High School DxD:Volume 15 Episode Azazel 2

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Episode Azazel.2[edit]

I, Azazel, always think that Ddraig and Albion who got their hosts for this generation can be categorised as being unlucky. They probably never thought that they would get called the “Oppai Dragon” and “Ketsuryuukou”.

“There will be a day when I settle my battle with Hyoudou Issei. I just hope Albion comes to get familiar with Sekiryuutei’s situation.”

Vali says such an impossible thing, and……

[……Impossible –de gozaru.]

……it’s so impossible that he’s speaking by ending his sentence with “gozaru”.

Bikou who’s next to him is simply laughing loudly.

“Let it be. Isn’t it fun? The final decisive battle of the Oppai Dragon and the Ketsu Dragon! Hey, boss Azazel, can you also include Vali in the tokusatsu “Oppai Dragon” show?”

“Yeah, I’m already having it considered.”

When I answer as such—Albion panics.

[—! ……You are saying I can’t laugh at Ddraig anymore…… No, there wasn’t a single time I laughed at the red-one regarding this issue……! I see, so this is what they mean by comrades! All right, next time I meet Ddraig, I will share this pain with him together……!]

It seems like there’s a dramatic change inside Albion and he seems like he has come to accept it.

I never thought Two Heavenly Dragons will come to understand each other here…… Hey hey, won’t the battle of the Heavenly Dragons end in this fight? I never thought that the reason would be Ise……

Without even sensing the slightest pain his partner has, Vali smiles fearlessly.

“Evil Dragons huh…… Interesting. So I may be able to meet with Crom Cruach that I couldn’t meet before. It truly seems like I can enjoy it.”

So the battle mania will unleash his true potential huh. In the end, it seems like he caused a problem at the depth of the mountains……

However, Vali suddenly makes a sour look.

“…………Azazel, about the mastermind of this incident……I was told who it is from Euclid Lucifugus himself.”


I got so shocked at his confession. ……So you are telling me they told Vali only?

Vali says it with disgust while having hatred burn inside his irises.

“……It’s him, Azazel. That guy who is such a scum is the mastermind this time……!”

There’s only one guy I can think of from Vali’s words that carries his hatred.

If that is the truth, then we won’t be the only ones getting hurt……!

……Why did he decide to rise up at this time……?

I can’t help but feel dark chills from my body—

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