High School DxD:Volume 15 Life 1

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Life.1 Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Magical Girl Ria! I’m going to annihilate the heinous villains all at once with my twinkling magic☆”

Right in front of me, the crimson-haired Onee-sama is dressed up like a magical girl and is making a pose so adorably.

The crimson-haired Onee-sama — I’m talking about Rias-buchou.

That princess, who always has a splendour and noble atmosphere around her, is now cosplaying as a magical girl with her crimson hair tied up to make twin-tails, and has a magical stick (which is a toy) in her hand.

This definitely works for me! However, if you look at her from an another person’s perspective, her age and height are too high for such an appearance! Even I, someone who is close to her, think this is too much!

However……, I! I have my stomach full just from being able to see Buchou cosplaying as a magical girl……!

There’s a reason that Buchou, who is a third-year high school student, is wearing a pretty costume and acting as a magical girl.

This is something which happened a few days ago—.

On a certain weekend. A pair that I don’t see often came to visit my house. One of them was Sona-kaichou — the student president of Kuou academy. And the other person was —.

“I want to appear in the Magical Girl Milky’s film☆”

The one who showed up in front of us while saying that was one of the Yondai-Maou — Serafall Leviathan-sama.

……I had a bad feeling from the first thing she said, but it sure did seem like Leviathan-sama.

When we asked her about what she meant while at the highest floor of the Hyoudou residence, the VIP room —.

“……A-Audition for the role as a magical girl……?”

Buchou, who didn’t know how to respond, said that. Leviathan-sama gave a big nod, and she spun the magical stick in her hand and then lifted it up towards the ceiling.

“That’s right! The audition for the live-action film adaptation of the “Magical Girl Milky”! Not only are they recruiting celebrities for the acts, but they are even recruiting many civilians☆. If I pass, I will be able to star in the film as Milky!”

Leviathan-sama gave a big smile while having her eyes glitter. ……Leviathan-sama looks up to magical girls.

She seems to be the most fond of the “Magical Girl Milky” series which is an anime programme of the human world, so she wears a magical girl’s costume as her regular clothing.

Since she’s a super beautiful girl, she does look good in it, and people around her don’t know how to react due to her innocent personality.

So I’m allowing myself to call her “Maou Girl”. That’s because if you include everything about her, that’s what she is……

Even in the Underworld, she produces and stars in the tokusatsu programme, “Magical Girl Magical☆Levia-tan”.

In the past, we once had the experience of starring as the villains in her film.

……W-Well, Gasper made a great show by acting as the “Danball Vampire God”……

……But is she trying to enter the world of magical girls in the human world as well……? Leviathan-sama’s love towards magical girls sure is incredible.

Sitting next to her was Leviathan-sama’s little sister, Sona-kaichou, who was apologising to Buchou and Akeno-san by saying “……I’m sorry for having a sister like this……” while having her face turn red. ……Y-You sure are going through a lot.

There are lots of people who are so carefree and strange among the Yondai-Maou, but on the other hand, their families have lots of serious people. That’s how it is in Buchou’s and Sona-kaichou’s family……

“S-So what’s the reason for you to visit us?”

My question. I understood that Leviathan-sama wanted to participate in the audition, but what was the reason for her to visit my house and bringing Sona-kaichou with her?

“The reason is, I want all of you to—”

After stopping Leviathan-sama, who was about to speak while giving a wink, Sona-kaichou spoke.

“I ask you to be quiet, Onee-sama. ……Rias, I beg you. Please participate in the magical girl’s audition with me.”

That calm Sona-kaichou said that while her face turned really red.

Buchou, on the other hand, had her jaw dropped down and had stopped from responding due to the unpredictable request from her best friend. After a pause—.

“U-Umm…… W-What do you mean, Sona……?”

She listened to her request once again while trying hard to smile. Sona-kaichou then explained the situation.

Leviathan-sama, who is a Maou, found out about the audition for the live-action version of Milky in the human’s world and begged her little sister, Sona-kaichou, for an impossible request — she wanted to participate in the audition by using the short time off she was able to attain.

Sona-kaichou tried hard to persuade her otherwise, however, Leviathan-sama didn’t back down from her decision (and apparently complained like a little kid) and she was so stubborn that it might have ended up affecting her job. Kaichou, who made her mind up, decided to follow her by making Leviathan-sama promise that she will take her and her servants as her bodyguards (as well as her guardian and to keep her under their watch).

Leviathan-sama is a super VIP and it’s appropriate for her to have a bodyguard with her during her stay in the human world. For that reason, her little sister would be guarding her when she’s at the audition.

I understood up to that point. But why did she come to ask Buchou, “Please participate in the magical girl’s audition with me”? I thought she had nothing to do with this, however, I got shocked at the thing Sona-kaichou took out of her bag.

A flashy costume with frills. No matter how I looked at it, it was cosplay.

Kaichou then said, while looking as though she was desperately trying to endure the embarrassment:

“……I-It’s the magical girl’s costume……that my sister prepared for me……for the audition.”

What!? Cosplay meant for Sona-kaichou!? I could already see the new kind of fetish, simply from imagining Sona-kaichou wearing this magical girl’s costume!

Kaichou continued.

“……We, the Sitri-group, will guard Onee-sama who will be participating in the audition. In order for that to happen, I have to guard her up-close…… so it was decided that I will be participating in the audition together with Onee-sama……”

Kaichou said that while her whole body was trembling.

I-I see, so in order to guard her sister up-close, she decided to audition herself! For the calm Sona-kaichou, an audition for a magical girl is something from a different world! Actually, it’s something she must hate. Since she was sacrificing herself to participate in it, I could feel a strong pressure from her determination!

This was all to protect her sister! No, it must have been to keep an eye on her and as her guardian!

“I remember hearing a rumour that magicians within the Khaos Brigade and the “Maverick Magicians” — who were exiled from the magicians' association — are after Serafall-sama.”

Akeno-san said. Hmm, I’m hearing this for the first time. So Leviathan-sama is being targeted by the terrorists. Well, it’s natural since she is a Maou, an important person... but why is it only limited to magicians being after her?

“Why is that?”

When I asked, Sona-kaichou explained it for me.

“……My sister’s hobby is detested by the magicians, especially by the witches. ……If I have to explain it in one sentence, they are saying that “She may give a wrong impression to the world of what the existence of magicians is like”. ……I’m sure you can understand the situation if you look at how she is dressed……”

Oh, so from the view of real magicians, in this case the witches, this Maou is only seen as a troublemaker since she goes to diplomatic matters while dressed up as a fictional magical girl. Rather, won’t this be more like an insult to them?

She is a Maou after all. Since a Maou, who is a leadership figure, looks up to a magical girl so much that she even goes as far as to produce and broadcast a show, I can't even begin to understand how the real magicians are feeling. Though I do feel that they are being too concerned about it.

Kaichou continued after breathing out.

“Perhaps those magicians may come to assault my sister at the audition hall so we have to guard her. Though I don’t think my sister would be defeated that easily even if she was assaulted. However, she may cause serious damage to the human world by going wild, so we have the duty to keep her down in order to prevent that from happening.”

T-That’s certainly true…… If she tries, this person can destroy a whole island with a single shot of her demonic power! It would be a serious problem if the person who is in charge of diplomatic matters changes the map of the human world.

Leviathan-sama got teary-eyed due to her devoted sister, so she hugged Kaichou.

“Sob, Sona-tan sure does have a lot of concern about meeee! For her to come to the audition with me because she’s worried about me! Your Onee-san is emotionally mooooved!”

“…………If you are, then please stop participating right this instant.”

“I can’t do that☆. I did prepare a costume for you Sona-tan, so let’s have you become a magical girl together with your sister♪”

Leviathan-sama declined it right away by giving a wink and making a cute pose! She’s really into this! She’s in joy because she can have her little sister wear a magical girl’s costume!

“S-So, what do you mean by you want me to participate together with you?”

Buchou asked once again. Sona-kaichou held Buchou’s hands, and said:

“Rias. Please, I’m so embarrassed. ……Please participate in the audition together with me…… I won’t be able to endure it at this rate……! I can only ask you since you are my friend…… I’m sure I can endure it if I’m with you……!”

Sona-kaichou said that to her friend while her shoulders trembled. Yeah, I certainly do often hear that people ask their friends to also participate when they audition in events like this.

Buchou closed her eyes, and after taking a single breath she also held onto Kaichou’s hands.

“Sona. You and I have been friends since we were children. Sure. I will also participate in the audition. I will also cooperate with you in case the terrorists come, so rest assured.”

“……Rias. Thank you……”

Buchou and Kaichou stared at each other! Even the usually calm Kaichou had teary eyes. I’m sure that they are thinking that having a friend is wonderful.

Oh man, it feels like I’m witnessing a beautiful friendship!

“It’s a yuri-yuri! Sona-tan and Rias-chan are in a yuri-yuri relationship☆”

It seemed like Leviathan-sama was getting hyped at something, but I was hoping for her to soon realise the position she was in.

“……If that’s the case, then does it mean that we have to go the audition hall as well?”

“……Looks like it.”

While I and Koneko-chan, who was sitting on my lap, were having a conversation like that—.

“I have also prepared a costume for Rias-chan☆. Look, it even has a cute looking ribbon like this!”

Leviathan-sama took out a flashy costume for Buchou as well! Buchou hardened her expression.

“……S-So I have to wear it as well?”

“……I may be repeating myself, but I’m sorry for having a sister like this.”

“It’s all right, since I knew that from a long time ago…… However, this costume is……”

Both Buchou and Kaichou sighed at the really hyped Leviathan-sama.

“But, it seems like they will also be selecting by looking at your documents, so I think it’s too late now—”

I told them my concern…… Then Leviathan-sama took out piles of documents while saying, “Ta-dah♪”.

“I have already sent them the documents for Sona-tan, Sona-tan’s girls, Rias-chan, and Rias-chan’s girls☆. Since everyone is cute, all of you got a pass for the document selection!”

……I don’t know whether she was well prepared or not, but had she been thinking of dragging us along from the start!? It seems like she understands the nature of her sister Kaichou and Buchou, so maybe this audition is under Leviathan-sama’s hand.

Like that, it was decided that we would be tagging along with Leviathan-sama’s wish.

Part 2[edit]

Like that, on the day for the audition.

We, the Gremory-group, and the Sitri-group have gathered in the hall of a big building within the metropolitan area.

There are many girls within this spacious hall who will be participating in the audition. Everyone has a numbered plate on their clothes. I hear that there are about two hundred people here. So it means that two hundred people passed in the document selection. I wonder how many documents were sent…… It sure does make me realise just how popular Milky is.

In terms of age it’s mainly from upper grade school girls to junior-high girls.

“……The majority of them who came to this audition are those that are in their early 10’s…… Since Milky is around their age in the story. Though I won’t know what will happen for the live-action version……”

Koneko-chan who is wearing a magical girl’s costume while having her cat ears and tail grow out says that.

Hmm, is that right? Certainly, when I hear the word magical girl, I do imagine girls around that age. The truth is I have watched Milky as well, and the main character was a junior-high student.

More importantly, Koneko-chan. You are so damn cute! A cat-eared magical girl is on a level that is so lovely that it will make me fall down on the floor with fascination! If I say that in front of her, she will come and hit me while being embarrassed so I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Wow, there are even famous child celebrities in this hall! Actually, since they all passed the document selection, they are all cute…… Since the selection for today hasn’t started, there are also their guardians and relatives of the girls within this hall.

And those girls are looking at my direction with eyes filled with curiosity. I can even hear girls that are making a small laugh among them. The reason for that is simple.

“……This is a fight against yourself.”

Buchou mutters it out, enduring the embarrassment while wearing a costume with frills.

Buchou in magical girl’s costume! Tying her crimson-hair in twin-tails, and she has a cute looking ribbon on as well.

She’s super cute! That’s what I think…… But her age is a bit above the other participants around us. It seems like it’s quite hard for a third-year high school student to dress up as a magical girl, so it can’t be helped if her age has already exceeded the limits to be a magical girl from a third person’s perspective.

I also think that having a big oppai is contributing to the strangeness as well. A Magical girl normally has an image of a flat-chested girl after all……

E-Even so, I’m still emotionally moved by Buchou in her magical girl’s costume! Who cares whether a third year high school student is dressed up as a magical girl!

However, those curious eyes coming from the others aren’t due to her age, but because she is wearing a magical girl’s costume.

That’s because the other participants are wearing cute-looking normal clothes! The only ones who are cosplaying as a magical girl are Leviathan-sama, the Gremory girls, and the Sitri girls! Of course they will stand out in this hall! They will exceed the level of having high spirits for this audition, and instead they will look like enthusiastic believers.

“Oh well, let’s do our best today, Rias. Ufufu.”

The one who cheers up Buchou while standing next to her is Akeno-san in a miko costume! Is it me or does she look like she is enjoying this a bit?

Unlike the miko outfit that Akeno usually wears, the costume she is wearing now has quite a different design. It seems like Leviathan-sama designed it to make a Japanese-style magical girl. Since there isn’t that much clothing covering her skin, her hakama is insanely short, and her breasts are exposed quite a lot! And she’s holding onto a staff that you see often during purification!

Akeno-san is erotic after all! But she looks good in it!

“……I-If I get seen in this costume by those in my family, I will die due to embarrassment……”

Sona-kaichou who got changed into a magical girl outfit shows up in the hall, and the first thing she says while having her whole body shake was that.

The big ribbon on her chest! It’s a pretty costume that has an opposite image of her usual calm personality.


Saji who is next to me faints while bursting out blood from his nose!

“What’s wrong Saji!?”

I hold him. Saji who is in a hyperventilation state puts on a smile even though he’s suffering.

“……Haa-haa……K-Kaichou in a magical girl’s costume…… I’m infatuated…… I will die due to being infatuated…… H-Hyoudou……I, I’m starting to think that I don’t mind dying now……”

For Saji who is in love with Kaichou, it seems like having her in a magical girl’s costume is a critical blow to him!

“Get a hold of yourself, Saji! How can you die in a place like this!? The audition is going to start from now onwards!”

“……You do realise it’s a magical girl with glasses……? K-Kaichou is coming to kill me while being precise about it…… ……I do realise that she’s a bit too old for being a magical girl…… Even so, you do realise this is a magical and a logical critical blow to me, right……?”

“You have a fetish for glasses!? N-No, that’s not important right now! What’s the point for you to die right here!? Even I can continue to fight after seeing Buchou who is in the state, “the female high school student that is forcing herself to wear a magical girl’s costume while enduring the embarrassment”! So let’s go, my comrade! Our fight has only begun!”

“Well, I’m sorry……for being a high school student who is dressed up as a magical girl.”

Buchou says while smacking my head. I’m sorry, so you heard that huh! But I think you look fine in it!

When we were having such a conversation, Kiba who is behind us is making a bitter smile while saying, “Oh my”.

Shit, damn Kiba! He’s receiving cheers and passionate eyes from the girls where they are saying things like, “That person is so cool!”, and “Is he a celebrity?”!

“Hmph, looks like moving around in this costume is easy as well.”

“Hmm, for an Angel to become a witch……”

“This is a magical girl, Irina-san. But, it sure is embarrassing to wear this……”

The Church-trio of Xenovia, Irina, and Asia, show up while dressed up as a magical girls! Xenovia has an imitation sword on her hip, and she has a lovely looking ribbon on her head. Irina has her Angel’s white wings and halo grow out on top of wearing a magical girl’s costume.

And Asia-chan! While wearing a pink costume with frills, she has Rasse the Dragon sitting on her shoulder(it’s not a problem if they use the setting of a well-made doll!)! In her hand is a magical stick! Her appearance is no doubt a magical girl! And she has high specs due to her blonde hair and green eyes!

“……Like I thought, people like Koneko-chan and Asia-san will look good in them.”

It’s Rossweisse-san’s voice. When I look around, I witness Rossweisse-san in her Valkyrie gear.

“So you didn’t wear the magical girl’s costume?”

When I ask, Rossweisse-san breathes out.

“Rather than wearing something like that, I chose to wear this which I’m quite used to. ……I feel bad for being the only one not wearing it. So I hope everyone will forgive me with this.”

I see. So the magic user chose that outfit over the magical girl’s costume. And she possess a strong sense of duty! To be expected from the person who takes the role of being our sister!


This time I heard Gasper’s voice from behind me. When I turn around—my junior boy is standing there wiggling while wearing a magical girl’s costume!

Ooooooooi! Why is a dude such as yourself dressed like that!? No, it’s Gasper who loves wearing girls’ clothes, so I think that he may have a hobby like this!

The bastard says it while turning red.

“……L-Leviathan-sama apparently sent my document as well…… A-And it seems like I passed……”

How can this be!? So you passed the document selection! Hmm…… He is a girl born from a man after all…… Is that all right? Did she give them a false gender? No, it’s scary because it seems like he can pass just by being natural like always. More importantly, he sure does look good in the magical girl’s costume, this Gya-suke that is!

……Geez, so from our side everyone apart from me and Kiba are participating in this huh.

“……I-I’m so embarrassed. For me, the [Queen] of Sitri, to be dressed like this……Umm, even K-Kiba-kun is looking at me……”

“T-This is all for Kaichou!”

“We won’t be able to endure this if we don’t think like that……”

Next to me are the Sitri girls who have finished getting dressed, and they started gathering around Kaichou and Saji. Saji sure does have a lewd face…… He must love Kaichou wearing the magical girl’s costume.

When I’m looking at my friend like that—.

“……Devil-san, -nyo?”

……A familiar voice, a thick voice that is directed at me. ……T-This voice is……

When I turn around to the direction where the voice came from timidly——.

“It’s a coincidence meeting you here –nyo.”


I became speechless at the huge man, —no, at the magical girl I am familiar with.

His upper arms that are thick as a tree, and his magnificent chest that is about to rip his magical costume due to being the wrong size. From his skirt with frills, his legs that are thicker than a woman’s hips are shown. And he has cat-ears on his head……!

Each one of his fingers are thick, and the magical stick he is holding onto looks too small because of it.

His strong and dense face makes a smile.

“It’s Mil-tan –nyo. I came here to become Milky –nyo.”


Why is he here!? No, wait! Mil-tan is an innocent girl born from a man that looks up to magical girls! It won’t be weird for him to be here—.

No, it is wrong!

I look up while holding my head down! This is wrong! Wasn’t there a selection through a document!? Didn’t the people here check his photos and his history written on his document!?

Why did they give him a pass!? He isn’t a girl! He has the wrong gender! He’s a bulk of muscles! He’s a man! Why did they pass this man with such a dangerous face!? He’s really far off from being magical!

“……U-Umm, did you mistake the audition? This isn’t the gym for martial arts you know……?”

I say that. However, Mil-tan just smiles with his strong and dense face.

“What are you saying –nyo? Mil-tan came here to become a magical girl –nyo.”

“No, you have a body that has concentrated on kung-fu rather than using magic……”

I don’t want a magical girl that specialises in using kung-fu! Maybe this audition unexpectedly has a bad base for selecting!

When I was thinking like that, the hall gets noisier. When I start to wonder what’s happening, those who seem to be related to this film enter the hall.

“All right everyone. Thank you all for gathering here today.”

The man that looks like those old producers by putting his sweater over his shoulder says that to us who are in the hall. ……Wait, that’s the producer?

Standing next to that man is a scary looking man with a cap, sunglasses, and a small moustache, and a skinny man with long hair.

The man that looks like a producer uses the microphone to speak to everyone in this hall.

“I am the producer for the “Magical Girl Milky Movie”, Sakai. The one over here wearing a cap is the director Tooyama, and the one next to him with long hair is the scriptwriter Shouji!”



The director who didn’t say a word and the scriptwriter who gave a short greeting.

“Look, look, Sona-chan! That’s director Tooyama and Shouji who specialises in magical girl and tokusatsu films! It’s my first time seeing them with my own eyes☆”

Leviathan-sama is really excited. It seems like they are famous in those areas.

The producer speaks again.

“I’m hoping to select the cast for the film today together with the director Tooyama and Shouji. Let’s get along.”

[Let’s get along!]

The girls in the hall greet the judges all together.

—Then, the director makes a serious face, and starts to look at the girls in this hall. When the director nods his head, he calls the producer and whispers into his ear.

“Hmm, I see.”

When the producer agrees to it, he looks towards Buchou and Kaichou while he seems to be comparing them to the documents. After the producer takes a cough, he declares it.

“Umm, it may be too sudden, but the result for the first test has been decided here.”

Eeeeeeeeeeh!? Already!? That’s quick! Even the girls are in shock where they go “Eeeh!?”! Of course! It’s too sudden!

The producer starts to call out the names while being lead by the director.

“—san, Rias Gremory-san, Sona Sitri-san, Asia Argento-san—”

Among the names are Buchou, Kaichou, the Gremory girls plus Irina, the Sitri girls, Leviathan-sama,and even—.

“And also, “Mil-tan”-san.”

Even Mil-tan got his name called out! I don’t get it!

“The ones called out just now have passed the first test! Our director is someone who treasures his feelings, so I’m sorry but the first test ends here!”


The girls scream with dissatisfaction.

“Eeeeeeeeeeh!? Even though we are dressed like this!?”

Buchou and Kaichou also get so shocked that their eyes are about to pop out.

On our way here, Buchou said to me while smiling, “Since we are going to dress like that, well, including Leviathan-sama, all of us will get dropped early. The selection won’t be that easy.”

……D-Don’t tell me that they passed because they cosplayed……?

“Yay☆ Like I thought, those who knows our talent can tell us apart!”

Leviathan-sama, who is in high spirits. It’s a surprise that you all passed! M-Maybe this isn’t a normal audition……

……So the audition that is full of troubles is going to begin.

Part 3[edit]

The venue for the second test changed to the room in the spacious floor. All the girls that I know passed and went over there. So Kiba, Saji, and I open the door a bit to see inside the room.

Now then…… Umm, there are judges and several staff sitting at the long table. And the participants are sitting opposite of them on the pipe chairs.

There are about thirty people who survived till this round after the sudden announcement of those who passed, and among them are the Gremory girls, the Sitri girls, Leviathan-sama, and Mil-tan. ……It’s a weird view since about half of them are wearing a magical girl’s costume.

Then the producer says.

“Umm, congratulations for passing the first test. The reason all of you passed is because it matches with the concept of our film. Isn’t that right, Shouji?”

The scriptwriter who was asked that question says it in a showing off tone by flicking his long hair with his hand.

“That’s exactly right. The director and I are thinking of making a Milky’s film that is different from before. That’s right, we can’t seek for normal casts. Extreme! Splendorous! I want to dig out your potential and have you create a new Milky together with us. Right, director?”

This time the director is asked for his opinion.

“Nice ~”

……T-That’s it? I don’t know what he means by “nice”, however the test is going to start. It seems like the second test will be appealing yourself to the staff, hence it is an interview.

The girls that are called out stand in front of the staff, and start to appeal themselves while answering their questions.

The civilian girls and the Sitri girls answer the question normally. And when it became the Gremory girls and Irina’s turn……

Producer: “What’s your special skill?”

Xenovia: “To exorcise and then cut down. I’m confident in my sword technique.”

Director: “Nice ~.”

Producer: “Why did you want to become a magical girl?”

Rossweisse: “By that, do you mean why I learned magic? Well. It was handy in order to get a job in the place called Valhalla, and since magic is our status back there, I thought it was necessary and learned it. Not only do I know the Norse-style, but lately I have expanded my area of expertise into black magic, white magic, and summoning magic. I’m confident in my magic skills.”

Scriptwriter: “So you also made a setting for yourself. You are even wearing armour. You sure are into this role. Yup, yup.”

Producer: “Having a halo and wings on top of a magical girl’s costume! An Angel that is a magical girl sure is rare.”

Irina: “No, I am an Angel.”

Producer: “Oh my, you sure are confident to claim yourself as an “Angel” ~.”

Irina: “No, no, I really am an Angel. Look, it has the mark “Ace” on the back of my hand, right? This means that I’m the Ace of the Chief-Angel Michael-sama who is in Heaven~.”

Director: “Nice!”

…………That’s how it went, so this is just insane! All of you do realise that the others think that you are saying pretty weird stuff, don’t you!? There’s also something wrong with the director who is taking them seriously!

Rather, you have to keep those things as a secret to common people! W-Well, people who are here right now won’t take them seriously at all! For this day only, the girls I know have their tension going in a weird direction!

“There sure are unique girls today ~.”


Even the producer and the director seems to be having fun! Are there only weird staff in here!?

Though Akeno-san, Asia, and Koneko-chan answered them normally……

Then it became Leviathan-sama’s turn.

When Leviathan-sama walks to the front of the staff, she does a cute spin, and then gives them a wink.

“I’m Levia-tan☆. I love Milky so much that I came here today! Please take care of me♪. Yay☆.”

“That’s right. I even felt a strong passion from your document.”

“Yes, you are right about that, Producer-san! My first meeting with Milky was—”

Like this, Leviathan-sama starts to speak about the wonderfulness of Milky like an innocent fan girl while having her eyes sparkle with lights.

No matter how you look at her, she’s a passionate fan of Milky who is simply talking about the series, however the director and the scriptwriter are listening to her enthusiastically while nodding their heads. ……Well, it seems like Leviathan-sama is also having fun so never mind.

It seems like Leviathan-sama finished her appeal by getting a positive reaction from them.

“Mil-tan, will you please come next?”


At the same time as the producer’s voice, I can feel an indescribable type of force coming from the participants’ seat.

……A large shadow stands slowly from the seat. The one who walks before the staff while releasing a fighting will that can make me feel chills is—the giant girl born from a man, Mil-tan!

“Please take care of me –nyo.”

It seems like even the staff are pushed back by his overwhelming presence. Of course they will be! No matter how you look at him, that person is clearly a creature that shouldn’t be here!

“……W-What is that creature……?”

Saji, who is looking inside the room together with me, mutters that out.

“Saji, that is the strongest “girl born from a man” on Earth. Did you know that he doesn’t even let the current Hakuryuukou sense his presence? By the way, he’s my regular customer.”

“Are you serious!? It’s the first time in my life I heard the words, “Girl born from a man”. What’s with those words which describes the sort of person I should never meet with……? Is he a human? Seriously, is it just me or are there only abnormal people who gather around you?”

“……I don’t know what to say when you ask me that.”

While Saji and I had such a conversation, Mil-tan’s interview continues.

“……I will ask you just in case. What is your special skill?”

“I can make contacts with fairies and use different kinds of magic –nyo.”

“I see. Except, that will be the same as other participants you know?”

That’s what the scriptwriter says…… No no, this is turning into a crazy situation. Probably because our girls said similar things, the staff don’t even budge at Mil-tan’s words!

“Then I will show you all, Mil-tan’s magical power –nyo.”

Mil-tan lifts a pipe chair after saying that. Then all of the muscles in his body gets buffed! His arms! His back! While his muscles increase and gets larger, Mil-tan starts to bend, crushes and twists, the chair with ease!


A horrifying sound that you shouldn’t be hearing in the audition for the casting for a film echo within the hall!

What is that person doing!?

Everyone including us and those in the hall are in shock! Mil-tan continues to compress the chair! Eventually, the chair that starts to change its shape and is getting smaller becomes the size where it can fit Mil-tan’s palm!


As if he’s making sushi, the thing that is born within Mil-tan’s hands is the pitiful state of the pipe chair that has been compressed.

—It has changed into a distorted metal sphere.

Mil-tan shows that to the staff with a smile.

“It’s the magic where I can change the pipe chair into a metal sphere -nyo. My magical powers, do you believe it now –nyo?”

I keep on telling you that it isn’t your magical powers! That’s brute strength! I just witnessed a crazy alchemy!

“Mil-tan asks for a role where I can heal people’s hearts –nyo.”

You have the role where you destroy things! I don’t get healed by you even by a bit! The staff and the participants are all shivering in fear at Mil-tan’s strength!


The director raises his body up and is enjoying it! This person is useless!

Look carefully! Look! Glare at him! Where in this world is there a magical girl with muscles like thiiiiiiiis!?

Man, this is one crazy audition! I hold my head down since I’m tired at making tsukkomis inside myself!

Mil-tan’s appeal time ends, and the next person gets called.

“Then next is Rias Gremory-san.”

—! It’s Buchou’s turn! When I look towards Buchou—she has her face red while her whole body trembles.

There is a reason why she is trembling. By now, the costume she is wearing isn’t the problem……

After she passed the first test, she told me this while we were on our way to this hall.

“……I-I-I told Leviathan-sama that I will be making my appeal, if I pass even a single test, exactly the way Leviathan-sama told me to during my turn to make my appeal……”

It seems like Leviathan-sama prepared a script for Buchou and Kaichou for their time to make their appeal as well. Buchou and Kaichou assumed that they wouldn’t pass the audition that easily, so they made a promise with her light-heartily.

Since that actually happened, Buchou has been cornered to an extreme situation. Both of them have their faces stiff!

Buchou turns around to look at Leviathan-sama. Leviathan-sama is looking at Buchou with an expression that is filled with hope. ……What innocent eyes she has. She’s purely looking forward to it. For Buchou to do the magical girl appeal that she thought up of!

There’s no way Buchou can break the promise she made, so—. Buchou got up from her seat, and walks towards the staff.

She then takes a breath—. By making a cute voice, Buchou then says it.

“Magical Girl Ria! I’m going to annihilate the heinous villains all at once with my twinkling magic☆”

That’s how we go back to the current time……

Buchou, I think that you are cute!

“Magical Girl Sona! I’m going to eliminate many brutal villains with my dazzling magic☆”

After seeing Sona-kaichou who forcefully says that after her, Leviathan-sama and Saji both burst out blood from their noses and got into a dancing madly state.

At the end, Buchou, Kaichou, Leviathan-sama, and several participants including Mil-tan go through to the third test—.

Part 4[edit]

We are transported by bus that evening, and the test location changes.

“……I want to die.”

“…..Yes, me too.”

We are cheering Buchou and Kaichou who are feeling down inside the bus. Seriously, both of you worked hard. However, this audition which is a bit wrong continues on.

The place we arrived at by bus is one of the locations for filming and it’s an abandoned building which is near the port.

It seems like they will be checking on how they can act by filming style. They sure are putting lot of effort into this since they are using this filming location.

When I was thinking like that, several suspicious looking women who are wearing black robes appear from behind the building.

They direct their hostility and killing intent towards us, and then stand right in front of us. ……Who are they? They are clearly no average people.

“We are one of the faction within the Khaos Brigade, the magicians that belong to “Nilrem”. We came to protest against the Maou Leviathan who is insulting us who use magic.”

Khaos Brigade!? In a place like this!? And they are magicians!? So they are the rumoured bunch that are after Leviathan-sama! I never expected that they will make their move in a place like this! There are also civilians here you know! Actually, they won’t think about things like that since they are terrorists!

“Hmm? Is this a surprise show?”

Like that, the Producer-san and the others seem like they don’t know the situation we are in! It will be bad if we drag in civilians in a place like this! While the tension rises, the other participants and staff starts to dazzle.

“Huh……I’m getting sleepy……”

One after another, they start to collapse.

“I thought it will be bad for them to get dragged into this, so I had them go to sleep☆”

Leviathan-sama winks at me while having her finger glow with demonic-power.

Oh! Nice move! She put all the civilians to sleep with a single finger!

“Ise, everyone, take those who are uninvolved with this to a safe place!”

“Roger that!”

We, Buchou’s servants, move the staff that are laying on the floor to somewhere far as she had ordered!

“Now then, Sona-chan, Rias-chan! This is Magical Girls VS Magical Girls! Let’s make our magic sparkle! Okay? We will do it while saying those phrases we practiced yesterday!”

Even under this situation, Leviathan-sama asks for something reckless to Buchou and Kaichou. Both of them are in shock!

“Eeh!? In a place like this!?”

“O-Onee-sama! Please think of the place and time! Our opponents are the terrorists!”

Even though Leviathan-sama was told off by Kaichou who seems to be a bit mad, she doesn’t stop her fearless smile by saying “Ufufu”.

“The magical girl costume that the two of you are wearing is made in a special way such that you need to use the method we practised yesterday in order to unleash your demonic-power once you wear it! Now then, let’s shoot a magical☆demonic-power together!”

“I-It can’t be! You put a trick like that in this costume!?”

“Onee-sama! Geez! Why do you keep on doing things like this!?”

Both of them yell out their dissatisfaction, however our opponents aren’t kind enough to wait for them.

“Don’t look down on witches!”

“Die, Devils!”

By activating their magic-circles, they start to release attacks with different kinds of attributes such as fire, lightning, and water towards us!

We wait for Buchou’s command while dodging them!

“I won’t forgive evil magicians –nyo!”

Mil-tan grabs a drum barrel nearby, and throws it towards the witches! Hey, he’s fighting against the witches with his fists!

“Milkyyyyyyyy Spiraaaaaaaal Boooooooomb!”

He starts to destroy the fireball and ice-spear made from magic that was released by the witches with his fists!

“What is……just what on earth is he!?”

“Is this a new species in the Underworld!?”

Even the witches are in shock! Of course! He finally uses “that” stick to take down the witches attacks, so just who on earth is Mil-tan!?

Wait, why is Mil-tan awake!? Didn’t Leviathan-sama’s demonic-power work on him!?

Buchou has her whole body shaking, and yells out with tears in her eyes as if she had given up.

“Gremory Stiiiiiiiick!”

While releasing a lovely effect from the accessory on her chest, the magical stick appears!

“Sitri Stiiiiiiiick!”

Likewise, Kaichou also makes the magical stick appear while shedding tears of embarrassment.

Leviathan-sama also takes out her magical stick, and then calls out to Buchou, Kaichou, and the girls from both groups.

“Now then, let’s go, everyone! Levia-Beeeeeeeeam!”

“Ria Shining Love Fiiiiiiiire!”

“Sona Lightning Aqua Juuuuuuuustice!”

Having the Maou lead them, Buchou and Kaichou release a powerful magical attack!

On top of that, the attack from the girls of the Gremory-group and the Sitri-group are added to them. So the filming location gets blown by an incredible amount of demonic-powers! There are cute looking star marks and heart marks scattering everywhere the moment when Buchou and Kaichou released their demonic-powers!


It seems like the real witches aren’t able to stand up against the impact of their attacks. The terrorist witches are defeated by the attacks from the Devils that are cosplaying as magical girls.

I left the duty to take the civilians that are on the ground to Saji and Kiba, and use this opportunity to—.

“Take this, Dress Break!”


I blew away the witches clothing with my demonic-powers, and I am enjoying their naked bodies. Gufufu!


Koneko-chan’s karate chop hits me lightly on my back.

“……K-Koneko-chan, since when were you there……?”

“……Erotic action is forbidden.”

The battle ended while I was being caught, and the battle ends with our win.

Well, we are with Maou Leviathan-sama who is said to be the strongest female Devil, so we won’t lose easily like that.

“……Geez, I don’t want to get involved in such things like this ever again.”

“……You are right. I’m sorry for dragging you into this, Rias.”

Buchou and Kaichou take a breath while enduring the embarrassment, however—.

I hear a light sound which went, “pon”. Apart from Leviathan-sama and Rossweisse-san, the girls that are cosplaying as magical girls including Buchou and Kaichou have their costumes disappear and they are all fully naaaaked!

“Huh, maybe the spell on the costume lost its effect due to having a battle?”

Leviathan-sama says that while tilting her head, however—.


Most of the girls scream out while hiding their body. Though there are people like Xenovia and Akeno-san who are still calm even if they are naked!

My nose bursts out loads of blood due to the naked body festival! Wow! Everyone's in the nude! Especially the naked bodies of the Sitri girls are rare! This is the best! I need to save them in my brain on behalf of Saji as well!

When I was staring at their naked bodies with really keen eyes, several of the girls directed their gazes at me which carried dangerous intensity.

They have dangerous amounts of demonic-power glowing in their hands. ……Eh, is that perhaps……

[Don’t look!]

Powerful demonic-power attacks are released towards me!


I got dragged into an explosion, and screamed out loud!

While I fall on the ground, I thought, “……I don’t need a magical girl for a while”.

Later that day. Obviously the audition got cancelled. We had the director and the other civilians lose their memory regarding this incident, and made it as though Buchou and the others never participated.

Leviathan-sama was really sad, but we need her to endure it. Rather, what will she do if she actually passed……

Mil-tan……had disappeared before we realised it after that. You sure are full of mysteries, Mil-tan!

Leviathan-sama also said this after seeing Mil-tan;

“That child had pure and powerful eyes. Maybe that child was a magical girl that had an equal or greater Milky power than me. I still have spare evil-pieces, so I really want to scout that child into my group☆”

There are so many comments I can say regarding that, so I didn’t know how to answer her!

“……Fuu, I don’t want to think about magical girls for a while.”

Buchou makes a sigh at the clubroom.

“But I thought you were cute when you were dressed as a magical girl, Buchou.”

When I said that, Buchou says this while having her cheeks go red.

“Thank you. If I was able to make you say that to me, then I’m starting to think a little that it was a good thing.”

No I’m serious, you were seriously cute!

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