High School DxD:Volume 15 Episode Issei 5

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Episode Issei.5[edit]

—Like that, I remembered about the leaders of Grigori from that day.

……Yup, Barakiel-san overdid it! I was having such a good time being emotional at Rias and Akeno-san’s meeting, but he killed it because I started remembering about the exchange between super-S daughter and super-M father!

Sona-kaichou who is drinking her tea elegantly next to Rossweisse-san who was talking about anti-magic says it.

“Well, maybe it means that it is acceptable to break through magic using power. If it’s extreme raw strength, that won’t be the only thing it can do. Sairaorg Bael can break through different types of magic with his fists. Likewise for Ise-kun as well.”

I……tend to think it's easier to use the dragon-booster to rush into the enemies group and finish them off at once.

If Kiba is with me, destroying the enemy by supporting Kiba isn’t a bad idea.

Regarding Sairaorg-san…… His power and speed breaks common sense, and he gets insane specs when he wears the lion’s truth. To be honest, I don’t have that much confidence to defeat Sairaorg-san who has combined with Regulus. That’s the kind of person he is.

Likewise with Cao Cao, it makes me think there is nothing scarier than power or techniques that have been heightened to the limits.

“W-Well, it’s possible to block them because it’s Sairaorg-san…… He may even get along with Armaros-san.”

That’s how I answered while scratching my cheek. It seems like they will definitely get along.

“Nee-sama! I’ve found you!”

Oh, it’s Koneko-chan’s voice. If I take a look, Koneko-chan and Gasper who have come to the poolside has captured Kuroka.

“Nyaa, if it isn’t Shirone and Gya-kun. Want to swim?”

Kuroka herself is taking a rest after having a swim. She’s in a state where she’s wearing the kimono over her and it’s just covering her private parts.

“I asked you to train us! That’s the main reason why you can stay here, Nee-sama!”

Koneko-chan, you sure are strict and say things clearly to your sister.

“K-Koneko-chan, I don’t mind doing training anytime, you know?”

“Gya-kun is just as kind to Nee-sama as Ise-senpai.”

A strict Koneko-chan! Though, Koneko-chan does somehow look happy during her training. Maybe she’s happy that she gets to spend time with her sister? I sure hope they get to reconcile for real soon.

Kuroka who is being taken away by her sister and Gya-suke says it as if she just remembered.

“Hey, hey, Sekiryuutei-chin. Can I ask you one thing -nya?”


Kuroka points at Le Fay.

“Can I recommend Le Fay to become a candidate for the magician who will make a pact with you, Sekiryuutei-chin?”


Everyone here gets shocked at Kuroka’s unexpected suggestion!

It’s natural for us to get shocked. Hold on, so Le Fay’s going to be my pact partner after coming to this point!?


Le Fay also gets shocked like us. Kuroka probably said something she didn’t predict. Kuroka continues while brushing her wet hair upwards.

High school DxD v15 002.jpg

“Well, the thing is, she’s an expert magician and comes from a well-known family, you know? And she’s also your fan, so I don’t think she’s lacking in becoming your pact partner, -nyaa?”

T-That certainly may be true……

Kuroka shrugs her shoulder and continues.

“Well, Arthur certainly is an outcast from the House of Pendragon. Not only did he take the Holy-King Sword which happens to be his family treasure, the national treasure, and the most valuable treasure, but he also came to this world seeking for strong foes. But you know, Le-Fay came after her brother who did such thing because she was worried about him. She was actually meant to accomplish her duty as the magician of House of Pendragon.”


So something like that happened huh. So she came to support her brother who left their house.

Le Fay says it hesitantly.

“Otou-sama and Okaa-sama were also worried about Onii-sama……”

So she has such circumstances. Certainly among the Vali-team, she was the only one who didn’t seem like she fits there.

She clearly has a personality which doesn’t suit her being a terrorist.

However, Ravel who happens to be my manager is the first one to make a claim.

“It’s very painful to say this……but all of you are terrorists. This is a fact that you can’t change. Even if you left the Khaos Brigade and are in a situation where they are after you, you should be aware that other factions are also after you for causing troubles, correct? I’m in a position……where I have to think about Ise-sama’s reputation as my highest priority, therefore I have to be strict with you.”


I’m touched at this girl’s words. She’s becoming this tender in order to support me…… I have the best manager there is……!

Kuroka also smiles.

“You are right. I sure can’t say anything back if you bring that in. And I’m guessing the magicians’ organisation this girl previously belonged to has excommunicated her from their list.”

Kuroka puts her hands together and begs.

“But you know, as a start, can you at least give her a simple interview, Little Birdy-chan?”

“My name is Ravel! Geez, I don’t even want to imagine Ise-sama’s pact partner being a terrorist!”

I say it to the angry Ravel.

“Well, I’m also interested in her, and she did take care of me as well. So listening to what she has to say for a bit should be okay.”

I’m sure Le Fay isn’t a bad girl, and I’m simply interested.

If she gets determined as being one of the candidates, what will happen?

Ravel makes a negative face and nods reluctantly while being unpleasant.

“……If Ise-sama says that, then I won’t be able to decline so easily. Understood. Le Fay-san!”


Ravel asks the scared Le Fay.

“Please answer my questions!”


Saying that, Ravel takes out a memo pad and asks several questions to Le Fay. Le Fay answers them while putting on a nervous look.

“……Yes, so you use black, white, Norse, and even fairy magic…… The ones you have a pact with are…..Fenrir!? G-Gogmagog!? It can’t be, it’s impossible……!”

Ravel’s questions continues despite being shocked every now and then, and she finally stops writing.

Her expression tells me that she can’t believe what she just heard.

“……How can this be?”

“W-What’s wrong?”

When I ask her timidly, Ravel answers.

“I have given a certain standard from the magicians that would have the factors Ise-sama would need in the future ahead. Le Fay-san has exceeded those standards by quite a margin. Actually, I can see that she has gifted potential in many areas than the magicians I have been choosing till now……”

Yes, yes. So she has an amazing rating. In other words, if she wasn’t part of Vali-team, then she has a status which would get her the spot right away! I see, this certainly is something I didn’t imagine; Le Fay being the magician for the pact!

She’s cute, and she’s talented in magic! It also seems like she can create magic that would make profit for Devils.

But the single point of her being a terrorist is preventing that from happening, huh.

“……The fact about how she supported The Khaos Brigade is certainly a big issue.”

Sona-kaichou says that calmly.

Seriously, that’s the only disappointment there is. It may be something she did because she was worried about her brother, and even if it was for a certain time, she did stay in the organisation that is seen as an enemy from each faction……


Le Fay also puts on a complicated expression.

Kuroka laughs as if she’s trying to change this heavy atmosphere.

“Well, that may change for the better very soon, and having a response like that is good enough for now –nya. By the way Shirone, your territory has been taken by your senpai. Are you okay with it -nya?”

Kuroka asks that way to Koneko-chan. Xenovia is sitting on my lap after all. It seems like Koneko-chan thinks of my lap as her important territory……

“……I would be sitting there afterwards so it isn’t a problem. That is also an independent territory after all.”

My lap has such an important role!? I can’t help but keep on getting shocked!

The Grim Reaper girl Bennia starts to take a memo of something.

《I see, so it’s an independent territory on top of Oppai Dragon’s lap…… I sure have learned new facts today.》

If I remember now, you are here as well. I almost forgot because you don’t stand out!

Then I hear the voice of a new visitor—.

“It sure does seem fun to have a pool in the basement.”

When all of us look that way — there is a person dressed up as a sister! It’s Sister Griselda! The person that governs the staff from Heaven within this area has shown herself! Sister Griselda walks towards us while having two men follow her.

“I’m sorry. When we came to visit your house, Hyoudou Issei-san’s mother came to welcome us where she brought us here.”

Oh man! We were so dazed that we didn’t notice the visitors!

Mum, thank you! Rather, mostly everyone who lives here has gathered here! Of course I won’t notice them!

“How do you do.”

Sister Griselda gives us a polite greeting and smile.

Xenovia who is sitting on my lap—makes her body stiff due to Sister’s appearance. Irina is already away from me while sitting in a proper manner! Sister Griselda pinches Xenovia’s cheek while smiling.

“For sitting on a gentleman’s lap at noon, it seems like you’ve grown to become a shameless girl.”

“Y-Yez, I’m zorry……”

Xenovia apologises while having tears in her eyes. I have witnessed her adorable side once again. She sure can’t act as she likes in front of Sister Griselda.

Then Sister Griselda coughs and bows her head.

“I’m very sorry. I heard that the Gremory and Sitri would be having a discussion so we were thinking if we could join all of you……”

Sona-kaichou and Akeno-san welcomes Sister Griselda while putting on a proper posture.

“Yes, we are honoured to have you here.”

“Please sit here. Here, please take some tea.”

“Thank you very much.”

Sister Griselda sits on one of the table chair, but I’m concerned about something else.

……The two men that Sister brought with her. One of the men in a priest’s outfit is a handsome youth with blond hair and green eyes. Is he three or four years older than me?

Another person is Japanese. He seems to have the same height as me. He looks like one of those Japanese guys who looks a bit handsome that you often see. Is he a year or two older than me? Except—.


He has a huge black dog next to him. It’s really black. It may be better to say that it has a jet black fur. Its golden eyes are sparkling.

……I can tell it’s no ordinary dog from the aura it has around its body.

A type of supernatural being—. No, I can sense a mysterious feeling from it……

I come up with a certain assumption……

While I start to come up with assumptions, the man who is dressed as a priest changes his expression and greets us.

“Howdy? Nice to meet you all, Devils of Kuou academy. I’m called Dulio Gesualdo. Let’s get along from now on~.”

—!? D-Dulio!? So that means—


Sona-kaichou says that quietly. Yes, that’s the name of the Joker from the Heaven side who has an unrivalled level of strength among reincarnated Angels! While all of us are shocked at the sudden appearance of the Joker, the man himself acts at his own pace and looks at our girls.

“Oh man, I heard that Sekiryuutei-dono has many beautiful wives, and it seems like it’s the truth. It sure makes me envious, it surely does.”

Sister warns the Joker who said that casually.

“Dulio? You do know that you are the Joker who is the trump card of Heaven? Do not say it in a rude way.”

Sister Griselda pinches Joker’s ear without mercy.

“Ouuuuch. ……Geez, I sure can’t do as I like in front of Griselda-neesan.”

So Sister Griselda not only controls Xenovia, but also Joker……

Sensei and Sister Griselda were saying whether they will send the Joker or not when the Vampire from Carmilla faction came, but I never expected to meet him so soon.

……So that’s how creepy The Khaos Brigade’s moves are……

“And this person here is……?”

Akeno-san moves her gaze to the other man, the man who has a black dog with him.

—But, before Sister Griselda can answer, Kuroka says it cheerfully.

“This is rare –nyan. Vali would be happy if he was here.”

“You know him, Kuroka?”

When I ask, Kuroka makes a big meaningful smile.

“—He’s Slash Dog. The possessor of [Canis Lykaon]. He’s the only other “human” besides Cao Cao to force Vali to use Juggernaut Drive.”

—!? T-This person!? Shocking things sure are happening continuously today!

After finding out that this man is Slash Dog after Joker, all of us are taken aback!

Today, the second Longinus possessor gives his greeting to us.

“Hello, my name is Ikuse Tobio. I came here on behalf of former Governor Azazel. This one here is Jin. Please think of him as a Longinus itself. Since my Sacred Gear is an independent avatar type, he has his own instinct. From now on, we will be supporting all of you while working behind the scenes.”

Even the dog is introduced to us…… I see, so this dog itself is a Sacred Gear—. Is it the same phenomenon as how Regulus acquired its beast form? No, it seems like this dog was in this state from the beginning.

Sacred Gear seriously sure have many forms…… I think there’s so many mysterious things behind it which makes me understand a bit why Sensei is fascinated with them.

However, this person is going to be the support member behind the scenes! There’s nothing more reliable than to have the rumoured Slash Dog-san to be supporting us behind the scenes!

“…..Hmm, this dog doesn’t have any guard down.”

“Yeah, he has a cute face but it seems the potential it has in him is immeasurable.”

Xenovia and Irina have serious faces due to the unique aura the dog, Jin, has.

Sona-kaichou lifts up her glasses.

“Oddly enough, each of the Longinus possessors within the Three Great Powers have gathered here.”

If Regulus from Sairaorg-san comes here, then all the Longinus will have gathered here.

Oh, for some reason something amazing is happening! Until now the Occult Research Club and Student Council has been settling matters together, but having support from the Heaven side and Grigori side is more than just being supportive!

If our opponents are the tough and brutal Evil Dragons, then it’s certain that it will be troublesome unless we have this many members. If the risk of our members getting killed is reduced, then we can’t ask for more. To be honest, if it’s only the Gremory group……then it will become a situation where it won’t be weird for any one of us to get killed at any time.

I want to get even stronger. In order to stop that sad situation from occurring.

—Then Slash Dog-san says it to me who is thinking of negative things inside myself.

“Sekiryuutei, will you be doing your personal training today as well?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. What about it?”

“I was asked by Azazel-san to take on you and this team on behalf of Kiba Yuuto, so would it be okay if I take this role?”

—! For real!? T-That certainly makes me happy! It’s more than being honoured!

I make a big nod with my head and grabbed Slash Dog-san’s hand.

“Please do! There aren’t any occasions to have a Longinus possessor as your opponent for training!”

This is a good opportunity. Being able to train with a Longinus possessor will become a great experience for me and also everyone in the Gremory group!

The Longinus possessors I have been fighting against have all been enemies after all…… That’s why you can’t have training with a Longinus possessor that easily.

Joker who is next to him also puts up his hand.

“Ah, I think Michael-sama ordered me to do the same as well. Sekiryuutei-dono, and the Gremorys’, how about having me as your training partner as well?”

Amazing! What’s with this sudden big opportunity!? Can such a thing even possibly happen!?

“Even Joker!? Please! I’ve heard from Sensei! You are as strong as Cao Cao, right?”

Joker tilts his head to my question.

“Hmm, I have all the requirements, I guess? Ah, that’s right; you don’t have to use honorifics when you are talking to me. I’m bad with those kinds of things. Just call me Dulio. I will also call you Ise-don.”

As such, Joker—Dulio, gives me a friendly handshake.

He acts light heartedly, but he doesn’t seem like a bad person. Likewise for Slash Dog.

Xenovia and Irina are burning with passion after seeing this situation.

“This will be good. Having several Longinus Possessors as your opponents for your training is something which doesn’t happen often. I’m kind of hyped!”

“You are right; I also want to heighten my power of an Angel as well!”

“Yeah, the self-proclaimed Angel should learn what an Angel should be from the Joker.”

“Geez! Xenovia, you should also learn how to use techniques from Slash Dog-san!”

“Both of you are really into this! I will also train my combination with Fafnir-san!”

A scene where Asia watches over Xenovia and Irina that are arguing with warm eyes. Yeah, the Church-trio are also being lively today as well.

Sona-kaichou then says it while raising her hand.

“If it’s okay with all of you, I also want to have our Vritra user participate, so how about it? I also want to have that child reach Balance Breaker soon, so there’s a high chance for him to reach it with these members.”

Joker nods while making a smile.

“It should be okay. Having Dragon King join that is.”

So his Balance Breaker training huh. After all, there are three Longinus possessors including myself.

Saji, rest in peace! I won’t hold back!

While everyone gets heated up with Joker Dulio and Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio-san’s favour, Sister Griselda says this.

“Since the terrorists are making even more mysterious actions than before, we must strengthen the power of the youth from each faction. ……Unfortunately, the majority of those with strength are those people who stand in the high positions, so they are also in a position where it’s hard for them to take action due to political issues. We can’t afford to lose the Gods and especially the Chief-God from each faction. That’s why we need people like all of you that are powerful youths that can be sent to any places. So please lend us your strength, not only for the Three Great Powers, but also for each of the factions and the humans. We will give you the most support we can offer you as well.”

Sister Griselda bows her head down. I then say it to Sister Griselda.

“Please raise your head, Sister Griselda. We will do it when the time comes. Peace is the best after all.”

Yeah, to be honest, it will be enough for me to have an erotic and peaceful lifestyle with these girls, but being a Sekiryuutei gets me dragged into many situations.

A road to becoming a Harem-King isn’t easy. But, I still have to do it.

……Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba, Xenovia, Gasper, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel, Ophis, Azazel-sensei, and the Student Council members. I can’t stand……seeing those close to me either being depressed or crying.

There may be a situation like that again in the future. But in order to live with everyone peacefully, I will do as much as I can and will do the most I can.

While making a new resolution, Joker Dulio takes the sweet on the table without asking and then says it.

“Well, having the youth of each faction like this meet together has been discussed recently. Michael-sama also said it’s heartbreaking to have Ise-don and everyone here fight all the time. So I guess it isn’t bad to have the youths to get to know each other.”

Sensei, Michael-san, thank you very much! Having Joker and Slash Dog as my training partners! It’s more than being supportive! It sure is an honour to have the Heaven and the Grigori send their youth fighters!

I then shout after increasing my spirit.

“All right! Let’s start the training right away with all of us!”


Xenovia and others say that after me, but Sona-kaichou says this calmly.

“No, before that we have to discuss about what we will be doing from now on.”

Oh, that’s right.

Well, that’s how it is like in the Hyoudou residence.

Now then, I wonder what Rias, Kiba, and Sensei, are up to at the Vampire’s territory.

I hope nothing happens to them.

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