High School DxD:Volume 15 Life 4

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Life.4 Lets Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~[edit]

Part 1[edit]

On a certain day after school, Akeno-san asks me for a favour at the clubroom when not many of the members are present.

“Ise-kun, can you come with me right now?”

“Eh? Yes, since I don’t have any plans, it’s not a problem……but where are we going?”

She is normally an Onee-sama who doesn’t lose her confident smile and gives her “Ara ara ufufu”, but Akeno-san is acting shyly.

“……The Grigori institute. I have a little business over there……”

Akeno-san says that in few words. If I look carefully, she is holding onto a paper bag.

……Grigori’s institute? Grigori is the organisation of the Fallen Angels. The advisor of the Occult Research Club, Azazel-sensei, is the Governor of that place. I hear they are investigating many things starting from research involving Sacred Gears, observing the Sacred Gear possessors, and such.

That institute……? I also have heard that their main headquarters is located in the Underworld, and that there are other institutes all over the world (including the Underworld).

And Akeno-san has business in a place like that? Is it related with Sensei? Or is it…… Two possible answers appear in my head…… Either way, the paper bag that Akeno-san is holding onto must be related to that business of hers.

“It’s okay if you can’t come. I’m sorry, suddenly asking you something like this…… The only ones I can ask such favours like this are Rias and you, Ise-kun……”

I won’t be able to decline it if you say it like that! Rather, there is no way that I would decline Akeno-san’s favour from the beginning!

I say it while banging my chest hard.

“No problem! I will follow you wherever it is, Akeno-san.”

The instant I say that, Akeno-san makes an adorable smile and says “Thank you”. Ku-! Akeno-san’s smile in her “Onee-sama” mode is good, but her adorable smile during her “normal girl” mode is also wonderful!

“U-Umm……may I come as well?”

The one who raises his hand timidly is Gasper.

“That’s rare. For you to wanting to leave here.”

This is a shocking thing since this guy basically shuts himself inside his room.

“Y-Yes. I’m also personally interested in the Grigori’s institute……”

Hmm, is that so? Oh well.

“Then let’s head towards the institute with the three of us.”

Like this, it’s decided that three of us consisting of Akeno-san, Gasper, and I, will be going to the Grigori’s institute.

The place we teleported to through our personal magic-circle is the Grigori’s research institute that was newly built in the Kanto region. The location is in the middle of the mountains which is away from where people live.

From Akeno-san’s story, it seems that Sensei wanted to build a research institute in the Kanto region, so he made a joint ownership institute by negotiating with each faction and spent the budget together.

This is the first time I heard about that! Man, Sensei sure is acting distant towards me.

We teleported directly inside the institute using the magic-circle. The interior has a new smell to it, possibly because it was made recently.

The three of us progress through the passage. The wall and the corridor are clean without even a single speck of dust or scratch.

At times, we walk past the people who seem to be the scientists of this institute since they are wearing white lab coats, and they seem to know us so they greet us by saying “Hello”.

“……Looks like they know us.”

“Yes, we are also affiliated with the Governor of this institute. We are famous.”

Akeno-san says that. Of course we are. We are directly related to the Governor of the Fallen Angels after all. From other people’s perspective, we will look like the last boss and his minions. There’s no way that those from the organisation won’t know us. ……More importantly, Gasper is still hiding behind me. Put your chest up!

But for a mysterious organisation to make an institute like this in a remote area…… In a story, it will usually be a place where the main character comes to sneak in and destroy.

“Huh? So you guys came. Who told you about this place?”

When I was thinking, someone speaks to me. ……And it happens to be a familiar voice…… When I turn around, Azazel-sensei is standing there!

“Ugh, Sensei.”

“Ugh, what was that “Ugh”……?”

Sensei seems unpleasant at my response.

“So you were here too, Sensei.”

Sensei scratches his cheek when I ask him.

“Yeah, this place is the new institute for the Grigori’s research department after all. Since it was just built, there are still many things needed to be done in here. So I show up here at times.”

Of course he will be here. Like I thought, he is the Governor of the Fallen Angels. It’s natural for him to be governing this place.

“—So, why did you guys come here?”

Sensei asks while looking at me and Akeno-san.

“Well, it seems like Akeno-san has some business here.”

“Is Barakiel, —Is my father here?”

Akeno-san says that. Ah, so she has business with her father after all.

Hearing that, Sensei shows a meaningful smile to Akeno-san.

“Hee, Barakiel huh~.”

Akeno-san gets irritated and speaks.

“Is there any problem? Please don’t look at me with disgusting eyes.”

She’s angry. That reaction of Akeno-san is adorable. It’s because she’s acting a bit shy.

Sensei possibly got the same reaction as me, so he’s smiling happily. Until recently, Akeno-san would have got mad simply by saying her father’s name, so she truly has changed in a good way. Though, Akeno-san has always been strict towards Sensei.

“So Ise is Akeno’s escort huh. –And you too, Gasper?”

Sensei moves his gaze to Gasper who is hiding behind me. Gasper answers him timidly while raising his hand.

“U-Umm……I kind of have an interest toward institutes like this one, so I came here to observe.”

Observing huh. What did he come to observe? It happens when I became suspicious about it.

“……Azazel, the documents we talked about are done.”

A person appears behind us and speaks to Sensei. When I turn around, a young man wearing a white lab coat and glasses is standing there.

He is shorter than me, and is wearing thick glasses. His hair is also messy. His appearance speaks for itself since he looks like a scientist or a researcher.

Sensei raises his hand with a smile as soon as he sees him.

“Yeah, thank you for that, Sahariel.”

“Umm, and this person is……?”

I ask Sensei about this man.

“Ah, that’s right. I still haven’t introduced him to you yet. This guy here with the thick glasses is Sahariel, one of the leaders. He mainly researches about the moon and various spells which involve the moon.”

——! I became shocked with his introduction! Of course! This man with the thick glasses and the white lab coat is one of the leaders!? For real!? I only met several leaders. Each person was unique, but since each of them had good physique and strong intensity to them, it’s quite shocking to meet someone like Sahariel-san who is more of a scientist! Sensei looks at my face suspiciously.

“Why are you getting shocked, Ise? Ah, all the leaders of the Fallen Angels you have met including myself are the ones who look like they are fighting at the front-line after all. But there are skinny ones like this guy over here. But did you know the members of the Grigori when it was just formed mostly consisted of guys who are passionate about their research?”

Hmm, is that so? I don’t feel that much intensity from him, but this person must also be quite strong when he battles…… They say you can’t judge people by their appearance.

“Sahariel, this guy is the Sekiryuutei. Oh, I probably don’t have to explain it.”

The man with thick glasses, Sahariel-san, nods his head after Sensei introduces him to me.

“Of course. Hello, Mister Hyoudou Issei of the Sekiryuutei. I have heard the rumours about your bravery.”

Since he put his hand forward, I bow my head down while shaking his hand.

“Y-Yeah, nice to meet you too! It’s an honour!”

So he knows about me huh. That would be obvious since he has known Sensei for a long time.

“—And this one here is Barakiel’s daughter, Akeno.”

Sensei then continues onto introducing Akeno-san. Akeno-san bows her head down politely.

“Thank you for looking after my father.”

It seems like Sahariel-san is in shock after seeing Akeno-san.

“Ah, Bara-san. Haa, I have heard rumours, but you are a beauty. No wonder he adores you so much.”

I agree. I have the same opinion as you, Sahariel-san.

Sensei takes the documents from Sahariel-san, and starts looking through the documents. After looking through them, he returns the document to Sahariel-san after signing the first page of the documents.

“Here you go. I have signed it, so I don’t mind it if you start your research as you like.”

Hearing Sensei’s words, Sahariel-san makes a creepy smile.

“Shishishi, thank you for that. With this, I can cut that, paste that, and crush that! Shishishi!”

One of the leaders of the Fallen Angels who is wearing glasses says something scary while making a unique laugh! And it seemed like he was emitting a very black aura from his body! Scary! Since he is one of the leaders of the Fallen Angels, he seems to be weird as well!

“Hmm? Is the lady over there a Vampire?”

Sahariel-san starts to stare at the lady, Gasper. He may look like a girl. But he’s a guy! He has that thing on him!

Gasper starts to panic after realising he has his attention. So I answer him instead.

“Yes, this guy is Gasper Vladi. He is a Devil, but he also has the power of a Vampire—”

While I was introducing him, Sahariel-san grabs Gasper’s hand and dashes away really fast!

“Good timing! I needed a Vampire! I will have you cooperate with me.”

“Hiiiiiiii! What do you mean!?”

The leader with glasses disappears to the end of the passage while taking Gasper with him!

Heeeey! Gya-suke has been taken away!

Sensei says it while taking a breath.

“Oh well, don’t worry about it, Ise. He won’t die if it’s Sahariel’s experiment. Probably.”

“Probably!? What kind of experimental ingredient is my junior getting changed into!? And he said horrifying things like cutting, pasting, and crushing!”

What kind of experiment is he going to start……? No, I shouldn’t ask. I’m sure it’s something which is beyond my imagination…… Gya-suke, I will come for you when we leave from here!

“Now then. You two are looking for Barakiel right? First, let’s move to the location where he may be at.”

We then went further into the institute while having Sensei lead us.

Part 2[edit]

The place that Sensei took us into is a conference room which is meant to be used by the leaders.

There is a round table, and there are two people that are sitting on chairs. ……I haven’t seen them before. One of them is a man with blond hair. He is tall, and he is wearing a robe with so many ornaments. He is also wearing a circlet on his head.

And the other one is a woman! She has eyes that look strong and long purple hair! Just from her appearance, it makes me think that she is a strict woman with charm! More than that, her oppai are huge!

“……Ufufufu, your gaze is a bit lecherous, Ise-kun.”

When I was looking at that Onee-san with lecherous eyes, —I started to feel a mysterious pressure from Akeno-san! It looks like her usual smile……but I think her intensity is stronger than before!

The blond man says it as soon as he sees Sensei.

“Azazel. The institution is functioning without a problem.”

“Yeah, it seems like it, Tamiel. Rather, I didn’t expect you two to be here.”

“Yeah, we came here for observation.”

He’s speaking to Sensei casually. Is this man perhaps……

I somehow started to get an idea of who this man is. This time, the woman looks at me and Akeno-san, and asks Sensei a question.

“Ara, this young couple……I’m sure I have seen them before.”

“Yeah, of course you would have. It’s the Sekiryuutei and Barakiel’s daughter, Penemue.”

Hearing Sensei’s words, the woman—Penemue, smiles.

“Hmm, don’t tell me the reason why these two young ones came here is to tell Barakiel, “Please let me marry your daughter”? Barakiel will surely cry!”

Oh, I don’t know why, but she started teasing us! Rather, this woman speaks in a lighter manner than she looks. This is new, since she looks like a calm and collective beauty on the outside, but is actually easy going on the inside.

Sensei then introduces the man and the woman to Akeno-san and me.

“These two are Tamiel and Penemue. They are also leaders just like Sahariel from before. Tamiel is in charge of the businesses department and Penemue is the chief secretary.”

I knew it! Both of them are also leaders, just like the man wearing glasses from before! Oh, this will make them the 2nd and 3rd ones I met today! And they happen to be the ones where one of them is in charge of the businesses department while the other one is the chief secretary! Looks like I came to an unthinkable place today.

“Geez, having all the leaders gather here will decrease the manpower of the headquarters.”

Sensei complains to Tamiel-san and Penemue-san with his eyes half closed.

Penemue-san replies while laughing.

“You sure can talk despite being a Governor who has been standing at the front-line. You really should give your thanks to Shamhaza who is acting as the Vice-governor.”

Yeah, please tell him off even more! I also think the same! Akeno-san who is standing beside me is also nodding her head while smiling. Right!

Without listening to his comrades, Sensei:

“I always tell him everything, so there isn’t any problem.”

He says something like that. ……Please understand the rough times that Vice-governor Shamhaza-san is going through even a bit.

Tamiel says it after collecting his documents.

“Since we finished our business, we were about to leave from here. There won’t be any problem if Armaros and Barakiel stay here after all.”

“Oh yeah, where are those two, Tamiel?”

“Those two are probably looking after the possessors right now.”

Sensei and Tamiel-san then started a conversation. They started discussing about complicated matters such as this institute, other research laboratories, and many more.

—Then Penemue-san waves her hands to us. Oh, am I being called over by a wonderful woman!? That’s what I thought—.

“I’m interested in Barakiel’s daughter. Come here for a bit. You seem to have the potential since you are the daughter of the human that Barakiel fell in love with.”


Akeno-san goes to Penemue-san while having doubts, and they start to have a discussion. After Penemue-san tells her a few things, Akeno-san also starts to listen to her while taking interest in what she was being told, and replies back by saying ”What do you mean by that?”. ……I don’t know why, but Akeno-san is showing a glimpse of her S side face…… What are they talking about?

I was the only one left aside, so I didn’t know what to do……but something appears to my eyes which draws my attention. There is a painting hung on the wall of this room. ……It’s a painting which is a portrait of someone. Several of them are hung on the wall.

Sensei looks at me, and then asks.

“Something wrong?”

“No, I was just looking at the picture hanging on this wall. I was wondering who the people on these paintings are.”

Sensei’s gaze moves to the painting, and replies back with an expression of looking back at old times.

“Yeah, it’s a picture of our comrades.”

“So, are these people that are on the painting working here as well?”

“……No, those guys have already died from the old war and such.”

—! I didn’t know how to reply back to Sensei after hearing that. So the ones in the paintings are Sensei’s comrades who had already passed away…… Sensei continues.

“The leaders who are still alive among the members of Grigori since its creation are the seven of us consisting of, me, Vice-governor Shamhaza, Barakiel, the glasses from before, Tamiel who is standing over there, Penemue, and Armaros.”

“……That idiot Kokabiel was sent to the Cocytus after all.”

Penemue-san says it depressingly while poking her cheek. ……Even that Kokabiel who did so many evil deeds must have been an important comrade to these leaders who fought alongside him for centuries.

“I also prepared this for Kokabiel as well.”

Tamiel-san takes out a photo of Kokabiel and hangs it on the wall.

Seeing that, Sensei takes out a bell used by Buddhists, and makes a sound with it.

“We sure have lost capable men.”

He says something like that! No, no, no!

“Making a ring while using the photo as a portrait of a dead person! Aren’t you following a different religion!? Isn’t everyone here including Sensei supposed to originate from the Bible!?”

It’s weird to see the leader of the Fallen Angels ring a bell for the dead people like Buddhists! Rather than that, are you going to continue to hang photos and ring that bell every time a leader dies!?

Sensei then says it while laughing loudly.

“Forget the simple stuff. Anyway, I have to talk to these guys, so you two can head to the place where Barakiel is. There’s a place called the training space, so head over there.”

“Now then, Ise-kun. Shall we go to the training space then? More importantly, I was told about an interesting story……ufufu.”

Is it me or does Akeno-san look like she is excited? It seems like Penemue-oneesan told her something. Akeno-san and I left the meeting room after saying our farewell to them.

Part 3[edit]

It happens when we were walking within the facility and went past the resting area. There is a man with a good physique sitting on a long chair near the vending machine. A face I have seen somewhere……actually that’s—!

“So you were here.”

Akeno-san responds immediately. Yes! This person is Akeno-san’s father, Barakiel-san! Even Barakiel-san himself is so astonished at Akeno-san’s appearance that he spits out the bottle of drink he was drinking where he went “Bubuuu!”.

Barakiel-san asks Akeno-san while coughing.

“A-Akeno! W-What’s wrong? For you to come here……”

I stroke Barakiel-san’s back who is coughing. I never thought this person who was so strict before would show a reaction like this…… Seems like a visit from his daughter was something so shocking that he never imagined it.

Akeno-san takes out a plastic container from the paper bag. When she opens the lid, delicious looking cooked food appears.

Oh, that is one of Akeno-san’s cooking that she specialises in, chicken stew with taro and vegetables. It’s an excellent dish that has a superb taste and it will make you eat many servings of rice with it! It’s my favourite!

If I remember now, Akeno-san was in charge of the dinner menu yesterday and she made chicken stew with taro and vegetables. So it’s leftovers from yesterday huh. She made more than she usually does, but was it because……

“I thought of making you a lunch box because I made too much chicken stew with taro and vegetables.”

While saying that, Akeno-san takes out a pack with rice inside and also a magical bottle. Maybe that magical bottle contains a miso soup?

We also sit on the long chair of the resting room. It seems like Barakiel-san is also having a hard time with maintaining the institute and so he hasn’t taken proper food for a while. Since this is a good timing, he eats Akeno-san’s cooking on the spot.

Barakiel-san is more astonished than ever, and every time Akeno-san hands him some food, he takes the food from his daughter while being nervous.

“Then, I will be taking this……”

Barakiel-san uses his chopsticks to take the chicken stew with taro and vegetables, and puts it inside his mouth to taste it. He then takes a sip from the miso soup. A moment of silence. After a pause, when Akeno-san and I watch over Barakiel-san’s reaction—. He starts to shed tears from both his eyes like a waterfall! He then stuffs the chicken stew with taro and vegetables, rice, and the soup, into his mouth!

“Yum…..it’s delicious……!”

Barakiel-san starts to eat it heroically while crying like mad! He looks up, and gives his response regarding the food.

“Sob, it’s such a delicious chicken stew with taro and vegetables……! I’m the happiest father in the world……! I have a daughter who would make such delicious cooked food for me……!”

He starts to stuff down the handmade food of Akeno-san. He seems like he’s seriously happy.

“……Geez, you are exaggerating too much.”

Akeno-san has her face red and has a bit of an angry-tone after seeing Barakiel-san’s reaction, though she does seem like she is happy as well. Seems like she doesn’t hate this reaction. Yeah. I seriously do think it’s good that these two made up.

“And this one is the print of the reason why I came here today.”

Akeno-san hands over a paper to Barakiel-san.

“There’s going to be a parents, children, and teachers meeting so this is the printout for it just in case.”

Oh, the paper for the parents and teachers meeting. So she came here today to hand him that paper. Barakiel-san who got handed the paper stood there dazzled for a moment, but he then realised what she means right away.

“V-Very well! This is an important meeting! I will obviously attend to it!”

He approved to attend while making a big nod. Seeing that, Akeno-san also makes a small smile and approves.

“My business here is done. Then I will be going since I was invited by her. Ise-kun, thank you for today. However, I’m sorry. I will be observing this institute for a while. Let’s meet again afterwards.”

Saying that. Akeno-san stands up and goes somewhere.

Oh, first Gasper was taken away, and Akeno-san also went somewhere because she received an invitation. That means most of my business here is done.

………… I ended up being alone with Barakiel-san. What’s with this weird atmosphere!? Maybe Barakiel-san also sensed the atmosphere we are in, so he then speaks.

“Are you still using women’s breasts as the source of your power?”

—!? He still has that misunderstanding!? How many times do I have to repeat myself that I’m not a Dragon that eats girl’s oppai!

“Please give me a break! That’s a lie made up by Sensei!”

“I was joking.”

“You were joking!?”

Is he a bit of a joker? But since he has a strong appearance, I can’t tell whether he’s joking or being serious! Barakiel-san coughs and asks me once again.

“By the way, how about it? There’s a training space ahead of here. How about you come to observe it.”

Training……observing? Barakiel-san explains it to me who is in doubt.

“There’s an area where we train Sacred Gear possessors.”

—! T-That certainly sounds interesting! I do know about how Grigori’s are looking after the Sacred Gear possessors. So they gathered the possessors to train them! I want to see it! I’m also a Sacred Gear possessor, and since there are many foes who are Sacred Gear possessors, I certainly am interested in it!

Like this, I decided to go to the training space.

“……I-Is this the place……”

Right in front of me who just swallowed down my saliva, there’s a huge door that has a big letter “G” on it. Is it the “G” for Grigori? While having Barakiel-san lead me, the door opens.

It happens when I take a single step inside.



Suddenly, multiple screams of pain comes to my ear from every direction! Eh? Eh? What’s going on……? While bringing me who is shocked at the sudden screams, Barakiel-san walks ahead.

We walked through a spacious corridor. I can observe what’s going on inside the room from the walls made from glass.

“Guooo! It’s not over yeeet!”

In one of the rooms, there’s a man who is crucified, and he’s being hit with a gigantic iron ball, and—

“What are you planning to do with me, Grigori!? Funuuuuu!”

In another room, there’s a man caught on an experiment table, and he’s desperately screaming while having a mysterious group of doctors surround him. ……W-What is this……?

I don’t know how to respond. Eh, isn’t this place supposed to be an area where they train the Sacred Gear possessors……? I come to witness the situation of each room as I progress through the corridor……

Just like the iron ball and the mysterious surgery, there are other rooms such as someone being drowned in water while carrying weights, and an operation room with drills and saws!

“U-Umm, Barakiel-san, what is this place……?”

I ask him timidly. That’s because I’m clearly stepping foot inside a place which doesn’t seem like the one he explained earlier!

“Yes, this is the training floor. You should take a look. In order to make themselves stronger, they came to receive training from the Grigori.”

They are receiving it!? Eeeeeeeh…… No, no matter how I look at it, it’s clearly a torture room and punishment room….. My uneasiness gets stronger, and there is a nasty sweat coming from all over my body. If I think about it, this is the institute that is being operated by Azazel-sensei’s organisation.

……Saji was also taken to the Grigori’s headquarters at that time against Loki, and I heard that he received training there…… Even if I ask Saji about back then, he simply says “I don’t want to remember it!”, and shivers……

For some reason my bad feeling increased. When these things happen, I always gets dragged into weird things and meet weird people.

Barakiel-san explains to me who has an unexplainable uneasiness.

“We invite or take in possessors that have no family and are left alone while having the power. This research institute is used to teach them how to use their powers.”

I see. ……But is this what the scenery where they are teaching them how to use their power should look like……? I only see it as a torture…… Oh, but if I think about it, I also received a training that was like torture from Azazel-sensei.

I think having a lifestyle where I was chased by a Dragon in the mountain is even harder.

That’s how I feel while putting on a fake smile. —Well, leaving that aside, I should ask Barakiel-san about my doubt since this is a good occasion.

“What will the people here do in the future when they learn how to use their power?”

My question. I think the Grigori’s research is something where they can lighten the suffering of Sacred Gear possessors they will be facing one day. However, are these people waiting for something to happen when that time comes? I’m concerned about it.

“Previously—before the alliance of Three Great Powers, we allowed experienced possessors to remain within the organisation in order to avoid other factions gaining powers. However, it’s different now. If there are those seeking to have a lifestyle of a normal person from the ones who can control their power, then we came to allow their desire, though it will come with several restrictions.”

That’s how Barakiel-san answers.

Putting the past aside, they can have a normal lifestyle now. It truly is an interesting circumstance.

I really do want to know more about it. I’m a Sacred Gear possessor myself, and there are also people around me who are also possessors. When I was thinking of asking a bit more about it, someone who speaks to Barakiel-san appears.

“Oh, if it isn’t Barakiel. Guhahahahaha!”

A thick voice with a heroic laugh. When I look towards the voice, there’s a man with a good physique that showed up from the room we just passed.

……But I can’t help myself but to put on a sour look after seeing the man’s appearance.

He’s wearing armour, helm, and a cape. He has an eye-patch and he has a wildish beard. But for some reason he has a shield on his left hand and an axe on his right hand! His helm seems like it has a motif of either a hawk or eagle, and his shield has the same mark on it!

Judging from his look, he looks like a leader from the enemy organisation in a tokusatsu hero programme! Except he has a design from the old generation! Rather, he’s just a weirdo!

“Oh, Armaros. So you were here.”

Barakiel-san welcomes the weirdo cheerfully! He knows him!? So he’s a staff member here despite looking like this! Barakiel-san introduces him.

“He’s one of the leaders of the Grigori, Armaros. He’s mostly researching about attacks against magic, the anti-magic.”

“Guhahahahaha! If it’s anti-magic, then leave it to me!”

So this weirdo is one of the leaders! Actually, their Governor is a weirdo himself!

Rather, this old man is wearing something that is so not anti-magic! Isn’t your fashion too far off from anti-magic!? I mean, he has an axe and shield!

“Armaros, this is Hyoudou Issei-kun, the Sekiryuutei.”

Barakiel-san introduces me to him. I also have to give my greeting to this tokusatsu leader as well.

“Umm, nice to meet you, I’m Hyoudou Issei—”

Saying it till there, the tokusatsu leader Armaros-san suddenly swings his axe at me! Owa! What’s this, all of a sudden!? I avoided it by instinct, but this old man suddenly attacked me! Armaros-san shouts while pointing his axe at me!

“I know about you, damn Oppai Dragon! So you finally came to destroy this institute, huh!”

Huh!? T-This person right here suddenly said something weird with a furious face while swinging his weapon!

“It’s been a hundred years since we last met! I will settle my score with you here!”

“Settle what!? What’s the relation between you and the Oppai Dragon!? Did I do something to make you hate me!? I really don’t remember!”

When Armaros-san points at me while being excited—, a weird shout which went “Guu!” comes from each room, and many of those wearing black tights which has a design or either an eagle or hawk appears! Guys who seem to be combatants judging from their looks surround Armaros-san and make their stance against me!

“Barakiel-san! What are those things!?”

When I ask Barakiel-san—,

“Yes, those are like Grigori’s combatants.”

“Seriously!? There are such people!? It’s been half a year since I got to know Fallen Angels, but it’s my first time finding out there are people like that!”

Do Fallen Angels become more of an idiot as they go up the ranks!? The one standing at the top is that Azazel-sensei after all! Maybe the reason why Vali left the Grigori also has to do with this!

Armaros-san makes a big laugh while being surrounded by combatants!

“Guhahahaha! Damn Oppai Dragon! I won’t let you destroy this base! This base belongs to the great Grigori that dominates the whole world! I won’t let anyone who walks in here return alive! Griiiiigoriiiiii!”

I still don’t get it even if you screamed out Griiiiigoriiiiii! Rather, he’s really saying something that an enemy organisation would say! I only came here to tag along with Akeno-san, but I’m having myself seen with great hostility where he said he “won’t let me leave alive”! Even the combatants are spinning on the spot saying “Guu!” as if they are going with the flow!

Barakiel-san explains it to me with a troubled face.

“I’m sorry, Hyoudou Issei-kun! Armaros is fascinated with the villains from Japanese tokusatsu hero programmes…… Even Azazel himself is going with this bad flow to communicate with Armaros, so he’s always like this.”

……S-So something like that happened. Wait, isn’t there something wrong with this!? For the so-called leader of Fallen Angels to be influenced by the villain of a tokusatsu hero programme!

“Armaros, the truth is I wanted to show this boy right here about the Grigori’s technique of training the Sacred Gear possessors. That’s why—”

Barakiel-san stops saying it there. That’s because he stops his gaze at one of the training rooms. After looking there twice while he was talking, his gaze got glued towards there. I found his actions suspicious, so I also look towards the direction he is looking at, and—.

[Ara ara, you sure do need training since you go down simply like this. Ufufu, I will train you even more with this lightning whip!]

Someone I know is dressed up as SM Queen and,

[Guha! Ah, Queen! Please train me even mooooore!]

—is whipping the Sacred Gear possessor with her lightning and whip!

While dropping his jaw wide open, Barakiel-san shouts while having an expression where his eyes are about to pop out.


Yes! That Queen is Akeno-san! She’s swinging the whip while wearing a SM design-like costume, but there's no doubt that it's Akeno-san! She’s continuing to whip the possessor! She is swinging her whip while looking lively like a fish in the water!

Her expression is completely that of a super-S, and the one getting whipped also has an expression of that of a super-M!

Armaros-san laughs heroically!

“That’s our female leader candidate that just joined recently. It seems like Penemue is behind this, but seriously, that’s a really good Queen-like behaviour. I sure am looking forward to her future! Guhahahaha!”

Eeeeeeeeh! This is the invitation that Akeno-san received!? Did her S-side come into play? When she heard the story from Penemue-san, she really seemed interested in it!

“M-My daughter is……hmm……”

Ah, Barakiel-san falls on the floor at the shock he received from the change of his daughter!

“Guhahahahaha! Alright then! Grab hold of Oppai Dragon!”


The combatants surround me!


While I’m thinking up of a plan, I got captured and carried away by the combatants! The place I got carried to is a spacious training room.

……What’s in front of me is a crucifixion stand and a crane with a gigantic iron ball. The memory of the man that was being hit with a crane before comes back to my head. It will be painful for even a Devil to be hit by this without any protection!

Armaros-san shouts while having the iron ball in front of him.

“This is the most efficient thing for the Sacred Gear possessors training! An iron ball! Overcoming this will lead you to awakening your powers! The tokusatsu hero also went through a power-up in the same way! Oppai Dragon, you shall taste this as well!”

“Normal people would die from being hit by an iron ball! And is this what you call training!? And this is how you awaken Sacred Gears!? And what do you mean……that tokusatsu hero did the same!?”

I’m so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out! How is the iron ball related to the Sacred Gear!? Are you telling me that you can reach Balance Breaker by enduring the iron ball!?

“Saji Genshirou of the Vritra also endured this iron ball and also received modification surgery!”

Armaros-san says that plainly!

Seriously!? So that guy endured this and received the modification surgery as well!? What kind of surgery did he receive with drills and saws…… Is that the reason why he didn’t want to talk about it because he received such a treatment at their headquarters……?

“Take a look. This is the proof.”

Armaros-san takes out a single photo. It seems like it’s a photo of Saji’s back. T-There’s a symbol [G] on his baaaaack!

“This is indeed the proof of those who received the modification surgery by us, the Grigori. Saji Genshirou was reborn as a Vritra-kaijin by the technology of Grigori!”

“Vritra-kaijin!? T-Then you are telling me “Vritra Promotion” is a result of this!?”

“He’s a kaijin that we, the Grigori, are proud of!”

A kaijin, that’s absurd! Seriously! So that guy attained the power of Dragon King by receiving the surgery and mark! And you are saying his real identity is a “Vritra kaijin”!?

Does he know that? No, since he never spoke about the mark on his back, it must have turned out that way without him noticing…… That guy became a product of the suspicious makers without him finding out……

See? You get turned into a “kaijin” if you get involved with Sensei!

Armaros-san says it while nodding his head.

“In order to have Sacred Gear possessors learn how to use their power, we have to use the iron ball first! Or we upgrade them with modification surgery! Or to have them go through a power-up by having them do a lot of training in the mountain with a Dragon! This has been proved scientifically and also theoretically!”

“So you only have those three options!? What’s up with the training options that only has an iron ball, modification surgery, and camping in the mountain with a Dragon! Are we Sacred Gear possessors such simple beings!? More importantly, is that the result of an organisation that has been researching about Sacred Gears!? Rather, aren’t you supposed to specialise in anti-magic!?”

“You need an overwhelming physical attack to stand against magic! You kill the magicians by punching them! Those guys are weaklings that only rely on magic! Hit them, and hit them again! Guhahaha!”

“Physical attack! Doesn’t hitting and killing have nothing to do with research!?”

Maybe the reason this person fell from the Heaven is because he is an “idiot”! That’s the only reason I can come up with!

“It seems like a modification surgery will be happening right about now in another room. Have a look!”

When Armaros-san says that, the gigantic monitor set inside this room shows the image of another room! What shows up on it is—someone that is tied up to the operating table! And a mysterious group of doctors surrounding the operating table! Wait, isn’t the one who’s tied to the operating table—

[U-Umm……will I really become a powerful Vampire with this? I’m interested in Grigori’s research so I came here today……]

—is Gasper who asks the group of doctors nervously! So that guy was taken to a place like that!

The leader with glasses, Sahariel-san, appears in the vision and lifts his glasses.

[Of course. If you receive this surgery you will attain absolute power theoretically. —This is what you call a modification surgery! Now, let’s have you reborn!]

When Sahariel-san clicks his finger, one of the doctors starts the engine for the chainsaw!

Giiiiiin! I can even hear the dangerous sound from the screen.

[Hiiiiii! A-Am I really able to become a powerful Vampire with this—]

Zaa-. The moment Gasper tries to say something, the monitor dies out and becomes blurry! ……I-Is that guy really all right……?

The monitor then shows a different image. When I look at the screen, there’s Barakiel-san who is crucified and Akeno-san who is dressed up as SM Queen!

“Looks like there the new candidate for the leader will perform her purge in this room!”

Armaros-san looks at the screen happily.

P-Purge….. What will happen to Barakiel-san……?

Akeno-san approaches Barakiel-san while holding the whip.

[A-Akeno! Look at how you are dressed! It’s shameless! I can’t face the deceased Shuuri for having you dressed like that!]

A father’s desperate plea. However, Akeno-san smiles.

[Tou-sama, I heard many things from Penemue-sama.]


[Yes. That you, Tou-sama, did these plays with Kaa-sama when she was alive!]


Akeno-san hits Barakiel-san by swinging her whip sharply! She just whipped her dad! E-Even Barakiel-san will get mad—

However, the thing which happens in front of my eyes is something beyond my imagination.

Barakiel-san who got whipped to the stomach shakes his whole body.


High school DxD v15 007.jpg

He mutters it while his expression carries ecstasy! Good!? Did he just say it was good!? Don’t tell me! I get shocked while looking at the monitor! Akeno-san swings her whip again!


A sharp sound echoes! Each time it hits him, unbelievable sounds comes put from that warrior’s mouth!

[Aaaaah! This! This whip! It makes me remember Shuuri from that day!]

From that day!? Then you are telling me Barakiel-san and his late wife—.

[For doing SM play with Kaa-sama basically every night! What a man! Certainly a Fallen Angel indeed!]

A shocking truth is revealed from Akeno-san’s mouth!

“Eeeeeeeeeh!? Barakiel-san did SM play with his wife!?”

Armaros-san who is next to me who am in shock answers.

“Yeah. At a glance, Barakiel looks like an honest and boorish warrior, and his wife looks like a pure Yamato Nadeshiko, but apparently they have a hidden side where the husband is a super-M and the wife is a super-S. It seems like they had hot nights doing those kinds of things every night. Guhahahaha! It means that Barakiel also carried a guilty heart that made him fall from Heaven!”

Are you serious……? Damn, I’m a bit shocked! I thought the serious Barakiel-san who is a warrior was the good part of the Grigori that has the tokusatsu leader and the naughty Governor that carries the name of being the leader!

—I never thought the man who has the nickname “Light and Thunder” ends up being a super-M leader of the Fallen Angels!

[Ah, Akeno! I never thought the way you whip would be the same as Shuuri! I! I’m such a lucky man—. Aaaaaah, there, it feels great! Greeeeat!]

I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to hear it! Why do the leaders that I have come to admire end up being pervs! Sirzechs-sama is a perverted Maou who has an insane sister complex! The higher-ups of the Underworld are filled with filth!

[Ufufufufu! Tou-sama! Instead of Kaa-sama, I will be whipping you so many times today! This! Damn super-M “Holy and Thunder”!]

Akeno-san has her S expression, but she seems to be enjoying it. ……S-So interactions between a father and daughter like this are okay……? I also want to do a bit of SM play with Akeno-san!

So Akeno-san carried her sadistic side from her mother! A super-M as a father and a super-S as a mother! Such an amazing bloodline!

Ah, even Azazel-sensei appears in the SM room within the monitor! He appeared in an unexpected place!

[All right! I’m a teacher from Kuou academy! Let’s have our meeting here! Daddy! Your daughter wants to advance to university, so what’s your opinion on it?]

Why the heck are you starting the meeting there!? It’s a horrible view of their meeting!

[I’ll obviously agree to it, Mr Azazel! Gaining more knowledge and increasing the choices for her future by advancing to university is uooooooo! It’s so woooooonderful!]

[Is that right, daddy! You sure have a strong passion to it! –Wait, gyafun!]

SLAP! Akeno-san’s whip also reaches Azazel-sensei! Sensei cries after receiving the whip!

[Uuuuun! This! Despite the pain, she finds the sensational part of us, and gives a whip with the excellent impact which then increases your masochism instinct! I sure feel her gifted talent! Shit! A parent and teacher meeting where we communicate by the whip! So there’s something like this huh! Being a teacher sure is deep!]

How the heck can I understand that! What perverted thing is he saying while putting on a expression that he realised something!

The monitor gets blurry and changes. It returns to the previous operation room. –On the operating table is Gasper who has his limbs and head coming out of the box.

[The operation has succeeded.]

The leader with glasses sighs by saying “Phew”, as if he just finished his job!

“Wait, even if he said he succeeded in the operation, it’s just a box that has limbs and a head growing out from it! Rather, isn’t he just wearing a box!? Just what kind of operation did he do to the Vampire!?”

The vision that appears in my doubtful eyes is—

—A box that opens and has missiles equipped inside!

[For some reason, I feel like a new person. So today is the turning point for me—]

Gasper starts to say weird things! Realise the situation! Right now you are in outrageous turning point!

Armaros-san who is looking at the monitor groans.

“Ngh! So that’s what you came up with, Sahariel! Equipping a Vampire with missiles! I don’t quite get it, but it’s a new experiment which allows me to feel the pressure and its strength! It’s indeed a Missile Vampire!”

“No, no! Anyone would get stronger if they get equipped with missiles! Rather, a Vampire with a box and missiles!? What kind of research does Sahariel-san do!?”

Sahariel-san talks to himself as if he’s answering me who is in doubt.

[Fufufu, I just finished a human experiment using the theme, “How would the enemy force move if they find out a monster is equipped with unpredictable equipment”. They won’t predict that the box that came to them is a Vampire, and the enemy will be even more shocked if it’s equipped with missiles. After testing this in the real battle, I can move onto the second plan, “How would the enemy force move if a Dragon combines with a tank”! I did get my hand on a Heavenly Dragon, so I’m definitely going to upgrade him!]

—Am I counted as his experimental material all of a sudden!?

[Kukuku……so I’m finally going to be docking with a tank. My tears won’t stop when I imagine about Oppai Dragon Tank.]

Is Ddraig crying!? Since he’s been fragile lately, he cries even at the tiniest thing!

At this rate, I will be customised into a Dragon Tank by Sahariel-san. Hell no! It will be a good idea to run away from here! I have to leave here even if I have to abandon Akeno-san and Gasper, or else the evil organisation will do horrible things to me!

Akeno-san is currently having a SM, teacher and parents meeting with her father! It’s bad if I butt in!

Gya-suke has reborn into a Missile Vampire, he sure was a good guy! I won’t forget him!

I try to leave here slowly—but someone puts his hand on my shoulder. When I turn around, the tokusatsu leader Armaros-san is smiling lively!

“Oppai Dragon, it’s about time we begin.”

When Armaros-san clicks his finger, the combatants’ bow by saying “Guu!”, and then captures me! Huh!? What’s going on!?

The crane moves, and the iron ball falls down to Armaros-san!

Armaros-san makes a sharp glare and cuts the gigantic iron ball in half with his axe!

“Offensive magic is powerful. You would get slaughtered instead if you went hitting towards them normally. Then what should you do? It’s simple! You have to train even more and get a body which can endure magic! Bodies that have been trained can reflect back any sort of magic with different attributes! Physical attack and physical defence are the basic theory of anti-magic! While enduring the magic, you punch them in the face and kill them! This is result of my research against magic! Now then, Oppai Dragon! You will be soaked in the colour of Grigori here! Train your body with the iron ball, and attain a body where magic won’t work on you! Guhahahahaha! The hero of the Underworld shall be controlled by Grigori today!”

This leader who has his brain made up of muscles smiles after saying things which doesn’t make sense for so long!

When Armaros-san clicks his finger, the combatants move to a different iron ball!

A crane with the iron ball falls down to me who is still trying to figure the relation between iron ball and anti-magic—.

“Iyaaaaaa! Save meeeeee!”

My scream echoes within the room—

Ah, if this tokusatsu leader and that mad scientist were the ones that attacked Kuou academy instead of Kokabiel, then—. I think it would have got more chaotic.

It may have been good that it was Kokabiel!

It’s something I find out afterwards, but this training space is more of a mental training which involves giving pain, and apparently there’s a different place for the Sacred Gear possessor’s training.

Introduce me to that one!! Those who are related to the Grigori are a bunch of weirdos and perverts!

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