a human male.

One of them has the word “Kin(Gold)” carved, while the other one has “Gin(Silver)” carved in their armour.

Both of them make an exaggerated performance—they are making a pose and then shout at us.

“I am none other than Golden Horned King!”

“I am none other than Silver Horned King!”

We have done our performance right, that’s what their expressions are saying.

Seeing both of them, Vali smirks while the monkey puts his hand on his forehead.

“……Are you serious? I never thought I would meet them here…… It’s the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King……!”

The brother Youkais that appears in “Journey to the West”—that is the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King. They are most likely not imposters but the actual thing. The youki around their body is strong and I don’t see any slight opening in their defence despite them making weird poses.

Xuanzang Sanzang smiles seeing the two of them. It seems as if he’s handling the arrival of naughty brats. Judging from his reaction, this isn’t the only time they came here.

“Oh my, if it isn’t the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King. Did you come here for your leisure again?”

Seeing the monk smile, the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King makes a fearless laugh.

“Kakaka, today is the last time you can say that to us, Xuanzang!”

“Shishishi, today is the last time you can act so confidently, Xuanzang!”

The two of them make a stance as if they are trying to fight Xuanzang Sanzang.

The monkey stands in front of Xuanzang Sanzang, and instead confronted the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King.

“I can’t believe it. I never thought I would end up meeting these guys…… What’re you going to do, Vali? Are we gonna fight?”

The monkey asks his leader, but the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King react by making a doubtful expression at Bikou’s appearance.

“Hey you, are you related to “Great Sage, Equal of Heaven”?

“You’re wrong, brother. This one here is releasing the same ki as the “Great Sage, Equal of Heaven”!”

It seems like they have a grasp of the monkey’s identity. It may be true in terms of them having the same ki. You can say that it’s natural reaction for those who know the first generation Sun Wukong.

“Well, it’s not anything to hide about anyway. I’m the Descendent-sama of Sun Wukong.”

The monkey treats himself like a high person as if the shock he received just before didn’t happen. ……He truly is a slick monkey. Like I thought, he’s ranked lowest among us.

Vali takes a step forward and asks the two Youkai.

“Good timing. Golden Horned King, Silver Horned King, there’s something I want to ask the two of you.”

Maybe they sensed Hakuryuukou’s ki, so the Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King make a serious face.

“Mgh, brother. This Dragon doesn’t have an ordinary kind of ki!”

“Yeah, brother. This Dragon is releasing abnormal ki!”

It seems like they grasped hold of the strength of this man called Vali without even fighting. To be expected from a Youkai that appears in a legend.

Vali asks without being concerned.

“—I’m looking for the mountain that is said to be the place where Prince Nazha appears. I would definitely like you to tell me if you know where it is.”

Yes, Prince Nazha. That is one of the strong foes Vali and all of us here are chasing after. He’s a Buddha that appears in two of the Chinese Four Great Mystery Novels, “Journey to the West” and “Romance of the Investiture of the Gods”. He is a Hero of Battles who wore many Gods armouries and dominated many battles.

In terms of battle powers, he is a strong foe who is said to be on par or above the first generation Sun Wukong. We received information that he sometimes descends from Mt Sumeru to appear in the depth of the mountain somewhere in this country.



The two Youkai simply looks at each other and laugh fearlessly. We can take it that they may know his whereabouts, but……

Maybe he got enraged at the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King’s laughter, so Bikou makes his stance by making Ruyi Jingu Bang appear.

“Well, using force to ask them won’t be a bad idea.”

It really ended up in a situation befitting us. Solving problems by using force. This happens all the time.

“……Can we fight against these guys, Monk-sama?”

Bikou confirms with Xuanzang Sanzang just in case.

“Yes, observing the strength of Sun Wukong after many years won’t be a bad idea.”

The monk unexpectedly approves it. He has quite the tolerance. I can’t see him as a high monk that tightened the magical headband, every time the first generation Sun Wukong does something bad. Maybe his personality softened back when he was a monk by becoming a Buddha.

“Fufufu, then maybe this Kuroka-oneesan should lend Bikou a hand –nya.”

The one who stands beside the monkey is the cat Kuroka. The monkey makes a face as if he finds it boring when he sees that.

“Seriously, I will be enough for these guys. Stand back Kuroka. Inside these mists, not only you can't use your senjutsu, but you probably won’t be able to use barely any demonic powers and youjutsu. Unlike your sister, aren’t you bad in hand to hand battle?”

“Nfufu ♪ If I have to, it will be fine as long as I give them my neko-punch –nyan.”

Both the monkey and cat triy to enjoy the battle by having the Youkais that appear in the Four Great Mystery Novels, but……

The Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King simply make a lecherous smile. The two Youkai point at Bikou and Kuroka.

“So that one there is Bikou……and the one over here is Kuroka?”

They check their names but……if my memory is correct, that is……

“Ah? What about it?”

“Nya? Are they interested in me –nya?”

These two respond without being cautious.

Then Silver Horn King takes out the gourd he has on his hip. Yes, this is—.

Then from the tip of his gourd comes out an abnormal whirlpool where the monkey and cat gets sucked in.

“Uwah! Shit, this is—.”

“Unyaan! Is this the rumoured gourd!?”

Because both of them had an opening in their defence, they got sucked into the gourd without being able to do anything—.

……The members here can only make a dumbfounded face at the thing which happened instantly.

……Just how idiotic……can they be?

If the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King are exactly as the legend says, then they are Youkai that use the Five Treasured Tools they took from Taishang Laojun (The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord).

And the one which is exceptionally famous among them is—the Crimson Gourd. It’s a gourd that sucks in those who respond when they have their name called out. Even I, who is from the Norse Mythology, knows this, yet the monkey and the cat responded without being cautious. ……If they had used their actual strength, they could have fought without ending up in this situation.

Like I thought, the monkey and the cat are fools.

Now we get back to the beginning of the story…… Now, the two fools got sucked in, so how should we take on the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King?

It’s appropriate to wait for Vali’s orders who happens to be our leader.

Arthur makes the Holy King Sword Collbrande appear from a different dimension. It’s a holy-sword that is wrapped by a quiet wave of force. And the rich aura it has is still active within these mists, and it certainly shows that it really is the ultimate among the holy-swords.

“Vali, what shall we do? Should we put rescuing Bikou and Kuroka as the highest priority? Personally, I’m very interested in one of the Five Treasured Tools they have, the Seven Star Sword.”

Arthur gazes towards Golden Horned King’s hip where he has a single sword hanging from it. I hear it has both the ability to crush evil and make Youkai obey them.

“Seriously, Bikou and Kuroka’s lack of cautiousness is a problem.”

After Vali creates two blocks of demonic-power in his hand, he shoots them ahead. Even though it’s a mass of demonic-power he shot lightly, it’s still something shot by the strongest Hakuryuukou in history. Those without strength will be terminated right away easily if they are hit with it. However—.

Golden Horned King takes out a big fan from his back that looks like a leaf and swings it.

“Banana Palm Fan!”

The huge fan creates a strong wind that temporarily disperses the mists around here, and at the same time sends the demonic-powers shots that Vali shot out far into a different direction.

……One of the Five Treasured Tools these two have, the Banana Palm Fan. It’s an evil fan that can send anyone flying. It seems like Vali is also a bit shocked at this.

“Like I thought, an attack that isn’t that serious won’t work on them. Just to be expected from Youkais recorded in legends. They sure have the strength that made them able to fight that first generation Sun Wukong.”

“Hmm, it seems like this Dragon understands our strength better than that cat and the relative of Sun Wukong, brother.”

“Hmm, it seems like this Dragon is more capable than that cat and the relative of Sun Wukong, brother.”

Both of them makes an exaggerated pose once again.

“ “To us the King brothers, all of you are no match!” ”

They sure are Youkai that can say things that make me feel good.

The one who watches them while smiling is Xuanzang Sanzang.

“Now then, what will you do? Should I tell you their weakness?”

Vali expands the Wings of Lights from his back while making Divine Dividing Scale-mail appear, and swings his head to the side.

“No, I look forward to fighting strong foes using my own style and fixation. That’s a good offer, but I’ll have myself fight as I please. —I’ll fight without causing any trouble for you.”

Saying that, Vali goes ahead and starts fighting against the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King.

Arthur shrugs his shoulder and puts the holy-sword away into a different dimension.

“Well, this time I will hand this fight to our leader, no, as a rehab for Albion. Le Fay, we will be observing for today. Anyway, we’ll rescue Bikou and Kuroka when those Brother Youkai let their guards down.”

“Yes, Onii-sama. Ufufu, Vali-sama looks like he’s enjoying it. Right, Fenrir-chan?”

Yeah, you’re right, Lady Le Fay. I sit next to Lady Le Fay and decided to watch our leader fight—.

Part 3

“I’ll ask you again. Which mountain does the Prince come down to?”

A bit later, Vali who has defeated the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King made his armour disappear and asked the same question to the Brother Youkais. The Brother Youkais have their whole body entangled by their powerful rope which happens to be one of the treasured armouries.

After several exchanges of attacks, soon as they found out that Vali was a being on a different level, they tried to capture him using a rope which is a treasured armouries. The rope was used against them instead and they had their movements sealed……

Despite having powerful youki and treasured armouries, they had a weak defence similar to Bikou and Kuroka, which in term became fatal.

……Are Youkai beings that accidentally let their guard down despite having the strength?

“……The Prince is at the land with lotuses which is three valleys away from here.”

“……Yeah, if you are talking about the Prince, then it’s always lotus.”

Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King answers as such. They have an unpleasant expression. They probably aren’t satisfied with the outcome of their battle. Then the two Brother Youkais ask Vali.

“Do you perhaps believe in the resurrection of the Bull Demon King like the Prince is?”

“Do you perhaps plan to defeat the resurrected Bull Demon King like the Prince is?”

Bull Demon King—. The King of Chinese Youkais that fought to death against Xuanzang Sanzang’s party in the past. In my knowledge, it’s recorded that he had already been terminated……

Vali simply shows his fearless smile.

“That’s quite an interesting story. I’ll also search information regarding that along with finding the Prince. We ended up wasting our time in searching for Crom Cruach, but it seems like we can find the Prince.”

Seriously, this man puts on a smile filled with joy when he attains information regarding strong foes.

After Vali confirms that, he looks towards Xuanzang Sanzang.

“Xuanzang-dono, thank you for taking care of us. I’ll come here again once the medicine is gone. I hope to get your approval regarding the issue before.”

For Vali who is bold and fearless, that certainly was a way he asked for a request while choosing proper words.

No, this man shows proper attitude towards beings that deserve respect. This villainous Hakuryuukou also has such a side in him.

Xuanzang Sanzang smiles and nods his head.

“Yes, of course. I was shown something quite interesting today after all. Please leave the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King over here to me. Fufufu, the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King, maybe I should make both of you help me with my dinner today?”

The two Youkais made an unpleasant face and act as if it isn’t amusing at Xuanzang Sanzang’s words.

—The only remaining issue is—

[Ooi! I don’t care what’s going on, but get us out of here!]

[Hey, leader! Get us out –nya!]

I can hear such voices coming from the Crimson Gourd Lady Le Fay is holding on to. Yeah, the monkey and the cat are still inside the gourd.

Vali shrugs his shoulder.

“The two of you should stay inside there for a while. The Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King, I’ll be borrowing this gourd for a while. It seems like it’s useful for training these two clowns. It seems like it’ll work as a place where they can reflect on their mistakes.”

[Are you being serious, Vali!? Are you mad at us!? Is it because we got sucked in by this gourd!? We just let our guard down for a bit! We’ll win if we fight them again!]

[Nyaan! Leader, you idiot! I’m going to run to the place where Shirone is once I get out of here –nya!]

The two idiots are making excuses for their defeat from within the gourd.

“Seriously, lively things sure do happen when I’m in this team.”

“You are right about that, Onii-sama.”

It seems like the Pendragon brother and sister are having fun. Well, even though I’m dumbfounded, I don’t feel bad staying here.

Yeah, I even find it a bit more entertaining than the time when I was with my father Loki. This team must be the appropriate team to stay in if I want to kill time and stay as my interest.

Our White Dragon leader spins the thread attached to the gourd with the cat and monkey inside it with his finger.

“Alright, let’s go to our next destination.”

It seems like our journey is far from over.

That’s how many strong foes and mysteries this world is filled with—.

Episode Azazel.2

I, Azazel, always think that Ddraig and Albion who got their hosts for this generation can be categorised as being unlucky. They probably never thought that they would get called the “Oppai Dragon” and “Ketsuryuukou”.

“There will be a day when I settle my battle with Hyoudou Issei. I just hope Albion comes to get familiar with Sekiryuutei’s situation.”

Vali says such an impossible thing, and……

[……Impossible –de gozaru.]

……it’s so impossible that he’s speaking by ending his sentence with “gozaru”.

Bikou who’s next to him is simply laughing loudly.

“Let it be. Isn’t it fun? The final decisive battle of the Oppai Dragon and the Ketsu Dragon! Hey, boss Azazel, can you also include Vali in the tokusatsu “Oppai Dragon” show?”

“Yeah, I’m already having it considered.”

When I answer as such—Albion panics.

[—! ……You are saying I can’t laugh at Ddraig anymore…… No, there wasn’t a single time I laughed at the red-one regarding this issue……! I see, so this is what they mean by comrades! All right, next time I meet Ddraig, I will share this pain with him together……!]

It seems like there’s a dramatic change inside Albion and he seems like he has come to accept it.

I never thought Two Heavenly Dragons will come to understand each other here…… Hey hey, won’t the battle of the Heavenly Dragons end in this fight? I never thought that the reason would be Ise……

Without even sensing the slightest pain his partner has, Vali smiles fearlessly.

“Evil Dragons huh…… Interesting. So I may be able to meet with Crom Cruach that I couldn’t meet before. It truly seems like I can enjoy it.”

So the battle mania will unleash his true potential huh. In the end, it seems like he caused a problem at the depth of the mountains……

However, Vali suddenly makes a sour look.

“…………Azazel, about the mastermind of this incident……I was told who it is from Euclid Lucifugus himself.”


I got so shocked at his confession. ……So you are telling me they told Vali only?

Vali says it with disgust while having hatred burn inside his irises.

“……It’s him, Azazel. That guy who is such a scum is the mastermind this time……!”

There’s only one guy I can think of from Vali’s words that carries his hatred.

If that is the truth, then we won’t be the only ones getting hurt……!

……Why did he decide to rise up at this time……?

I can’t help but feel dark chills from my body—

Episode Yuuto.1

Snow is falling down heavily outside—.

I, Kiba Yuuto, am currently within the territory of the Vampires, Tepes faction, located in the depth of Romania together with my master, Rias Gremory.

This is the castle of House of Vladi. We were taken to the room in the residential space of the castle. The scenery I can see from the window is the white snow and the castle town.

—You can say that it’s Gasper-kun’s homeland.

The town was engulfed by the fog; however, it stopped right after it started snowing.

Of course. That dense fog was used to stop the sunlight, and it was something done by the Vampires. There’s no need to have fog if it’s weather where it starts snowing.

Personally, I don’t like that fog with slimy traits. I didn’t feel well since it felt as though I had each of my movements observed by them.

Unexpectedly, it seems like Azazel-sensei will also be complaining about that fog. It should have fog engulfing the town over there as well.

We were allowed entry to the castle which is used as the base for House of Vladi right away. Buchou who had accomplished meeting with Gasper-kun’s father was permitted to stay for a while after having several conversations with him.

It must mean there are still things Buchou wants to find out. So it seems like the House of Vladi can’t ask her to leave that easily……

It’s snowing; however, I can see a gigantic building afar. Yes, that is the castle of the House of Tepes that is the origin of the Tepes faction as well as their ancestor. It’s much bigger than this castle belonging to the House of Vladi.

For a Vampire, the pure-blood will be able to live in the territory within the origin. For that reason, there are castles and mansions within this castle town belonging to the nobles. It must have the same scenery in the town for the Carmilla faction.

I hear that there are those that are pure blood Vampires but live quietly in the deeper parts. I hear such pure-blood Vampires are heretics that couldn’t cope with the current society of the Vampires……

Unexpectedly, maybe those Vampires may get along more with us. The nobility the pure-blood has is something only pure-bloods can admire.

The door then gets knocked.

[Yuuto, may I come in?]

It’s Buchou. When I answered “Yes”, my master enters as if she’s feeling bored.

It must be true that she’s bored. After all, her conversation stopped half way.

The aspect inside the castle changed just several days ago. It’s something you can’t tell from the looks and their atmosphere; however, with a slight change of the vibe given by those living here, we determined something has happened. Even the current head of the House of Vladi, Gasper-kun’s father, that has been listening to Buchou’s opinion suddenly postponed and went to the castle of the House of Tepes.

However, since our stay and meeting with him has been extended because he still wanted to talk, we have so much time in which we have nothing to do. The only thing Buchou can do is to go in-between my room and her room that has been prepared for her. Other things besides that have basically been prohibited.

Buchou also looks out the window.

“How about you call Ise-kun?”

My master sighs at my suggestion.

“I’m sure he has school at this time, so I can’t call him easily like that. Also calling him without making much progress seems like it will worry him when I call him……”

That may happen. It’s Ise-kun we are talking about. If he finds out Buchou is staying in House of Vladi without making any progress, it seems like he will take it as “Are you being confined!?”

The truth is we are in a state where we are being confined, so it’s certain that we shouldn’t make him worry unnecessarily.

Buchou who is looking the outside view mutters.

“……It sure does bring back my memories. It was also a day when it was snowing like this.”

Buchou says that. Oh, you mean about that.

“I also thought the same. It must be because this place is closer to that place than Japan.”

I met Buchou on a day when it was snowing like this—.

Life.6 May the Shine be on You

Part 1

—I want to live.

My life is about to end quietly inside the snowy forest.

As a test subject, and as one of the children gathered for the project of the Church. They gathered children like me with no family and but has a special ability for their project in order to make us capable of wielding the holy-sword Excalibur artificially.

Every day, day after day, it was filled with experiments. It was full with harsh experiences, but since we were told that we would become a special being that would one day be chosen by God, my comrades and I didn’t even have the slightest fear.

One day, all that changed suddenly when they suddenly came to dispose of us.

We were gathered at a location and they started gassing us—. My hands became paralysed, my legs stopped moving, and my body went through intense pain as if I had my nervous system slashed.

There were many liquids including my tears and blood coming out from my body, and only pain conquered my body.

Then my consciousness weakened—and I was about to die.

Many of my comrades died while suffering in front of me.

I didn’t know what was going on at first. I even thought it was an experiment.

I didn’t even imagine that the researchers who were trying to do something special to us and also believed in the same God as us would turn their fangs at us—.

One of us died, then the second one died. My comrades died one after another. I finally came to understand the situation I am in while my turn to die was approaching.

Ah, I’m going to get killed.

It became my turn and I was gathered to the centre of the room. The researchers who wore protective clothing gassed us that had their body tremble.

Even if I were to stop breathing, there’s a limit to it. I started to inhale the gas gradually and take in the gas into my body as I breathe in.

My body was hit with pain and cramps, and my eyes started to get blurry.

I dropped on my knees and tried to soften the pain running through my body by stroking my body parts, but one of my comrades pushed away one of the researchers.

After he opened the door by force, my comrades shouted at me who was in the least critical state out of all of us.

“Go! At least you survive!”

I—. Hearing that, I escaped from the room after standing up right away.

I don’t want to die—.

With only that in my mind, I succeeded in escaping from the researchers after I found my chance to escape.

Maybe they strongly thought that “They will believe in us until their final moment and there’ll be not a single one who would run away from us” because we were devout believers.

I succeeded in my escape because they had a slight opening.


“Don’t let him escape!”

However, the pursuers persistently chased after me.

Within the forest of the mountains while the snow fell, I simply continued to run—.

I started to remember the days I spent at the laboratory while escaping—.

My comrades who made a promise with me to become a special being. We ate together, we sang together, and we laughed together.

However—they died. Only I was able to escape.

……I had succeeded in escaping. The chance they gave to me……

I’ll survive and……

My consciousness started to fade away along with the pain running through my body—. I started to hold strong vengeance within me.

Against those—.

Those who thought up that project—.

The Excalibur—.

There’s no way I can forgive them……!

However, my stamina and consciousness reached its end……and I fell down quietly within the forest.

I couldn’t even move my fingers now.

……It’s obvious that I’m going to die. Am I able to move ahead even a bit? Even a single step forward—.

I didn’t want to make their deaths be wasted in vain. I……I……

I simply wanted to live on—.

While my consciousness was fading away, a crimson colour appeared on my eyes—.

When I lifted my head up, a crimson haired girl was standing in front of me.

High school DxD v15 003.jpg

I could see her smiling even though my eyes were blurry.

“What do you seek for?”

She asked me that while she held me who was about to die—.

That was my meeting with my master, Rias Gremory.

It was something that happened four years ago.

When I opened my eyes—there was a room of a certain house. I’m……lying down on a bed?

I was a bit panicked seeing an unfamiliar ceiling.

……I had gas thrown on me at the laboratory and I escaped from there……

I was wandering in that forest. I then meet a girl with crimson hair……?

I……why am I here like this in an unfamiliar room……? Was I brought back to the laboratory……?

While I had many doubts, the door opened and a small girl with a basin comes in. ……She had cat-like ears growing from her head. ……Is she a monster?


The girl realised I was awake and rushed out of the room while she carried the basin with her.

[Ara-ara, did you wake up? I see, that’s a relief. I must call Rias then.]

I heard the voice of another person from the door that was left opened.

I got up from the bed and slowly looked outside.

……A spacious room. It was a living room. There were tables and such that were used for normal daily living.

My sight grasped hold of a girl with black hair and the girl from before who had beast ears.

I showed myself after the black haired girl left the living room. The girl with beast ears sensed my presence and hid behind the wall while she had her body stiff.


She looked at me silently.

The black haired girl appeared shortly after that and she brought a crimson haired girl with her. Both the girls seemed as though their age wasn’t different to me. They seemed to be thirteen or fourteen years old.

As soon as the crimson haired girl appeared, the girl with beast ears hid behind her. It seemed like she was really attached to her.

The crimson haired girl said it while she smiled.

“Please don’t bully this girl. She’s really bad with people. She’s called Koneko, so do take care of her. The other girl with black hair is called Akeno.”

When the crimson haired girl pats the head of the girl with beast ears, the girl called Koneko seemed like she was happy.

Yes, that was my first meeting with Koneko-chan. She was just taken in by Rias-buchou back then where she started to recover her emotions so it was a time when she was really cautious of everything.

And back then, I understood that those girls had an unusual aura around them that didn’t belong to a human.

These auras……I also felt them before at the laboratory.

—They’re Devils.

I took the scissors placed on the table and pointed at them.

“……Where is this place? Why am I here!? Who the heck are you guys!?”

The crimson haired girl laughed at my action. She didn’t even get mad at my behaviour.

“We’re in Japan. Do you know where it is? It’s an island country located in the Far East. It’s one of several places in the world where it’s peaceful. I brought you here since you had a face close to that of a Japanese person. This is my temporary residence in Japan.”

Japan? Peaceful? Her temporary residence?

It’s a situation I couldn’t come to understand. Why am I here in Japan when I fell in the forest in Europe?

I couldn’t stop panicking but when the crimson haired girl and black haired girl nod their heads to each other—they had bat-like wings grow out from their back.

Wings of Devils—.

She then said this while putting on a gentle face that wasn’t so devilish.

“I am Rias Gremory. I’m the heiress of the House of Gremory, a High-class Devil. And you’re also—.”

The girl who named herself as Rias points her finger at my back.

Then I felt a sensation of something growing out from my back. When I looked that way, there were jet black wings growing out—.

“You already died once. That’s why I reincarnated you as a Devil.”

……. It was several minutes later that I came to understand what she said.

I died in that forest and moved to Japan after becoming a Devil—.

This reality greatly destroyed the value I had back then—.

Part 2


“……I won’t do anything to you.”

Rias Gremory and I were standing while facing against each other. I became very cautious after that and spent time with them here.

It seemed that this was a room of a mansion in a certain town of Japan.

I made a single sword in my hand and pointed my blade at the Devil Rias Gremory.

I still had doubts at her back then. I was even scared.

Isn’t it obvious? I was told that Devils were evil and were the enemies of our followers back in that laboratory. Even if I became something to be disposed of for that project—discarding away what I was taught wasn't something easy, even if I was betrayed by God.

She treated me gently. That instead made my cautiousness towards her even stronger.

There was no way a Devil can be kind. There must be a reason behind this. That was how I thought.

……The reason why she turned me into a Devil was because she can use me for something. I heard Devils deceive humans and reincarnate them to one. She might have reincarnated me knowing that I was a test subject in that laboratory.

……No, this would be a good chance. Using a Devil in order to accomplish my vengeance might be a good idea. Back then I had my mind in a terrible state due to my hatred and suspicions towards others that I didn’t mind giving my soul to a Devil in order to take my vengeance for my comrades.

She left the room putting the tray with meals on the table as if she gave up.

It seemed like she wanted to have dinner together with me. I even thought she was a Devil who took a strange action. For wanting to eat together with the one whom she made into her Devil……

I couldn’t lay my hand on the meal right away. I even drank water bit by bit while being cautious about it.

Trying to escape from the mansion was a hard thing. It seemed like there was a powerful barrier and even though I was able to walk till the entrance, I wasn’t able to open the door.

You could say I was in a state where I was confined in that mansion.

If I think back now, that was an appropriate measure. If I were to escape I would become a “Stray Devil” and end up being targeted by other forces.

However, back then I even thought I would be able to escape if I use the girl called Koneko-chan as my shield. ……But I would feel guilty if I was to point my blade at that girl who was being very scared.

It was about a month after I started living with the Devil girls without opening my heart to them.

One man entered the room I was in.

A Japanese man……no, a Devil, who wore a haori.

The man who had a silent smile asked Rias Gremory who came in together with him.

“Hime, this boy is the rumoured [Knight], correct?”

“Yes, his name is……it seems like he doesn’t have one.”

Like Rias Gremory said, I didn’t have a name. I had an alternative name as a test subject, but I didn’t plan to use that name. That was something I discarded away. I was no longer their experiment after all—.

I realised that the man was someone with exceptional strength from his aura. I made my sword and confronted him while I was very cautious of him. The man smiled happily by seeing my action.

“So you can make a sword? You must be a Sacred Gear possessor. Your stance……is horrible, but I feel some potential in you since you were able to sense a bit of my power right away.”

The man came closer to me a step at a time. He didn’t lose his smile.

I couldn’t withstand the situation where I couldn’t predict what my opponent would do, so I ended up jumping right at him.

I swung my sword to the side towards the man—.

But I lost my balance after he tripped me over by using his legs. My sword missed the target and ended up impaling the ceiling.

The man said it while looking down at me who is down on the ground.

“I’m Okita Souji. That’s it; I’m going to train you starting from today.”

…………? I couldn’t understand what the man was trying to say.

Train? Who? Me? Why? For what reason?

The man who called himself Okita Souji said it to Rias Gremory.

“Hime, it would be better if this boy trains his emotions somewhere quiet. It would also be good if he can polish his sword skills since he is a [Knight]……so won’t you lend him to me for a while?”

Rias Gremory seemed to be thinking about what the man, Okita, requested of her, but she responded by saying “Yes” after she looked at me who hadn’t changed with sad eyes.

Like this, I met the man—Okita Souji, who would become my sword master.

“Here, this is the place you will be living at for a while.”

The place I was taken to by the magic-circle—was a small cabin built in the depths of a mountain somewhere.

There were only trees in the surrounding; there wasn’t even the slightest sign of civilisation, so it was a world where there was nothing.

There was something which looked like a dojo next to the cabin. Okita Souji and I entered there.

The shiny floor which didn’t have a single speck of dust even made me who had no knowledge of swordsmanship hesitate in stepping foot inside.

He took two bokuto that were placed on the wall of the dojo then he threw one of them to me. Seeing me catch it, Okita Souji made his stance with his bokuto.

“Now then, come at me.”

I found his words and actions suspicious. So I couldn’t help but ask him.

“……What’re you trying to do by bringing me here?”

Okita Souji simply smiled.

“No matter what the situation you’re currently in, I can tell from your look that you’re carrying a strong hatred and vengeance in you. So it can’t be helped if those emotions are dominating inside you, right?”

It seemed like he saw through me. Okita Souji continued.

“Even if you try to fulfil your vengeance you are lacking in strength. It would be natural for you to get slaughtered instead. How about it? How about you forget about the fact that you reincarnated into a Devil and also forget about Rias-hime and simply become stronger? You won’t be able to take revenge or do anything if you aren’t strong, you know?”


For me back then, those words were enough to wipe out the obsession I carried back then. It was more than enough to move me into one direction.

By the time I realised it, I was heading towards Okita Souji with my bokuto.


I didn’t have any proper stance where I simply headed straight at him. I didn’t even know how to hold a sword back then. Even so, Okita Souji—my master, took each of my strikes head on.

I had a sensation where the obsession that dominated both my soul and body disappeared as I swung.

I gradually started to swing the bokuto desperately—.

“Listen. The necessary point for swinging a sword is how you can overcome your opponents guard precisely rather than brute strength. For that reason it’s better to polish your techniques.”

Okita Souji—my master, taught me earnestly while I was swinging my bokuto.

My master didn’t teach me the Tennen Rishin-ryu that he personally uses. He found the right swordsman style appropriate for me.

What I learned from my master through swords was the mind and preparedness I needed to carry, and also how I would have to approach a battle. I was then taught how to determine when to use my sword.

A month had passed since I started learning how to use the sword from my master. Mysteriously I didn’t even plan to escape a single time from the mountain during those times.

Becoming strong became the key source and the meaning for me to keep on living.

Yes, like what my master said to me when he brought me here, “You won’t be able to take revenge or do anything if you aren’t strong”.

It might be shocking but the first Devil I opened my heart to was—my master.

I didn’t speak to him as how I should speak to someone who stands in a higher position than me; however I started to become capable of talking to my master.

It happened when I went fishing together with him.

It became normal for us to communicate while fishing under the hot sun.

Master than asked.

“Do you hate Devils?”

It was a sudden question. I answered by putting on a hard expression.

“……. Devils are the enemies of humans. They are beings that destroy humans. ……That’s what I was told.”

It’s what I learned at the research facility. That was planted deep into me.

Master smiled lightly.

“You’re right. The Heaven—from the Churches perspective the Devils are enemy forces. However, that doesn’t mean that is everything.”

“……So, are the Devils on the human’s side……?”

Master didn’t shake his side vertically or horizontally to my question. Instead, he simply smiled.

“For Devils, humans are an existence that need to exist. Devils had continued to exist since ancient times by receiving a price for the pact. Give and Take. It’s the fundamental theory of Devils. Well, there are Devils that do deceive humans, however there are humans that make a profit by deceiving Devils as well. So they’re doing the same to each other.”

“I know that. It’s just that I was told that Devils are an evil existence that prey on people's weaknesses.”

“Evil……I see.”

Master narrowed his eyes at the word evil.

“……Actual evil is directed at those who are more worthless. ……Though you probably wouldn’t understand what I’m saying right now.”


That was something I couldn’t understand back then.

Master caught a single fish and asked me another question.

“Then, boy. Do you think Devils are beings that destroy humans? For example, do you think Rias-hime and I are beings that would destroy humans?”

—Rias Gremory.

Rias Gremory had been coming to this mountain at times to see how I was doing ever since I was brought here. It seemed like she was worried about me and since I doubted her actions back then, I avoided seeing her as much as I could.

No, I had started to feel it deep inside me.

—That, the crimson hair girl isn’t a bad Devil.

Her smile that was directed at me and the girl with beast ears……didn’t have the slightest feeling of evil intention and ulterior motive.

“…………I don’t know.”

That was the best answer I could give.

Master smiled lightly again. It seemed like he was enjoying how a child was thinking hard.

“Please think by looking at many things. At least you were given the choice to do so. Did you know how wonderful that is? Imagine just how many of those there are in this world that don't even receive the chance to think……”

I could now understand what master said back then. However, back then I could only find it suspicious—.

After that, master taught me many ways to “have fun”. Not only did he teach me fishing, but he also taught me how to cook, how to make handicrafts, how to play card games, how to spin a top, and how to sing a song.

He even taught me how to write Japanese symbols from the basics.

Yes, master shaped the person I am right now by teaching me gently—.

It was always under the sunshine when he taught me about certain things.

It was a weird and valuable time for me despite being a Devil.


There was something I did once every few days.

It was to make the graves for my comrades at the open field within the mountains. I was also able to make one today.

I made swords delicately where each one of them had a different shape using my ability. I stabbed those swords into the earth and made a bump.

……I didn’t make a grave with a cross. There was no way I would.

I didn’t carve their names either. I could tell which one of the graves is which even without carving their names. That was because I could remember the face of the particular comrade when I was standing in front of their grave.

It would be complete if I make about ten more swords. ……The reason why I said “about” was because I was hesitant on whether to make my grave or not.

I died as a human. However, I was a Devil. I was still hesitant on whether it was necessary to make a grave for me who died as a human.

The one who would seek revenge was me as a Devil.

……No, I was still myself. I hadn’t disappeared yet. I did become a Devil, but I still exist right here. Then I wouldn’t need a grave.

……Except, it pains me that I couldn’t build the grave for them in our homeland.

However, this place should also be okay if I think about it. I heard that Japan was a peaceful country. Then I wouldn’t need to worry about this place being destroyed.

I placed the flowers on everyone’s grave. After closing my eyes, I tried to leave. It happened then—.

[Houhou, a Devil that creates swords huh. This sure is rare.]

A creepy voice that echoed throughout the mountains. I started to sense the surrounding.

……I can’t help but sense an ominous aura.

Zushin, zushin…… The one who appeared while making heavy footsteps echoed within the surrounding was a giant with a head of a tiger—. He was a huge beast-man with the traits of a tiger on his body.

His body was so huge that he was about five metres tall. The aura floating around his body was……a demonic-power!

—He was a Devil.

I never thought he would appear in a place far away from a human’s village…… He was most likely a “Stray Devil”. Back then I was already informed about “Stray Devils” from my master, so I got the grasp of the identity of that monster right away.

The tiger beast-man grabbed onto one of the swords I made that was used as a grave.

He used his big eyes to look at the sword enthusiastically. There were many sharp fangs lined up from his big mouth that was left open.

[Demonic-sword? No, it’s an imitation of demonic-sword. It doesn’t even have a proper shape yet……however it is a rare ability.]

I made a sword within my hand and made my stance at him.

“Let go off that sword. That is……a grave!”

Even though I said that, the beast-man simply put on a disgusting smile.

[A grave? This? Never mind. There’s something more important. Kid, come with me. It seems like you can be sold for a good price. You’re a “Stray” like me, right? I won’t treat you badly, you know?]

…….It seemed like the beast-man took an interest to my ability so he must be craving for me.

There was no reason for me to be taken away by this beast-man.

I will get stronger……

I’ll get strong and……


—Am I really okay with seeking revenge after becoming stronger?

There was this sudden doubt inside me.

Yes, the reason I started training here was because master said “You won’t be able to take revenge or do anything if you aren’t strong” to my face.

The reason why I’m going to get stronger was for that reason. But, I wonder.

While I lived with master……I started to think of unnecessary things.

There was myself who was competing with my master in fishing, and there was also myself who was in joy because my cooking improved.

I made an oath that I would live on behalf of my comrades and seek revenge against the Excalibur, yet I……I’m starting to find joy in my current life.

I shook my head and once again directed my sword at the beast-man.

“Stop messing around. I will never go along with you!”

I said in high spirits but he simply showed an evil smile.

[Never mind. To begin with, I’ll just have to make you quiet by torturing you.]

The beast-man then released his hostility towards me from his whole body—. He must be planning to attack me.

I then sprinted from my position first and swung my swords at my opponent from his blind spot after running around in zigzag.

I got his flank! —That was what I thought, but the beast-man disappeared immediately!

He was fast!

I was only able to think that for a moment, but I felt a heavy blow from my back when I was charging ahead.

When I looked towards that direction I witness the beast-man who looked like he just kicked me. He got my back in an instant!

I was somehow able to step foot on the ground even though I received an impact on my back where I lost my breath.

The beast-man then started to laugh vulgarly.

[That was a good move. You’re strong for a kid your age. –But you’re still no match for me. Even though I’m like this, I was a [Knight] under my master. Well, I couldn’t use swords though. From my perspective, are you also a [Knight], kid? Though it seems like you lack power.]

……[Knight]? If I remember now, I heard that a Devil gets a trait depending on the evil-piece given to them. So the one I was given was a……[Knight] huh. I think that girl who called herself Rias also said the same thing. Back then, I left without listening to what she said properly……

[Hmph. Those reincarnated from a human sure are weak.]

The beast-man released a kick with a big spin. The graves made from my swords were being destroyed!

[It seemed like you were obsessed with these crappy graves! Just like you, these graves are also weak!]

Seeing that, I couldn’t help myself but to get mad and jump ahead!

“Damn it!”

However, the opponent had a movement that surpassed mine, so I ended up receiving his counter as I attacked.

Even though I had my attack dodged and received his counter, I kept on standing up no matter what and headed right at him.

For a child like me with no battle experience, he was an opponent who I could never beat.

I was battered down and fell to the ground. While I fell, I questioned myself.

……I want to get stronger. For who? For myself? For my comrades? For revenge?

I think it was all of them. But, now……

[Looks like you finally became quiet.]

It happened when the tiger beast-man tried to pick me up who was on the ground—.

“Don’t even get closer to that child than you already are.”

A familiar voice echoed throughout the forest. When I turned my head to that direction, there was a crimson haired girl standing there.

It was Rias Gremory. As soon as she grasped the situation, she glared at the beast-man as if she was enraged.

“I need to pay you back for hurting that child. You must be a “Stray”? I wonder how you got inside this mountain. Being clueless sure is scary.”

Rias Gremory’s boldness where she didn’t even flinch against an opponent who was several times bigger than her. The beast-man twitched his eyebrows when he saw the crimson-hair.

[……Crimson-hair, are you a Gremory? Hou, so that must mean that this kid is a servant Devil of the Gremory. Interesting. It certainly seems like I could sell him for a high price if it’s a kid who is a servant Devil of the Gremory.]

His vulgar words were directed at Rias Gremory. Her crimson hair wavered due to her aura of rage.

“High price? Are you trying to sell my cute servant? I won’t forgive you. You deserve death for that!”

……Yes, this tiger beast-man deserved death.

He mocked……my……and my comrade’s graves……!

While I endured the pain that was running through my whole body, I said right at him after I somehow got up with my legs that weren’t listening to me.

“……It doesn’t matter……about whether I’m……being sold or not……that isn’t important right now!……!”

I want to get strong.

Right now. If I can beat this crappy tiger bastard, then I—.

The graves meant for my comrades……was something no one should disrespect……! And more than that—.

I have……no intention of ending my life right here!

“I can’t lose to the likes of yoooou—! I’m going to get stronger in order to liiiive—!”

I realised that something blew along with my shout. Then intense demonic-power erupted from my body which then spread around the surrounding. The next moment, many swords with different shapes started appearing from the earth in my surroundings!

Those swords had different attributes where one would have it enveloped with flames while another one was enveloped with ice.

—All of them were demonic-swords.

I grabbed hold of the demonic-power sword covered in darkness. It’s a good demonic-sword, fitting for a Devil like myself.

The sword that devours light. I’ll name it as Holy Eraser.

I made a stance with the demonic-sword and jumped towards the beast-man. While I headed towards him head on, I pulled out one of the demonic-swords and threw it at the beast-man quickly.

That was the flame demonic-sword. It made a violent flame and headed right towards the beast-man.


The beast-man deflected that powerfully with his fist, but I was already in a stage where I had my sword striking down at him.

He responded to that and tried to catch the demonic-sword—however, I made an ice demonic-sword appear at the tip of my foot.

I did that because I remembered master’s words.

—The necessary point for swinging a sword is how you can overcome your opponents guard precisely rather than brute strength.

At the same time I had my darkness demonic-sword sealed, I made a sharp kick with the ice demonic-sword towards the beast-man’s face.

My demonic-sword impaled the left eye of the beast-man who had his guard broken.


The beast-man who had his eye gouged out screamed loudly and squirmed in pain.

I then said it to him while making a sarcastic smile.

“……I don’t think having just power is enough. If you’re a [Knight], and if you’re someone who uses swords, then I think technique is the way to go.”

Yes, it was exactly what my master said. It’s okay even if my strength is weaker than my opponent. That’s because I could cover that up with my technique and break through their guard—.

Hearing my words, the tiger beast-man made an angry expression where he didn’t even had the slightest confidence.

[I don’t give a shit about you anymoooooore! I’ve decided to kill you noooow!]

The beast-man made the claws of both his hands longer and slashed them down at me.

I couldn’t dodge after losing every bit of my stamina with the attack earlier, and—.

It happened when I prepared to receive critical damage. I heard a voice that I was very familiar with.

“—A “Stray” that didn’t realise this was my territory……that explains the low calibre of yours.”

Zaaaaaa…… The trees made a noise.

“I kept you waiting, boy.”

The one who suddenly appeared between me and the beast-man was my master, Okita Souji. He had his usual smile.

What happened to the beast-man’s attack? I was in doubt……but the tiger beast-man himself was frozen in a posture with his claws facing downwards, and the huge body of his got ripped into pieces a few seconds after that.

Master slashed him into pieces with his god-speed the same time he arrived here.

I wasn’t able to see Master move and when he drew his sword.

While I fixed the graves with master and Rias Gremory, master said this to me quietly.

“Boy. You said this to me before. —That Devils are beings that destroy humans.”

In the fishing I had with him back then, I said something like that to him.

Master continued while he put the swords that would be used as a grave on the earth that is sticking out.

“I was the same. I also thought hard about it when I reincarnated. About quitting being a human and becoming an existence that represents evil. During that time, my master Sirzechs Lucifer said this to me.”

[I would like you to think on that on your own. I simply gave you a chance. How you would live and how you would spend time. That is something for you to decide. Except, would you help me with my job at times as my servant? I believe that swordsmanship is something necessary for me. However, if you were to become a threat to the humans—then I’ll exterminate you as your master. —But you know, I would like you to remember this. The Devils, the humans, the Angels, and other beings. There isn’t a being in this world that should be terminated.]

Master then continued and said this.

“Becoming a Devil that would destroy humans would be up to you. But obviously, you, Rias-hime, and I, are clearly not those Devils, right?”

……Back then, I didn’t understand what he meant.


I started to think that I should believe in the crimson haired girl that was fixing the grave really hard beside me.

After we somehow shaped the graves, we walked the mountain path together.

While we were walking, master asks Rias Gremory.

“By the way, Hime. Did you decide on the boy’s name?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure if this child would like it……”

The girl who stared at me gently said this name.

“Kiba Yuuto. I thought of it mostly with my feeling, but how about it?”

I smiled at her suggestion and nodded.

“Yes, I think that’s a good name.”

Seeing my reaction, both my master and Rias Gremory smiled.

Smile……huh. Yeah. I’ll make sure that I’m always smiling. Though I won’t know if I can become like them……

Since I’m able to live, I would live my life smiling.

When I arrived at the dojo while the sunshine falls down on me, I made a suggestion to my sword master and crimson haired master.

“How about we spin the top with the three of us?”

Even though we were Devils, we started playing it under the sunshine—.

Episode Yuuto.2

The scenery of the snow I can see from the window hasn’t changed at all, but I, Kiba Yuuto, and my master, Rias Gremory, are having fun talking about the past.

“Koneko sure didn’t get attached to you that easily.”

Buchou says it while smiling.

Yes, Koneko-chan didn’t open up to me that easily, even after I returned to that mansion. Well, it can’t be helped since the first impression she got from me was the worst.

However, we started living like siblings after that. Koneko-chan still is my adorable sister till now.

And Rias-buchou and Akeno-san are my seniors as well as being like older sisters to me.

Buchou says it while making an unpleasant face.

“I’m still looking for the opportunity where you would call me “Rias-oneechan”.”

I’m so scared that I won’t be able to say that. And I feel really bad for Ise-kun if I did……

However, I think of you as my master and my older sister.

I also look up to my master. He is my idealised image of what “Knight” should be.

Then someone knocks on the door. The one who enters after I answer is—.

A Vampire from the House of Vladi. He’s a youth who resembles Gasper-kun a bit. He must be his pure-blood brother.

If he came here directly without calling us to the guest room, that must mean……that something happened.

The youth asks Buchou while putting on a serious expression.

“I’m sorry for meeting you like this all of a sudden. Rias Gremory-dono, I’m sorry but can you listen to what I have to say?”

“Sure. ……Are you from the House of Vladi?”

The youth nodded.

If this youth came here instead of the current head who went to the Tepes castle it must mean the situation has changed.

“……I have heard that you and your servants have defeated the kins of the Old Maou, Evil God Loki, and the descendants of the Heroes.”

“……What’s going on?”

To Buchou’s question, the youth looked outside the window, far towards the Tepes castle.

“—Is that truly something that was bestowed by “God from the Bible”? We don’t even know why we, the clan of the dark-night, were given that. For what reason was the “Holy Grail” given to us……”

The youth who breathes out tells us with an expression that doesn’t have any confidence.

“Rias Gremory-dono, we must take you to the Valerie Tepes who is the current Head of the House of Tepes as well as the current leader of the Tepes faction.”

“ “—!?” ”

Buchou and I got shocked at the same time.

Their leader is Valerie Tepes……!?

……Ise-kun, Gasper-kun, everyone. It seems something that is beyond our imagination is happening here.


It’s been a while, it’s Ishibumi.

For this volume, I did a reckless move where the majority of it was new written story and I added the short stories that has been published by Dragon Magazine in-between them. It was quite a hard task when I was organising them. After all, an episode that connects a short story with short story is something you can’t call it neither a short story nor main story, so I had a tough time constructing this volume.

Now I will introduce each of the stories.

[Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?] — Time-line: Between Volume 8 and 9

It was a time when a certain magical girl was popular so that’s why I wrote this. Well, the one in D×D happens to be a Maou Girl though……

However, Mil-tan, Serafall, and Azazel are characters that are very easy to use in short stories.

[Scarlet and Crimson] — Timeline: Before the start of Volume 1

It’s one of the new written stories. I wanted to write the meeting of Rias and Akeno since before so I made that into a reality. It was one of the things “I wanted to do” that I mentioned in the previous volume. It was a dark story……but for that reason, Akeno was saved by the kindness of Ise and everyone else.

[Holy☆Maiden Goes to the Holy-Land] — Time-line: Between Volume 7 and 8

This is the short story about the Church trio that wasn’t able to be the among the short story compilation volume that came out earlier. Since I received many requests, I added this to this volume. It’s the story of their usual daily life.

[Let’s Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~] — Time-line: Between Volume 10 and 11

It’s the story that explains about the Grigori leaders that have been a mystery till now. It sure is an organisation filled with leaders who have so much freedom. It’s when Gasper started to search the way to get stronger and the story where Akeno and Barakiel caused such ruckus. Barakiel also appears with illustration! Just what happened to the story of their dark past!?

[Wolf’s Emblem] — Time-line: Between Volume 12 and 13

The Hakuryuukou’s story. I wrote a story describing how Vali and his comrades do their adventure. They seek for strong foes and mysteries in that way.

And also Albion’s counselling…… Even I think they are an unfortunate Two Heavenly Dragons.

[May the Shine be on You] — Time-line: Before the start of Volume 1

The second new written story. Kiba’s past chapter. This is also one of the things “I wanted to do”. I wrote how Kiba opened his heart to Rias and how he met Okita Souji.

Like Akeno’s past chapter, it was a story of a youth who wanted to “live”.

[Others, the insertion episodes] — Timeline: Continuation from Volume 14

I went into depth regarding magicians and Vampires from Ise, Azazel, and Kiba’s point of view. The magician organisation’s names are the ones I couldn’t include in the previous volume.

And also, Joker Dulio and Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio finally met with Ise. Tobio Ikuse also happens to be the main character of my previous work, “SLASH/DOG”. Be rest assured since there won’t be a problem even if you didn’t read the previous series. That was a service to the very few people that were my fans since back then. They will be working behind the scenes, planned to support Ise and others.

However, this is something I realised afterwards, but this series sure is a story with mists that involves making a barrier and detecting enemies. They are just coincidence.

Now for a simple thanks. Miyama Zero-sama, Supervisor H-sama, I’m always under both your cares!

Next volume will finally be the main part of the Vampire story as well as the Gasper main story. There will be quite a lot of story progress and battles! Rias’s new technique will also explode. Please look forward to it!

Translator's Notes and References

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