High School DxD:Volume 15 Episode Azazel 1

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Episode Azazel.1[edit]

This town is covered by dense fogs.

I, Azazel, am in the territory of the Vampire’s Carmilla faction. It’s the castle town of Carmilla faction which you can refer to as their central place where the Vampires of Carmilla faction live.

It’s thought that Vampires like and live in buildings that are based on the Middle Age Europe’s theme which is so old-fashioned way of thinking, but that’s not quite true.

This town has modern-like buildings built around Carmilla’s castle who is their ancestor. The civilians’ houses in the residential area are all modern-type houses as well. Though it seems like the pure Vampires who are the important people here still live in the old and huge mansions.

Obviously all the buildings have few windows as if they are rejecting the sunlight which is their weakness, and even if there are windows they have them covered.

Well, with a dense fog like this, sunlight won’t even reach this town even during noon.

It’s exactly noon right now. The Vampires who are the residents of night are sleeping right now. There are those moving around at noon; however they are wearing thick clothes in order to prevent their skin from being exposed. They must be scared of the sunlight, even though there’s a fog. There are even those that are travelling by car. The items carried by people and used for the town’s equipment are no different than the ones in the human world. It must be because the majority of civilians here are former humans. You can say it is similar to the reincarnated Devils living in the Underworld.

The fog which I’m referring to is the Vampire’s ability. Vampires can control fogs after all. If it’s a high level Vampire, than he can even create fogs which can cover a single town by himself.

Fogs are used to act as a barrier and to search for enemies. It probably doesn’t have that much traits as the mist user George’s fog, however the Vampire who can cover this whole town by using fogs must be someone strong.

I entered this place by myself after parting with Rias. The place where it’s located is in a mountainous region with a wide barrier, and is separated from the humans’ world. That is this place.

By the way, the main region which is used by the Tepes faction isn’t that far from here. Though it seems like both sides have created a boundary line, something which acts as national border, between them.

The air I breathe out is also white. Romania is a country which has the same seasonal occurrence as Japan. If it has just become winter in Japan, then likewise, it’s also winter here. However, this country is colder than Japan. With this temperature, it won’t be weird if there are places which has snow falling.

Now then, the reason why I’m observing the view so leisurely like this is……

“It sure is boring……”

I’m talking to myself. I’m in a café. I found a rare café which is open even at noon, so I’m drinking tea at the second floor terrace like this.

Even though I said tea, it truly isn’t blood. It’s black tea with a strong taste that even Vampires are fond of. It’s said that the denser the Vampire’s blood is, the more different they are to human regarding taste. Pure-bloods basically can’t take in anything besides blood. The ones that drink black tea must be the ones that changed from being human.

The truth is I asked for a meeting with Carmilla herself who is the Queen of Carmilla faction—but it seems like it was bad timing where the Queen-sama is in the middle of a meeting.

It seems like it’s been dragging on for quite some time, and several days have already passed since I got here. They welcomed me with VIP treatment at the castle, but I was so bored that I came down to the town.

It’s an unsightly view for me to act as someone who has nothing to do since I came here after making such a big declaration in front of Ise and others.

……Looks like there’s movement within the Tepes faction. The Carmilla faction must be making countermeasure against them. They must want to put the meeting with me after that.

It’s not like they’re ignoring me. The one who is sitting a bit away from me right now must be the one who is keeping his eye on me. He’s releasing such atmosphere like that after all.

Most likely, Carmilla must want to have all her trump cards within her hand so she can use them if the time comes.

I never thought she would have allowed her special envoy to speak as she liked that much and then leave me like this when I entered this country. Geez, it sure does amaze me how proudly the Vampires act.

I make a sigh since I’m in a position I can’t acknowledge. – Then I lost the presence of the one who was keeping an eye on me. When I take a glance, the one who was keeping an eye on me is down on the table.

I say it after making another sigh.

“Geez, what do you want with me after coming all the way here? – Vali?”

The one who approaches my table is Vali himself.

“Well, I sensed a presence I was familiar with when I came nearby.”

This guy appears while bringing Bikou, Arthur, and Fenrir.

“Ya~ya~, Govenor♪ Or do I call you Director now?”

“You never change, Bikou. ……Did you make him go to sleep?”

When I looked towards the guy keeping his eye on me meaningfully, the naughty monkey smiles happily.

He must have made that guy go to sleep with a certain type of senjutsu.

The reason why these guys can move freely within this fog is because they excel in sneaking in. After all, they are a bunch that appear in unexpected times and places, and also strong guys that won’t get caught by any organisation.

“So, do you have some business with me?”

When I ask, these guys sit down and start to talk.

“Yeah, it’s regarding the Evil Dragons.”

What Vali starts talking about is regarding the Evil Dragon these guys met with.

……I ask Vali after hearing all sorts of things.

“Was Aži Dahāka strong?”

While drinking his tea, Vali smiles and answers.

“……Looks like he will be more entertaining than Pluto at least.”

……So Aži Dahāka is at least stronger than Pluto.

Bikou continues.

“Rather, he’s strong, that crazy Dragon that is. He’s no doubt the strongest out of all the Dragons I fought. There’s nothing scarier than opponents that won’t go down.”

“Even Grendel looked quite tough as well.”

Arthur also continues like that.

Since these guys that are travelling the world seeking for strong foes are saying this, so it can be determined that those Dragons’ strength are remarkable.

I then say.

“Our young Devils also had a harder fight than expected. ……Having those guys who are going through an irregular growth have a “hard fight” is quite a bad situation.”

Vali asks while twitching one of his eyebrows.

“Like I expected, is the resurrection of Evil Dragons due to the Holy Grail? That alters lives, doesn’t it? Is it also possible to resurrect the dead?”

Well, it’s natural to have such doubts. Yeah, this is clearly a situation that is involved with the Holy Grail.

That Holy Grail which is a Longinus……can change the law of lives.

There’s no mistake that the top guys among the Carmilla faction are causing a ruckus due to it.

“The location of souls and the place they will head towards differ for each religion as well as the meaning and how they are handled…… But resurrecting completely is something that is impossible normally.”

Even Ise whose resurrection which was like a miracle lost his original body and had to get a new one.

Once your soul passes on, you can’t come back to the real world that easily. That’s how precious it is for souls that have fulfilled their duty and fate to leave the body.

Though it’s a different story if you have the technique, capacity, and existence where you can do something with your soul.

Again, there are resurrections by using the Devils and Angels reincarnation system. Well, both of them need to be in a state where you had just died.

Vali narrows his eyes.

“—The Evil Dragons are different then?”

……They are tough after all.

I then say it while piling up the sugar cubes.

“……Vritra that had his soul cut into that many pieces was able to resurrect. Guessing from that, if you have the prosperous bug called “Longinus” that was left by the God from the Bible, then……”

“And you can say that it’s on a totally different level if it’s a sub-species Balance Breaker.”

I nod my head at Vali’s words that continued after me.

Bikou says it while resting his chin.

“If that’s the case, does it mean the Vampire faction that has the Holy Grail is connected with the Khaos Brigade?”

It won’t be weird if the Carmilla faction knows about the Tepes faction’s circumstances beforehand. They must have thought that using Gasper who had a connection with Valerie Tepes who holds the Holy Grail is the most efficient one to use. They must have presumed that she would let her guard down if it’s Gasper.

In a round a bout, you can say that Valerie is such an existence.

We can take it that the reason they started negotiating with us whom they have refused till now as a nuisance is because the Vampires can’t handle Valerie and the Khaos Brigade that have a connection with her.

Did they come to us while looking down at us due to their pride, or are they planning to use us and take all the good parts from the sidelines?

There are many things I don’t know…… Gasper, speaking honestly, you can assume that the girl called Valerie whom you are feeling indebted to…… is wrapped in something really serious.

And the ruckus the Carmilla faction is causing since I got here must mean that there has been a change in Tepes.

I’m worried about Rias and Kiba. Like I thought, I probably should call Ise and others……

–I then notice the change in these guys.

Kuroka and Le Fay aren’t here.

“Hey, Vali. Where’s the bad-cat and the witch-girl?”

When I ask, Vali says it while shrugging his shoulder.

“They are at Hyoudou Issei’s place”

Hmm? What’s this?

“Were you dumped? Geez, this happened because you didn’t pay attention to them, you know?”

I say it jokingly but this guy replies by saying “That’s probably it” without being offended.

……It really seems like he isn’t bothered. Geez, I have to say that his lack of interest in women is extreme. He’s like this ever since he was a kid. He isn’t even interested in romance in the slightest.

……It’s not like he hates women. If he did, he won’t be having Kuroka and Le Fay with him.

He makes me worried in the opposite way to Ise.

Bikou starts laughing heroically

“It’s all right, Governor. Both Kuroka and Le Fay will come to us if something happens. Also, you know they said playing with Sekiryuutei is fun? So did you know that this brother of hers right here is feeling safe?”

Bikou gives a meaningful gaze at Arthur.

“Yes, to be honest, Le Fay will be safe if I leave her by his side after all. I think it will be good for her to return to the everyday world. Even if she can’t return completely, she would be able to have a life which is close to it if she stays at Sekiryuutei-dono’s side that can be said as a special zone. Even the former Governor seems like he will be considering it after all.”

So that’s how you respond huh. Geez, this swordsman has no flaws. But, it’s that. It seems like this guy adores his little sister despite being a battle maniac as well. I then say it to Arthur.

“I will make sure no one lays their hand on her while she’s there. Except, can you at least consider how Ise and everyone will appear to others? It will be troublesome if they get caught teaming up with you guys so openly.”

Arthur also nods at my words by saying “Yes”.

Well, Kuroka and Le Fay are already in a state where they are kinda free lodging there…… That guy Ise, just how many more lovers’ candidates does he has to have in order to be convinced? Though they are gathering around him before he realises it……

Maybe next time I should have a bet with Sirzechs in how many children that guy will have in the future.

When I’m thinking such things, Bikou takes out something from his luggage. –Its cup noodles.

And also a pot he has already prepared without me noticing. Bikou asks me while making preparation.

“Which one does the former Governor want? The red one? The green one? Or the yakisoba with lots of quantity in them?”

He sure does have quite a number of cup noodles with him. And they all happen to be Japan made. Certainly the cup noodles in Japan taste the best.

“Then give me that green one. I like soba after all.”

I’ll just tag along with them since I’m a bit hungry.

Bikou starts laughing again.

“Oh, looks like you are familiar with Japan’s taste. Fine. Vali, Arthur, which one do you guys want?”

I ask while watching these guys who are picking their noodles without being serious.

“I never thought Hakuryuukou-sama’s group that is travelling to various places has cup noodles as their meal. Can’t even a single one of you cook?”

Bikou waves his hand roughly.

“Le Fay was the one doing it after all. If that girl isn’t here, then our meals change to instant food right away. Well, I love noodles and both Vali and Arthur don’t complain about what they eat.”

I don’t know what to say after seeing Vali who is opening the packets of seasoning right beside me. Arthur is also saying that “I won’t complain as long as the black tea is first-class”, and has his tea pot ready.

Fenrir……has the cup noodle put in front of him rudely, so I can sense an unexplainable atmosphere coming from this beast. Even though he has got smaller than his previous large beast size form, you guys do realise that he is a legendary monster, right……? A cup noodle for Fenrir!

……Judging from only this situation, I’m starting to think that the Sekiryuutei who is eating three meals daily made by his beloved wives and lovers stands higher than him.

Geez, these guys don’t even carry the slightest fragment of being nervous. This is the Vampire’s territory. Maybe they don’t carry the self-awareness of being a wanted group?

No, they probably don’t. These guys are idiots after all.

However, Vali’s journey to find strong foes is quite a maniac hobby. I never thought it will also involve monsters that have been eliminated…… Is my influence on him too strong? I have a mixed feeling as the guy who raised him.

If I remember now, these guys were choosing someone to act as the counsellor for Albion by having the first generation Sun Wukong introduce them to someone. This is a story I heard afterwards, but these guys are truly—.

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