High School DxD:Volume 15 Life 3

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Part 1[edit]

My name is Shidou Irina! I’m a female high school student that attends Kuou academy!

I was formerly an agent affiliated with the Protestant church; however I am currently an Angel that reincarnated from a human due to many events!

“Eh? A present for Ise-kun?”

While holding the sandwich which happens to be my lunch, I’m listening to the opinion of my two friends who said that with a serious expression on their faces.

“Yes. I heard about it from my connections. That there is something that Ise-san wants.”

A beautiful girl with shiny and silky blonde hair, Asia Argento, says that while wriggling her body.

She is one of my friends, and she was formerly a Holy-maiden from the Vatican. Due to complicated matters, she is now living here in Japan as a Devil. However, it’s a waste to leave her as a Devil; she is really honest, pure, and cute!

“I’m thinking of tagging along with Asia because she said she wants to go shopping. I think it will be too much for Asia to go to a place far away by herself.”

The girl who is eating from a huge lunch box says that. The one who looks like she is quite active and the one who has a green mesh in her hair is Xenovia, my former colleague. She was formerly affiliated with the Vatican and was an agent from the Catholic side. We worked together quite a lot and eliminated monsters together where we overcame the teaching we both had.

However, like Asia-san, she is also a Devil now.

People will think that Devils and Angels won’t get along, but since our leaders formed an alliance, we can interact normally now.

By the way, the one called “Ise” is my childhood friend and the one Asia-san loves, Hyoudou Issei-kun!

It seems like Xenovia is also fascinated with him lately. In my case……I’m not really sure. He’s a lecherous boy, but it’s certain that he has some cool sides to him. I’m sure the part of him where he is passionate and so straight forward in everything is charming.

“We are planning to go and buy the thing that Ise wants this weekend, so how about you come along with us Irina?”

Xenovia says that.

Oh my! Is this an invitation to go shopping with them? I’m so happy. I never thought I would get invited!

“Yes, please do let me come along! It seems fun!”

I gave them a yes. Having friends sure is wonderful!

Like this, it’s decided that the trio of us related to the Church will be going out to buy a present for Ise-kun!

This time, it’s our time to shine!

Part 2[edit]

The next weekend.

We have eaten our breakfast, and left Ise-kun’s house where we are living in after taking some rest.

All of us are wearing our casual clothes. Asia-san is wearing a cute beige one piece dress whiel Xenovia looks cool with her jacket and jeans. I’m wearing a shirt and a skirt-type laced shorts.

I hear that we can’t buy the thing Ise-kun wants unless we go to Tokyo.

“So what is this thing that Ise-kun wants?”

I ask Xenovia while we are walking towards the nearest train station.

“It seems like it’s something called “eroge”. It might be an abbreviation for something.”

“Hmm, an “eroge”. I wonder what it is.”

I imagined lot of things in my head, however it doesn’t fit any of those things I come up with.

“By the way, among those “eroge”, the one Ise wants is called, “My Sacred Lifestyle with My Little Devil Onee-san 3”.

Xenovia says that while looking at the memo.

“……Is that a video? Or a film? Is that a DVD?”

Asia-san tilts her head adorably. Maybe it’s a film just like Asia-san said.

Xenovia declares it by having her eyes shine.

“Yeah. I’m feeling that the point lies in the title, “My Sacred Lifestyle with My Little Devil Onee-san”. The little Devil is most likely related to a Devil. I think the sacred lifestyle is referring to a ritual of the Church. And it even has a number in the title. It’s certain that it’s a video of some sort. Judging from these evidences, Ise wants a video documentary about an exorcist that is trying to exorcise his older sister that is possessed by a Devil, and this will be part 3 of it.”

“ “Oh~” ”.

Asia-san and I made a sound of admiration at Xenovia’s incredible judgement.

Y-You are amazing, Xenovia! You can pull out an answer like that from very few clues……

She was a naughty girl who did things using her strength when she was my partner, and now she grew up like this……

Ah, it may have been appropriate for Xenovia to have gone to Rias-san’s side. That’s because she’s maturing like this day by day.

Rias-san is a High-class Devil Onee-san who is the Master of Asia-san, Xenovia, and Ise-kun. She’s a perfect woman who has long crimson hair, a nice body figure, good family background, good looks, and a good personality. She’s even kind to an Angel like myself.

Even I admire Rias-san!

“But, to be expected from Ise. He’s usually not serious and is lewd; however, I have to admire how hard he works. For training not only his body but also his brain…… There are many sides of him that I need to use as an example.”

Xenovia nods her head while putting on eyes that are carrying her admiration towards him.

“Yes. Ise-san is training hard every day in order to become a splendid Devil. T-To be expected from Ise-san whom I like very much……”

Oh my, Asia-san. She has her face turn red, and her eyes are in a maiden’s mode. It seems like Xenovia is also remembering how she feels about Ise-kun since her cheeks are red. You sure are a sinful boy, Ise-kun!

“So then, where should we shop first? Is it sold in places that are related to the Church? If that’s the case, then it seems like it can be solved if I go there……”

Xenovia answers my question.

“No, it seems like this is a master piece that even the Church can’t obtain. It seems like we can find it in a place called the “Holy Land”. ”

Oh my! The Holy Land! It must be Mecca!

“So there is a Holy Land even in Japan? So where is this place, Xenovia?”


We then head towards Akihabara from the nearest station.

One hour passed since we got on the train. We exited out of the station from the Denkimachi exit.


All three of us are overwhelmed by the scenery! The numbers of electronic shops that are all lined up! A-Amazing! This place is packed with huge electronic shops! There are so many anime boards, and it seems like it’s a showy place!

T-There is a maid who is handing out leaflets! There’s also a car with anime paintings parked here as well! Somehow it seems like a view with all sorts of weird things all mixed up!

“……I thought that the cities in the Underworld were amazing……however this place is totally a different world.”

Even Xenovia who has been to the cities in the Underworld is so shocked that her eyes are open wide.

“Y-Yes! I-It’s amazing! There are electronic shops everywhere I look!”

Asia-san is already panicking so much that her eyes are spinning.

“I’ve heard rumours about this place, but it’s beyond what I imagined. So this is Akihabara……”

I said it like that. It’s amazing. I left Japan to move to England when I was an infant, so I haven’t seen the cities of Japan up-close. So Japan has been increasing in terms of technology while I was doing sacred work in England……

Looking at the people around us, Xenovia makes a serious face.

“Holy Land huh. So that means the people that are walking here are the pilgrims. We, who are related to the Church, will only embarrass ourselves if we don’t move around with the proper attitude.”


Asia-san stands straight once again at Xenovia’s words. I nod my head while being cautious of my movements. It may have been better if all three of us came here wearing sister’s uniform if it was going to turn out like this.

“You are right. I will also walk with pride as the messenger sent from Michael-sama! I won’t make an embarrassment of myself for Michael-sama’s sake as well!

“But first, let’s pray to the Heaven before stepping foot into the Holy Land.”

“ “ “Oh, Lord!” ” ”

The three of us prayed on the spot! Yup! Looks like I’m full of spirits now! Xenovia and Asia-san are Devils, but they are able to do their prayers as an exception.

Xenovia takes out her memos from her pocket.

“—Oh, when I mentioned about going to Akihabara to buy something, Ise’s parents, vice-president Akeno, and Koneko, also handed me their memo of the things they wanted me to buy for them.”

“From Otou-sama and Okaa-sama? I wonder what they are.”

If I remember correctly, it seems like Asia-san thinks of Ise-kun’s parents as her actual father and mother, and I heard that she made an oath towards Heaven that she will be living on as their daughter. It sure is a beautiful story!

“Umm……it seems like what Chichiue asked for is a TV cable. It seems like we can find it by showing what’s written on this memo to the shop clerk.”

“Then let’s head over to the electronic shop over there!”

Saying that, I use my finger to point at the huge electronic shop that appeared on my sights as soon as I exited the station.

Part 3[edit]

“……S-So this is what an electronic shop of Japan with economic power looks like.”

Xenovia mutters while having sweat on her forehead.

We are taking a rest on the bench at the uppermost floor of the building after entering the store and having looked through the building.

All of us are astonished and speechless at the unfamiliar scenery of this electronic shop, and we have our heads spinning because of it.

T-This is amazing…… There are big and thin televisions all lined up, and something that looks like speakers are emitting out sounds from every direction…… The small digital cameras, the washing machines with high specs, and the shiny lighting equipment that we see every day looks like something from a different world.

That’s right. We were raised in a Church since we were young. We lived in a world which is distant from a world like this with technology. W-Well, we use television and computers at Church, but if we compare it with Tokyo with the most advanced home technology……

I hear that tourists from all over the world come to Akihabara; however I did not expect this. I’m actually shocked. We are having a shock from their culture simply from having a look through a single store.

“D-D-D-Donki, Don Quijote……”

Asia-san starts to sing the song that was being played inside the shop while having her eyes spin!

“Asia, get a grip of yourself! This is only the first battle! How can you go down this quick!? We still haven’t finished our shopping yet!”

Xenovia tries to get Asia-san’s consciousness back by shaking her shoulders.

“……Donpen-kun is so cute. Donpen-kun……”

“Asia! Uuu! No, Asiaaaaaa!”

First, let’s drink some cold drinks to calm down.

Maybe Asia-san calmed down since she drank her juice, so she says it again.

“Let’s at least buy the thing for Otou-sama, or else it seems like we won’t last.”

What Asia-san said is appropriate. For Asia-san, Xenovia, and me that were raised in a Church, maybe this Holy Land is too sudden for us. It feels like we will be taken away by the mysterious power residing in this land if we don’t move more quickly.

We refreshed our attitude, and went downstairs once again. We head towards the area where there are many televisions in order to buy the product for Ise-kun’s father.

We accomplish one of our shopping tasks safely by showing the memo to the shop clerk. After that, we went to a lower floor, and each of us looks around the mysterious machines while being nervous.

“Look at this, Asia, Irina!”

Xenovia is looking at a box that seems to contain a small machine while having her whole body shake.

“W-What’s wrong, Xenovia?”

When we ask Xenovia suspiciously, she answers us while swallowing her saliva.

“T-Take a look at this…… It seems like you can bake bread……just by using this machine box!”


High school DxD v15 004.jpg

Asia-san and I became speechless at Xenovia’s words. ……Y-You must be joking! I can’t come to believe that so suddenly……

However, by looking at the panel where it is explaining about this machine, it really does seem like you can bake bread simply using this……

“I-It can’t be…… I can’t believe you can bake bread without using a pot…… The bakery will lose their jobs……”

Asia-san says it with a shivering voice while covering her mouth with her hands.

I check the name for it. –Home bakery!

A bakery in your home! Such a straightforward name!

“Home bakery! I never imagined for Japan that is so fixated in food will go this far……!”

“I-It seems like it will bake it if you simply put the ingredients in it!”

“I wonder how many lost sheep would be saved from this…… So this is the technology of Japan that is going far ahead in technology……! It far surpasses the technology of alchemy!”

Asia-san, Xenovia, and I, put our hands together at the spot.

“ “ “Oh, Lord! With this, many of our believers would be saved!” ” ”

I’m deeply moved that my mind went to the Heaven! So this is the Holy Land! Amazing! I really am starting to think that this is a Holy Land!

“I want this. The price is……ngh.”

Xenovia had her eyes sparkling, but she mumbles after she looks at the price.

The price is approximately thirty thousand yen. It’s expensive! We are basically high school students, so such prices like this will be too much for us.

I am an Angel, but my salary is no different than that of a female high school student that is working part-time. It also seems like Asia-san and Xenovia that are doing Devils job is no different from me.

The three of us check our wallets. All of us put on a stern look.

“……I bought new clothes and shoujo manga the other day, and more importantly, I don’t have that much money left……”

“I also bought equipment for my training……mu.”

It seems like we can’t rely on Asia-san and Xenovia’s budget.

I’m no different from these two, I think. I ended up buying the new goods in Heaven with my own expenses, and I also bought equipment that I can put on display for my room, so my money is gone……

Oh! T-That’s it! M-Maybe, this is it!

This magnificent idea flashes inside my head!

“I think I can buy this using this as the expenses for Heaven’s use! I’m sure Michael-sama would forgive me if I use it in order to save even a single lost sheep if possible!”

I use my mobile phone right away to call Heaven directly. After exchanging several words with the person in charge, I make peace sign towards the other two.

“They said I can use the Heaven’s credit card as an exception!”

Xenovia and Asia-san cry when they heard that!

“Is such thing possible!?”

“It must be Michael-sama’s compassion!”

I can only use the Heaven’s credit card when I need to buy something I really need, but I received an approval for today as an exception!

Oh, Michael-sama! Such a merciful heart he has!

I have tears running down, and then I pray towards the Heaven and Michael-sama.

Michael-sama, please watch! I will make many types of bread with this home bakery, and I will save the lost sheep!

After that, I received a harsh call from Heaven where they said, “I’m entrusting the expenses for the ingredients to you”.

The path for our faith is hard! However, I’m going to work hard for it!

Part 4[edit]

“Now then, next is the shopping for vice president Akeno.”

Xenovia looks at the memo while carrying the huge box for the home bakery so easily. I feel strong when I have someone with strength at a time like this. That’s because she can be of help when we suddenly buy something.

“Yup. It seems like she wants a cosplay costume.”

“Cosplay? Is Akeno-san fascinated with cosplay lately?”

I tilt my head at Xenovia’s words.

Akeno-san— that is referring to Himejima Akeno-san, and for Asia-san and Xenovia, she is their senior Devil who is in the same group as them. She is a Japanese beauty that has silky black hair, and she has magnificent proportions. It seems like she uses her charming body to approach Ise-kun every night.

Asia-san, Xenovia, it may be possible for Ise-kun to be eaten by her if you let your guard down!

“……M-Maybe it’s another naughty cosplay costume? Even the other day, she approached Ise-san by wearing a costume which revealed a lot of her skin……”

Asia-san is in worry. She’s probably thinking that Akeno-san will use that costume to make Ise-kun fall for her, so she’s really worried about it…… Hmm, Ise-kun truly is a sinful boy!

While asking the people we pass by, we enter the shop that sells cosplay costumes.

We are overwhelmed as soon as we got in. That’s because there are many rare looking costumes in every direction we look! If there’s a costume that looks like a sister’s costume, there’s also many costumes that look like school uniforms(?).

Wow, there are also many cute looking ones!

Since Asia-san and Xenovia are also girls, they are looking at the costumes with keen eyes.

Xenovia tries to look for the one Akeno-san wants by asking the shop clerk.

When she takes it to her hand, Asia-san and I make our faces go red!

“……It seems like it’s something called a bikini-armour. It seems like it’s something worn by female warriors that appears in a game.”

Xenovia looks at it with keen eyes while holding the bikini-type armour.

It’s a costume that barely hides your skin! Even the pants for it has a lewd shape! With Akeno-san’s breasts size, the top armour won’t be able to cover everything.

Oh! That’s her aim! A plan to fascinate Ise-kun by using her breasts that are falling out! If she approaches him with this lewd costume, it seems like the oppai-loving Ise-kun will jump on her with joy!

“……It feels like I have to wear this once as a swords-woman.”

While having her eyes glow, Xenovia puts on a provocative smile. She must be burning with rivalry towards Akeno-san who isn’t here!

“Yes! Then how about you try them over here?”

The woman shop clerk takes her to the dressing room!

“Yeah. Let me try them.”

Xenovia heads to the dressing room while holding the bikini-armour.

“E-Even I can wear them!”

While putting on a red face, Asia-san takes the same lewd costume from nearby, and also goes inside the same dressing room as Xenovia.

Oh my, Asia-san is also burning with rivalry towards Akeno-san. Should I also try something on as well? Oh, I think this one looks good. I always wanted to try something like this once.

I enter the dressing room next to theirs, and change my clothes.

[It’s made from a mysterious material, but it doesn’t feel bad. If it’s made strongly, then maybe you can use it in an actual battle.]

I hear Xenovia’s voice. It seems like she took a liking at the costume.

[……L-Like I thought, a costume like this won’t appeal unless you have a glamorous body like Xenovia-san. In my case, the volumes of my size are……]

Even though Asia-san tried them on, it seems like there are parts where she isn’t satisfied with when she contrasts it with her body figure. I do think that Asia-san has a slender and a beautiful body.

[Fufufu, that isn’t true. Look.]

[Afuun! ……Xenovia-san, I will be troubled if you start to fondle me so suddenly……!]

[I think you have a sufficient size as well, Asia. Do you think like that because you compare yourself with Buchou and vice-president?]

[……T-That’s because Ise-san loves big breasts, and it seems like he won’t be satisfied with my sizes......]

[That isn’t true. I heard this from Kiryuu. Apparently, the most important is the sensitivity. It seems like men would be satisfied as long as you have a good sensitivity. Even Ise would be happy if it’s yours, Asia.]

[I-Is that true……?]

[It is. Just like this.]

[I-Iyaaaan. Auun……]

[You sure make lewd sounds, Asia.]

[That’s because your fingers are…… I-I won’t lose! Ei!]

[Aaan! Asia……where did you learn this technique from……iyan……my breasts feels weird……]

[I just copied you, Xenovia-san! Did you know that you were playing around with my body using your fingers lewdly like this, Xenovia-san?]

[……I-I see…… So there was this much difference between doing that and having this done to you……aa, iyan……! Asia, my body is starting to feel even weirder……]

……Geez, what are those two doing inside the dressing room. If Ise-kun hears this, he will be bursting blood from his nose.

Like that, all of us got changed and got out from the dressing room.


The other female customers that are checking the costumes within this shop make a voice of admiration.

They are looking at the other two rather than me. Xenovia has worn the bikini-armour from before perfectly, and she is swinging around the imitation of a western sword on the spot.

Asia-san is wearing a costume of a dancer which reveals a lot of her skin, and even though she is acting embarrassed, there is a sense of sacred beauty in her. More importantly, since she has a beautiful body line, surprisingly, this dancer’s costume fits her.

Anyway, I’m wearing a devilish costume. It’s black, and it has a Devil’s wings growing out from my back, and there is a tail coming out from my buttocks. It isn’t that flashy compared to the other two, but I have my belly button exposed.

After having some fun with cosplaying, we finish the shopping for Akeno-san, and then move on for the next shopping—.

Part 5[edit]

“I was able to buy the book Okaa-sama wanted!”

Asia-san is overjoyed in her accomplishment at the bench of the park.

We also bought the book Ise-kun’s mother wanted at the big bookstore in Akihabara, and what’s left are Koneko-chan’s shopping, and the present for Ise-kun which is the main thing we came for.

So we decided to have a break, and were resting at the park we found by chance.

“It sure does tire me since this is a land I’m not familiar with.”

It seems like Xenovia is more exhausted than I expected, so she’s bending her neck while sitting on the bench. She did however eat the hamburger she bought in the burger shop nearby.

“Y-You are right. This is a place we are not familiar with, so no matter how far we go, we will get completely lost if we diverge from the main road.”

Asia-san is taking a break while drinking her tea with a straw.

What these two are saying is correct, and moving around in an unfamiliar environment is hard for our bodies. Xenovia and I are used to moving around in a unfamiliar places due to our missions, but that would also include having a battle, so it’s different from the situation we are currently in.

This Holy Land has more complicated factors than we imagined, so we can’t tell apart which shop is which. Xenovia knows the place to buy Koneko-chan’s shopping and also the present we are buying for Ise-kun, so it seems like we won’t have any troubles…… However, it’s certain that this land is making us unsettled.

I slap my cheeks to put some spirit in myself! You can’t whine, Irina!

I am an Angel that serves the Chief-Angel Michael-sama directly! I won’t be able to face those in Heaven if I become weak due to something like this!

“Alright, Xenovia, Asia-san! Let’s go for the next shopping!”

Both of them are dumbfounded at how energetic I am, so they nod their head immediately while smiling.



It happens when all three of us raised our spirits.

“Hey hey, you girls, are you all free right now?”

A group of three young men says that. They have their hair dyed; they have piercings, and have a flashy appearance.

“Huh, aren’t all of you foreigners? Maybe our words won’t get through to them.”

One of the men says that.

“No, we do understand what you are saying.”

Xenovia answers as such. Hearing that, it seems like the men are in joy. Devils can adjust with any language after all. Maybe they are shocked at her fluent Japanese. By the way, Angels also have the same ability regarding spoken languages!

“Oh, then this will be quick. So, wanna have some fun with us from now on?”

Oh, is this the act called picking up a girl? Wow, it’s my first time experiencing it! I’m a bit moved! However, I think I would like it if it was someone much cooler!

It seems like Asia-san is troubled. She’s hiding behind Xenovia shyly.

“The blonder girl is seriously adorable!”

“Damn! She seems really pure!”

It seems like her action is taken positively by them. She does have a cute gesture. However, from Asia-san’s perspective, she will be confused if she tags along with other man besides Ise-kun.

After Xenovia sees Asia-san who hides behind her, she says one thing.

“I will only obey a man who is stronger than me. So, if you defeat me, then I will play around with you.”

She says such provoking things.

The men smirk. If you look at her normally, Xenovia is slender, so they may think she’s fragile. However, she’s slim because she has trained herself. And since she is now a Devil, she has raw strength where no ordinary man can oppose her.

“Now now, don’t say that—”

The moment one of the men extends his arm over, Xenovia evades his arm swiftly, and trips him over by using her legs. She then releases a sharp kick towards his face, and stops it before hitting him.

High school DxD v15 005.jpg

“Still think you can win?”

“ “ “We are sorry!” ” ”

The men all shiver in fear and scatter at her cold words.

“Asia, it’s alright now.”

Xenovia smiles to calm her down.

“Yes! However, I think we've done terrible things to those people……”

Since Asia-san is kind, she’s worried about those men.

Xenovia says it while stroking Asia-san’s head.

“No, today I have the responsibility to protect Asia on behalf of Ise. I will protect you Asia, even if I have to push myself a bit.”


Asia-san and Xenovia hug each other! Oh my, such beautiful friendship!

And the place we head towards after this occurrence is the anime-shop.

What Koneko-chan wants is a product of the anime show called “Neo Neko-Neko Paradise”. Koneko-chan watches and knows a lot of things. She has a broad range of interests which include anime, drama, music, and comedy shows.

Among them, the programme Koneko-chan is fascinated by lately is apparently an anime programme about a cat human that starts to solve mysterious cases.

Koneko-chan is our junior, and she’s a fellow Devil of Xenovia and Asia. She’s small and adorable!

“Ah, this is the “The Green Dragon of the Eden”! It’s a shoujo manga that I’m very fond of. A Dragon with a big appetite solves many mysterious cases at the city of the sky.”

Asia finds the manga corner at the anime shop for the series she’s fond of, and she starts to become merry about it.

“Hmm. I wonder if the series I like is here.”

It seems like Xenovia is also looking for something in the manga corner.

“What can’t you find?”

“Yeah. I like the manga called “The Strike of the Student Council”. It’s a series where the five powerful warriors that were chosen by a vote from every student in the school continue to fight in the cramped student council’s room until they decided the strongest one among them. Right now, the vice-president died by the hands of the secretary from a poison, and it seems like a new vice-president will be showing up. The story is getting into the good parts. Perhaps, the president might create a new technique which will involve using his huge physique.”

It seems like Xenovia likes a shounen manga with battle themes.

It seems like the two of them are learning Japanese letters while enjoying the manga.

Huh? The series I stop my gaze at is the series Koneko-chan asked us to buy by a coincidence. There are anime goods besides the manga. This series alone has a single corner.

“Hey, Xenovia, Asia-san. Isn’t this the one?”

Both of them gather around me with my words and check it. Xenovia nods.

“This must be it. Koneko gave me a memo with a picture of it, so this merchandise must be it.”

What Xenovia takes into her hand is a doll of a cat. Hmm, so this is what Koneko-chan wanted. It’s a doll of a big cat who is wearing a butler’s suit.

“Alright, if we want to follow the schedule, then we have to leave Akihabara and head home by 3 o’clock, so once we buy this, let’s have a look around here and then leave this shop.”

Today, Xenovia is showing her leadership. Perhaps, since Rias-san and Ise-kun are absent, she must be thinking, “I will have to protect Asia!”. Xenovia sure has a strong sense of responsibility.

“However, since arriving in this Holy Land, we had our eyes glitter with light due to the home bakery, we bought a book in a bookstore, and it seems like I will be buying a manga in this shop again…… Lord, I’m such a greedy person who wastes money……”

Ah, looks like Xenovia started to repent again. She sure needs to fix this habit of hers.

Part 6[edit]

Since we have so many shopping bags with us, we are off towards our final shopping destination.

In order to buy a present for Ise-kun, we diverged from the main street, and are walking in the back alley.

We have turned left and right many times. I-I can’t tell where we originally came from now…… Xenovia leads us while looking at the map; however Asia-san and I are filled with anxiety.

Xenovia stops walking. She gazes towards a building that is made up of different shops at the direction towards the right. We arrived?

“X-Xenovia-san, are there shops in a place like this which is behind other buildings?”

Asia-san that seems to feel insecure asks her.

“Yeah. The thing called “eroge” that Ise wants is something we can’t buy in ordinary shops.”

“Oh? Is it something they can’t sell in normal places?”

I ask her doubtfully, but it seems like Xenovia also isn’t sure.

“Hmm, it’s what I heard from Kiryuu.”

Kiryuu-san is a girl with glasses who is also in our class. She’s a girl who says things clearly, and she’s filled with very lewd knowledge. E-Even I get troubled by her at times.

However, Asia-san and Xenovia tend to listen carefully to Kiryuu-san’s opinion most of the time. It seems like they are trying to build lewd knowledge for Ise-kun, but is that really okay……? I’m not really sure about it.

“She says that the shop in this building will even sell “eroge” to us. She says that it will be fine if we tell them we were told about this place from Kiryuu. Since it seems like a confined place, I will go in as our representative.”

Xenovia tries to go; however, Asia-san stops her.

“No, I will go!”

Oh, Asia-san has higher spirits than she usually does!

“T-This is a present for Ise-san……so I will……”

Asia-san mutters it while wriggling her body and putting on a red face. Yup, yup! She has her feelings towards Ise-kun opened out on full throttle!

Xenovia also smiles at Asia-san who is really serious about her feelings.

“I understand. However, you can’t push yourself, okay?”

Xenovia hands the memo to Asia-san, and pats her head.

“Yes! Asia Argento, going out!”

Asia-san raises her spirit energetically, and climbs the stairs of the building.


Several minutes after Xenovia and I wait outside the building—.


Suddenly, a group of men climbs down the stairs while putting on a red face. W-What’s happening……?

After that, Asia-san who has a red face climbs down the stairs lifelessly! It seems like something happened! She’s not in a normal condition!

When Asia-san arrives in front of us, she falls on the spot! Oh my, what’s wrong!? What happened!?

“Asia! Hey, Asia!”

Xenovia holds Asia-san.

Asia-san mutters with her shaking voice.

“……L-Lots of men……lots of oppai……funyaaaa……”

Saying only that, she faints while spinning her eyes!

“Lots of men!? Asia! Hey, Asia! Damn! Just what happened inside!?”

Xenovia glares at the building. She starts to emit a bit of battle aura from her body.

Xenovia must be shivering in rage for having Asia-san taken down!

“……I was naïve. This is the Holy Land. From how I see it, there are those in this land who hail from a different religion. From their eyes, we are heretics…… So it won’t be weird for them to oppress the heretics in here. ……Damn it; they must have oppressed Asia as a heretic…… And did she say there were lots of men? Did they embarrass Asia who has yet to marry!? I won’t forgive them, those heretics……!”

I don’t know what’s happening, however, I think majority of what Xenovia said is correct! This is the Holy Land. From what I know, there were many attacks by the heretics in places called the Holy Land if we look into the history.

–Asia-san received oppression as a heretic!

Xenovia and I understood what’s happening in here, so we nod our heads while looking at each other.

“Let’s go, Irina! This is payback for Asia!”


Xenovia and I climb up the stairs and head towards the depth of the building—.

It was fine until we went inside with such determination……

—However, the place we entered was filled with erotic things!

We are inside one of the shops of the building. It’s a shop which has erotic illustrations of girls shown to the extreme, so we became speechless when we got inside, and are standing there in a daze. So this must be a shop those customers that are after these kinds of things shop in……

Aaah, I’m so embarrassed! Asia-san must have gone past her limits when she saw this scenery filled with erotic illustrations!

“If an innocent looking beautiful girl like that comes in, of course our customers will exit the shop due to the embarrassment.”

The shop clerk says that. I wonder if those men that exited from this building couldn’t withstand their lewd thoughts when they saw the innocent looking Asia-san……

Xenovia and I thought that Asia-san received oppression from religious people in this Holy Land. Ugh, I can’t help myself but be embarrassed due to our lack of knowledge!

Xenovia hands over the memo to the shop clerk, and we bought the thing we are looking for.

On the package there is a title that reads as “My Sacred Lifestyle with My Little Devil Onee-san 3”. So this is “eroge”. Looks like it isn’t a “sacred lifestyle” at all. Looks like Ise-kun is Ise-kun after all.

“We have completed our shopping…… Let’s take a ride on the train towards home……”

“ “R-Roger that~” ”

Asia-san and I reply back with weak voices at Xenovia’s tired voice.

“It was fun today.”

Xenovia says that to me inside the train towards home that is shaking.

There is Asia-san who is all tired resting on Xenovia’s shoulder. Ufufu, you did well today, Asia-san. I say it while poking Asia-san’s cheek.

“Yes, it truly was. The Holy Land of Japan is filled with mysteries; however there are so many fun things in there.”

“Yeah. That’s true, but the shopping with you and Asia itself was more fun. I never had a lifestyle like this after all.”

Xenovia looks afar.

She’s right. We had our talents taken with high expectation, and ever since we were young we trained our bodies for the Lord and the Church. Even to the extent where we discarded the life of a normal girl.

However, right now due to many sequences of events, we can have a lifestyle like this just like normal girls.

I’m sure this is something very wonderful. I’m definitely sure that Asia-san is having fun as well. That’s because she can live with the boy she really loves on top of having a fun lifestyle like this.

Xenovia puts on a gentle eye.

“Let’s do some shopping like this again. I think shopping with only girls is also fun.”


Xenovia……you really did change. You have a smile that is too bright to my eyes. She must have learned fun things from people like Asia-san, Ise-kun, Rias-san, and others.

Am I able to continue having a fun lifestyle like this with Xenovia and others? ……I sure want to. No, I will!

“Yes, of course. Let’s go there again, to Akihabara, the Holy Land.”

Next time, I also want to go shopping with Koneko-chan, Rias-san, and Akeno-san!

“Now then, regarding this “eroge”……”

Xenovia takes it out from the plastic bag and starts staring at the package. On the back side of the package……it's full of erotic illustrations! There are so many illustrations of men and women doing those kinds of things!

High school DxD v15 006.jpg

“The shop clerk told me a bit about it. It’s apparently a lewd game. Damn Ise……, even though he’s surrounded by that many women, does he still crave for things like this? No, that isn’t the problem.”

It seems like Xenovia is shaking in rage.

“……Apparently this has the themes of Onee-sama types. Apparently you can do fake sexual experiences with the Onee-samas. You can say that his sexual lust is aimed towards Buchou and the vice-president. However, why can’t he play a bit of “making babies with the person formerly affiliated with the Church”!? Don’t Asia and I have that much appeal to him~?” Xenovia stands up on the spot, and has aura running through her whole body!

“Calm down, Xenovia! The passengers around us are looking at you!”

Geez! What kind of things is this girl blabbing while carrying the package of “eroge” with her hand!

“When we return, we will have an emergency meeting with all of us girls while using this as a topic!”

T-That seems like it will become very serious…… Ise-kun, rest in peace……

“……Ise-san……I have bought……your eroge……munya……”

I make a chuckle at Asia-san who sleep talks. It really is peaceful here.

Michael-sama, I have also experienced a fun day today as well!

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