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Life.5 Wolf’s Emblem[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I am the wolf that can even devour Gods. My name is Fenrir.

Right now, I find myself in a problematic situation.

The reason is due to the fact that two of my comrades got sealed away by the enemies that assaulted us soon as the battle started.

“Kakaka! He sure is a pathetic Sun Wukong! Right, brother?”

“Shishishi! You’re right! I never thought we can catch another one as well, brother!”

The two humanoid-type Youkai that are wearing armour that was worn by ancient Chinese warriors—. They are putting on an annoying smile.

After being assaulted by those enemies, two of my pathetic comrades were caught by them. Truly deplorable.

“What should we do, Fenrir-chan?”

My sworn friend, Lady Le Fay, is also a bit troubled.

How did it turn out like this?

Let me go back a bit to explain.

Battling strong foes, challenging the unknown or unsolvable phenomenon is one of the objectives of our adventure.

Today, we have once again set foot in a place away from where humans live within the Chinese mountains.

The scenery of the valley where there are mists around the stone pillars is giving out a unique atmosphere which makes me think it won’t be weird for a hermit to be living here. This scenery is only possible because we are in this country.

And beyond this place is the one we are seeking for this journey.

“Ah, it’s just mountains. The mists here are thick as well. Hey, can’t we just go past this place with your flying nimbus, Bikou?”

The woman who speaks her dissatisfaction, the nekomata called Kuroka. She has black hair and wears a black kimono.

She specialises in areas that are related to techniques such as demonic-powers, senjutsu, and youjutsu, therefore she has great potential. She has reincarnated into a Devil, however, she killed her master, and she apparently became affiliated with this group during her flee.

In my head, this nekomata has a complicated rating.

She does have potential. I will admit that. However, the way she thinks is too easy going and simple minded. On top of that she happens to be vulgar.

Inside me, this cat is ranked low in our hierarchy. There’s no way I can take her as someone equal to me. To see her as someone above me is impossible.

This hierarchy is strongly decided by me. My pride as a wolf overcomes my intelligence, and that’s how I base things.

Even if I was born in a rare way and even if I have intelligence, it still must mean I’m also a single wolf. I have no complaints about that and have accepted that as my way of living.

Hearing the cat’s complaint, the dumb looking (in fact, he is dumb) monkey youkai sighs.

“Man you are noisy. Our leader is saying that we are going to walk to the destination, so it can’t be helped. More than that, the one who’s putting this mist here is the hermit or whatever it is. If I use unnecessary jitsu, it will only be caught by some hermit somewhere.”

The one wearing the armour of ancient China, —Bikou. He only looks like a human man from his appearance, but he’s a youkai who inherited the blood of that famous Sun Wukong. —Though he doesn’t look like he inherited anything at all.

He’s always laughing, he gets influenced by the current culture, and on top of that he happens to be fond of those things. What he eats and the way he lives does not have any elegance at all. He’s a vulgar monkey that I don’t want anyone to see me as his comrade.

Obviously this monkey is ranked at the very bottom. I rate him below the cat. I don’t want to consider him as equal to me. I will be filled with hatred if someone even mentions that.

“Well, having a walk at times while enjoying this view may be good.”

The man who is dressed up as a gentleman, Arthur Pendragon. He’s a descendant of the hero, King Arthur, and is the possessor of the Holy King Sword, Collbrande. He’s wearing clothing which isn’t fitting for this environment since he’s wearing a suit and glasses even inside a mountain like here.

He’s always mild, and doesn’t even let me sense a bit of the atmosphere of King Arthur……but he has no guard down. Even when I communicate with him, I can’t help but sense the “nothingness” inside this man.

This man must not have the slightest interest in anything except what he’s interested in. However, in regards to battle he carries unmatched cruelness and accurateness. He approaches any situation with a calm mind. That makes him creepy, and also supportive as someone who takes action with me.

Inside me, this man is ranked quite high. As someone who travels with me, he has sufficient dignity and ability.

“Everyone, please wait for me……”

The one who arrives a bit late is the girl who specialises in magic, —Le Fay. She has a witch-like appearance with her pointed hat and cape.

She’s the younger sister of the Arthur who I introduced just before. Maybe it’s due to them being siblings, so they do resemble each other, however, you can say they are the complete opposite in terms of personality. She doesn’t have the cold atmosphere her brother carries at all, and she’s someone who’s always smiling among this group.

Unlike other members, she doesn’t have the slightest evilness in her. However, like her brother. She has a unique atmosphere where I can’t read what’s going inside her. Though she doesn’t have a vibe where she’s planning to do something bad.

The cooked meat and vegetables this girl solely makes for me are very delicious, and it's one of the valuable enjoyment I have while being in this group.

For that reason, I ranked her as my sworn friend inside myself. I often am asked to protect her, and you can say she’s someone I interact with the most.

……However, like what the monkey and cat said, the air in this valley is unresting, and is even dulling my senses. I’m feeling a lukewarm sensation on my body, and it feels like its enveloping my whole body. This area must be a territory belonging to someone.

I don’t smell anything that makes it so unnatural. However, someone’s gaze……isn’t what it is, but I can feel a disturbing feeling with my skin that I’m being observed and have myself caught.

I have my ability to sense dulled—. Everyone here must be moving while knowing that.

Usually, we won’t do such foolish things as to show up in places where we would get caught by others. We have our lives targeted by various factions after all.

Due to the battle the other day where we settled our differences with the Hero-faction, we became targeted by the Khaos Brigade which we were temporarily affiliated with. For that reason, our group specialises in hiding ourselves.

We have step foot in the valley today because we have a certain circumstance.

“I don’t hate the sensation I’m feeling with my skin in this valley.”

The one who says such fearless words is—.

A youth with a dark mixture of silver hair shows up behind me without making any sound.

“The atmosphere of this mountain where it isn’t weird if anyone assaults us from any place isn’t bad. There’s a unique trait in this mist……so it means that we’re already inside someone’s territory. The unexplored region of this country isn’t bad since it’s entertaining me simply with the atmosphere of this mountain and mist.”

The one who I’ll be introducing last among this group will be Vali. A powerful and unrivalled man who inherits the blood of the true Lucifer as well possessing the power of one half of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Hakuryuukou.

The atmosphere around his body, the pressure coming from his body, he shows he stands on a different place with the rest of the group that is made up of evil individuals. His iris that is seeking for battles is always burning with fire even if that flame is small or big.

The one who unleashed my instinct from the hands of the Evil-God Loki who happened to be my father is this man. I was my father’s fangs and claws. My fangs and claws are a forbidden technique that can give critical wounds to Gods.

I was an obedient son of my father Loki,—no, I was turning into his slave, I was nothing more or nothing less. I simply obeyed my father’s order; I tore apart my opponents, and bit them into pieces. That’s because I believed that was my purpose in life.

However, the one who changed that principle using the magical chain Gleipnir, Excalibur Ruler, and Juggernaut Drive is Vali.

What this man sought from me is—for me to accompany him. He wanted my fangs and claws for the fight he is seeking against Gods as his weapon to attack and to use it for negotiation.

I put my trust in him in this case as the leader of this group. At least, the only one capable of controlling the nosey cat and vulgar monkey is Vali.

I put myself within this group after leaving my father Loki’s place……

I lost a large portion of my strength and flesh due to Vali and the others……however……

The one who pats my head is Lady Le Fay.

“I won’t be able to call Go-kun here with this much mist”

Lady says that while looking around the dense fog.

That’s right. There’s one more individual in this group.

Gogmagog. An ancient weapon—a gigantic golem. Due to its gigantic body, it has limited places for where it can appear, so he’s usually in a different dimension which he shares with me. If we need him, it’s made where one of Vali, Lady Le Fay, or the cat can summon him.

He often functions by guarding Lady Le Fay who is sent or dispatched quite often……though I also have the same role.

The monkey walking ahead of me bends and sighs.

“But you know, I really wonder if he’s here. The guy we are looking for that is……”

The cat smacks that monkey’s head.

“What are you saying? This is your native land. Isn’t the person we’re looking for living in this valley?”

“You know that I only heard from the first generation geezer and I haven’t actually met him?”

Like how the monkey said, we met the first generation Sun Wukong and exchanged several questions.

Among them, we were told about someone due to a certain reason.

That certain reason is—.

Vali mutters as if he’s talking to himself.

“We’re almost there, Albion. How are you feeling?”

Then, a voice of someone who doesn’t have any physical form talks as if he’s directly saying it to our brain.

[……Yeah. The flow of ki I can sense from this mist feels unpleasant, but it doesn’t cause any problems.]

This voice belongs to the Heavenly Dragon resided in Vali’s body, the Hakuryuukou Albion. At times it responds to Vali’s voice and speaks where even we can hear him. Though he mostly communicates with Vali through their consciousness where we can’t hear them.

“The counsellor who the First introduced to us must be in the location past this mist.”

Vali looks towards the dense fog which he can't possibly see through.

Yes, we came here for that reason. We came to receive counselling for Albion.

Hakuryuukou Albion fought against Sekiryuutei Ddraig as it liked grandly in the past, and received the hatred from many beings such as the Gods and those affiliated with darkness. The reason why they were allowed to cause rampage was because they had strength that put them in the top ranks among the Dragons and didn’t let other superior beings come near them. For that reason they made the Three Great Powers work together where they were destroyed and sealed into things called Sacred Gears……

Albion’s voice is so weak that his words that carry dignity are lost.

That reason comes from his rival Sekiryuutei.

In the current era, the one who is the destined rival of Albion and Vali is an extreme pervert. A pervert who is chasing after women at all times is the current Sekiryuutei. Just how much did that reality tear the Hakuryuukou’s heart that was so prideful and noble, even imagining it terrifies me.

If someone that was destined to be my rival was a snob that only pays attention to women’s breasts and buttocks, then I…… Just thinking about it makes me filled with anger and sadness. Even I, who isn’t the one involved in this, am feeling that way. So it must be messed up very badly inside Albion who is called the Heavenly Dragon.

When I heard afterwards about how the girl from High-class Devil Gremory had lights beaming out from her breasts to replenish the current Sekiryuutei’s aura, even I couldn’t believe my ears.

As a fact, Albion who was in that scene to witness that—became so shocked that he fell into aphasia. Albion’s state of mind broke so much that Vali needed time to wear his Heavenly Dragon’s armour. I never heard of a Dragon falling into aphasia before.

Isn’t the reason why Vali lost against Cao Cao who was the head of Hero faction because of Sekiryuutei’s obscenity that made Albion lose his touch?—that is what the cat and monkey were saying jokingly. ……Even I think that may be a possible reason……or am I thinking too much about it?

While I’m being concerned about such a thing, the cat that has a tired look starts to complain to the monkey.

“To begin with, isn’t it your fault Bikou for having such weak senjutsu that made us walk inside the mist?”

“Hey, are you trying to praise that useless senjutsu of yours and blame it on me, Kuroka!? Why don’t you try using those huge breasts of yours like a certain Switch Princess by having a beam come out from them to get us out of this mist!?”

“What did you say!? Don’t even group my wonderful breasts with those things acting as an unknown power plant device!”

The two idiots, the cat and the monkey, start to argue and glare at each other. ……This happens all the time. These two argue about pointless things all the time and disrupt the atmosphere within our group.

[……B-Breasts……haahaa……is Rias Gremory nearby……?]

“Calm down Albion. Rias Gremory isn’t here. Is Rias Gremory a breast inside your head? Did you know your voice is shaking……?”

Albion, that was listening to the conversation of the cat and the monkey, starts to breathe hard all of a sudden. Even Vali has a bit of a serious expression due to the change in his partner.

It seems like Albion’s sickness is quite serious. It will be better if we show him to a counsellor as soon as we can.


……I then sense someone’s presence coming from in front of me. It’s not the uncertain and unresting one that is running within the mist, but a certain presence belonging to someone. Possibly everyone within this group sensed it, so they look towards one direction. I also look ahead quietly.

A shadow gradually appears from within the mist. The one who appears while getting rid of the mist is—an elderly man wearing Taoist clothing.

He asks with a soft expression.

“—Are all of you the ones? I have already heard from Victorious Fighting Buddha, Sun Wukong.”

It looks like the person we are looking for showed up first.

Part 2[edit]

The place we arrived at by the guidance of the man is a simple cabin made from stones. The interior is also made from simple materials, and there are only tools used for daily life and were of limited use.

Those tools are also quite old, and they are all made from materials such as wood and bamboo. The only metallic tools are scissors and a tea kettle.

“Please come this way.”

The man takes us into a room that has an examination bed. Vali sits in front of the man, and I move to the corner of the room. Lady Le Fay quietly stands next to me.

I then move my gaze to the ageing man. ……He’s a quiet man. His gesture is also calm where I can’t sense any hesitation but a peaceful atmosphere coming from him.

“Now then, shall we begin? Please show me your back. Heavenly Dragon-dono is over there, correct?”

The man puts the palm of his hand towards Vali’s back, the area where Wings of Light appears.

“I’ll ask for your help. –Zhantangongdefo-dono.”

Hearing Vali’s words, the man smiles.

“Oh, you don’t have to call my name so formally, you know?”

“Then Xuanzang Sanzang-dono—is that how I should call you?”

The man who was once called the monk Xuanzang Sanzang swings his head to the side at Vali’s words.

“Fufufu, you don’t need to add Sanzang. Simply call me Xuanzang.”

Xuanzang Sanzang who says that with a peaceful smile. No, it may be more accurate to call him the former monk Xuanzang Sanzang.

Yes, this man is the infamous monk that is recorded in “Journey to the West”. The high monk who sought for the sacred book, and reached Tianzhu by taking the first generation Sun Wukong, one of the Five Dragon-Kings Yu-Long, and his apprentices.

He is a being that successfully brought home the sacred book after that, and became a Buddha by making many achievements. Though I never expected him to be living alone quietly in a hidden mountain where this dense mist comes out……

This Buddha is the counsellor the first generation Sun Wukong referred us to for Albion.

[The Heavenly Dragon’s heart disease huh…… Oh, there’s one person who may be able to help. Anyway, I will mention this to him.]

Sekiryuutei Ddraig who is also receiving counselling elsewhere. It turned out like this since Albion requested to get a different counsellor to Ddraig.

“Now then, let’s have some discussion, Vanishing Dragon-dono.”

[……I’ll be under your care.]

“I will also be asking you the condition Heavenly Dragon-dono is in as his host as well.”

“Of course.”

Like this, the counselling with a weird mix of Xuanzang Sanzang and the Hakuryuukou begins.

First, Albion starts to explain why he isn’t feeling well lately and the reason behind it. He starts to explain plainly about how his arch-enemy is in that kind of condition and that he’s engulfed by great shock and sadness.

It’s hard to describe the condition he’s in. After all, the other half of the prideful Two Heavenly Dragons is explaining his concerns to someone else. It’s normally a scene which isn’t even possible to happen. The ultimate creature of this world that is said to be an embodiment of power and pride, a Dragon, is spitting out the things he’s carrying inside himself…… I really don’t know what to say about this.

Xuanzang Sanzang listens to Albion’s story and then nods.

“I see, so your arch-rival is in a situation where he’s related to women’s breasts, and it gets worse as each day passes. So you became sad and depressed.”

[……If that was the only thing, I could have simply ignored the red one. But that influence even reached me…… I had the Norse Chief-God call me a……K-Ketsuryuukou……uuuu, buoooooooon……]

……It’s so tragic that I can’t bear to look. The legendary Dragon, the Hakuryuukou is crying hysterically.

Even the current Hakuryuukou Vali is silent, and is simply closing his eyes. He must be having a hard time coming up with words to say to him.

To be honest, even I have mixed feelings. The cat and monkey look to the side and it seems like they’re enduring from laughing…… They sure don’t change in making vulgar responses.

Xuanzang Sanzang responds politely to each of Albion’s stories.

“Due to the time you lived which was close to an eternity, and since this is your first time experiencing such a thing, you probably don’t know how to cope with this situation. I also can’t recommend you to ignore your arch-rival Sekiryuutei as well. After all, he’s also carrying the same pain as you and that makes him your comrade.”

[……Carrying the same pain……comrade……Ddraig……]

“That’s right. From what I heard, that person has the same—no; he must be carrying more concerns than you. I also don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that he’s the only one who can come to understand you, you know? It may be a good idea to speak to him once with the Sekiryuutei regarding this.”

[……Speaking with Ddraig……huh. Regarding the same pain we share…… I never came up with that idea. If I think about it, he’s certainly the same as me. I even held a grudge against him, thinking that I got dragged into this because of him. But I was wrong…… He’s also a victim of the current Sekiryuutei—]

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s some life back into Albion’s words. It certainly seems like this conversation with Xuanzang Sanzang is working. It’ll be weird for me, Fenrir, to say this, but it’s hard to grasp hold of how the mentality of a Dragon is structured. They are prideful and have arrogance where they won’t obey the orders of anyone, but they also carry delicate parts as he is showing right now.

……My brother “Sleeping Dragon” Midgardsormr is also a Dragon that’s hard to come to understand. Despite being counted as one of the Dragon Kings, he carries no pride for it and is simply being a sloth. He must still be waiting for the end of the world in the depth of the ocean.

Vali sighs.

“Xuanzang-dono, I want to ask you since I have this opportunity. The truth is the residual thoughts of the past Hakuryuukous are arguing to make a “Victims of Sekiryuutei Association”……so what am I supposed to do?”

Vali asks Xuanzang Sanzang.

Victims of Sekiryuutei Association—. So there’s going to be establishment of such things inside the Sacred Gear of Hakuryuukou…… The relation between the Two Heavenly Dragons of this era sure is complicated.

“……Pupu! You heard that, Kuroka? What the heck is a "Victims of Sekiryuutei Association"!?”

“I-It’s interesting –nyan……! The relation between Sekiryuutei-chin and Vali isn’t that of a rival but a treasurer filled with jokes!”

The monkey and cat start to laugh because they can’t endure it anymore…… These two are laughing so much that I want to kick these two out of this cabin.

It seems like Xuanzang Sanzang is also a bit troubled in how to respond.

“Let me think. Going that far isn’t necessary, don’t you think? Either way, for today I will be listening to Heavenly dragon-dono’s story.”

Xuanzang Sanzang’s counselling continues for three hours after this.

“I will go and make some medication for you, so please wait a bit.”

The main discussion has ended and Xuanzang Sanzang took out bottles with medicine inside and dried herbs to start mixing them.

The way Xuanzang Sanzang spoke was magnificent. A Dragon—furthermore a Heavenly Dragon, he was able to consult him peacefully while knowing the characteristic of a Dragon that is a rare type to speak to.

Albion spoke out his concern to Xuanzang Sanzang without cutting his story midway from the beginning to the end. He was in a state where even Vali felt it was safe to leave the counselling to Xuanzang Sanzang.

Thirty minutes have passed since Xuanzang Sanzang started mixing the medicines. Vali received a paper bag from him containing the recently made medicine. Xuanzang Sanzang then explains about it.

“You have to put the brown powder after you dissolve it in water to the area where your Sacred Gear appears—in other words your back. I’m sure it will have effect with simply that. The burned brown leaf will have effect if you simply take it into your mouth by infusing it with water. It has an effect where it makes you feel peaceful and calms you down.”

“Will it be okay if I consume the infused drink?”

“Yes, that will be fine. Please come again once you use up the medicine.”

Vali says it after exchanging two or three words with him.

“I want you to listen to Albion’s story when we come here occasionally, but I won’t know if we can come here at a chosen time due to the mists.”

What Vali is saying is appropriate. I sure want to avoid being lost due to the mist and waste several hours walking because of it.

Xuanzang Sanzang then says.

“This is the interval that lies between the normal world and the hidden village where Youkai hermits reside. The mists around this area are made by a special technique to stop immature and evil hearted Youkai hermits from causing trouble to the human world. It will give effect to weak Youkai and practitioners to both their mind and body simply by touching this mist. For all of you to be capable of moving within these mists prove that all of you are quite powerful. I will also tell you the path which isn’t that easy for other hermits to notice your presence. So please go through that path afterwards.”

So there’s such effect in these mists. So it means our powers didn’t work that well due to that reason.

But I never expected there to be the world of Youkai hermits in the other side of the world…… I did hear that there’s such a world like that in the depth of the mountains, but I never thought this would be the place. This must be good information for this group that is seeking for strong foes. Even now, these members are filled with a bit of battle spirit just from hearing that.

“Isn’t this your native country? You should at least know that much –nya.”

The cat is poking fun at the monkey. The monkey scratches his head while putting on a smile to dodge what she said.

“Well~, there are many hidden places where Youkai hermits live in this world~. Rather, my homeland doesn’t have mists like this. My village was filled with idiots that became all peaceful, and I was the only one who stood out as a naughty brat. The Youkai hermits around here must be a bit brutal.”

Seeing Bikou’s reaction, Xuanzang Sanzang laughs quietly.

“You really do resemble the first. I have been thinking like that since before. Especially your face when you smile is identical to his.”

High school DxD v15 008.jpg

The monkey puts on a confused look upon hearing that.

“S-Seriously, Monk-sama!? Are you telling me I’m going to turn out like that monkey geezer……!?”

I think he actually praised him, but since this monkey is truly a fool, he is in shock at hearing Xuanzang Sanzang. This is the part where he should be moved.

—Then the cat has her ears stand up, and Arthur who was observing quietly looks toward the entrance with a grin.

……I can also feel it. There’s someone’s presence on the other side of the entrance. Two mysterious presences that are gradually approaching this cabin.

Everyone here noticed it, so we are all being alert.

Instantly, the two presences in front of the door makes a loud voice and breaks the silence.

“Come out”

“Come out!”

Voices of men belonging to two people. There are people outside who are trying to call out the owner of this cabin.

It seems like Xuanzang Sanzang knows who these voices belong to and he starts chuckling.

We also leave the cabin by following the monk who opens the door and goes outside. The ones waiting outside the cabin are—two humanoid type Youkai wearing armour worn by warriors back in ancient China. Both of them have the same face and appearance to each other. There is a horn growing out from both of their heads, their claws are long and sharp, they have huge eyes, and they have big mouths with fangs coming out from them. Their height is no different to the average height of a human male.

One of them has the word “Kin(Gold)” carved, while the other one has “Gin(Silver)” carved in their armour.

Both of them make an exaggerated performance—they are making a pose and then shout at us.

“I am none other than Golden Horned King!”

“I am none other than Silver Horned King!”

We have done our performance right, that’s what their expressions are saying.

Seeing both of them, Vali smirks while the monkey puts his hand on his forehead.

“……Are you serious? I never thought I would meet them here…… It’s the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King……!”

The brother Youkais that appears in “Journey to the West”—that is the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King. They are most likely not imposters but the actual thing. The youki around their body is strong and I don’t see any slight opening in their defence despite them making weird poses.

Xuanzang Sanzang smiles seeing the two of them. It seems as if he’s handling the arrival of naughty brats. Judging from his reaction, this isn’t the only time they came here.

“Oh my, if it isn’t the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King. Did you come here for your leisure again?”

Seeing the monk smile, the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King makes a fearless laugh.

“Kakaka, today is the last time you can say that to us, Xuanzang!”

“Shishishi, today is the last time you can act so confidently, Xuanzang!”

The two of them make a stance as if they are trying to fight Xuanzang Sanzang.

The monkey stands in front of Xuanzang Sanzang, and instead confronted the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King.

“I can’t believe it. I never thought I would end up meeting these guys…… What’re you going to do, Vali? Are we gonna fight?”

The monkey asks his leader, but the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King react by making a doubtful expression at Bikou’s appearance.

“Hey you, are you related to “Great Sage, Equal of Heaven”?

“You’re wrong, brother. This one here is releasing the same ki as the “Great Sage, Equal of Heaven”!”

It seems like they have a grasp of the monkey’s identity. It may be true in terms of them having the same ki. You can say that it’s natural reaction for those who know the first generation Sun Wukong.

“Well, it’s not anything to hide about anyway. I’m the Descendent-sama of Sun Wukong.”

The monkey treats himself like a high person as if the shock he received just before didn’t happen. ……He truly is a slick monkey. Like I thought, he’s ranked lowest among us.

Vali takes a step forward and asks the two Youkai.

“Good timing. Golden Horned King, Silver Horned King, there’s something I want to ask the two of you.”

Maybe they sensed Hakuryuukou’s ki, so the Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King make a serious face.

“Mgh, brother. This Dragon doesn’t have an ordinary kind of ki!”

“Yeah, brother. This Dragon is releasing abnormal ki!”

It seems like they grasped hold of the strength of this man called Vali without even fighting. To be expected from a Youkai that appears in a legend.

Vali asks without being concerned.

“—I’m looking for the mountain that is said to be the place where Prince Nazha appears. I would definitely like you to tell me if you know where it is.”

Yes, Prince Nazha. That is one of the strong foes Vali and all of us here are chasing after. He’s a Buddha that appears in two of the Chinese Four Great Mystery Novels, “Journey to the West” and “Romance of the Investiture of the Gods”. He is a Hero of Battles who wore many Gods armouries and dominated many battles.

In terms of battle powers, he is a strong foe who is said to be on par or above the first generation Sun Wukong. We received information that he sometimes descends from Mt Sumeru to appear in the depth of the mountain somewhere in this country.



The two Youkai simply looks at each other and laugh fearlessly. We can take it that they may know his whereabouts, but……

Maybe he got enraged at the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King’s laughter, so Bikou makes his stance by making Ruyi Jingu Bang appear.

“Well, using force to ask them won’t be a bad idea.”

It really ended up in a situation befitting us. Solving problems by using force. This happens all the time.

“……Can we fight against these guys, Monk-sama?”

Bikou confirms with Xuanzang Sanzang just in case.

“Yes, observing the strength of Sun Wukong after many years won’t be a bad idea.”

The monk unexpectedly approves it. He has quite the tolerance. I can’t see him as a high monk that tightened the magical headband, every time the first generation Sun Wukong does something bad. Maybe his personality softened back when he was a monk by becoming a Buddha.

“Fufufu, then maybe this Kuroka-oneesan should lend Bikou a hand –nya.”

The one who stands beside the monkey is the cat Kuroka. The monkey makes a face as if he finds it boring when he sees that.

“Seriously, I will be enough for these guys. Stand back Kuroka. Inside these mists, not only you can't use your senjutsu, but you probably won’t be able to use barely any demonic powers and youjutsu. Unlike your sister, aren’t you bad in hand to hand battle?”

“Nfufu ♪ If I have to, it will be fine as long as I give them my neko-punch –nyan.”

Both the monkey and cat triy to enjoy the battle by having the Youkais that appear in the Four Great Mystery Novels, but……

The Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King simply make a lecherous smile. The two Youkai point at Bikou and Kuroka.

“So that one there is Bikou……and the one over here is Kuroka?”

They check their names but……if my memory is correct, that is……

“Ah? What about it?”

“Nya? Are they interested in me –nya?”

These two respond without being cautious.

Then Silver Horn King takes out the gourd he has on his hip. Yes, this is—.

Then from the tip of his gourd comes out an abnormal whirlpool where the monkey and cat gets sucked in.

“Uwah! Shit, this is—.”

“Unyaan! Is this the rumoured gourd!?”

Because both of them had an opening in their defence, they got sucked into the gourd without being able to do anything—.

……The members here can only make a dumbfounded face at the thing which happened instantly.

……Just how idiotic……can they be?

If the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King are exactly as the legend says, then they are Youkai that use the Five Treasured Tools they took from Taishang Laojun (The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord).

And the one which is exceptionally famous among them is—the Crimson Gourd. It’s a gourd that sucks in those who respond when they have their name called out. Even I, who is from the Norse Mythology, knows this, yet the monkey and the cat responded without being cautious. ……If they had used their actual strength, they could have fought without ending up in this situation.

Like I thought, the monkey and the cat are fools.

Now we get back to the beginning of the story…… Now, the two fools got sucked in, so how should we take on the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King?

It’s appropriate to wait for Vali’s orders who happens to be our leader.

Arthur makes the Holy King Sword Collbrande appear from a different dimension. It’s a holy-sword that is wrapped by a quiet wave of force. And the rich aura it has is still active within these mists, and it certainly shows that it really is the ultimate among the holy-swords.

“Vali, what shall we do? Should we put rescuing Bikou and Kuroka as the highest priority? Personally, I’m very interested in one of the Five Treasured Tools they have, the Seven Star Sword.”

Arthur gazes towards Golden Horned King’s hip where he has a single sword hanging from it. I hear it has both the ability to crush evil and make Youkai obey them.

“Seriously, Bikou and Kuroka’s lack of cautiousness is a problem.”

After Vali creates two blocks of demonic-power in his hand, he shoots them ahead. Even though it’s a mass of demonic-power he shot lightly, it’s still something shot by the strongest Hakuryuukou in history. Those without strength will be terminated right away easily if they are hit with it. However—.

Golden Horned King takes out a big fan from his back that looks like a leaf and swings it.

“Banana Palm Fan!”

The huge fan creates a strong wind that temporarily disperses the mists around here, and at the same time sends the demonic-powers shots that Vali shot out far into a different direction.

……One of the Five Treasured Tools these two have, the Banana Palm Fan. It’s an evil fan that can send anyone flying. It seems like Vali is also a bit shocked at this.

“Like I thought, an attack that isn’t that serious won’t work on them. Just to be expected from Youkais recorded in legends. They sure have the strength that made them able to fight that first generation Sun Wukong.”

“Hmm, it seems like this Dragon understands our strength better than that cat and the relative of Sun Wukong, brother.”

“Hmm, it seems like this Dragon is more capable than that cat and the relative of Sun Wukong, brother.”

Both of them makes an exaggerated pose once again.

“ “To us the King brothers, all of you are no match!” ”

They sure are Youkai that can say things that make me feel good.

The one who watches them while smiling is Xuanzang Sanzang.

“Now then, what will you do? Should I tell you their weakness?”

Vali expands the Wings of Lights from his back while making Divine Dividing Scale-mail appear, and swings his head to the side.

“No, I look forward to fighting strong foes using my own style and fixation. That’s a good offer, but I’ll have myself fight as I please. —I’ll fight without causing any trouble for you.”

Saying that, Vali goes ahead and starts fighting against the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King.

Arthur shrugs his shoulder and puts the holy-sword away into a different dimension.

“Well, this time I will hand this fight to our leader, no, as a rehab for Albion. Le Fay, we will be observing for today. Anyway, we’ll rescue Bikou and Kuroka when those Brother Youkai let their guards down.”

“Yes, Onii-sama. Ufufu, Vali-sama looks like he’s enjoying it. Right, Fenrir-chan?”

Yeah, you’re right, Lady Le Fay. I sit next to Lady Le Fay and decided to watch our leader fight—.

Part 3[edit]

“I’ll ask you again. Which mountain does the Prince come down to?”

A bit later, Vali who has defeated the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King made his armour disappear and asked the same question to the Brother Youkais. The Brother Youkais have their whole body entangled by their powerful rope which happens to be one of the treasured armouries.

After several exchanges of attacks, soon as they found out that Vali was a being on a different level, they tried to capture him using a rope which is a treasured armouries. The rope was used against them instead and they had their movements sealed……

Despite having powerful youki and treasured armouries, they had a weak defence similar to Bikou and Kuroka, which in term became fatal.

……Are Youkai beings that accidentally let their guard down despite having the strength?

“……The Prince is at the land with lotuses which is three valleys away from here.”

“……Yeah, if you are talking about the Prince, then it’s always lotus.”

Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King answers as such. They have an unpleasant expression. They probably aren’t satisfied with the outcome of their battle. Then the two Brother Youkais ask Vali.

“Do you perhaps believe in the resurrection of the Bull Demon King like the Prince is?”

“Do you perhaps plan to defeat the resurrected Bull Demon King like the Prince is?”

Bull Demon King—. The King of Chinese Youkais that fought to death against Xuanzang Sanzang’s party in the past. In my knowledge, it’s recorded that he had already been terminated……

Vali simply shows his fearless smile.

“That’s quite an interesting story. I’ll also search information regarding that along with finding the Prince. We ended up wasting our time in searching for Crom Cruach, but it seems like we can find the Prince.”

Seriously, this man puts on a smile filled with joy when he attains information regarding strong foes.

After Vali confirms that, he looks towards Xuanzang Sanzang.

“Xuanzang-dono, thank you for taking care of us. I’ll come here again once the medicine is gone. I hope to get your approval regarding the issue before.”

For Vali who is bold and fearless, that certainly was a way he asked for a request while choosing proper words.

No, this man shows proper attitude towards beings that deserve respect. This villainous Hakuryuukou also has such a side in him.

Xuanzang Sanzang smiles and nods his head.

“Yes, of course. I was shown something quite interesting today after all. Please leave the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King over here to me. Fufufu, the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King, maybe I should make both of you help me with my dinner today?”

The two Youkais made an unpleasant face and act as if it isn’t amusing at Xuanzang Sanzang’s words.

—The only remaining issue is—

[Ooi! I don’t care what’s going on, but get us out of here!]

[Hey, leader! Get us out –nya!]

I can hear such voices coming from the Crimson Gourd Lady Le Fay is holding on to. Yeah, the monkey and the cat are still inside the gourd.

Vali shrugs his shoulder.

“The two of you should stay inside there for a while. The Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King, I’ll be borrowing this gourd for a while. It seems like it’s useful for training these two clowns. It seems like it’ll work as a place where they can reflect on their mistakes.”

[Are you being serious, Vali!? Are you mad at us!? Is it because we got sucked in by this gourd!? We just let our guard down for a bit! We’ll win if we fight them again!]

[Nyaan! Leader, you idiot! I’m going to run to the place where Shirone is once I get out of here –nya!]

The two idiots are making excuses for their defeat from within the gourd.

“Seriously, lively things sure do happen when I’m in this team.”

“You are right about that, Onii-sama.”

It seems like the Pendragon brother and sister are having fun. Well, even though I’m dumbfounded, I don’t feel bad staying here.

Yeah, I even find it a bit more entertaining than the time when I was with my father Loki. This team must be the appropriate team to stay in if I want to kill time and stay as my interest.

Our White Dragon leader spins the thread attached to the gourd with the cat and monkey inside it with his finger.

“Alright, let’s go to our next destination.”

It seems like our journey is far from over.

That’s how many strong foes and mysteries this world is filled with—.

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