High School DxD:Volume 15 Episode Issei 3

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Episode Issei.3[edit]


I, Hyoudou Issei, am man-crying after hearing Akeno-san's past.

I never imagined Rias and Akeno-san had a fated meeting like that! No wonder the two of them are always together! I can also understand how Rias left here while entrusting this place to Akeno-san! So they were living together while trusting each other since that age huh.


Kuroka, who moved away from my lap to the chair next to me, is sleeping with boredom. ……This damn naughty cat……! That was a good story! Ravel says it while wiping her tears.

“I never knew Agrippa-sama had done such deeds.”

Akeno-san nods at Ravel’s words.

“Yes, he is positioned as the vice-chief engineer of the Demonic Power Research Institute that was organised by Sirzechs-sama. It certainly is an abnormal position amongst reincarnated Devils.”

Oh, so Agrippa-san who saved Akeno-san has an important role in that organisation huh. Is he among the people that are supporting us?

More importantly, even a reincarnated Devil can get an important role in such institutes by how you make achievements huh.

“……Nya, I will be swimming –nya.”

Kuroka opens her eyes while being half asleep. When she walks to the diving board, she takes her kimono off very daringly, and then jumps into the hot pool while being naked!

I can’t help myself but to be fascinated at the real breasts that are bouncing in front of me! More importantly, doesn’t she wear anything under her kimono!?

“So Koneko’s sister went huh. Good timing. Haa, haa.”

The one who shows up while saying that is Xenovia in her swimsuit! Probably because she finished her swimming race with Irina, she returns to where all of us are at.

“Ise, I’m going to excuse myself.”

Saying that—,Xenovia sits on my lap!

The sensation of Xenovia’s soft thighs and buttocks that I’m feeling with my legs!

Xenovia who is sitting on my lap says it while playing around with her hair.

“I was having a bet with Irina in our challenge. The one who wins in the swimming race will be able to sit on Ise’s lap.”

You guys were swimming while making a bet like that!? And did you two ignore my opinion regarding that!?

Irina who is also in her swimsuit shows up while having teary eyes, and she then takes her swimming cap off. Her long hair shows up from underneath it. Yup, Irina who doesn’t have her long hair tied up also looks cute!

“You are so lucky! I also want to sit on Ise-kun’s lap!”

Irina says it while feeling really jealous about it.

Is it me, or has my lap been very popular lately!? What’s happening!? Why is everyone craving for it!?

—Then, Irina comes behind me and starts hugging me from behind while saying, “Ei!”! Irina’s breasts are pressing onto my baaaaack! For me to be able to feel this elastic sensation of an Angel’s breasts……I’m really grateful for it! Angel’s breasts sure do have some effect in them!

“I will be taking his back, Xenovia!”

“Hmm, you sure can’t be taken lightly.”

I find these two idiots who have a sense of victory in such mysterious things cute.

“Hau! Ise-san is in full-capacity mode! I’m also joining in!”

Asia rushes in while having teary eyes! These three are always close to each other at all times!

Yeah, there is a certain story involving these three.

Was that before or after the battle against the Evil-God Loki—

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