High School DxD:Volume 15 Episode Yuuto 1

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Episode Yuuto.1[edit]

Snow is falling down heavily outside—.

I, Kiba Yuuto, am currently within the territory of the Vampires, Tepes faction, located in the depth of Romania together with my master, Rias Gremory.

This is the castle of House of Vladi. We were taken to the room in the residential space of the castle. The scenery I can see from the window is the white snow and the castle town.

—You can say that it’s Gasper-kun’s homeland.

The town was engulfed by the fog; however, it stopped right after it started snowing.

Of course. That dense fog was used to stop the sunlight, and it was something done by the Vampires. There’s no need to have fog if it’s weather where it starts snowing.

Personally, I don’t like that fog with slimy traits. I didn’t feel well since it felt as though I had each of my movements observed by them.

Unexpectedly, it seems like Azazel-sensei will also be complaining about that fog. It should have fog engulfing the town over there as well.

We were allowed entry to the castle which is used as the base for House of Vladi right away. Buchou who had accomplished meeting with Gasper-kun’s father was permitted to stay for a while after having several conversations with him.

It must mean there are still things Buchou wants to find out. So it seems like the House of Vladi can’t ask her to leave that easily……

It’s snowing; however, I can see a gigantic building afar. Yes, that is the castle of the House of Tepes that is the origin of the Tepes faction as well as their ancestor. It’s much bigger than this castle belonging to the House of Vladi.

For a Vampire, the pure-blood will be able to live in the territory within the origin. For that reason, there are castles and mansions within this castle town belonging to the nobles. It must have the same scenery in the town for the Carmilla faction.

I hear that there are those that are pure blood Vampires but live quietly in the deeper parts. I hear such pure-blood Vampires are heretics that couldn’t cope with the current society of the Vampires……

Unexpectedly, maybe those Vampires may get along more with us. The nobility the pure-blood has is something only pure-bloods can admire.

The door then gets knocked.

[Yuuto, may I come in?]

It’s Buchou. When I answered “Yes”, my master enters as if she’s feeling bored.

It must be true that she’s bored. After all, her conversation stopped half way.

The aspect inside the castle changed just several days ago. It’s something you can’t tell from the looks and their atmosphere; however, with a slight change of the vibe given by those living here, we determined something has happened. Even the current head of the House of Vladi, Gasper-kun’s father, that has been listening to Buchou’s opinion suddenly postponed and went to the castle of the House of Tepes.

However, since our stay and meeting with him has been extended because he still wanted to talk, we have so much time in which we have nothing to do. The only thing Buchou can do is to go in-between my room and her room that has been prepared for her. Other things besides that have basically been prohibited.

Buchou also looks out the window.

“How about you call Ise-kun?”

My master sighs at my suggestion.

“I’m sure he has school at this time, so I can’t call him easily like that. Also calling him without making much progress seems like it will worry him when I call him……”

That may happen. It’s Ise-kun we are talking about. If he finds out Buchou is staying in House of Vladi without making any progress, it seems like he will take it as “Are you being confined!?”

The truth is we are in a state where we are being confined, so it’s certain that we shouldn’t make him worry unnecessarily.

Buchou who is looking the outside view mutters.

“……It sure does bring back my memories. It was also a day when it was snowing like this.”

Buchou says that. Oh, you mean about that.

“I also thought the same. It must be because this place is closer to that place than Japan.”

I met Buchou on a day when it was snowing like this—.

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