High School DxD:Volume 15 Afterword

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It’s been a while, it’s Ishibumi.

For this volume, I did a reckless move where the majority of it was new written story and I added the short stories that has been published by Dragon Magazine in-between them. It was quite a hard task when I was organising them. After all, an episode that connects a short story with short story is something you can’t call it neither a short story nor main story, so I had a tough time constructing this volume.

Now I will introduce each of the stories.

[Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?] — Time-line: Between Volume 8 and 9

It was a time when a certain magical girl was popular so that’s why I wrote this. Well, the one in D×D happens to be a Maou Girl though……

However, Mil-tan, Serafall, and Azazel are characters that are very easy to use in short stories.

[Scarlet and Crimson] — Timeline: Before the start of Volume 1

It’s one of the new written stories. I wanted to write the meeting of Rias and Akeno since before so I made that into a reality. It was one of the things “I wanted to do” that I mentioned in the previous volume. It was a dark story……but for that reason, Akeno was saved by the kindness of Ise and everyone else.

[Holy☆Maiden Goes to the Holy-Land] — Time-line: Between Volume 7 and 8

This is the short story about the Church trio that wasn’t able to be the among the short story compilation volume that came out earlier. Since I received many requests, I added this to this volume. It’s the story of their usual daily life.

[Let’s Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~] — Time-line: Between Volume 10 and 11

It’s the story that explains about the Grigori leaders that have been a mystery till now. It sure is an organisation filled with leaders who have so much freedom. It’s when Gasper started to search the way to get stronger and the story where Akeno and Barakiel caused such ruckus. Barakiel also appears with illustration! Just what happened to the story of their dark past!?

[Wolf’s Emblem] — Time-line: Between Volume 12 and 13

The Hakuryuukou’s story. I wrote a story describing how Vali and his comrades do their adventure. They seek for strong foes and mysteries in that way.

And also Albion’s counselling…… Even I think they are an unfortunate Two Heavenly Dragons.

[May the Shine be on You] — Time-line: Before the start of Volume 1

The second new written story. Kiba’s past chapter. This is also one of the things “I wanted to do”. I wrote how Kiba opened his heart to Rias and how he met Okita Souji.

Like Akeno’s past chapter, it was a story of a youth who wanted to “live”.

[Others, the insertion episodes] — Timeline: Continuation from Volume 14

I went into depth regarding magicians and Vampires from Ise, Azazel, and Kiba’s point of view. The magician organisation’s names are the ones I couldn’t include in the previous volume.

And also, Joker Dulio and Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio finally met with Ise. Tobio Ikuse also happens to be the main character of my previous work, “SLASH/DOG”. Be rest assured since there won’t be a problem even if you didn’t read the previous series. That was a service to the very few people that were my fans since back then. They will be working behind the scenes, planned to support Ise and others.

However, this is something I realised afterwards, but this series sure is a story with mists that involves making a barrier and detecting enemies. They are just coincidence.

Now for a simple thanks. Miyama Zero-sama, Supervisor H-sama, I’m always under both your cares!

Next volume will finally be the main part of the Vampire story as well as the Gasper main story. There will be quite a lot of story progress and battles! Rias’s new technique will also explode. Please look forward to it!

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