High School DxD:Volume 15 Episode Issei 4

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Episode Issei.4[edit]

—Like that, apparently the Church trio had such events happen to them.

……After that, I had the girls ask me a lot of questions regarding “eroge”. And I even had an embarrassing experience of playing that game together with everyone!

So one of my fetishes got revealed. Tohoho……

“I have heard from Rias that Asia-san does get dazzled at times due to Xenovia-san and Irina-san becoming bolder towards Ise-kun…… It seems like Ise-kun himself is also going through a hard time.”

Kaichou says that calmly. It really is! All of you, don’t compete with each other while using me as the prize!

Sometimes Xenovia and Irina get too bold that even I go through a lot of pain! Basically these two are warriors so my body won’t last if they get serious!

“……Being a late comer sure is hard.”

Ah, Ravel is looking into the distance! It seems like my manager can’t say anything for having her senior take the position of my lap! I want to pat her head afterwards!

Kaichou says it while having her glasses shine.

“Make sure all of you don’t do such things at school. Lewd things are prohibited at school.”

Yes, I understand! I already have myself targeted by the students for being close with the school idols! Except, I can’t come to agree about one group of Kiba fangirls that are supporting me!

Xenovia asks after taking a bite off a cookie which is on the table.

“By the way, what were all of you talking about?”

When I reply back to her by saying that we were discussing about magic, she suddenly puts on a sour look.

“……I have always had a hard time against magicians as my opponents ever since I was at the Vatican.”

Yeah, it does seem like Xenovia will have bad compatibility with magicians judging from her fighting style. She did however break through magic by using the ability of Excaliburs very well in the battle that happened the other day.

Asia continues.

“Wasn’t there also an argument for the usage of magic at the Church?”

Xenovia and Irina both nod their heads and say “exactly”.

Like Asia said, it seems like there is also an argument regarding the usage of magic even till now in the Church. The general magic originated from the demonic powers of Devils, so it’s something that won’t please those people with high status with strong beliefs towards their teaching.

And since magic that comes from the other mythology is something outside the category of the God of Bible, it will bring more arguments. The way religious people think sure is complicated.

Though there are also Churches and exorcists that continue to use magic despite knowing that……

I ask Xenovia and Irina a question as a reference.

“That’s why I want to ask the two of you a question about what is necessary to break through magic.”

Since it seems like the terrorists this time will be involved with magic, I wanted to ask this question. Then the two of them—.

“No matter what people say, I reckon you need enough power to deflect magic!”

“That will be fine if you fight as a vanguard. Of course having a support from the rearguards will work as well.”

They give me similar answers. Well, in the previous battle, these two were going wild at the front-line.

—Then someone sighs.

“How should you be prepared against magic, you say? Very well, allow me to explain it a bit.”

It’s Rossweisse-san. She appears while wearing a jersey. She has been out this whole time shopping at the 100 yen shop, but it looks like she’s finally back.

……She’s beautiful but she wears jerseys for her usual life. It’s such a waste.

“Listen, anti-magic is—”

Rossweisse-san starts her theory regarding anti-magic where she teaches Xenovia and Irina as if she was teaching her students. Rossweisse-san is a teacher after all. She’s a civics teacher. By the way, Azazel-sensei is a chemistry teacher. That sure seems like Azazel-sensei.

“A magic attack can be countered by physical attacks and defence…… That’s right,I was told about that from Armaros-san who happens to be one of the leaders of the Grigori……”

Yeah, there was a time when I visited the Grigori’s institute, and I met someone with a crazy way of thinking over there. That happened after the game against Bael—.

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